Best Best Pillows for Sleeping Firm

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1. Utopia Bedding Gusseted Quilted Premium

Utopia Bedding Gusseted Quilted Premium

A pack of 2 white pillows with a blue piping and double stitching gives these pillows a stylish look as well as proves to be long lasting. The queen size pillow is 18 x 26 inches. The poly fiber filling and top quality material ensures a long night's sleep without any interruption. IDEAL CHOICE is an ideal choice for side, stomach and back sleepers as these pillows are highly versatile at work and offer maximum comfort for any sleeping position. Care instructions. It is a good idea to spot clean the pillow or wash the fabric.

Brand: Utopia Bedding

👤I was skeptical about ordering these because I have major pillow issues. I wear them out within 3 months, no matter the pillow. The only pillows I have found so far are from Holiday Inn Express. I read a lot of reviews before ordering. It's difficult to gauge when ordering online if the pillow will fit in the bed or not, I need some firmness to make it fit. I ordered these after I bit the bullet. When they arrived, they were so thin that I didn't think they would fit back up. The outer shell material was cheap to me. They came out huge when I put them in the dryer at once. I slept like a baby. I felt like a cloud but it didn't sink to the bed with my weight. The first signs that my pillows are worn out are when I wake up with a migraine. I put them in the dryer at a time with 2 tennis balls. Nice and puffy again. No headaches today. If I could get 6 months out of them, I would be ecstatic.

👤The pillows would be 4 or 5 stars. I have had 2 of them for 3.5 months. I am a 300 pound manly man who sleeps with his pillows wrapped up like a choke hold. I drive my elbows into them all night. They have held up well. I am very impressed.

👤Don't buy the asparagus. They opened an inch hick open. The package they gave up. When you put your head on them one on top of the other, they are flattering down to about 2 inches. Bad puns.

👤I don't know if they ever received all of them. The worst experience I have had is when I called Amazon to report what happened, the call was forwarded to a supervisor. I was shamed for ordering 92 times on prime membership, he was very arrogant, and the most horrible customer service supervisor ever! Unless you want to be shamed for ordering this product, I don't advise you to buy it.

👤Both my husband and I have disk and nerve issues. I had not bought new pillows for a long time and the ones we had were old and flat. When I saw these on a Lightning Deal, I thought the price made them worth a try. I put the queen size set in the dryer as suggested. I put a few drops of lavender essential oil on them because I love the smell, even though they didn't have a weird smell. The first night we slept on the new pillows, it was amazing. I have pinched nerves in my neck, and I usually wake up with a lot of pain, but not since I bought these. They are the right balance of firm and soft for a side sleeper who likes to read. My husband and I have woken up in less pain since I got these. Our cat loves them. She'll lay down in the middle of one of our pillows if it's empty. She'll lie down on the place where the two pillows meet if we're both laying down. The pillows are worth 5 stars and 5 meows.

2. OYT Sleeping Standard Shredded Adjustable

OYT Sleeping Standard Shredded Adjustable

The LUXURY BAMBOO PILLOW CASE has a mesh knit cover that keeps the pillow cooler. The bamboo cover on your pillow is very comfortable. It's perfect for people with skin sensitivities. Bamboo is one of the most soft fabrics in the world. It is very soft like silk or Cashmere. The COMFY pillow is skin friendly. The COMFYT brand is owned by the family. The CertiPUR-US certified Non-toxic OYT pillows are filled with 100% memory foam. The Breathable memory form is an eco-conscious, high- performance material that offers exceptional resilience, durability, and temperature control. It is one of the healthiest pillows you can buy. If you experience a fresh foam odor, do not be alarmed. It will go away in a few days. It is possible to adjust it fully. Their design allows you to change the size or shape of the memory foam fill, which you can take with you. Sleep right! It is possible to add or remove foam fill to your liking. At last, sleep well and align. This is your pillow. It is ideal for sleeping on the side, abdomen, and back, and can provide maximum comfort in any sleeping position. Prepare for a peaceful sleep. Fall aSLEEP is fast. Snoring, insomnia, and migraines can be alleviated with their Standard bed pillows. These are good for shoulder and neck pain. You will fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. There is packaging design. The product uses a sealed design to protect the elasticity of the broken sponge. You can now purchase with confidence, because your best sleep ever is guaranteed. If you don't fall in love within 100 nights, you can return the pillow for a full refund. The OYT Original is covered by a 5-year warranty. 98% of their customers keep their pillows and refer them to others.

