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1. Pinzon Thread Count Percale Cotton

Pinzon Thread Count Percale Cotton

Percale has a crisp hand feel. It starts off a little stiff, but continues to improve after each wash. The 300 thread count weave is cool to the touch and ideal for warm climates. The set includes fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcase. It is designed with a 6-inch hem on a flat sheet and pillowcase and can be washed and dried. 73 x 102 inch flat sheet, 40 x 76 inch fitted sheet, and 20 x 31 inch standard pillowcase OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory is an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.

Brand: Pinzon

👤I stopped and wondered why I liked some sheets more than others. I began my research here. Why did my high thread count sheets look so worn? Why did some of my sheets not last very long? Some of my sheet sets were hotter than others. After looking at thread counts, fiber types, long vs short staple threads and weave. I decided that the weave I wanted was percale. I sent out samples of pima cotton. The price tag. OUCH! I decided to try these sheets out and save money. It was a good price for a try. I didn't expect much for the price. I was pleasantly surprised. The sheets are thick and smooth. The high end samples that I received seemed more "flimsy" than the Pinzon sheets. I will be buying more of these sheets in the future.

👤I've learned that the best way to have sheets that last a long time is to use a lot of Cotton Percale. "wrinkle free" and "sateen" are key words for sheets you don't want to buy. These are great and I want them.

👤I wanted to be in these sheets. They have a nice texture. When they arrived, I was happy that they were old school cotton sheets. They feel like good quality sheets. The pillowcase seams are coming undone after I washed them twice. A quality issue like that is not acceptable.

👤The only way these sheets could have a high rating is if Amazon changed their manufacturers recently. It's the best thing about a percale weave. These sheets are not crisp nor are they pill free and as a result are very scratchy and I usually pay 3X what these cost when I find these on Amazon and look at the reviews I said how bad could they be.

👤I stayed at a hotel in Paris that had the most comfortable bedding I had ever experienced. The tags said they were 300 thread count per sheet. I've been looking for a set for myself since then, and finally found them through Amazon. I used to buy whatever sheet set was the cheapest I could find, but I didn't know what I was missing out on. These sheets are not good. It was thick, stiff, and cool. Just like in a 5 star hotel. I am hooked.

👤5 stars for these sheets. These are exactly what you are looking for, a real 100% cotton percale sheet. I like the feel of new cotton. It is the beginning of summer and I like to use sheets that breathe and dry. Some of the reviews I saw here are not correct. Some reviewers were concerned about the appearance of wrinkling. The nature of cotton makes it difficult to get Wrinkles in cotton fabric. I saw reviews that said the sheets were bad after their first wash. The reviewers were supposed to be familiar with percale sheets, but they weren't. I didn't find these sheets to be very soft. I found them to be very comfortable. If you are looking for a soft, fluffy, silky sheet right out of the package, percale may not be stitch for you until they break in. The fabric wants to hold its shape when reviewers describe it as crisp. The weave of the threads on the percale sheets makes them feel a bit different than the old sheets. I didn't find this very annoying. My first night on these sheets was the best sleep I had in a long time. The sheets will feel more like hotel sheets after some consistent use and some washing. Some reviews mention that the sheets are shrinking. Here is the deal. I could see this being an issue if you were to wash your sheets more often. Cotton fibers can be stretched and washed in the laundry. The sheets will help with both of those things. If you are looking for sheets for a guest bedroom, I would recommend sheets that have been used and have been broken in. sheets with a percale weave are usually more durable than other weaves and feel like soft, crisp sheets you find in a hotel. These sheets are the way to go. Happy sleeping!

2. Shilucheng Pockets Friendly Comforterble Hypoallergenic

Shilucheng Pockets Friendly Comforterble Hypoallergenic

No risk purchase of 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their goal is to offer the most amazing products at the best prices. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and they are very confident in the quality of their product. Let them know if you don't like their products. You can return the product for a full refund if you're dissatisfied. The bamboo sheets feel like twice the thread count of cotton and are luxuriously soft. You will never look at cotton sheets the same again after you have experienced bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets are naturally cool, and even one degree makes a big difference when you sleep. The sheets made from Bamboo are more absorbent and cooler than other fabrics, and will resist odor, making them more comfortable. Their Queen size bamboo sheet sets include 1 flat sheet 92" x 102", 1 fitted sheet 60"x80"x16", and 4 pillow cases. This is the epitome of modern luxury bedding that won't break your budget. The sheets fit better than any other sheet set because of the deep pockets. It will not slide even if you twist and turn in your bed. You will get the perfect night's sleep. It is easy to care and wash, dries quickly on tumble dry low. Their sheets are Wrinkle free and fade resistant because of their special eco friendly viscose from bamboo and microfiber blend. Save time by not ironing. The best gift is made of the highest quality microfiber. It's a great gift idea for men and women.

