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1. Bamtek Sleeping Pockets Pillowcases Beautifully

Bamtek Sleeping Pockets Pillowcases Beautifully

100% organic beer. Their sheets are made from luxurious sateen weave, which is softer than the highest-grade cotton. In the summer and winter, their 4 PIECE QUEEN bed set includes a fully elasticised fitted sheet, a deep pocket, and 2 envelope style pillowcases. It is easy to wash and dry using a cold water machine. Is it skin that is sensitive? Their bamboo sheets are soft on sensitive skin and have the same beauty benefits as a silk pillowcase. The soft, silky smooth texture of the cotton sheets means that your hair and skin can glide over the surface, so no more bed hair. Bamboo doesn't absorb water from your hair, so you wake up with hydrated hair. It's great news for those with dry skin that less friction means less inflammation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact them through Amazon and they will get back to you within 24 hours with a solution.

Brand: Bamtek

👤These sheets do not impress me. They were pilled up immediately and are not comfortable. It's a waste of money. I got an immediate refund or a replacement set, so very good customer service.

👤Best sheets ever! I bought the sheets for my parents. I want to get bamboo products for my mom because she is always hot and cotton is bad for the environment. I like bamboo because it is heat iwth and sustainable. The sheets are on the cheaper end of the spectrum. My mother is a big fan of them. She told me that she hasn't woken up in the middle of the night in years. My dad loves them because they are so soft and he can grab an extra blanket and not get woken in the middle of the night by my mom. I just bought a new house and the first thing I will get is sheets for my room and the guest room.

👤I love how soft these sheets are when you climb into bed.

👤These are soft and silky. I have tried to describe them to my neighbors and family, but it's hard to say anything. They are almost dry. I have never experienced anything like this before. I washed them twice and they seem to be fine. A fancy box with great packaging. I want my cleaning lady to discover them. I don't know if I'm going to tell her in advance or not. I would recommend them to anyone.

👤These are the best sheets I've ever owned and I'm picky about bedding. The best way to describe them is as "liquid", according to a previous reviewer. They're cool and flowy because of their weight. We both sleep well. That's no longer the case with Tuft and Needle Mint mattress, 100% cotton mattress protectors and these sheets. The top band on the flat sheet and pillowcases tend to get wrinkled, but it is not something that detracts from my satisfaction. I will definitely order a second set.

👤I thought I would give this a try after trying many different brands. This is the most luxurious sheets we have ever purchased. It was smooth and soft.

👤I liked these sheets at the beginning. It was smooth and soft. Most new sheets feel good before they are washed. I washed them with cold water, gentle detergent, and a cool dryer. I washed the pillowcases and fitted sheet by themselves so they wouldn't get caught in the corners of the dryer. They were perfect after I removed them from the dryer. Cotton sheets seem rough after first washing. They feel very comfortable to sleep in. I am happy so far. I can't imagine going back to cotton sheets. I would like the company to sell separate packages of queen size pillowcases.

👤They were nice and soft, but I ended up sleeping on the mattress protectors of that corner because one corner consistently rolled up. I pulled the sheet as far as I could after adjusting the next day. The whole sheet was wrapped around the bottom of the mattress, but there was no movement at all. It's a regular Ikea mattress, not an extra tall one. None of my sheets do this. It's really weird.

2. Cosy House Collection Luxury Bamboo

Cosy House Collection Luxury Bamboo

The best gift is made of the highest quality microfiber. It's a great gift idea for men and women. The Queen 4 piece bed sheet set is made with Bamboo Viscose. Their linens are stronger than cotton and softer than silk, so they will make you feel like you're at a resort. Each queen sized bedset includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcase. The bedding is clean and comfortable. Say bye to night sweats! Their bamboo bedding is lightweight and Breathable for a cool night's sleep. Bamboo's temperature regulating and moisture wicking properties help circulate air flow to fend off excess body heat and promote cooling so you wake up feeling refreshed each morning. Their sheets thermal-regulating properties help balance your body's temperature as you sleep for maximum comfort. It's perfect for all-season use. A secure deep pocket fit. The deep pocket fitted sheets are perfect for mattresses up to 16 inches thick. The thick elastic corner straps in their design ensure your sheets remain snug. That means you won't have to wake up in the middle of the night to change your sheets. The pillowcases designed with an envelope enclosure are included in the set. You will sleep soundly throughout the night. Their luxury sheets stay fresh for longer than traditional cotton sheets, so you can finally say goodbye to stinky sheets. They are odor, fade, stain, andwrinkle resistant. They've got you covered, whether you're looking for easy-to- clean bedsheet sets or bedding that lasts. Throw them in the wash and you are good to go. Cold wash and tumble dry are machine-hygiene friendly. There was no need for ironing. These sheets are high quality and can ward off common non- living allergens. With the look and feel of silk, these lavish sheets are carefully crafted from mindful materials to not only give you peace of mind but to give you a great night's sleep, too. Their sheets are made with double-brushed microfiber and Bamboo Viscose, which make them the most affordable in the industry. Shop with confidence. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you don't like your bamboo bed sheet set. They care about their community and they are here for you every step of the way.

