Best Best Protein Powder for Muscle Gain

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1. Dymatize Super Gainer Gourmet Vanilla

Dymatize Super Gainer Gourmet Vanilla

5.1g Leucine is one of the building blocks used to help create MuscleProtein Synthesis. Even the hardest gainers can pack on 1310 calories and 245g of carbs per serving. A blend of fast, medium, and slow shirring proteins is used for muscle support. Balanced nutrition, healthy muscle tissue and muscle recovery are supported by 17 vitamins and minerals.

Brand: Dymatize

👤I needed to take up some additional weight, so I started looking around at brands and found this one at the best price per serving value out of at least 10 others, but still it's not what you'd expect: Each gigantic container is only enough for 8 serving or a little It costs over 120 dollars per month for 7+ lbs to get the results most people need. The cheapest weight gainers you can find are a bit expensive. My problem is that the amount of BCAA's in each serving is too much and they are bad for your body. It's an unnecessary add-on for anyone looking for easily digestible calories, and a lot of the negative effects of BCAA's are related to low energy and sadness. You'll get a boost of energy, but there is a crash after you get too much. After the first day, my mood became affected. If you have a history of depression and it is linked to your own body-weight, this stuff is not for you. I will be looking for a cleaner alternative for calories and sticking with my own powder for muscle gain.

👤I gained weight with this boy. I went from 175 to 205 in a month. I have hypertension and diabetes. I don't. Good product.

👤The bag was 11 pounds. If you have a history of depression, this will make you depressed. This has had the effect on me that no other weight gainer or product has. I have been fine since stopping. I've read that they can do this. True Mass 1200 is a product that has naturally occurringEAAs as well, so I recommend it.

👤I will never buy this product again. It is an absolute waste. The size of the scooper makes it too large to open without spilling powder everywhere, so you should be prepared to open it over an empty skin. When you fill the scooper with powder, you can't see the actual wedges because the measurement on the inside of it is not visible. 2. The smell and texture are related. I gag when I try to drink it. I buy cookies and cream flavor and it seems to come in clumps regardless of how long I shake it up. If you can drink it, the flavor isn't bad. 3. The quality of the ingredients. To get the same nutrition as one of the GNC brand powders, you need to drink 2.5 cups. The shake is thick even with 2.5 cups of almond milk. It drinks like a cup of mud.

👤I like this gainer. I break it down into 4 equal portions for the 1200 calories and so far it's been good. I've tried many other weight gain products, but this is the only one that I'm seeing results for. I gained 11 pounds in 2 weeks. That is huge for me. Sometimes I add peanut butter or bananas. Will be buying again. The serving size is so large that it can be expensive. There were no stomach issues.

2. Dymatize Protein Isolate Gourmet Vanilla

Dymatize Protein Isolate Gourmet Vanilla

5 lbs of Dymatize ISO 100 Gourmet Vanilla Protein Powder. There are 25 grams of protein, 5.5 grams of BCAAs, and 2.7 grams of Leucine in a serving. A serving has 1 gram of sugar and fat. A fast-absorbing, 100% WheyProtein Isolate. ISO 100 is your perfect partner if you want to gain muscle size and strength. It's easy on the stomach with less than a gram of Lactose. Sucralose, steviol glycosides are present. ISO 100 can help support your diet with up to 120 calories per serving. Add to your recipe or shakes. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Dymatize

👤I went to pharmacy school, worked in pharmacy for 15 years, and then moved into biotech and oncology for another 20 years. Most supplements are marketing fantasy and have no FDA approval. BS. There is recent data on the benefits of using a supplement for both aerobic and bicyle power in sports. The Jan 2015; 45(1):111-31. To name just one credible source. It is likely that a combination of proper diet and exercise can increase strength and decrease body fat. I had tried about 6 other whey supplements and they all caused GI distress, including gas, bloating, and general abdominal discomfort. I talked to several of the competitive bodybuilders at my gym, one of whom has a PhD in biochemistry and is an active cancer researcher at a nationally known cancer center, and the other a nationally known bodybuilder. Both recommended Dymatize iso 100 because it was free of lactose and both had used it with no adverse GI events. I'm falling into the category of a case report. I tried the Dymatize Iso-100 and it had no adverse GI events after three x 3 pound containers. Despite my skepticism about supplements in general, I believe I have finally found a supplement that has minimal to no adverse events and has helped me in losing body fat and gaining muscle. I used a highly scientific method that relied on unprompted and unsolicited positive comments about my 60 year old body from about 10 active weight lifters at the gym. I think this product works, it tastes good, mixes easily in a bottle, and it provides me with my low-cal goal of 35gm a day. The pricing structure for the product on Amazon is the basis for my 4 star rating. No one knows why one flavor costs more than the other. For the same price, you can get all the flavors of vitamins Shoppe, with the occasional 10% off deal and free shipping. I match the price of both Amazon and Vitamins Shoppe. Hope this mix of pseudo science and BS helps. It's likely better than the supplement literature where it's all BS.

