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1. Beetles Gel Polish Acrylic Required

Beetles Gel Polish Acrylic Required

2 The new Nail Glue Gel Kit includes 2PCS 15ML Nail Glue, which you can use to extend your nails. This multi-functional nail glue can also be used as base gel. Let it do the magic for you. Manicure is healthy. The new nail glue gel is made with a new formula, which makes it safe and has low odor, no harm to your nails, providing you a comfortable and pleasant nail experience. You can show off your nails for more than 21 days with a quick extension. The best break resistant support is provided by their formula Glue Gel. For different nail art, Beetles new nail glue can be used for false nail tips, acrylic nails, gel polish nails, poly nail extension gel nails, perfect for do-it-yourself nail art and salon use, strong and practical. Not for Dip Powder Nails. The nail glue gel needs to be cured under a UV/LED lamp. It is easy to apply and dry.

Brand: Beetles Gel Polish

👤10 bucks for two bottles is great. A bottle consistency is what this is. It cures in 5 minutes and full in 60. I did not have any heat spikes during curing. The plastic and thermal dynamics of this gel are real and it will be flexible if submerged in hot water for a long time. In heat it will expand. I have not had any issues with longevity, my nails stay on for at least 2 weeks through the daily abuse and typing. It will soak off in a steamer in two rounds and take 45-60 minutes depending on how much you watch. I have tried other brands, and this one gives them a real run for their money. You won't be disappointed if you buy it.

👤The glue888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-3166 is the best purchase I have ever made888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-3166 is the best purchase I have ever made888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-3166 is the best purchase I have ever888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-888-607-3166 is the best I had my hands in hot water for a half hour after I hit my nails. I mean... I am blown away. One side has not lifted. I cured my real nail under the beetles light after applying a layer to my natural nail and buffing it. I always do the longest time. They are on there. It is crazy. You get two big bottles. The price is worth it to begin with. If you are an avid press on wearer or someone who does their own nails, get this now. Don't read reviews anymore. You will not be disappointed.

👤I used to use Apres but this glue is just as good.

👤This is T's review. I hope I can update this later. I did my nails a week ago. It becomes a little sticky when I wash dishes or take a shower. It is not so bad. I will try to update by the end of the month because my nails are still on. It is really annoying to try to get off the gel cure on your fingers.

👤I have been doing full cover nails on myself for a long time and have tried many nail glues, but this is the best I have ever used. I thought I had found the one until I found this product. I used this glue for the first time about a week and a half ago and my nails are still strong, I work a lot with my hands and the glue is very durable. I love beetles products and this glue is perfect for them. It only takes 45 seconds to cure, and it only takes a clear nail tip to make sure the glue will cure.

👤This product is great for the first time, it cures quickly, and is great for keeping my nails from lifting, I also recommend the mini nail lamp by bettles. I love all bettles products.

👤I am very impressed with this product. I usually don't write reviews but I had to let other skeptics know how good the products are because I am so pleased with them. The Gelike Soft Gel Full Cover Tips are great for nail bitters with flat nail beds. The glue can cure under the UV light if you polish the nails after applying the nail tips. This is helpful to the skeptics and review readers. I think you will be happy with this product. Highly recommended.

2. Big Bondini Brush Nail Glue

Big Bondini Brush Nail Glue

There are brushes for nail repairs.

Brand: Big Bondini

👤It's good for stones and nails. I used it for a few days and it was glue shut on me. I put the oil on the opening to make it harder to glue on me, hopefully this time it works.

👤I only use this glue when I am manicurist. It dries very quickly and has the best staying power. It is a bigger bottle and is a brush on, so the glue tends to get around the top when you use it. Always use acetone to wipe the top before closing the lid. If the glue dries out, you won't be able to open it or the glue will collect at the bottom, and you can't screw the top on all the way.

👤When I opened one of the bottles, it was oily and slippery, and wouldn't hold my nails on for more than 10 minutes. The seller refused to replace the product because it was after 30 days of purchase. I had this glue for less than two months and they wouldn't stand by their product, even though a bottle of glue that cost them less than $1 to make, was very disappointing. Will I buy this glue again? Just not from this seller. The company has zero customer service.

