Best Best Press On Nails

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1. Artquee French Ballerina Diamond Manicure

Artquee French Ballerina Diamond Manicure

The French Nude White Ballerina Diamond Long Glossy Coffin is made of acrylic. There are 12 different sizes of nail in the box. Due to long-distance transportation, some rhinestones may fall off, and it can be reglued and applied a top coat to help secure them. A mini file, a glass nail file, a wooden stick, and a sheet glue sticker are included. It is a wonderful gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother or sisters to attend a party, prom, dating and wedding. The fake nail pieces are easy to use and will give you a manicure in 15 minutes.

Brand: Artquee

👤These are amazing and beautiful. These look and feel similar to a nail salon. The length of the hair is perfect. The stickers are not strong enough to use with nail glue. I recommend putting a top coat of clear polish on these to prevent the gems from popping off. I was able to glue it back on. I used kiss nail glue and it feels like it will last a long time. It was one of the best things I have spent money on.

👤I ordered three different styles. Don't complain if you don't know how to work on nails. These are very high quality. All press on nails... Apply press on, apply gel base coat, apply gel top coat. The gel application adds thickness and an apex to create a full set illusion. Your best friend is on the video sharing website, YouTube. The stones have to be coated with a clear coat.

👤These nails are strong. Good quality and thick, unlike some press ons I have come across. These look like a full set.

👤Absolutely beautiful. This is the second time I have bought this set and I wear press ons all the time. The packaging is always on point. I will never buy my press here.

👤Absolutely love it. I cut them down because they were too long for me to function, but they are so cute. They are not super thick, but if you have a good glue you should be fine.

👤This set is great. It is a great value for the money and very worth what you pay. If you want your nails to stay on for a long period of time, I suggest you get an acrylic set because press ons are not meant to last forever. Make sure you have some glue handy because they will come off sometimes. You can glue the nail stones on yourself if you are rough with the set, but some of the stones may fall off if you do. I would purchase this set again as I don't want to commit to a set of acrylic nails because they damage your nails and you have to wait a long time to try different styles. If I want to try something new, I would rather pop them off and try it out. Make sure you measure the nails before you start because you may find that a certain size works for you now. I didn't want to use the nail with all the sparkle on it because it was too small for my finger. I can use it on a different finger when I pop them off. Very happy.

👤These nails were terrible. They look cheap. I was very disappointed. Couldn't wait to get them off!

👤These nails are only good for one day. I tried to do it two days before my event, but most of the crystals popped off. I was very disappointed.

2. Packs Matte Short Acrylic Artificial

Packs Matte Short Acrylic Artificial

You can wear the fake nails immediately once you receive them and don't need to purchase anything else. 6 Boxes 144 PCS, 12 Different sizes, that fits your every finger, is different size. You can cut the extra part off with a nail file. Long lasting, high grade, acrylic nails are about 1-2 weeks with normal care. You can make a nail art in a few minutes. There is a quality guarantee if there is a quality problem. They'll reply soon if you have any questions.

Brand: Misssix

👤These are great for the price. I read a lot of reviews before buying them. I was tired of spending both time and money to go to a salon and I was willing to pay an outrageous amount to get my nails done. These are a great alternative. They won't last 2 weeks like at the salon. This is to be expected. There is a Maybe you should buy good nail glue from the pharmacy. Overall, options like this are convenient and cost effective. They are short. It's long enough to be pretty. It's short enough for those of us who don't like to have excessive nails. Short glue on nails is less likely to break. They are not as big as natural nails.

👤The press on nails are nice. I used to spend a lot of money on press on nails. These are a better fit for my nails and are much cheaper. My nails look great with them, even though most people were concerned about the size. I keep them in a safe place so I can do my day to day chores and take care of my 9 month old twins. I don't know how good the nail glue is that came with them, I used another type of nail glue to adhere them. I usually last a week without one. I discovered a few tips when I tried them: 1)Clip and file down all of your natural nails before putting these on. You want to make sure it has a rough surface for the glue to stick to. You should get a file block to file your entire NAIL just enough to create a rough surface. There are two more If there is no oils on your hands, nail glue sticks better. Push the backs of your fingers and make sure the nail glue is on all of your nails. You don't want glue to get stuck on your skin. It will look sloppy. Glue only the bottom half of the fake nail. Make sure your positioning is straight when applying. I hold the fake nail by the very top and center it on my nail before pressing down. Next time you try these nails, I hope these tips help you. Happy manicuring!