Brand: Shilucheng

👤My wife and dog love it.

👤My sheets are $70 dollars. I love them! I am a sheet snob. You will not regret these. Don't use them if you don't wash them before use. My dogs and cats are on them, as well as the many washes. I wash my sheets more frequently because my animals like to sleep on my bed and haven't noticed any wear. Will be buying more.

👤Beautiful sheets. The color was disappointing. They look better online than in person. Like a lot of things.

👤These sheets are the best I've ever owned. It's amazing that they're so soft and cozy. The fabric is soft yet rugged, and they seem well sewn. I've never had bamboo fabric before, and this is intriguing. This fabric is similar to what would happen if rubber and silk had a baby. As soon as they have inventory available, I'm buying another set. You will regret it if you don't buy a set after I get my order. The sheets were sent the wrong way. The manufacturer was very apologetic when I sent a complaint and immediately sent out the correct size. I respect the attention and integrity to make it right. A product and manufacturer!

👤The paper in the box says machine washing is not recommended.

👤I received these sheets and no amount of soaking or washing was able to get the smell out of them. The seller knows they stink. Before placing the sheets on your bed, there is an instruction card detailing how to care for them. If you put them on your bed before following the instructions, you will end up burning the bed to get the smell out of your house. I tried. And washed. And washed. And washed again. I decided it was a ploy to make it impossible to return these turds. Because they have been washed, they have been used. Well played. From now on, I am going to bed bath and beyond for sheets.

👤My wife and I are very impressed with this product, so I feel compelled to review it. There are so many marginal products in the world today. We would like to share our experience. The king size bed sheet was very reasonable. Our bed is too hot. I've seen a commercial about cooling bed sheets. There were too many bad reviews about how deceptive the advertised products were. My wife and I are very happy with the new sheet that Shilucheng has, after the first night of sleeping on it. We felt very cool with the silky touch and luxurious feeling of it being soft. I ordered an extra set after a good night of sleep, and will probably order more sets for other bed rooms in the house. This company is willing to stand behind their products and care about them. There are over 800 perfect reviews. There was a nice note from the customer service that said they would support the products. Good job the nice people at Shilucheng. We will let our friends and family know about your products. Keep up the good work.

3. Sonoro Kate Microfiber Egyptian Hypoallergenic 4

Sonoro Kate Microfiber Egyptian Hypoallergenic 4

They are Wade and Weinberger. If you lay flat for a few minutes, you will see the wrinkling disappear on its own. Cotton sheets need to be immediately removed from drying and ironing in order to maintain a clean appearance. The 1500 Supreme Collection sheet sets don't require any effort after a wash cycle. Excellent quality. It's time to say goodbye to ironing, and hello to comfortable bedding. Queen Size Luxury 4PC Bed Sheets Set includes 1 flat sheet 90"x101", 1 fitted sheet 60"x80", and 2 pillowcases 20"x30". There are deep pockets that fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep. The sheets fit better than any other sheet set. The bed sheet set is designed to fit nearly all mattresses. The fitted sheet is made with stretch and elastic to fit your mattress. These ultra-plush sheets are woven with the finest craftsmanship and are made with 1800 Series Ultra-Soft Double brushed microfiber fabric. A good selection of colors will make your bedroom look great. Their sheets are easy to care for. They can be washed in cold water and dry quickly. Cotton sheets are not as durable as they are. They accept any reason, any time of return, no matter a day, a month, a year, or even longer. You can return products if you're not satisfied. Their commitment to customers and their confidence in product quality is what makes this possible.

Brand: Sonoro Kate

👤If these sheets are 1800 thread count Egyptian cotton, I am the president of the United States. They are not 1800 thread count Egyptian cotton. That is a lie. One thing that is common to multiple sets of sheets that are above 1,000 thread count is that they are heavier than the average sheet. These sheets are lighter and thinner than regular sheets. I can see through them. You can't see the sheets with a thread count over 1,000. I don't like being lied to. The label says " 100% polyester".

👤I bought a set of these sheets back in October. It seemed too good to be true at first. Everyone claims that the sheets are soft. Is it possible that they are so comfortable? Can they remain soft wash after washing? The answer to all of those questions is yes. I just picked up three more sets of these sheets, and I'm very happy with my purchase. Have never slept on sheets like this before. The value is amazing.

👤I was initially impressed by the packaging, but then I realized how soft they were. I washed them immediately so I could try them. It is a good sign when the lint that collects from drying them looks like a cloud. They came out of the dryer softer than they came out of the package. I didn't have to use the sheet clips I usually use with our mattress because the fitted sheet is deep pocketed. The flat sheet is larger than any other queen sheets we own, which I like because it covers our box spring if left untucked. The bed was made with minimal effort. The only complaint I have is that the white set is a tad see through, which wouldn't be an issue for me, except we have gray borders on our pillows that you can see through the shams. My husband will only sleep on flannel sheets, and I hope these will convert him since flannel doesn't go with Oklahoma summers! Five stars, definitely ordering more.

