Best Best Pens for Journaling No Bleed

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1. Mr Highlighters Assorted Highlighter Markers

Mr Highlighters Assorted Highlighter Markers

Draw lines that are smooth, skip-free and consistent. Magazines and Bibles are not bled through any paper. If left uncapped, there won't be a smooth surface. It's perfect for color coding, journaling, and memorizing books. The design of the gel stick is twist-up. Can be adjusted for a harsher tip.

Brand: Mr. Pen

👤If you are going to buy these to highlight words in a bible, please buy their other set as these are very dark and have a weird thick waxy texture that covers the words. Half of them are so dark that they cover up the words. If you like the company, you can get a refund. I own the other set. Normal highlighters from them are the same as the other ones, but they are only 2 dollars more for all the others. If you highlight both pages in the same place, they'll stick together. If used lightly, they don't bleed through thin bible pages, but if you use the ones on the left, they look better, but they still hate the waxy texture.

👤The best Bible paper highlighters! I only gave this set 4 stars because the orange is more of a peach than mine. I like the standard colored set a lot. One reviewer who provided pictures along with complaints uses a heavy hand. The gel highlighters are not tacky after use, but when they dry they are a different texture and not tacky anymore. You can't write until after they dry and have a flat texture, so highlight and wait. Gel highlighters don't bleed through Bible paper, but they may shadow through to the other side. Nothing to look at! Mr Pen is my go to for gel highlighters. They also make nice Bible tabs at a great price.

👤I used to use the older crayon type of highlighters, but they are not the same as gel markers. When using gel highlighters, there is an adjustment to make. This is the best Mr Pen product so far. Some of the colors in the gel highlighters were a bit heavy for highlighting in my Bible, and I have had other gel highlighters. I found that I was applying too much pressure and needed to color more gently. This new assortment of pastels is what I needed for the kind of highlighting that I like. The colors are beautiful and heavy enough to make highlights without being too dark to be difficult to read. The pointed tip of these marks makes it easy to mark exactly where you want it. The pens can be tilted. I highly recommend having a sharpener to use as the tip will dull with use, and that is important with small Bible print. I will purchase more for gifts for ladies in our Bible study group, as I need them, and I will buy these again. There is a I encourage you to contact the company if you have questions about your pens. They respond quickly and have excellent customer service.

👤I don't normally order anything with few reviews but I took a chance on these because of the other highly rated products. I am not disappointed. The first time I used these, I used the gray to highlight the official paper, and my husband thought it looked good. The colors are beautiful, light, and great to use for jazzing up a journal, Bible, or planners. It does feel a bit like a crayon, but I don't mind. I have had store brands of gel highlighters before and they feel the same. The only negative I have found so far is that it is hard to write over something you highlighted. I am hoping they last for a while since they are so fun to use and I think they will dry out easier than other products.

2. Pilot Retractable Premium Assorted 31294

Pilot Retractable Premium Assorted 31294

Well package Their fine line pens come in a nice plastic storage case with a fold over snap closure which can be placed in backpacks. In school, travel, or in the home and office. The ideal pen is for overspending. The Pilot G2 Premium Gel Ink Pen has a comfortable rubber grip and is available in a wide range of fine, extra fine, and bold points. The retractable G2 gel ink pen is a classic choice for all your writing needs, it is the longest lasting gel ink pen among top brands. If you love the original Pilot G2, you'll want to try their full G2 line of Mini, Metallic, Mosaic, and Fashion gel ink pens in a variety of sizes, barrel designs and colors. Trusted quality. They've been making pens for over 100 years. Pilot has the perfect pen for you, whether you're taking notes, stocking up on school supplies, or writing in a bullet journal. Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments to suit all your needs. They have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable, gel ink pens, whiteboard markers, and more for every writing style.

Brand: Pilot

👤I was excited for the pens. I paid full price for new pens because I enjoy them. The package I received was cut with scissors, the top and side of the package were taped shut, and the package was not open. The pens have different ink levels, so it is clear that some of these were used before being sent back. I don't like it.

