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1. Gildan Fleece Sweatshirt G18500 X Large

Gildan Fleece Sweatshirt G18500 X Large

50% cotton, 50% ipe. It has double-needle stitching on the shoulders, neck, and armholes for long- lasting comfort. The hood has a color-matched drawcord.

Brand: Gildan

👤I usually don't like throwing bad things out there, but I feel like the number of positive reviews and descriptions really led me astray. This isn't a deal where you are getting a cheap item. You are getting what you pay for. The fabric is very thin and not heavy. The material is very coarse and on the verge of being itchy, which is not a soft "fleece" item. I feel like the picture on the product page has a filter on it to make it look shiny, smooth, and soft. I would expect a lightweight horse blanket to be more like this. The fit was ok but the sleeves were short. I am 6'2 and weigh 180 lbs. I can't find long sleeve items that are long enough. You won't find it here if you are the same. I don't like having to order up sizes and wear something that makes me look like a flying squirrel just to have sleeves long enough. There is a This is fine if you are looking for a standard hoodie. If you are looking for something heavy, high-quality, or soft, then look elsewhere. I took away one star from each of them because they were false.

👤The reviews were bad but for me, it was a really good purchase. It is not a heavy sweatshirt. It is also not lightweight. The quality is what you would expect for the price and it is comfy. The L looks like I am 5'3". I wanted the LX to be large, but it wasn't available.

👤Gildan hoodies are always a small, always, or at least near always. This is the brand that most colleges use for their hoodies, and I would recommend getting a size up in them too, as this brand is always the one used. I need to buy these in an larger size for the "classic hoodie fit" because I am a large person. I'm 6'1, 185 lbs, 44-45 inch chest, 18.5 inch shoulder to shoulder span, sitting right around a 34 inch waist, in American sized pants, so you can gauge my size against yours. I am a perfect large in everything I buy. I have always had to size up in hoodies. The hoodie is a mid to heavy weight, and is pretty much unbeatable for the price. You could layer these with a jacket, but it would probably be a tight fit. Hope this helped you.

👤The medium size is right for me. I'm 5'9 and weigh over 150 lbs. Very happy with the purchase. I received it on 11/27.

👤I had been searching for a good staple black hoodie for a while, however most of them cost upwards of$40, which I thought was outrageous to spend on a trendy piece of clothing that might not be fashionable next year. I decided to crop it myself. It came out great. I just left the hem raw, because I didn't sew it. I'm 5'3 and 157 lbs. I wanted the big look so I bought a large one. I like how it came out. The hoodie is very nice, but don't expect the finest quality fabric at 14 bucks. It has a plain cotton exterior, but the inside is very soft. The black fabric doesn't look cheap. I'm thinking of tie-dyeing it with bleach.

2. Burts Bees Natural Moisturizing Superfruit

Burts Bees Natural Moisturizing Superfruit

LIP PROTECTION: The four naturally hydrating flavors of the balm are Pink Grapefruit, Mango, Coconut & Pear, and Pomegranate. Total toxicity: Their lip balm is packed with fruit extracts and beeswax, which will help you smooth out dry lips. Their conditioning lip balm is long lasting and leaves your lips feeling refreshed all day long. All natural. The balm on your lips is made from 100% natural ingredients and will keep you glowing on the inside. The value 4 pack provides you with a lip balm no matter what fruity flavor you are craving. Take one at home and keep it on the go so you can use it whenever you want.

Brand: Burt's Bees

👤The box contained a sealed tube of the grapefruit balm, which was a most disappointing and disturbing purchase. I ordered along with a balm that was previously used and filthy. In the same box.

👤These lip balms are wonderful. Each tube has a different smell and taste. I like the mango flavor. My lips are soft and supple because they all condition them well. They're all natural. The ingredients are listed as follows: Sunflower seed oil, Cocoa butter, Castor seed oil, Lanolin Aroma/Flavor, Tocopheral, Rosemary leaf extract, and Canola oil. It was a great deal. I believe they were less than $9. I could pay up to $3 a tube at my neighborhood grocery store. That's a lot of money. I'm getting these with a buy three get one free deal. I would recommend giving the program a try. If you purchase five items, you'll get an extra 15% off of each item, and baby products are given a 20% discount. Some of the items I've bought have been less than $1, but they were natural cat treats. If you can find a few items it will save you a lot of money. It will take longer for your items to be shipped, but I think that's why they offer the discount. Please press the helpful button if this review helps you. I don't get any free or discounted products because of this. I like to know that I've helped people. Thanks!

👤There is a watch out. Your seller could be ending the product for you. For the record. We have been advocates for the past 10 years or so for the products of the Bee. If you use the same lip balm every day, you will know that it is smooth and silky. Since we started buying our lip balms on Amazon, we have made at least 36 purchases of this item. The most recent time we ordered it, every single one of the lip balms was horrible. One of two things are happening when you use grimy lip balm. The lip balms were out in the heat for a while before we received them. They were loose and free in the package, as well as not coming in the typical 2 pack cardboard box, as we have received 35 other times. It's sad that we have had such a bad experience and you don't want to waste your money on something that's not what you've come to expect from Burt's Bees. We aren't blaming the seller, we are blaming the buyer.

