Best Best Small Camera for Youtube Videos

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1. Neewer Dimmable Adjustable Tabletop Photography

Neewer Dimmable Adjustable Tabletop Photography

The ABC book gift enhances child development, makes learning fun, and develops educational skills needed for preschool and beyond. The video call lighting kit has a brightness range of 10% to 100% and is ideal for soft and even lighting on a video call. It's ideal for meetings, calls, and streaming. The light can be powered by a wall charger or a power strip. If you want to use the light for a long time, avoid using a power bank, laptop, or tablets. The optional color filters give you the flexibility to create colorful lighting effects for game live streaming. The mini tripod can be mounted directly to the panel light to offer an ultra-low position lighting. It's easy to fold it down. The height can be adjusted with the extension rod. The package includes a panel light with a cable, two mini tripods, two extension rods, two white filters, two yellow filters, two blue filters, and two red filters.

Brand: Neewer

👤I needed the video lights for my conference calls. Only 50% intensity lights me up. They are almost at eye level when seated. The extension stick is used to lock it in place. The foam hand grip and wrist strap are left by the tripod legs. I don't need that for my projects, but someone may want to film it. These lights are light duty and small for lighting small projects or video conferences. You will need a dual port plug.

👤These lights are great for green screen lighting. I put the lights on either side of my monitor to make it easier to key in the green screen. They helped me turn down the exposure and gain on my webcam so there was less noise in the image.

👤I need to have a lot of video presentations. I decided to use a green screen to show my slides because I don't have room for a TV in my house. The main issue with green screen results is lighting the screen. Since I don't have room for giant softbox lights in my house, I got a pair of tiny lights and they do a great job. The effect of the chroma key has improved. They telescope small when I don't need the lights. I'll be able to keep them. I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5 because of the two reasons. The lights did not come with colored filters. I was not intending to use the colored filters, but I feel that if you advertise a feature you should deliver. There are two more The base of the tripod feels flimsy. I'm not upset because they were even cheaper at $35, but I think $50 is reasonable. I didn't think it was that high. The light stand is just a selfie stick, so I need a higher quality one with a base.

👤We were looking for a lighting set that would give us the right amount of light for our green screen to remove shadows, and this set did just that. We have a small studio and were looking for an alternative to the large box lights. This set was delivered.

👤I used to use traditional bulbs for photography lights and they were so hot. Bright lights for under $40? Take my money! If you don't have a power outlet, you can use the power for things like photography and video. A lot of extension cords now have ausb ports. You can watch my video on the internet.

👤These aren't the best lights around. These are cheap and you get a lot of bang for your buck. They are used as up lights in my studio. The stands are low quality plastic, but for the price, what can you expect? The stands act like sticks. I will buy another set of them. They are at their highest setting in the photo I posted.

👤I changed rooms and needed new lights. The lights were cheap and perfect. Forget expensive lighting, it's more perfect for the cost. These things are bright. There is a The color filters are bonuses. My lights needed to be dimmable and low power. They needed to fit my desk space, which was a challenge since I have 2 32" monitors on top of monitor stands. The lights can be extended over my monitors. The stands and arms can be adjusted so I can change height and angle. I used one to diffuse the light for the front and the other to illuminate the back of me. It's perfect. I wish the lights were powered by a power source other than a power source, but I don't think that's a dealbreaker. There is no cable management, but the lights are versatile. I tie the wire with the control on one of the legs of the base. If you turn the light off again, you will be able to keep your brightness setting, but the power will be reset. For the price, these lights are enough to recommend.

2. Camcorder YouTube Vlogging Digital Recorder

Camcorder YouTube Vlogging Digital Recorder

The Utra HD camera has a 16X Digital zoom, self-timer, remote control, anti-shake, slow- motion video, and a Webcam. A perfect camcorder with microphone and stabilizer for videographers. It is a must have for beginners. The vlogging camera for youtube has a function that allows it to shoot in low light conditions and provide clear black and white images. You can still take pictures in the dark. The pause function is supported by the camera. You can continue the recording in the same file, which is a good choice if you want to make a Vlogging video. The camera has a remote control and a 270 degree screen. You can control the camera from any angle. The camera has an external microphone that filters out excess noise to make sure the sound is clear. The handheld stabilizer camcorder keeps your 2.7K camera stable while recording and prevents image shake, making your shots more professional and great for making low-angle videos and images. The lens hood improves the overall color and contrast of your photos, filters out excess stray light, and prevents accidental impact or vibration. Webcam function and 2. The video recorder camera has batteries. You can connect your camera to your computer with the included cable and switch the camera to PC camera mode, perfect for live streaming, online teaching, and more! Comes with two batteries. You don't have to worry about running out of battery when you record videos. You can get online customer service. Webcam function and 2. The video recorder camera has batteries. You can connect your camera to your computer with the included cable and switch the camera to PC camera mode, perfect for live streaming, online teaching, and more! Comes with two batteries. You don't have to worry about running out of battery when you record videos. You can get online customer service.

