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1. Mary Ellens 33 8 Ounce Press Refills

Mary Ellens 33 8 Ounce Press Refills

France is the country of origin. This is a clear alternative to starch. It makes ironing easier, non-flaking, non-clogging, acid-free, and relaxes stubbornwrinkles. There is a package with one 32oz/999. A shatterproof spray bottle has 59ml in it. New finish, makes clothes resistant to soil, and makes fabrics look new.

Brand: Mary Ellen Products

👤When I was making my first quilt, this product was used on a show. I'd become frustrated when I'd leave "edges" where it had wet the fabric, and it made my fabric stiff. ME's BP makes those lightweight fabrics more stiff, so they don't have to be made stiff as a board, and it also creates wonderful creases when needed. I use this when ironing my clothes as it gives them a great body and the linen scent is the best. It doesn't smell like a cloud of perfume. It works well on cotton/shirting/light-midweight fabrics, but not sure how it works on heavy fabrics. It doesn't affect the iron or fabric. Light fabrics are more flimsy when combined with dark fabrics, and I use Best Press to spray my light stuff. I hang my fabric on the hangers to dry before pressing and cutting it. When the blocks are assembled, I give the block a little application of ME's BP to allow it to dry before pressing to have a more firm fabric to work with. I would like to see Amazon offer the Linen in a 1 gallon size. I used 2 16oz bottles on my first quilt.

👤The reviewers claim that this is a positive thing. It has a fresh smell without being overpowering. I bought the blue color. The scent of perfume could be used without clashing with another scent. I am amazed at how the lightest of garments never seem to have any white spots. I put my starch in a spray bottle that sprays a mist similar to aerosol so it is easy to apply without big drips onto the fabric. The sprayer was bought on Amazon. If you want the effect without being stiff or cruisy, you should use senna. I know it sounds weird but the crease isn't too stiff. The lack of white marks on the surface of the starch makes it worth the hefty price. I have never had oily spots with the product I received. ironing is already a chore and this starch makes the job easier, if you are on the fence about purchasing.

👤I couldn't go back to any other product that I had used before. I like the scent of the "Linen Fresh". Not rude. I like the fact that it doesn't get flaky like spray starches. I am a quilter. Many of the fabrics I use are starched. It helps in keeping the fabric shape when it's cut, and it also helps when it's sewn. Everyone I've given any of my quilts to has commented on how neat my work is and how good the scent of the fabric is.

👤I like the Mary Ellen products. I've used both of them. I don't get any spotting or flaking. It's very friendly to my iron. There was no build up on the iron plate. Wrinkles iron or even the more stubborn one. The only issue I have with Linen Fresh is that it makes me cough and irritate my lungs when ironing. I don't experience any irritation when using the Mary Ellen product. I will probably only use the unscented product. Great product! Linen Fresh scented gets 4 stars from me.

2. Mary Ellens Alternative Ounces Cherry Blossom

Mary Ellens Alternative Ounces Cherry Blossom

Money back guarantee and 100% satisfaction. The product undergoes a strict test before it is delivered. They want to make sure your problems are solved well. The product is free of scent. The product is manufactured in the US.

Brand: Mary Ellen Products

👤I've bought every scent I can think of hoping that it won't make me sick, or even make me want to leave the room. I bought the unscented version hoping it would help. It doesn't. I think it's irresponsible to not have a list of ingredients on the bottle so that people can determine if there is something in it that causes allergies. After giving up on this stuff, I did a search online to find out if people who wrote the company for an answer had received a reply. I will not be buying it again.

👤It has no nozzle, but it smells amazing. I had to spend more to get a spray bottle.

👤The product is good for delicate fabric art projects. It doesn't come with a spray nozzle, so you have to either find one or put it into a different bottle to spray.

👤Best Press makes it very easy to work with my fabric, but it also makes me cough, which concerns me. There is no label on the bottle. My lungs and common sense are telling me not to use this product in the air when I don't know what is in it. I will not buy it again.

👤I was excited to use spray starch with my fabrics. The item is shown with a nozzle. The product arrived without a nozzle to spray the starch. I have to figure out a different way to use the product.

👤I love the smell. I am a beginner quilter and had trouble getting the fabric to stay flat. This solved my issues.

👤I discovered this recently and love it. It is light and stiff enough for thin fabrics. It adds a wonderful smell and no more white stuff like in previous products. Will definitely recommend.

👤There were no issues with this alternative. It helped get rid of the wrinkling and has not stained the fabric. Do not mind the smell. It's fun to use as it's good at smoothing out fabric for sewing and adding patches. It makes it easier to give your sewing projects a polished look. Why not use it for ironing? I have not had any staining issues.