👤I like the chapstick from Bert's Bees. It's the only kind I buy. This is a great deal for 4 of them. I didn't pay much attention to the flavors, so make sure you know they are Mango, Coconut & Pears, Pomegranate, and Pink Grapefruit. I like the pink grapefruit and the pomegranate. I would have liked to have had one original in the mix. Stay on my lips for a long time. I use them before I go out to run. I keep one in my purse, my car, my bed, and my workout bag.

3. Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich

Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich

If you're not completely satisfied, a full refund is available. Any defect caused during production or delivery will be replaced for free. The sandwich maker cooks your sandwich in just a few minutes. It's perfect for a quick meal on the go. Use this breakfast maker to make your own custom sandwich with your choice of bread, cheese, eggs, meats, and more. These are great for the Paleo and Keto diet. There are more than 25 sandwich maker recipes on their website. You don't have to leave your house to build your breakfast sandwich, it's just a few steps with a breakfast maker. The sandwich maker's surfaces are covered with a durable, non-stick coating, making it easy to clean. It's a perfect gift for the holidays, Christmas, father's day, mother's day, graduation, back to school and more. Quick and easy recipes are included.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤I have been using this breakfast sandwich maker for over a year and I really like it. Whenever family or friends visit, they always ask me for breakfast sandwiches the next morning because they know how great they are. There are some tricks that can help you get the ultimate experience with this maker. I've made a video to show you everything I've learned from my trial and errors, so you can go straight to impressing yourself and your friends with the perfect breakfast sandwich. I hope you enjoy this little maker as much as my family does. It's a good thing. If you want to learn how to make the perfect breakfast burrito, you can visit this link.

👤This product is everywhere. It is an absolute joy to own Amazon, Target, Walmart and Marshall's. When I bought my first one, it was a joke. I was going to be running my own short order diner when it came to playing FiFA with the boys or having late night binge watching. I have replaced it twice because it has been stolen many times. It was some of the lowest times of my life when the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker was stolen. I moved out of New Jersey because it was not possible for me to represent my home with a state sandwich. I rented an apartment in Brooklyn to forget my troubles. The machines that were stolen made it back. I can feed a room of 15 in 30 minutes. I'm happy. People say you don't know how many friends you have until you win the lottery. I bought a few of these for White elephant Christmas and they were the most stolen items during those times.

👤It is difficult to describe how bad this thing is. I will try. It will come apart at the slightest tilt. The middle cast iron part will fall out if you forget that it is two pieces and move it sideways. If your toes are exposed, God help you. Most of this thing is exposed cast iron that gets hot, which means that the chance of you burning your hand every time you eat is nearly 100%. It is like a game of operation to get the food out without the burning alive of innocent skin cells. Don't worry, you won't be getting the sandwich out. It is not a sandwich. It is more like soup with some bread in it. Imagine filling a hot iron tube with soup and opening it. What happens? There is hot liquid cheese/egg soup everywhere. The mess you left with is worse than a 4-year old cooking in one of those commercials where the whole kitchen looks like a food Vietnam. Good luck cleaning this thing. If you wait 30 minutes it will cool down enough to get in the general vicinity, but if you don't, it will rot in places where you will never be able to go. Save 25 dollars and cook your breakfast in a pan. You are doing it right now. You don't need this and you are going to hate it because a dog hates shocks.

4. Revlon One Step Dryer Volumizer Brush

Revlon One Step Dryer Volumizer Brush

Style and dry in one step. It is possible to style, dry and volumize your hair in one step. IONIC and ceramic technology are related. The round edges of the Oval brush create volume. It was designed with nylon pin and bicstles for detangling. There are 3 heat/speed settings with a cool option for styling flexibility. The Volumizer 1.0 Original is designed for 120 Volt USA outlets only. Do not use a transformer as it will damage it. You should care for your vehicle. After every use, remove hair from the brush and clean the air inlet. Let the unit cool before storing.

Brand: Revlon

👤I have a lot of hair. A lot. Who is that Wookiee over there? I've looked into having a third arm implanted. Who would do that? Is that a surgery for the veins? My shoulders are so tired that I have to hold up a dryer and a brush for a long time. I was told by fitness people that there isn't a market for a 75-minute focus on the anterior deltoids in a workout video. I have to wake up before I go to sleep in order to have enough time to dry my hair before work. It took me 8 minutes. I assumed that I had entered a beauty time warp after finishing. I checked with my husband in the next room and he did not see a wormhole. The silkier-than-silk style was accomplished in 8 minutes with this miracle of a brush, which I used to flicking my hair over my shoulder while smiling coquettishly in the mirror. If you struggle with an over abundance of hair like I do, seriously consider giving this amazing contraption a try.

👤The blow dryer was easy to use. I would use it on wash day for amazing results. I noticed that my hair was thin and a large section of it looked like it had been fried. I realized that the metal used in between the brissals was getting so hot that it was burning my hair and eventually leading to major hair loss. I had to chop my hair in order to regrowth and have been on the road to healthy hair recovery ever since. If you care about your hair, please use a roller brush and a conventional dryer to control distance and heat exposure. It is more work. It's most likely that something feels too good to be true.