Brand: Aoregre

👤I am very disappointed that I have to wait for a sd card reader to put my pictures on my PC. I got a PC error when I connected the camera to the cord. I don't have a way to send my pictures to my pc with a card reader. I removed other items from the PC but it didn't help. The seller is sending me another camera. I can use my pictures on my pc once I get the new one because it is an awesome camera for the price. This seller is a good one to buy from.

👤It's great that this camera comes with an extra battery which can be a hassle if you run out. The camera is easy to use. It has a microphone and handle for filming. I wish it had a memory card, but it's still a great camera.

👤There is a need for cable for output, speaker and accessories. A good video camera for beginners.

👤I decided to buy a camera when I started on YouTube because I was using my phone all the time. The camera makes great videos. It isn't that great if you use it to take a picture. I still use my phone to take pictures. I think the price is good for the product. I was thinking about buying a new one. I can do more than one angle.

👤When we formatted the card, it said there was no card available. We did everything right with the card, savesay did everything right with the card, savesay used 2 new ones, what's the issue?

👤Unless it's for a gag gift, don't buy this.

👤I wouldn't buy this product. It is cheap and does not work. Don't buy it and buy something else.

👤The extra battery comes in handy, it's very easy to use.

3. Camcorder Vlogging Microphone Anti Shake Recorder

Camcorder Vlogging Microphone Anti Shake Recorder

This video camera can be used for making video for YouTube features with 4K video resolution at 60 frames per second. The camcorder can capture 48MP images and 16X digital zoom. You can see what you are recording and framing on the touch screen of the 4k camcorder. It's easier to self-Blogging with this vlogging camera, which has a remote control at any angle to take pictures and record video. The latest 4k Plus version camera uses anti-shake technology to improve stabilization. This 4k video camera has better color saturation, enhancing the visual expressiveness of the picture, and this video camera 4k paying more attention to restore the real scene of the picture, bringing more possibilities for post-processing. Users can be easier to operate a 4k digital camera. You can preview, browse albums and transfer the files you need with this camera by connecting this camera directly to your phone or tablet and using the "iSmart DV"APP to your phone. It also has a night vision option. The camera shoots in low light and dark environments. If you want to use the video camera as a Webcam, please insert the cable and switch the camera to web cam mode, it's perfect for video calling, live streaming, blogging, vlogging, online teaching, etc. An external x-y stereo microphone is included. The microphone improves audio stability. Multifunctional Video Camera for Vlogging & After-sales Customer Service features pause function, continuous shooting, time-lapse shooting, slow motion, recording while charging, meeting your demands in different scenes. This 4k camcorders video camera can be used on any trip, camping, hiking, or just about any sport. They will get back to you within 24 hours if you have any issues with the video camera. Multifunctional Video Camera for Vlogging & After-sales Customer Service features pause function, continuous shooting, time-lapse shooting, slow motion, recording while charging, meeting your demands in different scenes. This 4k camcorders video camera can be used on any trip, camping, hiking, or just about any sport. They will get back to you within 24 hours if you have any issues with the video camera.

Brand: Auionknp

👤The camera is ok but not as advertised. I recorded a video of the same subject matter in the same lighting conditions and did not see a difference in quality between 4K and 720p. I also took a photo of my fish tank using the 48 mp camera and the same shot was taken with my 12 mp phone camera. The 12 mp image is clear. I downscaled the clearer image until it was the same clarity, and estimate the camera takes 6-7 mp images and poorly upscales them so the image resolution matches what a 48 mp image should have. I don't recommend buying that if it doesn't meet your needs.

👤I was a professional video photog. I shot for PBS a lot. I used to have problems with my back and shoulder. The new cameras are not as good as the old ones, but in the right hands, they can make amazing 4K videos. The batteries last almost an hour of shooting. There is a The zoom and lens work well with image stabilization. There is a The microphone is not very professional, but I used it for an interview with our pastor, and the sound was perfect and almost professional on our channel. There are many uses for this camera. It can be carried, but we are using it on a tripod to feed our little switcher and send Sunday Services live over the internet. The output of the HDMI is clear, but can't be changed. You get a full frame shot. Something to know is not a problem. You can take this on a vacation and fill it up with awesome video. I took it on a hike into the desert mountains near Phoenix and everyone couldn't believe how small it was. They were amazed that the batteries lasted a long time. I need the church's help to buy more shots for our Sunday Services. You can't go wrong with this price and seller. Excellent recommendation.

👤I bought it for my brother on the 31st of October, because he is a travel vlogger. It has a night vision feature which makes it a great deal for travel vloggers. It's very portable even in coat pockets. It has two batteries and a cable to connect to a mobile/smart TV. It's the best user-friendly for beginners. If you buy a tripod and a memory disk with it, you can use it professionally. It's a great way to frame memoirs for family gatherings. It comes with a camera and a microphone, as well as a remote control. I would recommend it to others. Thanks for the great product.

👤I spent an hour trying to connect the battery. It won't fit. The camera is made of cheap plastic. This hurts. I don't get refunds as Amazonecshafts. I'm so excited.

👤It is easy to use. It's great for filming and capturing images for social media, and for just normal everyday use, because of all the extras that come with it. The zoom function is very impressive. The burst photo function is something I love. It makes it easy to take the perfect picture.

