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1. Signature Sleep Mattress Memory Mattresses

Signature Sleep Mattress Memory Mattresses

A layer of high density foam is sandwiched between a layer of Memory Foam to create a mold to the body's natural shape. Relieves pressure points and distributes body weight. The foam has low emissions for indoor air quality. The Consumer Safety Product Commission regulates the use of phthalates. The mattress has a knit cover. There is a non-removable and non-washable cover. The mattress dimensions are 75"L x 54"W x12"H. The shipping dimensions are 57"L x 14"W x 14"H. It was made in Italy. There is a 10-year limited warranty.

Brand: Signature Sleep

👤I have had this for over a year and it still feels new. I have two cats and a giant dog who used to jump around and sleep on the bed. I only give 4 stars because the mattress cover is not easy to remove and not easy to wash, even though there is a zip on the mattress. I've seen a lot of 1-star reviews from people who ignored the tags and took the cover off and tried to wash it, even though it got itchy because of fiberglass. Don't think that a product should get a 1-star review because people didn't read the care instructions or ignored them. I'm on here because I was wondering if I could ignore the tags and wash it. I thought I'd write a review while I'm here.

👤Be warned! If you damage the inner cover of the mattress, you'll never have clothes again. The inner cover is made of Glass Fiber, not fiberglass. The maker told me that this is nothing to worry about. It's almost impossible to clean it up. I was worried when I saw the millions of shards that it may be dangerous to breathe, but I found out that glass fiber is man-made and not naturally occurring. NAIMA claims that the US Department of Health and Human Services has found that the risk of lung cancer is higher for people who have been exposed to asbestos than for people who have not. Some people may be allergic to this material. I have owned a mattress for 3 years.

👤Since it was for the guest bedroom, I gave it a try, even though I was dubious about buying things in a box. I put it in a brown box in the bedroom. I removed the cardboard box to find a huge roll inside. Take the roll off the bed platform, then cut open the inner plastic. It grew before my eyes. Within a few minutes, it was a full size. I didn't have to wait 48 hours for it to stop growing, it was full size. I measured the height to make sure. Some have said that it had an odor. I haven't slept on it because it's in a guest room. It was so comfortable that I took a short nap on it. I could feel it on my body. I will get a queen size one next month because I like it so much. Some people have said that it is stiff. I didn't think it was that way. I am excited to get one for my bed. Don't worry about not having anyone to help un-package it. I am 80 years old and am a small woman.

👤I was hesitant to buy the memory foam mattress for myself and my husband because of the reviews that said it had a very strong chemical smell or that it came with mold, but I decided to buy it after reading some positive reviews. My own personal experience with this mattress is the only thing I can say about it. The mattress was delivered as expected. There are two more It was difficult for my husband to carry it because it was so heavy, but he took it out on his own. I think once. We are removing the first layer of plastic. I could hear the mattress inflating, but the second layer wasn't off yet. I was surprised when it started expanding immediately after I took off all the wrapping, due to some reviews that said their mattress took over 72 hours to fully expand, or it never expanded at all. In 1-2 hours, the mines expanded all the way to 12 inches. The other reviewers said it had a strong chemical smell but it wasn't strong like they said and it wasn't brand new. I just got some Febreeze spray and I sprayed it all over it, so I put some new clean sheets on and boom! There is no smell anymore. There are five I didn't find any mold at all. 6 I think it is a lot better than my 5 year old spring mattres, I think it is a bit firm and soft, but I think it is a lot better than that. My husband works in a warehouse with heavy machinery and lots of physical strength so he would have lower back pain if he slept in the old mattress, but I haven't experienced it. He said that his pain has gone after sleeping in a new mattress. My toddler loves to jump in it and I let him because I won't hear the old spring mattress noise. We recommend buying this product so you don't have to worry about other reviewers. You will not regret it. The SOLIVAN Family!

2. Best Price Mattress 7 Inch Memory

Best Price Mattress 7 Inch Memory

The system has Gel Memory foam and Pressure Relief foam. The base support layer is made of high density foam. The gel provides coolness and ultimate support. Gel is an open cell memory foam with thousands of gel beads. The ultimate support in key body parts will be provided by their Pressure Relief system.

Brand: Best Price Mattress

👤I think it is a good idea to give a product a few months of ownership before writing a review. 4.5 months later, and the mattress is still not perfect, but it is still pretty comfortable for a sub 300 dollar mattress. I don't feel like I have a lot of weight on this thing because it is set up on a platform bed which provides a great deal of stability. The mattress is useless as I can't sleep on it anymore, and I have sent an email to Amazon. Amazon customer service is one of the best, they are working with me on finding a solution that works with my schedule, and they get 5 stars.

