Best Best Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder

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1. Extendable YouTube Dimmable Photography Compatible

Extendable YouTube Dimmable Photography Compatible

The service is comprehensive. If you are not satisfied with the ring light with stand, they will give you a 30-day no-reason return and a one-year quality guarantee. Purchase and use their ring light with a tripod. The extendable tripod stand and ring light can help you whenever you need extra light for making up, taking photos, reading books, and live streaming. White, warm yellow, and warm white lighting modes. Each lighting mode has 10 brightness settings. The phone clip can be extended to 10 cm. The ports can be used with multiple devices, such as a computer host and laptop. You can enjoy the ring light at any time. If you want to stand it on the floor or put it onto your table, just lock it at the desired length. The tripod stand can be used as a camera and phone stand.

Brand: Aixpi

👤For the first 4 uses, it's a great concept. After the first 4 uses, I stopped staying up at the highest level. The sellers have contacted me 3-4 times via email asking me to remove my review for $25-$30. Won't be happening. The reviews are here for the people to know what they are buying, and if they are asked to remove them, they are trying to con people into buying a product that doesn't stay together.

👤The light does what it's supposed to do. It makes your pictures look better. The whole tripod is very light because the selfie extension rod is the actual tripod rod without the tripod. I didn't like that the light can fall since the tripod is so lightweight. If you add the phone to it, I feel like it's less stable. It's doable if the height is shorter. I would give it 5 starts, I love the light options and the ultimate effect is exactly what I was looking for, if this tripod was stronger. I only give it 3 stars because the tripod is so flimsy. I think it's worth it, but it's not as sturdy as a more expensive one. I need to change my review to 5 starts because I have been using this for a while. The rod is light and the pictures come out amazing, which is a plus now that I am using it as a selfie stick. If it was heavy that would be a problem. This product deserves the full 5 stars because it delivers exactly what it says it does. I recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their pictures.

👤My daughter's teacher does a lot of virtual instruction and her lighting is always so dark. The video is difficult to see, but I can tell she is trying her best. I decided to light her up. Before giving it to her, I played with it to make sure it worked well and was easy to use. It has several different light settings and is very user friendly. I think this will make virtual class calls better for her and her students. I have included a few photos to give a closer look at what to expect from the light.

👤It is easy to use. Very bright! It is easy to cycle through the light option. I was a little worried that my phone wouldn't fit in the cradle. It holds my phone in the otter box. I wish it had a remote for the camera. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤The ring light is amazing. In the first picture, I didn't use the light at all, but in the other pictures, I showed what each brightness looked like. The instructions are easy to understand and put together. You can put it back inside the box when you take it down.

👤Very nice item. The light is very bright. It can switch from warm to cool white. Plugs into a computer. Highly recommend this item.

2. Ringlight Musical Brightness Dimmable Photography

Ringlight Musical Brightness Dimmable Photography

Plug in the power source and use the included remote shutter to take selfies and record videos, it's easy to operate. You get a ring light, a metal tripod stand, a phone holder, and a manual. RGB Music Follw Mode: After turned on the music rhythm function mode, flash/fade/breath RGB lights will change differently, suitable for various scenarios, such as family parties, singing and dancing party, Youtube video recording, photography shooting, makeup The ring light has 3 traditional lighting modes, white light, warm light and natural light, with 12 levels brightness with 1% to 100% dimming range, to create a unique atmosphere. Ring light has 38 dynamic modes and 10 colors static, plus seven color jump, seven color gradient, seven color horse racing, and a lot of lighting options. Standing tripod is equipped with weighted tripod base to increase stability, so it won't tip over, and it is made of superior aluminum alloy. The best ring light kit choice is the standing tripod, it can be used on the table or floor. The included phone holder can be extended to 3.6" and you can adjust the position and angle of the phone holder to achieve horizontal and vertical shooting. It's a standard screw for halo light/smart phone holder/cameras. The remote control can make your phone shoot selfies. The package includes a 13” ring light, a tripod, and a phone holder. The 13 inch ring lights have been upgraded to be dimmable and have a long life without changing bulbs.

Brand: Herrfilk

👤The ring light kept dipping and wouldn't hold up straight, it was bought in September. The stand is flimsy and cheap compared to the other standards I've owned before, where the hinges can pinch your fingers. The phone holders are easy to bend and flimsy, they don't hold the phones in place properly and will keep on bending when you set the phones in them. Do not buy, it's very confusing to turn the light on/off.

👤Instructions were not written well and set up was a bit longer than needed. The light ring couldn't be tightened to a stable position after I attached my phone. Good colors, but not very bright. The carry case is good quality and helpful. It didn't last to hold my phone up once, and it wasn't bright enough for my use. I tightened all the bolts as much as possible. Not worth the money, not worth the cost of shipping it back, and still have to buy a different one to get what I thought I was ordering. Bummed out, won't buy again.

