Best Best Queen Mattresses 12 Inch

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1. Zinus Memory Green Mattress Queen

Zinus Memory Green Mattress Queen

Green Tea- infused Memory Foam has a soft cover. The right mixture is a recipe for rejuvenation. Green tea and ActivCharcoal are infused into a pressure-relieving memory foam that cradles your shape so you don't wake up sore and tired. Complying memory foam, 2 inches soft, and 7 inches high density base support foam are ideal for side sleepers and average weight sleepers. CertiPUR US Certified is the highest quality foam. EXPERTLY PACKAGED. This mattress can be compressed into a single box that is easy to ship and maneuver into the bedroom, and it can expand into its original shape within 72 hours. The twin mattress has a maximum weight of 250 lbs, while all other sizes can support up to 500 lbs.

Brand: Zinus

👤Do notZIP the matTRESS cover. The mattress was really nice for the first year and a half. We tried to clean the mattress without removing the cover but couldn't get the stain out because of the accident. We decided to remove the fiberglass cover and make a storm out of our house. We have spent thousands of dollars trying to fix the disaster. The fiber glass particles are in the air. There are shards of glass in everything. We will have to throw out a lot of our stuff because it's cotton. I called the company and they told me that the cover is not to be removed. Why did you put a zip on it? Do notZIP the matTRESS COVER if you took the time to read this.

👤Because... The mattress is very comfortable. I bought a Queen for my boyfriend. We smelled a strong smell when we opened it. We washed the mattress after we let it rise fully for two days. I stood the mattress up on it's side to make sure it was out. Put the mattress cover and clean sheets on the bed after spraying it with febreeze. I thought that had worked, but it was back in a week. You can smell it when you walk into the apartment. I can't imagine what summer will be like. My boyfriend has been having headaches in the last month. I am worried that there is a connection between his issues and the mattress. He has been sleeping on the couch. We are 100% confident in our ability. Can't deal with the SMELL for a long time. If it is chronic health issues!

👤I received this item with my prime membership on January 29th. I put it on top of the bed to inflate it. It appeared to be fully inflated in 4 hours. The packing information says to wait at least 48 hours before inflating. I broke down to see how it felt. I have been having a lot of pain in my hip and shoulder due to my side sleeping on a pillow top mattress. It is very comfortable to lay on this bed for a few minutes. I will leave a review once I have slept in it for a few nights. I'm very excited. We will see how it goes on my box springs. I was a bit disappointed to know that you can't flip the mattress only rotation it, which is what I have with my terrible pillow top. I flip my mattresses every month. I will say that I was worried about it forming its natural state as it had a lot of weird lump from packing, but it has formed to a normal mattress on my way out the door today. I will have to inspect it when I move it to my actual bed. Update! I have been sleeping on this mattress for a week. I think it was my mattress that I got very warm on one night. I have an issue with my old pillow top when I run hot and cold. You think this mattress is very firm when you first lay it down. Oh Hell. No! The memory foam is very comfortable and it starts to form on your body. I was having a lot of hip pain with my old mattress. I think my pain will go away given more time with the new bed. My review is positive. I'm very pleased that I was able to get for 179$ and arrive in 2 days. The last photo shows me sitting on the edge of the bed showing how much I have lost with my weight. Thankfully I am not. I have been sleeping on this bed for over a month and wanted to update my thoughts. I had a lot of pain when I bought my new mattress. I credit my bed for helping me recover from the pain, I couldn't walk around during the day because of it. If you can't afford a new mattress, this is a great item. There is a This bed is tested for 500 lbs and as a big girl I sleep on it with my dog and cat. I feel more rested and relaxed than I have in a long time.

2. Vibe Quilted Innerspring 12 Inch Mattress

Vibe Quilted Innerspring 12 Inch Mattress

54" W x 75" L x12" H. The euro pillow top is gorgeous. The stretch knit quilted cover is very detailed. Individually wrapped innerspring coils provide support. CertiPUR-US program standards for performance, emissions, and durability. The 10 year warranty is for medium-plush feel. The frame/foundation/base is not included in the delivery of the mattress, which is compressed and rolled in a box.

Brand: Vibe

👤I'm 6'5 and fluffy. When we needed a mattress in a hurry, but were about to move to a new home with a new bed situation, I didn't want to shell out for an expensive mattress if I wasn't sure what I was. When the gf suggested a mattress from a box, I was skeptical. I didn't think I'd need to sleep on it long. I handed my card to her and she was skeptical. When it arrived, I was completely convinced that it wouldn't be enough for me to be comfortable on. I didn't want to get yeeted through the wall, so I was hesitant to open it. Shakespeare is in the works. What fat butt through a window? We opened it and it was so filthy. Space saver technology has come a long way. It was a thick mattress. It was very comfortable. Is it comfortable? I paid over 1k for my last mattress. I'll take this mattress every time if I had the choice between the two. I sleep with no tossing or turning, and no feeling of being sprawled all night. I love this purchase. I dropped the box on the floor because I carried it inside while shirtless, but I didn't want to lose my nipple. That's not on the mattress. It is a deep mattress, so make sure you have deep pocket sheets with it.