👤It didn't last very long. I turned it on and after a few seconds the sound changed and the handle got hot and it smelled burnt. I let it cool down and turned it off. I tested it again after 10 minutes and it had smoke coming from the bottom near the cord. I let it cool down again and then after trying to figure out what went wrong, I heard some sounds coming from the bottom. There were shards of plastic in the dryer. It's terrible. Such a waste of money! I spent $90 on this. It did not touch my hair. I had high hopes for this item. It would save me a lot of time and money in hair care and I thought it would last me forever. Worst online purchase I have ever made. This was the second time I bought this item. The first time it broke, I thought it was an error on my part. I held it in my hand and tested it first. I spend over $200 for two hairdryers that never touched my hair. Can't believe Amazon sells this. I am angry and upset. I don't know if I have an assurance if I send these items back. It's beyond belief that I have to spend money on return shipping and go out of my way to get this back. I've never been disappointed in an online purchase.

5. YETI Rambler Stainless Insulated MagSlider

YETI Rambler Stainless Insulated MagSlider

No reason to return fast shipping by Amazon. You don't have any risk to try. They will be happy to help you if you email them first. If you have any questions, please contact them directly. The only drink lid that uses the power of magnets to keep your water, beer, or favorite drink on lock is the YETI MagSlider lid. The No Sweat Design makes sure your hands stay dry, and the Ramblers are dishwasher safe. Dracut is a durable coat of color that won't fade, peel, or crack through extended field use and also provide additional grip to the Rambler's exterior. The double-wall insulated tumblers have an 18/8 steel body, which means that your drink still keeps its temperature no matter how much you beat it. The YETI is 20 ounces. The lip diameter of the Rambler Tumbler is 3 1/2 in. All YETI cups are standard sized. Camping and hiking are sport types. It keeps hot drinks hot until the last sip.

Brand: Yeti

👤I got my eevy with a mugslider lid. Well built, looks great. Coffee is cold after an hour or two. The coffee will leak past the lid while you are driving, and then it will pour all over your car interior. I was hoping for better. I liked the information pamphlet that was in the cup that talked about the differences between hot and cold liquid, and how hot liquid can leak around the Mugslider lid. How about making a lid that doesn't leak when you put hot liquid in a cup? If you want to use it for coffee, you should not buy it.

👤There is a piece of junk that is counterfeit. The rambler has a magnetic lid. I received a cheap piece of plastic lid for the rambler, but it had no magnetic closure. I don't think the coffee is vacuum sealed as it turns cold in a matter of minutes. It's terrible that Amazon allows counterfeit sales.

👤The MagSlide lid was the reason I ordered the 20 oz. The package says "w/ MagSlide lid", but it came with a regular lid. It was very disappointing.

👤I was scared by the cups. I don't think any of these are made in Texas anymore, although they used to be. The complete line of Yeti products is sold by my local hardware store. I checked a bunch of those and all were fake. I ordered from Amazon so I could get the nice aqua-blue color and the nifty sliding cover, which my ACE does not have. The sliding cover is leak proof, and the color is beautiful. The cover is strong enough to protect my truck cup holder. The cups could be dropped into a backpack. If I ever need one, I could buy it from the local ACE. A photo is included. I have washed the YETI and removed the cap so that it can dry out on the kitchen counter-top in my photo.

👤The yeti cup has a mag lid. The only thing included was a cheap plastic lid. I felt like I was getting the mag lid as well. Disappointed!

👤My cup is leaking. When I tilt the cup to take a sip, the liquid under the lid drips all over me. I'm very disappointed. The cup keeps my coffee cold. I dripped coffee on my shirt. It's not the first time. I checked to see if I could exchange it, but I'm late for that. If it weren't making a mess and ruining my clothes, I'd buy this again. I'm assuming this is a glitch because everyone else has positive reviews. fingers crossed, I email about an exchange. I got a very quick response to my email. I received a new lid and it has changed my life. As soon as I put the lid on, it fit differently and it would seal. And it does! I love their customer service.

👤The magslider and two of the lids were cracked. Overall, pretty disappointed.

👤I bought a few Yetis that have the real mag. The mug is fake.

6. Bedsure Satin Pillowcase Hair 2 Pack

Bedsure Satin Pillowcase Hair 2 Pack

The earmuffs are designed to maximizely blast the atmosphere of the game, which is why they have gorgeous Led lights and Effortlessly Volume Control. The 3.5mm braided wire has high strength and anti-winding, making it easy to control the volume. The pillowcases help to reduce split ends and ensure a night of beauty sleep by protecting delicate facial hair from scratches and tugs. The next generation of fabric is highly advanced and leaves skin hydrated. While other materials can pull at your hair and cause irritation to your skin, it isn't as drying as cotton. It's like a miracle for your skin. It's not as drying as cotton on your skin. It's like a miracle for your skin. The envelope closure end design prevents your pillows from escaping during your dream. This pillowcase has an easy on and off design that makes it a pleasant experience. Bedsure's pillowcases are both soft and durable, making them a good choice for a good night's sleep. The set of 2 measures 20 x 30. It is easy to care for high-quality pillowcases, which are more durable than silk pillowcases. Put Bedsure's pillowcase inside a mesh laundry bag and wash it with detergent.

