Best Best Shoes for Standing All Day Women Nike

Women 12 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Nike Tanjun Black White Running

Nike Tanjun Black White Running

The mesh and synthetic upper is flexible. The injected unit sole is light. The outsole is also double as the midsole.

Brand: Nike

👤I got a Nike. The foam insert does not go to the end of the shoe. There is no Nike symbol there. Poorly made in China. We will be returning the item today.

👤Have gout and a flat foot. I don't like when my toe jams into the rubber part of my shoes. I have nice shoes that I would swear were the most comfortable. The support around the front can cause my toes to ache. I discovered the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn when I put these Nike Tanjuns on. The sole of the shoe is made of memory foam and the entire front of the shoe is loose fabric. It feels like I am wearing a comfortable shoe. I have bought 5 pairs of shoes in different colors. If I am worried that the style will change in the future, I will buy as many things as I can. I will wear my Tanjuns for everything else, but I will wear my Asics for extreme sporting activities.

👤The only pair of sneakers I've ever owned that has checked all the boxes has been the Nike Tanjun Running Sneaker. They are light weight, comfortable, stylish, and fit perfectly. I have been wearing them for months and they look the same as they did when I bought them. These sneakers are very good.

👤I am still researching shoes. I need a shoe that will cushion my feet. This is not it. I'm not sure what's going on with the reviews and the claims by the company, but these shoes have a cheap 2mm foam insert on top of an extremely hard outsole. This thing doesn't give anything. I couldn't stand the pain after 15 minutes of wearing these shoes. I don't know if these are good for stability. They're not comfortable.

👤I work 80 hours a week. I will put these shoes to the test. These shoes are my second pair and they can take a beating. These shoes help with the pain in my feet. I stay on my feet all day.

👤I ordered these for my son because I own Nike Tanjun sneakers in many colors. He thinks these are the best sneakers he has ever worn. He has been wearing them for months and they still look new. They are fashionable, but also offer extreme comfort that you can't find in other sneakers. Most men can go up 1/2 size for the best comfort, even though the fit is true to size. The fashion and comfort factors are 100 stars. My dad is 90 years old and loves wearing Nike Tanjuns. Proof that these are not only for 18 year olds. It's a good thing. If the price is equal or lower than at DSW, then you should wait and get them. Enjoy!

👤The fabric of these shoes had a hole that I just finished darning. I was really surprised and disappointed that I had to do that since these shoes are less than a year old. I would have expected a cheap generic shoe from Walmart. I paid for a pair of Nikes with great reviews and thought they would last longer than my previous shoes. A cheap generic pair from Target was what 888-270-6611 I would have liked the comfort level more. I spend most of my days standing and walking so I was hoping for something that would make me feel better at the end of the day. I hurt my feet by the end of the day, but feel better than I did when I wore cheap Target shoes. These look good and are wellventilated. When they get wet, they dry nicely. I had to patch a hole in the toe box because I paid over 70 dollars for it. For only a moderately more comfortable shoe, it has not been a year. I hope this is the only hole that I will be seeing and can get more life out of these things before I have to invest in another daily walker. There was an update on 11/15/2021. My review was changed to one star. My last review was several months ago. The toe box of this shoe is getting old. Has been for a while. I put off looking for a new pair because I wanted to get at least one year out of the Nikes and I wanted more out of them. They didn't fall apart completely before the year was over. I think the construction on these are hit and miss, as some people seem to report the issue I have while many others rave about them, so I'm taking my review for what it's worth. Good luck if you get them.

2. Nike Experience Platinum Psychic Regular

Nike Experience Platinum Psychic Regular

Textile and Synthetic. The shaft is low-top from the arch. Carefree combat: The light weight Nike women's running shoes have a soft knit material that will fit your every step and encourages an adaptive ride that is ready wherever you go. Natural flexibility. The women's shoes are designed to fit your foot. The comfort and flexibility of the grooves in the outsole lasts. The knit fabric in the sneakers for women is snug and provides a soft feel in the foot.

Brand: Nike

👤I will be walking for 3 days, 65 miles. They were very comfortable for up to 10 miles. My daughter liked the fit. I bought her a pair of shoes. Says they are great.