👤My mattress arrived quickly. It was nicely boxed. The mattress was rolled up when I opened it. After cutting through the plastic, I could hear it growing. There was a slight scent which was to be expected but nothing terrible and I have no doubt that it will be gone within a day. It has been about 10 minutes. I can definitely tell that there's more room to grow, it's already expanded quite a bit. We have family coming to visit and while they're here I and my boyfriend will be sleeping on it, but after they leave it will become my son's first big boy bed. There is an update. I have been sleeping on the new mattress for a week now. It's not a big deal because it's fully "inflated" and comes in at about 8.5 inches instead of 9. It's super comfortable. I got a warehouse mattress for $400 but it was not as comfortable as this one. I would recommend this mattress because it's easy to use and it's so comfortable.

👤I waited about a month to write my review to see if my first few nights of sleep would change. I spent weeks scrounging through mattresses. I have a sleep disorder and a number of spine injuries. My last mattress was a 17 inch $2000 mattress from the local furniture store, and it left me feeling achy, and it's plush construction left me never wanting to get out of bed. It only lasted 4 years. It hit my wallet. Positive things about this mattress are what I can say. It's cool every night when I crawl into bed, and just like my first night of sleeping, I lay there and didn't feel any low back pain. It gives me support in all the right places and also gives me give when I toss over onto my side. I have no regrets about purchasing this item, even though it took my body some getting used to. And for $200. Even if I only get a few years of sleep on this, I will still have no regrets because it's a tenth of what I paid for a luxury mattress. My dog loves sleeping on it. My sleep quality has improved so much that I'm not waking up feeling like I'm running from my nightmares. If you can, cool it down and even that will make a night and day difference in your sleep.

3. Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Mattress

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Mattress

Green tea and charcoal work wonders in a mattress, it's inspired by nature. They designed this one to control odors, maintain freshness, and cover your shape so you can wake up refreshed. PRESSURE-RELIEVING FOAMS - 2 inches conforming memory foam, 2 inches airflow-Enhancing comfort foam, and 4 inches durable, high density base support foam are ideal for stomach sleepers and average-weight sleepers. CertiPUR US Certified is the highest quality foam. EXPERTLY PACKAGED. This mattress can be compressed into a single box that is easy to ship and maneuver into the bedroom, and it can expand into its original shape within 72 hours. The twin mattress has a maximum weight of 250 lbs, while all other sizes can support up to 500 lbs. The twin mattress has a maximum weight of 250 lbs, while all other sizes can support up to 500 lbs.

Brand: Zinus

👤I got a new RV in March of last year. I wanted to do a good honest review. I can add more. The original mattress that came with the RV had one solid block of fiber. I searched for both regular queen and RV short queen. Compare 8 to 13 feet, 3 layers to 6 layers, and other brands vs ZINUS, and read website reviews from $200 to $1200 RV mattresses! I was exhausted. I got a memory foam. The reviews were good but won't break the bank. I popped it open. It sprang out. The cover makes it easy to wash. The mattress has a good weight to it, but it is not too heavy if one person has a hard time maneuvering it or the underneath storage has gas struts. Within an hour, I opened it and found a quality mattress. One corner was not perfect and the other three could barely notice it, the next day was barely noticeable. I couldn't resist but to lay on it after 2 hours. 1 word, unbelievable! I live in a new 36 ft RV and it was still expanding but I have to sleep in it or not. I haven't slept that well in a long time. My old $1000 name brand home matress hands down. It was fully expanded when I went to work next day. There have been no center drooping or caving in over the last 5 months. I had lower back surgery 20 years ago and my better half is 5'2" 120. We both love it and can't be happier. I've never spent more money on a mattress. So if you are debating, don't add more layers. Get this mattress and thank me later. November update. The mattress is still firm with me and better half. One of the most comfortable mattresses ever!

👤It was purchased for our RV. The first mattress they sent had dents in the sides. We waited for 2 weeks and it never did flatten out, and I wanted a photo like the one on Amazon. They sent a replacement that was perfect and told us to dispose of the first one. I have a perfect mattress and a bad one, but I will find a home for them. It's very comfortable. The thick one is the one to buy. The original Jayco camper mattress is not comparable to this one. Call Amazon if yours doesn't expand as it should. The second one expanded in 12 hours.

👤I received the mattress on Friday because of a review on Amazon that said it was very firm. So far, so good. I laid out the mattress on Saturday morning and it was wonderful. Then the big disappointment. The mattress is very soft. My back hurts after 4 hours when I move with my husband, I'm 130 pounds and he's 180. I want to return the mattress, but how do I get it back in the box? It is impossible. What can I do? The lady I contacted was not interested in helping me. I couldn't walk after the 2nd night. I contacted Amazon. 2 minutes. I got a phone from the department that helps with special transports. He arranged for them to pick up my mattress. I received a refund. Thanks a lot for the amazing service from Amazon. A short queen matress is still being sought.