👤I put this together without the need for instructions. It is easy to assemble. I was surprised how tall this can be. The camera remote connected to my phone. There were no instructions for this step. I turned on the switch of the remote and used it to find the devices I was looking for. The light remote has a lot of options. Happy with the purchase. There was a smell when I opened the box. The box clearly shows that this is a product made in China. The product comes with a plug that you need to connect to a compatible device. I want to use this to many things.

👤I would have taken a photo. I returned it before I did. cheap plastic was used to make the light. The ring light only turned on half of the lamp, and the other half was off, no matter how many times I pressed the on off button. I paid $50 for this and it was the first time I would use this company. The lamp ring is so cheap that it is easy to break if it were to fall.

👤The ring light was in a damaged box. The ring light looks like it was used before. I don't have time to return this item or wait for a replacement before I order it for an event. This product is not the same as the one advertised on the listing. It requires an external power source which is inconvenient, and it would be better with a rechargeable battery or even regular batteries. I will have issues with my event now that I'm upset.

👤This ring is complete with all the stuff it has. The light is bright and it has a lot of options to choose from, I liked all of them. It gives a nice quality of light and is perfect for making videos or taking photos. It is very easy to assemble. It has a remote control that you can use. The tripod is one of the longest, so I appreciate that. The price is reasonable.

3. Controller Dimmable Bi Color 2500K 8500K Photography

Controller Dimmable Bi Color 2500K 8500K Photography

The package includes a 13” ring light, a tripod, and a phone holder. The 13 inch ring lights have been upgraded to be dimmable and have a long life without changing bulbs. The WE 10 is an 18-inch ring light that can provide a wider range of lighting at the same distance compared to smaller ring light models. Easy adjustment. The knob on the screen allows you to see the parameters and adjust the brightness and temperature before you take a photo or live stream. A wireless remote control and smartphone app allows you to adjust the light without leaving the camera field. Convenient app control and wireless remote control. You can control the light settings with the app on your phone or included remote controller from a distance, but not with the Li-lion battery. The phone holder is aluminum. The lock feature of the alloy light stand will keep your lighting equipment safe when taking pictures or movies. A universal phone holder for hands-free selfies. The package kit has a Ring Light, a Light Stand, a Remote Controller, a Cold Shoe Adapter, and a Carry Bag. The light stand is in the package box with a separate box.

Brand: Weeylite

👤I didn't know that I needed a Ring Light until I had a chance to use one of my friends. I found this model on Amazon, and after checking out the features and reviews, I decided that I had to order it. First impressions were that this was a pretty feature-packed light with easy to use manual controls, an app for more versatility, two cold shoe mounts, and even an option to use NP-F550 batteries. The carrying case is sturdy and has a cut-out for the light and an interior spot to keep the power cord and mounts. The light stand is as sturdy as most light stands, so if you're planning on putting heavy primes on your camera, you may want to change how you mount it. I took a few photos of myself and my wife, but they were poorly done. I thought I'd take a few pictures of my little desktop buddy with different lighting and colors. I plan to use this over the next few weeks, and I might update this review, but for the few hours I've been playing with, I think it was a great buy. One benefit ofLED lighting is that it is bright and doesn't make you sweat like the old lights, which is another benefit. You won't regret it if you buy this.

👤When you first turn it on, it takes you to the kelvin white balance. You can change the light's temperature and brightness. If you hold the knob in for 2 seconds, you can go to the next function where you can change the colors. Hold it down for 2 more seconds and change the numbers you want. 17 automatic functions go through different colors at different speeds. I haven't looked at them all, but it is an interesting thing to use when you are done shooting to create a nice atmosphere in the background. There is an app. I couldn't load it on a phone. The build quality is good and they have different plugs for different countries. The light is secured by the tripod. I needed this light for macro shots, but I would recommend it for portraits. I went outside and found a jumping spider and set up a light to take some shots. The light is being used. You can see the reflection of a large ring. I hope you enjoy!

👤I can't resist the lights. I had to buy it. There is a lot of use for it. Some unusual head shots can be used as key light. I didn't have a Ring Light as a RGB. The round effect in the eye is cool. It's so cool. Ring lights are not limited to just cell phone use, you can use any medium to shoot through that ring, from a Cinema camera, mirror less or a DSLR, for ultra high image quality as opposed to a tiny cell phone sensor... The light is self explanatory when you unbox it. The manual does not include the selection or changing of group numbers. It is very easy to do once you know. The stand that comes with this light is not fancy, but it can open wide and give the light a lot of stabilization. Nice! It folds back in a matter of seconds. The App will connect to the light by itself, and it never froze or crashed on me. It works. The design and layout of the app is very intuitive. The light is bright enough to satisfy most things. I'm very happy and now I'm all set. The ring light shape is in my lighting arsenal.