Brand: Bedsure

👤Is that a type of material? I don't know what my fabrics are, but the material feels nice for the price. I wanted silk-like pillowcases to help maintain the health of my hair and skin without the price of silk. Thanks to Amazon Prime, this did the job and was shipped quickly.

👤The items were packaged well. The dark gray is cool to the touch. It feels great. The seller provides very specific cleaning instructions. They may shrink, melt, or get damaged if you follow them. I washed mine with cold water. Then was hung to dry. It was dried very quickly.

👤I was looking for silk pillow cases, but decided to try these out because they were a better price. I'm not disappointed. I have noticed a difference in my hair in the mornings and they are so smooth and comfortable to sleep on. I have washed them several times and have not seen a difference in the quality. I would buy again.

👤I bought these to help my hair. I usually sleep on wet hair. When I sleep on my wet hair, it feels less brittle after using this pillow case. I would recommend this to people who want to improve their hair.

👤Over the years, we have purchased at least 6 different brands of pillowcases on Amazon. We always end up with queen size pillowcases when we order standard size pillowcases. These pillowcases are standard size. They fit our pillows. The brands that advertise under the "satin" or "sateen" or silk" category represent that their products are silky, but these pillowcases really feel silky. We only washed them a few times, but they seem to hold up. I hope so. They are the most comfortable that we have yet to find on Amazon.

👤The pillowcase reduces bedhead. It was cheap, as in poorly made. One of the cases is already covered with runs. I expected them to hold up a little longer than 13 days.

👤I love these! They are a great shade of gray and a great price. I ordered these to help protect against hair-breakage and I have already noticed a huge difference.

👤I was hoping that it would look and feel better than it did, but it did. I have only slept on them a few times. I like the way my hair looks. They make my bed look very sexy.

👤I bought a set for each woman in my family as a Christmas gift. You can't beat the price for these, you love them so much. My silk pillowcase is rough and very soft but these always stay soft and have the same benefits as silk. My hair and skin love them. Don't buy silk when you have these. Excellent quality too. I wash mine many times and they are still in good shape. They are able to handle the wash and dryer cycles. The little pocket in the end makes it easy to tuck your pillow into it and it doesn't slide out in the middle of the night. Great product!

7. Oral B Black Pro 1000 Rechargeable

Oral B Black Pro 1000 Rechargeable

A regular manual toothbrush can remove up to 300 percentage more plaque along the gum line than a clinically proven superior 3D cleaning. The pressure sensor stops the pulsation movement if you brush too hard, and the in handle timer helps you brush for a dentist recommended 2 minutes. The Daily Clean mode rotates to break up plaque. The pack includes 1 Oral B Professional Handle, 1 CrossAction Brush head, and a charger. The replacement toothbrush heads are compatible with CrossAction, 3D White, Sensitive Clean, Precision Clean, FlossAction, Deep Sweep, Ortho and dual clean. Does not fit brush heads. The packaging and refill color may be different.

Brand: Oral-b

👤The Pro 1500 isn't on Oral-B's website. When I bought the Pro 1500 almost a year ago, I asked Oral-B why it wasn't on their website, because I was worried I had just bought a discontinued product. They told me that it was a brand new item that they had just released and that they were going to add the Pro 1500 to their site soon. I know that it's nearly a year later and they still haven't done it, but I have been to their site several times per month since then and I'm not surprised it's not on their site yet. I think anyone could do a better job with their website than someone is doing it now. I have noticed that it is falling apart. Some elements have not worked for months. Better people to handle and operate their website is what they need. The price for the Pro 1000 and Pro 1500 was the same as when I wrote the review. The price of the Pro 1500 is more than twenty dollars more than it was when I wrote this review, and is currently close to thirty dollars more than the Pro 1000. I bought this to replace a very old Vitality. It was an upgrade over the Vitality, but I learned from Oral-B that the Pro 1500 is superior. The Pro 1000 has a pressure sensor that is supposed to stop the pulsations when it's triggered. A red battery level indicator blinks a few times if the battery needs to be charged, and a green charge indicator that blinks while charging, but stays off when it's not. A red battery level indicator blinks a few times if the battery needs to be charged, and a green charge indicator that blinks while charging, but stays off when it's not. The CrossAction brush head is very basic. A NiMH battery has a battery life of 20 minutes. 19 hours is a full reload time. The Sensitive Gum Care brush head came with no charge indicators or battery life indicators. The Vitality seems like a generic electric toothbrush. Don't buy it. It was amazing when I upgraded to the Pro 1000. I ordered the Oral-B Pro 1500 because I wanted to write a rave review. I can tell you that the Pro 1500 is better than the Pro 1000. I don't think the Pro 1000 should ever be sold. The Pro 1000 is destroyed by the Pro 1500 right now. If the Pro 1000 had a Ion battery, I would have given it 4 stars. They last longer without charging. So. Yes. If you can get the Pro 1500, I would not recommend the Pro 1000. The Pro 1500 is a better purchase. I'm very happy with mine. The Pro 1000 is in the water.