👤These pens are very good. I didn't pay attention to the photo that showed the different colors of ink in the 20-pack. The pack has 5 pens with black ink and 2 with blue ink. The pens of the same color are not lined up next to each other in the photo, so I missed the duplicate. I assume there are more pens of these two colors because they are used more often in writing. You will be disappointed if you need 20 different ink colors. I rearranged them to show what I mean.

👤I'm happy that most other people are happy with these pens, but I'm not. I think the package I received was really old, because many of them are dried out to the point that writing with them is not smooth, it's actually quite difficult to get them to write consistently. The Papermate Ink Joy Gel pens that I have been using were replaced by these. I was hoping that the G2 would be even better, but I think I will switch back to the G1. I plan to contact Amazon to let them know that I may have gotten a bad sample.

👤These pens are amazing. They are so amazing. They last a long time. They don't lie. It creates legible writing. Comes in a container. There were no cracked or damaged pens. Smooth writing. The rubber grip is great.

👤I love this brand, they are on the expensive side, but as a college student I need the best pens out there that are also comfortable. I have been using these since middle school and they never let me down.

👤I have always been a fan of the G2 pens and this multipack is no exception. These are always great for writing quality and flow of ink. I have never had a problem with it. The pack was cheaper than the smaller packs at Walmart and I loved it. It was a bargain. I use these to color code important dates on my calendar. It's a great bargain. Don't pass these up! You get what you pay for. There is a If you found my review helpful, it would be great if you tapped the "yes" button below. Thanks!

👤The pens are a disappointment because I love doing adult coloring books with fine detailing. These require a lot of pressure. I use a set of cheaper pens that work better for coloring books. They don't take as much pressure when I am using a light touch, which allows me to get into the tiny corners of the coloring book designs. There is no way to do nice detail work with these. The Pilot G-2's are the gold standard of gel pens and they are priced accordingly.

3. Paper Mate Retractable Assorted 1951636

Paper Mate Retractable Assorted 1951636

Well package Their fine line pens come in a nice plastic storage case with a fold over snap closure which can be placed in backpacks. In school, travel, or in the home and office. There are great back to school supplies for Christmas, Birthday, Mother's Day, Easter Day, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Party, New Year's. For reduced smearing, Dries is 3X faster. The ink on the page is smooth and colorful. The gel pen has a comfort grip on it. Medium point spreads ink beautifully. Pink Pop, Red Rush, Orange Rise, Yellow Twirl, Lime Light, Luscious Green, Teal Zeal, Bright Blue Bliss, Slate Blue Spin, Pure Blue Joy, Charming Purple, Wild Berry, Cocoa Delight and Jet Black gel pens are included.

Brand: Paper Mate

👤I don't like gel pens and roller balls. I was wrong about these. These pens are smooth and dry quickly. Give them a try.

👤The Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens are amazing. I have an obsession with pens. I'm left handed and other lefties know the struggle of Gel pens and our left hands. There was nothing but smudged writing and smeared ink. Within 30 seconds, I was hooked, after my coworker bought me a single paper mate pen. I didn't smudge it because the ink dries quickly. Ever. They write very well. The pens feel nice in your hands, the colors are vivid and bright, and the pens feel nice in your hands. I have to hide these pens from everyone else because they are trying to run off with them. I won't allow my coworkers to use them anymore if they say "I'm going to take this!" or "I'm going to walk off with them." The only downfall I can find is that after about 2 weeks of daily use the ink starts to stall, almost like it's run out, but not completely. I carry a pen in my purse to work and use it all day, then return with it in my purse again. I'm telling you that they are amazing. For a few days over 2 weeks. I can't get enough of the different colors and multiples of them in this package. I've found at least 3 pens that don't work at all, after finally getting around to using more than just a couple pens. I remove the plastic container from the pen and it doesn't work. No matter how many different things I try, nothing comes out. How long do I spend trying?

👤Half of the pens stopped working. I tried shaking them and it looked like there was ink in the paper, but it wasn't transferring to the paper. The purples and blues just don't work very well, because I tried different surfaces, left pens sit to use at a later date, used more and less pressure, and used purples and blues. I'm usually very happy with the paper mate products. This purchase is more depressing than I would typically spend it on.

