Best Best Rain Boots for Women Waterproof

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1. TIDEWE Neoprene Insulated Waterproof Gardening

TIDEWE Neoprene Insulated Waterproof Gardening

TIDEWE's rain boots are made with soft rubber and 5.5mm neoprene, which extends up above the ankle, for extra protection from water and objects. Breathable mesh lining allows your feet to remain cool with outstanding air circulation. You don't feel sweaty in the rain boots. The neoprene uppers have comfort and flexibility. The temperature is -4F/-20C to 68F/ 20C. TIDEWE garden boots have a built-in steel shank and offer the best arch support and foot protection. Extra solid traction is given by a slip-resistant lug outsole. The reinforced rubber shell on the toe and heel is user-friendly. The kick plate on the back of the hunting boots makes it easy to remove. ATTENTION. Before purchasing, please check the size chart and choose the right one. Pay attention to the length of the sole.

Brand: Tidewe

👤It's great for walking through tall grass in the morning. It is easy to put on. They are not too heavy, yet rigid. They are comfortable and not as hot as they look. It is definitely waterproof. I ordered a size 8 because they are a bit tight on the sides, if you have wide feet, I would look for another alternative. Excellent quality, recommended. P.S. If the review was helpful to you, please hit the button. I know I'm not wasting time posting this. Thanks in advance.

👤These boots are amazing. It's well padded and easy to put on so you can hike at least a mile with support. I used to have muck boots. These are better. I can't recommend them more.

👤Excellent quality! There is a My last pair were not this sturdy. I wear a 6 but get a 7. I could get them off by wearing socks. The heal has a rubber point that helps you put your other foot on to slip off. I couldn't get them off because I didn't have that on my last pair. I love these!

👤I have only worn these once and they did a great job. A rider was kicked in the head at an equestrian event. I will say that this person was fine and only had minor injuries. I wore these boots as I ran across the muddy dirt arena. When I was stabilizing their c-spine, I was digging my toes into the wet gravel and the EMT's were putting them on the backboard. They stood up to being ground into the arena floor without showing any damage, kept my feet warm and dry, and were very comfortable. I hope the next time I wear them, I won't have to deal with that.

👤The kick plate and upper half are made of neoprene. The boot is nice.

👤If you love the fit of the boots, these will leave you sad. I have wide feet and high arches, but usually it's an issue in athletic and dress shoes. I lose feeling in my toes if I wear these things for more than 30 minutes. I didn't know that would happen until I was in my stall. I can feel the gravel on the thin side of the soles. I'll be getting muck boots as soon as I can because they are fine for quick trips out to throw morning hay to horses or collect eggs.

👤They are comfortable. I am a 6.5 inch wide. I bought a 7. The boot was too tight on my left foot and it hurt. My daughter is almost my size. I gave them to her. I would recommend them. It's not possible if you have wide feet.

👤I received my boots on time. They are comfortable walking in. The right boot is bigger than the left boot, so I am giving it a 3 stars. They are both the same size. There is no hold on the ankle in the right boot, the left boot is perfect, the right boot is almost a size bigger, and my foot wiggles around in the bottom. They were almost like someone with a bigger foot. I have already cleaned the yard and can't return them. My plan was to wear these deer hunting gear, but now I have to figure out how to make them fit properly and evenly. I have no problems with my other shoes or boots because I have the same size for both feet. I will not be purchasing from this company again.

2. TideWe Multi Season Waterproof Neoprene Realtree

TideWe Multi Season Waterproof Neoprene Realtree

If you don't know the size CHART, choose the right size. The waterproof and anti-slip design of the rain boots features 6mm neoprene uppers and a natural rubber material. The rubber soles have a deep tread that provides traction in rough terrain. The neoprene uppers are comfortable and flexible so they can be used with your foot movements. With a simple, easy to install mesh, your feet will remain cool with outstanding air circulation and temperature regulation. TideWe put in a steel shank between the boot and the insole to provide added support. Extra protection on the toe and heel of the boot is offered by the reinforced rubber shell. The pull-on and kick tab make it easy to get out the door. TideThey's rubber boots are great for flooded areas, snow, mud and more. TideThey's rain boots will fit your needs whether you are working, hunting, fishing, camping or even playing in the rain. The comfort rating is (-4F - 68F)/.

