Best Best Ring Light for Computer

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1. Elitehood Weighted Computer Recording Photography

Elitehood Weighted Computer Recording Photography

The makeup ring light has three light modes: warm white, neutral white and cold white. The light color can be set in 10 different brightness, perfect for any lighting needs. This ringlight will help you look better, no matter what you are doing in a dark room. You will be more confident in front of the camera. There are 3 colors and 10 levels. The selfie ring light has three lighting modes: warm, natural, and cold. Each mode has a different brightness. A professional-quality shadow-free ring light with stand will provide a professional-quality, shadow-free for makeup, video recording, photography, and more. It's built to last. The led ring light has a metal rod instead of a plastic tripod stand, which is more stable and space-saving, so it won't tip over even in the maximum height extension. The ring light stand can be adjusted from 9 inch to 16 inch and the circle light can be adjusted from 180 degrees to illuminate your face. It fits all phones with or without a case, such as the iPhone 12 11 pro, the S9 and the S8 and the Xiao MI. You can change the orientation of your phone to portrait, landscape, or forward and backward when you take a photo. Convenience to use. Plug the Led ring light into a power bank, computer, and laptop to get the power. The wireless remote shutter is compatible with both the iPad and the Android phones.

Brand: Elitehood

👤This is a basic ring light. I love the multiple options. I am an office worker trying to make it look like I am not in a dungeon.

👤A box review. I was not sure what I was going to get, but this ring light is great. The light is made of heavy metal and has a smooth design. The height on my desk is perfect to allow me to take a picture on my laptop while it is on the stand. The settings for brightness and color are perfect. If you are looking for a small metal ring light for zoom teaching or just meetings, I highly recommend giving this one a try.

👤You can adjust the light's brightness and color temperature. You don't need the bright setting in a dark room. It might be needed in a bright space if you have a bright window behind you. Power consumption is one thing to watch out for. If you plug in the light to a hub that is powered or charging another device, it will flash and turn off if it exceeds the power for the hub. The seller claims that the light draws 10W of power and that two devices can be powered from a hub. I couldn't power this light when I was charging the Apple Magic Trackpad. If I turned on the light first, and then plugged in the trackpad, it would work. My laptop would complain about how much power was drawn from theusb port. If you need to use a hub for larger outlets, you are limited to one powered device per hub.

👤I bought 2 to place on either side of my iMac and they work great to light me up for my calls. I put a beach background with lights around my head and shoulders and it looked like I was at the beach. I love it! There is no mention of the length of the cables, which is about 6'. They have a switch on the cord for temperature and brightness. I can adjust the brightness with both of these on. You should get a pair if you are doing zoom. You are getting some quality lighting for the price of 2.

👤It's the perfect height for my desktop and my laptop, it has a really sturdy metal neck and base, and it has a dookickey to hold your phone for streaming, photos, or videos. It has a remote clicker to take pictures from your phone at a distance, but only has the battery to operate it. It comes with a backup battery. What company does that? I would give this 10 stars. It's inexpensive too. Ok. I don't work for the company and I'm excited to finally order something that isn't a piece of garbage.

👤The product is great for money. The light settings on it work perfectly. This will be a game-changer for my zoom classes. The remote shutter can be hit or miss. The remote is cheap, but I didn't buy the light for the shutter so I can't complain.

2. Conference Lighting Lusweimi Computer Working

Conference Lighting Lusweimi Computer Working

The kit includes a ring light, a tripod, and a user manual. The team offers a replacement service. If you have a problem with this light, please contact them on Amazon and they will give you the best customer service. The video conference ring light is small and can be clipped on your laptop or monitor. The ring light can be placed on any thin edge thickness under 0.98 inches. This light could be used for many things. The portable ring light has 3 different lighting modes. It has 10 brightness settings for each mode. The brightness range is 10%- 100%. There was no flicker, dazzling or glare. The clip and angle have been upgraded. The ring light could be adjusted so it could rotation 180 back and forth. The ring light could be clipped on the laptop or iMac. The rubber mat on the inter side protects your computer screen. The laptop camera won't be covered by the rectangular holes on both sides of the clamp. The port with wire-control is compatible with most devices, such as a laptop, PC, power bank, and ausb charger. The AC adapter is made of AC material. When you don't use the ring light, it doesn't include a battery. The 2 type-c adapters are ideal for connecting to devices that have a type-c port. The phone holder stand is compatible with various cell phones in the market and is suitable for most tablets. The angle is between 0-130 and the height is between 4.1 - 5.7 inch. It gives you a comfortable viewing angle. You could interchange the design of the ring light with the one on the desktop.

