Best Best Pens for Smooth Writing No Smear

Pens 8 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Uni Ball Vision Elite Rollerball Micro

Uni Ball Vision Elite Rollerball Micro

Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments to suit all your needs. They have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable, gel ink pens, whiteboard markers, and more for every writing style. Their click pens are filled with airplane-safe ink that won't explode or leak, so you can use them at any altitude. Their pack of pens has an exclusive ink system that ensures a consistent, delightfully fluid writing experience. Their ink pens offer protection against water, fading, and fraud, while uni Super Ink helps you compose long- lasting, high-quality documents. Their writing pens are made with a bend-resistant stainless steel tip and a tungsten carbide rollerball, which make them easy to use. Their black pens combine sleek design with elite performance to fit all your writing needs.

Brand: Uni-ball

👤I received 3 packs of pens as a gift and was able to compare the Uniball, Pilot G2 Gel roller, and the Zebraz grip. The picture shows the Uniball and the Zebra looking at the same. The dark Pilot is the only visible pen in the photo that shows a blank page.

👤I have been using these pens for years and I am a complete pen snob. The micro is the way to go, I have found the bold to be messy. My planners looks organized and professional, and this pen writes cleanly and neatly. I've been told that my handwriting looks like a font and this is due in large part to these fantastic pens. The office lobby has all the pens that I have received. I ordered a box of 12 almost two years ago, gave a couple away as gifts, and still haven't used all of them. I want some of the red ones as well so I am about to order more. I use a sharpie pen for signing cards because they are too inky for a smooth or glossy surface. These pens are perfect.

👤Excellent ink pens! I used to sketch quickly. They hold up well when I add markers. The pens do not smudge. I can add a lot of watercolors and still not have them smeared. See the attached photos for samples. I will be ordering more of these pens.

👤It's really sad. Pens are one of those things you end up buying in bulk because of value, but wouldn't it be nice if you could buy samples of different brands and then buy the ones you love in bulk? After about a year of writing, I'm attaching a picture of the vision elite and the signo 207 pens. The Vision Elites don't last the longest. I like the fact that you get thinner lines and a sense that the pen is about to go. I decided to skip the 207 when I didn't have another on hand, because I was really upset when the 207 began to skip.

👤I like to use pens. Maybe it's strange. Pen quality is of paramount importance to me as a nurse. The pens are good. Pros: Writes like a gel pen, with 2 different thicknesses. The writes like a gel pen. I like thin writing pens because they can leave ink on your hands like a gel pen, but only if you hold them straight up and down. I usually hold a writing utensil when holding the pen, but it is held at an angle. The back of the pen was not able to hold on to the cover of the pen. I had to twist the caps onto the back of the pen. Occasionally they would pop off. The pens were good for writing the notes I needed to write, but I wouldn't use them again. Hope this helps! It's a good thing.

👤These are the notes to take. I think they will be my favorite pens. The orange is bright.

2. Fengtaiyuan 07P18 Rollerball Business 0 7mm Black

Fengtaiyuan 07P18 Rollerball Business 0 7mm Black

You will get a PDF with instructions and best practices for your signature pen with your purchase. Make it your trusted writing instrument by following these steps. Get started and take advantage. The neutral pen uses stable quality ink and won't spill it when wet. The ink is dry and not easy to penetrate the paper. The universal refill can be used again. The writing is smooth, reliable and durable, and the use time is long, because the pen uses a 0.7mm bulleted head. The pen holder is coated with glue which does not affect writing due to hand sweat. It is easy to carry gold metal accessories, which are more durable than plastic materials, and can avoid accidental loss. The cap has a protective pad. The ink is hard to dry. The cap can prevent the table from rolling.

Brand: Fengtaiyuan

👤The product is not a roller ball pen. The pen is a ballpoint pen. The refill does not write well. I would not buy this again. I don't think this is a good idea and there are better and more reliable pens out there.

👤I'm retired military, so I have to write in log books and repair orders all day, so I'm picky about the pen I use. I am a contractor for the military and still need a good pen. The lightest pen I have ever used is this one. You can take it out of the box. The pen is covered in a coating that is very comfortable. It feels like rubber. It is over the page. I got these today and will order another box tomorrow. I still love how this pen writes. There are a couple of issues that I have found. 1: The pens have no ink in them. The cap doesn't lock on after a while because the nub that locks the cap is easy to wear down.