👤I loved using these pens when I first started using them. The colors were bold and the ink was clean. After a few days, that changed. The ink started to skip, take on a rough appearance, and pool a bit. I'm very sad. The search for a gel pen continues.

👤I'm a pen freak. In my early years as a teacher, I accepted anything that was written. I have the InkJoy Gel Pens. Bic Cristals will always hold a special place in my heart. There's something great about them. They come in lots of colors. This pack has two of my favorites. Both colors are appropriate for what I do with them. I'm not signing legal paperwork here. The lime green is a little light, but overall, InkJoy makes pens that are unreadable, and I rarely use the yellow option. 2. The flow! The best flow is what these pens have, and that is important to me. Gel pens can get muddy and choppy, but not these guys, they are smooth and beautiful! 3. They don't bleed and they don't smudge. I don't know, other reviewers complained that they did, but maybe they used them wrong. I never have a problem so I'm going to chalk it up to user error. I've used these pens for a long time and it's always a great experience. I guess the price is the only negative. They're more expensive than a ball point pen, but hey, you get what you pay for, and a good writing experience matters to me.

4. Mr Colored Journaling Colorful Pen

Mr Colored Journaling Colorful Pen

Can be adjusted for a harsher tip. The package includes 6 non-bleed fine point pens. Black, green, orange, pink, blue and purple are some of the vibrant colors. Magazines and Bibles are not bled through any paper. Smooth and fast dry. It's perfect for color coding, journaling, and memorizing books. Draw lines that are smooth, skip-free and consistent.

Brand: Mr. Pen

👤I needed a set of pens that I could use for my Bible journal. I had a hard time getting them to write on my Bible pages. I use a regular gel inkpen.

👤Don't use these pens in your Bible, they are very nice and smooth, but be warned, they do not work in your Bible. It took some time but eventually the ink from the pens bled through. I use an older Bible for most of my reading. Really disappointed. The paper in the bible is not cheap, but it is the top quality Indian paper, not the cheap ones. If you use these pens, your bible will ruin. The pens seemed to work in the beginning, but now a couple of months later, I go back to the page where I first used them to mark a passage. The pen is the same, top and reverse side.

👤I love the pens but they bleed in my bible. I told them that they offered me a refund. I like coloring and writing.

👤My husband gave me a brand new study Bible for our anniversary and the pages are very thin. I was very cautious about highlighting in it for the first time. I bought the gel pens because they said they wouldn't bleed through. I wanted to try them out first on regular paper. I touched the ink immediately after writing and it didn't smudge, so they are drying fast. Each pen had a plastic tip that had to be taken off before it could write. It's a small dot on the end of the pen. I used a used envelope to get that part cleared before I tried them out. Writing on regular paper did not work out. I tried it out on my bible. I was very happy. The green is not as bright as I would like it to be, but the rest of the colors are very bright and vibrant. The ink on the other side did not show up in my new Bible, but they worked perfectly for that. They have a push button top that is similar to a pen. You don't have to worry about losing a lid. If you lay them down on an even surface, they will not roll away, because they have a pocket grip. They are easy to hold and have a nice grip on them. I am very pleased with them and give them five stars.

👤The pens seem to write well and do not bleed through the other side of the page. They are easy to grip and hold onto and are click pens, so they don't have to un cap and recap them over and over again. I like the way the ink looks when you write with it, as the colors are very bold and the ink does not smudge if you allow it just a brief second to dry. They are convenient to carry around and do not make a mess. I would recommend them to others.

5. Pentel EnerGel Retractable Assorted BL77BP12M

Pentel EnerGel Retractable Assorted BL77BP12M

Remove the filter and wash the rest of the pitcher components with soap. Never use a dishwasher or abrasive detergents. Liquid-gel ink dries quickly and writes smoothly with the EnerGel RTX pens, which feature a comfortable, latex-free grip that matches the ink color for easy identification. Left-handed users won't have to worry about smudges or fingerprints when writing with these retractable liquid gel pens because the ink dries fast. Liquid and gel ink have the same qualities, but with high- performance ink technology. Left-handed writers can make no smudges, and even no globs, when they use liquid-gel ink. A latex-free grip gives you maximum comfort and control. The ink color of the Pentel pens matches the barrel and grip colors.

