Best Best Quality King Size Fitted Sheets

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1. CGK Unlimited Extra Fitted Sheet

CGK Unlimited Extra Fitted Sheet

100% SATISFACTION: They at Empyrean Bedding know how important sleep is to you, so they are proud to give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They love their customers and they provide them with top-tier customer service. This luxury deep pocket king fitted sheet is a must have. They will take care of the rest. White King sheets are hard to get on your bed when you buy the right size. They designed their white king bed sheets with extra deep pockets to fit mattresses 18”– 24” deep, so it is a cinch to put on the bed. Their deep fitted white sheets king are elastic all the way around its edges to hug your mattress securely, no more balled up sheets at night! Their fitted sheet king is made of double brushed fabric that is designed to last, unlike the cheap white king size sheets that are so thin. Their machine-washable white king fitted sheets deep pocket are specially treated to resist soaking, rinsing, wrinkling, and detergent so you can wash without worry. Many fitted white king sheet brands feel rough and tacky against the skin, only because they are soft. They hand-select their sheets to ensure that they are of the highest quality and are soft enough to feel luxurious with every wash. SINK IN, LUXURY. Their white deep pocket king fitted sheet white is only designed for a relaxing night's rest, and it doesn't leave a strong odor. Their king bedding is made with premium materials. That doesn't work. You can count on them to last and last. You can give yourself the gift of 5-star luxury without the price tag. They are dedicated to providing their customers with the kind of premium, ultra- soft bed that will lull them into deep, luxurious sleep at an affordable price. To keep their customers happy and well-rested, they work hard to uphold their high standards.

Brand: Cgk Unlimited

👤This is one of the best sheets I have ever purchased. I have a 20 inch mattress and this sheet fits nicely. There are a lot of good things about this sheet. I will order one in every color.

👤This can be used on a 12 inch memory foam mattress with a 2 inch top. The corners are not pulled off when the sheet is moved up and down. Exactly what I needed.

👤I don't understand the five-star ratings. This sheet barely fits my mattress, which is a 14-inchking. The attached photo says it all. It is the same on all sides. I couldn't be stretched no matter how hard I tried.

👤I wanted to wait until after I've washed the sheets to write my review because it seems that the issues came for most people and they were correct. These sheets are the first fitted sheets that have deep enough pockets to fit my mattress and I liked them a lot. I don't have much to complain about them. They are only good the first time you use them. I put the sheets on my bed the same way I did the first time, ripping the last corner. The seams get weak after being washed. These are not good sheets for long term use. If you're lucky, you can get at least one use out of these sheets. If you don't wash them they might last longer, but nobody wants to sleep on dirty sheets. I hope no one does.

👤I bought these single fitted sheets because my regular fitted sheets will no longer stay on my mattress after I add a memory foam top. I bought the purple and grey because of the description and the customer, and I think it's doubtful that many people will be pleased with this junk! I took the sheets out of their packaging so I could wash them. I found what I found to be very disappointing. 1. Cheap microfiber material that is thin and thin. 2. There is no double row of elastic, as stated in the package. 3. The row of elastic is very narrow and barely sewn in. I think it would snap as I tried to put the sheets on the mattress. 4. The craftsmanship is terrible. The corner seam was not sewn, with threads everywhere. Return has begun! Cheaply made Chinese junk should not be listed on Amazon. Don't buy!

👤It is worth every penny. It's not expensive with a lot of comfort. Walmart sheets wouldn't fit. These do the work on my mattress. ordering more

👤I have a regular mattress. There is foam on it. These sheets can be up to 21in. There is a pocket at corners. They fit perfectly. They feel very comfortable. I will purchase more of these.

👤I am looking for a different sheet because I am not happy with this one. It fits all of my mattress's corners, but it's so loose that it bunches up in places. The worst part is that the stitching in some places is not straight. The manufacturer didn't make sure that the pieces were the same. The fabric is bunched up in places. I will not buy this again because I expected better quality. It's soft. That's the only positive thing I have to say.

2. NTBAY Brushed Microfiber Wrinkle Resistant

NTBAY Brushed Microfiber Wrinkle Resistant

There are dimensions and sizes. Flat sheet is 90 wide and 102 long. The fitted sheet has elastic so it can stretch. The pillow cases are 20 x 30 inches. The king size is 78" x 80" and has a box/pocket. The king size has a box/pocket for over-sized mattress. The velvety microfiber sheets are fitted with elastic. It fits mattresses up to 15 inches thick. 100% microfiber brushed fitted sheets are incredibly soft, comfortable, and durable. It is strong and less likely to rip or tear. There is no shrinkage and the fabric is strong. The care instructions are given. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, only non chlorine bleach when needed. There is a factory sales service. 90 days return and replacement service is offered by them because they are so confident in the quality of their product. Life time free customer service is also provided by them. If you find that their products have quality problems, you can contact them and they will solve them for you.

