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1. Outdoor Security Camera Rotating Detection

Outdoor Security Camera Rotating Detection

The outdoor security camera wireless has waterproof protection and can be placed outside. Cloud storage, intelligent notification for people, pets, and vehicles, and custom activity zones monitoring are included in the 30-day trail of cloud service. The customer service team can help you with any questions you may have after receiving the camera. The Pan 180 function extends your view angle up to 270 and 180 horizontal rotation covers more range you need to watch and reduces the blind spots. DEKCO has a clear and crisp HD. It is possible to see everything at home and around it even at night, as long as you have a visible night vision distance up to 32 feet. The DEKCO wifi security cameras only support 2.4G internet to greet and talk to visitors with loud two-way audio, you only need to download the "cloudEdge" application to share it with multiple family members. When motion is detected, DEKCO will send an alert to your mobile phone, and you can manually adjust the sensitivity and range of monitoring. There is a note here. It can work in any bad weather if you plug the HD wi-fi camera into an outlet and set up a sockets around it.

Brand: Dekco

👤I put them at the edge of a 2nd story window. They cover the street, driveway, and will zoom when I look on the live feed on my phone. I feel like a genius for connecting these myself to the internet and then putting them up. The little blue lights emit when someone is looking at the place and they advise anyone looking around that it is being watched. ! I think that one of the cams monitors is better than the other because I installed it in my location which is better for the wireless internet. I'm thinking of changing that, but for now one doesn't really respond. The other one is fully operational and can be used to monitor the property. The easy part is they plug right into a 110 outlet. I'm pretty handy. I could just plug the wire into the same outlet and then rig it so it goes to the wall. You have to have a Power Source, but you have to comment on the reviewer who complained about that. I used to pay a monthly fee for a website that kept the survellience footage for 30 days. welcome to the 2020s I feel like I got a great deal at $35/ea, I don't need any of that. I also bought the 64gb version of the card for $12 but they might be less than the 64gb version. A flippin deal. I am so happy I bought it. I haven't tried the record a lot. I recorded a few seconds on my phone, and it stores it in an album, but I don't know how much memory the cards have. There are only two recordings there for now. The night vision is great for the money, and the picture on these is not stellar but still very good, and you can "zoom in" on it. The combination of light and security camera is a win-win and something to seriously consider, as it is a high deterrent to crime and also a win-WIN. I read a few reviews that said these stopped working after a few months, so if that happens, I will definitely update, but for now, I have a whopping 5 stars. The "wireless" label was "misleading" according to one reviewer. He thought you could get a power source that was wireless. You can't get power from wires. It has to be directed to the device you are using. I can't believe the stupidity of the review. He had a review that people liked so they clicked on how helpful it was. What has common sense said? Think of something. If you could "wirelessly" get power, we wouldn't have to charge our phones. These plug-ins have a plug-in that you plug into a regular outlet. Simple. Alright, let's get on with it. If it did help you please click on the "help" button to let me know what details are the best to include in my reviews. I did not get any incentive, product, or endorsement for my opinion today. I like to relate to decent items I buy. I think 4.5 stars is a good rating, but I think the value of this camera, features, and other things make it a 5 stars.

2. Blink Doorbell Outdoor Enabled Wire Free

Blink Doorbell Outdoor Enabled Wire Free

Video Doorbell helps you welcome visitors and keep an eye on your door, while their wire-free outdoor camera can be placed anywhere you need it. They provide full home coverage with features like two-year battery life, two-way audio, HD day and night video, custom alert, privacy settings, and more. You can see visitors with HD video and talk to them with two-way audio through the free app. You can save and share clips in the cloud with a free 30-day trial of the Blink Subscription Plan or locally with the included sync module 2 andusb drive. It's designed for every home, so you can either wire-free or connect the doorbell wiring to the chime. Set up yourself in minutes with the two included AA batteries and connect to the internet. You can access live view, two-way talk, receive motion and chime alert, arm and disarm your doorbell, and many more with the help of the smart speaker. One Video Doorbell, one outdoor camera, and one sync module 2 are included.

Brand: Blink Home Security

👤I had an issue with the mount and spent an hour trying to get it on. I know how to use technology so this thing shouldn't be as hard as it is to mount the doorbell. I just put my return in and was frustrated. It would take almost a week to get a new one. I decided to take a break. I looked at the backing and mount while sitting down. You have to put a lot of effort into sliding the mount. When you look at how the inserts go in line, you will see how hard it is to slide the doorbell down. It will slide into place. I can see why people are leaving poor reviews, it shouldn't be this hard to put on. Don't give up, trust me on this. So far, it's been so good. The mount is hard to put on because it makes it very sturdy when the doorbell is attached. I would disagree with the review that said this was easy to steal. The door bell needs to be hit with a hammer. The picture quality is really good, the picture I uploaded to this review doesn't compare to the live feed view on my phone. When you don't want to get 100 notifications because of birds flying by your doorbell, you can disarm and arm it, which is convenient. It has been over a month now and there have been no problems. I bought a 128gigabyte flash drive to put into the module and now my recordings are being saved straight to that. It's easier to access and transfer stored clips to a PC with this. The doorbell is still working well. You can't go wrong with this doorbell combo. If you already have a module in your home, I suggest purchasing the combo and not the stand alone doorbell.

