Best Best Press Spray Starch for Quilting Unscented

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1. Mary Ellens Press Lavender Fields

Mary Ellens Press Lavender Fields

The product is manufactured in the US. This is a clear alternative to starch. The package contains a shatterproof bottle.

Brand: Mary Ellen Products

👤This is the best product for quilters. It doesn't leave a harsh feel, but it does keep the fabric stable. It comes in a number of different fragrances. I like the scent of lavender fields. I use the Best Press half and half with water. It gives a stable fabric to work with. This product does not contain real "real" starch that can leave white flakes. I use it at full strength if I am finish pressing. It is well worth the investment.

👤I like how this feels on the fabric. I don't pre-wash my fabrics and this helps size them up and provide less shrinkage. It doesn't leave deposits or stiff fabric. The fabric is crisp.

👤I use this product for pressing clothing and fabric seam pressing. It gives a smooth finish without being stiff.

👤I really wanted to like this, but I wasn't impressed. It may have been overhyped by others. I thought I would get a crisp finish. I didn't see that it was any better than the spray cans you can buy for a couple of dollars. The lavender scent was very chemical smelling and I ordered it. I wouldn't order that scent again. I decided to put some water in mine and it did better. I was disappointed. Would I order again? Maybe. I am on the fence.

👤I love this product. It is light. Look for something else if you want something stiff. It has a light scent and gives a nice finished look. I use it for both sewing and clothes.

👤I've been using this for a long time and I love it. I don't really need a good starching on my fabric and I still have a lovely finish and a great smell. I have to be careful with scented products, so I am thrilled that I can use this. They need to use a real lavender. It was great on my husband's shirts. There were no stains or anything like that. And not aerosol. Good for the environment.

👤Best Press makes fabric so smooth and crisp that cutting and sewing even the smallest pieces is a joy. It helps to keep bias edges stable for sewing. lavender is my favorite scent and it's pleasant.

👤I use this product to iron my sheets. It adds a subtle scent without being overpowering. Our guests often talk about their sleep. Even if you don't iron your bedding, you should use it for the benefits of lavender scent.

2. Aleenes 15581 Stiffen Quick Fabric Stiffening

Aleenes 15581 Stiffen Quick Fabric Stiffening

Curls can be refreshed with theFunctional Squirt Water Sprayer. It's great for home and salon uses. The Stiffen-Quik formula dries clear so it won't tarnish your piece, and you can spray more coats when you want a heavier shaping. It's a good idea to wash it out and make a new piece. There is an 8oz pump spray bottle. The spray component is included.

Brand: Aleene's

👤This isn't like it makes a fabric stronger than a wood. If you like me, you should look for something that helps a fabric stand on its own, not something that gives it some strength.

👤I bought this for macrame. I have been using it for a few days. I have to leave a review since it is a pretty penny to spend on stiffener. The piece in the picture is densely knotted. It won't make it hold straight or anything, but it will give a protective barrier for the cotton. I expected it to work with the macrame feathers. It doesn't work on loose strands. I sprayed from a distance and the piece lost its shape. I had to brush and cut again, and it was like nothing had been sprayed. I will be using it to finish a knotted piece, but not to "stiff" up any of my loose strands.

👤This was what I needed. I had no idea how I was going to make the blouse work. I lived on the wild side and didn't even cover my table before spraying it with the product, but it was damp and I didn't want to ruin it. I dried it with a hair dryer and the fabric was stiff. It was perfect! I had no problems with my machine, except for a few places where I accidentally applied the product and it was too slippery. I had some problems after my machine and needle protested. The difference was made by Stiffen Quik. I will use this product again when I sew. The blouse is back to it's slinky texture after it was washed out.

👤My nephew's wife loves how this stuff makes the hairbows look like they are made for her little girl. She says they are worse than the ones her mom makes. I shared my secret so Ellen could make bows too. Down in the South, the bows are as big as the tea. They need to have a little speed. We can't have limp bows here. It's a good thing. Depending on how much "sturdy" is required for a particular bow, you can spray a little or a lot. Let it dry and shape it. If you get too much "sturdy" going on, you can always deflate it.

👤I need this to make the sun hat brims stiff again. It worked well. I don't think it will last long, but I'm glad I have my sun hats. I was worried that it would have a strong smell. Either it didn't. I applied it outside on the patiio table.

