Best Best Self Tanner for Legs

Tanner 26 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Alba Botanica Sunless Tanner Lotion

Alba Botanica Sunless Tanner Lotion

A tube of Alba Botanica Sunless Tanner lotion. A non-streaking formula. It is made with shea butter, sweet almond oil and safflower oil. No synthetic fragrances. 100% vegetarian formula.

Brand: Alba Botanica

👤I was hesitant at first because the reviews seemed to be mixed. I went ahead and purchased it since the price was not bad, and I can say that it is amazing. I wanted something natural that didn't look like tanning products. Before my first application, the left is before the right is after 2 applications and a shower.

👤This is awesome if you want something that gives your face and neck a subtle hint of color. It doesn't leave a bad smell, or leave a build up on your skin that needs to be removed after a few days. If you want something that gives your whole body more than just a hint of color, then keep looking. I used it twice a day for a week and my tan never got darker or darker. I liked the way it made my face glow and made me look evened out. It was great for a regular face lotion, but not as a self tanner.

👤The color deepened with repeated use. There were zero orange tones. No streaks or crease marks were visible when it was absorbed. It was gentle on my skin. It looks like my tan. The scent of most sunscreen products was similar. The aspect of vegetarianism was pleasing. My clothes and linens were not discolored. My face did not break out. It was easy to work with. No gloves were needed to evenly apply it. The cost was so high because so many tanners are in the $30 to $50 range.

👤Being fair skinned has made it difficult to find a tanning product that looks natural. This is my favorite. I have no streaks after using this. I use this two nights in a row to get the color I like. It only lasts 3-4 days for me. I shower twice a day.

👤I never review anything. This is the first time I have written a review and I just want to say I love this tanner. It goes on great. It makes my skin feel good. I put it on my face without any issues. It looks natural. I usually take 2 days off and it lasts me for 2 weeks because the price is great. I have had no issues with my knees or elbows, despite the fact that I put lotion on them prior to the tanner. When I go out, I fill those areas with a bit of a powered bronzer and avoid them.

👤This sunless tanner is very nice and I love it. I think it smells like bubble gum. I had my husby sniff me after I put it on, and he thought it smelled great. On my skin, the color does not look orange at all. It is more yellow than orange and works for me as I have a yellow tone to my skin. I put a normal ammount on after my shower, not a lot, but I noticed the color the next day, as did my husby and a friend. I have not noticed any streaks. It seems to blend well. It is an awesome value because it is more natural than most self tanners on the market. I am happy and tanner.

2. Paris Skincare Towelettes Fast Drying Streak Free

Paris Skincare Towelettes Fast Drying Streak Free

The L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes are easy to use and perfect for home or on the go. Sunless tanner is formulated with vitamins E and AHAs for a natural-looking instant glow. L'Oréal Paris sunless tanners are easy to apply and give your skin streak-free color, in creams, gels, and towelettes. Sun-kissed look: No need to expose skin to potentially harmful UV rays to get a gorgeous sun-kissed look; Achieve the look of tanned skin at home with L'Oreal Paris Self-Tanning products. Pair it with a hydrating self-tanning milk that gradually delivers an even, bronzed glow.

Brand: L'oreal Paris

👤I've used many brands of fake tanner and spray tans. Everyone leaving bad reviews on this product should not use fake tanners. You will miss a few spots the first time and be a bit streaky. I don't think that is the fault of the product. I consider fake tan a two day process. On the second day, focus on the parts you missed last time. The tan looks great after two days. People think it is a fake tan, I did it myself.

👤I had not used this product in a while and had forgotten how great it is. My mom had me look for it. It is easy to use and gives a realistic look. Looks like you had a nice day. I love the product. Mom only uses on her face so she folds her wipes up and puts them in the pouch again and again. One wipe will do your body. No smell, no greasy, no streaks. A good tanning product. We use either Med or deep.

👤The wipes have a mild scent and are easy to use. First apply body lotion to knees, elbows, heels, as with any other self-tanner. I start on my legs and work my way up. I fold the wipe to a square and then flip it on all sides, ending with my face. When you are done, wash your palms with plastic gloves.

👤My favorite self tanner. I've tried a lot. I'm pale, but not freckles. This is a great color for me. Not too dark, not orange, just bronze. You have to be careful with your hands. That's pretty much any tanner! I have my system under control. I use this stuff all year long.

