Best Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss

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1. Ketogenic Shake Dietary Supplement Vanilla

Ketogenic Shake Dietary Supplement Vanilla

Fight fat with functional fats to help boost metabolism and control weight naturally. It helps fuel a diet with essential fats to help maintain ketosis. 10 grams of fat, 18 grams of healthy fat, and 3 grams of net carbs are all included. A delicious, wholesome, real food shake for a natural energy boost. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Keto Science

👤I drink about 4 a month and don't have to fight Walmart to get more. This should be delivered to my door. I've lost 24 pounds by drinking this twice a day and eating a non fat meal. I love this product.

👤The original recipe has been changed and the product no longer shows accurate nutrition information online. It was 224 calories, 20g fat, 8gProtein and 3gCarbohydrates. The product has 230 calories, 18g fat, 10gProtein and 8gCarbohydrates. I was happy to find a product that tasted great, had high fat content and was low in carbs when I was doing a keto diet. The fat has been reduced and the carbs have doubled. I ordered this product twice in May, once when I got the original recipe and again when I got the new product. It's not worth ordering again and hoping to get the original.

👤I've never tried a shake like this before, but I'm very happy with it. Here is what I do to make it thick, delicious and low in calories. Blend on high 2 scoops of mix. 1 cup of heavy cream. Smucker's peanut butter is creamy. For about an hour. 20 minutes. Blend again at high speed. 3 is the total net biccles. It helps with my hunger.

👤First of all. If you are strict with your diet and exercise, the ketogenic diet can work. The product helps you maintain your diet. The shake is good. I used it as a meal replacement. It works for me. I usually add a few packets of splenda or sweet n low with this product. I would recommend it to people who want to try the diet.

👤This is my first review. This stuff is great. It reminds me of a thicker nesquik when I mix it with almond milk. Want to try other flavors?

👤I decided to purchase the shake after reading all the reviews, but I should have listened to the other customers that purchased it as well. The product was half full when it arrived and the taste was not good, I began having abdominal pains after drinking the shake. I was going to drink it since I paid for it. I start having abdominal pain again after I did. I went to Wal-mart and saw it was cheaper than what I had bought on Amazon.

👤This isn't as filling as a shake powder which has more calories from fat than it does from protein. When mixed with a lot of liquid, it fills one up, but it doesn't control hunger or make one feel more energetic. I am not happy with it compared to other shake mixes. The chocolate malt taste in this shake is similar to cake mix or frosting. If you want a rich, deeper chocolate taste, you should add more cocoa powder and more calories from other sources. There is a I was hungry until lunch after drinking this in the morning.

👤I was trying to cut back on the amount of food I eat. After 2 scoops of this, I can keep in keto. I also add chia seeds, almonds and pumpkin seeds to it. Has been doing a great job for me.

2. Atkins Protein Rich Chocolate Delight Friendly

Atkins Protein Rich Chocolate Delight Friendly

There is a box of Milk Chocolate Shakes. A creamy milk chocolate flavor. Non-Caffeinated. With 15 grams of high quality protein and 5 grams of fiber per serving, you can satisfy hunger and have steady energy. 2 grams net carbs and 1 gram of sugar per serving. No need to keep the shelf stable. It's perfect for a low-carb lifestyle and can be used with the Atkins programs.

Brand: Atkins

👤I always go to Atkins when I have to lose some weight fast. I use these meal replacement shakes for two meals a day and have a large salad with some meat for dinner. I lose weight if I watch carbs. I like the taste of chocolate, but like the boarding house cook I try to stretch a shake by mixing it in a tall glass with a can of diet root beer. My dad made these brown cows for us when we were kids and they were called rootbeer and chocolate milk. I look forward to drinking this every day.

👤They are useful for people trying to lose weight. They are a good breakfast replacement. I take about 1/2 of one to take my morning medication. I finish it when I feel like it. That gives me the energy to concentrate and get going. Taking a pill is easier with a thicker drink. If you skip breakfast, these can help you out. To make sure the cap doesn't get dropped on your counter, be sure to set it upside down. The dark chocolate has a better flavor. These will taste better if you cut out processed sugar from your diet. If you are cutting CARBS, you can add some cream to make it richer. It's helpful for people with Type I diabetes who have trouble getting enough fat in their diet.

👤It tastes great and has helped me lose over 45 lbs.