Brand: Tidewe

👤These boots are very comfortable. They have a great cushion. We walked across the bean field and into the woods. They did a great job. The feet were kept completely dry through the stream. The boots are great and the price is great. Very happy with them!

👤Love! I wanted something easy to take off and keep my feet dry, and this fits all of that. I originally ordered a size 9 but found it to be a little too small for me. My daughter could use them, so I didn't return them. I ordered a size 10 and it was what I was looking for. They are bigger for easier on and off. I can't walk out of them, they still provide comfort and support, even though they are large on me.

👤I love these boots! We live on a homestead in Vermont and they seem very comfortable, even if I am not doing much. I have had other boots and I liked the ones from Mucks the most. When I removed my boots at the end of the day, my feet hurt as I walked across the floor. Not with these boots! These boots work for me, I am a heavy walker and not very graceful. I purchased in September, so I can't talk about the cold yet. They seemed to run a little small, so I increased my size. It's nice to remove my boots and not cringe when my soles touch the floor. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I wear a 7. I bought the size w7 by size chart and it should be about 9in. My picture shows that it's inside measurement is a full inch bigger than the size chart states. They were also oily? The box picture can be seen. I don't know if that's from the black part of the making process. There is dirt inside one boot and the top mint color has black on both boots, so I might have received a return pair. The last picture shows how the size chart is not perfect, as I show my husband's 11 mucks on the right and my 9 on the left. I'd put these at a size 8 instead of 7 according to the brand size chart and the comparisons I've shown. I think wearing thick socks will be fine if you need heavy mud and outdoor chores, but don't need them to slip. The real tree name is upside down on one. It's sturdy enough in workmanship, don't drop anything on toe, sole tread spacing looks like it will rinse muck out easily, seem quite bendable overall in shaft and footbed. I hope they hold up for the cost as I get about 2 years out of my cheaper boots before they are gone. We'll see if these soles look good. The style in muck brand is heavier in weight.

👤I ordered a 7 but the fit was too loose and I wore a 6 1/2 with a high arch. I felt like I was going to break my ankle. The way my foot sits feels great after I got a 6. It was a bit tight around the arch at first, but the cushion stretches high up my calf to my shin, which is amazing. I need what I need. A little added arch can't fix the arch support. It's not easy to get off because they are a bit difficult to get off and I'm not in the best shape, but I prefer it this way because it means nothing can fall in between. I found a boot. I roll the top down when I have to take them off. If they don't last my wear and tear, I'll update.

3. Colorxy Fashion Elastic Chelsea Waterproof

Colorxy Fashion Elastic Chelsea Waterproof

The shaft is from the arch. Classic round-toe chelsea rain boot, which complies human feet construction, waterproof synthetic upper features a matt design, stylish silhouette, adding some flair to your outfits. The women's rain boots are lightweight and soft, so you can walk without feeling constrained. Colorxy womens black ankle rain boots can meet your expectations. This casual chelsea ankle rain boots are very efficient at keeping your feet warm and dry when you are in the rain or snow. IOPTMAL TRACTION - The waterproof short rainboot has an anti-slip rubber sole and is designed to help you stay on your feet in slippery conditions. Pull-on style, deep elastic goring on sides and pull-on loop at back are easy to wear.

Brand: Colorxy

👤My feet are very weird. I am tall and have wide feet. I usually fit between an 11 and a 13 in women's shoes. Since most places don't carry my size, I'm more often stuck with ugly shoes and not many options. I own running shoes, hiking boots, and flip-flops. That's all. I was worried when I opened my delivery to find that I was not in the size I ordered. They fit well. It's good for my feet. I can already tell that my toe will rub on the top of the shoe, but I expect it to stop after a few wears. I don't like the seam down the center of the shoe, but it is a $25 shoe, so I can't be picky. I'll be adding insufficiencies. My feet would start to ache if I walked for more than a mile in these shoes. On to function. I put a glass of water on them and they stayed dry. This may be my first winter with dry feet. I like them all. If you size up shoes due to their width, choose your normal size. They're wide.