👤I have a lot of tanning products in my cupboard that I will toss after using Sublime for a few months. I haven't had any streaking problems with these towelettes. I follow the directions and hold the towelette with a tanning mitt to avoid my hands absorbing any product. The best results come when I lightly over my arms, legs and face. I usually use 1/2 a sheet at a time and the other half tightly wrapped for 1-2 days later. Follow the directions carefully if you are unhappy with the product. I will never use towelettes.

👤A friend suggested towelettes. I decided to try them. I live in Ohio. You can't forget having a tan here. Being in a tanning bed is not something I want to do all the time. I wish I had taken a before and after photo but my skin is nice after one use. It was very easy to apply. Doesn't look fake. I will buy more. Some people keep using one towel for a week and seal them up. I am going to use vacuum seal bags. I like having a glow without my skin feeling dry, itchy, burned or peeling. I don't know how long the color will last, so I rated it 3 stars.

👤I love tanning wipes. I've used these tanning towelettes for years and I'm a huge fan. They give a tan that is very natural looking, not orange or fake like a lot of other products I've tried. I start with my face, then do my arms and legs. One towelette provides great coverage and I'm often asked where I go to tan. In the winter, I use them once per week to give myself a little bit of color, and in the summer, I use them three times per week to have a golden brown look. They are awesome and I can't imagine using anything else. You won't be disappointed.

3. Coco Eve Bronzing Natural Applicator

Coco Eve Bronzing Natural Applicator

Natural looking skin with no sun damage or chemicals. The world's first 100% Natural self-tan body treatment with full skin care benefits. It transforms your skin into a beautiful golden glow with no orangey tones. Anti-cellulite and anti-aging with zero parasites. This lightweight mousse has an instant bronze glow that is fast drying and develops in just 2 hours to a long- lasting tan. The raw virgin coconuts, botanicals, and amino acids are infused to make your skin look better. The Cellushape technology is enriched with natural anti-aging ingredients like fig, banana, papaya and cocoa. SMELL SO GOOD, YOU WILL WANT MORE. The feel of an island escape can be achieved with their Sunny Honey self tan. No more biscuit odors! Get ready to rock that tan glow! A little goes a long way as each bottle has roughly 260 pumps and can last up to 10 tanning sessions. It is easy to apply without transfer. A lightweight formula will be applied by hand. Use a small pump to apply the tan to areas that are hard to tan. After 2 hours, shower in warm water and pat skin dry. Their tan doesn't transfer so you may want to sleep in it overnight for a deeper tan. Comes with a Kabuki brush. It's free, it's natural, and it's vegan. Only the highest quality natural ingredients are used. Their formula will give you that beach babes glow. Their tanning spray is vegan, cruelty free, never tested on animals and made with all natural ingredients.

Brand: Coco & Eve

👤For the price. It works the same as the one I got from the drugstores. Tanned AF has a green hue to keep you from turning orange. Nothing is streak free. You have to get it everywhere. If you don't run it under your arm, it won't go on. Go over the spots you missed and let it develop a little. Don't rub it on the spots on your skin. Everything else will be darker if it sits for a short time. Continuous circle motions can be used to get less streaks. The mitten is stupid. It absorbs the tanning lotion. Why not use the product? You can make the bottle last longer by buying medical gloves from the store, they won't absorb anything. Unfortunately, there is nothing special about this. There was a lot of hype on social media. There's a lot of $10 bottles of tan stuff that work and last the same.

👤I love this product. It's easy to apply, not orange, light or meek. If you are pale, do not buy anything except the medium tint. It's tempting because you really want a tan right now if you're as pale as I was before I started using this. I almost bought the super dark color because I'm in a hurry to get dark and I can't stand being pale. I am glad I ordered the medium tint because it is perfect. It will give you a nice tan. The lighting in my picture is not good. I get a lot of praise when I use this. It is easy to apply. I would suggest getting the mitt. It is also available on Amazon. These rules are helpful when applying this. Always keep an eye on it. I do it in the bath 2 before use. Do not use soap on the areas you are going to apply tanning solution to. Before applying. 3. Do not. I mean not. It is recommended to use this product the day before or the day after. I have found that doing that causes my legs to be less patchy. If I use the product without shaving, the tanning application goes on perfectly. The product is wonderful. I've been experimenting with self-tanning products for many years, going back to when they had QT. You will not regret it, trust me.

