Best Best Tanning Bed Lotion 2022

Lotion 5 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Millenium Tanning Bronzer Lotion 13 5 Ounce

Millenium Tanning Bronzer Lotion 13 5 Ounce

It's easy to use, Rub the tanning lotion evenly, then step into a tanning bed to have that beautiful glow! Show off your tanned skin. 1 hour after the application of the bronzing lotion. You can use Millennium 100X indoor tanning lotion for a long time. Their tanning bed lotion is painless. Let your skin breathe while using an indoor tanning product.

Brand: Millennium Tanning Products

👤I'm no amateur when it comes to tanning products, even those with Bronzers. The product works as described. There's nothing else to say about that. There are a few things that should be discussed. I don't advise anyone who is fair-skinned or pasty white to use this product because they will be67531. This product has a 100X bronzing in it, and also an instant bronzing which gives you a little glow within an hour or two of using it in the tanning bed, for immediate results. If not applied correctly and thoroughly, streaks and orange spots are possible. You need to apply evenly over the areas you want to use it on. Rub it in completely. This is important. Rub it in until you don't feel wet anymore. Thin skin areas will be quicker to bronze than other areas. Arm Pits, knees, elbows, feet/ hands, and under your wrist are included. If you use a lesser amount over these areas, they will end up looking more orange than the rest. After applying this product, wash your hands. Failure to do so will result in orange palms and fingers. Use a mild hand soap to wash your hands. These are easy to avoid but you can't just use it on and get a tan. Make sure to apply it right. If you are fair skinny/pale, I would suggest using a tanning lotion with a developer to boost your tanning color first and once you start getting a little golden, then you can use a product like this with such a high bronzer. You will be left with orange skin if you use this much bronzer. I have never had any issues with using Designer Skin Products with bronzing. If this seems too much for you, I would suggest going to the Solid Black 50X Bronzer.

👤I went to the tanning bed for 6 days in a row and had 10 minutes each time. I could get from Snow White to a bronze beauty in less than a minute. It has a nice brown color and is great for someone who is pale like me. It has a pleasant smell. You should leave it on for at least 3 hours after you tan.

👤This product is very good and I have purchased it before at a salon. I know this is the real thing and not a fake. People give less 5 star reviews because they stained their hands, which is funny because it shows the product is doing its job, but the user didn't wash their hands so they give it less! Wow. I think that's correct. You are supposed to keep it on for more than 30 minutes. One reviewer said that they didn't notice any color because they washed it all off in the shower and didn't bother to apply any color to their skin after tanning. This is not a problem with the product. If not more, I leave my lotion on for 6 hours. If you can't take more than 3 seconds to rub it into your skin, then you'll get achy. You will get noticeably darker skin with one use of this product.

2. Devoted Creations WOKE Bronzing Lotion

Devoted Creations WOKE Bronzing Lotion

Natural Bronzers are smooth. Melanin production is stimulated for darker results. The benefits of body fit and ideal lift are superior. Antioxidant and skin correctors. Flawless scent.

Brand: Devoted Creations

👤This is the best selling tanning lotion. I've tried. I've tried close to 400. I have been tanning for a long time. I'm 40 years old. I don't have time to write reviews that are useless. You can bank on it if I write it. Get this product. It smells great on your skin after tanning. I was asked at least five times if I used this product. That is enough to purchase it. It has body smoothing ingredients that help your legs look great all day. Why are you still reading this review? You'll thank me later when you navigate up to the buy now button. Promise.

👤I'm a huge fan of this product, we carry it at my job and I love the price point on here, can verify it's legit, blue tansy in it for orange, and we are a certified devoted distributor, carry, gives a strong, long lasting result

👤I only tan a few months out of the year. I have used a brand that has a good base tan. The smell of this lotion is pleasant before and after tanning. I don't like a bronzing lotion that leaves me looking orange, but this one does not do that to me. It didn't stain my hands after application. I think I have a nice tan. I recommend this product to anyone who is new to tannering.

👤I was hesitant about buying tanning lotion online because I didn't want to spend $80 plus dollars at the salon, but I decided to give it a try because I didn't want to go to the salon. The package was completely sealed when it arrived. I looked for an expired date as some reviews stated that they received expired product. I only saw a lot number. There is a symbol on the bottom left hand corner that says that the jar expires 12 months after opening. It smells great. I have severe allergy issues and they did not bother me. I did not smell like I just left a tanning salon. It is tan in 888-739-5110 I don't leave you feeling sticky or oily like some products. Your skin will feel silky smooth almost immediately after application. I have only used this for 3 times so far, but I am definitely seeing a difference. I had not been to the tanning salon in a long time. I'm starting to get darker without looking orange. I will continue to use this product and recommend it to others. This seems legit so far.