👤I needed a flexible court shoe because of my previous foot surgery, so I ordered this shoe. I have worn this shoe for the past 8 months and only play a game once or twice a week in an indoor court. The right shoe is starting to separate from the sole in the toe area, while the left shoe is starting to separate from the same area. These shoes have not had as much wear as other shoes I own. Excellent quality and construction.

👤Like the exterior fabric and design. It is a lightweight, comfortable shoe that can be worn casually.

👤I like the shoes. They fit perfectly and are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had. I was a little disappointed that my daughter's and my daughter's EXACT same pair were $48.75 and $64.99, respectively, two days later. I am pretty upset about that but I love the product.

👤I got the gray and pink. The description was correct but the picture was not. I didn't get the correct color, but they are comfortable.

👤I want to wear these shoes. In person, the color is more of a dark denim color. When I look at these, I can't think of anything else. It's nice to have a pair of shoes that you don't like that I can get them dirty. These are my go to shoes if I am going somewhere dirty or muddy.

👤The most comfortable shoe I have ever owned. I have high arches and have been having problems with my sneakers because of the location of the laces. These are comfortable all day and have a lower profile. I have a small complaint. The soles are small. I work in an office with tile floors and I make a lot of noise walking down the halls. It's not enough to make me change my shoes.

👤I don't recommend anyone in the medical field to wear these all day on hard surfaces because they will kill by the end of the day. Not a running shoe! If you are using them for a leisure shoe, they will do the trick. Good for weight lifting in a gym. I like the way they look.

👤They look good, but not for running. The white sole is light foam and bends in a way that doesn't support your ankle. I strained my ankle when I wore these for a run.

👤Ich is in the anderen. Farbe bei Deichmann. Ich ist die Schuhe, so gut gefallen. The Schuh hat modernes und schickes Design. Er ist bequem und eignet. Alltagsschuh, I viel in Fu gehe. Man knnte, aber trotzdem, aber Sportschuh nutzen. Von Nike, wie diet Qualit ist, ist. Manko lag bei meinen. In der Sohle, we war "Riss". Die Qualitt ist die kleinen Produktionsfehler. Ich ist das Grund, das ist das abgezogen. Allerdings ist es fr mich, die Schuhe ist gut. Die Passform des Schuhs is normal. Ich leider immer in den Gren 38 und 39. Gre 38,5 ist war. Alles in Allem are hinters, bequemer Alltagsschuh, and so on.

3. NIKE MONARCH RUNNING Metallic Silver Midnight

NIKE MONARCH RUNNING Metallic Silver Midnight

The shaft is low-top from the arch. Men are wearing Nike shoes. The Nike air Monarch iv (4E) training shoe for men has a leather top for support. Men's sneakers are made with leather upper features that are durable and support, while perforations provide air flow during wear. A lightweight foam scuplture with full-length Air-Sole unit cushions every stride, providing all day comfort in your Nike shoes. Men's Nike shoes have a rubber outsole that is durable and provides traction over a variety of surfaces. The Nike air Monarch iv is the perfect shoe to meet all your needs, whether you're looking for a lifestyle shoe for men or a new gym shoe.

Brand: Nike

👤There are great shoes for everyday wear. I use them as my everyday shoes. They are comfortable and sturdy. I roll out when I walk in 4E size. I need shoes that support me. There are barely any shoes on the market for this price and comfort level. The shoes tend to squeak after a while. It can be fixed with a powder. Put foam inserts back where they were, just spread some talc over the bottom and take out the foam inserts. These shoes are perfect because it fixed all of the squeaking. The blue bottom tends to make white parts on the other shoe look different.

👤I liked finding a quality shoe that was wide. I don't like the appearance of a discolored top side of one shoe within the first week and the squeaking on the third day of use. The purpose for buying these was to walk. They are an embarrassment when wearing in public because of the noise they make. I wasted over 50 dollars and am upset. No more Nike for me.

👤The quality of Nike has gone down a lot. These shoes used to be very comfortable and soft. They are stiff now. Not comfortable at all. The materials are not as good as they used to be. From now on, I will go somewhere else for shoes.

👤I have unique feet, being a 8.5 4E shoe size. The right foot seems to have a manufacturing flaw that makes the shoe rise up too high, which is a common flaw. The pressure point on the outer blade of the foot is not noticeable for short distance walking. My foot is throbbing in pain at the end of the first mile after walking for about a half mile, because of the pressure on it. I've experienced the same defect with New Balance's 409 series, so this doesn't seem to be isolated to this shoe alone. An inward curvature to a shoe can cause injury to people buying their shoes for the purpose of exercise. It needs to stop and function and health safety should always be the priority. I'm giving this shoe a 1 star rating because I can't use it to walk for part of my daily exercise routine. The swoosh logo makes them paperweights.

