Best Best Queen Mattress Topper for Back Pain

Topper 5 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. LUCID Lavender Memory Mattress Topper

LUCID Lavender Memory Mattress Topper

The 2 inch memory foam mattress topper has five body zones to maximize comfort. The scent of lavender and textured memory foam make it easier to breathe. Pressure is reduced at different points of body contact by textured zones. The formula for memory foam is designed to be soft and responsive.

Brand: Lucid

👤I read the reviews before buying the mattress pad. I look for a pattern when I read a couple from each star rating. I read that it came apart in the middle of the pad. It has stayed the same since it arrived, even though the scent is gone, and that was not an issue for me. I will tell you that it turned the most uncomfortable mattress I have ever slept in into a very comfortable sleeping mattress. Thank goodness. I decided to mark one corner with a black marker because of the negative post. I believe that the shape of my pad is due to the fact that I move my sheets around the mattress every time I change them. I hope this post helps you. I think it's well worth the money.

👤I want my money back. Look at this in just 4 months. I bought this four months ago when my mom came to visit. Here is the photo before and after DO NOT BUY it.

👤When we first got it, we loved it. We loved the smell of lavender and it was very comfortable. It's making our son very hot while he sleeps. When we got the mattress, he had to have a fan on all night. His sweating has made the topper discolored. We didn't know that a mattress top could make you sweat. After only 6 months of use, the topper has a lot of tears in it. It can tear from sleeping on it. I wish it would have lasted longer. We're nervous to try after this, but we're wondering if the gel version might last longer. The company reached out to me after my review and were very accommodating. They sent me a new top hat for free and will send the gel version to see if it makes a difference in my son's body temperature. It arrived the next day. The customer service has been great so far and I will update after he sleeps on it.

👤This memory foam is very good. The lavender scent of the topper was strong after being unpackaged. I'm pretty sure your entire house will smell like you're growing lavender in one room within moments of opening the plastic. The smell was wonderful. My husband had to leave the house for a few hours as I opened the windows and let the scent diffuse, because it was overpowering. I was excited to get this on our bed and cut the fluff time down to a few hours as a result, I believe it's supposed to air out flat for up to 24 hours. The foam had fully expanded within that few hour time frame. I threw myself onto the bed like a starfish after re-dressing it. I thought about going to sleep after I sunk into the memory foam. If you don't let the topper fluff up by airing it out as recommended, it won't reach the advertised thickness. Some reviewers are complaining about the lack of thickness because of this. Within the first hour of opening, the topper will be almost flat. The old school yellow egg crate is not the same as this memory foam. The cells of the foam are very strong and can be torn if stressed. Ignore the reviews complaining about tearing if the topper isn't treated gently. I loosened the bottom corners of the sheet and tried to pull the top of the bed away from the foot of the bed. I tore the top of the mattress, as the top was stuck to the mattress. This is an example of why you should exercise caution when buying things. Once the current one is worn out, I will purchase this again. I am very happy with its performance.

2. ViscoSoft Memory Queen Mattress Topper

ViscoSoft Memory Queen Mattress Topper

Money back guarantee for 60 days. They stand behind all of their products and are committed to producing premium products. If you change your mind, you can get a full refund within the first 60 days after purchase. All ViscoSoft toppers have a 5-year warranty. The Serene 4” High Density topper is made from 2.5 inch of temperature neutral gel memory foam and 1.5 inch of plush down cover to provide comfort and support. Relieve Pain and Soreness by utilizing thousands of testing hours and reviews the topper's designed to balance of softness and support. Alleviate back, hip, and general soreness associated with a firm or old mattress. Changes to their innovative foam formula have enhanced its strength and stability. Testing from labs such as TV ensures compliance to deliver superior feel and quality. The dual layer has been tested for shrinkage, piling, appearance and other standards to guarantee durable comfort. Follow the instructions for washing the cover. Money back guarantee for 60 days. They stand behind all of their products and are committed to producing premium products. If you change your mind, you can get a full refund within the first 60 days after purchase. All ViscoSoft toppers have a 5-year warranty.

Brand: Viscosoft

👤Please watch the video to see it in action. I bought a king size mattress. The foam is soft and supportive. The design of the pad was good. I wanted to make the extra firm mattress softer. I'm hesitant when I see 1 star reviews but if you have Amazon prime, just try it out. You can return it if you don't like it. On my lunch break, I opened everything up and went home. It was wrapped tightly. It probably took 5 hours to fluff up. Get one!