Brand: Oyt

👤I split the filling to make a third pillow because they were too big. I found a piece of metal with a sharp end when I was splitting the filling. This is very dangerous. My kids face plants. If the metal rod pointed in the wrong direction, it could have caused serious injuries. Check the filling for future buyers.

👤I don't believe in all the reviews. It takes me days or weeks to break in a new pillow, because I wake up with a neck ache. After sleeping on this for the first time, I woke up without a head ache. Zip lock bags of stuffing were taken by me. They give you a lot. My better half loves it. It had a small amount of smell but was gone the next day. I don't like sleeping on a standard pillow, I always cut my pillow case to make them smaller, and I don't want to do that. I took a chance and it has only been one night. I have been looking for a new pillow for 2 years. I like putting the material. I like cotton. I put it in a cotton case. If you are like me, and have a hard time finding a pilloe that works, try it, it will work for you. This review was not paid for or given away.

👤I was going to give these pillows a 1-star rating, but I realized I was the sticky part of the equation. The pillows are not in the pillow case. The pillows were wrapped around each other and the memory foam within them could not cure their stiffness. I didn't realize the wrapping was for shipping until I read how to remove the pillow stuffing. After removing the pillows from the wrapping and removing the bags of stuffing from the pillows I have no doubt the rating will improve to 5-star, but I only state 4-star since I haven't slept on the pillows yet. The pillow case is not the pillow, but the light cottony gauze wrapping around it, so remove it before you think the pillow is a dud.

👤We've been looking for pillows that fit our needs for years. We tried every pillow under the sun. They start out well but don't last or they don't do well. The sleepogram pillows we bought were terrible. These are the best. The small pieces make it so soft. It is easy to remove for comfort. A grocery bag size removal made the pillow perfect. Will buy again and again.

👤They help me with neck pain, however they were too thick to me at first, then I found out I can adjust the foam filling. I made a third pillow. The pillows are thick and good quality.

👤Once you fluff them up, they are substantial pillows. They conform to one's head and neck. I have yet to wash the covers, but I am impressed by the quality. I am even more impressed after a week. I bought these to read with back support. I have found that they are the best I have used. I wake with less pain and don't wake up often. I think anyone could make them perfect for their own purpose with a little modification, as they are so flexible. I have never been impressed with a pillow. This is an exception. The double pack has an exceptional value.

3. Serta Illusion Hypoallergenic Pillows Sleeping

Serta Illusion Hypoallergenic Pillows Sleeping

The microfiber is 100% Polyester. The down free fiber has exceptional levels of fluffiness for cradled support. The 300 Thread Count Twill 100% Polyester Microfiber Fabric is soft and lightweight and retains its softness after washing. The product contains Allergen Barrier Weaving which prevents dust mites and other common household allergens. The set of 2 pillows are Queen size and measure 20” x 28” Allow 24 - 48 hours after unpacking for pillows to expand and reach full fluffiness. CONVENIENT care is worry free.

Brand: Serta

👤It's not a bad pillow, but the name is unfortunate since it behaves nothing like down. I found these at a store and liked how they felt, but they were out of stock. I felt confident to buy them online since I'd already seen them in person. I could not tell what it was like down to my hands. The main quality of a down pillow is that it is soft and supportive. The pillows were so strong that they felt like they were fighting me. They didn't have enough to give. I like using them as clutch pillows, but I haven't found a substitute for a down pillow yet.

👤We rented a highend waterfront cabin that was over $700/night, which was more than I would ever spend on an accommodation again. They had the best pillows, just like the most expensive hotels we have stayed in. The pillows were Serta. We ordered them and they are the same. A wonderful pillow. I have spent a lot of money on pillows and the quality was not up to par. They are like a nice, heavy down pillow, one that feels good to rest on after a long day. I am a fan of Serta.

👤Buying pillows is difficult if you can't find the same make and model of pillows you want to replace. Also there's comfort levels, firm, medium or soft (and combinations), side or back sleepers, and finally what they are made of, down, down alternative and foam. My guests love the Serta pillows on my bed. It's time to replace my bed and my husband's, but I couldn't find his pillows. I bought this set a week ago and we love it! It's difficult to describe the illusion. The pillow holds your head. I sleep on my side and back. They work for both. Medium firm, that's how they describe them. It was perfect! This product is very good.

👤I just bought these Serta pillows, they are not firm pillows, they are very squishy, but they are nicely made, soft, and a little bounce back from the microfiber, but I can tell they will wear out over time. I will lay on the memory foam pillows instead of using them. I like them, but they don't provide support for people who need a firm pillow and sleep on their side. I will be buying a vinyl cover to keep them clean, as they come with no extra cover.

👤Great soft pillows. I'm a slide sleeper.

