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1. Egyptian Cotton Sheets Queen Thread

Egyptian Cotton Sheets Queen Thread

100% Egyptian cotton. Imported from India. Matching extra pillowcase pairs is possible. There are bed sheets and pillowcases. The sheets are made from the finest 100% Egyptian Cotton and have a hotel feel. The cotton sheets for queen size bed are soft and keep your comfort in mind, they are perfect for your home decor. There are premium Egyptian cotton bed sheets. If you love the feel of cotton bedsheets and pillowcases, you will love their 800-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheet set. They use yarns made with long-staple cotton fiber. A hotel class look with a tailored marrow stitch is what comes with the 4 piece queen sheets set. The set includes a Flat Sheet, 90" x 102; a fully elasticized fitted sheet, 60" x 80"; and two standard pillowcases, 20 x 30". The side of the fitted sheet with a Smart Head/ Foot Tag is easy to use. The Egyptian cotton sheet set is tested thoroughly to ensure the utmost safety and comfort. Their fabric is tested for strength, pilling, shrinkage, and thread count. There are ongoing factory audits that ensure sustainable. Each piece of bed sheets is individually measured, and each piece of linen is sewn to perfect. The sheets are crafted from the finest Egyptian cotton yarns. Customer service is backed by Egyptian Cotton Sheets. They want you to have an excellent experience from the moment you place your order until you sleep on your new bedding. Order now and be risk-free. Their designs match any décor and are a wonderful gift idea for men and women, Moms and Dads, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Christmas.

Brand: Chateau Home Collection

👤I read a lot of reviews before buying a set of sheets, so I gave myself a mini education. I wanted to help out others that were searching like I was. I learned about thread counts and different weaves. I have to say that I am very happy with this set. The picture was correct and the color is what I was expecting. They have a good quality feel and have a lot of weight. Some of the reviews are "scratchy", but they aren't. They have a nice cool feel as you get into bed, breathe well, don't bunch up, the fitted sheet stays in place, and has nice deep pockets. Don't use fabric softener, Egyptian cotton is soft with washes. After the initial wash out of the box, they are quite nice. They have an official Egyptian cotton logo tag and a 100% egyptian cotton tag. Don't mix them up with "satin" which is a completely different material. They have a slight "sheen" to them, but it's just a nice quality weave, not anything that looks silly or cheap. The pillow cases fit my pillows just fine, and they are on the fluffier side. I wanted to give the information that I was looking for and learned about, but this is a long winded thing. Don't be afraid if you are. The price is great, don't think it's too good to be true. I am very happy with the purchase of this set.

👤These sheets are worth a lot. If you understand the material and how to wash them, you will be able to use these sheets. If you have never owned Egyptian cotton sheets, don't worry, the 1 star reviews are not going to scare you. They have never been told how to properly care for them. Egyptian cotton sheets are rough. This is the norm. There is a specific way to wash them. First and foremost, wash them according to the tag. To extend their lifespan, wash cold on a gentle cycle with gentle detergents. You don't need to use the normal amount of detergent. Follow the instructions of your washing machine, and fill the top loader with water first. Don't use fabric softener. If you don't want to see your sheets unraveling or ripping up, wash them separately from other garments so there is plenty of room. Don't wrap your sheets around the machine. Overstuffing your machine can cause sheets to fall apart and cause issues of clothing to fall apart. Don't leave them in the washing machine. This increases wrinkling. There will be some wrinkling with cotton. Best of luck if you want Wrinkle-free sheets, they have been added with formaldehyde. Dry on the lowest heat setting. Shrinking cotton and wrinkling it are effects of heat. It reduces the lifespan of the sheets. If you want to make the sheets softer, you can use dryer balls or clean tennis balls. Don't over-dry them. They are best taken out when it's barely damp. These sheets are great if you know how to take care of them. The manufacturer is not to blame for the low reviews because people aren't taught how to wash their clothes anymore. It's always a good idea to put some effort into taking care of clothing, bedding, and other items when you invest money.

2. SONORO KATE Microfiber Thread Egyptian

SONORO KATE Microfiber Thread Egyptian

There are great sheets for the price. These sheets are the most affordable you can find. They are softer than most Egyptian cotton sheets and less expensive. These bed sheets are for deep pocket mattresses. They fit any mattress with pockets that are 18 to 22 inches deep. The queen size bed sheets set has 1 flat sheet 90"x101", 1 fitted sheet 60"x80", and 2 pillowcases 20"x30". There are deep pockets that fit mattresses up to 24 inches deep. These ultra-plush sheets are woven with the finest craftsmanship and are made with 1800 Series Ultra-Soft Double brushed microfiber fabric. Their sheets are easy to care for. They can be washed in cold water and dry quickly. Cotton sheets are not as durable as they are. They accept any reason, any time of return, no matter how long it is. You can return products if you're not satisfied. Their commitment to customers and their confidence in product quality is what makes this possible.