👤I am pleased with the product but I did not receive a spray nozzle with my delivery.

3. Mary Ellen Products Press Subtle

Mary Ellen Products Press Subtle

The package has a dimensions of 0.23" W x 2.5" H. The country of origin is the United States. The item package has dimensions of 2.5 L x 2.5 W x 6 H. The item package weight was .

Brand: Mary Ellen Products

👤You would think that the price of a bottle of spray starch would be the same as the price of the sprayer, but that's not the case. The bottle of spray starch was the only thing that came. No sprayer included. I have to buy a spray bottle in order to use it. The bottle of spray starch refill is only this item.

👤It's great for quilting with dark fabrics and leaves no white particles.

👤I love this stuff! Next time, will have a different scent.

👤The pants didn't work, they went back to the other product.

👤The scent is light and agreeable.

👤This is an alternative to aerosol spray starch and it works better, smells better and is the best at removing wrinkling from fabric.

👤It was used for my rugs.

4. Heavy Starch FAULTLESS MfrPartNo 20722

Heavy Starch FAULTLESS MfrPartNo 20722

ironing is more enjoyable with a clear crisp starch with a lovely scent. A non-aerosol bottle. The unit of measure is 20 Oz. Buy in bulk and save. Brought to you by faultless

Brand: Faultless

👤I've found the best startch for many applications. I had to order it online because I couldn't afford it locally. The package arrived with startch in a larger box, the cap was damaged, and the startcg leaked all over. It's a pity. If it can be found in the area, I think it's better to get it.

👤I bought this for a floppy hat that was floppy. It worked well on one of the canvas hats with a shorter brim, but the longer one needed more. I don't work in environments that require a pressed shirt, so I'm not sure what I'll use the starch for, but it may be good for crafting. It doesn't leave any trace.

👤I bought this to stiffen my sunhats. I'm not having luck getting the sunhats back to their original condition, even though this is better than regular starch.

👤The product is only used once for appliqué. The company refunded my money even though the cap was broken. I keep a piece of plastic wrap over the product. It was nice of the company to do that.

👤I stiffened my Grandmother's handkerchiefs to make bookmarks. It works well and she is excited to use it to make other crafts.

👤It's a bit too heavy for my clothes.

👤It's convenient to show details such as the EGA on your cover.

👤Very fast delivery. It works like magic. This was a huge help. Will purchase again.

👤The product is fraudulent. Did not have the nozzle head. When I used a nozzle from my old bottle, there was only water coming out. I should have opened the package after it arrived.

👤I have been using this spray for a while. When I opened the can this time, the starch was only being discharged as a liquid and thus ruining the clothes. The return window has also closed and I have a useless product.

👤A shirt can be made in a few minutes. Nice scent too. Been using for over 10 years. Does not use the hot iron.

👤It makes ironing clothes easy. It would be great if it was always available on Amazon.

👤The bottle was almost empty. The replacement package had the same problem.

5. Mary Ellen Products Alternative Frankincense

Mary Ellen Products Alternative Frankincense

The Pad is approximately 3 by 4 inches. Mary Ellen was the best press. This is a clear alternative to starch.

Brand: Mary Ellen Products

👤I think this product is great for getting rid ofwrinkles but I'm not very happy with the lack of rigidity. I heard so many good things about the sewing and quilting community that I was excited to get my own bottle. I love the scent but I think I get better results from the jug of concentrated starch that I got from Walmart for less than $5. When used with an iron, it flattens my clothing. I am not seeing amazing results when I use it.

👤The product smells good and performs as expected, but it was damaged when it arrived. Product appears to have been boxed that way because the shipping box was undamaged.

👤I will not use a colored spray on my fabric again because it stained it.

👤I like Best Press. It makes my fabric a little more firm. I refill the spray bottles when I buy larger bottles. I still like lavender.

👤The product was good. It makes sewing the quilt easier by giving the fabric some body.

👤I like the smell of this product and it takes some of the static cling out of the clothes. Before I dry the clothes, I use a spray. The package was in good condition when it arrived. I will definitely buy it again, I want to try some of the other scents later in the year.

👤I have used other products, but this is my favorite.

👤Best Press always has good results with this scent.

6. Mary Ellen Products Starch Garden

Mary Ellen Products Starch Garden

Faultless Brands has been an essential part of fabric care since 1887. Their fabric care experts developed the Magic Premium Quilting & Crafting spray to meet the needs of quilters and crafter. There is a single product that has both shir and sysi in it. No Flaking even on dark fabrics. Relaxes Stubborn Wrinkles.