Brand: Pentel

👤These are my favorite pens. It's important for a lefty that they write smooth and don't have as much smudge. The colors are striking.

👤These pens are amazing. These pena allow me to take notes with no pain. They are able to do this because of the comfy grip. They come in a variety of colors and allow my ticsc self to color coordinate my classes notes. The pictures show the difference between a medium quality piece of printer paper and a notebook paper. The notebook paper has some bleedthrough, but it does not detract from the writing. It is almost non-existent on the printer paper. There is a tiny bit, but nothing noteworthy. I have never had issues like this dry very quickly. I am right handed so it is not an issue I face.

👤A friend gave me the pens. They're great for giving feedback to my students. I bought more for my daughter. She uses them to highlight her work. The ink is bright, flows without skips, dries fast, and the pens are comfortable to hold.

👤I searched for help with hands and arms while at the computer. The gel pen was one of the tips that made it easier to slide. The pen was recommended. I ordered the pkg in multiple colors. I used the red one to sign the cards. I ordered another brand because I can't explain. They glided across the paper differently. They went back. I use the best pens and have no trouble with nerves or muscles in my hands from writing, I have a disease that makes it hard to sleep and I smile.

👤I used to like these pens, but something has gone terribly wrong. There is no way to put the pens back together after they break. I had hoped that it was only one pack, but have bought multiple packs on subscribe and save and all have had this flaw. I will no longer be buying them. A lot of money wasted.

👤These are my go-to basic black pens. I have them subscribe and save. I use my left hand. They are one of the better pens for not being smudged.

👤I have been using these pens for a long time and don't like to use anything else. If I lend one to someone else at work, I have to keep a close eye on it because everyone loves the way they feel and write so much that they don't want to give them back! They write well. I have never had a problem with the ink not coming out or the writing not being evenly distributed. I have only had a few problems with blotting in my years of daily use, and I think those were due to faulty ink. The best tip is 0.7mm. I tried a fine tip and didn't like the way it looked. The pens in my hand are medium weight and don't feel heavy like a metal pen, but they do feel like you're writing with a feather. I like the feel of the grip, it makes writing nice and comfortable. I like to clip the end of the pen onto my pocket at work. I have never had a problem with the metal clip breaking or coming off. There is a small dot of dried glue on the tip of the pen that you need to remove before you start writing. I assume this is to keep the ink fresh. I only buy these pens when they run out of ink and refill them when they run out of ink again.

6. Paper Mate Medium Assorted Colors

Paper Mate Medium Assorted Colors

Well package Their fine line pens come in a nice plastic storage case which can be easily placed in backpacks. In school, travel, or in the home and office. The point guard prevents the tip from being damaged. Water based ink resists being smeared. The ink won't bleed through the paper. Medium point is a great place to make bold and expressive lines. There are 24 assorted Color marker pens.

Brand: Paper Mate

👤You can now write rage poems about your ex without having to worry about the pen bleeding through to the next page.

👤I have been using sharpie felt tip pens for notes in high school but the ink bled through the paper so I couldn't use the back side of the paper. The flair pens don't bleed through as much as the sharpies. I can write on the back of the paper. The ink blobs and spreads when you push down hard from the tip of the sharpie. The ink stays contained even if you push down hard, that's what I like about the flair pens. These are odorless. Also, note: I wanted to try out the ultra fine tip flair pens, but they are not as fine as I would have liked. The flair pens have a nice grip and they write well. The only thing that I don't like is the scratching sound that comes from it when I write with force, but the solution to that is...don't write with force! If you write small and separated, use a sharpie pen. Use a medium tip flair pen if you write big or normal. The flair ultra fine tip pens are good for writing lightly.

👤The medium tip is from the 24 pack. I bought these for note taking and to color code my planner. There are different colors in the 24 pack. They are easy to write with and don't bleed through on my pages. The packaging was the same as pictured. The handle has a little heart detail. I did a test with zebra mildliners and stabilo boss originals. The pen test names were made by me. I'll probably buy more if these ever dry out.