Brand: Ntbay

👤We bought a sheet set from Ikea, the fitted sheet ripped at the corner seam the second time I put it on the bed, here we are 6 months later, 3 of the 4 seams are gone. This is not like that. The cloth is much thicker, the seams are better sewn, and the negatives from thicker cloth didn't happen either. It was quite comfortable, soft and sturdy. It's been through 2 washings with no noticeable change in strength, color or bleeding. The underwear I threw in with the sheet was white. Quite happy. 15 months after purchase, I bought a fitted sheet to replace an Ikea sheet that fell apart. The sheet has been washed weekly for 15 months.

👤The sheet is beautiful. Not completely Wrinkle free but close. It is very soft and comfortable to sleep on. I use microfiber now. I used to be a snob who used to purchase heavy, canvas tent like sheets for my beds, and I used to wrench my neck. I only use microfiber babies that are light weight. They take up less space in my linen cabinet. This is a nice sheet. A great value and gorgeous color selections. I hope this is helpful.

👤The color reminds me of sunflowers on a sunny day, just stunning, exactly what I wanted. I was disappointed to see that it already had some of the same characteristics as previous sheets I've ordered. I thought a good hot wash would be good for getting rid of germs. I put it on my bed and found it was much bigger than my mattress and there were stains on it. It appears that someone stained it and these are supposed to be stain resistant. Back it up. The color is stunning.

👤We use a couch in our living room, so we bought this to go over a mattress. It's a grey sheet that will get the job done, but it's not the best. The first time I washed it, the dye bled a lot. I was warned not to put it in with other sheets at first.

👤This fitted bottom sheet is very heavy and feels good. It is more durable than other microfiber sheets that I own. It's not as soft as the thinner ones, but it could be improved with washing. Microfiber can sometimes come out of the package with a distinctive manufacturing smell. This one did not. microfiber stains in a way that makes me nuts. The sheet picked up an oily stain during its first wash. You can usually get these stains out with hot water and a good stain pre-treatment. I would recommend this sheet. It is more than I expected. I ordered it in the intense yellow shade. Yellow is a happy color for me. Someone wrote a big number on the sheet with permanent marker. Why, Amazon? It didn't budge the number after Washed it. Decided to bury it at the foot of the bed. Look at my photo.

👤A minute ago, I got a delivery. I am not sure what it is, dust, or mold. It makes my experience worse.

3. King Size Sheet Set Breathable

King Size Sheet Set Breathable

It is easy, efficient and safe to care for. They are as soft as 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton. The ultrafine yarns and weave make it easy to wash and keep the linens fresh and clean. They will not be weakened or torn even after years of use, and will only get better with time. There are 2 pillow cases and a flat sheet in the bed sheet set. Flat Sheet (108" x 102") and fitted sheet (78"x 78") The cases are 20”x 40” They fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep. It will fit if your mattress is less than 16 inches. They feel this is a good universal size that fits most mattresses, because a lot of them are big. Feel the difference. If you're looking for very soft sheets, you've found them. They're soft and cool. The sheets will make you feel comfortable. They are softer than Egyptian cotton and organic cotton sheets. It's best for any room in your house. It's a great gift idea for men and women. The highest quality crumbed microwave: There is a lighter difference. A softer touch. The double brushed microfiber yarns are of the highest quality. The weightless wonder of the sheets will keep you coming back for more. Linger in your dreams. There are great sheets for the price. These sheets are the most affordable you can find. They are softer than most Egyptian cotton sheets and less expensive.

Brand: Cgk Unlimited

👤We are very pleased with the sheets, they are lightweight and not hot at all. If you have a thinner mattress they tend to bunch up making it messy looking and uncomfortable, and they come out of the dryer wrinkled and look nice on the bed. I bought this set to fit a hospital bed. This is common with sheets that are made to fit thick mattresses. I sewed a "dart" in each corner to fix this and then turned them out and made sure they fit. I can't complain that they are for a deep mattress, but I didn't know how deep they would be. Since October we've been alternating between using these and a cotton set, and these are his favorite and still look brand new. I sent my son a set of sheets in gray that fit his bed well, and he loves them, so I recommend them without reservation.

👤I was surprised by how the sheets fit in my queen size. I own a pillow top mattress and a memory foam cover. I have more room at the corners with these. I've had sheet sets that barely covered the corners and you would have to tug them to get them over the corners. It was easy to get them on the mattress because they were extra tall. There is a The softness is wonderful. These are soft and feel good. I received a set that was perfect, despite the reviews that said they were thin. It's not too hot at night, but in between a medium and heavy thickness. They do not weigh on you like a flannel sheet would. They think they'll be fine for winter. I only had them for a week, and so far they've been great. If you're someone that moves a lot at night, they don't get wadded up if they stay put. I was due for a new set and thought I'd try them because it was a good price, had mostly positive reviews, and I was due for a new set. I'm very happy I did.