👤I read a lot of reviews before I tried this product. The light texture, guard color, and kabuki brush for face, elbows, and knuckles made me like it. I went for it after watching a few "tips" videos. I had shaved and cleaned up the day before. I took a shower, dried off, and then used the kabuki brush to apply my face. It smells like a tropical paradise. You can see where you have applied with the guard color. It doesn't take a lot, and doesn't dry so quickly that you can't spread it around. The size of a marble was all it took for me to have a face. Light pressure and the brush are important. Get between your fingers and toes and bend your knuckles to get there. It doesn't take much product, be sparing. The mitt works well for a lot of body parts. You can use a large spoon or long handled kitchen utensil to help you reach places on your back, or you can call a friend or partner to help. It dried quickly and wasn't sticky on my skin once fully applied. It is recommended to leave for 2 hours. I had a good tan in 2 hours, but I left it on until the next morning, because my face tends to look dirty when tan, and I wanted to make it look good. It didn't transfer to my clothes. I'll take a bit more care next time, as there were some thinner spots where I didn't get a good coat, but it never smelled like burnt toast the way EVERY other self tanner does. The color is great. The product has a green/grey base, so you don't get that oompa loompa look. What is the bottom line? I love it! I'm going to get the face bronzing drops so I can keep using my sunscreen and get tan at the same time. It's a good thing.

4. Neutrogena Micromist Alcohol Free Non Comedogenic Intensity

Neutrogena Micromist Alcohol Free Non Comedogenic Intensity

Neutrogena Micromist Sunless Gradual Tanning Spray in Medium Intensity provides a fast, easy self-tan that's two shades darker than your skin tone. This sunless self-tanning mist applies like a professional spray and is easy to use. The one-touch continuous indoor tanning spray dries in less than 5 minutes with no rubbing required and works at any angle to cover those hard-to-reach places, including your back. The gradual indoor self-tanning spray goes on fast and provides streak-free, buildable color for an all-over flawless tan. Their gradual tanning mist is made with witch hazel, a natural ingredient known for its skin-soothing properties, and is non-comedogenic so it won't cause problems.

Brand: Neutrogena

👤If you know how to use it, it's awesome. The best times to see results were after 8 hours after first applying and not the 2 hours the bottle says. You have to mist this on your body and not spray it in heavy lines because you will look like a tan zebra. Have you ever been outside when it's barely raining and there is a fog and it's misty out? That's what you need to spray in order to get great results.

👤I have ever purchased or tried the best color, feel, and quality self. This is the brand that I keep coming back to. It doesn't rub off on clothes or make you feel sticky. The spray nozzle is easy to use and hold upside down for applying mist in hard to reach spots. I am able to apply 4 or 5 times before I notice it is getting low. I do more than just the one spray application at a time, it doesn't turn you orange or build up on areas like knees hands etc.

👤I love this stuff. I use it about 3 times a week. You don't have to worry about getting orange palms because it dries very quickly. I use it on my face and on my nose and eyebrows for a sun kissed look. I just spray my hand with a spray and rub my face and fingers with it. I do an extra shot on the top of each shoulder.

👤It was perfect. I used to spray it on my skin and it looked orange. I spray tanning mist onto my body lotion and spread it on my wet skin by squeezing it in my palm. The look is subtle and natural. I haven't had time to look at the sun this summer. It definitely does not look fake.

👤It works but it is streaky and you have to constantly go over where you missed in order to get it to cover the patchy areas.

👤I have been using Neutrogena micromist spray for a long time and had a little left when this bottle arrived. The spray in the new bottle was more perfumed than the one in the previous bottle. It was streaked but did not apply well. The next day it was all over my washcloth. I had to wear pants because the part on my legs that was discolored looked like paint and I had to wear a dress. I will only buy it at a drugstore.

👤I applied the product in a rush and only left it on for an hour before showering, and I still got a beautiful glow, not orange at all. I didn't see any stain on my furniture or clothes. This product is the best self tanner I have tried. I did not experience any staining on my hands or feet, but I use tanning mittens to even out the color after spraying it on. I don't like the smell of dried product when I smell the fresh fragrance. It is hard to avoid the smell of tanning sprays.

5. Jergens Natural Moisturizer Medium Ounces

Jergens Natural Moisturizer Medium Ounces

A flawless self tanner can be used to create a tan for gradual, natural-looking color before or after the beach. There is a sunless tanning lotion. The Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer will help you get rid of streak-free color and enhance your natural skin tone. An easy, fast-drying application. Their in-shower body lotion gives you control with no waiting before toweling off. Jergens Natural Glow self-tanning in-shower moisturizer will keep you feeling fresh with a light and fresh scent. Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer glides on smooth for in-shower application, and develops tan with minimal transfer or drying time.

