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1. Urban Egyptian Cotton Sheets Thread

Urban Egyptian Cotton Sheets Thread

Arrives in a bag. 100% pure cotton for premium comfort and softness. Their premium Egyptian cotton sheets are made from 800 threads woven per square inch. The 800 thread count sheet sets are the ideal remedy for night sweats because of their blend of breathability and durability. The ideal comfort and smoothness of 5-star hotel bedding is provided by the 100% natural long staple cotton yarns woven together. Excellent fit sheets with an elegant deep pocket. These full bed sheets keep you warm and cool during the summer and winter. The queen bed sheet set has a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases. Their all-around elasticized deep pocket sheets will fit the mattress perfectly and won't bunch up in the night. Their premium bedsheets are made with high quality and craftsmanship, giving you a lifetime of comfort in just one purchase. Every sheet is individually measured and stitched to provide you with the most comfort and durability. They have to undergo thorough testing for various features. They recommend a regular wash and short dry cycles. All of their dyes, auxiliaries, and bedding sets are certified to ensure your safety. 100% of their products are manufactured using the green energy produced by windmills, which is the best eco-friendly practices. The entire built-up area is covered by Rainwater Harvesting. The water is recycled by using biological and RO methods to make sure they are doing the right thing. Their products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and incredible customer service, which is important to them. They want to make sure you have an excellent experience from the moment you place your order until the time you sleep on your new bedding. Give your mom, dad, wife, or kids a lovely present without worry with their high-quality sheet sets.

Brand: Urbanhut

👤These sheets are not for sale. I thought I did a thorough review of the reviews. I trusted that I was getting quality sheets. Not the case. I don't know when sheets started being called 800 thread count. These are thin and have an elastic band on them. I bought 800 thread count sheets from the same place that I bought 800 thread count sheets the day before. Good elastic, no fading and deep pockets. Not worth the price. Don't waste your money. I'm looking for cotton sheets that are good.

👤The fabric is soft. It was nice to feel the touch. A high thread density. There is a The thread is very thin. It is almost transparent. You can see the drawings on the sheet. There is a The overall quality is not good. It is very cheap to make.

👤I finally set out to find the ideal sheets that I have been looking for. I couldn't remember which sheets I bought nine years ago. For the last 2 years, I have been trying to find the most comfortable and decadent sheets that I had on my bed. I finally found them. I bought one set. The sheets are made of cotton. All cotton; not microfiber. They are very similar to canvas. They are softened with each wash. The pillow cases are worn, but my other set has lasted over 9 years. I like a little bleach in the sheets when they are washed. I will probably buy more sets in the future. I've tried many Egyptian cotton sheets that are thin. I don't like them. I guess my only choice is to keep these.

👤I am very happy with the sheets. I usually buy name brand cotton sheets from Marshalls or Tjmaxx. The colors are pretty boring, but I can usually find a king size for about $50. I'm happy with this purchase because I wanted quality, with a beautiful dark color. Calvin Klein sheets are thicker and softer than these sheets. I like my bedroom very cold for sleep and I don't get hot. They are not slippery or shiny, and seem like regular style sheets. They will get softer with time. They aren't hard. They are not thin. The sheets are perfect and the price is reasonable. I will buy more sets in Navy, Purple, or Black.

👤I wanted to touch and feel the sheets before I bought, but every one I looked at in the stores was not what I was looking for. I wanted the sheets to be soft and expensive. These are it. They have a soft cottony feel and have washed up even softer than before. The price was more competitive than other higher priced and lower quality. I love these sheets and I will be buying more pillow cases as this item gets washed more often and I always want the soft cotton on my pillow. The vendor was correct in their description. I am very happy with the sheets. It was difficult going through all the options and choosing the right one.

2. Shilucheng Microfiber Percale Comforterble Hypoallergenic

Shilucheng Microfiber Percale Comforterble Hypoallergenic

There are sheets of benefits. The luxurious 1800-Thread Count bed sheets are made from premium microfiber and are soft to the touch. Better sleep and wake up each morning will make you feel better. There is aLUXURY SHEET SET. The Bed sheets are perfect for homeowners with sophisticated tastes. The Bed sheets are revived with a wonderful color that will make your bedroom look like it belongs in a magazine. It's best for any room in your house. Queen Size Luxury 4PC Bed Sheets Set - 1 flat sheet 92" x 102", 1 fitted sheet 60"x80"x16",2 pillow cases 20" x 30" You don't have to worry about your size. The sheets fit better than any other sheet set because of the deep pockets. It will not slide even if you twist and turn in your bed. It's easy to care for. Cotton has little elasticity to keep its shape for long, so it's best to use 100% microfiber bed sheets. Save time with microfiber sheets. The best gift is made of the highest quality microfiber. It's a great gift idea for men and women.