👤I was hesitant in buying sheets online because I didn't get to see the product in person. I was pleasantly surprised when these arrived. They fit my full size mattress. I have never had a problem with corners coming off in the middle of the night, as has been the case with past sheets bought at stores like Walmart or The At Home Store. The feel of the sheet was great. I didn't know what I was missing before I bought these sheets. I became a buyer that will definitely buy again. I am not being paid to say that this is an amazing product.

👤I washed it after I got it. It's perfect for my queen size bed and it's so soft and comfy. I saw no tears or weird scratches when I washed it again. The navy blue color is just as dark as it was when I first bought it. Will get more colors in the future.

4. Utopia Bedding Fitted Sheet King

Utopia Bedding Fitted Sheet King

It's been repaired. Your first 30 nights are with them. It was literally. Send their king sheets back if you don't like them. The fitted sheet is 78 by 80 inches and has a 15 inches deep pocket that fits over-sized mattresses up to 15 inches deep. All-around elastic to pull in the borders to make it easy to fit the base of the mattress. The brushed microfiber fabric brings a soft and cozy feel to your bed that makes it tempting to stay in bed for a long time. SHRINK AND FADE RESISTANT. The microfiber material is processed to make it resistant to shrinkage and fading, which makes it more resistant to fading and adds to the longevity of the sheet. Do not bleach machine wash; tumble dry or iron on normal temperature.

Brand: Utopia Bedding

👤Does anyone test their products before they are marketed? The idea to put elastic around the sheet was a stupid idea. If you wash these sheets with anything other than water, you will find them stuck in the sheet. This is a net that can be found in the washer and the dryer. If you have a high efficiency washer, you will either have to wash it by yourself or wash the stuff caught in it. The other problem is that it's impossible to tell which corner is the short one and which is the long one, so you have to try and get the sheet on the corner, and then if the other corner stretches to the top, you have to keep rotating it. If you want to make your sheets better, put strips of elastic on only the bottom and top of the sheet, not all the way around, so that consumers can tell which corner goes on, and that the sheet can actually be folded.

👤The sheets fit our mattress very well. It was smooth without being slippery. The sheets arrived without stains or tears, and the seams are in good shape. The material is not as thin as cotton sheets, but it is more substantial than I was expecting. There were no surprises there. It's not clear how well the sheets will hold up to our pet's claws and whether they'll show any tendency to pop off the corners of the mattress, which has been a recurring issue with most of the fitted sheets I've tried. The sheets are not coming off the corners of our mattress and so far there have been no holes or tears from animals sharing the bed with us. It's good!

👤I like the option to purchase only the fitted sheet. I don't want to buy a whole set because I have so many flat sheets and pillow cases. This is the first deep pocket fitted sheet that fits my mattress. The quality of this fitted sheet is very good. I will definitely be buying another one.

👤The material was very thin and you could feel it on the mattress. The corners of my bed do not fit and the elastic on the bed is not stretching as it should. I picked up the package to make sure I got the right size. I don't think it's a good product. I would return it if I didn't rip open the packaging since I was so excited.

👤The sheets began to ball up before I got a change to wash them. It feels like laying on a lot of sand. It was very uncomfortable. I should have looked for items that were more expensive but better quality.

👤The fitted sheet didn't fit the bed the way it should. At a glance, it looks ok, but around the sides and corners, it's completely skewed. The only positive is that the corners reached under the mattress.

👤If you're tired of paying $30 to $50 for quality bed sheets, this is the purchase you're going to want to make. I have purchased several of their products in the past and have always been pleasantly surprised. It was still skeptical whether a king size, deep pocket sheet could really provide quality and comfort. I am laying on it for the first time and I don't see myself buying sheets anywhere else. It is so soft and comfortable. It didn't feel like it was going to rip apart as much as it was going to stick on the mattress. I am in love and my husband noticed how nice it felt. This piece of fabric has a 100% satisfaction level. Also, for now. I have a deep pocket mattress. This one advertises for 15 dollars. It will fit 18 inches, but you won't be able to get it all the way down under it like in the picture. I would give this thing 10 stars.

5. Extra Deep Pocket Sheets Pockets

Extra Deep Pocket Sheets Pockets

It is possible to sleep comfortably. Many people find a life of comfort on their King fitted sheet because it is designed for soft, nice to the touch comfort which is an important part of your sleeping environment. Science shows show that a better sleep environment can lead to better health. Their fitted sheet provides a more comfortable sleeping environment for a better night's sleep. The microfiber bed sheets they have created are soft. It is soft with a light feel. Not like cotton. If you've never tried microfiber sheets, they recommend you try them. They are even softer than Cotton. There are extra deep pocket sheets and extra deep fit sheets. These bed sheets are used for deep pocket mattresses. They fit any mattress with pockets that are 18 to 22 inches deep. There's a stretchable elastic around the extra deep fitted sheet which stretches for a tug around the mattress. It's perfect for large mattresses. These sheets will stay in place. The bed sheet set comes with 2 pillowcases and a beautiful embroidered design on each pillow case. The pillow cases have enclosures. The bedding set will fit your mattress perfectly. These bed sheets are great for double pillow top mattresses with a 3 inch or 4 inch top. The sheets will stay on. There are dimensions and sizes. Flat sheet is 90 wide and 102 long. The fitted sheet has elastic so it can stretch. The pillow cases are 20 x 30 inches.

