Best Best Pillow for Neck and Back Pain

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1. Cervical Nerveol Shoulder Ergonomic Orthopedic

Cervical Nerveol Shoulder Ergonomic Orthopedic

Good sleep starts with their neck pillows. Birthday gifts for parents, friends and relatives are ideal with the side sleeper pillow. The cervical pillow is made of high-quality memory foam and can perfectly support your head, neck, shoulder, and back. Ensure that you can get comfortable support while sleep, that you can relax your neck pain and shoulder stiffness, and that you can get a good night's sleep. The sleeping pillow core is made of memory foam. It will provide sleeping firm support with amazing comfort and softness. Material is chemical-free for better health. The pillowcase is made of fiber. The surface of the pillow keeps it cool while you sleep. The pillow is machine-washable and easy to clean, so you can keep it clean and smelling fresh. The neck pillow has a conforming design. The two ends of the pillow make the design follow the curve of your body. The arm muscles don't feel pressure when sleeping on the side or back with the two armrests. The natural traction of the neck and head support can help with sleep quality. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. They will respond quickly. They can provide the best experience to customers that they can choose this pillow for their family.

Brand: Nerveol

👤The pillow is very comfortable. The shape helps with my neck and shoulder pain.

👤If you have a bad neck, this pillow is great. I would wake up with a stiff neck and sometimes a headaches because my pillow ended up on the floor and I didn't get the support I needed for my neck.

👤My back and neck problems make it hard for me to sleep in a supine position, so my Chiropractor recommended I buy a pillow that will help me sleep in a supine position. I will buy another one for my husband.

👤Really impressed! I get the support that I need to get a good night of sleep. It is my new favorite pillow. It's worth buying! I will be buying more for the rest of my family as soon as possible.

👤I like going to bed knowing I won't wake up with pain. Thank you!

👤The product isn't as advertised.

👤Do what it is supposed to do. The shoulders feel great.

👤It helps with neck pain.

2. ZAMAT Adjustable Cervical Orthopedic Pillowcase

ZAMAT Adjustable Cervical Orthopedic Pillowcase

The benefits include a machine wash cover and temperature regulating memory foam. Relax, boost energy, reduce stress, and relieve back, hip, and joint pain. Have you had trouble sleeping? About 25% of people suffer from neck pain. It's not the original source of your neck pain, but it's an important part of making it better or worse. They spend a lot of time with a pillow, why not choose the right one for a healthy neck? ZAMAT is a great pillow for pain relief that has a good fit for your head, neck, and back. Are you looking for a personalized pillow? ZAMAT bed pillow has many thoughtful designs. Your arms have special armrests. Excellent support is offered during sleep by the conjugate design. The head is properly supported by the central cavity. You can adjust the height of the pillow with the piece in the bottom. If you're sensitive to the smell of a memory foam pillow and want a natural and healthy pillow, the sutera pillow is a good choice. CertiPUR-US certified memory foam is used in their pillow. It can provide firm support when sleeping. It can keep its shape and firmness for a long time. The ZAMAT neck pain pillow's outer cover is made of bamboo andPolyester, which is machine-washable, so it's hard to hand wash it. The double pillowcases aim to help to protect the pillow, but you will still have a cooling night. Both of the covers are made of zippers. Also, note: The memory foam should not be destroyed. A good pillow is a must-have because you spend about one-third of your life sleeping. The ZAMAT pillow helps reduce neck problems and improves sleep. It has a lot of outstanding features and they can assure you that you will not be disappointed. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Zamat

👤Five years ago, I was in a motorcycle accident that left me with moderate to severe neck and back pain. It never occurred to me that a pillow could make a difference. I was not looking for one. I had surgery on my neck a few weeks ago to relieve some of the pressure on my spine. Since the surgery, I've been in even more pain and it's been difficult to find a pillow that supports my neck in the right way. I've been waking up stiff and in pain because I haven't slept well. I was researching what might help and found out about the pillows that are made of cervical material. I was initially taken aback by the price of this pillow. It seemed like a big price to pay for just a pillow. This isn't just a pillow. This thing is a game-changer. It was easy to unbox because the pillow was removed from the box. There was no smell. I like that there is a cover that is not permanent, and that it does not do well in a traditional pillowcase. The first night was not comfortable. The next night, I switched the pillow to the other side to sleep on the opposite side. It felt like a better fit for me because of my broad shoulders. Since then, I've been able to cut my pain meds in half, and I've woken up with a great range of motion. I can't believe I've had relief from five years of pain. I regret that I didn't discover this sooner.