👤These pillows are very soft. It's super comfy!

👤I looked at all the pillows and had given up, until I found this Serta pillow and the positive comments convinced me to try it. I have had my best sleep in a long time. I will get a few more for the guest bedroom. The pillow is soft and provides good support for my neck.

👤These babies are sleeping better with great pillows. The wife and I love them. It is soft and comfortable to sleep in.

4. Puredown Sleeping Downproof Standard Gusseted

Puredown Sleeping Downproof Standard Gusseted

The pillow has a size of 20*26” and is filled with Grey goose feathers and Grey goose down. The side of theemporomandibum joint provides better neck support and aid in spine alignment, and also offers medium firm support, which is suitable for back sleepers, side sleepers, and combination sleepers. The fabric is made of cotton and is skin friendly. Down and feather can be prevented from leaking out with high density down-proof lining fabric. The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) is the ethical-sourced down standard. The stuffing of down and feather is made from premium and reliable materials and is odorless to give you a blissful night's sleep. tumble dry low until thoroughly dry is the wash instructions. It is possible to keep your pillows in good shape by fluffing them every morning. There are cases that are recommended.

Brand: Puredown

👤Let me tell you how bad these pillows were. I was so excited to receive the pillows in the mail that I read all of the reviews. I've been looking for the perfect pillows. It helps you slip into a deep sleep at hotels. Don't strain your neck with the kind that cradles your head. The kind that doesn't make you wake up with your head in the air. I read the reviews and thought they were good. I've found the one. Everything that people had to say about these pillows was exactly what I was looking for. You can imagine my excitement when I received them. It's finally time for a good night's sleep. Wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong. If they sent me a plastic grocery bag with packing peanuts, I would have been let down. I ripped open the plastic and watched as the pillow came to life. As we waited for the pillow's guts to make their way, my husband and I stood in anticipation. ... Nothing. ' It needs time to spread itself out. No. I threw the pillow around and gave it a few punches. Nothing. I don't write reviews. Ever. I promised myself that I would write a stellar review when I received these pillows, and I think I did. I am spreading the word about these pillows. They are squishy. They are down. That's all. Please take with a large helping of salt all the promises made in other reviews. I was disappointed beyond belief.

👤The wife bought me some great pillows a long time ago. I could not fall sleep on them. I accidentally left them in my hotel room. 5 years of trying all types of pillows and after a few months they would lose their semi firm feeling and just go flat or feathers poke out. I was buying high end pillows. I am very happy with these. I sleep better. If you want to sink a little but not all the way, these are for you. There are a lot of months. They haven't lost the fluff.

👤Buying new feather pillows was not easy. When it comes to sleeping comfort, we all like what we get. These are supportive and have plenty of feather/down to conform to your body. If you want to make the pillow flatter or fluffier, you can do that with these. A good night's rest is important, and these are comfortable. It feels like a down feeling. I don't hear that sound like pillows. I recommend them. Hope you enjoy your set too!

👤I put them in the dryer for 15 minutes after buying them. They were quite inviting and fluffy. My body is no longer used to pillows that my head can sink in, but old memories from childhood are coming back, and I sleep better. They welcome me at night when I fluff the pillow while making the bed. I find that they give me good support when reading. I think I found the perfect one.

5. AmazonBasics Alternative Pillows Stomach Sleepers

AmazonBasics Alternative Pillows Stomach Sleepers

The bed pillow is ideal for stomach and back sleepers. It's a great option for allergy sufferers. A smooth, soft surface is provided by a 100% microfiber shell. Allow 24 hours to decompress, then fluff, and ship in a vacuum-sealed pack. An independent certification system ensures that textiles meet high safety and environmental standards. The standard size pillows are 20 x 26 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Pictures make it look like it is. A thick pillow. It is not. It was very cheap and over priced.

👤I'm not sure if this will help or not, since what people want in a pillow is so varied, and it looks like what is manufactured isn't at all consistent. The ones I got were so soft that they compressed with no resistance at all. The stuffing moves out of the way of the weight. If you were to lay on your back, your head would be level with the pillow cases between you and the matress. The pillow popped up around your ears and face because the stuffing shifted out of the way of weight. I put them back in the box and sent them back for a refund.

👤I dislike everything about this pillow and have been using it for a few weeks. It feels like it is the offspring of a porous sponge and a clown wig. It's too fluffy and it's not straight. It doesn't cradle or cushion your head as you lie on it, but rather tries to push your head off of it The filling is angry that it is being smushed. It is in the wrong field of work and should look for other employment. I have a few other pillows on my bed that I tend to rotation between, and I often use this pillow to get comfortable, since I am trying to find a go-to pillow. In the middle of the night, I have pulled the pillow from under my head and preferred the mattress. The shipping was great. There are props to the warehouse.

