Best Best Protein Powder for Smoothies

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1. Vega Protein Greens Vanilla Servings

Vega Protein Greens Vanilla Servings

Protein Plus Vegetables is sweetened with stevia and has 120 calories per serving. There are 20 grams of vegan product from pea, brown rice and sacha inchi. The green vegetables included in the on the go healthy powder for women and men are organic. Four grams net carbs is what the Kosher ProtEIN POWDER has. Not a medical food. Real food ingredients are good for the body, mind, and planet. No artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors are included in the vegan certified project. During shipping, contents may settle. Don't worry, that's normal. You are still getting all the serving listed on your product.

Brand: Vega

👤I've been using this product for over 3 years. I did not like the change to organic and found it on Amazon. I was very happy. The product and cost were the same. I have this on auto- delivery every month. I thought I did something wrong. I had to add more water to thin it out because it was thicker than usual. Then the taste. It's a lot sweeter. I can't describe the taste. It leaves a taste in your mouth. I had to check other reviews to see if anyone else had the same experience. I'm not the only one. I don't understand why the manufacturer had to change something. The way it was before was fine. I can't eat this. I don't think I can make myself drink a full bottle. I'm canceling my delivery. Please bring back the old formula. You will lose customers who know what it tastes like before the change.

👤I loved the greens and the Vanilla Proteins. The new formula has a bad taste. I will be returning my purchases and looking for a different brand after years of being faithful to Vega. Bring the old powder back.

👤We use the old formula almost every morning in our smoothies. I tried this new formula once. We had always produced a thick and tough substance that was unpalatable. The new formula has raised the sodium and cut out the hemp powder. We went to our local Natural Grocer to find a replacement after we returned it. Garden of Life is a better substitute for the New formula.

👤I have always had to supplement with shakes to get the amount ofProtein I need. I've always used a different brand for my shakes, but I was looking for a vegan one. This one came with reviews. I'm not sure why. This has the most CHEMICAL taste ever because it has the sweetest texture like you dropped your shake at the beach and then took it back into your bottle. There is a fake-sweetener taste with a hint of berry in the aftertaste, but there is no berry flavor. If anyone is following a sugar-free diet. This will make you want to eat it. Not in a good way. It was so synthetic that it made me cringe. I tried it three times. The third time I added it to a berry smoothie, I was able to get it down, even though it was still tasted. I didn't know I made a face after each sip. It was bad even when blended with fruit and Greek yogurt. I'll power through it because it was so expensive. This would be going into the trash if I had money to throw away. I am shocked by all of the rave reviews and will never buy this brand again.

👤I used a partial scoop in order to not waste this expensive product. My jar has now produced non- vegan food. Oh my gosh! I am not joking. I only used five of them before they hatched. This is not good people. I am not sure where this product is being manufactured, but buyer beware. This is a better review than my previous one. See the pictures taken this morning. It was very sweet at first sip. I don't eat sugar and try to avoid it at all costs. The taste and texture of the pea-based powder are what you would expect from a pea-based powder, but a full 10 minutes later I still can't get the taste out of my mouth. Every time I walk past the sink where I opened the stuff, I can smell it. The seal was damaged. I think it was done by the manufacturer to release the smell. I canceled my subscription immediately. Looking for a powder that isn't made from sugar. This is a failure.

2. Purely Inspired Organic Protein Healthy

Purely Inspired Organic Protein Healthy

22 grams of plant-based protein is delivered by the Purely Inspired Organic Protein Powder. It's easy to mix with water, smoothie, almond milk, oat milk or your non-dairy drink of choice. Adding a bit of the powder to oatmeal, snack bars, pancakes, waffles and other recipes can make them taste better. A clean source of nutrition for women and men can be used in the morning. It is an opportune way to add plant-based nutrition and a good-tasting fruit and veg blend. Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO, vegan friendly, dairy free, soy free, cholesterol free are some of the clean ingredients. No artificial flavors or colors.

Brand: Purely Inspired

👤The package has a label that says "vegan friendly". This isn't vegan friendly. I have a picture of the ingredients in my review. This product has milk ingredients. This isn't vegan. I am sick to my stomach because I trusted the " vegan friendly" label, because my family and I get sick from dairy. I can't imagine someone would trust the label if they had an allergy to milk.

