Best Best Portable Charger for Iphone 7

Iphone 5 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Portable 10000mAh External Compatible Cellphones

Portable 10000mAh External Compatible Cellphones

The portable charging device has three different cables, can provide the majority of electronic devices for charging, and it also has ausb outport. The built-in AC plug can be used with any electrical outlet. You can use the power bank frequently. With built-in lights, you can clearly see the remaining battery capacity in order to better respond to unforeseen situations. The built-in AC plug and cable are collapsible, which will not give you too much trouble, and the External battery pack is 0.35inch, ultra-thin, and light weight, which make it easier to carry. LEZCHI portable power bank can be used to charge mobile phones and electronic devices. It can also be used for tablets, digital cameras, game consoles, mp3 players, and so on. They will reply to your questions within 24 hours.

Brand: Lezchi

👤The battery power is good, charging is easy, but the charging cable attached to the powerbank broke and we can only use our own cable. All of our devices are apple and now this power can only be used on one device at a time.

👤It feels cheap. I don't know how long the outlet on the back will last. You can charge it from a micro-usb. The cables are not of good quality. It doesn't seem to go into fast charging on my S9+ The type C cable is not a sufficient quality so it may be that the phones of the company are picky about cables. I tried it on the Note 4 and the iPhone 6 and it charged instantly. The Note 4 did not always go into fast charging mode.

👤It's a perfect size to slip into a bag, and the carrying case makes it easy to keep my phone charged. The outlet plug folds out. I don't need an extra cord. This is the best 10000mAh battery for the money. If you have a system for re-charging, you'll be good because it takes 8+ hours to go from zero to full. One can always be charging while the other is out on the town if you order two.

👤I was influenced to buy this after seeing it being pushed by a lot of people. I have had a portable charge in the past, but if I didn't have my cord it didn't do me any good It's easy to grab and go and have all you need, the charge seems to last a long time, but it's heavy. That is the biggest down side for me. It adds some weight to your purse.

👤The battery has a plug in that will charge it up. I had a broom stone, but it didn't have a charging plug and I needed a separate miniusb cable. This one is built in cables for most devices and has fast charging. I like it. I use this battery when there is no power to charge it. It is the same size as the large iphone, but not massive. It charges a phone. I have an Apple product.

👤It's convenient. I carry it in my backpack everywhere I go. I can help whenever someone needs to charge their device. The problem is that the cables are not very strong and if you put the battery with your phone in your pocket, the cable may break/bend, which is a problem if you use it frequently. I have a laptop and phone that I use to make this useless to me except when I have to bring a cable around and I might as well use another product. A friend of mine will use it for micro-usb and lightning port. Will not buy again.

👤I couldn't charge my phone without using a cable to plug into the port of the phone and then connect to the charger because the charging portion broke off. It holds a charge. But. I have to make sure I have a cable with me at all times to be able to charge my phone. . Thank you.

2. IWALK Portable Charger 4500mAh Compatible

IWALK Portable Charger 4500mAh Compatible

T-core makes your device safer. Their friendly customer service is worry-free. It is elegant and unique because of the smooth face and better texture. It's big enough to fully charge your iPhone 8 1.5 times or the iPhone X 1 time. The upgraded built-in cable supports thicker cases than the last generation, which means you don't need to remove the case first to charge your phone. It is easy to slip in your purse or pocket and have a charging point when you need it. You will get 1x power bank.

Brand: Iwalk

👤It's very convenient to carry when you need to charge your phone.

👤The size and weight of the charging power was good, but it doesn't work well to give your phone a boost, which is something I don't like about it.

3. IWALK Portable Charger 3350mAh Compatible

IWALK Portable Charger 3350mAh Compatible

You can charge your phone with the lightning-connectivity built in. The mini emergency portable charger for iphones is 78g in weight, and is Ultra-Compact. It's enough to add almost 1.2 charge to an Apple product, or about 0.95 charge to an Apple product. Charge your phone while you replenish the power bank. You get a power bank with black and pink colors.

