Best Best Outdoor Security Camera Wireless

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1. YI Security Surveillance Emergency Response

YI Security Surveillance Emergency Response

Noonlight's Certified Emergency Dispatchers can instantly involve police, fire, and EMTs on customers' behalf to ensure the situation is handled quickly. It works with both Amazon's voice assistant and the internet search engine. It works with any screen-based Amazon device. You can use the skill to turn on your camera or view its live feed. YI cloud storage comes with the latest in smartai detections which are able to distinguish person, vehicle, or animal accurately and reduce false alarms significantly There is a subscription needed. The YI Home App is available for download. With Home/Away mode, your camera is more flexible with their mobile APP. You can share your camera with up to 5 family members or friends, and view multiple cameras on a single account. YI Cloud Subscription supports 9 Live Feeds on PC APP. Cloud Storage supports YI Cloud to make sure all recorded video is safe, secure, and protected with the most efficient compression and highest protection of data. Local backups can support up to 64GB Class10 microSD cards.

Brand: Yi

👤I'm a tech guy and love electronics. I have had cameras in my house for a long time. I've been using wired cameras for most of the time. I didn't like the idea of running new wires to upgrade the system. I have the smart Thermostats and Smoke/Carbon-monoxide detectors, but the price of NEST cams is ridiculous. Cloud service is an additional cost. I talked to a neighbor who sent me a screen shot from his camera. The quality was pretty good. I bought a four pack for $119.00 with moderate expectations. I'm very impressed with the picture quality of these cameras. It is easy to set up. I had no idea they had audio. It's a two way speaker and the audio quality is amazing. I didn't need to use cloud storage because I bought 32 gigabytes of cards for all of them. I have them set to record everything. I usually have 7 days of history on each camera. Both day and night vision are amazing. You can see the quality both day and night, thanks to the attached photos. I have a couple of "indoor cams" mounted outside. To make the drop cam weather resistant, I bought a rubber sleeve from Amazon. It has been through rain, sleet and snow. The power cable is so short that it's a problem. I had to buy longer cables for some installs. They are only a few dollars on Amazon. The app is very functional, but it doesn't have a multi camera view which would be nice.

👤Positive and negative points about these are needed before buying them. Even in the lowest setting, you will still receive notifications from the app even if there is a bug or sudden change of lightning. 2. Sometimes the two-way audio function works and sometimes it doesn't. It is possible to get someone's attention but it is not possible to establish a conversation with an average download speed of 21 Mbps. 3. The camera is still doing a good job for at least 70 feet. You can store at least one week of footage with an 8gbSD card. 5. The power cable is long. I would recommend putting these on a high place with some mounts that you can find on Amazon.

👤It was very easy to setup. Video quality is excellent during daytime and night time. I have mine set to HD, not auto. The IR is great, it doesn't have red lights in the room at night. The camera doesn't need to be connected to the internet to record video to the card. I didn't like the bright white of the stands. I used Rust-Oleum spray paint to paint the stand. The locking clips on the right and left side of the camera can be depressing to remove it from the stand. To cover the outlet plugs, use masking tape to paint the charger. I replaced the 6' white cords with 10 foot black ones. It doesn't stand out like a sore thumb when it's hidden in a place like a dining room or a bookshelf, because the stands, cords, and camera are all black. The TalentCell Rechargeable 12V 3000mAh is a good battery backup. If the power goes out, the DC Li-ion battery pack will keep your cameras running. I don't like paying for the cloud storage solution Yi offers, so I'm only using 32gb micro SD cards in the cameras. The camera didn't get 5 stars from me because the video on the card doesn't have a date or time stamp. The file size on the card is 4.5 MB. A friend of mine is a criminal defense attorney and he said that using the video in court would be a problem. The defense can always claim that the video doesn't show when the event happened and that the video would have to be edited together to see the full context of the event. I recommend these cameras even though the date/time stamp issue is important.

2. Dzees Spotlight Surveillance Rechargeable Waterproof

Dzees Spotlight Surveillance Rechargeable Waterproof

Enjoy a 30-days free trial of the cloud service. You can review, save, and share the footage with the plan. After the cloud service trial is over, you can subscribe to the Premium plan or Platinum plan. The solar security camera is convenient. The solar panel extends the use time of the security camera by up to 3 times, which means you don't need to charge the camera frequently. The wireless security camera can be used for 3-6 months after it is fully charged. There is no need to worry about the power supply. When someone passes your house, the security camera can send a real-time notification to your phone. There are more accurate and less false alerts. The wireless outdoor camera has a spotlight and sirens that can be set to alert people if they are in your home. Compared to other wireless cameras, the connection stability is increased by 80% because of more advanced wi-fi chip technology and higher quality 4d Bi integrated antenna. You can change camera options and monitor your home with the Dzees app. You can see all details clearly with HD night vision and a wide range of monitoring. The camera has built-in speakers and a noise-canceling microphone that you can use to talk to guests. The waterproof shell of the wireless camera allows it to work in all climates. You can get longer loop-recording storage time up to 60 days with a subscription to each security camera. The card can hold up to 128 gigabytes. There are more useful functions that can be used, like motion detection or specific areas detection.