👤I bought him because it was supposed to be dairy and soy free. I won't buy this again.

👤I was fooled by this product, so if you are a vegan and enjoy adding plant based powder to your diet, do not use it. I looked at it carefully, but I didn't see the small print. The product is called "plant-based nutrition" instead of "plant based protEIN". It's meant to make you think it's true. Why does that matter? It contains milk product. It doesn't say what that milk product is. If you're allergic to dairy, this could be bad. It doesn't state it on the container. It is meant to look like Orgain. Don't buy if you're vegan.

👤It tastes good with almond milk. I began to get stomach pains. I'm going to the doctor in a week because I'm worried it may have caused something. I took it for breakfast and lunch for a month before I noticed my stomach pains. I switched a prescription as I started taking it. I thought it was that. I've been off the medication for three weeks now and I still have stomach pains and irregular bowel movements. I didn't drink it for three days while I was away and my stomach felt better. I started it up again and my stomach started hurting again. I did my own research after another woman left a review on this saying that the same ingredients caused her harm. I try not to buy unless FDA approves, but I figured this would be fine since it is USDA organic. supplement products are unregulated. I was excited to try it and thought it would be better. I have to go to the doctor because I won't be buying again.

👤My doctor wanted me to stop eating so much breakfast food. I need fuel and a flight attendant, so I need quick and easy. This product is able to deliver all of the above. I have been using it as a breakfast meal replacement and I have been impressed with how long it holds me over. When I am flying, I pack enough powder for my trip and a cup of coffee to sip while I get ready for work. I enjoy my coffee and work out at home. This stuff is convenient. I add cinnamon to it for more flavor. I have to shake the bottle in between sips because of the settlement on the bottom. The first thing I bought was the vanilla. It is not the most amazing thing I have had in my life, but it is not bad. I only add water with cinnamon. It is creamy and not hard. I love that it has a lot of calories in it. It is very similar to Shakeology, I think it has more and less calories. I love Shakeology, but not the price. They want $130 for a month. It isn't worth paying that much for the same product. Next time I try the chocolate, I will buy this product again. I wish they had more flavors.

3. Vega Premium Protein Vanilla Packaging

Vega Premium Protein Vanilla Packaging

There are 30 Grams of plant based protein powder. Pumpkin seed, organic sunflower seed, and pea protein powder are included in the Amino Acid profile. Recover after a workout with ingredients like cherry, turmeric, and 2 billion CFU of probiotics to help build muscle and support recovery. It is made for athletes with certifications such as Non-GMO Project verified, Certified vegan powder and gluten free. State of readiness Women and men with 3 gram net carbs and no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors can use the powder. Not a medical food. You can make a delicious smoothie by combining water or a beverage and adding fruit.

Brand: Vega

👤I've been purchasing the product for over a year now. I liked the nutrition label and how clean the ingredients were. I was surprised to learn that Vega was one of the worst brands polluted with toxic metals and other contaminants. They didn't comment on the study, which confirmed my suspicion. I will not be buying again. If you care about the heavy metals, then you should also care about them. You should as well.

👤I enjoy this stuff and go through it a lot. I would like to have it shipped in a bag instead of this heavy duty plastic tub. I don't like wasting this plastic. Customers and Amazon need to pressure manufacturers to provide lower waste options.

👤I use it and I like it. If you like it, buy it yourself.

👤This is pretty good. It mixes well. It tasted good. It contains xantham gum. I am fairly sensitive to Additives. I found a cheaper and better Pea Protein-based supplement that works better for me, but I'm not sure if it's these or something else. The texture of the Vega will taste better and stay longer. Within minutes, the Naked Pea will separate. I can either shake the bottle or swirl a fork in my drink to get it to mix again. I mix a small serving of the Naked Pea with a small serving of the Vega to get the smooth taste. It's all good now. I don't need the Vega, but I understand people who want to have as delicious a shake as possible. Pea Protein is the cheapest and most consistent way to get my proteins on a daily basis without eating an inordinate amount of meat or ruining my gut.

