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1. LuxClub Friendly Hypoallergenic Anti Bacteria Washable

LuxClub Friendly Hypoallergenic Anti Bacteria Washable

Total commitment and lifetime satisfaction. If you don't like your sheets for any reason, just let them know and they'll take them back. Enjoy the comfort of the sheets. The finest Egyptian cotton sheets are not as luxurious as the bamboo sheet sets of the LuxClub. The sheets are softer than the cotton sheet sets. 6 piece bamboo sheets beat hotel sheets and high thread count luxury sheets. The best cooling sheets are superior. 18 inch deep pocket sheets,wrinkle free sheets, silky soft sheets are part of their Bamboo bedding sets. Their bamboo fitted sheets are blended with microfiber and elastic. Extra deep pockets are found in their bamboo deep pocket sheets. Their sheets are softer than Jersey sheets and are fade resistant. Cooling bed sheets are the best for hot sleepers. There is one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and four pillow cases included. ECO FRIENDLY. Their bamboo bed sheets are of the top quality. All workers in their foreign and domestic facilities are paid fair wages. They care about the environment. Total commitment and lifetime satisfaction. If you don't like your sheets for any reason, just let them know and they'll take them back. Enjoy the comfort of the sheets.

Brand: Luxclub

👤It looks and feels synthetic. Cotton made in a lab, non-biodegradable, emits toxic gases and flamable. The 40% Rae from Babel is synthetic. Nothing natural about it. Both materials can't be washed in warm-hot water. It was designed to be cheap and fast. It was made in China. The fitted sheet seems light in weight, so I think I will not last a year. My conclusion is to purchase high quality cotton sheets.

👤There is a cheap shiny crinkly piping on the edge of the sheet that is not classy. Like plastic paper. I would prefer they didn't add that detail. The fabric was advertised as a bamboo blend, but it is actually microfiber. The seams are not smooth. These are not good. If you want, they are soft. I can not stand microfiber. It is tacky. What can you expect from that? The advertising is misleading, but my fault for ordering. It was a major bummer.

👤Bedsheets are very comfortable. They are smooth, soft, and free from wrinkling. I washed them and put them in the dryer before the first use so they wouldn't get wrinkled. I am very satisfied and impressed. They are my favorite sheets to date. I will definitely order more of them.

👤I paid full price for these and was not offered any kind of deal for a review. I am a regular Amazon customer and not out to get something for free by tricking people into buying products, you can't go wrong with these great quality sheets for the price! The King size fits well for the price and they are soft. I've had king cases be on the short side when purchasing sheets online in the past, but they were sized perfect. I searched Amazon for a while before taking a gamble on these because of the cheaper price and lack of reviews. I will purchase a second set before they leave. Don't be the one who misses out.

👤It does fit my deep pockets. The sheets were stated to be equivalent to 1500 thread count in several reviews. I own 1500 count sheets and they are very soft and light. I bought three more sets because I liked them so much. I like the variety of colors. The fact they come with four pillowcases was a good selling point. I have six pillows on my bed and wanted different color cases in the same soft material to break up all the color and match my bedspread, but I can't find additional pillowcases to purchase separately.

👤The sheets are soft and fit on my mattress. It does work, but it is tight. I bought a green set. I did not receive this item at a discount because I am a real person. Clicking "helpful" at the bottom of the review will help move reviews to the top. Thanks in advance.

👤I was skeptical because these sheets are not cotton. They are better than any of the sheets I have tried. I have been looking for the perfect sheets for years. I tried a few cottons. These sheets look great and feel good. They are smooth and cool to the touch, unlike cotton. Staying cool at night is a must for me since I am in my 50's. I will buy these again. Soon! The seller of these sheets assured me that I would like them after I email them. He was correct. The price on these sheets is astounding to me. I bought a set of Wamsutta Dream Zone sheets. I didn't take those out of the package until I felt the bamboo sheets.

2. Shilucheng Cooling Breathable Bamboo Sheets

Shilucheng Cooling Breathable Bamboo Sheets

Do not bleach the machine wash, tumble dry on low heat, and wash alone using a large commercial washing machine. The bamboo bed sheet is made of 40% MicrofiberBamboo. Lying on sheets is like sleeping in a pool of cold water, as they are incredibly soft and cool. Bamboo can absorb most of the heat in the summer, so that you can still feel as cool as ice. The people with night sweats know that bamboo can absorb sweat, keep you cool and dry all night, and eliminate bad sleep experience. Their Queen size bamboo sheet sets include 1 flat sheet 92" x 102", 1 fitted sheet 60"x80"x16", and 2 pillow cases. This is the epitome of modern luxury bedding that won't break your budget. The sheets fit better than any other sheet set because of the deep pockets. It will not slide even if you twist and turn in your bed. You will get the perfect night's sleep. bamboo sheets are easy to wash and durable. You can wash bamboo sheets in cold water. It was dry at the low temperature. If you want to avoid wrinkling, put the sheets on the bed as soon as possible. Please do not use fabric softeners and bleaches. There is a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. The bed sheet style is fashionable and elegant. They will provide 30 nights of risk-free satisfaction. They will give you the most satisfactory reply as soon as possible if you are not satisfied with the sheets. Customers who are still hesitating, please buy!