Brand: Dzees

👤One of the best security cameras you can buy is at an affordable price. It's easy to follow instructions. Excellent camera clarity and field of vision. I like the fact that I can add my own sd card so that I don't have to pay for cloud storage. I like that I can share the camera with my family so they can get notifications as well. Nighttime viewing on the security camera is excellent. You can add a package that includes cloud recording storage with intelligent notification and activity zone for as little as $3 per month. The package has an intelligent notification that allows the camera to distinguish between a person, animal or vehicle. You can set the Activity Zone to send you notifications. The solar panel is a bonus for this camera. The camera has a battery. You have to plug the camera in for the rest of its life. The solar panel eliminates the hassle of doing that chore and the loss of monitoring while the battery is charged. It was easy to install next to the camera.

👤It takes about as long to view your camera on your mobile phone when you open the package as it does to brew a cup of coffee. The images are clear and sharp and the weather is not a problem. This amazing little camera can be used to capture video of your most recent delivery from Amazon to a strange person walking down your driveway. You will love this camera and the excitement of seeing it without knowing it. Is the battery? No worries! It comes with a solar panel so you can use it. I mount mine on a board so that I can easily move it around to catch the local wildlife.

👤I have several security cameras operating on our properties, and this is one of the best, including those costing significantly more. Key factors in my opinion are 1. Very reliable... It does what a top end security should do. 2. The field of view is great. The quality of the video is clear and easy to zoom in on. A good security camera has a fast capture rate once motion is detected. 5. Night vision capabilities include color when set up to use 6. It was very easy to set up and install. There are clear options to use or not use the app. The camera handles the cold and wet in Michigan with no issues. There are 9. Solid build quality. If needed, outstanding customer service. 11. The included solar panel helps keep the battery charged longer. You won't be disappointed if you buy this camera.

👤A nice upgrade from the regular ones. I don't have the ability to run long power cables to my cameras and as a result I have to take them down and charge them individually when needed. This is an upgrade on those. It is easy to use. I have an app for my other 3 cameras that syncs with it. I'm looking forward to seeing them with a doorbell camera. I can move into their system completely. The solar panel is small so it doesn't take up a lot of space. It allows you to put a camera in a spot that you don't want to climb to get the camera charged. The cable is long so it gives you plenty of space to place it. Overall happy with the purchase.

3. Security Rechargeable Surveillance Waterproof Detection

Security Rechargeable Surveillance Waterproof Detection

Cloud storage has the highest protection of the data for privacy. No one could get your information without your permission. The wireless camera comes with a long life battery that will provide up to 6 months of worry free use. The wireless security camera outdoors will give you peace of mind. Before using the battery for the first time, fully charge it. Clear night vision and high definition picture quality. The wireless outdoor security camera has a wide angle and high quality video. When necessary, it will automatically switch to night vision mode with a 32ft visible range. It will provide a clear wide video of any area you want to monitor. The system can be accessed with the included AdorCAM mobile app. In less than five minutes, the wireless cameras for home security can be set up and used. The wireless camera can be installed almost anywhere. The installation of the indoor camera is easy since there is no need for power cords or network cables. It's much safer to install a wire-free and smart motion detection security camera for your home than it is to install a traditional one. The PIR sensor can send notifications to your phone when motion is detected, which will help you screen visitors that may come to your door, as well as prevent thieves. Two-way audio and waterproof. The home security camera has a built-in microphone and speaker that supports two-way audio calls. You can use the mobile Adorcam App to warn off thieves, screen visitors at your door, or communicate directly with your family or friends. The security camera can work in almost any weather, even the -4F to 122F weather.

Brand: Zeeporte Security

👤Triggers at good distances and good quality picture are what I look for in security cameras. There is no monthly fee or privacy for records videos locally. A good phone app can control the cameras and view the videos. 6) The camera checks all of the boxes. I've tried Eufy 2C, Vava, and Blink X2C systems. They are more expensive than the Zeeporte. The system that I've tried so far is inferior to the one that the Zeeporte has. The camera has a decent battery life. I used it a lot over the past few days. I have recorded over 200 motions and it is at 89%. It will last 10 weeks on a charge since I've used it a lot. I used a small amount of the 120 gigabyte card that I bought for you. It will record for 1.5 years before it gets full, and then I'll just reset it. You can transfer clips to your phone storage online. I set the motion detection sensitivity to the highest value when I did my testing. The camera has a low number of false triggering. I get nothing. It records people and cars. It doesn't seem to miss any events. Try different angles because the angle of the camera affects the distance to the triggering. The mount is the only improvement I can see. I've tried several brands now, including Eufy, Vava, and Blink, but it's fine. All of the brands had good mounts, but the one that Zeeporte mounts is not bad. I had to make sure it was tight. The other manufacturers that I listed do not record on the camera itself, but require base stations. The Zeeporte does. If someone takes your camera, they will get your videos. Don't put your camera in reach. The instructions tell you not to mount the camera low. It would be easy to steal a magnetic mount in Zeeporte. You have to screw it off to use the mount. Oh. There is a great feature of the Zeeporte. You can view the events for the day in a mode that shows you a timeline and lets you quickly sweep to each event based on the time. This is nice to have. I recommend it 100%.