👤What is that smell? I received these in a small box that was about to burst open. I could smell the smell of pillows as I was carrying them up the elevator. The smell is strong and gassy, which is associated with memory foam. This claims to be made of a substance called polyester. I put them in the dryer for an hour. The smell is still strong. I share my bed with my pet. Baby powder and lavender spray have not been able to eliminate the smell.

👤It was rather flat. This is not a supportive pillow, and it is good for a scrunchy pillow, that you like to wiggle up into the curve of your neck. I didn't think it would be firm. I bought a density. The fill is not much. I was going to put them in my guest room. I think it looks better in the photo.

👤The negative reviews are correct. The pillows have very little support. I bought a cheapo pillow from Walmart. When you put your head to them, they fall apart. These are not very decorative. It's pretty much like hugging a pile of blankets, but you could use it as a body pillow. Not a good idea.

👤I was so nervous when I bought these pillows because of all the reviews. I love my new shoes. Ignore the bad reviews. Take a chance! If they don't work out, return them or be happy you didn't spend 50$ on a crappy pillow. It was worth the risk. I am a very picky person when it comes to pillows. I have had one pillow since I was 13 years old. It was on its last leg. I don't like being too full or flat. These are great!

6. BLISSBURY Stomach Sleeping Washable Accessories

BLISSBURY Stomach Sleeping Washable Accessories

HOMCA is committed to providing customers with a worry-free shopping experience. If you need help, please contact them. Lower back and NECK are supported. The Stomach Sleeping Memory Foam Pillow is specially designed for stomach and back sleeping. It reduces strain on your neck and back. Soft, cooling foam. The memory foam uses holes. It helps keep you comfortable. The flat pillow can help with snoring. It is convenient and peaceful to sleep. It's safe to sleep and sound like a LLumarbury! CertiPUR-US memory foam is free from harmful flame retardants and dangerous chemicals. The case is called "BamBOO-TEXT PILLOWCASE." It comes with a double weave bamboo pillowcase. It is available in either white or gray and can be used to match any bed sheets in your home. It comes with a carry case so you can roll it up and keep it clean. You can easily take it with you when you travel or stay at a hotel.

Brand: Blissbury

👤I used to sleep with no pillow. The pillow was too high and uncomfortable to sleep with. I have tried a lot of pillows, including feather pillow, alternative stuffing pillows, shredded memory foam, and so on. There is a graveyard pillow in my bedroom. The best option so far is this thin pillow. I am not a stomach snorer. I can sleep with a pillow, but my neck is tight and I can't usually sleep with a pillow. I use this pillow for at least half a night. I think it is more on the softer side. I didn't know they made thin pillows. It almost feels like I am not using a pillow at all. It has held up well so far. This is not the most comfortable pillow on the planet. It is worth a try if you have as much trouble as I do.

👤This pillow has saved my life. I had surgery to replace a disc in my neck and was unable to find a pillow that was small enough to keep my spine straight. When you have neck issues, it's not a good idea to buy pillows that are big and poofy. The foam used in this pillow is soft and supportive, and it doesn't smell like a chemical factory. I would recommend this pillow to anyone who is tired of the large options out there, even if they have neck issues.

👤We bought this pillow for travelling with our kids. It is easy to carry and it is small. It provides enough comfort on the plane. We use it at home as well. The cover is made from natural bamboo. It's made by a small company. You can tell that they care by the carry bag. We didn't expect it to help my snoring, as I sleep more on my tummy now than my back. It can be difficult to get back into the bag after it's pulled up, but as it's memory foam it's squashable back in, you can't have the best of all worlds. If you want small packages. We'd buy it again.

👤I don't know about stomach or back sleeping, but most pillows are too thick for me and cause my neck to twist up. This pillow is perfect for me. It's thin enough that I don't have to worry about it twisting my neck, and also in the mid range of firmness, so it still provides support, even though my head doesn't try to roll away. The material and cover are not wet. It was very comfortable. I think it's a good idea.

👤I was looking for a thin pillow that wouldn't hurt my neck. Sometimes using my arm is not ideal, like if I am sleeping on my back. The pillow was the perfect solution for me. I can keep my arms warm under the blanket because it cradles my head. Highly recommended for those who want an elevation equivalent to laying on your arms.

👤I have woken up with either one or both hands. I had to work with my Chiropractor to find a pillow that would fit me. The first morning after I used this pillow, I had no feeling in my hands. Many of my sleep problems went away when my neck stayed aligned. The right pillow makes all the difference.

