Best Best Rice Cooker 10 Cup

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1. PARS Automatic Rice Cooker Persian

PARS Automatic Rice Cooker Persian

The top rack dish washer is safe. The Pars Rice Cooker can help you master the art of perfect rice. Pars Rice Cookers are home essentials for anyone who likes to savor that golden crust at the bottom of the rice steamer pot. The Pars Persian Rice Maker has a custom timer. Guests will be amazed at how perfect you look every time with keep-warm and auto-off functions. Clean-up is a breeze with the non-STICK POT in their rice steamer cooker. The table can be reached from the pars cooker. Afterwards, add the pot to your dishwasher and enjoy more time with family and friends. The Persian Rice Cooker by Pars is a sturdy and waterproof appliance that is a thoughtful wedding gift. The cord can be used in small kitchens. The rice measuring cup, plastic rice scoop, and user manual are included free with every rice cooker pars steamer. You can complement your Persian rice with a variety of foods.

Brand: Pars

👤I thought I'd post the info here for those that might be interested, because it took us awhile to get the recipe and proportions correct, but we love our rice cooker and it makes amazing tadiq. 1.5, 2, and 3 cups of dried rice can be used at sea level. You need to experiment if you need larger proportions. The cook time is 15 minutes. You just have to add 15 min at some point during the cooking because the timer only lasts for 1 hour. The included plastic rice measuring cup is smaller than a standard cup, so we use a standard size measuring cup. We rinse our rice before putting it in the cooker. 1.5 cups of rice, 2.5 cups of water, butter, oil, and salt are used.

👤Wow! This thing is great. I have trouble making Persian rice on the stove. No more! This cooker is very easy to use. It makes perfect tadig. It works for any amount of rice. I have tried 3 cups, but this recipe works for more than 3 cups. I wash in the pan. Add salt to the water and cover the rice with it. I add a little bit to every 3 cups. Add some oil. I add a quarter cup of oil to every 3 cups of rice. Set to 1 hour. There is a While cooking, I crush some saffron and grind with salt to a powder, and then add it to a cup of boiling water. Let's sit. 10 minutes before the timer is done, I add a half stick of butter to the rice and saffron water to it. Let it cook for 10 minutes. Perfect rice!

👤The instructions are a joke. Look them up for yourself, take my word for it. The real cooking part of the instructions is step 6. We tried it and after trial and error, it makes a really good fried bottom rice with the rest of the body of the rice creamy. I'm glad we didn't return it because the instructions are horrible and even searching for videos online produced useless results. I would give it 4 stars if the introduction was comprehensive and I would give it 5 stars if the recipe suggestions were included.

👤I am shocked that someone could sell a product in the US with instructions that are filled with spelling and grammatical errors. The makers didn't bother with proof. These errors make no sense. I learned that for up to 4 cups of rice, use a half cup more of water. For more than 4 cups of rice, use 6 cups of water. I use 1/3 cup of oil for 4 cups of rice. Whatever you do, don't go by their recommended oil usage. You will end up with a lot of rice. I use a pale colored blend of olive oil and avocados. Works well. There are three I cook 4 cups of rice for 60 minutes and it comes out perfect. * If you add 20 more minutes, you will get more than 4 cups. Maybe one light stirs but no more is needed. The lid doesn't have a rubber seal so the whole time it whistles, it can definitely be improved upon. Once you get the hang of it, it works.

2. Aroma Housewares ARC 360 NGP Pot Style Steamer

Aroma Housewares ARC 360 NGP Pot Style Steamer

Please make sure to measure rice in the cup that comes with the product. 4 to 20 cups of cooked rice can be prepared. Simple, one-touch operation. Meat and vegetables can be steamed with the provided steam tray. The inner pot is easy to clean. The rice measuring cup, serving spatula, and steam tray were included. 4 to 20 cups of cooked rice can be prepared. Meat and vegetables are cooked.

Brand: Aroma Housewares

👤After just 2 days, this happened. The plastic spatula that came with it caused multiple scratches. The worst non-stick pot. Go for a pot. There is a I made sure to wipe any excess water from the bottom of the pot before I turned on the cook mode. After 2 uses, it was still brown. There is a Returning this. Disappointed. I bought a rice cooker. The inner lining is ceramic. I use the plastic spatula that came with it to wash it. I hope it stays put.

