Best Best Pillow for Neck Pain

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1. Pillows Side Sleepers Back Chiropractic

Pillows Side Sleepers Back Chiropractic

Their queen pillows are made in the USA, which means they are the best quality pillows. The ULTIMATE is a pillow that reduces pain and improves sleep. The filled insert is fullyadjustable. You can add or remove foam to make your neck and shoulder curve more natural. ERGONOMIC is Firm, Medium or Soft. Every sleeping area has a pillow that is designed for them. Their pillow cover is second to none. The Zoey Sleep Side Sleeper Pillow has a luxury that is defined by the moment your head rests on it. Family safe. Their pillows are CertiPUR-US and OEKO certified. Making this one of the highest rated pillows on the market today! They offer a 30 day money back guarantee. You won't need it. It is there for your added comfort.

Brand: Zoey Sleep

👤The pillow is the best I have ever had. It was nicely packaged and not rolled. When I bought a few here before, they came tightly rolled and let off a chemical bomb when you opened them. The pillow had no smell. I used it a lot after I opened the box. I used to get 4 hours a night. It is normal for me and I know it isn't good. I've bought a lot of different pillows but nothing has been the right one. I am a side sleeper, but I don't think I'm a back one. I saw an ad for this pillow online and decided to buy it and try it out. I have never seen a curved pillow like this before but I would give it a try. I was somewhat skeptical, 70$ doesn't get much these days and some of the luxury pillows I've seen and bought in big box stores cost me over $150 and still didn't hit the mark. The pillow is amazing. The curve helps me keep my shoulder out of the way when I sleep on my side. I left foam as it came the first night. I slept for about 5 hours after finding it high. An hour more than normal. I was still using the pillow. I got 7 solid hours of sleep after removing about 5ish decent handfuls of the memory foam fill. 7 hours of sleep. It is perfect. I like it. I bought one to start. I will buy another 5 or 6 to finish the house and 1 for the wife before she takes this one. I'm looking forward to sleeping now. I had to do something before I could sleep. I would try to get as much sleep as possible before laying my head down. If you sleep on your back or side, this is a game-changer. Just get one and get 2. Love it.

👤This is for all the other people who are like me, and sensitive to the new pillow smell. A little background first. I have chronic headaches. I had neck fusion surgery. I have tried every type of pillow out there, and unless you get plain polyester, there will be an odor. I had been sleeping on a similar one, but the filling was latex/poly blend. After I bought a new one, I realized they changed the fill. Not a happy camper! I thought I would try the blend. The smell for this pillow was removed completely. The website says the inner pillow can be washed. We have a smart washer that never went to spin when I tried to wash the whole thing. I put the fill in the small bags made of fine mesh. You can buy them on Amazon. They are not expensive. They are designed to wash delicates. Make sure they have a piece of fabric that protects the zippers from escaping. I washed the bags according to the instructions on the site. I think it was a delicate cycle. I did not use fabric softener. I put the bags in the dryer to make sure they were completely dry. I washed the outer cover with gain Pods and it smells great now. Was it tiring? Yes! So is trying so many pillows. Try it before you return it. I am still trying to get that perfect feel but I am very happy to have found this shape pillow in a memory foam blend. The best shaped pillow for side sleeping. Hope this helps someone else.

2. Cervical Pillow Neck Shoulder Relief

Cervical Pillow Neck Shoulder Relief

HOMCA is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and satisfactory service. If you need help, please contact them. It's necessary to heal NECK & SHOULDER PAIN. The pillow is designed to provide excellent support for your head and neck. It's great for people who sleep on their stomachs. The pillow is great for neck and shoulder pain. There is a special butterfly shape and a central cabbage. The butterfly shape has arms and a design that holds your neck at the right height. The head is properly supported by the inner cavity. Natural and luscious chondroitin pillow. If you're allergic to the smell of off-gassing from your pillow, this natural and healthy pillow is a good choice. CertiPUR-US certified memory foam doesn't emit odors. The outer cover of the pillow is made of cotton-polyester blended fabric, which helps keep it clean. The materials help keep the sleeper cool. The pillowcase is easy to clean. The outer pillowcase has a zip up bag for easy removal. Memory foam cannot be cleaned. If you need assistance, please feel free to reach them. A neck support pillow can help. A good pillow can make a big difference in the world when it comes to sleep.

Brand: Outstay

👤I have mixed feelings about this pillow. It was supportive when I was lying on my back, but not when I was side sleeping. I would wake up to find my head in an uncomfortable position. This is problematic for me because I mostly sleep on my side. The pillow material is hard. I want a pillow that cradles my head. Sometimes I slept well with this pillow, but probably less than half the time.

👤I like the pillow for my neck. It gave me some support when I was having pain in my neck.