Brand: Jergens

👤I love this! I rarely write product reviews but this has solved many problems and I had to share my opinion. I didn't know if this would work. It felt weird to wipe something on my skin and then pat it on the towel. It leaves a really natural looking bronze glow, which gradually deepens. I have always used gradual moisturizers and bathing causes them to evaporate more quickly. It felt like showering or taking a bath worked against my desire to have a bronze glow. The need to bathe is completely aligned with this. I use it after I take a bath. There has been no transfer onto my clothes or towels. I think this is a miracle product. I log on to Amazon to order more bottles because I can't find them in any stores. I am worried that it will be discontinued, as it seems that many products I fall in love with end up being discontinued. Jergens hit a homerun with this one and I hope that doesn't happen here.

👤Follow the instructions on the bottle. You will have a soft glow skin after a week if you follow them exactly. In the heat, I have dry skin that craves lotion. I am fair skinned. I started looking for tanning bed alternates after some family members were diagnosed with skin cancer. I couldn't find a good at home tanner. I thought I would give it a try after seeing it in my suggestions. When the shower water is turned off, you should put the lotion on. Don't grab the towel until after. Use the correct amounts. It's seriously. It is important. You should step out of the shower once you are covered in lotion. I tie my towel around and brush my teeth. After applying the lotion, I don't pat dry for 10 minutes. I have very soft and hydrated skin after nearly two weeks of this routine. My fiancée asked what I was doing. I have a glowing complexion as well. I like the scent. It is pleasant and light. I was not expecting to like an at home tanning solution. I wanted to write a review on this because I feel that some of the other reviewers didn't follow the steps correctly, and I want everyone who wants to use this product to enjoy it.

👤I love it! If you feel slimy, apply when you're still wet, the second you turn off the shower, and quickly all over until you feel better. Then wash your hands with soap. Even color from the first use. If you sniff your skin directly, you will find almost no scent.

👤I got my tan back and it looks great. I can't say enough good things about this stuff. I was born in the 80's and used to lay out in the sun all day and then go tanning. I was 800-273-3217 My back, my face, my arms. I haven't worn white in a long time because of the sores. The treatments make them worse, and I hide in long sleeves. I stopped using the tanning beds a decade ago. I am a pasty white with strawberry blonde hair. I have tried every sunless tanning product and it always ends up looking orange. For the last 3 summers, I have used Jergen's Natural Glow daily moisturizer, but have had to add regular lotion to it so it didn't go on so thick and make me look like an orangier. It always made my sun marks and age spots look worse. I only did what was exposed in the hot months, like my face, neck, arms and legs. I was curious about the different one that you could apply to wet skin. I read the reviews and they were not great, but I will try anything to get my tan back. Fast forward! I know why I tanned in the first place. This stuff makes me look like I used to. I am glowing! The coverage is thorough and tan. It doesn't make my damaged skin look worse. The new stuff is awesome. It's going on wet skin so it's much easier to apply than the lotion. The more you rub in, the better the outcome. A little goes a long way. I look at the sun. I celebrated my birthday today. Someone said I look like I'm in my 30's and 40's. My skin is soft and I no longer see age or sun spots. I have tried them all. I have. This is my favorite faux tan so far and I have no reason to look any further. Get your tan on!

6. Jergens Natural Moisturizer Medium Ounces

Jergens Natural Moisturizer Medium Ounces

A flawless self tanner can be used to create a tan for gradual, natural-looking color before or after the beach. Keep your skin tone in check. The blend of skin-tone enhancers and antioxidants in their moisturizer helps provide streak-free color from a hassle-free application within 3 days. Jergens Natural Glow 3 Day To Glow Moisturizer has a blend of vitamins to boost moisturization for healthier-looking skin. Jergens Natural Glow self-tanning moisturizers will keep you feeling fresh with a light and fresh scent. Daily skin hydration is a product that can be used before getting dressed. You can expect results within 3 days.

Brand: Jergens

👤This stuff is powerful. I got the medium to dark and was pretty fair. My legs look like they spent hours in the sun after a single use. I love it! If you have fair skin, you're more likely to get the fair to medium one. It shows if you mess up with this stuff. There are some tips. The lotion needs to be put on with care. First, exfoliate. Rub it all the way. Light up your feet, knees, and joints. Wait a few minutes before putting on your clothes.