👤This is my second rice cooker, I am loving it. I still have a 20 cup rice cooker that I ordered a few years ago, but I am going to replace it with a smaller one because the inner pot has a few tiny pin size wholes. It is very easy to wash and clean with a little water and detergent. No scrubbing or rubbing at all. I use the rice cooker for a lot of things, including lightly steamed vegetables. It is cute.

👤I thought it would be great to make Rice Porridge. I was very disappointed. I thought the pot would hold 20 cups of rice and 10 cups of water, so it should be easy to hold one of the cups. The rice and water came out of the pot and on to the table, making a big mess. Half of what was left in the pot was good. When I tried to cook 1 cup of rice and 3 cups of water, less came out of the top. Rice was not very fluffy.

👤I had the larger version when I was single, but this is perfect for our growing family. It can handle Zatarain's Red Beans & Rice, not just plain rice. I don't have to wash another pot while I cook because I steam veggies all the time.

👤The cooker was in a new box. The rice cooker did not work after we plugged it in. The bottom of the rice cooker has food stuff as well. The rice cooker is not working. I will request a refund. Very disappointed.

👤Is this model of rice cooker just me? Is mine special? The unit splatters sticky rice water during the boil stage, it doesn't seem to matter what quantity of rice we're cooking. This has never been a problem with our other rice coolers. If you put a plate or tray underneath it, you will have a mess to clean up. This is a large rice cooker. If you use the included plastic steamer tray, it's a versatile size for vegetables. Is cooking in plastic healthy? It was easy to use. It is easy to clean.

👤It did for about 2 minutes. Did not work after 2 minutes. I will never buy anything from this brand again. I need to figure out how to get rid of this thing. Don't buy it. Don't waste your money. I was excited to buy a cheap rice cooker, but the website was a scam and I couldn't get to it.

3. Instant Pot Multi Use Programmable Pressure

Instant Pot Multi Use Programmable Pressure

All products come with a 1-year protection plan. A genius idea for your kitchen is a household essential and practical gift. 7-in-1 function. Pressure cook, slow cook, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, sauté pan, and food warmer. Pressure cooking ribs, soups, beans, rice, poultry, yogurt, desserts and more can be done with a Quick One-TOUCH COOKING. Cook fast or slow. Pressure cook delicious one-pot meals up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods or slow cook your favorite traditional recipes, just like grandma used to make. The dishwasher-safe lid, inner pot, and accessories are easy to clean up. There are safety features. There are over 10 safety features, plus overheat protection and safe-locking lid. It's great for growing families. It's perfect for growing families, meal prepping, and cooking for singles. They use a tri-ply bottom for more even cooking and it's food grade. Discover amazing recipes. You can download the Instant Pot app to find new favorites and cook delicious meals.

Brand: Instant Pot

👤I bragged to everyone about my instant pot. It was easy to make my dogs food. I put the food and the water in the pressure cook and it was done when the alarm went off. Getting used to the pressurization wasn't hard. It was easy to use. Until last week. My pot didn't turn on. I tried other outlets and electronics and it wasn't the outlet. The pot was moved to a different outlet. The pot was what it was. The instructions in the manual were based on what was wrong. The circuit board blew when I didn't turn on, so I called support. This company doesn't want to be bothered talking to their customers so they tell you to go online and put in a ticket when you call. I do this. No response a day later. I asked for help again. I email them the same information. Didn't hear from them until Friday. I needed my pot fixed on Tuesday. On Thursday I called Amazon and was able to get a refund for the product and I shipped it back to them. The pot was within warranty after less than a year of purchase. Amazon tried to get in touch with the company, but they couldn't. This brand is dangerous. When a pressure cooker breaks, you won't be getting help for days, so I would look for another one. People should know what kind of company it is.

👤I know this is a good product, but I am not sure what happened here. I tried to cook food, but 15 minutes later the machine is smoking. The smoke of burnt plastic filled my kitchen and house. There were sparks coming off the machine when it was turned on. I quickly unplugged the machine and looked at the counter. I wonder what would have happened if it caught fire or exploded in my face. It seemed like it was going to make a sound. It was not easy to clean the counter or my hands after the plastic melted. The machine's bottom and remaining wires are red. I had to shower again before I went to work. I had to deal with a lot and I was late. I was forced to eat out with my wife because I just wasted food. I am writing this and the machine goes into smokes. What should I do? This thing is unplugged. This is a symbol.