👤I was happy to see that they don't bleed through the paper, I bought them for my planners. None of the markers were dry or empty like other reviews. I haven't had any issues with transferring or smearing, they dry pretty quickly. I love these!

👤These were good pens. The cheap nonsense that showed up at my door was not worth the price paid. The pen was dry. A damaged pen. The other pens were okay, but not what is expected of this brand and style. Pens are worth the money if you save your money.

👤It is difficult to tell the colors of the pen's ink. I had to look at the manufacturer's website. I made myself a template. The set contains a few very similar colors-- cranberry and plum, orchid lei, papaya and guava. These colors are not the same. I'm not sure why this set is described as "vivid" colors, as many of the colors are very dark. The pens seem to be of good quality, based on my limited use.

👤I could tell these are not the same Papermate Flair Felt Tip Pens that I used to use. They feel light and cheap. The ink is a lot lighter and the tips are not as strong. I received a 12 pack of these pens, but I am not sure I want to use them. Would not buy again. If I hadn't thrown the package right as the janitor was cleaning my office, I would be returning.

7. Mr Highlighters Journaling Through Christian

Mr Highlighters Journaling Through Christian

Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments to suit all your needs. They have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable, gel ink pens, whiteboard markers, and more for every writing style. The package includes Fine Point Pens and Gel Highlighter/Bible Highlighter Non-Bleed. There are a variety of color pens and Bible highlighters. GelHighlighters with Twist-Up Gel Stick Design, No Bleeding Through Any Paper Including Magazines And Bibles, Won't Dry Out If Left Uncapped, Can be Sharpened for Finer Tip. Consistent lettering is what Pens Draw Smooth, Skip-Free Lines And Crisp. It's perfect for color coding, journaling, and memorizing books.

Brand: Mr. Pen

👤I bought these pens and gave them a chance, despite some negative reviews. The front and back of 2 pages in my bible are highlighted in the 4 pictures. I was hoping to find a few things in my bible. Don't go through 2. Pages should not stick together. Don't lose your color over time. These pens exceeded my expectations. I only have to highlight a line once to see all the colors. They do not bleed to the other side and I am really pleased with that. The Bible Hi-Gliders I was using were not as good. They do not dry out. They should last a long time. I have a life application study bible. I hope my review helps others decide whether or not to try these pens.

👤I love these highlighters. The first set of highlighters was the reason I got this second set. The thin paper in Bibles is usually very little room and the pens are good for writing on it. I don't like the idea of writing with no padding on paper. Unless the paper is padded with at least a few sheets, the nibs are very fine. The green pen is so faint that it's my least favorite. I was surprised at how well it looked in the photo. I like the highlighters. I have to shave them often to keep their point. The orange one is my least favorite. I would rather have a pink one. I like that they can be shaved/sharpened and that there is a bit of length to extend. I am not sure how long one will last because of all the sharpening. They glide onto the paper and you can't feel anything after a few seconds, but the feel is waxy. There is no sensation of the paper being wet. These are nice for marking and making notes in my Bible because they don't bleed through the thin paper. I would give a 5-star except for a few things.

👤The pens and highlighters are great. It's important to me that the pages of my Bible don't bleed-through. The ink in the colored pens is dark enough to be easily read, but it doesn't overwhelm the printed words. The highlighters are very smooth. When used, there is no drag. The blue color doesn't obscure the print. A great purchase!

👤The highlighters are great. Even though they are a gel-crayon type of highlighter, they are not sticky and don't bleed through the thin pages of my bible. I was worried that they would transfer from one page to the next. I haven't had an issue with that either. I have had them for a few weeks and I think they will last a long time. The pens don't bleed through the pages. Very pleased with the purchase!

👤I was very excited to get these. At the beginning of the year, I picked different colors for marking different things in the Bible. I realized they weren't as good as I thought after using them. The highlighters leave "chunks" on the page that I have to remove. I have to write on another piece of paper first when I use one of the pens. I don't tear the pages. If I write with a pen, I can't highlight it because it will just smudge it. There is a The worst thing was when I went back to the stuff I'd read and marked earlier in the year. I used the pink pen or highlighter in every single place, and it soaked the page to the back. It has ruined my bible. I hate that I have to get a new Bible or deal with the ink that's soaked through or smeared in order to use these. Don't buy these!