👤The first thing I saw was how well packaged they were. I put them on the bed after washing them. The elastic holds them on the bed and they are soft. I will buy another set as a backup for these. I am in love after sleeping on them. They stayed flat on my bed and it was very annoying. They were not messing with the elastic. I didn't wake up all night, which is rare for me. Will definitely buy more.

👤Love these sheets for so many reasons. I was on the hunt for another set of these amazing name brand king size sheets that I got at Kohl's a few months back for $30, however, they went back to normal price when I looked...almost $100, I came across these sheets on Amazon and they had great reviews so I am so happy I did. Not sure what it is about them. I feel like I'm in our bed. They are so comfortable. When using them, I don't feel too hot or cold. My husband likes them too, so he didn't say anything about them. Some sheets are not soft, others are noisy, or they don't fit the bed, not these! These are awesome, and you can't beat the price.

4. Shilucheng 6 Piece Microfiber Comforterble Hypoallergenic

Shilucheng 6 Piece Microfiber Comforterble Hypoallergenic

Their Queen size 6 pc Microfiber sheet sets include a flat sheet 92" x 102", a fitted sheet 60"x80"x16", and four pillow cases. This is the epitome of modern luxury bedding that won't break your budget. The best quality and softest microfiber is double brushed on both sides for your highest level of comfort. There are 7 color options to choose from. It's a great gift idea for men and women, Moms and Dads, birthdays, college students, Mother's, Father's Day and Christmas. Surprise your friends and family with these sheets. Their customers are amazed that their microfiber fitted sheet can fit even the most outrageous pillow tops, substantial memory foam mattress toppers and traditional egg crates when other sheets are a constant struggle or simply can't fit at all. The Microfiber Bedding Collection keeps them in place when you put it on, giving you the perfect night's sleep. It's easy to care for Shliffeng bed sheets, they use 100% microfiber, not cotton which has little elasticity to keep its shape for long. Save time with microfiber sheets. LIFETIME GUARANTEE. If you are not happy with their bedding set, you can email them and they will give you a 100% full refund. Click Add to Cart and upgrade to microfiber bed sheets for a more comfortable sleep.

Brand: Shilucheng

👤I checked all the reviews and I was very sure that I had just bought a sheet set that I loved to come off. I have had it on for almost a month and it has not come off. We would have to adjust it daily. The color is darker than the picture shows. It seems to do well and it breathes well. I am going to buy a different color one. I don't know where I've been all my life. The matchy-matcy is helped by the fact that you get 4 pillow cases. Why isn't it in your cart? BUY IT NOW!

👤I have had this sheet for two weeks. The name was printed on it and it was packed in a nice box. The sheets were sealed in plastic and tied with a string. The sheets have held up well in the washer and dryer. The sheet has elastic on it. It fits perfectly on my bed. The flat sheet has never come off of my mattress. The grey and teal are very similar. It is not too dark or light. I would definitely buy another set for backup.

👤I finally picked this one after looking at many queen sheet sets. The other sheet sets had many bad reviews. I ordered a set in blue because I wanted to see what I thought. The sheets are soft and well made. The set comes with 4 pillow cases and the flat sheet is larger than most. The bamboo and microfiber are a nice quality. The deep pockets were large enough to hold our mattress set. We don't have an issue with our air conditioning being on at night since it's a little warm for summer. I ordered a second set and received it today. I would recommend them to anyone.

👤I have to buy a new bed sheet for my mum because she will be here for a while. The bed sheets are reseanable and include a fitted sheet and pillowcase. I have to find four pillows. The sheet is comfortable. The bed is new and nice, I like it.

👤Was skeptical at first. I was a bit weary of them because they were tied up with a string and came in a box. Fast forward to actually using them... Unbeatable for the price. I have a King size bed and it's hard to find cheap sheets. I have a mattress with a top that makes it hard for sheets to slip off. These are wonderful! The fitted sheet is snug so it doesn't slip off. These are very soft and can be washed several times. I wash them cold and on a gentle cycle. I love that they are soft and that you don't have to worry about it. I will be buying more of these in more colors.

👤Do not buy these sheets. They are flimsy and thin, gray is more of a taupe/brown, and they do not breath, so you will sweat under these funky material, hoping that would help.

