Best Best Rain Boots for Women Tall

Women 5 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Planone Waterproof Shoes,Anti Slipping Comfortable Insoles,Stylish

Planone Waterproof Shoes%EF%BC%8CAnti Slipping Comfortable Insoles%EF%BC%8CStylish

The sole is made of synthetic rubber. The shaft is from the arch. The platform is around 1.1 The cotton/ polyvinyl lining is comfortable. Ultra-comfort and maximum shock absorption are achieved by triple-layers of insoles. It is suitable for outdoor activities. A few buyers find sizes tighter, so consider a half size up. Light, modern design with synthetic PVC for a comfortable fit.

Brand: Planone

👤I ordered 1/2 size up because she loved the color and I gave this as a gift. It was used in the Philippines during typhoons. My aunts feet were kept dry as she waded through the floods. She wore socks to keep her warm. She was so happy to have these boots that she thought they were ridiculous.

👤Disappointed. The first time I wore these, the pull strap broke. I could have dealt with that. I can not deal with wet feet. I wore them to get my hair done. I didn't go through any standing water. They are really cute and I was excited to get them. There is a rain boot that does not keep your feet dry. No thank you.

👤The boots were gorgeous, but I was disappointed that one broke. The boot was pulled on by a broken loop. They are cheap to make. Walmart has better rain boots for less than half the price. These should be Skip these.

👤These are some of the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. I feel like that's what it says, but I'm not a man of few words. I'm not sure if I'd wear the soles in ice, but they protect me from slipping in water. I stay away from ice in general because I'm clumsy. The foot bed has enough cushion to keep your feet from getting sore after a while. I think they're on the narrow side, which works for me because I have narrow feet. The toe box is small so I recommend ordering half a size up. I'm taller than some other mud boots and they hit mid-calf, so those who are verically challenged might find them at or just below the knee. They're cute. They look cheap and cartoonish. I think they're cute. These aren't the boots that you're going to wear to the local Walmart for. They remind me of the go-go boots that I wore back in the day. I want to see how well they hold up. If they suddenly fall apart and leave me with wet feet, I'll update.

👤I like these boots and I'm happy that they fit perfectly, but when I removed them from the box, I noticed a small brown sheer on the one of the boots and the back of the boots was rusty. I'm ok with the boots if they keep me dry from the rain and I can walk into puddles.

👤The quality was good. It was too large. I returned the item, do I speak to how it holds up over time? I would downsize if you are a half size.

👤Kiddo wanted black tall boots like Ariana Grande. I didn't want those over the knee boots for a child, but tall rainboots. She loves wearing them every single day, for long walks, bike riding, dancing and once in the actual rain. I think they are very comfortable because of the constant wearing. Win.

👤The color is exactly like the picture, but I haven't yet worn them outside. They fit perfectly. The inside is very comfortable. They came in a good package. Highly recommended! Really can't beat it for the price.

2. Bogs Outdoor Rainboot Glitter Waterproof

Bogs Outdoor Rainboot Glitter Waterproof

The shaft is 14" from the arch. The boot opening is about 14 inches around.

Brand: Bogs

👤I think your feet are perfect for summer because they are a little slim on the calf but they keep hay and debris out of your boots. I have a large calf and these are not tight. Not a lot of support for the feet. You can't see the sparkle when you use them. My feet are sweaty in these. I have worn these for about 2 days a week for the last 6 months. The pinning was unglued which made it hard to out on the boots, but the big kicker was when the top part that bends over your toes when you walk split like a runner. I stored these boots inside out of the sun. I am upset and dissatisfied with how quickly they ended.

👤It was very awkward for me to return. I was ready to buy a new pair of boots, but wanted to try something different, so I wore SlogGERS for the rest of the day. I liked the idea of the shaft being taller than what I had, and I felt like I would be getting a thicker boot with more support. Wrong. They didn't work for me. I was tight around my calf and ankle. They felt flimsy because there was no support in the footbed. Disappointed. Returned and will probably go back to Sloggers.

👤The boots are narrow but they are nice. I don't have a big calf. These boots squeeze my calf because I have muscle there. I can't get a finger between my leg and boot. The material is not as thick as I expected. The company will allow me to return the boots for a refund. I appreciate that. They are very narrow.