👤I left my sonic care at my overseas location and bought this. It was supposed to be awesome and ready for a change. It is like brushing your teeth with a weed whacker. It is so loud! It was not smooth at all. My teeth are hurt after brushing. I had a headaches after the first use. There is a hole in the brush head. I threw the box away because I was stupid.

8. Pillow for Sleeping Cooling Memory Foam Bamboo

Pillow for Sleeping Cooling Memory Foam Bamboo

You will need 1-2 days to get used to the new pillow, because your neck needs time to get used to it. After you get used to it, you will enjoy it. Their memory foam pillows are GreenGuard Gold Certified to ensure your safety, and they are put under stringent third party lab testing to make sure they are of the highest quality. It's LUXURY. Dreams are made of this bamboo pillow. The proprietary mix of shredded memory foam provides added support and is designed with you in mind. When you thought the pillow couldn't be cooler, it was just when you thought it couldn't be any cooler. The side sleeping pillows have a technology that makes you sleep a lot better. Ready, set, sleep! Their bed pillows are self-adjusting and can be used for a back, stomach, or side sleeping position. Their queen pillows are made in the USA, which means they are the best quality pillows.

Brand: Snuggle-pedic

👤I bought this pillow from customer reviews. I decided to take a chance despite being skeptical that it would work. I don't know if I've ever slept well, but it had gotten worse in recent months. I had some nice pillows, but they were not comfortable and I would wake up with neck pain at night. I started looking at the pillows. The hot flashes never go away as an older woman. They might not be bad. I still have them. It's so annoying. I read all the reviews and one that explained the "cooling" part was the only one that said it depended on the room temperature. I keep the bedroom cool. I love the pillow. I have never owned a better one. Since I started using the pillow, I don't think I've moved much, it's wonderful. I don't know what makes it so nice, but it works. It's supportive and keeps it's shape. It's weird for me to not throw and turn all night long. It's made with nice fabric.

👤I can't use the pillow because I don't think it would do what I wanted it to. The smell is so strong that it is overpowering. I have had it in the dryer for 20 minutes twice and it has been out for 2 weeks. It still smells like I'm standing in front of a mixing tank. I have been in the same situation as an industrial equipment salesman. Do not get this pillow if you have a nose that works. It is the strongest smell I have ever experienced with a consumer product.

👤I bought two pillows that were king-sized. One for me and one for my husband. My husband and I prefer support and softer pillows. All of the pillows we have tried have failed. It was worth it to try something different when you replace a pillow as often as we do because they go flat, not comfortable, or what not. Wow! What a difference these pillows made! It was a soft pillow for me, even though it was supportive. I have slept better since receiving this pillow. It is wrapped up tight. When it is unwrapped, it is almost completely flat, but the instructions to place the pillow in the dryer for 20 minutes on high let it 'fluff' it up to the correct size, makes sense. Customer support has been great. They have been checking in via e-mail to make sure the product works well for me, and offer to make any changes I need. I received a coupon code for a free pillow cover. I highly recommend this seller.

👤I have been trying to find the right pillow. My wife and I have bought many different ones. She's happy with the memory foam pillows we bought a long time ago. I slept on them. I used my regular pillow after sleeping a half of a night on it. I couldn't find the right pillow. They were either too firm or soft. The reviews and the 90 day satisfaction money back promise, as well as the 2 times free customization promise, drew my attention to this one. I called the company to speak to them before ordering to double check and get clarification on their promises, and the gentleman was very professional and patient with me. The promises are no longer valid. There were no "gotcha" clauses. I knew that the pillow was shredded foam and not a solid block of memory foam, so I ordered it knowing that there was a slight smell that I didn't like. Everyone is given these things. I can't understand why people are leaving ambiguous and unfair reviews. Almost all of the low star reviewers have not taken advantage of the free customizations, after the company tells them to contact them there are no updates as to their satisfaction and those that do update and tell how the company made it right do not change their ratings to coincide with the customer service they' I hope the more logical and reasonable potential customers reading this will take this into account when looking at their low rated reviews. It's like the reviewers are trying to be difficult. Since a pillow's comfort depends on the person using it, it makes sense to have it tailored before complaining about how it feels. I am like that person. There was a slight smell in the room, but nothing worth getting bent out of shape about. I mean... I could have washed it. I didn't feel like waiting hours for it to dry and I believe most of us don't sleep on a pillow without a pillow case anyways! The pillow cover and pillow case mask the smell of dust mites, and I have them. I didn't have any headaches or anything from the smell. After the cover and pillow case was put on, I couldn't smell it. I sleep on the side and stomach. The first night was pretty good, so I decided to go for a week. I decided the pillow needed more stuffing for my liking because the foam would shift too much and the pillow would get too hard when I lay on my side. I called Relief-Mart and told them my problem and they told me what to do and the guy was very nice. The customization was free. The description on Amazon has it in big bold letters. I received my pillow back and it appears to be perfect for me. I'm very. They've kept their promises and are more than satisfied with the pillow's comfort, customer service and warranty. The company did everything they said they would do. I don't have stiff neck, morning headaches or anything associated with the wrong pillow. I bought this knowing that I might have to modify the amount of foam in it because of the opinion of the person sleeping on it. They tell you that you can personalize it before you buy it. Why penalize them for making a standard pillow that can be changed? Why penalize the company for giving a 90 day money back guarantee? Is it a 20 year warranty? I couldn't do that. Relief-Mart made a pillow for me. I waited to write a review until I had it tailored. Even if I sent it back twice, it still wasn't right. What would I have to complain about if I still got a full refund? I don't understand why I would have given them a low review for doing everything they could to make me happy. I hope other first time potential customers keep in mind the things that are low rated in the reviews when ordering this pillow. It's unfair to give this anything other than a minimum of 4 stars because they take every single avenue they can to make sure you are satisfied with your experience, regardless of whether you keep the pillow or not. Relief-Mart is a good example of a company going out of their way for their customers. When looking at the low rating reviews/reviewers, please notice that most, if not all, have not taken advantage of the free customization of the pillow. It's like going to an expensive clothing store and buying an expensive suit and not having it tailored and then complaining it didn't fit off the rack. Doesn't make sense, does it? It's free, so it's especially important.