Brand: Shilucheng

👤I have used a sheet for the last 20 years. It has gotten me through a lot and has helped me move states to my marriage. I realized it was time to retire this weary soldier of comfort after looking at the old stained sheet with micro holes. We will probably have an honorable burial soon. No one sells just the sheet, so I wanted to replace it. Is it possible to buy a fitted sheet alone, but not regular sheets? I reach for my tinfoil hat but think, "no, let's not jump to conclusions about conspiracy and lizard people just yet." When I see how many people are using bamboo, I think I will see the newest advances in cotton or goat woven fabrics. The goal was softer than the panda food. Have you ever tried cutting bamboo? You need an axe or a hammer. It's time to wear that tinfoil hat. I will try it with the reviews. I can get the pet panda I have always wanted and have something to feed it, since they don't sell just the sheet...sorry, not that one again. I got the sheet set today. I was surprised that it came out of the big box like sheet rock. It was packed in a plastic bag and tied up with a ribbon. The sheets were bright white. Next to my night-time companion of 20 years, most anything looks bright and white. The sheets were soft and a bit cool to the touch. My wife is related to a character named Elsa and she is always cold in the summer. The house is a bit chilly even with the thermostat at 75. I feel like I have reserved a room in Dante's Inferno at night. Don't worry, I snore loudly at night. She thinks I can't help it. I will never tell her that I do it to get back at her. Yeah, the sheets. They have to have millions of sharp and hard fibers to stab you. This stuff is made of bamboo. Actually, no! I am shocked but I will let you know. I said it felt like I was in Dante's Inferno every night. The first night I tried these sheets, I was wrapped in clouds, a cool summers breeze and baby kissed, and I was so sleepy I couldn't remember what happened the next day. I am pretty sure that there is some kind of dark magic at this price and I have probably given them my mortal soul in exchange, but it feels so good that I am trying to decide if I care. I have to wear a tinfoil hat while I sleep in them, but I can hear the sheets calling to me now, I will make you feel alright. I have to get back to bed now because the sheets promised me a pony ride and a lot of money. Thank you for the experience.

👤I have purchased many sheet sets that claimed to be cooling, but they were not true. This set is close to being truly cooling. They are not as soft as some of my standard sheets, but I am willing to take a hit on that if it means I can sleep while dealing with hot flashes.

3. Mayfair Linen Thread Cotton Sheets

Mayfair Linen Thread Cotton Sheets

Do not bleach their cotton queen size sheets if you wash them in warm water and tumble dry on low heat. Don't dry at high temperatures when machine drying. It is important to remove bed linens from the dryer before they are completely dry. Allow the sheets to be washed a couple times to experience the silky softness of cotton. The highest rated Egyptian Cotton Sheet brand is trusted by more than 1 million delighted customers. Eco-friendly, skillfully woven luxe-style sheets that are on par with hotel quality bedding. Highly skilled in India. The best cotton sheets improved in 2022. The version is different. Their 600 thread count sheets are the perfect hotel sheets and pillowcases. Extra long staple cotton fiber and a gorgeous sateen weave are used in their yarns. Their sheets are incredibly eco-friendly because they get softer with each wash. Premium cotton yarns ensure sheets of the utmost comfort with detailed hem styling, also available in Twin, Full, King and Cal King sheets. The QUEEN Size Luxury 4-Piece Bed Sheets Set includes 1 Flat Sheet, 90" W x 102" L; 1 Fitted Sheet, 60" W x 80" L; and a Deep pocket on fitted sheet with superb all around elastic to fit low profile foam and tall mattresses. It's recommended for regular wash. All of their sheets are made by OEKO-TEX. These products are tested for harmful substances and produced in a socially responsible manner according to the guidelines. Each fabric batches is tested for various durability features such as no-pilling, low shrinkage, color fastness, and then individually inspected to be defect free and finally packed for sales. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Customer service is what makes sure your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you don't like their bedsheets, you can return them for a full refund within 30 days. The ultimate gift idea for men and women, Moms and Dads, Mother's Day and Christmas is their high-quality designs that match any decor. It's best for any room in the house.

Brand: Mayfair Linen

👤The sheets set was well packaged. I washed and dried them before using them. This was a fair price for the material, which is 100% Egyptian Cotton. The teal is gorgeous. We only buy cotton sheets. It's another plus that they dried without wrinkling. Definitely recommend this product. September 10th was very pleased. I am working on my previous review. If I had trusted the machines to be colorfast, I would have washed my entire house with them. They no longer fit well because they have shrunk. I apologize to anyone that read my previous review and was lead astray. Very unhappy.