👤This is the best nail glue you can find. I am always repairing my nails. The glue stays on so you don't have to change the end. If you use this glue to remove the brush from the liquid without touching the edges of the lid ring, you must clean the bottle tip. If you don't use a polish removal product, you won't be able to open the bottle again. It's not good to break the glass to get it open. This glue is very good. I keep mine sitting in an upside down can lid and don't close it, but I do use polish remover to clean it off if I get any on the rings. Don't waste your money on other glues, take care of this one and you will be happy.

👤The nail glue does a quick fix and it is amazing. The glue will hold the broken nail. If you leave any trace of glue on the neck of the bottle, you will not be able to use it again, so I warn you to be careful when using this amazing product to close the lid tightly. It will be closed for good and there will be no hot water.

👤The glue is the truth. I put this on my nails. I put polish remover on it to remove it, and the glue stayed.

👤This is the best glue I have ever used. I use this glue to fix my nails. I have long nails, and sometimes they break. They chip so short that it would hurt to cut the nail. I use glue and mending paper to keep it on until I can cut it without pain. The glues I've used before didn't hold for long. I have had to apply mending paper and glue a few times a week. There is a I used this glue to fix my nail about 2 weeks ago. It is still holding up. These bottles of glue will last me a long time. I used to use a bottle of glue for a few months before it dried out. I am very happy with this purchase. It has not turned my nail yellow like the other glues. I clipped thehipped nail today because it has grown out. The glue held the repaired nail in place. The nail looked healthy when I removed the paper and glue. There was no discoloration. The glue is amazing. My thumb nail has splintered. Big Bondini is going to save the day.

3. Adhesive Breathable Transparent Stickers Flexible

Adhesive Breathable Transparent Stickers Flexible

The same thing as nail polish gel, needs to be cured under the nail lamp, which can be mistaken for not dry, as there is a sticky layer on the nail surface. The nail surface can be wiped with a slip. Adhesive manicures keep nails safe from damage. Also used as a nailpolish. You can share with your friends and family without worrying about the size of your nails, because there are 12 different sizes to fit most nails. The nail stickers are transparent and can be adjusted to make fake nails more realistic. Just polish and clean the nail surface, choose the correct size of nail glue, peel off the film, stick the fake nail and press for 15 seconds to get the perfect nail art. Simply soak your hands in warm water for 2 minutes, then use a small stick to push the fake nails out of the side of the nail. It was convenient and fast.

Brand: Roucerlin

👤I believe I am using these correctly, but the nails popped off after I stuck them on. I don't like sending faux nails as Christmas gifts.

👤Why didn't I know about this product earlier? They are easy to apply on the nails. The nail glue does damage your nails. I am very happy with this product.

👤The name says it all. Depending on your routine, the work doesn't last long. Only for a short time.

👤These were not good. They are not sticky.

👤These things are amazing. Love the hold.

👤I was excited to try out my new press ons with this glue tab product and was planning on taking them off since I am not used to long nails. It was very sticky. I had to break a sweat to get them off. I rubbed rubbing alcohol on my nails and stuck tabs on them. I peeled off the clear film on top of the sticky tabs and stuck the nails on. I can't beat the value. I have no damage to my nails.

👤These are easy to use. I put them on my nail and then put a nailpolish on it. Both ways they work. Depending on what you are doing, they hold for a week or more. They loosen up quicker with hot water.

👤I used this product to press on nails. The glue did not hold. The product was hard to open.

4. Brush Nail Glue Broken Nails

Brush Nail Glue Broken Nails

The built-in brush is easy to use and spread evenly on nails. It's suitable for repairing broken nails. The nail glue is long lasting and fast drying. No worries, you can take cooking and cleaning with you. The nail glue is made with Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, no harm to the natural nails, and it has been certified by the sgt. 1 bottle of their glue can be used for 50-60 nail tips, so 4 bottles can be used for 200-240 nail tips, equal to 20-24 times manicure for two hands, and can be used for 1-2 years normally. Their nail tip glue is perfect for false nails, small nail art decorations, nail salon and home use. All nail tips are compatible.