👤I braced myself when I was about to try one for the first time because I had been taking one to work as my lunch. I was expecting a nasty flavor and texture. Not at all. It tastes like chocolate milk to me, not a bad taste at all. I am happy with this shake and will be buying more. I like the brand and flavor of Atkins and am nervous to try the other flavors since I found one that is actually good. This flavor is very good.

👤A reviewer lost 30 lbs by drinking one for breakfast, one for lunch, and a regular meal for dinner. I decided to do that because it worked for her. It has been 2 weeks. I'm down 10 lbs. I eat anything I want for dinner with the shakes. I started taking fiber, fiber, and electrolytes at the same time. I am happy that these shakes are helping me to lose weight. I will keep buying.

👤I eat these every day but I am also taking to block the carbs on my cheat day. The cheat day makes it easier to stick to the diet.

👤I ordered my second box. Love the shakes. It does taste great. The cookies and cream I bought at Walmart was not very good and I was very disappointed when the chocolate came in the mail. It's delicious when it's cold. I drink it quickly. I'm full for at least 4 hours. It's amazing.

👤I received one pack, not three packs. I would not have paid more than $20 for one pack. That is so ridiculous, I am not sure what to think. I was looking forward to them too.

3. Orgain Organic Protein Powder Vanilla

Orgain Organic Protein Powder Vanilla

The orgain organic plant based vanilla bean powder is 2 pounds. 2 grams of organic diet fiber, low net carbs, and 150 calories per serving are included. No added sugar, soy, kosher, and carrageenan are included in the USDA organic, vegan, and vegetarian list. For a quick breakfast or snack drink, mix with water, milk, or your favorite shake recipe. Use when baking to give your cakes, muffins, brownies, or cookies a boost. It's ideal for healthy on the go nutrition for men, women, and kids. These are great for pre or post workouts.

Brand: Orgain

👤I've tried other vegan powders before and one that was made from mushrooms was fine. I have a strong stomach and only have been nauseous a few times in my life, but this tasted so bad that I almost vomited. I haven't done enough research on this, and I have only used it twice so far, but a lot of people had a similar reaction, and I haven't noticed, but I've only used it twice so far. I didn't check the Clean Label Project before I bought this, because I saw it on another review. The presence of Arsenic/Mercury and Cadmium/Lead in this powder is frightening to me. Definitely not buying this again.

👤Before concluding on Orgain, do some more research on alternative vegan options. I ignorantly bought this vegan powder without doing much research, because it's a best seller and has some decent reviews, and I relied on the fact that it was a vegan powder. 1) I wanted to take after the gym. I don't think it's meant for that, even though it says it's for athletes, and seems to be geared more towards meal replacement due to the ingredients. I'd like to have an amino acid profile on the packaging. It tastes better than my first vegan brand, but other reviewers seem to not like the taste. A less-bad flavor is less noticeable to me after forcing down a terrible flavor for so long. There are 3 more It made my stomach hurt very badly within an hour of taking it. My experience is not unique to customers. I was not sure if it was this or something else, but I tried again and again, and it was the same problem. The worst time was the first time. There is further research on the ingredients that have been pulled up. Nausea, gas, and bloating are possible side effects. There are loose stools and indigestion. An alternative to sugar is sugar alcohol, called organic erythritol. It contains almost no calories and is partially absorbed by the body. It can cause side effects such as Indigestion, bloating, and stomach rumbling. Nausea, vomiting, and feelings of ill feelings are included. The organic guar gum is made from the guar plant. It can cause an increase in the size of the gut if it is used as a laxative. Among other things. It's pretty annoying that I have experienced the above side effects three times. I don't think I can return it now, so it's a waste of money.

👤I found a dead bug in the same scoop of my powder. Two days ago, I received this box. I used to use this as my go-to powder. I gag thinking about it. I don't know what to do with the rest of the bucket. It's really bad. It was gross. Don't get it.

👤I bought this powder because I want it to taste great and look great on the body, but it doesn't usually look great on the body if it tastes great. I didn't want my son to drink it in my coffee. Yuck! I decided to just mix a scoop in some cold water and drink it without thinking about the taste. I did that for 5 mornings this week and I lost my taste for sugar and cravings by the 3rd day. I have lost a pound and my energy is great because I have been working out and drinking this stuff. It's crazy that I'm a stroke survivor and I'm trying to get my energy back up. The taste is pretty good once I get past the first sip. I will update this review next week after I try the blender that I ordered. Treat your body well. It will feel amazing.