👤I've never taken a product like this one before. This product is for people who work out regularly. It mixes quickly without any residual powder at the bottom of the bottle. ISO 100 blends in a way that leaves no clumps in whatever you mix it with, which is something that some of you are afraid of. This product mixes better than ON's Gold Standard. I have been buying ON for the past 2 years and can advocate for that comparison. I've tried many other powders in the past, with my most purchased being ON's Gold Standard Whey, that product was my favorite before trying ISO 100, but I think I will switch my product loyalty to this product, and I think so will you. There is a If you go to the gym at least 4 times a week, you might need a product that contains a significant amount of BCAAs that aids recovery and can help give you the edge you need to push, which can help give you the edge you need to push. The leucine supports the growth of muscles. This product only has 120 calories per serving and it doesn't bloat you, it's low in calories and one that you want. I've been taking this product for a month and I've seen a lot of growth in my body in just 4 weeks. The results vary from person to person and not everyone will notice growth in the first 4 weeks. You will be surprised at how this product makes your muscles leaner and stronger. There is a Personally, I've never deviated from anything chocolatey tasting, but you guys might have different tastes. If you are planning to purchase this product, I would highly recommend the Gourmet Chocolate flavor as it doesn't taste too generic and it goes down easy. I think the Gourmet Chocolate is a solid 8/10, you might feel differently about the taste, but that's just my opinion. I don't do any other flavors besides chocolate. I thought it would be inferior to ON's Gold Standard Whey, but it turned out to be better than I thought. I would recommend this product to anyone.

3. MuscleTech Nitro Tech Peptides Nutrition Chocolate

MuscleTech Nitro Tech Peptides Nutrition Chocolate

WHEY PROTEIN POWDER is the most powerful formula of its kind. It is a scientifically engineered formula designed for more muscle, more strength and better performance. MuscleTech Nitro-Tech has a clinically studied 3g dose of HPLC-tested monohydrate to help build lean muscle, increase strength and enhance performance for men and women. In a 6-week study, subjects gained 70% more lean muscle than those using regular whey, and increased their bench press more than 14 lbs. This product is only used as a food supplement. Do not use it for weight reduction. Pure, HPLC-tested creatine is what CREATINE MON OHYRATE is all about. Scientific studies show that it helps replenish the body's ATP stores for increased performance, strength and muscle mass. Absorbs fast and shrinks easily. You can recover faster, build more lean muscle and get better results from your training sessions with the help of the ultra-pure, rapidly absorbed and quickly digested swervy peptides. Daily workout smoothie mixes include 1 scoop with 6 ounces of water or skim milk between meals.

Brand: Muscletech

👤I'm pretty sure it's not real. Attaching an image to a container. The left column was from an authentic container.

👤I've only tried this product once so far, and that was yesterday. It had a strong artificial sweetener flavor. I measured the weight of the powder inside the scoop and it was 56g, not the 44g listed on the container. The nutrition facts on my container did not match those on Amazon. You're getting 30g ofProtein for every 37g scoop, according to the picture on Amazon. My container says I'm getting 70% of my body's requirement for food. The old formula had more calories, saturated fat, cholesterol, and carbohydrates. I hope Muscletech will try to improve the consistency of their scoop to weight ratio, and I hope Amazon will be able to update their photos to better inform their customers on the products they sell.