👤I use this for everything. How did I not have this before? I use an induction burner for cooking in my van, but since I got this little gem, I haven't used it in a long time. It's the perfect size for one or two people, and it's easy to use. I saute the onions, carrots, and meat, then add everything else, seal it, and set it for 7 minutes on high pressure. I cook a delicious meal every time I let it release. This gives me enough for a couple of drinks. The other day, I quick soaked beans by covering them with water and hitting pressure for 5 minutes. Let it sit for a couple of hours and let it release naturally. I make dinner after I cook my lunch, and make sure the keep warm function is on. When I'm done driving, I'm able to have a hot, healthy, delicious meal in my sink. I have baked banana bread in it. I don't have an oven. It turned out great! I used the To-Go Ware lunch container and the lid to bake it on the rack. It is very easy to cook on my solar system. I can cook the leftovers in 4 minutes, and it only draws 67a. It takes a long time to cook and is heavier than a VitaClay, which I absolutely loved for making beans. The Instant Pot Mini has more battery drain, more storage space, and more weight than the Instant Pot.

4. DECKER 16 Cup Uncooked Steamer RC516

DECKER 16 Cup Uncooked Steamer RC516

The accessories include a steam tray, rice measuring cup and serving spatula. The power consumption is 500W. Prepare anywhere from 3 to 16 cups of rice, great for one large meal or to save as leftovers. The basket is steaming. You can make healthy meals with vegetables, fish, and more with the included steaming basket. The bowl is nonstick. The cooking bowl is dishwasher safe. Automatic keep warm. The rice is ready to serve. After cooking is complete, the unit automatically switches to keep warm. The rice cooker will switch to warming mode when it stops cooking.

Brand: Black+decker

👤This is the least expensive non stick cook ware on Amazon. I am a male who has a hard time doing anything for himself and I usually just go to the store and buy beef jerky and drink coffee, but this rice cooker has changed my life, I think. It has been two weeks. I've made nothing but rice and it has a marker on it that lets you know if you're about to make a mistake or not, because it does everything for you after you fill the water to the line. The instruction manual is so thick that I was scared at first, but sadly it is the same instructions repeated 36 times in 12 different languages for the same reason, to prevent idiots from melting the plastic dish that comes with the cooker. It doesn't tell you what the dish is for but it does tell you to remove it before you cook anything. It can't be used as a strainer because the holes are too big and it won't stick to the plastic. I'm pretty sure it comes with a wide spoon that I use to shovel it into my mouth. You can leave it on for six days or until your roommates discover you've left it on again while you're asleep, because it works like a toast. Don't touch the ring on the inside while it's plugged in. The instruction manual says not to do this, but I did it anyway, and now I have a layer skin missing on my right hand.

👤The experience of cooking rice with this thing is amazing. Rice that is refined or processed in a store bought state has a lot of starch on it. Before cooking, you need to wash your rice. If you want the water to remain clear when the rice enters it, you should use a strainer and submerging it in the water. If you cook rice without rinsing it will cause water to boil over and make a mess on the counter. It does this because of the boiling of the starch. I have cooked long grain, basmasti, and jasmine rice in these things. I didn't know why I waited so long to invest in these things. B&D, thanks!

👤After only a couple uses, the warrant replacement unit is emitting electrical smoke and clicking off before cooking is done, and it is constantly clicking off. We won't go there again after all the hassles we went through to get the replacement. We will cut our losses here. These things are not safe for your home. Our review stopped working after a few months, so please stay away from this product. The warranty hoops are insane, however it was encouraging that Black & Decker responded. You have to contact them to get an ID number. You have to email them with a hard to read code from your appliance. You get an email telling you to cut off the electrical prong and mail it to them. You have to send a letter and pay $6 for shipping at the same time. I don't want you to! They messed up, so this is an annoyance to you. Who is going to buy a silly $30 rice cooker? It will take me a month to get a replacement appliance. Who has the time to do this? We are buying a superior rice cooker from the same place as the one we are buying. You can return anything to the store. The manufacturer tosses it back to them. I recommend steering clear of Black and decker completely. After a short period of time, the Dustbuster no longer re-charges. After only 8 months, I stopped working. Will you help? Was working well, but suddenly died in the middle of cooking. There were no lights.

5. Tiger JAZ A18U FH 10 Cup Uncooked Cooker

Tiger JAZ A18U FH 10 Cup Uncooked Cooker

The lid has an easy-to-open handle. Simple switch button rice cooker is easy to use. The flower design is traditional. The inner pot is non-stick. The power cord is retractable. There are accessories for a steam basket.