Brand: Sonoro Kate

👤10 out of 10 will buy again. I have purchased at least a dozen sheet sets on Amazon for twin, queen and king size beds. I would consider these to be a budget friendly price. Most of the others I have gotten in the $30-40 range are thin, nearly see-through and soft, so they aren't going to last very long. Not so with these. They are incredible. It was thick enough to feel strong but not hot. On hot summer nights, these are just as good as on cold winter nights. I haven't found anything comparable for the price. I have one set of sheets that are high thread count, and they are very comfortable and soft. These are comparable to the $160 sheets. I would have thought they were the same, but closer than I would have thought. If you have yet to learn to fold a flat sheet, it's not difficult, but the wrinkling is minimal. I have been searching for a set of sheets that I really feel good with, and finally found them. One of life's little pleasures is sliding into fresh sheets after a nice shower. Search over, these are it. I write a few reviews, but never rave about any product. I am very fond of these. Get them. Enjoy them. You will not regret it.

👤Amazingly comfortable. ! I was worried that they would be a bit too hot. They were soft and clean when they were in the package, and after a wash they are amazing. I will buy them in different colors again.

👤I try to find solutions to sleep problems. I discovered the 1800 thread count 100% cotton sheets when I tried many versions of pillows. The product is soft and silky. It is definitely worth the price.

👤The fitted sheet was made for a mattress that is thicker and requires deep pockets, but the flat sheet was not large enough. The flat sheet cannot be tucked in. If the fitted sheet is made for a thick mattress that requires deep pockets, then the flat sheet needs to be made longer to accommodate the same size mattress. This is a huge manufacturing problem.

👤1800 thread count Egyptian Cotton is advertised. There are tags on the product.

👤I bought this for my dad because he loves deep pocket sheets. When I got him 1800 thread count he was excited because he had never owned sheets greater than 400 thread count. He likes them. He says they are soft and silky. He said that they are nice. I might buy them again for myself.

👤I have an 18 inch mattress and have trouble finding sheets that fit. I am happy with how they fit. They are soft and comfortable. I would like to see more color options. I will definitely be buying more in the future.

👤I bought these sheets a couple days ago and I feel that they are thin and soft, and look more expensive than the price I paid for them. I have not sweat or been overheated while sleeping on these sheets. I will be ordering more sets in different colors.

3. Luxury 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Long Staple Mattress

Luxury 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Long Staple Mattress

100% Extra Long Staple Cotton. Their white, queen sheets deep pocket are as soft as a cloud and will help to provide you with a more relaxing night's sleep. OEKO-TEX guarantees you of thread count and performance with these deep pocket sheets queen size sets. 1000 Thread Count, Deep Pocket Queen Sheets come with a flat sheet of 90 x 102, a deep fitted sheet of 60 x 80, and a pair of pillowcases. Soft sheets! The cotton used in these sheets set is pure Egyptian cotton which is renowned for its softness and resilience. Their queen white sheet set has a lustrous look like silk or satin, yet it is still comfortable. Their sheets are anti-pilling and fade resistant and use the best quality yarns. Don't risk it with other white queen bed sheets set that are itchy and fade in the wash, you deserve luxury! No risk to you! At Threadspread, they are committed to quality and providing you the best sheets possible. If you face any problem, you can write to them directly and they will get your grievances addressed immediately and you can return the product for a full refund within 30 days. Do not bleach their cotton sheets queen, they should be machine washed in warm and tumble dry on low. Never dry at high temperatures when machine drying. It is important to remove bed linens from the dryer before they are completely dry. Allow the sheets a few washes to experience the silky softness of cotton.

Brand: Thread Spread

👤After reading many reviews, I bought these. We washed them before using them. After spreading them across the bed, we found faded spots in the fitted sheet, regular sheet and pillow cases. We washed these sheets 4 to 5 times and still they are very thick. I could have bought other higher named sheets and gotten better quality. We are very thankful that the company reached out to us and corrected the issue, which was changed to a 4 star. Changing back to a 1 star. The company offered to send another set or give us back the money. We really didn't want another set after our disappointment with the first one. They agreed to take care of the issue and asked if I would change the review the next day. We are still without a refund several weeks later. Money can be taken from me in a few weeks. I can't get my money back.

👤I thought I'd never be reviewing it. Probably sheets. We decided to redo our bedroom with new furniture, carpeting, and a new mattress, but we forgot why we weren't going to upgrade to a king size mattress. Oops. We realized we needed new sheets after spending more time at large brand name stores. 1. Less options are available for king sized sheets. 2. The prices for King sized sheets were crazy. 3. We were going to buy the first set of Egyptian Cotton sheets to see how popular they are. I decided to check on Amazon after being unable to stomach spending $300+ for a good 1000TC set. We decided to go with this brand because of the positive feedback and reviews. I took a nap on them the first day, and thought they were not bad. This was a 2 hour nap on top of the sheets, after moving furniture all day long. I wasn't all that excited about sheets when I went to bed that night. Things got weird here, they're just sheets. They're just sheets. Right? I'm ruined now. After sleeping all night. I woke up the next morning surprised. It was on a Saturday. I was well rested and comfortable in the bed, but I'm not sure if it had to do with the new mattress. There is one thing that I discovered. The sheets were not hot. They were not cold. Every set of sheets we've tried, I tend to run hot. I kick off the sheet and blankets during the night because I am too hot under them. I was at an hour on the weekends, but I was very comfortable. When my wife woke up, she commented on how comfortable the sheets were. She was comfortable. We're going to buy the same sheets in different colors after we discuss it. It's funny... The cheap sheets are so much more expensive. I'm going to be broke. The silver lining of this, is that these sheets are awesome, and their price is amazing compared to other 1000TC sets of sheets you'll find in stores. Give them a chance. If I could be made to believe in what I was missing.