Brand: Lusweimi

👤This set of lights make video conferencing much better. The first unit we received did not work, but the seller replaced the faulty unit and it has been functioning perfectly. The lights can be mounted on a tripod or clipped to the monitor. The video call appearance is very good because the lights are adjusted for both color and brightness. The lights are supposed to do what they are supposed to do. Highly recommended.

👤I am very impressed with the lighting kit and the overall lightning. Definitely buy this product.

👤The lighting is great but it feels a little cheap. You can get two small ring light for a good price. The stand is in a perfect position.

👤Not as good as Bria's, but almost 5 stars.

👤The lights are adequate for the price. The clip-on works for one light. The tripod is useless. It won't stand for a long time. It is worthy of the trash.

👤I look very professional when I do online TV segments.

👤These lights are portable and lightweight. I was worried they wouldn't do the trick but they did and I needed something to travel with. Both lights can light up a dim area and do all three lighting modes at the same time. I am so thankful I didn't spend the extra money on something else.

3. Selfie Ring Light Computer Phone

Selfie Ring Light Computer Phone

Simple. An easy solution to be well-lit for zoom calls, video conferencing, or photos is the GearLight Radiance wireless selfie light ring. WIDE CLIP: The ring light clips onto the edges of your phone, laptop, iPad, or computer desktop monitor, so that it can fit onto your phone. Also, note: The light should be off center or above eye level. It's permissible. Theirs has a high capacity battery that can run for 2 hours on the bright setting. The 3-foot cable has endless run time power. There are 10 levels. Daylight, white, and warm light modes are offered by this versatile studio lighting equipment. The halo light's settings will allow women and men to look their best. The ring light for phone or mirror is portable and easy to use. It is a great mini accessory for traveling or teen room decor. It provides professional lighting wherever and whenever. It can be in a purse, suitcase, camera bag, or makeup kit.

Brand: Gearlight

👤There is a visible reflection if you wear glasses and there is no way to resolve this. I have seen others comment and share photos and this should be included in the advertisement. I bought the product.

👤The product was pretty good. It didn't fit around my computer's pop up camera. There was a halo on the bottom of my screen. I put a wall behind my computer to make sure it works for me. I need more light in the corner where I do distance learning. It created a perfect amount of light. It's lightweight and comes with a charge. It will travel well.

👤After being critiqued on my lighting during a virtual meeting, I bought this product. I have been praised for my meeting effectiveness and overall presentation since purchasing this item. I would recommend it to anyone who spends a lot of time on camera.

👤There's nothing wrong with the device. It's too small in diameter and weak in intensity for a desktop ring light. I can see that it's designed for a smart phone or tablets. The light is too concentrated and therefore shadows are cast on different parts of the face. The choice of three color temperatures was not significant. Maybe another product in your line would suffice. You can send me a message on Amazon. Thank you.

👤Extra lighting during residency interviews is what this year was bought for. The light is bright and crisp, but it can be hard to see if you are using it with a computer lid around the camera. I solved the issue by taping the light to the top of the stand behind my computer. The battery life is a major issue. After about 45 minutes of use, the light becomes so dim, it isn't even working anymore. I think it is worth the money.

👤It takes a long time to charge, and the charge doesn't last very long. It's not helpful if you have a day full of back to back zoom meetings. It's fine for 14.

👤The light makes a huge difference in how I look. If I open the blinds, the camera catches the light from the blinds and you can't see me, it's even worse since my office is dark. With this light, I can open the blinds to have light in the room and you can see me perfectly. The white light makes me blue and green, but the natural and warm light is my favorite. The button can be held to get levels of brightness. I can't say anything about the battery life because it's plugged in. I would recommend this to everyone.