3. Tbfit Cervical Shoulder Ergonomic Orthopedic

Tbfit Cervical Shoulder Ergonomic Orthopedic

We look forward to providing you with satisfactory products and services. Their memory foam pillows can help relieve neck and shoulder pain. If the product doesn't meet your expectations, please contact them and they will give you a satisfactory solution. NECK AND SHOULDER PAIN. The pillow is designed to meet the needs of the spine. It will support your head and neck in a unique way. The high and low profile on both sides are adapted to the human body. The pressure on your head, shoulder and neck will be evenly distributed. Make sure you get tailored support to last all night and get a good sleep. There are many sleeping styles. The pillow accommodates all sleeping positions. The air circulation can be maintained and the ear pressure can be released for side sleeping. If you sleep on the side, back or stomach, the body curve design ensures proper spine alignment. The arm can rest naturally. It is possible to relax your muscles and have a good night's sleep. Is it possible to have a PREMIUM MEMORY FOAM? Their pillows are made of memory foam. Good resilience can be maintained with premium material. The memory foam adjusts to the body's temperature in 3 to 5 seconds. A pillow with the right balance between neck support and comfort is a must. All night long. The bed pillow has a double soft cover. The pillow core can be extended by using the dust-proof inner cover. The outer cover is made of a skin-friendly fiber that makes it easy to sleep in. It can be removed with a machine. The high-quality zipper will not break even after being used for a long time. No-WorRY purchase. CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX are certifications of their pillows. It's a good gift for your family and friends. They offer a 3-year warranty and a 100 day no questions asked policy for all of their customers. If you have any questions, please contact them. The memory foam should be left for 12 to 24 hours until the pillow fully expands.

Brand: Tbfit

👤I didn't think I would like it the first time I tried it. It was smaller than I thought. I almost felt like I was sleeping with no pillow because it went flat and barely any pillow. I slept with it all night and woke up without pain. I needed to sleep with a lot less pillow. I can not sleep like the picture shows, with her arms over her head on the pillow. I have to have it under my head, so I have a problem with my hands sometimes.

👤After sleeping on the pillow for a week or so, I finally experienced neck-pain relief the next morning. It was wonderful. It was wonderful. I wish I had bought it sooner. The second time I took the cover off, the case broke. It's fine. There is a button behind the pillow that keeps the cover on the right. I used the pillow every night for the first month and it lost its shape. That's where I needed the support, and that's where it sinks in now that my neck pain is back. This is a very expensive pillow. I will find another solution.

👤It is difficult to find a pillow that will allow me to sleep on my side. I stayed at a place that had a pillow from a different brand and I liked it very much. I like the pillow I ordered on Amazon more than the one I tried while traveling. It gives the right amount to support my head and still feel soft.

👤They don't answer email, they don't honor their gift rewards, and they don't even bother with my review.

👤After a week of using this pillow, I noticed a noticeable improvement in my neck and shoulders. It had a manufacturing smell coming out of the package but I sprayed it with Febreeze and it grew to its intended size and shape. I am very happy that my massage therapist recommended this pillow.

👤The pillow saved my neck. I toss and turn a lot in my sleep. My neck pain had lessened after using this. The only downside is that you have to lay on it with your arms on your side or shoulder. For the price and comfort, this neck pillow is worth a try.

👤The pillow feels good. I love that the foam has options for back, stomach, and side sleeping. I have trouble maintaining a proper posture with a pillow like this because I am so busy in my sleep. I recommend this for people who are still sleeping and want more support than a regular pillow can offer. This may not be the right tool if you roll around a lot in sleep.

👤I have tried everything to help my neck and back. We bought a purple mattress. I tried everything but this pillow. I have a disc in my neck, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I had a previousFracture to my T11. It was difficult to get used to this pillow as I am a stomach sleeper. I used it for about three to four days before I realized I was no longer in pain. Do yourself a favor and try it. I am sure it can help me as well as someone else.

4. Sutera Sleeping Cervical Orthopedic Washable

Sutera Sleeping Cervical Orthopedic Washable

You spend about one-third of your life sleeping, so a good neck pillow is a must-have. The Misiki pillow is suitable for people who suffer from sleep disorders. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact them. Why SuTERA? The deep pillow provides you with both comfort and support to keep your spine aligned. Sutera pillows are made with both support and comfort features and they are combined in many ways to address the many different sleeping preferences people have. This pillow is comfortable for all of you. The unique design promotes keeping your head, neck, back, shoulder and spine aligned, pressure distributed evenly, helps you stay asleep and wake up feeling rested. Provides relief for neck pain. Relax your neck, back, and shoulder muscles. Dream deeper and fall asleep faster. The pillow is 23.5 x 14.5 x 5.5 inches. The pillow core is made of 100% cooling memory foam and has a rebound time of 3 to 5 seconds. The quality foam keeps the shape. The pillow cover is made of a soft material. All materials are chemical free and skin friendly. You can rest without feeling hot or uncomfortable if you have adequate heat distribution. It creates better air circulation to keep you dry. CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certify that Sutera's Dream Deep Memory foam is durable. Premium life, healthy, and perfect night's rest is what it provides. The benefits include a machine wash cover and temperature regulating memory foam. Relax, boost energy, reduce stress, and relieve back, hip, and joint pain.

Brand: Sutera

👤This pillow is different from the one you get from the company. My mother bought her one from Sutera. I bought mine on Amazon and it is different. They look the same, but they are made with different foam. People are complaining about the smell. My mother did not smell bad when she got it. The foam on the original is hard and the one from Amazon is not. The original neck support keeps your neck straight, but the one on this one lifts your head too high. My advice is to order from the company.