👤These are great for the price. I have a wide foot. I was worried that there would be a seam line going down the middle, but the pair I received don't. The tab in the back is not a loop and it is difficult to pull them over your foot.

👤I have trouble finding rain boots that fit me because my feet swell up. I wore them all day and didn't hurt or bother me at all, they are amazing. They look great. These rain boots are worth every dollar spent for me. The only downside to it is that the PU smells but all the chemicals used to process it make it smell bad, who is going to smell your shoes? This is a small thing for me, but I mention it to people.

👤Oh my gosh! These are amazing. I ordered these because they couldn't fit any more perfect, and I wear an 8.5 in most shoes, so that's what I ordered. I have been wearing these for the last week because of the rain in Houston. There was no rubbing on my feet. I wear ankle socks and they don't try to slide down. They are easy to ride and comfortable. They don't slide on my foot. No leaking! It's perfectly secure in the water and mud. It's easy to clean.

👤I love the rain boots. I was looking for a pair of rain boots that were not too tacky or bright colored so that I could wear them all day. I was cautiously optimistic when I found these. I'm happy I bought them. They are what I was looking for. They're cute, but rubber to keep rain off my feet. You can tell they're rubber rain boots if you look closely, but at a glance they look like normal ankle boots. The inside sole is made of soft fabric, so it's not like gross rubber feeling on your feet. I wear a 7.5 and it fits perfectly with a little extra room for thick socks. These rain boots are very good.

4. Sloggers Waterproof Chickens Daffodil 5016CDY09

Sloggers Waterproof Chickens Daffodil 5016CDY09

You can choose from 8 classic colors for the Ladies Women Rain boots. The black and navy rain shoes are the most popular among women. The light grey and khaki rain boots are the shoes that fahionable ladies love to wear. There are 4 new colors, red, yellow,green and coffee. There are 7 sizes of the quilted garden boots. If you want to have some room in the boots or wear thick socks, you should choose one size up. You will experience it. Sloggers' exclusive "All-Day-Comfort Insole For Maximum Comfort" is included. Excellent traction can be achieved with heavy-duty lu tread. The Sloggers Half Sizer Insole (Style 330Bk, Asin B000Kma9X6) is a perfect fit for Whole Sizes Only. There is a height of 10 and a width of 15. For Replacement Insoles, order direct from Sloggers, and for hose off or wipe with wet cloth.

Brand: Sloggers

👤In the northeast, the need for waterproof footwear is always present. In the spring and fall, it is necessary to use a waterproof boot to keep feet dry in the early morning and seasonal rains. Many boots have not made it through a single season. Some were too tight for my large calves, others were weird for the foot bed, and still others were just right for sweaty feet. I buy a new pair every season because the previous pair is not good enough. The USA made feature is a big plus, but also the choice of pattern from plain to playful to stylish let's the wearer express herself without sacrificing comfort. I can't speak to their durability yet because they are in their first season. The rubber boots I thought would wear like iron are brittle and split in stress areas, like where the ball of the foot flexes, so they haven't survived my farm. I can wear these boots all day if I need to, because they are soft, flexible, and lightweight. I have a lot of shoes, but I only wear a pair of boots like these Sloggers that I can only say are good so far.

👤The size of the boots is small and the company will not allow me to return them or buy the correct size, even though they are good quality. I am stuck with boots that are too small for me. A waste of money.

👤I bought a 10 because I want to wear fuzzy socks in the fall. Fit like a charm. I had the most comfortable footwear. These boots don't affect my feet at all. Excellent arch support. It was a relief when I put these boots on after working 6 hours on my feet. I bought them 8 months ago. I have worked on concrete, mud, slick grass, gravel, and poop. There is always great traction on my feet. The boots look great with a quick rinse. The little tab on the back of the shoe is very easy to remove. I can fit my boot cut jeans inside the boot. The top of the boots don't hurt my legs. I wore bare feet all summer. I had two roosters that were not like the red that would kick me in the boot.

👤I was very excited about these boots. When I first wore them, my chickens had to check them out. I ordered a bigger size than I wear in shoes, but they were still snug. They began splitting right across the toes after 3 months after purchasing them. I was disappointed that they are not cheap, but they are made cheaply.