👤I love the product, but beware. I was stung on this. I pay $8.00 for this product. I didn't know it was a 4 oz. size. I've only seen it in a small container. I was surprised when I paid 7.5 for the 4oz. size. Don't make the same mistake.

👤I decided to post my own review now that my secret is out, after reading many of the recent reviews of J's Natural 3 days to glow. I've been using sunless tanning products since the day there was only one product for sale at the drugstore. You know the one, it always resulted in a lovely shade of orange everywhere you applied it, and the same shade of orange on everything you came in contact with. I've tried them all, but as a toe-headed Nordic that still burns like a baby's butt just walking across a parking lot, I've never tried them. I have used 3 days to glow for many years and never searched further after the first use. The tube has shrunk a bit over the years, but it doesn't come in a big jug. The marketing folks of Jergens have to be a bunch of men. The Glow Family usually gets a few new products each year. This is still the most cost-effective self-tanning product on the market. Do you know the prices of prestige department store products? You will glow, but only from seeing the prices. If you want to glow in 3 days, you need to work magic on your make-up, stay in your underwear, and wear clothes that will give you a chance to sort of "cure" your skin. It boomed! That's it! I keep this going with my legs and arms to keep my tan consistent, because the color will intensify as you shower the next day. You'll glow like nobodies for the rest of your life if you keep this up and wear a brimmed hat. The girls in the 'hood should be happy to see a smile and a twinkle in their eyes.

👤It works very well. I accidentally ordered the one for darker skin tones. I used 2 parts lotion and 1 part tanner. If you shave a day prior, I recommend you to scrub well. Make sure your skin is dry and you don't apply it in a humid environment or where you will be sweating. You can use fuzzy socks if you don't have a tanning mat. They work well. A regular person will do it. Gloves or a bag are good for protection. Take your time and apply evenly. If needed, make someone help you.

7. Jergens Natural Instant Sunless Tanning

Jergens Natural Instant Sunless Tanning

The self-tanner is flawed. This dark self-tanner creates a flawless, quick tan with gradual, natural-looking color for gorgeous skin and blended color. There is a deep sunless tanning. To mimic the results of the sun, use lightweight, airy tanning mousse. It is cruelty free. It's free of Parabens. You can develop your tone instantly with a natural body chisel. The next day is a good day for deeper color. The rate of toxicity is very high. Jergens Natural Glow Mousse is an island escape. An easy, fast-drying application. Their self-tanning mousse is applied by hand or sunless tanning mitt and dries in 60 seconds.

Brand: Jergens

👤I was very impressed with this product. This worked well because I am very fair and it did not turn me orange. How long it takes to dry is a downside. It will leave you sticky, but it is worth it given the low price.

👤I did a self tan for the first time and I was surprised by how well it worked, I did it the same way I did my hair: showered/exfoliate, applied lotion on, waited until the lotion was dry, then applied the tan evenly with a mitten. I woke up the next day and applied more tan. This is my result after 7 hours. I never write reviews but this one deserves it. I got the lightest color.

👤I uploaded a photo. The one on the left is what I ordered. I bought the one on the right from the drugstore within a week of the one on the left. Look at the differences. This shade is not the same as the one in the picture. I normally don't make a fuss over something and would simply move on, but I feel like I was misled or provided a product that was seriously flawed. I've been using this product for a long time. The foam barely had a tint to it. The foam inside the bottle is lighter in shade than the deep dark one. I ordered myltipl bottles and they are all like this. I barely notice any difference when I apply the foam. I have used this for many years and I get very dark from one application. If I accidentally drop any of this product on my bathroom rugs, it will cause a dark stain. Someone switched the product inside the bottle from what was labeled outside of the bottle and there was no stain. I usually get the product, but it's a waste of money. Next time, order from another source. Feel deceived.

👤Make sure you place your order from AMAZON and not from AMAZON. The products are watered down. Since I keep several bottles on hand all year, I was able to get my money back for a purchase I made a few months ago. Bar none is the absolute best self tanner. I have used before. People are shocked when I tell them that it came from a bottle. Jergens Natural Glow does not make me orange. It is easy to apply. I keep this item on my shopping list all year. Love it!...

👤I have ordered and used this product many times and am very familiar with the results. This order was completely different. The first time I used it, it was almost black. I never achieved the expected results despite using it. The color was missing. I have attached a picture of the product I bought and next to it is a picture of what the product should look like. Totally different. I will not buy from this seller again.