👤This isn't to make a big deal out of it. I don't work out at a gym, but I do take a shake after every workout. I switched to Nitro for testing and adventuring purposes and have not had a problem with it in the past. I took the product 9 times to see if the problems would continue. I got a sick lick to my stomach. I had to throw-up on 3 occasions because I couldn't take the feeling anymore. I don't blame Nitro at this point, I think it's just my body not being able to accept the substance, in which case this is just one of those things that happen. I couldn't test the product for a long time because I couldn't afford it. The only thing I can say is that the chocolate milk tasted like chocolate milk and was a delight to drink. I didn't research why this shake affected me. I always use WHEY product and don't receive any problems near this one, which leads me to believe that there's a specific ingredient that my body can't handle. I did not have an allergic reaction and my stomach could handle it. I can't give a good rating for something that I wouldn't use.

👤The review does not reflect on the product. I received a product that had only 41 serving, but Amazon gave me 50 serving per container. 140 calories per serving is shown in the image, but there are 160 calories per serving. There is a no return policy on this product.

👤The taste is amazing and the mix ability is amazing. It's hard to find protien that mixes well with water. I really like this product. There is a downside. The product is spiked with a substance called amino spiked. 30g of protien per gram is not what you are getting. A lab tested it and it was consistent at 22g. This product is not what you are looking for. It's great that it comes pre mixed with creatine, but it also spikes the protien level. If you can live with this, then you should purchase this product because it is fantastic, but the labels are misleading.

4. Muscle Milk Gainer Protein Cookies

Muscle Milk Gainer Protein Cookies

32 grams of lean meat. It is certified for sport.

Brand: Muscle Milk

👤My son is 10 years old. He can't eat most types of food. His doctor considers him anorexic. I've tried to add calories and fat to the food he eats but he has very smart taste buds. We've been using 2 scoops of ice cream every night with a cup of milk and half and half. It's about 700 calories. He gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks. It's a win in our house because he likes the taste.

👤Will this product work for you, after having a scary experience with this gainer? I gained 10 lbs after drinking 4 scoops of milk and bananas a day for a week, because I finally found a powder that worked for me. I work out twice a week. After my third and fourth containers, my heart stopped beating and I was having a bad palpitation. I have never experienced irregular heartbeats before. I thought I was going to die. After many visits to the doctor and many tests, no history of heart defect was found, and at the end of the day, my diet was what mattered. The supplement powder was the only change in my lifestyle. I stop taking it immediately and the irregular heartbeats go away within a few weeks. I threw the fourth one away because I wouldn't take anything like that in my body again.

👤I found some plastic pieces at the bottom after using 80% of the product. There are several smaller plastic flake. Have bought this many times. I am worried that I have accidentally swallowed plastic before.

👤During my last flare up my weight went down to 83 pounds, I loose weight when I have UC. I started using this as a morning shake in July of last year. I am happy to say that my weight is now 101 pounds and I am still gaining. I like this stuff for what it does for me.

👤I have a fast metabolism. I gained 10 pounds in a month. I would recommend exercising. I have a bigger belly. I've cut back on drinking this to make the fat turn into muscle.

👤It is important to remember that total daily calories are important for gaining weight. You must eat more calories than you burn to gain weight. The shakes have a quick 650 calories which makes it a lot easier to do. This is the best mass gainer in terms of taste and mixability. I used to take Serious Mass from optimum nutrition, but it would always be clumpy in my bottle. There are no clumps in the 4 scoops of this stuff mixed with water. Muscle Milk's gainer is pretty good on this front, even though mass gainers are not going to taste as good as regular powders. I've tried all three flavors. I think chocolate and cookies n creme are the second and third easiest to drink.

👤I got the flu in February and lost 15 lbs in a month, but when I got to the scale and it read 155 lbs, I was depressed. I put 15 lbs back on after a month and feel great.

5. Optimum Nutrition Standard Protein Chocolate

Optimum Nutrition Standard Protein Chocolate

The same trusted quality can be seen in the new look of packaging. They don't call it the gold standard of quality for nothing, it's a blend of 24g of milk and other ingredients to support lean muscle mass. Over 5g of BCAAs can help build lean and strong muscles. There are 3-4g cakes, 1-2g sugar, and 1- 1.5g fat free. The instant version improves mixability to prevent clumps. The highest quality control measures make you feel comfortable and safe consuming the product. There are 8 different sizes to choose from, including 1, 2, 5, and 10-pound options.