Brand: Iwalk

👤These are lifesavers. Plug your phone in. I never have to walk without my music.

👤I bought three of them. They die after an hour of charging. They hold the charge well when not used. They're handy for emergencies.

👤It's a great portable charge when you run out of juice. You don't need to look for a cord. It's an amazing idea.

👤It doesn't last very long. I didn't need a wire, that's the only thing I like about it.

👤I can charge my phone for 20% battery.

👤There are Christmas presents. So far, so good.

4. Anker PowerCore Portable Double Speed Recharging

Anker PowerCore Portable Double Speed Recharging

The 50 million+ powered by their leading technology is called the Anker Advantage. The cell capacity is 2,6800 mAh and can be used to charge most phones over 6 times, tablets at least 2 times and any other device multiple times. The ports are equipped with the powerIQ and voltage boost technology. It is recommended that high-speed charging be done for three devices. The dual Microusb (20W) input offers a faster way to charge up, with a full charge taking just over 6 hours. Power core 26800, 2X Microusb cable, Travel pouch, welcome guide, and 18-month customer service are what you get. The Usb-c cable and the Lightning cable are not sold together. 5V 4A The output is 5V. 6A (5V) 3A per port

Brand: Anker

👤The battery pack takes up to 12 hours to charge multiple devices, even when it's plugged into a double outlet. There is an update. 11-16-2017 Julia at Anker Customer Service Support immediately sent me an email after I posted this review. She asked if they could send a replacement unit for my trial after she verified my problem. I said yes. The replacement arrived quickly along with continued emails inquiring about progress and results. The new unit is great. It can be fully charged in less than six hours. I'm very happy with the product from Anker. It does everything they claim. Julia should get a raise and a promotion.

👤A 9-month review. I liked this portable charger very much. I have noticed a huge decrease in performance since 9 months ago. I charge it to full charge and it only charges my phone 3 times. I am lucky with 3 because before I was at least 7-9 charges away. It is ridiculous. It's definitely not reliable long term. They have sent me a new one. It is very easy to communicate and stand behind the product. I will update it after a few months.

