Best Best Running Shoes for Women Wide

Women 26 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. ASICS GT 1000 Black Pure Silver

ASICS GT 1000 Black Pure Silver

The rearfoot GEL technology has a smooth transition to midstance. FlyteFoam Midsole Technology is a technology. Their FlyteFoam technology uses organic super fibers to help reduce packing out, which happens with softer, low density foams. Acronym for high abrasive rubber. It was placed in critical areas of the outsole. DuoMax Support System is a dual density system that is positioned to enhance support and stability. The EVA Sockliner provides a good performance.

Brand: Asics

👤I bought the updated design of the GT-1000 9 running shoe because I had bought the same sneaker before. I was eager to purchase a new pair of shoes since my old one was a great fit with the right amount of support for my plantars. The old design I purchased was great. The old design was perfect for my feet because I was on my feet 8+ hours a day at work and covering many miles per day walking on cement floors. The new design is not the same as the old one. My foot has come back with vengeance. I am amazed. The mesh foot covering on the GT-1000 9 running shoe has created more pain than originally experienced, in the attempt to improve this model. I am looking for another ortho brand to help me with my foot pain. Very sad.

👤They fit and feel great. I don't think they should have a hole in the toe because I only had them for 5 months. I purchase every pair ofASICS that I can. I keep buying them because they feel good, but I don't know if I will keep buying them. I pay $100 for each pair I buy, and they should last a little longer.

👤I have returned a lot of shoes. I loved my Wave 14. They don't sell them or they are out. I tried other Mizunos. They were not the same as my old pair. I am happy to say that these Asics fit great. I have flat feet. I chose the wide because I wasn't sure how their shoes ran. They fit great! The cushion in the toe is the best thing about these. I do a lot of H.I.I.T and run so this worked well for both of them. Very pleased so far!

👤The shoe has a lot of toe room. I have a slender foot. My foot stays upright with this shoe.

👤I liked these shoes so I got them out of the box and walked around without any problems. They fit well and were comfortable. It didn't push too much on my feet, but it did provide a nice foam for the foot pad to push off. I noticed that on one side of the shoe's white sole it looked like someone shook a broken pen and sprayed the white heal with black ink, causing strange spots on part of the white heal. I thought it was a little dirt when I saw it in the picture. It isn't. There is a bit more splatter on the shoes I got. It makes the shoe look dirty since it is only on the back half of the shoe. I hope these shoes last because they are comfortable and don't need to be broken in. I had a lot of knee, hip and back pain when I wore my previous athletic shoes.

👤I like the GT 1000s. I have a few of these models and this one was my favorite. The dark gray doesn't show as much dirt as you might think. The arch support and cushion on the bottom of the shoe is something I like. The ankle support is comfortable. I have an arch that is very high and it provides a lot of pain relief. I wear a few pairs to work. And then some for the house. There are good colors and styles in ASICS.

2. Brooks Launch Black Ebony Blue

Brooks Launch Black Ebony Blue

The Launch GTS 8 is for runners who want a lightweight shoe with a fast, fun ride and GuideRails support. The Launch GTS 8 is light enough for race day but durable enough for training. The predecessor was named after the city of Ravenna. MAXIMUM SUPPORT: The Launch 8 has a more supportive version. The GuideRailsholistic support system keeps excess movement in check and provides support beyond the feet to the most injury-prone part of a runner's body: the knees. There is a light weight churchyard. It's perfect for days when you're working on your speed, because the lightest BioMoGo DNA provides a fast and supportive ride without the extra weight. The new one-piece mesh upper creates a closer-to-foot feel that is more breathable than ever before. Quick translations. The Transition Zone is shaped like a toe. The rubber in the forefoot propels you forward for a faster ride.