Brand: Cosy House Collection

👤My postal person sent me mybamboo sheets. I am not impressed with the box so far. I ordered the specific brand of sheets and pillowcases because the description said they were 60 percent bamboo and 40 percent microfiber. The sewn-in label on the sheets states that they are microfiber and bamboo. There is a The included pillowcases are small. I don't know how my mattress will fit into the fitted sheet corners. I measured the bottom fitted sheet against my twin bed and it was only a few inches larger than the twin mattress. I will try to put it on my full mattress tomorrow. I have doubts. There is a I washed the set before putting them on the bed. They were wrinkled as old rags.

👤These sheets are piling after a wash. The tiny balls of fabric that form on the fabric feel like they are sandpaper. If you like quality sheets, I don't recommend it.

👤I need to replace my sheet sets. I have always bought high thread count cotton sheets. They are heavy and take up a lot of space in the laundry room and linen closet. I wanted to try something different. I tried the sheets that were supposed to feel like tee shirts, but I didn't like them at all. The microfiber sheets were soft and light, but they were not comfortable in that they retained heat. The third time was charm. These bamboo sheets are gorgeous. They are soft and wash well. I have been able to use them both under a comforter and alone in warm weather. I was comfortable in both conditions. I am ordering my third set, which will be on the bed, in the wash and in the closet. I got 4 pillow cases each set even though the description said it was a 4 piece set.

👤I like the feel of the sheets. They ripped in 4 places after using them, because nothing else could have done it. I am very disappointed. The picture is attached. I thought they would hold up better. I will have to return to cotton.

👤These are my favorite sheets. I have had bamboo sheets for a long time, and they need to be replaced after a few years. The sheets are the best I've had, but I was skeptical of the inexpensive price. I like them better than the cotton or bamboo sheets that I've owned. My husband and I both have no problems with overheating at night. I have had these for a few months and have not had any problems with quality. It's good! I will buy another set.

👤The thin fabric is at the point of see-through. It slips off of the mattress the second you lay it down. It feels like sand in your bed. Don't buy!

👤The description is not accurate. The sheets are not cool. They are not cool like cotton sheets. I have had them on my bed for several weeks now and I am trying to find another set of sheets so I can get rid of them. As a back-up set, it might work, but not as a primary set.

3. Wamsutta Dream Stripe 1000 Thread Count PimaCott

Wamsutta Dream Stripe 1000 Thread Count PimaCott

The machine wash uses non-chlorine bleach. The colors should be washed separately. It should be dry on low heat. It's recommended to press. The Wamsutta Dream Zone 1000-Thread- Count PimaCott Sheet Set is made with Pima Cotton which is grown in the San Joaquin Valley. A classic stripe pattern makes Pima Cotton softer, more durable, and more vibrant than regular cotton.

Brand: Wamsutta

👤I love these sheets. The quality of the sheets is shown by the way they are sewn.

4. Pinzon Gram Plaid Flannel Sheet

Pinzon Gram Plaid Flannel Sheet

The full set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases. 160-gram velvet flannel has luxurious softness. The finish on both sides is very smooth. The hem is on the flat sheet and pillowcases. Flat sheet is 81 x 96 inches, pillowcases are 20 x 31 inches. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory is an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.