👤I was excited a few years ago when BLINK had a doorbell. I committed to a multi-camera setup. I bought a RING doorbell and subscription plan after it became apparent that it wasn't going to be released. I grabbed one when I saw the pre-order. Excited to have everything in one place, the anticipating and re-exclamation from years ago was there. During the waiting period, someone pointed out that you need a sync-2 module to save the footage/rings, which was not listed on the pre-order page. I had a spare, but it could have been annoying. I received it today. It is a slim profile but the mounting brackets are a joke. The device could be ripped out of the wall in 2 seconds. I think that after a year of changing the batteries, some of the small clips/brackets on the plate will snap. The image quality is so bad that it creates a darkness on the face of whoever rings the bell, which is kind of defeats the purpose. The fact that Amazon didn't have the mount was the icing on the cake. The email they sent allowed us to order the corner mount for free, but inside the blink app it states that it should come with a couple different mounting plate options, which it did not. For something in R&D for over 3 years, you definitely dropped the ball on the easiest pieces of the puzzle, especially for a company that owns Ring, which has an excellent mounting package in the box.

3. Nest Outdoor Security Camera Works

Nest Outdoor Security Camera Works

30 days money back guarantee is part of the warranty and service. They offer a 60 day replacement for life time tech support. If you have a question, please contact them. The 130 degree view shows your home in high definition. The camera cable is waterproof. Night vision illuminates the whole scene even at night. Talk back to the person at the door to get their attention. If you're away, you should get activity notifications on your phone. You can install it yourself and point it at any location with the magnetic mount. There is no hub required. This product has the seal of the online marketplace when it is purchased from a seller other than

Brand: Google

👤Weatherproof works perfectly even after they have gone through many winter storms. The two-way audio communication quality is clear and loud from a distance. The microphone and speakers are on the other side of the conversation. You can start recording when one of the modes is triggered in a special zone, as the motion and audio sensor detections are tailored to your needs. I live on a busy street and the motion detection is one of the best for people like me. The reason why is that you can change the zones where the motion sensors are on, but it will take in cars, weather, and a person's distances into consideration before alerting you. You can change the alerts you want. Squirrels come into play so expect an email about them. Email notifications are up to date when your camera catches something out of the ordinary. I love the fact that there is no time lag on email notifications. I can connect my iPad and iPhone to the app and view my cameras at the same time, without having to log off one device. It is smooth, clear, and detailed, enough said. The power cord that comes with the camera is very long, so if you want to put it in a decent place, you can. You can put one in the front and one in the back to give a 130 degree view of your house. It is possible to connect to the internet with wireless and Bluetooth. Both provide low energy consumption. What else can you ask for? You can view your recordings anywhere in the world with the Nest Aware subscription. The persona alert settings on the subscription are great because they will alert you when someone is near the camera or in the frame, and you can change the setting and notifications as well. It's easy to install the mobile app and web portal and navigate to your live camera viewing or past recordings. The speaker and microphone are in front of the camera. Good design. You can see any recording under the cloud plan. They mean all of the recordings. The mobile alert option is my preferred option as it will pop up on my phone to let me know what is happening. The camera is great if you have to leave your house in a hurry but you need to have the app to use it. You can set different times of the day or week to turn or off your cameras. If I stay at home all day, I don't need to turn on my cameras. - There is no delay in live streaming. I tried this out by logging onto my phone and watching my live view. There was no delay at all. After the free trial you lose a lot of features in the pros list. Non-subscribers will get only snapshots that are triggered by sound and motion. You have a three-hour history of snapshots instead of the usual 24 hours. The image quality will decrease if you have a bad internet connection. If you want to fix the issue, you need to buy an outdoor power box. No more custom motion and sound detection zones for non-subscribers. The weaker the wi-fi connection you get with the camera, the harder it will be to use it. I discovered that the sensors within the camera can mistake nighttime as daytime, so make sure you don't have a light facing directly at the camera. It will not be possible to see the night vision. There is no memory card slot. If your power goes out or you don't have enough cloud storage, you're screwed. The option to share clips that you had stored in the past will no longer be available to non-subscribers. It is easy to steal because it is built in magnetic installation process. I wish the power cord had the option to work with batteries. You are facing a sword. One of the best cameras on the market right now are available if you pay for the subscription. There is no lag in the security cameras and you can change what the camera tells you. Most of the great features are only available with a subscription and cloud storage. If you don't pay for the subscription, you're only getting half of what you paid for. Most of the features will not be open to you as your camera will only produce snap pictures. It will be a blow as when you buy a camera this high in price you expect to get what you paid for. I don't like that I have to pay more for a high price security camera in order to fully experience it. If the power goes out my cameras will still record, but I wish it had a battery and memory card option. It does not have a backup power saver. No stone will be left unturned in the subscription experience. If you can't afford it, you should only buy a month pass of the subscription before your vacation or pay yearly to experience it fully. The verdict was: It is a great camera set but you may be facing a double edge sword. I hope I helped you. Honest reviewer.

