Best Best Press Spray Starch for Quilting Scent

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1. Mary Ellens Best Press Scent

Mary Ellens Best Press Scent

This is a clear alternative to starch. You can see how much is left in the bottle. The package contains a shatterproof spray bottle.

Brand: Mary Ellen Products

👤I absolutely love this product. I use this all the time when I am sewing. It helps the piece go much better and my cotton fabric stays crisp and doesn't stretch when I sew it. You will buy it again and again if you try it.

👤I was expecting something great after reading about it. I wasn't impressed.

👤I've been using this product for a while. There are other products and homemade recipes that can be used to replace Mary Ellens Best Press.

2. Magic Premium Quilting Crafting Spray

Magic Premium Quilting Crafting Spray

Magic Premium spray helps to improve accuracy of cutting, creasing and sewing, while also flattening seams and wrinkling. The craft spray is odor free and has no scent. The product works well with spray and spray. The right spray for crafts is important because it stiffens the fabric which helps you cut and piece with greater precision. The use of quilting spray adhesive for fabric improves accuracy of cutting, creasing, sewing, and reduces the amount of time for point matching on quilts. Flatten seams and sieves. The smoothingwrinklereleaser spray makes pressing easier by relaxing thewrinkle and leaving your fabric sleek, soft, and static-free. This is the best press spray to flatten seams. You're on the way with a spray. ODOR ELIMINATING & FRAGRANCE-FREE: The odor eliminator spray for crafts has an odor eliminating formula. Your anti-wrinkle spray will leave your fabrics smelling fresh without the overpowering scent. Faultless Brands has been an essential part of fabric care since 1887. Their fabric care experts developed the Magic Premium Quilting & Crafting spray to meet the needs of quilters and crafter.

Brand: Magic

👤I've used Magic Sizing for years and bought it to use in quilting. I purchased a fabric from a manufacturer I have never used before and was experiencing a problem with wrinkling and fraying after washing it. The product has helped with both of those issues. It stiffens the fabric so that it is easier to work with, and it eliminated the wrinkling that I couldn't get out with reconditioning. I thought the aerosol spray version would be better for spraying larger sections of fabric. That isn't the case. The first bottle I used was hard to use. The second was better than the first, though it required two hands to spray the product. The third bottle was the best. It seems to be getting easier to use. I guess there's hope for the other two... I would recommend the product, but also recommend you buy it in a form that is triggered.

👤Everyone was impressed when I shared a bottle with my friends. The nozzle gives out a fine spray. It doesn't send big drops that soak the fabric. I will be rearranging.

👤I bought a bottle of magic liquid at a quilt show. I used bottle ironing backs for nine quilts. I bought these on Amazon before using it up. I'm partial to my first bottle, but I'm afraid I'll need to buy more. It was well packaged and there were no leaks.

👤It is amazing on all my quilt needs.

👤I have used other types of starch to make fabric stiff, but this one is better.

👤I need this when I am cutting out blocks for quilts. I am glad I tried it because it came highly recommended by several friends. It makes crafting a whole lot easier.

👤This product is great for quilters. Lighter than any other substance, it gives a nice finish to your washed fabrics. The fabric is being stored.

👤The smell is not great. It really releases folds andwrinkles from the fabric in a matter of minutes.

3. Mary Ellens Starch Alternative Scent Free

Mary Ellens Starch Alternative Scent Free

The spray component is included. This is a clear alternative to starch. One shatterproof spray bottle is in this package. There is a variety of wonderful scents available.

Brand: Mary Ellen Products

👤The good news is that this bottle arrived with a spray head, unlike other customers who only received the bottle with a lid. The product has no scent. The very bad news. This product is endorsed on sewing web sites for its ability to uncurl the edges of jersey knit fabric. The edges of the cotton jersey I bought from Alabama Chanin were curled in on themselves, as I was told to do. I used the Best Press on samples of two different colors of fabric, one bright red and the other light cream. It took a lot of ironing to get the smallest amount of flattening. The fabrics were sprayed and then ironned. The red fabric was washed and the stains were reduced. I didn't want to wash the cream fabric because I'll be sewing the edges together and they'll just curl if it's washed. After spending about 5 minutes to press a foot of fabric, I decided to try again on a length of cream fabric. I tried lower and higher heat on the iron, with and without steam, spraying directly onto the fabric, and spraying onto the ironing board cover, but none of those made a difference in the results. The product has a spray setting that sprays clear liquid. I tried using a small paint brush to apply the Best Press to the edges, but that added to an already long process. It was a frustrating experience. It's important to test this on a large piece of fabric before you use it on a garment or any work-in-progress.