👤My wife was complaining that our previous mattress was causing her back pain, and at some point we went through flipping the mattress, and her back pain stopped, and mine started in a big way. Our previous mattress was the very top of the line from the manufacturer, but it was 11 years old. I don't jump at advice if it involves shoveling out money and thinking my back pain is due to a disease I had 12 years ago. If I followed the advice of the mattress manufacturer, I should replace the mattress in around 5 years, since the new top of the line mattress is now costing $2,500. I bought a mattress after looking around. Even if this thing is not durable or a total mistake, I'm out less than $300 and the reviews I'm looking at are legit, so I thought this was a good buy. Would it be a good buy for someone who has been on their 4th mattress for 30 years? My wife and I have slept on this mattress for 11 nights in a row, with one night in between at a hotel while visiting our daughter at college. My wife and I have been getting great nights sleep because of the improvement in my back pain. My wife and I had a bad night's sleep and woke up with sore backs, which is unusual for my experience with the Hilton line, but the hotel we stayed at was a Homewood Suites and it was great. My back pain was gone after we returned home. I'm very pleased with the purchase so far. It's early on. It feels well made, it isn't noisy, and it doesn't give in as I sit on the edge, I'm over 6' tall and over 250 lbs. I hope to update my review after a year or so, but early on I wanted to share my experience because I was so eager to see how much better my back feels.

3. Sweetnight CertiPUR US Certified Isolation Mattresses

Sweetnight CertiPUR US Certified Isolation Mattresses

The Sweetnight queen size mattress is flappable with 4 layers of foam. You can sleep on either side. It is like having 2 in 1 It's a great value for money. Gel infused memory foam on the top keeps you cool, followed by comfort foam, pressure points, and more. The high density support foam on the bottom is strong and resistant to sagging and roll-off. The queen size mattress is designed with exclusive foam. For the perfect level of support, 4 layers and 3 zones should be used. It keeps your body in proper alignment and relieves pressure on your sleep. The mattress queen size helps those with back pain and sweat. GEL-INFUSED MEMORY FOAM IS FORMOTION. The queen memory foam mattress provides a full 12 inches of support and is made with pillow top gel memory foam. Relax your shoulders, spine, hips, and feet. The foam core provides support. This queen foam mattress is the best for stories at night. There is no curfew or 10 year prophecy. The fair price pillow top queen mattresses are made by them. Sweetnight mattress is made with CertiPUR-US Certified foam, which is free of harmful foam, and guarantees a good night's sleep. Their queen size mattresses are 10 years old. 98% of their customers keep their gel memory foam mattress and refer it to others. They fit all frames, such as box spring, floor, slatted base, and flat platform. Their mattresses queen size are compressed, rolled, and shipped in a box for easy set up. It's easy to move through narrow hallways. It is recommended that you have 72 hours to recover from your new mattress. If you want to break-in to the way you sleep, they recommend sleeping on a gel mattress for a few weeks.

Brand: Sweetnight

👤I picked up the mattress for my in-laws as a thank you gift. We just had to see if this would be an improvement after they stayed at our house for several months and heard how well they slept, but their old mattress was a pillow-top. Our mattress was 12 inches. We paid 2 grand for it nine years ago. I wanted to see what the gel memory foam was like because it looked like a good deal, but it was not the cheapest we found. The product was delivered in a big yellow box. The mattress was folded in half and rolled up in a compressed form inside a plastic sheeth, which was also filled with an envelope and a warranty card, as well as an amusing cartoon about a thief falling asleep on a Sweetnight mattress. I used to slice through the plastic holding the package together to open it. I put it on the box spring. I slit the end of the bag that was still compressed. I removed the bag from the mattress like removing an envelope from a letter. The first thing I noticed was how quickly the mattress fell down. Our mattress took about 48 hours to fully deflate, whereas with this mattress it only took a few seconds. I laid down on it and it was soft. I decided to film the difference between the two sides of the mattress after reading in the instruction booklet that one side was softer than the other. I had my 6 year old daughter walk around on the mattress with a glass of water in the middle, then she had to jump up and down on the firm side. You could see in the videos that the soft side transfers a good bit of motion just walking around on the mattress and the firmer side requires her to jump to really see the water move, but it doesn't so I can't do that. My in-laws decided to go with the firm side of the bed because they were concerned that too soft a mattress might cause back issues. After 3 nights of sleeping, it is the best night sleep they have had in years, and they keep thanking us for the wonderful mattress. I'm not sure if it expanded at all from the 1st to the 3rd night because they have not noticed a difference. The softer side of the mattress is so good that they don't need to try it. It has a good price, easy to set up, pillowy soft and cool, and an amusing little cartoon, but I couldn't smell it anymore after putting sheets on it.

