Best Best Pens for Nurses

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1. Retractable Assorted Giveaways Birthday Imaginary

Retractable Assorted Giveaways Birthday Imaginary

A pen like writing experience for your phone or tablet. There are 24 black ink pens in assorted neon colors in the bulk pack of syringe pens. Blue, green, yellow, and red are the colors. A novelty gift for kids, doctors, business promotions, and more is the syringe pen. The retractable pens are fun to play with. They'll be asking to give flu shots to everyone and keep them as a gift. If you are a nurse or a nursing student, you'll love their unique pen set because you'll always know which one is yours. The pens last a long time and make a good gag gift for nursing graduation parties. Long lasting! High quality ballpoint pens for nurses are filled with different colors and write in black ink. Each pen is 5 inches in length and can be used on a daily basis. If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase at Bedwina, they'll take it back, no questions asked. They are here to make you happy, 100% of the time.

Brand: Bedwina

👤Kids loved the needle pens that were in the bag. The younger ones were worried. The pens were ready to start writing and drawing. The pens worked well. Each pen had a piece of wax over it. I took a second to realize what made them not write. Easily came off. The colors of liquid were pretty. None cracked. The lever is on the side. Had to show the little ones how it worked. There is a fun addition to Halloween bags. It was really pleased.

👤5 of these were broken. I was able to save one. My mom and I are not happy with how they arrived. I need all 24 pieces for my mom's event, but we will be short. Hopefully, the pens will work for the guest. Will not recommend buying something like this from Amazon.

👤The pens are pretty cool. Write well. All working and intact. I had to push a little white tab to get the pen to open. Good for the doctor.

👤I love these pens. I have ordered these before. All of them wrote in black ink. All of them were received and did not break. I like all the colors. I would rather have more of the red color. A pen is a great gift. Great price!

👤The main thing I like about these pens is that you can change the ink chamber with a new one. The ink chambers they come with are usually faulty. If the ink chamber is too long for the pen, you can get some scissors and clip the excess to make it fit. You will know when the tip is completely withdrawn. Everyone likes the blue colored pens that I am using.

👤These were used at a party in a skit and then given as party favors using Covid shots. Great hit. Once you remove the plastic tip and move the little thing on the side for the pen to come out, it's easy to write with.

👤These are for a classroom transformation. My kids pretended to be doctors to cut shapes. The icing on the cake was these pens. Some of the reviews were not very positive, but I had no problem with them. All of them were filled with ink and worked.

👤I would draw a happy face on the patient's arm if I took out a needle. I would give them their shot and my nurses would love them.

2. Pilot Acroball PureWhite Retractable Turquoise

Pilot Acroball PureWhite Retractable Turquoise

Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments. They have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable, gel ink pens, whiteboard markers, and more for every writing style. ENGINEERED FOR ENVIRONMENTS. The Acroball PureWhite ballpoint pen has a smudge-resistant Advanced Ink, which is proven to perform even in extreme heat or cold. Black ink is available in fine point. SMOOTH & SMEAR RESISTANT: The Acroball is available in striking white barrels with 7 fashionable barrel color accents. If you love Acroball, you'll want to try the full line of Acroball colors, Acroball PureWhite, Acroball Pro, and more available in a variety of point sizes and ink colors. Trusted quality. They've been making pens for over 100 years. Pilot has the perfect pen for everything from taking notes to writing in a bullet journal. Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments to suit all your needs. They have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable, gel ink pens, whiteboard markers, and more for every writing style.

Brand: Pilot

👤Could it be? The perfect pen? First impressions lead me to say yes. It is easier to hold than a thicker barrel. They are all black. I use a lot of pens and have been searching for the perfect pen for what feels like forever. These write well. It glides without skipping, grinds or pooling. I will update my review if my opinion changes. I am so happy with the pens.

👤I thought they would be different colors, but they are all black-ink. The pens have decorations on them. Yes, yeah. If you look at it and read it, you could see that it said black. Most people think these are colored-ink that correspond to the color of the pen's exterior. I think it's nice that they write good and smooth, but it's not obvious that they are black ink.