Brand: Pinzon

👤My wife informed me that she put some hot cocoa on the stove as the night air started to catch a crisp. I love them. If my wife would allow it, my diet would consist of Ramen noodles and potatoes. How does this relate to bedding? I will tell you that we are an upper middle class family and that I want to save every penny I make for my family. I'm very tight in the pockets when it comes to my personal care. I'm the cheapest person you can find, and our sheets have always been either cheap jersey cotton or even worse, bad motel sheets, which are usually cheaper at your local store. My wife told me that sheets would make me warmer at night, but to me, happiness is the most important thing in my life. I bought the sheets on Saturday. My wife laundered them, stripped our bed and put the new sheets and pillowcases on. As our bed time approached, I became more and more eager to see what I had purchased. I'm hard to impress. I slipped into these sheets at night and it was bliss. These words can't describe the satisfaction I get when I sleep. There isn't a review or star rating high enough for these sheets. Even if they are 3-4x more expensive than I would normally spend, I'm happy to continue buying them because this company has earned a life long customer in me. The sheets are of the highest quality and have a good feel in the morning. If you haven't read the review yet and haven't purchased the sheets, you are missing out. Love them.

👤The lint fairy sneezed in my house. Other reviews say the same things. The wife has washed these at least three times before putting them on the bed. I had a dryer filter that was completely clogged and lint blowing all over my porch after the first wash. We didn't think much about that until the first night we slept under them. I woke up the next morning and my tighties looked like my wife's. Since we bought these things, I have been picking lint out of places that I don't want to mention. We have to vacuum TWICE A day for the love of pete, and the beige bedroom carpet still looks like an army of mice have ran back and forth. It's difficult. The dryer vent filter has been blocked by every wash. I can't imagine what the pump screen in my washer looks like. My washer repair guy has an invoice for you if someone from the Pinzon company forwards me their address.

👤I bought Flannel Sheets Pinzon from Amazon. I loved them so much that I bought extra pillows for both bedrooms. These were laundered 3 times in a row. I discovered a corner tear on the fitted sheet. The tear is not caused by anything in the process of laundered money. The product was very nice. The flannel was comfortable. This should last a little longer than 3 months. Do you agree with AMAZON? I had recommended this product to many of my friends, so I hope they have a better experience than mine.

5. Bedsure Queen Sheets Ruffled Embossed

Bedsure Queen Sheets Ruffled Embossed

Machine wash frequently. Use the gentlest setting on your washing machine. Do not use chlorine bleach. The Bedsure King Size Sheet Set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases. This sheet set has a ruffled hem on the pillowcase and a simple design. The Bedsure sheet set makes a bedroom stylish. Bedsure microfiber sheets are soft to the touch and lightweight, making them the sweetest of dreams. Compared with linen or cotton, it is easy to wash. A fitted sheet hugs the mattress up to 16 inches deep, keeping it from shifting. The pillowcase has an envelope design that prevents pillows from escaping. Flat sheet is a barrier between you and the blanket or comforter, which will ensure your comfort while you sleep. Bed sheets can be used as a thin blanket on warmer nights. Machine wash frequently. Use the gentlest setting on your washing machine. Do not use chlorine bleach. The Bedsure Queen Size Sheet Set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases.

Brand: Bedsure

👤The first two pictures are of a pillow case and the last two are of a sheet. There are grease marks on the pillow case. I found it the same way when I looked at the secondary one. The fitted sheet is in good shape. I wash my sheets first. I saw the Spocks when I was making the bed. The sheets were returned and the "New" label was stuck on the plastic which was easy to open and seal back. Is the problem with Bedsure? When an item comes down a few dollars, I made sure to click BUY AS NEW, even though it was a refurbished item. Someone is at fault.

👤I love these sheets. I used to own a cheap pair from Walmart but bought a set from target for $50. Both sets did not wash well. Every week I was there. I needed a sturdy set. These are a must have. The ruffle was an added bonus but I would buy again even without it. They stay on the bed.

👤I bought this for my daughter's bed and she liked the fabric so I put it on her bed before I could wash it. I thought it would be fine until she found bed bugs.

👤The sheets have deep pockets so the fitted sheet won't pop up. The sheets are soft and the right size. I was happy with my purchase and the price was good.

👤When someone uses purple, I want them to use it to its fullest potential in the most glamour's and Complementary ways. This sheet set has a bright purple color with light purple lighting. The vendor came in a timely manner and they were free of defects and odors. I am praying the color holds up when I wash them. I am a cheap diva and this product price and customer served me well. I have accidentally dried the sheets and washed them, but they are good to go and feel good the next day, so I cold wash them and hang them up. Lay down with peaceful dreams and add some fabric air spray.