👤I was prepared to lose my mind. The pillows that support the neck are not shaped to do that. I was concerned that the shape of the pullows wouldn't be enough. It is better than I expected, but not perfect. I feel supported under my neck, which is better than anything else I have tried. I wish it was more. It needs to push my neck up more or let my head sink down more to line things up. It would be correct if I had a smaller head. I have a big head. Can't buy one-sized hats. The wing-things on the sides are what I like the most. I didn't know I needed those until I tried it. It makes me feel better for lting on my side. It gives me a place to put my hand. I have a disease. It hurts to sleep on my hand, but I do it anyway. I was stopped by this pillow. The pillow was "semi firm." I don't think about the neck area. The advertisement is false. It says the pillow has an option to be thinner or thicker. It doesn't. I don't like false advertising. I'm tempted to return it on those grounds. The product doesn't deserve success if the advertisement is misleading. There is no excuse. None. I read reviews before buying something. I hoped it was a mistake because one mentioned it. They had to call ro to get the extra piece. Nope. That is ok. It should say so in the add if that is part of it. I will have to think about whether my irritation is worth the trouble of returning it. Its really bad. It might fit my big head better if it had an extra panel.

3. Cervical Memory Foam Pillow Shoulder

Cervical Memory Foam Pillow Shoulder

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. You won't need it. It is there for your added comfort. The best sleep you will ever have is when you can stay cool with the amazing pillow by CushionCare. Their revolutionary bed pillow has a high density memory foam core and is designed to combat all the reasons you never get a full 8 hours of sleep, from eliminating painful pressure points to helping to reduce snoring! The therapeutic pillow is made with the highest-quality memory foam and has a high-density memory foam core that quickly heals compared to other memory foam pillows. This high-tech, temperature sensitive foam adjusts to your body's heat and weight to provide just the right amount of support while keeping you cool and comfortable. It's also suitable as a salon Lash pillow. Designed to bring maximum comfort to your bed, this ultra- soft neck pillows for pain relief sleeping features an exclusive design that will cradle your neck and head to keep you from tossing and turning while keeping your head in line with your spine to reduce neck and shoulder pain. Their pillows have special features to cushion and support your shoulders. Their pillows for neck pain are designed to fit into your life, whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach. They come with a luxurious outer cover in a white and gray mesh design that will look great with any set of bed sheets. The inner cover keeps the foam core clean so that it is safe for you and your family. At CushionCare, they want to make sure you have everything you need for a good night's sleep, and that's why they've included a free sleeping mask. Their sleeping pillow comes in a beautiful box that is the perfect gift for anyone in your life who needs relief from restless nights.

Brand: Cushioncare

👤I bought a pillow after reading so many good reviews. I slept on this pillow for 2 weeks before writing this review. The smell of off-gassing was not strong until I slept on it the first night and I couldn't sleep. This pillow takes a while to get used to. I put the pillow outside the next morning to keep it cool. I am sensitive to odors and fragrances, so it bothered me even though there was less odor the second night. The off-gassing was not noticeable by day 4. The pillow is not as soft as my other memory foam pillow. When sleeping on your back or side, the indented area is where you place your head. It feels different, but the indent on your head makes you feel better the next morning. If you don't center your head perfectly in the pillow, you can feel the pillow dig into your neck at the base, which is not comfortable at all. When I sleep on my back, I have to adjust my head. My hair is a few inches below my shoulders and I have to pull it up and out of the way or I have to push it into the space and it will fall off by the morning. I have never had a pillow that made me feel hot, and I felt very sweaty on my neck. I have never felt hot from a pillow in over 60 years, so I didn't think that would be a problem for me, even though I have read reviews on pillows that said if the pillow was cool or hot, I would be upset. I am going back to my normal pillow. If I ever feel neck strain, I will use this pillow, but I don't like it enough to sleep on it every night.

👤This PILLOW! I waited a while to write a review because I wanted to make sure it worked. Don't hesitate... This pillow is for sale! There is a If you have headaches or neck pain... This pillow is for sale! I had to go to the Chiropractor multiple times a week because I was having constant headaches. I thought I had a good pillow. It was a good pillow for my knees. This pillow is very supportive of your neck, even on your side. I've never been so serious about a pillow. Will purchase another in the future. Don't be excited about the eye mask coming with it. It is not all that great. It is silk material, but it is not special. I wanted to give an accurate review of all items.

👤Finally! I have found the one that has been my pillow purchase for over five years. The pillow is the bomb. It provides amazing support to your head, neck and shoulders overnight, so don't let it deter you. The pillow cradles your head in a way that I have been trying to achieve with a wave foal pillow and a neck pillow combo. The box says it is comfortable for back and shoulder sleeping. I haven't been able to figure that out yet. I have not had neck pain in the morning for the two nights I have used it, and I still give it 5 stars. Everyone I know is getting a pillow for Christmas.