👤The two star rating is based on 3 nights of sleep with it. I am willing to give it a try a little longer, so that I can say I did my best. Some reviewers said it took a few nights to get used to the pillow. I have a very sensitive neck, like most who are buying this. If I have a bad pillow, I wake up with neck pain. I've tried every pillow and it seems like it's out there. The bad: This pillow is not comfortable for my head. It's the right kind of soft for my comfort. Great for sleeping. The bad is if you toss and turn all night long. This isn't great for either of those people. When I am not perfectly lined up with the head indentation, I have to use my head as a rotation table. I tried to wake up, but it wasn't possible. It defeats the purpose of a good nights sleep when I wake up to align my head into a specific place on the pillow. If I don't wake up, I'm stuck sleeping with my head at an odd angle, which is the main cause of my neck issues. On the second day of having this, there was an issue. I slept on my side with my head in a bad position and woke up with a stiff neck. It has been two days of pain and nothing has helped. I can't do anything in the house because of the pain. I think I'm the only one who has found this. I bought it because I saw many good reviews. I hope that somehow I get used to it and it becomes my saving grace, but I think that is not going to happen. Will update this review soon.

👤The pillow is a great shape. There is no support for it.

👤I took a chance on the Sutera brand because of the reviews, after trying other styles of pillows. I am amazed at how much better I sleep. My neck and shoulder pain is gone. I sleep on my back and side. Either way, my neck and shoulders are lifted up. It is an odd looking pillow. I wouldn't have thought a high pillow would work. So happy!

👤My husband has a fused spine and it's killing him. The pillow has helped a lot. He sleeps on his side and needs another pillow under his pillow. His neck has been helped by that combination.

5. Adjustable Sleeping Ergonomic Cervical Orthopedic

Adjustable Sleeping Ergonomic Cervical Orthopedic

If you are not satisfied with their neck pillows for sleeping, you can get a 30 day product replacement or a refund. Thank you for your confidence, they'd love to hear from you. They want you to be sure that you made the right decision to buy this pillow. Slow rebound memory foam pillow The neck pillow shape will rebound within 5S when no press is made all year. Lying on the bed pillow feels like floating on water or clouds. The neck support pillow does not compress auricle like other pillows. The pillow for sleeping is made of soft ice silk fabric and mesh sides, which makes it feel like you are sleeping all night. The orthopedic pillow has excellent absorption performance and is consistent in its firmness all the year. There are four different heights for any sleep style. The foam pillow is 20 x 12 x 3.8 inch. Four neck support heights are available. The pillow for neck pain is designed for multiple sleeping positions, such as side sleeping, supine, stomach sleeping, back sleeping and low pillow sleepers. Pillow can be used to relieve neck pain. The body curve of the pillow makes it fit according to the curve. The personalized shape of the pillow makes it fit the shape of your head, neck and shoulders, which makes it easier to sleep and relieve pain. The Ylekto pillow helps reduce sleepless nights by preventing neck problems. Perfect gift for people of all ages. If you're not satisfied with the cooling pillow, please contact them. Customer service is friendly and worry-free.

Brand: Ylekto

👤I bought 2 of these memory foam pillows for my husband because he wanted to try memory foam because we have king size pillows and they always go flat in the middle. I've never been a fan, but I am now! The first night I slept, it was so loud. I didn't know that my pillow was making me sleep less. My husband's biggest complaint is that they are on the small side, not for proping up and watching TV or reading. I really think it's worth it, you just have to switch around the pillows. I've been sleeping soundly for the past week. This pillow is recommended by me. I put it in my husband's because it has the extra layer you can take out if it's too tall. Good night. y'all

👤I have used this pillow for several days and it really relives my neck pain. My wife would like to buy one for herself.

👤This pillow is small. We have a king bed that is about 1/2 the size of a king pillow. The pillow under this is a standard/twin size.

👤The box regained it's shape after being opened. The smell went away quickly. The cover is nice. The foam feels good. Soft and giving, but doesn't crush down to nothing like some memory foam. I need the support and hate it when a pillow disappears under my head. The pillow seems to give the right amount and has a good amount of support. It doesn't seem to retain heat very well. I'm pretty happy with this pillow and would recommend it.

👤I am dumbfounded. The woman pictured with the pillow must have 888-282-0465. I am so disgusted that I am not even reaching out.

👤The first time I ordered one of these pillows, they were just right. It was just right in support of your neck and not so soft that your head would sink into it. I ordered another pillow from the same brand and got my wife one that was very soft. We returned it thinking it was a mistake and ordered another. The manufacturer did not reply to our email. There is a huge discrepancy between pillows that are supposed to be the same. The brand name is Ylekto. The pillows don't come with a rating. Absolutely do not recommend them. The manufacturer should stand by its product, and it should be consistent across the board. Ylekto Direct, shame on you! It is shameful.