👤Mary Ellen's Best Press, Clear Starch and Sizing Alternative, Scent-Free, 16.9 Ounce is advertised as a "starch and sizing alternative" and from past experience we know that it is used to stiffen fabric. We were looking to replace our spray starch product which helps to stiffen fabric, so that's great. Again, that's what starch does. Right? We ordered this product and it was delivered without any problems. The Sprayer works well. It didn't seem to do anything when used on different fabrics. The "starch alternative" is not the same as the "starch". This product doesn't stiffen or add a body to the material. This spray was useless because we have a fabric that likes to curl. The fabric stiffener we used did a great job, we used an Amazon link at the end. I watched videos online about the product to make sure I was using it correctly after seeing all the great reviews. The directions were followed but not working. I'm wondering if there is a cult following for this product as it does nothing. We tested it with a drinking water test kit we bought on Amazon, which found that it was safe to drink. Here are the good things. No scent 2. The Sprayer works well. You can see how much product is left in a clear container. 4. If you get something on you, it's not sticky. 5. No fumes. You don't have to wear a mask to use it. 6. Iron is clean. 7. It works like water. The Not Good: 1. Doesn't add any body to the fabric. 2. Aleenes-15581-Stiffen-Quick-Fabric-Stiffening is a fabric stiffener.

4. Mary Ellen Products Press Subtle

Mary Ellen Products Press Subtle

The package has a dimensions of 0.23" W x 2.5" H. The country of origin is the United States. The item package has dimensions of 2.5 L x 2.5 W x 6 H. The item package weight was .

Brand: Mary Ellen Products

👤You would think that the price of a bottle of spray starch would be the same as the price of the sprayer, but that's not the case. The bottle of spray starch was the only thing that came. No sprayer included. I have to buy a spray bottle in order to use it. The bottle of spray starch refill is only this item.

👤It's great for quilting with dark fabrics and leaves no white particles.

👤I love this stuff! Next time, will have a different scent.

👤The pants didn't work, they went back to the other product.

👤The scent is light and agreeable.

👤This is an alternative to aerosol spray starch and it works better, smells better and is the best at removing wrinkling from fabric.

👤It was used for my rugs.

5. Mary Ellens Best Press Scent

Mary Ellens Best Press Scent

It is recommended for all fabrics. Don't use on materials labeled "Dry Clean Only." Made in the USA.

Brand: Mary Ellen Products

👤The best press is the unscented one. It gets out the fold lines from the bolt. Pressing is easy with the best press.

👤This is great for dark clothing as it leaves no mess.

👤I like Best Press for smoothing out the folds on cotton fabric.

👤It makes pressing the seam easy because it takes the wrinkling out of my quilting material.

👤It's quilting! It is a pleasure to use this product while ironing and it makes everything so flat and perfect.

👤I needed this to get the folds out of the fabric. I saw a framer on the floss tube.

6. Mary Ellen Products Lavender Vanilla

Mary Ellen Products Lavender Vanilla

The package is 5.25 inches in width. Mary Ellens Best Press is lavender. Mary Ellens Best Press is lavender. Mary Ellen's Best Press has a clear crisp starch with a lovely scent that makes ironing more enjoyable. The package is 8.25 inches in H, 2.5 inches in L, and 2.5 inches in W.

Brand: Mary Ellen Products

👤If you have a steam iron that holds water, you can save money and use that against this stuff, because it is water with a faint fragrant scent. It was a big waste of money to over priced for fragranced water. After ironing my clothes, I left them soaking wet because I didn't get out thewrinkle. If you plan on ironing your clothes before leaving to go somewhere, leave plenty of time for your clothes to dry after using this product because it is messy and leaves your clothes wet. The bottle was half empty after ironing my blouse. Don't buy this product unless you like spending 15 bucks for fragrant water that leaves clothing soaking wet.