Brand: Cgk Unlimited

👤I like cotton sheets because I am a hot person. Our cotton sheets don't have deep enough pockets and often pop off after a night of sleep. I decided to give microfiber sheets a try after seeing the extra deep pocket sheets from the CGK. They fit the bed like a glove. I thought they would be too warm. I am no longer hot at night because they are so comfortable. Will be stocking up on a few sets in the near future.

👤I have been trying to find a set of sheets that would stay on my bed since I added the pillow top. These fit under the mattress. I'm buying another set. The pillow cases are my only dislike. I don't understand why they are designed that way.

👤I don't fit on my small pillow top mattress because I have bought so many sheets that claim to be deep pockets. These sheets are large. There was a lot of room for a bigger mattress. The fitted sheet stayed on its original position. I can't wait to go back home and slide back into bed now that the sheets are comfy. Will definitely order more.

👤These are deep-pocketed. They are nice and smooth. I asked if they were deep-pocketed, as other sheets that claimed to be deep-pocketed were not. These are perfect for a mattress with a 22-inch pocket. The straps that my old set needed to keep the fitted sheet on are not available in these. You can't beat these for pictures.

👤These sheets are terrible. The 4.5 star average rating made me think that these would be amazing, but they are terrible. If you don't sleep very well, the sheets will stretch out after the first night and look like they need to be washed. I prefer a mixture of cotton with whatever material has a smooth silky feel. I felt like they were stuck to my pajamas. I had to change my clothes and the sheet. I slept the worst I have ever slept after giving it a week. These sheets are not for sale. Don't make your family or guests sleep on these sheets. You can spend the extra money to buy sheets.

👤I bought these sheets to see if they fit my bed, they fit perfectly and don't pop off like my other ones do, they are so soft and comfortable. The fact that washing them didn't change the vibrant colors I love.

👤It's too hot for use and has an unattractive dye job that looks like bleach got on it. They do stay on the bed that is adjusted and fitted on the bed that is not. The advertised dark grey color is way off.

👤Great sheets at a great price. We use ours for guests that we want to visit again. They are easy to clean and hold their color. If they ever tear, fade or become threadbare, will definitely buy again, but that seems unlikely, probably bad marketing on their part.

👤I have a memory foam mattress that adds an extra 2.5 to 3 inches, but I've been unable to find sheets that fit. The mattress was already deep and I had trouble with sheets. I'll never go back to the others after I stumbled across these. I went to a store with natural bamboo tencil fibers which weren't deep pockets, and worked fine until the top, but the elastic was too loose and never reached the bottom. The ones from Amazon have a soft feel similar to the higher end brands, with pockets that fit the depth of the bed. So far, so good! If you need deep pocket, I would recommend it.

6. Mellanni Fitted Brushed Microfiber Bedding

Mellanni Fitted Brushed Microfiber Bedding

It's better to sleep better and wake up refreshed each morning. It's the most comfortable and luxurious fitted sheet you can find. It's best for any room in your house. It's a great gift idea for men and women. The king size sheet is 78" x 80". A deep pocket fitted sheet with elastic all around. It fits mattresses up to 16. Easy Care is stain, shrink andwrinkle resistant. The machine wash is cold. On tumble dry low, it was quick. More resistant than cotton. The highest quality brushed microfiber is made. You know it will last. A good selection of colors will make your bedroom look great. Mellanni is a different kind of company that provides the absolute best customer service in the industry. You can return it for any reason, and no questions will be asked. You don't have to send the product back.

Brand: Mellanni

👤I've always been skeptical about ordering sheets online. We all hate getting those cardboard sheets. I needed a new sheet for my bed but I didn't have time to go to the store and try them out. I was looking for a black fitted sheet with deeper pockets and this seemed to fit the bill. I was very happy when it arrived. This sheet is the perfect size. I mean the "named size" before you think I mean it. The size I'm talking about is the absolute. You know the annoying ones, the ones where the corners pop off when you roll over? No one wants that. Even on a thick mattress, these sheets stay in place. These are soft. The new sheet was only noticed by my husband. Even after being washed/dried multiple times, still soft. They held up well to washing/drying, normal bed activities and kids jumping. One of the softest sheets we've owned is my current favorite. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and family. I will also order a back up. I swap out the kids sheets as well. This sheet will be of great use to you.