👤These are great! They have a fabric lining on them so they don't stick to your ankle, and they're cute! I'm happy that they're a bit shorter than I thought. These are very good knock arounds. I ordered a 9 because I wear an 8 1/2 and the fit is right with the insoles in.

👤Awesome boots! The pattern is actually fabric and they are clear gel material. My daughter had a similar pair of rubber boots, and they lasted her years, even though they were regular style. I have gotten a lot of praise. The crazy chicken ladies are always asking about my boots. The calf is too small, but I have thick calves. You can also order a bigger size. I ordered a 10.

5. Bogs Outdoor Rainboot Glitter Waterproof

Bogs Outdoor Rainboot Glitter Waterproof

The shaft is 14" from the arch. The boot opening is about 14 inches around.

Brand: Bogs

👤I think your feet are perfect for summer because they are a little slim on the calf but they keep hay and debris out of your boots. I have a large calf and these are not tight. Not a lot of support for the feet. You can't see the sparkle when you use them. My feet are sweaty in these. I have worn these for about 2 days a week for the last 6 months. The pinning was unglued which made it hard to out on the boots, but the big kicker was when the top part that bends over your toes when you walk split like a runner. I stored these boots inside out of the sun. I am upset and dissatisfied with how quickly they ended.

👤It was very awkward for me to return. I was ready to buy a new pair of boots, but wanted to try something different, so I wore SlogGERS for the rest of the day. I liked the idea of the shaft being taller than what I had, and I felt like I would be getting a thicker boot with more support. Wrong. They didn't work for me. I was tight around my calf and ankle. They felt flimsy because there was no support in the footbed. Disappointed. Returned and will probably go back to Sloggers.

👤The boots are narrow but they are nice. I don't have a big calf. These boots squeeze my calf because I have muscle there. I can't get a finger between my leg and boot. The material is not as thick as I expected. The company will allow me to return the boots for a refund. I appreciate that. They are very narrow.

👤Were the white streaks/powder/scratches out of the box? I tried to clean and it looked cloudy. Even if they were perfect, the smell would have been too much to keep.

👤I bought these for my daughter, who is too small to find shoes. These work well. I walked in the water almost to the top of the farm. My feet never got wet. They are made well and hold up well. Will buy again.

👤I love the boots. Their price is worth it. I wear an 8 and these are a little big. Not heavy on the feet. I wear them all year long. If you spend the extra money, you will get the brand well worth it. I wore my last pair for 5 years.

👤The boots were rated for snow. Not true! They are rain boots, not big boots that do snow or rain. So disappointed. They need to get their descriptions right. I always order a half size up and they fit perfectly. I will be sending them back because they don't have the capabilities advertised. Love the colour and wish they were the snow version.

👤These are my second pair of potties and I love them. It's perfect for the rain in Oregon. The boots are subtle and have a little character, but go with everything. Highly recommended!

6. Skechers Pond Lil Puddles Mid Waterproof Charcoal

Skechers Pond Lil Puddles Mid Waterproof Charcoal

The shaft is high from the arch. The rubber is waterproof. Parka nylon fabric and synthetic upper. 3M treated upper.

Brand: Skechers

👤The shoes I bought were cheaper than the duck boots. I thought they would do well at less than half the price. They came in the mail, but they are not made well. There is a small hole in the rubber top that may make the boots not waterproof. The inside of one boot is not fitted correctly. They're very comfortable. Definitely bigger. I got a 10 because I wore a 9.5. They fit well. I don't like the height on these boots. They are cut off at an odd place just above the ankle. They should be taller. For comfort, I would say 5 stars. I would say 2. They're cute, but they need to be taller.

👤If you are going to wear socks with them, I would order a half size up.

👤I got these for my wife because she loves them and she is a postal carrier. She wears an 8 1/2 but half sizes weren't available. She said they fit perfectly. She tells me that they are very comfortable and keep her feet dry.

👤Not a bad shoe, but more for fashion than practicality. The gray rubber had some scratches in the first week. The rubber on the bottom is waterproof, but the shoe as a whole is not. They are cute for a light rainy day, just steer clear of puddles. They are comfortable and easy to slip on.