4. Camcorder Vlogging YouTube Microphone Control

Camcorder Vlogging YouTube Microphone Control

The video camera max supports 4K video resolution of 2880*2160 and image resolution of 48.0MP. It is much clearer than the traditional video. It delivers true-to-life HD video and natural colors even in low light conditions thanks to the 13MPixel sensor. Webcam and external mic. The camcorder has a hot shoe interface and can be used to install an external microphone. It can make the recording clearer and reduce noise. You can use the video camera to make video calls with family or friends. If you connect the computer with a cable, you can use the PC cam mode. Remote Control You can remotely control the camera to take pictures and record videos from a distance of five meters. You will never miss a group photo again. You can use the HDMI cable to connect it to the TV. The cable for the high definition television is not included. It's a great microphone camcorder for video enthusiasts. The vlogging camera has a 3.0" touch screen and supports 270 rotation. The built-in fill light, anti-shaking, and face capture are just some of the features of this camcorder. The video cameras are great for recording the beautiful moments of your life. Their friendly customer service will be able to solve your problem in 24 hours. If you have any questions, please contact them. The camcorder has 2 batteries that can be charged while the video is being recorded, you can record a long enough video as needed without worrying about the battery draining. The video camera supports up to 128GB of high speed class 10 card, but the card is not included in the package. Their friendly customer service will be able to solve your problem in 24 hours. If you have any questions, please contact them. The camcorder has 2 batteries that can be charged while the video is being recorded, you can record a long enough video as needed without worrying about the battery draining. The video camera supports up to 128GB of high speed class 10 card, but the card is not included in the package.

Brand: Oiexi

👤I bought this camcorder to make home videos. It is as it says. It has a mic and all the other items listed. It comes with two so one can chage while the other is used, but the battery life is a little shorter than expected. The camera menu is easy to understand and use. The push of a button makes it easy to format the card. Happy with the purchase! Thanks!

👤Excellent camera quality, good price, can't wait to use it for my videos

👤After using this camera a few times, I had to change my review. The camera is not of good quality. Pictures are awful, like an old VHS video recorder. I am returning it because I don't know if I'm using it right or not. I bought it to give to my son when he is older. I took my first video today and when I watched it on my computer, I felt like I was watching a home movie from the early 2000s. I don't think anyone would want to record videos with this thing. It feels like they took an old camera and put a sticker on it. I hope I can use it to its full potential, but the whole thing feels cheap, which is sad for its price.

👤I'm not sure if I got a bad version of this or if everyone else is having a different experience because I couldn't get it to take a clear video that didn't look like there was a black line around me. I tried all five video settings, and the ones that were 30 frames per second had a black screen every other second, which was very strange. The camera is not focused well on any point because the focus is fixed, which means there is no way to focus in on anything. The zoom is useless because it won't focus on anything when you zoom. The camera is useless because you can't focus on anything and the zoom doesn't work at all, and the other physical things, such as a microphone, a case, and two batteries, are also useless. I could not get a decent video outside. I don't need to take video of things outside or far away during a Pandemic. I was really disappointed that it didn't work well in any setting, and I wanted this to work in any capacity.

👤It's perfect for starting a vlog and handheld use. It's easy to make mounts for the camera on my adaptive ski equipment because of the mouse of the most tripods.

👤The case is perfect for my bag and the camera is the perfect size. I use the camera for more home video and memory for my daughter when she is older. Came with everything it needs.

👤The camera's specifications look good. I can only conclude that the editor didn't try the camera. It's hard to believe, but the camera records a sound at the end of the recording, which means you have to edit every video unless you don't mind a loud sound at the end. Even in good light, the picture is blurry. The battery is draining fast. There is a lack of attention to detail and poor quality.

5. Camcorder Vlogging Recorder Microphone Batteries

Camcorder Vlogging Recorder Microphone Batteries

Ultra HD 2.7K video and 42 crystal-clear images can be shot with the Heegomn video camera. This digital camcorder has a flip screen, 18X digital zoom, remote control, anti-shaking, face detect, time-lapse, Pause function, and TV output. There is a video camera. The PC can be connected to the vlogging camera. You can live stream video calls with your family and friends on Facebook, or on the live streaming channels on YouTube. Even in the dark, a digital camera can shoot high definition white and black images and videos. The external microphone on this camcorder can capture sound. It reduces noise and enhances sound recording volume. There are two Li-ion batteries and 32 gigabytes of storage. The digital camcorder comes with two Li-ion batteries. One full- charged battery can be used for 90-150 minutes and can also be used to shoot videos. You can record a lot of videos without worrying about battery drain. Please format the SD card before using it. The video recorder is light and easy to carry. The video camera camcorders are a great gift for beginners. HeEGOMN gives 3-month free replacement or refund service. Please contact them if you have any problems or concerns. Within 24 hours, they will provide you with a solution. The video recorder is light and easy to carry. The video camera camcorders are a great gift for beginners. HeEGOMN gives 3-month free replacement or refund service. Please contact them if you have any problems or concerns. Within 24 hours, they will provide you with a solution.