👤I ordered to replace another sheet that was returned because the description was not accurate. The description for this sheet said it would fit a mattress up to 16 inches deep. Someone said that it fit a mattress easily. The label on the sheet is 14 inches deep. I was dismayed that I was misled again. The mattress is deep. I put the sheet on and it fit perfectly. I will take advantage of that lifetime guarantee if it doesn't shrink when washed. The reason for only 3 stars is that the elastic is a loose band and not sewn on the sheet, which I suspect will not hold up for very long. Good, there is a lifetime Guatantee. I would like to be able to trust the descriptions of products that are sold on Amazon or anywhere else.

👤When I put the sheets on my son's bed, he said it was so soft he felt like he was in a fancy hotel. They followed me up to make sure I got the sheets on time. I'll be ordering from them again.

👤There is an update. It's only been a week since the sheet ripped where I lay. It was revised to a star because of the poor quality. I guess you get what you pay for. This sheet is very soft and comfortable. It was exactly as they described and arrived in perfect condition. I like it so much that I'm going to have a complete set. It's alright! I think that's correct.

👤It's a nice deep pocket, soft sheet in a bright color. The price was great. No wrinkling and quick drying, too.

👤I was pleasantly surprised that these sheets were very soft. I really like the fitted sheets that I just need a last minute one.

👤It works perfectly with our twin XL deep pockets mechanical bed. The fitted sheet has elastic around it. I washed them one time and they are soft. The picture is true to its color.

7. Empyrean Bedding Perfectly Mattresses Exclusive

Empyrean Bedding Perfectly Mattresses Exclusive

SINK into LUXURY. Their king fitted sheet deep pocket will make the bedroom of your dreams. There is a beautiful selection of colors in the design. The king fitted sheet deep pocket will provide you with irresistible comfort, rest and relaxation. You can get a deep pocket fitted sheet with hotel-style luxury, sumptuous softness and classic style. The king fitted sheet deep pocket is 78 inches wide and 80 inches deep. The extra deep pocket king size fitted sheet is designed to fit mattresses up to 21” high. The king size sheets are double brushed on both sides for ultimate comfort. Their luxuriously soft deep pocket fitted sheet is lightweight and cool to the touch. King'sOCKET SHEETS THAT LAST ON! They made sure that their deep pocket fitted sheets had elastic on the bottom so they wouldn't ride up or move around in the middle of the night, because they know the feeling of fitted sheets when they don't stay put during the night. They put CORNER STRAPS on the bottom of each corner to make it more secure. It keeps your room nice and warm all day long. Their king fitted sheet is easy to clean and care for. Shrink, stain, andwrinkle resistant. The king deep pocket fitted sheet is not required to be ironing. Their extra deep pocket fitted sheet is made to last and is resistant to pulling. It was made from the highest quality matrials. 100% SATISFACTION: They at Empyrean Bedding know how important sleep is to you, so they are proud to give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They love their customers and they provide them with top-tier customer service. This luxury deep pocket king fitted sheet is a must have. They will take care of the rest.

Brand: Empyrean Bedding

👤It was great but had writing on it.

👤Alright here. Some reviews say it's too big. That is the reason they are extra deep. The sheets were given a bad review because of the size. These sheets are very soft. I washed them first. I have no complaints.

👤I love this sheet. It was very soft and stayed in place all night. The sheet didn't budge as I moved a lot during the night. The corner strap is very useful. My bed has a built in pillow top. There are 2 egg crates on the bed. The sheet still has room. The mattress is not showing. I have nothing bad to say about it.

👤I have gotten better sheets at Wmart. The sheet was washed in cold water and dried on medium heat. The first time I put the sheet on the bed, one of the corner holders ripped off. The sheet is thin and flimsy. I don't think it will last more than 3 months. The fabric feels like 200 count sheets and is thin. I would send this back if I was too tired to go to the store. Save your money!

👤It is not as soft as my cotton sheets. There is nothing else on the market that will fit my bed. I will try to add elastic stips to my sheets this summer in order to have a better level of comfort. The black one is larger than my mattress, and the kacky one barely fits. The sizes are not consistent.

👤These pockets are extra deep. I don't have to worry about the sheet popping off because I have a thick mattress. These sheets don't make me feel hot or sweaty because I am very tolerant of heat. You don't have a flat sheet, and you just purchase a fitted one, which I never use. I will be ordering more in different colors.

👤For the first time in my life, I have a sheet that extends all the way down to the dust ruffle. The mattress is close to the limit of what these sheets will fit comfortably, and it's pretty tight. I knew your next question would be how tall my mattress is. I scrounged up a tape measure and hiked to the other end of the house for you. It's over 13 I'm not going to take a picture because I'm writing. There is just a little slack, and it could go to 14 or even 18.

👤I got a new queen size bed last year and I wanted to make sure I got sheets that would fit since the mattress is thick. The sheet was perfect. It's my favorite. The material is very soft and I don't have a problem with it bunching up. The elastic bands help to hold everything in place better. It fits on my bed, but there is more room where it could fit a thicker mattress. I don't feel hot while sleeping. It's very comfortable. I've had the sheet for about six months and I'm very happy with it.