Brand: Brooks

👤These shoes deserve my review, I rarely write reviews. Over the years, I have spent a lot of money trying to find a shoe that will work for all of my conflicting issues. I have pronated ankles, so I need support. There is always a tradeoff between the two. It seems that support is hard to support. I need a wide toe box. The width is in the toe box, but there's not excessive width in the heel, so no slipping with each stride. I can't believe how light they are. They are perfect for me. I've tried other stability shoes, but they were too high and hurt my knees, so I've stopped wearing them. These shoes don't hurt my knees. At this price point, they are great.

👤I am impressed. I am a nurse and have severe plantar fasciitis, so my feet are always swollen, so I can't find shoes that fit me. That should not happen to me, I am 27 years old. I usually wear an 8.5 but lately I can't seem to feel comfortable in size 11 shoes. I ordered these in a size 10 and I am almost certain I could go down to a 9.5, however I will keep the 10 because I enjoy the extra swelling room. These are not flimsy and poorly made like a lot of others. They are a good solid shoe. If I need more shoes in the future, I will probably continue on with theBrooks brand. 5 stars for me! I changed it to three stars. I have big holes at the top of my shoes after 6 months of wearing them. These shoes should last half a year for $100. I am really annoyed and disappointed that the shoes are cheap but still expensive.

👤I have worn the same sneakers for years and won't wear anything else. These are the same as the other pairs I have had before. I work as a nurse and wear these while I work out. I feel great at the end of my feet. They are lightweight and fit true to size.

👤I was looking for a good shoe to replace my last pair of Nikes. Many people recommended my first pair ofBrooks. I walk 3-6 miles each day. I was fully prepared to return them after many reviews and recommendations. I can't take them off. My feet and knees don't hurt. It's the best! I absolutely recommend these with the guiderails, I didn't know this was possible. I think the color is pale pink, but I really like these!

👤These brooks are wonderful. They are light and comfortable. These planter fascists help my feet. brooks sneakers are my favorite!

👤The best gym shoe is byBrooks. The fit is always true to size, no need to break in, and the quality lasts. I work in a medical office and have to run back and forth on my feet most of the day. I need a hip replacement this year, but this brand is the only shoe I can wear. Light and comfortable.

3. New Balance FuelCore Running Porcelain

New Balance FuelCore Running Porcelain

Nb Response 2.0 is a performance insert. No-Sew Material Application The AT Tread is a versatile shoe that provides traction during both on and off-road activities.

Brand: New Balance

👤I am an ER nurse. Get asics for shoes. I decided to try these and switch it up. It is very comfortable for someone who is on their feet for a long period of time.

👤When it came time to buy a new pair of sneakers, New Balance was the best choice because I have had another pair of New Balance sneakers for a long time. I like that these come in bright colors and offer something fun to make my exercise routine more colorful. These are comfortable with a lot of support. There is padding near the ankle. I had to order a 1/2 a size up because my regular shoes are usually 1/2 a size larger than my original one. I will be doing lots if I walk and run.

👤I bought these shoes on a whim because I have been looking for new athletic shoes. I thought I'd give them a try because price seemed great and I was a little hesitant about the bright pink color. I usually stick with other brands, but these are my first pair of New Balance. These are great so far. It's super comfy. No need for a break-in or pinching. I wore them for a walk for 2 miles on the first day and had no problems the second day. Hopefully the will hold up well, happy customer.

👤I found this to be light and comfortable. The only reason I gave it four-stars was because I am not convinced that the shoe will hold-up or offer much stability on a trail. The shoe is small so order a bigger one. The shoe has a roomy toe box and no seams, I like the extra cushion at the heel that ensures "no blisters wear" and good arch support. It's in the category of a "serious- pretty" athletic shoe, with the black detailing, and Pink is taken seriously. I would have kept the shoe if I had ordered a 1/2 size up. I would recommend people who know where I live. It's a word.

👤I wear between 11 and 12 in womens, and I like to go up a half or 1 size if it says size expectancy, and it lasts all day on hard concrete.