👤I bought this set for my queen. The comfort and softness were great. After being clumped on the bed for hours waiting to be folded, it was washed up nicely. The texture on the trim is nice. It makes the sheets look more expensive. Will order more.

👤I ordered the sheets to complete our bed because I loved their pillow cases so much. These are soft and beautiful. I am happy with their customer service. They are kind and responsive.

👤These sheets did what I expected of them. I like them a lot.

👤The sheets were teal, but they began to "pill" in the area you sleep in after the second wash. I'm going to try a sweater defuzzer on them, which I shouldn't have to, but I don't think it will solve the problem, they will continue to pill. Don't bother ordering the cover as it won't be close to the sheet color. I was annoyed when I had to pay a minimum of $25.00 to return the cover because I was so disappointed with the color. They won't cover the return shipping for their own error, and they wouldn't respond to my message, so I was extremely unimpressed. I will not order from this company again. I ordered the cover before I realized the sheets were pilled.

6. Mellanni Queen Jersey Sheet Set

Mellanni Queen Jersey Sheet Set

OEKO TEX Certified Factory ensures that Mellanni 100% Jersey Cotton sheets meet high safety and environmental standards. It's important to keep your family safe. It's the best quality cotton so you know it lasts. It's perfect for any room in your house, from a bedroom to a college dorm room. It's a great gift idea for men and women, mothers and fathers. It is possible to have a goodnight sleep with soft, Breathable, and Moisture Control. Deep pocket is fade resistant. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It's better to sleep better and wake up refreshed each morning. A deep pocket with elastic all around. The fitted sheet can fit up to 16 mattresses. The queen size is a flat sheet 90 x 102 inches, fitted sheet 60 x 80 inches, and 2 pillow cases 20 x 30 inches. Machine wash cold gentle cycle, tumble dry low. It feels like you are sleeping in a T-shirt. Mellanni is a different kind of company that provides the absolute best customer service in the industry. You can return it for any reason, and no questions will be asked. You don't have to send the product back.

Brand: Mellanni

👤I've been looking for affordable organic flannel sheets. I got the print instead of the dyed ones because of the reviews. They didn't have any colors that I liked. I did not get any piling from the wash. They are soft. I don't think they are heavy, but they fit the official definition and I hope they will wear well. They put a small amount in the bed. You can't beat the price. I am hopeful that I haven't encouraged forced labor to get such a deal, but these seem legit. I would say you are getting more than you pay for. I will buy more. I would pay 25% more for fair trade certification.

👤This sheet set is very good. This set of flannel sheets may be the most soft I have ever purchased. It was unbelievably soft. They fit my teen's extra deep mattress perfectly. It far exceeded my expectations. It was probably my best purchase of the year. I forgot to mention that they arrived the same day in the Amazon locker. I was impressed.

👤The reviews were mixed so I was a bit worried about buying these. It seems like most people were unhappy after washing them, based on the reviews. I wondered if they would be okay if I washed them in cold wagter with a gentle detergent and then dried them on Permanent Press using the heat sensor. It seemed like it would be worth testing my theory for the price. They came out of the dryer very soft and the lint filter was almost empty. They are thick enough to fit a queen. The bottom sheet won't shift during the night because they have a good grip. I'm really happy with them, but time will tell how they hold up.

👤I washed these sheets twice before they were put to use. These sheets are disappointing. I haven't used them yet and they are discolored. We didn't use bleach when we washed them. Not worth the 40 bucks.

👤I ordered white flannel sheets to replace a set that had worn out after several seasons of use. These come in white. It is hard to find Christmas designs on flannel sets in stores. These sheets are very soft and seem to be well made. I would definitely buy again.

👤When I bought these sheets, I didn't know what to expect, but I have three other sets of Mellanni sheets and I love them. flannel sheets are hot, but these sheets are not. They are warm but not sweaty. They are a little heavier than I thought, but it's not hard to get used to. I love them!

👤I have a foam mattress with an egg crate top that is very thick. These sheets are very good. I have to strap the corners down. The sides and corners are tight. They feel as though they will last a long time. They are warm and soft. I highly recommend.