👤The before/after image was taken with the light on my phone. It lights my face evenly and also provides eye light, so I don't get shadows and crease in the wrong areas. It creates a bit of depth between you and the background because it adds light to the foreground. I used this on my laptop for a meeting. Content on your screen may be covered by the ring design because it covers part of the screen. The charges seem to stay charged. I would recommend it for its price and usefulness.

4. Conference Lighting 3200k 6500K Broadcasting Streaming

Conference Lighting 3200k 6500K Broadcasting Streaming

A service called an aperitif-sales service. They will give you a high-quality after-sales service. They are always on-line to help you if you have any questions. Wishing you a pleasant shopping trip! The temperature is adjusted to 3000k-6500k and the brightness is adjusted to 48LED/usb power supply. The maximum width of this is 1.35 inch. Video conference lighting, video conference lighting, video conference lighting, video conference lighting, video conference lighting, video conference lighting, video conference lighting, video conference lighting, video conference lighting, video conference lighting, video conference lighting, video conference lighting, video conference lighting, video conference lighting, video conference The color temperature and brightness can be adjusted to match the natural light of the sun for a free choice. Portable lighting is easy to carry, light in weight, and can meet your light needs anytime, anywhere.

Brand: Selfila

👤The ring light is on. It's bright. The cables are cheap and thin, but that doesn't matter for something I run behind my desktop monitors. The mount is terrible. It can crack a monitor if it's large enough to cover the screen. It extends past the edge of the monitor. Definitely coming back this one.

👤I am very happy with this product. I don't recall ever having a need for additional lighting when on video calls, but after I started my new job, I knew I needed to invest in one! I like the white light/warm light option because we use different background on teams. If you have a background with lighter tones, you can easily match them. I only attach it to my laptop during meetings. If left on, I could imagine damage. I was worried about glare because I wear glasses. I found that you can place everything to your liking that can be avoided. The price is reasonable, and I think it is great.

👤It looks weird because it reflects into your glasses. The remote cover was not secure. It looks like it might work. I secured my laptop.

👤The photo shows the difference between warm and low light in a fully lit room. I think it's a big change. My boss commented on how nice I looked when I used it for the first time. I'm pretty sure it was the light since I had no makeup on and she has never said anything nice about me before. It's bright in a dark room. I had to turn it down several times. I didn't see a big difference in the levels of light. I'm happy that I don't have to do anything to switch. The cord is thin but it has plenty of length if you want to use a different source. The monitor screen is damaged by the tight Clamp. It seems like a good quality. My setting is always max brightness, rather than the last used setting. Will buy a strip to keep the remote from flopping around.

👤The metal clip that held the light up was big enough to fit on almost any place. The overhead shelf makes it difficult to clip the monitor on. The light works great when I clip it onto the shelf. The ball joint allows the light to be pointed at any angle, and I like that the light can be dimmed. I am happy with the light.

👤I like it for the price. The clip can be used to clip on any laptop. You have to sit down. My viewers think I look pretty. In the new times of Zoom, lighting is important.

👤I'm not sure what the fail rate is for these lights. But I have a bad light. I didn't turn it on when I put the bar in, because I pushed on a button to turn it on. It took about 10 minutes to play with it. This is not supposed to be that hard. Will have to return it. I hope those that do turn on have a long life. This one had nothing to say.

5. Computer Ruyilam Conference Streaming Recording

Computer Ruyilam Conference Streaming Recording

Convenience to use. Plug the Led ring light into a power bank, computer, and laptop to get the power. The wireless remote shutter is compatible with both the iPad and the Android phones. There are 3 different light colors, Cool White,Warm White and Nature, which can be offered by the 4'' ring light. The best skin tones are found in the color temperature range of 3000K-6500K. The ring light can be adjusted to 10 different bright levels, no shadow, no glare, which is a great choice for your video call, online conference, distance learning or book reading in your daily life. The ring light for laptop has a small clip and a sturdy tripod. The clip is lightweight and will not cause harm to your monitors, it is suitable for clipping on less than 0.6 inch monitors. It has a tripod for more flexibility. You can either put the light on a smooth surface or on a tripod. You can use the video conference lighting kit on the desktop computer, laptop, power bank, and any other device that has ausb port. Press the ON button on the wire controller to turn it on. The wire controller can be used to change the light settings. The length of theusb cable is up to 2m/6.56ft. The video conference lighting is designed for multiple tasks. You can use this video light for a lot of things. It is easy to carry a small size. The video conference lighting kit includes a video light, a tripod, and a user manual. One year replacement service is offered by the team. If you have any problems with this light, please contact them on Amazon and they will give you the best solution.

