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1. Knee Pillow Sleeping Leg Pain

Knee Pillow Sleeping Leg Pain

High quality. Their pillows are made with 100% visco-elastic memory foam that will bounce back from any impact. The knee pillows are perfect. Their leg pillow is made from soft yet dense memory foam, which adjusts to the shape of your lower body, creating a support system for your knees and legs. The hour glass shape makes it the perfect pillow for between legs when sleeping. It has a curved design to cradle each leg and separate it from the rest of the body. The knee pillow for side sleepers provides a soft, supportive foundation for your lower body, which can relieve pressure and pain in your hips, legs, and lower back. During and after pregnancy, lying down and sleeping can be uncomfortable. Their leg pillow for side sleepers helps to support a good sleeping position. Poor sleeping posture is a major cause of back pain. If you have back pain, use their knee pillows to sleep. Stays Put All Night Long: Their knee wedge pillow has a strap to keep it from moving even if you toss and turn during the night, providing continual support as you sleep. Their knee support pillow has been tested by OEKO-TEX to earn their coveted STANDARD 100 label, meaning it is safe and harmless.

Brand: Everlasting Comfort

👤My husband has been trying to find the right product to put between his knees when he sleeps. He sleeps on his right side. He had two back surgeries, one on each hip, and a revision on his right hip due to an implant recall. He lost his muscles in his right buttock because of the metal that came from the implant. He can't seem to find a better place to sleep when he hurts his back, hip, and buttock at night. He has tried many different types of pillows, but none worked well. They were either too soft or too hard. He found this product online and decided to try it. He has only been using it for a few nights, but he says it works better than anything else he has tried. He wants to use it for a longer period of time. He says the new cushion worked well when I asked him every morning. That is high praise from my husband.

👤I picked this product over several other similar pillows because of a review that said you have to have the strap. I'm glad I did. Side-sleeping has become necessary because of a back issue that I'm working through. I don't have to strain or adjust to position it correctly since for now, doing so while also tangling with bedsheets and blanket all while not waking up the wife is difficult, and a little painful. The strap makes everything simpler, so I'll also say, you have to have the strap!

👤The next morning, I could feel a huge improvement after using this. I'm 70 years old, 5'1" female, 136 lbs. I'm a side sleeper. I have arthritis on my knee. I spent the entire year in pain. I could not walk without a cane. I can actually walk when I get out of bed in the morning because of the realigned hips and knees. I roll over during the night. I am aware of it but it doesn't keep me awake. I have to find a comfortable position at times. Life changing is the bottom line.

👤I have only had this pillow for a few weeks, but I can honestly say that it has changed my life. I have bad knees and have to take pain medicines to sleep at night. I have constant knee problems throughout the day and have to have them go out. I don't know if it's a coincidence, but I have no problem sleeping at night now, I sleep on my side and back, instead of my stomach. The size is fine because I'm a bigger guy. It seems small for me, but once you put your leg on it, it fits nicely. When I put my leg on it, it's firm enough that it doesn't compact too much. If you have cronic knee pain, I recommend giving this a try.

👤I haven't slept with it yet but it's soft and the straps fit around my large thighs. So far, so good!

2. Honeydew Scrumptious Sleeper Pillow Cooling

Honeydew Scrumptious Sleeper Pillow Cooling

It is perfect for elderly, office workers, people who sit all day, and people with a chronic neck issue. It is a good present to show your affection. This pillow is made in the USA using the best natural materials. It's safe for everyone, including babies, because it uses CertiPUR-US Certified copper infused memory foam and is Oeko-Tex Level 100 Certified. Their memory foam pillows have an innovative shoulder cutout. Ensure proper alignment and take pressure off your shoulders and neck by creating the perfect pillow. This can help you sleep better and reduce pain. Their pillows are unique and comfortable. All of their bedding essentials are made ourselves using proprietary materials. Most pillow companies in the world use foam scraps left over from mattress manufacturing to make their pillows. Their pillows are made from the ground up. This memory foam pillow is the only one on the planet that feels good. HighlyRECOMMENDED - Honeydew bed pillows have been featured in many magazines and websites. Get the best rest with their pillows. HONEYDEW SLEEP - A family business is dedicated to making the world a better place through sleep. They manufacture high end sleeping products with a focus on improving your quality of sleep. You can upgrade your rest. You're worth it.