4. BSN ISOBURN Protein Powder L Carnitine

BSN ISOBURN Protein Powder L Carnitine

Fat burning powder matrix. 20 grams of whey isolate per serving. 120 calories per serving. Green coffee extract is used for fat burning. It's non-caffeinated and can be used anytime.

Brand: Bsn

👤There are a lot of good things about this. 1. The flavor is good. I think the chocolate tastes like cocoa. 2. Despite using a cup it still has clumps, but the quality is good. It's not that bad. You get a good amount of powder for what you pay for. I used to pay around $40 for the same amount. I'm still watching how good this is as a fat burner. I have lost 1 1/2 pounds at my first week with this, which is a good sign. This could be a water weight influx. As time goes on, I will update this.

👤I love the taste of the drink. I lost 20 lbs in 4 months with exercise and healthy eating. I only used one tub for a month, but I think it helped me lose the weight and get me full in the AM or PM when I replaced my meal with smoothies. It was easy to make. Almond milk, 2 kinds of fruits, isoburn, peanut butter, cottage cheese, and honey are included. There was no water or ice. Gosh! It is really good.

👤There was a plastic seal on the black cap, which is normal, but after removing the black cap there was no white protective seal like there is with bottles of the powder. I have ordered many bottles of Syntha and they come with a protective white seal, which I remember because I am always struggling to take it off completely. I am not sure if it is safe to eat the product, I am wondering if it is a knock off.

👤The smell and taste is great. I can drink it with water because it doesn't clump. I use it in my coffee and smoothie. I am trying to get back down to my goal weight of 135lvs. I can see a difference in my work outs. I have been using this for 7 days. This is with a healthy diet and regular workouts. If this was helpful.

👤The product is great for cutting weight. I used it as a breakfast supplement. I got an energy boost on my way to class. I'm usually not a fan of the flavors in the food industry, but the ice cream flavor was amazing. I didn't feel hungry around lunch time.

👤This review is going to be weird, but I am just being honest. This stuff is very bad. It is almost like sour milk, plastic, and chemicals. It is awesome and has helped me a lot. I was having a hard time meeting my goal until I found this shake. Since I started using this powder, my workouts, recovery and energy have been better. I have added a little bit of salt to it and that makes it a little better. I will buy this again.

👤This is a great way to feed your muscles after the gym to build strength and speed healing. It's more of a lean powder that is good for us that is not trying to build size but is focused on burning fat and developing lean muscle. It blends well. The taste of the vanilla is good and can be mixed with fruit or vegetables.

5. OPTIMUM NUTRITION Serious Protein Chocolate

OPTIMUM NUTRITION Serious Protein Chocolate

Immune support is provided by the use of vitamins C, Zinc and D. The same trusted Quality may be different with a new look. 1,250 calories per 2-Scoop serving is the high calorie weight gainer. There are over 250 Grams of Carbohydrates in a serving. Adding fresh or frozen fruits, peanut butter, nuts, and other calorie dense foods to your diet using an electric grinder will increase your weight gain potential. 50 gram of blended nutrition. There is over 250 g of Carbohydrates with no added sugar.

Brand: Optimum Nutrition

👤My under weight son is doing great. These photos were taken in 3 weeks on serious Mass.

👤I went from 103 lbs to 115 lbs in 5 weeks. I've been doing weight training and drinking protien shakes after workouts to make sure I'm eating in a surplus. I cut it to one scoop because it was making me super bloated and I added some things to make it even better. The taste is amazing. Will be buying more.