5. Mueller Ultratemp Egyptian Transfers Hypoallergenic

Mueller Ultratemp Egyptian Transfers Hypoallergenic

Easy care. tumble dry or iron at normal temperature after machine wash in cold water. The Mueller Ultratemp Sheet Set & Pillowcases offer superior ventilation to maximize air and moist release, which helps reduce sweating. The lightweight performance fabric helps keep the body temperature low by sucking away the sweat. Their elastic-lined fitted sheet, flat sheet and 4 pillowcases feel incredibly silky on your skin, which will make you sleepy. Quality and comfort made to last. Their sheets and pillowcases are softer with every wash. Not to shrink, fade, or pill, cold water, no bleach or fabric softener, and a low tumble dry with no dryer sheet makes it easy to care for them. Luxurious comfortable sleeping is a cutting-edge performance company that helps you sleep at the perfect temperature. If you need assistance, please contact them. Their live telephone customer support is ready to assist you with anything you need.

Brand: Mueller Austria

👤I don't think buying these is a good idea. The description says it is Egyptian Cotton, but it is not. These are not high thread count cotton sheets. The sheets are so thin that you can see through them. I am returning these because they are false advertising.

👤When we ordered a new mattress, it took longer than we expected. This is the first time that I have ever encountered a situation like this with bedding, I am stuck with a set of sheets that have a hole in the side corner that hopefully won't rip anymore. I have to buy another set of sheets because you always need more than one set.

👤Have a high top mattress and have been trying many different sizes of deep pocket sheets sets. Some are too short and some are too big. These were the perfect fit. I couldn't resist trying because of the great price and the Capital One card discount. It was smooth, soft and cooling. I was helped with night sweats. Immediately purchased the second set. It's nice to have a side pocket for glasses.

👤Before using, wash these sheets. My teen put them in her bed and woke up with insect bites all over her body. I washed them and stripped her bed. I hope that resolves the problem. She said they fit well on her mattress and were soft.

👤I would give these sheets 6 stars. I have a California king mattress that is 12in thick. Over the last 5 years, I have gone through 10 sets of sheets and claimed deep pocket. All of them needed straps to stay on. These sheets are used by chefs. They cover the whole thing and stay on. They are very soft. I am willing to sacrifice that for them to stay on, but it is on the thin side. They look great, and feel better. I have purchased 3 sets. There are no regrets.

👤The sheets are soft. The built-in pocket has thought. It came with 4 pillowcases. There is a single line stitch around the edge that doesn't look good. I ordered the cream color and it's completely see through, so you can see all of the designs on my mattress, which is really annoying.

👤The sheets are very soft. I took the sheets out of the package because it had a slit in it. I didn't think of it since it was cold here in Minnesota, but I thought it cracked when it was delivered. I threw the sheets in the washer and put them on my bed to see the slit, but now that I washed them right away, I can't return them. I will not be ordering again unless they ship me a new set that is not damaged free of cost.

👤The sheets stay on at the corners and we have had issues with other brands, but we love these ones.

6. Queen Size Sheet Set Breathable

Queen Size Sheet Set Breathable

There are four pillow cases and a flat sheet in the bed sheet set. Flat Sheet 90”x 102”) fitted sheet with 4 pillow cases. They fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep. It will fit if your mattress is less than 16 inches. They feel this is a good universal size that fits most mattresses, because a lot of them are big. Feel the difference. If you're looking for very soft sheets, you've found them. They're soft and cool. The sheets will make you feel comfortable. They're softer than cotton sheets. It's best for any room in your house. It's a great gift idea for men and women. The highest quality crumbed microwave: There is a lighter difference. A softer touch. The double brushed microfiber yarns are of the highest quality. The weightless wonder of the sheets will keep you coming back for more. Linger in your dreams. There are great sheets for the price. These sheets are the most affordable you can find. They are softer than most Egyptian cotton sheets and less expensive.

Brand: Cgk Unlimited

👤I was looking for new sheets and found them. They were in my "save for later" because I couldn't shoot them. I have researched electric tea kettles for 4 years now. I don't own an electric tea kettle. It's a good thing. I had read that they were thin. They were microfiber. I have some microfiber sheets from Walmart that are not my favorite, so I wasn't sure if these would be the same. I got them because a coworker recommended them to me. I wasn't very impressed when I got them. They were a little thin and didn't seem very soft. I decided to wash them up and use them because I really liked the color. I thought they would work for the price. I realized what my coworker was talking about when I put them on my bed. I felt like I was in a butter dish. They are not the same as the microfiber sheets you can get at Walmart. They are soft but not heavy. I will be buying from them again.

👤I was skeptical about the sheets but the reviews were good. I went for it. I love these sheets. They are soft and didn't get wrinkled after washing. The fitted sheet was large enough to fit my mattress and the top sheet was long enough that I can tuck it in. I recommend these 100%.

👤I don't have words for the amazing customer service that I've been given. The customer service that was given was the best I have ever dealt with and the issue with my initial product was taken care of. I received a new sheet set. They are perfect!