Brand: Honeydew

👤I was going to give up looking for a pillow. There are two closets full of my experiments. I am a DieHard side sleeper and can't sleep without it. I've tried every pillow under the sun, and the one that I thought was comfortable ended up hurting my rotator cuffs because my arms were up so high trying to support my head. The first time I slept on this pillow, I tried it out for a nap. I said this must be a mistake because I slept so hard. Let me try again tonight. It was hard for the full 8 hours. It took 3 hours for me to sleep today. I don't think I've slept that well before. My rotator cuffs don't hurt anymore because my neck is not touching my shoulder. I don't have to lift my arm high. I am happy. Thank you for the invention. I'm going to buy another one so I have one on hand for trips. There is a travel pillow. I like my pillows full size. Thank you again!

👤I have a hard time buying a pillow. The pillow that I liked so much was made by Brookstone, but since they filed for bankruptcy the pillow has stopped being produced. I've been looking for a new pillow for a while. I went to the stores but couldn't find anything. I searched online and found this pillow. I was hopeful that the reviews and the ability to change the filling would be good. I'm a side sleeper. The pillow needs to be supportive and soft. I left the full filling in the first couple nights. It felt too much after a few nights. I put the small amount in a bag. I slept for a few nights with the lower filling because the item doesn't come with a bag to retain the filling. I found it too soft and the filling spread quickly. I woke up with a lot of the filling separated and pushed into the edges. The issue has not been resolved after I added the filling back. The middle of the pillow is not supported as the pillow continues to separate inside. I had hoped this wouldn't happen. I will have to buy a new pillow because of the neck issues. To the people who created this product. I think you are on the right path. You need to find a way to keep the filling in the middle of the pillow. I have had pillows with a foam in the middle surrounded by filling. You could make multiple pockets to hold the filling. I didn't think it was advisable to make a quick decision on the product. I received the product on September 5th and have used it since. I hope this is helpful to others.

👤It has caused permanent damage to the back of my neck, I purchased this 6 months ago. It doesn't prevent you from rolling onto your back, as other customers mentioned in reviews. I will roll and the pillow has changed the shape of my neck. My Chiropractor was shocked as he looked at the xrays. Save yourself the pain. Every day I cry about my neck being the same.

3. HOTOZON Sleeping Alternative Gusseted Supportive

HOTOZON Sleeping Alternative Gusseted Supportive

3d&7d Polyester filling. Soft microfiber pillows filled with down provide gentle but sufficient comfortable support, softness and rebound for the head and neck, making them suitable for side, stomach and back sleepers. A set of 2 king pillows are made with a great balance of soft and plump, making you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. The side band design of pillows keeps their shape. OEKO-Tex certificates the set of 2 pillows. The pillow cover and fiber stuffing are made from soft fabric to make you a comfortable night's sleep. These sleeping pillows are easy to care for, they are machine washed with cool water and mild detergent. It does not clump after washing and will always look new. These pillows measure 20 x 36 inches. Allow at least 24 hours for the pillows to fluff up completely. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Hotozon

👤There are pillows! I own a pillow. People make fun of me for the amount of pillows I have. They don't make fun of my pillows once they have spent the night on one or three. These pillows are great. First, arrived and was packaged well. Open the box. My new pillows! They arrive flat but you can open them up. They rise up to be comfortable. The quality of the pillow is $300. You are going to have to believe me. I now have beautiful, comfortable and well made pillows in my hands. Then the true test. My head is on the pillow. Oh my gosh! I bought two. I try before I buy. Order more from my app. I love pillows. They are on all my guests beds. These are the real deal and I am a pillow snob. It was nice. Quality. There is value. Service. Click to buy now. I don't take pu tires well. I have 14 pillows like these.

👤I bought these pillows because I wanted to replace my pillows that were too thin and soft. They were the reason I bought them. I wanted a firm pillow. I need these to give me the support I need to not wake up with headaches. They are thick enough to make reading in bed and sleeping on my stomach comfortable.

👤Shipping delays are included. I don't have any complaints. The pillows were sealed tightly in plastic. The pillows fluffed up after being broken. I was like the little girl with the "OMG SO FLUFFY" sign. I like the support it gives your neck while you sleep. I didn't want to leave my bed. These pillows are very good. You will not regret buying these.