8. Mr Journaling Planner Markers Bullet

Mr Journaling Planner Markers Bullet

The fine point pens are packaged in a carrying case. They are great for home, office, work, business, school, colleague, church, club, and organization activities. Premium set for the family, friends, co-workers. A set of 6 felt tip pens. Black colored felt tip pens. No Smudging, and a smooth and fade-resistant surface. It's perfect for color coding, journaling, memorizing, and Bibles. Consistent Lettering, Draw Smooth, Skip-Free Lines.

Brand: Mr. Pen

👤Hello pen lovers! It is a pleasure to write this review because it is a really good pen. They didn't give me any free pens for writing this, but if they want to do that, I welcome that! I am a nurse and I like to use my pen. When people ask to borrow a pen from me, I promise to give them a story about how I got it. I ordered these on a wim and it was recommended that I try them by Amazon. I did. I am very happy with my pens. I use this pen a lot because I have been writing a lot due to the corona virus. I work in a suburb of NYC and it's pretty bad. I like the way the ink feels on my journal and I can write and write with these pens. I will be ordering more in the future. I had fun with the mustache sticker they sent me. The pen has a mustache on it in case someone takes it. They don't know that there is a small amount of money on its side. It would have made more sense if I had written this review with their pen. It isn't my thing. I apologize if the review made no sense. It is a great pen.

👤The delivery girl was great. She delivered the package and came back to hand it over to me, even though I was in a wheelchair.

👤I decided to try something new because they are so expensive, and I am usually a loyal Paper Mate flair user. I love these pens! They are amazing. The felt pens have a nice sharp tip and they don't pull on the pages like some other felt pens do. They do not bleed through the paper. I have tried them on several different notebooks and copy paper and they don't bleed or show through the other side. The tip is pointed enough that it doesn't blur the words when you write, but it is bold and easy to see. I am happy I tried these felt tips. Thank you Mr. PEN! I will be trying more of your products.

👤I am surprised I am trying the mr pen collection. I liked the pens that I tried. These are equally amazing. When the pens bleed through, I get crazy because I do a lot of bullet journaling and doodling. Every pen that says they wont did. These don't. Even on paper that is thinner. They are lighter than a typical felt tip, but you can make it darker by going over it. These have been fun to add to my collection.

👤I bought them to fill in my ballot. The marks on the point were very close to those on the Pilot G-2 pens. Signing everything was clean and crisp, and I didn't see any leaks or bleed through. If these don't leak like the rollerballs, this is my new favorite pen. The ultimate pen test is signing the back of a credit card. After a day of dry time, my old gel pens wouldn't smudge. I signed with one of these. And it didn't go away!

9. IBayam Fineliner Journaling Calendar Coloring

IBayam Fineliner Journaling Calendar Coloring

Fast delivery directly from Amazon, conform to Amazon return and refund policies. If you have a problem with a product or order, please contact the seller. There are 24 unique restaurant colors. This colorful fine tipped pen set is perfect for drawing lines and details, writing, sketching, adult coloring book, art projects, artists fine-ink drawings. It doesn't bleed through most paper. The journal planners have perfect pens. SMOOTH WRITING Fine line markers pens with Metal fine tipped and outstanding super smooth performance in all areas of writing, drawing, sketching, adult coloring book, art projects, and comfortable to write. The fineliner fine point pens are water-based and have minimal bleed. It's ideal for coloring, drawing, and home work. A great gift set for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, family, friends, school students, teacher supplies, teacher pens. Well package Their fine line pens come in a nice plastic storage case with a fold over snap closure which can be placed in backpacks. In school, travel, or in the home and office.

