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1. Mueller Ultratemp Egyptian Transfers Hypoallergenic

Mueller Ultratemp Egyptian Transfers Hypoallergenic

Easy care. tumble dry or iron at normal temperature after machine wash in cold water. The Mueller Ultratemp Sheet Set & Pillowcases offer superior ventilation to maximize air and moist release, which helps reduce sweating. The lightweight performance fabric helps keep the body temperature low by sucking away the sweat. Their elastic-lined fitted sheet, flat sheet and 4 pillowcases feel incredibly silky on your skin, which will make you sleepy. Quality and comfort made to last. Their sheets and pillowcases are softer with every wash. Not to shrink, fade, or pill, cold water, no bleach or fabric softener, and a low tumble dry with no dryer sheet makes it easy to care for them. Luxurious comfortable sleeping is a cutting-edge performance company that helps you sleep at the perfect temperature. If you need assistance, please contact them. Their live telephone customer support is ready to assist you with anything you need.

Brand: Mueller Austria

👤I don't think buying these is a good idea. The description says it is Egyptian Cotton, but it is not. These are not high thread count cotton sheets. The sheets are so thin that you can see through them. I am returning these because they are false advertising.

👤When we ordered a new mattress, it took longer than we expected. This is the first time that I have ever encountered a situation like this with bedding, I am stuck with a set of sheets that have a hole in the side corner that hopefully won't rip anymore. I have to buy another set of sheets because you always need more than one set.

👤Have a high top mattress and have been trying many different sizes of deep pocket sheets sets. Some are too short and some are too big. These were the perfect fit. I couldn't resist trying because of the great price and the Capital One card discount. It was smooth, soft and cooling. I was helped with night sweats. Immediately purchased the second set. It's nice to have a side pocket for glasses.

👤Before using, wash these sheets. My teen put them in her bed and woke up with insect bites all over her body. I washed them and stripped her bed. I hope that resolves the problem. She said they fit well on her mattress and were soft.

👤I would give these sheets 6 stars. I have a California king mattress that is 12in thick. Over the last 5 years, I have gone through 10 sets of sheets and claimed deep pocket. All of them needed straps to stay on. These sheets are used by chefs. They cover the whole thing and stay on. They are very soft. I am willing to sacrifice that for them to stay on, but it is on the thin side. They look great, and feel better. I have purchased 3 sets. There are no regrets.

👤The sheets are soft. The built-in pocket has thought. It came with 4 pillowcases. There is a single line stitch around the edge that doesn't look good. I ordered the cream color and it's completely see through, so you can see all of the designs on my mattress, which is really annoying.

👤The sheets are very soft. I took the sheets out of the package because it had a slit in it. I didn't think of it since it was cold here in Minnesota, but I thought it cracked when it was delivered. I threw the sheets in the washer and put them on my bed to see the slit, but now that I washed them right away, I can't return them. I will not be ordering again unless they ship me a new set that is not damaged free of cost.

👤The sheets stay on at the corners and we have had issues with other brands, but we love these ones.

2. Queen Size Sheet Set Breathable

Queen Size Sheet Set Breathable

Mellanni is a different kind of company that provides the absolute best customer service in the industry. You can return it for any reason, and no questions will be asked. You don't have to send the product back. There are 2 pillow cases and a flat sheet in the bed sheet set. Flat Sheet (100”x 90”) and fitted sheet (60”x 60”) The cases are 20” x 30” They fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep. It will fit if your mattress is less than 16 inches. They feel this is a good universal size that fits most mattresses, because a lot of them are big. Feel the difference. If you're looking for very soft sheets, you've found them. They're soft and cool. The sheets will make you feel comfortable. They're softer than cotton sheets. It's best for any room in your house. It's a great gift idea for men and women. The highest quality crumbed microwave: There is a lighter difference. A softer touch. The double brushed microfiber yarns are of the highest quality. The weightless wonder of the sheets will keep you coming back for more. Linger in your dreams. There are great sheets for the price. These sheets are the most affordable you can find. They are softer than most Egyptian cotton sheets and less expensive.

Brand: Cgk Unlimited

👤We are very pleased with the sheets, they are lightweight and not hot at all. If you have a thinner mattress they tend to bunch up making it messy looking and uncomfortable, and they come out of the dryer wrinkled and look nice on the bed. I bought this set to fit a hospital bed. This is common with sheets that are made to fit thick mattresses. I sewed a "dart" in each corner to fix this and then turned them out and made sure they fit. I can't complain that they are for a deep mattress, but I didn't know how deep they would be. Since October we've been alternating between using these and a cotton set, and these are his favorite and still look brand new. I sent my son a set of sheets in gray that fit his bed well, and he loves them, so I recommend them without reservation.