4. Sleeping Ergonomic Cervical Shoulder Sleepers

Sleeping Ergonomic Cervical Shoulder Sleepers

A good night's sleep is hard to come by. They work all day, deal with the kids, and maybe even get some alone time before they go to sleep. Sleep doesn't come. You can get a memory foam pillow as a gift for yourself, your parents, colleagues and friends. They would love to have a good night's sleep with the Looffy pillow for neck. Slow-rebound Memory Foam is 100% Polyurethane. The back and side sleeping styles are adjusted for back and side issues. The other back/side sleepers can sleep on the lower side. The pillow holds the head in sleeping positions. It allows the neck to bend naturally. The spine, head and neck are supported correctly. The cutouts on the side give you a place to rest and keep your shoulder straight. Natural premium memory foam. The pillow core is made of slow rebound memory foam. Air circulation, skin-friendly, and breathable, are increased by uniformly punched and distributed. Under high usage rate and various environments, maintaining amazing softness and firmness. If you're not sure if you're safe, you can take it for a few days. They can assess you. They will replace or return your order if you are unhappy. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Sigoods

👤I've tried many pillows and this one was the best. Most pillows are too high, too big or too firm, which causes me neck pain. I've always had a hard time finding the perfect pillow, and this one definitely delivers it. I woke up without neck pain and had a good night's sleep. The Memory foam is very soft and comfortable to the head and neck. If you are small, you should definitely recommend it.

👤My wife is prone to morning headaches due to muscle spasms around the neck area from an auto accident as a child. Many pillows are too flat or too stuffy, and therapeutic pillows came in a variety of shapes claiming to provide just the right support, but maybe not for your needs! This pillow has different height cushion rolls, so the user can choose what is most comfortable to them. The design makes it possible for top, bottom and side solutions to be considered. The pillow is firm, but there is enough cushion give to be comfortable. The only issue is that it doesn't fluff up into a nicepillow shape for making one's bed.

👤I woke up with neck pain and cracking. I woke up with no neck pain after having this pillow for a week. I like how it fits under my shoulder. When you lay down, it was not comfortable at first but once you get used to the support of your neck straight, the results are amazing.

👤There are different shaped sides to this pillow. I slept well and my neck pain was gone after I found the side of my neck.

👤The pillow was never inflated to the correct size. I gave it a week to rise. I returned it.

👤There were no problems with this pillow. Every night, use.

👤Gave me a throbbing head. If you move during the night you're no longer gently placed in the center of that dip. I'll be awake for a while.

👤Nos encontramos con una almohada con una forma peculiar. Cuesta un poco adaptarse, ya, ya Tiene un tamao de 65x42x12 cm, adems, con una funda. Ahora, la bolsa al vaco, tiene una vez sacada del envase. Os recomiendo dejar la almohada al aire libre. Es una almohada, con su funcin. Adaptarse. A ella. Si vamos a tener la cabeza quieta, justo en el medio. No sea la vuestra, ya, son bastante incmodos.

👤Pues hasta ahora. No, he trata de una almohada viscoelstica, perfectamente a nuestras necesidades. Son tiene 3 semanas, sigo roncando igual, lo dice ms. Nos encontrarnos con una almohada, con una fund. No hara falta ningn otra funda porque la trae es lavable. No hay nada de extraordinario, el material viscoelstico es ms de lo mismo. No voy a repetir lo, ya se ha dicho no solo, as pues... La recomiendo.

👤A dejar una opinin de la marca Sigoods. Tener una almohada con el uso, nos ayude con las malas posturas. La intencin de la almohada es corregir. Tengo una hernia en la espalda. I don't know if hecho de is totalmente a la forma del Cuello. The funcin principal is aliviar dolores de cabeza musculares. La relacin calidad is un poco alto. Es una. Se adapte a las necesidades, pero con una caracterstica no vara segn la temperatura. Tiene 12 puntos de masaje. A mquina lgicamente la funda. No la Podemos meter. I llamado la atencin, pero garantiza un control de calidad. 36 cm de largo por 16 cm de ancho is what the medidas are. Agradable, tiene un color blanco con unas tact bandas. Es ancha, tiene una especie de forma redondeada para la introduccin del Cuello. As por favor, el botn de "til" tienes aparece. Debajo de la opinin.

5. Beckham Hotel Collection Pillow 2 Pack

Beckham Hotel Collection Pillow 2 Pack

There is a presentation. The gift box for the watch is black and ready to be presented to your groom on your special day. Their pillow is encased in a 250 thread count cover and filled with a soft down alternative. If you're looking for a cool queen size pillow for night sweats, the breathability of their bed pillow can offer welcome relief. The bed pillows are made in an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory that ensures they meet high safety and environmental standards. The side sleeper pillow is easy to clean and makes life easy. They can be popped in the washer and dried. Their cooling pillows for sleeping can accommodate a wide range of sleeping styles. The bounce-back design will make your favorite position.

Brand: Beckham Luxury Linens

👤The first night we used it, we found a bed bug on the pillow. I had no idea what a bed bug looked like until I found one crawling on me. We put them in the washer as soon as possible, but now we are scared. Don't recommend!

👤The pillows were not good and I wrote a two star review. The company reached out to me multiple times in order to get me to remove the review. I initially refused but after they said they were really trying to do better, I agreed. There is a As soon as I deleted it, I was ghosted. The way to do business is crooked. You get a one star review now.