👤I was looking for sheets for the king size bed. I am not sure if the thread count is important, but they are very comfortable. They hold up well in the washer and have no degradation in quality. Our mattress is 12” thick and it fits in the pocket. There are issues. I love these, I spend a lot of time travelling and some of the high end hotels have sheets that I used to tell my wife they are. I am cheap and I think these are under priced. My wife bought four sets of different colors so we have different colors, but I can't tell the difference because we have spent a lot on high quality sheets. I would recommend that you smash the buy now. If you need sheets, listen to all the reviews and buy them.

👤I have been testing these sheets and pillow cases out for a week now and they feel amazing. It is very soft and feels very good, but for half the price. I received a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 4 standard pillow cases. It feels like a good quality item so far. Silk and velvet are meshed together to make one texture, and it is around the ballpark of how these sheets feel. It is wonderful! I have been having great nights of sleep with these. This is my new sheets. I ordered a queen set for my old folks because I love these so much. I recommend these for anyone looking for a soft set of sheets.

7. Bedsure Queen Size Sheet Sets

Bedsure Queen Size Sheet Sets

Their products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and incredible customer service. Add them to your room decor and enjoy a luxurious stay with their high quality sheets. Bedsure Extra Deep Pocket Sheets are set in a queen size. The queen sheet set is made from a high standard of brushed fabrics and is the ultimate bedding upgrade. Bedsure sheets for queen bed provide a comfortable sleep with advanced 3M technology. 3M's Scotchguard fabric helps to keep hot sleepers cooler and less sweaty during the night. Bedsure has an extra deep pocket queen sheet set that has a maximum depth of 24 inches. This sheet set is made with stretchable elastic and will fit around thicker mattresses. Bedsure's queen sheet set is an elegant companion to help you catch your best night's sleep.

Brand: Bedsure

👤There is a sheet on the bed. When we raise the head of the bed, there are no corners that slip off. The corners are secured with an elastic band.

👤These sheets are great. I was surprised at how soft they felt when I opened the package. They have a Scotchgard protectant that can protect against stains at night. These sheets are very cozy.

👤Ok. The product is reviewed in an honest way. I only slept with them one night. It was the best night in a long time. I had to move and adjust my sheets throughout the night because they always came undone. They were not good at keeping me cool. Sleeping was better after receiving this product. The sheets were not moving while I slept. The material feels nice to lay on. I was a little concerned at first, because the fitted sheet seemed too big for my queen size bed. I think it's bigger than I'm used to, but it was fine after I put it on and adjusted it. The fitted sheet had bands attached to the corners. I didn't need the black ones that you can buy separately to make sure the fitted sheet doesn't move. The flat sheet fit perfectly and felt nice to lay on. I was kept cool throughout the night. The pillow cases were cool as well. I didn't have any issues sleeping on them. The set was packaged nicely and had two informational cards. I think this sheet set is worth it for the price. If you're looking for a good deal. Give it a try. It's not the prettiest sheets on the market, but if you're working with a budget, I highly recommend them. I will sleep on them for a few more days. I will update this review if there is a change. I'm impressed so far.

👤I bought these because I have problems with my fitted sheets popping off my mattress. The sheets have an issue of their own. It's hard to believe, but they are way deeper than my mattress, and I think there are people out there living the Princess and the Pea. It's not a big deal as they tuck under well and stay there. They are a little bigger than they should be, so there is some wrinkling. There was no wrinkling because of material. It's too early to give a legitimate review because it takes a month or two to know how their going to hold up, but Amazon is prompting me so here it is. The sheets have held up well. It's only been a few weeks so long term is not known. They are soft for non cotton sheets. I find them very comfortable. If they hold up, I'll order another set. The Pros are durable and comfortable. They are too big, and they are clown shoes. I tried to shrink them, but it didn't help. The sheets are not cooler than other sheets. I should have looked but I didn't. They are soft but the size is ridiculous. I don't think a mattress would fit.

8. Danjor Linens Queen Size Sheets

Danjor Linens Queen Size Sheets

Total commitment and lifetime satisfaction. If you don't like your sheets for any reason, just let them know and they'll take them back. Enjoy the comfort of the sheets. The complete set has everything you need to rest and relax, including a flat sheet, pillowcases, and fitted sheets that fit up to 16 inches. This microfiber bed set is super soft and will make you feel like you're in the lap of luxury. These bed sheets are Breathable. They're designed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Their bedding comes in multiple colors and won't fade on you after a few washes. Losing sleep over complicated washing instructions? Their pillowcases and deep pocket sheets are machine washed to give you peace of mind.