👤I bought this at my tanning salon for almost $80, but the sample I bought was amazing. The smell on my skin is great. I was hoping to find it cheaper at the distributor, but I couldn't purchase them. I was happy to find it on Amazon, but I was worried that it was a knock off, so I was willing to pay more for it. I purchased the exact same product at a much higher price. It's almost ready to buy more. It doesn't have to be used just in the sun. I use it all the time when I'm not in the sun. It's a good cleanser.

3. Hardy BLACK Instant Tanning Lotion

Hardy BLACK Instant Tanning Lotion

Triple Black bronzing formula. Natural and dark bronzers give a long- lasting bronzed result. Results can last days longer with the superior soft silicone formula. There are dark tan activators. The darkest results can be achieved with Quad Tyrosine. Natural oils and extracts can help penetrate dry skin. Anti-Orange Technology. The Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6 is a powerful anti-agingpeptide that reduces the appearance of fine lines andwrinkles. There are tattoo and color fade protectors. Blue Tansy counteracts the effects of orange tones on the skin. RushMidnight is a perfume. Protects the color and luster of your tattoos with the help of a hawaiian berry extract. Proprietary blend of deodorizing and skin revitalizing ingredients.

Brand: Ed Hardy

👤If I could, it would be zero. I bought this because I started with Ed Hardy Cocoa Kisses and it smells amazing before and after tanning which is a major factor in my choice for lotion along with the deepness of the color. I was so excited to use this product, it smells great, but it's terrible for my skin, it leaves orange streaks all over my skin, and other people can smell it. I'm disappointed in this because I use other ED Hardy products. I just can't. I'm sending it back because the description is very misleading. Don't buy this, do yourself a favor and don't.

👤This is great. I put this on before I went to get my tanning package renewed. I like to do this at home. I got caught up in doing chores, anyone else like that? I think so. I noticed I was already dark when I was ready to leave. I haven't renewed my package since. I put the lotion on. I'm all set. It works like a self tanner, right? I don't know. I have never used them. The color of the lotion is very dark. You should wash your hands. The scent is subtle. Nice not aggressive.

👤I am new to tanning and this is great. My wife has been tanning for a long time and said that this is the worst she has ever seen. It smells great. Thanks a lot.

👤I have spent hundreds of dollars on tanners. I bought this because it was liked by people. I love this product. It doesn't leave you smelling like burnt flesh.

👤I lost all of my color due to covid, but I usually go to the tanning salon twice a week. I wanted to catch up to my color. This is a picture after 3 sessions with only this lotion. I have no regrets. Just wash your hands, as with all of the tinted creams.

👤Great product. It smells great. It was not streaky or blotchy. I used it for the first time and bought a second bottle.

👤Great tanning cream. It works with one use. Make sure you wash your hands immediately, otherwise you could end up with dark hands. Thank you.

👤The fake tanners leave skin orange and dark on hands, knees and elbows.

👤Excellente creme pour le salon de bronzage.

👤I like this product. Will never use anything else in the future. After 2 tans, it is noticeably darker.

👤Have used tanning products. This is the best one I've seen. It is instant color.

👤Parfait prix.

4. Tan Asz Advanced Bronzer Tanning

Tan Asz Advanced Bronzer Tanning

200X Island Black bronzing is a dark color. The Marula Goddess Glow Serum has high levels of Marula Oil. An island extracts and max silicone cocktail make skin soft and glowing. It's free of Parabens, DHAs, and other harmful substances. Apuhi Peach Smoothie is a scent.

Brand: Tan Asz U

👤This is the first time I've used this product. Very disappointed. It is unpleasant. The lid was taped on. There is no plastic safety seal. Will definitely not buy again and I don't recommend it for purchase.

👤This was okay. Most of my darkness came from it. It was not enough for me.

👤I wish it had a pump. It is difficult to get out.

👤I used this tanning lotion and it was great value.

5. Hollywood Bronze Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Hollywood Bronze Bronzer Tanning Lotion

The country of origin is the United States. The model number is 10009800. The item package has a dimensions of 6.8" L x 2.6" W x 1.6" H. The package weight is 0.77 lbs.