👤I am a real buyer and I was not paid to review this pillow. I'm not doing that. I want everyone to know what I'm saying. The "Beckham Hotel" pillow is the same as the others. There is a small bar-coded sticker on the Beckham Hotel re-branding sticker on the package of the two pillows. There are 3 more There is no smell. There's no mold. They were shipped in a nice plastic container bag. There are four They are dead flat. They start to fluff up when you remove them. They are ready to use after an hour or so. You can sleep on them if you fluff them a bit. It is not necessary to put them in a dryer. Not sure. I waited a month to write this because I wanted to make sure I liked the pillows. I do! 6) I had some doubts about how soft they would be, but after a couple of nights, I thought they were firm enough to support my head and neck. When I sleep on my side, I end up on my back. 7) They're heavy enough to not move around, but not heavy like a memory foam pillow. They are put in other words. 8) I bought the queen sized ones. It was interesting to me that these are 20 inches wide and a queen size pillowcase is also 20 inches wide. A pillowcase is flat and a pillow is high. It takes some effort to squeeze the pillow into the pillowcase. Maybe this makes the pillow seem a bit more firm than I thought it was. It works and these have worked out well for me. I woke up in a hotel with neck pain about 4 years ago. It didn't seem to get rid of it. I tried several other pillows that I got from the local store. They all went back. I got these pillows and continued on with my neck stretches and now I'm feeling fine. I woke up a week ago with no neck pain. That's a relief. I can't tell you anything about Amazon shoppers. Buying a pillow is a wilderness of choice. I spent a lot of time here. The comfort of pillows is very personal and subjective. I can only say that these worked out for me. I assume you can return them if they don't suit you. I don't know. I'm not a member of the Prime program. Best of luck finding yours! -MSW

6. ZAMAT Adjustable Ergonomic Cervical Orthopedic

ZAMAT Adjustable Ergonomic Cervical Orthopedic

Do you wake up with neck pain each morning? The ZAMAT pillow is great for neck pain and can be used for side, back, and stomach sleeping. The memory foam cradles the natural curve of your neck, provides incredible support for spine alignment, and is guaranteed to never have you wake up with neck pain again! The pillow has a medium soft feel and is easy to modify. The sleeping pillow can be tailored to anyone of two loft levels. Low pillow sleepers will find a different level with rotating the pillow. It is easy to switch between pillows with this construction. If you're sensitive to the smell of memory foam pillow's off-gassing, or just want something all-natural, this contour memory foam pillow is a must-have! It is made with high-quality memory foam that is CertiPUR-US certified. It's a good idea to support your neck and shoulder when you're on your side, back or stomach, so you can rest at night. If you're looking for a great pillow, look no further. ZAMAT neck pillows for pain relief sleeping are specially designed to fit both comfort and firmness at every level. The outer quilted cover is easy to remove for machine- washing. It's made of a cotton/polyester blend with a stretchy liner to help it hold its shape and keep you cool. It is an efficient way to improve your sleep if you find a great pillow that can help reduce your neck problems. It has a lot of outstanding features and they can assure you that you will not be disappointed. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact them. If it's too thin for you, contact them for an extra memory foam insert.

Brand: Zamat

👤I decided to get a new pillow after weeks of pain in my neck that I could not get rid of with other remedies. I read a lot of reviews before I tried this one. The reviews I read and the fact that they provide a guarantee to let you return/exchange the pillow were important factors in my decision. My neck felt better after one night with this pillow. My neck pain is gone almost two weeks later. I realized that the pain was most likely from reading in bed. This pillow was able to get my neck back to normal. I used this pillow for the first week to sleep on my back because of the supportive grove for your neck in the center. It felt great on my neck. I've gone back to using this for side sleeping, and I can't believe I've never used a regular pillow. Highly recommended.

👤I was inspired to write a review for all of the people who are desperate to find the right pillow, like I have been. I have had neck and shoulder pain for months. I had issues with my neck because of the pillows I was using, but I never had a car accident or trauma. I tried many pillows. You name it, it's Memory Foam, regular fill, shredded gel memory foam. I was very focused. The ZAMAT Standard Countour Memory Foam pillow was too firm. I went with the Queen Soft pillow. It has solved my neck issues in a single night, and the shoulder issue was solved by the same method. I didn't think a pillow that was comfortable for all positions was possible. This is the one, no doubt about it. If you want to lie on either side of the neck dip, you can do that, but you have to lie on the high side of the pillow. Don't hesitate to buy this, you will sleep better and wake up refreshed.