👤These are my nails. I used to buy long nails, but they were difficult to work with, especially with typing on keyboards. I have no issues with typing or doing anything. It almost feels like I don't have them on. My mom wanted to put them on. Will be buying more when I run out.

👤If you have a toddler size nail bed, these are perfect for you. I wear medium/smaller sizes in other brands, and don't have large nail beds. These are absolutely awful. They're not square. They would be called round. I had to look at my order again to make sure I had not messed up. Sending these back was disappointing.

👤The first round was 80% stick rate. I was surprised that the glue held up, and only 2 nails fell off. They stayed on well after they were reapplied. It has been more than a few days with no issues. They feel like my nails. Many people think my nails are nail polish because they don't look fake. I lightly filed my nails, washed my hands and used the alcohol wipe. I think the two nails I have issues with are because I took too long putting the nail post applying glue and the glue started to dry. It dries very quickly. Excited to try the other colors. I love this!

3. KISS Fantasy Ready Wear Press

KISS Fantasy Ready Wear Press

Two ways to wear: glue or mega-adhesive tabs. Two ways to wear: glue or mega-adhesive tabs. Two ways to wear: glue or mega-adhesive tabs. 28 nails, net with 2 grams. There are 24 mega-adhesive tabs, mini file, manicure stick and instructions. It's safe on your natural nails.

Brand: Kiss

👤I'm in love with the nails. They were easy to apply and the color is not bubblegummy pink. I have only had them for one day and I can tell they will not fall off. They are firmly attached to my nails. The short length is not short at all. They are long. If you don't happen to use your hands for anything, you'll need to modify them. That's not an easy task. These puppies are strong. I used a regular emory board. I wouldn't have the time to do it this way until I retire and have nothing else to do. I didn't have the strength to move it quickly. Unless you're strong as an ox and have a solid week with absolutely nothing else to do but file these super strength plastic nails down, you're going to need a motorized piece of equipment to get the job done. I used this device to get rid of the dry cracked skin on my heels. It's I touched them up with an emory board after I got the hang of it. I can type, open jars and scratch without drawing blood. They are pretty and real looking. If any of them fall off, I will update this review. They're on there so tightly. I'm not sure if they'll come off, so I'm probably going to be buried with them.

👤The nails I have had are the best I have ever had. You just have to clean your nails and cut your cuticles to put on these. The glue on your nails is very strong and will last for 2 weeks. Don't be afraid of the glue, it doesn't damage your nails. This product is amazing because I am very sensitive to skin and nails. I have been using it for a while. I love it! I recommend.

👤The nails are nude- pink. Everyone comments on how natural they look when they compliment me. To make them last longer, I apply a top coat and file mine to be more round. A set usually lasts about a dozen days. Will purchase again on repeat.

👤Five days of washing dishes. A person is showering. Hauling stuff to a dumpster packing tape was the only problem I had. The packing tape bent when I picked the edge. I trimmed the nail with clippers and it was new. I am very happy with them and will continue to get them.

👤I used the glue for these nails as I did a trial with another set and the tabs didn't stay past a couple days. It is easy to apply with the glue and stays on for a good 2 weeks. I wash dishes and plant pots with these on. The point is that they stay on. I used to use the dip and gel with my husband. He is correct. My nails were only damaged by those methods. Twice have been in a hot tub. To remove, roughy file the tops and soak or wrap them. They are easy to get along with. Don't pull. You will cause damage to your nails.

4. Pieces Colorful Square Artificial Acrylic

Pieces Colorful Square Artificial Acrylic

The package comes with 37 sets of false nails, each set accounts for 24 pieces full cover coffin nails in different sizes, and the color of each set is different from others, enough quantity and color options for you to create your own nail art styles. The artificial nail tips are designed with a short square shape and bright colors that will last a long time. Solid color false nails are scratch resistant, safe and non-toxic, can fit well to your natural nails, and give you a comfortable nail art experience. Before applying fake nails, choose the right size for each finger, press the fake nail on your nail for about 5 seconds, and then file and shape your new nails if needed. These easy-to-operate multi-color short fake nails are suitable for both skilled nail artists in nail salons and nail art learners, can be novel gifts for nail art lovers, you can also match other decorations like various nail art stickers to make your nails more exquisite, show your characteristics.