👤I ordered these in November 2020 because I was hoping to find a pen that was easy to refill and cut down on waste. They fit well in the hand with their form factor being large, and they do write well. I have never gone through ink so quickly with these pens. I write about a page a day, sometimes even less, and do not draw with these, but I have already used up 6 of these pens in less than 3 months, and I'm about to finish another. I have never experienced this phenomenon with any other pen I have used. I usually use up the Pentel Precise V5.5mm in 3-6 months. I don't know if it's because the width is larger than.5mm, or if it's because it looks like.7 with the amount of ink that flows out. I'm attaching a photo of writing with a Pilot Precise V5.5mm and this.50mm pen, as well as of the two tips together, so that the difference can be seen. I was trying to prevent myself from producing more waste by using a pen that uses up ink more quickly, and they are not as advertised, at least compared to every other pen I have ever used. I can't recommend them to you.

👤On July 31, 2021, the review was downgraded to one star. There is a description for this. These pens are ugly. Do not buy these pens. The first three pens had less than 30 pages. That is a joke. The fourth pen only had 17 pages. There are seventeen pages. That is not a joke. That is an insult to the consumer. The pens are worth less than the one star review. Buy other pens. Period. I will never recommend or buy these pens again. The Original Review gave 2 stars to these pens. They run faster than any pen I have ever used. I usually write a 70 sheet (140 page) spiral notebook with my personal/creative notes every 4-5 weeks. I usually get a pen that will write at least one and a half to two notebooks before I run out. This is the standard that I am concerned with. A good pen must be able to fill at least 150 pages with writing, and must be at least 170 pages in size. The pens seem to only be able to write about 25-30 pages each. I am using the Third Pen in One Notebook. I only filled 56 pages of the notebook. So far, each pen has written about 28 pages. A pen that only writes 28 pages is a waste of money. A typical college student would write more than 28 pages of notes by the end of his or her third lecture. ... That is more than one dry pen per day of classes. That doesn't cut it. The finish of these pens makes them comfortable to hold, and they do write well. Those two pluses are not enough to offset the negative effects of poor longevity. If one only wants to write a quick grocery list note, then these pens are a good option, but they aren't adequate for more lengthy writing. I won't recommend these pens or buy them again.

3. Sharpie S Gel Medium Assorted Colors

Sharpie S Gel Medium Assorted Colors

Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments to suit all your needs. They have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable, gel ink pens, whiteboard markers, and more for every writing style. Gel pen with no bleed technology. Gel ink colors offer vivid writing. A comfortable writing experience can be had with a rubber grip. There are 4 black, 1 blue, 1 red, and 1 green gel ink pens.

Brand: Sharpie

👤Where have you gone? The quality that I am used to is not here in these pens. I wanted to like them. I like gel pens. I like Sharpie products. It would be a no-brainer. Why is the rating low? I received these pens on May 16, 2020. My family and I all tested out the pens with a piece of paper. We decided these pens were comfortable to hold, felt good in the hand, and wrote very nicely. They did not bleed through the paper. Perfect pens? Not quite. I used the pen to write my Monday to-do list. I only wrote letters on Monday with one of the black ink pens that I had at home. The pen was no longer emitting gel ink by Tuesday morning. It is out of ink now. The pen gave up after one day of heavy use. I still use the blue ink pen to write letters, and have done so on Tuesday and today. I am most disappointed that the black pen gave up so quickly. I am using the red pen less than usual. I decided to go back to the pen I really wanted to replace - my Tul pen. The blue pen is giving up. I am not using the red one.

👤It feels good. The ink was wonderful. It was quick drying. It's my favorite pen.

👤The pen is well designed and feels great to write with. The pen is light and the ink flows easily. The pen does not hold up against water. Temp tags are to be placed in cold, damp places. Writing will be left unintelligible because ink will bleed. If you wear pens on your shirt collar, the plastic clip on the pens will break easily.

👤I wish there were more colors like the papermate gel pens, but other than that, these write perfectly, they don't skip like papermate gel pens, and I love the fact that they're retractable. I bought the 0.7mm, but I think I will try out the 0.5 next.