👤I have been using this product for a while now. They both work well if you apply a layer before you go to sleep or start your day. You can maintain your tan for a while if you keep your skin hydrated and apply lotion after applying your tan.

8. Tanning Natural Organic Ingredients Vanilla

Tanning Natural Organic Ingredients Vanilla

Sun kissed without the sun damage. The best self tanner to give you a beautiful sun kissed glow without the harmful effects of a natural sun tan is Bronze Tan sunless tanning lotion. This sunless tanner lotion will make you feel golden. Bronze tan self tanner lotion does not have a color guide and goes on like a normal lotion. This can be used as a face tanning product. It will take 3-6 hours to cure tan. Their natural self tanner is invisible and can be worn out in public, unlike some other self tanners which have a color guide. The gradual self tanner only needs to be worn for a few hours. The tan will show up the next day. The fake tanner is a best seller. This tanning lotion has a delicious scent and doesn't have the same instant tan smell as other sunless tanners. Existing Beauty has a 30-day money back guarantee on all fake tan products. Do you not like the product? Send it back to us! No questions were asked.

Brand: Existing Beauty

👤I've been trying to find a self tanner that doesn't make me look orange, smell funny or leave streaks. I have never had one that did not have at least one of those characteristics. I don't think I'll ever switch. It smells great. It smells like self tanner after 6 hours of setting. It still smells good. I don't have streaks on my legs or arms if I miss a spot because of my own application. People ask if I went tanning or on vacation. I will continue to purchase!

👤I use their product all the time, so I was really excited to try this. The lotion was easy to rinse off and it smelled amazing. My tan turned out great. There were no streaks or coloring. After washing the tan off, I got a little more color.

👤I am amazed that my tan is not discolored. The mitt is soft and works great. I use tanoligist dark tan clear.

👤I didn't know why I waited so long to use this. It should be put on smooth.

👤Even after doing the best job of applying on both arms, the right arm ended up dark. I applied a second coat on the left arm. It was still light. I applied a third coat. I was able to get it on my legs. The area on the top of my feet was very discolored.

👤I always read reviews about how the best tanning products are, but this is legit. It doesn't stain clothes, bedding, or toilet seat. There is a When applied with a mitt, it looks natural. It doesn't leave any spots that are darker than others. It was very even tan. There is a The color looks natural. I am pale as well. There is a It lasts a while. I applied for this once a week after buying it in July. I ran out a week ago. It looks good on my face and neck. It doesn't crease like some others made me look older. The skin is treated evenly.

👤It's perfect for use with the same brand of tanning spray. The mitt is easy to wash in the machine. Use a circular motion to apply self tanner. If needed, I would recommend others to do the same.

👤I love this product. I used a sock before this and it allowed me to get most of the tanning spray onto my skin and it was soft. I use a computer. The Tropez tanning mouse works with this thingy.

👤I brought a mitt from St Moritz that lasted all of 2 uses before the outer lining detached. It was not smooth. This mitt is superior to the one that was used. Better materials make it stronger. It washes well. I think it will last a long time.

👤I've never used a mitt like this before and it's life changing. You can do your hands with your arms if you cut the tanning time in half. I haven't tried washing it yet.

9. Self Tanner Organic Ingredients Buildable

Self Tanner Organic Ingredients Buildable

The skin is not orange. No orange color will be on your skin if you pick the right fake tan color. To use for fair or pale skin, use fair to medium. Medium to dark is the best color for olive skin that tans easily. You will have a glow. No junk, clean ingredients. Beauty by Earth has been in the Best Sellers category for a long time. It's made with organic shea butter and many botanical extracts that benefit and hydrate your skin without dyes or toxins. Body LOTION can be used on the face. The sunless tanning lotion can be used as a face tanner. If you are prone to breakouts, use the Face Self Tanner Lotion, it is specifically formulated for glowing complexion. They have sunless tanner in many formats. You will find the best self tanner. You can check out all of the other formats. If you love it or not, they're sure you'll be happy to stop tanning in the sun. Their promise to you is your satisfaction.

Brand: Beauty By Earth

👤I ordered this after reading good reviews on Amazon. I occasionally use a self-tanner which is liquid and messy. I wasn't sure if this would work because it looks like regular lotion, but I was surprised to see it was white. I used a mitt to put on my coat after I had done my skin research. I went to bed with it on and it didn't stain my sheets. I showered the next day and was surprised to see that the water wasn't brown like I was used to. After showering, I felt the tan was too subtle for me, so I put on another layer and went about my day. I didn't have any strange smells or streaks. I left it on all day and night before showering. I liked the tan when I dried off. It has been 4 days since I last used this. I can use touch-up on my face. It barely feels like I used any, but I thought it would go fast. If not more, I bet I get at least 10 uses from this bottle. I will recommend this to anyone looking for self-tanner.