👤These are the pillows we needed to replace on our bed. It's perfect for side and back sleepers. They are washed and fluffed up in the dryer. Great purchase!

👤A set of pillows that are thick and soft. I put them in the dryer on my antibacterial steam cycle and they plumped up. They haven't flattened since three weeks ago. They are as plump as day one. I don't expect to need to replace these anytime soon, but I hope they're still available when it's time. I may keep it in my closet until I need it. They are that good. Do yourself a favor and buy them if you are thinking about buying them. You will not regret it.

👤The dog loves them more than I do. It's very soft and warm and fills my bed.

👤I am very happy with my pillows. It was very comfortable and packed. The pillows look like they came from a hotel room. I like how soft it is. This is the one to go for if you want to get new pillows.

👤These pillows are very comfortable. Excellent quality. They fill the entire pillow sacks, which is not a bad thing since they are a bit longer than the regular Queen size.

4. NTCOCO Shredded Sleeping Removable Hypoallergenic

NTCOCO Shredded Sleeping Removable Hypoallergenic

The fabric is made of 50% nylon, 50% spandex, and 50% bamboo. The interior of the pillow is filled with high quality broken memory foam and is difficult to deform. It's easy to clean, just open the zipper, take out the memory foam, and clean the fabric part to keep the liner clean. Say goodbye to the entire pillow. One year of satisfaction and strive for your best service is what they provide. If you have a question, please contact them. Within 24 hours, their customer service staff will reply to you. The product uses vacuum extraction and seal design to protect the broken sponge. There are two pillows in each box.

Brand: Ntcoco

👤The return processes were painless. I was excited to receive my package, but I was disappointed. Here's the deal. I was impressed by unboxing at first, but it soon went down hill. I washed the pillows. They were thrown in the dryer and saw them fluff. I noticed something inside the pillow when I tried to put the second pillow case back on them. I found pieces of cardboard and foam that appeared to have mold on them. I dumped the foam in a tote to get a better look. I was disgusted. Trash, trash, and more trash. I found a lot of things inside the pillows. I will return the order. Buyers beware!

👤I got a similar pillow from a different manufacturer and loved it so much I thought I would get another. I thought the cheaper one would be just as good. I was wrong. The memory foam inside the pillow is not very comfortable. Pricier brands have a softer pillowcase and more finely shredded memory foam, which makes them more expensive. Go with a similar structure. People from this company have been sending me emails every day for the last two weeks telling me they will lose their jobs if I don't take down my review. The quality of the pillows has been improved. I asked them to send me an updated product so I could update my review. They can't do that because they didn't improve the quality. This is ridiculous.

👤There is an update. I was contacted by Customer Service two months after my review, and believed or not, instead of offering apologies and sending an additional bag of filling, which was my concern, they asked me to Erase my review and offered money. I believe that many bad reviews about this product disappeared because of this practice. The product is advertised as a king size shredded memory foam pillow, however the filling isn't enough to fit its size, I was able to fill a queen size pillow! If you use it as it comes, you don't have enough support for your neck. Customers can decide what is the right firmness for them if the seller includes additional filling.

👤Choice hotels have soft, green label pillows that are my favorite pillows. When I bought a king-sized bed, I needed to find new pillows because I didn't want to put 8 pillows on the bed. When I received these shredded memory foam pillows, I put them in a pile and let them sit for a few days. I didn't put the cover on yet. After sitting out a few days, the memory foam smell was gone, so I was able to put on the pillow cases. I love these pillows. I can move around the memory foam to whichever way I want, it's super comfy. The price point is great, and I'm pretty pleased with them for the last few weeks that I've been using them. It's good to get a new pillow every few years because they wear out. I would buy these again and recommend them.

5. Sealy Molded Memory Pillow Standard

Sealy Molded Memory Pillow Standard

The Royal Therapy Memory Foam Pillow retains its shape so it won't go flat. As it cools, Royal Therapy special foam is no longer fit for the neck and head. The shape of memory foam is always the same. It will last longer than other high quality pillows. The Sealy Memory Foam Bed Pillow has the ideal balance of comfort and support for a blissful night's sleep. Premium memory foam. The foam supports your head and neck for a good night's sleep. It's easy to care for. The knit cover can be removed and washed for easy care. Sealy quality has been backed by over 130 years of design. The queen pillowcase case is compatible. 75” x 16” x 24”

Brand: Sealy

👤Love the fact that you only need one pillow to sleep with. My head doesn't sink deep into the pillow because it's the perfect balance of support and comfort for me. I used to wake up with neck pain about twice a week because I used to sleep on two pillows, but I've had this for a couple of weeks. I love this pillow.