👤They run out quickly. I've received a lot of questions about whether they bleed through paper. I feel that it depends on how heavy you are. I tend to be very heavy handed and you can see that in my photos. It was not enough to damage the paper or make it impossible for me to write on the back of it. The writing on the front and back did not run in a straight line. The ink is smooth. It did not last long enough for me. I used them all day at work and all night at school. I think I used them more than most people. I would buy them again.

👤I love my new pens. The dark color is great for writing. You don't have to press down hard like with most pens when you write in my Bible. I haven't had an issue with bleed through either. Fast shipping!

👤When it comes to things like this, I spend the money and go for what I think is going to be guaranteed quality, rather than going for something that will be a little cheaper and have me kicking myself every time I use it. I love these pens. I need some color variety for some note taking in class I have coming up this summer, and I usually use Pilot G2 gel pens. So. I went with Sharpie because I thought they would be a sure thing, based on my experience. They came through in a big way. I took a pic to show I actually bought the item, rather than wondering if I was just another mindless tool making fake reviews on Amazon for a reason. I don't think so. They write very well. I can't say a single bad thing about them. I would love to use these during a lecture. It is a nice price for the pack and it has multiple colors, which is what I was looking for. You will not feel like you got the short end of the stick if you say anything about it.

4. Sharpie S Gel Point 0 5mm Black

Sharpie S Gel Point 0 5mm Black

There are 4 black, 1 blue, 1 red, and 1 green gel ink pens. There is a gel pen with no bleed technology. It is possible that packaging may vary. Gel ink colors offer vivid writing. A comfortable writing experience can be had with a rubber grip. The fine point is 0.25 millimeter. There are 12 black gel ink pens.

Brand: Sharpie

👤Very disappointed. I don't like these pens very much. Like so much. The price point and other positive reviews make the feelings more intense. I cannot write more than 4 words without the pen skipping and refusing to write until I draw a circle a hundred times in the corner of the paper. I don't want to be dramatic. I want a pen that doesn't skip. Why don't these exist? I feel like I have tried many.

👤These pens are very affordable. I was surprised by how well these pens hold up, as I take about 20 pages of notes per week. I think one barrel lasted me for a couple of weeks. This was the worst kind of grip I've ever had on a pen and an overall 4 stars. If you thought the MuJi pens were light, think again. There is not a good balance. The rubber grip has ridges that are very uncomfortable. I was able to remedy this by taking out the Sharpie Gel and putting it inside a empty pen barrel. I would like to add that they're free of all types of cancer. It's probably best to give it about a 10 second wait before highlighting, but I was happy to report that it didn't smudge when I used my midliners. The pen writes well, but it depends on the paper you use. It's hard to write on regular computer paper because it's thin and made of recycled paper, and it's also hard to ghost on it. The paper that I recommend is more than 28 lbs. I can't stay away from the fact that it doesn't smudge. The price is the same as all the other popular gel pens, so if I can remove the ink from the Sharpie S Gel and put it in a more comfortable barrel, I'd happily buy this product again. Thank you for reading my lengthy review, and I am happy with my writing!

👤I like to write a lot and the comfort of the grip prevents hand pain. As a lefty, we really don't ask for anything else. The fine point is perfect for me. I would like to see a colorful pack. Very satisfied with the pens so far.

👤I have three different sizes of this pen. The thing I disliked the most was the scratchiness. There isn't enough ink flow so that the smaller pen point glides smoothly across the paper. The ink flows too much and the 1.0mm skips a lot more than this pen size. The 0.7mm skips the least among the 3 point sizes in terms of writing and ink flow. One of the best blue ink colors is deep bold blue. The ink is permanent.

👤The more I used them, the more I liked them. I found a few of the light black ink in my box. There are pens in the box. I'm happy I kept them. I was not happy with the ink in these pens. It's a little light, like a dark gray. I need dark black ink for my job because the darker the ink the better, but the pens are hard to see on my scanner even after adjusting the settings. I was expecting more of a dark permanent tone with them, but that's not what I got. I am going to try and swap the ink with another pen before I give these pens away because the pen is very comfortable.

5. Sharpie S Gel Point 1 0mm Black

Sharpie S Gel Point 1 0mm Black

You can refill it with any size or color. Gel pen with no bleed technology. Gel ink colors offer vivid writing. A comfortable writing experience can be had with a rubber grip. There are 12 black gel ink pens.