4. Laura Ashley Garden Palace Cotton

Laura Ashley Garden Palace Cotton

The cotton is a natural, absorbent fiber that is gentle on the skin. Touch and style. A good night's sleep is promoted by a smooth, sleek and soft Sateen cotton sheet. A chinoiserie floral vine pattern is found in pale aqua on the soft white background of the Laura Ashley Garden Palace Cotton Sateen sheet set. Premium encased elastic runs continuously around all four sides of the fitted sheet to keep it in place and the fitted sheet pocket depth is 15". A chinoiserie floral vine pattern is found in pale aqua on the soft white background of the Laura Ashley Garden Palace Cotton Sateen sheet set. The set includes: The queen fitted sheet is 80"W X 60"L and the queen flat sheet is 102"W X 94"L. There are wash and food details. Before first use, wash with warm colors and tumble dry low. Cotton is a natural fiber that keeps you cool and dry for a good night's sleep, and cotton sheets are also better for the environment than synthetics or blends.

Brand: Laura Ashley Home

👤I barely had these sheets for two months. I was very disappointed and now useless. It is not possible to leave a zero star rating.

👤These sheets look beautiful, but they are not silky smooth or glowing. I am a sheet snob when it comes to sheets. Vintage sheets can be a challenge because the elastic can be worn to the point that the sheets will not fit the mattress and the sizes in mattresses have changed so much over the decades. I made my purchase after reading the description and reviews. I was hoping these sheets would be described. They are not. I could not be more disappointed. These sheets are not for me to use because they are not what the seller says they are and that's false advertising. If you like sheets that are all cotton, not smooth and not soft even after a couple of washings, then these are for you. I washed these sheets to try to make them softer, but they are not soft yet, and I think they are starting to pill. I thought that 100 % cotton meant that the sheets were cool, but they were very hot and uncomfortable for someone who likes the feel of a cool sheet for sleeping. I haven't gotten a good night's sleep with these sheets yet. I will let you go after one more thing. The king size mattress I bought is too big for our mattress, so we have a new one. It doesn't fit right. If this is for you, it's not as described, it's not soft, it's not hot, and it's not fitting. Go for it! You should waste your money. Disappointed is an understatement. I come with vintage sheets.

👤I am a sheet snob. When you spend money on a set, you want it to be good. Buying sheets online is difficult. I wanted to write a review. I think these are quality. They are soft to the touch. They are very lightweight and cool to sleep in. It's great for summer in Texas. I came out unwrinkled after washing/dried. If you let them sit unfolded, I can see where they may go wrong. I put mine in the dryer. Considering another set.

👤I was expecting a lot more with the name Laura, but I was disappointed when I received these. I immediately sent them back. You could probably read a newspaper through them. Don't waste your money.

👤The microfiber sheets are soft, but they don't give me the feeling of a cotton sheet. I was looking for the right shades of light blue for our bedroom and am very happy with this set. The cotton sheet is soft and soothing, I like how my skin feels on it, and I think it's just better for you, even if it's all in my head. Because they are cotton, there is a wrinkling factor. I don't care if the comforter is ironed smooth or not, the pillow cases are mixed with other pillows, so they don't get some wrinkling. Very pleased. Thank you so much! * I've used this set for the non-stop since September 2020. I'm still in love with them. They've held up. The print is on one side of the sheet, but my eyes are closed when I'm tucked in.

5. Premium Thread Cotton Elasticized Threadmill

Premium Thread Cotton Elasticized Threadmill

The sheets are crafted from the finest Egyptian cotton yarns. Customer service is backed by Egyptian Cotton Sheets. They want you to have an excellent experience from the moment you place your order until you sleep on your new bedding. Order now and be risk-free. Their designs match any décor and are a wonderful gift idea for men and women, Moms and Dads, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Christmas. 100% pure cotton and teen they wanted ultimate softness, comfort and resilience. Their 600 thread count sheet set are made from long staple cotton yarns and are the perfect combination of smoothness, breathability, and durability. The bed sheets are made using a type of weave called a sateen weave, which is softer and more long- lasting than the offline stores. The cooling and lightweight bedding provides a good night's sleep. The 4 piece Queen sheet set includes 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and a deep pocket. The elasticized bottom sheet is perfect for both tall and pillow-top mattresses. Pull, tuck, and relax - its snug fit ensures the bedsheet stays intact while you enjoy a deep slumber. It is easy to care for your furniture. Each sheet is woven together to make sure there is no pilling, fade-resistance, or long- lasting strength. There are no loose fibers after regular washes with the extra long staple cotton yarns. They recommend machine washing the sheets at room temperature and tumble drying them on low to accentuate its softness. Remove the bed linens immediately after drying to avoid wrinkling. Their 600 thread count hotel-style bed set is an ideal addition to your home furnishings. The use of high-quality dyes gives their bed sheets a brilliant color that matches every room's decor. It is the best gift choice for all your loved ones because of its elegant look and lustrous shine. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee for certified and sustainable practices. Some of the world's finest linens are made by them. Their products and practices are free from harmful chemicals. The sheets are made in a wind and solar energy factory. They are delivered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and are packed in a zero plastic tote bag.