👤This is the best self-tanner I have ever used. I discovered it because it rates the least toxic on the EWG website. There are some things I like about it. It's thick and white, so you can see where you put it. I like that it's not brown, since you have to worry about staining your clothes. It has a light coconut scent. After a couple hours, it will turn to a typical self tanner scent. The smell is caused by the DHA interacting with your skin. I've used self tanners and it's not as strong a smell as this one. There are 3 more The bronze color is not shiny. It looks really good, and I am very fair. I look tan with this stuff. You have to watch for ankle, hands, wrists, etc. I haven't tried it on my face, since I use retin A, so it would look weird. I use a bronzing powder on my face. My trick is to put coconut oil on my body first and then apply the self tanner. I apply the next day to get the best tan. It lasts for about 4-5 days before fading. There are four I like that I can put it on at night and sleep with it, and my sheets don't get stained. Things I don't like. It takes a bit to "dry" after you put it on. There are two more There's nothing you can do to avoid the smell of self-tanner. My boyfriend said it's not noticeable. I hope the review was helpful. I wrote it to support the company.

👤I have very fair skin and can't find a self tanning product that doesn't make me to dark or orange. I used it last night and it worked out great. When I run out, I will buy this again.

👤The product has a nice coconut scent. I like putting on the tan after my evening shower. It doesn't spread all over for as creamy as it is, that's my only critique. I blend it with extra virgin coconut oil to make it look like coconut oil. Once the tan develops, it looks more natural. Yes... I will order again.

10. Face Self Tanner Best Organic Sunless Tanning Serum

Face Self Tanner Best Organic Sunless Tanning Serum

Make your face look gorgeous. The self tanner for face will give you a golden bronze tan. It is an unbeatable self tanning product that leaves your face perfectly tanned, with no fake tan smell and no streaks. It doesn't turn your skin orange, unlike many self tanners. There was no oily feel and perfect fade. You can get the ultimate facial sunless tanner and it will grab everyone's attention. The sunless tanner is a great way to give your skin a natural sun-kissed tan. The face tanner has anti-aging, hydrating, and revitalizing properties. It improves your skin's tone and elasticity. It is non-comedogenic, so it doesn't cause problems. It is easy to get a natural face tan. You can achieve the perfect natural golden tan by following the instructions in their brochure. As simple as that! It is made in the USA under strict quality controls and features organic, USDA certified oil and extracts. Their facial sunless tanning product is free of harmful chemicals. Also, note: The original color of the serum can vary from light yellow to dark orange due to the active ingredient. ENJOY. A purchase with no risk. Order the best fake tan cream for face today and get the best tan you have ever had. If you don't like your self tanning product over the next year, they'll give you a full refund.

Brand: Golden Star Beauty

👤I am glad it worked for so many other people, but just be aware that it might do this to your face. I had a lot of gunk in my skin and it broke out. After a couple weeks of using it, this happened. I don't think I have sensitive skin.

👤I bought this product because I am the most pale I have been in a long time and have been looking at different facial self tanners to give myself a little bit of color. I am very happy that I bought this product. I have really dry skin and terrible eczema and find this product to be very hydrating and has not had any issues with it making it worse. I put the 3 pumps into my palm and then use my fingertips to apply the serum to my face before I go to sleep. I wake up with amazing color that lasts and fades evenly over a few days. I have built a darker color by using the serum for 2 nights in a row. I apply this every few nights before bed to maintain the glow that works best for my skin. After using this, my skin looks hydrated and clear. I recommend this product to my friends. Definitely will be purchasing again.

👤Love! Love! Love! All my friends have complemented me on my skin when I have used 2 pumps every other night. I am mixed white and black and no longer wear a foundation. I love this stuff. My face is soft in the morning.

👤I have a self tanner from the same company and it's wonderful. I was going to buy this for my face. A nice tan! There was no orangey color. I rub my hands together and blend it on my face and neck area. I wash my hands immediately after to make sure I don't have any leftover. Absolutely love the smell of this. It smells like coconut tanning lotion. This formula is wonderful! I don't like going out in the sun anymore because I don't want to ruin my good skin, and I am 53 years old. I'm often mistaken for someone in her 40s. I haven't been in the sun much in the last 15 years, but I'm happy I haven't. It makes me think I have been in the sun. You will look like you have been on the beach if you apply more frequently. Sometimes I put a light application on my face to give myself a nice glow. I love this stuff. Will buy this again. It is all natural and organic. I like the fact that I can get the same result in a much safer way by not putting my face out in the sun. I love this! The creator of this product is a great person.