7. Bedsure Queen Pillows Sleeping Hypoallergenic

Bedsure Queen Pillows Sleeping Hypoallergenic

Purchase with confidence. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. The five-star rating of GOHOME store is your confidence guarantee for worry-free purchase, and it is also the driving force of their continuous improvement. If you have a question about their products, please contact them, they will be happy to help you solve the problem. Click to add a cart. The Bedsure Bed Pillows are made of 800 GSM virgin fiber. The pillow feels airy and soft to the touch, and you will feel like sleeping on a cloud. The Bedsure Pillows Queen Size of 2 provide a comfortable sleep experience and are made of 90 scruple. A professional hotel supplier has been producing beddings for 14 years and has created Bedsure Queen pillows, a 5-star hotel experience at home. OEKO TEX certified, this pillow is STANDARD 100. The Bedsure Queen Size Pillows have been found to be harmless for humans, because they have been tested for harmful chemicals. Soft pillows for sleeping are easy to care for because they work the air into them. For a full performance, leave the pillows for 48 hours. The pillows can be washed. It was tumble dry. Don't iron or dry clean.

Brand: Bedsure

👤I was surprised at how they shipped. They were rolled up tight into a roll and then expanded into pillows. They are soft but still have some give. They don't become floppy or flat after you sleep with them. Good quality pillows for a good price.

👤I bought a pillow online. After reading the description, I decided to try it, even though I'm terrible at picking them out in the store. I love them. They are the best pillows I have ever purchased.

👤The Bedsure pillows have been a solution for a long time that has enabled my wife and me to sleep well. It is the first time in my life that I wake up on my back each morning without sleeping on either side. Excellent!

👤I was skeptical about the pillows, but they were cheap enough to take a chance. They're better than I thought. It was very comfortable. They're not like cheap pillows that will be flat in a week. I have slept on these pillows for the past 4 days and it's amazing. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a quality pillow.

👤If you get a stiff neck from pillows that are too firm, look no further! The pillows are soft and fluff up nicely. If you try them out, you will be pleasantly surprised. I can wake up without a sore neck. They are machine washed. Thank you!

👤I would have two new pillows if Bedsure had packaged their product well. I have a new pillow and a lining that is leaking entrails. They don't have a piece of cardboard between the taped seam on the box and the pillows inside. I opened the package with a small controllable sharp edge. The pillows had no buffering between them and the tape. As I cut the tape, the pillow inside pressed tightly against the box. Bedsure asked me for a picture and a tracking number after I email them about this. They have yet to reply more than a month later. I wanted them to replace the pillow, not both, just one, because who opens a box from both ends to destroy two pillows? A piece of cardboard between the tape and the pillow would be less expensive than walking down a sidewalk for half a minute. No response yet. Bedsure is one of the worst customer service companies I have ever worked for. When you open those pillows, make sure you don't use a sharp edge, otherwise you'll be swimming in stuffing, and without a place to rest your head for the night/day... Whenever you lay down.

👤The pillows are flat and didn't give any support.

👤The pillows I bought are wonderful. I can sleep. I had memory foam pillows that were so uncomfortable that I developed insomnia. I have been tossing and turning for over a year. I couldn't stand the pillows anymore. The pillows are like sleeping on a cloud. Had to switch months ago.

👤They are pretty good for $39 dollars. I had low expectations for the $39 dollars, but they are squishy and don't sink. They come vaccuum sealed and you need to fluff them up if you tell them they are flat. I took a star off because I mistakenly ordered regular size instead of queen size, but the order still went through, even though I requested to cancel them a few minutes after setting the order. They are small on my bed. It would be a perfect 5!

8. Sealy Molded Memory Pillow Standard

Sealy Molded Memory Pillow Standard

The Royal Therapy Memory Foam Pillow retains its shape so it won't go flat. As it cools, Royal Therapy special foam is no longer fit for the neck and head. The shape of memory foam is always the same. It will last longer than other high quality pillows. The Sealy Memory Foam Bed Pillow has the ideal balance of comfort and support for a blissful night's sleep. Premium memory foam. The foam supports your head and neck for a good night's sleep. It's easy to care for. The knit cover can be removed and washed for easy care. Sealy quality has been backed by over 130 years of design. The queen pillowcase case is compatible. 75” x 16” x 24”

Brand: Sealy

👤Love the fact that you only need one pillow to sleep with. My head doesn't sink deep into the pillow because it's the perfect balance of support and comfort for me. I used to wake up with neck pain about twice a week because I used to sleep on two pillows, but I've had this for a couple of weeks. I love this pillow.