Brand: Maitys

👤Don't spend your money on cheap nails. They are so thin that they bend all day. I have to keep filing them down because they are barely longer than my real nail. Don't do it. I tried these nails again and I was wearing them backwards. I have to say that they worked well after I wore them correctly. There were no issues of splitting or bending. I felt that I needed to correct myself since I had no problem writing a bad review.

👤I was surprised at the quality of the nails I applied. I removed them 2 weeks later and there was no break or chipping. They didn't crack apart even after I soaked them with olive oil and soap and a gentle tool. At this price, I wouldn't consider them reuseable. I'll buy the full set again. I like the variety of colors, but I wish they offered a set of just neutrals. I'm a busy wife at home with 2 young boys, and these nails survived washing dishes without gloves, laundry, cooking, baking, general cleaning, baths, and lots of back scratching. I saved the unused nails from the first two sets because I plan to paint them over with polish. I bought these polish stickers instead. I was able to type on the phone and laptop after 2 weeks of growth, because these are short. I apply a set and get them to last for a couple of weeks. 1. Pick a color. That's the most difficult part. 2. It was the first time. Remove the set and find the perfect size nail for each finger, then lay the nails out in front of you in the correct order. 3. Push back your nails, file the nail bed, and wipe clean with nail polish remover to remove the filing dust and natural oils. 4. The Ibd 5 Second brush-on Gel Resin is Net Wt. 0.20 oz (Pack of 3) 5. The corners and tip of the nail can be shaped with a file. This type of nail doesn't require much filing, and you won't lose your color because the whole nail is that color. 6. I would recommend massaging a few drops of oil into your hands. You can either use the unused nails as a second set of the same color, or you can use them in combination with other leftover nails, or paint over them. I don't think the polish will last as long, but it will stretch your purchase further. I plan to paint over a lot of the colors that don't look good on me, and I will give a few sets to friends with different skin tones who can really rock those colors. Take a bowl of warm water, olive oil, and liquid soap and soak your hands for at least 20 minutes.

👤I love these! The quality is really good and the price is fair. These should keep me for a while. They are a little thicker at the tips than other glue on nails. I think this means they will be stronger and wear better for us who are hard on our hands during the week. I can gift these to friends or paint over them with nail polish, and there are only 3 colors I wouldn't wear personally. If you like the little organizers, check out my other reviews. I have been wearing this set for a week and they still look great. Some of them are different. A very fun set.

5. KISS ImPRESS Color Press Manicure

KISS ImPRESS Color Press Manicure

The new imPRESS Color Press-On Manicure is a polish-free mani in minutes and is available in 24 of the most irresistable shades. Solid color press-on nails. With imPRESS comfort fit and Super Hold Adhesive, you'll easily achieve a salon looking gel nail polish manicure at home, in minutes. The perfect alternative to nailpolish, these chip-proof, smudge-proof, waterproof nails are safe on natural nails and are easy to remove. The nails are done. With press-on manicure kits, gel nails, matching manis & pedis, minis for kids and more, imPRESS has got you covered in the hottest solid nail polish colors, shapes, lengths, finishes and custom accent designs. The imPRESS Press-on Manicure has changed the beauty industry with its patented Super Hold technology and amazing gel finish.

Brand: Kiss

👤I now own a million of them. If you follow the instructions, they are strong. When I finished building the concrete block retaining wall, I still had 6 of my 10 nails on. I love these and I've recruited at least 3 friends who are now impress believers, because once in a while you'll get one that just doesn't cooperate. When your hands are wet, it's a good idea to be careful with your nails, as they can start to feel loose. It's weird but true. When I run my fingers through the nail, they usually start to lift just enough that my hair gets stuck under it. I take them off when I pick a new color. I bought some tabs to make sure I don't have to fix a random nail. It's great to have while traveling. I just applied these today so I'll have to update this review after I've had them on for a while. They were easy to apply. I got them because I had gels and dip nails. My nail bed was thin and fragile because of those. If they keep working well, I might keep buying them because I want to protect my thin, damaged nails as they grow out. I feel like they fit well because the set came with several sizes to choose from. I was able to file them to the length and shape I wanted. I was not sure if that would work. They filed well after I applied them. I've been able to do everything I normally do without losing my nails, so it was a success. I would probably change the color next time. I wear a lot of mauve but this is more taupe. It's very tan and doesn't have any pink or purple tint to it. It's a good nude, but not my favorite.