Brand: Tiger Corporation

👤Large batches of rice are cooked with this product. Our former rice cookers were made in japan, not this one. Some parts are made in China. This cooker is only good for a day or two of rice, but we only have it for a couple months. If you want to have rice in the cooker ready to go on demand, you can't do that with this cooker. After a couple weeks of use, your rice cooker will not completely seal. After a few hours, your rice will smell weird and some will dry out. You can only make what you will eat at that time, and you have to remove your rice from the fridge. We don't want to do that in asian houses. The rice cook setting is rather quick compared to most other cookers. If you are an American, you may not know that when your rice is done with this cooker it will be watery. It is not done. If you don't let it sit in this cooker for a while after the setting for "cooked" is finished, you will get watery rice. You won't have a sound notification when the rice is finished because the cooker doesn't have a chime. When I purchased my rice cooker, I didn't think it was a big deal, but when I compare it to our other rice cooker, I think it's nice to have a chime function. I wouldn't buy another cooker without it. It works because of the cheap price. If you need a cooker for a large amount of food, it will do, but I wouldn't buy one for a regular family to use on a daily basis. It's not good enough for that. We got this cheap priced product because we had a very expensive rice cooker before. We got what we paid for.

👤I have a second Tiger rice cooker. The first one has the same amount of rice. This one is shorter. The cooker is made of a thinner material. The first one has a gray coating. This is just a single layer of metal. The functions are the same as it is lighter. One button to depress and two lights for cooking and warming. I like to use electronic devices. The rice is cooked well. It comes with a rice spatula, a hook for the spatula with a special spot to hang from rice cooker, a clear drainage that can easily slide out, and a plastic steamer tray that rests on top of rice cooker. I love this brand. My mom may have pressed too hard to fit it back in the right way, that's why she broke it.

👤The rice cooker can be used for a rice cooker. The vent in the lid is not working. The vent was made too short by the engineers who created it. The vent is 2 pieces. It screws apart for cleaning. If the cooker gets too hot, the vent will come apart because there are not enough threads to hold it together as it expands from the heat. I received a new vent after I complained to Tiger Customer Support. I can only conclude that this is due to bad engineering. I don't know if they will do anything after I made the recommendation. The customer service was good and they sent me a replacement vent when I told them of the problem. It still pops apart. Good price, but what good is it if it doesn't do what you want? The rice goes bad quickly and the smell is bad because of the heat and humidity that is affected by the vent popping apart. I wouldn't purchase this model again and I wouldn't recommend anyone else to buy it. I can't speak for any other Tiger rice cooker.

6. Aroma Housewares Stainless UNCOOKED ARC 757SG

Aroma Housewares Stainless UNCOOKED ARC 757SG

4 to 14 cups of cooked rice can be prepared. The cooking pot is surgical-grade 304. Simple, one-touch operation. It's great for soups, chili, and so much more. The inner pot is easy to clean. The power consumption is between 120V and 500W. The measuring cup and serving spatula are included. There is no BPA free.

Brand: Aroma Housewares

👤The pot worked as expected, but it did have a tendency to bubble out through the cover lid vent. We returned it because the pot is not solid steel. It is plated and the interior began to oxidize after a few uses. I didn't want to risk my health by eating any of the plated material used in the fabrication of the "not so" pot. There are spots in the picture where the plating came off, exposing a different metal underneath. Maybe they are getting shortchanged by their supplier.

👤I've already done that and there's no need to over-think it. This is a cooker. There is no fuzzy logic. There are no different settings. When you press the button, it cooks rice. It's all over. See "SCIENCE!" for more information. At the end of the review. We got a rice cooker because I like the idea of making rice and Instant Pot at the same time. 1) The pot is made of steel. There is no non-stick coating. We bought it because of that. The base of the pot is shaped to sit on the heating element and transfer heat to the pot. I cook rice with butter to prevent it from sticking. Rice will stick to the bottom of the inner pot if left in " Keep Warm" for long enough. The solution? After serving out seconds, unplug the unit. If rice sticks, a quiet soak in the sink will loosen the hangers-on. Before cooking, I rinse the rice twice, first with cold water to over the top of the rice, and then with a strainer. This makes the rice taste and act like a restaurant rice. My understanding is that brown rice must be extra washed to make sure it doesn't come out sticky and cause the pit to bubble over. I use the cup that came with the pot. The measure is needed to fill the pot with 3 gou of rice. I bought a 4-year warranty on it. Why? Quality control standards make it more likely that the pot's element will go bad at some point, even if you look at different models. If the pot shoots craps, I get a new one for 2 bucks. It's all over. This little beauty is doing well so far. Science! How do you know when your rice is done? The same way your furnace knows that the room is warm. If the temp in the pot continues to rise, the heating element will be turned off. When the water has boiled off, the temp inside the pot begins to rise and the thermocouple turns off the high heat.