👤I've been a student pilot for 18 months. We have to write down important information on a small piece of paper while flying. This pen is perfect for small print, no smudge, long lasting, and a thin but dark line. I've used them to make hundreds of flash cards, writing papers, signing documents, and drawing diagrams. It seems like a fine tip pen is ideal for all my needs. I have ordered these multiple times because people steal them from me. It will leak if I take it from me. If you accidentally put it through the washer and dryer.

👤These are the best pens I've ever used and I'm a pen snob. I can't say enough good things about them, they write smooth, black ink with no smearing. My co-workers joke that I like that the plastic is white, but when they see the high quality white pens they say "don't get caught using those pens!" You can't see a black or blue pen at a distance. I have purchased multiple times and haven't had them run out of ink yet. I put some in easter baskets for adults and have gotten positive feedback. These are the best pens I have ever used and they make all the difference in my work day.

👤I have been looking for these pens for 3 years. They are smooth, fine tipped, and write great. I don't like gel ink with the bleeding and spreading. It's nice to finally find a pen that doesn't have a big fat point. The colors on the grips are nice.

👤Are you a teacher? Do you know a teacher? Do you fill out papers often? Is the grade papers good? Do you have a lot of writing to do? These pens are amazing. They glide across the paper in a smooth manner. At least they're not messy and they don't clump up.

👤I love these pens! I've used the Pilot gel pens for years and was told I couldn't use them on a boat because of the gel and water mix. That was really bad as a Navy Sailor. A friend of mine turned me on to these. The tip is very strong and legible, and they don't bleed. The clip is one of the strongest I've seen. I was messing with it for weeks before that. Will buy again once I run out.

3. Pilot Retractable Premium Roller 31256

Pilot Retractable Premium Roller 31256

It's ideal to use in a notebook, journal, planner, legal pad, invitation cards, and almost any paper surface. The ideal pen is for overspending. The Pilot G2 Premium Gel Ink Pen has a comfortable rubber grip and is available in a wide range of fine, extra fine, and bold points. The retractable G2 gel ink pen is a classic choice for all your writing needs, it is the longest lasting gel ink pen among top brands. If you love the original Pilot G2, you'll want to try their full G2 line of Mini, Metallic, Mosaic, and Fashion gel ink pens in a variety of sizes, barrel designs and colors. Trusted quality. They've been making pens for over 100 years. Pilot has the perfect pen for you, whether you're taking notes, stocking up on school supplies, or writing in a bullet journal. Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments to suit all your needs. They have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable, gel ink pens, whiteboard markers, and more for every writing style.

Brand: Pilot

👤I use these pens a lot in my classroom. The ink flows well. The consistency of the ink flow is important to me as a student because I hate clumps of ink that bleed over to the next page when I close my notebook. I wait a few seconds to let it dry because the pen uses a lot of ink. I use the color set to grade student papers. I use different colors of pens to write in my planner. I've tried a lot of pens, but always come back to the G-2 Bold pens.

👤MayDay MayDay! The pilot pen quality crashed. What has happened to you? You clump halfway through your ink life. For the past ten years of our relationship, you were my go to pen. When you started leaking again, I was okay with it as we have worked well together for a long time. You crossed the line today. Your ink line was on my cheek. Shame on the pilots who sacrificed their quality for profit. I would love to return the boxes. No one will steal your leaking mess when I'm not around. It's a shame. 10 years of good words, great signatures, and dependability has come to an end as I look at this Papermate gel I borrowed from another nurse yesterday. He seems to be reliable. The ink on my face was the end of the good times, so thanks for the good times, but let's part ways.

👤I have used Pilot G2 Pens for a long time. I liked the Fine Point. The blue ink was a bit light and the tip was a bit rough. I decided to purchase the BOLD BLUE INK because of this. There are a number of reasons why I like the Blue bold ink. The ink appears to be more readable. 2. This ink makes my handwriting look better. 3. My first box of these lasted over a year and they are the best pens I have ever used. 4. I'm glad Amazon has these because I couldn't find them in regular stores. 5. These pens look similar to fountain pen writing and I use them daily as I do lots of handwriting. 6. I prefer the pen sets over the refill sets. These pens are very good.