👤We were looking for a queen mattress to replace our spring mattress. We decided to try something different with memory foam. It is a nice medium firmness, but I thought it would be much more firm. The mattress was well packaged and was what they said it would be. Great deal. The hotel room had a cool firm memory foam mattress. The mattress we slept on at the Hotel is very similar to this one. This bed does not put pressure on my joints. It helps your body and your muscles relax. I love it!

4. Iyee Nature Cooling Gel Supportive Breathable

Iyee Nature Cooling Gel Supportive Breathable

We are a manufacturer with professional production and R&D teams. The best price mattress you can get is guaranteed. Their bed mattress has a 10 year warranty. Contact them at any time for support if you are dissatisfied. Also, note: If you allow up to 72 hours for the mattress to fully expand, it will be able to do so. It may take longer due to other factors. Iyee Nature 12 inch cooling-gel memory foam mattress has a three-layer full foam system. The mattress has gel memory foam, a comfort layer and a high density base support foam. Design with ergonomics in mind. It gives you the ultimate comfort. Iyee Nature mattress queen size is 75. High-density memory foam is added with a gel factor to keep your body cool. It fits the human body curve at the same time. Like sleeping in the clouds, low rolling resistance and deep sleep guarantee. Iyee Nature queen size mattress gives you a good night's sleep. Iyee Nature Memory Foam does not contain harmful substances such as Formaldehyde, mercury and other heavy metals. The soft fabric allows you to sleep. Mattress in a box It is easy to get a mattress into the home with the roll into a box method. Also, note: The mattress needs 48 hours to fully expand to its original state, and you can try to shake the mattress and pat the surface gently to allow the air to enter the sponge. It can help it regain its shape. There is a professional production R&D team and a professional customer service team. To give you the best after-sales service. If you are dissatisfied, please contact them. I think you will fall in love with the mattress of IYEE NATURE. IYEE NATURE has a quality guarantee of 10 years and 30 days. They want you to have a great shopping experience.

Brand: Iyee Nature

👤I am not happy with this mattress. I paid a lot for a 12” mattress, and I expect to get what I paid for. It has been sitting for 36 hours and hasn't budged beyond 9.75” I tried to warm my apartment to a high temperature but it didn't help. It would be very uncomfortable to sleep on it below 12” as the mattress is made for a 12” mattress. I would slip and slide around as the case isn't taut enough with the amount of room not taken up. I am disappointed because I have read great reviews on this mattress. I gave away my old mattress, and now I am stuck sleeping on my couch for who knows how long. I will have to return it if it doesn't expand by tomorrow. This has been a terrible experience so far.

👤I was hesitant to buy one of them. The price was too good to get a quality product. I wanted to make sure it was comfortable enough for my son to take the test, so I ordered a Queen for myself. I have had injuries from the military and have not slept in years, but I wake up feeling better than I have in a long time. It took about 72 hours for the product to be fully decompressed from shipping, and there was no smell from it. I will be replacing every mattress in my home with this brand. I try to buy U.S. manufactured items, but this is a great product from an international manufacturer. Don't hesitate. As soon as funds allow, buying the Queen size. Thank you so much!

👤I bought a mattress. I was skeptical about buying hybrid or memory foam, but it's perfect for my needs as a side sleeper. Shipping is on time. My shoulder and hips are comfortable during deep sleep, which was not found with my previous mattress. I would recommend this mattress to anyone.

👤I am very happy with the mattress purchase. I never thought a mattress could be that comfortable. I was hesitant to purchase online, but after reading the reviews, I decided to take a chance. The only way to explain it is to have the right amount of plush with the right amount of firmness. No backaches in the morning! I used to wake up many times during the night because I would be too hot, even when I bought cooling pads. It stays cool with this one. It is worth every penny. I would recommend it to everyone. The mattress is made with quality and comfort in mind.

👤One year update is still holding up well. Have no complaints about this mattress. I was very nervous about buying a bed. I had to check it 20 times to make sure it wasn'tinflating. We had it for 3 weeks. We sleep well and we are amazed at how comfortable it is. It feels very soft when you first sit on it. My husband was initially skeptical, but it is just that too memory foam layer. There was no smell when it came. We are very pleased with the mattress. We still love this mattress, I am so thankful we bought it. I have not had any problems with this bed because of my low back issues.