👤The first day, the stick on nails were pretty. They are very flimsy, and after one day they started to break. I added some clear nail polish to make them last a bit longer. The stick on glue under the nail lifts them up off the nail just enough to grab your hair.

👤I love these nails, they are easy to apply, affordable and stunning. I use these nails to stop the habit. They are lighter and feel more natural to wear. I trim them a little bit shorter to fit my nail bed because they sand and shape easily. Depending on how hard I am on them, one application will last for a week or two. I can get 2 full sets of nails out of one package. Not bad for not going to a salon.

👤I bought the press on nails to use while my own nails are repaired. They work well. It stayed on for almost two weeks. The glue rolled off when the nails started to lift. There was no damage. They look better than gel nails. I may use them all the time. They are very affordable. It was easy to apply. I got 2 applications from one box and they are easy to file down if they are too large. Size choices are good.

6. Designs Artificial Abstract Manicure Decoration

Designs Artificial Abstract Manicure Decoration

There are 24 pieces Medium Length coffin fake nails, a nail file, nail double-side stickers, and a wooden stick for removing false nails in this package. It's strong enough to last for 1-2 weeks if using glue, but not easy to chip or break. They also send you nail stickers that won't hurt your nail skin. The perfect selection in this summer is elegant nails that are nude pink and have white stripes patterns. It only takes 3 minutes to get the same quality as a nail salon. Choose the right size, apply them with nail glue or a double-sided tab. There are great options for home manicures. These lustrous acrylic nail tips are perfect for special occasions. It is also suitable for holidays like Christmas. A great gift idea for friends.

Brand: Kxamelie

👤I wrote a review about the sheerness of these nails after ordering them. You can see the glue through the nail and the other flaws on your natural nail, they were completely see-through. I was contacted by the company to remove my original review. I removed my review and sent them a confirmation that I did so, but they ignored it. I am revising my review. I will attach the emails between myself and the seller soon.

👤Love the design. It came with a small enough size for my hand. I would have to file it down to fit my finger. This one was perfect. I gave it a 4 star instead of a 5 because there were so many thumb sized nails. My finger size was not taken into account when I used about 8 nails. Maybe I have small fingers. I will purchase again. It is easy to apply with a good nail glue. I wore a gel top coat and it came out cute. Love!

👤I was very disappointed in these. The shape is not the same, the tips of the nails are jagged and not smooth, and the white is not solid white as it was printed poorly. See the pics.

👤They look great. I used the tools included in the package to buff and push back my cuticles. They were attached with a super nail glue. My new manicure.

👤I wanted to see how Almond shaped nails would look on me. The shape is not as pictured when opening it. More like long, pointed tips than almond. The design is good, but the mails are sheer. They turned out perfect after a little shaping and trimming. After reading some reviews, I did a layer of clear polish to protect the print. Stickies that come with nail glue. I was able to untie a tight not from my sweats and they didn't bend! I've already purchased more.

👤The quality was horrible and didn't last a day.

👤The design was great for the price. If glue was included, I would have given 5 stars. Will buy again.

👤If you prepare correctly, your nails will look great. nail down. Glue on and file down, push back the cuticles, and use acetone or a dehydrator to dry your nails. Liquid nail glue is the better choice for the provided glue strips. I prefer a shorter nail, so I filed off most of the design. It was a great bang for your buck.

👤I thought they were shorter. They will match my costume and wardrobe. Definitely recommend this. I will be buying more.

👤These looked nice after application, but they were a bit too pointed for me.

👤I bought them for my daughter for Christmas and she absolutely loves them.

👤as per pictures! It lasted about a week and a half.

👤It's nice, but it's too long for my liking.

7. Vastitude Stiletto Extra Acrylic Kit,12

Vastitude Stiletto Extra Acrylic Kit%EF%BC%8C12

The extra long nail tips are made with high quality material, which is a kind of green environmental friendly material, providing you a safe and comfortable nail doing experience. You can easily mark and keep track of the different sizes of the extra long nail tips. It can be used for at least 5 days. The crescent shape of the long stiletto nail tips makes them more elegant and charming. The long nail tips can be used on weddings, promotions,dating, and other occasions. It's a great gift for girlfriends, family and friends. It is easy to apply fake nails and hold the color without streaking. Your nails could be more natural if you pair up paint and colorful decoration. It's suitable for most people with different finger sizes, and it's also suitable for nail schools, manicurists and personal use. You can also make a unique accessory out of nail art.