Brand: Optimum Nutrition

👤My message is the same as many others but I wanted to share my experience in hopes that more people will be aware. I have been using the product for a decade. It has always been the industry standard. Good ingredients, good taste, no BS. I made a shake after I received my last tub of creme. It was disgusting. The shake was very sweet and I reluctantly finished it. This was at night. The morning after I had a bad day. It seems that other people are having the same experience. The recent change to the formula may be to blame. I'm stuck with 5lb of inedible powder and have to find a new company to buy it from. Well done, ON. There is a Thank you for the diarrhea.

👤I'm strong now. I get the strength to move mountains from this WheyProtein. You can build walls. Break them down again. Another wall is needed. Call my mom and tell her I love her. Hyper masculinity is an illusion to mask years of fearing things I don't understand and have profound conversations with myself about the falsehoods that is ego. Thanks for giving me the strength to overcome my fears of being a ballerina.

👤There is a best product on the market. As far as Double Rich Chocolate is concerned, there is no change as of a week ago. No Sucralose. Ice Cream, Cake Batter, and Banana are not good choices.

👤I have purchased this many times in the past and it's my go to flavor and tastes great. I ordered one recently and it had a cracked lid, I figured these aren't air tight, so probably no big deal, but it tasted bad, so I ordered a replacement. The shipping box was in perfect shape, but the replacement cracked the lid again, and it wasn't as bad as the first. The second one tasted the same as the first one. I don't know what happened with these recent orders, they taste watered down and leave a bad taste in my mouth. I ordered a 10lb bag in hopes that it will come from a different batches, because this is my go to flavor. I know it tastes great. Normally a 5 star but for this order I'm adding a 1 star review. I received my 10LB bag and it tastes great, but there is definitely a bad amount of powder out there, maybe it's a bad amount of tub, not sure, but glad I finally have more powder.

👤I am not a body builder. I work out about three times a week and use the powder for a shake or breakfast. My review is from a regular joe who works mostly to stay in decent shape and stay alive, so I am not on a strict diet or anything like that. The shake is made with theProtein powder. It's really filling and has no weird aftertaste like many other powders. I use soy milk before adding ice for those of you that don't know, it helps if you mix the powder with whatever liquid you prefer. The powder gets clumpy if you put everything in at the same time. I don't know why, but that has been my experience. I don't use a shaker. The chocolate malt tastes great and I like it.

6. Muscle Milk Protein Knockout Chocolate

Muscle Milk Protein Knockout Chocolate

There are 14 fluid ounce bottles of Muscle Milk Pro Series. 40 grams ofProtein per serving helps support muscle growth and maintenance. A combination of high quality slow releasing and fast releasing proteins provides a more sustained delivery. Excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Strong bones can be achieved with the help of vitamins D and calcium. The growth of muscle is dependent on essential amino acids. It helps rebuild muscle, post-workout recovery, and muscle maintenance in between meals.

Brand: Muscle Milk

👤I've been working out for five years and this is the best shake I've ever had. There's 5g of fiber and the ratio is great. It's non- dairy, so you won't experience inflammation orAcne. The price for a dozen shakes is almost $45. You can buy the 32g version of the Muscle Milk Pro Series for half the price. It has a high ratio of calories and fiber. If you drink two of these per day, you'll only be missing out on 16g of fiber and 2g ofProtein, but you'll be saving about $100 a month.

👤Not even remotely. The first three ingredients are all dairy, so they can claim these are dairy free even if they are not counting water. The front of the label says Non Dairy, but the ingredients say Milk twice. Even if this is somehow legal, it still is unethical and shows a lot about whether this company's focus is on their customer's best interests or their profit margins. You are the judge. You have been warned.

👤I don't work out unless I work as a nurse. If you don't get the right amount of food, you lose energy and not weight. This is my lunch for the next 9 days. It keeps me going so I can help my patients.

👤I am on a 1200 calories diet and have these on subscription. The product description on Amazon is incorrect. The new ones have more calories and more sugar. I would have liked a heads up on this.

👤I would give this a five star rating, but only for one flaw. The package. The bottles are wrapped in a brittle plastic film. The triangular tear-down strips on the sides of the cap are narrow and brittle, and they break every single time. You have to fight with the plastic which breaks up into big, little, and tiny pieces that end up on top of whatever you are standing over before you can remove the cap. It was enough to keep me from buying it again. I'll probably buy more of it because it has more calories, more calories, and a better flavor than another brand that I tried earlier. Be aware. I bought more of this product later. The problem of opening the top is the same, but the simple solution is to use a knife to cut the plastic cover. Try to open it by using pull-down strips.