5. Mattress Ssecretland CertiPUR US Certified Feels Bed

Mattress Ssecretland CertiPUR US Certified Feels Bed

There is a 30-day money-back return policy on the mattress. Their professional customer service team is here to help. Contact them at any time for support if you are dissatisfied. Also, note: 72 hours is the recommended time for air out and reconfiguration of the mattress. Ssecretland 12'' 3 inches of HD gel memory foam, 2 inches of HD comfort foam layer and 7 inches of HD base support foam are included in the mattress. Gel foam keeps the mattress temperature constant. Help your body sleep better. The high density base support foam provides support and relief that helps distribute pressure points in any sleeping position. The design of the mattress allows it to mold to the sleeper's natural shape and keep you cool while you sleep. Ultra soft fabrics on the mattress surface help with 30% breath-ability. The unique design of the memory foam mattress allows it to be shaped into the natural shape of the sleepers and keep it cool while you sleep. The mattress is compressed, rolled and shipped in a box to your door for easy set-up. They are a manufacturer with professional production and R&D teams. The best price mattress you can get is guaranteed. Their bed mattress has a 10 year warranty. Contact them at any time for support if you are dissatisfied. Also, note: If you allow up to 72 hours for the mattress to fully expand, it will be able to do so. It may take longer due to other factors.

Brand: S Secretland

👤I was not happy with the mattress initially. It was too firm for me, even though it Inflated quickly to the 10inch. After I wrote a review and the seller realized I was unhappy, they took the time to look at what I was not happy with. After speaking with the rep, they offered to send me a very nice 2inch mattress topper to see if it was more of my liking, and also offered to give me a full refund if it wasn't. It was, but sure enough. The top of my head was what I needed. I am changing my review from 3 to 5 stars because they listened to the consumer and took the time to reach out and solve the problem while also making sure I was happy with the product. Thank you again for your customer service! Thanks a lot.

👤This is the first mattress that I have had. I don't think you can beat the description and sales point for the price. I wanted to relocate in a few years so I didn't want to purchase a very expensive mattress. I opened the box and took the mattress out, then I bought a 60X80 pancake. I used a knife to remove the bag. Within minutes the mattress grew to 85% and continued to grow. There was a faint chemical but it was nothing to be alarmed about. My sleep was so deep that my dreams were twenty years old. The mattress is effective for side or back rest. I don't think it's a mattress for sitting on, but I hope it holds up. I am still satisfied with my purchase. The mattress provides me with a better sleep than the one I had before. I don't believe the bug beds came from the factory or somehow got into the vacuum sealed bag, I read a post that said there was bug beds on the delivered mattress. Bed bugs like to attach themselves to mammals at rest. If you are going to reuse an old box, make sure it is throughly top and bottom. Then put it in a bug proof bag. The walls and floors need to be cleaned. Don't eat cheese and crackers in bed.

👤Firm but patient. I'm fat and have trouble sleeping for a couple years. I lay on my stomach and got a good night's sleep. It helped us so much after having it for a week. For the money? Win!

👤Very nice mattress! The price is a great value. We were surprised that the mattress expanded in 40 seconds. It is medium firm and comfortable. We have slept on it for a couple days and we love it. I am very happy with my purchase, it was a very good investment.

👤The bed mattress is very comfortable. It's just right, not too soft and not too hard. My husband and I both have back issues and it has helped us greatly. I have not had a backache since buying it. The mattress is the best I have ever used. I would recommend my friends and family.

6. Subrtex Comfortable Memory Foam Mattress Bed

Subrtex Comfortable Memory Foam Mattress Bed

The queen size mattress is easy to move by 4 handles, there are two on each side. Their mattress is covered by a 10-year limit warranty. They have a professional customer support team that can help with any problems. They want to make sure you have good sleep. Subrtex uses high-density memory foam which prolongs the lifespan of the mattress. Their mattress is made from 3 layers of foam, with gel- infused memory foam providing a cooler sleeping environment, comfort foam and high density base foam giving your body complete support. CertiPUR-US standards have zero harmful chemicals in foam and materials. There was no Formaldehyde or low VOC. The scientific foam structure maximizes the function of different foam layers. It's anti-ference. There was no motion transfer. You won't have to worry about waking your partner because you will sleep all night. There is a new air fryer cover. The mattress has two covers, one outer and one inner. It is easy to clean. Buy and sleep worry-free with a 10-year warranty. Leave the mattress in aventilated area for 48 to 72 hours before you use it. The time may need more time if the temperature is 78F.