👤Fix your listing to correct your mistake. The spray bottle that I bought was clearly shown for that size. I ordered a spray bottle. Not a small bottle.

👤I enjoy ironing. The smell makes me relax as I am ironing. It works great for ironing my quilt blocks. It doesn't take a lot of spray to work. You don't want to leave spray dots on your fabric.

👤Poor advertising earned 2 stars. The best press is great! The sprayer pictured is not included in the package. I would have ordered a refill if I didn't want the sprayer.

👤This product would help with ironing and sewing. The iron glides across the fabric, but it also removes the wrinkling and smells great.

👤I use this all of the time to remove the wrinkled fabric. It works well and slows down freying. I use it on clothes when pressing and it is very light. This scent is my favorite.

👤I usually avoid ironing, but I thought I would try this. I'm a total convert. It makes a difference and my clothes look great.

👤I absolutely love this product. It's especially helpful in my Needlework business, where I can count on it to get tough wrinkling from linen fabric.

👤The product removes all the creases from the fabric without leaving a sticky mark on the fabric. The smell is nice without being overpowering.

👤The product is great and the price is great. Thank you.

👤It does smell good, but not like the type of starch I am 800-273-3217

7. Aleenes 15581 Stiffen Quick Fabric Stiffening

Aleenes 15581 Stiffen Quick Fabric Stiffening

Curls can be refreshed with theFunctional Squirt Water Sprayer. It's great for home and salon uses. The Stiffen-Quik formula dries clear so it won't tarnish your piece, and you can spray more coats when you want a heavier shaping. It's a good idea to wash it out and make a new piece. There is an 8oz pump spray bottle. The spray component is included.

Brand: Aleene's

👤This isn't like it makes a fabric stronger than a wood. If you like me, you should look for something that helps a fabric stand on its own, not something that gives it some strength.

👤I bought this for macrame. I have been using it for a few days. I have to leave a review since it is a pretty penny to spend on stiffener. The piece in the picture is densely knotted. It won't make it hold straight or anything, but it will give a protective barrier for the cotton. I expected it to work with the macrame feathers. It doesn't work on loose strands. I sprayed from a distance and the piece lost its shape. I had to brush and cut again, and it was like nothing had been sprayed. I will be using it to finish a knotted piece, but not to "stiff" up any of my loose strands.

👤This was what I needed. I had no idea how I was going to make the blouse work. I lived on the wild side and didn't even cover my table before spraying it with the product, but it was damp and I didn't want to ruin it. I dried it with a hair dryer and the fabric was stiff. It was perfect! I had no problems with my machine, except for a few places where I accidentally applied the product and it was too slippery. I had some problems after my machine and needle protested. The difference was made by Stiffen Quik. I will use this product again when I sew. The blouse is back to it's slinky texture after it was washed out.

👤My nephew's wife loves how this stuff makes the hairbows look like they are made for her little girl. She says they are worse than the ones her mom makes. I shared my secret so Ellen could make bows too. Down in the South, the bows are as big as the tea. They need to have a little speed. We can't have limp bows here. It's a good thing. Depending on how much "sturdy" is required for a particular bow, you can spray a little or a lot. Let it dry and shape it. If you get too much "sturdy" going on, you can always deflate it.

👤I need this to make the sun hat brims stiff again. It worked well. I don't think it will last long, but I'm glad I have my sun hats. I was worried that it would have a strong smell. Either it didn't. I applied it outside on the patiio table.

👤It is so easy to use. The blow dry method made it easy to shape hair bows.

👤If you have a large project, get a better spray bottle. If you don't use it all in one sitting, you should rinse out the sprayer and store it in a way that it won't work again. It did a few coats on the bowls.

👤I bought this to make my straw beach hat fit better, as packing had given it a floppy brim and collapsed crown. I shaped the crown by hand after spraying it liberally and stuffing it lightly with a plastic bag. It should be dry for 30 minutes. The crown was lightly set. The floppy brim was sprayed inside and out until it was soaked, then set over the corner of the patio table so it would curve downward over the face. After spraying it a couple more times, it held it's shape. The bottle is still full, but the hat is nicer. It worked because of the great value.