9. Weiman Jewelry Cleaner Liquid Brilliance

Weiman Jewelry Cleaner Liquid Brilliance

The Weiman Jewelry Cleaner has a mixture of detergents, ammonia and ch-elating agent to remove dirt and restore shine. Tarnish Remover is effective. This product uses the best ingredients to remove gunk, tarnish, soap, and gunk from your jewelry, rings, and precious stones. The product is easy to use, it has everything you need, a tray and liquid to clean your jewelry, and a soft cloth to buff it to a shine. In a matter of minutes, your jewelry will look like it has been cleaned by a professional. Should not be used on coral, ivory, amber, malachite, pearls, jade or turquoise.

Brand: Weiman

👤The picture of my earrings is amazing. The brush is useful to get behind the setting of the diamonds.

👤I could not be happier. I have a morganite engagement ring that gets cloudy easily. I only planned on dropping it in the cleaner for 30 minutes. I forgot about it, but it is stunning! This cleaner is very good. I was weary because of other reviews that said it was damaged when it arrived. I had no issues at all. I will buy again.

👤Weiman is a jewelry cleaner. I haven't seen my diamond in months, but it works great on cleaning diamonds. The diamond is the same as when I have the jeweler clean it. I don't notice much of a difference on the white gold band, but I have a few small scratches on it and it might need to be fixed. I would give the liquid product 5 stars, but the container it comes in has some flaws that I find annoying. 1st- The earring backs and small earrings fall through the baskets and you need to get a spoon to get them out of the solution. 2nd To pull the basket out by the top of the stick, you need to dip your fingers into the solution and it will push the solution over the edges. This will be fixed once the solution gets lower. The cleaning brush floats around in the container, that doesn't bother me. I thought I'd mention it. 4th The container doesn't have a "lip" on it, so it tends to leak over the sides as you pull the basket out. I don't think I'd buy this again unless they improved the container.

👤I received my order yesterday. The container was empty except for the plastic holder and brush, which was removed. I could tell that it was supposed to have a blue substance in it because of the blue substance around the rim threads. The container was empty and dry. The item is not eligible for return. I will have to warn customers to be careful of who they order from and to make sure the item is returnable.

👤The package came empty in one of the main reviews I looked over before purchasing. All the liquid leaked out when the seal broke. Since Weiman is a great name and I have used their cleaning products, I thought I would give it a try. My bottle was completely empty. I have to return it and find a new product. Very disappointed. I work in a barn and my wedding ring is filthy, so I was really looking forward to getting it shiny again. I guess it's back to square one.

👤The jars were all loose and empty, and the box was soaking and wet from the solution leak out in the package. I am not happy with this purchase and would like a refund.

👤After just a few minutes of soaking, my jewelry was sparkling clean. The container is my main problem. It makes a mess when you use it. Every time you open it, the liquid gathers on the inside lip of the lid and spills all over your counter. When using this product, have the paper towels with you. The brush floats there. They should make this better.

10. COSORI Air Fryer Max XL 100 Recipes Functions

COSORI Air Fryer Max XL 100 Recipes Functions

Baking is stress-free. The Pro 5.8-Quart Air Fryer is a high-efficiency tool that brings healthier fried flavors to your countertop. An NTC sensor sends accurate information to the air fryer, which automatically adjusts temperatures to keep fluctuations under 5F for evenly cooked meals. A one-knife cooking. Choose from 13 convenient cooking functions with a single touch, each finely tailored by the chefs to produce the tastiest results. You can choose the temperature and time for your recipes. Large capital: The air fryer's baskets can hold a whole 5-pound chicken. Corner spaces have more cooking capacity and flexibility than round designs. 3–5 people in one go. Every meal with 100 original, chef-created recipes that include size, cook time, and temperature, is included. Chefs can cook with confidence. Cook your food up to 50% faster than a traditional oven and reduce your food's oil content by up to 85% than traditional deep-frying, giving it the same crisp taste without the health drawbacks. Mess-free cooking is available. The baskets are dishwasher safe and have a non-stick coating. You can find more accessories for the air fryer.