Brand: Shilucheng

👤I decided to bless you with my review because I was contacted via email to rate this product and I am a kind hearted and generous soul. Everything is great. What about Wrinkles? Forget about it! Softness? It's like I'm sleeping on a baby. Is there Stain resistance? I'll have to invite a few more people. If you don't own a pair of these sheets, God may be able to help you.

👤I am on my 3rd week and 5 washes. These sheets are still soft. There are items to note. Does not fit on the bed with bed straps. 2. Does not evaporate heat but does evaporate water. 3. Before use, wash. They can be washed and worn. 4. I have bought different brands of sheets to find out what I like. I will buy more of these.

👤I've never had bedding that soft. This is bedding is like sleeping under fur. I will have another set tomorrow. I will be buying more of these babies.

👤The first time I slept on these sheets, I thought they were not comfortable. I've never slept on silk sheets before, but these felt very close. They're soft and lightweight. I'm very impressed with how they feel. I've not seen any damage so far.

👤Durability. First night. Lots of movement is in good shape. There were no rips. It's still soft and comfortable. I bought gray, not black, and it was easy to clean. I will update after I get the stains out. Light weight, yes, they fly through the air and fold into some form of paper as you try to make your bed. All and all, for the price, they are very soft, designed and sewed very well. I am impressed. My boyfriend got turned on by their comfort.

👤I received a queen after ordering king sized sheets. It is no big deal. I only sleep on one side of the bed. My paper weights keep the elastic on the other side of the bed. I wish the bottom sheet would have reached the other side of my mattress. It is cool. We all have bad hair days. Thanks for the prompt delivery! The sheets are soft. I wish the other side of my mattress was able to experience the luxury. I have a shortage of ghost costumes for Halloween. I will keep them because they feel great on the right side of my body. Love all of the people who made this experience so enjoyable. One love.

👤These sheets are very soft. The fabric feels good on your skin. They fit my mattress perfectly. The fitted sheet is deep enough that it doesn't fall off the mattress. I was surprised that they didn't cost more, they looked nice. They have not gotten worn out or faded after washing many times. They are my most used sheets. I am going to buy my sister and myself some new sheets in a different color because she wanted some new ones.

👤I couldn't get the fitted bed sheet to stay on my bed. I have never had a problem with a fitted sheet staying on the mattress, but I do have a problem with it. I bought new sheets.

3. Shilucheng Cooling Breathable Bamboo Sheets

Shilucheng Cooling Breathable Bamboo Sheets

Do not bleach the machine wash, tumble dry on low heat, and wash alone using a large commercial washing machine. The bamboo bed sheet is made of 40% MicrofiberBamboo. Lying on sheets is like sleeping in a pool of cold water, as they are incredibly soft and cool. Bamboo can absorb most of the heat in the summer, so that you can still feel as cool as ice. The people with night sweats know that bamboo can absorb sweat, keep you cool and dry all night, and eliminate bad sleep experience. Their Queen size bamboo sheet sets include 1 flat sheet 92" x 102", 1 fitted sheet 60"x80"x16", and 2 pillow cases. This is the epitome of modern luxury bedding that won't break your budget. The sheets fit better than any other sheet set because of the deep pockets. It will not slide even if you twist and turn in your bed. You will get the perfect night's sleep. bamboo sheets are easy to wash and durable. You can wash bamboo sheets in cold water. It was dry at the low temperature. If you want to avoid wrinkling, put the sheets on the bed as soon as possible. Please do not use fabric softeners and bleaches. There is a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. The bed sheet style is fashionable and elegant. They will provide 30 nights of risk-free satisfaction. They will give you the most satisfactory reply as soon as possible if you are not satisfied with the sheets. Customers who are still hesitating, please buy!

Brand: Shilucheng

👤I have used a sheet for the last 20 years. It has gotten me through a lot and has helped me move states to my marriage. I realized it was time to retire this weary soldier of comfort after looking at the old stained sheet with micro holes. We will probably have an honorable burial soon. No one sells just the sheet, so I wanted to replace it. Is it possible to buy a fitted sheet alone, but not regular sheets? I reach for my tinfoil hat but think, "no, let's not jump to conclusions about conspiracy and lizard people just yet." When I see how many people are using bamboo, I think I will see the newest advances in cotton or goat woven fabrics. The goal was softer than the panda food. Have you ever tried cutting bamboo? You need an axe or a hammer. It's time to wear that tinfoil hat. I will try it with the reviews. I can get the pet panda I have always wanted and have something to feed it, since they don't sell just the sheet...sorry, not that one again. I got the sheet set today. I was surprised that it came out of the big box like sheet rock. It was packed in a plastic bag and tied up with a ribbon. The sheets were bright white. Next to my night-time companion of 20 years, most anything looks bright and white. The sheets were soft and a bit cool to the touch. My wife is related to a character named Elsa and she is always cold in the summer. The house is a bit chilly even with the thermostat at 75. I feel like I have reserved a room in Dante's Inferno at night. Don't worry, I snore loudly at night. She thinks I can't help it. I will never tell her that I do it to get back at her. Yeah, the sheets. They have to have millions of sharp and hard fibers to stab you. This stuff is made of bamboo. Actually, no! I am shocked but I will let you know. I said it felt like I was in Dante's Inferno every night. The first night I tried these sheets, I was wrapped in clouds, a cool summers breeze and baby kissed, and I was so sleepy I couldn't remember what happened the next day. I am pretty sure that there is some kind of dark magic at this price and I have probably given them my mortal soul in exchange, but it feels so good that I am trying to decide if I care. I have to wear a tinfoil hat while I sleep in them, but I can hear the sheets calling to me now, I will make you feel alright. I have to get back to bed now because the sheets promised me a pony ride and a lot of money. Thank you for the experience.