Brand: Sharpie

👤This is one of the best pens I have ever used. It glides across the paper with ease. I buy new pens on Amazon monthly. The 1.0 writes better than the.07 and I usually buy the same pen in the.07. I will be ordering more of these pens.

👤I love these pens! Everyone in the operating room uses these pens. The lefties are in love with them because they write so smooth with a great amount of ink. The size is not too small and not too large in your hand. I don't want to let the secret out, so I hesitate to say they are awesome. The 1.0 size is thick and crisp.

👤Four stars was the reason for comfort. It's not a pen for long periods of time. I use this pen for work, even though I don't use it in class. I don't write much at work because I fill out "DMV Like" forms. I love how thick my ink is. I always use these thick gel pens because they help save time when scanning an entire form for one line of information, and that's my main reason for going for these pens. I would probably buy a different pen or uni-ball 207 if I had to write any more than I currently do.

👤I try a lot of pens to see if I like them. I usually use a.7mm tip as I fill out the forms. I bought the first one because I trust the brand and then bought a whole box of 1.0 tip sharpie pens. The smoothness is not believable. They want to know where I got my pen. If you're looking for a pen that's cheaper than one that's more expensive, look no further.

👤Wow. I have always liked sharpie products, but these take the cake. I have never had a pen like that. We will see how long they last, but so far they have not been smeared, bleeding, or stained. Beautiful writing. I like that they are retractable. I will never use another pen.

👤This does not have a bold appearance. I was very disappointed that it was a 0.7. This will not give you a bold look. The pen barrel is on the smaller side, making it difficult to hold.

👤I am fond of the brand Sharpie, and I was happy to see they were making roller balls. The pens are smooth and there's nothing wrong with them, but they are vulnerable to water. They are worse than flair pen. Don't expect that indelible Sharpie ink if you just want an adequate roller ball.

👤When I first saw these pens, I was excited because I love using their products, but on this one, they did not hit a home runner. When I first used them, I noticed that I had it all over my hands, but it wasn't with the first pen. You would think that a large company would test their products before releasing them.

👤I'm a big G2 1.0 person and this pen is very smooth. It writes like butter. The G2 is a little darker than the Sharpie Gel, but that's about it. The Sharpie might be a bit more legible.

6. Pilot Retractable Premium Roller 31299

Pilot Retractable Premium Roller 31299

The cap has a protective pad. The ink is hard to dry. The cap can prevent the table from rolling. The ideal pen is for overspending. The Pilot G2 Premium Gel Ink Pen has a comfortable rubber grip and is available in a wide range of fine, extra fine, and bold points. The retractable G2 gel ink pen is a classic choice for all your writing needs, it is the longest lasting gel ink pen among top brands. If you love the original Pilot G2, you'll want to try their full G2 line of Mini, Metallic, Mosaic, and Fashion gel ink pens in a variety of sizes, barrel designs and colors. Trusted quality. They've been making pens for over 100 years. Pilot has the perfect pen for you, whether you're taking notes, stocking up on school supplies, or writing in a bullet journal. Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments to suit all your needs. They have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable, gel ink pens, whiteboard markers, and more for every writing style.

Brand: Pilot

👤Great writing instruments. It was very smooth and bright.

👤I'm picky with pens. They have to feel perfect in my hand, they can't make that scratching noise when writing, the ink has to flow perfectly, it has to be fine point, and it can't be gel. My favorite pen ran out of ink a year ago, and I entered into pen hell because it was no longer being sold. I was looking for a new favorite pen. I don't know how many brands I went through. I would give away my old one because it didn't work for me. It was a vicious cycle. I have never tried the G2 pens because they are gel, and I hate gel pens. Two of my friends promised that they would be unlike any gel pen and recommended them to me. I have used before. They were correct, I listened. These pens met all of the criteria I had for a pen. I like them more than my old favorite. I only use black ink pens because I don't like blue. When I ordered the G2, I thought I would order something other than black since I believe a pen should be not gel. I ordered navy blue. I love it! If they ever stop making the navy blue G2 pens, I will be devastated. I am obsessed with pens.