👤I am very impressed with my first security camera. I needed a battery operated camera and this one is perfect. It was easy to set up and I drilled it to a tree. The night vision is really good, the picture quality is pretty good, and the internet connection is excellent. The picture quality is better on sunny days. You can change the motion detection, watch live, download videos and remove video from the free app that you download. I think this camera is better than I expected, and it's pretty awesome for the price. To download an app, you need a microsd card. Everything else is a piece of cake. This camera is a good one.

👤Even when my yard light is not on, the camera gives great night vision. Motion detection is great. The garbage man waking me up not to miss my trash guy was one of the things it alert me on. Even when it is windy and something is blowing across the street. The picture quality is amazing and clear. My neighbors home is included in the call I make to see them. The voice quality is good. If you asked me if I would recommend this camera to anyone else, I would not hesitate to say yes. I would recommend this to everyone. That is one reason. I gave this camera a 5 star because of it. It will video when you tap on the screen to see what's happening. The installation is easy and you have to pay for how long the instruction says. Since I put it up, I have not charged it. If you live alone and travel, this is a great gift because you can put the away button on your camera. I will tell you that I am getting ready to purchase a second one for my home. I wish they were in a double pack. It gives me a sense of security when I sleep. I would give this camera a 10 out of 10. I recommend this to anyone who wants to buy a camera for their home.

4. REOLINK Argus PT Solar Panel

REOLINK Argus PT Solar Panel

Two-way audio and waterproof. The home security camera has a built-in microphone and speaker that supports two-way audio calls. You can use the mobile Adorcam App to warn off thieves, screen visitors at your door, or communicate directly with your family or friends. The security camera can work in almost any weather, even the -4F to 122F weather. 100% wire-free and solar powered. 100% wire-free security is realized by the Reolink Solar Panel which is fully charged with the Argus PT. With a high-capacity battery, long- lasting power per charge and no worry about weather. You can see night vision up to 33 feet even in poor light with the 4MP HD camera on the Argus. Real Smart Home Security Camera: Adopt more sensitive digital PIR motion sensor, support smart human/vehicle detection and instant alerts, event recording to micro SD card and Reolink cloud. It is easy to setup and install indoors and outdoors. It never quits no matter what the weather is like. The Reolink App can be used to get started. The cloud service ensures your privacy is safe. The cloud video of the past 7 days is free to watch. This will quickly become your favorite no-risk purchase because of the 2-year warranty. Listen and talk with your loved ones, ward off would-be thieves.

Brand: Reolink

👤Most people only look at the great reviews, so here is a more rounded review that should give everyone pause before they buy. I say that I love the cameras. Reolink bought 6 more from here and 3 more from their Ebay store. It takes about 45 seconds to setup the cameras using the bar codes, and they have great picture quality. I am returning all of them. Prospective buyers should consider looking elsewhere for their security camera needs. When it comes to backing up their products, Reolink is inept. I bought 4 of these cameras a couple of weeks ago. The solar panel-equipped camera is not cheap at $150. I lifted the rubber flap that protects the on/off switch from the rain after being told to do so by one of them. The flap is held to the camera with a thick paper clip. The piece of rubber holding the flap to the camera broke when I pulled at it. I don't have super human strength, and I didn't pull it hard. If the flap ever falls off, the entire camera will be ruined, so I need to repair it. I didn't think it was a big deal. I was wrong. I explained the situation to the company. I wanted to know how to get a replacement cover after the cover tore. I would be happy to pay the costs. No problem. I made it clear that I only needed the little cover because the camera worked well. I need the cover. They wanted me to send them a picture of the camera. I was annoyed. I was surprised that they wanted a picture of this because the camera worked. I needed a small cover and I could buy it on eBay for a few cents plus shipping. I thought this thing was a no-brainer. They wrote back. Now that we know that the camera works, they will refer it to their technicians. Great. Their turn around is always a day later. I was asked to send a copy of the invoice to them. No problem. Within a minute, I did that. Next day, we enter the zone. I got an email from them asking me to send a link to the Ebay listing for the cover I found so they could tell me if it would fit the camera. HUH? They have gone from taking responsibility for making a cheaply connected cover to helping me make a third party solution that would fit their camera? This was crazy. I told the person that I did not find a cover on eBay. They want to give me a 5 dollar refund this morning, after another 24 hours. You would think that a company that sells a 150 dollar camera with a rubber cover for the on/off switch would understand that the cover they designed for their own camera was not intended to protect the switch from rain or snow. I wonder if I should tape the five dollar bill over the switch. I need a new cover. I have had enough of this silliness. The cameras are expensive. If you buy from these folks, you should think about the warranty and support that they give and ask yourself if you should buy from a company that makes products like Google or Netgear, because there is no doubt that a similar situation with their products would have resulted in a replacement part coming in roughly Reolink has great cameras. They don't have the ability to back up their products with support that should make people comfortable. I have lost confidence in the company. They can't figure out how to send out a tiny rubber cover that costs them a few cents, so they're going back with their cameras. It's Pathetic.