Brand: Ed Hardy

👤A genuine tanning product. I've used this lotion for several years and found it cheaper online, I originally purchased it in a salon. The seller sent a genuine product. Good, but not overpowering. I'm blonde and fair, but tan easily. This has a small amount of bronzer that is appropriate for my skin tone but not enough to streak or turn my clothes orange.

👤While I was putting it on, I thought it smelled like European golds and I could get a flash black 1000 tanning lotion for $10 at walmart. The smell of tanned skin was disgusting, but the flash black did not. I give Ed Hardy Hollywood bronzer a thumbs down because of the smell after tanning. The smell is terrible, but I got great color. Try another lotion or trade off great color. I'll use a different product. This did not have a color transfer onto my white clothing.

👤I love it. If you are going to read the reviews to find out if you should buy it, buy it. You will not regret it, it goes on smoothly, smells amazing, and works. I use this and solid black 100x and won't use anything else. Depending on how much I want to use. Black is a touch more solid. I don't leave spots open on my clothes. I recommend that you shave your legs and use a tanning cream before you go out to tan, and that you dry your skin when you get home. I used it again today and it still smells good. A pleasant smell. I can say a lot of good things about it. You would have thought I was part of the Albino race. Now. I have the best tan I have ever had. We will say 25 years. But really! It is well worth your money.

👤I like this stuff. I have never had a product that did anything. I never had to wash my hands after using any of the other products. I do. My tans have a pink tone to them, so it's awesome if I get a golden color. The scent is great. I have a very sensitive nose and get headaches with strong or perfumy scents, which really sucks when using a bronzer since you aren't supposed to shower immediately after. I don't have that stink after tanning, this one is light and fresh. I love it!

👤Great product. I have been tanning for a while. I can't get into the sun. This tanning lotion is one of the best I've seen in a long time, and it's at a very resonable price. It smells great when you apply it and it doesn't leave a scent after tanning. It makes my tan last longer. I only have to tan 3 times a week with this lotion.

👤I would definitely recommend it. Do you know that the smell of your skin after you tan is what you get? It is eliminated and the smell is good. People say that it clumps and stains, but it doesn't if you rub it into your skin. I've tried a lot of creams and always try to find one that makes me bronze enough that I only have to go tanning once a week to maintain the color and this made me so dark so quick! Love is in the air!

6. Tanning Paradise Age Defying Protecting Hydrating

Tanning Paradise Age Defying Protecting Hydrating

The use of dark tanning agents does not use bronzing agents. Multiple Tan Intensifier + Melanin Stimulators are used to accelerate the tanning process. Ultra-tan Activator -Promotes even and long lasting color production. Skin tightening reduces the appearance of cellulite. Coconut Milk, Coconut Butter, and Cocoa Oil provide hydration. The tattoo and color fade protectors prolongs the life and radiance of your tattoos and tanning results.

Brand: Tanning Paradise

👤I've tried a number of products, but none of them come close to tanning Paradise Black Coconut. After one session, I could see a difference. You will be pleased with this product. You wouldn't know it, but it doesn't contain any makeup.

👤I like tanning lotion. I get a spray tan at my local tanning bed a few times a week because I have a monthly membership. I have used many diff products and am always looking for a new favorite. This is my favorite and go-to lotion right now. The quality cannot be beat by the price. I own Designer Skin products. I already have a nice base tan and dark color so I find it hard to get a new color. I notice a huge change after using it for a while. I never saw any results using the Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses formula, as it was more diff formula, but it was the same ingredients and scent as the Ed Hardy one. After comparing the bottle, cap, and ingredients of the two, this one arrived. I was worried that I might have been tricked into buying the same thing. This one delivered results. I plan on ordering more because I am obsessed with this lotion. I was glad I tried this one.

👤This is my 3rd bottle of tanning lotion from this seller, I love it, good for hydration, and gives perfect bronze to my skin. I want to take it with me to Miami and get the best tan. I'll have pictures before and after.

👤A friend of mine is pale and has a hard time getting a tan. She has not given any complaints about using it. It smells great.