👤I have been using this for over 8 years and it is amazing. I've used it to build muscle, to supplement my diet, and to work out at the gym. It has a spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals. It is easy to mix with fruit, milk alternatives, water and other things. The powder is extra fine, so keep that in mind as you serve it or else you'll look like you just powdered the room! Vega has thought of all the different things that would increase the absorption and bio-availability ofProtein. If you use the BCAAs after a workout, you can rebuild torn muscle fibers. It's the best, most well balanced, veggie-derived, vegan, and vegetarian-derived, vegan, and vegetarian-derived, vegan, and vegetarian-derived, vegan, and vegetarian-derived, vegan, and vegetarian-derived, vegan, and vegetarian-derived, vegan, They've done the research on how it works. It's great to see the vegan's win in creating healthier forms of meat. There have been many reports of arsenic being found in Vega'sProtein, so I left off a star. The company reassured me that their supply had been tested, after I wrote to them to check it out. The issue of arsenic being found in Vega was reported in February of last year. Apple seeds and other whole foods have trace amounts of arsenic in them naturally, so I suggest looking at the bigger picture and picking your poison. The media seems to appreciate sensationalizing tiny facts that aren't actual issues, like the fact that eating an apple could have the same effect. I am not sure how many products are pure now. If milk doesn't have growth hormones or have any growth hormones at all, their containers might have chemicals from shipping. I still trust Vega because they are doing their best to take responsibility for their processes and care about their consumers. I would still recommend theirProtein even though I am keeping an eye on this story.

4. Orgain Organic Protein Powder Chocolate

Orgain Organic Protein Powder Chocolate

Same great product, new look and label. Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder is included. 2 grams of organic diet fiber, low net carbs, and 150 calories per serving are included. No added sugar, no soy, no carrageenan, and no artificial ingredients are included. For a quick breakfast or snack drink, mix with water, milk, or your favorite shake recipe. Use when baking to give your cakes, muffins, brownies, or cookies a boost. It's ideal for healthy on the go nutrition for men, women, and kids. These are great for pre or post workouts.

Brand: Orgain

👤I've been buying this for a couple of years. An amazing product that tastes great, is easy to mix, and is plant based. Each month I go through 1-2. I have a small gripe that won't cost a star, but the containers are 1/2 full. It's getting ridiculous when you get a container that's only 1/2 full, because manufacturers are trying to cut costs by shrinking the amount purchased. It's a waste of plastic and turns a wonderful product into a scam. You are better than that, Orgain.

👤I try to never review a product until I've been using it for at least two weeks. It's an honest opinion after two weeks and going to the gym 6 out of 7 days a week. I find the taste decent enough to put over my cereals. It's priced fairly well for what it offers compared to other competitors and it's one of the worst tasting powders I've tried. I tried to get it out with a knife, spoon, and fork. I cursed and buried my hand in the jaws of life. I had to do some spear fishing for a few minutes despite using my hand. The star was off. This powder is one of the few out there that doesn't give me the tumblies or the ducks, so I can't complain too much. The lack of dairy ingredients as well as the E.R. doctors being thankful for not having to inject muscle relaxants/fluids into me at three-in-the-morning is what my intestines are thankful for. It doesn't have as much of a per scoop source of food allergy sufferers like me, but it still has a great choice for those who want their food allergy relief. A good product that has the potential to be great, but definitely needs more work in the taste department. This will be my go-to for now. Overall, it was a 5/7 stars.

👤I replaced 1-2 meals a day with the creamy chocolate I ordered. This is the first powdered mix that I have bought and I can not compare it to any other shake mix. I can tell you that the taste is great. It can be a little hard at first, but after learning how to blend it with a bullet, there is no chalkiness or grit to it. The base is almond milk. I am not hungry for 4.5 hours, which is the best part. I will be ordering more.

👤I wanted to send my dislike for this product directly to the seller, but I couldn't because I couldn't find contact information. I've been drinking a lot of shakes for years and wanted to switch to something without the fake sugars. I drank my first shake and felt gagged. The taste is bad. I've had other products from Orgain, but this is not one of them. I can't recommend this product.

👤Before someone mentioned to me, a lot of this stuff was too sweet. I was shocked when I looked at the label, I had never thought about it before. The company has been cheating everyone. Look at the ingredients label right now and read it. "Natural Flavors" is not a healthy or organic choice. Why does it need natural flavoring? They are using quality and healthy ingredients. They should not need a Sugar Additive called Erythritol because it tastes good. erythritol can be produced with yeast or another fungus. It's bad. This science experiment will never be bought again.