5. LongPlus Security Detection Spotlight Weatherproof

LongPlus Security Detection Spotlight Weatherproof

Long Plus outdoor security cameras have advanced artificial intelligence technology. When the WIFI wireless security camera PIR sensor monitors motion, it can distinguish people/pets/vehicles through the APP, and send notifications to your phone, and it can also be turned on automatically. The outdoor security camera alarm and flash can help you screen visitors at your door. Long Plus wireless security camera is a battery-operated wire-free camera and is not dependent on a power cord or network cable. When full of charge, low-power wireless cameras can work for up to 6 months. Depending on settings, actual usage, and environmental factors, battery life may vary. The IR light automatically turns on night vision, 1920*1080P Full HD image quality and dual light source for night vision mode when ambient light is low to ensure you are visible in the dark. Long Plus outdoor security camera for home security has a wide viewing angle and two-way audio calls, so you can easily hold the conversation. It is easy to install and waterproof, and the Long Plus wireless security camera can be installed almost anywhere. The camera can be set up in 5 minutes. Installation is easy with magnetic brackets. The waterproof IP65 is designed to resist harsh weather. To set up the security camera, you have to use the Long Plus APP. 7 days of cloud storage is free. You can support device sharing by inviting the download App and scanning the QR code. The videos can be saved up to 128 gigabytes. Please charge before use. The customer service team can help you with any questions you may have after receiving the camera.

Brand: Longplus

👤I needed a 2mp camera for a commercial job faster than my normal supplier could get me one, so I ordered it and installed it last Friday, even though the cost was not bad. This little plastic camera that is almost like a toy is as good as the 2mp cameras I use for less money. The IR range is 60' in a dark room. If I needed to use them as a lower end camera, I would use them as an interior camera to start out. Our weather here is so unpredictable that it's unlikely to have cameras. If you need a basic 2mp camera with great video, wonderful contrast and IR that is as good as advertised, give this guy a try. It may take a while for people to trust a new kid on the block if it keeps working.

👤The camera is easy to mount. The extended battery life is amazing if you give a great quality picture. I have been showing 100% since I charged two weeks ago.

👤I try to justify the purchase, but it just doesn't work out. It's not a horrible cam. You can't see any better when you zoom. I have both my phone and cam running at the same time, but I have a bit of lag between them. It's just a face if it's up to 15-20ft. Audio is great. The cam is in front of it. The battery life has been great but not as advertised. Bat is at 1/2 life for 2 weeks. I have very little traffic. IR Night vision is only good for about 15-20 feet as far as facial recognition, even though the image looks clear. "On Normal" is a slow motion detection. I think the app is worse than the cam, and if there is a better app, we should use it. You can add more cams to the app at the end of the day.

👤It's very easy to set up. It worked out well for me. It was good clarity. The ad I have to view is offensive.

👤It takes a few minutes to get the videos, so the person is usually gone by then. If they don't move it stops and the battery life isn't 6 months, it records for a short time. It is more like a month and you charge it again. I like that you can talk and watch whenever you want. It gets the job done.

👤I had a problem with the 5000 battery life but customer service was great and they sent me another one with a 9600 battery. Thank you so much...

👤The camera was put in the metal building to watch over the goats. It works better than I had expected. I get about a week of battery life. Getting ready to buy more to check out the animals. The night vision works great and the picture I added is a picture taken at 10pm without the camera light on.

👤Camera instructions are hard to read. It's hard to install the app. The camera charge is not long lasting as advertised. There are features that are not user friendly, such as trying to remove individual pictures or recordings. The customer service phone was not provided.

6. HisEEu Wireless Security Surveillance Pre Install

HisEEu Wireless Security Surveillance Pre Install

It supports dual system use. Data can be transmitted through both wired and wireless networks. The function supports up to three segments. The camera is docked with the NVR when the system uses its own 2.4G wirelsess wi-fi network. It is safer and more efficient to not use the home wireless network. Wireless means a camera and NVR is connected, but they still need a power cable. The wireless video security system is easy to set up. The PC/TV monitor needs to be connected to the NVR by a cable. You can support connect with a 2.4 GHz WIFI network or a Ethernet cable. You can finally power on and serve yourself with true plug and play. In order to provide crystal-clear HD live video, the bullet cameras build in 3 array IR cut filter with an auto switch, in order to crisp smooth footage day and night. Up to 65ft Night Vision, the waterproof aluminum housing material to keep indoors and outdoors recording. You can view the live video on your phone or iPad, and it's available for both theANDROID and IOS system. You can connect your box to your home's network by using the Lan cable. You can view the video by using a 4G or 5G network. The PC/Laptop has a view of the Windows/MAC system. When motion is detected, smart notifications will be sent to your phone. You will get extra peace of mind by having your own detection plan and zone for each camera, you will get instant alert if something happens. The video is 2K Ultra-HD and has one way audio. The MegaPixels are 1.5 times clearer than the1080P. The cameras can be used indoors and outdoors. You can see and listen to people on your property using the outdoor security camera system.

Brand: Hiseeu

👤This is what they were looking for. The system is easy to install. The quality was excellent. We can see no delay with the internet connection to the NVR. The basic need for a remote monitor was answered by the mobile app. The photo is from our backyard, where the grass is hard to see, but the camera said otherwise. Great product.