👤I am on a diet that has no calories and no sugars. I was wondering if muscle milk was a good option for high nutrition food products with minimal chemical Additives and low calories. They strongly recommended the pro-series of Muscle MIlk Products and the PureProtein bars after talking to some former students of mine who are in the NBA or the NFL. I am trying to avoid artificial sweeteners and artificial colorings in many of the vitamins and supplements I use because they are loaded with artificial sweeteners and artificial flavorings. I have been on the 800 calories diet for a long time and feel good because of the Muscle Milk Pro-Series drinks. The Knock-out chocolate is my favorite chocolate and it has a good bitterness and no strong iron after taste. Muscle Milk is not only for athletes. It is a good snack or a single meal replacement. It is not intended to replace every meal, but it is noted on the manufacturer's web site and on the product package. When nothing else seemed to work, this product helped me work toward my weight loss goals. I recommend this product for weight management.

7. Pure Protein Powder Replacement Vanilla

Pure Protein Powder Replacement Vanilla

A container of Pure Protein Vanilla Cream. 2 grams of sugar and 25 grams ofProtein is offered by PureProtein. The essential amino acids needed to support lean muscle, energy, vitality and strength can be found in fast-acting protein powder. Make a drink with meals to increase the amount of food you eat, or in between meals, to increase the amount of food you eat. The PureProtein powder is low fat and free of soy.

Brand: Pure Protein

👤The value of this powder is amazing. The cost of many similar powders is twice as much. The taste is ok, but it is very heavy and difficult to have a lot of at once. It tasted great after putting peanut butter powder in it. Like a dessert. Highly recommend that combo. It has a 5 star rating from the Clean Label Project, which measures the level of harmful metals found in the powders. I wish it had a few less grams of carbs, but I am very satisfied with this product.

👤This is not 28 ounces. I decided to purchase even though I read other users complaints that the item was not full. On the downside, it's not bad. It is a good product, but you should not get a full amount.

👤My muscles ache all the time. The lab work confirmed that I'm not getting enoughProtein in my diet, after I discussed it with my doctor. The doctor said that your heart is a muscle too. There is a I don't have the ache in my body because I drink it regularly. It's good for energy. I think it's a good idea. Take good.

👤It's a lot cheaper than the other brands, it has way more nutrition, and it doesn't taste bad when you mix it with other stuff to make a smoothie. The case is over.

👤My wife and I drink Pure Protein every morning. It was very creamy and delicious, but without any warning or package redesign, the makers have changed the formula and we will be looking for a different brand. When blended, it only does foam. It is no longer rich and creamy.

👤Pure Protiein is a great meal replacement or supplement and I have used it for about six months. I think that some of the other reviewers might mix with plain water and not give you the best flavor. I drink ice cold juice, coffee, or almond or cashews milk and mix it with water. The fruit and juices are delicious. I use a nutri bullet to blend and it makes a great smoothie - orange juice and half a peeled orange for a dreamsicle, berries and or pineapple. Tasty! There are a lot of options for the vanilla. I like almond butter, almond milk, or Bel Busto Colombian esspresso powder for a great caffine kick in the morning, but I don't like peanut butter. The price is great and an outstanding value when you compare the ingredients of other shakes. I rely on honest feedback to make my purchasing decisions. If this review helps you, I will leave a helpful review.

👤I've had a lot of different powders, and they almost always have a weird taste. This doesn't. I think this is the bestProtein drink. I like the taste of milk and it mixes very well. My mom was a big fan of the PureProtein brand. I don't know if I'll ever switch. If you have tried many different brands and never found one that you love, this is a good place to start.

8. CytoSport Muscle Knockout Chocolate CYTOSPORT

CytoSport Muscle Knockout Chocolate CYTOSPORT

There is a canister of genuine Muscle Milk powder in the package. 50 grams ofProtein per serving helps support muscle growth and maintenance. The combination of slow releasing and fast releasing proteins provides a more sustained delivery of the product. A good source of vitamins and minerals. Strong bones can be achieved with the help of vitamins D and calcium. The growth of muscle is dependent on essential amino acids. In between meals, on-the-go use, and muscle maintenance are some of the uses.