Brand: Danjor Linens

👤A shoe print was one of the odd stains I saw after putting these sheets on my bed. It's weird that you get a shoe stain on sheets before packing. I think you had the sheets laying on the ground before you packed them up and sent them out. I was very disappointed and weirded out by what went on with these sheets before they were sent out. There is a stain that looks like blood and I will definitely be getting my money back.

👤I read a lot of reviews before buying these, I was weary about the cost being so little, but the product was so practical and supposedlywrinkle free. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and get them some good reviews. Huge mistake! I noticed that they were filthy on the inside of the fitted sheet when I pulled them from the package. It was almost like someone wouldn't check the inside part and would have missed it. I don't know if they were a previous returned item or if they came from the factory dirty, but they were gross. No thanks. I'm returning them on principle, not because of the cost. I got an email from the manufacturer telling me I could enroll in the warranty after I got the sheets. I said I would return them because they were dirty from the package. The company Bed Linens and More said that they would replace them if I hadn't already returned them. I appreciated the prompt response from the company, however it doesn't fix the off putting first impression. I should have kept scrolling because the other reviews said they had pictures of their sheet sets being dirty as well.

👤I thought the sheets were soft and cheap, but there were a lot of loose threads. I was going to keep them until I washed them and made the bed. There were two stains that I noticed. I took my chances because of the reviews I had seen, but they were on a prime deal. The description stated they were microfiber, but the tag indicated they were 100% microfiber. It might be helpful to note that microfiber sheets are not all made of the same material. I returned them.

👤I sweat at night so I bought these sheets. I figured for that price I would try them, because the reviews go back and forth between too hot and cooling. I don't want to be too hot so they are thin. They are very soft and look more expensive than I paid for. I have not sweat or been overheated while sleeping on these sheets. I will be ordering more sets in different colors.

👤Poor quality. The pillowcases are in a King set. I thought I was buying the same product again after I ordered from this company. Both textile and design have been changed. Everything is completely different. Not a reliable source for buying things.

👤After reading all of the reviews, this is the real deal. Everything should be in the open. The sheets are made in China. That must matter to some people. They should get over themselves. The sheets were the same as advertised. If you are looking at the wrong price range for hotel sheets that are 100% cotton with a high thread count, you should be aware of that. Those who are critical of quality should know better. The price point indicates that they are micro fiber. Those wonderful comments that were stunned to learn micro fiber is a type of plastic should probably get out more. My sheets were clean and dry. They are great for what I paid and I have had no problems with them. I have no relationship with any Chinese manufacturers. I felt that the comments were not true. Good quality for a good price is what you should get.

9. Urban Egyptian Cotton Sheets Thread

Urban Egyptian Cotton Sheets Thread

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory is an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards. 100% pure cotton for premium comfort and softness. Their premium Egyptian cotton sheets are made from 1000 threads woven per square inch. These 1000 thread count sheet sets are ideal for night sweats because of their blend of breathability and durability. The ideal comfort and smoothness of 5-star hotel bedding is provided by the 100% natural long staple cotton yarns woven together. Excellent fit sheets with an elegant deep pocket. These full bed sheets keep you warm and cool during the summer and winter. Each piece of the Queen bed set has a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases. Their all-around elasticized deep pocket sheets will fit the mattress perfectly and won't bunch up in the night. Their premium bedsheets are made with high quality and craftsmanship, giving you a lifetime of comfort in just one purchase. Every sheet is individually measured and stitched to provide you with the most comfort and durability. They have to undergo thorough testing for various features. They recommend a regular wash and short dry cycles. All of their dyes, auxiliaries, and sheets are OEKOTEX and GOTS certified to ensure your safety. Their manufacturing plants use green energy methods such as windmills and rain water to make sure that the product is right for you and the planet. Their products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and incredible customer service. Add them to your room decor and enjoy a luxurious stay with their high quality sheets.

Brand: Urbanhut

👤I was expecting a bit thicker sheet, as this sheet set was replacing another set of beloved and old 1000 thread count sheets, where the fitted sheet finally just wore out and could no longer be mended, that were thicker. I washed the new sheets when they arrived and put them on the bed without sleeping on the size that was put into cotton fabrics to make them look pretty in stores and packaging. Even though they are not as thick as the old sheets, they are still very good quality cotton and smooth on the bed. My mother would have used a cotton ironing board. I am not a nut. I know a lot about the quality and treatment of cotton fabrics, and the sheet fabric is quality fabric. I washed and dried on the next higher setting than I was told on the instructions.

👤Don't. Got ripped off. Not at all. The doubt thread count is correct. I don't feel like I have had any of those sheets before. After the first wash, the fabric was pilled. These feel like cheap sheets. Sellar sent me emails every week to leave a review. Well, here you go. The seller is now threatening me with legal action if I don't take down my negative review. I will not. Why would I do that?