👤Very comfortable. Good quality foam. This comes with a zip on pillowcase, which seems sturdy and well-made. The pillowcase is very soft. The cross stitching is nice. The pillowcase does not get hot. I don't think it's a "hard" memory foam. It feels like it is soft to the touch. I have used it for several months and have no neck pain. I bought two more.

👤The pillow had a significant odor, but it dissipated in a few days. This is on the firm side for a memory pillow. If you like a very firm pillow, you might like this product.

👤I've tried a lot of pillows and haven't found one that works well. This is the best side sleeper I've found. It's perfect on my side, but I can't sleep on my back with it. It doesn't let you drop too low, it's not a brick, and you sink in the correct amount. It's soft and supportive, so it feels great on your neck. I had my father in law come for a visit. I gave him a spare pillow, and he's been talking about it all morning. I would recommend this pillow to anyone who sleeps on their side because it's cheap and returnable. If you're on your back, it will push your head forward a bit. You can sleep that way. It's not as comfortable as some others. I bought 3 more in case they stopped making it.

👤The design of this pillow is flawed. The pillow is in good condition, it only took me 3 months to get it. The stitching is torn because of poor quality and lack of stretch. Not happy with the pillow.

👤When we bought our sleep number bed about 8 years ago, we purchased pillows that were half the price of the different brands we had. If you are used to a regular pillow, these will take a little getting used to because they are very supportive. If you can use them the way they are meant to be used, they are so much better. It was a challenge to get used to, but it has helped both of us with a better night's sleep and less neck pain! The cover is very soft. We bought these for our camper and they were perfect, a great night's sleep from the first night. Even if they only last for a year, I would keep buying them over and over again because they hold up like the ones we have at home.

👤My husband likes this pillow. It's not necessary to flip the pillow over to get the cool side. I let him try it out, but I haven't gotten it back. Will have to order one for me.

9. COZSINOOR Sleeping Pillows Queen White

COZSINOOR Sleeping Pillows Queen White

It is an excellent health care gift for your families or friends to receive a soft pillow case. Cloud-Like Soft is a pillow made with alternative filling that mimics the feel of real goose down. Their pillow has a perfect balance of comfort and support to help you sleep better. German Import Microfiber. Their pillow is made of organic Sateen Polyester. The cotton pillow cover is treated with an application to protect it. The soft cover of the scuplture lets you sleep cool and it also helps you sleep well. You can wake up refreshed. The COZSINOOR Pillow is made with import down alternative hollow fiberfill and allows air to circulate naturally within the pillow. Provide you with the feeling of being in the clouds. The pillow helps to reduce neck pain and alleviate shoulder stiffness by keeping the neck and head between the curve. It's easy to care for. The pillow is not made of synthetic materials. It stays fluffy and is machine washed. Hope you and your family enjoy it! You will just have to try it yourself, and let it be known that you are 100% satisfied.

Brand: Cozsinoor

👤The mine was damaged. There was a dirt stain on it. A dog scratched his butt on the carpet. Some came out, but not all. I wonder if that stain is under my face when I put my face on the pillow. I rated it pretty good. After a couple rounds in the washing machine, this pillow doesn't hold its shape very well. The rope was torn and shredded in the washer. I had to wash my things again after cutting off the beading rope because the main pillow was still intact. A soft pillow. Continue shopping if you want medium support.

👤They looked great but were 2x the thickness I wanted. You can either like it from the beginning or you don't. Gave them to someone else. If I would change my review, the company contacted me and offered a refund. My original 2 star review was not really fair because I didn't like an item. I had to remove the review completely. It was written by an intern, who pleaded "As a new employee, this is an important job for me." It will affect my performance. I think the company gets rid of negative reviews so ratings won't reflect actual customer experiences. I buy a lot on Amazon because Customer Reviews are so useful, and this kind of behavior ruins a valuable resource for me.

👤The pillows were stuffed into a plastic bag after they arrived in a box. The box was large enough that they could have stacked them. There's no way to fix the damage. The ends that were on the inside of the roll are completely flattened, despite my attempts to fluff them back up... They are useless and mis-shapen. I bought them because they were on sale and I only needed them for decorative purposes so they don't matter. YIKES! I hope I can get my money back.

👤We didn't use the pillows as directed. They don't fill the standard size pillow case with a normal pillow. It's not clear what hotel would be proud to give these to guests. I waited for an improvement as they arrived and gave them a chance. I thought the air would help. I missed the return. My husband doesn't mind that. I think a pillow needs to be seen in person. My next set won't be online. This mistake was made twice. I bought this in July and wrote it in December. If you bought, I hope you have better results.