👤I have to pay it forward because I spent a lot of time reading reviews of so many running shoes over and over for hours, and was only finally able to make up my mind on these shoes thanks to thorough reviews from other customers. These shoes are amazing. My 4th pair of shoes are the best so far. I was looking for running shoes that would give me great traction, but my other two running shoes are not very good at it. I have worn these shoes twice at my gym and they have not been slipping on the floor. I have not yet worn them outside because we have had a couple snow storms, but I have no doubt that they will hold up well on ice or moderate snow. I wore them to the gym the morning after they were delivered to my apartment, without having to break in. Although I still put my shoe inserts in them, these shoes are very comfortable on the feet and do not need any additional shoe inserts ororthotics, unless you are someone like me. Attached pictures were taken when they were brought out of the box. The price is decent and they are more amazing than the expensive shoes I bought earlier this year. Delivery was fast too, and I ordered my shoes on Black Friday and they were delivered to my apartment on Cyber Monday. If you are a person who stands on your feet for a long time, and you want a decent-priced, comfortable, gorgeous pair of running shoes that have great traction, go for it. You will be happy you did.

4. Brooks Glycerin Nightshadow Black Blue

Brooks Glycerin Nightshadow Black Blue

Made in the USA or imported. The Glycerin 19 is a women's shoe that is perfect for runners who think there is no such thing as too much cushion. Runners are surrounded by softness because of the plush internal fit and soft transitions. The Brooks Women's Glycerin 19 is a certified PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe and has been granted the APMA Seal of Acceptance. The maximum amount of support is provided by neutral support. It's ideal for road running, cross training, the gym or wherever you want to take them. The predecessor is Glycerin 18. The same style with added support can be found in the Brooks Glycerin GTS 19. There is a super- soft mulch. The ultimate in comfort and softness, designed for runners. Runners enjoy comfort that goes the distance with the most plush underfoot experience yet. Plush fit. The plush feel of an internal stretch bootie surrounds your foot and expands with your stride. The mesh upper enhances the fit. SMOOTH TRANSITIONS The plush transition zone makes every move soft and smooth.

Brand: Brooks

👤This is one of my favorites from the company. The 17's was my last favorite. The toe box is a little wide. The 18s were not as stiff as I thought. The 19s are perfect. The toe box is perfect and there is plenty of cushion from toes to heels. The toe box is the same size as the outsole, but it feels a little wider and gives added stability. I have tried every brand and kept going back to the same one. It is worth the comfort and fit. People with planter fasciitis have ESP. I am sure the 20s will not be the same, so I will be stocking up on this one.

👤The Glycerin 17s have finally come to an end. You can see through the bottom of them so it is time for a new pair. They didn't have any 17's in my size so I decided to try the most updated version, the Glycerin 19's. I wore them for a small walk and ended up limping at the end. The backs were rubbing my feet. I was worried that I would get blisters if I kept going. These are cute but not as cute as the back. I compared to my 17 years old. They are made taller for lack of a better way of saying that. That was rubbing. I will try the Glycerin 18's instead of returning these.

👤These are the shoes I always wear. These are the most comfortable shoes I have found. They help with knee and back pain.

👤What is wrong with these? I am usually a size 9.5 in the area, but I have always had to get a 10 because it is a little big. I like the cushion. Well... I had to get these in a 10.5 to get my feet in them. The top felt loose when I wore them around. I had to return them. I am sad and disappointed because I had high hopes for the more dialed in fit that it has vs the 18's, but I will wait until the next version comes out. They were a little too long and too dialed in. I wear a size 9 in the Launch and a size 9.5 in the Ghost and Adrenaline. The Glycerin 19's were a bit over the top.

👤It's a great fit and it's supportive. They thought they would be white. The pale grey is better for my terrain. Ice Flow is not white.

👤I have an old pair of Glycerin's. Light and cushiony. I didn't like the 18's. I was going to try the new version. I can't say much more. I went to buy another color because they are so light and comfortable. I use these for gym workouts. This shoe is very good. I have a bit of a wide foot and these fit perfectly. Well done,Brooks! The black and pink color will be released in April. Can't wait for more fun colors.