👤We sleep on flannel sheets all year. We've purchased many sets from a few sellers. We bought these Mellanni sheets because we took a chance on them. The sheets are nice and there was no hint of pilling after the first wash. There was no color loss after washing them, they fit well on the bed, and they were comfortable. We received these before the promised date. We will definitely buy more because of the great price. There is an addition to my review. The fitted sheet just barely fits on our bed after we experienced some additional fitted sheet shrinkage. We washed them in cold water. Our mattress thickness is within their parameters because it is a struggle to get these on the bed. The material is very comfortable. The fitted sheet was tight when we received it, but the company was nice enough to send us another set. The customer service is 5 stars, but the replacement fitted sheet is not good enough and takes a lot of effort to get on the bed. We contacted the company after we had a slight problem with our order. We received an email within an hour, and our problem was solved the next day. This experience made us want to purchase more sheets from this company.

7. SONORO KATE Microfiber Egyptian Hypoallergenic 6

SONORO KATE Microfiber Egyptian Hypoallergenic 6

Say goodbye to ironing, and hello to cozy, soft, and comfortable bedding! The Queen Size Luxury 6PC Bed Sheets Set has elastic so it can stretch. There are deep pockets that fit mattresses up to 24 inches deep. The sheets fit better than any other sheet set. The bed sheet set is designed to fit nearly all mattresses. The fitted sheet is made with stretch and elastic to fit your mattress. These ultra-plush sheets are woven with the finest craftsmanship and are made with 1800 Series Ultra-Soft Double brushed microfiber fabric. A good selection of colors will make your bedroom look great. Their sheets are easy to care for. They can be washed in cold water and dry quickly. Cotton sheets are not as durable as they are. They accept any reason, any time of return, no matter how long it takes. You can return products if you're not satisfied. Their commitment to customers and their confidence in product quality is what makes this possible.

Brand: Sonoro Kate

👤I bought these sheets because they are intended for mattresses up to 24 inches deep. I have a mattress that is 18 inches, that is not intended for most sheets. These are the same microfiber sheets that I can get at big lots for fourteen bucks, but they don't fit extra deep mattresses. I bought these despite being turned off by the hype. They do a lot of things to make these sound like natural materials, but it's meaningless unless they use natural woven materials like cotton and linen. The word Egyptian is used to make them sound like they are from Egypt. microfiber is a synthetic fiber made in China and to be clear, it is not made in the US. Polyamide is a fancy name for nylon, and it is a kind of plastic. These sheets are made of plastic. It was difficult to find any reviews that were useful. I think they are soft, but I think too much soft is not a good thing. Premium cotton or linen sheets have a certain body to them, which makes them easier to turn over. When a sheet is too soft, it wraps itself around the sleeping person as they move, and you wake up with them all pulled out from under the sides and corners of the mattress. There is a reason microfiber sheets are not found in high class hotels. One of the most important considerations is how they fit. You have to read their advertising hyperbole very carefully. They don't say they are 24 inches deep, instead they talk about added stretch, but having the sheet stretch and bunch up while sleeping isn't necessarily a good thing. These were not worthy of earning a five star rating for my mattress. I pulled out my measuring tape to find out what the edge seam really is, just like the consumer magazines used to do. It is 19 inches, not one millimeter. It is not possible to get 24 inches out of 19 if you rely on stretch, which is what reviewers have reported, so it is not possible to get 24 inches out of 19 if you rely on stretch. This is not enough for a 24 inch mattress and not enough for an 18 inch bed. The value is the color. There are two comments I have about that. One thing that may not apply to you is that these are available in a variety of colors. I know that ad photos online won't look like the real thing, the blue I ordered looks beautiful in the picture, but to me they look more like hospital pajamas. It is not the look I wanted. These are an average product and an average value. They are similar to most brands entry level product. I don't see any added value in getting four pillowcases for a full size bed, so that seems to be a waste of money, and by the way they show that two are blue and two are gray in their ad photo, they are lying. They are all the same color. They dowrinkle, and that also turned out to be an exaggeration. This product barely earns three stars because of the slight misrepresentation of using the word Egyptian.