👤I bought the pillows for my husband. Our pillows were getting uncomfortable. I got better sleep after using these pillows. My husband likes these pillows. The pillows are perfect for sleeping. I used to wake up at random points in the night. I get a full nights rest after using this pillow. I feel refreshed for the day. I am always in a better mood now that I have good sleep. These pillows are very comfortable. The material feels great on my skin. The material is high quality and durable. I love that these are free from animal abuse. Other pillow companies have tests on animals. The company is the way to go. My husband's neck pain has been reduced by using these pillows. The old pillows were so uncomfortable that he had terrible neck pains. His life has been made easier by these pillows. I highly recommend this price for a pack of pillows.

10. Groye Cooling Side Sleeper Pillow

Groye Cooling Side Sleeper Pillow

Hope you and your family are well soon. After years of shoulder or neck pain, you find a salvation with curbless insomnia pillows. The unique ARC design is what sets it apart. The curve of the pillow does not make you feel elevated or pressed against your shoulder. It helps your head, neck, and shoudler align properly, and relieve the pressure and muscles tension. Try to stop the sleepless night. The best investment of your health is your body. The curve is designed for side, back and stomach sleeping. The shoulder and upper back can rest comfortably without sacrificing head and neck support for side and back sleepers. It leaves room to expand chest for stomach sleepers. You will feel extreme comfort no matter what position you are in. An all-night cuddle! The best pillow at the market! The Groye cooling pillow can quickly absorb human body heat, reduce skin temperature by 2 to 5C instantly. The 3D mesh allows fresh air and heat to escape, offering a cool and refreshing night. The silky plush pillow is a great choice for skin hair. The pillow cover is machine-washable. Also, note: The memory foam should not be destroyed. SAFE MEMROY FOAM & RELAX SLEEP ENSURED. This CertiPUR-US certified and Oeko-Tex approved pillows are non-toxic. You won't have to endure chemical smell anymore when you enjoy the comfort of memory foam. They made this unique memory foam with the right height, softness and firmness for most of the side sleepers. It can provide firm support with amazing comfort and softness, while keeping its shape and firmness for long-term use. About one-third of your life is spent sleeping. A good pillow for neck pain relief is a must have. Groye neck. A supprot pillow that improves your sleep is a great gift for people with neck pain or shoulder strains. If their neck pillow doesn't meet your expectations, they'll give you a replacement or a refund, just let the reviews speak for themselves. All costs are on them.

Brand: Groye

👤This product deserved a review. It changed how I sleep after I complained to a coworker about waking up with a stiff neck. The first few nights were odd because I've always used high pillows. This was softer, but still conforming. The first night I switched back to my old pillow, but the next few nights I stuck to it, even though it was an unfamiliar feeling. It's night 7. I am falling asleep faster and waking refreshed. I think it's worth it. It takes a few days to get used to a new pillow. You will have a better night of sleep if you stick to it. I thought I'd add that there is no plastic smell that you sometimes get from memory foam because I always see this complaint with it.

👤This pillow is very nice. It's the perfect height and thickness for me. If it's too thick, you just remove the pad. It comes with instructions on how to get help if the pillow is harder or softer. It's reassuring that the pillow comes with options and support if needed, and that it will be "just right" for most people. By the way... I'm not a big fan of sleeping.

👤It is hard to find a pillow that will support my neck. I usually have to put my pillow between my neck and shoulder, but it doesn't stay that way all night. The pillow was very comfortable. No more stiff neck in the morning and you have support. Definitely recommend. When I decide to sleep on my stomach, it's even more comfortable.

👤I had a problem with my neck after moving heavy stuff. The problem lasted more than 2 weeks and made me worry. They call me pinched nerves because of the research I do. It hurts when I move my head. The pain was still there despite the help of physical therapy. My brother told me to look for a neck pillow and I am very happy I bought one. After sleeping on it, I can see the improvement. The pain is gone one week later. You can sleep in any position with this pillow.

👤I have used this pillow for a year and just bought a new one for my wife. When I am side sleeping, I need an extra foam layer sent to me by the seller to bring me to a proper height. My wife is 5'3" and she doesn't like the extra layer on the pillow. When you are side sleeping, the sides support your head and neck nicely. The way the sides are shaped, a wedge fills in between your head and jawbone to make side-sleeping blissful. I center myself on the pillow when I move to my back. Thank you for making this pillow.

👤This is the second bed pillow I have purchased. Sometimes I needed to sleep without a pillow because of my neck pressure. This pillow sets my head closer to the bed, without sacrificing the comfort of using a pillow. If you are having neck pains, I recommend getting this.