👤When I saw these cute boots, I had to try them. They fit nicely and are comfortable. I like that they are not stiff. I can wear them out shopping because they are flexible.

👤I thought they would be warmer. I wanted them for cold mornings when I work. They were not so warm. They are advanced wellys. Not insulated. I bought a sheepskin insert and they are great. I bought a different pair of boots for the cold, but these will work great for rain and the mild cold. They have already been worn three times. I like them a lot.

👤The soles are very thin and should have been taken into account by others. It would need an insert to be more comfortable. Others have said to size up. I went with an 8 because I am a 7.5. I bought this and a pair from Mishansha. The Sketchers were returned because they didn't have thick lining all the way to the toe box, which will make them cold. There are two more The wedge heel on the Sketchers isn't strong enough to wear well. A reviewer posted a photo of the heel all worn and showing a grid frame and holes. I tried pressing in on the heels and felt some pain. There are 3 more The sole of Mishansha has better traction than the Sketchers.

👤The boots are just as I expected. They look great. I will put my inserts in them so I can feel the rock I step on. I don't have thick socks, but these fit fine. They fit nicely and I have received a lot of praise.

7. Hisea Waterproof Insulated Mid Calf Neoprene

Hisea Waterproof Insulated Mid Calf Neoprene

These boots are durable and comfortable, and they are affordable. No matter what the conditions are, HISEA is up for the challenge. Please remember the size chart and choose the right one. A free gift and one year of quality assurance is backed by HISEA! The 5mm neoprene boots give you flexibility and shock absorption. These rubber boots keep your feet warm and dry when you are outdoors. The Breathable Lining allows air to travel throughout the boots and keep your feet dry. The air mesh keeps high-end running shoes cool and dry. The comfort rating was from 14 F/ 10C to 86 F/30 C. It is suitable for the entire year. A completely sealed rubber shell extends up above the ankle, and triple-layer reinforced achilles, heel, and toe areas support additional protection from dangers. Anti-Slip Outsoles are flexible and durable and provide excellent stability and traction. Roll the boot down to cool it off.

Brand: Hisea

👤You don't typically skimp on muck boots around my place. I've had a number of pairs of bogs, as well as other brand names, to compare them to. The boots are just as good as the ones I have had before. They keep your feet warm. Between cleaning stalls, feeding animals in the cold, wet, wintery weather, or walking through creeks and irrigating, I see their fair share of opportunity to fail, but have not. I can't speak on longevity as I haven't owned them through all seasons yet. They are put to work and worn daily. This purchase was 1/3 of the cost of a name brand, so I'm very happy with it.

👤I don't like spending money on boots that are cheap but I will tell you that these boots are worth every penny. They are very comfortable to walk in, even on rocky terrain, and they kept my feet warm when I was in the water this weekend. They fit tightly around the upper part of the lower knee area. If you step into water that goes over the boot, it doesn't go all the way down the inside of the boot and get your socks wet. Your feet don't get wet because it stops at the pants leg. That is the best thing ever. I have never owned a pair of boots that made it impossible for my feet to get soaked if I stepped on mud over the top of the boot. These boots are very good.

👤I've only worn these a few times and can't speak to longevity. They kept my feet warm when I wore them in the cold. I think wool socks will be warm when it gets cold. I was very happy to find that they fit on my wide calves, which is usually not the case. I have not worn them in wet conditions. I will probably apply spray just in case. They are light and don't have a clunky boot like my good ol' Sorels. A good purchase for the price.

👤The muck boots seem to be very durable. Cute! The size chart is important. I am a size 6 in most of the shoes I buy, but I measured my foot before buying and went with the 5 that fit me, even if I have a little extra wiggle room for thicker socks. It would've been too big for me. The lanyard was waterproof and came with it.

👤It was nice and comfortable. I helped get some minnows for bait and they kept my feet warm.