4. Surveillance Supported Security Recording RLK8 410B4

Surveillance Supported Security Recording RLK8 410B4

This product has the seal of the online marketplace when it is purchased from a seller other than PoE can be plugged and played. Installation is easy for beginners and convenient for do-it-yourselfers with a simple PoE connection. Camera cables can be stretched up to 270ft via a CAT5 or 330ft via a CAT6 cable. 8 channels recording simultaneously with a built-in hard drive. You can protect your home and business with smart motion-triggered notifications. You can either export the video files to another location or set your NVR to automatically over-run the oldest footage. 4MP Super HD and Vivid Night Vision gives you magnificent images and videos day or night. An advanced IR-cut filter helps to capture surroundings at night for up to 100 feet. You can see everything that happens in your home or business at any time of day or night. The Reolink app allows you to add an unlimited number of Reolink cameras. You can check in on your home or business from anywhere with the help of smart devices. Users can enjoy a 2-year quality warranty and life-time tech support via e-mails.

Brand: Reolink

👤I will write a bit more here, to hopefully save some time for others when they receive the product... It was easy to install and set up. I received a response by the next business day after I sent an email for clarification to customer support. I decided that the POE system met my needs and was not disappointed. There are some other points. The wizard is easy to use, but I couldn't connect to the email system because I used the wrong smtp. The answer was provided by an internet search, which showed that I had to allow a less secure app to access my account. #2. There was no explanation as to what the plastic parts were that were included with the cameras. The problem was solved with a PDF that was sent by the person. #3. There are no explanations in the documentation for the poor image quality that some people complain about, I think they were using a remote computer and the cameras were set as "fluent". The default setting is "fluent", it turns out that it uses a lower resolution to allow more facile communications. The image quality is striking when you clear or download the file. Problem solved. The manual states to set the sensitivity higher for nighttime, as "artifacts" may cause the camera to record, as the IR camera picks up flashes in the air at night. I hope that someone can get set up a bit easier after reading this, as this system delivers as promised.

👤I read many reviews of other security systems before I decided on this one. The reviews were helpful and I wanted to submit my own review. A POE system is the only way to go, as a general overview. The picture quality of a hard wired camera is paramount in my mind if you are investing the time and expense to install a security system in the first place; and as it is difficult enough to run cables to each desirable location, the wireless cameras do not have the picture quality of a hard wired There is no separate power cable for the signal cable type. Five weeks ago, I ordered this security system and have been using it ever since. After living in the same location for 25 years with no issues, we had some school kids vandalizing our decorative lights at the edge of our property next to the sidewalk as they did not have anything better to do. They were dumb enough to keep coming back after they broke the glass and stole the light bulbs. I had time to order the system, wait for the delivery and set up two cameras to catch them in the act. The two people who stole the light bulbs confessed to the crime after I provided the video evidence to the police, but they also admitted to vandalizing the lights before I had a system for video evidence. The labor to replace the lights that I had to pay for from the three sets of parents helped offset the cost of my Reolink system. The troublemakers know that my house has cameras. I connected a monitor and went through the setup process before installing the cameras. It is not a big deal that it is difficult to click in your password with the mouse on the virtual keyboard that pops up, as this is the only area where an actual keyboard would be helpful. I was very impressed with the initial setup process. I thought I would be up half the night with technical issues entering the addresses of the routers to make it work, but this was not the case. I am using a phone. I had to download a barcode scanner first, then I scanned the barcode on the Quick Start guide, and it installed the Reolink app on the phone without any issues. I scanned the barcode on my Reolink system box and saw the video from my cameras. I was pleasantly surprised that the plug worked. I was not sure if I could believe it. The ability to take a still picture of someone walking by was tested from the app. I was ready to catch my culprits after about an hour and a half. I spent a lot of time planning where to put the cameras and the cables in my house. I am happy with my end result, even though this took some effort in my house. I bought 500 feet of Cat5 cable and some Cat5 ends at Lowe's. The crimp tool was purchased by me as well. There were some video loss connection issues that were not the fault of the Reolink system. I bought a wire that requires a solid wire style connection. This may sound like a no-brainer but after a lot of frustration I realized that the Cat5 connectors I bought at Lowe's did not specify whether or not they were for solid or stranded wire. I connected my cables to the solid wire ones I bought after I went to a local electronics store and found Cat5 connections specifically labeled for use with solid wire and stranded wire. I am glad I chose a system with eight channels that is upgradable, as once everything is installed I need a camera. I ordered and installed a Reolink RLC411 4X zoom camera. Some people think that the zoom camera isn't beneficial unless you are sitting at the monitor, but I don't think that's true for me. The wide angle of the standard cameras made it possible for me to choose a zoom rate for this camera that would cover my property without leaving a trace. The zoom cameras do not have microphones, which is one of the criticisms. The standard camera on my porch has sound and as such is plenty sufficient, you must enable the sound feature in each camera individually if you want it active. I have two cameras in my house, one in the front and one on the side. I live on a corner and have a sound system. I swapped out the VGA monitor I used for the older TV for the one I was not using to hear the sound. There is a sound out port, but using an HDMI TV is easier. My record time is about 5 12 days. I think I read where some were going for a week and a half. This is my fifth camera. I only enabled two cameras for sound recording because I think it adds to the data usage. One upgrade will usually require something else. The system has a port for a drive that can hold up to six terabytes. If I were going to be gone for a week or more, I wouldn't need this upgrade, and you can check the cameras from anywhere on your phone. I can't give feedback because the PC app I didn't install is here. I read a review that had concerns about where the data goes and who has access to it. I don't have any interior cameras so I don't think this is a problem for me, with external cameras only showing what anyone driving or walking by can see, this is not a concern for me. The Reolink support team responded well. I sent a message as I was having trouble renumbering the cameras. When I tried the "Check for latest version" option, I received a failure to update message. On a Saturday, support responded with instructions to help me with my renumbering task, and told me that the error was due to a planned feature. It's easy to use, setup, and catch the vandals that was the whole point, so it's 5 stars from me.