👤The best tennis shoes I ever wore were the Brooks Defender. I decided to get the Glycerin 19 after not finding any other brand that was comfortable. And, wow! They feel good. There is plenty of room in the toe box because I ordered the wide width. They felt good from the start. I hope they last a long time. Well worth the money.

5. Adidas Ultraboost Shoes Black Pink

Adidas Ultraboost Shoes Black Pink

Shaft measures are not applicable to the arch. Few men are running. The Adidas brand has a long history with sport. Everything they do is related to sport.

Brand: Adidas

👤I usually wear a size 7 in all of my women's shoes, except for Nike athletic shoes, which I have to size up half a size. I ordered them after reading reviews of the Ultraboost. I tried on the shoes and they fit well on the toe part. I was hesitant to keep them but I would try to get them loosened up. I liked how the arch support felt and how the heal fit in. I have narrow feet and the shoe supported them. I am very happy with these shoes. They are very comfortable and have a lot of support. The fit of the shoes is a bit more relaxed now that I have worn them for a few weeks. If you are in between sizes, I think you should go up a half size. I think I would have been happier with a slightly bigger fit but I think these shoes are worth the money.

👤I have been wearing shoes that are half the size of my running shoes for years. I always order the same running show size for my Adidas purchases, but this is my first one. When they arrived, they were large even inside the box and I tried them on. They were too wide, too long, and next to my other running shoes they looked like they were a good inch and a half longer. I was happy to swap them for the half size smaller. I still have room for more running shoes, but they don't look as big on my feet as they used to. I recommend that you size down a half size. If you're not sure, order both sizes and return the one that doesn't fit right. Happy running, returns are easy on Amazon.

👤I had to order a 7.5 in this model because I wear an 8-8.6 in most women's running shoes. The women's 8 was too large. I'm buying a second pair of this shoe because I love it so much. The men's version has better colors. I'm waiting for a men's size to arrive to compare. Prime Wardrobe has been really convenient for me. They are my all-time favorite running shoe. They are easy to style and responsive. The laces are easy to adjust. Highly recommended for neutralpronation.

👤These shoes are true to size. They look great and are very comfortable. They are more comfortable than Nikes. They are more comfortable than Adidas.

👤These shoes are comfortable. Came in as expected. You should wear an 8.5 in adidas. It works perfectly!

👤These shoes fit perfectly in my normal size 6. I have had these shoes for 2.5 months. They were bought to replace my adidas ultraboost 4.0's. I've worn these shoes many times. I got a blisters on the arch of my right foot and the shoe also got into the inside of my ankle and on the top of my foot. I wrapped my foot in a bandage and ran. After a few more runs, the shoe stopped digging into my foot, but I still got a small blisters on the arch of my right foot. I wore my old shoes for 3 weeks while my blisters healed and then tried them again over the weekend and now have blisters on both of my feet. I had no issues with the ultraboost 4.0 and I wanted to love these shoes. I'm going to try engo blisters to see if they help with the blisters.

6. New Balance Nergize FuelCore Sneaker

New Balance Nergize FuelCore Sneaker

50% mesh. It is Synthetic. The shoes have a performance fit. You should order a 1/2 size bigger than your usual size. The New Balance sneakers feature a lightweight, responsive ride and a midsole cushion that provides a good fit for all-day wear. The everyday shoe for women was made for wearing anywhere and everywhere, with an underfoot comfort insert that offers a plush feel with every step. The bootie design has a sleek design and supportive fit. The bootie upper construction hugs your foot for a snug fit. The lightweight feel of the upper on these cross-trainers is due to the use of mesh and synthetic materials.

Brand: New Balance

👤I like these. They are comfortable. Hopefully these run a bit smaller. I am a size 7.5 in Nike and ASICS shoes, so I don't need to order the size you would normally wear. I have never had to size up. So... Next time, I will order an 8. I don't like the feeling of my toes close to the edge. I would recommend these shoes. I like the way they look.