👤They were shipped quickly and would give a 5, except that they have leaked all over the place. I have blue ink on my hands, large blots on legal papers at work, a pen can on my desk, and everything in my purse. I've had Pilot pens before, but never this problem. I wonder if these are seconds or rejects. I rarely have a poor review, but I am very disappointed in these.

👤I don't like thin pens because they feel like you're scratching the paper. I don't like how they feel when writing on a hard surface. For some reason, the 1.0mm version of this pen is hard to find in regular retail stores, so once again, Amazon comes to the rescue. The thicker ball point makes it easier to write on hard surfaces. Sometimes the ink on the end of the pen can get on your paper or fingers, so be careful when drawing long lines or moving too fast. I think it's more of a generic issue with gel pens, but still something to point out.

4. Uni Ball Retractable Pens Medium Point

Uni Ball Retractable Pens Medium Point

It is a gift it is. The 30 Valuable Gel Ink Roller Pens could be used in any of your paper work, which would be a nice gift for your classmates,colleagues and your family. Let them know if you have a question. Their blue gel pens come filled with smooth-flowing ink that won't fade, which is preferred by professionals for their stylish metallic accents. Water- and fade-resistant pen ink helps you compose long- lasting, high-quality documents you can archive; their ink pens offer protection against water, fading, and fraud. Their writing pens have a textured rubber grip and a convenient clip so that your favorite ink pen is always at hand. The blue pen in their gel pen set has sleek metallic barrel accents and 0.7-millimeter tips that draw vivid lines. There are 12 blue gel ink pens.

Brand: Uni-ball

👤I've been using uni-ball 207's for a long time. My handwriting must be smudge-proof and legible all the time as a practicing emergency nurse. The Medium point is my preference. Like me, it's bold to be read. I've been using the Ultra Micro. I write at work on regular paper, copy paper, semi-glossy lab labels, chart labels, paper towels, sheets, and hands/ arms. We write on it. I read some reviews where people were complaining about the ink skipping when writing. This is not the pen's fault. These issues are caused by cheap imported paper. These are the pens to get if you are in the medical field. They will not smudge which is important for sensitive items. A sample pic shows the medium point and ultra micro. The pens are excellent and cost effective.

👤The worst pens I've ever used are by far the most expensive. I wanted to try these uni-ball.07's and purchased them because I like gel pens. I bought these for the office. When I write, I use half the box. They work fine for a minute then stop. It's too expensive to have pens that are trash out of the box. I thought I might have had a bad one, but at least half of them are garbage. I've never had a bad Pilot G2's, so don't waste your money.

👤I bought the same pens a long time ago. I loved them, but I don't know when. They were easy to write with and the ball point was smooth. I ordered the same things again, the same company, the same number. They are not the same. The point is not a nice flow to it, I hate them. I ordered a set of 4 and they are all the same. I will not order them again. I enjoy crossword puzzles when I have a pen that flows and has a wide depth to it, because I am disabled and do a lot of them. I don't know what you did but it doesn't work for me.

👤I like these uni-ball Signo retractable pens and have purchased them in many different variations in order to determine which one I prefer. All of the purchases I've made are comfortable to write with, smooth and free of skips. The uni-ball calls the point a micro point and others a fine point, but for me it's too fine for heavy handed writing. The medium point, 0.7mm, is still a very fine line, and writes very well. I wanted to see if I could tell the difference between the black and other colors of the BLX ink pens, so I've tried the package of 5 pens that are black ink mixed with other colors. If you don't want a more prominent blue or other color, those are nice, with a subtle difference in color that is nice. I have decided to stick with the medium 0.7mm point for my every day use, either the regular 207 black ink or one of the BLX mixes. The ink used in these pens is particularly good for protection against fading and fraud, and that is also an important consideration. The documents that I sign at work are often considered'record' documents and so these pens are perfect for satisfying the requirement of using ink that is not going to degrade over time. These are not the cheapest disposable pens, but they are the most comfortable to use. The 12-pack is the best value. The price on Amazon is very competitive, with many variations available. It's difficult to find the type of product that I prefer when I'm shopping locally, but I'll be sticking with this model once I'm able to find the right one on Amazon.