Brand: Threadmill Home Linen

👤I confess that I am a sheet snob and that it is hard for me to be happy with sheets that are too hot, too soft, or rip in a hurry. I ordered this set of sheets after reading about them on Amazon, and I really like the color, even though I just bought a car that is almost the same color. I got the sheets quickly with Amazon Prime, I washed them twice, put them on my mattress, and I slept on them last night. They are soft, cool and crisp and felt good all night. I am hoping they hold up, but they seem well made. I am happy that this sheet snob is happy with these, because I believed the reviews and ordered them.

👤These sheets are gorgeous. They are cotton that feels like cotton, but not as slick as cotton. These are so relaxing to sleep on. They didn't need to be pressed when they came out of the dryer because I washed them in warm water and dried them on a lower setting. They have a quality elastic around the entire fitted sheet and are deep pocketed. My sister has a set of sheets on her bed that are advertised on radio frequently and are very expensive. These sheets are just as good as her expensive ones for less than $60 for a King size set. I wish they had an option to purchase an extra set of pillowcases. I will definitely be ordering more. Well done! I still love these sheets after 1.5 years of use. I use a small amount of fabric softener. After their first wash, they looked and felt good. Great product.

👤I would still describe them as average after 5 washes. I guess you get what you pay for. Don't be fooled by the so called bed snob who claims that they have slept on the softer ones. The review was better than any hotel. They are not. They are a decent thread count, but you can't see anything through them. They are wrinkling.

👤The sheets are amazing. I purchased a set of sheets in white at the beginning of February. They are the best quality sheets I have ever owned. After 24 washing and dryings in our country home, they are "wearing" beautifully, showing no signs of aging. There is well water. They stay fresh until the next wash. I think they're a good choice.

👤I had no idea that people were ironing their sheets until I read reviews on the sheets. These are the sheets for people who follow fabric care instructions. We washed and dried ours. They are cotton, so they will have small winkles, but they're not sheets you're sleeping on. The Goldilocks and three little bears of sheets are just right. The fitted sheet is tucked in and we have two small dogs that sleep in the bed with us that like to stretch out in the middle of the night, keeping us moving around to find a comfortable position and no loose corners! I wonder if you washed them first after taking them out of the package, it's called starch people. We would definitely buy these sheets again, but they seem to be very good quality, so I'm not sure when we'll have to.

6. SONORO KATE Egyptian Cooling Mattress

SONORO KATE Egyptian Cooling Mattress

All natural soft cotton bedDING is made with long staple cotton fiber and a gorgeous sateen weave. Their sheets are incredibly soft and eco-friendly. Artificial microfiber absorbs heat, but it traps dusts and builds static. The 600 TC series is designed to keep you cool and lightweight. Each set includes a Flat Sheet, a fitted sheet, and a Deep pocket on the fitted sheet, all of which fit low profile foam and tall mattresses. It's recommended for regular wash. Their bed sheets are machine washed and retain color over time, making them an excellent value. Each fabric is tested for a number of features to be defect free and packed for shipping. Warm wash and light dry. You should spread the sheets on the bed immediately after the cycle ends if you want to avoid wrinkling. Excellent quality eco friendly sheets are available. The Sensitive Skin Sheets are individually tailored, measured and quality checked. The Twin sheet set is made in a factory that is certified to meet high standards to keep your family healthy. The Oeko tex sheets have been tested for harmful substances and are free of Azo Free. They guarantee that you will love it. Their sheets. Their products are backed by incredible customer service. If you don't like their bedsheets, you can return them for a full refund within 30 days. It's best for any room in the house.

Brand: Sonoro Kate

👤The sheets are stiff. There was nothing soft about them. There are lots of reviews that are for a fleece blanket and not this product. The reviews are deceiving because they say that the blanket is soft. Amazon should look into this for a possible scam. I probably can't return the sheets that I washed. Total waste.

👤I opened the sheets first. I was going to put them on my bed. They were very soft. After washing them. See the pictures. The dark gray was ordered by me. Very disappointed!

👤Don't buy! Save your money. The quality is terrible. I have never bought a better sheet. I washed the sheets without Clorox.

👤Don't trust reviews. When I got them, they were soft, but after washing and drying, they were very rough. Very disappointed.

👤The scam was not 600 threats. The cotton sheets are just over the price. They don't feel like they're being treated fairly. It doesn't say anything on the label or box that they are 600 calories. Don't buy from me!