👤I was surprised by how the sheets fit in my queen size. I own a pillow top mattress and a memory foam cover. I have more room at the corners with these. I've had sheet sets that barely covered the corners and you would have to tug them to get them over the corners. It was easy to get them on the mattress because they were extra tall. There is a The softness is wonderful. These are soft and feel good. I received a set that was perfect, despite the reviews that said they were thin. It's not too hot at night, but in between a medium and heavy thickness. They do not weigh on you like a flannel sheet would. They think they'll be fine for winter. I only had them for a week, and so far they've been great. If you're someone that moves a lot at night, they don't get wadded up if they stay put. I was due for a new set and thought I'd try them because it was a good price, had mostly positive reviews, and I was due for a new set. I'm very happy I did.

👤I was hesitant in buying sheets online because I didn't get to see the product in person. I was pleasantly surprised when these arrived. They fit my full size mattress. I have never had a problem with corners coming off in the middle of the night, as has been the case with past sheets bought at stores like Walmart or The At Home Store. The feel of the sheet was great. I didn't know what I was missing before I bought these sheets. I became a buyer that will definitely buy again. I am not being paid to say that this is an amazing product.

👤I washed it after I got it. It's perfect for my queen size bed and it's so soft and comfy. I saw no tears or weird scratches when I washed it again. The navy blue color is just as dark as it was when I first bought it. Will get more colors in the future.

3. Umchord Bamboo Moisture Wicking Bedding

Umchord Bamboo Moisture Wicking Bedding

Don't forget that your satisfaction is their top priority. This bedding set comes with a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee, no questions asked, no hassle, money-back warranty. It's easy to fit extra deep matTRESSES. The queen sheet sets have a maximum depth of 24 inches. The elastic around the extra deep fitted sheet stretches for a tug around the mattress. The sewing stitch and workmanship reduce the amount of loose thread. The beverage is called "BamBOO VISCOSE." It was made of 30% bamboo and 70% microfiber. The bamboo fabric has a silky soft touch and is winkle resistant. It keeps you cool and dry. The cooling sheets set combines the properties of bamboo fiber with advanced technology, which keeps hot sleepers cooler and drier throughout the night. A comfortable sleep solution. Each set contains 4 pillowcases, 1 flat sheet, and 1 fitted sheet. pillowcases are all you need in their 6-piece sheet set. It's easy to wash. These sheets are machine washed. On a gentle cycle, wash your bamboo bedding. On low setting, it is dry. Put your sheets on your bed after you get them out of the dryer.

Brand: Umchord

👤I heard bamboo sheets were cool to sleep in. The deep fitted sheet was important because we have a thick mattress. That part worked. Another plus is that these sheets came with 4 pillow cases. The poor rating was earned here. These are the slickest sheets I have ever owned. They slide across the bed with little to no effort because they have zero friction. You will have to remake your bed every day because they are so slick. There is more to it than just pulling them up. The top sheet isn't wide enough. They made the fitted sheet to fit the deep mattresses but didn't adjust the top sheet to accommodate that. It is not possible to tuck the sheet under the mattress. They would need to add another 6 on each side. The pillowcases are large. The end flaps are supposed to keep the pillows encased but the fabric is so flimsy that they are useless. We have all sizes of pillows, and every one of them will fall out of the cases. The bed has to be completely renovated every time. I missed the return date so I'm stuck with them, but I'm going to make them drop cloths.

👤I had to buy 3 sets of sheets before I found a set with enough pockets for our mattress. These fit. The sheets are light and airy and smooth, so people who like that kind of sheets will love them. These are not crisp, but they fit the mattress.

👤Total waste of money. Not soft. It is only 30% bamboo. There are strings hanging from the edges.

👤This is a great fitted sheet. We found a sheet that wouldn't pop off with our every move. It is easy towrinkle, but nothing a steamer can do to fix it. I love this product.

👤The bed wouldn't fit a king size sheet set. The elastic on the fitted sheet would only fit around a full size bed, so it looked like it had enough fabric to be a king. Very cheap. The material felt like it would tear with any movement, because the strings were hanging off the edges.

👤The sheets were perfect and arrived sooner than I expected. The sheets fit the bed well.

👤Not what I expected. It was ripped after washing. Disappointed!

4. Comfort Spaces Coolmax Moisture Wicking

Comfort Spaces Coolmax Moisture Wicking

If you have a question about the BAMPURE bed sheets set, please do not hesitate to send the seller a message on Amazon, they will respond within 24 hours. The material is 80% Polyester, 20% Coolmax Microfiber. Their sheets are constructed with a proprietary blend of microfiber and CoolMax fabric that enhances your cooling comfort. CoolMax pulls the water away from the skin and spreads it across the fabric to keep your body cooler and dry. It helps those who are hot sleepers with excessive night sweating. The package includes Flat Sheet 90 (W) x 102 (L) inches, 1 fitted sheet 60 (W) x 80 (L) inches, and 2 pillow cases 20 (W) x 30 (L) inches. Do not bleach the machine wash, tumble dry on low heat, and wash alone using a large commercial washing machine.