5. TIGERSECU Outdoor Security Coaxial Included

TIGERSECU Outdoor Security Coaxial Included

Multiple users can view video at the same time by sharing the device. You can record the video clips from the camera to your phone album. The TIGERSECU Super HD1080P bullet-shape security camera has a 4-in-1 camera switch that allows you to use it with 4 different types of security DVRs, including HD-TVI, AHD, CVI, and CVBS 960H D1 analog DVRs. The security camera has a 1920 x1080 resolution and is capable of generating a video with a 2.0MP resolution. It's easy to install traditional analog CCTV cameras and protect your loved ones with a reliable wired connection. The security cameras can be mounted with the sturdy aluminum case. You can see up to 65 ft away at night with IR cut filters. The set includes a wired security camera, three screws and a quick start guide. The power supply and video cables are not sold together. TIGERSECU security cameras are backed by Lifetime Support and a 1-year warranty. The replacement offective products is free for US customers.

Brand: Tigersecu

👤I bought my first Tiger Secu DVR a year ago. I've added cameras to it a few times. Over the course of the year, I have run into a few issues. I have a limited knowledge of how these systems work. I abandoned my Night Owl DVR because the company didn't respond to it when it died. The wiring and cameras were put into the Tiger DVR. I encountered some issues because of this. I received a reply from Tiger Secu after I asked for help. The problem was fixed immediately. I wanted to install a bigger hard drive. The responsiveness continued. I had a new hard drive ordered and installed a few days later after exchanging several emails. As for the camera. The camera is high quality. I would buy it again. The company won me over with their customer care.

👤I came from 960H cameras. It is quite noticeable. The night vision works better at night when there is more detail to everything. There is no white halo with my other cameras. I regret that it makes the zoom feature look smaller, but as these are not the same as the PTZ's, it's understandable. I need to be able to positively identify someone at a location 50 feet away. It's a better picture than I had, but it's not enough at that distance. I'm going to have to get a PTZ because there's no place to mount a camera any closer. I don't use it at night but the night vision works out to about 25 feet. The quality of the mounting screws is my only complaint, and it's not limited to this camera and not about the camera at all. The included screws are very weak. Poor quality mounting screws were used for Tiger, Q See, Zmodo, and others in the same price range. If you want to mount the camera with stronger screws, you should get three quality, stronger screws with a larger head. You will thank me later. If you're still using cameras that are less than 2MP, these are worth the upgrade for both day and night use. Changing the bit rate in your dvr is probably one of the things you'll have to do. The picture on my TigerSECU dvr was very bad. The custom option caught my attention. The bit rate was only 4000 on the high setting. I set it at 10,500 kbps, which eliminated most of the pixelation, using a custom setting. If there's a bad picture, try to plug it in. I had to drop a star because one of the cameras has begun to switch to nighttime mode randomly during the day when it's not even cloudy. I think the sensor is malfunctioning.