Brand: Vcedas

👤These are my favorite nails. The nail tips are strong. They give you the straight form look rather than a curved nail tip which is what I like. They are not organized by size.

👤These were very nice. They were perfect for a full set extra long coffin. The large well area can be easily cut down.

👤They worked well for a competition. Even though they are long, they are pretty sturdy. I would recommend them.

👤These turned out better than I thought. They are easy to file and shape, but don't crack.

👤My clients sets last a long time with these tips. They are easy to shape. IG- sole.iman

👤Very disappointed. I had to organize them myself because they were all over the place and each bag had different numbers. I had to put them in order. I don't have enough bags to put them all in their separate bags, and they put extra numbers in them, so I waste time and money.

👤I can say that the product feels great even though I haven't been able to use it. The tips are sturdy, which makes it easier to add less acrylic on to the nail.

👤The company must have listened to customer complaints because my nails were not in individual bags. They were organized by size. Even though I was covering the nails, I broke them. They are not strong enough for the size. I don't think anyone would be able to wear them for more than a few days.

👤I bought these to use on my practice hands for nails and am very happy with the purchase and will be ordering more soon. It comes with a large variety of sizes. The length and tips are of good quality.

👤It was very flimsy. I was cracked when I started to buff. The well area had some of them that were not normal. It's not worth buying. I'm very disappointed.

👤A gift for a friend. She loves her nails. It worked perfectly.

👤The packaging is annoying since there are one of each size per pack. Weird.

8. AddFavor 400pcs Ballerina Acrylic Decoration

AddFavor 400pcs Ballerina Acrylic Decoration

The Press on Nail are made of high quality meterial and are thick and sturdy. There are 10 different sizes for different fingers and 10 different sizes for each size of 400pcs tips. It's convenient to choose the right size for your finger. White, Black, Pink and Coffee are the colors of the day. The color is perfect all year long. You can use glitter, powder, and other nail accessories to create your own nail design. It is easy to use, just clean your nail bed, apply nail glue/adhesive tabs on nail tips and your nails, then press on nail tips on your natural nail. Without glue and tabs. It's a great gift for a professional nail technician. It's a great gift for a wife, girlfriend, mother or girlfriend. Can be used on wedding, promotion,dating, and other festivals. This kit can be shared with your friends, sister, daughter, girls, mother. Medium coffin/ballerina nails, short coffin/ballerina nails, stiletto nail, long/ short square nails, almond nails, are all easy to file with a nail file. Don't use your own nail idea.

Brand: Addfavor

👤These nails are strong. I don't write reviews but I love these nails. I cut the nails because I type on the computer all day. It is very easy to size. I have all sizes for my fat fingers because I wear a size 10 in rings.

👤I don't usually write reviews, but these nails are amazing. If I hadn't taken them off, the sets would have lasted longer. It takes less than 30 minutes to cut, file and add accessories with my $2 nail glue and I simply file the inside of the nail. Not one has popped off. I highly recommend! Looking to see if there are more colors.

👤If you want thick nails, they need to be filed after you cut them. If you use a top coat on the white, it will turn them yellow. Make sure to file your nail inside the press before you glue it. They will pop off when you wash dishes or shower. The light pink is beautiful but not too sheer.

👤Really like this press. They are easy to use and have a good variety. I had to take them off after I bought some glue from Amazon. They are a good option if you can't go to the nail salon. I don't have long nails at work so they are good for a couple days. They look similar to acrylics. They come a long way. My nails have been cut and filed.

👤These were very impressive to me. I didn't alter them because they are curved and have the perfect coffin shape.

👤The options are nice. Sometimes they don't have enough nail beds for me, and I have smaller nail beds. I could have gone a size down on the pinky. I had a few black ones that were cracking as I pressed them down. The pressure of pressing them down was causing them to crack. I was not a deal breaker, but I was disappointed because I wasted a lot of black ones, which was why I bought the set in the first place. The other colors were cut down and filed, but they are still pretty sturdy. I am pretty impressed. I usually do tips with dip powder, but I have been doing my nails since before COVID. I want a new set but don't have the time to do the whole process, so I was looking for a quicker option on those days. The colors are pretty and give you a lot of options. I think it is worth it, considering all the nails you get for the price. I will update after I see how long they last. The idea behind these nails is great, but they are not strong. I crack a nail often. They will be in the middle. Some colors do it better than others.