👤Maltodextrin is the first ingredient in ON's Serious Mass Gainer. Maltodextrin is not required to be labeled as sugar by the FDA since it is a polymer, but it will increase your blood sugar levels quickly compared to low Glycemic Index foods. The supplement companies are able to get away with not listing it as a sugar because it is a polysaccharide and still a sugar. Customers are not aware that they are consuming a cheap, inferior filler that is really sugar. But at least it tastes good? I'm not happy with Optimum Nutrition for pushing a product that is dangerous to one's health. It's so dangerous that I'm going to break it down. The first ingredient is listed first on the nutrition facts label. The first ingredient in this product is maltodextrin, which makes up the majority of the 336 grams per serving. The label says there are 20 grams of sugar, but it's not maltodextrin. The remaining 233 grams are a majority of Maltodextrin. A maximum of 233 grams are straight up Maltodextrin, so it's safe to say. The maximum amount of maltodextrin per serving is 69%. What are the effects of consuming over 200 grams of sugar in addition to your daily diet? I was completely out of it when I took it for the first 3 days. I passed out for most of the day and didn't make any progress towards my fitness goals. I woke up with saliva in my mouth and it was very sweet. The ulcer and sweet saliva that I developed on day 2 was the most painful and fast-growing part of my body. After quitting this product, the sweet saliva and ulcer are gone. If you exceed your daily recommended intake of sugar regularly, your blood sugar will go up and you will have to use your body's natural sugar-making process to process it and store it as fat. If you overwork yourinsulin production, or have a predisposition to diabetes, you are at risk of developing actual diabetes, which is when your muscles and body developinsulin resistance. This causes your body to stop responding to sugar and instead allow sugar to circulate in your blood where it can cause diseases such as sugar rushes, atherosclerosis, hyperglycemia, and much more. If you want to take this product, you need to consult a doctor or a nutrition expert. Do not do this product if you think twice. IForce Nutrition Mass Gainz is made from high quality whole foods. Imagine what 5 bags of this stuff could do to your body if you didn't do it carefully. I have a degree in nutrition.

6. Protein Isolate BulkSupplements Kilograms Unflavored

Protein Isolate BulkSupplements Kilograms Unflavored

Whether you want to ensure that your body receives a proper amount of high-quality protein or you want to support muscle growth and achieve your dream body, their whey isolate powder is the perfect choice. Premium quality formula is made with superior quality and pure ingredients, a unique blend of 90 percent whey isolate with multiple essential amino acids, with no soy, gluten, added sugars or artificial preservatives! Promotes Muscle Growth. One of the best sources of nutrition is their unflavored whey powder. The ISO whey powder is an excellent choice for athletes and people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Their flavorless powder is easy to digest and provides superior bioavailability, making it easy to add to your daily smoothie, shake or pancakes. No unpleasant taste or artificial flavors! There is a powder without artificial sweeteners. The Convenient Pouch is a pouch with a design that is convenient to store and travel in. It's perfect for carrying around at the gym, office, while on vacation.


👤I've been buying this stuff for a long time and was always satisfied, until now. The powder used to have no taste or smell, and seemed to be of good quality, and I was getting the results I wanted. As of the last few purchases, the powder has been coming in smelling a bit foul and making me feel a bit queasy before and during a workout. When I first heard about it, I thought it was the creatine, but then I realized it was my caffeine intake, which is a real killer when you're trying to get your desired results. I cut this out of my diet and have been working out more and not feeling sick. It's too bad, because I loved this stuff and all the other products Bulk Supplements has provided. Fortunately, I have found a couple new suppliers for some REAL powder that doesn't smell or make me feel sick, and it's unfortunate that Bulk Supplement's whey is no longer my go to.

👤I don't understand... When my friends gave me a bag a few months back, it tasted great, and I've used the exact same product before. The whole shake tasted like thick milk, making it very easy to drink. The shakes in the bag I ordered tasted like cornflakes, but they last for a long time. The package still claims to be free of corn, but that is not possible. It is unmistakably a corn taste, and nothing like the previous batches I had. I used to love this product.

👤I received my package in the mail and it looks open.

👤I bought a different powder just in case after reading a lot of negative reviews of this product. The bag I purchased was 250g. The bag is stuffed full and wouldn't reclose because of the stuck plastic. I put it in a container and moved on. There wasn't a weird smell. It smelt like powdered milk. The taste was not very strong to me. Others have pointed out that there is no scoop. The serving size is listed as 30g. I think mileage may be different on people's spoons. If you want to hit specific macro numbers, you might want to get something that comes with a scoop or a metric kitchen scale. I did my best, but I don't have one. I put some peanut butter in it. It tasted good. I did not get sick like some previous reviewers have described. The product didn't have a way for me to measure a serving size. The product is fine because most people have scales.

👤Over the past year I have used many of their products, one of which is their WheyProtein Isolate. Each month I received a shipment of 4 bags through Amazon. The last shipment I received tasted different than any I have received before and caused me to experience double over stomach pains which I have never experienced before. I was hoping that it was just the one bag, but after eating the first scoop it was obvious that it was all of the same lot. I was directed to Amazon to try to get replacements for my product by Bulk Supplements Support, who was not concerned with my complaint. I will no longer purchase Bulk Supplement products in the future due to lack of quality concern, quality assurance and lack of customer concern.