👤The Customer Service at Urban Hut is great. They have the best customer service of any vendor. They will do everything they can to make a customer happy. I wish every vendor was like this. I will be buying from Urban Hut in the future. I bought these thinking they were going to be 1000 thread count, but I don't think they are. They are thin.

👤After reading reviews, I ordered a sheet set that I was not happy with. There is nothing negative to say about this set. The sheets are made of cotton and keep you cool. You would think that they would be too warm, but they are! I have washed them twice so far and know they will become softer as time goes on. I bought a set from Amazon several years ago, and they are still in good shape. And so soft now. This set stays on the bed. I had purchased a set that was too slippery to stay on my bed. I have a bed that is more than 15 inches thick and has a feathertop over it. These are great for room to spare. If you love comfort and quality at the same time, you should order a second set of these sheets. All the way to sleep!

👤I have had these sheets for about a month now and I really like them. This is my first set of Egyptian cotton sheets and I am not sure what to make of them being soft, but they are solid. You have to wash them a certain way and use less detergent and chemicals on the first wash, if you ruin the integrity of the sheet you will ruin it. The product is amazing.

10. Egyptian Cotton Sheets Burgundy Bedding

Egyptian Cotton Sheets Burgundy Bedding

Quality and care details are important. The machine wash is cold and tumble dry. The Global Organic Textile Standard is certified by GOTS, an international association focused on textile safety and sustainable production. Their Burgundy queen sheets deep pocket are as soft and comfortable as it gets and will make you sleep like a baby. These deep pocket sheets queen are made by OEKO-TEX and have no worries of thread count or performance. 800 Thread Count, Deep Pocket Sheets (4 Piece Set): These luxurious, 800 thread count sheets queen come with a flat sheet of 90” x 102”), a deep fitted sheets queen size (60” x 80” x 15”) with an all-around elastic that fits an 15” deep mattress, Soft sheets! The cotton used in these sheets set is pure Egyptian cotton which is renowned for its softness and resilience. These sheets offer a great look to the room and a great night's sleep. The queen Burgundy sheet set will make you feel like you are on cloud 9. Anti-Pilling and fade resistant yarns are used in their Burgundy sheets queen size sets. You deserve the best. Why risk it with other sheets that fade in the wash? They are dedicated to serving you with the best sheets possible. In the unlikely event of rising quality issues, you can directly write to them so they can address your problems best. If customers find they are unhappy with the product, they offer a 30 day return and refund policy. Do not bleach their cotton queen size sheets if you wash them in warm water and tumble dry on low heat. Don't dry at high temperatures when machine drying. It is important to remove bed linens from the dryer before they are completely dry. Allow the sheets to be washed a couple times to experience the silky softness of cotton.

Brand: Thread Spread

👤Over the course of my 54 years on this planet, I have purchased many sheets. I usually have three sheets in rotation. 800 thread count is not what these are. They are thin and rough. Don't buy!

👤Not 800 thread count. Don't buy.

👤I've been buying high thread count Egyptian Cotton Sheets for 30 years. These are not Egyptian Cotton, they are NEITHER 800 thread count, and the tag on the item says 100% natural cotton. Not Egypt. My Egyptian Cotton sheets have tags on them that say Egyptian Cotton. The seller was very dishonest. The package says 800 Thread Count, 100% Egyptian Cotton, but it only has a tag that says Natural Cotton when you take the items out. I bought the dark grey. When I held these up to the light, I could see the items on the table. I have 400 sheets of pink that are too dark to see objects on a table. If you buy these, you will know nothing about Egyptian Cotton or thread counts.

👤I bought two sets. The first one was on sale. I paid more for the second set. The material is not the same. No help after washing 5 times. I tried fabric softener. No. Complete rip off. The chip is called a chip and it is called a chip and it is called a chip and it is called a chip and it is called a chip and it is called a chip and it is called a chip and it is called a chip and it is called a chip and it is called It was too long ago to come back. It's such rubbish.

👤It is hard to go wrong with these. There are many detractors in the reviews. I find these sheets don't wrinkling more than other cotton sheets, so take them out of the dryer immediately. See the pictures. If you want to keep your face looking good, you will have to get a blend of both. The pillow cases don't have a pocket, so you can get the pillow peaking out after lying on them. A pocket is a nice addition. The TC might be a bit generous. I usually sleep on 1000 sheets, but these seem thinner than previous 800s. I find them very comfortable. They look great with a deep color. We will see what the next washes yield. I am happy for the price. This review is now a "fair to good" one after a year, instead of the previous "B" to "C". I think they are worth the money. You will probably get better initial fit if you invest another $30. You will feel better about the issues raised here if you are at 800-1000 TC and $100/set.

