Best Best Tanning Bed Lotion Accelerator

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1. Australian Gold Tanning Accelerator Bronzer

Australian Gold Tanning Accelerator Bronzer

800-244-0167 This spray gel helps you achieve a darker tan. A smooth tan can be developed in the sun or on a sun bed. BLESSED WITH AUSTRALIAN NATURALS. A rich blend of Kakadu Plum extract and Tea Tree Oil gently cleanse and protect your skin from free radicals, and is rich in vitamins C and E. This tanning intensifier contains an advanced combination of ingredients that prepare your skin for a dark color development while soothing, smoothening and hydrating your skin. It doesn't have sunscreen. This accelerator and bronzer is enriched with vitamins A & E and Natural Oils, which help build a flawless tan, as well as hydrating it for a soft and supple feel. This tanning spray gel has a signature scent of Coconut, Orange andVanilla that keeps you fresh all day long.

Brand: Australian Gold

👤Be careful! I have used this in a tanning bed and many indoor tanning products. I have never used a product that stained my skin like sunless tanners do, but it also streaked like sunless tanner. I thought I was getting something to use for a tanning bed when I read the description. I have to figure out how to remove the orange stains from my fingers. I failed to read the bottle.

👤I am a pasty girl. I am more white than white and rarely tan. I try to get a little color this time of year because I have no problem growing my freckles. This seemed like a fraction of the cost of other tanning products. How bad could it be? How to get to the bottle? It only says "apply liberally" and not on the bottle. Not a big deal? I slapped it on with every intention of spending some time in the sun. My daughter skinning her knee really bad. One of those loose skin hanging knees. We have been inside since. I have orange patches on my body. I rubbed it in until my skin was dry enough to wear a shirt and pants. I don't mind the tan lines, most oils do weird things to clothes. I don't mean lightly orange or slightly tan when I say orange streaks. I have streaks of oompah. This shouldn't be a problem if it was a normal tanning lotion. I think this is a sunless tanner. There is a big difference. If you are looking for a sunless tanner, this is not a good one since I am still white everywhere except for those orange streaks after a very liberal application. It does smell pleasant, and my skin feels smooth.

👤I thought this was a tanning product that would be used outside to accelerate the tanning process, but it is actually a self tanner, and I don't like self tanners. This one is easy to apply because it is thin and not orange. I put a light pink purse on my dress the first time I wore it, but it didn't transfer or anything. I will order it again.

👤I only use this for self-tanner. I have a red head. I would love to go to the tanning beds, but I am afraid of skin cancer, so I am not. I've tried many self tanners, from expensive ones like St. Tropez and Jergens, to less expensive ones like Fake bake. I don't like the results or color of any. They take too long to set and are too smelly. Who has 8 hours to wait in a smelly coat of lotion? Even if I do it while I sleep, I feel like I'm going crazy. I'm rolling around all night. I was thinking about going back to the tanning beds. It makes me feel good. I had an idea when I was looking at the lotion. Is it possible to use it without the bed and get color? The answer is yes, I tried it. My process is 1. Make sure the skin is clean. If you have sensitive skin, be careful. 3. wash hands If you don't, they will stain. Pay attention to the nails. Don't drink water on your body. 4. I wait an hour and shower. This is amazing for me. Self tanners take a long time. 5. When the color of the lotion washes away in the shower, don't be sad. It will be back soon. The smell is another benefit. I like to smell my self tan when it's on my skin. I only smell it after the first shower. The smell is gone after the second shower. Excellent! The color fades slowly. I will only use it once a week to keep some color. The only thing that makes me self conscious is the light orange color. I feel good. You can try to vary the time you leave on your skin. It's perfect for me. I think I may look fake anymore. After 30 minutes, I can see a nice glow. I have achieved a nice natural glow, even though I will never have a deep dark tan. I'm happy! If I can help save someone's skin, please skip the bed and try this!

2. Extreme Bronzer Tanning Lotion Enhancers

Extreme Bronzer Tanning Lotion Enhancers

The dark color can be achieved without the streaks orATO. You receive a naturally dark tan with the use of the proprietary formula from EVO. The proprietary ingredients reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkling for a youthful and glowing complexion. The CoQ10 properties help to increase elasticity and promote an even skin tone, while the Argan Oil helps to moisturize the skin. A tattoo- enhancing complex allows your body art to shine in its full potential. During the tanning process, a unique formula aids in enhancing the color and definition of tattoos on the skin. Prepare to get your glow on! The Melanin stimulators will accelerate the results of the skins tan color, and they provide intense hydration during indoor or outdoor tanning.