11. Sidney Sleep Sleeper Pillow Shoulder

Sidney Sleep Sleeper Pillow Shoulder

Good sleep starts with a good pillow. The XTX memory foam pillow is a perfect gift for a birthday, housewarming, or holiday gift. Side Sleeper by choice? Your body is not shaped like a circle. Your pillow should support you during the night. Pain in the neck and shoulder. Their pillow is designed to support you when you sleep. Do you like a firm pillow? Extra foam is included. You can adjust the pillow height. The choice is yours. The skin is gentle. They use a bamboo skin friendly fabric blend. It is easier to care for than cotton. Cleaning is easy. Their pillow case is machine washed and dried quickly. Wake up feeling fresh.

Brand: Sidney Sleep

👤There are so many imitations on the market. The side pillows look like space ships. The price was good and there were not many reviews. It talked about being a pillow and not about how it could send me into space. I got a pillow and it is awesome. It is worth the research to find it. Would recommend it.

👤Don't wait to get one of these pillows if you're a back or side sleeping person. Get 2! The pillow is amazing. It was a good night and I woke up feeling great. I had to wrestle mine back from my wife. I will definitely order more for the home.

👤I have a lot of bone spurs and rapid degenerative disease in my neck and back, and every morning I would wake up with my shoulder blades killing me, and then I saw this pillow. I have so many pillows that I'm trying to find the right one. I decided to try another one and it's amazing. When I wake up, my shoulder blades don't kill me anymore. I would star this pillow a 10.

👤I like the shape and that the loft is changeable. I am disappointed that the pillow I received has a strong smell of mold. I'm worried about washing the outer pillow case because it's starting to oxidize. I know from several calls that my package was damaged and sent to the wrong place, but I don't know if they shipped it anyway. It was supposed to arrive overnight, but it was not trackable for a week. I find that this pillow keeps the heat in, so I sleep warmer than regular pillows. The pillow was returned because of the smell. Pros and Cons of the pillow case: It's a good size, it fits a queen pillow, but the smell isn't going away, and it's warmer than a regular pillow.

👤I ordered this pillow last week because I was having a hard time sleeping with my old pillow. I was able to adjust the Side Sleeper to fit my neck and shoulders. It seems like a basic idea, but I haven't seen one like this before. It worked well, but my wife won't give it back after the first night. I'll be ordering a new Side Sleeper today.

👤There was blood on the pillow. Not my blood, it came from someone else. I was horrified and disgusted.

👤The search stops here. I needed a bed pillow that was comfortable. I needed a molded one that I could work with. I wanted something that was good for side sleepers. The Sidney Sleep Pillow is the best pillow I have found for side sleepers and back sleepers, and I bought it after trying a few other brands. The cover is soft and comfortable. The pillow is worth 6 stars.

👤There is an update! It probably is when you think it is too good to be true. I woke up pain free after sleeping like a dream the first night. After a week of constant neck pain, this pillow has joined my graveyard of useless pillows. If you have searched for and found the right pillow, and you are reading reviews on it, you have found it! I have spent thousands of dollars trying to find a good pillow. I purchased a pillow called Tony Little, which was sold by a Chiropractor. I have bought it. Some were thrown away after a couple nights and some were used. I ordered one of these for myself and my daughter who has terrible neck pain from surgery, because I was on my quest for the pillow. It was the first time in a long time that I woke up and didn't have to stretch my neck to get rid of the "cricks" left in it while sleeping. I am a notoriously bad night owl. I didn't have to fluff or flip my pillow when I woke up. I wasn't pulled completely out of my sleep. There is a The curve in the pillow makes it less painful to press on the pillow all night and makes it easier to put the filling up. Everything stays the same. I was afraid that the pillow would be too hard and flat after I opened it. I decided to wait to add filling to see how it felt. When I laid my head on it, I sighed and said "oh this is lovely". I was out of the cold. It does sleep a little hot, but it's true to memory foam. I am going to put a cooling pillowcase on it to see if it helps. If it does, I will wake up with no pain. You won't be sorry if you buy this pillow.


What is the best product for best pillows for sleeping firm?

Best pillows for sleeping firm products from Utopia Bedding. In this article about best pillows for sleeping firm you can see why people choose the product. Oyt and Serta are also good brands to look for when you are finding best pillows for sleeping firm.

What are the best brands for best pillows for sleeping firm?

Utopia Bedding, Oyt and Serta are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best pillows for sleeping firm. Find the detail in this article. Puredown, Amazon Basics and Blissbury are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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