Brand: Cosori

👤I don't like cooking. I don't like the mess. It takes too long. My cooking is not as good as it looks in the books. I got the Cosori Air Fryer a couple of weeks ago, and I've been happily cooking every day. It's ready to go when you pull it out of the box. The basket and pan are all that was needed to clean them. The buttons are easy to understand. You have a snowflake for frozen foods, fries for fries, bacon for bacon, and also preheat and keep warm. I wasn't sure what to expect when I turned it on. I wondered if it was going to get hot. I thought it would be loud. It wasn't those things. It does get a little warm on the outside, but not hot like an oven. You need to be careful when you pull the basket out of the fryer because it's deceiving that it works so quickly and gets food that hot that fast. I wouldn't call the air moving noisy. When the air fryer is running, the air fryer hears me and my voice is heard by the Alexa. The air fryer doesn't get too hot or spit at you if I didn't have theAlexa there. The air fryer is on my counter. It's become a conversation piece in my kitchen. I had family over the weekend, and they wanted to know what it was. I put on a kitchen demo, and everyone stood around and watched, then ate all of the food, and then they said they needed an air fryer. I've tried the included recipe book and a recipe for chicken fried steak in an air fryer cookbook, but they were not the same. The cookbook included in the Cosori air fryer has a picture of the recipe with it, and the ingredients are not intimidating to those of you like me who don't care for cooking. I like that most recipes call for ingredients I've heard of and probably have in my pantry, which is a good thing for me because I hate going to the grocery store for random ingredients. The first recipe I tried was sweet potato fries. I probably could have left them in the air fryer a bit longer than the recipe called for, but they were still delicious. The best sweet potato fries I've ever had. I bought some frozen okra in the freezer section and threw it in for fun. I put the olive oil in the water bottle and just pushed the button on the air fryer basket to cook the okra. The okra came out very nicely. It had gone from frozen to crisp in a matter of minutes. I could tell the ones I had missed when I sprayed the okra with olive oil. The white ones tasted fine but were weird. I bought a pressurized oil sprayer can that is specifically for spraying olive oil, and it works better than my plastic water bottle. My third recipe is chicken fried steak. This recipe was not in the Cosori cookbook. I wasn't sure how it would turn out because the cookbook didn't have a picture. I've cooked it twice in three nights. The entire meal was cooked in the air fryer, including sweet potato fries, okra, and chicken fried steak. It felt like an elaborate meal with little time invested, and my kitchen was not a disaster after cooking all of that. I only had a few plates and a couple of bowls that I'd used instead of pots and pans and baking dishes that were piled up on my counter with a greasy stove to clean. I tried the cheese sticks the next day. Baking soda was used instead of cornstarch. Did I mention that I am terrible at cooking? The mozzarella sticks worked well, but not great, which was probably my fault. They crisped up quickly. They were not like the picture in the recipe book. The cheese would have been better melted on the inside. The inside was not really melted and it seemed like the outside was really bad. Even though I used the wrong ingredient, they weren't bad, so I'll give it another try. They were still good despite not tasting like mozzarella cheese sticks. I used the included cookbook to cook the grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids. These did not turn out as expected. I used the right ingredients. The cheese wasn't as squishy as it would be if it was cooked on the stove. The recipe called for double the amount of cheese would be perfect if I had done that. The bread was not brown. It was difficult to melt butter on the stove, brush it onto the bread, and grate cheese before putting it into the air fryer. It was fun to try a grilled cheese sandwich, but I can get one in a pan quicker. I will try the recipe again with more cheese. I think I can make it better. I tried the pizza from the recipe book. I did not use pizza dough. I like to eat pita bread. I followed the instructions as if it was pizza dough, which means preheat the air fryer, brush your crust with olive oil, and then put it in the air fryer at 320 for five minutes. Then you add more. I put pizza sauce on my pizza. It's done if you put it back into the air fryer for another five minutes at 320. It was great. I'll make another for lunch. I had to cook one at a time because I couldn't fit the two pieces of bread in the basket together. The cookbook that comes with the air fryer has a recipe for coconut shrimp. The kitchen would normally be filled with a lot of mess, but there was only three bowls to dredge the coconut shrimp and then a plate to put them on. When you preheat the air fryer, you pop the shrimp in for eight minutes. I'll add more coconut in my dredge next time because they were very tasty. I couldn't really taste the coconut in the recipe. I've never tried a new recipe in a cookbook, but I keep picking out new ones. I've included pictures of the fried steak, pizza, grilled cheese, and coconut shrimp that I've made so far. You have to get used to cooking in batches. I wanted to make four chicken fried steaks, but there was only room for two. It's not a big deal. You can cook in batches. I had to make three different pizzas since I couldn't fit all of them in at once. Two grilled cheese sandwiches fit into the air fryer at the same time. The cookbook that comes with the air fryer is full of pictures. There are more than 100 pages of recipes. For example, you can find recipes for stuffed french toast, BBQ bacon, ribeye, meatballs, fried chicken, crab cakes, wings, pigs in a blanket, french fries, onion rings, roasted corn, cheddar biscuits, cinnamon rolls, pound cake, and orange. Without the cookbook, I would be lost. It tells you which button to press on the air fryer, so you can learn how to use it while you're actually cooking, instead of having to read an instruction manual cover to cover. After using the air fryer, I didn't have many dishes to clean. The air fryer is easy to clean. Everything just falls off of it. I'm barely cleaning it. I wash it in the sink because there's nothing left on it, even though the description says it's dishwasher safe. I like how I can put soap on it to make it clean and ready for my next recipe. The water beads on it, so it dries quickly. The air fryer has only one negative, my impatience with one of the controls. The temp/time can be shared with one button. If you have a recipe that requires you to adjust the temp or time, you have toggling the button. If you need to change how long to keep something in, you hit the temp/time button again. I keep hitting time when I mean temp and not temp. When you pull the basket out, the air fryer cuts off because there's nothing in the bottom. When you put the basket back in, it will be the same temp and time settings as when you put it out. It would be great if it remembered your setting. When I had to make pizzas in batches, I had to run the air fryer for 5 minutes for one crust, then 5 minutes for the next, and so on. When I pulled a crust out, I had to reset the time and temp. I began to notice how bad I was atggling the temp/time button. The time/temp button being shared and the air fryer not remembering your last time/temp are minor drawbacks. The air fryer is my favorite kitchen appliance and they're the only negatives. I don't have any experience with an air fryer, so I have nothing to compare the Cosori air fryer to. I did my research. I read the reviews, watched the videos and crossed my fingers that I was buying the right one. I couldn't have picked a better one. I'm excited to cook for the first time. French toast sticks will be on the breakfast menu tomorrow.