Brand: Comfort Spaces

👤I have a disorder that causes me to have terrible hot flashes at night. I was not sure if these would work. They are so soft and comfortable and they are moist. I will buy more of these sheets.

👤I was skeptical at first. The fabric held up well despite being flimsy. I put the regular cotton sheets on instead of this set. There is a huge difference. These sheets are very nice. They need to have more options. Even with a memory foam top and a mattress cover, my deep mattress fits well. I thought the first set was two fitted sheets with pillowcases. The exchange was easy. The replacements work well. Thanks for the great product. I will get another set when you offer more colors.

👤I wanted to give these sheets 5 stars, but they weren't perfect. Don't get me wrong, they are good. They are supposed to be extra soft, but not that soft. I was a bit disappointed because I have sensitive skin. 8 out of 10 is soft. They are supposed to be cooling off. Maybe 8 out of 10. I wake up covered in sweat and sleep extra hot. Did I sleep better? Yes. I wondered if they kept me cool. No. The 4 stars are what they are. Good but not blow me out of the water.

👤I've been researching cooling effect sheets but I'm not sure if it's worth it. Being to hot and sweating at night has overcome my hesitation. I couldn't justify the cooling claims I found in the hundreds of dollars. I was hesitant to try these because they were so inexpensive and easy to return. I washed and put them away. I thought I was just to excited and decided not to review until I used them for a week. They are soft and comfortable. I haven't woken up sweaty or sweating in a week. I ordered a second set 3 days after I received them. The light weight coverlet I bought was made by this company. I wish there were more colors available that would complement my bedroom decor. If anyone tried these, I hope they work as well for them as they did for me. The price was great and the sheets were comfortable for me.

👤These are the most comfortable sheets I've ever experienced, and I've been around a while. Some of the negative reviews are not indicative of the quality of the product. The low cost might make those believable, but dismiss that thought. I thought our cotton sheets were nice, but I think they are better in several respects. The sweats are gone. Try them if you think the cost is too good to be true. You will find out how good they are.

👤These cooling sheets have given me a good night's sleep. I woke up every 2 hours. I sleep through the night now. When I get 8 hours of sleep, I am more happy. I love them!

👤Okay. Let's talk about how amazing these sheets are. I used to have a temperature game when I went to bed. It was like an equation with no real solution. I would try to figure out what the best thing to wear to sleep was so I wouldn't get hot. The fan blowing on me made me way colder than I wanted to be. I had to fight it out with a thin sheet until I fell asleep and woke up drenched from night sweating. If I used a regular blanket to keep myself warm, I would wake up feeling like I had gone swimming, but using a thin sheet through the cold fan made me feel better. I sweat like I just finished a workout. I am not exaggerating. There is a If I woke up in the middle of the night, I would try to find a dry spot to sleep in because I would sweat through the bed. No lie. I have the sheets. They are softer than I thought and they cut the night sweats. Night sweats. gone! I tell you! I have to make sure I don't sweat through the sheets. When I wake up, my sheets are not drenched. I feel like a normal person when I wake up. I don't know why I didn't buy them sooner. The person who came up with these sheets deserves a medal. I am sure they can help anyone if they can stop me from waking up drenched. I am buying more sets. I am not sleeping on anything else. Buy some for yourself if you are reading this.

5. Bare Home Flannel Velvety Heavyweight

Bare Home Flannel Velvety Heavyweight

Their extra-deep pocket sheet sets come with a one-year warranty. Purchase a Southshore product and you become part of the family. They offer a 100% money back guarantee. They will do their best to take care of you, and they are a customer focused brand. These are a true extra deep pocket sheet set. Quality: Excellent. The sheets are made from high quality flannel. This winter, cotton will keep you warm. Machine wash these sheets with no hassle because of the tight stitching and strong fabric. The home of Barney. It's not competition, it's purpose. Clean, conscious bedding is what they are about. Go bare and stay away from harmful chemicals. What is included? A Queen fitted sheet has deep pockets of 60” x 80”), a Queen flat sheet has deep pockets of 90” x 102”), and two standard pillow cases have 20” x 30”

Brand: Bare Home

👤All of you are manufacturers. Shrinking the width of sheets to save costs is not just this one. You need to buy the next size up if you want the flat sheet to fit on any sheet set. Either pin the sheet to your backside or not. Yeah, duh. Consumers notice these things.