👤Don't buy it. The rice cooker is dangerous. It spits and splatters the contents and hot water. We can't use it as a result. I can't seem to get in touch with anyone from Aroma to get a refund or return the product.

👤Excellent quality and no TEFLon! When making rice, leave the cover off and make your steel cut oatmeal, but add raisins, cinnamon, or whatever you like. I don't believe this is a design flaw or can be avoided, but I do have a simple solution: prop a small dish on the cooker when making rice and splashing will be contained.

7. Elite Gourmet Maxi Matic Stainless Porridges

Elite Gourmet Maxi Matic Stainless Porridges

The rice cooker has a non-stick inner pot, rice measuring cup, plastic rice spatula, and a steam tray. The parts are free of the harmful substance. You can cook mouth-watering and fowl rice every single time. You can cook up to 10 cups of jasmine, basmati or brown rice with the Elite Gourmet ERC-2010 professional rice cooker. No more waiting for the water to boil, no more wondering if the rice is cooked. Their rice cooker will make it easy to cook for your family. It's time to cook perfectly cooked rice and forget about it. The Elite Gourmet professional rice cooker will make sure that your delicious rice is fresh and warm before you serve it. Enjoy your favorite Indian or Chinese recipes without having to worry about cooking. There is a restaurant that serves free STAINLESS STEEL INNER POT. Their rice cooker features a 304 steel cooking pot, which is more durable and practical than flimsy aluminum pots. The best part is that you can remove the inner pot and serve your rice straight from the cooker, since it's easy to clean. Any home kitchen can use 4-CUP CAPACITY. You can easily add liquid ingredients to dressings and sauces with a built-in drizzle basin in the lid. Large cuisine cooks up to 10 cups of cooked rice for the entire family. This cooker can hold up to 10 cups of cooked rice and 5 cups of raw rice.

Brand: Elite Gourmet

👤It works great if you know how to make rice. I had one of these before and never had a problem with it. I had to get rid of my old one in the military so I could drop weight for shipping. I went to buy a new one and many people said it burned their rice. I have cooked 3 batches of rice so far. My brother has lived in Thailand for 20 years and has never followed package directions when making rice. It comes out perfect every time, just rinse the rice and fill it with water. He is correct. People have different sizes of fingertips. I'm a big guy at 6'5 and I only put water above my fingernail, but a Thai person's finger would probably equal my fingernail. You will have great rice and no more reading directions on packages that don't work if you stick with this. I always plug it in when it's done, maybe the keep warm feature is what's burning other people. There is rice. I try to save energy when there is no reason to. Life should be simple.

👤Absolutely love this cooker! It's easy to use and clean. My kids can make rice. It comes with a cup to measure the rice and markings inside the pot to measure water. Plug it in and flip the button to get to your destination. Once rice is finished it goes to a warm setting. We have used it to heat up canned vegetables on holidays when stove space was an issue. It is very easy to clean.

👤It's easy to use, just add a little more water, peas and butter, and you have the most beautiful rice in 20 minutes.

👤My old one was replaced by this one. These handy little horse cooker are just what you need. My old one was stolen by my ex-wife. I replaced it with a new one. I highly recommend this product and the company service was great. The price was fantastic and the order was in perfect condition.

👤It is easy to clean. It's easy to use! It has a great price. There is a If you don't need a large rice cooker, and you just need a small rice cooker to do the job, then the Elite Cuisine ERC-003 Electric Rice Cooker is the one for you. There is a Let's have fun! Make some delicious rice today!

👤The little rice cooker is cute. It was the perfect size for my family. Rice is nice and fluffy. I was a bit hesitant to purchase because of the negative feedback. After considering the situation, there is no way that our rice would come out to be wet or dry. The measurement of the rice is what determines it all. If it's not measured correctly, you have problems.

👤This was a great value for money. Some people had issues with burning and pan discoloration after reading the reviews. I use this every day. I wash the pan and then dry it. I had a small amount of rice stick and burned it a bit. I realized that the rice had not been thoroughly washed. It will not stick or burn if you rinse it very well. Since then, every single one of them has been perfect. It's the most used item in my kitchen. Thank you!