👤Very comfortable. Good quality foam. This comes with a zip on pillowcase, which seems sturdy and well-made. The pillowcase is very soft. The cross stitching is nice. The pillowcase does not get hot. I don't think it's a "hard" memory foam. It feels like it is soft to the touch. I have used it for several months and have no neck pain. I bought two more.

👤The pillow had a significant odor, but it dissipated in a few days. This is on the firm side for a memory pillow. If you like a very firm pillow, you might like this product.

👤I've tried a lot of pillows and haven't found one that works well. This is the best side sleeper I've found. It's perfect on my side, but I can't sleep on my back with it. It doesn't let you drop too low, it's not a brick, and you sink in the correct amount. It's soft and supportive, so it feels great on your neck. I had my father in law come for a visit. I gave him a spare pillow, and he's been talking about it all morning. I would recommend this pillow to anyone who sleeps on their side because it's cheap and returnable. If you're on your back, it will push your head forward a bit. You can sleep that way. It's not as comfortable as some others. I bought 3 more in case they stopped making it.

👤The design of this pillow is flawed. The pillow is in good condition, it only took me 3 months to get it. The stitching is torn because of poor quality and lack of stretch. Not happy with the pillow.

👤When we bought our sleep number bed about 8 years ago, we purchased pillows that were half the price of the different brands we had. If you are used to a regular pillow, these will take a little getting used to because they are very supportive. If you can use them the way they are meant to be used, they are so much better. It was a challenge to get used to, but it has helped both of us with a better night's sleep and less neck pain! The cover is very soft. We bought these for our camper and they were perfect, a great night's sleep from the first night. Even if they only last for a year, I would keep buying them over and over again because they hold up like the ones we have at home.

👤My husband likes this pillow. It's not necessary to flip the pillow over to get the cool side. I let him try it out, but I haven't gotten it back. Will have to order one for me.

6. HOMCA U Shaped Contoured Shoulder Removable

HOMCA U Shaped Contoured Shoulder Removable

100% CertiPUR-US Certified foam is used. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered. If you don't like their pillows, just send them a message and they'll give you a full refund. The unique U-shaped side pillow is similar to the ergonomics design. Sleeping siding, neck, buttocks, and body can be aligned to achieve a neutral joint fixation. Correct the side sleeping posture. The arm is designed to fit the side sleeping habits and is 100mm in width and 165mm in length. If you can find a comfortable arm position, you can relieve pressure on shoulders and arms. The slope design of the side sleeper pillow for neck and shoulder pain provides high enough support for side sleepers. When side sleeping, the height of the highest side is compressed to the right position, which can help relieve headaches, neck strain, and shoulder pain. The high-quality memory foam pillows for side sleepers have slow rebound characteristics, no bend under heavy pressure, and maintain comfort. The ear hole design on this pillow is widened on both sides to increase the ear movement space and reduce ear pressure. It is easy to clean, machine wash, and keep you cool all night, the pillowcase is made of a blend of rayon andpolyester, it feels soft, not wool, and the structure allows air to circulate and keeps you cool. HOMCA is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and satisfactory service. If you need help, please contact them.

Brand: Homca

👤The customer service person reached out to me on the pillow. I gave them some information about my sleep habits and they recommended several of their pillows. I chose a new pillow and am happy with my second choice. The customer service team at HOMCA contacted me to make sure I was completely satisfied with their product and offered additional assistance. It's refreshing to find a company that wants their customer to be happy.

👤A narrow pillow for an adult. Unable to use.

👤The blue pillow case was not included when I ordered the pillow, I like the pillow but not the case. I need to know how to get the pillow case.

👤I have had surgeries on my neck. Use to wake up with a stiff neck. The pillow works great.