8. JSD KOMFOR Brushed Microfiber Hypoallergenic

JSD KOMFOR Brushed Microfiber Hypoallergenic

There are wash and food details. Before first use, wash with warm colors and tumble dry low. Cotton is a natural fiber that keeps you cool and dry for a good night's sleep, and cotton sheets are also better for the environment than synthetics or blends. Soft brushed microfiber sheets are more durable and softer than cotton and are easier to care for. Say goodbye to boring solid sheets and refresh your bedroom with these beautiful and unique floral print sheets, they are easy to match your home decor and season. 15 inch extra deep pocket fitted sheet is fully elasticized and secures it stay on bed overnight, no pop off, just enjoy a good night's sleep. Value Microfier Sheet Set is a king size print sheet set with one flat sheet 100" x108", one fitted sheet 78" x 80" and two envelope closure pillow cases. Microfiber is easy to care for, it's non-pilling and Wrinkle-resistant, and it's easy to machine wash and tumble dry.

Brand: Jsd

👤I would give these sheets a solid 4 stars if the King size flat sheet was actually108” wide. They are only 104” wide, like all the others on Amazon. They need to change the description because they come down to my railing on the other side. I wanted printed sheets to be used as a bedspread. In the summer, I usually sleep under 2 sheets with a ceiling fan, because I am hot by nature and can't stand too much cover. I nearly sliced my new sheets with a pair of scissors when I opened the box. Thankfully, the zip bag did not go through to the sheets. I washed them in cold water and dried them on the floor with a little heat at the end to get them wrinkled. The pillow cases had never been pressed after they were sewn, so they needed to be pressed. I decided to check the stitching inside and it was fine except for a couple of inches. I sewed on that with my sewing machine, pulled off a few strings, and felt pretty good about the quality. I can shorten the pillow cases on my sewing machine if I decide to do so, even though the pillow cases seem extra wide for King size pillows. The case stays on the pillow because I like the flap. The fit of the mattress works well for me, which is 13” tall. They are almost silky, but not shiny like some I have seen. I slept on them and they did not slip off the corners. It's good! I made the bed this morning and they didn't look wrinkled. Maybe the pillow cases were wrinkled but not enough to worry about. I need this review and it wasn't there, so hopefully it will help you make a decision.

👤There is a constriction. The sheets we had were not working out for us. I decided to use Amazon to find some. I found these sheets that were patterned. I decided to take a chance because the reviews seemed good. The sheets are not as soft as I have ever had, but they are comfortable and cool to sleep in. They are made from bamboo. It is sustainable. - The print is beautiful. We washed and dried the sheets and put them on the bed. They were not wrinkled. Only one! The flat sheet had a line running down it. I thought it was a thread that got pulled out, but it looks like it was a mistake or something, like maybe the sheet was folded in that area and the ink didn't catch. We love these sheets and recommend them for the price.

👤It can be hard to find cheap king size bedsheets without compromising the quality of the product. I have a 3 inch feather top on my bed and it was a great fit. They were not as soft as I thought they would be, but after a quick wash and gentle dry with wool dryer balls they were absolutely heaven to sleep in. They are not quite free of wrinkling, but that is not an issue for me. I took a picture of the sheets before I went to sleep.

9. SONORO KATE Bamboo Queen Sheets

SONORO KATE Bamboo Queen Sheets

Machine wash cold and gentle. It was tumble dry. Their deep pocket queen sheets are the best Christmas gifts for women. It's the best gift for Thanksgiving Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day. Can be used as hotel sheets. There is a notice. It is recommended that you hang it to dry after washing. Choose Sonoro Kate 100% Bamboo sheets 4-piece set to give yourself a chance to improve your sleep quality. It's like sleeping on a cloud. You won't want to sleep on anything else, you've tried their bamboo sheets. It is a blessing and a curse. A lot of their reviews are from repeat customers who leave a review when they buy another set. 100% Bamboo bedding is Breathable and Cooling and BREATHABLE. It keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the night. It's ideal for sensitive skin, sweats, and night time. OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Certified bamboo luxury bed sheets have been tested for over 100 harmful substances and are safe for you and your family. Bamboo bedding products are made with the highest quality organic bamboo viscose and are never mixed with other fabrics or fibers. It's easy to wash. These sheets are machine washed. On a gentle cycle, wash your bamboo bedding. On low setting, it is dry. Put your sheets on your bed after you get them out of the dryer. Customer service is what it is. They accept any reason, any time of return, no matter how long it is. You can return products if you're not satisfied. Their commitment to customers and their confidence in product quality is what makes this possible.