8. Aroma Housewares Uncooked Exterior ARC 150SB

Aroma Housewares Uncooked Exterior ARC 150SB

The rice cooker will switch to warming mode when it stops cooking. Whether you are in the mood for a big plate of food, or just want to eat cake, there is a multi-functional use. You can do it all with your rice cooker. The possibilities are the same as you are. The built-in steam function allows for healthy meals to be prepared above while rice, soup, or any other meal simultaneously cooks below, allowing you to save time without sacrificing quality. The Slow Cook function in the multicooker allows meals to be cooked low and slow, and it also includes all of your favorite cooking options. This product is a proud member of their mentality of "set it and forget it". It's very easy to operate their panel, which will automatically switch to Keep Warm mode once cooking is finished. The 20-cup capacity will yield 4 to 20 cups of cooked rice. Its large capacity can house a lot of people, and is great for entertaining. An inner pot made of extra durable granite, rice measuring cup, and serving spatula are included in the accessories. 120V/60Hz 860W is the power consumption. The new grade is new. The 8x Bonded Granite inner pot is dishwasher safe and has a completely toxin free makeup.

Brand: Aroma Housewares

👤I'm not a fan of writing reviews but I almost didn't buy this product because I read a lot of dumb reviews, like the person who decided to bake a potato in a rice cooker or the person who was confused at reading the instructions. I wrote one in the hopes that you will find it and that will help you make a decision. I am a simple guy who is terrible at cooking rice and has to feed a family of 6 regularly. I was wondering why I waited so long to buy this cooker. You could get a better one by dropping a couple hundred bucks on a fancy model but for what this does, it does it well. It takes 35 minutes to cook rice for that many people. I find it convenient to put the rice on first and forget about it while I cook the rest of the food, even though you can cook it faster by doing it the old fashioned way. It makes it easier to juggle the stove and burner slots so I can cook something else. One cup per person is more than enough for the cup provided with the rice cooker, which is 1/3 the size of a regular cup of rice. Put your rice in and then fill the bowel with water up to the number of cups you used. If you fill 6 cups of rice with water, you can see the "6" mark on the inside of the bowel. It's easy. You don't have to rinse your rice off before you cook it because this process only takes a minute or two and you don't need special tools or anything. I just put in the rice, swirl it around, and drain the water out, then rinse and repeat until the water is clear. The rice is great and there is nothing to burn on the bottom of the pot. I've also cooked beef stew and chili in the rice cooker. When I cut up the meat, I put it in, chopped it up, added water and spices, and put it in the slow cooker. It takes 7 hours to cook a pot roast, but it only took 4 hours to cook it, and the meat was falling apart. So excited! The instructions are easy to follow and you should use the cup provided for easy measuring whenever you use this rice cooker. It was easy to operate, cleans well, and does what it's supposed to do. You won't be disappointed. Hope this helps! If you have any questions, you can ask me them. I'm not a scientist. I might be able to help as well.

👤I had this item for about 5 months, I'm not here to complain about the item when it is in working condition, but what you can expect if it doesn't work... I had this item for 5 months and it improved my cooking experience. It is easy to clean and less messy than a rice cooker. I smelt something burning when I used the rice cooker. I had already cooked a serving of rice and let it warm as I was attending to other things, but when I looked at the pictures, I saw the operating unit, not the rice that had burnt. I immediately contacted their support team and sent them the rice cooker. The response they gave in the letter was that the ice cook was not at fault for the malfunction. I was shocked as my electrical outlet was stable, it was not an external cause, but I was not given a new rice cooker because I hadn't made it through the warranty. If you get this ice cooker, be aware that the maker may not support you in case of malfunction.

9. Aroma Housewares ARC 5200SB Uncooked Stainless

Aroma Housewares ARC 5200SB Uncooked Stainless

The capacity is measured. The rice measuring cup is made of raw short grain white rice. Grains may be different. Whether you are in the mood for steamed veggies, rice, cakes, soup, risotto and multi-grains, you can accomplish it all with this perfect programed cooker. The possibilities are the same as you are. The rice can be cooked up to 20 cups, perfect for individual and family use. It's easy to handle and store the 11.25”x11”x11.25” dimensions. 8x stronger coating for easy cleaning and scratch residence. Life is better every day. The rice cooker has a non-stick inner pot, rice measuring cup, plastic rice spatula, and a steam tray. The parts are free of the harmful substance.

Brand: Aroma Housewares

👤It can only do 4 cups of rice. It is listed as a 10 cup cooker on Amazon. All in all disappointing. It spits boiling water out of the steam hole at the top. I don't think I've ever had one that took more than an hour to make 2 cups. All would not recommend.