👤I slept on them and reviewed them after washing them. I like these sheets. They washed up well. We have a king bed with an extra foam piece on top of the pillow top mattress pad and the corners fit well. The sheets were smooth and silky, but the material was thick enough to wear well. I don't like hot sheets, but these are a great thread count and feel good at night. The gray toned scheme in our bedroom works well with the silver color.

👤The California King top sheet was not the right size and shrunk by 4 inches on the sides and 8 inches in the length. The pillow cases are not the right size and can not fit over a light down pillow. Do not buy.

👤I searched all over for cotton sheets that fit my mattress and I found these, they had a decent thread count and we were comfortable. I received them quickly and they were well packaged. I immediately washed and dried after reading their instructions. When they came out of the dryer, I had no wrinkling. The sheets fit perfectly on my mattress. I was worried that the pockets wouldn't be deep enough, but they are and don't slip off side while sleeping. When it was time to sleep on them, was the true test. It was a very clean and crisp feeling. I only had them for a few weeks and have not had any issues with fading, stretching or tearing. They always come out of the dryer clean. The make and price are very good. I will be buying more sheet sets in the future.

👤I don't think you'll find a better sheet for the money. We bought them for my son's dorm room. He has the most comfortable bed in the dorm. They felt good. The way to go for us is 100% Egyptian Cotton. It's the best feeling. Anything higher than 600 thread count is not legit. The quality of the cotton is more important than the mill where the sheets are made. I can't say the sheet is all Egyptian Cotton, but they can say it's a mix. Who cares in this case? It won't happen if you find sheets that are as good as these for less money. We'll see how they handle dorm life. Next time we buy sheets for home, we might just avoid the $300 price tag and try these for Mom and Dad.

4. Mueller Ultratemp Egyptian Transfers Hypoallergenic

Mueller Ultratemp Egyptian Transfers Hypoallergenic

Easy care. tumble dry or iron at normal temperature after machine wash in cold water. The Mueller Ultratemp Sheet Set & Pillowcases offer superior ventilation to maximize air and moist release, which helps reduce sweating. The lightweight performance fabric helps keep the body temperature low by sucking away the sweat. Their elastic-lined fitted sheet, flat sheet and 4 pillowcases feel incredibly silky on your skin, which will make you sleepy. Quality and comfort made to last. Their sheets and pillowcases are softer with every wash. Not to shrink, fade, or pill, cold water, no bleach or fabric softener, and a low tumble dry with no dryer sheet makes it easy to care for them. Luxurious comfortable sleeping is a cutting-edge performance company that helps you sleep at the perfect temperature. If you need assistance, please contact them. Their live telephone customer support is ready to assist you with anything you need.

Brand: Mueller Austria

👤I don't think buying these is a good idea. The description says it is Egyptian Cotton, but it is not. These are not high thread count cotton sheets. The sheets are so thin that you can see through them. I am returning these because they are false advertising.

👤When we ordered a new mattress, it took longer than we expected. This is the first time that I have ever encountered a situation like this with bedding, I am stuck with a set of sheets that have a hole in the side corner that hopefully won't rip anymore. I have to buy another set of sheets because you always need more than one set.

👤Have a high top mattress and have been trying many different sizes of deep pocket sheets sets. Some are too short and some are too big. These were the perfect fit. I couldn't resist trying because of the great price and the Capital One card discount. It was smooth, soft and cooling. I was helped with night sweats. Immediately purchased the second set. It's nice to have a side pocket for glasses.

👤Before using, wash these sheets. My teen put them in her bed and woke up with insect bites all over her body. I washed them and stripped her bed. I hope that resolves the problem. She said they fit well on her mattress and were soft.

👤I would give these sheets 6 stars. I have a California king mattress that is 12in thick. Over the last 5 years, I have gone through 10 sets of sheets and claimed deep pocket. All of them needed straps to stay on. These sheets are used by chefs. They cover the whole thing and stay on. They are very soft. I am willing to sacrifice that for them to stay on, but it is on the thin side. They look great, and feel better. I have purchased 3 sets. There are no regrets.

👤The sheets are soft. The built-in pocket has thought. It came with 4 pillowcases. There is a single line stitch around the edge that doesn't look good. I ordered the cream color and it's completely see through, so you can see all of the designs on my mattress, which is really annoying.

👤The sheets are very soft. I took the sheets out of the package because it had a slit in it. I didn't think of it since it was cold here in Minnesota, but I thought it cracked when it was delivered. I threw the sheets in the washer and put them on my bed to see the slit, but now that I washed them right away, I can't return them. I will not be ordering again unless they ship me a new set that is not damaged free of cost.

👤The sheets stay on at the corners and we have had issues with other brands, but we love these ones.