Brand: Luxury Evolution

👤I am an experienced tanner and always looking to try new products. I was the general manager of the tanning salon chain. I have used every brand of lotion there is. I like the light scent and feel of the lotion. As far as the blush goes. Most of it washes off in the shower. The results are very minimal, I have used it twice. If I used it for a week straight, it might build up more color. There needs to be more melanin stimulators. I waited 24 hours before I showered to see if it helped. It didn't. I have used worse products. This is a review of a product.

👤I bought this after a friend recommended it and it is one of the best smelling tanning products I have ever tried. It goes on smoothly and you get a great color. I will be sticking with this brand for a long time.

👤This is my second bottle of tanning cream. It is as good as any I have tried before.

👤I was a little skeptical at first, but after 3 uses, I think it's a good product. There was no staining, dark color or evenly spread. It is very thick and difficult to get out of the bottle.

👤I love this one, it smells great and gives me a nice tan. Love it.

👤I love this stuff. I have tried many but this is great. It smells great and it has a beautiful color.

👤It works well on me and feels great on my body. I was shocked by the smell of the tanning lotion.

👤I liked this product for its immediate results, but it got me67531. It is January and I still have tan lines. I have never had a tan this long before, I haven't gotten a sun since september. Love it now and will keep buying it.

3. COCOSOLIS Choco Suntan Body Oil

COCOSOLIS Choco Suntan Body Oil

ACHIEVE. A gorgeous tan. Any time, anywhere, for a deep, smooth tan. Before sunbathing or sunbed sessions, apply the dark tanning lotion. It's the best tanning cream. A basic tan or a gradual tan is what you should get. As part of your skincare routine, enjoy! CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: The organic cold-pressed oils, natural vitamins, minerals, bio-active ingredients, and antioxidants in the tan lotion help you tan quicker and prolong your glow. Coconut oil can solidify below 25C. The steam bath will melt the coconut oil. USE 10 minutes after you apply sunscreen, apply the tan lotion as a tanning lotion for indoor tanning beds or as an outdoor tanning lotion. Reducing time spent on the sunbed will help you avoid burning. The bronzing tanning lotion will help you tan faster. Cocoa butter, sweet Almond oil, and Voisin E are some of the ingredients in their tanning body oil. VITAMIN E has anti-aging properties. If you use the tanning lotion for tanning beds you will get a healthy and sun-kissed look. Use Cocoasolis sun tanning oil to get a chocolate tan and keep your skin hydrated.

Brand: Cocosolis

👤This is the best tanning oil. I like to tan. I have a brown skin tone because I am Filipino. This gave me a darker complexion. It was like I went on a tropical vacation and got a tan by laying on the beach. I have been using this for 2 weeks and it has given me a better tan than the oils I get at Target. It is worth it for the price. This doesn't have an SPF on it so make sure to wear sunscreen separately. It's not a big deal. It smells like chocolate. It will take you to the Carribean with the scent. I wear it after I shower and my skin is very smooth. You can see that my skin is very light.

👤Love! I will keep buying. I used it on the beach and got a very dark tan. I use it when I get out of the shower. The scent is better than the tropical scented oils. If it gets too cold, it will completely harden. It's easy to warm up if that happens. One of my favorites!

👤It only took 10 minutes to burn with this, I have fair skin. It is an oil no sunscreen added. After I used again, I started to tan, but I waited a day and used again. The smell is amazing and your skin stays moist.

👤I love it! It helps to get tan quicker. I have a fair complexion. After 30 min, I applied a sunblock. It smells great. Very hydrated. Will try other products from this line. I was able to put it on my face because I am not prone to breakouts. I don't recommend using it on the face if you have dark spots.