👤You will get confused because there is no timer. It's cooking. Depending on what you are cooking, the timer comes on at the last 10 or so minutes. White rice and steamed veggies have been made by me. I have cooked risotto and it was perfect. I made yellow rice from the box. Follow the directions in the box for cooking. We eat rice in the house. The option of staying warm works the next day. It will get harder at 24 hours. I didn't have a problem with boiling.

👤The timer only works for rice, so I only gave it three stars. I reduced it to one star because it started boiling over when making oatmeal. It would take longer to make oatmeal in a regular pot. You can save money by buying their cheapest model. It works the same as before. The cheaper one will allow you to take the lid apart for cleaning when the water is boiling. If you want to stand there and stir stuff while you watch it, this unit is for you.

👤I just got this unit and I have cooked jasmine and basmati rice and Cut Steel Oatmeal in just 3 minutes - it has been easy, it is non stick and scratchable, and the bowl is a big improvement from my Aroma from 8 years ago. If you want to save a few minutes, the Quick Rice function is great. Control your Rice/ Water Ratio and you will have perfect rice. I used the measuring cup that came with the unit to make 2 cups of Jasmine and 2 1/2 cups of basmati rice and it came out perfect. So far so good!

👤This does what it's supposed to do. I've made rice in it three or four times so far, twice I set the timer for it to be ready when I wake up, and it worked out great. There is a learning curve. Let me tell you what I found to work best. This is the only rice cooker I have ever owned. I can only talk about this one. Rule #1 is not to follow the instructions when making rice. Follow the instructions on the rice packaging. The first time I made it, the rice came out so sticky it was like paste. I followed the rice packaging instructions, which were similar but less water. It came out a lot better, but still a little sticky, so I decreased the water a little more, and now it comes out perfect. Rule #2 states that more sticky means more water. I've only made white rice so far. Not sure of the brand. It's not jasmine or any other kind of rice, it's an Asian branded white rice.

10. Proctor Silex Uncooked Resulting 37533NR

Proctor Silex Uncooked Resulting 37533NR

The components include: rice cooker, inner pot,measuring cup,manual,warranty,steam tray White long-grain rice is used to cook grains and hot cereals. Depending on the type of rice, the capacity may be different. The measuring cup and rice paddle are included. 10 cup capacity is 5 cup uncooked. When cooking is complete, the automatic switches to keep-warm. The cooking pot, lid, and accessories are dishwasher safe.

Brand: Proctor Silex

👤We were 800-273-3217 When I moved away and lived on my own, I switched to cooking rice on the stove. I finally decided to get a decent priced rice cooker because my family is growing. I did some research because I know that not all rice cooker are created equal. I am very happy with this purchase and give it a 5 star rating. The value is great. I have yet to try other types of rice, butcalrose sushi rice is perfect. The pot is very easy to clean. I docked 1 star because it doesn't comfortably hold the 5 cups of rice advertised. I stopped at 4c because I was concerned about it spilling over. I used the steamer basket for the first time today, as I decided to add potatoes after making chicken Tikka masala. If you have the steamer basket in the pot, I wouldn't cook more than 1.5c of uncooked rice, because my potatoes turned out nice and soft without compromising the rice. The photo is of the pot being full after 1.5c of rice is cooked. There is a picture of the finished rice and potatoes. I recommend for a household of 2 or 3 people.

👤I've owned cheap rice cooker series that are cheap and generic, but they die after 3 or 4 years. I bought this replacement cooker in the 10-cup size because many of the reviews said it was smaller than a 6-cup cooker, so I thought it would be a 6-cup cooker. The one I got is 10 cups. It is 4 cups larger than my 6-cup cooker. It is a good cooker. It has a non-stick coating that isn't peeling or scratching off yet. The rice is fully cooked and still moist and tender when it is switched from "cook" to "warm" mode. It comes with a steamer basket. It is a little bigger than a typical 6-cup cooker, and that makes it much more versatile. I can still cook all of the rice dishes and meals in a pot that I've always made with a smaller cooker, and they come out fine, no changes needed to recipes, just make them like usual. The dishes that tend to boil over don't do so badly in this cooker. If I want to make a lot of rice for a party dish or for storage, no problem. It comes up to boil / steam temperature a little faster since it is a bit higher wattage. It makes dishes cook faster but not burn. It's a very good deal because it's a similar price to most generic rice cookers. It is recommended.