4. Olee Sleep Memory Mattress 10FM02Q

Olee Sleep Memory Mattress 10FM02Q

CertiPUR-US certified memory foam is what they use. The quality medium firm mattress has an ideal level of comfort and support for all sleeping positions. It is perfectly balanced to relieve pressure. The foam layer is infused with cooling gel. Breathable outer cover. The high density base layer is used for a long lasting mattress. Queen is 80 x 60 x 10 inches. There is a mixture of polyester and spandex. Allow the mattress to expand for 72 hours. The base layer is 5 inches of HD foam.

Brand: Olee Sleep

👤I researched a few novels on Amazon before buying them. I wanted a good actress without breaking the bank. This olive was a good choice for a reasonable price. I've saved on $5,000 Mathews, and this really isn't that bad for $200. I have not stopped on it for 6 months or had a final assessment. It is delivered in a box. It took me 10 minutes to open and cut the plastic. It didn't have any noxious odors or chemicals. It takes 48 hours to get to the full 10-inch thickness, but it was already at 9 inches by the first night. I am a side sleeper and like soft mattresses, so I don't like things too much. This mat is very soft on the top runners, but you can tell it has support as you sink down. I am about 6 feet tall and 220 lbs and it can support my size. This 888-405-7720 I would recommend it.

👤Asian countries built a few things with hazardous materials. I bought this mattress because a few people said it didn't have fiberglass. After installing the mattress, I feel pain in my lungs after 2 days, but I didn't smell bad or anything. On their website and on, the listing reads CertiPUR and other certifications that it has no harmful materials but look at the attached photos. This was a gift for my son. The person who wrote the label spoke and wrote like a Jedi, but Glass Fiber is the same thing as fiberglass. This is the reason I never buy from any of them. I know most items are manufactured in Asia but my TV, car, and computer are not throwing away harmful particles that harm my family. My family's health is at risk because of this mattress. The box arrived destroyed by USPS and I can't return it. This was bought and shipped directly from Amazon and their employees are at risk as well as they receive many returns of this kind of mattress, they open, test, repack, etc. How many brands and mattresses are in their warehouses? Thousands for sure. Don't buy this kind ofTRESS.

👤I love this mattress, it is between heaven and a coma. I feel like I am catching up on sleep. It takes about two days for your joints and full body to get used to the soft hugging support, and then you can go back to your traditional mattress. Within 15 minutes my mom's hips shifted back into proper alignment, and within 20 minutes she was asleep. This mattress is the best I have ever owned. Pair it with a platform frame and it is a wonder. It looks great. Highly recommended!

👤If you get the bed shipped for less than two bills, it's a good value. My past memory foam mattresses have had a break where they were very firm. This one did not. I prefer a plush mattress as I don't want to feel like I am sleeping on a board. I hope that the initial softness of this mattress doesn't mean it will be soft in a few months, but time will tell. The firmness is gone after 45 days. There isn't any support. The one it replaced is just as bad. My back hurts again. I just flushed $300 down the drain, so I can't recommend this.

5. Mattress Crystli Responsive Innerspring Pressure

Mattress Crystli Responsive Innerspring Pressure

We are a manufacturer that is specialized in the production and processing of mattresses. The best price mattress you can get is guaranteed. Their bed mattress has a 10 year warranty. Contact them at any time for support if you are dissatisfied. Also, note: Allow up to 72 hours after opening the mattress for the smell to go away and for the foam to settle. If you don't like it, you can get a free return and a full refunds if you don't like it. The queen mattresses come with a 10-year warranty. The design for all sleepers iscurbless. The CertiPUR-US certified memory foam and inner pocketedspring hybrid construction has a balance between firmness and softness. The queen size mattress provides support to your body. No one is worried about slipping off the bed. The hybrid queen mattress is made of high-end knit fabric and has a comfortable surface. The air-flow foam layer has millions of open cells that act as airway chambers. The foam breathes to regulate temperature. Support and emotional support are provided by EDGE. The high-quality carbon steel spring coil has high flexibility and can be tailored to your needs. They work independently from each other to absorb sound and body weight. The edge support and motion transfer have been reinforced. The Crystli Queen mattress is compressed, rolled, and shipped in a box. 35"L x 15"W x 15"H is the shipping dimensions of the queen bed mattress. Allow 48 to 72 hours for the mattress to fully expand.