👤I've always been leery of purchasing a memory foam top since I'm a walking space heater and my least favorite thing is sweating in my sleep. If you dream of swimming in your Beverly Hills mansion backyard pool, enjoying the spoils of being rich and famous, and then waking up to realize your Beverly Hills mansion is your sad two bedroom apartment, you're not alone. The sleep spongecake helps keep me comfortable all night. I'm getting a whole new world of comfort because of this mattress topper. It doesn't help me stay cool when I'm trying to talk to women. Still need some help. If you come up with a product for that, I will hit you up. This helped turn a sad sack of a bed into a fancy-pants bed for someone who can afford to add a bowl of carnitas. I can't think of anything else to think about except going back to sleep.

👤Usually don't write reviews, but wanted to share this experience. This mattress is wonderful. I ordered it after reading many reviews and trying to find something that would compliment our new mattress. The new memory foam mattress we got was too firm for my husband. I did not get a better score at Bed Bath and Beyond. I received this ViscoSoft topper in 2 days after ordering it through Amazon. The product appeared to be too short when unwrapping. I knew that this type of product was called "plumps" after unwrapping, but I had never seen one this short. I called the customer service number and got an operator right away. She was very helpful and pleasant, but she thought that it would be ok if the problem persisted, so she would send a new one out. It was fine in about an hour. This is the most comfortable mattress topper we have ever experienced. It made our mattress softer and more comfortable. There is no smell like foam products. The elasticized edges of the quilted top layer give the mattress a snug fit. If you need to soften a mattress, it's highly recommendable.

👤Love it! I have a Sleep Number bed, but I didn't want the extra memory foam. It was a mistake because I needed more support and relief from the pressure point, but the add-ons became very expensive. I made this purchase as an alternative option and I don't regret it. My bed tracks my movements so I added photos to support my review. I added this one before the first two. The 3rd is my first night without the topper. The amount of time I was tossing and turning was shown in the photos. Look at the total time before and after.

3. Sure2Sleep Memory Mattress Topper 3 Inch

Sure2Sleep Memory Mattress Topper 3 Inch

EXPERTLY PACKAGED. Simply unbox, unroll, and voila, this topper expands to its original shape within 72 hours, thanks to their technology. Total comfort is provided by the Cool GEL SWIRL Infinite Memory FOAM. Cool Gel Swirl infused memory foam and their open cell technology keep your bed temperature neutral and comfortable for a night of sleep. It's a great way to get rid of old matTRESS. It's easy to put your mattress cover under it. It's a great sleeping surface for futon beds. The total pressure point relief. The Sure2Sleep Cool Gel Swirl memory foam mattress topper is easy to install, and it will conform to the curves and shape of your body. CertiPUR-US certified materials are used in the Sure2Sleep Cool Gel Swirl memory foam topper. The Sure2Sleep Cool Gel Swirl memory foam topper has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories. Made in the USA. The 30 night no risk sleep trial is covered by Sure2SLEEP. If you are not satisfied within the first 30 nights, contact Sure2Sleep for a full refund. It is covered by a full 3 year warranty. The dimensions and size are listed.

Brand: Sure2sleep

👤I noticed that it was torn and damaged when I let it expand. It's not a big deal, but it seems like it should be left in the box.

👤I bought a bigger mattress and box spring. I like a firm mattress, but the one I got was like sleeping on a board. I decided to go with the memory foam route and see if it helped, rather than having to exchange it. It is like a new experience. More comfort! The bed is still firm, so no bouncing, but the memory foam adds a squishy comfort. I am happy with this purchase. Other reviewers said that there was no weird chemical smell.

👤We were surprised by how good this is. We left it for about an hour, some people said it might have an odor, but it did not. It was a perfect fit for the queen mattress. I asked if we could use a mattress heater with it, and was told that it could only be used if it was approved. After sleeping on it for a week, we don't need a heating source. My wife said it was like sleeping on a marshmallows. You understand the idea.

👤Next day, arrived and inflated fully. The thickness is right for my needs, and there was no odor. I didn't see a difference in my shoulder pain. It is very comfortable. If the "cool gel" part of the description was true, I would have given it 5 stars. It doesn't seem to be cooling at all, but the last one I had that claim didn't either. So far, so good!

👤I am miserable and the bites are painful, but I know the bugs were in this bed and I put it on my bed.

👤It takes getting used to. It feels like you are stuck in the foam, but still comfortable. It takes a little more effort to roll over. If you want to move or flip it, get a cover for it.