5. MengRan Crystal Diamond Stylus Ballpoint

MengRan Crystal Diamond Stylus Ballpoint

Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments to suit all your needs. They have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable, gel ink pens, whiteboard markers, and more for every writing style. All touch screen devices are compatible. The rubber tip won't scratch the screen. Attach stylus clips to your pocket or case for convenience. The pen is retractable. Can be replaced. A pen like writing experience for your phone or tablet.

Brand: Mengran

👤I buy these for an office full of sales women who like to match their bling to their outfits. It's easier to replace than the real deal. It holds half the ink as a regular pen. The ink is black and does not smudge. I would love to get other colored ink. Great deal! Stylus works well too.

👤So pretty. These are gifts for my coworkers. They write well too. I had extras for myself.

👤I ordered them to be used with gifts for many people. The stylus end works. No complaints! Cute!

👤I like the colors but one had a sharp thing sticking out. I removed the metal. Some of the black ink I have by Cooling Tech ran out in a couple weeks. It's necessary to offer ink replacements.

👤These were given as gifts at work and kids schools. They were kept for me and everyone asked about them.

👤The pens are attractive and write well. I keep a stylus in my house to use with my tablets. I have purchased three sets of these. They were added to gifts last year.

👤2nd time ordering these and still love them. I give them away in bags and I always hear good things.

👤These pens are wonderful. I wanted pretty pens that were long lasting. The pens did the trick. Inexpensive, good quality and cute...what more could you ask for?

👤A pretty pen. The end has a stylus pad. It was a bit hard to write with. The first pen I used fell apart at the first use and I found it difficult to keep a grip on it. If you want to have pens that don't cost the Earth, I would recommend the set.

👤I am happy with the look and feel of the pens. I was able to buy more than one refill. I couldn't twist top to expose point for writing and open pens to change refill. My husband loosened the tops, and so far has opened 2 pens. They are too tight.

👤These are one of the best bargains of all time. These are perfect if you like glitter in your pens. I don't think they can be beaten for the price. Lighter than the dearer ones, but I think they are perfect. There are 12 pens in different colors. It was delivered in time.

👤My girlfriend ordered these pens as a gift. She read reviews and decided to go for a more expensive brand because she thought a more exxpensive price would mean better quality. This was not the case. The pens last less than an hour. The pen is broken after a period of writing with them. It's complete waste of money. The process of arranging a refund is currently underway. The quality of the pens is so poor that I am really disappointed.

👤I usually keep a few packs of these stylus pens for myself rather than giving them away. They are in my car, in my hand bag, and in my glasses case.

6. Sharpie S Gel Medium Point 0 7mm

Sharpie S Gel Medium Point 0 7mm

There is a bulk pack of pens. Gel pen with no bleed technology. Gel ink colors offer vivid writing. The barrel gives the pen a professional look. A comfortable writing experience can be had with a rubber grip. There are 12 black gel ink pens.

Brand: Sharpie

👤Not worth the hype! I can't get a single word down without the ink skipping. I wanted to love them.

👤I was very excited when I saw the meme about the Sharpie pens because I have an obsession with pens and I love trying new ones. They are okay. It wasn't a consistently smooth writing experience when I was using these pens. It was like writing with a pen that was almost out of ink. Maybe I have a bad pack. I would be willing to try again.

👤I got these after I used the TUL pens and they ran out quickly and became expensive to refill. I have yet to run out of ink because I've been using one pen for almost two months. It works right away, no need to shake or write for the ink to start flowing. These are my new favorites. I got the red/blue/black set a while back and was not impressed but decided to try these ones. Highly recommended.

👤I like these pens. I write a lot as a case manager. The pens are a good size to use and I don't have to use my hand to write. The amount of writing I do makes it hard for me to go through them quickly. I will probably save them for letter writing. Not the fault of the pens. It is due to the amount of work I do.