Brand: Heegomn

👤This is a good camera. I bought this for my father, who was traveling to Brazil for work and didn't want to lose his car on a muddy trail. I haven't used a video camera in almost a decade. The microphone on this camera picks up his voice better than the Sony nex 3 camera. The music is great, but the white led light rise reminds me of the Blair Witch Project movie. It's easy to transfer the video from this device to your computer. It's easy to use. My father and I will be able to make this work. Take some time to learn how to use the menus and up-and-down button. I was able to quickly navigate all the different settings after learning mode menu and the power button.

👤My 13-year-old son asked for a camera. He loves uploading action videos to the video sharing website. The most affordable option I could find was this one. Overall very pleased. Over the past couple of months, it has been used a lot. It has a nice feel to it. It is lightweight and has features. The microphone picks up background noise. The picture is clean and crisp. The camcorder worked well for us, it was easy to use and great for beginners. Absolutely worth the price.

👤This camcorder was purchased for my smallest kids to play around on and learn how to use electronic devices, and most of all not use my phone all the time. They enjoy seeing themselves on a bigger screen and the picture shows in high definition. The device can be plugged into a laptop. This item can be used for video calls. The external mic helps greatly with sound and tones down a lot of other noise. You only need one battery at a time so one can be kept as a back up. The package also has a 32mb memory card. Even still photos show well on a larger screen.

👤I bought this for a ceremony. I didn't use it until that day. Picture a real sound and no sound at all. I did not have a sound or grainy picture after I transferred it to my laptop. The seller and Amazon had a dispute over who was responsible for returning the item. The camera is not a good piece of equipment and does not buy customer service.

👤I like this camera. You can either add the Mike for sound or not. It takes pictures and records it.

👤The fit and finish of the camera is okay. The zoom capabilities are not very good. You have to use an external mic and plug it in if you don't have a microphone. I got what I paid for. I'll buy a better camera next time.

👤This may be ok for videos of pets playing in the yard, but it's really low end junk. I wanted it to record some acoustic music and post it on Facebook. The audio was terrible and the video was dark. Send it back.

6. Camcorder Vlogging Microphone Stabilizer Batteries

Camcorder Vlogging Microphone Stabilizer Batteries

The camera is 4K Ultra HD. This 4k camera has advanced 4K Ultra HD resolution (up to 30fbs) and 48 megapixels, 16x digital zoom, 3.0-inch 270 rotatableIPS LCD touch screen, handheld stabilizer. The foldable portable stabilizer can provide good stabilization when shooting moving, low-angle images and videos,easily recording impactful videos of baby growth, travel/hiking/camping selfies/wedding anniversaries, etc. It is a good camera for beginners. The vlogging camera for youtube has a flip screen, external stereo microphone, slow motion, time-lapse shooting, pause function, continuous shooting, anti-shake, face capture, selfie, and auto off. The IR night vision function can be used in low-light conditions and in the dark. It can also be used as a live streaming camera, and you can connect it to the PC with theusb cable. Camera mode to start online teaching. The function and remote control of wi-fi. The digital video camera has a remote which can be controlled from any angle, and it can connect to a table or a phone, so it's easy to browse images, transfer and share movies. The camera recorder's external mic and lens hood can effectively block excess light, protect the lens from damage. The camera recorder's external mic and lens hood can effectively block excess light, protect the lens from damage.

Brand: Byagzoma

👤It's nice to have a camera and microphone. There is no image stabilization. The side hand strap is too low and it makes it difficult to hold the camera straight. It is easy to use on the touch screen. It is easy to take off the accessories to make it small. The top handle helps Cary. The view finder is only on the screen. It's easy to playback on screen. Most small speakers are tinny and small. The night vision works well. You can see everything as it is clear. The battery is small and light and I don't need to charge it. It seems to last a long time. You can control the camera from your phone. In low light, the screen is very small. I don't notice that the video is blurry.

👤I needed a small extra camera that I could add to my studio to take overhead shots, and a compact camera that would be useful. I needed something that would match up in resolution and frame rate for the rest of my 4K 30fps setup, and I also needed something that wouldn't turn off my power saving when not recording. This is well suited to those needs. The video performance in the studio is pretty good. It's not as crisp as the other more expensive cameras, but it doesn't seem to be worse. As long as it's not pointing at the same subject, it's not glaring. The sensor is small, so low light performance is not great. Make sure you have plenty of light because it's going to get blurry quickly. I don't use the on board mic, so I can't comment on the audio quality. What are the compromises on a camera that seems to be good to be true? There is no optical zoom. It's all digital, so expect it to be rough, and the video will be negatively affected if you zoom in. It's fine for me because I use it only in the widest setting. You have to charge the batteries in the camera because you don't have an external battery charger. If you're out and about, you better not use more than two since you can't charge one while using the other. You don't have any manual controls, so lighting changes can be triggered by the camera iris. There are multiple white balance modes, but no manual white balance. There are four If you want to use this as a web cam, you will have to manually set it to webcam mode every single time you turn it on. It will not remember the setting. If you want to use strain relief, you should get an angle or short extension to the camera, because the wires are hanging off the side of the camera. When you can't see the pop-out screen, shooting out in bright sun may not be as good. It's perfectly acceptable to have a "toss in the bag" camera when you want something on hand, but other options might be overkill. It's a good camera for situations where you won't want to risk a more expensive camera being broken or even stolen. This would be a good first camera for a young videographer. This is a better option for those who do online videos. The good cameras cost more.