👤The Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System has a pre-instalment of 3 terabytes. The model of the1080P NVR 4Pcs outdoor/indoor wi-fi camera with night vision, waterproof, motion alert, remote access is WXKIT-8HB611-1T. I will only point out some things that are not in the description, so don't be confused by the "4pcs" in the description. I received a response to my email within 24 hours, which was very good. This is a system that runs Linux and gets rid of the bloatware of Windows and Chrome. I had my opinions on Goggle and Microsoft. Buy the system with all the cameras so that you can buy the spares for cheap. I've used 6 in my system to date. The camera software has settings for many camera windows. The cameras housing, adjustment arm and base are made of metal. I chose the ones with goodhoods as my units would be hit by the sun and bleach out the image. The camera's field of view is very good and the clarity range is as far as it shows. There is no flutter in the images after 4 months. The automatic white balance is the best I have seen. When it goes B/W for night vision, this comes into play. There is a 'electric eye' on the front of the camera that does not rely on software to make a determination and uses decades old established 'eye' tech for delay. You can actually hear the switch when you cover the eye with your finger. The night vision of the camera is exceptional for a non-commercial unit. The three "infra-red illuminator" LEDs that are shown in the picture are very strong. The 65 feet is advertised correctly. The LEDs are not shining'spread out' as far as the camera's field of view. If you don't point the TV remote at the TV when your batteries are low, it's because the infra-red light is a small band of light energy. If you need to see further or wider, you will need to invest in separate luminators. I have multiple cameras that overlap and each one has a different color spot. Plot locations and which camera goes where in a camera map. I plugged in the entire system on a table and determined which cameras were 1-8 and LABELED them. It was only the matter of alignment when I turned it all on, because I put them in the order I wanted them displayed. I have three locations that give over 180 degree coverage. The base unit is 150ft away from those, and they still have 3 of 4 bars. There is a I didn't need any internet connections. Have no input there. It's a good thing. The noise is typical of a Hard Drive head, but it will transfer through its cabinet to a hard surface and make it sound louder than it really is, which you can fix by putting some soft 'feet' on it. It makes sleeping around it a little funny. When the prices come down, the best thing to do would be to offer the storage as they are noiseless and have a better longevity.

7. Security Outdoor Wireless 15000mAh Detection

Security Outdoor Wireless 15000mAh Detection

Multiple users access control and waterproof cameras can be shared with friends or family with a simple barcode. Dust and splash water can be prevented with the waterproof design of the IP65. The solar camera security can work in the sun or rain. The operating temperature should be between -13F to 140F. A high-efficiency solar panel and 15000mAh rechargeable battery can bring you non-stop protection. The 4dbi dual antenna ensures that the solar security camera has a stable reception and can connect to 2.4 GHz internet from a longer distance. The installation process only takes a few minutes, no need to install any power cords or cables. Coverage and 4X zoom. The camera supports horizontal and vertical rotation. You can use the CloudEdge app to control the camera on your property. The solar-powered outdoor security camera has a wide-angle and 4X digital zoom that will give you panoramic shots of every corner of your property. 1080P HD & 65-foot Night Vision BOIFUN solar outdoor camera can provide high definition images and videos regardless of the weather condition. When the light becomes weak, the 4 IR lights switch to night vision mode, and objects can be seen clearly. The wireless security camera enhances human-like recognition to reduce false alarms using the upgraded Al algorithm and PIR sensor. The camera will alert you when it sees movement. You can speak to the person in front of the camera through the APP after receiving the alert. The solar security camera can be used to scare off thieves or intruders, as well as being a monitor for your home. You can share the cameras with your family with a code. After the solar security camera is activated, the recorded video will be stored in an SD card or cloud storage for free. It can hold up to 128 gigabytes of data. The waterproof design of the device can prevent splashes of water. The operating temperature should be -13F to 140F.

Brand: Boifun

👤I like to watch the night time activities that happen in my driveway, now that I know about the motion detection alert system. I enjoy those night time visitors, even if I don't want to meet them in person. Since installing the camera, I have been watching nocturnal animals. I didn't know there was a family of four living in the storm drain in front of my house until I watched this video. The driveway is not lit at night. This camera gives me a great view of my driveway, people walking along the street as well as anyone approaching the house, something I am trying to fix. I have been able to identify the parties who used my private driveway as their personal turnaround central and stopped the practice. The solar panel and the ability to adjust the tilt angle is an added bonus, I would recommend this camera, it's also an added bonus that you don't need to climb a ladder to charge the battery.

👤I am very happy with my camera after about a week of owning it. The camera was well packaged and easy to understand. There is a The installation and startup was very easy. The camera is completely wireless and you have to download the cloudedge app to operate it. The cloudedge app works great, but I would prefer the camera to be functional offline or without an app. I was surprised to see how good the video and audio quality was, because this is the first security camera I have owned. The solar panel seems to be charging the unit. The 2 way intercom worked well. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an affordable, high quality wireless security camera. It is a great way to save money.