👤I have a pinched nerve near my C3/C4. I went to the Chiropractor for about a month and it helped. The 8 month cost was going to be over 5k since insurance is unwilling to offer much assistance, but I was told that I would be looking at weekly visits over 8 months. I was told that I wasn't in a financial situation to complete the treatment plan and that I could do some exercises at home to relieve the pain. The exercises helped a little. I had no pain when I slept on my mattress, but sleeping without a pillow was a big help. I started looking for pillows that wouldn't cause me to wake up in pain after doing this for a while. I spent over $300 on 8 pillows before giving the Zamat pillow a try. I had 2 times when I woke up with pain in the first week. I thought I would have to keep looking for the Cinderalla pillow. I decided to give it a bit more time after I noticed that the box stated that it took some time for your neck and back to adjust to the pillows support. There is a I stopped waking up with pain after about a dozen days. I have had a pillow for months now and I have woken up with less neck pain than before. I have been dealing with neck pain for 2 years and I nearly broke down and paid over 5k just to not have to deal with it anymore, but this pillow was the answer to eliminate the pain.

7. Looffy Sleeping Ergonomic Cervical Orthopedic

Looffy Sleeping Ergonomic Cervical Orthopedic

Balance has a cover that makes it easy to sleep clean and healthy. Is your bed pillow too soft to support your head? Is your pillow too stiff that it can hurt your face and ears? High density slow rebound memory foam is used in Looffy's neck pillows. The neck pillows will provide a good night's sleep. The medium firm memory foam provides the right balance between support and comfort for the most sleep-inducing sleep, allowing you to breathe more freely and reduce snoring. Will you get a sore shoulder or spine pressure after sleeping? The shape of the pillows for neck pain will help you sleep better and give you more energy in the morning. The neck pillow's design can help alleviate shoulder pain, promote proper spine alignment, and relax your muscles. The special neck pillow can give you a good rest no matter what position you're in. Their memory foam neck pillow case provide better air circulation to keep you cool and dry when the weather is hot and wet. The neck pillow case is machine washed so you can keep it clean. There are some tips on how to make a cayenne pepper. It may take some time to get used to a neck pillow. There are two more The memory foam pillow will help relieve neck and back pain, but it won't eliminate the pain. The package may smell like foam after opening it. If the smell is bothering you, please wash the pillowcase and put the memory foam neck bed pillow outdoors or near an open window for at least 4-7 days. A good night's sleep is hard to come by. They work all day, deal with the kids, and maybe even get some alone time before they go to sleep. Sleep doesn't come. You can get a memory foam pillow as a gift for yourself, your parents, colleagues and friends. They would love to have a good night's sleep with the Looffy pillow for neck.

Brand: Looffy

👤It's a nice pillow. I can't use it because it smells so bad. The pillow case was washed. I don't know what to do. I would love it.

👤I think I would like this pillow if I were able to use it, I have had it out of the box for three days and the smell is so intense it fills the room I have it in, I keep having to move it room to room in hopes it will work. I'm pretty sure this pillow is going to be a big waste of money and I'm not sure if the reviews are legit. I suffer from bulging discs in my neck, sadly I don't think the smell is going anywhere, and I can't shove it in a box and return it.

👤I used this last night and slept for seven hours straight and woke up pain free for the first time in 3 years, because of my severe spine and neck injuries. I bought one to send to my father as well.

👤I got two pillows for my kids. One lighting deal and one price. I have other types of pillows at home. I felt the difference. The old ones are good, but this new one is more supportive. The whole body gesture was a little uncomfortable for me at first. My kids are using them. They are very happy that they got pillows to support their heads at night. I don't think they want to return it. It is hard to cuddle each other if you have this, since the pillow will secure your head in one place.

👤I need something on my bed to support me when I read, and this is what I bought. I washed the cover after I received it. I couldn't tell if my wife was complaining about the smell or not. We put it away for a month and use it occasionally. My wife and I could not smell anything strange anymore. I gave this product a 4-star because of the smell. It is quite comfortable.

👤The pillow has complex shapes. It supports the neck. It is a good height when sleeping. There is a It might be a little shorter for side sleepers. It is a good pillow. It is not a huge pillow, but my wife likes a larger one. Good luck selecting your pillow.

👤I was looking for a pillow that would prevent my husband from snoring. The type of pillows helps. I kept it for myself because my husband said it was a little too firm. The size and shape was great for me as I have a small neck.

👤The pillow is very comfortable, it prevents my head from sinking too deep. It's good for health.

👤I bought this pillow because of my arthritis. The pillow said it was for stomach sleepers. It's not for stomach sleeping. If you sleep on your stomach, you will suffocate with this pillow because of the indent for the head. The side or edge of the pillow was soft enough, but it did not provide proper neck support. I also use a machine for breathing. Don't buy this pillow if you use a CPAP machine because it cut off the air to my machine. The smell is terrible. I washed the pillow case to try to get rid of the smell, but the foam stinks and it is not going away. This was a complete waste of money for me.