👤I wanted boots that were waterproof. I won't be using them for hiking in the woods or spending extended amounts outside. My main reason for buying this boot is to not have wet feet. I have only tested these once so far, in about 3 inches of slush/snow, but so far I am impressed. I usually wear wool socks in the winter, but I wore a pair of cotton socks. I am not sure how warm these will be if you plan to be outside for long periods of time. I wore them to my car and then across the grocery store parking lot to walk through the snow. There was no snow or water inside. I could have gotten away with my normal size 8 if I had not sized up as I have wide feet. I will update my review once I wear these more through the winter weather in Michigan.

8. Western Chief Waterproof Printed Gingham

Western Chief Waterproof Printed Gingham

The shaft is from the arch. The boot opening is about 14 inches around. The Western Chief women's printed rain boots are waterproof and durable. The handmade construction prevents weak spots in the seams and allows them to make fun designs. Their women's boots are lined with soft, cotton blend lining to give them a good night's sleep. Their lining absorbs water. These boots will keep you warm and dry. They use comfortable EVA in their boots because standing on your feet for extended periods can be hard. The insoles are easy to clean and replace.

Brand: Western Chief

👤Fit perfect. I read a lot of reviews and want to say something. If you don't stop taking your rainboots off with your feet, they will not last long. You plucking on the rubber. If you use your hands to remove your brooms, they will last. I'm happy with them. The seams look tight and nice. I use my hands to remove them. I bet they will last a long time.

👤I got these for my mom. She loves them! They are light. She is 9 1/2 on shoes, so I was worried about the size. These run a bit big for me. I got the 9 and they fit perfectly. She can put them in and take them out easily because they are wide at the top end.

👤The boots arrived today. I was very happy. I found they had filthy soles when I opened the box. I was willing to overlook that. I wanted to get outside. I put them on and went out onto the lawn after I removed the tags from the box. It took seconds before my feet were dry. I thought that I was only feeling the cold. I discovered my heels were wet when I took them off. I looked closely at the boots and found that there were little splits in the welt and a hole behind the label that made it hard to wear a boot. I would have been happy if these were a pair of boots with a utility. They were cute, comfortable, and warm. They will not keep your feet dry. You should also wear flipflops. I'm disgusted that I have to take the time and energy to package this garbage up and drive 10 miles to get them to a drop-off point, just so they can be re-sold to other people. There should be some sort of recourse in this case. They're costing me more than if I'd never ordered them in the first place.

👤I've never been able to find rainboots that fit because they are cut around the higher calf of the leg. When I ordered these boots, I expected them to be returned the same way as all the others. I was happy when that wasn't the case. The boots were easy to slip on and off. I leave them in the garage so that I can step in them and leave before I go to my home. They fit well. I went up to a 9 because it allows me to wear socks that are comfortable. If you have had the same problem, I recommend these boots. They are cute and comfortable.

👤I wanted to use these to go to my chicken house. I go out a few times a day, but it takes me 15-20 minutes to get dressed. The soles of the boots are not the same after 30 days. If the ground is wet and my feet are wet in a short time, I'm done. Not appreciated at all.

👤I got these boots to work in the garden for $22 and they were a steal. I searched on Amazon after looking at walmart and finding a pair of boots for $20 that were very uncomfortable. These are so comfortable and have a lot of padding that I am happy I found them. I feel like I could wear them all day. The heal provides a good amount of cushion as I walk. Dirt and dust do not get inside the boots because they are not wide. I ordered a size 8 as I wear a true 8 and these boots are a bit large. I'm still able to walk around and I don't mind. I am happy I didn't order a size down.

9. Skechers Hampshire Ridge Mid Quilted Waterproof

Skechers Hampshire Ridge Mid Quilted Waterproof

The shaft is high from the arch. The boot opening is around 10. 3M treated upper. Warm tech memory foam. 3.5 inch wide top for a 10.5 inch top.

Brand: Skechers

👤Excellent! I wear a large size. The size 9 is just right in length and width. No problem! These are labeled waterproof and made perfect with a padded sole and ankle.

👤They have memory foam insoles. I bought a 9 because boots tend to run big, but these were too small. I'm returning them and ordering 10. I hope a 10 fits perfectly because they are adorable and comfortable.