👤Comes with bed bugs. You can clearly see it is a bed bug. I lost all day dealing with this mess and now I will lose 2 more until someone picks it up. You can get a refund up to 7 days. I lost a lot of time and money. No one cares. Don't buy from this brand.

👤After reading the wonderful reviews on this website, I purchased this top hat. Yesterday it arrived. I put it on the floor so it could air out. I was going to let it rest for a full night before I put it on my bed to make sure there were no chemical smells. I was admiring my new purchase a few hours after opening it and I noticed there were holes in it, as well as a small tear, though I wasn't too concerned about that. There was no rhyme or reason to the holes. There were holes. I found out that someone else had holes in their topper as well. Bed bugs. I ran upstairs to make sure there were no bugs. Guess what? When I stacked two pairs of eyeglasses to look at the bugs, I could only see their tiny legs. I found 5 gross bugs. I have wall to wall plush carpeting and so god only knows how many tiny bugs could have been in the rooms it had been through, so I vacuumed the hell out of my house. I need to get traps to see if I have bed bugs, and if I do, I will need to hire an Exterminator to the tune of $2000. I'm disgusted! The grossest part? The bugs are going for a ride, as Amazon is sending a package to my house today to pick up the damaged and disgusting top. Someone will likely send the topper to another person. It is horrible. I'm sending it back because I want my money back. I can't believe they are taking it away. This thing should be thrown in the trash and marked "danger/bedbugs" I've been on Amazon for a long time. I have never left a negative review. I wouldn't recommend buying a bed product from Amazon. I can't believe they would take the item back.

4. Subrtex Gel Infused Ventilated Relieving Protector

Subrtex Gel Infused Ventilated Relieving Protector

It is possible to fall asleep easily and stay asleep throughout the night with the help of memory foam mattress topper. The memory topper can adapt to different sleeping positions. To wake up feeling energetic. The gel infused material helps with the air flow and creates a cooler and more comfortable sleeping environment. The longevity of their mattress toppers is ensured by the 3.5 pound density memory foam. Their foam topper helps prolong the useful life of your old mattress and saves you money on a new mattress. Purchase one of theirs and you can experience luxurious sleep at a fraction of the cost. Leave the memory foam in aventilated area for 48 to 72 hours before use. It's important to find a suitable temperature to shorten the time. All Subrtex toppers are backed by a 10 year warranty. They will take care of you if you need help after you purchase, and they are committed to helping you improve your sleep quality. All Subrtex toppers are backed by a 10 year warranty. They will take care of you if you need help after you purchase, and they are committed to helping you improve your sleep quality.

Brand: Subrtex

👤I can't imagine not having a density foam bed top. The previous topper was poorly made and didn't last. We have had a few. It's good for the money. Wife is over 100 lbs. I'm over 300 lbs. Both of us enjoy it. If you are a back or side sleeper, give it a try.

👤There is nothing we don't like about this mattress. I was unsure if the 2 inch would support, but it did. It is the perfect combination of firmness and softness. The holes in the memory foam provide good air flow. My husband and I are hot sleepers and have never complained about being hot since using this. When we wake up in the morning, we have experienced less back pain. It has far exceeded our expectations. I can not recommend this enough.

👤Nope! It was damaged, dirty and stained when it arrived. I have been tasked with repackaging an expanded memory foam. A square peg in a hole. Before cutting it open, give it a quick once over. I ordered this based on the reviews that said it was more on the firm side and I was looking for back support. It is not firm at all. If you are looking for an overall, cloud-like feel to alleviate the pain of a firm mattress, you would probably be satisfied with this one; if you are lucky enough to receive the topper pristine clean and not damaged.

👤I got the 3 inch version for over two months. When you first lay on it, it feels amazing. It hugs your body just right. When you lay on it, it starts heating up and loses its support. You start sinking in it when it gets too soft. It is harder to get out of the sunken spot you are sleeping in if the areas around your body are cooler. If the firmness stayed the same the whole time you are in bed, this would be a 5 star mattress topper, but I wake up with my lower back throbbing from sleeping in a "U" position. I'm stuck with the return window closed. Don't let the reviews fool you.

👤I had mine for about two weeks now and it has helped so much that my mattress was relatively new but uncomfortable, and it was so hard that it started hurting my hips. I left it for a day just to fully inflate it and make sure it didn't stain my bed. It has helped my back and hips tremendously and the holes seem to keep it cool if you are a cold sleeper like me, but there will definitely be a change if it is available in a 4 inch instead of two. I will be buying another one to give it a bit more foam but once I put my mattress protectors and sheets on it stopped being a good idea. I will be updating my review in about 2 months.