👤After the first wash, the sheets became rough and soft.

👤I love them. The sheets are soft, the quality is good, and the colors are pretty, but the price is too high. I bought 3 more King size and 3 Twin size in all different colors because I loved them so much. You will not be disappointed.

👤Hats off to you. These sheets are the best ever. When I received them, I was okay with that. Let's see how they feel after I wash them. The fitted sheet is easy to put on and the top sheet is long, I love it. It has to fit in the foot of the bed. I had to work with the fitted sheet back and forth to get it on and the top sheet barely fit under the mattress so it was always being pulled out. A lot of fuzz balls made the fitted sheet wear thin very quickly. The sheets seem thick and made well, so I don't think I will have a problem with that. Thank you for the sheets!

👤Go for it! A lavar y aunque estn sbanas. No son antiarrugas, se mantienen. No me consta, sean 600 hilos, en ninguna parte de la caja dice. El embargo estoy. Con una compra!

👤Me encantaron! The calidad is superior. Sper tiene un brillo hermoso! La verdad estoy feliz de haberlas comprado. Un sper detalle! Muchsimo, Las recomiendo muchsimo. Voy a comprar ms! GRACIAS.

👤No estn mal, no son para nada fescas, no gastes tu dinero a lo wey.

👤The product is IMPOSIBLE and has a 600 HILOS price. " 100% DE AlgodN EGIPCIO", SE VENDEN COMO "REFLASCANTES", PERO POR LO SPERAS.

👤Sbanas de calidad. Suaves y lindas. Busqueciones de muchas opciones, y parecan las de mejor calidad-precio.

7. Queen Size Sheet Set Breathable

Queen Size Sheet Set Breathable

Mellanni is a different kind of company that provides the absolute best customer service in the industry. You can return it for any reason, and no questions will be asked. You don't have to send the product back. There are 2 pillow cases and a flat sheet in the bed sheet set. Flat Sheet (100”x 90”) and fitted sheet (60”x 60”) The cases are 20” x 30” They fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep. It will fit if your mattress is less than 16 inches. They feel this is a good universal size that fits most mattresses, because a lot of them are big. Feel the difference. If you're looking for very soft sheets, you've found them. They're soft and cool. The sheets will make you feel comfortable. They're softer than cotton sheets. It's best for any room in your house. It's a great gift idea for men and women. The highest quality crumbed microwave: There is a lighter difference. A softer touch. The double brushed microfiber yarns are of the highest quality. The weightless wonder of the sheets will keep you coming back for more. Linger in your dreams. There are great sheets for the price. These sheets are the most affordable you can find. They are softer than most Egyptian cotton sheets and less expensive.

Brand: Cgk Unlimited

👤We are very pleased with the sheets, they are lightweight and not hot at all. If you have a thinner mattress they tend to bunch up making it messy looking and uncomfortable, and they come out of the dryer wrinkled and look nice on the bed. I bought this set to fit a hospital bed. This is common with sheets that are made to fit thick mattresses. I sewed a "dart" in each corner to fix this and then turned them out and made sure they fit. I can't complain that they are for a deep mattress, but I didn't know how deep they would be. Since October we've been alternating between using these and a cotton set, and these are his favorite and still look brand new. I sent my son a set of sheets in gray that fit his bed well, and he loves them, so I recommend them without reservation.

👤I was surprised by how the sheets fit in my queen size. I own a pillow top mattress and a memory foam cover. I have more room at the corners with these. I've had sheet sets that barely covered the corners and you would have to tug them to get them over the corners. It was easy to get them on the mattress because they were extra tall. There is a The softness is wonderful. These are soft and feel good. I received a set that was perfect, despite the reviews that said they were thin. It's not too hot at night, but in between a medium and heavy thickness. They do not weigh on you like a flannel sheet would. They think they'll be fine for winter. I only had them for a week, and so far they've been great. If you're someone that moves a lot at night, they don't get wadded up if they stay put. I was due for a new set and thought I'd try them because it was a good price, had mostly positive reviews, and I was due for a new set. I'm very happy I did.

👤I was hesitant in buying sheets online because I didn't get to see the product in person. I was pleasantly surprised when these arrived. They fit my full size mattress. I have never had a problem with corners coming off in the middle of the night, as has been the case with past sheets bought at stores like Walmart or The At Home Store. The feel of the sheet was great. I didn't know what I was missing before I bought these sheets. I became a buyer that will definitely buy again. I am not being paid to say that this is an amazing product.

👤I washed it after I got it. It's perfect for my queen size bed and it's so soft and comfy. I saw no tears or weird scratches when I washed it again. The navy blue color is just as dark as it was when I first bought it. Will get more colors in the future.

8. Danjor Linens Queen Size Sheets

Danjor Linens Queen Size Sheets

Total commitment and lifetime satisfaction. If you don't like your sheets for any reason, just let them know and they'll take them back. Enjoy the comfort of the sheets. The complete set has everything you need to rest and relax, including a flat sheet, pillowcases, and fitted sheets that fit up to 16 inches. This microfiber bed set is super soft and will make you feel like you're in the lap of luxury. These bed sheets are Breathable. They're designed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Their bedding comes in multiple colors and won't fade on you after a few washes. Losing sleep over complicated washing instructions? Their pillowcases and deep pocket sheets are machine washed to give you peace of mind.