👤It is so easy to use. The blow dry method made it easy to shape hair bows.

👤If you have a large project, get a better spray bottle. If you don't use it all in one sitting, you should rinse out the sprayer and store it in a way that it won't work again. It did a few coats on the bowls.

👤I bought this to make my straw beach hat fit better, as packing had given it a floppy brim and collapsed crown. I shaped the crown by hand after spraying it liberally and stuffing it lightly with a plastic bag. It should be dry for 30 minutes. The crown was lightly set. The floppy brim was sprayed inside and out until it was soaked, then set over the corner of the patio table so it would curve downward over the face. After spraying it a couple more times, it held it's shape. The bottle is still full, but the hat is nicer. It worked because of the great value.

3. Downy Wrinkle Release Eliminator Refresher

Downy Wrinkle Release Eliminator Refresher

You can use the free Chordana Play app to play your favorite songs on your device. Without using an iron, it removes most of the wrinkling. It can also be used as an anti-static spray. It's great for college students, business travelers, and last minute touch ups. Try it on some items. A new and improved spray nozzle.

Brand: Downy

👤It was so disappointing. I ordered this product for my dress shirts and it didn't do what I ordered it to do. I followed all the instructions. I liked the results of my cotton clothing. I feel that this product should state on the label which fabrics it is recommended for, because I feel that my white dress shirt looks horrible even after multiple chances and applications of this product. I was looking for a solution to my wrinkling issue, and I had a lot of dress/ work clothing. My initial frustration with the product was only intensified. Is there a better product for women's dress shirts that is not delicate and sheer? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

👤I have been to medical school interviews all over the country. I don't have the money to keep my suit dry between interviews. I keep these with me when I travel so my suit stays fresh. I don't hot iron it because it's time consuming and I have other things to worry about on interview day. It would be great to keep clothes crisp and nice smelling if you don't feel like ironing them before you wear them.

👤I was talking to my girlfriend about using this for our trips. I ordered this for home because I was surprised by how well it works. It works very well. One caution... I put it in a tub and hang it up out of the closet because I think it has a strong odor and can make a hard floor slippery if you over spray it. No smell after that. It saves on taking to dry cleaner.

👤I absolutely love this product. A friend at work recommended it to me and I bought it a few months later. She would tell me how the wrinkle releaser saved her life when she was rushing to get her children to school in the morning. If she pulled out a wrinkled outfit, there was no need to put it back, find another, or use the ironing board because everyone was ready to start their day. I was eager to try it because I like to iron and experience a mad rush in the morning. I first used the product when folding laundry. The laundry in my house tends to sit in the basket for a long time after it's dry, leaving my husband's collared shirts and my work blouse with wrinkled skin. I used to have to pull out my ironing board and say a prayer that I didn't burn holes in our shirts. I lay the shirt out or hang it up, spray both sides and smooth it. My shirt is dry in a few minutes. I no longer have to worry about ruining a shirt with an overzealous iron, or being late for work because I want to get my blouse wrinkled before I leave. It's been great for me on all types of material. It also reduces static cling, and the scent is very nice. I highly recommend it.

4. Mary Ellens Starch Alternative Ounces Citrus

Mary Ellens Starch Alternative Ounces Citrus

Relaxes Stubborn Wrinkles. The product is free of scent. The product is manufactured in the US.

Brand: Mary Ellen Products

👤Enjoy the scent. It fades away quickly. The peach one hangs around, and while I like it, it starts to bother me after a while, a nice choice if you want a bit of scent but don't want it to linger.

👤It was worse than useless, but it came with a sprayer. It had one setting and it was pit. Big spots were made because it did not distribute the size. I had to buy a new bottle. The Best Press is a good size, but you are paying a premium for the nice smell.

👤The best of the best. I've used before. I've never been able to make something black that doesn't leave white particles. Highly recommended!

👤I'm very pleased with the product. Will purchase this again. I wish I'd known about it years ago. The seller is a pleasure to deal with. Will buy again from the seller.

👤Loving this for accurately pieced quilt blocks. Product does what it says it will. I like the scent of citrus and it smells great.

👤I like making quilts with my favorite type of starch. The smell is great but not strong.