👤I like the look and feel of these shoes, but they are not appropriate for extended wear. The sole is very thin and you can feel it on the rock you walk on. I wouldn't wear these shoes for long periods of time like at Disneyland or while traveling. The firm support needed for a day long walk is barely any arch support. I wanted to take these to Europe because they were light. I know they won't give me the support I need for extended sight seeing after wearing them for a day around town. Things. I like that it's light weight and no socks needed. I like the roomy toe box, no pinching, and easy on and off, but I don't like the lack of arch support and overall support. I decided to reduce my rating to 2 stars because of thearch support.

👤I wear athletic shoes in favor of crocs or clogs when I work as a nurse in the intensive care unit. I work 4-5 days in a row between two jobs and am on my feet a lot. My last pair of shoes lasted almost a year and were very supportive. I have worn this pair of shoes three times and I am looking for a new pair. These shoes are not for you if you want to be standing or walking for hours at a time. If you want something light weight and flexible on days where you aren't going to be active, they'd be fine. My feet are in pain and they were a nightmare for me. I am pretty sure that they have caused me to have plantar fasciitis, so I am not sure how other reviewers could say they could wear these comfortably.

👤I ordered an 8&1/2 D. The width is perfect if I wear thin socks, but I'm having trouble with the sewn in tongue. It leaves little room for the height of my foot. I have to wear a very thin socks if the shoe is loosened. The widest part of the shoe is hitting at the widest part of my foot, so it appears I have the correct size. I am able to wear my inserts, but not my bands. They have a nice feel, but are not like walking on air. They are very cute and light weight. I will keep them because they will be great for work. I teach. I don't think these are appropriate for walking for more than 6 hours. You don't have the support in your shoe or arch. They are cute. These have become my favorite work shoe. I put in power step inserts after ripping out the foot insert. It's fabulous!

7. ASICS Gel Excite Carrier Grey White

ASICS Gel Excite Carrier Grey White

Made in the USA or imported. The mesh material improves stability. AmpliFoam Midsole is ideal for natural running because of its flexibility, comfort, and platform adaptability. The Ortholite X-40 Sockliner has a high level of breathability and excellent moisture management.

Brand: Asics

👤I have had many issues with my feet under the sun. I have always been able to run comfortably and without pain in Asics shoes. Even though I have high arches, I prefer their neutral shoe because it combines my inserts with their high support shoe. Highly recommended for women with foot issues.

👤I am happy my size came back in stock. I wear a size 10. I go up half a size in running shoes because my feet swell a little. They are comfortable and cheap. I was surprised that these matched my compression socks.

👤I found a toe box with enough room. They changed the size of my ASICS because they were so comfortable. I never found the right fit again. I ran for the first time in years after trying a 6.5 and my feet didn't hurt. A similar fit to the old ASICS.

👤For about a month now, these have been worn for running, long walks, and even a few hikes. No blisters, great support, and very comfortable. Would recommend.

👤The shoes are nice, but run small.

👤Awesome shoes! They are very cushiony and bright. I always get my sneakers a size 7 because they fit great.

👤My favorite brand for running and walking. I need a new pair of shoes because I have been increasing my miles. Needed more protection than my last two pairs. I usually wear a 7.5 to 8 and purchased the 8 which is perfect, I would probably need a 8.5 if these were for running. I will be using them for walking only since there isn't as much arch support in this style. I have purchased two more pairs of these.

👤I love these shoes. I bought these because I like the neon colors, and I know the shoes are great. The colors pop, there is a lot of neon and iridescent on the sides. The gray body helps balance it out. I ordered a 9 after reading that the toe box was a bit narrow. I think the 9 fits best in this shoe, because my feet swell when I exercise, but I was told I should get an 8-8.6. The space between my big toe and the end of the shoe is just right. It fits through the foot. It is not as thick through the toe.

👤The quality is low. This is what the shoes look like on day 31 when the return policy is 30 days.

👤I had expected more from them, but they pinched around my toe, even though I have a narrow foot. The soles of my feet felt as if they had stepped on stone floors after walking for a half hour.