Brand: Sonoro Kate

👤This time of year is the worst for me because I have Fibromyalgia, so I needed something soft. I decided to try them because the price was right and I had been researching them for a long time. I was skeptical when I opened them because they were very thin. I put them on my bed after washing them. I had a good night of sleep. Cool and comfortable. I will be buying more.

👤I wanted some extra pillow cases after purchasing a sheet set from this company. There is decorative stitching on the open end. There is a flap to hide the pillow. I have told everyone I know about the third set of items from this company. You will not find a better company on this site. I had a small issue with my first order and they took care of it. I am getting ready to order my fourth item because they handled it well. You can't beat the prices. Quality products at a lower price.

👤I don't know if we got a full size sheet. It is almost useless. After it was washed, it barely covers the bed as people pull it off each other to stay covered. The softness is great and these weren't cheap. I need a king top sheet if this is a queen sheet. Very sad.

👤I bought different brands of sheets. 3 from Amazon and 1 from Target. 2 of the Amazon sheets came in the same packaging. This was a sheet set. These are very soft and almost mesh-like. The ceiling fan air current goes through a sheet before. The first wash a seam started to pull out leaving a long string that pulled out of a double-stitched seam. Good that it was double-stitched, bad that this seam will fail in a few more washes. The other china sheet did not have this. The weak elastic is the biggest letdown. The middle of the sheets pull up constantly. I have to pull the queen sheets back under the bed every morning. This fatal flaw is shared by the other china sheet set. A great sheet set is ruined by weak elastic. They would knock this out of the park if they were to design them for a 13-15" mattress, swapped to heavy elastic, or even sewed another row of elastic.

👤I was excited when they were in the package. I dried them on low after reading the washing instruction and doing a gentle cycle with cold water. The amount of fluff that came off the lint catcher was insane. The sheets were wrinkled and soft. I made the bed with a cool iron. I bought these because I sleep very hot. The reviews were correct. I slept well. It was much cooler. But the wrinkling. Oh my gosh! The sheets looked like they were tied in knots in the dishwasher. If it means not sweating all night or playing the blankets off, or one foot out for a heat regulating beacon, I am ok with living with wrinkly sheets. I will buy again.

10. Amrapur Overseas Luxuriously 4 Piece Microfiber

Amrapur Overseas Luxuriously 4 Piece Microfiber

The set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcases. The material is 100% microfiber. Features: The microfiber brushed yarns feel like high thread count sheets. The piece is printed with a Rose pattern. It is recommended that you wash and dry your dryer safely. Machine wash with cold water is recommended. Sun dry or tumble dry. DIMENSIONS The queen-flat sheet is 90"x101; the fitted sheet is 60"x80" and the pillowcases are 20x30

Brand: Amrapur Overseas

👤I bought these sheets after taking a chance on them. I was surprised. I am very impressed. They are soft, have no chemical smell, and are actually pretty much the same color as the seller's photos. The stitching looks fine to me and I believe it will hold up from wash to wash. I ordered the pink over the ivory and I am very happy. I think the pink vs. ivory is the same, but there is a noticeable difference if you are on the fence. Some reviewers said they couldn't tell a difference, but others said they were color blind because they were a lovely pink. The flower print is not as sharp as I would like, but I love these sheets! I am a real buyer and have not received any incentive to leave a glowing review. I hope my honest review helps anyone who reads it as I don't normally leave reviews unless I am really impressed and surprised by the product. If I can get my photos to load, the pink sheets are the ones that are pinker than the rest of the photos. The true color in some images was distorted by different angles. There are many blessings to all.

👤These sheets are so bad that I want to love them. I was looking for a shabby chic bedroom and they are absolutely gorgeous. The other reviews say they are not soft. They are very soft. Not a single flaw. The fitted sheet doesn't stay on the bed, that's the only problem I have with them. In the middle of the night, it slides off while they sleep. It was a major bummer. Not a dealbreaker.

👤The stitching in the box was of a low quality. It seemed to be unraveling in some places. Still usable. The pattern is cute and the fabric is soft. For a guest bedroom or for some sheets to throw on while your regular sets are being washed, it will do just fine. It's not a steal but it is not a rip-off.

👤That's pretty much what it ends up being. Sounds like plastic. I thought microfiber sheets would be more like cotton. I was wrong. They feel terrible. They are so pretty that it sucks. My teenager says she will keep them. I think she feels bad for me because I spent my money on plastic sheets.