Brand: Crystli

👤I have been looking for a good mattress for a long time. I was in a bad car accident a few years ago and have been through a lot of beds. I am trying to get myself to sleep on my back. The mattress provides the perfect support for both positions. It is not too soft or firm. It is perfect for me all night long. I am not in pain because of how I fall asleep and wake up. I let it rise for a full 72 hours before laying on it and then only slept in the same spot for 3 nights in a row, and repeating, so it wouldn't pit. I have been sleeping in the same spot for about a month, but so far it has not. It fills my bed frame more than any other mattress I've had left a gap between the mattress and the edge of the frame. I've seen it before and my son got a kick out of opening it and watching it expand. I was worried about the mattress being affected by the creases, but they went away and left perfect comfort throughout the entire surface of the mattress. I tend to sleep hot, and this mattress hasn't woken me up yet. It doesn't retain heat, but it is not cooling. I highly recommend it.

👤The return policy states that if you are not 100% satisfied you can return for a refund, but the fine print states that the buyer must pay for return shipping if there is a specific defect. This is true even during the trial period. A full return policy is not a 100% satisfaction policy. This is not a good mattress for a side sleeping person. It's too hard and makes my shoulders and hips hurt. I am trying to replace my old mattress. I've done a lot of research on which mattress to buy. This mistake was terrible. When the customer pays for return shipping, it is the customer's responsibility and the shipping charges are paid by the customer. Pre-paid return shipping labels are not provided. It is important to note that original shipping and handling costs will be deducted from your total refund, and any order with special shipping charges is subject to a deduction of our actual outbound shipping costs. Customer returns may include: Buyers Remorse, "Not satisfied with performance", "item doesn't fit me correctly", "I tried it, but I want something else", etc.

👤I bought this mattress out of desperation after a flood ruined my expensive mattress. We were stuck sleeping on an air mattress for months until I finally caved and came on here looking for a cheap but comfortable replacement. I was surprised at how comfortable this mattress is, we actually like it better than the one we had before. There have been no issues with it so far. After a day of letting the mattress breathe, there is a slight smell that goes away. If you are looking for comfort without spending a fortune, this is the place to go.

6. Novilla Cool Sleep Pressure Relief Medium Firm Isolating

Novilla Cool Sleep Pressure Relief Medium Firm Isolating

It's very cool and highly absorbent. Novilla queen size mattress has a 4-layer all-foam system. There is a memory foam that keeps you cool. The foam layer of the mattress is designed to increase air flow. 30% breath-ability is enhanced by the quality cover with Bamboo fabrics. This bed mattress makes it easier to sleep. Relies on PAINS & DAMPENS PARTNER'S MOVEMENTS. Novilla 12'' gel memory foam medium firm queen size mattress has 4 different foam layers. Gel memory foam and comfort foam are used to distribute pressure and mold to your body. Two layers of high density foam give your body support for proper spine alignment. To prevent roll-off and to resist sagging. There is no disruption if you sleep alone or next to a partner. A safe and comfortable sleep environment. CertiPUR-US Certified foam is used in the mattress, without harmful off-gassing and heavy metals. The bed mattress cover is soft to the touch. Novilla queen size memory foam mattress gives you a cloud-like experience. The queen matress is in a box. It was fun to receive a mattress that was rolled and compressed. Follow the instructions and see what happens. It's easy to fit all kinds of queen bed frames on the floor. 72 hours is the recommended time for air out and reconfiguration of the mattress. There is a free trial for 100 days. The purchase of mattresses is not the end. You can get a 100 days free trial and a queen foam mattress. Professional customer care helps to address any dissatisfaction problems you may have. While you are following your dreams, you can enjoy this memory foam queen mattress.

Brand: Novilla

👤I knew I messed up when I bought a mattress online. I have only had spring with a memory foam top for the past 10 years. I was expecting an odor when it was opened, but I didn't smell anything. I could smell an odor after burying my face and inhaling. It went away after that. I was restless for 3 nights and my boyfriend said it was just me. We woke up in no pain after sleeping on it. We're wondering if the mattress has gotten softer or if we're used to it. I think it's gotten softer, hoping it won't wear down in a short period of time. I've stopped snoring completely. He told me I used to snore at night, but I haven't since we got this mattress. It's saying a lot that I have Multiplesclerosis, so I have to wake up with no pain. I have stopped snoring. It gets softer within a week. The package was beat up, but it didn't affect the mattress quality. We had to carry it in after the man put it on a dolly. I think it's cooling, my boyfriend sweats all night and that has subsided. It may be too firm for some people. We sink into the foam as we sleep because we are not small. I would say that this mattress is very firm. If you don't do a lot of research, you'll take a big gamble with everything you buy.

👤When the mattress arrived, I was so excited that I bought it for my daughter. I noticed the indents after unpacking the mattress. The box says to allow up to 72 hours for the mattress to decompress. I assumed that the indents would disappear within 72 hours. It has been about a week. It makes it uncomfortable to sleep on the top of the mattress, and you can see it in the photos. Is there an incident in shipping or manufacturing? I will be looking for a replacement.