👤I bought a dozen of them for a good price. I use them every day at work. I decided to buy my own office supplies from Amazon because my company changed the ordering process so I couldn't get them at work. They don't write the same as the others, but they look the same. The ones I get at work have a small piece of plastic on the tip of the ink refill that you have to pull off before you use it. It helps to keep the ink from drying out. These pens don't have that. It took more pressure to get the ink to flow out of the pen. I got the exact same model of pen from work, and it does not write nearly as smooth as these pens. I think these are not legit Pilot pens. It's not worth returning. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤I don't know why the G2 pen gets so many positive reviews. The reviews on the product are not correct, but I bought the pack of 5 based on them. The reviews and advertisements say the pen doesn't fit. It changes shape all the time. The G2 will not stop spitting out ink, so writing notes becomes tiring. The reviews and advertisements say it doesn't skip. Wrong. One of the biggest issues with pens is the skipping when I need it to write. The pen skips a lot. Don't be fooled by the advertisements and reviews. The G2 pen is useless if you want clean writing on your page. Unless you want to look messy with ink spots and missing word parts, avoid this pen. I took notes while writing on top quality paper. But no luck. The results were the same regardless of the paper's quality. Both of them, Glob and Skip. AD2

7. Pentel EnerGel Retractable Liquid BLN73BP3A

Pentel EnerGel Retractable Liquid BLN73BP3A

Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments to suit all your needs. They have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable, gel ink pens, whiteboard markers, and more for every writing style. Needle tip for writing. Great for writing. The best qualities of liquid and gel ink are combined for a smooth writing experience. The leading brand of gel pen is tested to be more smooth than the leading brand of ink. Left handers love liquid gel ink because it dries so fast. The barrel design has metal accents for a professional look. The grip is latex-free. The needle tip writes lines. You can refill it with any size or color.

Brand: Pentel

👤These pens are not the same as the ones made in Japan. The back of the pen shoots off when one piece of the pen screws in to the other piece because the plastic cracks. I've tried duct taping it together but it doesn't work for long. The only thing these would be good for is a refill for another pen, because they do write very well and it's my favorite type of pen, but the ones I got must be a bad bunch because they're all breaking.

👤I like the ink in these expensive pens because I am a lefty and the ink dries quickly so I don't smudge my documents, but I have noticed that they have a 50% mortality rate. The barrel cracks when the rubber slip cover meets the plastic barrel. The pen becomes useless at that point. They're either bad design or not well constructed.

👤Very disappointed with this company. This was my favorite pen until this purchase. They are different now and come apart. It's not possible to get back in. Two of them fell apart within a week of me using them. I'm waiting on the third to follow suit. It's a shame because they are great writing pens. I feel like I just emptied my bank account. I don't recommend anymore.

👤These pens were made in Mexico. They fell apart. The pens labeled "Made in Japan" are available at Target.

👤I just bought these pens and I'm using the first one for the first time today, but I love, love these pens! I got a multicolor pack with a needle tip. It glides on the paper without skipping. I was fed up with my previous gel pens because I was always using them to fill out greeting cards and as a right-handed person. I used a Pilot pen to fill out the questionaire, but I had to let it dry for a day before I could put it in the envelope. The EnerGel Liquid Gel Ink pens are available. I absolutely love these pens. My signature is almost effortless because they glide so easily in the hand. A patient with Multiplesclerosis has had difficulty signing for years. The speed at which the ink dries is what I'm most impressed with. The ink on these pens was 888-282-0476 888-282-0476. I did a test this morning, writing a short line and then trying to get rid of it. I was amazed when I was able to touch the ink line with my fingers. Who has ever heard of ink drying quickly from a pen? It will be interesting to see if they keep writing, but I haven't seen any reviews that mention that. Thank you, EnerGel, for an outstanding pen! It's a good thing.

👤I didn't have high hopes for this product when I bought it. Most of the gel pens that I've tried don't dry fast enough and run out of ink too quickly. I was happy to find out that the pens wrote well with no ink puddles and the ink never skipped. This is the fastest drying gel pen I have ever tried. The rubber grip is very comfortable and it dries almost as soon as it touches the paper. The pen is 50% recycled. Bleeding was not a problem for me. I would buy this product again. Highly recommended! Also, for now. I don't know why my pens were made in Mexico, but my purple and green were made in Japan.