👤The pen writes well. There was no ink build-up on the tip. The ink dries quickly. The plastic housing on the pen is the only thing that is bothering me. It doesn't feel solid in my hand when you write with a pen. The pen's weight feels flimsy. The bottom of the pen is not very comfortable as you might expect from a gel grip. The pen is a good option for the price. I prefer a gel pen over the less expensive one because I like a good pen and would rather pay more for it.

👤I am a pen snob. The Sharpie s gel pen felt more like a ball point than a gel and didn't have the same nice flow as the other regular black barrel sharpie s gel pens I own. It felt as though I had to remove that plastic tip in little sections because it wasn't easy to remove the tips from the plastic.

👤I am a server in a waitress without a pen and it's like a soldier without a gun. Although I'm not crazy about gel pens, I don't have to remove something from the tip to make it work. I have a habit of not checking my apron for pens and one went through the wash and came out of my white shirt. The ink is comfortable to hold and it writes well.

👤These pens are wonderful. They look great on paper. It is just a chef's kiss. I had to tackle the coworkers to the ground and pry my pens back from their clasped hands after they tried to walk off with my pens. Linda, you are not getting these pens. Stop asking! They are mine! Excellent stars.

7. JPSOR Ballpoint Retractable Supplies Business

JPSOR Ballpoint Retractable Supplies Business

If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase at Bedwina, they'll take it back, no questions asked. They are here to make you happy, 100% of the time. The 8 Pack ballpoint pens are designed for fashion conscious. The glitter material and pretty pattern design make each pen stand out. The cute pens have 8 styles and come with 8 replacement refill. The pen is very sturdy and durable because of the metal and copper stand. The pen is 14 cm long and 5 cm wide. The size is easy to carry. Click pen is suitable for long-term use and has a 1.0mm medium point. The pen has a full and clean nib. Black ink is easy to dry and cause smudges. Cute ballpoint pens make you feel good in the work. Even if you place the pen on the table at will, it is a good decoration. 8 You can share the pens with your colleagues. It's the perfect office supplies for ladies. A metal pen with colorful pen holder can be used as a gift for holidays, birthdays, weddings, graduation, business, and more.

Brand: Jpsor

👤I wanted to give these to my staff. They have a lot of weight. Each pen has its own plastic. It's great for gift giving. The extra refill is nice. The glitter is not very smooth. I thought I would write well. I haven't used it for more than a signature. Stay posted!

👤I was very excited about the pens. I wanted colorful pens that made me smile while I write. Two of the pens were broken. I tinkered with them. I didn't know how to fix them. They wouldn't click correctly. Two more broke while I was using them, so they no longer work. The second one broke after a few uses. I have 4 left after the first one broke. I don't think they will work after I use them. I threw the broken ones away because I had 6 that worked, so I can't get a refund. There were many good reviews. They get two stars instead of one because they are pretty and made me smile.

👤I only gave it one because of the reason. These pens are cute. The rose gold pen doesn't work for me. I could push the top to get the pen to come through the hole, but the ink barrel would easily slide back in and I wouldn't be able to write with it. I loved that color the most, so I am a little disappointed.

👤I love these pens. The glitter doesn't come off the pens, they are pretty, write well, and durable. At all! I like to use pens. I like a good pen. I got a bunch of pens. I gave a couple to my coworker and she loves them. I can't tell you how many times I've dropped these and not once did they break. I refuse to let my customers use these pens because they are pen thieves, but the fact they came with extra ink makes me happy. These pens are pretty. You get your money's worth with these. I think they're a good choice.

👤I like the color and the style and I am very pleased with this purchase.

👤There are 3 leaking refill in the package. One of the pens will not stay open because of a bad spring. The pens are not perfect. The pens are smooth. They were cheap, but they did write nice. I am not returning them.

👤The pens are easy to read and write on, but they feel rough when held, because there is no obvious coating over the glitter. I would recommend this set for anyone who needs a note pen, but not for those who want to hold pen for long periods because of the outer texture.