👤The pillow is large. It's better than the large standard size pillows, but I'd prefer a little smaller. The memory foam is not too firm and is appropriate for a short necked person. It takes some time to "settle" from being rolled and packaged. I'm still finding my way with this pillow, but it's helped with my neck and shoulder pain. I hope it only gets better.

👤When the pillow came out of the wrapping, it fluffed up. It has a soft feel to it, but I found that it stayed firm in its shape. There are two styles of pillows on the long side of the pillow, which is designed to only be used with one side facing up. One has a short bump that is comfortable for lying on while sleeping on my back, and the other side is thicker, which I found works well for side sleeping. It has been a great pillow and a better price than what I could find at Target.

6. Coop Home Goods Adjustable Hypoallergenic

Coop Home Goods Adjustable Hypoallergenic

The bamboo-derived Viscose is made from 60%Polyester and 40%Bamboo. You have found the one! The world's best pillow. It can be tailored to achieve the right balance between support and comfort. This is the pillow for those who are side, back or stomach sleeping. Get ready for a good night's sleep. Experiencing pain, snoring or tossing and turning are all signs that you are sleeping wrong. Their design allows you to change the size or shape of the memory foam fill, which you can take with you. Sleep right! It is possible to add or remove foam fill to your liking. At last, sleep well and align. Is the Pillow Green Guard gold certified? CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold are certifications that ensure safety and quality, and their Coop Home Goods Eden Pillows are no exception. There are no harmful chemicals here. It is 100% safe for you and your loved ones. No animals were harmed in the making of this pillow. Only the highest quality materials are used. The case is made with proprietary Lulltra fabric, a blend of bamboo-derived viscose rayon and polyester that provides breathability and softness. You can wake up refreshed. Unlike other pillows, they manufacture their foam ourselves. If you need a higher loft, a bag of fill is included with your order.

Brand: Coop Home Goods

👤The pillow was taken out of the box. I took out my meter because it smelled strong. The product is releasing fumes. The TVOC is way above safe or recommended limits, as you can see from my electronic meter.

👤The first pillow I received was very nice. My fiancée wanted a pillow before I did. I was going to buy my boss a one for Christmas. I ordered 2 more a week later. Each pillow was different. I attached pillows so you can see the difference. The quality has been reduced. It's enough to take this pillow from amazing, to just ok, but some may consider it a small downgrade. The outside lining is made of different fabric. It's not as stretchy. The color is a little darker and shiny. It's not as high end. The pillow in general was different. The memory foam was not as moldable as it could have been. It wasn't the same support as it was rough. I had to take foam out of my first pillow because it was too much for me, and it still didn't make the pillow fluffy. The good pillow is on the left and the bad pillow is on the right in the pictures. It has more foam in it and is much flatter. I think that's correct. I am hoping the company will contact me and send me a new pillow that is similar to the one I received.