7. Neewer Aluminum Monopod 70 8inches Camcorders

Neewer Aluminum Monopod 70 8inches Camcorders

Any setup with Webcam Mode,RTMP and NDI|HX protocols can be integrated with Mevo Start. The tripod has a leg that can be used as a monopod with the fluid tripod head. The center column can be inverted for low-angle shots, and the monopod can be adjusted from 20” to 56.7” for flexible camera positioning. The tripod legs can be extended from 24.4” to 71.2” and stand on various terrains. You can secure the legs with the flip locks. It can support devices up to 26lb (12kg) and is suitable for any occasion. Versatile head. You can shoot from any perspective with the fluid head and tilt drag. A bubble level helps with accurate composition, and a quick release plate with a screw and a quarter is all you need. The fluid head is compatible with all tripods and camera sliders. Tough aluminum alloy The tripod is made from aluminum and has a sleek black finish, which makes it travel-friendly. Portable and lightweight. The legs of the tripod can be collapsed to 17.9” for easy transportation and storage. This tripod is portable and only has a weight of just over two tons.

Brand: Neewer

👤4 starts are based on other tripods. I have shot video for years. I've used both $50 and $5k tripods. I mounted the tripod to the lens on my canon 70d and used this on it. The components fit together well when locked down. It was easy to adjust the screws. The fluid head resistance is very consistent from the first time it engages to the release. It's easy to start and stop your camera move with this. If you are in a crowded space, it's perfect for shooting over peoples heads. The rubber plug in the tripod plate can be used to remove or alter screws if needed. This is a cheap tripod. My biggest complaint is that the tripod doesn't fit on the head. There is a screw that tightens into the head and there is a plate that is textured. The head resistance is a lot and it's annoying. I used large wrench pliers to tighten the head down. You need to tighten the neck of the tripod if you want to avoid a jerk every time you move. There is a little bit of play when the extension moves left/right. If you crank it down, it goes away. The legs of the tripod are not locked out. They lock when you are setting your base, but not when you are extending. It's nice for a gun setup where you want to move quickly as lifting up on the neck of the tripod all the legs fold in but it can create some shifting and even shots if one of your legs is not fully out. When the legs fold back in, there are 3 spots where you can set the angle of your leg spread. The function of the monopod is useless for video because of the resistance of the head. I like to shoot still images. I would still recommend this for casual video shooting despite the small issues. I found starting on a cheaper tripod made it easier to use a more expensive one. If you have extra money and shoot video often. Investing in something better is something I would recommend. It will save you time and money.

👤This neewer is great. It's lightweight but sturdy. It's easy to travel with the tripod, which extends out to over 70" and collapses down to under 18. This comes with a smooth fluid head. The legs can be removed and the tripod converted into a monopod. This is made of aluminum. This would make a great addition to any film.

👤I was familiar with the brand on other products and was looking for a new tripod in this price range. A fluid head is the best way to video. I have used broadcast quality fluid heads before. I can't afford to be perfect, so I know what it's like. The up and down tilt of the head is very nice. The quick release plate is an essential feature for me and appears to be compatible with other swiss arca style quick release plates. The carry bag is nicer than I expected, the tripod is under 24 inches in length, and the legs are not attached to each other to keep them from individually shifting. It's not terrible, but compared to how smooth up and down is, it's a noticeable difference. It's easy to fix, but I realized to focus on turning the black rubber part and not the whole assembly, the problem was prevented. Not rock solid. The legs and overall weight are part of the reason. If you're not aware, aggressive pan and tilt will shake the tripod, but you can hang weights if it's a big concern. To close the tripod to fit in the bag, you need to extend the center column all the way up. It's just weird that the whole packed length is a few inches shorter than just lowering the center column and leaving the legs short.

8. Camcorder Microphone Vmotal Vlogging Batteries

Camcorder Microphone Vmotal Vlogging Batteries

42.0 mp 2.7k ultra HD border. Vmotal is the first camcorder to have a 42.0 mp function to make the images more realistic. It supports taking high-quality photos or videos. 18X digital zoom, built-in fill light, anti-shaking, face detect, smile capture, self-timer, Pause function, Motion detection,usb 2.0, TV Output and so on. The video camera has an IR light for night vision shot. In the dark environment, you can shoot a white and black photo or video. The camera has two batteries. For 90-150 minutes, one full-charged battery can be used. In this case, you can record videos while charging, and you don't need to worry about battery draining. Video camera and external microphone open. Live streaming is available on the Facebook andInstagram pages. Video chat with friends or family is also possible. The Pause feature allows you to pause recording and resume playing files. The noise reduction stereo microphone on the camcorder enhances sound recording volume and reduces noise. The video camera camcorder include 1 x VmoTALORDER, 1 x External Microphone, 2 x batteries, and 1 x 32 gigabyte of storage. The video camera is small, lightweight and easy to use. 3-month free return for full refund and 1-year free repair is provided by VmoTAL. If you have a question, please contact the VmoTAL Support Team. The video camera is small, lightweight and easy to use. 3-month free return for full refund and 1-year free repair is provided by VmoTAL. If you have a question, please contact the VmoTAL Support Team.