👤I bought these trainers for my wife, who loves the brand, and she said that they are a great price, and she always goes up one size, thanks to Amazon.

👤There is plenty of room in the front of the shoe for narrow heels. Light weight and comfortable for running.

👤Trainers arrived promptly.

8. ASICS Gel Nimbus Mist Blazing Coral

ASICS Gel Nimbus Mist Blazing Coral

The mesh material improves stability and ventilation. Excellent shock absorption is provided by GEL technology. The FlyteFoam Propel Technology provides supreme bounce thanks to a unique elastomer compound. FLYTEFOAM is a technology. The OrthoLite X-55 is a sockliner.

Brand: Asics

👤I like the idea of the Nimbus. They are the most comfortable shoes on the market. They are well worth it. My doctor recommended that I use the ASICS. I only buy computers. The cushion in these shoes is perfect.

👤I have been running for 20 years. Sometimes I go for something a little less expensive than the Asics I've always used. I have noticed that my knees and hips are getting worse as I get older. I bought these to see if they made a difference in my bones. What a difference! As soon as I put them on, I felt the difference in the cushion. It felt like running on a cloud. I have read reviews of other runners who say that they weigh too much and it cuts into their overall running time but as I am just into recreational running and not concerned with time these are perfect for me. Would recommend a running shoe to anyone.

👤I have been wearing the same brand of running shoes for about 7 years and I have never betrayed them or gone to another brand of running shoes because they are amazing. These are just as good as I have expected and they are very comfortable. It has never failed me that I always size up half a size for myself. I like these shoes because I am on my feet all day. These are super cool colors and you will not regret buying them.

👤The 23's do not fit like any of the previous gel nimbus, there have been subtle changes over the last 15ish years, but nothing like this. The outside of the sole is not comfortable. The more I wear them, the more uncomfortable they become. I am a nurse and it is disappointing that my go-to shoe is no longer sufficient.

👤Not as expected, the fit, fabric and cushion. The quality from the company was great. I know that my forefoot will go numb on a long run because the toe box doesn't allow much wiggle. The shoe feels hot and clumsy because of the overall cushion. I've been a fan of the Gel-Nimbus for pavement running for a long time and have bought multiple models up to the Gel-Nimbus 16. The 12 and 15 were my favorites. They lost me as a fan when they changed the foot-bed and toe-box. I'm hoping for a new issue that will be great, but this is not it.

👤The 2nd update is here. I ordered a 3rd pair of the Tokyo edition of the Nimbus. Soon, pictures will be added. These shoes are great! I ordered a second pair of these because I love them so much. I finally bought the Asics Nimbus 23, after a long time, and I am so happy I did. They fit perfectly. They are just what I expected. It was very well made. It's great for running long distances because it's very well-cushioned. I ran almost 9 km with them yesterday, and I instantly noticed how much faster I am with them. I have been running on some very steep roads. I've used the Gel Kayano 24 before. The Gel Kayano have been great for stability, but I've been a lot slower running with them. The Nimbus 23 are neutral, but still providing stability. I can't wait for my next run in the Nimbus 23, I am so pleased with it.

9. New Balance Running Logwood Bleached

New Balance Running Logwood Bleached

NITRELv4 running shoes from New Balance are comfortable travel companions that are ready to go from the road to the trail. The DynaSoft midsole in these running shoes delivers an ultra responsive ride with plush comfort. These performance running shoes provide versatile traction suitable for both on and off-road activities. New Balance running shoes have an Adventurous Style. The sporty textile and engineered mesh upper has a variety of looks. These lightweight running shoes are built to stand up to everyday wear and are crafted with no-sew overlays for a sleek and stylish look and feel that won't slow you down.

Brand: New Balance

👤I brought the most comfortable shoe in my life. I want to be in color. It felt like I was walking on pillows. I decided to wear an 8 because of other reviews and am happy I did.