Brand: Ruyilam

👤I didn't buy a light for my computer for a long time. I bought aWansview Brand very good light at the same time I bought another one because my computerWebcam broke. It makes me look better than using my stupid camera. It's no wonder my camera broke. I took a picture of my screen with my phone because I didn't want to teach myself how to do it again. The pictures on the phone aren't very good, but they're better for reals. It has different light modes. There is a dimmer. The bright light works best on me. I haven't tried it on a meeting with zoom. I know I will look better. Thanks for the light. It's like a face lift. The photos were taken with different modes. Sorry for the bad pictures. You can see the difference in the coloring.

👤The light never did 3 modes. It only does two things. There is no warm light mode. 3 stars. After contacting customer service, they requested a video of my problem and found that my yellow lights weren't working, so they sent me a new one very quickly. The customer service rep was helpful. Increased to four stars.

👤This light is good to have in your laptop virtual meeting toolkit if you need better lighting when using your webcam. In a dark room, this casts enough light on you at the lowest settings to make it possible for your webcam to pick up your face. The highest settings were too bright for my needs. It has different lighting modes that are suited to your preferences. I preferred the blue/cool lighting mode. The clip is only useful on newer laptops with a screen that is not too thick. If you have an older laptop with a thicker screen, you will need to use a tripod that comes with the light.

👤The light is 4” in diameter. The ring area is 1” wide. The product comes with two mounts. The slide on grip is designed to fit on the top of a laptop computer to illuminate your face when on a video call. It is easy to remove and the mini tripod can be attached. If you want to use this light in a self standing position, it's a good idea. The push button controls are easy to use. There are buttons on a box. The led color is the same as the colors used on the light bulbs. Soft white, natural, bright and bluish tint. The next button has power on and off. The buttons are for up and down features. They control the brightness of the light for the lighting that is chosen. A blue led light illuminates the box to show that theusb a male is plugged into a standard 5 volts DC power source. The Ring Light has ten different levels of light brightness. The user can choose the amount of light intensity they want. I use a ring light over my computer. The thickness of the computer screen makes the laptop accessory difficult to grip. There is no room to stand the light. The rubber bands supported the light on the shelf above my computer. Thanks to the needed light produced by this product, my call was clear and bright. It is easy to use. It is recommended. I had to buy a second Ring Light for my wife because she was so jealous after receiving my first one. There is an additional use for these lights. If you own a portable battery that you use to charge your phone, these lights can provide general lighting for dark areas on a table during camping. Light weight, easy to pack, and takes up little space.

6. Selfie Ring Light Stand Photography

Selfie Ring Light Stand Photography

30-day full money refund policy and 12-month quality guarantee were addressed. They will serve you within 24 hours if you send them a message. If you do online business and love taking pictures and making videos, but always find yourself struggling to find the right lighting, then this is the application for you. The selfie ring light with stand will solve your problem. They can make a big difference in the quality of your pictures and videos. This light is great for product shots, where you need more light, and selfies, where you need more light. The ring light for phone was made with metal and a weighted round base to increase stability so it wouldn't tip over. Installation of the Yarrashop webcam ring light for laptop is easier. The desk ring light has 3 lighting modes and 10 brightness levels to cover various needs. It is the best way to highlight your beauty. You can use it as a makeup light, a live streaming light, or a desk reading light. The ring light stand can be extended for 18'' to 2'' and the circle light can be adjusted to fit your needs. It comes with a phone holder that fits all phones. Plug in a power bank, computer, laptop, and a power bank into ausb and get power. This selfie light is a perfect gift for someone who likes to make videos, live stream or video conference.