8. Bare Home Fitted Bottom Sheet

Bare Home Fitted Bottom Sheet

Microfiber yarn is 100% hydro-brushed. The king fitted sheet is 78" wide by 80" long. The fitted sheet is designed to hug your mattress up to 15 inches deep. Sleep in luxury. At the end of the day, you should be treated with respect. Go ahead and lie down on Bare Home's king fitted sheets. It is the sleeping companion you have been searching for. Easy care. Bedtime is supposed to be relaxing. Bare Home's king size fitted sheets are designed to perform perfectly every day, night, or nap time. It's been repaired. Your first 30 nights are with them. It was literally. Send their king sheets back if you don't like them.

Brand: Bare Home

👤This is the second sheet I got from Amazon and I wouldn't try another one. At first, this sheet was amazing. Not too thin. It felt great. Two weeks later. I noticed that there were tears. So disappointed! I thought this was a good sheet, but it wasn't.

👤There are bad sheets. These sheets were bought based on reviews. It is alarming that with over 2400 reviews and 4.5 stars, very few people mention that the elastic does not go all the way around the sheets. It's difficult to get them to fit properly. When you try to tuck the sheet under the mattress it breaks because of the tight elastic. I thought the first sheet was faulty. The second one ripped the same way as the first one, so I took it off and put it on. 2 out of 2 did the same thing. The dimensions state the top split is 34” which is not correct. It might be more like 26” or 28” You can see from the pictures that there is a ripped elastic on the bed, and you can see the sheet on the bed with a 34” split, if you look closely. The Bare sheet is not a 34” split. I can't verify the sleep quality because I never had the chance to sleep on them. I will be returning these.

👤Well. It looks like a soft sheet. I'm not putting it on my bed. I took it out of the package and it smelled bad. I was going to wash it by myself, so I thought I would use it after that. Well. It didn't help. I ran it through the wash on its own twice and it still smelled bad, so I added an extra rinse and a hot wash. I can't use this in my bed.

👤I have tried many different types of beds and this one gives you enough fabric so you can easily get it onto the mattress. Finally, no more fighting, stretching, and pulling to get it on! I was surprised at how smooth the fabric was. I have used other sets of sheets at this price point before, but they felt like sand paper. The material feels soft and smooth due to the higher thread count. They feel like a higher end cotton product, another pleasant surprise. I have not found any defects or design problems. This is an excellent deal for something that does not feel like a bargain.

👤Really cheap quality! I'm pretty sure it's not 1800 thread count. When you put it on the mattress, it snaps. The corners are not square and you can't get out of them. I can see the blue pattern of the mattress through the sheet.

👤These sheets are great for my split-King bed. Most twin XL are for dorm rooms. These are not the same. It is very soft and easy to put on and stay on.

👤I bought the Twin size in gray. The color is true to what is displayed. I have bought the same size before. These sheets fit our mattresses well. The sheets stay on the mattresses well with no need for pulling or tugging, even though we both use the head and foot raising things. My husband's side of the bed comes untucked once a week or so because he is more active than I am. Staying on a deep mattress is a pros. Stay on with the frame. None that I have found.

9. Shilucheng Pockets Friendly Comforterble Hypoallergenic

Shilucheng Pockets Friendly Comforterble Hypoallergenic

Their products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and incredible customer service, which is important to them. They want to make sure you have an excellent experience from the moment you place your order until the time you sleep on your new bedding. Give your mom, dad, wife, or kids a lovely present without worry with their high-quality sheet sets. The bedding is made of 100% Viscose from Bamboo and feels like twice the thread count of cotton. You will never look at cotton sheets the same again after you have experienced bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets are naturally cooler than cotton, and even one degree makes a big difference when you sleep. The sheets made from Bamboo are more absorbent and cooler than other fabrics, and will resist odor, making them more comfortable. Their King size bamboo sheet sets include a flat sheet 105" x 102", a fitted sheet 78"x80"x16", and four pillow cases. This is the epitome of modern luxury bedding that won't break your budget. The sheets fit better than any other sheet set because of the deep pockets. It will not slide even if you twist and turn in your bed. You will get the perfect night's sleep. It is easy to care and wash, dries quickly on tumble dry low. Their bamboo sheets are fade resistant. Save time by not ironing. The best gift is made of the highest quality microfiber. It's a great gift idea for men and women.

Brand: Shilucheng

👤My wife and dog love it.

👤My sheets are $70 dollars. I love them! I am a sheet snob. You will not regret these. Don't use them if you don't wash them before use. My dogs and cats are on them, as well as the many washes. I wash my sheets more frequently because my animals like to sleep on my bed and haven't noticed any wear. Will be buying more.

👤Beautiful sheets. The color was disappointing. They look better online than in person. Like a lot of things.