👤The item makes accurate cutting a breeze by stiffening up the fabric and the rotary does its magic to keep the fabric from unraveling.

👤The pretty colored picture and description of the product on the Amazon site are not a spray bottle. Don't buy this if you think you will be able to use Mary Ellen's spray stuff correctly. I have to return the original bottle to the USPS, but I will be receiving a new one from Amazon. This stuff is great for quilting, but needs a spray. The item was returned. The correct spray bottle was replaced by Amazon. Thank you Amazon.

5. Mary Ellen Products Press Lavender

Mary Ellen Products Press Lavender

The country of origin is the United States. The item package has dimensions of 2.5 L x 2.5 W x 6 H. The package weight is 1.2 lbs.

Brand: Mary Ellen Products

👤The scent and how well it performs help to mitigate the cost of this size. I bought a misting sprayer to help prolong the life of this product. They're available on Amazon and you can resist the misters labeled for quilting, which are the exact same product and more expensive than those labeled for use in Salons. The misting action makes ironing a faster process by giving you a more uniform spray, no drips and drops of sizing and this helps to make ironing a faster process. This is my go-to size for the future.

👤Maybe things smell different to me, but I had headaches. I love lavender, but this didn't smell like it. It smelled like chemicals. The smell was all over my house. I had to return it twice. It stunk up my car as I took it back. Nope. There is a I sprayed a cotton blend pink skirt with a squirt. I liked the bottle and pump.

👤I like the smell. I have to order a sprayer that was supposed to come with it because I don't know how it works. Spending more money for something that was supposed to be included does not make customers happy. I'm only giving it one star.

👤If you are a quilter, this stuff is wonderful. I give the product 5 stars. The sprayer top did not arrive with them, so I gave them 4. I ordered this for my sister in law who had never used it. I could refill my bottle. She had to buy a spray bottle top.

👤I usually don't buy a product with a scent, but I thought I would try something new because of the Thyme addition. I'm not disappointed. It has a pleasant smell.

👤It's what I need and what I was looking for. It makes my clothes look great. I like the scent very much. I am very happy with the purchase so far. Will purchase more in the future.

👤I love these products. The finish was great and there was no leftover from it. This scent is my all time favorite and it makes pleats sharp enough that I don't have to use pins or clips.

👤This spray is wonderful. It adds body without being stiff. The scent of lavender is beautiful. It was pleasant and not overwhelming. Will purchase this again.

6. Mary Ellens Refills Ounces Cherry Blossom

Mary Ellens Refills Ounces Cherry Blossom

No perfumes or dyes. ironing is more enjoyable with a clear crisp starch with a lovely scent. A non-aerosol bottle.

Brand: Mary Ellen Products

👤I absolutely adore this stuff. I use the Best Press to eliminate the wrinkling of my cotton and it smells great. The scent is very light. My sewing studio has a bottle of Ellen's Best Press in it. I don't have any business connections with this company. I like their product.

👤It adds a nice crispness to the fabric. I use it on all of my cotton fabrics.

👤I bought a whole case from the company because I love this stuff. ironing is much more fun when I am an avid quilter. There is no sticking or flaking in the scent. You could probably find a cheaper option, but this is better than spray size or something similar.

👤Since I started using this, I have stopped using spray starch. This is perfect, it doesn't build up on my iron, and it doesn't leave white stuff behind.

👤Love the smell. A light scent that is not sweet. When you want to get rid of deep wrinkling, Best Press is the best.

👤BestPress has been used in the original scent. The scent is great.

👤I like this alternative. My blocks are nice and flat because I am a quilter.

7. Terial Magic TM11005 Fabric Stabilizers Medium

Terial Magic TM11005 Fabric Stabilizers Medium

Traditional stabilizers are replaced with machine embroidery, electronic cutting, and inkjet printing stabilizers. Fray free stabilizers for press, raw edge and knife edge. It's great for 3D fabric flowers, 3D fabric/fiber art, and fabric scrapbooking. In 16oz, 32oz, and 1 gallon sizes. Made in the USA with natural ingredients.

Brand: Terial Magic

👤The product does what it says it will do. The material is stiff. I will not be using it again because of the smell. I was really bothered by my allergies.