👤It is history I have reviewed several products. Every product I buy from them, has been made with great features for the money. I've seen their posts on Amazon helping those in need with their device, and they have an excellent support staff. I've reviewed the Anker 15,000MAH battery, the 5-port wall charging, the 4-panel solar charging, and the 4 port data hub. I am going to look at the huge battery from Anker. There is packaging. One of the things that always impress me about Anker is that they don't try to spend a lot of money on fancy packaging. They invest in functional packaging that protects the product inside. You don't need a knife to open the box, it's just the protective plastic that needs to be removed. The battery is inside a foam bag which is located on top of a smaller box that has a protective meshed pouch with elastic closure and charging cables. The battery is 17 ounces and is huge. The dimensions of the battery are 7 inches long by 3.1 inches wide and 0.9 inches deep. The carry case has the battery in it. It's too big to be pocket-able and also too big for a fanny pack. This type of battery is best used by people who might experience power outages. It's best for people who like to travel or go hiking. Smaller batteries that weigh less, have less power capacity, but are more suited for portable on the go pocket-able types are made by Anker. The battery can be purchased with the case, but not the case. I have to recommend it as well because it is highly recommended by other's. The case is well made and comes with a carabiner so that you can hang it off your backpack while hiking. There are two slots inside the case. The bottom and top meshed slots are used for the battery and phone, respectively. I use it for my charging cables. CABLES: The cables that come with the battery are low quality, which is really surprising considering the price. I always listen to other people's recommendations. The twin pack of red braided cables was purchased along with the battery and case. The cables do not fight me as I am able to unhook them from their coiled state easily. I like that the cables use high quality plugs on them, and that they use a tie rap to secure them when coiled. The charging speed will be increased when using these cables, so they are a good buy. Quality: Excellent. This battery has many certifications, and is built in safety features so as to avoid certain inflammations, as seen from a popular phone maker, who's phone literally was fired up. The battery uses Japanese Capacitors on the PCB board. These are the same battery cells used in notebook battery packs as well as CREE flashlight batteries. The battery case is made of aluminum and plastic. I like the fact that aluminum is great forDurability and heat dissipation. There's a problem with civility. The FFA regulations state that you should bring the battery with you on a plane if it has a capacity of more than 100 watt hours. I've heard that China may still take it. The battery can be charged by one cable, but only provides a 2-AMP charge, and it would take 14-hours to charge. You will get a 4-AMP charge if you use two of the recommended red braided cables. It only took about an hour to top the battery off, as the factory charged 75% of the battery. The maximum output capacity of the battery is 6-AMPS, but it can only deliver 3-AMPS per port. Even the fanciest tablets don't need more then 3-AMPS to charge them. The battery charged my phone eight times. It can also charge my Dragontouch. You can expect the charge to last a week on average. The power is affected by power odor. People will use these as battery charging devices. Did you know that these can be used for power augmentation? The best battery in my tablets is not inside. Depending on what I am doing with the tablet, I can expect anywhere from 5 hours to 1 hour of use. I can get at least eight hours of use out of my tablets with this battery. I am not using a standard cable for hooking it up, I am using a mini jack. The reason for this is that my tablet limits the charge through theusb port, however, it allows for higher charge through the DC charge port. The battery in the tablet does not drop completely while connected to this. I bought the flagship battery pack because of power outages. During the winter time, we get wind storms in the Pacific North West. Every year, the power goes out. Sometimes the power will only be out for a short time. We don't live out in the wilderness anymore, we live in modern times. I live in the city and need my digital entertainment. I love playing Plants vs Zombies during a power outage. If you are in the dark, you can slay zombies with plants, waiting for the power to come back on. When the power comes back on, everything becomes lighted up like a baseball stadium, and you've just been returned to modern civilization, welcome back. The heat is high. When I charge my phone, tablets, or other devices, the battery doesn't get hot. It gets warm when it is used as augmented power. There are ports. The unit has a power switch on the side and a battery level indicator on the front of the battery. The twin cable charging system uses two of theusb ports to charge the battery. The other 3-ports are used to charge your devices. The maximum capacity of the battery is 6-AMPS. Each device will get 3-AMPS per device MAX if using two ports at the same time. The charge rate can be lowered to 2-AMPS MAX if you use all three ports. If you use an APP on your phone for detecting charge voltage and amperage, and you notice that your phone is only getting a 1-AMP charge, this is not the batteries fault, it's your phone's programming fault, preventing a higherAMP charge to the phone. I really like the safety features and technology that goes into making these battery packs. I don't have to turn on the battery to start charging it, that's one of the features that I love. Plug the cables into it, and it will turn on and show the level of charge all the time. I don't have to worry about the battery being turned off. When the battery is fully charged, it will shut itself off. It takes a lot of guess work to figure out how to charge. Press the power button once to turn it on, then hold it down for 6 seconds to turn it off. If no charging is being applied to a device for a certain amount of time, the battery has auto shutoff. Conclusions: This is the best battery I have ever owned. If you have a device that is thirsty for power, or a device that is power hungry, or you just want to brag about your friend, you will definitely want this battery pack. It has enough power to meet my needs. It has all the features I need out of a battery, and not useless ones like the one on previous years models. The twin pack of red braided cables is a must have for you. I highly recommend this battery from Anker. There is an update! I wanted to give you guys an update, since I've owned this battery for over a year. I've read reviews where people said their battery worked for a while, but then failed. A popular review stated that their battery failed after 9 months. Good on Anker for replacing their battery. I don't know what's going on, but I've never had any problems with my battery pack. It still takes a charge. Just as it did before, it still lasts as long. I used it a few months ago, and was able to power my Tablet for up to three days before my battery ran out. When you see the charge indicator go down to a singleLED, stop using the battery and put it on a charge. There is a problem with Lead Acid batteries. If you let them sit dead for too long, they will go bad, so just keep them charged, and as long as your battery is not malfunctioning, should last you a long time. The battery pack looks the same as it did when I bought it, aside from being a bit dusty. The battery has never overheated, and there are no strange marks on it. The ports have no damage. The technology should last five years. Will have to wait and see if this battery will last for more than 5 years. So far, it has passed the test. I still stand by everything I said in the review. I highly recommend it, it's a quality battery pack, and it's 5 out of 5 stars! There is an update! It has been another year and my battery is three years old. If you lose power, these battery packs are the best option for keeping your phone charged. I consider my phone a life line if something goes wrong, but I don't know about you. During a power outage, these are great for keeping the tablet running. There are many no-name brands of battery packs that try to compete against the Anker. I wouldn't trust those battery packs because they have a short lifespan, or are faulty out of the box, which is why I buy my battery packs from Anker. You get what you pay for, even though the batteries cost more. You will be happy to know that my battery pack holds a good charge after all these years. I've rarely had to use it, mostly because I don't have an outlet to plug into. I never have any issues with it, it always performs perfectly whenever I use it. I got a Moto G6 phone, which has ausb-c port, but I don't like cheap things. I bought a set of high quality cables that function as well as they look, and allow me to get a full charging speed from my battery. I use a 60W 10-port wall charger from annker to charge my battery. I have to say that after a good 3 years, the quality of the products from Anker is unparalleled. I recommend the battery packs from Anker to everyone I know. I gave my old battery pack to a family member and they liked it so much that they wanted the newer 20,000MAH battery pack, so I will be doing a review on that soon. My rating is 5 out of 5 stars. It's a good thing.