Brand: Subrtex

👤The cheap twin size mattresses I had been sleeping on were too small for my king bed frame. The quality of this mattress is so good that I am overwhelmed. You never know when you'll be able to order online, but this is a steal for the price. It was delivered to my front door in a box, which is much easier than buying a king size mattress in a store, paying for delivery or borrowing a truck, and having to wrestle it from a parking lot into a tiny apartment. I opened the box, slid it out, and removed the shrink wrap to see it expand in minutes. It was ready to be put on the bed frame immediately and there was no smell. The covering is high quality and has a zip for removal in case it needs to be laundered. The embroidered name was not printed on the end of the bed. I liked that detail. The mattress forms to my hands when I push it down, which I initially thought was too soft. The top layer of the bed was soft and the support was out of this world. I have never slept on a bed that supported my entire body. Even after a long day of filming, I still have to be at my best everyday. I can honestly say that I have never slept better and felt more rested when I have a new bed. My parents should replace their old memory foam mattress with one of these. They've never been very happy with theirs and have been looking for a new one. Best buy ever! Thank you so much! There are some reviews that mention the mattress being too thin. I didn't have that experience. Even with 15 minutes of unpacking, it was the full depth. It was perfect and I slept on it within 2 hours.

👤The mattress expanded to about 8” and stayed there. The cover remained loose even after several days, even though the mattress did not expand any higher. There is a big difference between 8” and 12” when you are dealing with mobility issues. I gave it two stars because it didn't have any sort of odor upon unrolling it, which was nice. It appears to be comfortable, but we won't be able to use it because it's too low. I upgraded my review to 4 stars because Subrtex customer service was very helpful and attentive after my purchase, since the mattress did not live up to my expectations.

👤This is not a mattress. There is no support. I sink to the box spring when I sit on the bed. The same thing happened when my daughter tried it. This is not a mattress, but a piece of furniture. I believed some of the other posts about how good it is and they must have been paid reviews because there is no way their review accurately reflects this product. I woke up with terrible back pain after trying to sleep on it. I ordered a 10” mattress and it was only expanded to 8” a week later.

7. Olee Sleep Memory Mattress 10FM02Q

Olee Sleep Memory Mattress 10FM02Q

CertiPUR-US certified memory foam is what they use. The quality medium firm mattress has an ideal level of comfort and support for all sleeping positions. It is perfectly balanced to relieve pressure. The foam layer is infused with cooling gel. Breathable outer cover. The high density base layer is used for a long lasting mattress. Queen is 80 x 60 x 10 inches. There is a mixture of polyester and spandex. Allow the mattress to expand for 72 hours. The base layer is 5 inches of HD foam.

Brand: Olee Sleep

👤I researched a few novels on Amazon before buying them. I wanted a good actress without breaking the bank. This olive was a good choice for a reasonable price. I've saved on $5,000 Mathews, and this really isn't that bad for $200. I have not stopped on it for 6 months or had a final assessment. It is delivered in a box. It took me 10 minutes to open and cut the plastic. It didn't have any noxious odors or chemicals. It takes 48 hours to get to the full 10-inch thickness, but it was already at 9 inches by the first night. I am a side sleeper and like soft mattresses, so I don't like things too much. This mat is very soft on the top runners, but you can tell it has support as you sink down. I am about 6 feet tall and 220 lbs and it can support my size. This 888-405-7720 I would recommend it.

👤Asian countries built a few things with hazardous materials. I bought this mattress because a few people said it didn't have fiberglass. After installing the mattress, I feel pain in my lungs after 2 days, but I didn't smell bad or anything. On their website and on, the listing reads CertiPUR and other certifications that it has no harmful materials but look at the attached photos. This was a gift for my son. The person who wrote the label spoke and wrote like a Jedi, but Glass Fiber is the same thing as fiberglass. This is the reason I never buy from any of them. I know most items are manufactured in Asia but my TV, car, and computer are not throwing away harmful particles that harm my family. My family's health is at risk because of this mattress. The box arrived destroyed by USPS and I can't return it. This was bought and shipped directly from Amazon and their employees are at risk as well as they receive many returns of this kind of mattress, they open, test, repack, etc. How many brands and mattresses are in their warehouses? Thousands for sure. Don't buy this kind ofTRESS.

👤I love this mattress, it is between heaven and a coma. I feel like I am catching up on sleep. It takes about two days for your joints and full body to get used to the soft hugging support, and then you can go back to your traditional mattress. Within 15 minutes my mom's hips shifted back into proper alignment, and within 20 minutes she was asleep. This mattress is the best I have ever owned. Pair it with a platform frame and it is a wonder. It looks great. Highly recommended!