Brand: Vmotal

👤The camera is a lot lighter when I take it out of the box than it was when it first arrived. The microphone on the camera can either be on the camera or not, but I would recommend if you're recording, to use the microphone because it picks up the sound a lot better than without it. The picture quality on this camera is not as good as my expensive camera. It is a lot easier to move around with this because it is light. You can connect this to a tripod. This came with a memory card and 2 batteries, which I really liked. I had to charge both before I could use the camera. I was able to record about an hour's worth of video and still have the battery left over to take pictures. I've used this camera to take some behind the scenes pictures of senior pictures, as well as video a few weddings. The video and picture quality is amazing.

👤I don't have enough money to buy a fancy camera for my channel, but I was looking for one. After looking for a while, I decided to buy a video camera. Why? It is easy to control, the light looks good and looks good on the bottoms. I started it without looking at the instructions. - The videos are in high definition and come with two batteries so you can change them when you need them. One of my favorite parts was the zoom because you can use it as a camera too. I am very excited to start my project with this product.

👤I ordered this for my 10 year old as a birthday gift. I began searching for the tools he needed after he started making a channel. I was blown away by the extras and the price of this baby. The performance was just the icing on the cake after we set this bad boy up. I highly recommend.

👤Two days before my trip, my old Camcorder malfunctioned. I decided that this camera was the best value for features after doing some quick research. I noticed that the camera was well packed when I received it. The camera has a nice feel to it. It is very lightweight and comfortable to use. I will use it for many years. The outboard microphone sounds great with no background noise, like my old one did. The colors are bright and crisp in bright light. The image quality is excellent. This camera is a bargain and will do the job nicely, as a VLOG camera for use on social media. Accurate image stabilization helps during those moving shots. The audio and video quality is very good. The picture is clean and crisp in the high definition mode. Excellent value!

👤The camera is in the box. You have to use it. The directions don't match what the camera does. The remote doesn't work. The instructions say that there is a screen with a glyph on it. The sound barely recorded despite being 20 inches from me, and the video was glitchy. It is barely operational. I couldn't view the test videos when I tried to hook it up to my computer. The computer wouldn't recognize it and I had no way to change it. The camera/remote doesn't work as the instructions say. So disappointed.

9. Camcorder Vlogging Recorder Camcorders Batteries

Camcorder Vlogging Recorder Camcorders Batteries

The video camera has two 3.7V 1500mAh batteries, and it supports recording while charging. Feel free to contact them with any questions or suggestions. 24MP and1080P FHD camcORDER. The camera supports shooting of Full HD video and 24MP photo. It has a 3.0 inch screen, 16X digital zoom and remote control. Smooth shooting experience and wonderful effect are provided by all these configurations. The camcorder is so lightweight that you can carry it around. It would be a great gift for your parents and kids. Night vision camcorders can shoot high definition image and videos in low light condition and even in the dark, and the video shoot camera is compatible with external fill light to complement the light source. It has an external microphone with a 3.5mm jack, as well as an internal storage option with an SD card up to 128 gigabytes. The package does not include a phone, a card or a light. The vlogging camera can be connected to the PC. You can transfer your files to your computer by choosing the option of "MSDC" or "PCCAM" mode, which will allow you to enjoy video chatting or live streaming. PAUSE & REMOTE CONTROL. You can stop video shooting at any point and continue from where you left off. The camera supports remote control. No members are excluded from the group photo because all the controls can be accessed through physical or remote controller buttons. The camera comes with two 1500mAh batteries so you don't have to worry about running out of power when recording an important event. This digital camcorder supports video at intervals, low-speed video,motion detection, time-lapse, self-shooting and continuous shooting. This lightweight, small and easy-to-use digital camcorder is equipped with high-class material and advanced technology, records high-quality image, and it's a perfect gift for friends, family members to record their special moments and travel time!

Brand: Seree

👤We were very excited to get this, but we tried to do some things that wouldn't focus, like a close video and some pictures. The instruction booklet is not very good. I was going to get this one and test it out, then if we liked it we would get one for my son and my wife. Not going to happen. There are times when the distance pics and vids seem ok, but there are also times when it gets wavy like a mirror in a fun house. There is an update. They offered me money to not give them a review and to change it to a good one.

👤A day late. The price went down in that time. I was happy that it was easy. You need the setttings and buttons. It can't focus on anything. The focus is manual. Or make it clear that a 3d scanner is printing from it. Maybe 142i. Not high definition. Returned.

👤The camera gives me crisp pictures when something is not moving. Everything is blurred if it is moving. When I took pictures of my brother, he looked like a speedster. I use disposable cameras for moving shots. The camcorder seems pretty good, some settings seem to leave the image dark in poor lighting, one in particular felt like it grabbed all the light and gave me a bright screen. I'm not sure what that was. Unless the lighting is perfect, I only have one setting. I returned this and saved for a better camera, but I was charged to drop off at the store that used to be free, and now I can drop off at the store that I don't trust. The rating of my review does not account for this comment at Amazon. I just returned something viaUPS without any problems a month or two ago, and it did Piss Me Off. I will not be returning this because the option was taken from me. It's a good camera for its price. I paid for it. I think posed shots are better than a camcorder. It's all over. Added this comment to my review. I will add pictures and video when I have access to a computer. The provided cord won't plug into my tablets. Even if it could, it would work. If it was a more expensive piece of equipment, I would expect more, but for what you're paying, not bad. Changing return policy makes it impossible for me to return if I want something more quality. This doesn't factor into my review. Just pointing it out.