👤Trust the reviews when they say you won't want to leave your bed in the morning. It is so true. I have never slept better after having this mattress for only 3 days. Not kidding. I have had back pain from my previous mattress for the last year. After reading reviews on this mattress, I picked it up. I picked the perfect one. It came up to 10 inches out of the plastic. A few hours later, 11. I didn't want to wait 72 hours to get another inch on my mattress so I slept on it the same night. It is at 11 inches now, 3 days later. I am not complaining. I know at some point it will be 12 and I don't want it to be perfect. The medium plush side is definitely for comfort. It is so soft that you don't actually sink into the mattress. This is the best memory foam I have ever slept on. I have issues with sleep all night and am a side and stomach sleeper. I found myself sleeping all night and not wanting to get out of my bed. The mattress is very comfortable and I have slept an extra hour both days. I highly recommend it.

7. LINENSPA Inch Memory Foam Mattress

LINENSPA Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Firm support is provided by a 5 inch thick memory foam mattress. A layer of memory foam is used for pressure point relief. The mattress is designed to be used with a metal grid, platform, slat or traditional box spring base. The mattress is rolled, compressed and boxed. A 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Brand: Linenspa

👤I washed my sheets and the cover of the topper after taking my sheets off. It said it was clean. I now know that the fiberglass on the top of it has found its way onto nearly every piece of clothing I have. It seems like it was spread from the washer. I didn't pay much attention to it. I slept on the top of the bed with the mesh clothing under the zip on the cover. This mesh is fiberglass. I have been itching for a long time. I laundered the clothes I was wearing. At this point, it's on all of my clothing. It traveled from the shirt and shorts. I was wearing clothes that night. It's fine, it won't come off. It's the most annoying thing. I was itching so much I wanted to go insane. I will include pictures. I wore black basketball shorts that night and they were ultra fine. I woke up with itching. I still itch. It is a living H3LL. Many clothing articles have been ruined by this. Who is responsible for this? Can fiberglass be used in mattresses that are meant to be on a bed? That seems ridiculous. The person selling this needs to stop. Amazon needs to stop selling this.

👤I have been buying memory foam mattresses online for a long time. This isn't one. It isn't firm. It is made of thin layers of foam and it presses down between your hands. I assume that those who are pleased with this purchase have never had a real memory foam mattress? This is just foam and not a real mattress for anyone over the age of three, that's the only memory I will have of it. I bought the full size.

👤The mattress is only 37 inches wide and 73.5 inches long after a solid 72 hours to allow it to inflate. The bunk bed is unsafe for my toddlers because of the hug gap. This is not acceptable. The manufacturer has not responded to any of the emails.

👤There is a fiberglass cover under the outer mattress cover, but I'm not sure what the manufacturer is talking about. I used it for a year and when I washed the mattress cover, fiberglass got everywhere. I had to throw away all of my blankets and linens. My bedroom is pretty.

👤Five stars. I use a pair of these on my bed. They are more expensive than the equivalents. Leaving them for 48 hours fixes everything when you get them. The pair is about 10 inches thick. They can be left stacked for a twin or separated into two mattresses to make the equivalent of a king. It sounds like you're crushing Saran Wrap when you first lie down on them. It sounds like soda is making noise. Goes away in 15 seconds. It's more comfortable than the firm IKEA foam. The cover is completely removed. I used a bed bug cover on the inner foam and put a factory cover on it to make sure there was no excess. The factory cover is made of cotton and can be broken into two pieces. It is easy to wash.

8. Olee Sleep Hybrid Infused Mattress

Olee Sleep Hybrid Infused Mattress

5 layers includes a pocket spring. High density foam reduces heat and Duraflex foam provides elasticity. The Dura pocket spring provides long- lasting support. Dura cool I-gel helps you have a deep and comfortable sleep. Allow the mattress to expand for 72 hours to get the best results. Allow the mattress to expand for 72 hours to get the best results.

Brand: Olee Sleep

👤I bought this bed about a year ago and am posting it to make sure others get a good look at it over the course of a year. The bed was nice and comfortable at first, but at about 3 months I noticed that the springs were poking my body, which made for a bad nights sleep. I sent an email to the email address listed for the warranties and have not heard back. I will post back when I get a response. The mattress had a number of flat and soft spots. I bought a foam mattress topper and shifted the mattress around. I can still feel the springs.

👤I have been using this mattress for 2 years and feel like I own a review on it. I had a mattress of over 1000 dollars for 10 years. I grew from a drop-dead sleeper to a sensitive middle-aged toss-turner during the 10 years. I bought this bed in the summer of 2015, even though I only lost $200. The quality of the mattress was very good. My boyfriend threw his previous bed when he moved in last year because it was so comfortable. We both like the way that he is a stomach sleeper and I am a side sleeper. After 2 years of "testing", the bed didn't lose the firmness, no sagging, and only needed one out-of-state move to be perfect.