👤Were the white streaks/powder/scratches out of the box? I tried to clean and it looked cloudy. Even if they were perfect, the smell would have been too much to keep.

👤I bought these for my daughter, who is too small to find shoes. These work well. I walked in the water almost to the top of the farm. My feet never got wet. They are made well and hold up well. Will buy again.

👤I love the boots. Their price is worth it. I wear an 8 and these are a little big. Not heavy on the feet. I wear them all year long. If you spend the extra money, you will get the brand well worth it. I wore my last pair for 5 years.

👤The boots were rated for snow. Not true! They are rain boots, not big boots that do snow or rain. So disappointed. They need to get their descriptions right. I always order a half size up and they fit perfectly. I will be sending them back because they don't have the capabilities advertised. Love the colour and wish they were the snow version.

👤These are my second pair of potties and I love them. It's perfect for the rain in Oregon. The boots are subtle and have a little character, but go with everything. Highly recommended!

3. Saltwater Animal Print Textile Multi

Saltwater Animal Print Textile Multi

Fleece,Leather,Rubber. The shaft is from the arch. The boot opening is around 6 inches. The Saltwater boot is waterproof. A duck-inspired boot.

Brand: Sperry

👤I was very comfortable in my normal size 6.5 with room for thick socks. Win! I noticed the rubber sole was lower on the right foot than on the left. I wasn't willing to keep the price. Replacements were ordered. Pair 2 arrived with one side of the right upper sewn crooked, and the other side of the horizontal lace sitting diagonal. There was white filling on that boot and the base of the tongue was different from the other boot. I ordered a third pair of boots because of the damaged ones. The black nylon was not sewn closed on the front of the boot. The rubber had two noticeable grooves. I had to spend a lot of time on three pairs of boots.

👤These are not real. I ordered the same boot on the sperry website and compared it to other items. They immediately sent these back. You can get the same boot from sperry for the same price.

👤These shoes look great. I want to make clear some of the qualities. These boots are the right size. I'm a size 5 and reading some of the reviews, which mentioned that these run small, I got these shoes a size large and unfortunately found them to be a size bigger when worn. I kept the Sperry's and ordered a pair of thick sheepskin insoles, which did the trick because I needed warm boots due to the weather, and I didn't want to go into the hassle of returning and waiting for the correct size. They are wearing perfectly now. 2. These aren't meant to be winter boots. That is for a deep winter climate. If the weather is under 30 degrees, your feet will not be warm, but they are insulated with a micro fleece. Without my fleece foot liners my feet would've been too cold in NY where we're going through a cold spell. If you want real cold weather boots, go with Sorel's winter boot line. 3. The boots are a little heavier than I had thought. Definitely not light! 4. I assume they're snow proof, but they don't have a firm grip on ice, even though they have good traction on dry and even surfaces. 4. If you are like me, you will be able to keep these shoes for a long time and I am looking forward to that. 5. The waterproof shoe is very attractive, good quality, waterproof, but not for very cold weather, and the sheepskin insert makes it a much warmer shoe. 6. I would have preferred to buy it half a size smaller. It's true to size. If I had a flat or wide size 5 feet, I would be perfect. I think this will help people figure out the right size for their feet in the future. All satisfied.

👤My wife likes rain boots. They hold up well in the fall and winter. She can wear wool socks that are not too warm in the spring/fall rain. The boots have taken a beating in Baltimore due to the dirtiness of the city. They have held up well! The grip on the bottom is amazing. When it is wet, many buildings have granite or marble as sidewalks. They have a smallheel, which makes them look feminine. The blue rubber bumper is not as shiny anymore. They have held up for a year. If you don't want to untie the laces, they have a zip on the side. The arch support is very nice. My wife has high arches. They are 4” on the outside and 0.75” for the inner dimensions, and the overall length is 10.75”

4. Muckster Ankle Height Rubber Garden Boots

Muckster Ankle Height Rubber Garden Boots

The shaft is from the arch. 4mm neoprene provides comfort and flexibility, along with excellent waterproof, shock absorption and heat retention properties, and adjusts to your foot shape to resist blisters and chafing. The stretch-fit Comfort Topline is curved to improve range of motion, and snugs calf to seal in warmth. Breathable Air mesh lining allows air to travel throughout the boot, which is rated from sub-freezing to 65 F/18 C. The rubber footing is sure in mud, slush or rain.