5. IWALK Portable Charger 4500mAh Compatible

IWALK Portable Charger 4500mAh Compatible

The Power bank is pink and white. It is elegant and unique because of the smooth face and better texture. It's big enough to fully charge your iPhone 8 1.5 times or the iPhone X 1 time. The upgraded built-in cable supports thicker cases than the last generation, which means you don't need to remove the case first to charge your phone. It is easy to slip in your purse or pocket and have a charging point when you need it. You will get a power bank.

Brand: Iwalk

👤It's perfect for my purse. Convenient.

6. External Charger Portable Battery Chargers

External Charger Portable Battery Chargers

The portable cell phone charger is portable and lightweight, and can be used on your keychain. Attach the Power Pod to your purse, backpack or briefcase so you don't have to worry about your battery running low or not being able to make a call in an emergency. The wireless Power Pod plugs into all your devices without any messy cables, and it always has a charge when you need it. This small but powerful phone charging station is portable and compact, and it has a durable cover to take with you wherever you go. The product is not endorsed by or sponsored by Apple, Inc., neither of which is a registered trademark of the company.

Brand: Ontel

👤The Power Pod was charged per instructions. I let my phone run down so I could check out the Power Pod. I attached it to my phone and waited for it to charge. So slow! I discovered that it had stopped charging. After leaving it for 90 minutes, the blue light didn't charge. I plugged my phone back into the usual outlet. The Pod's little fastening broke just to add insult to injury.

👤I was very excited to get this product because my phone battery is not holding a charge during the day. I plugged it into my phone. I noticed that the charge on my phone level was going down instead of up. After the first hour, does powerpod stop charging my phone? I wouldn't buy another one.

👤Next to junk. The mouse construction is not standard cable.

👤Wrong plug. Will not plug in if there is a problem.

👤It doesn't work and falls out easily. Not worth it. Save your money. It's too good to be true.

👤It doesn't seem to charge my phone fast or lose power fast. I was disappointed.

👤The first one I ordered worked as I ordered it. It's easy to use and convenient to carry. It can be used to provide additional operational time for your phone. Don't expect the phone to be fully charged. It's only 800 hours, but it will keep your gps going and allow you to make a call when your phone's battery is about to run out. I own a solar rechargeable battery that can fully charge at least two devices, but it's larger than my phone and heavier than my device. The Power Pod is about convenience. I ordered a second one for my wife, but that one is being returned because it was faulty. I'm hoping the replacement is as good as the original.