11. Ninja Professional Countertop Technology BL610

Ninja Professional Countertop Technology BL610

The included items are a hand blender, whisk and milk frother. 1000 watt of professional power can crush ice and break tough ingredients. There's a language called XL caPACITY. The professional pitcher is great for making frozen drinks and smoothie for the whole family. 64 ounces of liquid capacity. The technology is intelligent. Total Crushing Technology has blades that can crush ice, fruits and vegetables in seconds. ICE CRUSHING You can blast ice into the snow and make delicious frozen drinks. It is a sign of repentance. InSPIRATION: The included recipe guide has drink and dish making inspiration. The pitcher is dishwasher safe and is easy to clean, making it just as easy to clean as using the blender. The 1000 Watt Motor Base Professional Blender and 72 oz Total Crushing Pitcher are included.

Brand: Ninja

👤I bought this after researching the competition. I decided to go with the lower priced Ninja after reading reviews and comments. I use mine for making smoothie twice a day, I have owned it for six weeks. I have a morning fruit and berry smoothie and an afternoon veggie smoothie. Blending is a really convenient way to get in all your fruit and veggies each day. I love my Ninja. I have had stuff made with a Vita Mix in the past, but have never done a side by side comparison, though I can think of a few differences that are meaningful for me. The heat is generated by the Vita Mix. They use it as a selling feature, that you can use it to make soups, but I don't like my smoothies cold, so it's not something I look for in a blender. The comparisons with Ninja on smoothness and thoroughness of blend seem to have gone to Vita Mix. I knocked the Ninja off because my smoothies are a bit chewier after a few weeks of using the blender. Ninja relies on their sharp blades, which naturally dull with use, especially when using frozen berries or ice in their smoothies. I've noticed a subtle change in texture, no chunks, but definitely not a fine blend. My understanding is that the dull blades in Vita Mix work for years, they don't rely on sharpness as much as they do on speed. I don't notice the aeration that comes with the Ninja because it's not something I notice with a Vita Mix. My smoothies are full of fruit and veggies. The Ninja is a great deal if you are okay with having some noticeable fiber in your blend over time. Expect that you will have it in time if that matters to you. The blender is easy to use and clean. I've never had to remove the top. I use 3 cups of leafy greens, as well as whole carrots, celery, apples, and never have chunks. It's a great machine. I can't rate longevity since I only had it for 6 weeks, but so far I'm very pleased. I got a Vita mix after owning the Ninja for 3 months. There is a difference between my original review and the one I have now. The Ninja starts out well, but then things don't blend as well over time. I drink 2 smoothies a day, so I use it a minimum of 2 times a day. I started calling my smoothies "grainies." The technology depends on how sharp the blades are, but they dull with use and it shows in the results. The power of the Vita Mix is not dependent on blade sharpness. I can make a lot of flour with it. The heat is not a factor but a feature. Nothing gets warm unless you leave it on in order to generate heat, because most things are blended in less than a minute. I don't think it's fair to compare the Ninja to the Vita Mix, it's like comparing apples and oranges.


What is the best product for best sellers on amazon top 100 all products?

Best sellers on amazon top 100 all products products from Gildan. In this article about best sellers on amazon top 100 all products you can see why people choose the product. Burt's Bees and Hamilton Beach are also good brands to look for when you are finding best sellers on amazon top 100 all products.

What are the best brands for best sellers on amazon top 100 all products?

Gildan, Burt's Bees and Hamilton Beach are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best sellers on amazon top 100 all products. Find the detail in this article. Revlon, Yeti and Bedsure are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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