👤If you get the bed shipped for less than two bills, it's a good value. My past memory foam mattresses have had a break where they were very firm. This one did not. I prefer a plush mattress as I don't want to feel like I am sleeping on a board. I hope that the initial softness of this mattress doesn't mean it will be soft in a few months, but time will tell. The firmness is gone after 45 days. There isn't any support. The one it replaced is just as bad. My back hurts again. I just flushed $300 down the drain, so I can't recommend this.

8. Queen Mattress Sweetnight 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Pressure Relief Restful Sleep CertiPUR US

Queen Mattress Sweetnight 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Pressure Relief Restful Sleep CertiPUR US

5% rosin, 30% rosin, and 70% rosin. The Sweetnight Queen mattress is designed with 3 layers of zone system to give you a medium firm feeling. Help to relieve back pain. Sleep cooler. The gel Memory Foam on this Queen mattress helps to cool the body. Their foam has millions of open cells that act as airway chambers, which allow maximum air flow for temperature regulation. The queen size mattress is made of 3”gel infused memory foam and can be adjusted for body temperature. 3.5” air flow foam provides a combination of comfort. The foam provides edge support. Certipur-US Certified foam is used in their Sweetnight Queen mattress. Breathable fabric cover helps to move both heat and water away from the queen mattress. Sweetnight king size foam mattress comes with a limited, 30 day free return. The king size memory foam mattress is easy to setup and ship.

Brand: Sweetnight

👤The bed was great for the price. I left an original review of 4 stars for the mattress that I had used for a month because it was not incredibly comfortable. The bed has hurt my back more and more since I've been sleeping on it. After less than a year of owning this product, there is a noticable impression being left in the mattress at all times. The sides of the mattress seem to have an impression around my midsection. I'm not a heavy person, so this shouldn't be the case soon. It's starting to make me feel like I'm not getting enough sleep, and I'm up in bed all night. Sometimes I'll sleep on the couch because of this. I was hoping the price point would be a decent compromise, but this shows you do get what you pay for. There is a If you have a little more of a budget and want the mattress to last longer, this may not be the best one. I am researching other mattresses as I don't want to use this one anymore.

👤I am very impressed with this mattress. The cost of moving the old tradition spring mattresses was too much. I decided to purchase the sweetnight because of the convenience and cost, and I ordered two so they would arrive on the day of my arrival to an empty house. My move will arrive in 45 days. The quality of the product and the quality of my sleep was amazing. The consensus was unanimous in the house. My husband and I slept on the other mattress, my kids slept in one mattress. We slept on them after 10 hours of opening. I couldn't be happier with the product, but I can't say for the longevity. I will never go back to spring mattresses again. This mattress has gotten 5 stars from me for 5 months. After buying one for my son, we ended up buying three more and everyone loves them. Several guests have slept on them and they are blown away. I have dropped thousands upon thousands of dollars on a single spring mattress before, you know when you walk into a mattress store and haven't a clue so you buy the third most expensive one in the joint thinking higher cost, higher quality. That was me. I liked my old mattress, but memory foam is much better, and I didn't like it at all. My husband likes a firm bed, I like a soft one. We had to compromise on a regular spring. This memory foam gives me a soft, supple feel and supports my husband. It is amazing. I reiterate that I am never going back to a spring mattress.

👤The sciatic nerve is very painful and I recently embarked on a painful adventure. This made sleeping on a 4” memory foam mattress impossible. I was shocked by the price of the mattress I bought at the furniture stores. The decision was made to buy a mattress in a box. Why not? The mattress was delivered quickly. The furniture store could have been quicker. I was wondering how a mattress could be inside a box of that size. The magic began. Even with a back injury, the unpacking was easy and fascinating to watch a full size mattress come to life. The instructions state to wait 72 hours for the foam to fully revive. I took a quick comfort test on day two. Nice! The mattress is on my box springs. It is taller than my old mattress. 5 stars from me. Firm but squishy! I can't wait to sleep. It's already one year later! I have no regrets about this purchase. The bed was the same as it was on the first day. There is no grooves or dips in the spot where I sleep. It's still right.

9. Olee Sleep VCN09FM04Q Multi Layered Mattress

Olee Sleep VCN09FM04Q Multi Layered Mattress

3 layers of foam: Dura I-Gel foam, Dura HD Convoluted foam and Dura HD foam. I-Gel foam keeps you cool during sleep. Thevoluted foam provides better air flow. HD foam supports your back. The mattress is delivered in a box directly to the door. Allow the mattress to expand for 72 hours. The mattress is delivered in a box directly to the door. Allow the mattress to expand for 72 hours.