👤I bought the Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Shredded Memory Foam pillow for the first time in December of 2016 I have a big head and a side-sleeper. My mom used to have a feather pillow that would stab my neck and face. It was the beginning of my quest to find a good pillow. I tried using pillows that supported my neck and head, but they weren't right. I tried a solid memory foam pillow, but it was too soft for a side-sleep. I would wake up with neck and shoulder pains. I purchased the Coop Pillow on Amazon in hopes that the reviews would be true and that the shredded memory foam would help support my giant head. When I received the Coop Pillow, it was vacuum sealed and had a foam chemical smell for 3 days before it disappeared. I recommend not using it until it's aired out. The Breathable Pillowcase it came with was excellent. The Pillowcase is still excellent after 2.5 years. The materials are soft and great to touch. 5 out of 5 stars for the pillowcase. The first year of using the Coop Pillow made me sleep better. I had no neck or shoulder pains after sleeping through the whole night. The loft of the pillow was high enough that I could sleep on it. The shredded memory foam had an interesting feel. It was soft and feathery, but dense enough to support the head and neck, like a solid memory foam pillow. The first year of my pillow was a 5 star experience. The second year of using the Coop Pillow, the loft was not as high as it used to be, but it still provided great side-sleeping support. I have had to re-fluff the pillow a few times. I have read to throw the pillow into the washer or dryer to get the loft back, but I have never tried that. I put the pillow back into the Pillowcase after I dumped out all of the stuffing and broke it up by hand. The only way to bring the fluffiness back is to break up the filling inside the pillow. I am not sure if a washer or a dryer can separate the shredded memory foam pieces. I re- fluffed the stuffing twice in the second year of using the Coop Pillow, and it went back to its original shape. At the end of the second year, I noticed the pillow was half its original size. It is to be expected. If you lay a bowling ball on the Coop Pillow for 8 hours every day for 600+ days, flattening is inevitable. I don't expect Coop Pillow to defy gravity. The second year of my pillow was rated 4 out of 5 stars by me. I noticed that the stuffing was starting to clump together into one large piece of foam by the start of the third year of using the Coop Pillow. The bounce was no longer fluffy. I could shake the pillow and it would jiggle like a piece of foam. When I re-fluffed it, I noticed that the shredded foam used to be off-white, and now it is dark. It is normal for memory foam to be yellow, however it seems like this is a sign of the foam aging, losing its properties, and being unable to function like it once did. The pillow went from fluffy to solid jello in a week. You will have to re-fluff this pillow every two weeks for 2.5 years. I haven't had the kind of sleep that I had in the beginning with the Coop Pillow. Last year, I purchased Coop Pillows for my parents. The loft was too high for my mother, so she had a Coop Pillow sitting around as a decorative throw. I swapped my flattened Coop Pillow for her pristine one and we are both happy with it. She is finally using her old pillow to sleep. After 2.5 years of use, the Coop Pillow is a 3.5 out of 5 stars. It is a great pillow to try for side-sleepers and something only back-sleepers will appreciate after 2 years when it flattens. My only concern is that I may have to buy this pillow again every 2 years to get the side-sleeping support. It takes me an hour each time to break apart all of the stuffing, so I don't see myself having to re-fluff this every week. If I have to throw this pillow away, I wonder if shredded memory foam is good for the environment. I have reservations about that. I know I will have good sleep for the next two years while my mom uses my old Coop Pillow. After becoming a more conscious consumer, I think about the price, quality, and ease of use of my purchases, but also the recyclability of such products. Will it be biodegrade if it won't be recycled? I just want to say that I love my Coop Pillow. I will not be repurchasing for the following reasons. I have to buy this pillow every 2 years because I am a side-sleeper. The shredded memory foam is not being recycled. I am concerned about whether the brand has some kind of product life-cycle program and consideration without resorting to dumping it in landfills or is easily biodegradable. 4. I want to purchase a pillow that will give me side-sleep support and also have health benefits. I'm considering an organic, 100% natural, un-dyed, un-bleached linen pillow that's stuffed with Flax Fibers for my next purchase, and I want it to be ethically and naturallysourced. I want to try something different. Something that benefits me, but also benefits people, animals, and the environment, is not a net negative. It is worth a try for the price and what it gives for the first two years. I hope the review helps people make a decision. Thank you to Coop Home Goods! I have changed my rating to 4 stars after 4 years. I've had some users ask me for an update, and I did end up purchasing that Flax Linen Pillow from a small business owner in the Ukranian. Most of the organic flax linens being grown and processed are from Lithuania. The Linen Pillow has been around for 1.5 years and has flattened out in 6 months. I still love the Linen Pillow for its health benefits, but have decided to use it as a base on my Coop Home Goods Pillow. I sometimes swap it for a body pillow. I've found nothing better than Coop Home Goods for a side sleeper. I think most businesses aren't excited about pillow technology, but I hope that Coop Home Goods continues to explore new materials, recyclability, and processes to improve upon what they already have. This is the last update of this product, sleep tight and good night.

7. Pulatree Ergonomic Cervical Odorless Orthopedic

Pulatree Ergonomic Cervical Odorless Orthopedic

The size is 23.6 x (4.3/ 3.5) x13.7 inch. Medium Firmness. They have run sleep trials on pillows to make sure they are suitable for most people. This is a notice. The pillow is rolled in a box. Put the pillow somewhere for several hours and wait for it to shape back. The memory foam will make it rebound to the state shown in the picture. Do you still suffer from neck pain while sleeping? Pulatree has a proven design that supports your head, neck, shoulder, and back. Proper support for spine alignment is provided by the innovative design of the ergonomics. You can shift between positions with the sleep pillow design. You should no longer experience neck pain after you wake up. The massage nodes take a shiatsu massage to relax your head and spine. The pillow has two different heights on either side, so you can choose which works best for you. Make sure the pillow has enough room for your shoulders and stomach. The hole inside was designed to cradle your head and reduce the pressure of the skull. This allows for a good night's sleep. The molded foam design of the safe and odorless pillow helps reduce the pain of the neck. CertiPUR-US certified rebound memory foam is used in the cervical pillow. The pillow is temperature-sensitive, making it perfect for your NECK. Their unique foam creates a stable foundation with a surface that is soft to the touch and allows for a comfortable night's sleep. They are the symbol of safety and nature. TheBreathable Pillowcase - Cooling Comfort All Night is made with double retractable pillowcases. It can be removed with a machine. The pillow is made from bamboo fiber and polyester and has a soft fabric that allows air to circulate through the pillow all night long. It is gentle on your skin to stay crisp throughout the night, and it has the ability to leave you sweat-free in a comfortable climate. Pick out an excellent pillow for neck pain, and you may see your life improved in ways you would have never imagined. You will be more likely to sleep better if you don't have a stiff neck. It's a great health care gift to give someone you love. You can purchase with confidence. Their one-on-one service is always ready if you're not completely in love with your pillow.

Brand: Pulatree

👤I have issues with my spine and hips. After having my first baby, my spine was no longer centered in my back, so I started going to theChiropractor. I was recommended to get one of these pillows by my Chiropractor. I have had a lot of issues finding pillows that support my neck at night and it has led to a lot of back and hip issues. I can tell the difference between a flat pillow and this one when I sleep with it. I was able to wash the pillow cases when they arrived.

👤I bought this for my surgery. I loved it!