5. Vital Performance Lactose Free Certified Gluten Free

Vital Performance Lactose Free Certified Gluten Free

25g ofProtein and 10g ofCollagen are combined. Vital PerformanceProtein Powder combines a milk isolate with a peptides to deliver 25g of complete nutrition. They can say 'lactose-free'. The process of milk helps to reduce the amount of Lactose. Excellent supplement for people with aversions to Lactose, looking to increase their daily intake of high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality, The high-quality dairy proteins are due to their digestibility. The casein to whey ratio is the same as milk. It has a robust amino acid profile to support synthesis and recovery. There is a method for this. 10g of VersatileCollagen is derived from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hide. The body is absorbed quickly for maximum benefits. Promotes healthy bones, joints and tendons. There is a method for this. Any time of the day. This powder is ideal for boosting your intake of both food and exercise. You can blend 2 scoops into a smoothie. 3 scoops per day is what you should consider if you want to increase leucine content.

Brand: Vital Proteins

👤I am becoming my favorite food. Themacrobarista has a recipe for 2 scoops of peanut butter, 1 cup almond milk, 1/2 serving chocolate chips, 1 serving sugar free chocolate syrup and some ice. Enjoy and blend.

👤Many companies sell empty containers and claim that the product settles. It is possible to pack it in better. The product shows that the other companies are either not investing in the equipment needed to pack in powder or engaging in deceptive marketing using larger containers. 5 stars for this alone. It tastes good. Could use less sugar.

👤Great taste and thickness. I added milk and fruit to make it thicker. It gave me an upset stomach. I think it's due to the inclusion of MTC. I've had trouble with products before. I was hoping that it would be a small amount, but unfortunately it was. I would highly recommend this product if you have no problems with MTC oil.

👤I had to have this because I saw themacrobarista who I follow for lower calories versions of coffee drinks use it and it looked delicious and I wanted to have it. I am hooked! I mix it with almond milk, ice, a handful of sugar free chocolate chips, and whole espresso beans and throw it all in a blender. It tastes like a Java chip Frappuccino and I'm so happy with the taste.

👤I like it because I can't taste the meat in it. This does not make me gag because of the taste of protein. It tastes like strawberry milk to me, so if you like that then it is perfect for you.

👤I like this. I doctor it a bit. I add a frozen banana, chocolate, almond milk, water, and ice to make a delicious ice cream shake. I add the powder to make it sweeter. It is not very sweet but I like it because I can make it sweeter. Will definitely keep buying.

👤Cold brew flavor is great but there's 100mg of hidden caffeine that you won't see mentioned in the container.

👤It is free of both sugars but the coffee crystals don't stay in cold liquid. I'll keep trying it new ways, because I only tried it once so far. The crystals might blend better in the blender. It tastes good.

6. Orgain Organic Protein Unsweetened Packaging

Orgain Organic Protein Unsweetened Packaging

Same great product, new look and label. The Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder has no added sugars or flavors. A serving of 21 grams of organic plant based nutrition has 150 calories and 0 grams of sugar. No added sugar, soy, kosher, and carrageenan free are included in the USDA organic, vegan, and vegetarian list. It is free of caffeine. For a quick breakfast or snack drink, mix with water, milk, or your favorite shake recipe. Use when baking to give your cakes, muffins, brownies, or cookies a boost. It's ideal for healthy on the go nutrition for men, women, and kids. These are great for pre or post workouts.

Brand: Orgain

👤I have been buying Orgain for years and enjoying the taste, but recently found out that it tested high in the weed killer glyphosate. The World Health Organization has classified the herbicide, more commonly known as Roundup, as probably carcinogenic to humans because of its correlation with cancer. It has been linked to other health problems. The eight top-selling powders were tested by The Detox Project. The two batches of Orgain that were tested had higher levels of the weed killer. One came in at 83 parts per billion and the other was 281 parts per billion. Anything over 80 parts per billion is considered dangerous and a high level of concern. I encourage you to do your own research. This is a very upsetting finding. This can be labeled as "USDA Organic" and still get these results. I hope that the manufacturer will take drastic measures to source pea protein that is free of toxic chemicals and implement a more thorough quality control and product testing system.