👤Regular foam is expensive. I contacted Amazon through chat and got a pick up.

5. Mattress Cooling Removable Cover,Soft Breathable

Mattress Cooling Removable Cover%EF%BC%8CSoft Breathable

The dimensions are 39 inches x 75 inches x 4 inches. The gel memory foam is infused with cooling gel to improve your sleeping experience. High-density memory foam provides adaptive comfort and support, helps relieve common pressure points, and prevents you from sinking into foam. The bamboo fiber cover has elastic straps and anti-slip surface backing to prevent sliding. Convenient washing and disassembly with the zip up closure. The bamboo cover and the memory foam mattress topper have been certified. Allow at least 48 hours for the foam smell to completely dissipated. A suitable temperature of 78F will shorten the time. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have a question, please contact them and they will give you a solution.

Brand: Bedluxury

👤My husband sweats in his sleep and the reviews looked promising so I bought this. It's very comfortable and he doesn't sweat.

👤I got this for my husband because he thought our current mattress was too firm. I need a firm mattress. This mattress is perfect. My husband is much more comfortable sleeping when I lay on my side because the mattress on my hips is softer.

👤I changed my mattress because of a back issue. I felt like I was too firm after 2 months. It feels like sleeping on the floor. I feel great after I have added the topper. It is not too firm and not too soft. This is a perfect match.

👤My husband picked out foam mattress topper for our bed, but this was cheaper. This is better quality and will last a long time. The corner straps that you put over the corners of the mattress are wonderful. The foam mattress was very old. It picked up a lot of things. It slid off of his bed. This will help us avoid the grossness of the foam mattress, it will stay in place, and it would be easy to clean. My son said he slept better with the mattress topper. I might grab one for my bed. I would buy it again. Great value.

👤The first reason was due to the ToXIC SMELL. The box says to let it air out for up to 3 days. I put it on my queen bed after airing it out in a separate room. The first night, I could not stand the smell on my mattress pad and sheets. I almost dismantled my bed in the middle of the second night due to the toxic odor, but I could not fall asleep due to it. The manufacturing process is toxic. It says that it is not harmful. But according to who? China? I wouldn't let my dog sleep near the sheets. Don't buy this! It was well made and very thick. It was too firm and made my body ache more.

👤I purchased a concrete firm mattress on Amazon and bought this to alleviate hip pain. I let it set out for 48 hours and now my bed is where I'll be again after 3 months of torture.

👤It fits my queen size bed, but it didn't plump up and I had to put sheets on before I could sleep. It's more of a mattress cover.

👤This mattress topper is awesome. The mattress we have is too firm for me. It adds the right amount of softness. The memory foam is too warm for me and this is a great way to sleep cooler. I've due each of my kids. Quality and deep pockets keep the mattress well. Useful.

👤This mattress pad is disappointing. It lasted for years and was amazing, but had a less expensive one. It felt like there was no padding on the mattress. The picture shows the pad is very puffy, but it did not swell up when I placed it on the mattress. The picture is not real.

6. LUCID Bamboo Charcoal Memory Mattress

LUCID Bamboo Charcoal Memory Mattress

Memory foam conforms to your curves. The increased comfort of your mattress is due to the addition of memory foam. For a clean sleep environment, memory foam resists the growth ofbacteria. bamboo charcoal helps regulate temperature and odor. This product has a 3-year warranty and a new foam scent.

Brand: Lucid

👤This is more than two months after the event. I only gave this one star because I had to. It isn't worth a single star.

👤I bought this padding and it won't expand. Half of it is expanded and flat. The other half is the same as it was when it was in the box. It has been sitting on the floor of an unused room for 3.5 days, and it appears that it won't expand. I submitted for an exchange. I paid an extra $50 for one day shipping when I first bought it, but I got one that isn't working right. They sent me a new one with 2 day shipping. It was pretty bad in my opinion.