👤It doesn't work. If you can get it to record and play back on the camera, but not on a lap top, the picture and sound will be distorted and garbled, the same if you plug it into a TV. I tried two Sandisk cards. It would be a good camera if it worked out. I tried everything, but maybe I got a bad one.

👤When I bought a HD camcorder, what did I expect? Not much. What I got was not what I was expecting. The picture quality of the camcorder was on par with expectations. It was annoying but not surprising. The battery life was mediocre, but it came with two 1500mAh batteries. Again, not unexpected. The packaging was small. The unit took a while to get used to the menu system. Not unexpected. The camcorder is light and easy to carry. External hookups felt strong. The zoom in/out button is muddy, but it works. Things go off the rails here. The camera is capable of 60 and 30 frames per second. This is a lie. When set to 60 frames per second, it does 25 frames per second. I wish I was joking. See the attached picture. "Normal00021old" was shot at 30 frames per second, and "Normal00021" was shot at 60 frames per second. I didn't pay much attention to the "2k" or "2.4k" settings. The camcorder is not marketed in a way that will make most users see the difference. The abysmal sound quality is further going off the rails. The attached picture shows the truth. The camera samples sound at 8kHz Mono, about what you get from a sound card from 1987. The sound is not sound at all. I connected a decent external microphone to the unit to listen to my child's play. The result was nonsense. I would have had better sound quality if I used two cans and some string. The audio quality on the camcorder is not configured from any menu. My 5 year old cell phone would have been a better choice.

10. Camcorder Aasonida Vlogging Microphone Batteries

Camcorder Aasonida Vlogging Microphone Batteries

Aasonida video camera adopts the newest upgraded chip, which presents you incredible 30 frames per second video and 24 frames per second photos. Even in low light, the advanced high-sensitivity CMOS Sensor can offer clear and steady photos. You can control the camcorder with a remote control. The stereo microphone can improve the stability of audio and eliminate noise. It's useful in recording speeches and conferences. There are more functions, such as a 3 inch 270 degree rotation screen, built-in fill light, anti-shake, face detect, beauty face, smile capture, self-timer, webcam, pause function, auto power off, and so on. The video camera camcorder can be used as aWebcam to provide excellent quality video streaming on social media, perfect for daily video calling. You can connect the camera to the TV to play the high definition videos you took. You can connect the camera to the computer via a cable and use it to share your beautiful moments. The digital camera supports pausing and selfies. You can pause the video whenever you want, and continue the recording when you want. You can take selfies on a 3 inch flip screen with a self-timer function. The auto power off feature can help reduce power loss. The vlogging camera does not include an external led fill light. The video recorder is small and portable, which makes it ideal for long-time recording and quality assurance. The camcorders have two batteries that can be charged while recording. No more missing out on precious moments. 30 days money back, 12-Month warranty and friendly after-sale service are offered by them. Please contact them if you have any questions. The video recorder is small and portable, which makes it ideal for long-time recording and quality assurance. The camcorders have two batteries that can be charged while recording. No more missing out on precious moments. 30 days money back, 12-Month warranty and friendly after-sale service are offered by them. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Aasonida

👤I have a camera that I use to shoot videos of my car club. You can see the quality in my video. Great for the price.

👤It's pretty amazing with anything that provides reasonable imagery for less than $100. Is this camera a masterpiece? No. This is a better option if you can't afford to start a youtube or film event with your family. The image is reasonable at full frame compared to a point and shoot three times it's value, the sound quality is pretty impressive with the attached mic, it has lots of fun filters to place with, and I like that it's priced low enough that I could put it in so All in all a decent purchase. You can see my video for a thorough review.

👤I have tried the camera in my studio, outside, and in a few situations I could find a use case. It's not usable anywhere. If you have the option of buying this for $90 or just using an old $25 cellphone, you'd probably use it in a drawer. Which one would produce better HD video? Not this camera. There are two daylight lamps in my basement studio. The light situation is under control. I compared this little camera with my 4 year old cellphone and microphone. I had to take the test with a camera right up to my face. That's the only way that I can get useful footage. All of the sudden, everything goes blurry and garbage, if I stand the camera back more than two feet. This is not the same as the claims made on this page. Everything is worse because of Zoom. The phone I am comparing this camera to is not a good one. I bought it four years ago for $199. If anyone would give me that for it, it would be worth about $25 right now. I decided to make the comparison even less fair. I used the cell phone's selfie camera to show that with good lighting and a decent sensor, you should be able to get good video. I compared the audio recorded by the cellphone with the microphone that comes with the camera. Both were great. There was a microphone with the camera that had static. It is easy to clean out after the fact. It was loud, so there is that. The green screen made it difficult to use the footage from the camera. There is a green screen on my shoulders because of the noise on the corners of my shoulders. The cellphone did not have a problem. Even a small amount. The camera colors are washed out. As I moved, they changed as well. I left the setting stock for both of them. I fiddled with the camera, but it didn't help. I want something that works well without having to worry about ISO or other things. If I could get settings to a point where I could use the footage, I would have to do it again, but this camera doesn't save those settings. It goes back to being default. You can see the video for yourself. Do something else for $90. Amazon reviews are really bad. Amazon won't accept a compressed mp4 format for uploading a comparison video. The mov format is too large to be uploaded. How you're supposed to post a video review is beyond me. You'll have to trust me that the cheap camera on the cheap cellphone beats the crappy one.