4. Ringlight Adjustable Temperature Lighting Shooting

Ringlight Adjustable Temperature Lighting Shooting

This ring-light is great for making videos at night or taking selfies in dark areas. The perfect video rig for Facebook, Youtube, Twitter,Snapchat, Face time,,, twitch,, etc. The color change is quick. The Yesker Ring Lights are controlled by a knob on the stand. The ring light have a wide brightness range from 10% to 100% and can be adjusted easily. The ring light can be cooled by the heat dissipating hole, which will extend the life of the product. The sturdy support stand is made of aluminum alloy and has a stable 3-leg stage design and solid locking system. Please put the three legs down when using the retractable folded tripod, they can adjust to the height you want. The phone holder is a glass one. A hot shoe accessory for most DSLR camera, a phone holder that can fit most phones, and a horizontal or vertical mode phone, you can use it without taking the phone out of the holder. Makeup live streaming is the best for selfies. It can be used for a camera. Set your hands free with a wireless remote control. The Ring Light has 112pcs Osram 2835 LED beads on it, which eliminates stark shadows, widely applied to lighting, fashion, wedding art, advertisement photography, makeup, videos, studio shoot, portrait photography, live streamingamd selfies etc. Inside of your package, you will receive: a Ring Light Body, Tripod, Wireless Remoter, and a phone holder.

Brand: Yesker

👤The product is perfect. The color temperature gage and the romote for cellphone were some of the things I was impressed with. It will be perfect for my self tape auditioning in 2020. The 18 inch ring light is great for streaming, photography lighting, smartphone selfies, and video recording, as well as being great for height adjustments from 31.5 to 73 inch.

👤The Yesker 18 inch light is portable and bright. This light is great for evenly lighting your face and subject. The ease of use and accessories included will be appreciated by both game streamers and YouTubers. The carrying case, ball head mount, cell phone holder, and AC adapter are included. You can't beat the price. The kits could be as much as $200.

👤I pressed order again. The one they sent me is not the same as the one they sent to me. There is no remote in the bag that it came in. When you re-order something you expect it to be the same thing as the first one, and I am pretty pissed off that it isn't. Imagine ordering a macha green tea at Starbucks and getting a Frappuccino.

👤I received this as a Christmas gift to myself, but I am completely in love with it. It's lightweight and easy to handle, so it's not complicated to move or put away. I've been taking pictures and videos with this. I'm so in love with it, everyone thinks my pictures are done by a professional, but I'm just using my phone. It's easy to travel with light, so I recommend photographers to get this easy to travel with light. Highly recommended. It's a good thing.

👤The whole room should be lit up. It was easy to set up. It is simple to use. The greatest value is across the earth plane.

👤I love the ring light. It was easy to assemble, light enough to carry around and not fall over, and has the ability to control the color temperatures. For a very reasonable price, all this. I have used it for a few weeks now at home and at events and have not had any issues with it. This ring light is very good.

👤The product is durable. I have dropped it a few times. I used the price I paid for it for what it was worth. The power brick hangs from the light when it's not in use, and the power cord is not long enough. The power brick is suspended from the light. That puts strain on the connections. The mount doesn't hold up enough on the light. The screw doesn't hold my D5300. It fell off from about 4 feet up and I had to cushion it with my foot. I am happy I didn't use my higher end camera on it. I like the light. The value for money is great. The temp array of lighting is acceptable. I use it for single subject lighting. The intensity is acceptable, but the light fades after about 4 feet.

5. Inkeltech Ring Light 3000K 6000K Temperature

Inkeltech Ring Light 3000K 6000K Temperature

Consider the design details, such as the wireless remote-mini pocket size and the 2touch Pad for easy and accurate adjustment. Inkeltech Ring Lights are controlled via the IR remote controller or a knob on the stand. You can adjust the color temperature from 3000 K to 6000 K without using filters. Cold white light or warm light can be used to hide and change skin tones. Their Ring Light has a design that has 480 LEDs and a design that has a SMD design. Take selfies with their IR remote and wireless selfie controller. The Inkeltech Ring Lights can be changed from up to 2.5 metres away with their IR remote. You can choose between 7 modes of lighting from the IR remote, including Night Light Mode, Warm Light Mode, Cold Light Mode, and others. You will find the best light to suit your style with all these modes. Each Inkeltech Ring Light has a rotating phone holder and a retractable tripod that helps you capture different levels of brightness and angles of lighting. The phone holder is suitable for most phones. The range of the light stand is 50 to 190 cm. The bag has a total weight of 4.5 lbs and is portable for outdoor shooting. The Inkeltech Ring Light can be used indoors and outdoors with batteries. The indicator light on the back of the stand shows the status of your batteries. When the batteries are fully charged, the indicator is off. When the batteries run out, the indicator will flash red. When the batteries are about to run out, the indicator will flash. Plug your Ring Light into an indoor outlet. Inside of your package, you will receive: a Tripod, a Ring Light Body, and a Travel Bag. If you have a question, please contact them. They are happy to help and would appreciate that a lot.