👤I have been using this product for a month now in the tanning bed, and I have no idea what to think about it. I give it 3 stars because it doesn't do much at the tanning bed. It makes your skin soft and the smell good, but as I was using it I was thinking of ways to make my own tanning lotion out of coconut oil. The problem with this is when you go to the tanning bed, you don't realize it, and it's still cold out, so you have to undressed, and heat it for 5 minutes. When I received it, it fit in the palm of my hand, and I was just amazed. I have big hands for a chick. I thought of the big jugs of coconut oil you can buy in the cooking section for 12 bucks and I could fit six of these in that jug, but I spent almost 40 bucks for this. If you could lay there for more than 20 minutes at a time, you could get a good tan. I think they should be advertised as something to use outside, not in a tanning bed. I think one should be specified more than the other, because some people don't go in the sun at all. Some people don't use the tanning bed. It didn't make me burn because I hadn't been in a bed in years. After a while, you actually want to get tan. I wouldn't coat myself with it, just do a light film, because it runs out quick! I am trying to save it until I can get out in the sun and see it for myself. This is perfect for someone who is just trying to get into tanning. It gives you a beautiful glow and beautiful skin. If it had been advertised as an outdoor lotion, I wouldn't have spent my money.

4. Millennium Tanning Products Insanely Mega Tingle

Millennium Tanning Products Insanely Mega Tingle

The Mega tingle effect makes you feel like you have just been under the sun. Ultra Dark bronzing indoor tanning lotion gives off a noticeable effect. Beyond the Dark Tan Barrier is an Ultra dark tanning bed lotion. Like Summer on Your Skin is a touch of warmth that will allow you to relive summers on the beach. A black tanning lotion that takes care of your skin cells from the inside as well.

Brand: Millennium Tanning Products

👤I have bought this product for two summers in a row. I don't tan very well but when using this I tan very easily. The picture was used for 2 weeks.

👤People are saying there is a chemical reaction. I don't know what a tingle is. This is what tingle lotion is made for. You must not be very tan educated if you post your allergy. This is the lotion that does the job. They are not fun. Being white is not being white.

👤Ok. Does this lotion work? Yes! I see a huge difference after one session. It burns. The same feeling is given when taking it. I felt it about 3 minutes in. It will burn and make you itch. It's not comfortable to shower when you're in the bed, and the burning increases even more when you're in the shower. I can feel the hotness after the shower. If you're willing to be uncomfortable for a quick dark tan, then yes! This item is for sale. I don't use tingles often so it might affect me more. I am a native and tan way more easily. I will be buying a second lotion to swap between, as I don't want to feel hot and itchy every single day. Overall. The lotion is on the label and it delivers. The skin is dark and has a big tingle.

👤I use tanning lotion. I have been looking for a new favorite tanning lotion since they discontinued the popular Modern Bombshell. This is the best one I have tried. It does tingle. You can feel it when you put it on. It gives me a dark color. It has helped me get through a tanning period. It seems like a lot of creams say that they work, but I think they don't. This one is the only one that has done what I want it to do.

👤I am a tanner. I tan every day. I love tingle factor in my lotion, so I got this one. It doesn't smell good. It provides a dark tan and can burn someone just starting out. Before using tingle factor lotion, you should have a good base tan.

👤The smell was better than most tanning products but it didn't tingle. I am wondering if I need to apply it before tanning. I will update on that. I read the reviews first and was very impressed with the price and the reviews. I hope I will end up loving it. I got a few red marks where it was applied, but it didn't tingle. I will be tanning tomorrow. Stay informed for an update. Wait a minute. It has been about 2 hours since I tanned. This is the darkest I have been in in a long time. My review is being changed. Discredit everything I said.

👤This stuff is terrible. Don't buy this! I don't have sensitive skin, but this feels like it has burning fiberglass in it. My skin was red and swollen and it felt like fiberglass was in my skin, I couldn't sleep with my legs touching. Don't buy this! I was burning and felt like I had to be in this. It has been 24 hours since I experienced the effects. Smh.

5. Ultime Prodigieux Magnifying Accelerating Cocktail

Ultime Prodigieux Magnifying Accelerating Cocktail

The indoor tanning lotion contains a three-part tan enhancing blend of DHA, Erythrulose, and Tyrosilane that helps provide an extremely dark color. A faster and natural-looking tan is possible thanks to this bronzing tanning lotion for indoor tanning beds, which is enriched with an intensifier that guarantees the perfect shade of bronzed skin and a shorter tanning bed session. Premium tanning bed lotion has a rich Velvet Touch blend formula composed of Monoi Oil, Coconut Oil, and Macadamia Oil, which makes your skin incredibly soft and nourished. Black Pearls is an all-natural ingredient that is rich in vitamins and minerals and will be a must have in your daily skin care regimen. The texture is non sticky. With this fast-absorbing browning lotion, you can enjoy a perfect tan with a non-greasy feeling.