👤This pillow is great. My neck feels better after having it for about two weeks. It is a challenge to find something that works with my bad vertebres. It could be a little thicker for my shoulder, but back sleeping is good. It helps my head stay stable. I use it while sitting down.

👤I had to add another pillow to get the height I wanted, but it has been great. I was never a back sleeping person. It is easy to roll from side to side, but I love it when I am on my back. The pillow that looked like a spaceship would do such a great job.

👤I am not used to much neck support and it is not super comfortable for sleeping. I used it for a few days and then stopped because it was uncomfortable, but after I stopped using it, I realized how much it helped with my back and shoulder pain.

👤This pillow is the difference in the world. I used to have headaches and neck pain, but now they are gone. For anyone who has trouble sleeping or has neck pain, I would say for you... I recommend this product.

👤The pillow has helped reduce my neck pain in the morning. I usually sleep on my back or side, with the ridge toward my shoulder. You could turn it the other way and sleep on your stomach, that's what it says. I can't use it that way because it's too high on the lower side and stretches my neck out too much. I used to sleep in the stomach. I can't find a way to be comfortable like that anymore. It's a big improvement over the pillow I was using before.

👤I can sleep on a memory foam. I have tried all the memory foam pillows and they hurt my ears. The way this one is shaped doesn't make sense to me. I have bought pillows before for my neck pain. I think this pillow can help with that.

👤The height is too low, the pillow is too small, and it smells of plastic. I decided to return the product after trying it for a few days because the smell lingered. Wait more than two weeks to get my money back. When a product is sold by a third party, the return process is unpleasant, but Amazon step in to offer me a big support.

8. Wanocean Cervical Shoulder Ergonomic Orthopaedic

Wanocean Cervical Shoulder Ergonomic Orthopaedic

All materials are CertiPUR-US certified for better health. A 30-day satisfaction guarantee is offered by them. If you're not happy with it, please contact them. The memory foam pillows perfectly support and align the head, neck, shoulders and back. It is possible to evenly distribute the pressure on the head and shoulders to relieve neck and spine pain. The quality of your sleep can be improved by using queen pillows. The pillow for neck pain has a larger size. The support pillow is designed to be used in different sleeping positions such as on the side and belly. Those who toss and turn all night can use the Wanocean bed pillows. The memory foam pillow has been designed to support the head, side sleep and neck. The natural curve of the human body supports optimal air passages for less snoring. The design that corresponds to the acupoints of the spine promotes blood circulation. The neck pillow is made of memory foam which is skin-friendly and Breathable. The shape of the pillow is maintained by the slow return memory foam. The high density material keeps you cool and comfortable all night long, even on sweaty nights. Good sleep starts with their neck pillows. Birthday gifts for parents, friends and relatives are ideal with the side sleeper pillow.

Brand: Wanocean

👤My shoulders and neck hurt when I wake up because I am a stomach and side sleeping. I was looking for a pillow that could support my neck and shoulder. I found this! It is like a game change for me because of its design and support. The pillow helps relieve my shoulder and neck pain. If you are experiencing the same, you should do it.

👤There is a comfortable pillow. I need to wait until we clear up the problem with the lice. I will be updating the used video.

👤MyPillow has been used for the past two years. I have had less neck pain since I started using this new pillow. It is comfortable. There is more support for the neck.

👤Great pillow for neck pain. It's so comfortable and supported. There is no odor when you open the bag. Good quality and nice material. It definitely helps the neck pain.

👤The thickness is moderate for me, unlike other memory foam pillows that are too thick. I hope it can be used for a long time.

👤I bought this pillow because of its shape. I was looking for a pillow that supported my neck. It is not hard for me. The smell of the pillow seems to be slowly fading.

👤It felt good to finally sleep after using no neck pain. The neutral neck/head position is highly recommended. I would have preferred a little more firm. It works great to wake up without neck or shoulder pain.

👤The pillow is high enough. I snore less at night.

👤H acquisto il cuscino perché spesso fatica ad addormentarmi. I sveglio stanco a causa di fastid alla cervicale. Uso il cuscino da circa due settimane. In una posizione, il collo, il conformazione ha avvolge la testa. Inoltre sfoderabile.

👤Rispetto al classico cuscino a piume il memory foam. I piaciuta maggiormente particolare la forma, per diverse posizioni e punti. I materiali decisamente buoni.

👤Provato gi da due settimane e spinto all theacquisto dalle. Non cede al peso della testa, mantiene inalterata la forma. Finalmente ho trovato. Consigliato.

👤spedizione veloce arrivato dopo un giorno. ma non duro. A postura perfetta sia di schiena. trovato bene.

👤Alla data stabilita, ho acquisto questo cuscino perché oggliani mattina. I dolori. I svegliavo! In altri negozi ricerca un prodotto cos di qualit. Acquisto consigliato!