8. Misiki Orthopedic Cervical Sleeping Ergonomic

Misiki Orthopedic Cervical Sleeping Ergonomic

The Pillow is made of 100% Polyurethane, known as Memory Foam, and 40% Staple Rayon, and 60% Polyester Fiber. The Misiki cervical pillow is made of high quality memory foam with moderate hardness to ensure comfortable support while sleeping. The neck pillow is used to relieve neck and shoulder pain. The bed pillow has a function that makes it fit your neck perfectly. The design pillow is ergonomics. The butterfly-shaped pillow has a central cavity that helps to maintain a natural curve in the neck and helps to relieve pressure on the head. The Misiki pillow is ideal for back and side sleeping. The natural traction of the neck and head support can help you sleep better by reducing the pressure on the skull. When sleeping on the wing side, make sure the shoulder is straight, release the shoulder pressure, and place the arm on the extra armrests to reduce numbness. The Pillowcase for Easy Cleaning is Skin Friendly. The pillow core is made of slow rebound memory foam, which is CertiPUR-US standards. The pillowcase is made of 100% polyester fabric and is easy to clean. Before using memory foam, you can let it sit for a few days to get used. You spend about one-third of your life sleeping, so a good neck pillow is a must-have. The Misiki pillow is suitable for people who suffer from sleep disorders. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Misiki

👤I had a nap on this pillow. I had a sore neck. Some of the negative reviews show the pillow upside down, and I looked at how the model was positioning it. I had it that way. I flipped it the way the model had it. Sometimes it is not the pillow but the user.

👤I've tried every pillow on the market for relief from my shoulder pain which has been bothering me for most of the year. It wouldn't let up despite doing yoga and swimming. Nothing helped until I bought this pillow. I realized how much better I was the next day after using it. Within a week, the problem was gone. My clavicle was bent into another plane when it was so bad. Now it is in alignment. Thanks to the person who created and manufactured this pillow, it is available to me. You will never know. I amrate myself. My "specs" are a female with a 135 lbs build and very active. Hope this helps. This pillow is worth the price.

👤I have a rare disease that causes severe joint damage and as a result, I have a lot of neck and shoulder problems. This supports my head when I sleep. It doesn't have a strange smell like foam pillows do, and I appreciate that.

👤This pillow supports the neck. I didn't have much confidence when I opened the box. There is a I put it out on the patio for a few days to get rid of the smell. I used it. It supported my neck and shoulder when lying on my back. There was no ache in the morning. Someone asked if there were replacement pillow cases. I put the pillow and formed pillow case in a queen sized case and it fit and can be washed. It was worthwhile because of one good nights sleep. It was a necessity because of the two weeks free of neck pain.

👤This pillow is not just used. It would take a long time to get this clean. This is terrible. Does the company think people will not open the outer cover? After opening the box, please remove the fabric cover. Make sure you don't pay full price for a vile, used product that could have a bug.

👤I felt obligated to write a review. I used it for the first time last night and I couldn't believe how well I slept. I just bought over 5 pillows and one that I am sending back. It was terrible before this arrived. I woke up well rested and no pain. I wanted to let you know that I was happy. The pillow works as described by me after I had an ACDF neck procedure. The packaging is nice and comfortable. The shoulder shape and curve is perfect. You don't want to miss this one. Looking to get another one.

👤This pillow is the answer to a sore shoulder, and I am a total side sleeper. The height of the pillow is perfect. I woke up with a sore neck the first couple of nights I slept on this pillow. I realized it was because my neck was in line when I was sleeping. I sleep better with this pillow. It is very good.

9. Groye Cooling Side Sleeper Pillow

Groye Cooling Side Sleeper Pillow

Hope you and your family are well soon. After years of shoulder or neck pain, you find a salvation with curbless insomnia pillows. The unique ARC design is what sets it apart. The curve of the pillow does not make you feel elevated or pressed against your shoulder. It helps your head, neck, and shoudler align properly, and relieve the pressure and muscles tension. Try to stop the sleepless night. The best investment of your health is your body. The curve is designed for side, back and stomach sleeping. The shoulder and upper back can rest comfortably without sacrificing head and neck support for side and back sleepers. It leaves room to expand chest for stomach sleepers. You will feel extreme comfort no matter what position you are in. An all-night cuddle! The best pillow at the market! The Groye cooling pillow can quickly absorb human body heat, reduce skin temperature by 2 to 5C instantly. The 3D mesh allows fresh air and heat to escape, offering a cool and refreshing night. The silky plush pillow is a great choice for skin hair. The pillow cover is machine-washable. Also, note: The memory foam should not be destroyed. SAFE MEMROY FOAM & RELAX SLEEP ENSURED. This CertiPUR-US certified and Oeko-Tex approved pillows are non-toxic. You won't have to endure chemical smell anymore when you enjoy the comfort of memory foam. They made this unique memory foam with the right height, softness and firmness for most of the side sleepers. It can provide firm support with amazing comfort and softness, while keeping its shape and firmness for long-term use. About one-third of your life is spent sleeping. A good pillow for neck pain relief is a must have. Groye neck. A supprot pillow that improves your sleep is a great gift for people with neck pain or shoulder strains. If their neck pillow doesn't meet your expectations, they'll give you a replacement or a refund, just let the reviews speak for themselves. All costs are on them.