👤I have purchased many sheet sets that claimed to be cooling, but they were not true. This set is close to being truly cooling. They are not as soft as some of my standard sheets, but I am willing to take a hit on that if it means I can sleep while dealing with hot flashes.

4. Umchord Bamboo Moisture Wicking Bedding

Umchord Bamboo Moisture Wicking Bedding

Don't forget that your satisfaction is their top priority. This bedding set comes with a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee, no questions asked, no hassle, money-back warranty. It's easy to fit extra deep matTRESSES. The queen sheet sets have a maximum depth of 24 inches. The elastic around the extra deep fitted sheet stretches for a tug around the mattress. The sewing stitch and workmanship reduce the amount of loose thread. The beverage is called "BamBOO VISCOSE." It was made of 30% bamboo and 70% microfiber. The bamboo fabric has a silky soft touch and is winkle resistant. It keeps you cool and dry. The cooling sheets set combines the properties of bamboo fiber with advanced technology, which keeps hot sleepers cooler and drier throughout the night. A comfortable sleep solution. Each set contains 4 pillowcases, 1 flat sheet, and 1 fitted sheet. pillowcases are all you need in their 6-piece sheet set. It's easy to wash. These sheets are machine washed. On a gentle cycle, wash your bamboo bedding. On low setting, it is dry. Put your sheets on your bed after you get them out of the dryer.

Brand: Umchord

👤I heard bamboo sheets were cool to sleep in. The deep fitted sheet was important because we have a thick mattress. That part worked. Another plus is that these sheets came with 4 pillow cases. The poor rating was earned here. These are the slickest sheets I have ever owned. They slide across the bed with little to no effort because they have zero friction. You will have to remake your bed every day because they are so slick. There is more to it than just pulling them up. The top sheet isn't wide enough. They made the fitted sheet to fit the deep mattresses but didn't adjust the top sheet to accommodate that. It is not possible to tuck the sheet under the mattress. They would need to add another 6 on each side. The pillowcases are large. The end flaps are supposed to keep the pillows encased but the fabric is so flimsy that they are useless. We have all sizes of pillows, and every one of them will fall out of the cases. The bed has to be completely renovated every time. I missed the return date so I'm stuck with them, but I'm going to make them drop cloths.

👤I had to buy 3 sets of sheets before I found a set with enough pockets for our mattress. These fit. The sheets are light and airy and smooth, so people who like that kind of sheets will love them. These are not crisp, but they fit the mattress.

👤Total waste of money. Not soft. It is only 30% bamboo. There are strings hanging from the edges.

👤This is a great fitted sheet. We found a sheet that wouldn't pop off with our every move. It is easy towrinkle, but nothing a steamer can do to fix it. I love this product.

👤The bed wouldn't fit a king size sheet set. The elastic on the fitted sheet would only fit around a full size bed, so it looked like it had enough fabric to be a king. Very cheap. The material felt like it would tear with any movement, because the strings were hanging off the edges.

👤The sheets were perfect and arrived sooner than I expected. The sheets fit the bed well.

👤Not what I expected. It was ripped after washing. Disappointed!

5. Hotel Sheets Direct Bamboo Piece

Hotel Sheets Direct Bamboo Piece

It is a perfect fit for any bed. Deep pocket sheets are fade, shrink, andwrinkle resistant. You and your bed are covered. Their queen sheet sets are made from 100% viscose of bamboo and have a soft feel that you won't want to get up from. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 is certified to be free of harmful substances and materials. The queen bamboo sheets set comes with 2 pillow cases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet for comfort. The bamboo fitted sheet has deep pockets that fit around the mattress up to 15''. The perfect combination of quality and function! These sheets are the perfect cooling option for hot sleepers because they are thermo regulated to stay cool all summer long and warm all winter. They're able to prevent sweat.