7. Vega Protein Greens Vanilla Servings

Vega Protein Greens Vanilla Servings

Protein Plus Vegetables is sweetened with stevia and has 120 calories per serving. There are 20 grams of vegan product from pea, brown rice and sacha inchi. The green vegetables included in the on the go healthy powder for women and men are organic. Four grams net carbs is what the Kosher ProtEIN POWDER has. Not a medical food. Real food ingredients are good for the body, mind, and planet. No artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors are included in the vegan certified project. During shipping, contents may settle. Don't worry, that's normal. You are still getting all the serving listed on your product.

Brand: Vega

👤I've been using this product for over 3 years. I did not like the change to organic and found it on Amazon. I was very happy. The product and cost were the same. I have this on auto- delivery every month. I thought I did something wrong. I had to add more water to thin it out because it was thicker than usual. Then the taste. It's a lot sweeter. I can't describe the taste. It leaves a taste in your mouth. I had to check other reviews to see if anyone else had the same experience. I'm not the only one. I don't understand why the manufacturer had to change something. The way it was before was fine. I can't eat this. I don't think I can make myself drink a full bottle. I'm canceling my delivery. Please bring back the old formula. You will lose customers who know what it tastes like before the change.

👤I loved the greens and the Vanilla Proteins. The new formula has a bad taste. I will be returning my purchases and looking for a different brand after years of being faithful to Vega. Bring the old powder back.

👤We use the old formula almost every morning in our smoothies. I tried this new formula once. We had always produced a thick and tough substance that was unpalatable. The new formula has raised the sodium and cut out the hemp powder. We went to our local Natural Grocer to find a replacement after we returned it. Garden of Life is a better substitute for the New formula.

👤I have always had to supplement with shakes to get the amount ofProtein I need. I've always used a different brand for my shakes, but I was looking for a vegan one. This one came with reviews. I'm not sure why. This has the most CHEMICAL taste ever because it has the sweetest texture like you dropped your shake at the beach and then took it back into your bottle. There is a fake-sweetener taste with a hint of berry in the aftertaste, but there is no berry flavor. If anyone is following a sugar-free diet. This will make you want to eat it. Not in a good way. It was so synthetic that it made me cringe. I tried it three times. The third time I added it to a berry smoothie, I was able to get it down, even though it was still tasted. I didn't know I made a face after each sip. It was bad even when blended with fruit and Greek yogurt. I'll power through it because it was so expensive. This would be going into the trash if I had money to throw away. I am shocked by all of the rave reviews and will never buy this brand again.

👤I used a partial scoop in order to not waste this expensive product. My jar has now produced non- vegan food. Oh my gosh! I am not joking. I only used five of them before they hatched. This is not good people. I am not sure where this product is being manufactured, but buyer beware. This is a better review than my previous one. See the pictures taken this morning. It was very sweet at first sip. I don't eat sugar and try to avoid it at all costs. The taste and texture of the pea-based powder are what you would expect from a pea-based powder, but a full 10 minutes later I still can't get the taste out of my mouth. Every time I walk past the sink where I opened the stuff, I can smell it. The seal was damaged. I think it was done by the manufacturer to release the smell. I canceled my subscription immediately. Looking for a powder that isn't made from sugar. This is a failure.

8. Isopure Protein Powder Isolate Flavor

Isopure Protein Powder Isolate Flavor

A new cap color transition is currently in process and may affect the cap colors on bottles. Immune support is provided by the addition of vitamins C and Zinc. 25g per serving of 100% WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE is a high-quality source of a high-quality source of a high-quality source of a high-quality source of a high-quality source of a high-quality source of a high-quality source of a high Zero/low carb options help people watch their calories. A perfect fit supports your active lifestyle and can be used post-workout, between meals, along with a healthy breakfast, or any time of day. Added vitamins and minerals. This powder can help support your diet. Lactose andGluten free.

Brand: Isopure

👤I like strawberries and cream. I ordered Dutch chocolate. I am on the ketogenic diet, as I am assuming several are. This means that the usage of the fuel is more expensive. I looked at the advertised nutrition content and it said 1 gram and 1 fiber, but it was actually 0 grams as the fiber cancels it out. The container does not match what was advertised. Each serving has 3 carbs with 1 fiber and a net of 2. This is not extreme, but it does not match what is advertised.