👤Being a natural redhead I have been looking for a good self. I found it. It's so easy to use, just wash and dry your face the day before and then use a facial cleanser on your eyebrow area. They will email you a link to download the instructions for using the product. The product doesn't make you look orange. I will buy this again.

11. Botanic Tree Exfoliator Ingredients Face All

Botanic Tree Exfoliator Ingredients Face All

The safest way to get a beautiful color is to use a plant-based self tanner. Their tanning lotion is a great product. Their streak-free bronzing lotion will leave your skin perfectly tanned without turning it orange. Their sunless tanning lotion is the perfect solution for an easy and even application. Simply apply a thin layer to clean and remove dead skin cells. Keep your clothes clean by using their tan lotion, which is fast-absorbing and will give you a beautiful tan without staining your clothes or leaving dark spots on towels and sheets. You can put your clothes on after applying their sunless tanner. Self Tan. Their self tanner lotion is rich inShea Butter and 10 organic fruit extracts that leave your skin hydrated, refreshed and rejuvenated. Their self tanning lotion has two benefits, gorgeous color and plump, hydrated skin. Their indoor tanning lotion is made in the USA with no harmful chemicals and is all-natural. You can use it for face tanning or for self tanning, and it will give you a realistic-looking color.

Brand: Botanic Tree

👤I don't like tanning. There is no time for that nonsense. I get carded at bars and restaurants when I am 71 years old. I am not joking. I don't look under the age when I drink in the dark. The quest was on for a good tanning alternative because I believe that tan skin looks skinnier than pasty white skin. I have tried a lot of sprays and lotion, but they are messy and hard to control. It is easy to apply this lotion. You will end up with stripes if you lather on a thick layer. Rub between your hands and stroke onto your arm or leg with a small amount of a small amount of a small amount of a small amount of a small amount of a small amount of a small amount of a small amount of a small amount of a small amount of a small amount of a small You can feel the lotion on your skin. Be careful with toes, heels, knees, elbows, fingers. Go easy with a light stroke. You can apply more tomorrow. Don't delay, wash your hands with this lotion and get it off quickly. Use soap and water to wash your palms. It seems more complicated than it is. This lotion gives me a nice even light golden tan that makes it look like I spent an afternoon in the sun rather than in my bathroom. I use it all summer long on subscribe and save.

👤I threw out all of my personal care products because they had harmful ingredients that disrupted my immune system, caused cancer, brain damage and heart disease. The FDA does not regulate this industry as much as it should. It took a lot of reading and studying to understand that I was adding harmful ingredients to my hair and body and that has been a contributor to my auto immune disease. This is a very clean and organic disrupters.

👤Absolutely love this face and body cream. I'm not streaky or orange. I woke up with a glowing, smooth and really awesome tan after using this bronzer on my body and face. I left the house two days in a row without wearing a foundation. It is a shock for me. I had a lot of praise for my skin. These are not good photos of me. I didn't have to wear face makeup to show the color on the first and second day. I 100% recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a natural bronze glow. All organic ingredients are a plus.

👤This product was amazing and I am a person who is pale. I've tried many different creams to give me some kind of color, but nothing has worked. I thought my skin was unable to take up color through self-tanner, but it did with this product. The first application didn't do much, but I reapplied the cream the next day and it gave me the perfect tan. I wish I had taken a before and after picture to show, but it worked. The price is great for what you get, and the smell is great, even though there is a lot of product in each tube. The seller will send an email to you when the product is shipped telling you everything you need to know. To me, it was cool to be kept in the loop and get information on the product before it was sent. I would recommend this product to anyone who has had trouble getting self-tanners to work in the past.


What is the best product for best self tanner for legs?

Best self tanner for legs products from Alba Botanica. In this article about best self tanner for legs you can see why people choose the product. L'oreal Paris and Coco & Eve are also good brands to look for when you are finding best self tanner for legs.

What are the best brands for best self tanner for legs?

Alba Botanica, L'oreal Paris and Coco & Eve are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best self tanner for legs. Find the detail in this article. Neutrogena, Jergens and Existing Beauty are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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