Brand: Danjor Linens

👤A shoe print was one of the odd stains I saw after putting these sheets on my bed. It's weird that you get a shoe stain on sheets before packing. I think you had the sheets laying on the ground before you packed them up and sent them out. I was very disappointed and weirded out by what went on with these sheets before they were sent out. There is a stain that looks like blood and I will definitely be getting my money back.

👤I read a lot of reviews before buying these, I was weary about the cost being so little, but the product was so practical and supposedlywrinkle free. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and get them some good reviews. Huge mistake! I noticed that they were filthy on the inside of the fitted sheet when I pulled them from the package. It was almost like someone wouldn't check the inside part and would have missed it. I don't know if they were a previous returned item or if they came from the factory dirty, but they were gross. No thanks. I'm returning them on principle, not because of the cost. I got an email from the manufacturer telling me I could enroll in the warranty after I got the sheets. I said I would return them because they were dirty from the package. The company Bed Linens and More said that they would replace them if I hadn't already returned them. I appreciated the prompt response from the company, however it doesn't fix the off putting first impression. I should have kept scrolling because the other reviews said they had pictures of their sheet sets being dirty as well.

👤I thought the sheets were soft and cheap, but there were a lot of loose threads. I was going to keep them until I washed them and made the bed. There were two stains that I noticed. I took my chances because of the reviews I had seen, but they were on a prime deal. The description stated they were microfiber, but the tag indicated they were 100% microfiber. It might be helpful to note that microfiber sheets are not all made of the same material. I returned them.

👤I sweat at night so I bought these sheets. I figured for that price I would try them, because the reviews go back and forth between too hot and cooling. I don't want to be too hot so they are thin. They are very soft and look more expensive than I paid for. I have not sweat or been overheated while sleeping on these sheets. I will be ordering more sets in different colors.

👤Poor quality. The pillowcases are in a King set. I thought I was buying the same product again after I ordered from this company. Both textile and design have been changed. Everything is completely different. Not a reliable source for buying things.

👤After reading all of the reviews, this is the real deal. Everything should be in the open. The sheets are made in China. That must matter to some people. They should get over themselves. The sheets were the same as advertised. If you are looking at the wrong price range for hotel sheets that are 100% cotton with a high thread count, you should be aware of that. Those who are critical of quality should know better. The price point indicates that they are micro fiber. Those wonderful comments that were stunned to learn micro fiber is a type of plastic should probably get out more. My sheets were clean and dry. They are great for what I paid and I have had no problems with them. I have no relationship with any Chinese manufacturers. I felt that the comments were not true. Good quality for a good price is what you should get.

9. LBRO2M Microfiber Hypoallergenic Breathable Resistant

LBRO2M Microfiber Hypoallergenic Breathable Resistant

We accept any reason, any time of return, no matter how long it takes. You can return products if you're not satisfied. Their commitment to customers and their confidence in product quality is what makes this possible. Exquisite user feeling adds elegance and sophistication to any bedroom. Microfiber fabrics are thin and strong. The bed sheets are soft and comfortable, which is what you need for a good night's sleep. Wake up and sleep well. These ultra-plush sheets are woven with the finest craftsmanship and are made with Ultra-Soft Double 1800 Thread Count 100% brushed microfiber fabric. It was designed with a perfect combination of strength and softness. To give more resilience with a smooth soft feeling feel and lustrous appearance. A softer touch. They keep you warm in cold and cool in hot, so you can sleep comfortably every night. The bed sheet is made with strong and durable fabric. The 1800 Thread Count 100% long microfiber yarns are not rip after washing to bring more durable. Every inch of their fabric is tested to meet top performance standards. The fitted sheet is fully elasticized and goes all the way around the bed. To ensure a secure fit with deep pockets that won't ride up or move around in the middle of the night, they use a size that fits almost any mattress. Any holiday, including Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, Valentine's Day, New Year's Day, Easter Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day,Birthday, is a wonderful sleeping gift for LBRO2M sheets. You will get friendly customer service if you serve you wholeheartedly. If you're unhappy with your purchase, please contact them so they can solve the problem for you.

Brand: Lbro2m

👤A good value for money. My wife has a skin condition. She says she's comfortable sleeping on these sheets, so we bought a second set. These are the best sheets we've had in a long time. If you're looking for cheap bed sheets, I recommend them.

👤These are perfect for someone who is very picky when it comes to sheets. I get very hot when he sleeps. These sheets stay cool through the night, which is a quality I seem to have a hard time finding. My child loves them because they fit perfectly over my Queen size mattress with a 2” pillow top. I will definitely be buying more in the future.

👤I usually prefer cotton sheets but my husband wanted to try these out because of the 1800 thread count claim. I had doubts because they are made from a non-renewable resource. They are soft and comfortable. They fit our bed well, we have a regular mattress with a memory foam top. I washed them before I put them on the bed and they looked great. Can't wait to get another set.