👤The description describes the fabric as heavy. After washing it in cool water with fabric softener, it is not plush like a good quality flannel should be, but it is thin after removing from the package. After the first wash, you can see that it's even more thin because it puts out a lot of dryer lint. One side is more scratchier than the other. Disappointing. The only true feature of the description is that it fits the larger twin, and that's what we bought the brand for. The color didn't fade, so that's a plus. If you are looking for a thick, soft flannel that will hold up for many washes, this is not it.

👤I bought them on Amazon. I usually buy the 190oz. They don't sell Pinzon sheets in split king. I would have bought the Pinzon twins, but they only come in 170 ounces. I would have sewn the top sheet together. These are not very heavy. You can see through the cheese cloth. Save money. These won't last. I'll try the 170oz. Why can't anyone make and sell the fitted bottom sheets?

👤I washed the sheets before putting them on the bed. The sheets were wrinkled due to the faded color. It was very disappointing! I threw out all the packaging so I can't return them. Everything else about the set is very nice and I am rating a 2.

👤The top sheet is a different color than the bottom sheet. They look like they are from different sets. There was a lot of debris folded up in the sheet when I opened it to wash them, like it had been sitting on the floor before they were packaged. I washed the sheets twice and they came out stiff, like cotton canvas. I will be donating the sheets that I did not use.

👤We needed new sheets because the cheap ones we had for a year lost elasticity and we couldn't grip our mattress. I knew we needed a deep pocket option, but I also had other qualifications in mind. I wanted to avoid sheets that were plastic-based so I did a lot of research on a wide variety of sheets. Y'all. These are sheets. They are the whole package. 100% Cotten has good thread count. I am very pleased with this purchase. Our toddler just randomly placed them on an empty pillow case to cuddle with it, even though he noticed how soft they were. The opinion of my dog,Rory, is more important than my opinion. Clearly she approves. I think we could become a Bare Home family.

👤They have held up amazingly over the course of a year. We use flannel sheets all year long. I put them on, take them off once a week to wash, and then put them back on our bed. 5 stars is definitely a good rating. Just ordered 2 new sets, and still love them. I love these sheets. The fit, feel and quality are all excellent. I paid double for a set from a company that only sells high quality bedding. These are already superior in comfort. The quality of the product seems to be determined. I would not pay double again when I get these. It's not easy to find split king sheets.

6. LuxClub Friendly Hypoallergenic Anti Bacteria Washable

LuxClub Friendly Hypoallergenic Anti Bacteria Washable

Total commitment and lifetime satisfaction. If you don't like your sheets for any reason, just let them know and they'll take them back. Enjoy the comfort of the sheets. The finest Egyptian cotton sheets are not as luxurious as the bamboo sheet sets of the LuxClub. The sheets are softer than the cotton sheet sets. 6 piece bamboo sheets beat hotel sheets and high thread count luxury sheets. The best cooling sheets are superior. 18 inch deep pocket sheets,wrinkle free sheets, silky soft sheets are part of their Bamboo bedding sets. Their bamboo fitted sheets are blended with microfiber and elastic. Extra deep pockets are found in their bamboo deep pocket sheets. Their sheets are softer than Jersey sheets and are fade resistant. Cooling bed sheets are the best for hot sleepers. There is one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and four pillow cases included. ECO FRIENDLY. Their bamboo bed sheets are of the top quality. All workers in their foreign and domestic facilities are paid fair wages. They care about the environment. Total commitment and lifetime satisfaction. If you don't like your sheets for any reason, just let them know and they'll take them back. Enjoy the comfort of the sheets.

Brand: Luxclub

👤It looks and feels synthetic. Cotton made in a lab, non-biodegradable, emits toxic gases and flamable. The 40% Rae from Babel is synthetic. Nothing natural about it. Both materials can't be washed in warm-hot water. It was designed to be cheap and fast. It was made in China. The fitted sheet seems light in weight, so I think I will not last a year. My conclusion is to purchase high quality cotton sheets.

👤There is a cheap shiny crinkly piping on the edge of the sheet that is not classy. Like plastic paper. I would prefer they didn't add that detail. The fabric was advertised as a bamboo blend, but it is actually microfiber. The seams are not smooth. These are not good. If you want, they are soft. I can not stand microfiber. It is tacky. What can you expect from that? The advertising is misleading, but my fault for ordering. It was a major bummer.

👤Bedsheets are very comfortable. They are smooth, soft, and free from wrinkling. I washed them and put them in the dryer before the first use so they wouldn't get wrinkled. I am very satisfied and impressed. They are my favorite sheets to date. I will definitely order more of them.

👤I paid full price for these and was not offered any kind of deal for a review. I am a regular Amazon customer and not out to get something for free by tricking people into buying products, you can't go wrong with these great quality sheets for the price! The King size fits well for the price and they are soft. I've had king cases be on the short side when purchasing sheets online in the past, but they were sized perfect. I searched Amazon for a while before taking a gamble on these because of the cheaper price and lack of reviews. I will purchase a second set before they leave. Don't be the one who misses out.