👤Where should I start? There are pros and cons. It looks nice. The unit was easy to install. It's a bit more difficult to connect it to a wireless network. I have issues no matter what equipment. The video is crisp and bright. The sound from the unit and projected from the speaker is fun. The app that is used to control it is useless. Even though I put a 128 gigabyte memory card in it, it will only record events for one day at a time, and then it starts over. I haven't been able to find a way to change it. The app is not intuitive. It only records for 30 seconds after the motion sensor is triggered, so you would hope that it would record all the time. You can't see the charge on the battery. These are the big ones. If you want to use the cloud with this app/unit, you'll need to spend $160.00 annually for seven days. You can only record a 7 day history with this unit. My phone must be connected to the wireless network in order to record events. One would think that the memory card in the unit would be able to save events and download them to the phone when needed, but that is not the case. You would think that if you put a 128 gigabyte card in, it would just keep filling it until it's full and then you can just use it for the rest. You would think, but no. This item is only recommended as a deterrent and as a way to view an area in real-time. It's not good for anything else. I will update this review if I am using it wrong or learning how to do things I want it to do. Thanks for taking the time to read. I hope this helps you.

8. OOSSXX Antennas Wireless Enhanced Surveillance

OOSSXX Antennas Wireless Enhanced Surveillance

The wireless signal is very important for this system. If the wireless signal is weak, the video will be blurred/stalled/disappeared, so they will update all cameras to real dual antennas. The video will be even better, as the wireless distance will be updated by over 50%. It was smooth and clear. OOSSXX will send notifications in real time when abnormal actions are detected. The feature that can be turned on/off is the one that can avoid 99% false alarm by leaves, cloud, animals or insects. It comes with a 1 terabytes hard drive, can hold extra long time videos and pictures, and it doesn't need to assemble an extra hard drive. The camera is waterproof and can work in harsh environments. The waterproof camera can be placed indoors or outdoors. The camera will work no matter what the weather is. The IR cut filter on the camera makes it possible to see at night. You can download the free app "Eseecloud" from the App Store. With an internet connection, you can watch the videos on your phone, PC, or tablet.

Brand: Oossxx

👤I think it's a good idea to recommend 100%. It can be set up with the internet. The motion detection is over powered and awesome. I have had a problem with a dog taking a poopoo on my front yard, but my landlord thinks it is my dog, because my dog is house trained to use a doggy pad. I have proof that the dog and the owner were caught on camera. Thank you, thank you! Lmao. Get this cameras and you won't regret it. The quality is excellent. It is easy to set up, and it makes your life so much better if you know your safety has been upgraded.

👤The quality of the camera is very good. You won't see far off. The camera picks it up if there's movement. The sharpness goes down further away if you're trying to keep and I on your neighbors. Most of the setup was done by the "NVR" that comes with the combo. I use a PC version of the software. I had a problem getting used to the different user interface between the PC and the NVR. It takes a bit to find your way around. I give this company a 5 star rating because of their product and support. Good job, you guys. I installed cameras on my property. One of the cameras was shot at. The person next door didn't like the fact that he wouldn't get away with it anymore. The furthest from the NVR was this. More height, not distance. I ordered the IPC to boost the signal. The unit was not on when it happened. It's a shame. It lived. The picture is good so far because of the cracked lens.

👤Plug and play was easy to set up with the product. If you're ok with computers, you can work through it after a bit of trial and error and learn how you want your cameras to work. The system is perfect for a small business or home. The system would be 5 stars if the cameras were there. Customer service is willing to go as far as is necessary to help you with any issues or questions, despite the assumed time differences. Even though the 2020 update is mentioned, be sure to upgrade the software. The app is usable and gets the job done, but it seems to work better on the internet than the cell network. I would recommend this product to anyone with a slight computer knowledge or who is looking for some reassurance on home protection!

👤The remote didn't work, I contacted customer support, and they are sending a new one. Customer support was great. A new one is on the way after I gave them my info. As for the system... I had everything up and running in 20 minutes. Great coverage, great picture quality! The monitor has a plug-in mouse that you can use if you lose the remote. I don't understand why this setup would get a negative review. Oh, that's right. I've used several systems and this one has more options than any of them. If you know how to use a screwdriver, you will be able to install the cameras. You get a lot for your money. If you have a problem, ignore the negative reviews and call them, they will fix it in no time. I promise you will love this system. You'll thank me later, just go for it.