👤I used terial Magic to prepare fabric for cutting. Scan and cut. The Scan n Cut cut the quilt appliqu├ęs just like it would cut paper after stiffening the fabric.

👤This is the first time I've tried this product. It works well for stabilizing or stiffening fabric. I used the spray from my mixture of 1 part Terial Magic and 3 parts water. After spraying, it is helpful to sit the fabric for a few minutes to allow it to absorb the fibers before ironing.

👤This product leaves the cloth very stiff. This can be used as a spray application or as a soaking of the cloth. It has a scent but eventually wears off.

👤A friend of mine told me about this and she was telling the truth. This stuff makes spray starch look wet. You want your fabric to be stiff. The stuff is perfect. Wait a minute or two and iron it, then spray it on. It is wonderful to use a die to cut fabric. I am ordering this by the gallon. You can get a small bottle.

👤Textual magic should be what this product is. The ultimate fabric stiffener for sewing and machine embroidery projects is called Terial Magic. I used the magic of Terial Magic to make my fabric stronger. It made my fabrics feel like a sheet of paper. It is great for using on fabrics for machine embroidered designs and fabrics that need a bit of extra body.

👤I would not have been able to use the fabric without this stiffner. If you need a little re-stiffening, just spray lightly again with water and allow to dry and press with a hot iron. I put water to half strength to start.

👤I was not happy with this product. I thought this was a great idea and do a lot of machine embroidery. I didn't know that you have to saturate the fabric to make it hard on clothing. For small projects, it's fine, but it didn't work for me.

👤It is great for stiffening fabric when it is used straight, if it is used with water, it will work better than spray starch.


8. Quilters Corner SMB 2510 Misting Bobbins

Quilters Corner SMB 2510 Misting Bobbins

The product is manufactured in the US. The bottle can be used with sprays. The country of origin is the United States. The product has a dimensions of 10.25"L x 2.5"W. x 2.5H The package has a dimensions of 0.23" W x 2.5" H.

Brand: A Quilter's Corner

👤Not what I was expecting. The barcode sticker on the bottle is half on and sticky for some odd reason. It works well. The spray is thorough. It is a flimsy container. It feels like a plastic bottle.

👤I like how the mister works to spray water for my iron. I was disappointed that the design was not painted on the bottle but a shrink-wrap bottle wrap. I will get a plain white bottle that is less expensive than this one if it ever peels.

👤It is used for spraying fabric. It works like a charm. A lot of pumps from a standard spray bottle will be replaced by one pump.

👤The spray mist on this bottle is very fine. The bottle is flimsy and does not have the volume of my other spray bottle. It works well.

👤I was skeptical of the product. I was wrong. It has delivered as promised so far. It doesn't need to be pumped with air to do that. I am very impressed with this product.

👤My title says it all. The spraying of best press starch by a Home Depot sprayer was a waste of money. Don't be cheap, get this spray bottle and watch the light mist manage your starch properly.

👤It's a perfect mist for spraying fabric.

👤The water mists out of the bottle. The picture on the bottle is cute.

9. Catcher Laundry Maintains Clothes Original

Catcher Laundry Maintains Clothes Original

The sheets lock up dyes found in the water. It helps prevent dye transfer to maintain original colors. Reducing the need for sorting saves time. Reducing the need for half-sized loads saves money. It works in all water temperatures.

Brand: Shout

👤The sheets are very fragrant. If you have allergies or problems with the nose, they won't work for you. They had to return the book because it picked up so much of the scent. The Color Blocker Dye is something I will be trying. Amazon sells trapping sheets that are not unscented. If you want to try the Shout Color Catcher and have sensitivities to perfume type smells, you may want to order it separately so that it doesn't affect other items being shipped with it.

👤I use two in a load to make sure that they work 98% of the time, because they haven't worked 100% of the time. The big saver tip. Don't throw them away if these come out of the washer white or no color, use them in the next load. They worked well even after being wet and dried out. How many I've just thrown out?

👤Every load of laundry has a color catch sheet. It was huge for me because I was a broke college student and had to do a lot of laundry at the laundromat. I put the new red towels in with the white and tan sets and the sheet absorbed all the color. Everything came out the same way. I've never seen a bulk box like this in stores. 72 washes is a bargain and will save clothes from being ruined.