👤I ended up buying five more cameras for my Tiger Security DVR and replacing my older analog cameras because I was very impressed with this camera. The first 35 feet in total darkness are pretty good. In my garage with no lights on and no doors or windows, this camera makes it look like it's daylight, very happy about it. The picture quality is great during the day. I changed the wire on the camera to a double stranded wire after I realized that it was not as strong as the other camera at night. The doubles strand wire can provide enough power for the video, but not enough for the lights.

6. Security Wansview Waterproof Surveillance Detection

Security Wansview Waterproof Surveillance Detection

Users can enjoy a 2-year quality warranty and life-time tech support via e-mails. Wansview outdoor security camera is equipped with a 2 HD lens which gives crystal and clear video day and night, protecting your home wherever you are. It requires a power cable and a wireless connection to work. The working temperature can range from -10C to 40C with the waterproof and 65Feet Night Vision. Sturdy and lightweight housing lets your security camera stand up in bad weather. You can enjoy the HD live-video clearly even in darkness with the built-in 12pcs 850nm built-in IR Led lights. Two-way audio and real-time alert notification. The speaker and microphone on the outdoor camera allow you to communicate with your family. You can know what happened around the house with enabled motion detection, instant alert message, and alarm video. The open-ended RTSP and ONVIF protocol allows you to connect this wansview camera to other third party software or storage devices. Control different cameras under your home security camera system with ease. Flexible storage and works with alexa Wansview camera supports Cloud storage and Micro SD card. It is possible to save the video to a paid Cloud storage account. Cloud data loss or leaks can be prevented with the highest financial encryption technology. You can use the camera on your show to view live feed and do voice control.

Brand: Wansview

👤The reviews seem to have been a mistake, as I purchased this solely based on them. The cameras worked well after installation, but about a week into it, 2 cameras were not sending a notification when there was a motion. I reset everything. The issue was the same between all the cameras. There's nothing wrong with the internet. I spoke to the seller about the problem. They suggested that I move two cameras that were farthest away from the router, but this was not possible without losing the coverage I needed for all around the property. Isn't that the whole idea of having more cameras? After nearly a month of installation and having a problem, I get another email offering me a credit towards my purchase. This was the most ridiculous resolution. Lesson learned, don't rely on reviews since there's no proof that all of them were real purchases. The seller and the product were very disappointing. I replied to their email again stating that two cameras are not working properly and do not send notifications, and they offered a free tiny indoor camera, but I did not know how to resolve the problem. Really? How is that supposed to fix the cameras? There are many other cameras and sellers that can be purchased from and perhaps with better customer service to help the problem not just offering a free item!

👤I own three different Wansview cameras. The W3 is an older model. The W4 has a wider viewing angle and better mounting options. The W6 adds a couple of features to the W4--it can record to a micro SD card and has two-way sound. The mount is different from the W4 and gives you more flexibility in where you aim the camera. The W6 uses a flexible antenna that is slightly longer than the W4's, which makes it easier to aim. The image quality of the W6 appears to be the same as the W4 with a little less fisheye distortion in the lens. The W6 requires the Wansview app to be set up, but you can use third party applications to view your cameras after you've gotten your camera login name and password. If you have different brands and models of cameras, you can combine them under one application. There are a couple of minor issues. Even if I tighten the wing nut on the ball and sockets, the camera can still be pushed out of position if mounted in a traffic area. The wiring can exit out of the bottom of the base and through a wall if the mounting base of the W6 is tampered with. The W4 and W6 can all mount to the same spot, because it uses the same mounting pattern. The night vision on the W6 is blurry, but it is positioned under an awning and appears to be focusing on part of the awning hanging down, rather than the porch it is pointed at. I might have to lower the mount to correct this. There was a setup issue as well. I was able to connect the cameras via their Ethernet ports to join the wireless network with the W4. The W4 wouldn't work reliably with either of the WiFi methods. The cameras on the W6 would not allow me to set them up for the internet. I know the cameras could connect to the network via Ethernet because the MAC address showed up in my routers. This might need a firmware update. The image quality is the same as the W4 and the recording capabilities are added. The W6 is the model you want. The W4 might be better suited for outdoor use if it is more sturdy.

7. Security Outdoor Zumimall Storage Weatherproof

Security Outdoor Zumimall Storage Weatherproof

You can easily adjust the camera head to the desired angle with the 3-axis stand. You can always rely on the outdoor camera's high-quality power transformer. TheDetect More camera has a sensitivity that can be adjusted to detect motion and sound and alert you instantly, even when you're far away. Not for 5G, WIRED POWER, but only for 2.4gHz wi-fi. The outdoor camera has a 130 wide angle lens. You can see crystal clear image/ video day and night with your security camera. The night vision can cover up to 49 feet away and let you feel more secure. Still bored with sporadic detection or alert? Every moment of what happened in your home, warehouse, farm or office can be recorded by the home security camera. There is a search for "SD Card Not Included" among buyers. You can use the app on your phone to listen and talk to visitors. You can communicate with anyone captured by camera if you connect the camera to the Home System. Multiple users can view video at the same time by sharing the device. You can record the video clips from the camera to your phone album.