8. Mary Ellen Products Alternative 600BP 63

Mary Ellen Products Alternative 600BP 63

It is recommended for all fabrics. Don't use on materials labeled "Dry Clean Only." Made in the USA. Mary Ellen's Best Press Clear Starch Alternative 16oz Linen Fresh is included in the prices. The dimensions are 8 in. H x 2.5 in. W x 3 in. D. It was made in the United States.

Brand: Mary Ellen Products

👤Simply the best. I like the smell of Caribbean Beach and how it lightly strains my fabric when sewing. I spray my fabric before cutting it out. I spray when pressing seams.

👤I can't live without this item, I've never used it before. It's amazing.

9. Oxford Wells 2 Ounce Premium Ironing

Oxford Wells 2 Ounce Premium Ironing

There is no fragrance and a flaky surface. The spray is infused with a clean scent to keep your fabrics fresh. It's perfect for travel and hotel stays. Non-Aerosol ironing spray is made with no harmful propellants. There was no animal testing. That perfect finish is provided by the scientifically engineered travel ironing spray starch. Protects fabric and helps to resist wrinkling. Will not be streak or spot. It is recommended for all fabrics. Don't use on materials labeled "Dry Clean Only." Made in the USA.

Brand: Oxford & Wells

👤Oxford and Wells. The name evokes the persona of a butler assistant laying out your perfectly tailored outfit for the day. Sometimes a name is conjured for marketing purposes but doesn't connect to the product's origin or function. Think of ice cream from the movie, Haagen Dazs. It was founded in New York. This is almost one of those times, as the manufacturer is based in Texas and isn't a British firm. No matter. Their product functions in a way that is "properly" as the name implies. I enjoy ironing because of a weird genetic malfunction. It would be great to have the crisp and precise pressing reserved for those taking the time to do it correctly themselves and not knocked out, production-line piece work style. This is the best product I've ever used. The shirts don't come out like cardboard or just driving to work. There's a long lasting finish. Most products that serve this function do not have a white flaking and caking routine. I looked at their website to see if they have a secret formula. Corn starch is the main ingredient. Go figure. If you're going to iron your own, you should spend a little more money on this product. I was swayed by the reviews and now I agree. Very happy.

👤It's perfect for business travelers to take with them and prepare their dress clothes at the destination. One bottle will allow me to press all the clothes for a 3-4 day trip. It was small enough to not have leftover quantities.

👤I put the nozzle in my spray bottle because it streamed not sprayed. And it got stuck! I added water to it. It was better. It's not what I was looking for. I don't want to mix things up. I bought travel sizes because of this. I needed to know if I liked it or not. I won't be buying it again.

👤I stopped getting ready for work because I was so impressed with this starch. So I could get an iPad and submit a review. The small bottle size is my reason for choosing this, I needed a way to bring starch with me to look sharp on business trips. The small size is tsa compliant and perfect for my bag. I didn't have high expectations because the size was good. It smells great, it sprays on evenly, and my shirts look very sharp, but I first used it today and it was amazing. I bought this item for travel convenience and I'm likely to use it for my home starch as well. Very, very highly recommended.

👤It's perfect for travel. We spent a week in Las Vegas over Christmas and packed bottles in each bag. It worked well on clothes because of no problems with flying. I would recommend it if I could convince her to leave the mirror at home.

👤These are great to keep in a suitcase. The smell of the liquid is clean and does not leak from the inside of the aircraft. It has a medium hold on clothing, not as stiff as I'd like it to be, but it still does the job.

10. Mary Ellens Press Refills Ounces Citrus

Mary Ellens Press Refills Ounces Citrus

Mary Ellen's Scented Best Press. This is a clear alternative to starch. It makes ironing easier, wonderful scents, non-flaking even on dark fabrics, non-clogging, acid-free, leaves no trace, relaxes stubbornwrinkles, makes clothes soil-resistant, does not attract bugs, and makes fabrics look like new. This package has 33.