Brand: Onyx

👤I have found the best tanning lotion brand. I have tried many different things and Onyx is the best one I have tried. They smell amazing and give gorgeous color.

👤The smell of this lotion is great. After using this lotion on my face, it dried my skin out so bad. I was very itchy. I had an allergic reaction to it after I used it. Will not buy again.

👤I like the bottle pump top. I don't think you get enough lotion by the end of the bottle. The smell of tanning lotion was okay.

👤My Wife loves it, that's what matters.

👤A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! gives a great tan and smells amazing.

👤This is not good. It leaves a nasty film on your skin if you rub it, and it doesn't look real. Will not be using the money for anything.

👤I was hoping the item would give me a good tan.

👤The lotion was verspricht. Sie duftet angenehm und pflegt die Haut. It is a Whrend-und in der Brunung. Selbstbruner ist Sie enthlt. Ich wrde. Cent ist jeden!

👤Ich bin begeistert von dem Geruch.

6. Sicilian Double Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Sicilian Double Bronzer Tanning Lotion

The Sicilian 200X Black Bronzer is a deep, dark Bronzer that will give you a tan that will last a long time. Their formula has high levels of the omega 3s to give you a dark tan and healthy skin. There is more to a stunning tan than just darker skin. Silicone, CoQ10, walnuts, and Macadamia oils are some of the skin loving ingredients in their tanning lotion. Did you head for a night out after your tanning session? The Sicilian tanning lotion has innovative odor blocking properties that will keep you fresh even after tanning, so you can stay dark. The Sicilian 200X Black Bronzer is the ultimate tanning companion for home, the beach or the tanning salon. You can get immediate results with an easy gradual tanning lotion and self-tanner. Premium Value is the best way to get the most out of your tanning lotion. The Sicilian 200X Black Bronzer has a powerful 13oz of premium ingredients.

Brand: Dolce Vita

👤I use every brand of tanning lotion on the market. This is by far the worst lotion I have ever used. This lotion doesn't have a smell after tan. My skin is very soft after each use and I am at least 3-4 shades darker after 2 uses. I have only one advice for people who use a lot of DHA in their products: wash your hands. If you wash your hands after applying the lotion, you have nothing to worry about. This lotion is very good.

👤I loved the brown color of this lotion. The smell and texture were great. My favorite tanning product is new!

👤I apologize. I ran a salon for many years. The best products were used. This product had great reviews. This is the lowest level of lotion I have ever used and it smells great. Couldn't wait to get rid of the smell. The scent of this lotion is not worth the way you smell after using it. Don't spend your money on this one. Very dissatisfied.

👤This is one of the best tanning products I have ever used and it has an amazing smell.

👤These legs are tan. One of the best tanning products. You need to wash your hands immediately after, mine are darker.

👤I use it for tanning and self tanning. It is a great bronzing lotion. It dried quickly and there was no smell or streaking. After one application, the tan is bronzed. Love it!

👤It made my skin feel good and hydrated. The smell is low and not oily. I have tried all of the best products on the market.

👤I use this as a moisturizer and it smells great. I received it two days after ordering. Highly recommend this product!

7. Devoted Creations Blonde Obsession Lotion

Devoted Creations Blonde Obsession Lotion

Without the use of bronzing agents, tanning intensifiers can be used. The ideal lift and revitafit give you the benefits of skin tightening and firming. Potent anti-aging ingredients. The correctors areAntioxidant and skin pigment correctors. The black lotus scent is sweet.

Brand: Devoted Creations

👤The best lotion ever! I have used this lotion for many years and recently tried to switch to another one. I go back to this. It smells amazing and it does help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

👤I have only used it two times and I can see a huge difference. I am an experienced tanner who was not able to get any darker until I found this gem. It is not a makeup product, it is a white lotion. It is oil free. I can put it on my face and it won't break me. It smells good and has skin tightening benefits. I love the design on the bottle and it was delivered fast. If you're looking for a natural color tan, this is a great purchase. I have found my favorite tanning product.

👤I use a tanning bed that is level 2 to build Melanin up in the skin, the next time a level four is used, I will bronze the built-up melanin. My color got deeper and golden when I added this lotion. When I use it, I notice a better texture to my skin. It does a great job and it doesn't come with a bronzer in it, and you don't have to use a tingle effect to get a nice color, this one does an amazing job without those things.