👤This thing only gives my phone 12% extra battery and it takes 1 hour to charge it. You can't do anything with the 12% extra battery since it's output is 5v/1A.

👤It does a great job and is great to have on the go. Unless you remove your phone cover/protector, the charger won't insert all the way. I have a 12 pro, so maybe it's unique to me, but it's a bit annoying. I have never fully charged my phone, but have gotten enough juice to make a call or send a text. I haven't been away long enough to use it that way, so I'm not sure if it would charge the phone entirely.

👤Un phone qui manque de charge.

👤It was easy to use and very handy.

👤De batterie est pris plus de ton cell.

👤Fast shipping with accurate description.

7. Asedoce Charging Station Charger Foldable

Asedoce Charging Station Charger Foldable

The charging station can charge Apple products at the same time. The charging stand has a 12W power source. The charging stand can be used with all of the above. The design is foldable and portable. The ultra-thin charging stand can be folded into a pocket, and the angle of the stand for iWatch can be adjusted for easy use. Safety Assurance: The charging stand for Apple can prevent damage to the device. The charging stand for Apple is made of Silicone and has Vents to ensure the safety of Apple devices. It's truly universal. The 3in1 charging station is compatible with the one, second and third generations of the AirPods Pro, as well as the Apple Watch Series SE. Plus/Hermes is an edition. The Asedoce 3in1 charging station is a great gift for friends or family. Say goodbye to them. The built-in charging station makes the desktop more concise. The use of traditional data cables to charge multiple devices at the same time can cause problems. 3in1 charging station makes life more modern and technological.

Brand: Asedoce

👤I use many 3-in-1 charging stations for my apple products. You usually have to provide your own cords, and still have a port hub to connect it to. This is perfect to have at your desk or bedside because you only use an AC plug. It is the perfect thing to travel with. I am excited and happy about this product. I have left the house before and accidentally grabbed a mixture of the wrong charging ports or cables. I would highly recommend this to anyone with apple products. Even if you only have the Apple products. I don't like that the airpods won't allow me to charge my AirPods in their protective case. I have to remove it because it changes the depth and the lighting cable isn't able to reach it. Not a big deal. I usually charge my AirPods on the go anyways, and I am still very happy with it.

👤The charging station is very handy. All charging points have the same electrical source. It is cumbersome and the cables wear out when we have to snake them into the station. The units are flat for travel and storage, but have pop out supports for the phone and watch. I love this thing so far.

👤We had to mount the apple watch so the crown button was at the bottom, or else it wouldn't charge and it wouldn't charge all night. The power supply to the dock is not connected to the power supply to the included cable. I hoped the underpowered power adapter was to blame for some of the watch charging issues. The unit did work with a standard cable and a 20wusb-cadapter, but they did not solve the watch charging issues. The weight is the worst part. It is too light, and has no grip for a smooth nightstand, so taking devices off was terrible. Maybe this is a feature for travelers, but not for a permanent placement. Why does the nightstand have to have an on light in the bedroom? I want to sleep with it not being noticed. I don't want to have to put electrical tape over my bedroom light.

👤You need a small light weight charge to take with you on the road. Here it is. It was easy. I needed something to take with me and it was all one solution. You can see the time with the phone and watch at the same angle. It was lightweight and built like a tank. The price is right here.

👤If you ever wanted your items to be on charge, not laying over your workspace area... This is it! You will have a small portion of your desk to place this small item that seems almost invisible, charges all devices quickly, because it uses just onePLUG. The only thing I have a problem with is that the AirPods can't be in a case.

👤It's a very convenient product. I charge my airpods, phone and watch all at the same time. You don't have to use your own cord because the charger has a cord. It arrived quickly and as described. Great product.

8. Mophie Powerstation External Battery Smartphones

Mophie Powerstation External Battery Smartphones

A portable battery with a build-in cable. Peak performance and safe operation are ensured by triple-tested batteries. 2.1 Amp output-charge phones or tablets. The design is easy to carry. The most trusted brand in portable power.