👤I am aware that it says that is free. It didn't do anything for my base tan. I was really disappointed. I used a different product for the first and second weeks. The first product worked well and I was getting lots of praise. I noticed slowly that I was getting lighter and lighter. This wasn't doing the trick and I kept tanning. My skin feels softer, the smell is nice, but I wasn't getting the results that I had hoped for. I wouldn't recommend this product. Maybe it's me, I like having a little bit of blush. It did nothing for my tan. There are many products that don't have a base tan. It might be worth looking a little deeper in order to get something like that. Please like the review if it has helped you. This is my opinion.

👤I used it twice after buying it for a trip to the beach. It gave me a nice tan in a short period of time. Really like the texture of the gel. The smell is not overwhelming. Your skin is hydrated and smooth.

👤I love the smell of tanning cream. I started tanning after my summer tan faded. It is already giving me color. My new favorite!

👤Great product. You like the scent and it tans you very well. I was very happy with my purchase.

7. Self Tanner Tanning Application Kit

Self Tanner Tanning Application Kit

Natural color, no orange. If you have fair skin, stick with the medium shade of their sunless tanning lotion, while if you have olive skin, stick with the dark shade. Their comes with everything you need for a perfect self tan, including a mitt for face tanner, a self tanner mitt, and an application mitt for face tanner. spray tan and self tanning can be used with the tanning mit. Fast results, clean ingredients. The perfect tan can be developed in 3-6 hours with clean ingredients and no dyes. Their best self tanners are gradual tanning lotion and tanning foam. All of their sunless tanning products can be tried. They offer tanning spray for body, self tanner face mist, self tanner spray, self tanning drops, and more. If you like it, let them know. Millions of customers love the tanning glove kit. Their guarantee is your satisfaction.

Brand: Beauty By Earth

👤I'm impressed. I've never used a tanner lotion like this before. The scent is pleasant. I wasn't sure if it would do the job because it was white. I woke up to a tan after putting it in. Ladies, it works! My foot is smiling at me because I did a smiley to see a real difference. I am very pleased that the product did not touch my clothes or bedding while I slept.

👤I love this product. I would rather be pale than orange, and have always been skeptical about self-tanners. I read the reviews and decided to try it. I used the shower to cleanse my body, then applied makeup to my face and hands. The product was applied to my face and body. I do it once a week when it's not summer, but I did it two days in a row when it was warm. There is no orange on my skin. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a tan. I liked the smell. It smells like coconut oil. The ingredients make me happy. I am a big fan of Beauty by Earth and did my research to find no artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals.

👤The glow of a single application was nice and not too orange. I lathered the dry areas with the product so it wasn't too bad, but it was still a bit more orange than other areas. A second application the following day resulted in a darker result and a bit too bronze for my liking. It faded nicely over the course of 4-5 days. It does have a smell, but it doesn't rub off, and if you make a mistake, you're stuck with it for a few days. It is advisable to use it a full day prior to your event to get the best color and smell.

👤This product is amazing. It's a good idea to buy the mitt and the exfolianting mitt. It does not leave you orange, it is very fast acting. You have to be careful around the webs of your fingers and toes because of the smell.

👤I've never used a self tanner to know what the smell is like, but this stuff definitely works, and it smells pretty pleasant. You can't really see the spots you've covered until it starts to develop and you look hilarious. Until the touch-ups start to set-in, I have temporary vitiligo. Some reviews tell you to be afraid of applying to joints. I'll update if I start looking crazy when this stuff fades. Definitely be thorough. I have a sensitive skin and will say this stuff burned softly after a few minutes. It's not like putting a lotion on.

👤I'm happy so far. I applied tanner for the first time and it looked even. I don't feel like I'm too orangey, but not enough for anyone to double take unless you see me daily. It made my face look crazy. I washed it off after 8 hours and I hope that will stop the outbreak.

8. Tanning Tanning Silicone Intensifier Ravishing

Tanning Tanning Silicone Intensifier Ravishing

Beach Bronze and Beach Ready! Suntan lotion, tanning bed lotion, indoor tanning lotion, and tanning lotion for tanning beds. Coconut Intensifier and Coconut lotion were shredded. A tan accelerator is a tanning bed product. Natural tanning lotion, tanning lotion for indoor tanning beds, sun tan lotion are some of the best. Your skin is smooth and silky, ready for anyones touch. Take your tan to the next level with multiple supplements. It is specifically designed for indoor tanning, but can be used outside. The product action was accelerating, intensifier, Silicone Emulsion. It lasts all day.