👤I found stains on the sheets when I opened the box. They weren't bad and it's hidden under the comforter. I don't want my new sheets to be stained. It is not the end of the world. I am going to keep them and not have to deal with returns or exchanges. I washed it before putting it on the bed. The owner of the shop immediately contacted me after reading my review and sent me a new sheet set to replace the stained one I received. Excellent customer service and comfortable sheets.

👤I have never written a bad review. I was excited when I ordered this set, it was beautiful and soft. The package was covered in dust when I opened it. There was a rip in the pillow case. I have to pay for a return label when I return. I ordered sheets from Amazon. I won't be buying from this seller again. So disappointed.

👤Whoa. OK. The packaging made me feel like I bought a million dollars worth of stuff. The way it arrived was beautiful. The sheets are soft even after being washed and can make this insomniac fall asleep. It seems to be fine after being washed and dried. I follow washing instructions to the letter, so keep that in mind. I need more of them. I will be purchasing more in the future. Thank you for this wonderful item!

👤I expected the color to be light grey, but it is a light purple/dark grey. It is still soft and comfortable and I think I can make it work, but I would prefer a light grey color. It doesn't mix, I was going for greys and blues.

👤The sheets are soft. I decided to invest more in this new set of sheets because we've been really hard on them in the past. The sheets are very soft and attractive. Hopefully with better care, they will hold up to the test of time. I'll make sure to update my review if there is a change.

10. 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets Pillowcases

600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets Pillowcases

OEKO-TEX's best quality standard 100 is tested thoroughly to ensure the utmost safety and comfort. Their fabric is tested for strength, pilling, shrinkage, and thread count. There are ongoing factory audits that ensure sustainable. Each piece of bed sheets is individually measured, and each piece of linen is sewn to perfect. The White queen sheets deep pocket are as soft and comfortable as it gets and will have you sleeping like a baby. These deep pocket sheets queen are made by OEKO-TEX and have no worries of thread count or performance. The 600 thread count sheets queen come with a flat sheet of 90” x 102”), a deep fitted sheets queen size (60” x 80” x 15”) with an all-around elastic that fits an 15” deep mattress, and a set of four. Soft sheets! The cotton used in these sheets set is pure Egyptian cotton which is renowned for its softness and resilience. These sheets offer a great look to the room and a great night's sleep. The queen White sheet set will make you feel like you are on cloud 9. Their White sheets sateen queen size sets are anti-Pilling and fade resistant. You deserve the best. Why risk it with other sheets that will fade in the wash? They are dedicated to serving you with the best sheets possible. In the unlikely event of rising quality issues, you can directly write to them so they can address your problems best. If customers find they are unhappy with the product, they offer a 30 day return and refund policy. Do not bleach their cotton queen size sheets if you wash them in warm water and tumble dry on low heat. Don't dry at high temperatures when machine drying. It is important to remove bed linens from the dryer before they are completely dry. Allow the sheets to be washed a couple times to experience the silky softness of cotton.

Brand: Thread Spread

👤They are made from a material called polyester. A scam and rip-off! There is no name of the company on them, just tags that say 100% Egyptian cotton. They are comparable to a cheap microfiber. 5 years warranty? Which company? A bonus of $2 goes to global education?

👤We have a 17' tall Cal-King that we can't find sheets for on the mattress. I don't know which type of sheets we get. How many thread counts are in cotton. It gets very confusing very quickly. I have purchased high end sheets with a 1600 thread count and they turned out to be garbage and I had to buy some with a 400 thread count because they felt stiff and uncomfortable. I do a lot of research on everything I buy and base a lot of it on customer feedback and craftsmanship. I came across these sheets based on feedback and price on the internet, and it was an easy decision. I didn't want to spend a lot, but I didn't want to be cheap. There is a So! I opened the package to see how it felt before I threw them into the washer. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't feel soft. I washed them. I was excited to put them on the bed and go to sleep. Don't judge. It's a good thing. If the mattress was taller, the sheets fit perfectly on it. I think it could fit up to a 20'. The elastic around the mattress is strong and the stitching is sturdy. It was nice to climb into the sheets. It's not silky smooth, but it's just perfect. I have had them on for 4 days now and I enjoy sliding into bed. I would buy these again. Customer service has been great.

👤I only like striped 100% cotton sheets, I am a complete snob when it comes to sheets. I can tell if the sheets are 600 thread count or not. I don't know if I got a sheet set that was the same as the ones that other people left reviews about. The sheets in the mail looked like they were made from t-shirt material. I could see through the sheets when I held them in front of the light. They are thin and frail, and look like they will rip after a night of sleep. The sheets were not smooth, luxurious, or comfortable. I paid a good price for them, so I am very disappointed. I don't recommend! Do not! Do not! Do not! If you are looking for sheets with a high thread count, look elsewhere.

👤I got these in a queen size. They feel very soft and smooth. The quality is top notch. The sheets in Macy's and other department stores are better priced and the quality is the same, if not better, than the more well-known brands.