👤I needed a new mattress but couldn't afford to pay the high prices of most places. I decided to give it a try. I'm very happy I did. I don't have back pain anymore, I used to have it with my old mattress. I waited 2 months to write a review. It was big and nice in a matter of hours. It's soft at the same time as firm and perfect for me and my husband. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a cheap mattress.

👤The mattress was shipped quickly and was comfortable. I found a bug on my bed. That can happen. I found bugs throughout the day and into the night, and now I am afraid to use it in my house, because I have found bugs around it. They are not sure where they are coming from. Yuck.

👤The bed is very comfortable. I have been sleeping well after having a hard time finding a good quality mattress. I had an 8 in bed with springs, and I needed a 10in mattress. This is lovely! UPDATED/ A lump in the middle of the mattress won't be pushed down, it has been there for a few months. I am trying to contact the company.

👤I ordered 2 and one of them should get a 5 star rating. The mattresses arrived at the same time. One mattress is very comfortable. The second mattress is very hard and heavy. I don't know what happened there.

👤I am mostly satisfied with this product. I don't have sheets yet, but 10 inches seems ideal. The top is soft, but I like the firmness of it. I don't think I am sinking. The problem with my 100% foam mattress was that I live in Hawaii. I was limited by the fact that I had to send the coil and gel layer to Hawaii. There is a faint new paint smell that reminds me of the Volatile Organic compounds that are still present a week later. I don't smell it in the air anymore, but I still smell it through my sheets. The sides are not very supportive. Not a problem for sleeping, but when I sit on the edge and look at my phone, I know I'm going to slide off. Edge seating is not an option.

9. Sleep Innovations 12 Inch Mattress Warranty

Sleep Innovations 12 Inch Mattress Warranty

The gel memory foam top layer and supportive center combine to relieve pressure on the Queen Size cooling memory foam mattress. The Marley mattress has a triple layer design with airflow channels in the middle layer to maintain a comfortable climate all night. They have an eco conscious mattress for you, whether you are a side sleeper or feel best on your stomach or back. The mattress is made in the USA and Mexico. CertiPUR-US certified, their memory foam mattresses, mattress toppers, and pillows are all made with high quality materials. The mattress comes with a 10 year warranty, and is made of memory foam and fabric. The mattress comes with a 10 year warranty, and is made of memory foam and fabric.

Brand: Sleep Innovations

👤I waited until my wife and I slept on this bed for a year to write this review. We decided to invest in this one after months of research. The Sealy innerspring mattress was more expensive than the king sized mattress we bought, but it was less expensive than the one we were replacing after eleven years. The mattress was a great choice. The delivery was in a vacuum sealed bag. I put it on the box spring after I brought it up the stairs. I would suggest not breaking the vacuum seal until the mattress is in place because it can be difficult to move once it is expanded. The mattress should be facing the right side up. After a few minutes, the mattress was at about 85% thickness. We left the window open in the afternoon to let the smell go. If you jammed your nose into the mattress, the chemical smell would not be noticeable. If the smell was still too much, my wife and I were prepared to sleep in a spare bedroom. We did not encounter a problem. Standard sheet sets fit perfectly on this mattress and laying on the bed was very comfortable, similar to the experience we had when buying a different mattress for one of our kids. The memory foam feel is supportive but not overly firm. When researching memory foam mattresses, I was confused by the fact that one reviewer would say too firm and the next would say too soft, while referring to the same mattress. After sleeping on the mattress, the memory foam becomes very tailored to your body, it feels firm at first but as the foam compress it supports your body weight in just the right places. It stays soft and comfortable while you sleep, and at the same time supportive, without feeling like you are sinking into quicksand. It is great. There is a After sleeping on it for a year and four seasons, I can say that the mattress is still very comfortable. My wife is very small yet we both love the feel of this mattress. There is no hammocking of the foam where we sleep. It is a tad warmer in the summer, but nothing drastic. The Sleep Innovations mattress is an excellent buy. The height of the 12” does not make you feel like you have to jump up to get into it. After sleeping on a non-memory foam mattress while on vacation, my wife and I both commented on how we could never go back to a high quality spring bed again. This was our favorite purchase on Amazon. This mattress is very good. I tried to describe this mattress' attributes as best as I could, but keep in mind that what makes a mattress good is a very subjective thing; what is comfortable to me may not be for you. Hopefully this review will help you make a decision. I attached some pictures for reference. The bed is still comfortable and holding up well. There has been no lumping or hammocking of the foam. I did a 180 degree rotation a few months ago to shift the areas recommended by other reviewers. My wife and I love this bed so I give it a full five stars. After less than nine years, my side of the bed started to get a little weird, probably because of the recoiling of the foam after I get up. We ordered an identical one to replace the one we loved so much that we decided to keep it.