👤These are not as comfortable as the older ones that I bought a decade ago. They are a little stiff but not broken in yet. These are not meshes. I would like to know if the sole has been fixed by nike. I have bought every pair of air monarchs. I have gotten every pair of them. These do wear well. I used to like my Nikes, but they are a mesh in damp or rain, so I am hoping they will get more comfortable as they break in. The price was right so I would try them again. I get older. I like the cushion in my shoe. The asics run closer to their actual size. I wear a 7.5 and a 8 in asics and a 8.5 in Nike. How I like them will be determined by the time. Not much now.

4. Nike Revolution Running Black Anthracite

Nike Revolution Running Black Anthracite

The shaft is low-top from the arch. Revolutionary combat is being waged. The Nike Revolution 5 men's running shoes have soft foam to cushion your stride. It's just about anywhere your day takes you. These Nike men's shoes have lightweight knit textile that wraps your foot in a comfortable way. Support and resilience are provided by the reinforced heel and overlays. The running shoes men need are light weight and have a smooth ride. The outer wall reduces the shoe's weight. Sturdy and flexible reaction. The Nike shoes are made with rubber, which gives them traction on a variety of surfaces. Your foot can flex naturally if the tread is snug. Men's running shoes. The foot is made of lightweight knit wraps and foam.

Brand: Nike

👤These shoes fit perfectly and are incredibly comfortable. The bubble traction pattern on the bottom of the shoe makes a loud snap when you walk, at the volume of popping bubble packaging. Many people have commented on this. This applies to almost all surfaces. Maybe it was just my size.

👤I am not a marathon runner but I wanted to try something new because I buy all of my NB's. These shoes were stunning to me. The sole is deceivingly thick, but I put them on and felt comfortable. It doesn't feel like you are trucking around in some basketball shoes. These are also on an aesthetic level. I knew they were fresh when I put them on. The first day I wore these, I got 5 complimentary. I'm going to get another pair for walking around. I am not an expert runner so there may be flaws in my untrained eye. I am very impressed with these. I end up going back to Nike when I go around to different brands with different athletic gear. They are still at the top of their game with these shoes, they have always had superb products.

👤I don't know if the JV in the label means anything, but these shoes didn't fit. I bought them for my boyfriend. I double checked his other sneakers and they were all too small. He tried them on and they hurt his toes. I would like to return them for a refund. I have a deadline of Feb 23.

👤Every time my son walked, one shoe hit him. It was moving down to the floor. We put tape at the pin point area. I am waiting on a new pair of shoes and I am not sure if I will be billed twice as my son took shoes to dads house and had them a good wear down in 3 days and he never told me about it.

👤This one does not have a Nike air unit, which was nice. These are perfect for casual walking the dog and are 1/3 the price of high end premium Nikes. The best design for the heel of this shoe is the lock design that was included on the Air Vomeros, it's easy to slip on and stay locked down in place while running or walking. Can't wait to see what the Revolution 6 will look like.

👤The Revolution 3 is the most comfortable and best fitting of the bunch, and I've worn it many times. The Revolution 5 seems to run a little narrow. I've waited a week to break the shoe in and see if anything changes, but it still feels a bit tight even with the x-wide.

👤I've made a number of sneaker purchases over the years, but this is the best one. The fit, look, comfortability, and support are amazing. I ordered two more pairs of the same model, which should arrive today. The navy/white pair is next to me.

👤Schuh is Eigentlich. Fllt wie alle NIKEs. Ich ist mal 1 Gr. Passt. Laufkomfort ist gut. A. I trage die Schuhe. Alltag is normal. Nicht beim sport. Schuh bei jedem Schritt. Woche spter fing der linke Schuh an. Also, Plopp Plopp. Unterm Fuballen. Es ist hier in der Sohle, beim Laufen, und bei Anheben des Fuen. Plopp Plopp is also known as Plopp Plopp. Broangestellter und kein Spher ist bin. Ich ist da aus 50m. I am hier in reklamieren.