Brand: Mophie

👤It worked great for 2 months, but then something went wrong with the wiring. It burned through the plastic and no longer works. It seems that the wire is not long enough to last the test of time without damaging the wiring. After it burned through the plastic, it was still sparking. A waste of money.

👤This is my second purchase. The first one I wore out. It is easy to use and works very well. When I couldn't find another one, I bought a more expensive one. I was able to return it when I found another one. I love it! It is easy to use and does the job I need it to do. If I had replaced the tip that plugs into the phone, I believe my old charge was still functional. The tip is not the cord. I tried to find a replacement, but couldn't.

👤I am always skeptical about the performance of a powerbank. I have used mophie battery cases before and decided to try this product as I was looking for something to charge multiple devices. I can use it to charge my phone a few times throughout the day and not have to charge it for a few days. Not having to worry about having a cord is nice, and the built in cord and adapter for microusb/lightning is pretty sturdy.

👤I got this for my son after I found a version without the port. I asked him to borrow it many times over the last year as it is far superior to other power chargers around my house. It is light, gives a good charge quickly, and has a built-in cable compatible with both the iPhone and theANDROID products. I haven't used the extra port yet, but it's there if I need it.

👤I bought this product because I had a Morophie power station that lasted me over 4 years. I thought it would be the same as my previous one. I was greatly disappointed. It takes forever to charge, doesn't hold a charge longer than 48 hours, and offers one full charge of my phone before I have to charge half way through. Maybe I need to buy from Morphie direct. I returned for a refund.

👤I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my wife in December of last year, but I don't like the fact that the cord is no longer charged after six months. I tried to get it replaced by email, but I haven't heard back. It worked well. We were very happy with it until now. They won't replace it even though it's only been 6 months. Customer service was very disappointing. I wouldn't buy again.

👤I replaced the item that broke first time with this one. Quality problems are always present with Mophie products. If you buy a Mophie through Amazon, you have to register it to get a 2 year warranty. I couldn't complete the process because it wouldn't accept the correct serial number. If you buy directly from them, it will be regristered.

9. IWALK Portable Ultra Compact External Compatible

IWALK Portable Ultra Compact External Compatible

Plug the inner lightning cable into the built-in lightning cable and it will charge your phone. No need to carry extra cables. The Super Mini is one of the lightest portable charging devices. The size of the credit card. You can put your purse handbag in your pocket. The built-in lightning cable can charge your phone up to 40% in 30 minutes. Your daily charging need can be solved. The 9000mAh is enough to charge two phones at the same time, an Apple iPhone and a SAMSUNG GALAXY S10. The welcome guide and friendly customer service are what you get.

Brand: Iwalk

10. MGZNMTY Portable Travel Charger 10000mAh

MGZNMTY Portable Travel Charger 10000mAh

The material is black. The internal size is 5.7 inches and the external is 3.8 inches. The case is dustproof and shockproof to protect your device. The design has dual carabiners. There is a mesh pocket that can hold various small things. It can be compatible with other power banks.

Brand: Mgznmty

👤The case for the power bank is well made. The case has a lot of space in the adjacent compartment to hold cables and accessories. Can't speak to the longevity of the case, other than it being well manufactured, seems durable and the zippers seem to be of good quality.

11. IWALK Portable Charger 3350mAh Compatible

IWALK Portable Charger 3350mAh Compatible

You can charge your phone with the lightning-connectivity built in. The mini emergency portable charger for iphones is 78g in weight, and is Ultra-Compact. It's enough to add almost 1.2 charge to an Apple product, or about 0.95 charge to an Apple product. Charge your phone while you replenish the power bank. The Power bank is pink and white.

Brand: Iwalk


What is the best product for best portable charger for iphone 7?

Best portable charger for iphone 7 products from Lezchi. In this article about best portable charger for iphone 7 you can see why people choose the product. Iwalk and Iwalk are also good brands to look for when you are finding best portable charger for iphone 7.

What are the best brands for best portable charger for iphone 7?

Lezchi, Iwalk and Iwalk are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best portable charger for iphone 7. Find the detail in this article. Anker, Iwalk and Ontel are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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