Brand: Muscle Milk

👤I've used various flavors of Muscle Milk. I can't say whether it is the best supplement for you. It is a big name and I liked it. Many people are saying that it is harder to mix enough to get out of the lumps after the formula was changed. They are correct when I get my first jug of the new formula. It is hard to mix thoroughly. I have found a better way to mix it. The following method has no problems for me. I saw a bottle called the blender bottle at Wholefoods. There is a plastic jug with a whisk ball. The one that I chose is about a quart in size. They are cheaper on Amazon. I thought that using the bottle would do the trick. I have always had skim milk. It tastes better and you get the extra punch. I found a way to improve it, and the taste, and the "punch" even more, while this was a pretty good solution. In the morning, we always have 1-2 cups of coffee left over. I fill the bottle with coffee, put in one scoop and shake. This is easy to mix. Then I shake the second scoop. This mixes well since it is more like water than milk. I top off the second half with skim milk. I get a better flavor and punch from the addition of coffee and milk. This is a great way to start the day because I work out in the morning. It is ready to go in the morning after I chill it. The flavor of the product is very good if prepared in a way that makes it easy to mix. I'm getting over 60gm ofProtein with this preparation and lots of vitamins. It holds me over to lunch for my morning weight lifting. If you thought it was, please click helpful. I want to add a couple things to my review. I use this product for chocolate and vanilla for a variety. I am not using it as a drink. I add it to other foods more often. Most mornings I eat oatmeal with one healthy scoop added after cooking. Adding it to plain greek yogurt with a sprinkle of fresh fruit would be great. You can add it to a lot of things. It is a great flavor since it has the added benefit of being a good source ofProtein. Some recipes use it for a healthier form of treat. I would be interested to hear your ideas. I should clarify that when I mix it with coffee that has already cooled, I do it with it. If you put it in a cup of coffee, it will be fine.

👤I have throat cancer, and I can't swallow, so I have to drink liquid through a tube, and muscle milk is the best for me.

👤I've been using this product for a long time. I grab a scoop this morning and it has something in it.

👤I've been using Muscle Milk for a long time. Muscle Milks remove most of the lactose from me. Unlike other brands, they never have an issue with them. I thought about trying something different. Mistake. I will keep this flavor on my shelf until we run out of food. Nobody in my house likes the flavor.

9. Protein Isolate BulkSupplements Kilograms Unflavored

Protein Isolate BulkSupplements Kilograms Unflavored

Whether you want to ensure that your body receives a proper amount of high-quality protein or you want to support muscle growth and achieve your dream body, their whey isolate powder is the perfect choice. Premium quality formula is made with superior quality and pure ingredients, a unique blend of 90 percent whey isolate with multiple essential amino acids, with no soy, gluten, added sugars or artificial preservatives! Promotes Muscle Growth. One of the best sources of nutrition is their unflavored whey powder. The ISO whey powder is an excellent choice for athletes and people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Their flavorless powder is easy to digest and provides superior bioavailability, making it easy to add to your daily smoothie, shake or pancakes. No unpleasant taste or artificial flavors! There is a powder without artificial sweeteners. The Convenient Pouch is a pouch with a design that is convenient to store and travel in. It's perfect for carrying around at the gym, office, while on vacation.


👤I've been buying this stuff for a long time and was always satisfied, until now. The powder used to have no taste or smell, and seemed to be of good quality, and I was getting the results I wanted. As of the last few purchases, the powder has been coming in smelling a bit foul and making me feel a bit queasy before and during a workout. When I first heard about it, I thought it was the creatine, but then I realized it was my caffeine intake, which is a real killer when you're trying to get your desired results. I cut this out of my diet and have been working out more and not feeling sick. It's too bad, because I loved this stuff and all the other products Bulk Supplements has provided. Fortunately, I have found a couple new suppliers for some REAL powder that doesn't smell or make me feel sick, and it's unfortunate that Bulk Supplement's whey is no longer my go to.

👤I don't understand... When my friends gave me a bag a few months back, it tasted great, and I've used the exact same product before. The whole shake tasted like thick milk, making it very easy to drink. The shakes in the bag I ordered tasted like cornflakes, but they last for a long time. The package still claims to be free of corn, but that is not possible. It is unmistakably a corn taste, and nothing like the previous batches I had. I used to love this product.

👤I received my package in the mail and it looks open.