5. CGK Unlimited Extra Pocket Sheets

CGK Unlimited Extra Pocket Sheets

You can find a wide range of bedsheet colors that can help you realize your ideal bedroom décor. Their queen size bedding set is available in 44 vibrant colors. There are extra deep pocket sheets and extra deep fit sheets. These bed sheets are used for deep pocket mattresses. They fit any mattress with pockets that are 18 to 22 inches deep. There's a stretchable elastic around the extra deep fitted sheet which stretches for a tug around the mattress. It's perfect for large mattresses. These sheets will stay in place. The bed sheet set comes with pillowcases and pillow cases with beautiful embroidered designs. The pillow cases have enclosures. The bedding set will fit your mattress perfectly. These bed sheets are great for double pillow top mattresses with a 3 inch or 4 inch top. The sheets will stay on. The microfiber bed sheets they have created are soft. It is soft with a light feel. Not like cotton. If you've never tried microfiber sheets, they recommend you try them. They are even softer than Cotton. There are dimensions and sizes. Flat sheet is 90 wide and 102 long. The fitted sheet has elastic so it can stretch. There are four pillow cases.

Brand: Cgk Unlimited

👤Ok. I don't like bedsheets. I needed a quick replacement after the cheap Walmart brand I bought kept pilling after every wash and dry, resulting in lint balls everywhere. I wanted sheets that were moderately priced to replace them. I can't afford 1000-thread count Egyptian. I bought these. These are amazing. I used to wake up too hot with my old sheets. When I woke up in the morning, my PJs were plastered to me because of the temperature difference. I assumed that since I have a crappy thermostat in my room that blasts the heat too hot no matter how low I set the thermostat, I would leave it off and pile on blankets at night. These sheets are soft to the touch and keep me cool, but they don't pill since I washed and dried them. I had the best sleep of the year this week. I've never heard of it. I'm writing a review about bedsheets and I'm impressed. I guess I'm in my mid 30s. The product is amazing.

👤My husband and I put a 4 inch mattress pad on our mattress, which now makes it almost 20 inches. After trying 6 name brand sheets that stated they were extra deep pockets, ridiculously overpriced, and still came off the mattress as we slept, I decided to check out Amazon and stumbled upon the CKG unlimited extra deep pocket sheets. I was skeptical at first because I like to feel and see things before buying. I placed the order and they arrived the next day. Despite all of the negative reviews, they are soft, great quality, and stay on the bed. I washed them with cold water and put them in the dryer on low so they wouldn't get wet before putting them on the bed. I am very satisfied and will definitely be looking to purchase other colors.

👤I'm impressed with something, so I'm going to write this and hopefully help someone else say "yes finally sheets that will fit!" We have a super thick memory foam mattress and base. I paid $100 for sheets at the furniture store. I went to Amazon. The sheets are soft and fit, but they don't pop off when we use the base, because they go under about 3. The set came with pillowcases. These sheets don't make me get overheated or drown in my menopause sweats, because I have a surgical procedure that causes extreme sweats. The price is great and I would definitely recommend them.

👤I put the sheets in the wash so I could use them. They took care of the washing. The pockets are quite deep, covering both my mattress and box spring all the way to the floor. My husband and I agree that they are very comfortable. I didn't notice any overheating last night, but I live in Michigan and it's still in the 50's during the day. Over the summer, we will see. The color was disappointing. I ordered "burgundy" because I wanted it to match the dark red theme in my bedding. These are closer to brown. There may be a difference between how they look in your monitor and how they actually look. We will see how they hold up. I've seen people complain about sheets tearing over time. They are thin, but not as thin as most sheets of this price range. I have had the sheets for a while, and they are holding up well. Other reviewers have said that they did not come apart in the wash. They have held their shape and color well. They were comfortable and kept cool. I would recommend them. I have owned these for a while. They are a bit less comfortable, but they haven't shrunk. Not a bad purchase. I would get them again.

6. Shilucheng Pockets Friendly Comforterble Hypoallergenic

Shilucheng Pockets Friendly Comforterble Hypoallergenic

No risk purchase of 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their goal is to offer the most amazing products at the best prices. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and they are very confident in the quality of their product. Let them know if you don't like their products. You can return the product for a full refund if you're dissatisfied. The bamboo sheets feel like twice the thread count of cotton and are luxuriously soft. You will never look at cotton sheets the same again after you have experienced bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets are naturally cool, and even one degree makes a big difference when you sleep. The sheets made from Bamboo are more absorbent and cooler than other fabrics, and will resist odor, making them more comfortable. Their Queen size bamboo sheet sets include 1 flat sheet 92" x 102", 1 fitted sheet 60"x80"x16", and 4 pillow cases. This is the epitome of modern luxury bedding that won't break your budget. The sheets fit better than any other sheet set because of the deep pockets. It will not slide even if you twist and turn in your bed. You will get the perfect night's sleep. It is easy to care and wash, dries quickly on tumble dry low. Their sheets are Wrinkle free and fade resistant because of their special eco friendly viscose from bamboo and microfiber blend. Save time by not ironing. The best gift is made of the highest quality microfiber. It's a great gift idea for men and women.