👤The front and back of the package were different when I opened it. The front said cotton and the back cotton. There were no tags on the sheets or pillow cases. I've never seen sheets without some sort of washing instructions. I bought another set from a different company. Night and day are different. All the sheets and pillow cases had tags. It was stronger and thicker. I have washed this brand 6 times, but after 1 washing it was already softer than this brand. So... I call it BS. These are not cotton from Egypt.

11. Egyptian Cotton Sheets Queen Thread

Egyptian Cotton Sheets Queen Thread

100% Egyptian cotton. Imported from India. Matching extra pillowcase pairs is possible. There are bed sheets and pillowcases. The sheets are made from the finest 100% Egyptian Cotton and have a hotel feel. The cotton sheets for queen size bed are soft and keep your comfort in mind, they are perfect for your home decor. There are premium Egyptian cotton bed sheets. If you love the feel of cotton bedsheets and pillowcases, you will love their 800-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheet set. They use yarns made with long-staple cotton fiber. A hotel class look with a tailored marrow stitch is what comes with the 4 piece queen sheets set. The set includes a Flat Sheet, 90" x 102; a fully elasticized fitted sheet, 60" x 80"; and two standard pillowcases, 20 x 30". The side of the fitted sheet with a Smart Head/ Foot Tag is easy to use. The Egyptian cotton sheet set is tested thoroughly to ensure the utmost safety and comfort. Their fabric is tested for strength, pilling, shrinkage, and thread count. There are ongoing factory audits that ensure sustainable. Each piece of bed sheets is individually measured, and each piece of linen is sewn to perfect. The sheets are crafted from the finest Egyptian cotton yarns. Customer service is backed by Egyptian Cotton Sheets. They want you to have an excellent experience from the moment you place your order until you sleep on your new bedding. Order now and be risk-free. Their designs match any décor and are a wonderful gift idea for men and women, Moms and Dads, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Christmas.

Brand: Chateau Home Collection

👤I read a lot of reviews before buying a set of sheets, so I gave myself a mini education. I wanted to help out others that were searching like I was. I learned about thread counts and different weaves. I have to say that I am very happy with this set. The picture was correct and the color is what I was expecting. They have a good quality feel and have a lot of weight. Some of the reviews are "scratchy", but they aren't. They have a nice cool feel as you get into bed, breathe well, don't bunch up, the fitted sheet stays in place, and has nice deep pockets. Don't use fabric softener, Egyptian cotton is soft with washes. After the initial wash out of the box, they are quite nice. They have an official Egyptian cotton logo tag and a 100% egyptian cotton tag. Don't mix them up with "satin" which is a completely different material. They have a slight "sheen" to them, but it's just a nice quality weave, not anything that looks silly or cheap. The pillow cases fit my pillows just fine, and they are on the fluffier side. I wanted to give the information that I was looking for and learned about, but this is a long winded thing. Don't be afraid if you are. The price is great, don't think it's too good to be true. I am very happy with the purchase of this set.

👤These sheets are worth a lot. If you understand the material and how to wash them, you will be able to use these sheets. If you have never owned Egyptian cotton sheets, don't worry, the 1 star reviews are not going to scare you. They have never been told how to properly care for them. Egyptian cotton sheets are rough. This is the norm. There is a specific way to wash them. First and foremost, wash them according to the tag. To extend their lifespan, wash cold on a gentle cycle with gentle detergents. You don't need to use the normal amount of detergent. Follow the instructions of your washing machine, and fill the top loader with water first. Don't use fabric softener. If you don't want to see your sheets unraveling or ripping up, wash them separately from other garments so there is plenty of room. Don't wrap your sheets around the machine. Overstuffing your machine can cause sheets to fall apart and cause issues of clothing to fall apart. Don't leave them in the washing machine. This increases wrinkling. There will be some wrinkling with cotton. Best of luck if you want Wrinkle-free sheets, they have been added with formaldehyde. Dry on the lowest heat setting. Shrinking cotton and wrinkling it are effects of heat. It reduces the lifespan of the sheets. If you want to make the sheets softer, you can use dryer balls or clean tennis balls. Don't over-dry them. They are best taken out when it's barely damp. These sheets are great if you know how to take care of them. The manufacturer is not to blame for the low reviews because people aren't taught how to wash their clothes anymore. It's always a good idea to put some effort into taking care of clothing, bedding, and other items when you invest money.


What is the best product for best queen sheets set?

Best queen sheets set products from Pinzon. In this article about best queen sheets set you can see why people choose the product. Shilucheng and Sonoro Kate are also good brands to look for when you are finding best queen sheets set.

What are the best brands for best queen sheets set?

Pinzon, Shilucheng and Sonoro Kate are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best queen sheets set. Find the detail in this article. Mueller Austria, Cgk Unlimited and Bedsure are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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