8. Frienda Pieces Rolling Quick Drying Rollerball

Frienda Pieces Rolling Quick Drying Rollerball

100% money back guarantee and incredible customer service are what you get with buy with total confidence. Everything they do is done by their customers. They will either put it right or refund you if you don't like it. They want you to have the best possible products. The rollerball pen with a smooth writing black ink dries quickly and is great for keeping work neat and organized. The roller ball pens have extra fine point and black ink for precise writing. The transparent rollerball pen tube has a unique design with a transparent pen case, you can clearly see the ink supply, which have good quality ink and will not leak ink, even if you use for a long time. Smooth flowing ink: these 0.5mm ballpoint pens with built-in precision ink output regulator, which can ensure liquid ink flowing evenly that give you smooth writing experience. It's a great gift for office, home, company, students, etc., because it's suitable for using in class, marking different words and doing some important notes.

Brand: Frienda

👤I am a pen junkie and have been for years. Art supplies. Penalties... I would like to travel the world, holding a pen in my hand, and writing one word. The pens are fun. Y'know. They are very smooth and have strong ink. If you want to have fun, buy these. You have a strong pen in your hand. Is that correct? If you have large hands, they might not be in your wheelhouse because they are on the small size. These are great for the price and quantity, but they still feel small. I love writing. I won't be donating these, but they will go on my list. There is a smile.

👤I ordered these pens in March 2020 because I was looking for black pens to outline my drawings. I found these after a lot of searching and they had the right thickness, black ink, quick drying, and 888-270-6611 The pens were in a generic white box. The first pen out of a box was great, it lasted for weeks and was smooth to draw in. I opened another and worked for about two hours before it refused to ink anything. The next two worked for a while, then it stopped working. Maybe half a day. I'm on a pen. It's day two. It's still working. It is possible that the fingers crossed! I have 5 pens left in the box from the original 12 and only one has performed to an acceptable level. A couple came from the box and it was like the roller ball in the point could no longer roll. There's a lot of ink in the pen if you hold it up to a light. I tried soaking the tip in alcohol and heating it with a match, but it didn't work. The pens stopped writing. The pens that the positive reviewers received are not the ones you should avoid.

👤I got a packet of 12 because I love these and they are easy to write. When I run out, I will purchase these again. It's perfect for quick drying.

👤These are the best pens I have seen. I recommend them to anyone who loves a clean fine point. I hope they will always be available because they are better than the well known brand. You can't go wrong with these. I have four boxes that I will order more of.

👤These pens are wonderful. They write well. Have a lot of ink. It should be dry quickly. There was no smearing. I like to use a pen. I buy a lot of pens, and these were a pleasant surprise. I have shared them with a few friends and family that also like pens and like the taste of a fine pen. I think they are a fine point. Usually I like it when it's a almost scratchy feel. These are not like that. When writing with them, they are not as smooth and smooth as writing with other people. I like them so much that I plan on ordering more. I wish they had an even better tip. I like them.

9. Sharpie S Gel Medium Point 0 7mm

Sharpie S Gel Medium Point 0 7mm

Can be adjusted for a harsher tip. Gel pen with no bleed technology. Gel ink colors offer vivid writing. A comfortable writing experience can be had with a rubber grip. Medium point is 0.7 millimeter. There are 12 black gel ink pens.

Brand: Sharpie

👤My new favorite pen is officially mine. I had to have them because I saw them on Facebook and was a fan of Sharpie. I'm pretty sure this is the first pen I've ever had that didn't smudge on my finger. You know my pain. Which is the reason for the photo awkwardness. I didn't have a single spot after a long day of writing. The pens are in good shape. The line is solid. I would like to see more refined pens in the future and I think that sharpie could do a lot with this line. It's worth $1 a piece. Will use them again!

👤Smoother than G2 and more stylish. I have issues with it, but it is less than G2. Who cares if it's smooth if it's all over the place. S-Gel will be for life.

👤I am a big fan of Sharpie. It feels like a pen that is on it's last leg when you open the package. You have to rip open the package to get them out, and they are horrible. Save money on this one. The rest of the pack is fine, so I must have had one bad one. I really like them! I would have liked to have waited to write the review. 5

👤Writes well. The color is dark. The ink is a bit too wet for my liking so it bleeds on the other side. It's a good purchase if that doesn't bother you. Quality is good. I may try the.6 for a better tip.