👤I bought this 3 inch top in Cal King. There is a smell in the box. It's a new foam and it smells good. The item was wrapped with a mesh fabric protection and a letter opener so you don't have to worry about damaging it. It was easy. Just open it, lay on the floor, and my top got to it's 3 inches. I put my ceiling fan on to speed the process, but I will have to sleep on it for 48 hours. I hope I can make it that long because I was in Heaven and laid on it briefly. I closed my eyes and thought I was in a cloud. I swear I could hear angels and see a flying bird. I'm very hopeful that this will help my hip and lower back pain. You know about the wide spread pains we get, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The fibro elves take turns stabbing you with small knives. Oh my gosh! I don't like them! I really like the construction of this top hat. It's infused with charcoal, which is an added benefit. It seems awesome, but only time will tell. I'm in my 30s and sleep heavy. My husband tosses every 10 minutes. He has neck and back pain. Too many years of playing hockey. We are both looking forward to sleep therapy. It has a 3 year warranty so that makes me happy. I will update after a full week of sleep. I wish there was a bamboo cover for it. It's possible that you need to purchase deep pocket sheets. I bought this review, which is completely unbiased. Someone is excited about using this item. You can check back for an update. May 24th update. Man oh man! This item exceeded my expectations. This person has been sent to heaven. My joints feel less tender and sore because of it. The lower back pain has decided to stop moving. Being well rested has made my Fibromyalgia episodes less frequent. I have been able to slowly start doing yoga again after the joint pain and wide spread pain lessened. I needed my body to be fixed first and this helped. My kids fight over who gets to sleep in the bed. It helps to keep the water out. Especially when with bamboo sheets. I will replace after the warranty is up because I want to make sure I get the best product. I can't believe how good I am. I will update again in 6m. If you're over 300lb try to go up to a 4-5 inch top for added support. It is a blessing for better sleep to all.

7. Novilla Relieving Removable CertiPUR US Certification

Novilla Relieving Removable CertiPUR US Certification

Novilla queen mattress topper brings new life to your mattress and multi-usage, saving you from the uncomfortable bed without spending high replacement cost. The mattress toppers use a 2-Layer design. Includes cooling gel memory foam and bamboo charcoal foam, which adds extra plushness and firm mattresses, and prolongs your mattress life. It's suitable for sofa bed, guest bed, RV, college dorms, and more. High-density memory foam helps to relieve pressure points, helps to prevent shoulder/back/hit pain caused by over sinking or hard mattress, and it also helps to prevent body ache. It's suitable for side/back/stomach sleeping. The open cell and egg crate foam structure improves air flow and is good for sleep. CertiPUR-US certified foam and OEKO-TEX bamboo cover meet specific standards, so no worries about its safety. Allow the mattress to expand for 24 hours to remove the smell of the new foam. The bamboo mattress cover is skin-friendly and has a non-slip elastic strap to keep the mattress topper queen from sliding. It is free to return and have a warranty. 30 days money back return policy and 3-year warranty are offered by their 3 inch memory foam mattress topper. Their professional service team will help you out if you have any questions.

Brand: Novilla

👤I am going to start this review by saying that I have been through 22 mattress toppers. Yes, you read that correctly. I knew the risk when I bought a new mattress here, but the price was too good to pass up. I hated the one I had. It hurt me from the beginning. I was used to sleeping in the recliner and enough was enough. There was a journey of despair. I got a sleep number bed and a bullet after this, so I'm at this point. I had terrible pain in my lower back and hips. My spine wasn't straight and my hips were pushed up. I have tried many of them and this one is probably in the top 5. It's every bit of it when they say 4 inch. It stopped my lower back pain completely. It's very difficult. You feel like you sink into it a bit, but it may be my fault for ordering 4 inch instead of 3. If you want it to be the size they say it is, I would recommend buying it. Good luck to anyone who reads this, it's been a long journey of sleepless nights and now you have to fork out 2 grand. It's definitely a good idea to try this first.

👤The first thing I noticed was that my dog is very fond of the sleeping surfaces. I noticed that the mattress had been smoothed out. I had a great night's sleep and the pad has a luxurious feel to it. It smoothed out the wrinkling in my sheets because the pad fit perfectly under them. I would recommend this to anyone. The cover is very high quality.

👤It is easier to carry in a small box. I was surprised at how small it was. This mattress topper has straps around it to keep it secure on my current mattress, this is important because it prevents it from mis-align. The mattress I have is too soft for me. I don't want to replace it because it's new. It is very expensive to buy a full memory foam mattress. Adding a memory foam mattress topper can solve the problem. It makes my mattress more comfortable when I place this top on it. The feel of the topper is more firm than soft. It is very supportive. I got a thick 4-inch top hat that is thick enough to be used alone. I like this one.