Brand: Ibayam

👤The iBayam pens are great for those who are artistic. These pens are great for customers who like to color code their planners. There are two different options when you order these pens on Amazon. There is a pack of markers. Each contains vibrant colors. The 36 pack includes more colors, but it also increases the price. The markers have a tip size of 0.38mm. Each marker is a decent size, they measure 6.22”. That way you can carry them in your backpack, without having to worry about them being too big to carry. The company has great customer service and care for their consumers. The outstanding markers are shipped out in a white bubble wrapped envelope. They come with a clear plastic case with all the markers. The package has a good deal on quality and number of pens. If you add taxes, the price goes up to $10.68. This is a great deal for pens. It isn't a bad deal if you compare it to other brands. If you add tax to the estimate, you get the markers for less than the total, and they will be shipped out and delivered for the same amount of days as the 24 pack. Within two days of completing your order, Amazon sent this item out. You will get your package on the fourth day after you ordered it, so you can get to use the markers! Amazon has them on sale for less of what I paid for on days when they have sold a lot in the past. The markers are really good quality. Want to make sure? The product has a star rating on Amazon. The product has 4.5 stars. That is great. The markers are good for writing on thin paper. The brand of markers is known to not bleed through the pages or the other side of the page. They are easy to maneuver. It is better to go along fine lines when writing because the tips are firm. They hold on to the end when they take the markers off. These markers are a great purchase because they are non-brand and you get great quality for such a great price.

👤This is a 24 pack. Who counted this? Very disappointed!

👤I love my pens. They are perfect for what I use them for. I love the strength of the top and the strength of the color, and I use them daily for my happy planner. I live in a household with 8 children ranging in age from 13 to 6 months and these pens are impervious to every single one of them. I left the cap off for longer than I intended and it didn't dry out on me, which was amazing! They don't bleed is my favorite part. I love that I can use them on my happy planner and not have to worry about it bleeding through the paper or even spreading on the front where I am writing! The best pens are used everyday, not just for journal writing.

10. IBayam Fineliner Journaling Sketching Supplies

IBayam Fineliner Journaling Sketching Supplies

It's a great gift for office, home, company, students, etc., because it's suitable for using in class, marking different words and doing some important notes. A set of felt tip pens, fine point, black ink, and a value pack for writing is super smooth. These fine tip felt pens are great for a variety of purposes. They will make you want to write more. Bleeding is not a problem with Minimal Bleeding. Water-based ink. Perfect as Journal Pens, Planner Pens, Journaling Pens, note taking pens, teacher Pens, Office Supplies, School Supplies, teacher pens, Planner accessories. Fine point marker pens with superfine, metal-clad fine tipped and outstanding performance in all areas of writing, small detailing, bullet journaling, fine-ink drawings, coloring small intricate patterns or just everyday general writing use are available in 18 pack. You like neat notes, planners, calendar, agenda, notebooks, and journals. The fine point pens are packaged in a carrying case. They are great for home, office, work, business, school, colleague, church, club, and organization activities. Premium set for the family, friends, co-workers.

Brand: Ibayam

👤The product was small, not satisfying to write with, and came with a card to "Attend to Super User Program" asking to exchange good Amazon ratings for free or discounted items.

👤I broke my hand several years ago, and if I write too long, I get blisters on my hand. The problem is alleviated by these pens. They are small enough that they don't create a bulky feeling in your hand when writing, and they are round enough to not cut into your fingers. These pens do not leak and require little to no pressure to write. If the paper has any type of coating these will not penetrate that leaving the ink to fade, rare situation but has happened a few times.

👤These were bought for my college laboratory books. The thin lines make everything look neat. I've only used one pen so far and it has lasted me several pages on it's own with no sign of running out. Bleeding through on pages is not possible with very thin paper. It was nice for the price. Will buy more in the future if 18 doesn't last me.

👤Pens are very nice to write with. When writing that is pleasant, there is a small amount of resistance that you feel. My mother, who is in her mid 80's, has a slight hand tremor, but she can feel the pen moving over the paper, so it is very easy to control her writing and drawing. There is a bit of bleed in the journal. I had some black ink in my drawing when I used a pencil to blend colors. It was as if the ink hadn't dried, although the outline had been done a week prior to filling in with the colors. The drawing paper is 80 lbs. All of the pens are great for the price.