Brand: Mary Ellen Products

👤I don't know why this is a "starch alternative" but it works as well as my old favorite, the Niagara Spray Starch, while being quite a bit cheaper. The smell is pleasant. It does leave a shine on cotton if you use a lot of it. I'm not sure if the "leaves no residue" claim on the bottle is legit. After a few months of use, you'll notice some lint on the ironing board. It is not worse than any other spray starch, but it is not zero. I recommend it without hesitation because it's good at a good price.

👤I love this type of food. It is the best I have seen. The Tea Rose does not smell like roses, but I like the scent better than some of the others. You don't mind if the smell fills the room when it's hot because you need a scent.

👤The smell of this product is not good. I really liked the idea of having a spray that smelled like roses, but I couldn't find it in the stores. I ordered the large size from Amazon. I now know why it isn't sold in stores anymore and why they seem to be making it look like it's roses. It smells similar to a chemical. I love the scent of Linen Fresh.

👤The light weight of this is what I love about it. No snow left behind like regular leaves. This is a dream product for quilters.

👤Best Press is used for all my quilting. I like the smell of this type and found it was a good price on Amazon. I got a heavy item for a good price with a Prime membership. Great deal!

👤The bottle was probably malfunctioning. I had a bad experience with my iron. I have never had that happen before. I should have returned it.

7. Lewis N Clark Wiz Approved 2oz

Lewis N Clark Wiz Approved 2oz

Wrinkle Wiz is an odor eliminator, static cling removal, and Wrinkle Release spray all in one. Wrinkles can be easily removed without the need for bulky irons or ironing boards. Business men or women can travel in a travel size. The spray bottle is 2 ounces and can fit in any carry on bag. Odor is removed. It helps refresh clothes and eliminate odors. Just a few sprays is all it takes to make clothes smell better, and it works for smoke filled rooms and other smelly situations. There is a DRY CLEANING ALTERNATIVE. It's great for dry clean only garments, without the cost. The towels, linens, cotton, blends, and synthetics are refreshed. Wrinkle Wiz technology was designed by fabric engineers and chemists to bring your clothes back to life making it a convenient alternative to ironing and starching clothes.

Brand: Wrinkle Wiz

👤Wrinkle Wiz was great for eliminating orders, but it wasn't very good at releasing them. I packed it in a checked bag, but another passenger had hers thrown out by the TSA. I would recommend putting it in a plastic bag and a checked bag to be safe. I don't carry on liquids of any kind.

👤I've purchased this product many times. It's great for traveling when you have wrinkled clothing. There was no staining. There was no damage to the clothes. I like this product.

👤I used this on my trip to Vegas, when my clothes were in my bag for a long time. It works well without iron. I buy on the regular when I don't fold my clothes right away.

👤I have used this product for a long time. Since a friend told me about another product that works just as well for a fraction of the cost, I have stopped using Wrinkle free.

👤Doesn't work very well. You have to wet the fabric in order to see a difference and then you smell like melted lotion.

👤I was expecting this to replace the ironing board. I keep it for too long. I can return it.

👤It is a life saver on cruises where you can't iron. Highly recommended!

👤The wrinkling did not go away. Don't bother.

8. Downy Wrinkle Release Eliminator Refresher

Downy Wrinkle Release Eliminator Refresher

You can use the free Chordana Play app to play your favorite songs on your device. Without using an iron, it removes most of the wrinkling. It can also be used as an anti-static spray. It's great for college students, business travelers, and last minute touch ups. Try it on some items. A new and improved spray nozzle.

Brand: Downy

👤It was so disappointing. I ordered this product for my dress shirts and it didn't do what I ordered it to do. I followed all the instructions. I liked the results of my cotton clothing. I feel that this product should state on the label which fabrics it is recommended for, because I feel that my white dress shirt looks horrible even after multiple chances and applications of this product. I was looking for a solution to my wrinkling issue, and I had a lot of dress/ work clothing. My initial frustration with the product was only intensified. Is there a better product for women's dress shirts that is not delicate and sheer? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

👤I have been to medical school interviews all over the country. I don't have the money to keep my suit dry between interviews. I keep these with me when I travel so my suit stays fresh. I don't hot iron it because it's time consuming and I have other things to worry about on interview day. It would be great to keep clothes crisp and nice smelling if you don't feel like ironing them before you wear them.

👤I was talking to my girlfriend about using this for our trips. I ordered this for home because I was surprised by how well it works. It works very well. One caution... I put it in a tub and hang it up out of the closet because I think it has a strong odor and can make a hard floor slippery if you over spray it. No smell after that. It saves on taking to dry cleaner.