5. Nike Revolution Running Anthracite Regular

Nike Revolution Running Anthracite Regular

The shaft is low-top from the arch. Revolutionary combat is being waged. The Nike women's running shoes are made with lightweight material and soft foam to keep you running in comfort. The Nike women's shoes are made with a lightweight knit textile that wraps your foot in comfort. A reinforced heel and no-sew overlays give support. There is a light weight churchyard. The ride is stable because of the soft foam. The women's running shoes have a textured outer wall. Sturdy and flexible toxicity: The Nike women's shoes have a rubber sole that offers traction on a variety of surfaces. The spaces in the tread allow your foot to move. Nike women's running shoes. The fabric is lightweight knit, plush padding, soft foam and rubber.

Brand: Nike

👤I work as a nurse and am on my feet most of the day. I bought a pair from home after I bought a pair at a store. ankle support is something I like about them, it feels good around my ankle.

👤So disappointed, comfortable and great shoe, but two different sizes and shapes. I am thinking of a wide and regular. The one on the right is great. The one on the left is shaped differently, my feet are not straight and it looks weird to have two different shoes. I want my money back, but I don't know if I can return them because they were shipped to a different address. This shoe is too expensive to be used for something like this. I really liked this shoe, but I am dissatisfied and disappointed. I need two of the same shoe. You might not get the same shoes if you buy from here.

👤I was a little worried when I received the shoe because I had read many bad reviews of it. I've done a couple of workouts wearing it and I think it gives great support. I'm a little heavy. I need arch support and cushion during my workouts or I get pain in my knees, feet and back. I have no pain since I started wearing these shoes. I give 4 stars because they feel a little snug. If you unlace them before you put them on, they fit well, but need a little break. If you have wide feet, you need to order a half size up. I have regular size feet. They fit. They are very comfortable after 2 workouts.

👤Muy cmodos. Me mis tenis. Yes! Illegaron en excelentes condiciones.

👤The ankle and arch support are great. The white soles are larger than I expected. It's not a big deal because they stick out farther than I thought.

👤I love these! The fit was perfect. I ordered a second pair of shoes for the RN with the foot injury.

👤I wear a size 10 and this product was snug, but still works. They stretch to the perfect width after running a few times. They don't hurt your feet after running.

👤These shoes are amazing. I wore them for the first time on Friday. I knew I'd be walking a lot since I was returning to my alma mater for a football game the next day. They are light and comfortable. Thank you so much!

👤P├ęsimas son falsas. La plantilla al primer uso! Ananias. No demais de perMITIR VENTAS FALSAS!

👤You get 2 years out of these, I have had them before. My first pair lasted me for 2 years mostly in the gym. They were washed a number of times. I bought a pair of running shoes for outdoor use because I didn't want to wreck my expensive gym trainers, but at this price you can change them. I have purchased the best trainers. They are better than my Asiacs. It's comfortable to run. I am with them. 3 days after ordering, rapid delivery was expected but didn't happen. They were so comfortable after running a half marathon. I gave a huge thumbs up.

6. Nike Control Sneaker Black Anthracite White Regular

Nike Control Sneaker Black Anthracite White Regular

Textile and Synthetic. The shaft is low-top from the arch. Flexibility built to change. The Nike sneakers for men are designed for intense workouts. The lightweight comfort is easy to use. Light weight: The training shoes for men are made of a lightweight, abrasion-resistant material that enhances their durability in all conditions. Natural movement. The men's shoes have grooves that allow you to move your foot naturally. Slip on and off comfort is offered by the partial bootie and traditional tongue.

Brand: Nike

👤The shoes are coming apart after only three weeks of regular use. I think these may not be genuine Nike products because we haven't had issues with them before. Don't buy.

👤My husband loves them. I couldn't go wrong with these because Red is his favorite color. They were in large sizes. It's hard to find a size 15.

👤The sneakers look good. They look better in person. I've always gotten a lot of miles out of my Nike's, even though the price was up there. They run small. I had to return the first pair. Every other manufacturer has a normal fit for me. I had to order a small one. It was a perfect fit. There were no problems with the return. They are wide enough to be comfortable, however, they do pinch a bit after a few hours. The pinch is on the toes and from the top to the bottom. The pinch is getting better now that they are breaking in. The pinch will be gone in a few months. I only wear them once or twice a week. On dry surfaces, traction is okay, but bad on wet paving stones and bricks. They have good traction on wet concrete and asphalt. It's pretty good to have good traction on dry indoor surfaces. They breath well and do not hold heat. My feet were dry in a 90 degree climate. They're light weight, like wearing socks. I will update this review if I find any issues. On 09/28 and 20

👤Most of the reviews on this product are good. I received a pair that were too small. I ordered a size 12 and my toes are against the front. I wanted to make these work, but I can't.