Brand: Hotel Sheets Direct

👤Why are you reading this? You want to go straight to the chase, like me. These sheets are for sale. I will wait a few months and buy another set. I might buy them tonight because I think about laying on my other sheets. Are they 100% bamboo? Yes. Do you need the tag to prove that? No. You can tell it is real by holding these sheets. The angel hair was spun from God. I'm going to tell you something about bamboo fabric. When we had kids, my Wife got bamboo onesies and little blankies. I realized the hype when I felt them. It feels like butter on a cherub's buttocks. French fries taste like bamboo. It felt like silk, microfiber, and jersey and it was perfect. Purchase the sheets. Trust me. Was this review paid for by me? No! I am a 30 year old man and I am laying in my bed writing this on the sheets. I bring my sheets when I wait to enter the gates of Heaven because I need a back up. The butter sheets are cool to the touch but keep you warm. The pillowcases are hotel style. Soft. I feel like a regal king when I lay in these sheets, but I wonder where the hanging grapes are above my head.

👤We ordered a new mattress. A friend of ours told us that they loved bamboo sheets and that's why we ordered them. The set they ordered cost more than $200. The product got a good review and the price of approximately $40 sounded better than the sheets that cost between $100 to $200. They were the most comfortable sheets we have ever slept on. They were soft and kept us cool. I loved them. There are two more There was a rip on the fitted sheet. I thought I got what I deserved when I bought cheaper sheets. I really liked the sheets. I contacted the company to voice my concern and see how good the warranty was. I received a response from Hotel Direct after I email them on Saturday at 8:00 AM. A new fitted sheet was to be delivered by 11:00 AM that morning. This was the best customer service I have ever experienced. Hotel Sheets Direct is a responsible company that sells a great product. We are buying a second set of sheets because we are so happy. Don't spend more than you have to. You can order from Hotel Sheets Direct.

👤I bought these sheets a couple of times. I was happy to find sheets that didn't get rough or pilled after washing. I like to sleep cool in the humid Wisconsin summers, and the fact that they are cool is a bonus. I purchased a third set in July of this year and immediately noticed they were thinner and not as soft as the packaging implied. They are 100% Bamboo Viscose. After the first wash they were softer and shinier than the 100% rayon sheets, but had a lot of loose threads and a tear along the seam of the fitted sheet. They had 2 more tears along the seam after the second wash. The previous 2 pairs had some loose threads, but they were used for months and there were no holes or tears. The first two pairs were a good deal and have held up well. The new pair won't last long. There is a reduction in quality, but I don't know if it is because they are thinner or the new material. I will have to go to a different seller if that doesn't change. The sheets are the same as always, the seller told me. When they thought the sheets were the same, they labeled them 100% rayon. The seller changed the labels when they found out they were not viscose. It is a very rare issue and they are trying to determine the cause of the thinner and rougher sets. The seller sent me a replacement set since the sheets have a 90 day warranty. They have not ripped after the first wash, just as great as the others. If this happens, remember the warranty. Excellent customer service, good sheets, especially for the price. Highly recommended.

6. LBRO2M Microfiber Hypoallergenic Breathable Resistant

LBRO2M Microfiber Hypoallergenic Breathable Resistant

If there is a quality problem within 90 days, the replacement supply guarantee will be in place. Exquisite user feeling adds elegance and sophistication to any bedroom. Microfiber fabrics are thin and strong. The bed sheets are soft and comfortable, which is what you need for a good night's sleep. Wake up and sleep well. These ultra-plush sheets are woven with the finest craftsmanship and are made with Ultra-Soft Double 1800 Thread Count 100% polyester brushed microfiber fabric. It was designed with a perfect combination of strength and softness. To give more resilience with a smooth soft feeling feel and lustrous appearance. A softer touch. They keep you warm in cold and cool in hot, so you can sleep comfortably every night. The bed sheet is made with strong and durable fabric. The 1800 Thread Count 100% long microfiber yarns are not rip after washing to bring more durable. Every inch of their fabric is tested to meet top performance standards. The fitted sheet is fully elasticized and goes all the way around the bed. To ensure a secure fit with deep pockets that won't ride up or move around in the middle of the night, they use a size that fits almost any mattress. Any holiday, including Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, Valentine's Day, New Year's Day, Easter Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day,Birthday, is a wonderful sleeping gift for LBRO2M sheets. You will get friendly customer service if you serve you wholeheartedly. If you're unhappy with your purchase, please contact them so they can solve the problem for you.

Brand: Lbro2m

👤I was looking to buy another set of cotton sheets. Microfiber sheets are a quarter of the cost, so I decided to check them out. These were on sale and had good reviews. There is a These sheets are not good. They came out fine after I washed them. They are soft, but not as soft as cotton sheets. It doesn't have a body, but there is a slight plastic quality. It drapes well, but not a quality I want in a sheet. The tempurpedic foam mattress I have is a little loose. It has elastic that goes all the way around the fitted sheet, but it isn't sewn to the sheet, which is weird. It is difficult to get onto the mattress, but once it is on it is secure. They are fine for $20, but I won't be buying more in the future. These sheets are not going to be a substitute for cotton. I will keep my Italian cotton sheets.