👤The bottle is red and the lotion is white, which is a perfect metaphor for how the product works. I get red after tanning with it. My skin goes back to being white after a tan. I used it for about 3 weeks and didn't make any progress with my color, but I did use a packet of tanning products that helped me build a tan. I went back to the same product and got red again. I'm done using it. I could have bought 7 packets that worked for the same price as this bottle. It's inexpensive and smells nice, but it's not much of a factor for indoor tanning.

👤I wanted a tan that didn't have a bronzer. The white lotion feels very hydrating. The weather is cold so I don't go to the tanning salon as often. I have been using mainly bronzer lotion all summer. I have been using this for about 3 weeks now and tanning less each week. I noticed that my tan is getting darker and I stay dark longer between tanning sessions. I feel like I'm baking in a deep dark tan instead of a thin layer of cosmetic bronzers that wash away in the shower or when shaving your legs. I like the choice of tanning lotion. I keep a bottle of tanning lotion with bronzers for when I want a darker tan for a short time. I use my tanning cream on a night if I go out. This is my go to lotion now. It smells great too. After using this for a couple months, I'm looking forward to seeing more results.

👤After a month of using this product, I couldn't tell a difference. I am tanning 3-4 times a week and I had a different look on parts of my body than I did with the lotion on. I ended up buying a different product. Don't waste your money.

8. Pack Tanning Accelerator Lotion Ounces

Pack Tanning Accelerator Lotion Ounces

The Biosine Complex is a superior skin conditioning. Panthenol,Aloe, andVitamin E are native Australian oils.

Brand: Australian Gold

👤It's not as thick as I 888-276-5932, but seems to be doing the job. I hesitated after reading previews of comments about the scent. I don't like the scent of a person. I like the smell and it reminds me of an orange creamsicle. It's light and doesn't linger.

👤The item is not in the picture. It took 6 days for it to be delivered, but it was delivered in one day. The pictured item has different ingredients. I checked since I might have missed something.

👤I learned the hard way when I started tanning. It is important to keep your skin moist before you go tanning. I chose this one because of the agents in it. I didn't want a fake tan or the chance of missing spots. The smell is not bad. It smells like a dessert. I would prefer no scent. Will buy this again if I tan before a trip.

👤Great product. The packaging is the same as it was in Australia, but it is a little different. You would normally pay 1 for 2 bottles. I have been tanning for a week and have been very pleased with it. There was a sunglasses bag, necklace, and sample pack. Highly recommend! Will buy again.

👤I used this product daily outside and it works in real sun and tanning beds, but I didn't tan as fast as I would have liked.

👤You can pay less for a tan enhancer. I have been using this for a decade. Only found on Amazon. The best accelerator is able to get the job done quickly and not oily. You will see a huge difference in a couple hours if you get the lotion. The scent is nice.

👤This is a great tanning product for inside and outside. I can tell a darkening immediately after tanning.

👤The scent is wonderful! It works for a long time. I will only buy this tanning lotion from now on.

9. Ed Hardy Tanning Age Defying Protecting

Ed Hardy Tanning Age Defying Protecting

Coconut milk, coconut oil, and cocoa butter are ingredients in the Ultra-Darkening Skin hydrating intensifier. It has a golden tan without the use of bronzing agents. The Tattoo Fade protecting formula prolongs the life of your tattoos and tanning results. The tanning process is accelerated by the Quad Tyrosine Blend and Melano Bronze. A light coconut scent with a faint scent of vanilla will make you dream of a day in paradise. Ed Hardy tanning products are part of the Tanovations company. Tanovations has a palm tree and replaced the Ed Hardy logo. The use of dark tanning agents does not use bronzing agents. Multiple Tan Intensifier + Melanin Stimulators are used to accelerate the tanning process.

Brand: Ed Hardy Tanning

👤I bought the Black Coconut Love indoor tanning lotion for myself and a twin pack of the Coconut Kisses tanning lotion for my husband. It was very cheap to purchase that way. My husband likes the Coconut Kisses lotion because it is very hydrating, it soaks into the skin nicely, and the scent is nice. The Black Coconut Love is thick enough to go a long way when applied, and it has a nice scent, but it is not as good smelling as some other lotions I have used. The scent is not offensive in any way and still smells nice after tanning. If I can get the 2-pack, I will definitely buy again.

👤This stuff smells great. It's great for tanning inside or outside. My daughter suggested something for me. She worked at a tanning salon.