👤I have horses and I have mud. It's slogging through mud that I hate the most. I don't like loose boots that pull my socks down under my feet. These boots are almost perfect because of the laces and they are very comfortable. The pull tab at the back is missing and they are almost missing it. I bought a larger size of boots. The boots on over the layers don't allow the foot to slip in and there is no pull tab at the back of the boot to help get them on, so it's a trial. I have to use a shoe horn, which detracts from the otherwise perfect barn boots. I can't understand why they didn't have the pull-tab with the slip-on duck boots.

👤I wanted to wear these boots. They are cute and well made. I felt like I was walking without shoes because they had no support. If you don't care about comfort, you could try them.

👤The boots are comfortable. The only issue I had was around the ankle/leg, they were a bit tight and how it felt to walk, where the boot hit around the higher part of your ankle/leg. I decided to return them. I would have kept them if they had been okay around that area.

👤It's great for fall weather in the Midwest. I bought them for the fall and light winter because they were not the warmest boot. It's great for toting kids into and out of places.

👤I'm a size 8.5. I ordered a 9 and it fits my daughter, who is 8. I gave them to my daughter because they weren't true to size. 3 stars because they're cute.

👤It's not warm for snow. Love the look and the foam in the souls. Feet are not kept warm with a lining.

👤Ihren Lieferzeit, aber sonst bin, ist das Zufrieden. Bequem und laufen.

👤It would be great if the boots came in half sizes if you wear thicker socks.

10. Planone Waterproof Shoes,Anti Slipping Comfortable Insoles,Stylish

Planone Waterproof Shoes%EF%BC%8CAnti Slipping Comfortable Insoles%EF%BC%8CStylish

The sole is made of synthetic rubber. The shaft is from the arch. The platform is around 1.1 Half size up if available is what most buyers find tighter. Ultra-comfort and maximum shock absorption are achieved by triple-layers of insoles. A seamless design for rain protection. The cotton/ polyvinyl lining is comfortable. Light, modern design.

Brand: Planone

👤If you want to look pretty but not great, you should not wear these boots. I have a thin foot and it is hard for me to get my foot in.

👤Worst thing ever! They are thin, folded in half, and have waffle pattern grooves that ruin my heels. These pictures have been taken for just 2 weeks. I have slipped in them several times and they are not slip resistant. The price and style were what sold me on them. I will never buy shoes from this brand again.

👤I have gotten many nice comments on these boots. I have never owned rainboots before but am enjoying them as the Iowa weather is giving me lots of chances to wear them. I ordered a size up based on some comments. I don't have a problem getting my foot in and out, although the foot liners slip out when I take the boots off. I don't wear socks with me when I slip into my regular shoes, but the size would fit if I wanted to. I don't really care if I wear socks since I use them to save my shoes from being soaked. I don't know if these are hardy, forest walking boots. They are the perfect fit for this small town living.

👤I'm not sure what shaped ankle this is made for, but it stuck out in the front and back of the ankle while being snug on the sides. The way the ankle area fit made these a quick return.

👤This is a beautiful design for rain boots. The second pattern is not water proof as it still soaks water, but I love the stretch that it provides to fit in your foot. If your foot is a bit wider, try to see if there is a bigger one. I was getting irritated on my left foot so I wanted a toe guard for my pinky toes. It feels a bit flatter when your weight pushes it down, but it's nice until you're standing all day. I gave it a try since so many people have approved of how comfortable it was. I would love if there was a thick foam option for those with more feet issues. I'm thinking of getting a pink one. I will hold on until I get better foot protection.

👤They are very cute. All my neighbors compliment me. When I walk my dog, the grass is always muddy, and I don't like soaking my socks when I wear other shoes. I ordered a normal shoe size and they fit perfectly. They are not warm and they do not stretch.

👤The boots are water resistant. The little loop on the back broke within a month of owning them. When I bought them, this was mentioned in other reviews. If I never used the loop to put the shoe on, I could avoid that issue. I was wrong. The elastic came loose in the same picture as the broken loop. There were handcuffs on the inside of them. I walked through the mud and it got in the shoes and wouldn't come off. The inside soles are not glue down so they slip and slide as you walk. They have a good amount of tread on the bottom of the shoe, which makes it seem like they would be good for the mud, but no. I use these boots to walk around my college campus on rainy days. I don't do anything crazy with them, but all this wear builds up within a month of not wearing them every day. I like the round shape of the toe, which is why I bought them in the first place. It hurts because it's past the return window now. I'm stuck with them. I wanted something that was durable. I think I will be lucky to have these last me through the winter and it is only the first week of November.