👤I got these for less than $35. These are small. I have to go for it when I find my size and price is good. These are nice looking. These are my weight day shoes. They are fine for my size. The sides could be a little more roomy but that is not a deal breaker. I know that my feet will suffer if I run in them. If I do weights and stairmaster, they are perfect. If you have wide feet, you may have to balance price with foot comfort. I have what I have and it's not causing me any problems.

👤Disappointed. I got these for my boyfriend about a month ago. He hates them and opened them yesterday. He came home with his feet hurting. Poor quality for $60 shoes. They won't last long. I thought I would let others know that I can't return since worn.

👤I tried to break them in, but they were too small. It's still too small. throwing away. I couldn't put my foot in without my socks getting bunched up in an uncomfortble way, because the tongue is high. That has never happened with a shoe before. It's probably related to the size being wrong.

👤I always have Nike shoes. The front was narrow and the back was low. I looked on Amazon to exchange it for a size 12 but there were no colors available. The shoe insert was cheap and thin. I use these shoes for high impact exercise classes and it felt like I was wearing thin shoes with no cushion when jumping. I put in a thicker insert. I am not impressed with the quality of this shoe.

7. NIKE Monarch Cross Trainer Regular

NIKE Monarch Cross Trainer Regular

Synthetic leather. The shaft is low-top from the arch. NIKE SHOES MEN: The Nike Air Monarch IV (4E) Training Shoe for Men has a leather top for support. The leather is durable. Men's sneakers are made with leather upper features for support, and they also have perforations for air flow. It's brocaded corset and hardy support. The Air-Sole unit in your Nike shoes provides all day comfort.

Brand: Nike

👤You can hear how loud these shoes are in the video. This video is on hard wood, but it doesn't matter if you're walking on grass, carpet, or cement. I have had them for about 7 months now and they have made this sound for the last three months. For me, about 4 months. They become loud.

👤Over the past several years, I have purchased a number of these shoes. They have a problem with glue. The sole of the left shoe has become unglued on my last four pairs. After only 4 months, this latest pair just separated, and I thought it was me. Always left shoe first. All I do is walk. There was no jumping in water with shoes on. These don't measure up as well as they used to. Sad.

👤I refuse to have a knee replacement. I have been going to the Chiropractor to have my knee adjusted. I started to feel better after about 12 visits. I'd stop wearing dress shoes at work and go for black tennis shoes. FILA was the first pair I wore. I knew I needed to replace them. I liked NIKE so much that I decided to try them. I still have some pain but it's not as bad as before the adjustment. I expect to be pain free soon. I didn't think shoes would make a difference. The arches in these shoes make me stand up straight, which helps my knee. I am walking pain-free. Stand up straight without pain. I like these shoes. I want to use them to go back on my walks, so I want to buy another pair.

👤The shoe is great, except for the squeak. I wore mine for less than a week and it is already making noise. The powder fix doesn't work for me. The insert is not the source of the squeak. This is my 2nd pair of Air Monarchs and will probably be the last. My first pair was better than the others. After a year, it started making noise. I stopped wearing them because they got so bad. I thought I'd give Nike another chance.

👤Was it worth waiting almost a month for? The shoes were in good condition despite the box almost being crushed. I have never seen a colourway of this design before. I ordered some laces from Amazon, and I have been getting a lot of feedback from people when I wear them. Purchase these sneakers for yourself. The Air Monarchs are the fathers of the new wave of sneakers.

👤I bought a pair of these about a year ago and I loved them immediately. A great shoe. I decided to buy another pair of shoes in black because of the wear and tear that has happened since then. I'm not sure what happened a year ago, but the black pair is terrible. The fit is off. The shoe is not good. The entire shoe is a joke. I was expecting the same shoe, but it wasn't what I got.