👤A big box store that required a membership used to carry a store-brand sheeting that was perfect. Not too soft, not too crisp, held up well to washing and being used as a beach blanket. I was able to upgrade to a king size bed because of fortune. I'm going to go to the store to get some sheets in a king size. But... Poof! Gone! They replaced the perfect made-in- India sheet set with cheap Chinese sheets so thin you could see through them. The sheets of a better time were gone. I grew thin and worn, without hope for the future, like those junky sheets. My days were not bright. I looked into a bleak future of never being able to leave the working class junky sheet world and become a successful and quality sheet maker. Bleakness was consumed. I decided to check out the site called "Amazon" because I was desperate to find a sheet that worked and I could afford it. Glory be! There are sheets! It was made in India. It was Crisp, cool, smooth. Applause! I found the perfect sheet set after many years of searching. I ran them in hot water and they shrunk a bit, but mostly on the top sheet. The bottom sheet was able to keep it's size in check. They don't recommend hot water. I rebelled. I am ordering more and keeping them. I did not get paid for this review.

11. Shilucheng 6 Piece Microfiber Comforterble Hypoallergenic

Shilucheng 6 Piece Microfiber Comforterble Hypoallergenic

Their Queen size 6 pc Microfiber sheet sets include a flat sheet 92" x 102", a fitted sheet 60"x80"x16", and four pillow cases. This is the epitome of modern luxury bedding that won't break your budget. The best quality and softest microfiber is double brushed on both sides for your highest level of comfort. There are 7 color options to choose from. It's a great gift idea for men and women, Moms and Dads, birthdays, college students, Mother's, Father's Day and Christmas. Surprise your friends and family with these sheets. Their customers are amazed that their microfiber fitted sheet can fit even the most outrageous pillow tops, substantial memory foam mattress toppers and traditional egg crates when other sheets are a constant struggle or simply can't fit at all. The Microfiber Bedding Collection keeps them in place when you put it on, giving you the perfect night's sleep. It's easy to care for Shliffeng bed sheets, they use 100% microfiber, not cotton which has little elasticity to keep its shape for long. Save time with microfiber sheets. LIFETIME GUARANTEE. If you are not happy with their bedding set, you can email them and they will give you a 100% full refund. Click Add to Cart and upgrade to microfiber bed sheets for a more comfortable sleep.

Brand: Shilucheng

👤I checked all the reviews and I was very sure that I had just bought a sheet set that I loved to come off. I have had it on for almost a month and it has not come off. We would have to adjust it daily. The color is darker than the picture shows. It seems to do well and it breathes well. I am going to buy a different color one. I don't know where I've been all my life. The matchy-matcy is helped by the fact that you get 4 pillow cases. Why isn't it in your cart? BUY IT NOW!

👤I have had this sheet for two weeks. The name was printed on it and it was packed in a nice box. The sheets were sealed in plastic and tied with a string. The sheets have held up well in the washer and dryer. The sheet has elastic on it. It fits perfectly on my bed. The flat sheet has never come off of my mattress. The grey and teal are very similar. It is not too dark or light. I would definitely buy another set for backup.

👤I finally picked this one after looking at many queen sheet sets. The other sheet sets had many bad reviews. I ordered a set in blue because I wanted to see what I thought. The sheets are soft and well made. The set comes with 4 pillow cases and the flat sheet is larger than most. The bamboo and microfiber are a nice quality. The deep pockets were large enough to hold our mattress set. We don't have an issue with our air conditioning being on at night since it's a little warm for summer. I ordered a second set and received it today. I would recommend them to anyone.

👤I have to buy a new bed sheet for my mum because she will be here for a while. The bed sheets are reseanable and include a fitted sheet and pillowcase. I have to find four pillows. The sheet is comfortable. The bed is new and nice, I like it.

👤Was skeptical at first. I was a bit weary of them because they were tied up with a string and came in a box. Fast forward to actually using them... Unbeatable for the price. I have a King size bed and it's hard to find cheap sheets. I have a mattress with a top that makes it hard for sheets to slip off. These are wonderful! The fitted sheet is snug so it doesn't slip off. These are very soft and can be washed several times. I wash them cold and on a gentle cycle. I love that they are soft and that you don't have to worry about it. I will be buying more of these in more colors.

👤Do not buy these sheets. They are flimsy and thin, gray is more of a taupe/brown, and they do not breath, so you will sweat under these funky material, hoping that would help.


What is the best product for best queen size bed sheets 800 thread count?

Best queen size bed sheets 800 thread count products from Chateau Home Collection. In this article about best queen size bed sheets 800 thread count you can see why people choose the product. Sonoro Kate and Thread Spread are also good brands to look for when you are finding best queen size bed sheets 800 thread count.

What are the best brands for best queen size bed sheets 800 thread count?

Chateau Home Collection, Sonoro Kate and Thread Spread are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best queen size bed sheets 800 thread count. Find the detail in this article. Laura Ashley Home, Threadmill Home Linen and Sonoro Kate are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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