👤Sharpie Pens were nice but did not last long. The pens are almost identical to Sharpie pens and you get three times as many. They last a long time. Even though I wouldn't need them for a long time, I bought a second package. I will buy these pens again and again.

👤Sharpie fine felt tips are overpriced, but I have been using them for years. The pens are the same and cost less. There is an edge near where my fingers touch the pen that I don't like. I took the comfort grip tube off the old pens and they slide on. The shade of blue is very bright. They write well. Writing is a joy.

👤I ordered these for my sister's 50th birthday party because the guest could write her notes. I used them at work and quickly left. Everyone loves them so much they kept borrowing them. I just bought another set. They are comfortable to hold. I love signing my name because of my job, and I sign it a lot. You have to recap them. Once you start writing again, it will clear up. It's my second purchase and I'm positive when these walk away I'll be buying more.

11. Mr Highlighter Highlighters Assorted Journaling

Mr Highlighter Highlighters Assorted Journaling

There are 24 assorted Color marker pens. The package includes 8 Gel Highlighter/Bible Highlighter Non-Bleed. Magazines and Bibles are not bled through any paper. If left uncapped, there won't be a smooth surface. It's perfect for color coding, journaling, and memorizing books. The design of the gel stick is twist-up. Can be adjusted for a harsher tip.

Brand: Mr. Pen

👤It arrived quickly with Amazon Prime. After trying them first on an index card, I immediately used the highlighters in my Bible. I couldn't get these to bleed through the page using the yellow that is very nice and bright. I made a lot of marks on the passage. The pages of my bible are very thin. It is an expensive bible. The high-lighters are perfect. The shadow of the highlighted passage on the other side of the page does not bleed through the page if you hold it up to the light. These pages are very thin. The pencil lead seems to push through the page, but no highlighters. I'm very happy with them and recommend them. The only negative is the thickness of the marker, but you can use the edge to underline with a little difficulty. They are not underliners. These are a dream. I will update my review if there is a problem. There is an update. I've continued to use these extensively for high-lighting in my Bible and they have worked well. There is a hint of highlighting on the other side, but no bleed through, because of the thinness of the pages. Reviewers need to be able to distinguish the difference between bleed through and just seeing the shadow of it from the other side of the page. The pages are thin. The high-lihjters are perfect. After all the use. I highly recommend them, they have been used a lot in my Bible. They're more like a crayon than a typical highlighter. The yellow is very bright. It was easy to use.

👤It is a great purchase, these gel highlighters won't damage your Bible even though you can see a little bit of a shadow on the back of the page that you are highlighting it is not so much that it ruins the other side. I have been using all of the colors and they all work well. This product is very good.

👤They are colored with crayons. The lines they make are based on how hard you push down. The lighter marks are the same as a crayon. If you run your finger across them, the darker marks will disappear. A lot of the wax is used to make a darker line. The picture shows how far it went from only drawing a few lines. I'm returning them.

👤The tip is quite thick. I had no trouble highlighting if I used the marker to the right of the word. There is no bleeding on the back or next page because they are dry. Through the highlighting, you can see the words clearly. Even though the colors are a little different, they copy well. I am using them for my Bible study, but I am also using them for the workbook and thin pages.

👤Some of them are getting used to. I used them on a regular book and it looked like a crayon. They are not easy to hold and get the highlighter to mark where you want it. I liked the lighter colors better than the darker ones on regular paper, but it seems that the paper texture affects how they look. The color was bright but not smooth as I was expecting. You can touch them without fear, and they don't bleed through. When I used them on my bible, I was happier. They were more consistent and smooth. They looked like they had a highlighter in them. I can use them on a bible without worry about them bleeding through.


What is the best product for best pens for journaling no bleed?

Best pens for journaling no bleed products from Mr. Pen. In this article about best pens for journaling no bleed you can see why people choose the product. Pilot and Paper Mate are also good brands to look for when you are finding best pens for journaling no bleed.

What are the best brands for best pens for journaling no bleed?

Mr. Pen, Pilot and Paper Mate are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best pens for journaling no bleed. Find the detail in this article. Pentel, Ibayam and Ibayam are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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