Brand: Muck Boot

👤I wear these all day at work and they are very comfortable. I have to go into a customer's house and they slip on and off. I was worried they would be too hot. They are comfortable in both warm and cold weather. I posted a photo after someone asked how high these are. To the top of the boot is 7 and the waterproof part is 3 inches.

👤This is a good choice if you're looking for a boot or shoe that's great for yard work in the wet. I found the fit to be correct. I suspect the shoe versions of these boots do not come with quality insoles. Unless you need significant arch support, you won't notice that. You will have to add inserts in that case. There are other brands that I use. I use these for dog walks in the park during the winter. The ground is often wet. The boots keep my feet dry. I've found myself slipping on moderate slopes because they don't have a grippy sole. They aren't wearing well. If I keep wearing them on dog walks, I will retire them from that and keep them for yardwork. The description is correct. When I bought them, I was a little worried about their longevity. I had to try them. They are not designed for that. You can use these for yard and garden work. They are great.

👤I asked my friends about the size of their boots. I read the reviews before ordering. I chose the 10-10.5 boot because I wear a 10.5 D street shoe. My toes did not bunch, but it was too snug in the toe cup. The fit was better after I took the sock pad out, but I still want the cushion. I wear Vermont made socks with my boots. I ordered the boot replacement. It fits well and is very comfortable. The key to ordering is simple; if you wear a street shoe, go up one-half size in a boot. I think it's easier for people who wear whole sizes. If you wear a size 10 street shoe, order a size 10 Muckster.

👤I have spent hundreds of dollars and tried many different brands, including Hunter, but every other pair made my feet numb or were difficult to get on/off and were uncomfortable for extended use. These are amazing! I look forward to wearing them because they are so comfortable. I forget about my feet when I have these on, because I am on my feet in wet conditions at dog sporting events. I told my husband how great they were and he thought I was overreacting, until I bought him a pair. He believes me now! I might get another pair if they stop making them. Fantastic boots!

👤Pros: water proof, traction, easy on/ off, and the insoles is thin. Which I enjoy. Some of you will hate Con because they move around a lot and there is no way to tighten them, which leads to a lot of wear and tear inside. I had my pair for two months and there are already holes in it. They will have to be replaced in a month or so, and I won't buy them again.

5. Petrass Waterproof Lightweight Booties Comfortable

Petrass Waterproof Lightweight Booties Comfortable

100% waterproof. The women rain boots are formed in one piece, which makes them waterproof and dry. The cute quilted mif calf is waterproof. The design of the rain boots for women makes it easy to slip on and off. If you have a wide feed or muscular calves, it's better to get the size up 1/2 to a full size. It is light and convenient. The women's rain boots are light and comfortable. Even though you wear their women mid calf rain boots for a long time, it won't get you tied up. A life helper. Their women's cute rain shoes will always be with you whenever you need them, and you can use them for many other things. You can choose from 8 classic colors for the Ladies Women Rain boots. The black and navy rain shoes are the most popular among women. The light grey and khaki rain boots are the shoes that fahionable ladies love to wear. There are 4 new colors, red, yellow,green and coffee. There are 7 sizes of the quilted garden boots. If you want to have some room in the boots or wear thick socks, you should choose one size up. You will experience it.

Brand: Petrass

👤It's typhoon season in the Philippines and I am going there. I decided to buy a pair of boots. My husband and I are very frugal and so I spent hours looking for a good pair of boots that is higher than a Chelsea cut, comfortable, not ugly yet cheap. I didn't have luck reading the first day. On the second day, I tried to look again, and I found these! They are good for a lot of things. Look at my pictures. It's lined, the size is what I expected, it has thick and outer soles, and most of all, it's comfortable. I haven't used it yet for long walks so I might have an update. So far, so good! Look no further! Definitely buy this one.

👤I have had a hard time finding rain boots that are wide enough in the toe/footbed to accommodate my bunions without the need for a wider calf boot. These fit the bill. They are comfortable in the toe area, but don't have a wide calf that makes a lot of wide width boots impractical for me. The boots have a little bit of an odor, but then most rubber boots do, and the gloss is a bit odd in one spot, but they are so reasonably priced that those flaws are easy to overlook.