11. Camcorder Vlogging External Microphone Stabilizer

Camcorder Vlogging External Microphone Stabilizer

The advanced video camera supports up to 4K/60FPS smooth video resolution and stunning crystal 48MP images, and it performs well in low light condition. Beginners can shoot blockbusters. The 270 IPS touch screen has many advantages. The video camera supports a number of functions, such as IR night vision, time lapse, webcam, pause function, slow motion, motion detection, 16x digital zoom, and HDMI output. The battery charging method allows you to charge the battery in a video camera. Don't worry about low power. You can use the 4k video camera on your phone with the "RoadCam" APP, you can even download it and share it with your friends. The external microphone can be used to restore high-quality timbre. The lens hood can reduce the risk of scratches on the lens. You can control the 4k video camera with the 2.4G remote control. The foldable handheld stabilizer holder is foldable. The two batteries easily extend shooting time. The IR night vision can be used to shoot a crystal clear video when there is no light. If you need live broadcast, video chat or video conference, the 4k camcorder's webcams can help. You can play the videos and photos on the big screen. When you need to change scenes to continue shooting, the pause function is helpful. The digital camera is portable and easy to carry, perfect for recording important moments in life, like weddings, trips, sport events, birthdays, graduation ceremonies, children's growth etc. 12 months free return is provided by their team for professional and friendly customer service. It's time to order, worry-free for life. The digital camera is portable and easy to carry, perfect for recording important moments in life, like weddings, trips, sport events, birthdays, graduation ceremonies, children's growth etc. 12 months free return is provided by their team for professional and friendly customer service. It's time to order, worry-free for life.

Brand: Pzuymky

👤I bought the camera to give me answers to the questions I posed on Amazon. The vendor did not reply after this. I was concerned if the camera would record longer videos as a single large file or if it would break them into smaller mp4 files. It did not take long for the answer to be found. The camera does not support other file systems. The file system has a maximum file size. The camera has to break the longer videos into smaller files. The files need to be combined to make a video file. This adds a lot of time to a process that should be simple. A birthday party video will be recorded in 4K and will have six gigabytes of space. A 30 minute video shot at 60fsp will be shown. The only option available with this camera is the FAT32 file system, which is why the video is breaking up. The cameras will be more difficult to use than they should be until the manufacturer can make them capable of using exFAT or ext4 file systems.

👤I'm not well versed in the world of cameras and this is my first one. I was looking for a recording device for a D&D livestream that I've done with friends over the years - we are finally moving away from playing online and meeting in person, so I needed a device to capture out game play. It was easy to set up, simple to use, and did exactly what I needed when I tried it out, and it was reasonably priced to try it out. The easy-to-toggle night vision was awesome, though I still don't understand the internet aspect. The included microphone was a nice addition and I'm glad I went with this device instead of some of the others I was looking at. I won't mark a star off, but the included case only fits the camera, nothing else. Even keeping a battery attached can prevent it from closing. The camera doesn't come with an SD card, so I had a couple on hand so it wasn't an issue.

👤I understand that it is a camera. I have a 10 year old JVC that still takes amazing video, but at a lower resolution. I wanted to move into the higher def world because there is nothing wrong with that. There is no in between here, you can move into the $135 or $1000 range. I still shoot a lot of little projects and need more options, even though cell phones have killed the camcorder market. External mikes, stands, etc. There are things that a hand holds. The video quality of this unit is similar to a VCR tape camcorder, even in high def mode. The picture quality is not crisp. The zoom stutters as it zooms in and out, there is no auto focus. One would think that a camera lens from an old cell phone would have better image quality. The build quality is cheap, the unit feels like a toy, and if you don't care, it will break. The unit is very easy to use and very simple to program. It depends on what you are doing, if you want to go above cell phone recording. There is a If you are out on an adventure where you don't care if it comes back alive or not, this could be a good choice. I.M.O. I don't think this or any of the new camcorders in this range will work for preserving special memories and having high quality. For the money, I will keep it for days at the beach, hiking or outdoor activities so I don't have to worry about sand, mud, water, breaking or theft. When it is done, it is definitely a throw away model.


What is the best product for best small camera for youtube videos?

Best small camera for youtube videos products from Neewer. In this article about best small camera for youtube videos you can see why people choose the product. Aoregre and Auionknp are also good brands to look for when you are finding best small camera for youtube videos.

What are the best brands for best small camera for youtube videos?

Neewer, Aoregre and Auionknp are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best small camera for youtube videos. Find the detail in this article. Oiexi, Heegomn and Byagzoma are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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