Brand: Olee Sleep

👤I can't tell you how upset I am. I was very excited to get a new mattress. I have been waiting all week. I couldn't wait to open it. I opened it and noticed there were bugs all over the mattress. I ignored the review that said there were bugs because I was hoping it was a one time deal. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. I ordered a king bed that hangs over the end of my king frame. I am so upset.

👤This is the second mattress I have purchased from Amazon. I upgraded to a king after the first queen. Those prices for a memory foam are a robbery. I recommend buying your mattresses from Amazon, and reading your reviews. This was a great buy. Olee sleep is a great brand, quality is great, comfort is great, and price is amazing. It lasts a long time and you can wash it from time to time, and it has a fresh smell. It is more on the firm side.

👤My mother has a full size daybed. We stayed there for extended leave because of electrical issues in our tiny trailer. I have been sleeping on this for about two weeks. I know our landlord sucks, but we should really suit him. I weigh almost 300 pounds and this mattress supports my weight and is only now beginning to sync just a little. I wake up without sciatic nerve pain, and I'm able to sleep better. I get hot quite easily, but this doesn't make me uncomfortable or sweaty like my regular mattress can. The five separate monthly payments option made it easier to afford this product. I'm only paying $35 a month because it was listed for $168. Which is helpful. I will get a new one for my bed because I am so pleased with this product. I don't know how long it will take before it sinks completely, but I have had a good two and a half weeks from it so far. I can highly recommend this point.

👤This thing was only a few inches thick. I let it grow for a week. It has expanded to 8 inches or so. The sheets are not as tight as a normal mattress, but they are still good. I have tested it in a spare room. I have a mattress in the main bedroom. It compares well to that. I didn't have an odor issue. Not sure how you can beat this price. Hopefully it's made of safe material because it is made in China. I bought an instant bed frame to place it on and it has been slept on a lot. It is in great condition.

👤We sleep on a broken down mattress at a relatives house and purchased this last minute to replace it. The delivery of a mattress to the doorstep on Christmas eve was awesome. It made our Christmas travels much better, because we can get decent sleep with no back pain. It is firm enough to support my husband's back, but not so firm as to make my hips and shoulders hurt when I sleep. It met our needs well. No bad smell either! This one is very low order and we only use Certi-Pur verified items. The price is a great value.

10. Linenspa Memory Innerspring Hybrid Mattresses

Linenspa Memory Innerspring Hybrid Mattresses

The 10 inch hybrid combines the traditional support of an innerspring twin size mattress with the plush comfort of hypallergenic memory foam for a medium feel. A plush layer of memory foam helps align the spine to minimize pressure points for increased comfort. This universally comfortable mattress is compressed and shipped in a box for convenient delivery and setup. There are three profiles available, a medium-firm 8-inch, a medium 10-inch, and a plush 12-inch. The packaging process may leave small brown pieces called carbons in the mattress packaging, which are harmless pieces of plastic and will not stick to your mattress.

Brand: Linenspa

👤I didn't see a review about a bed bug. I was happy that I bought them. I started to panic after I saw a bunch of reviews saying there were bugs. I have had bed bugs before and they are something I never want to experience again. I was upset that something I ordered would be with them. It's impossible for this to happen as the mattresses are pressed and rolled as soon as they're made, according to Linenspa. I'm not sure who first said there were bugs. There are dirt and wood specifications, but they are embedded in the plastic. I didn't take any pictures, but I did take a screw driver and dig a hole to make sure the bugs weren't going to touch the bed. They have a lot of plastic and anything that was there was embedded in it. None of them looked like bugs. The only complaint I can have is that the specifications are there. We don't live in a perfect world, but they wouldn't be.

👤I have two of these in my home for my children. I replaced an old mattress for my daughter. My daughter loved the mattress. There were no issues with the mattress. I was going to order a second mattress for my son in February of this year, but I noticed that there were many reviews about reports of bed bugs. Let me explain my experience here... Military training students are on a constant rotation and I work in the hotel business. Bed bugs have nothing to do with personal hygiene, they can ruin anything from a fancy hotel to a no-tell motel. Bed bugs can travel and hide in anything, so they can be found in clothes, shoes, carpets, suitcases, curtains, laptops, alarm clocks and a book. If you think the bedbug came from the mattress, you should throw it out. You still have bed bugs because your house is now being attacked. These are the Linenspa mattresses. I like these things... My kids love them, they're very comfortable and affordable. Our house is free of those little devils because I have already purchased one and never had any issues. After reading the negative bug reviews, I went ahead and ordered my second mattress. If you're ever worried about something like this, you should open the bathroom door. I opened the box and inspected it, but didn't see anything, so I put a bedsheet on the driveway and inspected it. Nope... A nice clean mattress with no bugs or smells. Carried it inside, no issues, son happy... If you open it and sleep on it, you're probably the one who has one that's infested. You... Your whole house is now a hive of bugs, and maybe it was before you bought a new mattress. I want to make it clear that I am trained in spotting and dealing with those little devils, and I work in the hotel business, so I know how to deal with them. I've bought two of these mattresses from this company and never had an issue with bugs or smells, so if I need a third or fourth mattress, I would buy another... If you ever suspect something like this from this company, or any company, you should open it outside on a clean sheet and inspect it thoroughly before you bring it in.