👤During rainy seasons, the deep water in the yard sometimes collects in my last two rain boots. These have been great, no leaks! I bought a larger size to make it easier to slip on and off. I use these to get around my yard with poor drainage. It's nice that they come up several inches above my ankle to tuck my pants in. They seem sturdy and hopefully will wear well for a while without leaking.

👤I was happy when I got these boots. My kids are going to school. I always wear a size 8. The toe box was tight. The boots were hard to take off even with help and the inside liner came out when you pulled your foot out. I would have liked to pay a little more for something that fit. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤It was raining when I received my boots yesterday. Shipping was on time. I was skeptical about ordering online as you never know how boots will fit. Don't hesitate! The top is wide enough for my thicker legs and the boots are cute. My feet were dry. I purchased a size 6 and they are a bit roomy but not to where I felt my feet sliding around in them. My children were walking to school this morning. They were comfortable, easy to walk in, and as it was still wet from last night we walked through puddles. I'm satisfied with my purchase so far.

👤They fit great for someone who is between a women's size 9 and 10, and they are perfect for them. They are flexible, not too short or tall, and the heel does not add inches to my height. I bought them for back to school so I can't speak on how they hold up.

6. Western Chief Waterproof Printed Gingham

Western Chief Waterproof Printed Gingham

The shaft is from the arch. The boot opening is about 14 inches around. The Western Chief women's printed rain boots are waterproof and durable. The handmade construction prevents weak spots in the seams and allows them to make fun designs. Their women's boots are lined with soft, cotton blend lining to give them a good night's sleep. Their lining absorbs water. These boots will keep you warm and dry. They use comfortable EVA in their boots because standing on your feet for extended periods can be hard. The insoles are easy to clean and replace.

Brand: Western Chief

👤Fit perfect. I read a lot of reviews and want to say something. If you don't stop taking your rainboots off with your feet, they will not last long. You plucking on the rubber. If you use your hands to remove your brooms, they will last. I'm happy with them. The seams look tight and nice. I use my hands to remove them. I bet they will last a long time.

👤I got these for my mom. She loves them! They are light. She is 9 1/2 on shoes, so I was worried about the size. These run a bit big for me. I got the 9 and they fit perfectly. She can put them in and take them out easily because they are wide at the top end.

👤The boots arrived today. I was very happy. I found they had filthy soles when I opened the box. I was willing to overlook that. I wanted to get outside. I put them on and went out onto the lawn after I removed the tags from the box. It took seconds before my feet were dry. I thought that I was only feeling the cold. I discovered my heels were wet when I took them off. I looked closely at the boots and found that there were little splits in the welt and a hole behind the label that made it hard to wear a boot. I would have been happy if these were a pair of boots with a utility. They were cute, comfortable, and warm. They will not keep your feet dry. You should also wear flipflops. I'm disgusted that I have to take the time and energy to package this garbage up and drive 10 miles to get them to a drop-off point, just so they can be re-sold to other people. There should be some sort of recourse in this case. They're costing me more than if I'd never ordered them in the first place.

👤I've never been able to find rainboots that fit because they are cut around the higher calf of the leg. When I ordered these boots, I expected them to be returned the same way as all the others. I was happy when that wasn't the case. The boots were easy to slip on and off. I leave them in the garage so that I can step in them and leave before I go to my home. They fit well. I went up to a 9 because it allows me to wear socks that are comfortable. If you have had the same problem, I recommend these boots. They are cute and comfortable.

👤I wanted to use these to go to my chicken house. I go out a few times a day, but it takes me 15-20 minutes to get dressed. The soles of the boots are not the same after 30 days. If the ground is wet and my feet are wet in a short time, I'm done. Not appreciated at all.

👤I got these boots to work in the garden for $22 and they were a steal. I searched on Amazon after looking at walmart and finding a pair of boots for $20 that were very uncomfortable. These are so comfortable and have a lot of padding that I am happy I found them. I feel like I could wear them all day. The heal provides a good amount of cushion as I walk. Dirt and dust do not get inside the boots because they are not wide. I ordered a size 8 as I wear a true 8 and these boots are a bit large. I'm still able to walk around and I don't mind. I am happy I didn't order a size down.