Brand: Zumimall

👤This is the fifth camra I have purchased. This is the first wired, the others were battery powered. It is easy to set up. The box has everything you need to get going, from mounting screws and adjustment wrench to a detailed instruction book. The camera has an 11 1/2 foot power cord so you can mount it anywhere you want, just make sure you are close to the internet so you can get a good connection. Simply follow the instructions and point the camera at the app, you are set up and ready to use in a few minutes. The picture quality is excellent. I was concerned when I bought my first camera because I thought it was cheap and how could it be good. This is my fifth Zumimall Camera and I am satisfied with each one. I will buy another one. This is the cheapest security camera you can find, and it's a good one. It is worth every cent.

👤All my neighbors have cameras that record everything that happens in our alley. I was one of the few who didn't have one. I didn't need to change the batteries every few months. I wanted something basic that would allow me to see what is happening. The reviews, price, simplicity, and basic needs were some of the factors my husband used to pick this one. I knew I didn't need a high-tech one because I could ask my neighbors for quality pictures. I can see who is digging through my trash. It is simple to install and use. Lock and load! I use my phone to see when there is an activity being watched. You can record the pictures or videos for a small amount of time, and can send the pictures. I don't like that you can't watch the camera or listen to another app. At the same time listen to a song and look at the camera. The software is limited, which means it doesn't allow you to do much like set the sensitivity on the alert, or manage alert times. When I click on an alert, it doesn't always show me what's happening and it's hard to figure out why the alert was triggered. It's ok. It works for my needs, but the software needs to be more user friendly.

👤The video quality is fine, but there are 3 main issues that are deal breakers for me, and I bought 2 of these. There is no way to view all cameras in live mode at the same time. I assumed all cameras had the basic feature when I first used them, since I didn't know what I didn't know. I can't view my cameras from a computer browser. I would like to be able to log into my account and view my live footage from my computer. It's hard to be able to view from my phone. If there is some activity going on that I want to watch, I should be able to have all my camera feeds show me the live footage from one computer browser screen. This is not possible with this camera. The camera doesn't allow for setting the zones to tell the cameras what to ignore in the shot. Other cameras offer this so that you can face your camera out towards the front of your place, but you have to ignore street traffic in the distance. This is impossible with this camera.

8. Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus

Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus

The security camera has a motion-activatedLED floodlights, 105dB security sirens, Two-way talk, and customization motion zones. Live View allows you to check in at home with your Ring app, and you can get motion-activated notifications on your phone, tablet or PC. You can adjust the motion zones in the Ring app. There are built-in Color Night Vision and two light sources to eliminate dark areas. You can connect to the internet from the outside of your home for around-the-clock power and peace of mind. Ring Protect Plan gives you the ability to record all your videos, review what you missed, and share videos and photos. You can keep an eye on your home with the help of the pair with the voice assistant.

Brand: Ring

👤The camera works the same as the others I own and I have no complaints about it. The PC Ring App is no longer able to connect with the new camera. The only way to connect to the camera is via the phone app or If you prefer to have the cameras show on your computer screen when you are on the phone, you can no longer do this because the phone app works fine. The interface only shows historical information, not a live view of the camera. If you normally use the PC app, it is no longer of use because of this issue.

👤I wanted to replace my floodlights. I paid for them to be installed. Guess what? If there is a power interruption, you need to push a button on the cam light. I don't know what to think. I am almost 70. I can't climb a ladder and reset these lights. We might not have known about this until after the 30 day return if the power switch had not been flipped. Several Ring service reps say that the physical button is a major issue. It cost me $600 to install/un install these. Unless you have easy access, you may want to wait.

👤I have a doorbell setup and 2 Ring security. The Eero mesh network which is supposed to work better in tandem with ring devices is not always acceptable.

👤There are just two minor problems I have found. When I am notified that there is movement on my camera, I click on the app and it opens, the movement has already gone by. I need to close the live video and watch the previous video on history to see what the movement was. It was a bit frustrating. Video is not clear when you make the video bigger to see a person. The person is not able to see what they look like. This work is great.

👤The buyer should beware. I can't believe PC support is gone for new devices. Ring's Windows and Mac and desktop apps are no longer receiving updates for new devices and features.

👤The Ring Floodlight cam was installed to help police catch the thieves. It works well and I like it. I would suggest a few improvements just in case the Ring team reads this: 1) I'm assuming that Ring Protect Plus is using Amazon Web Services. The orchestrator needs work if that is the case. Sometimes, I'm only able to access a limited number of saved motion alerts. It's slow because the problem clears up later, which makes me think that you're spinning up storage to meet demand. I could be wrong, but it feels like a scaling issue. I would like to be able to set different alerts for different zones. I want to capture every car that goes down my street and then capture people in my driveway. I don't know how to make it work if this is already possible. This is a solid product and I hope it will stand the test of time and weather because it has already captured pictures of 2 cars involved in break-ins in my neighborhood.