👤It does fit my deep pockets. The sheets were stated to be equivalent to 1500 thread count in several reviews. I own 1500 count sheets and they are very soft and light. I bought three more sets because I liked them so much. I like the variety of colors. The fact they come with four pillowcases was a good selling point. I have six pillows on my bed and wanted different color cases in the same soft material to break up all the color and match my bedspread, but I can't find additional pillowcases to purchase separately.

👤The sheets are soft and fit on my mattress. It does work, but it is tight. I bought a green set. I did not receive this item at a discount because I am a real person. Clicking "helpful" at the bottom of the review will help move reviews to the top. Thanks in advance.

👤I was skeptical because these sheets are not cotton. They are better than any of the sheets I have tried. I have been looking for the perfect sheets for years. I tried a few cottons. These sheets look great and feel good. They are smooth and cool to the touch, unlike cotton. Staying cool at night is a must for me since I am in my 50's. I will buy these again. Soon! The seller of these sheets assured me that I would like them after I email them. He was correct. The price on these sheets is astounding to me. I bought a set of Wamsutta Dream Zone sheets. I didn't take those out of the package until I felt the bamboo sheets.

7. Mellanni Bed Sheet Set Hypoallergenic

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set Hypoallergenic

It's better to sleep better and wake up refreshed each morning. You can find bed sheets that are soft and luxurious. It's best for any room in your house. It's a great gift idea for men and women. The queen size bed sheets set has 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases. The sheet has elastic all around, not just the corners. It fits mattresses up to 16. Easy Care is stain, shrink andwrinkle resistant. The machine wash is cold. On tumble dry low, it was quick. More resistant than cotton. The highest quality brushed microfiber is made of the highest quality microfiber and workmanship so you know it Lasts! A good selection of colors will make your bedroom look great. Mellanni is a different kind of company that provides the absolute best customer service in the industry. You can return it for any reason, and no questions will be asked. You don't have to send the product back.

Brand: Mellanni

👤These sheets are very soft. There is a You can't beat the price. There is a I know if I went to the store today. I couldn't find anything to beat these. A good night's sleep is $30. There is a I might just keep them. pillowcases for you. Go ahead and treat yourself too. There is a I hope you liked my rap. I'm going to take a quick nap. There is a I'm going to lay on my sheets and take a deep breath. There is a Are you looking for me? You might just find me pressing the key and saying "Your new sheets are on their way"

👤If you don't have any other sheets to compare them to, these might be ok. I'm not sure if I have a bad set, need to wash them more, or if I'm too high maintenance in the sheet department. I was convinced these sheets would be great, but they are not. I have washed them 4 times and slept on them 5 times, and they are not the same color as the photo. I have woken up with a stray corner under me twice, but they seem to fit our king size bed. It feels like I am sleeping under a costume. The texture is soft in some areas and hard in others. I have 800 tc ones, but they are more wrinkled than the ones I have. The temperature was. These are the hottest sheets I have ever slept under. They are so warm that I wake up covered in sweat. We keep our house. In the summer, this rarely happens with the others. They seem to be put together. I would recommend these for a dorm room, kids room or a guest room to torch your mother in law. We threw out the packing and washed them so many times we thought they would break in. They will look good on social media.

👤We bought a king split bed and two sets of twins. I like the feel of the fabric, it's soft and provides a little warmth, which is what I was looking for in new sheets for colder weather. I didn't like the color of one set, the seam on one of the pillowcases isn't the same as the other set, and the pillowcase doesn't fully cover the pillow because the flap just falls open. I will never buy these sheets again because I hope they last a season. There are many five-star reviews of these sheets. The price is terrific, but that's not the only thing to consider when buying sheets, especially when you spend a lot of time in them.

👤I can't find the sheets I like. They are too rough for me. I don't care what the thread count is, I need what I need. I need a thinner sheet for summer, but I tend to stick with soft flannel. I tried a few brands that were too rough for me, and I was about to order a $250 set from Branch, thinking that maybe I had to do that. B and R didn't have the color I wanted, but I needed a pair of sheets. I gave them a chance after seeing all the positive reviews. Excellent. The price is fanf-ingtastick. It was really soft, no scratching or rough feeling. The sheets did not need a lot of washing and have held up well. I have noticed a small run after a few months that could turn into a tear, but at the price, I feel like a shorter lifespan can be forgiven. A lot of the products that come highly recommended on Amazon are just the cheapest thing that a bunch of Walmart regulars thought was a great buy. These sheets were half the price of the cheapest ones I had tried before. It is recommended.