10. Classic Brands Gramercy Innerspring Adjustable

Classic Brands Gramercy Innerspring Adjustable

Your purchase includes a mattress and a bed base that is 14" in Queen Size. The item's dimensions are 80" L x 60" W x 14" H. It's compatible with bed frames, foundations and beds. Allow an extra 48-72 hours for proper decompression if you want to remove packaging within 72 hours. The Gramercy hybrid memory foam mattress has individually wrapped coil innersprings and gel memory foam to create a cooler sleeping surface.

Brand: Classic Brands

👤I was disappointed to see that the mattress only expanded to about 12 inches, which is less than the advertised 14. I called Amazon support in order to get advice or an exchange. After hearing my complaint, the CSR offered me a full refund and told me to dispose of the mattress as I saw fit. No questions, no help. I decided to cut the thing open to see what the real problem was. This mattress does not have memory foam. No gel! There was no four inches of engineered comfort. It is a piece of packing foam. It's a complete fraud. You can see the attached video for proof.

👤Agonized over purchasing a mattress based on reviews. We've owned a pillow top/spring type mattress for the last 9 years and I love it, but I'm coming from a soft bed. It was sad. And has been for a long time. We bought this one because it's a hybrid and we were unsure about going back to a pillow top to have it wear out so quickly. This made sense. The reviews are mixed. Is it soft or hard? Which is it. I think it's soft, I sink in just the right amount. I can get out of the bed. There's still enough bounce to keep moving. It has some support. My back feels great. I'm a tummy and side sleeping person. I'm also the mother of four and my youngest is two months old and sleeps next to me. I'm always exhausted when she nurses at night. I fell asleep on my back and woke up feeling great. I don't want to leave my bed. It is my happy place. Don't worry about it getting hot. I'm a hot person. I don't like blankets at night. I'm not hot at all and I'm writing this review from my bed. Buy it. Unless you like sleeping on a rock, you won't regret it. Why are you shopping for a bed if you like sleeping on a rock?

👤I can only say from the first night that this mattress was very supportive and soft, it was like sleeping on a cloud. I had pain in my hips but no pain last night. I fell off to sleep without tossing or turning. I love this mattress so much. I placed it on top of my box spring and it was 13 inches. I don't think so. That's not a biggy for me. I didn't get hot like I used to with my old memory foam mattress. I will have to see how it holds up. The box was heavy but it wasn't hard. I unboxed and opened it myself, I am 59 years old. I didn't notice much of a smell, my daughter has a 1,200 hybrid and the name and cloth is silky on hers, but it's a great price under 400 bux with tax, and I'm not sure if it will hold up.

👤I knew I wanted a memory foam mattress, but I was concerned about not having enough support without some coils and it being hot while sleeping. I decided on the hybrid bed because it has a good amount of memory foam on the top layers, but still has a supportive coil system, even though it doesn't have a lot of memory foam on the top layers. I have been using a 14inch. The hybrid mattress has been used for several months. I have never slept better. The mattress doesn't warm me up. The mattress is supportive and firm, but also has a plush feel to it. You don't sink into the mattress. When I wake up, my back no longer hurts. The mattress is very heavy and in a long box. I put the mattress in my bedroom for three days because my bed wasn't there. It was near full height within a few hours of unpacking. The pictures were taken after the item was put in its container. If you want a firm, yet comfortable nights sleep, then don't hesitate on this purchase. Both of us are very picky buyers and neither of us have regrets. The only thing that is negative about this mattress is the side support when you are sitting on it. The sides give more than the traditional mattresses. I noticed something that doesn't affect the bed's design for me. The bed has not produced any sagging where we sleep after several months of use. This mattress is recommended to other family members by me. I hope this review helps you. Enjoy a good nights sleep with your new mattress.

11. Made USA Charcoal Infused Bed Box

Made USA Charcoal Infused Bed Box

The Gramercy hybrid memory foam mattress has individually wrapped coil innersprings and gel memory foam to create a cooler sleeping surface. The 2-inch foam is infused with cooling gel. The foam has air in it. The base layer of support foam is infused with charcoal. Better Sleep is a multi-layer memory foam that helps relieve neck, shoulder, and head pain. The cooling gel helps you sleep. Weightless Sleep is a temperature regulated construction that makes you feel like you are sleeping. Even with partners, the motion isolation helps you sleep. It is possible to ship to your front door for easy transport to any room. Unbox, unroll, and your mattress will expand. This mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty. A 30-day sleep trial. It was made in the USA. The dimensions are 80 x 60 x 10 inches.