9. Memory Foam Pillow Bamboo CertiPUR US

Memory Foam Pillow Bamboo CertiPUR US

The standard size pillows are 20 x 26 inches. Royal Therapy is considered to be the most comfortable pillows for sleeping you can buy. It's filled with shredded memory foam that cradles your head and neck, making it less likely that you'll get hurt. The shape of the pillow fills in the gap between your neck and mattress, keeping your spine in proper alignment while you sleep. Their luxury pillow supports the lighter neck area and gives greater resistance under the heaviest parts of the head. The Royal Therapy memory foam pillow helps reduce tossing. It allows your muscles to relax and give your body natural support to help you sleep. It is believed that the alignment of the spine helps with good sleep and allows easier breathing at night. There is less tossing and turning with the Royal Therapy pillow, which may be a benefit to those with sleeping problems. This leads to a good night's sleep. There is a cover. The bamboo cover has heat dissipating technology that eliminates thermal build-up while you sleep. The Royal Therapy Memory Foam Pillow retains its shape so it won't go flat. As it cools, Royal Therapy special foam is no longer fit for the neck and head. The shape of memory foam is always the same. It will last longer than other high quality pillows.

Brand: Royal Therapy

👤As all men, my husband does nothing to help himself. I read through 15 million reviews of pillows and picked this one. He was in love after one night. He has already thrown out his pillows. When you get it in the mail, it's very flat and doesn't seem like it will be a big pillow, have no fear because it will grow into a heavy, thick, quality pillow. I would recommend people who like large firm pillows.

👤I had to stop using the pillow after a couple months. I felt like it was too thick for what I needed. I ended up with my neck at a weird angle. Maybe taking out the stuffing would make it better. I use it as a back support when I am side sleeping. I opened the pillow right away to let it get full shape. It didn't take long. I wanted to give it time to work. It would be fine to use after 2 or 3 hours. I woke up feeling great after the first night of sleep and it was great for the first week. I woke up with a pain in my neck after sleeping in a weird position. I don't think it was the pillows fault, I am more of a side sleeper and end up with my arm under me or my neck bent. It took a few days to get over that and it seemed like the pillow helped me, although I ended up sleeping without a pillow at all. If you wanted to, you could probably use this pillow without a case. You can wash it because it has a zip opening. It is very firm but soft at the same time. It almost feels like a feather pillow to me, but it holds its shape and supports better. Since it is made so you can open it up, you could take out some filling and adjust it to your liking. I don't know if there's anything I don't like. It is very firm and it has taken some getting used to but I usually have cheap pillows that don't last or keep their firmness long. I really like this pillow. I would recommend it to a friend or family member and I will probably order a second.

👤I bought this pillow because I wanted to remove it if it had too much stuffing. The photos show you can open the pillow. The pillow case has a zip, but the pillow has no zip to remove filling. The pillow is discolored on one side. I would not recommend this pillow.

👤I was confused as to how it was a king size pillow with medium fill, since it was supposed to be fluffy and full. I pulled it out of its tube and it was in 3 square forms. I thought I'd return it and put it away. I looked at it about 5 hours later and it was big and puffy. I was amazed. I've been using it for 3 nights now and I love it. I suffer from neck pain and that's why I bought it, it feels great on my neck even when I lay on my side. I recommend this pillow to anyone who is suffering from neck pain. If it is too puffy for you, you can remove some of the fill.

10. Worlds Best Feather Microfiber Charcoal

Worlds Best Feather Microfiber Charcoal

Wolf Manufacturing strives to preserve their planet for the next generation of travelers. By using recycled fibers for their neck pillow filling and minimal packaging that is made from 100% recycled paper, they can help protect the environment. PREMIUM COMFORT. No matter where you go, their luxurious crystal fleece neck pillow cover and feather soft fiber filling will keep you warm. Their fiber-filled travel neck pillow is made from high-quality materials that will keep your head, neck, and shoulders healthy. The adventure proof. Traveling can get messy, but no worries here. Their pillows are easy to clean. Just throw it in the wash. No more weasels. They use materials that are not harmful to the environment to make sure you don't have to worry about allergies. Trusted brand. A Texas brand has been around since 1946. It'sTILE: Take with you anywhere for better travel and even better naps. There is a way to snap CLOSURE. No more having to keep up with your pillow. It's convenient to snap it around and travel on.

Brand: World's Best

👤This is the best pillow I have ever tried and it is the most comfortable one. Over the past year, I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a solution to my neck and back pain. I have been using this for the past few nights and it is perfect. It is supportive yet soft at the same time. The material doesn't irritate my skin at all. I immediately ordered a second one and plan to remove a bit of the stuffing from that one so I have options.

👤This pillow is perfect for what I bought it for, as no one is traveling too much at the moment. I bought it because I need a donut shaped head covering so I don't have to rub my new piercings against anything. The pillow is very firm yet keep it's shape. I like that I can take the cover off and wash it when I need it. This is the perfect pillow for me right now and I am so happy I picked it.

👤I use this pillow as a piercing pillow because I lay on it with my ear through the hole so my earrings don't irritate my ears as I sleep. It is very comfortable. I haven't used it like that yet, but I have put it around my neck a few times. I like how thick it is so my face can be supported no matter which way I lay my head. My cat likes it too. 10/10

👤Don't bother with this neck pillow, just go out in your yard and find a hard, round rock. It was supposed to have a zip on it, but there was no way to take out the filling to make it less hard. I don't like it.