Brand: Tiphulan

👤This nail glues. Sucks like waking up on a cold, rainy Monday morning at 5 am, stubbing your toe on the side of the bed, and stepping in dog poop after the dog ran away the day before. The coffee machine is broken, and the hot water isn't working, when you take a shower. After you locked your keys in the car, you see two flat tires while going to your car. After an hour on the phone with theAAA, your phone dies. This explains how bad nail glue is.

👤Thank you for this glue, I will start by saying that. The brush is easy to use. If you are looking for ways to save money, this item is for you. I paid $20 for my nails and everything else. I get a lot of compliment and ladies ask me, "girl who did your nails?" I did!

👤This glue works. It is the longest glue I have ever used. There is a Do not use this glue if you want to take your nails off. It takes some effort to get this glue off. I prefer it to be strong and strong enough to hold my nails in place. I wear fake nails everyday and this is my favorite nail glue.

👤My daughter uses fake nails. The 4 count is in a box. The bottles had tight lids. Liquid nail glues were not dried up like some of the other nail glues. The brush is easy to use and holds a perfect amount for a single nail bed smudge. The only reason I didn't rate five stars was because of the glue. My nine year old may have been tempted to change her colors more frequently but the glue just didn't want to hold up for more than four days.

👤I used it on my nails.

👤This is a brush on glue, so no mess. It works well. It's used for press-on nails. There is a value.

👤I have used this to repair broken nails, both with and without the Orly Nail Rescue nail repair kit. It doesn't dry out quickly, has a good brush, and flows well. You get four bottles for a great price, so when one of them becomes thick or strong, there are three more bottles as backups, so I won't run out of bottles for a long time.

👤The brush on nail glue has changed my life. I cannot recommend this nail glue enough if you are a person who has struggled with other nail glues and already applied nails. I wear press ons a majority of the time, with a few days off in between sets to let my nails breathe. This glue has not caused any damage to my nails and comes off easily. I have had times where I needed to take my nails off sooner and have been able to do so easily with this glue. I like the way the press works. It's a win if you have a glue that doesn't get everywhere, as even a little getting on top will ruin the finish. If you are like me and want to carry one of these with you in case a nail comes off, it's extra nice because I have not had any issues with the glue itself leaking or shutting down. 10/10, highly recommend!

5. Tiphulan Acrylic Professional Adhesive Lasting

Tiphulan Acrylic Professional Adhesive Lasting

The built-in brush is very easy to use and spread evenly on nails. It's suitable for repairing broken nails. The tiphulan press on nail glue is strong and long lasting. No worries, you can take cooking and cleaning with you. 4 bottles of nail glue can be used for 400 nail tips and can be used for 3-4 years. The Tiphulan false nail glue is made with acrylates, no harm to the natural nails, and it has a certificated. The tiphulan nail glue is perfect for false nails, small nail art decorations, nail salon and home use. All kinds of nail tips are compatible.

Brand: Tiphulan

👤I used to use glue that failed miserably; nails would pop off easily. If you use this glue, place your nails in the correct position because there's no wiggle room for correction. My nails have been on for over a week and there has been no sign of them coming off. I will use this nail glue from now on.

👤The brush makes the glue more precise and less wasteful.

👤There is a pack of nail glue. It's a good deal and I'm glad I found it. The glue is easy to use. I used it to press on the nails.

👤This is the best nail glue I have ever used.

👤I use this to strengthen my nails. It didn't seem to help. It is easy to put the glue on. It does a good job of brushing on.

👤The glue I used was the worst I have ever used.

👤It's done in three days.

6. Makartt Acrylic Applicator Professional Lasting

Makartt Acrylic Applicator Professional Lasting

Super Strong- Makartt professional nail glue bonds nails quickly and keeps your fake nails or press on nails durable and long lasting. The brush on nail glue is easy to apply and lasts 10 seconds. If you want to use nail glue for nail repair, please make sure you don't have air bubbles or water under your nails. It's widely used, including glue for false nails, glue on nails/stick on nails, small rhinestones with flat bottom, and broken nails. False nail glue is a healthy ingredient. The nail tips glue is made from ethyl conjugateacrylate. The capacity is 7 liters.