👤I used Shakeology for a while. I liked what it did for my body and health, but I didn't like what it did for my pocket. I went 3 years without drinking a shake because I didn't know I could combine a full amino acid profile powder with a superfood powder with flavors like raw cocoa and matcha. I chose Orgain because of the price. I couldn't drink the chocolate shake because it was so sweet, but I bought the other two flavors. They didn't ask me to return the used canister, so I ordered the unflavored powder and the Orgain Superfood powder. It's a winner. I like the texture more than Shakeology. I make a variety of smoothies, but my main one is: 1 frozen Banana, 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries, 1/2 cup peanut or nut butter, and 1 scoop of Orgain. There is a It's delicious and filling, and I noticed less bloat. Absolutely recommended.

👤I bought the "Natural Unsweetened" flavor of this powder, since Amazon seems to lump all the reviews together. People who are complaining about the taste of erythritol or stevia probably didn't order this one because it doesn't contain those. I figure if I want to flavor it myself, I can do so myself, but I actually find it quite enjoyable as is--per the directions, I mix it with either almond milk or water, and it's fine--not I usually use a type of milk called skim, but I wanted to try something else when I didn't want quick-digesting milk, and I also wanted to avoid soy. I thought about mixing pea and rice powders myself, but then I found this, which mixes them with a bit more, and it's what I was looking for. It's more expensive than whey and has a different taste and texture, but it's not as bad as I expected. It's certainly not bad. I use this in my rotation when I want more of a source of nutrition but don't want to eat too much of it.

7. Garden Life Greens Protein Powder

Garden Life Greens Protein Powder

20 grams of raw plant nutrition from Organic peas, sprouted Organic grains, seeds and legumes, and 6 organic greens and veggies. Post workout recovery can be done with a clean shake powered by organic non-GMO whole food and green energy. The drink is green. The green energy from the raw, organic veggies and green juices in this delicious powder is amazing. A delicious, smooth low-cholesterol shake with 1.5 Billion CFU of probiotics and 13 non-GMO enzymes for easy digestion. VEGAN PROTEIN POWDER is delicious with water or almond milk.

Brand: Garden Of Life

👤I weighed over 200 pounds last year, I had arthritis, high cholesterol, and was pre diabetes. I was tired all the time. I needed to accept that I should have surgery on my neck, back and knees after the doctor told me I was old and women gained weight. They wanted to have surgery. A friend of mine had back surgery and was barely able to walk for months after the operation. I was afraid to death. I got protien powder to make another attempt to be healthier, but I was very depressed because doctors told me my life was over. When I was young, I didn't think I could continue. I was on tons of opiates. A nightmare! We had five unexpected deaths in our family last June, and my beloved chow/wolf dog mix died suddenly. I couldn't sleep and I couldn't eat. The food was very wet. I lost my sense of taste. The only thing I could tolerate was the blended powder. I drank that once or twice a day and ate nothing else. I was getting enough protien to go on, so I didn't get sick. Over the course of last year, I started to lose weight. I stopped taking all the pain pills and got some that helped my pain without being addicted. I found my knees weren't hurting anymore. I walked at the lake track every day to get out. I still had the shake with plain milk. I lost over a hundred pounds when I went in for a checkup at the doctor. I was given tests for everything. I had no sign of diabetes, my cholesterol was perfect, and my blood pressure was perfect. I went from a size 16 to a size 4. I had not been hungry. I stopped eating a lot because of the protien shake, which had no sugar. I felt better with less food in my stomach. I walked at the lake for the first time in years. I started to run, but I never did, but I found that it felt better than walking. It didn't hurt my back or neck, my knees felt great, and I felt like crying because I had been told I was too old, fat and late to change anything. I found answers and a new freedom after a series of odd events. I've been running ever since. I love it! I feel like I'm young. When I run, I feel pain free. Some of my childhood was filled with hope and possibilities. I'm training to run barefoot, my feet are strong again. You can learn how to stay healthy without killing yourself or straining to be perfect by reading the book, " Born To Run". To just enjoy it. If I can do this at 60, after being told there was no hope, then maybe this will help another person. Never give up! Even if you're told there aren't any answers, you should still look for them. Look into the healthy diet of people on Crete, dump sugar and snacks, and get this powder to start feeling better. It helps you get lighter and healthier. Change your life a little every day by taking time. Every single day you can try again, make another effort, let go of your mistakes, and start over.