Brand: Groye

👤This product deserved a review. It changed how I sleep after I complained to a coworker about waking up with a stiff neck. The first few nights were odd because I've always used high pillows. This was softer, but still conforming. The first night I switched back to my old pillow, but the next few nights I stuck to it, even though it was an unfamiliar feeling. It's night 7. I am falling asleep faster and waking refreshed. I think it's worth it. It takes a few days to get used to a new pillow. You will have a better night of sleep if you stick to it. I thought I'd add that there is no plastic smell that you sometimes get from memory foam because I always see this complaint with it.

👤This pillow is very nice. It's the perfect height and thickness for me. If it's too thick, you just remove the pad. It comes with instructions on how to get help if the pillow is harder or softer. It's reassuring that the pillow comes with options and support if needed, and that it will be "just right" for most people. By the way... I'm not a big fan of sleeping.

👤It is hard to find a pillow that will support my neck. I usually have to put my pillow between my neck and shoulder, but it doesn't stay that way all night. The pillow was very comfortable. No more stiff neck in the morning and you have support. Definitely recommend. When I decide to sleep on my stomach, it's even more comfortable.

👤I had a problem with my neck after moving heavy stuff. The problem lasted more than 2 weeks and made me worry. They call me pinched nerves because of the research I do. It hurts when I move my head. The pain was still there despite the help of physical therapy. My brother told me to look for a neck pillow and I am very happy I bought one. After sleeping on it, I can see the improvement. The pain is gone one week later. You can sleep in any position with this pillow.

👤I have used this pillow for a year and just bought a new one for my wife. When I am side sleeping, I need an extra foam layer sent to me by the seller to bring me to a proper height. My wife is 5'3" and she doesn't like the extra layer on the pillow. When you are side sleeping, the sides support your head and neck nicely. The way the sides are shaped, a wedge fills in between your head and jawbone to make side-sleeping blissful. I center myself on the pillow when I move to my back. Thank you for making this pillow.

👤This is the second bed pillow I have purchased. Sometimes I needed to sleep without a pillow because of my neck pressure. This pillow sets my head closer to the bed, without sacrificing the comfort of using a pillow. If you are having neck pains, I recommend getting this.

10. Mkicesky Support Cervical Shoulder Orthopedic

Mkicesky Support Cervical Shoulder Orthopedic

You should only get the best quality. They are a family-owned business based in CA and they pride ourselves on providing only tested and premium products with one year warranty and amazing U.S. based customer support for their community of hard working Americans. The bed back support was designed with attention to detail to bring pain relief and relaxation to you. The neck and shoulder muscles can be relax completely. The shape of it makes it easier to align your neck and back as you sleep. CertiPUR certified responsive memory foam reshapes to the perfect position to cradle your head and relieve pressure points. The bed pillow is suitable for 23.62*16* 3.14/ 4.3 in. It is perfect for sleeping on your back, side, side Measure the distance from the base of the neck to the outside tip of the humerus bone to make sure the size suits you. Snoring can be reduced with the help of a corset that supports the natural curve of the neck and provides plush comfort throughout the night. It is an excellent health care gift for your families or friends if you choose to use the 1YR warranty and soft pillow case.

Brand: Mkicesky

👤I'm not sure how to rate this product. It had a lot of positive reviews. The first pillow was almost brick like. It was almost too firm for me but after sleeping on it, it seemed like my neck pain was better. I have a 14 year old neck injury and I always look for ways to deal with it. I ordered a second pillow for my husband since it seemed like it was helping. We received a different pillow. This one felt softer than the first. Hardly any support. I gave my husband the firm one and he tried out the soft one. It was not in a good way. It was too soft and didn't offer much support. I decided to return the pillow and exchange it for another one, hoping it would be the same one I bought. It was better but not the same. I am returning the fourth pillow I bought because it is even softer. The pillows don't seem to be consistent on the firmness. The first two are okay and the third one is not. I will keep those two but return the others. It is not worth ordering a whole bunch to find out what works. It seems like there should be different options for firmness levels.

👤The pillow is odd looking and uncomfortable, but what a life saver it has been for me. I sleep on my back sometimes, but this pillow is amazing in its support and comfort. It might take a couple of nights to get used to it, but I slept like a baby the first time I used it. I broke my back as a teen and have had problems with it ever since. I have spent hundreds of dollars on many different pillows and this is the best one. I use a standard size silk pillowcase with it, since it's good for skin and hair, and it fits perfectly on this. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering purchasing a pillow.

👤I thought I would get an alignment pillow because I had been waking up with neck pain more often. I wasn't sure if it was going to work because they're so expensive everywhere else. Next day delivery was offered in this listing. The vacuum was sealed in a thin box. There was a slight smell but it was not bad. I lay in my pillow and had one of the best nights of my life, even though I didn't notice a change in my neck or head. I felt refreshed and no neck pain when I woke up. I used the Sleep Cycle app to track my nights and it shows that I went from 60% quality sleep on Monday to 98% on Wednesday and almost 3 more hours of good sleep. My regularity tracker was confused. I think I will need more of this product.