👤The shape of these nails is what I always ask for at the nail shop and can never get for some reason. You just need a good glue to hold them together. I used an e-file to buff out the shininess on the inside of the fake nail on the part that is attached to the nail bed. I added a glossy top coat to make them look like they are made of acrylics. Can't beat the price.

9. Morily Medium Stiletto Artificial Manicure

Morily Medium Stiletto Artificial Manicure

False nails are made with non-toxic acrylic and do not hurt the hand. Provides your nails with a nice look. Each set comes with 24pcs press on nail in 12 different sizes in one box, they're convenient to choose the right size for your finger. The nails have a mini file, wooden stick, instruction card, and yellow glue sticker. The set will give you a manicure in a few minutes for a small portion of the salon cost. These nails can be applied with nail glue or nail teapes. These nails can be used again. The nails should be given up to 2 weeks of wear. A wonderful gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother or sisters, it's perfect for different occasions such as parties, weddings, cosplay, prom,dating, costume ball, halloween or christmas, ballerina, office, Valentine's Day and other festivals.

Brand: Morily

👤These are great, but I use glue. I haven't broken or bend. I have had my nails done most of my life, but I just got tired of the long process, so I use to have them for 2 weeks. My new place for manicures. Thank you seller.

👤I used the stick on the method. The stickers are very strong. I would like them to be sized with the nails. The stickers they give you are all random and you have to choose which works best. Some of them got a TINY bit flimsy. I am certain that this has to do with the stickers themselves and not the actual nails. The thickness is the most important thing. It is perfect. Not heavy and not flimsy either. These are a bit thicker than the Kiss press ons. These nails set my standards. These are long. I wish they had them in different sizes. Please make it happen if you are reading this. For a reference picture, see the pic. I wore them to sleep after putting them on. A shopping trip? No problem. The ladies room was perfect for washing my hands. I didn't glue them on, but they held up like a champ. The gaming on the pc was a bit of a challenge because of the length and not the nails. It would be the best option. I don't need these to be on long. I would buy these again and again. They are my new favorite. These are affordable and give us quality.

👤I have spent a lot of money on this website before to get fake press on nails, and usually they fit well, and I don't have to worry about issues with the size. Even though I size them before I glue them on, the numbers were the same as the ones I used on the other nails, and I should have made sure they fit me well enough before I glue them on. I can't find the correct size for my nails because they are too big, even if I were to go a size up on them, I wouldn't know. I had to compromise with the other sizes because I couldn't find enough of them. I am a huge fan of Matt nails in black and they were very cute. I like them that way.

👤I have tried many artificial nail brands. These nails are better. They are very thick and strong. The tips were glossy after a week of use. I'm going to try a fine grit sandpaper on them to see if I can get an even finish and use them again. I bought a strong nail glue for $10 and didn't mess with the stickers. They stayed on well, with only a few popping off after a shower. If I can figure out how to reuse them multiple times, I think these are worth the price. The length takes some serious getting used to. I feel bad.

👤The quality is amazing. I used my own nail glue. I have not had a problem with the nails.

10. Kiss Finger Nails GFC10 MAUVE

Kiss Finger Nails GFC10 MAUVE

Celebrity style. There are 24 full cover finger nails and pink gel glue in the kit.

Brand: Kiss

👤Love the shape and color. The product is not strong enough to support the length. I had stress lines in the nails from bending on day 2. My thumb nail broke at the stress line. These are only 7 day nails. They did not hold up for 2 days. The color of the nail goes all the way. I had to file them down to stop the bending. The glue applied them well. I am disappointed to say I have had no response to my email.

👤You need to have the right expectations for the price. They are gorgeous, looks-wise. A new set takes very little time to put on. It lasts about a week until the first pop off. It takes seconds to glue them back on. The whole pack lasts about 3 weeks, so you can get a new color anyways. After a few days, bend but not a deal-breaker. They get worn down from everyday use and have to turn them into almond shaped coffins. It's still cute.

👤I bought these for my daughter to wear. They look great!

👤I was very excited to get these. I refuse to pay more for the coffin style when I get my acrylics done. I end up getting square. I bought these because I don't want to go to a nail salon. They are pretty in person. They are too long for a thin press. I don't like how you can see the numbers. I had a hard time finding the right size for my nails. The coffin shape was too small for my nail bed and the next bigger size was too large for my nail bed. In my last photo, I show part of my nail, hence the 4 Stars. I always check the reviews when I buy something online. I rely on others to help me make a decision. I try to include photos in my reviews. If my review has helped you, please click the helpful button below. Feel free to ask any questions. Thank you!