👤The sheets are very soft. They are soft and feel like cotton, even though they have a slippery texture. They didn'twrinkle after washing them.

👤This is my second set of these sheets, they are holding up great. I bought this to use with the other set. The sheets I bought almost a year ago are still not torn or pilling. The price of these will go up, so I might buy a few more. So far, so good. I bought these by mistake. It has been 2 months and several washes. No pilling or ripping! I buy new sheets every 3-6 months because of rips and pilling. The mattress is deep, and the fitted sheet fits nicely. The flat sheet is longer than previous sets I have purchased. The pillow cases are larger than the standard size. Our pillows fit in nicely. I hope I don't have to buy new sheets, but if I do, it will be another set of these.

👤I have had the sheets for two days and I will definitely be buying more. They are soft and comfortable. When I received them, I washed them once. We will have to see how they hold up after many washes. I will be buying a few more so I don't have to wash them every 3 days. I wash my sheets every day. I got a California king and it fits over our California king. I have these sheets for 7 months and they are still holding up. There were no holes. I still go over our mattress despite the fact that the fitted sheet has shrunk a little. The mattress is 14 inches tall and the sheets are still on it. The sheet will ride on one side by the 3rd day. They are still comfortable and holding up.

👤5 out of 5 stars. The sheets I received today were soft and nice. I washed them and put them on the bed. I was worried they wouldn't fit our bed because we have a thick matress with a mattress protectors on top that adds another half inch. They fit perfectly. I am happy that they are not too thin and are not too thick to be hot. I am very satisfied with this product and recommend these for the price. I already have a few family members who will be buying them.

7. Queen Size Sheet Set Breathable

Queen Size Sheet Set Breathable

Mellanni is a different kind of company that provides the absolute best customer service in the industry. You can return it for any reason, and no questions will be asked. You don't have to send the product back. There are 2 pillow cases and a flat sheet in the bed sheet set. Flat Sheet (100”x 90”) and fitted sheet (60”x 60”) The cases are 20” x 30” They fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep. It will fit if your mattress is less than 16 inches. They feel this is a good universal size that fits most mattresses, because a lot of them are big. Feel the difference. If you're looking for very soft sheets, you've found them. They're soft and cool. The sheets will make you feel comfortable. They're softer than cotton sheets. It's best for any room in your house. It's a great gift idea for men and women. The highest quality crumbed microwave: There is a lighter difference. A softer touch. The double brushed microfiber yarns are of the highest quality. The weightless wonder of the sheets will keep you coming back for more. Linger in your dreams. There are great sheets for the price. These sheets are the most affordable you can find. They are softer than most Egyptian cotton sheets and less expensive.

Brand: Cgk Unlimited

👤We are very pleased with the sheets, they are lightweight and not hot at all. If you have a thinner mattress they tend to bunch up making it messy looking and uncomfortable, and they come out of the dryer wrinkled and look nice on the bed. I bought this set to fit a hospital bed. This is common with sheets that are made to fit thick mattresses. I sewed a "dart" in each corner to fix this and then turned them out and made sure they fit. I can't complain that they are for a deep mattress, but I didn't know how deep they would be. Since October we've been alternating between using these and a cotton set, and these are his favorite and still look brand new. I sent my son a set of sheets in gray that fit his bed well, and he loves them, so I recommend them without reservation.

👤I was surprised by how the sheets fit in my queen size. I own a pillow top mattress and a memory foam cover. I have more room at the corners with these. I've had sheet sets that barely covered the corners and you would have to tug them to get them over the corners. It was easy to get them on the mattress because they were extra tall. There is a The softness is wonderful. These are soft and feel good. I received a set that was perfect, despite the reviews that said they were thin. It's not too hot at night, but in between a medium and heavy thickness. They do not weigh on you like a flannel sheet would. They think they'll be fine for winter. I only had them for a week, and so far they've been great. If you're someone that moves a lot at night, they don't get wadded up if they stay put. I was due for a new set and thought I'd try them because it was a good price, had mostly positive reviews, and I was due for a new set. I'm very happy I did.

👤I was hesitant in buying sheets online because I didn't get to see the product in person. I was pleasantly surprised when these arrived. They fit my full size mattress. I have never had a problem with corners coming off in the middle of the night, as has been the case with past sheets bought at stores like Walmart or The At Home Store. The feel of the sheet was great. I didn't know what I was missing before I bought these sheets. I became a buyer that will definitely buy again. I am not being paid to say that this is an amazing product.

👤I washed it after I got it. It's perfect for my queen size bed and it's so soft and comfy. I saw no tears or weird scratches when I washed it again. The navy blue color is just as dark as it was when I first bought it. Will get more colors in the future.