👤The products work, but not all of the time. I threw in an old white towel and a few of the dye trapping sheets after washing my new blue jeans. There were blue patches on the white towel. I like this product because last year I washed my summer trousers with something black and they turned gray. I like them so I kept wearing and washing them. The sheets trapped the "gray" color after washing them. The conclusion is so... I wouldn't put a red shirt into the whites, even though these sheets work most of the time. Better safe than sorry. I still give it 5 stars because it is not perfect, but it will turn white.

👤The first photo shows a fresh shout color catcher sheet before the wash and the second shows a used catcher next to a clean folded catcher sheet. The final photo is a few days of used sheets that show the various colors. I use one sheet in every medium or dark load of laundry. I am not sure how well these sheets would work because I don't throw my whites and blacks together. These are great for mixing darks and medium together. I haven't seen any of my clothes look dingy. I put these in the dryer with the clothes so I don't throw them in the trash. These are in the dryer. I have a sensitive baby because I was all my family's clothes together. I can't use dryer sheets as they are a huge issue for us, but these sheets have not caused any issues after months of use in our laundry. These are luxuries that I just toss in my laundry for when I do a lot of laundry. I find them helpful. They are cheap when bought in bulk on Amazon. I find them at local stores and Amazon. These do catch color in the wash, whether it's mixing darks and mediums, new clothes, or in a regular load of laundry. They don't cause irritation to sensitive skin. The price point is ok. Are these necessary? I will continue to buy. I can worry less about laundry. I would like to thank you for reading my review. If you found my review helpful, please let me know. Thank you. There is a new word for it.

10. Mary Ellens Starch Alternative Ounces Caribbean

Mary Ellens Starch Alternative Ounces Caribbean

ironing is more enjoyable with a clear crisp starch with a lovely scent. A non-aerosol bottle. The product is free of scent. The product is manufactured in the US. The package weight is 1.0 pounds.

Brand: Mary Ellen Products

👤The scent of this fabric is nice but it does not come with a sprayer. I have to get one now. It's a refill.

👤This is a great material for quilt making. The material is nice so that my block comes out like I want it. It smells good.

👤I decided to do all of my husband's dress shirts at home because the last dry cleaner destroyed 2 shirts and refused to pay for them, and I figured I could do just as good a job. I needed something to break down the cotton in his shirt to keep it crisp. This was a great surprise. I think taking the items to the dry cleaners pays for itself over time, because it is far cheaper. The only scent in stock was "Caribbean Beach". When this runs out, I will try other scents.

👤I was introduced to this product at a quilt shop. There is no peeling or spots on dark fabrics, there is a clean scent and the bottle is recyclable. This is better than spray spray.

👤I was thrown off by the description and picture of the product, but I still love it. I was hoping for lavender, but it is Caribbean. I use this for pressing my tops.

👤This works better than anything I have used before. It's much better than any other type of food. It can be used to remove hard to remove wrinkling with one spray and one iron. Other starches did not make a difference.

👤I love this product but have been unable to find it in shops I visit.

👤Don't buy it! It's 16 ounces. It stinks. I was going to return the same day it arrived, but it said it was not eligible for return.

11. Mary Ellens Best Press Scent

Mary Ellens Best Press Scent

This is a clear alternative to starch. You can see how much is left in the bottle. The package contains a shatterproof spray bottle.

Brand: Mary Ellen Products

👤I absolutely love this product. I use this all the time when I am sewing. It helps the piece go much better and my cotton fabric stays crisp and doesn't stretch when I sew it. You will buy it again and again if you try it.

👤I was expecting something great after reading about it. I wasn't impressed.

👤I've been using this product for a while. There are other products and homemade recipes that can be used to replace Mary Ellens Best Press.


What is the best product for best press spray starch for quilting unscented?

Best press spray starch for quilting unscented products from Mary Ellen Products. In this article about best press spray starch for quilting unscented you can see why people choose the product. Aleene's and Downy are also good brands to look for when you are finding best press spray starch for quilting unscented.

What are the best brands for best press spray starch for quilting unscented?

Mary Ellen Products, Aleene's and Downy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best press spray starch for quilting unscented. Find the detail in this article. Terial Magic, A Quilter's Corner and Shout are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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