👤I bought a different powder just in case after reading a lot of negative reviews of this product. The bag I purchased was 250g. The bag is stuffed full and wouldn't reclose because of the stuck plastic. I put it in a container and moved on. There wasn't a weird smell. It smelt like powdered milk. The taste was not very strong to me. Others have pointed out that there is no scoop. The serving size is listed as 30g. I think mileage may be different on people's spoons. If you want to hit specific macro numbers, you might want to get something that comes with a scoop or a metric kitchen scale. I did my best, but I don't have one. I put some peanut butter in it. It tasted good. I did not get sick like some previous reviewers have described. The product didn't have a way for me to measure a serving size. The product is fine because most people have scales.

👤Over the past year I have used many of their products, one of which is their WheyProtein Isolate. Each month I received a shipment of 4 bags through Amazon. The last shipment I received tasted different than any I have received before and caused me to experience double over stomach pains which I have never experienced before. I was hoping that it was just the one bag, but after eating the first scoop it was obvious that it was all of the same lot. I was directed to Amazon to try to get replacements for my product by Bulk Supplements Support, who was not concerned with my complaint. I will no longer purchase Bulk Supplement products in the future due to lack of quality concern, quality assurance and lack of customer concern.

10. Garden Life Packaging Certified Probiotics

Garden Life Packaging Certified Probiotics

A delicious smoothie made with Certified Organic and Non-GmoProtein made from peas, sprouted seeds, grains, and legumes, plus 3 Billion CFU of live probiotics and 13 digestive enzymes, is available. The plant is complete. After a workout, you can rebuild broken down muscle and reduce recovery time with the help of a complete plant-based diet. The foundational, organic foods include the cleanest vegan proteins, 13 organic sprouted grains, seeds, and beans, with fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, to help promote immune and digestion health. It's easy to grow, because Raw Organic Protein is made at low temperatures, preserving its complete amino acid integrity. Empowerment of extraORDINARY HEALTH. They start with what goes in their products, and then they believe in truly clean products you can trust. It is the only way they know how to deliver on their promise.

Brand: Garden Of Life

👤The company is owned by NESTLE. Big corporations that don't care about consumers have to buy good competitors off of each other, it's a shame, no need to say anymore. I have stopped buying GOL and will start researching a conscience supplier.

👤The product of GOL has shown the presence of toxic metals and pesticides, according to tests. I wish I had known that.

👤The new packaging is the reason for the review. The new packaging says it's new and improved. I compared the nutrition information with the old packaging and found it to be 622 g and 568 g. Trust is an important factor for my body. The claims in the new packaging make me question them. The older bottle is half full, but the new bottle is taller. Scoop is larger. The new packaging has less powder. There are some extra ingredients in the new one. A blend of organic sprouted brown rice, organic amaranth, organic millet, organic buckwheat, organic garbanzo bean, organic lentil, organic adzuki bean, and organic sun flower seed sprout.

👤This new version is dangerous. The old version was awesome and I have been using it for 3-4 years. The new one is terrible. The new creamy version tastes like sludge in your cup and is not good. They decided to change the whole formulate on their own. Never buying again. Why did you make a mistake? It should have been the same.

👤I have been an customer for over a decade. I have never written a review before. Garden of Life has a product that is updated. It is in a tub. It has a bigger scoop. There is a bold print on how much it has. I realized I was getting less when I stopped to analyze their newest iteration. The tub is larger than the previous one, but Half Emporium is still new. There is a The new and improved version only has 20SERVINGS per tub. The old had about a month's supply. The new tub has 568g of total product and 28g serving size, while the old tub has 22g of total product and 7g serving size. The old tub had 622g of total product, 22g serving size, and 17g ofProtein, but we are only getting a slight increase in the amount ofProtein per scoop. The new tub is larger than the old one. It was just a waste of money, and possibly designed to deceive the consumer, because the company stated it wants to do the best for the world. Start by being honest and maintaining what you had going. If you reduce the amount of product, then you should reduce the size of the tub. The serving. The old tub had 28 serving in it. If I'm taking one serving per day, I'll have to purchase the new product 18 times. 13 times is how many times the old tub would have to be bought. I am a college student without a lot of money and trying to eat healthy. I know that money doesn't grow on trees even if I'm not the best student in the class. Money is growing well in the Garden of Life after this product.