👤I have neck pain and ear pain from wearing ear plugs for 30 years, and this design seemed like a perfect fit for me. I tried the toddler size because I really wanted to love this pillow, but it was too soft for my ears. If the middle sides were softer, and just the middle was the firm area, it would be perfect. The toddler was too small for me, even with the reduced height of lady size. There is a special note. I found the pillow softer without the cover, it definitely adds firmness to the pillow. I had to use a small screwdriver to pry the middle snap. It was easy to close open. Not for me, but a great design for pillow lovers that can tolerate the pillow height.

11. Axelrod Orthopedic Comfortable Adjustable Heartburn

Axelrod Orthopedic Comfortable Adjustable Heartburn

Every Nestl purchase includes a 100% satisfaction backing. Their goal is to provide you with unparalleled customer service, and they are only happy if you are happy. No matter what, they have you covered. The geometric design is ERGONOMIC. The Axelrod wedge pillows can be placed according to the height you need, which can provide you with a particularly comfortable posture when reading, surfing the internet, pregnant, deep sleep, and leg pain. Theamniotic foam pillow is made of high-density foam material that can adapt to your shape and support for a comfortable night's sleep. It provides a custom feel for the human body, which results in excellent pressure release. The multi-functional support system is perfect for recovery after surgery. It's easier to get out of bed. The pillows can be adjusted to fit your needs. They keep the upper body elevated, align the spine, and immediately relieve neck and back pain. If you have gastroesophageal reflux disease, you should use the bed wedge pillow to support your back and shoulders, so as to improve your sleep posture, reduce neck pain and promote breathing. The quality of life can be improved. If you're looking for items that improve your life, this combination pillows can help. It's also a great gift for your loved ones. It is easy to clean with a machine wash. The design of the lid is easy to remove.

Brand: Axelrod

👤I had failed back surgery and had arthritis in my lower limbs, so I had to sleep on a couch, but I could sit with my back against the armrest and do ok. Came across this and took a chance. Put in your clothes drier and the cushions will pop right into shape.

👤The pillow is not good. I opened it three days ago and it is still very flat. There was no memory foam feeling even though the item was described. I can't get comfortable no matter what position I put the pillow in. I would like to return it but I can't fit it back in the box that it came in. I will be looking for a new pillow.

👤I used a number of pillows to prop my back and knees up after I had had a lot of back pain. The pillows were putting pressure on my back. I bought this set because it looked so versatile and I would only have two pillows to change into if I sat up to sleeping. The pain in my lower back was almost gone in one night. I just wake up and get out of bed. It's no longer necessary to stretch and groan before sitting up. Lower back pain is gone. The long bolster pillow didn't plump out at first. I followed the suggestion of another purchaser and put it in the dryer for 20 minutes and it expanded. I have used it as a pillow under my neck and as a support for my back. It works well in both positions. I move around in my sleep more than I know because the peg and back pillows are not the same and I slide down on the back pillow. I have had the system for a week and still have no back pain, so this doesn't seem to affect how good my back feels in the morning. The support cushions are medium firm and perfect for my frame. They are soft and have a lot of support. The long bolster pillow has a softer feel and is perfect for the more sensitive neck and lower back areas. The system is very good.

👤I had abdominal surgery and have been having a hard time laying down. I can't lay down on my back because of the stress on my stomach. I saw this and decided to try it out. I bought it and I am very happy. It is very comfortable to sleep with. If you had abdominal surgery and can't move much, I highly recommend this.

👤I love them! Highly recommended for those who suffer acid reflux. I went to see a doctor for acid reflux and he told me that it was affecting my throat and esophagus. He gave me a strict anti-reflux diet, suggestions for life style changes, and told me to sleep at a 45 degree angle. I searched for bed wedges with the right angle and found the Axelrod wedge pillow set which I think is a good fit for me. My surgeon told me that it could be set up for a perfect angle, and it's comfortable as well. I don't have to put it up again, and that's a plus. The way it's made, it can be free standing in the middle of my room without any support. I don't find that I slide down the wedge pillow the same way I did with other products. I might buy another one for office use because I feel like I cannot live without it. My wife loves my wedge pillow set and thought she didn't have any problems. We can change posture for different pain locations with more than 30 shapes. It may be a little bit expensive. It was worth it for me. It is warm, soft and supportive, slopes at just the right angles for both sitting and sleeping. I had considered buying an scuplture bed, but I think this is more comfortable. The pillow set is life-changing. It's highly recommended for people who suffer pain after surgery or have other health issues.


What is the best product for best pillow for neck and back pain?

Best pillow for neck and back pain products from Nerveol. In this article about best pillow for neck and back pain you can see why people choose the product. Zamat and Cushioncare are also good brands to look for when you are finding best pillow for neck and back pain.

What are the best brands for best pillow for neck and back pain?

Nerveol, Zamat and Cushioncare are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best pillow for neck and back pain. Find the detail in this article. Sigoods, Beckham Luxury Linens and Zamat are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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