👤These sheets are the best I've ever owned. It's amazing that they're so soft and cozy. The fabric is soft yet rugged, and they seem well sewn. I've never had bamboo fabric before, and this is intriguing. This fabric is similar to what would happen if rubber and silk had a baby. As soon as they have inventory available, I'm buying another set. You will regret it if you don't buy a set after I get my order. The sheets were sent the wrong way. The manufacturer was very apologetic when I sent a complaint and immediately sent out the correct size. I respect the attention and integrity to make it right. A product and manufacturer!

👤The paper in the box says machine washing is not recommended.

👤I received these sheets and no amount of soaking or washing was able to get the smell out of them. The seller knows they stink. Before placing the sheets on your bed, there is an instruction card detailing how to care for them. If you put them on your bed before following the instructions, you will end up burning the bed to get the smell out of your house. I tried. And washed. And washed. And washed again. I decided it was a ploy to make it impossible to return these turds. Because they have been washed, they have been used. Well played. From now on, I am going to bed bath and beyond for sheets.

👤My wife and I are very impressed with this product, so I feel compelled to review it. There are so many marginal products in the world today. We would like to share our experience. The king size bed sheet was very reasonable. Our bed is too hot. I've seen a commercial about cooling bed sheets. There were too many bad reviews about how deceptive the advertised products were. My wife and I are very happy with the new sheet that Shilucheng has, after the first night of sleeping on it. We felt very cool with the silky touch and luxurious feeling of it being soft. I ordered an extra set after a good night of sleep, and will probably order more sets for other bed rooms in the house. This company is willing to stand behind their products and care about them. There are over 800 perfect reviews. There was a nice note from the customer service that said they would support the products. Good job the nice people at Shilucheng. We will let our friends and family know about your products. Keep up the good work.

10. Elegant Comfort Premium Egyptian Resistant

Elegant Comfort Premium Egyptian Resistant

The king-size dimensions are fitted sheets that fit Mattresses up to 16. Breathable & Ventilated Weave is stronger and more durable than cotton, with the strongest stitching to prevent tears. The fitted sheet is deep-pocket, fully elasticized and can be washed and dried quickly. Welcome to the endocannabinoid community. The extra durable weave creates a soft feeling. Their silky-smooth bedding is the ultimate in high-end bedding. Their soft bedding set will make a heavenly sleeping experience. The microfiber material is processed to make it resistant to shrinkage and fading, which makes it more resistant to fading and adds to the longevity of the set. Performance and luxury meet. The luxurious feel begins with yarns that are even stronger than silk. These microfiber yarns are finished with a brushing and conditioning process before being woven into premium fabrics, then undergoes an additional brushing to attain the lustrous, ultra soft finish sought by connoisseurs of fine linens. The colors of gunfire and foliage. The microfiber is made to look good. Even after years of regular use, it will look as vibrant as the first night you used it. They are as soft as 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton and are more durable than the highest thread count cotton. The ultrafine yarns and weave make it easy to wash and keep the linens fresh and clean. They will not be weakened or torn even after years of use, and will only get better with time.

Brand: Elegant Comfort

👤This is supposed to fit up to a 16" mattress. The package's depth is only 14 inches, not 16. A deep mattress. Not happy with the purchase.

👤The colors are not as pictured in the reviews, but they are mostly true. I bought the turquoise which is a green color and the olive which is a blue color. The colors are nice. The fit is perfect. The corners are good for bigger mattresses and the length is fine, but the width is a problem. I'm not sure if the width is for a Plus Size Queen or a mistake. They fit, the colors are nice, they wash well, and they are soft. Hope this helps!

👤These aren't in deep pockets. The dimensions on pk are generous. The sheets are very thin. These are not 1500 tc EC. I own several from Bed Bath and Beyon, but they are not close to that feel. These seem like a 400 count. I can see through the sheets. These are very thin. Unless it is for a showing or a spare room, don't waste the money.

👤The elastic on the mattress is very weak and the sheet won't stay on.

👤The sheets seem to be good quality. They were purchased because of the green. It was a dull, pale color.

👤The ones I used to have were better even though they had a lower thread count. These don't feel very sturdy, don't fit the bed well, and are not as soft as I thought they would be. They do the job and are not bad, but they are not good either. I tried washing the sheets a few times with a liquid fabric softener and they are almost perfect. I had to exchange this out for another color because the website's color is slightly wrong, but my opinion of them has improved over time. It's a must to have liquid softener.

👤There are no really issues. My mattress is fine. I thought it was the same as the pictured pillow cases.

👤They have a lot of terms like soft and Egyptian Quality. These are microfibers. It is also known as plastic. I returned mine because it was misleading.

👤I bought a bed sheet. The package says 14 inches in depth. This sheet won't cover my mattress, which is 12 inches. I wrestled with this sheet for half an hour and it didn't cover 3 quarters of the bed. This has been a complete waste of time and money, don't waste yours. These companies need to be punished for scamming customers who are spending their hard earned money.