9. Smmvinnr Rechargeable Security Detection Spotlight

Smmvinnr Rechargeable Security Detection Spotlight

The waterproof shell of the wireless camera allows it to work in all climates. You can get longer loop-recording storage time up to 60 days with a subscription to each security camera. The card can hold up to 128 gigabytes. There are more useful functions that can be used, like motion detection or specific areas detection. There are two things that can be used to detect PIR Motion Detection and artificial intelligence. The camera has advanced technology. You can change the monitoring area and target in the Vico Home APP to distinguish between people, pets, vehicles, and receiving packages. More accurate detection and fewer false alarms can be achieved through intelligent analysis through the cloud. Night Vision in HD. The security camera outdoor has 19201080 resolution. The built-in IR lights can illuminate up to 35 feet. The protection of your home security is assured when you switch to a clearer color night vision mode. There is a smart alarm and device sharing. Two-way audio real-time calls, automatic alarm sound and flashing light, slide to open the alarm, and Vico Home APP push are some of the features of the security cameras. The app can be shared with multiple family members so everyone can have access to it. There is a wireless installation and a battery. The wireless security cameras are only compatible with a 2.4 GHz network. The camera can be installed without the need for a power cord or network cable. Get rid of the charging fashes with innovative low-power technology. Please charge before use. Powerful storage and waterproof. The housing is waterproof and has a stable connection in harsh outdoor conditions. The app can provide cloud storage and activity area monitoring according to your needs. Powerful storage and waterproof. The housing is waterproof and has a stable connection in harsh outdoor conditions. The app can provide cloud storage and activity area monitoring according to your needs.

Brand: Smmvinnr

👤The camera is amazing for the price, I don't think you could get a better camera with so many functions. I am able to set sleep and zones. The camera can be shared across multiple phones. You can use the led light and microphone functions through the app. The night vision is clear and crisp, and this camera really did exceed my expectations. The only complaint I have is the battery life, but I believe I can plug it in for continuous charging so that will solve that issue. I will probably buy a second one to keep track of packages.

👤The first 3 cameras from this company used different apps which was annoying but this one uses the same app as the first one I bought. Having them on the same app is useful. The camera works well for me. Good battery life. It's more affordable than other options, but the quality is the same.

👤I'm impressed by the strength of the camera's case, it's ready for the rugged outdoor weather elements. The app was easy to use and I was able to add a camera quickly. The video quality is great. I enjoy the library daily motion alert, it's nice to go back and see the events of the day in under a minute. I am glad I bought this camera, I enjoy it.

👤I was looking for a security camera to protect my patio and cars. I am very happy with the purchase of this gem. The quality of the picture is great, the install was easy, and it looks nice. You can subscribe for some features, but they are not required for usage. When I am away from home, I like to check my camera and get notifications when someone passes by. The product was great and highly recommended. Thanks.

👤The quality of this camera is very good. It is easy to setup and works well. I'm excited to use this to watch the area around our lake property.

👤If you are looking for an HD wireless outdoor camera, this is a great option. The set up is easy to mount. Simply use the hardware provided and you can mount the camera anywhere. You just need to download the app and connect to it. It is easy to install thanks to the wireless feature. I have been using mine for about two weeks and have had great results. The resolution is great for the camera and I have had no issues using it. This camera is a great option if you are looking for an inexpensive but good quality wireless camera.

👤The security camera has many functions that work well. The software allows many setting functions, and the images are clear. The low-light night function works well. This security camera is easy to set up and install. The battery life is good so far. After five days of operation, I still have a full charge.

👤There is an increase in crime in the area, so I bought a camera to help monitor activities in the front of my house. It was easy to set up and so far it is working well. It is powered by a battery. I didn't have to worry about figuring out the wiring because the battery is holding up well. The design of the camera makes me feel more secure, and I like it.

10. Security Wireless Surveillance Waterproof Encrypted

Security Wireless Surveillance Waterproof Encrypted

The outdoor security camera has been tested to endure extreme weather conditions. It is daring to use outdoors in rain, hail, storm, snow, and sun. There is a 7-day free trial of the cloud service. The security cameras outdoor wireless can rotate its head 355 horizontally and 120 vertically. You can control the APP on your phone to see all-round monitoring to protect your property. The wireless camera has a 4X digital zoom, 4 IR LEDs, and a 130 viewing angle. The defect of the old 15000 battery has been updated with a newly upgraded battery. The new version of the Zumimall wireless outdoor security camera has a rechargeable battery. It is the best choice for sunless areas. The outdoor security camera can connect to your 2.4G internet quickly with a 4dbi antenna. The battery powered camera does not support 5 GHz. Home security camera using the latest upgraded artificial intelligence and PIR sensor with unique human, pet, and object movement detection functions. Set alarm plan and adjust sensitivity level to minimize false alarms. When the motion detection is triggered, a notification will be sent to your mobile APP and the video or image will be stored in the cloud storage so that users can more accurately capture the content they care about in real-time. Two-way audio and multi- user sharing are supported by a built-in microphone. You can interact online with children, guests, and others. If another user has the same "CloudEdge APP" as you, you can share the QR code with him and watch the wonderful content of the camera together. This outdoor camera for home security can be used to soothe your pet, but also to scare off invaders. IP66 is waterproof and wide applicability. The waterproof and dustproof housing on the wireless cameras for home security ensures they work through any weather. Excellent performance can be seen at the standard operating temperature of -13F to 140F. One app can add cameras. You can put this camera in your home. Such as indoors, outdoors, yard, garage, shop, and other places.

Brand: Zumimall

👤This is one of the better companies I've seen, as their constant upgrades, product support and customer service rivals, or even beats top tier companies like Ring, Nest, and others. It's better than the one I've owned before. I always worried about getting a snoop with legacy software, but Zumimall updates their app more than Apple does. Which is a positive thing. Can't recommend this camera and support this kind of company, help them with their feedback, and watch them implement certain features. I've bought over 10 units from them over the past 5 years and have given them to friends and family because they are affordable. Support companies like this. The engineering team cares about building better products that consumers want and they are the leaders in this market. Thanks to ZumiMall.