Brand: Inkeltech

👤I think the ring light is for people who want to make up and do other things, but I use it for extra light for pictures. I like taking pictures of our baby weekly and monthly, but the lights in our house are not as bright as I want them to be, which causes the pictures to not come out as good. I wanted to buy more professional lighting sources to help with her pictures. I took example lighting photos for you all in my review since I like to also take pictures of my pup. The ring light has a warm and cool effect. It can be warm or cool. As dim as you want. I put the ring light in my living room to see how bright it would be, and it looked like midday in our living room when it was pitch black outside. It was nice to see that the light didn't feel like it was getting hot when I was setting it up. I was getting hot. I didn't want my baby or dog to be exposed to hot lights. My next project is her milk bath photos. I can't wait to use it.

👤My guests could take selfies on the backdrop we used, because I ordered this for the party. My thoughts are summarized here. The light will change the quality of a picture, make face timing easier, or make a video tick toc. I have used it to provide additional lighting in dark places in my home, such as my home gym or bedroom, while doing my makeup. I haven't tried the remotes because my apple watch has a camera control, but that option is available. The pros are 1. It was easy to setup and take down. 2. It is easy to carry a bag with handles because everything fits in it. It's great for me because I don't like many parts and I end up losing them, so the light mode change doesn't require any additional parts. 4. The light is life changing. There are many options on lighting and brightness. 5. The height can be adjusted, I mean really, really high. It can go from small to large in a matter of seconds. Like all the way to the ceiling. 6. The quality of the material is great and the product is sturdy. Cons 1. The case on my phone does not fit the phone holder well. I end up losing when I try to put it on the holder. I have to take my phone out of the case, and it's not easy to do, but it's something I have to do. Another wrestling match. My phone case is thicker on the sides and I am currently looking for a slimmer case to see if it helps. The phone holder does not stay put. I can't get it to stay because it falls off easily. I can't figure out how to make it stay on there without worrying about my phone and the possibility of falling, which makes me have a panic attack. This product is a good one to purchase. Good quality, fast shipping, and easy to use.

6. WUZHI Ringlight Photography Adjustable 3000K 6000K

WUZHI Ringlight Photography Adjustable 3000K 6000K

It's perfect for: professional makeup artists, professional tattoo artists, professional aestheticians, professional brow and Lash Specialists, online Influencers, selfie lovers, Facebook Live, and more. There are three light modes, a color temperature, and 10 variations. Their ring light has three colors: Warm, Natural, and White. Each light mode has 10 brightness levels and can be adjusted to 6000K. The high brightness slim light is. Their ring light has 120 led bulbs and is made with premium lighting quality that brings a real and natural color and high color reproduction, greatly reducing the later work of color adjustment. The soft and charming illumination helps smooth shadows and hide skin imperfections, perfect for video chat, makeup, Self-Portrait shooting, photography, Youtube and Tiktok live streaming as well as a great gift for travelers, hair salons, beauty shops. Their tripod stand is longer and more stable than others, keeping devices securely in place and preventing tipping over when in use. You can easily mount it on smart phones, cameras, pads, and other objects with a standard 1/4 screw mount. The tripod stand can be used as a phone tripod and a selfie stick with the ability to unfold up to 30" wide. Bluetooth remote control and power supply. The 10 inch ring light has a wireless remote control that allows you to take photos without touching the panel. The ringlight does not need a battery. You can connect the cable to the power bank, laptop, PC, and any device with ausb interface for charging. The ringlights come with a guaranteed warranty. They want you to have a pleasant shopping experience and they are sure you will love this portable product. Please contact them if you are not satisfied with the ring light. They would like to offer a free replacement.

Brand: Wuzhi

👤This ring light is for making videos. My videos were bright and vibrant. It is bigger than I anticipated. The light is bright and the temperature options are perfect. It was easy to set up and take a few minutes. The phone grip is a closed kind, unlike the spring loaded kind I've used before. It's easier to hold your phone in a certain way. It's sturdy even when you tilt it. The customer support is great and makes sure you are happy with your purchase. They answered all my questions quickly.