Brand: Yarrashop

👤I mostly use this to use during my client sessions and any Zoom calls. Overhead lighting made me look baggy eyed in my home office. Plug in to my laptop and go. The light settings are cool, warm, and warmest. I can adjust it based on the amount of natural lighting in the room. It makes a big difference on my calls, I look so much better with the right make up. The light makes my skin pop. I look awake and vibrant. I've had a few clients say "WOW you look great!" I know that the added lighting is on the camera. There are some things that are CONS: It's workable, but it's a little lightweight. I'm hoping this light lasts for a long time. It's a great option for those who do a lot of video calls.

👤The part that charged on the ring light melted when I turned it on, less than a year after I bought it. I couldn't figure out which part of my electronics area it was coming from after smelling something burning for a couple of weeks. I unplugged my power strip every night because of fear. The ring light blew and melted when I turned it on. I tried to get in touch with the company through the Amazon process, but they didn't reply. They kept sending me back to the seller even though I tried to have them help me. The warranty is no longer valid. I don't usually do this, but I want people to be aware that this product is dangerous, and it's too expensive to be melting like this.

👤I wanted a simple light that I could use with my phone. I took a chance because there was nothing in the reviews that made me not want to buy it. If you want good lighting from the front, this light is for you. It worked well with my phone and it gives good coverage. The photo on the left is with the light and the photo on the right is without it. This light won't work on a laptop or a desktop. You need to use a plug into the light to work.

👤The extended warranty is for this brand. I paid $54.63 for this on May 24, 2020. The support ended yesterday. It went bad after 6 months. The problem is the cord. How long will this method work when I have to connect it from the bulb to work? I need the ring light for my zoom meetings. I gave it a 2 star rating because of the poor longevity and how much I paid. I used it for 4 months after I bought it. I never mishandled it. There is a Mood is.

👤It will no longer stay on after about 2 months of use. Sometimes the cable will come on, but not always. It flickers to the point of being useless when it is on. The quality was very disappointing.

👤The ring light works well for what I need and I bought it to supplement my soft box light. There were no weird shadows on my face.

7. Bekada Conference Lighting Computer Meetings

Bekada Conference Lighting Computer Meetings

The DimmableLED desk ring light has 3 lighting modes: warm light, white light and white light only. There are 10 lighting modes to choose from. The controller is easy to use and switch between lighting and power modes. The soft ring light is made with premium LEDs and it provides no flickering and no dazzling light, protect your eyesight and reduce your eye strain from long reading. The clip-on ring light is perfect for computer lighting for video conference and zoom meeting. Flexible Arm and Strong Clip The lighting direction can be adjusted by bending the arm into any shape. The strong metal is easy to clip on a table, desk or bedside. There are pads that protect furniture from scratching. If the arm is in a proper shape, the desk can be supported by the clamp alone. See the pictures. Most devices that support theusb port, such as power bank,usb charger, AC adapter, PC and laptop with output of 5V2A are compatible with theusb powered. To avoid damage to the light or theusb interface, please dis connect theusb when not in use. 30-day full money refund policy and 12-month quality guarantee were addressed. They will serve you within 24 hours if you send them a message. 30-day full money refund policy and 12-month quality guarantee were addressed. They will serve you within 24 hours if you send them a message.

Brand: Bekada

👤I've been working from home for almost a year now and have been logging into the meetings in what appears to be semi-darkness thanks to the window behind me. I've been showing up in meeting rooms looking like a witness from a real crime show. Coworkers can't remember what I look like. I didn't want to buy something that would only be used for online meetings. Thankfully I found a light. It can be used as a ring light for meetings or as a desk light for smaller tasks, and it's a new hobby for me. It's easy to put anywhere to aim the light. It is multi-purpose. It's multi-dimensional. It's a multi-benefit! Thanks!