👤Sharpie S-Gel pens are my favorite pen. I've used a lot of different pens, and this one is better than the more expensive ones I've used, such as Cross. It's silky smooth, consistently dark, and the best part is that it doesn't smudge. I am left handed and have an issue with smearing which has prevented me from using any kind of Gel pen. I don't have that problem anymore with these. If you haven't tried one yet, you need to. You will be surprised.

👤The quality within these pens is amazing. I used to get hand cramps after hours of studying. Something had to change. The pens heard my cries and came to my rescue. I can study for up to 7 hours without any sign of hand fatigue. No bleeding through! It was quick! It is so smooth. I would be paying if these pens could order food. Anyhow... I broke up with my old zebra pens and moved in with a smooth, Sharpie S-Gel pen.

👤My sister raves about how well they write. I bought these 0.7 tips because I like a fine point. The pens are comfortable to hold. Writing was smooth for most of the day. I can only write a few words before it stops. It is definitely a waste of money if the other pens are like this. Maybe this doesn't happen with the 1.0 tips. I was trying to be fancy.

👤I didn't write well when I received every pen in the package. I was excited for a click pen. I have gone back to the original felt sharpie pens since I couldn't deal with the skipping. Consistency is provided by the felt tip pens.

10. Uni Ball Retractable Medium Point Black

Uni Ball Retractable Medium Point Black

There are 4 black, 4 blue, and 4 red gel ink pens. Their black gel pens come filled with smooth-flowing ink that won't fade, which is preferred by professionals for their stylish metallic accents. Their ink pens offer protection against water, fading, and fraud, and uni Super Ink: Water- and fade-resistant gel ink helps you compose long- lasting, high-quality documents you can archive. Their writing pens have a textured rubber grip and a convenient clip so that your favorite ink pen is always at hand. Their black pens come with 0.7-milimeter tips that draw vivid lines, and each pen in their gel pen set features sleek metallic barrel accents. There are 12 black gel ink pens.

Brand: Uni-ball

👤I've been using uni-ball 207's for a long time. My handwriting must be smudge-proof and legible all the time as a practicing emergency nurse. The Medium point is my preference. Like me, it's bold to be read. I've been using the Ultra Micro. I write at work on regular paper, copy paper, semi-glossy lab labels, chart labels, paper towels, sheets, and hands/ arms. We write on it. I read some reviews where people were complaining about the ink skipping when writing. This is not the pen's fault. These issues are caused by cheap imported paper. These are the pens to get if you are in the medical field. They will not smudge which is important for sensitive items. A sample pic shows the medium point and ultra micro. The pens are excellent and cost effective.

👤The worst pens I've ever used are by far the most expensive. I wanted to try these uni-ball.07's and purchased them because I like gel pens. I bought these for the office. When I write, I use half the box. They work fine for a minute then stop. It's too expensive to have pens that are trash out of the box. I thought I might have had a bad one, but at least half of them are garbage. I've never had a bad Pilot G2's, so don't waste your money.

👤I bought the same pens a long time ago. I loved them, but I don't know when. They were easy to write with and the ball point was smooth. I ordered the same things again, the same company, the same number. They are not the same. The point is not a nice flow to it, I hate them. I ordered a set of 4 and they are all the same. I will not order them again. I enjoy crossword puzzles when I have a pen that flows and has a wide depth to it, because I am disabled and do a lot of them. I don't know what you did but it doesn't work for me.

👤I like these uni-ball Signo retractable pens and have purchased them in many different variations in order to determine which one I prefer. All of the purchases I've made are comfortable to write with, smooth and free of skips. The uni-ball calls the point a micro point and others a fine point, but for me it's too fine for heavy handed writing. The medium point, 0.7mm, is still a very fine line, and writes very well. I wanted to see if I could tell the difference between the black and other colors of the BLX ink pens, so I've tried the package of 5 pens that are black ink mixed with other colors. If you don't want a more prominent blue or other color, those are nice, with a subtle difference in color that is nice. I have decided to stick with the medium 0.7mm point for my every day use, either the regular 207 black ink or one of the BLX mixes. The ink used in these pens is particularly good for protection against fading and fraud, and that is also an important consideration. The documents that I sign at work are often considered'record' documents and so these pens are perfect for satisfying the requirement of using ink that is not going to degrade over time. These are not the cheapest disposable pens, but they are the most comfortable to use. The 12-pack is the best value. The price on Amazon is very competitive, with many variations available. It's difficult to find the type of product that I prefer when I'm shopping locally, but I'll be sticking with this model once I'm able to find the right one on Amazon.