8. Ruvanti Warm Super Soft Breathable Moisture Pillowcases

Ruvanti Warm Super Soft Breathable Moisture Pillowcases

There is a guarantee of success. Their goal is to provide you with a pleasant shopping experience. They will be happy to assist you if you have any questions. They spend one third of their life on the bed, so a deep and comfortable sleep is a must. Ruvanti's 100 % Premium Cotton 170 GSM Double Naped Flannel Sheet Set with an Ultra Velvet feel on the bed is the perfect way to enjoy your endless sleep time. The Queen Sheet Set includes a Flat Sheet with 4 Inches Hem, a Fitted Sheet with 16 Inches Deep Box, and 2 Pillow Cases with 4 Inches Hem. High-QUALITY COMFORT: Breathable and gentle. Their flannel is developed using a high quality standard. Their unique process makes the sheets softer and eliminates pilling. The sheets become even softer and cozier as you wash them. As they are developed using the highest quality cotton, they will absorb the water from the body. Treat for loved ones. Surprise your friends and family with this fashionable sheet set, it's a perfect gift for all your loved ones. An independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards is what makes this sheet set excellent for any room in your house,bedroom, guest room, kids room, Air Bnb, vacation home, camping etc. Great fit easy care. The sheets come with fully elasticized fitted sheets that fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep. The elastic is sewn around the entire sheet to keep it from slipping off of the mattress. Easy care and easy wash:durable, long lasting,wrinkle resistant, fade resistant, shrink resistant, and pill resistant fabric. Quality is their culture. Customer satisfaction is important to their business. They are confident in the quality of their products. If you decide that this bed sheet set is not for you, you can send an email and get a 100% money-back refund.

Brand: Ruvanti

👤Few reviewed the holes in the sheets, didn't pay attention to the review. There is a hole in the fitted sheet. You get what you pay for, but a hole in the fitted sheet.

👤I needed new sheets after buying a new bed. I'm glad I found these flannel sheets. I read the reviews before buying and they said it was soft, warm and comfortable. When I opened the package, I had doubts. They felt stiff and rough. I washed them on cool, added a softener, dried them on low and they came out soft. This mid-western girl loves flannel. I was very pleased with my purchase and would order again.

👤I didn't expect much from the set of Queen sized plaid sheets I purchased. These sheets are heavier than any set we own. My wife washed them as soon as we got them, and commented on how little lint was collected in the dryer, unlike the premium set of sheets that we also own.

👤I ordered a flannel sheet for winter. I always wash new bedding before putting it on my bed, so I only looked to see the packaging for California King, not whether it fit on my bed, although this is my first time ordering Ruvanti sheets. Well, it did not. I tried to put the fitted sheet on the bed, but it was not the right size, missing about 2 feet. I don't think I would have been able to tuck the flat sheet into the sides. The packaging was thrown away, so it was really unhappy.

👤These sheets are amazing. I have never felt sheets like this before. I don't write reviews. They are like therapy for bad days and will make things better. Try them if you're not sure. I have a condition called Fibromyalgia and everything is soft for me. You'll be happy.

👤Flannel sheets are my preference. These are soft and beautiful as well. I would have spent a lot more in the store and never found such good quality. It was shipped quickly as well.

👤I'm always cold. Who knows why summer, winter, and so on. I usually sleep with 4 comforter on my bed. I'm not lying. It's difficult. I've had flannel sheets for 15 years, so I'm not new to the flannel game. I was able to drop down to 2 comforters with these sheets. They are twice as warm as any other flannel sheets. It is more than that, since sheets are usually cooler than comforters. They're very soft and nice looking. 5 stars, worth every penny.

👤It was a strong smelling chemical after recieving this product. After 5 washes, would not come out. The washer smells like a chemical. The " 100% Cotton from Pakistan" seems to be a low quality cotton, or perhaps some kind of mystery weave. My dog wouldn't sleep on this. Returned. You have been warned. I bought a winter mask from China on Amazon. Divers suit material. It was drenched in the same substance. It had to be thrown away after 15 washes. I would believe someone if they said it was waste from a nuclear power plant.

9. Sweet Home Collection Microfiber Hypoallergenic

Sweet Home Collection Microfiber Hypoallergenic

100% fine microfiber. The elastic sheet straps built in are what distinguishes their bed sheets from the rest. The elastic corners keep your fitted sheet secure and come on all of their sheets. No more sleepless nights on itchy sheets! The 1800 thread count microfiber sheets are soft to the touch. You may never be an early bird again. Treat yourself to a matching sheet set for all of your bedrooms. Each luxurious set has 4 pillowcases. New soft sheets stay in place with the help of deep pockets, elastic and built in sheet stiffens. Who has time to wash their sheets every few nights? When it is time for a wash, machine wash cold and tumble dry low. It is a perfect fit for any bed. Deep pocket sheets are fade, shrink, andwrinkle resistant. You and your bed are covered.