8. Isopure Protein Friendly Unflavored Packaging

Isopure Protein Friendly Unflavored Packaging

Blend with unflavored powder. A high-quality source of 25g per serving is provided by 100% WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE. Adding high-quality protein into your favorite beverages, soups, sauces, and baked goods recipes is easy. This powder can help support your diet. They are free of both gluten and Lactose.

Brand: Isopure

👤Due to Covid-19, no one is available to contact Amazon. I bought this based on the label, which states that the sodium content is 160mg per serving, however, this is not correct. I received a bag that said it was 230mg. I called the store that sells this product and they said it was 230mg. If you have high blood pressure or restrictions on your sodium consumption, please think about this before purchasing. This is not acceptable and could be dangerous. There are other products that have a lower salt content. I noticed that the online label has 80mg of calcium. The package I received had 30mg. There are photos attached. The online label is the first picture. The package I received was labeled "unflavored" and I bought it. I hope this helps someone.

👤This was purchased to be used as batter for fried chicken. I was fed up with the pork rind crumbs, almond and coconut flour combination and the delicate frying conditions needed to get the food cooked through but not burn on the outside. It made sense to use unflavored whey isolate powder in the recipe I found. Fried in fat is a covered in a lot ofProtein. Ha! It worked well. It didn't create a really great crust but it did add a really good one to my chicken. I would cook with this again. It becomes tacky and sticky after a few minutes when you mix it with water or egg. Use nitrile gloves. If you don't rinse your dishes sooner, you'll have a lot of mess to clean up.

👤I've been using unflavored Isopure for a long time. I've tried a lot of different types and brands of the same type of powder, but I've never found one that mixes better. It's also "unflavored." I remember eating a small spoon full of it and it tasted great. It tasted like nothing. I add it to fruit/spinach/almond milk smoothies and it works as a thickener and supplement with no added taste. I would still recommend thoroughly Blending even though it mixes well. Low calories, high fat, and no flavor... What's not to like? If you're going to use a lot of this product, it's cheaper to buy three 1 lbs. bags instead of the 3 lbs. A tub.

👤It is usually not completely unflavored when you buy something like that. This powder is made of the same substance. I can't taste it and there is no texture at all. I am a vegetarian and have been juicing for a week and needed a way to add some nutrition to my morning. I put a small amount of water in the bottom of my glass and a scoop of powder in it and poured my juice in...I can't even tell it's in there! So happy! Do not mix with hot liquids, I repeat, do not mix with hot liquids. I made hot cocoa with some hot almond milk. I had to use a butter knife to remove the tofu from my cup.

9. Garden Life Packaging Certified Probiotics

Garden Life Packaging Certified Probiotics

A delicious smoothie made with Certified Organic and Non-GmoProtein made from peas, sprouted seeds, grains, and legumes, plus 3 Billion CFU of live probiotics and 13 digestive enzymes, is available. The plant is complete. After a workout, you can rebuild broken down muscle and reduce recovery time with the help of a complete plant-based diet. The foundational, organic foods include the cleanest vegan proteins, 13 organic sprouted grains, seeds, and beans, with fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, to help promote immune and digestion health. It's easy to grow, because Raw Organic Protein is made at low temperatures, preserving its complete amino acid integrity. Empowerment of extraORDINARY HEALTH. They start with what goes in their products, and then they believe in truly clean products you can trust. It is the only way they know how to deliver on their promise.

Brand: Garden Of Life

👤The company is owned by NESTLE. Big corporations that don't care about consumers have to buy good competitors off of each other, it's a shame, no need to say anymore. I have stopped buying GOL and will start researching a conscience supplier.

👤The product of GOL has shown the presence of toxic metals and pesticides, according to tests. I wish I had known that.

👤The new packaging is the reason for the review. The new packaging says it's new and improved. I compared the nutrition information with the old packaging and found it to be 622 g and 568 g. Trust is an important factor for my body. The claims in the new packaging make me question them. The older bottle is half full, but the new bottle is taller. Scoop is larger. The new packaging has less powder. There are some extra ingredients in the new one. A blend of organic sprouted brown rice, organic amaranth, organic millet, organic buckwheat, organic garbanzo bean, organic lentil, organic adzuki bean, and organic sun flower seed sprout.