👤I need to lose weight. I have an allergy to nuts. I tried this product after doing my research. I mix it with coconut milk. I lost 26 pounds in 10 weeks. This makes it easy to hit the target and keep my energy up. I didn't like the creamy vanilla that I tried. The Dutch chocolate is good and I am not tired of it. This is the choice to make.

👤There was no plastic seal on the bottle. I thought the FDA had a seal. If I'm correct, please send me a sealed replacement.

👤The taste of this powder is very good on its own, so get some basics out of the way first. The chocolate is similar to a Swissmiss or Carnation hot chocolate packet. The texture is very finely powderized, and there is some other ingredients that help it shake very nicely in a bottle. You won't feel the sand in your throat when you drink a Nature's Best shake. The powder doesn't work well in smoothies. It has two different kinds of gum in it, and enough of each that it makes a pudding out of a smoothie when blended with things like banana or peanut butter. I have to use extra liquid because it's gross to drink from it. Adding fruits to a smoothie can make it too dessert-like for my tastes, because the chocolate powder is already pretty sweet and milky on its own. If you want to shake your stuff in a bottle, I would recommend trying this. If you like drinking smoothie after a workout, I'd look elsewhere.

👤This chocolate flavor is in a league of its own and is what I consider anok tasting. I would say the flavor is off, as seen on my face by my wife, after I took the first sip. It was pretty rough. They make a very high quality product, but missed the mark on this one, so try another flavor.

👤Absolutely love this product. I am a 22 year old woman who has been training for 8 months and have tried a variety of products and found this to be my favorite. I have been using this product for about a month now and I can see and feel a difference in my body type. I am getting more lean. It tastes amazing. replenishes the stores in the body with so many vitamins. I use a bottle to shake it up. It tastes like Swiss Miss brand hot chocolate. I like to mix it with hot water. It helps with muscle recovery and keeps me lean. It is likely that DEFINITELY will be ordered again. I will say that this product is the most effective after exercise, but better to have some form of carbs before exercise so you can get the most out of your workout. Energy and calories are related to cadas. And with a clean diet. Any product is. You will see results if you work hard and be patient.



The same trusted quality may be different. They don't call it the Gold Standard of quality for nothing, it's a blend of 24 grams of pure, high quality, lean muscle mass-building, 100% whey blend. It helps build lean and strong muscles with over 5 grams of BCAAs. There are 3-4 grams of carbs, 1-2 grams of sugar, and 1-2 grams of fat. Do not use it as a sole source of nutrition. It improves mixability to prevent clumps. The highest quality control measures make you feel safe and comfortable consuming the product. There are four sizes to choose from, 1 to 10 pounds.

Brand: Optimum Nutrition

👤I see a lot of reviews on this site of people complaining about how they've used this brand for 50 years and then it changes and they don't like it anymore. I am new to this brand and I want to make it clear to others that it tastes good. Some say it's too sweet. If you don't check the ingredients first you will not know if the ice cream flavor is sweet or not. It tastes exactly like I got it. Take a tub of ice cream and drink it. If it tastes good to you, toughen up princess. No one cares if it tastes good. We are using PROTEIN powder.

👤The canister was almost full to the top. You can't get a full bag of chips anymore. The canister is large. It was much bigger than my expensive one that only came half full. I was impressed immediately. I liked the smell of the ice cream. I wasn't sure how good it would taste, but I was pleasantly surprised when I mixed it with Almond Milk. I had no issues with it mixing. I have been happy with the results of baking with this. I have bought the ON brand before and liked it. This product is very good.

👤I have come to a few conclusions after a year of pounding this stuff. 1. Extreme milk chocolate is the only good flavor I have had. It's pretty good. 2. It tastes like a generic brand of chocolate. There is a And 3. My big man hands can't type. Keep going.

👤I've been using this for a while. I ordered my tub through Amazon. Amazon did a great job with timely shipping and delivery. I noticed that it developed a pretty gnarly chemical smell when I went through the tub. I would feel sick after drinking it. I contacted optimum nutrition about this issue and have not received a response as of this time. The product was stored in a dry place. This is the first time this has ever happened to me. I found that the I gradient list has changed a lot. More has been added to it. I don't expect much in the way of enhancers in the flavors of the company.

👤I was skeptical since I can't tolerate the over the top artificial taste and sweetness in many of the protein drinks that are out there. This is the best tasting powder I have ever had. I mix it with almond milk. It tastes like a shake. The texture is very smooth with just a bottle. The perfect snack to fill me up til dinner and satisfy my sweet tooth.