7. Sleep Artisan Luxury Sleeper Pillow

Sleep Artisan Luxury Sleeper Pillow

The machine washable cover. The cotton blend case is easy to clean. The cover is made of cotton/Poly/Hemp. Natural latex is used to make Curved side sleeper pillows, which are eco-friendly and allow them to produce near zero waste. They pay attention to every detail through their quality control procedures. To adjust the firmness of your pillow, open the cover and personalize your head positioning, spine alignment, neck, and shoulders. Natural latex provides superior support for your body. Natural latex helps the flow of oxygen to your muscles. Your new pillow helps reduce tossing and turning. Natural latex is allergy resistant. Natural latex lets you stay cool without using the other side of the pillow. Rest easy. Their 30 day trial is hassle-free. Your pillow is covered by a 3-year manufacturers' warranty.

Brand: Sleep Artisan

👤The pillow is very well made. The easy removal and replacement of the fill is a good idea, and is easy to accomplish. The shape is odd, but many side sleepers rest their hand of their ceiling-most arm on their pillow, and this makes it easier to rest your wrist and elbow on your pillow. I couldn't get used to the feel of the pillow on the side of my face caused by the fill itself. I removed a bit of the fill because I like a thinner pillow. The pillow wouldn't be supportive enough when I would. When I added some back, it would return to being too high for my neck, or the ends of the pillow would rise, unless I turned my head. I returned the pillow after it failed to adjust. I think some people will like it because of its quality construction and flexibility, so I have given it four stars.

👤The pillow should come with a pillowcase. I didn't know that washing it requires emptying all of the filling. I bought the matching pillowcase from the Sleep Artisan website for $25, which was more than the pillow cost. The pillow was great. The pillow is very comfortable, but the smell is so strong I couldn't sleep with it. It will be aired out with hopes that it will improve.

👤This is the best pillow I have ever had. It is the epitome of soft yet supportive. I have tried every type of pillow out there since my surgery. When I found this, I almost gave up. I was so happy I did. I have a traditional shape one as well and they are both worth every penny. There is no horrible chemical smell like memory foam or allergies like with down pillows. The cotton cover is lovely. I will be telling my friends and family about these pillows. I would like to thank sleep artisan for helping me get relief from my neck and shoulder pain and for getting a good nights rest.

👤The pillow maintains neutral temperature. If you are sleeping on your side, it will support your head because there are no pressure points. Pouffing up onto the side of your face and nose is not recommended. I found it comfortable to sleep on my back. I shape it into a roll. It is easy to remove the pillow material so you are at the correct size. A long search is over. I was glad I took the chance. I didn't know how much my sleep had been affected by my previous pillows. It's so pleasant to have this material next to you, I wish it was a mattress pad.

👤I have had the same pillow for over 15 years. It has been on its last leg for 2 years. I have been looking for a replacement for a long time because there is no way to get a duplicate. Over the past 24 months, I have bought about 10 pillows. I was in a horrible car accident last spring and have episodes of severe neck and upper back pain when not properly supported. The pillow is perfect. I remove stuffing, fluff, and restuff. The shape of the pillow supports the shoulder. I have a lot of positive reviews for this pillow.

8. Groye Cooling Side Sleeper Pillow

Groye Cooling Side Sleeper Pillow

Hope you and your family are well soon. After years of shoulder or neck pain, you find a salvation with curbless insomnia pillows. The unique ARC design is what sets it apart. The curve of the pillow does not make you feel elevated or pressed against your shoulder. It helps your head, neck, and shoudler align properly, and relieve the pressure and muscles tension. Try to stop the sleepless night. The best investment of your health is your body. The curve is designed for side, back and stomach sleeping. The shoulder and upper back can rest comfortably without sacrificing head and neck support for side and back sleepers. It leaves room to expand chest for stomach sleepers. You will feel extreme comfort no matter what position you are in. An all-night cuddle! The best pillow at the market! The Groye cooling pillow can quickly absorb human body heat, reduce skin temperature by 2 to 5C instantly. The 3D mesh allows fresh air and heat to escape, offering a cool and refreshing night. The silky plush pillow is a great choice for skin hair. The pillow cover is machine-washable. Also, note: The memory foam should not be destroyed. SAFE MEMROY FOAM & RELAX SLEEP ENSURED. This CertiPUR-US certified and Oeko-Tex approved pillows are non-toxic. You won't have to endure chemical smell anymore when you enjoy the comfort of memory foam. They made this unique memory foam with the right height, softness and firmness for most of the side sleepers. It can provide firm support with amazing comfort and softness, while keeping its shape and firmness for long-term use. About one-third of your life is spent sleeping. A good pillow for neck pain relief is a must have. Groye neck. A supprot pillow that improves your sleep is a great gift for people with neck pain or shoulder strains. If their neck pillow doesn't meet your expectations, they'll give you a replacement or a refund, just let the reviews speak for themselves. All costs are on them.