Brand: Makartt

👤This glue is very strong. Do not wear it on your clothes. I spilled this on my pants and they started burning. They started smoking and the glue ate my pants. I had to rip my pants off and wash my leg with cold water. There were burn marks and dried glue on my thigh. It was frightening.

👤I worked in my garden without gloves and not a single nail budged. I have used nail glues that can't do my gardening. This one is amazing.

👤I've used the product to repair a broken natural nail, even though it's intended for use on false nails. It works perfectly. Use a tea bag cut to fit over a broken natural nail, apply nail glue, buff out ruff areas and allow your nail to grow out. Remove the nail glue with a regular nail polish remover.

👤Let's talk about the glue and the press. I have never had a stronger bond with press on nails until I used the Young Nails dehydrator and the protein Bond, and I am going to have to soak these babies off.

👤I put a few coats of this on before I use gel kiss nail glue and it makes my press on nails last a month. It makes them last a long time.

👤The brush is not useful. I'm not quick enough to remove the cap, put the brush on my nail and then return it because the brush got hard and gunky in 2 days. Is it a word? The brush fell at the bottom of the bottle. No problem. I can put it on a nail. The glue will stick around the opening. I apologize to the reviewers who say this stuff is cheap, but I expect this bottle to last longer than a few days. I have to use a steak knife to get the rest of the liquid out of the bottle. It's a waste of time and money.

👤The glue that comes with the nail glue doesn't really work and leaves your nails white underneath. I bought this one three weeks ago and I was amazed. They gave me a free one and it came in the mail right away. I love this product and would recommend it to anyone.

👤The nail glue is the best I have ever had. It works well for nail dipping and faux nail application. It dries quickly, but still gives you time to apply. It doesn't dry out at the base of the bottles so I don't have a problem opening it.

👤It worked and thought it would last, but some nails fell off after a week, so I don't think the bottle was full. I feel cheated because there wasn't much glue in that bottle.

👤I used this glue for 3 weeks on my nails.

👤Strong glue. Only a few of my nails have come off.

7. Nailene Perfect Bond Glue Tubes

Nailene Perfect Bond Glue Tubes

Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue is a nail glue that can be used quickly. Oz Tubes instantly bonds artificial and natural nails. It's perfect for nail repair. The nail care kit essential has a precision tip for dry nail glue. It sets in seconds and holds firm for extra-long wearing, making it a must-have for your manicure kit or cosmetics bag. For artificial nails, spread a thin layer of glue over the nail, press and hold for 5 seconds. If you want to repair a nail, place a drop on the break or tear, hold the repair in place with a pair of scissors, and buff the area smooth. Their artificial glue-on nails are easy to apply and designed to impress. If you want a beauty routine that is fresh and simple, try Nailene. They make salon quality artificial nail products that are easy to use and affordable for everyday wear.

Brand: Nailene

👤The glue is strong. It can hold your broken up relationship together. A bumper is falling off a car. It will be set for life if you use the bottle. Just make sure you place the tip where it needs to be the first time. It takes a long tailed cat a long time to get to skat.

👤I love this product! When applied correctly, no air bubbles or pressure applied and no water under your nails for at least an hour. However... Why is the new product only half full? Call me cheapo. I know why my bottles run out so quickly. In the pictures attached you can see where I cut the label from the bottles in order to see the level of glue. I bought three bottles and they are all the same. This is not acceptable in my opinion. I understand making a dollar but at least advertise that the bottles won't be filled to the top. I have no issues. I have been ordering Nailene for a while now and I wish I would've caught it sooner.

👤If you need it to, this glue will hold on to your relationship. It can hold on to your hopes and dreams. The glue is amazing.

👤This will hold up. The nail glue that comes with it is cheap, so I don't use it when I press on nails. It will hold your life together even though it is cheap. I've done a lot of things that should get my press ons popling off, like helping a bunch of Freshman move in on campus, picking up stuff, etc. It's amazing.