8. Nike Pegasus Running Black Thunder

Nike Pegasus Running Black Thunder

The upper part of 36 Pegasus has more mesh for targeted breathability in high-heat areas. The exposed Flywire cables give you a snug fit at higher speeds, while a slimmer heel collar and tongue reduce bulk without compromising comfort. A smooth ride is provided by the full-length Zoom Air unit. The waffle pistons on the outsole help absorb impact and provide multi- surface traction.

Brand: Nike

👤The shoe is comfortable, but not durable. After only 6 weeks, the sole near toe box began to separate. Expect better for the money.

👤I took these shoes for a couple of runs and they felt different than the other shoes I've worn before. I'm really happy I chose these because the response when you run is noticeable. The small swooshes printed at the opening of the shoe are something I loved about these shoes.

👤Gave in to the hype and tried the shoe. I am not a heavy guy (185 lbs) but the foam crumpled as I walked around the house. I felt some pain on the outside edge of my feet. Send the shoes back. I will stick with my tried and true shoes. Lesson learned.

👤The treads fell off in the first week. We put the first ones back on and then more fell off. There is no idea what happened to the quality control.

👤They are light and comfortable. I gave it 3 stars because I ordered them and they looked a little off, but 5 stars for the shoe and 2 stars for the delivery.

👤Nike seems to be more about looks and hype than quality and technology. The construction and feel of these shoes is very cheap. The pegasus 36 are from Nike. Many layers of fabric are glue together, which is cheaper than stitching. The shoes that FitLine Supply sent to me were clearly used. The shoe is dirty and has cracks in it. I would expect more from Nike at $120. They are a cheap shoe now. Most of their shoes are under $150. If you want a really nice feeling and durable pair of running shoes, then buy them from an actual running shoe company. The best running shoes are made by Saucony, new balance, and ASICS. If you spend $150 on a pair of shoes from Nike, you will get a flimsy pair of shoes, but for less than the price of a pair of shoes from any of the 3 brands. I like the feeling of the adidas alphabounce and the ASICS gel kayano 27 more than Nike. Those 2 have a nice wide toe box so your foot can spread.

👤The shoes are of good quality. The size does not match the chart.

👤I like the shoe. The shoe is so comfortable that you can run or walk with it. If you want to invest in long term, especially for health reasons, then don't think twice. I will buy again in the future.

👤I own trainers such as the Adidas Solar boost, Adidas Ultra boost, and the Brooks Ghost 12 that are all in the same price range. The materials used in Nike are not as good as the others. It is less comfortable than the others. The Nike is not recommended for people with weak knees. They are light, but not the lightest I have worn. I expect more for this price.

👤Not happy with the company or Amazon for not responding to an email about trainers. I asked for an 8.5 and the box showed it. They felt tight after trying the trainers in. I had to deal with an issue. I thought I would sell them now that they have a 30 day window of return. A friend noticed the trainers at a 7.5. I wonder why there hasn't been a reply to my email.

9. Nike Trainer White Coral Stardust Phantom Regular

Nike Trainer White Coral Stardust Phantom Regular

Textile and Synthetic. The shaft is low-top from the arch. These women's shoes are designed for flexibility and traction and are built for low impact workouts. There is a noxious container. The Nike shoe has a synthetic upper and heel strap. The design isdurable. It is possible to double the weight of the foam by using it as the sole. The rubber in the high-wear areas is durable.

Brand: Nike

👤Very comfortable but not very supportive. I need arch support and these are a very flat sole with a light cushion. I can't imagine using these for long periods of time. I don't use them for running because they are not good for it. I like the roomy toebox and the upper is very comfortable. It fit as expected.

👤This shoe is an example of what I love about Nike products. The fit is great, they are very comfortable to walk in, and I have no problems with wearing them all day long.

👤I buy new Nike Trainers when I have old ones. I don't like these compared to the last 2 pairs I bought... Everyone agrees that the tongue is pressing into the top of your foot. The shoe doesn't feel secure in the back, and the heel sits a little low. There is no structure or support to these shoes. I'm going to keep these. In Asia, I live in a pretty remote area. There is a small selection of sneakers here. It would take me a month to get something different from Amazon. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. If you have other options, take them. Spend your money somewhere else. I'm not sure if I'll ever buy a Nike Trainer again if this is the direction their design is going. I thought I could trust it. I was wrong.