Brand: Sweet Home Collection

👤If you need deep pocket these barely fit on my Queen, don't buy them. Look at photos. They feel like a lot of polyester to me. It was definitely a regretful purchase. The money was wasted. I think they are all the returns which I will do to!

👤I gave a few of the sheets as gifts and kept a few for myself. The bottom of the bed felt like it had sand on it, when I got into it, I looked at the sheet and it had pilled into all the little balls. This is a single set of sheets and I am hoping it is a defect. I haven't opened up the set yet. I tried to send you an email before I left a negative post. I was unable to get your website to accept my e mail. We page. I am hoping that you will read this post and get back to me, I know a lot of the seller rely on positive feed back, I was frustrated with your web site. If you contact me and I can correct the problem, I will reverse my feedback.

👤These are titled on Amazon as "1800 Thread Count Egyptian". This is not true. The label on the product says, "Experience the comfort and soft touch as a... These aren't cotton. These are made of 100% polyester. The sheets feel like cheap sets that are usually sold as child sheets. This is not what you are looking for. It is questionable that there are 5 star reviews. I'm surprised that Amazon allows misleading marketing.

👤A small package arrived with sheets and pillow cases for a California King size. The package says 1500 thread count. There could be 1500 threads in the whole package. Will be back tomorrow.

👤These sheets are terrible. I didn't have time to read the reviews when I bought them. I wouldn't have bought them. They are both thin and soft. I was fooled by the description of many other people.

👤I got these because there are a lot of online people who link them and say they are high quality and they love them, but it is not true. I have 800ct sheets from target and they have lasted, but they are terrible. The reviews were not from the truth. These are soft. I am pretty sure it is because they are light and soft. Make you sweat. And so slow. I can see through them. It's literally. They are curtains. They are not 1800 count. The coloring I got was not the one ordered. I got grey and it was closer to brown. The stitching is messy and my husband threw them in the washer after one wash. The pillow cases look terrible. I thought I hit the big time with the 5000+ good reviews. No way. People need to be honest in these reviews. It doesn't mean that they are awesome. The pictures are terrible.

👤I was disappointed when I put the sheet on my bed because it started to lose its natural texture, meaning that it had Lent and ROWLEY particles continuously coming off of it. It made me feel like I had dust on my bed. The sheets set is not recommended by me. Highly dissatisfied!

10. Great Bay Home Heavyweight Pre Shrunk

Great Bay Home Heavyweight Pre Shrunk

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to them. Their customer service team will work with you to make it right if you are not 100% SATISFIED. flannel sheets are double brushed for softness The flannel sheet set has a buffalo check pattern on a white background. The price of top quality is affordable. Their flannel bed sheets make your bed more comfortable. An unbeatable value with high-quality and versatile. Their cotton flannel is 100% Turkish. Their flannel sheets are soft and will keep you warm on the cold nights. It's perfect fit every time. The pocket size is 14" for Full, Queen, King, and California King. Easy care and easy wash: Wrinkle-resistant, fade-resistant, shrink resistant, and pill-resistant. It is extremely durable and long- lasting. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to them. Their customer service team will work with you to make it right if you are not 100% SATISFIED.

Brand: Great Bay Home

👤These sheets are disappointing. I was happy when I received them, they were cute and soft. I washed them and put them on my bed, which was very small. I had to fight to get the last corner of the fitted she over the mattress. About a week goes by. I start to see pills forming all over. I washed them again, but the pills were still there. It collects hair like crazy. I am sad because they collect everything and make them look dirty. The picture was taken after they were washed.

👤I love the sheets from the enchanted forest. They're not as soft as I've ever owned, but they are nice. The sheets will never pill if you wash warm water with 1/2 vinegar. I've washed 4x's so far without any problems. The pillow cases are open to the right. I make my bed with the openings of my pillowcases facing the outside. The pattern will be upside down if these are printed open on the right. This is really bothering me. I'm very picky about my bedding. It's an easy fix and an oversight that shouldn't be missed. I will live with it. I only use the pattern in the winter. I bought the pillow cases for our bed for my daughter. It was fun!

👤Don't buy blue polar bear flannel sheets. I washed and dried these and when I pulled them out of the drier, it was royal blue. My drier was ruined.

👤I am a cheapskate when it comes to sheets, I usually only pay $20 for them. There were trees and deer on the gray and white sheets. I had them in my section, but I had to have them because they looked pretty. I can always send them back if it isn't great. I will never part with these. They are soft and comfortable. So much. I got another set with a different print. I am a cheap person. I will spend more if I really like something and these sheets are so comfortable that I can sleep within a few minutes. I have very sensitive skin and these don't bother me at all.