Brand: Skin Couture

👤AHHmazing is what the smell is. Everyone asks what I am wearing. I apply before I go to work.

👤It's a lot cheaper than any tanning place.

👤This is a great item to buy.

9. Australian Gold Tanning Accelerator Bronzer

Australian Gold Tanning Accelerator Bronzer

800-244-0167 The dark tanning accelerator lotion helps you achieve a darker tan. It absorbs quickly, allowing for even sunless tanning or outdoor sun tanning. BLESSED WITH AUSTRALIAN NATURALS. A rich blend of Kakadu Plum extract and Tea Tree Oil gently cleanse and protect your skin from free radicals, and is rich in vitamins C and E. This tanning intensifier contains an advanced combination of ingredients that prepare your skin for a dark color development while soothing, smoothening and hydrating your skin. It doesn't have sunscreen. This accelerator and bronzer is enriched with vitamins A & E and Natural Oils, which help build a flawless tan, as well as hydrating it for a soft and supple feel. The Cocoa Dreams scent of Coconut, Orange andVanilla keeps you fresh all day long, and it's the reason why this tanning accelerator lotion takes you on an instant vacation to the beach.

Brand: Australian Gold

👤Be careful! I have used this in a tanning bed and many indoor tanning products. I have never used a product that stained my skin like sunless tanners do, but it also streaked like sunless tanner. I thought I was getting something to use for a tanning bed when I read the description. I have to figure out how to remove the orange stains from my fingers. I failed to read the bottle.

👤I am a pasty girl. I am more white than white and rarely tan. I try to get a little color this time of year because I have no problem growing my freckles. This seemed like a fraction of the cost of other tanning products. How bad could it be? How to get to the bottle? It only says "apply liberally" and not on the bottle. Not a big deal? I slapped it on with every intention of spending some time in the sun. My daughter skinning her knee really bad. One of those loose skin hanging knees. We have been inside since. I have orange patches on my body. I rubbed it in until my skin was dry enough to wear a shirt and pants. I don't mind the tan lines, most oils do weird things to clothes. I don't mean lightly orange or slightly tan when I say orange streaks. I have streaks of oompah. This shouldn't be a problem if it was a normal tanning lotion. I think this is a sunless tanner. There is a big difference. If you are looking for a sunless tanner, this is not a good one since I am still white everywhere except for those orange streaks after a very liberal application. It does smell pleasant, and my skin feels smooth.

👤I thought this was a tanning product that would be used outside to accelerate the tanning process, but it is actually a self tanner, and I don't like self tanners. This one is easy to apply because it is thin and not orange. I put a light pink purse on my dress the first time I wore it, but it didn't transfer or anything. I will order it again.

👤I only use this for self-tanner. I have a red head. I would love to go to the tanning beds, but I am afraid of skin cancer, so I am not. I've tried many self tanners, from expensive ones like St. Tropez and Jergens, to less expensive ones like Fake bake. I don't like the results or color of any. They take too long to set and are too smelly. Who has 8 hours to wait in a smelly coat of lotion? Even if I do it while I sleep, I feel like I'm going crazy. I'm rolling around all night. I was thinking about going back to the tanning beds. It makes me feel good. I had an idea when I was looking at the lotion. Is it possible to use it without the bed and get color? The answer is yes, I tried it. My process is 1. Make sure the skin is clean. If you have sensitive skin, be careful. 3. wash hands If you don't, they will stain. Pay attention to the nails. Don't drink water on your body. 4. I wait an hour and shower. This is amazing for me. Self tanners take a long time. 5. When the color of the lotion washes away in the shower, don't be sad. It will be back soon. The smell is another benefit. I like to smell my self tan when it's on my skin. I only smell it after the first shower. The smell is gone after the second shower. Excellent! The color fades slowly. I will only use it once a week to keep some color. The only thing that makes me self conscious is the light orange color. I feel good. You can try to vary the time you leave on your skin. It's perfect for me. I think I may look fake anymore. After 30 minutes, I can see a nice glow. I have achieved a nice natural glow, even though I will never have a deep dark tan. I'm happy! If I can help save someone's skin, please skip the bed and try this!

10. Tan Asz Beach Black 400X

Tan Asz Beach Black 400X

Coconut Water Base is good for tans. DHA-free. 400X bronzing gives you a tan with a perfect color. Dark Reserve Peptides are great for skin. Black charcoal and organicalgae nourish and beautify your bronze. Clean beauty is vegan,Gluten-free, Paraben-free, Cruelty-free and Phthalate-free.