8. AmazonBasics Heather Jersey Sheet Set

AmazonBasics Heather Jersey Sheet Set

Flat sheet, fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases are included in the queen sheet set. fitted sheet pockets fit mattresses up to 14 inches deep and Jersey knit stretch provides a snug fit on your mattress. All-season sheets are soft and comfortable. It is easy to care for and machine wash. This product was made in a OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Factory and went through independent testing to make sure it met high safety and environmental standards. The dimensions are flat sheet (101 x 90 inch), fitted sheet (60 x 80 x 14 inch), and 2 pillowcases (20 x 30 inch).

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤These sheets are not the same as the purple ones. They feel good, they go on and stay on the bed. Stretchy sheets are needed to realize the full benefits of the materials. The sheets are stretchy and soft, but very expensive and light weight. The fitted sheet for the king size purple mattress is very difficult to put on. The sheet is tight. These sheets are better than the ones on Amazon.

👤I bought these sheets as a spare set, but have been using them constantly. I only use jersey sheets so I know the difference between brands, but these are just as good as the ones I paid $100 for, and they were so inexpensive. I have had no issues with pilling, no tears, and awesome sheets at an even better price. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I noticed a sewing defect on the top sheet when I put these on the bed. I would have sent them back if I had seen this when I washed the sheets. There is not a rip yet, but it will be soon as the sheet is not bound properly. I will use them this week to see how they hold up. I won't be able to see how I like them until I sleep in them. I'm not happy. I am writing this review based on the defect rather than the actual sheets. The only way these sheets can redeem themselves for a higher rating is if they are amazing, but for now they are getting only one star. There is a problem with quality and I have to return many of my purchases from Amazon. I'm tired of packing boxes and taking them to the office. These sheets are Amazon's own brand and they are not what they used to be. I'm not surprised that there is an issue.

👤This was a great match for my Ikea Klippan pull out couch. This couch is not covered by Ikea. I measured and found that the two pieces are the same size as a crib mattress, so I popped on a couple of waterproof mattress covers and these lovely sheets and it works out great!

👤Like a T-shirt in feel, sheets are a lot like that. They are stretchy and washed well. They are very comfortable. If you toss and turn, the sheets can bunch up underneath you, and you can't get them to go flat, because the sheets don't slide across each other easily. The sheets work well with our new foam mattress.

👤Completely in love with the sheets. Exactly what I was hoping for. It is soft and warm. I feel like I have been wrapped in a blanket. My light blue comforter and dark grey color look really cute in my beach themed room. Even after washing, my mattress is still perfect. I am very happy with these so I hope they hold up over time.

👤These sheets are very nice. We thought they ran a little wide for our queen mattress, but I am pretty sure they are kind of tight on sizes because of the stretchy material. We thought they were shallow to make it around the Ikea hybrid mattress. I encourage you to try jersey sheets if you're curious about them. If you are a toss and turner, it seems a little easier to getangled. I have a full size pillow between my knees, and this makes it difficult to get in and out. This style is not as "speck" as a traditional, or satin sheets, so it will cling to some other fabrics as you toss them. The traditional path is humid in north Florida, so we feel like temperature comfort is better with these. After 4 washes, the quality of the sheets seems excellent. My wife said that striped sheets are easier to orient. This style doesn't come in any patters at all, and only a few colors. We love these in grey. I put new ones in blue and will review them soon.

9. Shilucheng Pockets Friendly Comforterble Hypoallergenic

Shilucheng Pockets Friendly Comforterble Hypoallergenic

No risk purchase of 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their goal is to offer the most amazing products at the best prices. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and they are very confident in the quality of their product. Let them know if you don't like their products. You can return the product for a full refund if you're dissatisfied. The bamboo sheets feel like twice the thread count of cotton and are luxuriously soft. You will never look at cotton sheets the same again after you have experienced bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets are naturally cool, and even one degree makes a big difference when you sleep. The sheets made from Bamboo are more absorbent and cooler than other fabrics, and will resist odor, making them more comfortable. Their Queen size bamboo sheet sets include 1 flat sheet 92" x 102", 1 fitted sheet 60"x80"x16", and 4 pillow cases. This is the epitome of modern luxury bedding that won't break your budget. The sheets fit better than any other sheet set because of the deep pockets. It will not slide even if you twist and turn in your bed. You will get the perfect night's sleep. It is easy to care and wash, dries quickly on tumble dry low. Their sheets are Wrinkle free and fade resistant because of their special eco friendly viscose from bamboo and microfiber blend. Save time by not ironing. The best gift is made of the highest quality microfiber. It's a great gift idea for men and women.

Brand: Shilucheng

👤My wife and dog love it.

👤My sheets are $70 dollars. I love them! I am a sheet snob. You will not regret these. Don't use them if you don't wash them before use. My dogs and cats are on them, as well as the many washes. I wash my sheets more frequently because my animals like to sleep on my bed and haven't noticed any wear. Will be buying more.