👤This new version is dangerous. The old version was awesome and I have been using it for 3-4 years. The new one is terrible. The new creamy version tastes like sludge in your cup and is not good. They decided to change the whole formulate on their own. Never buying again. Why did you make a mistake? It should have been the same.

👤I have been an customer for over a decade. I have never written a review before. Garden of Life has a product that is updated. It is in a tub. It has a bigger scoop. There is a bold print on how much it has. I realized I was getting less when I stopped to analyze their newest iteration. The tub is larger than the previous one, but Half Emporium is still new. There is a The new and improved version only has 20SERVINGS per tub. The old had about a month's supply. The new tub has 568g of total product and 28g serving size, while the old tub has 22g of total product and 7g serving size. The old tub had 622g of total product, 22g serving size, and 17g ofProtein, but we are only getting a slight increase in the amount ofProtein per scoop. The new tub is larger than the old one. It was just a waste of money, and possibly designed to deceive the consumer, because the company stated it wants to do the best for the world. Start by being honest and maintaining what you had going. If you reduce the amount of product, then you should reduce the size of the tub. The serving. The old tub had 28 serving in it. If I'm taking one serving per day, I'll have to purchase the new product 18 times. 13 times is how many times the old tub would have to be bought. I am a college student without a lot of money and trying to eat healthy. I know that money doesn't grow on trees even if I'm not the best student in the class. Money is growing well in the Garden of Life after this product.

10. Optimum Nutrition Standard Protein Chocolate

Optimum Nutrition Standard Protein Chocolate

The same trusted quality can be seen in the new look of packaging. They don't call it the gold standard of quality for nothing, it's a blend of 24g of milk and other ingredients to support lean muscle mass. Over 5g of BCAAs can help build lean and strong muscles. There are 3-4g cakes, 1-2g sugar, and 1- 1.5g fat free. The instant version improves mixability to prevent clumps. The highest quality control measures make you feel comfortable and safe consuming the product. There are 8 different sizes to choose from, including 1, 2, 5, and 10-pound options.

Brand: Optimum Nutrition

👤My message is the same as many others but I wanted to share my experience in hopes that more people will be aware. I have been using the product for a decade. It has always been the industry standard. Good ingredients, good taste, no BS. I made a shake after I received my last tub of creme. It was disgusting. The shake was very sweet and I reluctantly finished it. This was at night. The morning after I had a bad day. It seems that other people are having the same experience. The recent change to the formula may be to blame. I'm stuck with 5lb of inedible powder and have to find a new company to buy it from. Well done, ON. There is a Thank you for the diarrhea.

👤I'm strong now. I get the strength to move mountains from this WheyProtein. You can build walls. Break them down again. Another wall is needed. Call my mom and tell her I love her. Hyper masculinity is an illusion to mask years of fearing things I don't understand and have profound conversations with myself about the falsehoods that is ego. Thanks for giving me the strength to overcome my fears of being a ballerina.

👤There is a best product on the market. As far as Double Rich Chocolate is concerned, there is no change as of a week ago. No Sucralose. Ice Cream, Cake Batter, and Banana are not good choices.

👤I have purchased this many times in the past and it's my go to flavor and tastes great. I ordered one recently and it had a cracked lid, I figured these aren't air tight, so probably no big deal, but it tasted bad, so I ordered a replacement. The shipping box was in perfect shape, but the replacement cracked the lid again, and it wasn't as bad as the first. The second one tasted the same as the first one. I don't know what happened with these recent orders, they taste watered down and leave a bad taste in my mouth. I ordered a 10lb bag in hopes that it will come from a different batches, because this is my go to flavor. I know it tastes great. Normally a 5 star but for this order I'm adding a 1 star review. I received my 10LB bag and it tastes great, but there is definitely a bad amount of powder out there, maybe it's a bad amount of tub, not sure, but glad I finally have more powder.