Brand: Groye

👤This product deserved a review. It changed how I sleep after I complained to a coworker about waking up with a stiff neck. The first few nights were odd because I've always used high pillows. This was softer, but still conforming. The first night I switched back to my old pillow, but the next few nights I stuck to it, even though it was an unfamiliar feeling. It's night 7. I am falling asleep faster and waking refreshed. I think it's worth it. It takes a few days to get used to a new pillow. You will have a better night of sleep if you stick to it. I thought I'd add that there is no plastic smell that you sometimes get from memory foam because I always see this complaint with it.

👤This pillow is very nice. It's the perfect height and thickness for me. If it's too thick, you just remove the pad. It comes with instructions on how to get help if the pillow is harder or softer. It's reassuring that the pillow comes with options and support if needed, and that it will be "just right" for most people. By the way... I'm not a big fan of sleeping.

👤It is hard to find a pillow that will support my neck. I usually have to put my pillow between my neck and shoulder, but it doesn't stay that way all night. The pillow was very comfortable. No more stiff neck in the morning and you have support. Definitely recommend. When I decide to sleep on my stomach, it's even more comfortable.

👤I had a problem with my neck after moving heavy stuff. The problem lasted more than 2 weeks and made me worry. They call me pinched nerves because of the research I do. It hurts when I move my head. The pain was still there despite the help of physical therapy. My brother told me to look for a neck pillow and I am very happy I bought one. After sleeping on it, I can see the improvement. The pain is gone one week later. You can sleep in any position with this pillow.

👤I have used this pillow for a year and just bought a new one for my wife. When I am side sleeping, I need an extra foam layer sent to me by the seller to bring me to a proper height. My wife is 5'3" and she doesn't like the extra layer on the pillow. When you are side sleeping, the sides support your head and neck nicely. The way the sides are shaped, a wedge fills in between your head and jawbone to make side-sleeping blissful. I center myself on the pillow when I move to my back. Thank you for making this pillow.

👤This is the second bed pillow I have purchased. Sometimes I needed to sleep without a pillow because of my neck pressure. This pillow sets my head closer to the bed, without sacrificing the comfort of using a pillow. If you are having neck pains, I recommend getting this.

9. Sagino Hypoallergenic Orthopedic Contouring CertiPUR US

Sagino Hypoallergenic Orthopedic Contouring CertiPUR US

The pillow helps relieve neck and shoulder pain. The pressure on your head and shoulders can be distributed evenly. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. The pillow comes with a white pillowcase already on, along with a separately packaged gray pillowcase. You will always have a clean pillowcase when you replace it, because both pillowcases can be machine washed. The ideal pillow for the side and back is designed to relieve stress and make you feel better. The high and low profile on both sides are adapted to the human body. Extra pillows support your arms. The pillow core is made of 100% memory foam, which is soft and comfortable. The pillowcase is made of bamboo and polyester, which are both skin-friendly. Ventilation is required. Natural memory foam odor is normal and harmless to human body. If you put the pillow near a window, keep it cool and dry. If you receive a scented pillow and it can't be removed for more than a week, please contact them immediately. They have upgraded the packaging. During the transition period, the classic packaging and the new packaging will be shipped randomly, but please be reassured that the quality of the products in the packaging is the same.

Brand: Sagino

👤The shape and wedge of the pillow can protect my neck while I sleep, it can keep my head and neck stable, and it prevents me from hurting my own neck. It's pretty cool that the pillow has two different heights on each side, so I can sleep in both a comfortable and supportive position. I got a lot better after using this pillow. It might take a few days to get used to it, but once you get used to it, you can't sleep without it. It comes with two pillowcases so that I don't have to buy another one when I use one that gets dirty. I bought the pillow earlier than I should have. It was definitely worth the price I paid.