Brand: Shilucheng

👤My wife and dog love it.

👤My sheets are $70 dollars. I love them! I am a sheet snob. You will not regret these. Don't use them if you don't wash them before use. My dogs and cats are on them, as well as the many washes. I wash my sheets more frequently because my animals like to sleep on my bed and haven't noticed any wear. Will be buying more.

👤Beautiful sheets. The color was disappointing. They look better online than in person. Like a lot of things.

👤These sheets are the best I've ever owned. It's amazing that they're so soft and cozy. The fabric is soft yet rugged, and they seem well sewn. I've never had bamboo fabric before, and this is intriguing. This fabric is similar to what would happen if rubber and silk had a baby. As soon as they have inventory available, I'm buying another set. You will regret it if you don't buy a set after I get my order. The sheets were sent the wrong way. The manufacturer was very apologetic when I sent a complaint and immediately sent out the correct size. I respect the attention and integrity to make it right. A product and manufacturer!

👤The paper in the box says machine washing is not recommended.

👤I received these sheets and no amount of soaking or washing was able to get the smell out of them. The seller knows they stink. Before placing the sheets on your bed, there is an instruction card detailing how to care for them. If you put them on your bed before following the instructions, you will end up burning the bed to get the smell out of your house. I tried. And washed. And washed. And washed again. I decided it was a ploy to make it impossible to return these turds. Because they have been washed, they have been used. Well played. From now on, I am going to bed bath and beyond for sheets.

👤My wife and I are very impressed with this product, so I feel compelled to review it. There are so many marginal products in the world today. We would like to share our experience. The king size bed sheet was very reasonable. Our bed is too hot. I've seen a commercial about cooling bed sheets. There were too many bad reviews about how deceptive the advertised products were. My wife and I are very happy with the new sheet that Shilucheng has, after the first night of sleeping on it. We felt very cool with the silky touch and luxurious feeling of it being soft. I ordered an extra set after a good night of sleep, and will probably order more sets for other bed rooms in the house. This company is willing to stand behind their products and care about them. There are over 800 perfect reviews. There was a nice note from the customer service that said they would support the products. Good job the nice people at Shilucheng. We will let our friends and family know about your products. Keep up the good work.

7. Secura Everyday Luxury Queen Sheet

Secura Everyday Luxury Queen Sheet

The 1800 Series Ultra-Soft Double brushed Microfiber fabric is softer than silk, more absorbent than cotton, and silky soft for a luxurious night's rest. The Queen Size Luxury 4PC Bed Sheets Set has 1 Flat Sheet 90"x101", 1 Fitted Sheet 60"x80", and 2 Pillow cases. Deep pockets that fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep with elastic all around, more than other sheets to grip and fit! Most popular bed sheet fabrics. The high strength microfibers keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Perfect for adults and kids. Machine wash warm; non-chlorine bleach; tumble dry. They are more resistant to stains and are more durable than cotton. There is a guarantee of success. Their goal is to provide you with a pleasant shopping experience. They will be happy to assist you if you have any questions.

Brand: Secura Everyday Luxury

👤When I received these bed sheets, I was surprised at how soft they were. The pictures show that after a wash, I put them on the bed. I can't believe I was sleeping. That is repulsive. I took a lint roller and tried to clean it, but it kept coming off.

👤I was worried about the quality. I was not disappointed. The sheet set is very soft. I have a thick mattress and the fitted sheet stays on. I would recommend this product to others.

👤The bed sheets are pretty cool. The pillowcases look ugly and they feel like wax paper. They have a weird pattern on the edges. These sheets fit me perfectly because I don't like my life and give up on my dreams. If you are looking for a bed sheet that did well in college and who is your wife married them for money, these are not yours.

👤Just like I wanted it to be. Also looks very pretty! I slept on them for a month and they are very soft and comfortable. These are perfect for people who don't like getting hot while they sleep. Even if you are sharing a bed with someone else, this keeps the temperature cool. They turned out just fine, as if I had just unboxed them, after I washed them in my laundry machine. They show off a little of white fabric that gets attached from my clothing and pillows, as well as some hair, when I have a black set. If you don't like that, I recommend you not getting the black one. The fitted sheet does not come off the edges. I have a queen mattress that I move a lot when I sleep. I once accidentally spilled some water on it and they dried very quickly. I was very satisfied and will be buying again, and my sisters and mom were very happy with it.

👤I love that these sheets fit over my 19” mattress and I really like them. We don't have to tug on the sheets every day. They tend to have water stains after washing them. The water stains come out with the next wash. It looks bad when you put fresh sheets on. I don't know what's causing this. I followed the direction of the washing machine. I don't know if it's my fabric conditioner or not. Even though they are completely dry, the sheets look wet. I hope this will stop eventually.