👤The cookies and cream flavor doesn't taste that good when I'm only mixing it with water, that's why I got it. It doesn't mix that well without hot water. I found a recipe that I could make with this flavor, and it turned out to be so delicious. I am going to use it for something.

10. Muscle Milk Protein Knockout Chocolate

Muscle Milk Protein Knockout Chocolate

There is a cannister of muscle milk and a GenuineProteinPowder in the package. 50 grams ofProtein per serving helps support muscle growth and maintenance. The combination of high-quality slow releasing and fast releasing proteins provides a more sustained delivery. A good source of vitamins and minerals. Strong bones can be achieved with the help of vitamins D and calcium. The growth of muscle is dependent on essential amino acids. It helps rebuild muscle, post-workout recovery, muscle maintenance, and is tested for banned substances. The sport has been certified by the NSF. More than 200 substances are banned by most major athletic organizations. Hunger satisfaction is one of the benefits.

Brand: Muscle Milk

👤I've used various flavors of Muscle Milk. I can't say whether it is the best supplement for you. It is a big name and I liked it. Many people are saying that it is harder to mix enough to get out of the lumps after the formula was changed. They are correct when I get my first jug of the new formula. It is hard to mix thoroughly. I have found a better way to mix it. The following method has no problems for me. I saw a bottle called the blender bottle at Wholefoods. There is a plastic jug with a whisk ball. The one that I chose is about a quart in size. They are cheaper on Amazon. I thought that using the bottle would do the trick. I have always had skim milk. It tastes better and you get the extra punch. I found a way to improve it, and the taste, and the "punch" even more, while this was a pretty good solution. In the morning, we always have 1-2 cups of coffee left over. I fill the bottle with coffee, put in one scoop and shake. This is easy to mix. Then I shake the second scoop. This mixes well since it is more like water than milk. I top off the second half with skim milk. I get a better flavor and punch from the addition of coffee and milk. This is a great way to start the day because I work out in the morning. It is ready to go in the morning after I chill it. The flavor of the product is very good if prepared in a way that makes it easy to mix. I'm getting over 60gm ofProtein with this preparation and lots of vitamins. It holds me over to lunch for my morning weight lifting. If you thought it was, please click helpful. I want to add a couple things to my review. I use this product for chocolate and vanilla for a variety. I am not using it as a drink. I add it to other foods more often. Most mornings I eat oatmeal with one healthy scoop added after cooking. Adding it to plain greek yogurt with a sprinkle of fresh fruit would be great. You can add it to a lot of things. It is a great flavor since it has the added benefit of being a good source ofProtein. Some recipes use it for a healthier form of treat. I would be interested to hear your ideas. I should clarify that when I mix it with coffee that has already cooled, I do it with it. If you put it in a cup of coffee, it will be fine.

👤I have throat cancer, and I can't swallow, so I have to drink liquid through a tube, and muscle milk is the best for me.

👤I've been using this product for a long time. I grab a scoop this morning and it has something in it.

👤I've been using Muscle Milk for a long time. Muscle Milks remove most of the lactose from me. Unlike other brands, they never have an issue with them. I thought about trying something different. Mistake. I will keep this flavor on my shelf until we run out of food. Nobody in my house likes the flavor.

11. Quest Nutrition Cinnamon Crunch Protein

Quest Nutrition Cinnamon Crunch Protein

Shake up your exercise routine. A delicious and low-sugar Cinnamon Crunch Protein Powder from Quest provides you with 20g ofProtein, 2g net carbs and less than 1g of sugar per scoop. SIP on complete peonies. It is possible to make a complete, dairy-based, cinnamon crunch-based, powder. It is fast and slow. The ideal balance for your workout is provided by the 60 and 40 percent fast and slow absorbing Whey and Micellar Casein. Sweet without all the sugar. A cinnamon crunch cereal has less than 1g of sugar. Canister contains 24 scoops of a flavor of the powder.

Brand: Quest Nutrition

👤I use this to make waffles. There is a scoop of powder and an egg. A small amount of water is needed to thin out the batter. This makes two waffles. It feels like I'm having a cheat meal because of the great flavor. The cinnamon crunch flavor is very good.