👤I decided to get a new pillow because of the neck pain I have been having, and the headaches that have come after them, because I was joking about pillows and how they affect a person's sleep. I was skeptical about how much this would help, but I was in for a surprise. The box I got was a little bruised, but it was not a fault of the company, everything inside was clean. I have not regained my sense of smell from my surgery, so my husband wants me to order one for him so he won't complain about it. If you use the pillow on your back, I prefer the low edge to support the low neck, but if you lay down on your stomach, I prefer the side that goes down into the upper back. They put a lot of thought into it and it is very comfortable. I prefer the side that is more laid back. It supports my head and shoulders. It doesn't put any pressure on my nerves because it keeps the spine aligned in both positions. It is strange not to reach for a medicine when I wake, but it is absolutely fantastic. The pillow is solid but not heavy. If you want a feather pillow that will support your neck, this is not it. I think this is a great pillow, especially for the price, and I highly recommend it.

👤This pillow is amazing. It is not hard or soft because it is very comfortable. On the side and back, I am a sleeping person. After using it for a period of time, I find that the pain in my neck has lessened and the quality of sleep has improved. The cause of the neck problem is related to my sleep habits, so I can't say that the neck pain has disappeared completely. I have already recommended the pillow to friends and family. I will give it 10 stars if you also try it, it can definitely afford the price.

👤I was interested in the shape of the pillow. I was shocked at how small it was. I was willing to give it a try. The shorter end of the pillow is not comfortable to sleep on if you are on your back or side. If you're a side sleeper, it's great if you have to sleep on my back. It feels like a hug, like you're hugging your neck, and it has a nice ledge for you to rest your hands on while sleeping. Good luck if you have someone who moves around in your sleep. I was so comfortable when I fell asleep. I would wake up because my neck was awkward due to the sides coming up high. Due to the firmness of those ledges, it's never something you get used to. It will not get more flexible with time. I had to return mine because I didn't want the money to accumulate in my closest.

10. Lifewit Premium Shredded Memory Pillow

Lifewit Premium Shredded Memory Pillow

Their pillows are vacuum packed. Upon receipt. Allow several hours to recover their full loft if you pat flat, fluff gently and make the down fully stretch. With free shredded memory foam filling, no matter which sleeping position you choose, you can open the zip to add or remove foam for achieving the right amount of softness and height. The pillow helps relieve neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and restless legs while giving you a comfortable sleep. Lifewit team tests the bed pillow's softness. 80% striped aerogel memory foam and 20% microfiber are included for better ergonomics. At night, sleep cooler with added aerogel. Lifewit pillows fit your neck shape automatically. Premium material. The inner cover of the queen size pillow is made from spandex fabric and features high elasticity, softness, and hydrophilic. The outer cover is made from artificial cotton and 70% of fiber, it is skin-friendly and can be washed. Freshly produced memory foam is used to ensure better support and softness. The pillow is ideal for people with allergies. Their sleeping pillow is certified by OEKO and CertiPUR-US. That makes it easier for you to get a good night's sleep. They offer shredded memory foam pillows for major five-star hotels. You can choose a hotel that is comfortable for you to sleep at home.

Brand: Lifewit

👤This pillow is very similar to the shredded memory foam pillow I own. The Lifewit pillow has more shredded foam. Both products have a thick outer pillowcase that is very soft. I'm going to give this Lifewit pillow to other family members.

👤I sleep with my stomach agape. I was using the wrong pillow. I wanted a pillow that I could modify, but I realized I needed a thinner one. I found a pillow. I have not had neck problems in months. I took out a lot of stuff. It takes a few days for the memory foam shreds to poof out from the vacuum seal, so I finally figured out the right balance for me by day 3. My husband had shoulder pain. He is a side sleeper. I ordered a pillow for him. He put the entire bag of filling in his bag. He removed some filling after it expanded a bit. He had it where he wanted it after a few days. Give it a few nights to make adjustments if you get it. I recommend this pillow to friends and family, and if something happens to me, I will buy another one.

👤There are two chronic pain conditions that I have. Over the past three decades, I've spent hundreds of dollars on useless pillows. This is the first one that supported my head and neck without the filling shifting. If you want to fluff your pillow, put it in the dryer with a half dozen clean tennis balls for 20 minutes.

👤The product is amazing. The pillow is amazing. I wanted to make sure I loved this product before I wrote this review. This is a must have, it is so cozy, over the top comfort and I slept like a baby. I will order more and recommend this product to others.