👤This is the travel pillow that I got. I was able to sleep on my sides because I didn't have to worry about my piercings touching my pillow. Sleeping on fresh and unhealed piercings can cause constant and severe irritation and can make them heal crooked. I make sure my ear is in the empty space in the middle of the pillow when I lay on my side. The fabric is very soft and it feels like you are laying on a pillow. It's a good idea for anyone with new ear piercings or who needs a sleeping solution.

👤I had to modify the neck pillow to fit my neck better. Most neck pillows are too heavy for me. I chose this pillow because it has a zip which allows the user to remove some of the stuffing if needed. I took out a small amount of stuffing, but the pile grew into a big mound that filled two one-gallon plastic bags. I use the pillow all night after rearranging the remaining stuffing in the pillow. I just throw it in with my normal clothes because it is machine washed and machine dries fine. My neck is very happy with the pillow. I recommend it to people who find other neck pillows too thick.

11. ZAMAT Adjustable Cervical Orthopedic Pillowcase

ZAMAT Adjustable Cervical Orthopedic Pillowcase

The benefits include a machine wash cover and temperature regulating memory foam. Relax, boost energy, reduce stress, and relieve back, hip, and joint pain. Have you had trouble sleeping? About 25% of people suffer from neck pain. It's not the original source of your neck pain, but it's an important part of making it better or worse. They spend a lot of time with a pillow, why not choose the right one for a healthy neck? ZAMAT is a great pillow for pain relief that has a good fit for your head, neck, and back. Are you looking for a personalized pillow? ZAMAT bed pillow has many thoughtful designs. Your arms have special armrests. Excellent support is offered during sleep by the conjugate design. The head is properly supported by the central cavity. You can adjust the height of the pillow with the piece in the bottom. If you're sensitive to the smell of a memory foam pillow and want a natural and healthy pillow, the sutera pillow is a good choice. CertiPUR-US certified memory foam is used in their pillow. It can provide firm support when sleeping. It can keep its shape and firmness for a long time. The ZAMAT neck pain pillow's outer cover is made of bamboo andPolyester, which is machine-washable, so it's hard to hand wash it. The double pillowcases aim to help to protect the pillow, but you will still have a cooling night. Both of the covers are made of zippers. Also, note: The memory foam should not be destroyed. A good pillow is a must-have because you spend about one-third of your life sleeping. The ZAMAT pillow helps reduce neck problems and improves sleep. It has a lot of outstanding features and they can assure you that you will not be disappointed. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Zamat

👤Five years ago, I was in a motorcycle accident that left me with moderate to severe neck and back pain. It never occurred to me that a pillow could make a difference. I was not looking for one. I had surgery on my neck a few weeks ago to relieve some of the pressure on my spine. Since the surgery, I've been in even more pain and it's been difficult to find a pillow that supports my neck in the right way. I've been waking up stiff and in pain because I haven't slept well. I was researching what might help and found out about the pillows that are made of cervical material. I was initially taken aback by the price of this pillow. It seemed like a big price to pay for just a pillow. This isn't just a pillow. This thing is a game-changer. It was easy to unbox because the pillow was removed from the box. There was no smell. I like that there is a cover that is not permanent, and that it does not do well in a traditional pillowcase. The first night was not comfortable. The next night, I switched the pillow to the other side to sleep on the opposite side. It felt like a better fit for me because of my broad shoulders. Since then, I've been able to cut my pain meds in half, and I've woken up with a great range of motion. I can't believe I've had relief from five years of pain. I regret that I didn't discover this sooner.

👤I was prepared to lose my mind. The pillows that support the neck are not shaped to do that. I was concerned that the shape of the pullows wouldn't be enough. It is better than I expected, but not perfect. I feel supported under my neck, which is better than anything else I have tried. I wish it was more. It needs to push my neck up more or let my head sink down more to line things up. It would be correct if I had a smaller head. I have a big head. Can't buy one-sized hats. The wing-things on the sides are what I like the most. I didn't know I needed those until I tried it. It makes me feel better for lting on my side. It gives me a place to put my hand. I have a disease. It hurts to sleep on my hand, but I do it anyway. I was stopped by this pillow. The pillow was "semi firm." I don't think about the neck area. The advertisement is false. It says the pillow has an option to be thinner or thicker. It doesn't. I don't like false advertising. I'm tempted to return it on those grounds. The product doesn't deserve success if the advertisement is misleading. There is no excuse. None. I read reviews before buying something. I hoped it was a mistake because one mentioned it. They had to call ro to get the extra piece. Nope. That is ok. It should say so in the add if that is part of it. I will have to think about whether my irritation is worth the trouble of returning it. Its really bad. It might fit my big head better if it had an extra panel.


What is the best product for best pillow for neck pain?

Best pillow for neck pain products from Zoey Sleep. In this article about best pillow for neck pain you can see why people choose the product. Outstay and Tbfit are also good brands to look for when you are finding best pillow for neck pain.

What are the best brands for best pillow for neck pain?

Zoey Sleep, Outstay and Tbfit are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best pillow for neck pain. Find the detail in this article. Sutera, Ylekto and Coop Home Goods are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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