👤The sheets are the best I have ever owned. I bought a new set of sheets just to have more. The price for the quality is very high. I usually switch my sheets every week, but I have been washing them and putting them back on the bed. It's worth the money. I would buy them again if they sold for $50. It was worth it. I have washed them many times and they are just as soft as the first time I used them. Updating to say that I have purchased a total of 4 sets of these sheets. I will only buy these sheets now. It's worth the money. They are not more expensive for the quality.

8. Hotel Sheets Direct Bamboo Piece

Hotel Sheets Direct Bamboo Piece

It is a perfect fit for any bed. Deep pocket sheets are fade, shrink, andwrinkle resistant. You and your bed are covered. Their queen sheet sets are made from 100% viscose of bamboo and have a soft feel that you won't want to get up from. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 is certified to be free of harmful substances and materials. The queen bamboo sheets set comes with 2 pillow cases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet for comfort. The bamboo fitted sheet has deep pockets that fit around the mattress up to 15''. The perfect combination of quality and function! These sheets are the perfect cooling option for hot sleepers because they are thermo regulated to stay cool all summer long and warm all winter. They're able to prevent sweat.

Brand: Hotel Sheets Direct

👤Why are you reading this? You want to go straight to the chase, like me. These sheets are for sale. I will wait a few months and buy another set. I might buy them tonight because I think about laying on my other sheets. Are they 100% bamboo? Yes. Do you need the tag to prove that? No. You can tell it is real by holding these sheets. The angel hair was spun from God. I'm going to tell you something about bamboo fabric. When we had kids, my Wife got bamboo onesies and little blankies. I realized the hype when I felt them. It feels like butter on a cherub's buttocks. French fries taste like bamboo. It felt like silk, microfiber, and jersey and it was perfect. Purchase the sheets. Trust me. Was this review paid for by me? No! I am a 30 year old man and I am laying in my bed writing this on the sheets. I bring my sheets when I wait to enter the gates of Heaven because I need a back up. The butter sheets are cool to the touch but keep you warm. The pillowcases are hotel style. Soft. I feel like a regal king when I lay in these sheets, but I wonder where the hanging grapes are above my head.

👤We ordered a new mattress. A friend of ours told us that they loved bamboo sheets and that's why we ordered them. The set they ordered cost more than $200. The product got a good review and the price of approximately $40 sounded better than the sheets that cost between $100 to $200. They were the most comfortable sheets we have ever slept on. They were soft and kept us cool. I loved them. There are two more There was a rip on the fitted sheet. I thought I got what I deserved when I bought cheaper sheets. I really liked the sheets. I contacted the company to voice my concern and see how good the warranty was. I received a response from Hotel Direct after I email them on Saturday at 8:00 AM. A new fitted sheet was to be delivered by 11:00 AM that morning. This was the best customer service I have ever experienced. Hotel Sheets Direct is a responsible company that sells a great product. We are buying a second set of sheets because we are so happy. Don't spend more than you have to. You can order from Hotel Sheets Direct.

👤I bought these sheets a couple of times. I was happy to find sheets that didn't get rough or pilled after washing. I like to sleep cool in the humid Wisconsin summers, and the fact that they are cool is a bonus. I purchased a third set in July of this year and immediately noticed they were thinner and not as soft as the packaging implied. They are 100% Bamboo Viscose. After the first wash they were softer and shinier than the 100% rayon sheets, but had a lot of loose threads and a tear along the seam of the fitted sheet. They had 2 more tears along the seam after the second wash. The previous 2 pairs had some loose threads, but they were used for months and there were no holes or tears. The first two pairs were a good deal and have held up well. The new pair won't last long. There is a reduction in quality, but I don't know if it is because they are thinner or the new material. I will have to go to a different seller if that doesn't change. The sheets are the same as always, the seller told me. When they thought the sheets were the same, they labeled them 100% rayon. The seller changed the labels when they found out they were not viscose. It is a very rare issue and they are trying to determine the cause of the thinner and rougher sets. The seller sent me a replacement set since the sheets have a 90 day warranty. They have not ripped after the first wash, just as great as the others. If this happens, remember the warranty. Excellent customer service, good sheets, especially for the price. Highly recommended.

9. Umchord Cooling Sleepers Moisture Wicking

Umchord Cooling Sleepers Moisture Wicking

The BEDJET 3 is 30% smaller than the prior V2 model. The most advanced remote control in the sleep industry has a color screen and back-lit keys. Also, note: The reviews were posted before August 2019. When purchased from Amazon, the current return policy applies. 100% Beer Viscose: These sheets are made from 100% bamboo viscose fibers, not blended with synthetic polyester fibers, which are soft and absorbent, and are comfortable with a soft feeling of touch. It keeps you cool and dry. If you are a hot sleeping person, bamboo's cooling and sweating properties will help you. 100% bamboo is skin friendly and soft touching. Each set contains 4 pillowcases, 1 flat sheet, and 1 fitted sheet. pillowcases are all you need in their 6-piece sheet set. It's easy to wash. These sheets are machine washed. On a gentle cycle, wash your bamboo bedding. On low setting, it is dry. Put your sheets on your bed after you get them out of the dryer.