👤These sheets are terrible. Not good quality. After my 11 year old slept on them for a couple weeks, little balls started showing up all over the sheets. The flannel was bumpy and thin. I missed the return window because I went to return them. I have a big waist of money and have to throw it away. Don't buy these sheets. Quality is better for less. You can shop around.

👤I bought 2 for myself and one for a gift. I couldn't wait to get them off the bed after washing them for just 2 nights. I dried the sheet using a softer fabric. I decided to send all 3 sets back because they were so uncomfortable. They are not comfortable. The colors and prints were the only positives about them. That is all.

👤The flannel sheets are very soft, but not hot. When I said I ordered flannel sheets, I was worried because my husband has a mattress with a cooling material. He can still feel the coolness. They did shed during the first wash, but so far they haven't pilled. They've held up and are adorable. The only complaint I have is that the pillowcases have the same pattern, so I can't point to the outside of the bed or the design is upside down. It's totally minor. I am happy with my purchase.

11. Danjor Linens Queen Size Sheets

Danjor Linens Queen Size Sheets

Total commitment and lifetime satisfaction. If you don't like your sheets for any reason, just let them know and they'll take them back. Enjoy the comfort of the sheets. The complete set has everything you need to rest and relax, including a flat sheet, pillowcases, and fitted sheets that fit up to 16 inches. This microfiber bed set is super soft and will make you feel like you're in the lap of luxury. These bed sheets are Breathable. They're designed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Their bedding comes in multiple colors and won't fade on you after a few washes. Losing sleep over complicated washing instructions? Their pillowcases and deep pocket sheets are machine washed to give you peace of mind.

Brand: Danjor Linens

👤A shoe print was one of the odd stains I saw after putting these sheets on my bed. It's weird that you get a shoe stain on sheets before packing. I think you had the sheets laying on the ground before you packed them up and sent them out. I was very disappointed and weirded out by what went on with these sheets before they were sent out. There is a stain that looks like blood and I will definitely be getting my money back.

👤I read a lot of reviews before buying these, I was weary about the cost being so little, but the product was so practical and supposedlywrinkle free. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and get them some good reviews. Huge mistake! I noticed that they were filthy on the inside of the fitted sheet when I pulled them from the package. It was almost like someone wouldn't check the inside part and would have missed it. I don't know if they were a previous returned item or if they came from the factory dirty, but they were gross. No thanks. I'm returning them on principle, not because of the cost. I got an email from the manufacturer telling me I could enroll in the warranty after I got the sheets. I said I would return them because they were dirty from the package. The company Bed Linens and More said that they would replace them if I hadn't already returned them. I appreciated the prompt response from the company, however it doesn't fix the off putting first impression. I should have kept scrolling because the other reviews said they had pictures of their sheet sets being dirty as well.

👤I thought the sheets were soft and cheap, but there were a lot of loose threads. I was going to keep them until I washed them and made the bed. There were two stains that I noticed. I took my chances because of the reviews I had seen, but they were on a prime deal. The description stated they were microfiber, but the tag indicated they were 100% microfiber. It might be helpful to note that microfiber sheets are not all made of the same material. I returned them.

👤I sweat at night so I bought these sheets. I figured for that price I would try them, because the reviews go back and forth between too hot and cooling. I don't want to be too hot so they are thin. They are very soft and look more expensive than I paid for. I have not sweat or been overheated while sleeping on these sheets. I will be ordering more sets in different colors.

👤Poor quality. The pillowcases are in a King set. I thought I was buying the same product again after I ordered from this company. Both textile and design have been changed. Everything is completely different. Not a reliable source for buying things.

👤After reading all of the reviews, this is the real deal. Everything should be in the open. The sheets are made in China. That must matter to some people. They should get over themselves. The sheets were the same as advertised. If you are looking at the wrong price range for hotel sheets that are 100% cotton with a high thread count, you should be aware of that. Those who are critical of quality should know better. The price point indicates that they are micro fiber. Those wonderful comments that were stunned to learn micro fiber is a type of plastic should probably get out more. My sheets were clean and dry. They are great for what I paid and I have had no problems with them. I have no relationship with any Chinese manufacturers. I felt that the comments were not true. Good quality for a good price is what you should get.


What is the best product for best queen sheets flannel?

Best queen sheets flannel products from Mueller Austria. In this article about best queen sheets flannel you can see why people choose the product. Cgk Unlimited and Umchord are also good brands to look for when you are finding best queen sheets flannel.

What are the best brands for best queen sheets flannel?

Mueller Austria, Cgk Unlimited and Umchord are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best queen sheets flannel. Find the detail in this article. Comfort Spaces, Bare Home and Luxclub are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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