Brand: Tan Asz U

👤When I put this on and hop in a medium pressure bed for twelve minutes, I come out noticeably darker. The scent of this tanning lotion is amazing and it goes on smoothly and evenly. It adds colour to your skin that doesn't wash off in the shower, but you have to wait a day or two for the tan to develop.

👤The smell is great, the color is great, and the tanning results are quick when you use this 3-4 times a week.

👤I am happy that I used it once. Some leave you smelling like a burnt car freshener.

👤The product was dirty and the lid dried up the lotion all over it.

👤My Native American heritage allows me to get dark very quickly. I wiped my hands off with a damp cloth after I used this product, because my hands are still orange. The smell that the reviews speak about is not true in my case. I'm very disappointed in this product.

👤This is exactly what the salon sells. It does a great job! Will definitely order again.

👤I did not like the way the bottle looked, I did not smell the same as I did before, and I did not believe it was the right stuff inside the bottle.

👤I was impressed with the packaging when it arrived, but when I opened the bottle I found that at least 25% of the product was missing and not sealed with a tamper resistant tab. I will exchange this for the next bottle because I hope it was a mistake. It smells amazing, but was likely altered. If was sealed on the top with a tamer resistance tab is the only way to know. None of the tanning products I have ordered from Amazon have a top that is resistant to tampering. I will make contact with the manufacturer after I give it one last chance.

👤Tan Asz U Beach Black Rum 400x tanning lotion is amazing and I have been tanning a lot through the years. You get so tanned. The price is great. Debby London Ontario ox is trustworthy.

👤It doesn't smell offensive. I don't think it's a 400x bronzer, but it has some in it. Your skin feels soft after applying smooth. For the price, I expected more.

👤I have never used a tanning product that was better. A nice tan after tanning. Not streaky at all. Fantastic smell. Would purchase again.

👤I like the smell of this lotion but it is not a 400X bronzer as the package says. The packaging on the bottle was cheap and it was coming off. I like the product. The smell. I will not buy again. It isn't as advertised.

👤Achetée il y a. Deux fois par semaine pour le salon de bronzage. Non graisseux, produit qui s'applique. I sent you a message. J'ai la peau assez claire/ple.

11. Onyx Original Intensifier Antioxidants Vitamins

Onyx Original Intensifier Antioxidants Vitamins

This tanning bed lotion is powered by a complex of intensifiers that boost the production of melanin, which makes it possible to tan in an incredibly short time. The white lotion formula with no bronzer is an even tan. This tanning lotion for tanning beds can be used as a basic step in your skin care regimen thanks to all-natural ingredients such as coconut oil, and avocados with vitamins. The tattoo-friendly tanning lotion with ink care formula keeps tattoos clearly defined, just apply this tan accelerator for tanning beds and don't worry about your tattoo losing its color. Booster gives you a feeling of refreshment and energy after each tanning session, and no unpleasant post-tanning odor thanks to a beautiful fruity scent.

Brand: Onyx

👤It smells like butter. This is the best product I have ever purchased. I got a color from one session. I have been tanning for months and never had this good of results.

👤It smells good. It is a white lotion. It increases the tanning.

👤I expected this product to work better. I have used it twice in a tanning bed and it has made my skin feel great.

👤I will be buying this again. The smell of the lotion is great.

👤I would rather buy it at the tanning place. They should not be allowed to raise their prices 100%.

👤I use this product 4 times a day and it doesn't change my skin color.

👤It is pretty decent so far. I have to use a lot more than other options, but overall I like it. It smells nice, doesn't feel gross after tanning, and seems to work well with hydration and color. I like a thinner tanning lotion. I don't know if I would buy it again.

👤This is a new addition to my collection. It doesn't have a smell and works great. I was very happy with my purchase.


What is the best product for best tanning bed lotion 2022?

Best tanning bed lotion 2022 products from Millennium Tanning Products. In this article about best tanning bed lotion 2022 you can see why people choose the product. Devoted Creations and Ed Hardy are also good brands to look for when you are finding best tanning bed lotion 2022.

What are the best brands for best tanning bed lotion 2022?

Millennium Tanning Products, Devoted Creations and Ed Hardy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best tanning bed lotion 2022. Find the detail in this article. Tan Asz U, Tanning Paradise and Beauty By Earth are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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