👤I absolutely love this product. A friend at work recommended it to me and I bought it a few months later. She would tell me how the wrinkle releaser saved her life when she was rushing to get her children to school in the morning. If she pulled out a wrinkled outfit, there was no need to put it back, find another, or use the ironing board because everyone was ready to start their day. I was eager to try it because I like to iron and experience a mad rush in the morning. I first used the product when folding laundry. The laundry in my house tends to sit in the basket for a long time after it's dry, leaving my husband's collared shirts and my work blouse with wrinkled skin. I used to have to pull out my ironing board and say a prayer that I didn't burn holes in our shirts. I lay the shirt out or hang it up, spray both sides and smooth it. My shirt is dry in a few minutes. I no longer have to worry about ruining a shirt with an overzealous iron, or being late for work because I want to get my blouse wrinkled before I leave. It's been great for me on all types of material. It also reduces static cling, and the scent is very nice. I highly recommend it.

9. Mary Ellen Products Refills Gallon Linen

Mary Ellen Products Refills Gallon Linen

This spray keeps old clothes smelling better than new. This spray eliminates foul odor and speeds up ironing time. This is a clear alternative to starch. It makes ironing easier, non-flaking, non-clogging, acid-free, and relaxes stubbornwrinkles. There is a package with one 128oz/3. 78l in a spray bottle. New finish, makes clothes resistant to soil, and makes fabrics look new.

Brand: Mary Ellen Products

👤I use this spray on product to help relax the fabric that I'm about to cut for quilting. The material comes out nice and straight when I spray it on and iron it. I often use one part water and one part Best Press to save money. The scent of Linen Fresh is pleasant but not overpowering. I like it more than the lavender.

👤I use a steam press that leaves a sticky product which is nearly impossible to get off, and it's not the only product that leaves a sticky product. I had to go see a doctor because of the fumes that came from using this product. It seems to be worse using it with certain fabrics. I used conventional starches and they worked, but I had to use some kind of cleaning solution to clean the steam head occasionally. I tried to blow the fumes away by putting a fan near the steam press, but it wasn't enough. I don't recommend using this product.

👤I spilled a cup of coffee on the blocks for the king size quilt that I was finishing. I washed them off after spraying them multiple times with Mary Ellen's starch. I made the quilt after letting them dry. I thought I had ruined them all. The white background was fine. It's essential stuff for me.

👤Mary Ellen Products Best Press is an excellent product for pressing fabric and quilt squares. I use it on my clothes as well. It does a nice job and doesn't leave the fabric stiff. I keep a spray bottle on my ironing board. The scent of the Linen Fresh is pleasant.

👤This is not what you are looking for. This will press your fabric and give it a pleasant scent, but will not press out deep setwrinkles. I use it for quilt making because I don't want my squares to be hard to work with. It works well for that. It would work for everyday ironing, but it is a bit expensive. I give it five stars because I am using it.

👤Mary Ellen Best Press is my favorite press. I love ironing my husband's shirts and how easy it is to do, as well as the fresh linen smell. I use Best Press to give me nice, crisp seams. There were no complaints about the quality of the product. I had an issue with the shipping. The first shipment was labeled a 1 gallon package, but was actually a 16.9 ounce container of Best Press. The replacement was dispatched immediately. There was a leak when it arrived. The seal was not strong enough. The cardboard packaging was wet.

👤I like that it doesn't burn on my iron. If it results in greater rigidity, I'd like it better. It is very expensive compared to other brands.

👤I like the big size so I can refill my sprayers. It has a wonderful scent that is not overpowering and helps press out the wrinkling and condition the material for sewing.

10. Oxford Wells 2 Ounce Premium Ironing

Oxford Wells 2 Ounce Premium Ironing

There is no fragrance and a flaky surface. The spray is infused with a clean scent to keep your fabrics fresh. It's perfect for travel and hotel stays. Non-Aerosol ironing spray is made with no harmful propellants. There was no animal testing. That perfect finish is provided by the scientifically engineered travel ironing spray starch. Protects fabric and helps to resist wrinkling. Will not be streak or spot. It is recommended for all fabrics. Don't use on materials labeled "Dry Clean Only." Made in the USA.