9. All New Ring Stick Up Cam Plug In HD Security Camera with Two Way Talk Works with Alexa

All New Ring Stick Up Cam Plug In HD Security Camera with Two Way Talk Works with Alexa

You can see, hear and speak to people from your phone, tablet or select Echo device with Stick Up cam Plug-In, a wired camera that can be mounted indoors or out. Privacy features, such as audio privacy, are included to focus on what's relevant to you. You can check in on your home with Live View. Ring Protect Plan gives you the ability to record all your videos, review what you missed, and share videos and photos. Place on a flat surface or mount to a wall. Add-on the Mount for Stick Up cam is sold separately. You can watch over your entire home by using the Ring app. Plug your Stick Up cam Plug-In into a standard outlet and connect to the internet. You can keep an eye on your home with the help of the pair with the voice assistant.

Brand: Ring

👤The camera works as expected. The camera does not integrate with the ring alarm system. When no one is home, there is no way to get motion alert or record motion. You can schedule times, but they change frequently. I don't need an alert or recording. time. I entered a room and thought to myself, "Have an option to record motion only if the ring alarm system is set to away mode!" I would give 5 stars if this were available. I would not have purchased the ring alarm system or the ring cam if I had known about it. A top tier company deeply invested in home automation would be on top of this. Jan 2020 is an update. The Ring team has updated the app to make it easier to use. The camera can record video when you want. The camera can now be set up to record video and send motion alert only when the Ring alarm system is Away mode, which is what I prefer.

👤I am very disappointed with Ring's new release. I pre-ordered this camera because of the price, and now I know why it is $70 cheaper than the Gen 2 at regular price. The mounting hardware is no longer included. The security screws and screwdriver kit is available for $20 on Amazon. I think it is a good idea to pass on the savings of installing these cameras to someone. The build of the Gen 3 is my biggest issue. It is inferior to the Gen 2 once you plug it in and run through the setup. The Gen 3 Stick Up cam has a field of view that is less than the Gen 2 Stick Up cam. The Gen 2 covered my entire back yard. I would need two cameras to provide equal coverage. The previous model allowed for motion zones to be changed. The first Gen Ring Doorbell had motion zones. You can only make the circle bigger or smaller from the bottom of the screen. The top half of the screen cannot be used to detect motion. The Gen 2 gave me the ability to have different motion zones and to tailor them to fit my screen. I don't want my patio to be within the motion detection zone since we are relaxing out there quite often. My issue with the lack of POE is still there. The quality of the image seems to be less than that of my Gen 2 with POE. The location of my camera is directly beneath my router, so it is not possible that the signal from the internet can be blamed. I have up to 400 MB/s down and 25 MB/s up consistently. The pre-order page is still present, so I wish these specifications were readily available. I would have ordered more Gen 2 than Gen 3 if I had known. Cost cutting is great and always welcomed, but it should never be at the expense of quality on a once excellent product. The camera is not part of the Stick Up line. They should have kept the build and cost the same as Gen 2 since they also released the budget Indoor cam. I pre-ordered this stick up cam PLUG-in without the solar power option and received it today. The POE input was removed by Amazon and replaced with a DC plug. I wish I had bought more of the second Gen cameras. If you want to use POE, don't buy.

10. Nest Security Matters Anywhere Outdoor

Nest Security Matters Anywhere Outdoor

You can keep an eye on your home with the help of the pair with the voice assistant. The 130 degree view shows your home in high definition. Camera cable and adapter are waterproof. Night vision illuminates the whole scene even at night. Talk back to the person at the door to get their attention. If you're away, you should get activity notifications on your phone. You can install it yourself and point it at any location with the magnetic mount. There is no hub required. This product has the seal of the online marketplace when it is purchased from a seller other than

Brand: Google

👤Once your return/trial period is over, you will be terrible. I would have written a glowing review for this item if I had the chance. Installation was easy and the app worked well, as well as viewing historic footage. My home internet was capable of delivering the upstream needed, and I was able to view the cam from a number of different internet connections without issue, and with very limited buffering. The alerts worked well. After the trial period ended, I was charged for my first month of service. The alert stopped firing. It was impossible to view live. It became impossible to view historic footage. The buffering wheel was my best friend. It was my internet connection, either on the camera or wherever I was connecting from. I was still using my home network and business network the same as before the paid period started, and I was accessing the camera over 50+ gig LTE and from a business fiber connection. They refused to help me because it was an internet issue on my end. My home network is the same as it was a month ago. My downstream speeds are the same as they were a month ago. A quick search shows that this is not an uncommon problem. I don't think Nest has the infrastructure to handle the amount of data uploaded by millions of cameras each month, and the company just gives you a "priority lane" during that time. Everything was easy and straightforward, except for the power cable design. There is a block of plastic on the other side. On the other side, there was a huge block of plastic surrounding a plug. They made the wire nearly an inch in diameter, so you have to drill a larger hole than is necessary to pass through the opening. I was able to go in through the plastic attic vent, but it was far more complicated than I should have been since I had to enlarge all the pass-throughs. You should watch your fingers around the mount.