👤They are very bold. I'm always on the lookout for the fact that they're glittery. I've gotten a lot of praise about them. I would buy them again. I like that they have refill options included in the order. That is a nice touch.

👤They only write for a week or so, and the head won't stay down, so you can't write with it.

8. Pilot Precise Retractable Rolling 26095

Pilot Precise Retractable Rolling 26095

If you want to redeem a Box Top on a purchase without the proper packaging, you need to call the number on the back of the packaging. The Pilot Precise V5RT has a patented extra fine precision tip that makes it easy to write with ease. Unparalleled performance for writing. This retractable rolling ball pen has clean lines and smooth ink delivery. There are 12 stunning ink colors. A metal clip. The full line of V5 Deco Collection, V7 rolling ball pens, and capped & retractable options are available in capped and retractable options. They've been making pens for over 100 years. Pilot has the perfect pen for you, whether you're taking notes, stocking up on school supplies, or writing in a bullet journal. Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments. They have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable, gel ink pens, whiteboard markers, and more for every writing style.

Brand: Pilot

👤I think this is one of my favorite pens. An extra fine tip doesn't sacrifice the smoothness of writing. This is the smoothest pen I own. It's retractable for convenience. The pen has a plastic body that is nice and sleek. The metal clip is strong. It dries quickly, which is great for us lefties. When I write, I have to keep it clean. The back of the page is where the ink of a rollerball pen tends to ghost. It's worse in areas where the tip lasts for a bit longer while you write and on some paper, but it's not as bad as it is in other areas. The colors were great. They had a bit of skipping at first, but are writing great after a little practice. Highly recommended.

👤I like the look and feel of these pens. The extra fine tip is used to write with a consistent fine line. The color is opaque.

👤I give away many of these to people who will use them at my table, because they will love them. I use different colors for taking notes to help me code different types of information on the page. The colors are beautiful. Sometimes it's too thick on absorbent paper and I have to use a tissue. A joy to use. They can be refilled, but not the color refill. Pilot makes a line of stunning fountain pen ink which I started using for longer form writing.

👤I tested many pens and use them at work. This was my guy. People who borrow it say it's fancy. I'm sure I'll get it back. This is my favorite pen. How can I put it? There is good handwriting. There was no bleeding through the pages. There is a chance of bending the ink stalk if you hit it with a thump or a drop. Drug stores and Walmart have replacement Cartridges. It was an important feature for me. Highly recommended. It feels fancy to be a 1$ pen. Can't be beaten.

👤These pens were better than I thought they would be. The colors are bold and the pen body is the same color. They don't dry immediately and may be smudged if something slides against the ink. I usually use signo 207s, but in my opinion the ink is less evenly spread. If they were cheaper, I would buy them again. I bought them because the colors looked nice, but I think for the price and quality, I would keep buying the signo's.

👤The pens are well made and write well. They are cheap and light in your hand. They're smooth and there's no drag or gel at all. The colors are just as good as the black ones. The Pilot P-500 is better. The Pilot P-500 is a more luxurious writing utensil. The ink flow is similar but the Inkjoy 0.5 gel is more draggy. This is a middle ground. I like that the clip is metal, but it feels the cheapest, since I use it to clip my lanyard at work. They are a great pen to use, but I'm not excited to use it often.

9. Pentel EnerGel Retractable Assorted BL77BP12M

Pentel EnerGel Retractable Assorted BL77BP12M

Remove the filter and wash the rest of the pitcher components with soap. Never use a dishwasher or abrasive detergents. Liquid-gel ink dries quickly and writes smoothly with the EnerGel RTX pens, which feature a comfortable, latex-free grip that matches the ink color for easy identification. Left-handed users won't have to worry about smudges or fingerprints when writing with these retractable liquid gel pens because the ink dries fast. Liquid and gel ink have the same qualities, but with high- performance ink technology. Left-handed writers can make no smudges, and even no globs, when they use liquid-gel ink. A latex-free grip gives you maximum comfort and control. The ink color of the Pentel pens matches the barrel and grip colors.