👤Beautiful sheets. The color was disappointing. They look better online than in person. Like a lot of things.

👤These sheets are the best I've ever owned. It's amazing that they're so soft and cozy. The fabric is soft yet rugged, and they seem well sewn. I've never had bamboo fabric before, and this is intriguing. This fabric is similar to what would happen if rubber and silk had a baby. As soon as they have inventory available, I'm buying another set. You will regret it if you don't buy a set after I get my order. The sheets were sent the wrong way. The manufacturer was very apologetic when I sent a complaint and immediately sent out the correct size. I respect the attention and integrity to make it right. A product and manufacturer!

👤The paper in the box says machine washing is not recommended.

👤I received these sheets and no amount of soaking or washing was able to get the smell out of them. The seller knows they stink. Before placing the sheets on your bed, there is an instruction card detailing how to care for them. If you put them on your bed before following the instructions, you will end up burning the bed to get the smell out of your house. I tried. And washed. And washed. And washed again. I decided it was a ploy to make it impossible to return these turds. Because they have been washed, they have been used. Well played. From now on, I am going to bed bath and beyond for sheets.

👤My wife and I are very impressed with this product, so I feel compelled to review it. There are so many marginal products in the world today. We would like to share our experience. The king size bed sheet was very reasonable. Our bed is too hot. I've seen a commercial about cooling bed sheets. There were too many bad reviews about how deceptive the advertised products were. My wife and I are very happy with the new sheet that Shilucheng has, after the first night of sleeping on it. We felt very cool with the silky touch and luxurious feeling of it being soft. I ordered an extra set after a good night of sleep, and will probably order more sets for other bed rooms in the house. This company is willing to stand behind their products and care about them. There are over 800 perfect reviews. There was a nice note from the customer service that said they would support the products. Good job the nice people at Shilucheng. We will let our friends and family know about your products. Keep up the good work.

10. LuxClub Friendly Hypoallergenic Anti Bacteria Washable

LuxClub Friendly Hypoallergenic Anti Bacteria Washable

There are great sheets for the price. These sheets are the most affordable you can find. They are softer than most Egyptian cotton sheets and less expensive. The finest Egyptian cotton sheets are not as luxurious as the bamboo sheet sets of the LuxClub. The sheets are softer than the cotton sheet sets. 6 piece bamboo sheets beat hotel sheets and high thread count luxury sheets. The best cooling sheets are superior. 18 inch deep pocket sheets,wrinkle free sheets, silky soft sheets are part of their Bamboo bedding sets. Their bamboo fitted sheets are blended with microfiber and elastic. Extra deep pockets are found in their bamboo deep pocket sheets. Their sheets are softer than Jersey sheets and are fade resistant. Cooling bed sheets are the best for hot sleepers. There is one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and four pillow cases included. ECO FRIENDLY. Their bamboo bed sheets are of the top quality. All workers in their foreign and domestic facilities are paid fair wages. They care about the environment. Total commitment and lifetime satisfaction. If you don't like your sheets for any reason, just let them know and they'll take them back. Enjoy the comfort of the sheets.

Brand: Luxclub

👤It looks and feels synthetic. Cotton made in a lab, non-biodegradable, emits toxic gases and flamable. The 40% Rae from Babel is synthetic. Nothing natural about it. Both materials can't be washed in warm-hot water. It was designed to be cheap and fast. It was made in China. The fitted sheet seems light in weight, so I think I will not last a year. My conclusion is to purchase high quality cotton sheets.

👤There is a cheap shiny crinkly piping on the edge of the sheet that is not classy. Like plastic paper. I would prefer they didn't add that detail. The fabric was advertised as a bamboo blend, but it is actually microfiber. The seams are not smooth. These are not good. If you want, they are soft. I can not stand microfiber. It is tacky. What can you expect from that? The advertising is misleading, but my fault for ordering. It was a major bummer.

👤Bedsheets are very comfortable. They are smooth, soft, and free from wrinkling. I washed them and put them in the dryer before the first use so they wouldn't get wrinkled. I am very satisfied and impressed. They are my favorite sheets to date. I will definitely order more of them.

👤I paid full price for these and was not offered any kind of deal for a review. I am a regular Amazon customer and not out to get something for free by tricking people into buying products, you can't go wrong with these great quality sheets for the price! The King size fits well for the price and they are soft. I've had king cases be on the short side when purchasing sheets online in the past, but they were sized perfect. I searched Amazon for a while before taking a gamble on these because of the cheaper price and lack of reviews. I will purchase a second set before they leave. Don't be the one who misses out.

👤It does fit my deep pockets. The sheets were stated to be equivalent to 1500 thread count in several reviews. I own 1500 count sheets and they are very soft and light. I bought three more sets because I liked them so much. I like the variety of colors. The fact they come with four pillowcases was a good selling point. I have six pillows on my bed and wanted different color cases in the same soft material to break up all the color and match my bedspread, but I can't find additional pillowcases to purchase separately.