7. HUNTER Classic Original Adjustable Short

HUNTER Classic Original Adjustable Short

It can be made in the USA or imported. The shaft is from the arch. The Heel is about 1 inches. The design is classic. The Hunter Original Back Adjustable Short boot has a natural rubber construction, an easy to use buckle on the side, and a Hunter logo on the front. The waterproof material is waterproof. Their rain boots are made with natural latex rubber with a matt finish and feature a quick drying woven nylon lining. The style is bull-on. The pull-on construction of their Original Short boots as well as the buckled strap at the back of the shaft makes putting on and taking off a breeze and provides a more secure fit.

Brand: Hunter

👤I have a pair of Hunter rain boots. They are perfect for keeping your feet dry. I keep my feet warm by wearing welly socks. I love the color as well.

👤I love the boots from Hunter. They're perfect for gardening or going out in the rain.

👤I ordered a bigger size than I needed. It's great for mucking around in the yard. I couldn't wear these to cross shallow streams for trout fishing because they were floppy. I am picky about shoes. I got a pair of light blue ones for half price.

8. Sloggers Waterproof Chickens Daffodil 5016CDY07

Sloggers Waterproof Chickens Daffodil 5016CDY07

Sloggers' exclusive "All-Day-Comfort Insole For Maximum Comfort" is included. Excellent traction can be achieved with heavy-duty lu tread. The Sloggers Half Sizer Insole (Style 330Bk, Asin B000Kma9X6) is a perfect fit for Whole Sizes Only. The height is 10 and the diameter is 15. For Replacement Insoles, order direct from Sloggers, and for hose off or wipe with wet cloth.

Brand: Sloggers

👤In the northeast, the need for waterproof footwear is always present. In the spring and fall, it is necessary to use a waterproof boot to keep feet dry in the early morning and seasonal rains. Many boots have not made it through a single season. Some were too tight for my large calves, others were weird for the foot bed, and still others were just right for sweaty feet. I buy a new pair every season because the previous pair is not good enough. The USA made feature is a big plus, but also the choice of pattern from plain to playful to stylish let's the wearer express herself without sacrificing comfort. I can't speak to their durability yet because they are in their first season. The rubber boots I thought would wear like iron are brittle and split in stress areas, like where the ball of the foot flexes, so they haven't survived my farm. I can wear these boots all day if I need to, because they are soft, flexible, and lightweight. I have a lot of shoes, but I only wear a pair of boots like these Sloggers that I can only say are good so far.

👤The size of the boots is small and the company will not allow me to return them or buy the correct size, even though they are good quality. I am stuck with boots that are too small for me. A waste of money.

👤I bought a 10 because I want to wear fuzzy socks in the fall. Fit like a charm. I had the most comfortable footwear. These boots don't affect my feet at all. Excellent arch support. It was a relief when I put these boots on after working 6 hours on my feet. I bought them 8 months ago. I have worked on concrete, mud, slick grass, gravel, and poop. There is always great traction on my feet. The boots look great with a quick rinse. The little tab on the back of the shoe is very easy to remove. I can fit my boot cut jeans inside the boot. The top of the boots don't hurt my legs. I wore bare feet all summer. I had two roosters that were not like the red that would kick me in the boot.

👤I was very excited about these boots. When I first wore them, my chickens had to check them out. I ordered a bigger size than I wear in shoes, but they were still snug. They began splitting right across the toes after 3 months after purchasing them. I was disappointed that they are not cheap, but they are made cheaply.

👤These are great! They have a fabric lining on them so they don't stick to your ankle, and they're cute! I'm happy that they're a bit shorter than I thought. These are very good knock arounds. I ordered a 9 because I wear an 8 1/2 and the fit is right with the insoles in.

👤Awesome boots! The pattern is actually fabric and they are clear gel material. My daughter had a similar pair of rubber boots, and they lasted her years, even though they were regular style. I have gotten a lot of praise. The crazy chicken ladies are always asking about my boots. The calf is too small, but I have thick calves. You can also order a bigger size. I ordered a 10.

9. UGG Classic Clear Natural Black

UGG Classic Clear Natural Black

The faux shearling is enclosed by a molded upper. 7mm UGGpure wool lining.