👤They are cute, but they did not feel good on my feet. They were too small when I ordered my normal size. I wore the same shoe all day after exchanging it for a 10. The narrow toe box causes my feet to hurt, and I want to take my shoes off during my work day because they are hard on the bottom. I would recommend ordering a size up and in wide, because I stand and walk a lot at work. I have run in them twice, and I had to order another pair of shoes. I will keep them as a pair of cute sneakers, but will not use them for functional things.

👤It is very small. The toe is very close to the edge. Doesn't feel like they will stretch. It feels like a size 8.

👤I developed a knee injury because of my shoe, so I bought these shoes. The majority of reviews were good so you should read them. I'm not disappointed. These shoes are comfortable when it comes to comfort. Is there support? Covered! Cuteness? Covered! I wore them for 9 hours and forgot I was wearing shoes. I usually wear 8.5 and take a 9 because most reviewers say go a size up. I like my shoes to fit snug without my toe bumping the front. I get that fit with the larger size. A whole size is the best for a more roomy fit. Will update this review after testing it.

👤I'm sick of wearing shoes that are too long for me to fit in and I'm trying to find shoes that are wide enough for me. These are not as wide as I would like, but they work. I have new balances in 7.5, and 8 that fit the same, so it's hard to say if the size is right. These are the middle ones, so maybe they're correct. My first walk was about 2 miles and I had problems with the back of the heel rubs. It's not shifting just the thickness and texture of the back of the shoe because they fit snug. I'm prepared to break them in or tape my ankle if this happens to me a lot. I have blisters on my toes because the toe box is snug. I like the bounce and feel of it. I can't find anything better. I hope to find wider shoes in the future.

👤I walk between 30-50 miles a week. I bought this shoe because I have other New Balance shoes that are comfortable but I also like to change my shoes out frequently so I keep 3-4 pair on hand. I can change them out. I loved the design and color of this shoe, but I'm disappointed that it's one of the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever worn. My normal shoe size is 8 and this is the first shoe that was smaller in the fit and my toes bumped up against the end of the shoe when walking. The insert of the shoe doesn't give to my feet when I walk. The width of the toe area is smaller than before. I can only wear this shoe for a short time before my feet start hurting. I don't recommend this show to people who are on their feet a lot.

10. Brooks Launch Black Ebony Blue

Brooks Launch Black Ebony Blue

The Launch 8 is for neutral runners who want a lightweight shoe with a fast, fun, ride. The Launch 8 is light enough for race day but durable enough for training. Predecessor: 7. Nuclear support. The shoe is streamlined yet soft, with neutral support, and it hits the sweet spot between a race flat and a standard trainer. There is a light weight churchyard. It's perfect for days when you're working on your speed, because the lightest BioMoGo DNA provides a fast ride without any extra weight. The new one-piece mesh upper creates a closer-to-foot feel that is more breathable than ever before. Quick translations. The Transition Zone is shaped like a toe. The rubber in the forefoot propels you forward for a faster ride.

Brand: Brooks

👤These are fine. They don't feel like the other ones I've bought. I have flatter arches and the arch support on these was not as good as the previous Launch series shoes. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤My go to brand now is theBrooks. I don't need to wear my orthotics anymore because I exercise 4-5 times a week and have planter's fasciitis. They look good, and have great support.

👤I have worn shoes from the same brand for many years. My job requires me to be on my feet 95 percent of the time. I lived in shoes. I told everyone I knew that the best shoe for problem feet was Brooks. Not any more. I have tried many different styles of the same shoe and they are all terrible. I don't know why the company would make such a big change to their shoes, but they don't work for me. After my first shift at work, I was in so much pain that I could barely walk. Very disappointed.

👤First of all, anyone who buys a pair of shoes from brooks knows they are nothing. I have had every pair of them recently. These have cheap laces. There is a feeling of comfort. I have a cushion because I wear two Spenos. The weight of the shoe is light. I think it would break down in no time. The shoe is cheap compared to other shoes. When other unknown manufacturers are competing with cheap light weight shoes, it's time for Brooks to stick to quality.