👤The tripod has a ring light that is three different colors and can dim. The remote is very helpful, it can be used by an app or connected to the internet. The tripod is tall and you can adjust it to your liking. The phone attachment is strong. The light needs to be plugged in to a port on a computer.

👤I am happy with the purchase. The phone holder holds my phone fine, the stand is great, the color is bright, and the long power cord is helpful. Everything works as it says it will, and it's a good value.

👤The ring light is of good quality. It is very small and light. I use it to record videos on the phone. It is strong and bright. It has many nice functions. The ring can be removed from the tripod. The light is bright and the colors are different. The phone holder is able to hold both my phone and a basic case. My phone was attached even when I moved it. I love the quality of the products. I would like to recommend anyone who is looking for quality ring lights.

👤It's a great ring light for work and social media. It's easy to carry. It's very easy to set up. It has a box, two phone holders, and a wireless remote. It has different temperature and brightness settings. The clips make height adjustment easy. The handle and balance level are what distinguishes it from other Ring Lights. I'm glad to have this purchase and recommend it to anyone who is interested in making videos, attending meetings, doing makeup, or just taking photos.

👤The light is perfect for what I need. The light is bright and makes me glow.

👤If you are an absolute beginner or just occasionally for personal use, then this will be fine. Don't waste your money if you are thinking of using this professional. It provides bright light sometimes even too bright, which is a plus, and it has 3 light options, which is a plus if you are someone like me who likes to have another phone for notes while I record. The packaging was professional. It comes with a remote that I like. It is very easy to use, and anyone could use it. There are pros and cons. I had to take my phone out of my case because the ring light would fall on it even after I took it out. I have an Apple product. The ring light was still loose and I and my husband made sure that it was tight. The ring light is only secured by a ball and a screw, which is not strong enough to support the weight, and it becomes weaker and weaker over time. If the phone holder was facing too far downward, it would be difficult to make the ring light fall down. If you plan on being mobile with your ring light, this is not the product for you. A strong suite is not stable. If you plan to keep it stationary and only move it time to time, it won't be a problem because it's not strong enough to support the weight. The ring light can fall if the slightest thing causes it to fall. The ring light slips off the screw after a while. I have had two instances where the ring light falls off into my hand when I adjust it. The holes in the screws are starting to wear away because I have to tighten and screw in the right light. This is one of those situations where you pay for it. If you can't afford a better option, you should.

7. Extendable Sensyne YouTube Compatible Phones

Extendable Sensyne YouTube Compatible Phones

You don't need to touch your cellphone to start the video or selfies with the wireless remote. The ring light stand set has a 3-year replacement service from UBeesize. TheSensyne selfie ring light features a high sensitivity touch panel design that has a longer life than traditional mechanical buttons. It provides full control to adjust the 3 color modes and 10 brightness levels to meet your needs. It's perfect for Photographers, YouTubers, Vloggers, TikTokers, etc. Versatile accessories. The ring light is brighter by over 50% when powered by the AC/DC adapter. The phone holder is compatible with almost all phones and can be extended up to 5.3" wide. A fully portable tripod stand. Their tripod can be adjusted to any height within seconds, short enough to stand on a table, tall enough to fit your height. This light set is useful when you do makeup, live streaming, video calls, and more. You can take selfies or group photos from a distance up to 30 feet with the wireless remote shutter. It's compatible with most Apple/Android smart phones. No app download is required. They will provide you with a high quality after-sales service. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Sensyne

👤The Ring light was easy to setup. The icing is put on the cake by the different light temperature settings. It made my videos look bright and vibrant. The product was undamaged. This light is very good. I was skeptical because it is small. Big things come in small packages. Hahaha

👤We didn't know what to do after our camera broke. I ordered this to illuminate our faces when we record and stream and to hold our phone which records better than the camera. It is definitely worth the money. It is not cheap. Make sure you are satisfied with your purchase by contacting the customer support.

👤Delivery with 24 hours was amazing. It will be great for online meetings and videos, like the options for dimming. Would buy again.

👤The Ring Light is for all your social media needs. It was easy to set up. There is a bag, a wireless remote, and an ac adapter. The clips are easy to use. There are 3 different lights settings. The handle and balance level are what distinguishes it from other Ring Lights.

👤I bought this to illuminate my face during meetings. A lot of light comes through the sliding glass door of my office, making my face invisible. I'm fine with that, but my boss loves to see our faces so this seemed like a great solution. I look like an anonymous source if I don't have the light. I'm illuminated. I haven't used it to take pictures with my phone yet, but I have a larger phone and it was able to fit both vertically and horizontally. I'm trying to get into food photography as well and would like to use it.

👤I love it! The lighting is easy to set up and has 3 modes. If you love taking photos or making videos, I recommend you to purchase my purchase.