👤The Nike Flex Trainer 8 was great. I own 3 pairs of them and like them very much. The Nike Flex Trainer is AWFUL. The tongue rubs against the top of your foot after they changed the way your arches are supported. It feels cheap. Do not buy this style. You will have to return it the same way I return it.

👤The style is adorable, but the fit is terrible. I have to size up to 12 in Nike because they are small. They were tight across the top and baggy in the heel. It doesn't feel like much padding in the sole.

👤The shows are cute. I ordered the Dr. Schoals shoe inserts after reading the negative reviews, and they will arrive in the mail at the same time as the shoes. I popped the new inserts in after I got the original Nike inserts out. Definitely helped! Is it possible that I would go on long hikes in these shoes? Definitely not. They will be cute for going to work or the grocery store. I didn't find the issue with the tongue sticking up in an odd way to be true. I wear a size 9 in other brands of shoes. I need to go up a half size with Nike. I ordered a 9.5.

👤The shoes tie rubs even with socks on, it is very uncomfortable, but these are very cute and light. The fabric is so thin you are rubbing against it. The tongue doesn't protect like it should. I don't think they're a good idea.

👤I love the way these look on my feet. I tried so hard to make them work by wearing thin socks and hoping they would stretch, even though they were pinching my feet. The reviews are correct. The tongue is too tight. Adjusting can't fix that. Had to come back. So sad!

10. Feethit Walking Shoes Breathable Lightweight Sneakers

Feethit Walking Shoes Breathable Lightweight Sneakers

The women sneaker upper is made of knitted mesh material. Feet are helped to cool and fresh with the help of Ventilation ports. Extra stability is given by the shoe lacing. The long shoe tongue design makes it easy to take on and off. It doesn't put too much pressure on your feet because of the soft insoles. The slip resistant EVA outsole made of stretchable rubber can be bent freely. Natural movement of the feet is possible with a soft, comfortable elastane heel. Black&white is easy to match clothing. These women walking shoes are great for a variety of activities.

Brand: Feethit

👤These shoes were great. I put a lot of wear and tear on my shoes as a waitress. I wasn't dying to take them off at the end of a shift because they didn't show spills, pinch or get uncomfortable. I got rid of them because my dog chewed them and I was going to buy another pair.

👤I was surprised by how comfortable these are. I got these sneakers because we live in workout clothes and need some cute fashion sneakers to go with our outfits. They are cute, lightweight and comfy, and are perfect for running, picking up my kids, and even going out to lunch with friends. I would not wear these to run, but they have been perfect for a walk around the neighborhood. Since I got them, I have worn them out twice and gotten a compliment on them. I would order exactly your size because they are true to size. I think I will get them in other colors as well. Cute!

👤I work at a restaurant at the Jersey shore. We are on the boardwalk, in the kitchen and in the dining room. This summer, these shoes almost killed me. I switched to something lighter this year because I was wearing the nonslip crocs. My crocs were in great shape after two full years. The first day I put these on, I was not as stable on my feet and was slipping around. I would have to steady myself while walking in the dining room or the back at least once a shift. The bottoms areMOOTH. There is no slip about them. I bought a pair for my sister, and the same thing happened to hers. Do not wear these if you are a server.

👤I was looking for some comfortable walking shoes and I found the Feethit Mens Slip On Walking Shoes Non Slip Running Shoes. Breathable gym shoes. I bought the navy blue in a size 8 and they fit as they should. I have been wearing them for several days now and they are very comfortable. I am very happy with them and I am glad I bought them. The finger pull on the backs is a great way to slide them on easily. I recommend you buy your correct size.

👤Light weight, cute-ish. SMELL INCREDIBLY STRONG OF CHEMICALS, cheap packaging, and shoes bent up need to be worn until they regain proper shape. Like a straight up. There is a can of spray paint everywhere. I'm afraid to wear them again because of the smell. I hope they don't air out because they smell like spray paint and I'm pretty sure they actually spray painted the shoes. YELLOW is the stitching at the top. Why would I want white shoes with yellow stitching? It looks tacky. Probably will buy quality shoes again. This is ridiculous. My feet look crooked because my foot doesn't sit properly in them. Not very comfortable.

👤I bought these for my job as a waitress. If they didn't work out the price wouldn't be a terrible loss. I am very pleased with the look and the comfort and have told everyone at work about it. I will definitely be ordering them again.


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