👤I have learned how to do my own nails from watching you, and it has saved me money and time. Any lifting. I help my kids with their clothes and I have my hands in water a lot.

👤I had high hopes for this glue because I had seen the reviews here before I bought it. The reviews were spot on. The glue is amazing. It's kind of scary how good this glue is, but please be aware that it dries fast and you have to lay it down fast and correct. The best glue on the market! I usually do dishes, take care of my 2 year old, and glue, but this glue holds me back. I didn't have to worry about my nails being damaged. This product is definitely recommended by me.

👤This stuff is strong. I have had false nails for a week, a day and a half. It bonds very quickly. They don't feel like they are going to budge anytime soon because I have been hard on them as well. I have a false press on my nails with a gel color that I ordered on Amazon to help them last longer, and it has really worked. I wore the same nails with another glue and they only lasted a week. This stuff is saving me over $65 a month from going to the salon to have my nails done. I have gotten a lot of praise for my nails. It takes a little time to do them, but they are worth it. I have been wearing the same glue for two weeks and have not had any problems. I haven't had to cut off any of their nails and they feel like they are going to be stuck for a while. I feel like I could get them off now without damaging them, but they are still stuck.

8. MAGIC ARMOR Acrylic Professional Adhesive

MAGIC ARMOR Acrylic Professional Adhesive

The nail glue gel needs to be cured under the U V/LED lamp. The upgraded Nail Glue is Quick & Strong.1 bottle of nail glue can be stick 90 to 100 nail tips. 6Pcs. It takes 54- 60 times for two hands to use nail glue for 540-600 nail tips. The built-in brush from MAGIC ARMOR professional nail glue is easy to use. You can take the right amount without wasting. If you want to use brush on nail glue, make sure you don't have air bubbles or water on your nails for at least an hour. The glue is made of Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, which is not harmful to your nails. You don't have to worry about its quality. The nail tips are glue perfect for false nails, small rhinestones, and broken nails. It is possible to create beautiful nail designs in seconds with the help of gemstones.

Brand: Magic Armor

👤The product is easy to use. I keep a bottle in my bag.

👤Excellent nail glue, give it 5 stars.

👤I have found the best nail glue. I placed a second order so I wouldn't have fun with it. It's worth the money and easy to use.

👤Me pega en segundos.

👤I will be getting more when this runs out. It holds up well and hasn't had any problems yet.

9. Sheets 240Pcs Double Sided Adhesive

Sheets 240Pcs Double Sided Adhesive

Less wear and tear and allergic reaction are environmental friendly. 6 sizes and 24 stickers per sheet can fit most nails. You can share these nail tapes with your friends and family. 100% brand new and high quality. There are allergic reactions to natural nails. The nail tabs are safer than nail glue. These tabs are good for kids and women. The sticky tabs can be removed in less time than traditional nail glue. You just need to gently remove it. Installation and removal is easy for girls. Strong nail glue stickers will allow your fake nail to stay with you longer. The tabs for press on nails can last for 1-2 days. They promise 100% of your satisfaction. If it is broken in a lifetime, they offer a return or a refund. They'll reply soon if you have any questions.

Brand: Justotry

👤I started wearing press-ons for myself when I went out about 3 years ago. I don't worry about my nails during my work week, and I get to create fabulous nails using my dominant hand. The Nailene Ultra Tabs were working well and I was hesitant about them staying on. I thought I could use these as a back up because Amazon is out of stock. I tried them at a casual gathering with friends. One popped off after about an hour of being on. As I reached into my purse to get them to fix the first one, I had extra tabs with me. I decided to take them all off immediately because I didn't want to have one go missing, and I do nail art that takes many hours to complete. They were hard to take off. No one would have believed these would last the night. Since they are made in China, they are so TINY! The largest size was good for my ring finger, but not good enough for my thumb. I hope the other ones are in stock soon.

👤There were many in the pack. I use double sided sticky tabs instead of glue. They wouldn't stay on for long. I had to be careful with how I used my hands. The idea is genius, but the tabs weren't as sticky as I wanted. If you have an event to attend, it's good for a few days. Overall, 3 stars.

👤Don't hold my nails down. The came off in 7 hours.