👤Excellent feeling. I like high thread count sheets. It's so soft, it doesn't crease as much. It dries and washes nicely. I bought a queen fitted sheet. It was a double that arrived. It tucked up perfectly with the elastic all the way around the sheet. Will definitely be buying again.

👤I wanted 16 inch and these are not that. They are 14 inches so beware. Just fits may have to come back as the sheets start to slip. You should change your description to read a 14 inch pocket.

11. King Size Fitted Sheet Mattress

King Size Fitted Sheet Mattress

It's perfect for fit and stays in place. The King fitted sheet is perfect for mattresses. This deep pocket fitted sheet has elastic that securely hugs your king mattress and gives you a perfect night's sleep. If you want a fitted sheet that stays on all night long, then you are in luck. The fitted King single sheet is great for tall beds and fits over a mattress topper or a padded mattress perfectly. Every king fitted sheet is protected from tearing, wrinkling, fading, and staining by their protective process. It's easy to care for your king fitted sheet, and it will look and feel like a hotel after every wash. They are dedicated to providing you with a premium, hotel-quality, ultra- soft microfiber deep pocket fitted sheet for your king mattress at a price that will leave you sleeping soundly! The king bed fitted bed sheet is made from the highest-quality microfiber double-brushed fabric and has a durable thickness. The fitted single microfiber sheet has a soft and durable feel, all contained in a lightweight sheet. You will love sleeping on your King bed when it is covered with a hotel quality fitted sheet that is soft, comfortable, cooling, and breathable. When you hug your King bed with this soft to the touch pocket sheet, you will be rid of restless night's sleep. The fitted sheet gives you 5-star luxury without the price tag. It is possible to sleep comfortably. Many people find a life of comfort on their King fitted sheet because it is designed for soft, nice to the touch comfort which is an important part of your sleeping environment. Science shows show that a better sleep environment can lead to better health. Their fitted sheet provides a more comfortable sleeping environment for a better night's sleep.

Brand: Cgk Unlimited

👤My mattress is thick. Other fitted sheets pull off at the corners. I have 17 levels of my back fused. I slide and tug around in bed. The sheets work well and the price was reasonable.

👤These sheets were disappointing and I rarely leave negative reviews. I bought a single bottom sheet after reading a lot of positive reviews. The sheet was washed twice, the first time it was directly from the package. Fortunately it's not a large expense, and of course you get what you paid for, but I didn't expect it to be this bad. I would like you to look elsewhere.

👤The sheet is large enough to fit under the mattress of my queen side bed, and it is soft enough to sleep on.

👤The California King mattress is very well fitted by this sheet. It is tucked in all night. My husband is large. My other sheets wouldn't stay tucked in on his side. The sheet does not.

👤I was happy to find a place where I didn't have to buy a whole new set of sheets because it seems my bottom sheets always wear out before the top sheets. The sheet is very soft. Extra room for thicker mattresses makes my mattress 15 inches. I washed it a few times and it still feels soft. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤After only 2 washes, this sheet is pilling. Very disappointed.

👤I like to replace my sheets when they wear out. The top sheet and pillow cases are in good shape. The fitted sheet had a color that fit my set. It is soft and comfortable. There is a plan to get another one for a different set.

👤You get what you pay for. I needed a fitted king bedsheet for about a month. It would suffice for a short time after seeing this and the good reviews. After sleeping on the sheet, it pilled up at the feet. It has pilled up all over since it was 1 week ago. What can you expect from a $19 king size sheet? It's :-

👤I thought the advertizement said Egyptian Cotton, but it was actually softer than Egyptian Cotton. I did not catch that. I'll bet it fooled others as well. Microfiber is what it is. I sweat so much on Microfiber I can't sleep. The elastic they put in is very flexible and gives a good grip.

👤I was surprised with these sheets. My husband doesn't like ordering things without being able to feel them first. I went with these because of the reviews and they are soft and cozy. Nice thickness. I used to have sheets from Costco that were expensive but not great, and they ripped in under a year, so getting in bed was always cold. These ones are not cool to the touch and feel superior. The color is bright. If you have issues with your sheet popping off your mattress, you can either get the extra deep sheets or get the sheet clips that actually hold the sheet on to your mattress. Those work with any fitted sheet. You can buy the fitted sheet on its own. We will be buying the entire set after we try the fitted sheet.


What is the best product for best quality king size fitted sheets?

Best quality king size fitted sheets products from Cgk Unlimited. In this article about best quality king size fitted sheets you can see why people choose the product. Ntbay and Cgk Unlimited are also good brands to look for when you are finding best quality king size fitted sheets.

What are the best brands for best quality king size fitted sheets?

Cgk Unlimited, Ntbay and Cgk Unlimited are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best quality king size fitted sheets. Find the detail in this article. Utopia Bedding, Cgk Unlimited and Mellanni are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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