👤I put these nails on on Dec 18. They've survived through decorating and cleaning for Christmas day, cleaning and cooking huge amounts of food for our Christmas party, cleaning and cooking for a birthday party, and cleaning and decorating for a New Year's Eve party. They are stuck tight and I only have to file them once to get them out of that. I'm in disbelief that they've lasted this long since they've taken a lot of abuse in the last week or so due to the holidays and a birthday! I've pulled tape off my clothes, wrapped gifts, and pulled tape off my nails. I work full time and type all day. These are my go-to when I'm too busy to give myself a manicure. I can't say enough good things about these, but people thought they were my real nails. They are not fake and are not thick like fake nails. If you lightly buff the top of your nails, they'll last forever. The pictures above are from day 13. I painted one nail and did regular polish.

11. ImPRESS Manicure PureFit Technology Cuticle

ImPRESS Manicure PureFit Technology Cuticle

The new generation manicure is here! imPRESS is slimmer and more comfortable with PureFit Technology. 30 Nails, Prep Pad, Mini File, and Cuticle Stick are included in the price. The nails are done. KISS imPRESS is always on trend, bringing you irresistible colors and finishes with glitter, 3D crystals, and more, and you can press-on at home in minutes. These chip-proof, smudge-proof, waterproof nails require no glue, no dry time, and they're safe on natural nails. The fun alternative to nailpolish is to stick with imPRESS, it's easy to apply and the nails are very strong. They are a global leader in professional quality beauty products and treatments, with brands sold in over 100 countries.

Brand: Kiss

👤These nails can handle abuse better than nail polish. As many designs as possible, range from very intricate to neutral. The best French tips I've ever had can be trimmed with scissors. It can be applied in around 10 minutes and is an excellent option to boost your mood and confidence. You can have four manicures a month for the price of one downtown. Heavy fumes like at a salon are not allowed. The nail glue that is included can be messy, it's awkward to handle, and can only be used once before it starts to dry out. The nail's surface can be damaged if they are removed too soon. If you use your nails too frequently, it can cause discoloration, so take a break so your nails can get some needed oxygen. If you follow the directions well, Impress Manicures can last up to 2 weeks, which is why I do a "Mani Monday" every week. I always trim my nails as short as I can. The orange wood stick is used to push back the cuticles. There are 3 more TheALCOHOL WIPE is the most important step. This is the most important thing to having your nails adhere well. A clean slate is crucial. I've used hand sanitizer in a pinch and it has worked. I. You can even subscribe and save if you purchase the KISS BRUSH ON nail glue. It can be purchased at the Amazon store: To get the best fit, be sure to press the nail into the area where the cuticle is to have them look as natural as possible. 6) They are less likely to catch on to things if they are shorter. The glue should be fully cured after the first hour or so if you avoid oils, water, and lotion. I keep a spare brush on glue and an extra nail in my purse in case one pops off. It's a very hands-on job with the littles needing help with things like Legos. It's almost certain to happen at the end of the week. I suggest soaking in hot water and applying coconut oil to help weaken the glue. If you found anything helpful, please let Amazon know by clicking the helpful button. Enjoy your nails, you deserve it!

👤I am not one of the women who have their nails done all the time. I'm partly to blame. Well... cheap? I have weak nails that are weakened by professional nail applications. Sometimes I want to feel put together without paying the extra nail price. These nails are so great that I discovered them recently. They fit my wide nails well and are easy to apply, so if necessary, trim up and shorten. I wore them for almost 2 weeks despite the instructions not to wear them for more than 7 days. I have ridges that are growing out, but probably don't be like me, and just wear them the length of time they tell you to. Since we're having a few friends over, I want to feel like an extra level of put together, so I'm going to apply another color for Thanksgiving. You can't beat the price. Highly recommend these press ons!


What is the best product for best press on nails?

Best press on nails products from Artquee. In this article about best press on nails you can see why people choose the product. Misssix and Kiss are also good brands to look for when you are finding best press on nails.

What are the best brands for best press on nails?

Artquee, Misssix and Kiss are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best press on nails. Find the detail in this article. Maitys, Kiss and Kxamelie are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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