👤Both products were easy to apply. I could have used a regular lotion and gotten the same results.

👤I like the scent of coconut, but after using both bottles twice, I have not noticed a change in color. It seems like over priced lotion. Not impressed with a tanning product. I played too much. Very disappointed.

👤I would have been better off if I had been sent two different ones.

👤This stuff works well. It smells good too.

👤These creams glide over your skin. The scent of both of them is great and the value is great. Black Coconut Love is a good lotion.

10. Brown Sugar Midnight Double Bronzer

Brown Sugar Midnight Double Bronzer

Double Shot 400X bronzing evokes a bronze worthy of an island goddess. Black Pearl and Peptide Illuminator give your skin an exotic island glow. The tattoo enhancing complex helps your tattoo look better. The scent is from Maui Colada.

Brand: Brown Sugar

👤This gave me more of a orange tone than bronze did. It's important to clean your hand off because it will leave stains. It will leave streaks if you apply evenly.

👤You get a beautiful dark tan and the scent is amazing. Even after the end of the day. The smell of tan lotion is weird a few hours after tanning, but not this. Highly recommended.

👤The product will be purchased again.

👤The scent is just a basic tan scent. I like it.

👤The smell is good and the skin is soft. I'm brown this summer. I use it for both indoors and outdoors. I would recommend it to others if I ordered it again.

👤I love the color of this product.

👤Absolutely love this product. Does not leave an orange tint that others do. I can smell it too. The results of a deep tan made me happy. Will be buying a bottle for future tanning.

11. Ed Hardy Intensifier Bronzing Moisturizer

Ed Hardy Intensifier Bronzing Moisturizer

The dark tanning products give the skin a natural sun kissed glow. Stimulates melanin activity to allow for darker tanning results. The skin is tight instantly. Green tea and caffeine can be used to tighten the skin. Cotton and Rice extract can be used to soothe the skin.

Brand: Ed Hardy

👤Came in the mail on time. The tanning bed is 888-739-5110 You could tell I had a little color after a couple hours of using this. My mother-in-law fell in love with it after she tried it and bought herself 2 bottles. I'm not a tanning expert. I love this stuff! I work out and tan after and I always get a compliment on how good I smell. I've been using this for about 2 weeks and I love the color it gives me, it doesn't give an orange tint and I have had no problems with it turning my hands that weird color. You will not regret buying this product. Beyond pleased!

👤I'm surprised how much I like it. I used it for the first time last night and it smelled great and gave me a nice amount of color with only 6 minutes in the tanning bed. It isn't dramatic, but I had a noticeable color the next morning and it's an excellent value. It's not sticky, it's cool on the skin, it doesn't feel greasy or heavy, and it doesn't get on my clothes. I didn't have the "just went tanning" smell, so that makes me feel better. If I have a place to go after a tanning session, I don't have to be conscious of smelling like I just tanned. I've used other great lotions before, and this ranks right up there with them. I'll keep coming back for the price. I will try other products from this line.

👤I have used the product twice since I received it. It gives me a golden glow. I am a heavily tattooed tanner, and don't like how makeup can make my tattoos look different. After only two uses in a level 3 bed, the results are amazing. I will purchase from the seller again. Quality product.

👤I struggle with maintaining a nice tan even with tanning frequently, I've been tanning for years and have tried many different products. After two tans with this lotion, I noticed a huge difference in my skin's hydration and elasticity, I love the smell and it's not a colored lotion, it doesn't come off on my clothes. I don't think I'll use any other products. I love this product.

👤The tan lotion is a great value. I like value tan lotion. It works well in the sun. Does not have a burn smell after tanning. Rubs in completely and doesn't feel oily. I use a small amount on my face, which is great. I have sensitive skin. Regular tanning and great color development. It's white, odorless, and light in scent. It lasts several hours. A vegan formula. A bottle lasts me about a month, full body application, and full figured person.


What is the best product for best tanning bed lotion accelerator?

Best tanning bed lotion accelerator products from Australian Gold. In this article about best tanning bed lotion accelerator you can see why people choose the product. Luxury Evolution and Cocosolis are also good brands to look for when you are finding best tanning bed lotion accelerator.

What are the best brands for best tanning bed lotion accelerator?

Australian Gold, Luxury Evolution and Cocosolis are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best tanning bed lotion accelerator. Find the detail in this article. Millennium Tanning Products, Onyx and Dolce Vita are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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