Brand: Perfect Cloud

👤I read every review here before purchasing my Perfect Cloud Elegance. They can get some good information from them, but they can't tell me how this mattress feels. Many describe it as both firm and soft. I think I am not alone in the apprehension I feel ordering a mattress that I never tried because a bunch of strangers say it feels good to them. In order to help future buyers, I took a field trip to my local furniture emporium in NYC to find a mattress with the approximate specifications and feel of the Elegance. I took a lot of notes after testing every memory foam mattress they had. Consumer Reports has advice on mattress testing. The key is to test each mattress for at least 10 minutes. Write down the specifications of the memory foam mattresses you are considering on Amazon or elsewhere. In the showroom, find mattresses that are in line with the specifications. Take notes on how each position feels to you. You will be able to make a more informed decision with a little homework. This is my advice to anyone who is interested in purchasing the PC Elegance. Go to a mattress showroom that carries TEMPER-pedic and find the TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Medium MF. The mattress has about 4” of two kinds of memory foam over 7.5” of base material. It has a similar feel to the TEMPUR "sinking" feeling, conforming to your body, as well as medium support. I found this to be the closest to the Perfect Cloud Elegance. The Elegance may be a tad less sinking and a bit more supportive, but my Elegance is brand new and the showroom model has a few miles on it, so that may be a wash. The showroom price of the TEMPER-Cloud Supreme is more than four times the price of the Perfect Cloud. My Perfect Cloud Elegance experience smells almost nothing. Zip. The cover is only noticeable with my nose. This was not an issue for me. This is a two person job, though I manage it myself. Once the mattress is out of the plastic, it is a good idea to align the bottom corners of the mattress into the corners of the cover. The cover was a little askew, but it still held up. I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't done anything, it might have worked itself out with no help from me at all. I will never know. I have not noticed that this is a problem. I am not going to tell you how it feels to me since that is useless to you. If you haven't slept on a memory foam mattress before, it feels very different than what you're used to. The base layers provide support while the upper memory foam layers provide a sinking feeling. The base layers all provide the same support, even though the memory foam is more inches. It is just a matter of how much you sink. You will want to find the right balance. Some mattresses have non-memory foams on top which gives a bounce-back sensation. Pay attention to how they are constructed and how they feel as you test them to make connections for yourself. The mattresses I tested ranged from 2” of memory foam to 6” of memory foam, with the amount ofsinking and hard to maneuver around being the most alarming. The Elegance has 3 memory foam layers totaling 4.5” and is in the medium category, which is consistent with my showroom experience on similar mattresses, like the TEMPER-Cloud Supreme Medium. I love this mattress. I am moving from a 16 year old Kingsdown mattress which had lost its magic in the support and plush departments. I had been sleeping badly for a while and it was taking a toll. I am enjoying my nights more and more. I have high hopes for many years of the same purchase, and I don't regret it. The mattress was very comfortable from the beginning, but we decided we would like a bit of plush on top to make moving a little easier. My partner says that memory foam is a little like sleeping on an eraser, but it is a different sensation than a traditional mattress. We bought this item. The Live Comfortably Cuddlebed Down Alternative Mattress Topper is a great complement to the Perfect Cloud. The benefits of memory foam are now available with the perfect touch of plush. We are very happy with our purchase. I travel a lot, and nearly every bed I encounter is less comfortable that our Perfect Cloud, only the bed in an upscale Paris hotel gave me consistently good sleep quality, or maybe that was just the magic of Paris. I come home tired and sore, but the Perfect Cloud revives me in just a night or two. 1.5 year update: still happy with the mattress. The feel is the same as it was when it first arrived, but with a little more of that sinking feeling, making it even more of a dead ringer for the TEMPER-Cloud Supreme Medium. We recently had a cat sitter stay in our apartment for a week, and she mentioned how comfortable and cozy our bed was, and how well she slept. It is still very sweet to come home to. 3 year update Yeah, I'm still happy with this mattress. It still looks new, and it's holding up great. After nearly five years, the mattress still performs and holds up well, despite the fact that it has been supported by two grown men. The cover material is holding up nicely, even though it has not been pilling or discolored. I would happily buy this mattress again.


What is the best product for best queen mattresses 14?

Best queen mattresses 14 products from Signature Sleep. In this article about best queen mattresses 14 you can see why people choose the product. Best Price Mattress and Zinus are also good brands to look for when you are finding best queen mattresses 14.

What are the best brands for best queen mattresses 14?

Signature Sleep, Best Price Mattress and Zinus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best queen mattresses 14. Find the detail in this article. Olee Sleep, Crystli and Novilla are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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