👤The perfect size for 2 is this rice cooker. It is simple and easy to use. My first rice cooker was for 20 years. I gave it away because I couldn't find a rice cooker that would last more than a few years. I bought a fancy one but it didn't work very well and we threw it away. I wanted a simple cooker. The rice was not cooked evenly in the standard size cooker. As soon as it finished cooking, I had to watch it closely. I couldn't make enough rice for visitors because the small ones were too small. This 5 cup is perfect! Like Goldilocks says. The rice cooker size is correct. Even if it lasts only 5 years, my rice will be cooked well.

11. CRP LHTR1009F CRP LHTR0609F Induction Pressure Scorched

CRP LHTR1009F CRP LHTR0609F Induction Pressure Scorched

The Rice Cooker, Spatula, Spatula holder, and 2 Measuring Cups were included. The Twin PressURE is Twin PressURE. Choose between pressure cooking or non-pressure cooking for specific results, high pressure will yield sticky rice while non-pressure will result in unbelievably fluffy rice! The 304 food-grade STAINLESS STEEL inner pot is scratch-resistant, built to last and easy to clean, and has a premium X-Wall black coating that is designed for optimal heat distribution. Premium functions. A keep-warm function, a reheat option for leftovers, and a 3-language voice guide are all included. A 10-cup capacity and 16 menu options include a variety of foods, including baby food, sticky rice, high/non-pressure options, and a quick mode for rice. CUCKOO has over 40 years of industry experience and is known for its superior quality and integrity.

Brand: Cuckoo

👤I wanted to like this rice cooker but it's garbage. I had to get a new cooker because the cooker told us it was broken and we had to call customer service. I can't remove the skid marks on this one because I got a replacement. I would expect a $600 rice cooker to be in prestine condition. The replacement unit is flawed. The cooker tells us to call. See the error message pic. Third time's a charm? I bought the same thing from the local market. Why? I had a feeling. I worked like a champ. The rice cooker has a lot of electrical components and is sensitive to being mishandled. I would be surprised if careless delivery caused the internal damages. 3 stars were added from 1. I have been using this rice cooker nonstop for the past 6 months. I think it will hold up for at least the next 10 years. The best rice cooker.

👤If you flip through the manual, you'll see that the English and Mandarin translations don't have the same information as the Korean one. It's not clear what the settings do when you adjust them, even with the voice mode set to English. It's a glaring omission and needs to be fixed.

👤My previous basic rice cooker lasted 10 years. After only 6 months of use, this thing failed with the "E_t" error. There are only two service centers in the entire country. I'll be without a cooker for a while. They were very disappointed with their quality control.

👤My first Cuckoo rice cooker. I've been waiting for this to come out in the US since I got back from Korea. Finally, I got it! I would rate the design 10/10, the inner rice cooking pot 10, taste of rice the first couple hours 10, but if you keep rice overnight, it doesn't seem to hold up as well as the previous Cuckoo models. I'm very happy with it. It makes the kitchen brighter.

👤I upgraded my Cuckoo to a 10 cup model. Cuckoo is the top rice cooker, but the 2020 model is beyond. The rice is sticky and steamed and I like the temperature setting that saves electricity at night time. Love the minimal design and softer voice alarm. The clock mode should be on instead of the current setting mode. Can't wait to use it in different recipes.

👤The cooker is Platinum. One of Cuckoo's best. The 2020 model. How much better can it be? I hope to update this review soon.

👤It took me a while to learn how to use the cooker, but I am in love with it. I now cook everything there. It is fast, convenient, healthy and delicious. The only complaint is that the inner pot handles could be attached by something more sophisticated than loose screws. One of the screws was too short for the intended cradle. The handle is a bit loose. I called customer service. They said I should bring the pot to them. The shipping address they told me was different from the one in the warranty manual. Too much trouble to change the screw. I am not good at repairing it myself. The pot prepares the food. I no longer use my old instant pot. The Cuckoo rice cooker does not make yogurt, but I am still learning. Maybe it does.


What is the best product for best rice cooker 10 cup?

Best rice cooker 10 cup products from Pars. In this article about best rice cooker 10 cup you can see why people choose the product. Aroma Housewares and Instant Pot are also good brands to look for when you are finding best rice cooker 10 cup.

What are the best brands for best rice cooker 10 cup?

Pars, Aroma Housewares and Instant Pot are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best rice cooker 10 cup. Find the detail in this article. Black+decker, Tiger Corporation and Elite Gourmet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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