👤I love the pillow. I think shredded memory foam is the most comfortable type and has better shape than other types. It comes with more foam that you can add to. It is a nice high quality foam, not recycled and mixed in with lower quality foam. This pillow is very nice. I don't think it's very cooling. I don't know if it's hot or not.

👤I didn't know if shredded memory foam would be good, I've been sleeping with a 100% down pillow for years, and I didn't think I'd find anything better, but this pillow really is! Having the ability to remove as much foam as I needed was perfect because I was SALVAGEDATA It's amazing after I removed 3 gallon-sized bags packed full. If my pillow starts to flatten, I'll have plenty of foam left over to add to it. This was definitely worth it.

👤It is a good pillow for side or back sleeping. If more support is needed, it comes with more filling. I took some out. I can change it to what I need. I have been looking for a good pillow for a long time. I think I found my pillow. Love it! Highly recommended.

11. Meoflaw Pillows Sleeping 2 Pack Sleeper

Meoflaw Pillows Sleeping 2 Pack Sleeper

There is a pack of 2 queen size pillows. A blue piping that gives a posh look to the pillows and a double-sided Ultrasonic process make them look better. The no-shift construction is created by the perfect balance between soft and support. Provides enough support to keep it soft. Bed pillows come with a premium filling that makes them rebound in 5 seconds. Machine wash at 30C makes pillows light and easy to care for. The pillow is suitable for side stomach and back sleeping areas. Night's trial is offered by them. If you have a question, please contact them, their customer service staff will reply in 24 hours.

Brand: Meoflaw

👤vacumm was sealed but fluffed up right away. When I lie down on them, they conform to the shape of my head, but when I get up, they fluff up. My neck pain was greatly reduced by these. I have been getting better sleep and waking up without pain.

👤The Meoflaw pillow is on the left and the goose down pillow is on the right. The Meoflaw pillow supports your head and neck. The goose down pillow is a flat piece of nothing. The price of a pillow is well worth it, and this is the most amazing pillow ever. They give you a 100 night trial and if you don't like it, they'll refund your money. If you suffer from neck pain after sleeping, this pillow is for you. I have never had a neck ache after buying these.

👤Over the last couple of years, I have purchased many different pillows and ended up disappointed. When I am side sleeping, most pillows are soft when you first lay down, but then as you head settles, they get hard and cause me to start my day with a sore neck and or headaches. The pillow stays soft throughout the night.

👤It was soft and comfortable. 5 star package is well packaged. It really depends on your preference. If you are looking for neck pain and want a flat pillow, this is not the one. This is the one for side sleeping, it has a soft and big pillow.

👤I was in the market to buy pillows. The one I've been using is about 3 years old. There are so many different pillows to choose from. I wanted a pillow that was cheap and had good reviews. I was looking for things that would keep my head cool when I sleep. I know it's a tall order. I had settled on these. It was worth it for the price and quality. They have no smell and are very soft. They are very cool to the touch. I have very broad shoulders, even though they weren't as firm as I would have liked. I'm not sure if these are for you. I'm going to give them to my parents because they don't like them. I'm sure they will enjoy them. The price is definitely worth it as they are soft and comfy.

👤My pillows were very old and I was looking for new ones. I was excited when I saw the reviews for the pillow and they said it would be good for side sleeping. I can report that it didn't work for me, but I don't know about those people. I'm 6 feet tall and 185 pounds, so you can't sleep on my side, and I have an idea of body type. I received mine on Monday and was excited to try them out. The pillow is vacuum sealed and opens nicely. It stays cool at night. I'm not excited this morning. The problem is that it is so soft that it provides very little support, so much so that I woke up with a throbbing head after 3 1/2 hours of sleep. I had a replacement pillow, so the night wasn't a total loss. I don't know how this pillow would be used. I know this side sleeper doesn't recommend this product.


What is the best product for best pillow side sleeper?

Best pillow side sleeper products from Everlasting Comfort. In this article about best pillow side sleeper you can see why people choose the product. Honeydew and Hotozon are also good brands to look for when you are finding best pillow side sleeper.

What are the best brands for best pillow side sleeper?

Everlasting Comfort, Honeydew and Hotozon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best pillow side sleeper. Find the detail in this article. Ntcoco, Sealy and Homca are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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