11. Luxury Pen Scriveiner London Professional

Luxury Pen Scriveiner London Professional

A gel pen with a small tip creates lines. ENJOY THE FEEL OF A PREMIUM PEN. The rollerball pen is stunning. The brass is finished in 24 karat gold. A boutique British brand has premium quality and understated luxury. They use theSchmidt liquid ink system from Germany which allows your pen to glide smoothly across any type of paper. The gel ink pen has a superior writing action than a fountain pen and this combines the two. The pen is designed for those who love to write and is perfectly weighted and balanced. The pen comes in a beautiful presentation box, making it the perfect gift. Your rollerball will be admired by those around you, whether you use it as a casual or executive pen. The timeless attributes of classic British design are shared by the scruiner pens. 100% money back guarantee and incredible customer service are what you get with buy with total confidence. Everything they do is done by their customers. They will either put it right or refund you if you don't like it. They want you to have the best possible products.

Brand: Scriveiner

👤I own a beautiful leather journal. I decided to buy the pen after they announced it. The quality is amazing at this price. It is gorgeous. The pen is heavy but not so heavy that it makes you tired. The black lacquer gives a very premium look. The package is complete with the gold parts. Writing with it is divine. It is so smooth that it has replaced a high-end fountain pen as my favourite. I only used the pen for one day and have already had 2 admiring comments. The gift box is black and gold. There is a spare refill underneath the pen which can be lifted. This would make a great gift, as I have bought pens that cost hundreds of dollars and do not come close to this.

👤I bought the pen based on the reviews and it looked great for the price. I have around 1,000 pens or pens of various types. I have received and purchased expensive Montblanc pens. I've tried every pen you can think of, and I'm pretty sure I've found the perfect one. I thought about why not when I saw the Scriveiner pen for just $2599. This pen is comparable to a high priced pen. It writes well across the page, at least for me. The weight and size make it much easier to write. I do a lot of research and write a lot of notes and this pen will make it easier for me. Thank you again, Scriveiner.

👤The gift box has "London" displayed on it. The pen in the gift box is manufactured in China. Not dishonest but deceptive.

👤The rollerball pen is a joy to own. The feel of this pen is similar to my Mont Blanc Fountain Pen. The Rollerball pen is perfect for writing on my papers. It is my go to pen. I have bought them for many of my friends who also prize them. Everyone can enjoy the high quality pen that you put in the price range. In reach. I will use this pen for many years.

👤The balance is nice. The pen is comfortable for short periods in my hands, but is a little more stockier than others. This isn't a stick pen. It might be a little heavy for older hands. Wouldn't be possible to write a great American novel without tiring the hand. The abysmal rating is due to the fact that the ink skips terribly. The ink in this leaves gaping spaces, even if the stroke is a curve, upstroke, downstroke, or a cross bar. My Pilot G2 pen costs less and writes better. I'm hoping that the ink was old and that a new refill will solve the skipping problem. The pen is useless if not, I think. Customer Service was good enough to give back the purchase price of the original pen, less the cost for shipping that was built into the cost of the pen, and they also sent another pen with a second replacement ink cartridge. Excellent customer service. I received the replacement ink refill that I ordered. The spring that goes inside the pen was missing when I swapped out the refill. I have to laugh. It just keeps going wrong when things go wrong. I love stationery and all things related to it, and I had some old pens that should've been thrown out a long time ago, but I found one with a spring. The pen is writing perfectly. The pen itself is well made, looks nice, has a good feel, and the ink refill should've been for the one star rating, as that was the real issue with all the skipping and whatnot. It's great to use it as a writing implement. I'm happy. I can see myself using this for a long time.


What is the best product for best pens for smooth writing no smear?

Best pens for smooth writing no smear products from Uni-ball. In this article about best pens for smooth writing no smear you can see why people choose the product. Fengtaiyuan and Sharpie are also good brands to look for when you are finding best pens for smooth writing no smear.

What are the best brands for best pens for smooth writing no smear?

Uni-ball, Fengtaiyuan and Sharpie are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best pens for smooth writing no smear. Find the detail in this article. Sharpie, Sharpie and Pilot are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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