👤I needed a rose pattern so I bought these sheets. The elastic on the bottom fitted sheet is terrible. It's too loose and doesn't stay on the mattress. I don't think microfiber sheets are very good, but most of the time they are better than these. I'm not happy with the fit.

👤I had been looking for a deep pocket fitted bed sheet for a long time and finally found the perfect one after several purchases and returns. Print is normal but looks good on my bed frame and will fit a 16 inch mattress.

👤This purchase was really disappointing. I was in love with the sheets when I got them. And received a lot of praise. They are pretty. They don't stay on because they are so stretched out.

11. Eddie Bauer Downstream Cotton Percale

Eddie Bauer Downstream Cotton Percale

The sheet fabric is made from 100% Cotton. A single ply sheet is perfect for sensitive skin and will stand up to repeat washes. A kayak and stripe design are printed on the sheet set. The set includes a fully elastic fitted sheet, premium elastic installed all-around to keep the fitted sheet in place, and a fitted sheet pocket depth of up to 15 inches. There is a pillowcase. A kayak and stripe design are printed on the sheet set. Included: The queen fitted sheet is 80"W X 60"L and the queen flat sheet is 101"W X 90"L. Quality and care details are important. The machine wash is cold and tumble dry. The Global Organic Textile Standard is certified by GOTS, an international association focused on textile safety and sustainable production.

Brand: Eddie Bauer

👤I wanted percale sheets to replace the 25 year old Fieldcrest sheet set that is out dated and faded, but it's still in great shape. The sheets are smooth, crisp, yet soft with a good drape. I suspect the tag is cotton, with a little polyester, but I have worn off the material details. They are top of the line quality and do not stain. I was looking for a replacement that was modern. I wanted a plaid, but I can't find any in a pleasing pattern in a queen size set. It seems reasonable, but apparently that is asking too much. People have been tricked into thinking they are obsessed with thread count. Cotton type and weave matter just as much as anything else. I found this sheet set on the internet. At least the colors are not offensive. They claim to be percale. The percale is made from long staple cotton and has the same number of stitches going both directions. The type of cotton and the properties of the sheet make it smooth on both sides and not pill. The thread count is not very high because you can only fit a small amount of stitches in a square inch. In the upper 100's to mid 200's. I don't know what they made these sheets out of, but they are rough on the surface. They are either not a true percale weave or they used very inferior cotton, like a cheap brand would use. We have standard sized pillows that are very flat and pillow cases that don't cover the ends of our pillows, but we are side and stomach sleepers, so we don't have much loft in the pillows. I measured them against my old set and they are about 4 inches shorter. I will have to sew on some more fabric to make sure I don't fall asleep on my side with my arm under the pillow. This is a sanitary issue. If you have fluffy pillows, they will not fit right. I washed this set before we broke them in. I tried to fall asleep but I couldn't because my husband didn't get any sleep. I am not the kind of person who has trouble falling asleep, so that is striking to me. I feel deceived. It crinkles up when washed and dried because of the tiny finished seam on the edges. It makes the pillow cases and flat sheet fit worse. My 1990's percale set comes out of the dryer perfectly, I just throw it on the bed and pillows and it looks great. You have gone downhill. I don't recommend them. If I could give it a star rating of zero, it would be a different story. I am 51 years old and have never owned a worse sheet. They are still too soft after 10 washes. The sheets are very rough on the pattern side, but less so on the reverse side. I put them on my bed after 10 washings and they are still scratchy, grab whatever garment you wear to bed when you roll, and they cling to everything. The pillow cases don't cover our small, standardized, flat loft pillows and I am constantly tugging at the pillow case all night. I get a bad night's sleep on these sheets. I didn't think sheets could ruin your sleep. Eddie Bauer should be embarrassed. I would feel bad for whoever ends up with them if I donated them. I wouldn't give them to my enemy.


What is the best product for best sheets queen pattern?

Best sheets queen pattern products from Bamtek. In this article about best sheets queen pattern you can see why people choose the product. Cosy House Collection and Wamsutta are also good brands to look for when you are finding best sheets queen pattern.

What are the best brands for best sheets queen pattern?

Bamtek, Cosy House Collection and Wamsutta are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best sheets queen pattern. Find the detail in this article. Pinzon, Bedsure and Mellanni are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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