👤I can't afford a new mattress because I've been doing renovations to the house and the cabin and I don't want to spend a lot of money on a new one. This was a compromise. The price was reasonable for a 3 in topper. When I opened the package to let the foam expand back into its original shape, there was no weird odor. The cover is made of fabric. I like the fact that it has a covering, since it was my first one and it got really funky. It was easy to take off and put on by myself, and it was even easier when I had my hubs pull one side up. I wash my bedding every 5 days because we have so many animals. After washing twice and tumbling on low, I haven't noticed a separation in the seams. I like the straps as well. You don't know how much foam can move until you have kids jumping around on the bed. The dog is chasing the cats. The straps were adjusted so that they wouldn't move when adjusted to the mattress. The pad was comfortable. I have been a nurse for over 20 years and my husband has been a firefighter for over 20 years, but they are both just as bad. I can't explain the difference between sleep and waking up. We probably should have thrown out our mattress a long time ago. This is the best sleep we've had in a while. It's less tossing and turning. There isn't a heat build up. Both of us used our usual light throw. This is an excellent addition to a mattress that is no longer comfortable. I don't have to worry about buying a new bed setup because we sleep better.

8. BedsPick Memory Mattress Topper Queen

BedsPick Memory Mattress Topper Queen

The feel of the 2 and 3 profiles is the same, so a thicker one will result in a deeper sink that cradles your body more than a thinner one. The Beds Pick memory foam mattress topper will make your mattress extraordinary. A layer of memory foam or another type of foam on the top of your mattress makes for a cool night's sleep. The 3 inch gel memory foam mattress topper is infused with heat-capturing gel to regulate temperature and the ventilated design increases airflow to improve breathability. It is more plush than normal memory foam. The memory foam mattress topper can help distribute your weight evenly throughout your mattress and relieve pressure on your body. The Bedspick gel memory foam mattress topper is 3 inches thick and provides support for your back. The Bedspick memory foam mattress topper is CertiPUR-US certified, which means it is odorless and safe for the environment. Your order includes a 120-day money-back guarantee, 3-year worry-free replacement warranty, and a lifetime of friendly customer service. Please let them know if you have any questions or concerns.

Brand: Bedspick

👤I didn't care for this exam at all. It wasooey and soft. The real problem here is with the manufacturer, and their complete and utter failure to stand by their promises. There's a 120 free trial promise on this item. Don't believe it! I followed the instructions of the manufacturer. There was no response. All followup emails were ignored. The manufacturers warranty is not worth anything if you decide to buy this mattress. Even though the item was past the return window, Amazon accepted the return and I was able to get my money back. Amazon has the integrity that this manufacturer lacks. My recommendation is to stay away from Bedspick products until they can demonstrate that they will follow through on their promises. Don't hold your breath.

👤I love mattress toppers. I used to sleep so well on them when I was in my college dorm. It was like a dream when I ordered one for my queen bed. I can say that it has improved my sleep quality by sleeping on it for a couple nights. I think that I am a warm sleeping person and it is very soft.

👤Originally my partner in crime. The 2 inch mattress top was very comfortable. We wanted to order a 4 inch topper because my fiancé wanted more confrontation. I ordered from a different vendor and the top was on its way, but I canceled the order because of the bad reviews of the sweats and smell. I wanted to get the 3 inch topper. My fiancée put the 3 inch on top of the 2inch after this 3 inch topper was delivered. Let me tell you something. My fiancée is almost late waking up every day because of the best sleep he has ever received. The bed is so comfortable that you won't want to leave it the next day. This was the best investment we've ever made on Amazon. Purchase it now.

👤It is not as strong as expected. The sheets fit over it nicely. It seems to sleep very well. There is a If you are looking for a medium to firm support, then this isn't for you. The material is not gel memory foam. It looks like a piece of cheap foam. There is a You will love it if you want very soft. I can not recommend this product. I tried to contact the seller yesterday to discuss the product, but I was told it was a Chinese company without a phone number. The companies should be posted by Amazon outside of America.

👤This isn't very warm, but I like that it didn't hurt me because I was looking for comfort and this didn't do that for me. Very soft! I sleep on my back and side because we have different weights on each side of our body. I was 186ish. It pumps right back up when I sleep. If you're still skeptical about it, this will let you know on the long run if it's worth it.