11. Classic Brands 12 Inch Mattress Conventional

Classic Brands 12 Inch Mattress Conventional

72" W x 84" L Premium pressure-relieving memory foam and high-density aerated cool gel memory foam are combined together to provide essential support and comfort for a deeper night's sleep. A stretch knit fabric cover with waterfall edge and matching knit side panels are tailored and detailed. CertiPUR-US program standards for performance, emissions, and durability are met by the porous, open cell design of the memory foam. The 10 year warranty is for the plush feel with firm support and base friendly. The mattress is compressed, rolled and shipped in a box for easy set-up.

Brand: Classic Brands

👤I opened the bed to clean the covers and only 4 inches of memory foam was in the inside. You can buy beige egg-carton style foam at a hardware store. I paid $400 for a mattress that was supposed to be a 12-inch mattress. I know why the bed was very stiff. I'll look for a different place to sleep next time.

👤This is a great mattress, especially for the price. I am watching commercials for $3000 mattresses. If you like a firm mattress, this is for you. I have been sleeping on this for about two weeks and it is awesome. My story is not the same as it was a few months ago, but it is still cool when I sleep. You are supported nicely after you sink in. I will review it after 6 months. The smell was negligent but not for long. Within 2 hours, it was fully expanded. The zip cover can be washed in cold water. The mattress is the best purchase I have ever made. I was skeptical because of the price, but it has been worth it. I am enjoying zero back pain because it still has the shape as if it was new. I have slept all night and never woken up stiff or sore. I have been sleeping on this mattress for over a year and a half and can testify that it is still the same as the first day I bought it. I would buy this again, even though the price is almost too good. I am 250 pounds and have not made a difference. You are supported and just sink in.

👤After weeks of research, I finally ordered the CB 12 Cool Gel Memory foam King Size. I've been a box spring and coil mattress guy for 60 years. I was easy prey for the store sales guys, yet I resisted the easy path of spending $3 $4 grand and after reading volumes of comparative details and thousands of reviews, would up here. It was worth the risk for about a tenth of the cost. I chatted with Classic Brands about what to expect between the hybrid model and this one. My head can't wrap itself around a bunch of springs and foam popping up to a sturdy full size without any long term effect on those springs turning mushy over time, but I can better imagine how it can be reformed to a strong enough support. My guy from theUPS is interested in what we think after we install it. The two of us were pretty good sized guys and we wrestled the heavy, dirty box into the house without any serious injury. I wrestled the box up onto the platform and into position for the grand after I pushed the box across the wood floors into the bedroom. Carefully sliced through the cover while watching the mattress expand rapidly and roll onto the bed frame. I realized it was upside down about 30 seconds into it. I had my wife push against the bottom of one side while I flipped my side up and over, and then I slid the beast onto the bed again, this time the correct side up. We gave it a try the first night, because we were prepared to expand it over night, but it was already fully expanded to it's size within a couple hours. It's plush at the same time, as many reviewers noted. I would call it medium/firm. It's easy to roll onto my side as well, because I sink in slightly. I've been sleeping on a firm mattress most of my life, but this mattress allows me to sleep on my back or side as I please. When I change position a lot less, the wife doesn't notice. We both want to stay in bed longer when we wake up as it feels so good and the occasional tango between the sheets has not been diminished in any way. I don't have to worry about heat, it's even cooler than the past spring coil mattress. It's not as comfortable to sit on the edge to put on socks as you do dip down, but that's no problem for us as we've switched to the foot of the mattress. I'm completely sold on these, even if they aren't for everyone. The best mattress purchase ever for us was at a low cost.


What is the best product for best queen mattresses 12 inch?

Best queen mattresses 12 inch products from Zinus. In this article about best queen mattresses 12 inch you can see why people choose the product. Vibe and Sweetnight are also good brands to look for when you are finding best queen mattresses 12 inch.

What are the best brands for best queen mattresses 12 inch?

Zinus, Vibe and Sweetnight are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best queen mattresses 12 inch. Find the detail in this article. Iyee Nature, S Secretland and Subrtex are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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