👤I realized how bad the lighting is in my home office when I started work from home. The light was reasonably priced and had a long neck that you could clip to a desk instead of your laptop. I only use the light for 1 hour a day when I have a video conference. This works well for me. It is bright enough that people can see my face. The neck is long enough that you have a lot of play to adjust the position, I was able to angle it downwards to avoid any glare in my glasses. The switch to control the light and brightness intensity is very easy to operate and there are many options to choose from. I was not able to use it in my laptop's plug in. I have a keyboard, headset, and wireless mouse already plugged in, so I have a USB extender port. The light worked on my end, but static occurred for everyone else in the meeting. I plugged the light into a wall outlet and took the light off theusb option. If you have too many items plugged in at the same time, this will only happen.

👤The halo style lamp has given me a new look. Since I need different lighting effects in different parts of my house, the options of choosing between the different warmth levels is a real plus. It clips on to my laptop and casts a nice even light that is not glaring to my eyes. I hope you see some revenue from the endorsement, because I have referred this lamp to all my employees.

👤I like the different levels of light. It seems like the clamp is strong, that's important because that's how it connects to things. It looks like it was made well. It was a good purchase. I still like it and am considering getting another, but I have found that they have raised the price 25%, so I will first look at other options.

👤I plugged the light into the port on my laptop's docking station and attached the lower back of my monitor. The piece of furniture is very strong. I fold the round light portion down behind the monitor to watch TV when I'm not using it. I like the light. The type of lighting and intensity can be changed with easy to use buttons. It was very well made. It's perfect for all my virtual meetings. It is a great value.

8. Weilisi Computer Adjustable Conference Lighting

Weilisi Computer Adjustable Conference Lighting

There is an independent controller for the circle lights and each lamp. The selfie light ring can bring you 9 mixed-light modes for creating more different looks, and its 10-level brightness allows you to make any adjustment to get what you need. The Weilisi 6.5" ring light features 54 high-lumen LEDs inside, which can offer 3 color temperature, and 10 level brightness adjustment, which makes it brighter and better. The light is softer, no shadow, no glare, which can meet your lighting needs and help you look better under different lighting conditions. The video conference lighting kit has an extendable tripod and a small clip. The clip has a triangular silicone pad that protects the screen from being cracked. The tripod can be used as a ring light tripod or a camera tripod. You can either clip it on your laptop or mount it on the tripod and put it beside the computer. You can use this webcam ring light on the desktop computer, laptop, power bank, or any other device that has ausb port. Press the ON button on the wire controller to turn it on. The controller can change the light settings. The length of theusb cable is up to 2m. The portable ring light is designed for multiple tasks that need an extra light source. This desk ring light can be used for remote video conferences. Small size is easy to carry out. The kit includes a ring light, a tripod, and a user manual. The team offers a replacement service. If you have a problem with this light, please contact them on Amazon and they will give you the best customer service.

Brand: Weilisi

👤This is great for virtual meetings. It is a perfect size to give as a gift, it will light up your whole face. It has three different lighting settings which all have their own levels of power. It is easy to use and twist on or off the clip. Would definitely buy again.

👤The light did a good job. It was impossible to change the colors or brightness after the controls stopped working.

👤I liked the product for the first week. It helped my appearance on the internet. My wife started complaining about the garage door remotes not working anymore because they weren't having any range. I realized we were getting interference when I went to investigate. After 2 hours of turning things on/off, flipping breaker switches. The Ring Light interfered with the garage door opener. I get 300 feet of range on my garage door remote openers when unplugged. Plug it back in. The garage remotes have to be close to the ground. The garage door opener range has been reduced. It's crazy! I have a Liftmaster garage door opener and I can't change its frequencies. I was surprised that the zoom light met regulatory compliance. I'm not sure how many other devices interfere with this. I will be sending this one back and looking for a different one. I thought I would let everyone know what we found. Hope it is helpful.

👤Simple. It's exactly what you want and expect.

👤The answer is a clip to monitor.

👤The light works well. I look worse with it than without. I look like I'm in a horror movie.

👤This is what I needed.