👤I will be looking to add more to my home security system after this second zumimall camera. I have a fixed outdoor camera with a solar panel that has no issues after wind, rain, or snow. The camera has the ability to pan and tilt. If you post on a stick with nothing blocking the back side, the camera can see forward and backwards. The images are clear at night and day. The HD runs 120KB/s and the SD runs 20KB/s. Most of the time, the SD is clear for me. After one week of the highest 30 second recording level with motion detection sensor on, my 128 gigabyte Samsung EVO card has only been used up by 1gigabyte. After one week of use, the 5 power bars have only been used by one bar. I don't have the camera on any of the power saving settings because it should last for months without a charge. My other fixed zumimall camera has a solar charge attached and it has been fully charged since last year. The pan and tilt option on this camera is great. I can use it away from home if my home internet is on. The setup was easy, just connect to the internet and use it to take a picture of your cell phone. The app is very easy to use with an optional cloud service, which I did not subscribe to, as the camera and app with SD Card is great on its own. The cloud service is not necessary to record videos and images. The motion detection function will alert my phone with notifications when images and videos are recorded. I will add additional cameras soon because of the app that allows me to view both cameras at the same time. The camera is worth a lot.

👤I wanted a wireless security camera with good signal strength since it is close to my wireless router. The new Zumimall Pan Tilt Security Camera was what I needed. It has a strong signal, is easy to install, and has a clear picture that is easy to adjust on my phone. I'm not expecting any issues because the unit is built to last and it's too soon to test the full battery life. Very pleased!

11. Zmodo Outdoor Wireless Security Compatible

Zmodo Outdoor Wireless Security Compatible

Continuous video recording with a 32GB MicroSD card. The Wyze cam has a base that you can insert the MicroSD into. You can see a crystal clear full-HD picture of your home from anywhere at any time and see up to 65 feet away in the dark with the night vision. This professional security camera is weather resistant for outdoor and can be placed indoors to protect your home from the elements. Works with the speaker. To view a live stream from your camera, you can say "Alexa show me the front door" Zmodo cloud recording with a 1-month free trial will let you see video clips when motion is detected, instead of just pictures.

Brand: Zmodo

👤It has been a while since I submitted my review. The stars have been lowered because the two cameras fight every night to connect. They both go offline when they switch to night vision. They fight to get back together. One camera is connected and the other is not. It is a different camera everyday. My older ones do not have this issue. Zmodo needs serious work to remain competitive. I've had three Zmodo cameras over the past two years, two of which are outdoor and one of which is an indoor camera with two way audio and an alert for watching the dogs while we are away. I added two more cameras recently. I think they are good cameras for the price. One thing that can be a pain for some is mentioned. The cord length for the cameras is short. There is a fix for this. I got a 33 foot microusb wire extension. You will need a power source for this as well. I found a pack of 33ft Microusb cords and a pack of 2 power adapters for less than 30 dollars. If the location of a standard outlet is an issue, fear not. The cameras are easy to set up. The two original exterior cameras that I have had for the last two years have survived the harsh winters in Northern New England. The app does a decent job and is easy to use. The alert system works well. Sometimes I will walk past a camera for the first time and not receive a motion alert, but other times I will. For the price, I can deal with it. The cloud service is my biggest gripe. It is more expensive than other home camera systems that offer it for free or less. The website states that if you purchase the 7 day plan, you will get continuous recording. That is a lie. If there is no motion detected, it records a still shot every minute to two minutes. You can clearly see trees moving in a windy day, if you watch a segment of a previous recording. The video is "skipping" while you replay it. If you can't actually do that, then don't state "continuous recording" on your website. The cameras are good, the setup is easy, and the price is good. The cloud service is a scam and does not work according to the website. I stick with the system because it works for me.

👤I hope this review can be helpful. Sub optimal critiques are what Amazon's al.go.rhythms philter out. So... I highly recommend this product if you're looking for an outdoor security camera that isn't this product. It'll work with the extension cord. I spent a lot of time trying to get it to work. If you've purchased something else and are sad, technical support is responsive.

👤Let me explain this to you. I spent 2 hours trying to get the cameras to work. Never worked. Passwords with special characters are not accepted when setting up an account. The flag is red. Their app is barely functioning. Their website wasn't helpful. Couldn't access support via my account or the other guest account. The hold time kept increasing and decreasing as I tried to call support. I was on the phone for 15 minutes. I never got to try the cameras, but given the amount of time and effort I put into trying to get it set up, I cannot recommend this product or company for anything.


What is the best product for best outdoor security camera wireless?

Best outdoor security camera wireless products from Yi. In this article about best outdoor security camera wireless you can see why people choose the product. Dzees and Zeeporte Security are also good brands to look for when you are finding best outdoor security camera wireless.

What are the best brands for best outdoor security camera wireless?

Yi, Dzees and Zeeporte Security are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best outdoor security camera wireless. Find the detail in this article. Reolink, Longplus and Hiseeu are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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