👤My daughter likes them. She used them for her press in nails.

👤Did not hold the nails.

👤Not good. Less than 24 hours. They started lifting. Would not buy again.

👤These nail tabs are not very good. 30 minutes later, my nails came off. Hope it works well with short nails.

👤These will keep your nails on for a day or two, with proper preparation they could last up to a week.

10. Laza Breathable Adhesive Flexible Manicure

Laza Breathable Adhesive Flexible Manicure

The nail tips are glue perfect for false nails, small rhinestones, and broken nails. It is possible to create beautiful nail designs in seconds with the help of gemstones. 480Pcs. There are 12 different sizes of tabs in each sheet and you can choose the most suitable one. Environmentally friendly glue which is more long- lasting than the normal version, pink and thicker than normal tabs. The false nail reuse is a perfect gift for nail art lovers and can be easily removed. Clean nails, choose the right false nail, and press it for 10 seconds to complete the manicure. Do not soak for a long time. Glue has less wear and tear. 100% Money Back Guarantee if items are damaged or have serious quality problems, and any questions will be answered within 24 hours.

Brand: Laza

👤Son excelentes me, lo that me gusta that es fcil de quitar.

👤I've found nail glue tabs that work better than SALVAGEDATA

👤It was good for 24 hours. You want to take the nails off after that. It was good for a night party before going back to work.

👤For an hour, kept nail on. Would not recommend it.

👤Es un producto simple, pero bien echo, lo pedi porque. THe producto menos daino e invasivo, facil de quitar, tiene una solucion perfecta. Sin duda un producto.

👤These tabs are very sticky. They are strong and thin. I put these in my forever prep kits. is a website.

👤I liked that I was not spending a lot of money.

11. Acrylic Nails Professional Broken Adhesive

Acrylic Nails Professional Broken Adhesive

We make salon quality artificial nail products that are easy to use and affordable for everyday wear. Each nail tip may need 0.05-0.1g glue, if you buy the 15pcs/pack Nail Glues Kit. One tube of 0.07oz/2g glue can be used for 20 to 40 nail tips. False nail glues are made of ethylcyanoacrylate, natural resin, slight und, no harm to natural nails, giving you comfortable nails experience. It can be used to stick press on nails, nail tips, broken nails, as well as small nail art decorations such as rhinestone, beads and gemstones. You can finish your nail art in minutes. Please make sure that there are no bubbles or water on the nails when applying nail glue. It can last up to 30 days. It's easy to remove. Do not peel off the nails directly, which may harm your natural nails, and soak in acetone polish remover until artificial nail glues are dissolved. Magic Armor Nail Glues are perfect for professional nail salons and are suitable for nail art. Their nail glue has many advantages that should be found in other nail glues. You can use their professional glue for nail art.

Brand: Magic Armor

👤The only concern is that glue only kept the nail in place for a short time. Otherwise was a good product.

👤I thought I would never be able to get my nails off because of the strong hold of the glue. The glue doesn't dry out between uses, that's a great feature of the single use packaging.

👤It seems to do it's job, I haven't used much of it yet. I don't have a lot of glues to compare it to. It would be great if it came with a small container for the one you open. It seems to do it's job well.

👤The product is ok. I have purchased other glues that work better than the small portions. If your expecting nails stay on for a long time, I wouldn't recommend it. I will only use it when I absolutely need it.

👤The product is drying very fast. It bonds quickly but doesn't have the staying power that I was expecting. When nails are done, they look great.

👤Im meiner Frau gekauft. Im Monat waren 2 von innen vertrocknet.

👤Press firmly and it will last very well. O was not happy about how long it would last. I don't wear nails often.


What is the best product for best press on nail glue?

Best press on nail glue products from Beetles Gel Polish. In this article about best press on nail glue you can see why people choose the product. Big Bondini and Roucerlin are also good brands to look for when you are finding best press on nail glue.

What are the best brands for best press on nail glue?

Beetles Gel Polish, Big Bondini and Roucerlin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best press on nail glue. Find the detail in this article. Tiphulan, Tiphulan and Makartt are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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