Brand: Pentel

👤These are my favorite pens. It's important for a lefty that they write smooth and don't have as much smudge. The colors are striking.

👤These pens are amazing. These pena allow me to take notes with no pain. They are able to do this because of the comfy grip. They come in a variety of colors and allow my ticsc self to color coordinate my classes notes. The pictures show the difference between a medium quality piece of printer paper and a notebook paper. The notebook paper has some bleedthrough, but it does not detract from the writing. It is almost non-existent on the printer paper. There is a tiny bit, but nothing noteworthy. I have never had issues like this dry very quickly. I am right handed so it is not an issue I face.

👤A friend gave me the pens. They're great for giving feedback to my students. I bought more for my daughter. She uses them to highlight her work. The ink is bright, flows without skips, dries fast, and the pens are comfortable to hold.

👤I searched for help with hands and arms while at the computer. The gel pen was one of the tips that made it easier to slide. The pen was recommended. I ordered the pkg in multiple colors. I used the red one to sign the cards. I ordered another brand because I can't explain. They glided across the paper differently. They went back. I use the best pens and have no trouble with nerves or muscles in my hands from writing, I have a disease that makes it hard to sleep and I smile.

👤I used to like these pens, but something has gone terribly wrong. There is no way to put the pens back together after they break. I had hoped that it was only one pack, but have bought multiple packs on subscribe and save and all have had this flaw. I will no longer be buying them. A lot of money wasted.

👤These are my go-to basic black pens. I have them subscribe and save. I use my left hand. They are one of the better pens for not being smudged.

👤I have been using these pens for a long time and don't like to use anything else. If I lend one to someone else at work, I have to keep a close eye on it because everyone loves the way they feel and write so much that they don't want to give them back! They write well. I have never had a problem with the ink not coming out or the writing not being evenly distributed. I have only had a few problems with blotting in my years of daily use, and I think those were due to faulty ink. The best tip is 0.7mm. I tried a fine tip and didn't like the way it looked. The pens in my hand are medium weight and don't feel heavy like a metal pen, but they do feel like you're writing with a feather. I like the feel of the grip, it makes writing nice and comfortable. I like to clip the end of the pen onto my pocket at work. I have never had a problem with the metal clip breaking or coming off. There is a small dot of dried glue on the tip of the pen that you need to remove before you start writing. I assume this is to keep the ink fresh. I only buy these pens when they run out of ink and refill them when they run out of ink again.

10. Luxury Pen Scriveiner London Professional

Luxury Pen Scriveiner London Professional

A gel pen has a 0.7mm tip. ENJOY THE FEEL OF A PREMIUM PEN. The pen is stunning. The brass is finished in gold. A boutique British brand has premium quality and understated luxury. They use Schmidt refills from Germany which allow your pen to glide smoothly across any type of paper. The pen is designed for those who love to write and is perfectly weighted and balanced. The pen comes in a beautiful presentation box, making it the perfect gift. Your pen will be admired by those around you, whether you use it for work, office or personal use. The timeless attributes of classic British design are shared by the scruiner pens. 100% money back guarantee and incredible customer service are what you get with buy with total confidence. Everything they do is done by their customers. They will either put it right or refund you if you don't like it. They want you to have the best possible products.

Brand: Scriveiner

👤The update was added at the bottom. The pen feels substantial and it's obvious you have a nice pen when you pick it up, but the refil ruins that first impression when you start writing with it. Even though it's a medium tip, it writes like a fine-point pen. I compared it to a cheap PaperMate pen, the kind that come in a dozen to a box for $4. I think the scriveiner wrote a little better because of the weight of the pen. The PaperMate was a lot cleaner looking than the actual lines. I showed the paper to several people, and they confirmed it without any prompting. You need a refill that is better than the one you have, because the $30 pen is not good enough. There is an update. The seller told me that the tips on the refils can dry out when air shipped, so they have made the writing easier. The seller has been so accommodating in offering to replace the refill that I can't be upset.