👤Wow! I'm very excited. I have been looking for a tripod and a light ring for a long time and finally found it, I have been looking for it for a long time. It's the perfect size, lightweight, and practical. It arrived very fast. Excellent attention. The ring has several light temperatures to suit what you need, the tripod is almost to my size, and it is perfect.

👤I love this tripod. The ring light is larger than I expected and it is possible to put a phone in it. The light is bright and the warm/cool options are perfect. It's not a complicated set up, it took me a few minutes to put it together. The phone grip is a closed kind, unlike the spring loaded kind I've used before. It's easier to hold your phone in a certain way. It's stable even when you tilt it down. It's got great manuverability. When I got this in the mail and saw how good it was, I was so excited to use it with my friends, family, pets, and everything else! My photo game has gone up a lot.

8. Ring Light Stand Phone Holder

Ring Light Stand Phone Holder

The package kit has a Ring Light, a Light Stand, a Remote Controller, a Cold Shoe Adapter, and a Carry Bag. The light stand is in the package box with a separate box. The TODI RGB 12 inch ring light has a total of 36 lighting options to choose from, with 3 conventional lighting modes and 10 levels of brightness. The big ring light is manufactured by Ultrasonic welding with excellent quality and exquisite craftsmanship, the light ring is sturdy and bright without black spots and shadows, the ringlights with stand can meet your needs in different circumstances. The TODI phone tripod stand is made of superior aluminum alloy material, which is more stable and durable than others. Their tripod with ring light comes with 5 heights that can be adjusted by the user, and their leg of tripod can extend wider than the others that provide bigger grip and prevent shake of it. Video shooting, vlogging, tiktok, and youtube are all situations in which the ring light stand is applicable. The upgrade gross neck phone holder can support up to 4.33 inch screen and is more convenient to hold the phone. The hose is soft enough to allow them to turn to any direction, so that they can get their phone fixed at any position of the light ring. It's compatible with most mainstream mobile phone types, such as the iPhone 12 Mini/ 12/ 12 Pro/ 12 Pro Max/ 11/ 11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max/ XS/ XR/ X/. 8/ 8 Plus/ 7. Plus/ 7/ S9/ Oneplus series etc. The lamp stand is the best ring light kit for you. It's applied to most mainstream social media software such as TikTok/YouTube video/ Live streaming/ Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat/ Zoom Meetings/ Vlogs/ Video Calls/ indoor filming and outdoor photography. It can be used as a desktop lamp.

Brand: Todi

👤This is a really nice ring light, for the price. I have had a TODI light for over two months. I have no complaints. The ring light felt flimsy to me. It was made to be light and versatile. You could have problems if you have one good drop. There are a lot of different light options, including cool white, warm white, and RGB. The clicker works on my old phone. The tripod is lightweight and works well as a selfie stick. If you don't need something powerful, get this. You still want something that is versatile.

👤Product is not stable. The phone falls apart when I attach it. I have not been able to use it.

👤The first light I received didn't work after two days. The box didn't work out as expected. The light gets hot and shuts itself off after about 10 minutes of use, the tripod constantly wants to fall over, and when I cycle through the light settings it will shut off when it switches to the yellow/white mode. It is a cheap, poorly made fire hazard.

👤The light is very bright. I like the different features of the S21Ultra and the blue tooth fob. I was looking for a tripod so I could record myself painting. The feature for this product is not functional. The phone attachment is loose, like a desk lamp neck. The weight of my phone causes it to droop over time, and within a minute, my frame has already shifted, and my shot is ruined. The phone attachment would be a 5 star product if it worked as designed. This is great if you want a ring light. I need to find a tripod for my phone.

👤My 10 year old granddaughter loves it. The colors and the fact that it is more durable make this a great product.

👤I was skeptical because it was cheap, but I was impressed. This light thing is amazing for me.

👤It's great! It has a variety of colors and patterns. How the legs come out is the only issue I have with this product. The legs are strong. I have to turn the knob tight to hold the legs. P.S. is for retrospect. I'm 5'3" so it's perfect for people around that height to like taking standing pictures.

👤When I ordered it, I thought it was a plastic light. I keep it in a safe area to prevent it from falling, and the light was needed.