👤I ordered the ring light because I just got a new camera and wanted to use the tripod that's part of the package as a camera tripod, and I also wanted a new light source for use during video conferences. The package has a light, clip mount, and tripod. The tripod and clip are mounted to the light using a standard screw. The product works as described by the manufacturer. The tripod is difficult to adjust at first, but once I realized how it works, I was able to keep the legs stable. You have to remove the stand from the tripod base and fold the legs up to make it fit on the desktop. The control for the light is in the power line. There is no separate remote. It can be turned on/off, dim the white light, change to and set the color mode, and choose from one of the three white light settings. I plugged it into a port on my computer when I first tried it. The computer doesn't have enough power on that port to power the lamp properly, and that's why the lamp is not working. I plugged it into the power strip and it worked perfectly. The light has three levels of lighting, ranging from a warm white to a cool white. You can choose from a series of 6 colors, or an array of flashing patterns, most of which include color changes. It took a while, but I found settings that stayed on one color. Blending colors can't give you the right hue. You can dim the White options with the buttons on the control. All of my needs were met by this light. This isn't the right tool for someone who wants to create a specific hue or light tone. This works well for me because of the low price and the fact that I needed the tripod for other uses. Potential buyers should consider their goal before making a purchase decision.

9. Conference Lighting Monitor Broadcasting Streaming

Conference Lighting Monitor Broadcasting Streaming

If you are not satisfied with the selfie ring light with stand, you could contact Evershop. Within 24 hours, you will get a satisfactory answer and solution. White light/Warm light/Warm white, Offering soft and lit light, no-glaring, each lighting mode has 3 levels of brightness for your free choice to get the more natural visual. The light ring design helps to smooth shadows and hide skin flaws. This light is great for video chatting. The sturdy clip could hold your device firmly for the computer or desktop. The ring light kit comes with a tripod stand. You can enjoy the ring light at anytime and anywhere with the help of theusb powered device. The ring light can be adjusted to provide the perfect light. It's a professional tool for live streaming, selfies, video recording, and teaching.

Brand: Baivinet

👤It was perfect! It's simple, clean and easy to use, perfect for my zoom calls. It has a variety of settings for light type and brightness. It has a small tripod and plugs into a port for a computer. Very cool. Check my video for more information.

👤I finally bought this inexpensive light ring for online work, and I'm using it to teach on Zoom, meet with my students, conferences, etc. Although I'm not a TikTok/YouTubeinfluencer, I appreciate portraying my online presence in the best light, even for a novice like myself. The screws to adjust the brace and the metal clip to hold it together were things I appreciated. The computer can be plugged into with theusb. The light has three choices: warm, cool, and cool. There are about 30 different lighting choices with each level. Pick the one that works best with your skin tone and lighting. I'm going to use the ring light a lot on my first day and cross my fingers for a long life. I'm presenting at a symposium tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it.

👤I was holding off on buying a ring light because I wanted meetings to start in person again. I bought one because they haven't. I usually have meetings in my dining room. The lighting can't be moved. The ring light is perfect.

👤I received a tripod with a display. I could not use the product display mount because the screw was so short that it went deep inside the mount when I tried to use it. I gave up after stripping the screw. The little tripod on the desktop support is cute, but I didn't need that function. The light is great, but I am not happy about not being able to mount it. Kinda works.

👤I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect ring light. Some lights have reviews that warn of their fire dangers because they get so hot. Some are not bright enough to make a difference. Some clips are so strong that they can damage your screen. The ring light is well designed. There is a padded screw that you can use to tighten it. The highest setting is bright enough, and the different lighting options are also great. The only thing that could make it better is if it had a diffuser attachment. I only found one brand that had that and it was three times the price. I would recommend this light to others.

👤I went looking for a light because I was tired of being shadowed while on the phone. No more shadows, this light works great. I chose this one because it was possible to attach to my screen or use the included tripod. I used the clamps to attach it to my bookshelf. I like the ability to change the tone of the light between bright and warm. When not in use, the button adjustment can be used to turn off the light. I was offered an incentive for my review, but I really like the light and have recommended it to my co-workers.