👤I am not a body builder. I work out about three times a week and use the powder for a shake or breakfast. My review is from a regular joe who works mostly to stay in decent shape and stay alive, so I am not on a strict diet or anything like that. The shake is made with theProtein powder. It's really filling and has no weird aftertaste like many other powders. I use soy milk before adding ice for those of you that don't know, it helps if you mix the powder with whatever liquid you prefer. The powder gets clumpy if you put everything in at the same time. I don't know why, but that has been my experience. I don't use a shaker. The chocolate malt tastes great and I like it.

11. SlimFast Advanced Nutrition Smoothie Replacement

SlimFast Advanced Nutrition Smoothie Replacement

The high protein sauce is called the high protein sauce. The SlimFast HighProtein Meal Replacement Shakes are a great way to make a smoothie. When combined with 8 ounces of Fat Free Milk you can keep yourself full for hours with a decadent creamy vanilla flavor to satisfy your sugar cravings. SlimFast Advanced Nutrition Smoothie Mix is packed with 5 grams of fiber to promote better digestion and curb hunger. GLUTEN is free. Their shake mix is made with optimal nutrition in mind, and it is packed with 24 essential vitamins and minerals, which will make it easier to lose weight, and it is equally delicious in taste. SlimFast understands that it can be hard to lose weight. Their Smoothie Mix is perfect for on the go meals. If you want to stay on top of your health, you should always have a serving of their smoothie mix with you at work and at home. Not a low calories food. See the nutrition facts for saturated fat.

Brand: Slimfast

👤The product does not have 20 grams of the stuff. It only contains 12 grams of meat. You have to mix it with 8 ounces of milk to get 20 grams. This is not doable if you are a person who is sensitive to Lactose. The product description claims that it contains 20 grams ofProtein. It is false and misleading. I was told by the company that I should return the product if I was unhappy. Great! I have to pay for the return shipping because I was tricked into buying it. Wow! Thanks for nothing!

👤I'll keep it simple, I don't have a beach body, and this powder isn't going to do it for me either, I'm realistic. I like the taste, I like that it has some extra calories, and I use it as a quick breakfast, that I actually enjoy. I personally take one banana, about 4 cubes of ice, and a scoop of the mix, and blend it in a blender, so that it's like two cups of milk. I'm not sure if it's more calories than the recommended recipe, but I'm not skipping breakfast or eating a bunch of doughnuts.

👤The flavor is rich. I look forward to drinking it. I've been drinking 2 shakes a day with almond milk, this is 1/2 way through my 2nd week. I have a chocolate cappuccino shake at 12 pm and a banana shake at 10 am. I want my family to eat what they eat for dinner without added sugar, bread, or pasta. I have lost 9 lbs in 1 1/2 weeks. I've had things I shouldn't have. 2nd slice of pizza at dinner. Don't judge! It's true! I'm happy with that, but so far it's been good. I don't get hungry but I do want things that I don't need. I think the key is to space it all out- shakes, snacks, and dinner, sip the shakes, and eat the chips so you feel like you've had more. I also like the chips. That is a separate review. Doesn't upset my stomach. I think the no bread, no sugar has ended that. I was worried the shakes wouldn't work on my stomach. Happy to report no side effects. A couple of reviews said their canisters were empty. settling may occur, according to the product description. It looked like mine as well. I got 12 shakes out of it. This product is very good.

👤My friend recommended this product to me. It tastes good. Thank goodness. I know there are some products that are not good. It makes my diet easy. Sometimes I would make the milkshake in the night so I could use it for breakfast the next day. I lost 22 pounds on my diet plan. I know if I relied more on this, I would have lost more weight. He lost 48 pounds in two months. I'm happy with its safety and effectiveness. I ordered more from Amazon.

👤I love how thick this is. This is consistent. Like that! It's just like the original frenchVanilla, but thicker, which is great because it kept me fuller longer. I will update in a week. I replace two meals a day. Both breakfast and dinner. Normally the original keeps me full for 3 hours, but this had me full for 3 hours. I love it!


What is the best product for best protein powder for smoothies?

Best protein powder for smoothies products from Vega. In this article about best protein powder for smoothies you can see why people choose the product. Purely Inspired and Orgain are also good brands to look for when you are finding best protein powder for smoothies.

What are the best brands for best protein powder for smoothies?

Vega, Purely Inspired and Orgain are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best protein powder for smoothies. Find the detail in this article. Vital Proteins, Garden Of Life and Isopure are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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