Brand: Umchord

👤These sheets are amazing. They make me feel royalty. It is like sleeping on a pile of baby ducks that are sewn together and covered in stripper lotion. It was cozy and intriguing. It's soft enough to be used in a sexual way. I imagined a young Nepalese boy being forced to sleep on urine-soaked stable hay, and they are the type of bedding that he would be forced to sleep on. I am all grown up now. I no longer have to sleep on coarse pee hay. I have some sheets. Thank you.

👤I should have read more about the product and not just the headline and fluff under it. This is a sub bi-product that is cheaper than 100% BAMBOO. The information I found online was related to the problems with Viscose and Rayon. The same outcome can be achieved with any type of wood, even if it's a different wood. The production of this material is dangerous and can cause health problems. Toxic substances can cause nausea, headaches, vomiting, chest and muscle pain, and insomnia. Its production is a big problem for the environment.

👤The item is listed as a 6 piece set. It is a 4 piece set with only 2 pillowcases. You're not getting what you pay for.

👤I like bamboo sheets and pillow cases. I was upset about this item. I need them now so I will use them. Only 2 of the 4 pillow cases were in the package. I want 2 more pillow cases. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

👤It's so soft and comfortable. These sheets are very nice. Absolutely worth the money. They will leave a dark spot if you use detergent Pods. I washed it with liquid detergent and it came out. Enjoy!

👤These are not the sheets you are looking for. They claim to be cooling, but they don't. These sheets make me feel hot at night. My body sticks to the sheets. They are big in a Queen size. You are hot, sweaty and wrapped in sheets. I am very disappointed.

👤We were looking for cooling sheets that were similar to what we have. After much research, I decided to try bamboo sheets at a lower price point. These sheets are of high quality. These are not precale cotton blend hotel sheets, so if you want that feel, buy something else. If you are a hot sleeper looking for a soft, comfortable set of sheets for a reasonable price, please buy them. Make sure you are buying what you want. We purchased a king set with a fitted sheet, top sheet, and 4 king size pillow cases. If you follow the directions, you should not have a problem with these bamboo sheets for a long time. We've washed our sheets a couple of times already and we've been enjoying them. They feel great! Our family is having the same experience.

👤bamboo sheets are great for sweaty sleeping. My husband is one of those people. It's been great, we're 2 nights in. He talks about how well he has slept. Definitely going to order an extra set. They wrap themselves around your body.

10. SONORO KATE Microfiber Egyptian Hypoallergenic 6

SONORO KATE Microfiber Egyptian Hypoallergenic 6

Say goodbye to ironing, and hello to cozy, soft, and comfortable bedding! The Queen Size Luxury 6PC Bed Sheets Set has elastic so it can stretch. There are deep pockets that fit mattresses up to 24 inches deep. The sheets fit better than any other sheet set. The bed sheet set is designed to fit nearly all mattresses. The fitted sheet is made with stretch and elastic to fit your mattress. These ultra-plush sheets are woven with the finest craftsmanship and are made with 1800 Series Ultra-Soft Double brushed microfiber fabric. A good selection of colors will make your bedroom look great. Their sheets are easy to care for. They can be washed in cold water and dry quickly. Cotton sheets are not as durable as they are. They accept any reason, any time of return, no matter how long it takes. You can return products if you're not satisfied. Their commitment to customers and their confidence in product quality is what makes this possible.

Brand: Sonoro Kate

👤I bought these sheets because they are intended for mattresses up to 24 inches deep. I have a mattress that is 18 inches, that is not intended for most sheets. These are the same microfiber sheets that I can get at big lots for fourteen bucks, but they don't fit extra deep mattresses. I bought these despite being turned off by the hype. They do a lot of things to make these sound like natural materials, but it's meaningless unless they use natural woven materials like cotton and linen. The word Egyptian is used to make them sound like they are from Egypt. microfiber is a synthetic fiber made in China and to be clear, it is not made in the US. Polyamide is a fancy name for nylon, and it is a kind of plastic. These sheets are made of plastic. It was difficult to find any reviews that were useful. I think they are soft, but I think too much soft is not a good thing. Premium cotton or linen sheets have a certain body to them, which makes them easier to turn over. When a sheet is too soft, it wraps itself around the sleeping person as they move, and you wake up with them all pulled out from under the sides and corners of the mattress. There is a reason microfiber sheets are not found in high class hotels. One of the most important considerations is how they fit. You have to read their advertising hyperbole very carefully. They don't say they are 24 inches deep, instead they talk about added stretch, but having the sheet stretch and bunch up while sleeping isn't necessarily a good thing. These were not worthy of earning a five star rating for my mattress. I pulled out my measuring tape to find out what the edge seam really is, just like the consumer magazines used to do. It is 19 inches, not one millimeter. It is not possible to get 24 inches out of 19 if you rely on stretch, which is what reviewers have reported, so it is not possible to get 24 inches out of 19 if you rely on stretch. This is not enough for a 24 inch mattress and not enough for an 18 inch bed. The value is the color. There are two comments I have about that. One thing that may not apply to you is that these are available in a variety of colors. I know that ad photos online won't look like the real thing, the blue I ordered looks beautiful in the picture, but to me they look more like hospital pajamas. It is not the look I wanted. These are an average product and an average value. They are similar to most brands entry level product. I don't see any added value in getting four pillowcases for a full size bed, so that seems to be a waste of money, and by the way they show that two are blue and two are gray in their ad photo, they are lying. They are all the same color. They dowrinkle, and that also turned out to be an exaggeration. This product barely earns three stars because of the slight misrepresentation of using the word Egyptian.