👤I discovered the products a couple years ago. I have always been pleased with the quality. Everyone has their own favorites. One thing you can be sure of is that you are getting the best ingredients. There are lots of recipes for drinks and bakes online. I have been using the caramel powder for over a year now and I am addicted to it. I usually mix it in my morning smoothie with 8 ounces of almond/coconut milk and a few ice cubes, and it will keep me happy all day. Replacing the milk with cold brew coffee is something I like to do. Either way, you will get a treat. A taste that is similar to your favorite beverage. The options are endless, whether to drink or bake with it. I feel using a blender makes it more delicious. Especially with ice cubes. I have heard of others mixing it. I don't know if I would enjoy it as much. I highly recommend the QuestProtein Shakes. I try to mention what is important to me in my review as I rely heavily on them. If you found my review helpful, please let me know. You can post any questions in the designated area. Thank you for reading my review and shopping with me! Miss Kelly.

👤CELIAC friends! This is not advertised. It is not free of the allergy. 2 weeks before I looked at the label to find the conflicting "gluten free" and "processed in a facility with WHEAT." That is not free from the wheat allergy. I was miserable for the last 2 weeks and it's probably another month before I feel better. What a waste of money. I trusted the company because the powder is free of the allergy. When will manufacturers realize that they are putting people at risk by advertising food that is not safe?

👤I bought a lot of things from this seller. After reading reviews of this one, I was excited to purchase it. I am not sure if I received the same product as everyone else. I opened the case and there was a foul smell that was more like a bathroom cleaner than cinnamon. I thought it might be the plastic carton. I was left with water and clumps of powder after putting this product in the mixer. The smell was not the carton, but the product gave me a burning sensation in my mouth and lungs, so I had to spit it out. I went to the ER because I was so sick. I have never experienced anything like this before and usually write reviews. Don't buy it.

👤At my last checkup, my doctor told me to consume more meat. I am a vegetarian and so getting enough meat without increasing calories to levels that are too high for me has been difficult. I'm angry because I know I have to give up on eating a lot of beans and rice and tofu, and I'm also angry because I'm trying to force my diet to include more fat and calories. I don't know where the idea of a powder called aProtein came from, but if I had been aware of it, I would have wondered who the hell would use it. Why? I have a sweet tooth, so I don't eat powder unless it's on a donut. It was a strange thing to do. You know how the internet takes you to places you never expected to go, whether you like it or not. I ended up on a site comparing powders. I was fascinated by the texture of smoothies and shakes. I can always detect a big hint of ambivalence, a sort of shirking of recognition of the truth, when I hear phrases like "you can barely taste it" and "it was." I realized there was a pattern after reading reviews of different powders, and taking notes, that one brand of powder was praised for more than it's function. This brand of powder was praised for its taste, even though most people talked about the salted caramel flavor, the idea of which makes me want to barf, and the overall apparent agreement that this powder had all the abbreviations necessary. I hoped salted caramel wasn't the only flavor. I decided to review the brand of milkshake powder I tried, it was called Quest. It arrived in a big tub and the instructions printed on the side talked about it's scoop, but I had forgotten to buy it, it was just hiding, lodged firmly down at the very bottom of the powder. I had purchased a plastic cup with a sort of odd plastic weathervane attached to the bottom and ausb cord, which I used to make a smoothie. Next iteration. If you can find coffee or something else to disguise the powder in, don't try this with water. I decided to go in the deep end. After my cup was charged and emitting an eerie green light, I added 8 ounces of water, pushed the button on the cup, and added a scoop of powder, which caused a negative tornado, and let it twirl for 5 seconds. I took a sip from the glass after pouring the mixture into it and adding ice. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! It was delicious and not just acceptable. It was a creamy, soft, and sweet drink that was great to the bottom of the glass. There was no substance in my mouth, nor was there any slimy substance in the drink. I clobbered my nose with the ice cubes trying to suck out the last drops of its goodness. It doesn't need anything but water and a cup with a cable, so I might add a shot of rum and a slice of pineapple once in a while, because I think it might make a killer pina. I think I'll get on a delivery schedule for the tub of Quest because I think I'll enjoy it to the last scoop. Wait until my doctor tells me I listened to her.


What is the best product for best protein powder for weight loss?

Best protein powder for weight loss products from Keto Science. In this article about best protein powder for weight loss you can see why people choose the product. Atkins and Orgain are also good brands to look for when you are finding best protein powder for weight loss.

What are the best brands for best protein powder for weight loss?

Keto Science, Atkins and Orgain are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best protein powder for weight loss. Find the detail in this article. Bsn, Optimum Nutrition and are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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