Brand: Oxford & Wells

👤Oxford and Wells. The name evokes the persona of a butler assistant laying out your perfectly tailored outfit for the day. Sometimes a name is conjured for marketing purposes but doesn't connect to the product's origin or function. Think of ice cream from the movie, Haagen Dazs. It was founded in New York. This is almost one of those times, as the manufacturer is based in Texas and isn't a British firm. No matter. Their product functions in a way that is "properly" as the name implies. I enjoy ironing because of a weird genetic malfunction. It would be great to have the crisp and precise pressing reserved for those taking the time to do it correctly themselves and not knocked out, production-line piece work style. This is the best product I've ever used. The shirts don't come out like cardboard or just driving to work. There's a long lasting finish. Most products that serve this function do not have a white flaking and caking routine. I looked at their website to see if they have a secret formula. Corn starch is the main ingredient. Go figure. If you're going to iron your own, you should spend a little more money on this product. I was swayed by the reviews and now I agree. Very happy.

👤It's perfect for business travelers to take with them and prepare their dress clothes at the destination. One bottle will allow me to press all the clothes for a 3-4 day trip. It was small enough to not have leftover quantities.

👤I put the nozzle in my spray bottle because it streamed not sprayed. And it got stuck! I added water to it. It was better. It's not what I was looking for. I don't want to mix things up. I bought travel sizes because of this. I needed to know if I liked it or not. I won't be buying it again.

👤I stopped getting ready for work because I was so impressed with this starch. So I could get an iPad and submit a review. The small bottle size is my reason for choosing this, I needed a way to bring starch with me to look sharp on business trips. The small size is tsa compliant and perfect for my bag. I didn't have high expectations because the size was good. It smells great, it sprays on evenly, and my shirts look very sharp, but I first used it today and it was amazing. I bought this item for travel convenience and I'm likely to use it for my home starch as well. Very, very highly recommended.

👤It's perfect for travel. We spent a week in Las Vegas over Christmas and packed bottles in each bag. It worked well on clothes because of no problems with flying. I would recommend it if I could convince her to leave the mirror at home.

👤These are great to keep in a suitcase. The smell of the liquid is clean and does not leak from the inside of the aircraft. It has a medium hold on clothing, not as stiff as I'd like it to be, but it still does the job.

11. June Tailor Starch Savvy Trigger

June Tailor Starch Savvy Trigger

The package weight is 1.0 pounds. It creates flatter seams and better point alignment. The comfortabletrigger allows for broad application of the product. There is no fragrance and a flaky surface.

Brand: June Tailor

👤I expected more for my money. It worked like a regular spray. I stopped using this product because it didn't feel right while ironing my quilt, but I found a different product that did the job. I think it is a great product. I didn't think it worked for me. Will try it on other projects. I am so sorry.

👤I've used Best Press before and it blows this out of the water. It was really impressed. It has a good amount of starch. I stopped using Best Press because it left weird stains. I don't think this stuff is a good value since Best Press is cheaper. Even though it's more expensive, I'll keep buying it.

👤Good product. If you are making a pieced twin quilt you will need 2 to 3 bottles. I should have bought a second bottle of spray for my twin size quilt, I was very conservative with it. It is not white. I have never used a product like this before. It makes your seams look nice, but it doesn't make your fabric stiff. Just buy enough.

👤I decided to try this brand because I know some experienced quilters who recommended it. Although it works well, I didn't see a huge improvement over the kind I've purchased at Walmart. The bottle was not full when I received it. I will order this product online again.

👤I use Best Press a lot and needed something to stiffen the fabric. This spray is not enough for me.

👤This made ironing and sewing easy. I have bought other products, but they are not as good.

👤If you're sewing or quilt, this stuff is great. I highly recommend you.

👤Not commenting on the product itself. It is ridiculous to receive a shipment with a bottle that is less than one quarterer.

👤The product is brilliant, have used it for many years, and it is one of my 2 favourite products, it leaves fabrics smooth, and it is great to Quilt and wear, no residuals, the service was great, and it was a very Big Plus in my book. June Tailor is the creator of this product, many thanks to him.

👤I use a lot of starch in this product and it's too expensive, but it's not worse than the cheaper brand I was using. I don't think it's worth paying more for the name if money is no object.

👤It is quite expensive. Cheaper products can be used with care. The product does not leave a mark but it does not build up a firm fabric as it used to. It is a trusted product and I continue to use it.

👤It does what it says. It makes sewing pieces together much easier. It is addictive. I went through two bottles too quickly.

👤I have a wardrobe of crinkle shirts that don't crinkle when I twist and dry them. This has worked. The clothes are perfect.


What is the best product for best press spray starch?

Best press spray starch products from Mary Ellen Products. In this article about best press spray starch you can see why people choose the product. Faultless and Wrinkle Wiz are also good brands to look for when you are finding best press spray starch.

What are the best brands for best press spray starch?

Mary Ellen Products, Faultless and Wrinkle Wiz are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best press spray starch. Find the detail in this article. Downy, Oxford & Wells and June Tailor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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