9. GOBEES Mattress Removable Ventilated Pressure

GOBEES Mattress Removable Ventilated Pressure

There is a 60-day trial and 3-year warranty. They will give you a complete refund if you are not satisfied within the first 60 nights. It is covered by a full 3 year warranty. Twin mattress topper is 38 x 75 x 2 inches. Perfect BalanceGobees 3-inch cooling gel infused memory foam mattress cover uses 40D density memory foam, which is cool and comfortable, and provides enough support to prevent the body from sinking. The perfect balance between comfort and support can be achieved. Double FixationBamboo fiber mattress cover adopts the latest weaving technology and is skin-friendly, with a elastic band and non-slip particle lining, it bid farewell to the sliding of the mattress. It is easy to disassemble and clean. CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certified memory foam mattress topper is high-quality. No harmful chemicals. Advanced transportation They use vacuum compression transportation to facilitate transportation and customer receipt. For 48 to 72 hours, place the memory foam in aventilated place until it is fully expanded. There is a ten-year warranty. They have full confidence in their mattress covers. Gobees will provide a 10-year warranty for the mattress, so you can buy it with confidence. They will take care of any questions you have during the 10-year warranty period.

Brand: Gobees

👤If you need a firm top, this is for you. I needed something soft. I ordered this based on the reviews. I like the bamboo cover, it seems very well made. I woke up with even worse pain when I used this top. It seemed like it would solve my sleep problems. There is a I've been researching on memory foam. Some memory foam is denser than others. Not all bodies are the same. Some people may consider firm. Gobees stood behind their product and are trying to help me find the right one.

👤After reviewing many others, I bought this mattress topper. This one has a nice cover for easy removal and washing. I was very pleased with the purchase of the 2 piece topper. I suffer from back and knee pain, and this is a game-changing change for me. It doesn't eliminate all the pain, but it makes sleeping more comfortable.

👤If you found this review, you've probably read more than 250 others trying to find the right exam. To sum it up. If you are looking for a medium-firm comfortable top, this is the one. It's 40D where many of the others in this price range and similar style are. It's not too firm, therefore you don't sink in or get hot. It's perfect with lots of support. These have only been on Amazon for a few months, so they are new production. Within 30 minutes, ours was full and flat. Ours was manufactured 5 months ago, according to the tag on the top. There was no offensive smell. When I woke up, I felt rested after sleeping well and not tossing and turning as much. I think this is a great choice at the current low price point.

👤My bed has been helped a million percent by this mattress topper. I'm a travel nurse and the bed I'm staying on kept me in pain. This saved my back. I love it!

👤We ordered a new mattress from Wayfair and I was waiting for my sleep to improve. I broke down and decided to look for a good mattress top to delay buying a new one. I feel better after one night on this. It's the perfect firmness for me and it has straps on the bottom of the cover to keep it from sliding. Buy it. You will not regret it.

👤Firm without being hard. I didn't toss or turn. It was easy to set up and it fit perfectly. I was extremely happy to have ordered 2.

👤I got a full size bed. I put it on top of a new 8 piece memory foam mattress and it was very good, I was very pleased with the product and the 10 year warranty was a plus for me. I'm a very hot person. There is a I kept it and have no complaints. Would recommend.

👤I like it. It's firm enough. I'm very happy about it.

10. Serta ThermaGel Memory Mattress Topper

Serta ThermaGel Memory Mattress Topper

Breathable gel infused memory foam is engineered for comfort and support. The ThermaGel particles help provide a comfortable sleep surface. Adapts to the individual shape of the body to provide enhanced support and comfort. It extends the life of your mattress.

Brand: Serta

👤This is very comfortable. The way it arrived was the reason for the 3 stars. It seemed like Saran Wrap. I had a weird feeling about the way it was packaged. There was a hair on the topper and multiple punctures in the memory foam when I opened it. I think this item was used. I would like to return for a new one.

👤This review is for the Serta mattress. We love this mattress. It has no smell, and it is perfect for a firm mattress by providing a wonderful cushion. I have chronic muscle and joint pain, but I am very happy with it. My husband likes it too. I would be happy to purchase it again. The other mattress toppers were good, but this one is better. It keeps us cooler. Highly recommended. We bought another one. I was concerned that some of the reviews were not good. The reviews for different types of Serta toppers seem to be mixed by Amazon. This particular one is very good, arrived correctly, etc. I put it in a spare room for 4 days. No problem with smell. The Topper keeps us comfortable. I think this is better than memory foam and other types of toppers. Couldn't be happier.