10. Ring Light Stand Laptop Computer

Ring Light Stand Laptop Computer

What you get is a ring light for a Webcam, aSuperior Clamp, and aFlexible Tripod. Each light for video conferencing is tested manually, it will be the best solution for your video conference lighting. They will reply within 12 hours if you have any questions. A ring light is a must-have for any video conference. Whether you are meeting with your team, signing into your classroom, or meeting with your family, let's make work more effective. The ring light is powered by a power supply and has a built-in switch. Attach it to a plug and have it anywhere. The circle light is fixed to the metal stand through a universal 1/4” screw, which allows you to detach the light ring and fix other devices. A ringlight with stand is just one of the things that it is also a phone stand, DSLR camera stand, mini projector stand, etc. The phone holder on the stand can be removed with the 1/2” screw, so that you can attach not only the phone, but the camera as well. ROTATABLE & HEIGHT is 360. The halo light can be adjusted in any direction to get the best lighting angle. The height of the metal stand can be adjusted. You can adjust the height of your desk to fit the height of most monitors, so it's easy to place behind the laptop, computers, monitors, etc. The ring light stand has a metal disc base that makes it stable to stand in the maximum height extension. The bottom of the disc base is covered with foam rubber to prevent scratches on the table top and floor. This mobile phone holder is compatible with all 3.5-inch phones. The Pro Max, the Note 20/A70, the S21/S20, the S21/S20, the Note 20/A70, the Pro Max, the S21/S20, the Note 20/A70, the Pro Max, the Note 20/ The makeup ring light has three light modes: warm white, neutral white and cold white. The light color can be set in 10 different brightness, perfect for any lighting needs. This ringlight will help you look better, no matter what you are doing in a dark room. You will be more confident in front of the camera.

Brand: Yoozon

👤Most of us have been using video conferencing software more and more since March of 2020. I teach classes over video conferences a lot and do it several times a day. I am happy to report that this checks off all the boxes, it can get very bright at its top setting, it has an in-line remote, and it is easy to use. The base is strong. The tripod style of other units took up too much space. The flat base makes it good for use under a monitor. The tilt feature can help you get the right place. I am very happy with the unit.

👤My wife and I decided to give my daughter a ring light after she started her gaming channel. She decided not to show her face in her gaming videos because she didn't have a way to block the daylight behind her. It was very easy to get it, just twisting a rod to a base, and the ring light to the rod. I connected it to my laptop because it plugs into ausb outlet. The cord is long and should fit most configurations. The built in switch on the cord has four buttons that are less bright and more bright. The light has three colors, regular, cold and warm. I like to keep the light on "warm" as it keeps my face looking good. The lowest of the 10 brightness settings is where I keep the setting. The lowest setting is great even when I have a migraines. The ring light is a must for keeping my face visible during video calls and for adding virtual background. The ring light can be adjusted from 1 ft to 2 ft. The base is about 5 inches in diameter. When our power went out last weekend, the ring light tilts, which was useful. It was powered by my laptop and we used it to light up our living room. The ring light has a remote for a camera that I have barely tested. There are two buttons. The spare battery for the remote was included. The buttons on my phone took a picture. I did not try the phone holder out.

👤I was spending more time on my home computer and on the internet as a result of looking for ring lights. I bought a desk for my room, but it wasn't good enough for lightening. The perfect ring light can be found here. The base of the stand, the ability to hold a cell phone, and the light's settings made it a great choice for me. It was easy to set up and use when the package arrived. The lightening on my call was seen before and after. I hope this is helpful. The product is great.

👤There are lots of options with the bright, variable light with 3 "temp" settings and dimmer/brighter adjustment. The light's height can be adjusted. The base is solid. The instructions were not easy to set up. The Dell laptop did not have enough power to run the light. Even when the laptop is plugged in. I was able to get it to work with a spareusb/acadapter, but no reviews mentioned that. The phone holder works, but not intuitive to set up. It's nice once you install it.


What is the best product for best ring light for computer?

Best ring light for computer products from Elitehood. In this article about best ring light for computer you can see why people choose the product. Lusweimi and Gearlight are also good brands to look for when you are finding best ring light for computer.

What are the best brands for best ring light for computer?

Elitehood, Lusweimi and Gearlight are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best ring light for computer. Find the detail in this article. Selfila, Ruyilam and Yarrashop are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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