Brand: Ugg

👤The delivery was late and the box was damaged. The boot is soft plastic and I thought it would be harder for it to be durable. I can't say I don't like it, but there is a line down the front and back where the material is sealed together. I can not say I do. It doesn't make the boots look bad, but it would look better without the line going straight down the center. They are water proof and great for rainy days in the fall and winter. The line down the center and softer feel of the material are the only things that I don't like. I can say that the comfort and warmth you know about uggs is there, as a person who does buy regular uggs. I am a little curious about how long it will last. I don't think they're worth $150, I think they're worth $110 to $200. I mentioned that I don't like the delivery and the box damage is the reason for 2 stars off. The box protects the footwear for a long time. It is important to me that I cannot speak for anyone else. I will register my uggs for a limited warranty because I can't say I would buy again. I think you ladies should do the same.

👤The boots are ugly. Very large and heavy. It was almost like moon boots.

👤I don't like these shoes. Everyone said they were ugly. I thought they were cute. I ordered them. I regret it. They look big. I can barely fit my foot through the opening after ordering a size up. I was wearing all black and they looked like they had a blue tint. The fur on the inside is not the same as the classic uggs. I feel like this is cheaper than the soft one. There was a faux fur tag. I went to the grocery store after the rain and the boots fogged up and it seemed like water got inside the plastic.

👤You would have to know my history to love them. I'm in poor health. I have had two heart attacks and my Diabetes is crazy. I get pain from the heels of my feet. My first UGGs were a few months ago. After reading all the reviews for about six months, I bought the pink slipper. My check is small. I felt the pain in my feet. So after buying those slippers. Oh my goodness. About 80 percent of the pain went away. I was very happy. I am here again. I need a rain boot or something. The pink ones were marked down. I like pink. I love yelling more. The pink ones were more expensive. wow. I bought them at a lower price. My first message was from Amazon. I paid for them, but they aren't available right now. I thought. The price was perfect for me, so I'll wait. Yes, anyhow. I got a size 7 because I am large. I bought a long shoe horn to get them on. The fluff is thick and cozy, so I wear thin socks. I hope they last a long time. I wonder if the heel part will eventually tear when I pull them off. It was perfect for me. My feet don't hurt anymore because I love them. The yellow ones are marked down. When I bought the pink ones, I came back to look at them. The price went up again. So. I guess you have to catch a mark quickly.

10. Western Chief Waterproof Printed Gingham

Western Chief Waterproof Printed Gingham

The shaft is knee-high from the arch. The boot opening is around 15.

Brand: Western Chief

👤There was an update 10/09/. It was purchased late August. I wear these for walking the dog on 3 acres because of the night and morning bugs. I am not walking in muck, mud, or chemicals. I felt a wet boot after a hard rain. I noticed stress tears in the upper when I twisted the boot to use it. Disappointed these did not last a season. I liked the fit. The reason I purchased these was because they are roomy enough for thick socks and the belt style closure is the reason I wear them. I wanted to play in this area because I have big calves. The calves were too tight when I tried others. I can wear regular socks and walk without blisters. Would recommend them.

👤It was nice to work among the weeds in the garden after a year of terrible results.

👤It's perfect. Depending on how shoe is made, I am a 8-9. I have room to wear socks, without socks, and it does not slip. I absolutely adore them!

👤The checkered pattern is perfect for a rainy day.

👤It's great for doing gardening in the rain.

👤The fit was perfect and what I needed.

👤I can't believe how heavy this boot is.

👤These rain boots are really nice. The pattern I bought is very cute. They're easy to clean and dry. They protect your feet from getting water/mud.

👤Fast delivery. It seems that quality and sturdiness are very good. The motifs are colorful. The next rain storm will either confirm or deny the good review.

👤I don't have a rubber boot that fits my fat calves. These are perfect. I highly recommend them.

👤I love these boots! They keep your feet warm on cold days.


What is the best product for best rain boots for women tall?

Best rain boots for women tall products from Planone. In this article about best rain boots for women tall you can see why people choose the product. Bogs and Sperry are also good brands to look for when you are finding best rain boots for women tall.

What are the best brands for best rain boots for women tall?

Planone, Bogs and Sperry are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best rain boots for women tall. Find the detail in this article. Muck Boot, Petrass and Western Chief are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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