Brand: Mary Ellen Products

👤After ordering, I received my package quickly. I've always used Magic spray Sizing, but it ran out. I sewed 20 bags for baby shower favors and thought I would try this product. The spray gave the fabric a smooth finish. The time spent ironing the ironing board is a bonus because of the delicate scent. The only downside is that the spray can cause sticky messes. I will just need to clean up after using this product.

👤An improvement. I have gone from a very good seamstress to an advanced one. My articles are professional and easy to work with. It's simple to use. I use a damp scrap to wipe the heat plate off when I put my iron away. It makes a big difference.

👤I live 21 miles from the nearest fabric store and buying this through Amazon was a good choice. I keep one smaller bottle at each station because I use 3 places to cut/iron material. A lot comes in different smells.

👤I like this product. I've tried a lot of scents and like them all. This has enough "starch" to give a smooth finish on ironing without the starch leaving. I heard about Mary Ellen's Best Press on a sewing forum, and it's been all I could ask for.

👤The sheerest fabric was stiffened so that it wouldn't warp or distort during cutting or sewing. The smell is great when ironing. There was no spotting or stains. I placed a next order for a gallon because I am almost out. I have been working on 4 crib and 4 lap quilts that I used to make. I wish it was cheaper. I don't want to make my own with corn starch and water.

👤It works better than spray starch for adding body to your fabrics, no build up on iron sole plate, cost was economical. The scent is nice, but have also used the Peach scent.

👤Best Press is something I like. I use it to press when I quilt. I use it when ironing my husband's shirts. It comes in a number of different smells. cherry blossom is my favorite. The scent is similar to a fruit.

👤I didn't buy this because I thought it would be like any other spray starch. I was wrong. It works well and it smells great. I use it in my sewing machine. I would definitely recommend it.

👤Idéal pour le quilting.

11. Terial ArtsTerial Magic Fabric Spray

Terial ArtsTerial Magic Fabric Spray

ironing is more enjoyable with a clear crisp starch with a lovely scent. A non-aerosol bottle. The bottle has a refill of 32oz. You get 48 ounces. It is easy to cut and sew fabric art. You can use single ply fabric as a medium to create beautiful multidimensional art. It's easy to sew with machine or hand. It works well with hot glue gun or quick grabs glues and can be washed out of fabric later. It was made in the USA.

Brand: Terial Arts

👤I saw this stuff on a demo for a site that I like. I decided to give it a try since I usually use embroidered puckers. I made a relatively complex design that would usually be hard to read, but it was very smooth and easy to understand. I used fabric spray to hold things in place, but I don't think that alone would have turned out as well. It was easy to use. I will definitely buy this stuff again when I run out.

👤I was hesitant about trying it. I checked the size of the quilt blocks, but they didn't fit in my hand. My blocks were not 61/2. I decided to try out some of them. The issue was solved. The fabric was almost like paper because I made it last longer. The cuts were clean and the sewing was great. There was no gunk on the iron or needle. I washed my test block to make sure it was soft. Great product. It was worth the extra step in the process.

👤I was very impressed. I usually use the least amount possible by placing a small amount of fabric in a baggie and spray, iron and then use the hoop without stabilizer.

👤The need to use freezer paper in order to run cotton fabric through the printer was eliminated by Terial Magic. I make spirit dolls with inspiring quotes and it's easy to print them on the fabric.

👤I do a lot of machine work. This product stiffens the fabric so not as much stabilizer is needed. I highly recommend it.

👤This didn't work for the prints.

👤I have used magic for many things. I made 3D flowers on a quilt using treated fabric. I wrapped twine around a pencil to dry. I used the curls as an adornment on pumpkins I made last fall. I love it!

👤It's great for stabilizing fabric. It's great for hemstitching.


What is the best product for best press spray starch for quilting scent?

Best press spray starch for quilting scent products from Mary Ellen Products. In this article about best press spray starch for quilting scent you can see why people choose the product. Magic and Aleene's are also good brands to look for when you are finding best press spray starch for quilting scent.

What are the best brands for best press spray starch for quilting scent?

Mary Ellen Products, Magic and Aleene's are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best press spray starch for quilting scent. Find the detail in this article.

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