👤I've been running in a pair of the Launch 6 shoes for the past couple years and was excited to try the Launch 8s as it was time to replace mine. I was cautiously optimistic after reading reviews that the Launch models are not as great as past models, but I am sad to report that those reviews are true. These shoes are not the same as the shoes I fell in love with. The Launch 8s were not as comfortable as my old pair and felt a bit narrower in the toe box. I ordered a pair of Ghost 14s and kept them as I liked the support and toe box room they offered. It took a few runs to get used to them. I'm in love again. I went up half a size from 8.5 to 9 because the shoes fit like all the other ones I've tried on. I'll miss my Launch 6s, but I'm glad I found a different model that works for me.

👤I can't say what will happen when you start wearing these.

👤I bought this show based on the quiz I took and then searched for a shoe on Amazon. I found this color and thought I would get it. I love it! It's light and fit just as expected. I felt like I didn't have a shoe on as it was so light. The cushion is squishy like the sight said it would be on the quiz. I needed a new shoe that would allow me to run as I am a fast walker. This is the shoe. The toe box is not tight. Since I am a 9 shoe, I usually get a 10 or 10.5 as my feet swell when I run or walk for a long time. This was a good shoe for my swollen feet, and I walked on 1.5 for the first break, and then continuous walks thereafter. I am happy I got this shoe.

11. Saucony Cohesion Dusk Blush 8Medium

Saucony Cohesion Dusk Blush 8Medium

The shaft is from the arch. neutral pronation: neutral water resistant, no waterproof, no offset The shoes are technical.

Brand: Saucony

👤I bought these shoes three weeks ago. I love the shoes from the Cohesion Series. I bought two other pairs from a different retailer because Amazon didn't have any others in my size. I was surprised to see that the shoes from Amazon had a different insole. It felt like I was walking on concrete when I tried them on. The insole was black and hard. I sent pictures of the insoles to Saucony. "It appears someone inserted a different insole at the store where you purchased them", they said. They didn't have replacement insoles to send me. I am going to return them because I am not a happy camper.

👤I have been buying trainers and running shoes from the same company for a long time. I always buy the same size for women and don't need to try them on first because they always fit. It means I can purchase them online from Amazon. This pair shows the size tag that they are made in Indonesia. I have 5 old pairs of shoes in my closet. It was a big mistake by Saucony. I traced the outlines of the shoes on a piece of paper. The Indonesian shoe is about a third of an inch narrower and the toe box is not nearly as big. I couldn't be comfortable in these even walking, much less running. I will have to either buy a few older models or switch to another brand. I liked the large toe box of Saucony. Not any more.

👤I had foot surgery and it didn't help the pain. I decided that I can either be in pain or active. I walk seven days a week. These shoes are very comfortable and I don't have to worry about walking in them. These are an absolute God send after I spent 100's of dollars on shoes that were too bad to wear. I love them!

👤I have never owned a first pair of Saucony running shoes before. They are very comfortable for me. I have very slight supination and my shoes last a long time. The bed protects the feet. I can put a lot of miles on these shoes before I think they need to be replaced. Great shoes.

👤These fit perfectly. Don't let anyone tell you that the shoes are not good. Several sales people at a high-end shoe store had told me that they had sold shoes for 30 years or more. I had three other pairs of shoes that I bought at different stores, so I returned them. I am very sorry that I ended up returning them. I have a wide foot and they fit well. You should buy the size you wear if you know your shoe size. They fit my feet well, they looked good, and they were a good price at the time. I will definitely know better next time.

👤I read up on the best shoes for people with Pttd. You will not be disappointed. My pain was almost completely gone after one day. I wear it from morning to night.


What is the best product for best running shoes for women wide?

Best running shoes for women wide products from Asics. In this article about best running shoes for women wide you can see why people choose the product. Brooks and New Balance are also good brands to look for when you are finding best running shoes for women wide.

What are the best brands for best running shoes for women wide?

Asics, Brooks and New Balance are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best running shoes for women wide. Find the detail in this article. Adidas, Asics and Asics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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