👤I am an avid pen collector and user and usually buy a higher priced pen. In the past decade or so, I have bought in a range of $200-$800, but now I want to try something in the range of $25-$99 so that if I lose the pen, it's not a big deal. We all need a few to throw with our stuff, and be a little careless when out and about in public. Which is where this pen has been useful. When I want to do this, I want a pen that is comfortable and performs well. This pen is amazing. When it arrived in the mail, I was very happy. I think I am a good judge of paper and pens. The pen is medium weighted but not heavy, it does not feel cheap, but it is not light. The body is leaner than I am used to. I didn't find that a big deal. For men with medium sized hands, it's a good fit and weight, and for women with large hands, it's relaxing. It writes well. I tried it on paper and it was made in both the US and France. It works well on a wide Ranger of paper. I don't have that to test on, so I can't say how it would do on cheap thin paper. I don't compromise on paper. I think it does well on all paper ranges. We all know better the paper better the pens ability to perform, so most of us are really picky. For this price range, you will not go wrong. The pen would work well in any business environment. If you lose this instead of a higher end pen, you are not out a lot of money. I can't see how anyone can go wrong. This would be a nice gift for someone who enjoys writing. College kids as well. It presents well. I don't think it would make a difference if I used the Schmidt refill that I use in my Visconti and Mont Blanc ballpoints. I've just used what it came with. Plan to later. Most ball point pens are called the "Parker Style" refill. You may be amazed by the Easy flow 9000 if you give it a try.

11. Thank Gift Stylus TouchScreen Devices

Thank Gift Stylus TouchScreen Devices

There are three-in-1 combinations. A thank you light up quote pen is one of the features of the Stylus that comes with the Ballpoint Ink Pen. This pen is perfect for any occasion. Give a thank you gift for your coworkers, your boss, your physicians, your admin, your nurses, your teacher, your dentist, convention, employee appreciation gifts, and more. They use permanent scratch free ink to print the words Thank You. This is a great thank you gift that will impress those that receive it. Their Thank You pens come with a seamless stylus tip that offers continuous accuracy for all touch screen devices. They offer the best Thank You stylus pens on the market. Their ink is very smooth and their stylus is precise. Don't buy cheap pens that fall apart. Their pens are made to last. They will guarantee it! Thank you gifts are perfect with these! Their pens come in many bright colors. Stick out from the crowd with these nice looking pens. You can use these pens on any device. Any device that has a touch screen will work with your thank you gift.

Brand: Express Pencils

👤Pens are nice. The colors are pretty vibrant. It's a perfect gift for employees to say thank you. The stylus tip works on phones.

👤The pens are pretty and write well. Everyone on my team received these. They were a huge hit after they were attached a thanksgiving card.

👤I was shorted 10 pens. I needed them for 50 thank you cards. How do I decide who doesn't get one? I have attached the 40 pens to the checks so I can't return them. There are no options for completing my order. This messed up my plans. I want the 10 pens sent to me quickly, since whoever counted the pens for the box blew it for me! It would work overnight. Thank you for the product, but the order was messed up.

👤Excellent pen. Smooth writing, black ink and stylus are useful. I don't like my pens. This is a great pen to give away.

👤These were used for gift bags. It's perfect if you need pens for gift bags. Pens are comfortable to hold.

👤These were perfect for my staff and I bought them for them. The pens are of good quality and have a stylus end for phones or tablets. Great purchase!

👤I bought these pens to say thank you to the staff at the assisted living center where my dad lives. The staff could use a pen with the styius feature on a daily basis. Seeing the "Thank you" on the pen would remind them how much they are appreciated.

👤I bought these for some team members to thank them for sharing their space with me. They liked the pens. The bright colors were comfortable to hold and write in.


What is the best product for best pens for nurses?

Best pens for nurses products from Bedwina. In this article about best pens for nurses you can see why people choose the product. Pilot and Pilot are also good brands to look for when you are finding best pens for nurses.

What are the best brands for best pens for nurses?

Bedwina, Pilot and Pilot are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best pens for nurses. Find the detail in this article. Uni-ball, Mengran and Sharpie are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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