9. Adjustable Upgraded Ringlight Photography Compatible

Adjustable Upgraded Ringlight Photography Compatible

The Dimmable Circle Light and Upgraded Lampshade have 3 color lighting modes, each with 10 brightness levels, and a total of 30 options. It's the perfect light to take away the unflattering shadows. The light of the arched lampshade is more uniform and balanced, it protects their eyes, and it reduces the irritation of light. The equipment must have been used by the influentials. You can adjust the angle of stand directly and weighted tripod base with Quick-Flip locks. It is made of high-quality aluminum and can be folded to stand on the floor. It works with most devices that support ausb port, like a laptop, PC, power bank, and etc. You can find your preferred options in seconds with the switch lighting modes. You can set your hands free with a wireless remote control. Both of the operating systems are compatible. Great led ring light for daily work and life. It's ideal for a makeup lesson, Tiktok short-form mobile videos, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube video shooting & Live streaming, and online teaching. It's perfect for close-up photography. Such as fashion, advertisement, portrait, and wedding. Making you look good. It is compatible with all phones with or without a case, and is suitable for iPhone X/7 Plus, 7, 8, 8 Plus, X, 6, 6s, 5, 5s, 4, 4s, S8/S9/LG/HTC. It may be horizontal or vertical depending on the degree of rotation.

Brand: Kaiess

👤This item arrived quickly. The assembly took several minutes to complete. The stand is easy to adjust. I was happy to see that the tripod was easy to use. Light settings are useful during certain times of the day. I like how lightweight it is, so you can use it for other purposes if you so choose. The light head tilts. Usually the biggest issue with the phone holder is that it doesn't fit in the case. This product is something I would recommend.

👤I do a lot of video conferencing and use this light at my desk. I got this for a great price after purchasing it as a deal. I wasn't expecting great quality because it was so cheap. I thought I would try it out because of the good price. The light is packed with features, and it was better than I anticipated. I think it will hold up well despite not being made to last years. The light was easy to assemble. Within a few minutes, I had it together. You can expand it to be 65 inches tall. It has multiple modes of light. There is a blue light, a white light, and a natural light. Even if your office has a different type of light, you will find a setting on it to complement how you appear in videos or pictures. You can adjust the level of light so that it is dim or bright, depending on your needs. I noticed that the light makes me look younger. I would buy this again.

👤This thing is what you need for $20. The modes are useful. The 10 levels of brightness give you enough adjustment to suit your needs. The included tripod does the job. The ring light cannot be turned without turning the entire tripod. If you loosen the light at the top, it will become useless because it is canted on an angle. I know it sounds silly, but sometimes you want to turn the ring and there's not enough space to turn the tripod when it's crammed behind a computer monitor. There is one flaw. But for $20? I will live with it.

👤The ring light is ok. It's bright and the settings are good. The ring light has multiple adjustments for different angles so it's easy to point the light towards the surface if you're trying to take a picture or video. The placement of your phone was only able to be below the light itself, which I didn't like about the ring light. The phone mount was ok, but not great, the grip was difficult to put your phone into, and the attachment to the tripod wasn't very good. I didn't like how the tripod extended. It doesn't have the quick release latches, instead it has a screw type connection, so it takes a lot more time to extend each section. The phone mount doesn't have the right piece for the tripod and there is a place where the light can be placed. It would have been better if they had made it possible to place your phone in two different locations.

10. Aureday 3000K 6000K Dimmable Ringlight YouTube

Aureday 3000K 6000K Dimmable Ringlight YouTube

Inside of your package, you will receive: a Ring Light Body, Tripod, Wireless Remoter, and a phone holder. The Aureday ring lights come with high-quality build-inLED bulbs, which make them perfect for live streaming, and they provide soft and continuous lighting without creating shadows or harsh lines on your face. This is a fully functional 12” halo light that has 5 color modes from warm 3000K to white 6000K, along with a wide brightness dimmer range from 10% to 100%, perfect for vloggers, YouTubers, beauty tutors. It's convenient to switch to every angle you want, landscape, vertical, or flat lay, always enables you to set perfect lighting. The tripod is made of sturdy aluminum alloy and can be adjusted in height from 17 to 62 inches in seconds, which is extremely useful in various outdoor or indoor lighting occasions. It is lightweight and portable, so you can fold it up and transport it or store it hassle-free. Consider the design details, such as the wireless remote-mini pocket size and the 2touch Pad for easy and accurate adjustment.

Brand: Aureday

👤The product came with everything it said it would. It has a light plug, tripod stand, selfie ring light, cellphone holder, and an instruction manual. The Selfie Ring Light can get very bright, but also very dim. It has great light settings. Check out the video! It's true to size and it's great. If you listen closely, you will hear a humming noise. It's not loud. It's soft. If you're going to use the ring light for videos where you're talking, that may pose a problem. The stand is pretty tall. The product is advertised for a tripod stand. I measured it to be around 62". I won't be using it for the full length, so that wasn't a problem for me. That can be a false advertisement. Outside of that, it's sturdy and won't fall easily. If you want, you can change the angle at which your ring light moves up, down, and sideways. The phone holder is right for my phone. I have an large phone. I'm sure it can fit other phones. There are knobs on the phone so it can be turned around. The picture clicker works well. You can use the phone you have with the phone you have sync it with the phone you have. It's a great product. This is my third product from the company. It'seccable design and bang for your buck.