11. Pinzon Thread Count Percale Cotton

Pinzon Thread Count Percale Cotton

Percale has a crisp hand feel. It starts off a little stiff, but continues to improve after each wash. The 300 thread count weave is cool to the touch and ideal for warm climates. The set includes fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcase. It is designed with a 6-inch hem on a flat sheet and pillowcase and can be washed and dried. 73 x 102 inch flat sheet, 40 x 76 inch fitted sheet, and 20 x 31 inch standard pillowcase OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory is an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.

Brand: Pinzon

👤I stopped and wondered why I liked some sheets more than others. I began my research here. Why did my high thread count sheets look so worn? Why did some of my sheets not last very long? Some of my sheet sets were hotter than others. After looking at thread counts, fiber types, long vs short staple threads and weave. I decided that the weave I wanted was percale. I sent out samples of pima cotton. The price tag. OUCH! I decided to try these sheets out and save money. It was a good price for a try. I didn't expect much for the price. I was pleasantly surprised. The sheets are thick and smooth. The high end samples that I received seemed more "flimsy" than the Pinzon sheets. I will be buying more of these sheets in the future.

👤I've learned that the best way to have sheets that last a long time is to use a lot of Cotton Percale. "wrinkle free" and "sateen" are key words for sheets you don't want to buy. These are great and I want them.

👤I wanted to be in these sheets. They have a nice texture. When they arrived, I was happy that they were old school cotton sheets. They feel like good quality sheets. The pillowcase seams are coming undone after I washed them twice. A quality issue like that is not acceptable.

👤The only way these sheets could have a high rating is if Amazon changed their manufacturers recently. It's the best thing about a percale weave. These sheets are not crisp nor are they pill free and as a result are very scratchy and I usually pay 3X what these cost when I find these on Amazon and look at the reviews I said how bad could they be.

👤I stayed at a hotel in Paris that had the most comfortable bedding I had ever experienced. The tags said they were 300 thread count per sheet. I've been looking for a set for myself since then, and finally found them through Amazon. I used to buy whatever sheet set was the cheapest I could find, but I didn't know what I was missing out on. These sheets are not good. It was thick, stiff, and cool. Just like in a 5 star hotel. I am hooked.

👤5 stars for these sheets. These are exactly what you are looking for, a real 100% cotton percale sheet. I like the feel of new cotton. It is the beginning of summer and I like to use sheets that breathe and dry. Some of the reviews I saw here are not correct. Some reviewers were concerned about the appearance of wrinkling. The nature of cotton makes it difficult to get Wrinkles in cotton fabric. I saw reviews that said the sheets were bad after their first wash. The reviewers were supposed to be familiar with percale sheets, but they weren't. I didn't find these sheets to be very soft. I found them to be very comfortable. If you are looking for a soft, fluffy, silky sheet right out of the package, percale may not be stitch for you until they break in. The fabric wants to hold its shape when reviewers describe it as crisp. The weave of the threads on the percale sheets makes them feel a bit different than the old sheets. I didn't find this very annoying. My first night on these sheets was the best sleep I had in a long time. The sheets will feel more like hotel sheets after some consistent use and some washing. Some reviews mention that the sheets are shrinking. Here is the deal. I could see this being an issue if you were to wash your sheets more often. Cotton fibers can be stretched and washed in the laundry. The sheets will help with both of those things. If you are looking for sheets for a guest bedroom, I would recommend sheets that have been used and have been broken in. sheets with a percale weave are usually more durable than other weaves and feel like soft, crisp sheets you find in a hotel. These sheets are the way to go. Happy sleeping!


What is the best product for best sheets queen set?

Best sheets queen set products from Luxclub. In this article about best sheets queen set you can see why people choose the product. Shilucheng and Mayfair Linen are also good brands to look for when you are finding best sheets queen set.

What are the best brands for best sheets queen set?

Luxclub, Shilucheng and Mayfair Linen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best sheets queen set. Find the detail in this article. Mueller Austria, Cgk Unlimited and Secura Everyday Luxury are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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