11. MuscleTech Protein Isolate Formula Chocolate

MuscleTech Protein Isolate Formula Chocolate

The ultimate weight loss formula combines the highest quality of whey and C. canephora robusta. The Lean Muscle Builder contains 30g of ultra- clean, hydrolyzed, and free-range, high-fat, low-cholesterol, and free-range, low-cholesterol, high-fat, low-cholesterol, and free-range, high-fat, low-cholesterol The study found that subjects lost an average of 10% of their body weight with a low-cal diet and moderate exercise. The taste is great and the mix is easy to use. They use Multi-Phase Filtration for less fat, lactose, and impurities than cheaper protein that uses heat, harsh acids or salt. Twice daily, mix 1 scoop with 8 ounces of cold water or milk product. 30 to 60 minutes before your 2 largest meals. Also works well in smoothies.

Brand: Muscletech

👤This was the first product I chose to help me achieve my goals after many years of sports activities, gaining weight and developing health issues. I won't say that this is a miracle product, but I did play a mayor key to get rid of some health problems while losing weight and getting healthier. I had high blood pressure, asthma, and lower back pain, and was on a weight of over 300 lbs. After 13 months, I can see the results of my exercise program and diet, which include 184 lbs., good blood pressure, no significant asthma problems, and no sciatic pain. The key to my success was the product MuscleTech Nitro Tech ripped ultra clean whey powder twice a day. I will definitely recommend it.

👤It was the best ever. I have tried them all. The competitor too. I have a casein allergy and a casein allergy is not ideal for that one. I don't like bloat from this one. If you're worried about bloated from whey, you can buy bicyle. For out of this world flavor, I add cocoa and cake batter flavors that are not sugar free, such as Stevia and peanut butter cups. A birthday cake with peanut butter and chocolate is made with cashews or almond milk. Add a boost with the addition of the C8 oil. I don't do basic if I'm eating healthy. I get weird cravings that get old fast. During quarentine working from home I used to crave chocolate bars and eat 2 of the bars at a time. I gained a few pounds from all those chocolate bars and thought of a better recipe this time, since I only made it with cake batter flavor last time. It was boring! If you do anything, please add the coconut powder and thank me later. Adding the cake batter frosting is recommended by me. You can cheat with sweeter foods if you get creative, but you can't in a rut. I remember when the shakes tasted like chalk or dirt. I can see my muscles again after drinking this and not eating chocolate bars. Thanks to this stuff, I no longer crave them. I don't work out for a while, but I get my abdominals with thisprotein even when I'm on a high-protein diet alone. It was Dunno. I will either stick to this product or not.

👤Writing a review is difficult for an international student. I don't like to organize sentence structure and check the spelling of words. This is the first time that I'm eager to write a product review for people who have an interest in this product. I promised to myself on New Year's Eve that I needed to make some changes. Being fit was the first thing that came to my mind. My weight was about 178 lbs when I started taking the GNC Burn 60. I work out twice a day, once for an elliptical trainer and once for building muscle. I lost 25 lbs in three months. Don't be hesitant. Persistence will pay off. Here are some things to do. This powder is used to lose weight. It contains ingredients that can get you ripped. Fat and muscle are burning calories during aerobic exercise. This product will help you gain more muscle. The scale of your muscle is maintained the same level as your weight is lost. 2. The main purpose of this product is not to build muscle. No creatine is added. The supplement is taken before your meals instead of being taken after a workout. This will help you to drop your body fat percentage. Take pride in your health and figure when BFP is below 15%. 3. For people like me who are losing weight quickly, you really need to do some aerobic exercise. If you don't, you may get a loose skin. Be careful! 4. The powder is well mixed. Just shake it and enjoy it. The chocolate mixes better and the sweater tastes better. 5. You can take half of the scoop. I can't tell the difference of the impact. This is all I know. I wish you guys are healthy and fit.


What is the best product for best protein powder for muscle gain?

Best protein powder for muscle gain products from Dymatize. In this article about best protein powder for muscle gain you can see why people choose the product. Muscletech and Muscle Milk are also good brands to look for when you are finding best protein powder for muscle gain.

What are the best brands for best protein powder for muscle gain?

Dymatize, Muscletech and Muscle Milk are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best protein powder for muscle gain. Find the detail in this article. Optimum Nutrition, Pure Protein and are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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