👤I was sent this product to test and give an honest review. This is a very powerful beauty light. The light's brightness surprised me, as well as the features it provided. You can easily switch between the different colors of the light with the tap of a finger. The remote was easy to pair and respond to with my phone. The light had a few features that made it difficult for me. The phone is not a spring-based device and has to be screwed in to match the size of the phone, which can be annoying if you want to switch out devices. I prefer the convenience of a spring clamp stand, but I would say the stand holds your phone more securely than a spring stand would. The length of the power cord was something I noticed. If you have an extension cord on hand, you can fix it. I think this is a great ring light, especially for the price. It is easy to put together. There is a free warranty slip in the package, and the customer service seems thorough.

👤I absolutely love this light. This is the second of their lights that I have purchased, and this one works just as well as the old model, with one major improvement that is the stand that is included. It's easier to fit this stand into small spaces because it has a lower and smaller base. The light has a phone mount in the center that should fit any phone, and it rotates so you can do landscape or portrait mode. It has two light colors, warm white and daylight. I keep it at 50% because it gets super bright at its highest setting. This is very easy to use and lightweight. Exactly what I needed.

11. Selfie Ring Light Phone Holder

Selfie Ring Light Phone Holder

It's applied to most mainstream social media software such as TikTok/YouTube video/ Live streaming/ Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat/ Zoom Meetings/ Vlogs/ Video Calls/ indoor filming and outdoor photography. It can be used as a desktop lamp. The ring light and holder will allow you to take selfies in dark areas. The ring light and phone holder are combined. You can control the light from the cord or switch to the lighting mode you prefer. The phone ring light works with multiple devices, it's just a battery-free light. The selfie ring light has 3 color settings. If you are in a dark room, you will always have the perfect amount of light. 10 brightness levels of led ring light balance out the lighting for a stream studio, front-facing selfie camera, and video diva light. A light ring that is a selfies will meet all your needs. The cell phone ring holder's arms are strong enough to fit in different positions, but flexible enough to be easily controlled. The phone holder can be adjusted to any angle to free your hands. The phone holder is strong enough to fit on your desk. The clip on phone holder is flexible and sturdy. The ring light phone holder is compatible with most phones. The phone holder for video recording works with the new phones. There are more than one iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 6. The ring light cell phone holder has a rubber clip on it. A phone holder with light that can help you make videos and take selfies in dark or dim environments is wide usage. The ringlights with stand are good for making live video with your phone or computer. A phone stand with light ring is a professional tool for creating live videos/recordings with a phone or computer.

Brand: Everymaven

👤This light is very bright. The light is longer than the phone. It's easy to adjust where you want the extra light to go. You can get a different effect from each setting. Great customer service. The phone was not in mine. The company took care of the issue after I contacted them.

👤It was a great purchase for the price. I am a small business owner that uses video content for marketing. This accessory is perfect for me because it allows me to make high quality videos with perfect lighting from my phone. The brightness adjustment feature is something I like to change. I don't appear washed out. The phone holders are easy to use and make it easy to get the angles I need. If you're looking for a tool to make amazing at home video content, this is the one for you.

👤I feel like I look terrible on the screen. All my flaws are highlighted by the phone. Well, not anymore! This thing is worth a lot. Turn on the light and you will see your face is illuminated. It's easier to prevent double chin when you don't have to hold the phone. My baby loves this too. I just clip it on our side table and let both of us look fabulous and chat away. 5 stars! If you want to make FAceTime fabulous, buy this now.

👤This product made my work more enjoyable. I appear in court frequently. The ring light is easy to use. The remote is my favorite part. I can use my phone while on the video call. This product is very good. I received a free course with purchase from EveryMaven that showed me how to record videos. It was worth every penny.

👤I didn't get to see how it works. When I got this ring light, it turned on and I was excited. It wasn't put together correctly. I received a refund. I contacted the business and didn't get a response. I was not happy with the purchase.

👤Excellent quality and easy to use. It was made in the USA.

👤The product is easy to use and affordable.

👤Sturdy, adjusts to fit your phone. A versatile device with many uses.


What is the best product for best ring light with stand and phone holder?

Best ring light with stand and phone holder products from Aixpi. In this article about best ring light with stand and phone holder you can see why people choose the product. Herrfilk and Weeylite are also good brands to look for when you are finding best ring light with stand and phone holder.

What are the best brands for best ring light with stand and phone holder?

Aixpi, Herrfilk and Weeylite are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best ring light with stand and phone holder. Find the detail in this article. Yesker, Inkeltech and Wuzhi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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