👤The camera in my driveway helped us identify the license plate of the person who stole the Christmas package. My package was found. People were amazed at the quality of the video I posted on social media.

👤This camera isn't very useful if you don't plan on paying for nest aware which is either $100/year or $300/year. You will either get too many annoying notifications or not at all. They don't tell you how bad the camera is. Without a nest. You only get a live feed. snapshots of alerts are given to you. You can only look at the last 3 hours. There are no zone notifications. You're probably going to get a lot of annoying notifications that don't matter to you, or you're not going to get any. Since you only have picture snapshots, a lot of alerts won't have anything in the picture. It's hard to tell what the event is. This $200 hardware can be made usable with an easy solution. 5-10 second video starts before the motion activation is triggered, instead of photo snapshots. Keep more than 3 hours. 24 hours is the minimum you should do. Alternatively. $50/year for a 5 day feed...

11. ANNKE Security Weatherproof Surveillance Outdoor

ANNKE Security Weatherproof Surveillance Outdoor

"Alexa, show me the front door..." is a security made smarter that works with smart devices that have the voice assistant. Also compatible with other devices. Live stream from multiple cameras and multiple sites, receive push notifications and more on your mobile device, thanks to the latest Swann Security app. The video is called Crystal Clear. With this security camera, you can see everything clearly in high definition, and easily recognize the details you need in a smooth and clear video. The security camera supports AHD/TVI/CVI/CVBS video output and is compatible with most third-party DVRs. You can easily access the OSD menu and switch the video output mode with the help of the joystick switch on the cable. The IR Night Vision is equipped with premium IR LEDs that can be activated in low light conditions so that you can capture clear B&W vision. Dust, water and air can't be kept out of the waterproof and dustproof housing of the camera. It can perform well in extreme temperatures. You can easily adjust the camera head to the desired angle with the 3-axis stand. You can always rely on the outdoor camera's high-quality power transformer.

Brand: Annke

👤I am adding these cameras to my existing Annke 8 channel DVR unit, model# DN 81R, because I purchased 4 of these cameras. The older unit had 4x 720p cameras. None of these 4 cameras gave me any color. It's highly unlikely that four units are the same thing, even if one of them is DOA. I began testing various cable combinations, new with old, new and different ports on the DVR. Nothing worked. I started looking at the GUI of the Annke DVR. There was no color options for the cameras, so the "PTZ" option should have been there. There was a controller. When I opened the cameras' packaging, I saw the joystick, but didn't think about it. There is a part of the camera that comes out with a BNC cable. After tinkering with this thing for two days, I realized that it did stuff. The menu options came up on my screen after I pressed the joystick. You can change the HD option to "TVI" when you select "Video Setting" inside those options. The pictures come back in color after this. I have an older Annke DVR unit and this appears to be an issue for me. If you get a black and white image on your initial setup, you should check "The Joystick" and make sure the settings are adjusted.

👤The camera works well during the day and night. I don't think this camera will last long. The body is made of plastic. It is going to be brittle and break within the next year or so in the Southern California sun. The electrical connection to the camera shorted when it became submerged in water, so I replaced it with this. I didn't want to pay $100 so this got the job done on a budget.

👤I bought two of them. They work. The button on the cord isn't working. It shows selections, but nothing happens when you push up and down on the buttons. Maybe it uses the Annke that the cameras are meant for. I don't know. The Annke camera colors are weird and can't be adjusted to the correct colors, which is similar to the other cameras I have installed. That is on both cameras. It's not very clear as to what the reviews are about. You can use a screw driver for the adjustments, but other cameras need an Allen wrench.

👤The old model was replaced with the new one. It has a good view and night vision. The recorded picture is good enough to identify people and clothing colors. It is connected to a fifteen year old security system that is on its last legs and I am putting off replacing the whole thing with a current state of the art system. The camera is working. The weather won't bother it because it is water resistant. Four stars!

👤I had to replace the screw that keeps the cameras in place after I adjusted the view angle. These seem to be very delicate. Be careful. The camera works as advertised, but one of the IR leds seems to be non-functional.


What is the best product for best outdoor camera wired?

Best outdoor camera wired products from Dekco. In this article about best outdoor camera wired you can see why people choose the product. Blink Home Security and Google are also good brands to look for when you are finding best outdoor camera wired.

What are the best brands for best outdoor camera wired?

Dekco, Blink Home Security and Google are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best outdoor camera wired. Find the detail in this article. Reolink, Tigersecu and Wansview are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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