👤The sheets are soft and fit on my mattress. It does work, but it is tight. I bought a green set. I did not receive this item at a discount because I am a real person. Clicking "helpful" at the bottom of the review will help move reviews to the top. Thanks in advance.

👤I was skeptical because these sheets are not cotton. They are better than any of the sheets I have tried. I have been looking for the perfect sheets for years. I tried a few cottons. These sheets look great and feel good. They are smooth and cool to the touch, unlike cotton. Staying cool at night is a must for me since I am in my 50's. I will buy these again. Soon! The seller of these sheets assured me that I would like them after I email them. He was correct. The price on these sheets is astounding to me. I bought a set of Wamsutta Dream Zone sheets. I didn't take those out of the package until I felt the bamboo sheets.

11. SONORO KATE Bamboo Queen Sheets

SONORO KATE Bamboo Queen Sheets

Machine wash cold and gentle. It was tumble dry. Their deep pocket queen sheets are the best Christmas gifts for women. It's the best gift for Thanksgiving Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day. Can be used as hotel sheets. There is a notice. It is recommended that you hang it to dry after washing. Choose Sonoro Kate 100% Bamboo sheets 4-piece set to give yourself a chance to improve your sleep quality. It's like sleeping on a cloud. You won't want to sleep on anything else, you've tried their bamboo sheets. It is a blessing and a curse. A lot of their reviews are from repeat customers who leave a review when they buy another set. 100% Bamboo bedding is Breathable and Cooling and BREATHABLE. It keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the night. It's ideal for sensitive skin, sweats, and night time. OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Certified bamboo luxury bed sheets have been tested for over 100 harmful substances and are safe for you and your family. Bamboo bedding products are made with the highest quality organic bamboo viscose and are never mixed with other fabrics or fibers. It's easy to wash. These sheets are machine washed. On a gentle cycle, wash your bamboo bedding. On low setting, it is dry. Put your sheets on your bed after you get them out of the dryer. Customer service is what it is. They accept any reason, any time of return, no matter how long it is. You can return products if you're not satisfied. Their commitment to customers and their confidence in product quality is what makes this possible.

Brand: Sonoro Kate

👤This time of year is the worst for me because I have Fibromyalgia, so I needed something soft. I decided to try them because the price was right and I had been researching them for a long time. I was skeptical when I opened them because they were very thin. I put them on my bed after washing them. I had a good night of sleep. Cool and comfortable. I will be buying more.

👤I wanted some extra pillow cases after purchasing a sheet set from this company. There is decorative stitching on the open end. There is a flap to hide the pillow. I have told everyone I know about the third set of items from this company. You will not find a better company on this site. I had a small issue with my first order and they took care of it. I am getting ready to order my fourth item because they handled it well. You can't beat the prices. Quality products at a lower price.

👤I don't know if we got a full size sheet. It is almost useless. After it was washed, it barely covers the bed as people pull it off each other to stay covered. The softness is great and these weren't cheap. I need a king top sheet if this is a queen sheet. Very sad.

👤I bought different brands of sheets. 3 from Amazon and 1 from Target. 2 of the Amazon sheets came in the same packaging. This was a sheet set. These are very soft and almost mesh-like. The ceiling fan air current goes through a sheet before. The first wash a seam started to pull out leaving a long string that pulled out of a double-stitched seam. Good that it was double-stitched, bad that this seam will fail in a few more washes. The other china sheet did not have this. The weak elastic is the biggest letdown. The middle of the sheets pull up constantly. I have to pull the queen sheets back under the bed every morning. This fatal flaw is shared by the other china sheet set. A great sheet set is ruined by weak elastic. They would knock this out of the park if they were to design them for a 13-15" mattress, swapped to heavy elastic, or even sewed another row of elastic.

👤I was excited when they were in the package. I dried them on low after reading the washing instruction and doing a gentle cycle with cold water. The amount of fluff that came off the lint catcher was insane. The sheets were wrinkled and soft. I made the bed with a cool iron. I bought these because I sleep very hot. The reviews were correct. I slept well. It was much cooler. But the wrinkling. Oh my gosh! The sheets looked like they were tied in knots in the dishwasher. If it means not sweating all night or playing the blankets off, or one foot out for a heat regulating beacon, I am ok with living with wrinkly sheets. I will buy again.


What is the best product for best sheets queen deep pocket?

Best sheets queen deep pocket products from Urbanhut. In this article about best sheets queen deep pocket you can see why people choose the product. Shilucheng and Umchord are also good brands to look for when you are finding best sheets queen deep pocket.

What are the best brands for best sheets queen deep pocket?

Urbanhut, Shilucheng and Umchord are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best sheets queen deep pocket. Find the detail in this article. Hotel Sheets Direct, Lbro2m and Cgk Unlimited are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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