👤I got a Queen or Full-sized topper even though the foam stayed out and expanded, even after I ordered a King-sized one. I would never buy from this vendor again because I am very unhappy with this purchase. I paid a lot for this item but didn't get anything. I'm on a fixed budget and I can't get the topper I need after 2 hip surgeries. A lying rip off.

👤The package was opened and rolled as instructed. The last one I bought smelled a bit better. Since I put my hip and back pain on the bed, it has been greatly reduced.

👤Supposed to be a mattress. 2” Out of the box. I laid it on a flat surface for 48 hours, and it did not expand to the stated size. I was disappointed because I have always loved Serta.

👤It's so disgusting. The item was used. When I opened it, it was not as big as the one I ordered a few years ago, and it was wrapped in Saran wrap. I turned it over to see the body hair stuck under the wrapping and what looked like a melted part of the foam. I was hoping the reviews stated they received a used item. I received the same. I was able to dispose of it rather than sending it back. I really need a mattress top. I like the Serta quality, but I'm praying the second arrives new.

👤The first one I received was AWFUL. It was beige and orange. It had no density at all. The side of the mattress rolled on you as you lay down. I contacted Amazon to complain. They ordered a replacement and set up a pickup at my door step. I had low expectations for the replacement, but it came in a completely different box with cute sheep on the inside flaps, and it was the correct color and denser. This one is better than the 1st. We wish it was denser. It helps relieve joint pain in my knees and my fiancées shoulder. It is supportive, but I use a gel memory foam mattress, and we wish it was more supportive. This is a great pick if you need a thick soft top, but if you need more support for your back, this is not a good choice. I research more dense ones. We will keep this until we decide we need a new couch. It wasn't the award winning birthday present I was hoping for, but I was satisfied.

11. Price Mattress Queen 5 Zone Topper

Price Mattress Queen 5 Zone Topper

3 Inches of memory foam is a top for maximum comfort. Different points of contact to prevent tossing and turning. lavender is a natural relaxant for sleep. Made with CertiPUR-US certified memory foam. Product dimensions are: (L) 79 inches x (W) 59 inches x (H) 3 inches.

Brand: Best Price Mattress

👤I bought this hoping it would help with the heat absorption of my memory foam. I like the squishy feel it gives to the top of the bed. It is very fragile. When I put it on the bed, I grabbed an edge to center it better, and pulled out a chunk. I tried to re-center it a month later and it now has a rip. I would like it to be more durable.

👤So far, so good. I have several memory foam mattresses and this one is the best one I have owned. I want to make sure that this does not have an odor. It helps to choose the thickness based on your weight. I recommend a 3-4” thick memory foam if it's over 150#. I have a mattress pad cover that is 2” but it is not as effective as a 2” one.

👤I put it on my bed and tested it out. It is amazing. When you are happy to get something like this to aide in comfort, it's time to move on to your 30's. I am really happy with this purchase.

👤I bought the air mattress in hopes that it would help us out, and it did! It is very comfortable. I told my husband that I was sleeping better on that than in our bed. If you want a good night's sleep, spend the money. It's a good thing.

👤I absolutely adore this mattress and it has extended the life of my mattress, which needs to be replaced soon. After moving to a new apartment, I didn't have any extra money to buy a new mattress since J already had one. I landed on this one based on its thickness and the various zones, after researching and shopping, and considering what felt like a million tops. The lavender scent would be the bonus. The review is being written after about ten to eleven months of continuous use. I use a mattress pad under my sheet. The only negative thing I can say is that it's based on sustainable practices. I have included photos of the topper which is cracking in the center despite the routine rotating. It has made me realize that this is not going to last forever, even though I don't feel as though it's affected thus far. It extended the life of an old mattress and gave me time to buy a new one. If I end up with a type that I like, I would consider buying a new one to go with it. I will purchase one if and when I find myself with another old mattress. The lavender scent faded after about a month, which isn't the end of the world, and I've noticed some discoloring on the far edges of the topper despite having a mattress pad/mattress protectors in place at all times. My complaints are not caused by flaws in design. I chose this one because of the research I did, and I highly recommend it.


What is the best product for best queen mattress topper for back pain?

Best queen mattress topper for back pain products from Lucid. In this article about best queen mattress topper for back pain you can see why people choose the product. Viscosoft and Sure2sleep are also good brands to look for when you are finding best queen mattress topper for back pain.

What are the best brands for best queen mattress topper for back pain?

Lucid, Viscosoft and Sure2sleep are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best queen mattress topper for back pain. Find the detail in this article. Subrtex, Bedluxury and Lucid are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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