11. HISEA Waterproof Neoprene Insulated Gardening

HISEA Waterproof Neoprene Insulated Gardening

Please remember the size chart and choose. The right size is important. Pay attention to the length and size of the shoe. One year of quality assurance! For generations, Hisa women's do-it-all fashionable neoprene & rubber waterproof boots have been used to get the job done in working, farming, gardening, fishing, hunting, camping, dog-walking outside. It's made with seamless construction, it's up to 30% lighter and more durable than normal rain boots. Flex-foam is waterproof and has heat retention. The anti-slip & self- clean rubber outsole gives you confidence to step in mud. It has a unique design that will prevent debris from getting stuck in the bottom and let you out of the mud. Traction is not jeopardized. The rubber shell above the ankle is user-friend design. Sturdy handles make it easier to slip the boots on. It is warm and dry. It was rated from -4 F to 68 F. It is suitable for the entire year.

Brand: Hisea

👤The size 7 in this boot is a perfect fit for me, as I'm a standard size 8 medium. I measured my foot to compare the size of my foot to Hisea's chart and went with 7 to make room for socks. I got these for walking the dog on cold, rainy days, but they're so warm and comfortable, I'm also wearing them on cold, sunny days. I've remained upright on slick sidewalks because of the traction I've gotten from the dog who lunges at everything. I looked at hundreds of rain boots before selecting these. A reviewer in Minnesota described them as "very warm", and there were three factors that decided the brand's fate. Highly recommended. I went back for a second pair.

👤I love them! I have large calves so these fit perfectly. I am going to buy another color, I love them so much. There is a They love the stretch in the booth shaft. Excellent quality and lifetime warranty!

👤All the reviews said to order a smaller size. I ordered a 7 and they are perfect. They don't have a lot of support, but they aren't hiking boots. They are very comfortable. They will take my chicken chores this winter. They are doing a great job. They are warm and durable. The calves fit right despite being smaller than I anticipated. Wouldn't want them to be any smaller.

👤I bought the boots because I knew I would be taking the puppy for walks in the rain and snow here in Western Pennsylvania. I was looking for boots that were practical, comfortable and stylish. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤I bought a boot puller in order to increase my walking comfort and ease of removing the boots. I can easily remove my boots when I return to my home now that I can walk in comfort. The size was correct. I measured my feet and bought a size 6 when I usually wear a size 8.5. I love the boots for the rainy Pacific NW and the lifetime warranty is great if I need it.

👤I've been wearing b0g's for years and wear them out. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on boots so I bought these in the Chicken Design. I like that the bottoms are rigid and solid, and I think they will stay waterproof for a long time. The top neoprene uppers are floppy and don't feel very sturdy. I don't want to rip a seam by yanking on the handles too hard. I've been working outside for 45 minutes at minus 20 degrees F and they've held up well. The warmth factor is there. The final score was really cute and thin upper material.

👤I was standing in about 8 inches of water in my yard yesterday, but it isn't letting me take a picture. My feet were dry. They are comfortable and cuter. Everyone that has seen them has praised them. Try a pair before you spend a lot of money. If you don't like them and have to return, it's the worst thing that could happen, but I'm telling you for the price and how comfortable they are, and you will most likely keep them! I ordered a size 7 but they are a little loose on me. I'm not wearing socks because they're very well insulated and work well. I'm a weird shaped thing in the foot and leg area. It's a good thing! I have told my work friends about them, as we all need rain and snow boots to be rural mail carriers.


What is the best product for best rain boots for women waterproof?

Best rain boots for women waterproof products from Tidewe. In this article about best rain boots for women waterproof you can see why people choose the product. Tidewe and Colorxy are also good brands to look for when you are finding best rain boots for women waterproof.

What are the best brands for best rain boots for women waterproof?

Tidewe, Tidewe and Colorxy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best rain boots for women waterproof. Find the detail in this article. Sloggers, Bogs and Skechers are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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