Best Best Outdoor Camera Sets

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1. Security Surveillance Waterproof Detection W4 2PACK

Security Surveillance Waterproof Detection W4 2PACK

Wall Mount is the type of mounting. Wansview's outdoor security camera has a 2 Megapixel camera and a 4 Megapixel camera, which gives it a high definition image and smooth video. The camera works with only 2.4G. It needs to be Plugged in all the time. Works with Night Vision. Wansview Wireless Security Camera works with Amazon's voice assistant, you could ask your show to show your Wansview camera, which gives you a piece of mind day and night. The Wansview outdoor camera is waterproof and has a temperature range from 14 to 104 degrees. Even in the storm and snowy weather, it can work. You could open the Wansview Cloud App and see what is happening immediately.

Brand: Wansview

👤It took less than 10 minutes to set up and get an image. The app is easy to use. You can turn on or off motion alert in settings. You can adjust the sensitivity of motion detection and schedule the time you want motion alert on in motion alert. You can adjust the camera microphone and speaker volume in advanced settings. I mounted the camera after I got an image from the camera on my phone. The top of the outside wall was chosen for the height of the front house camera. I chose the corner of the garage door for the location. In this location, I could put camera screws in wood and see people walking to my door. I drilled the 3 mounting holes using the template and 3/32” drill bit. I drilled a hole in the center of the template and pulled the camera wires from the garage since I had no 115 volt outlets on the outside of the house. I mounted the camera with wood screws and chalked the hole with latex. The clarity of the camera is excellent. I like the idea of using the cloud storage for this camera to be a security camera. The 7-day cloud storage plan has 3 cameras under it. You can go back to a certain time and day to view motion alert in the app and then download, remove or cancel them. I recommend this camera to anyone who is looking for a security camera because of the excellent price, features, ease of use, delivery and quality.

👤The cameras are great. I have been using Wansview W2 outdoor cameras for a few years, and decided to try the new W4's when they came out to see if they were the right fit for expanding my coverage. The cameras are small, the first thing I noticed. The W2 and other typical bullet cameras have the same general shape, but they are about 1/2 to 1/3 the size. It will make it easier to install them in more locations. They will be a bit more hidden. The image quality, motion detection, and night vision are all good. There is a hot spot at the center of the field of view, but it is not overwhelming. The price for two cameras is very good, and it's a deal for this quality. I was going to pay more for a single W2 and was about to buy it. The Wansview Cloud app works well. The interface looks and works like the Wyze camera app, which is pretty good. The cameras only work with the Wansview Cloud app. The W2's will not work with my local server managing my cameras with Blue iris. I will not be using them at my house, but I will use a cloud service for my mom's house, where she doesn't have a local server, and she could use a couple cameras. There are no free or cheap options for the cloud service. You are paying for coverage after you have a free trial. There are more expensive options to choose from, but none cheaper than the basic plan.

2. Blink Doorbell Outdoor Enabled Wire Free

Blink Doorbell Outdoor Enabled Wire Free

Video Doorbell helps you welcome visitors and keep an eye on your door, while their wire-free outdoor camera can be placed anywhere you need it. They provide full home coverage with features like two-year battery life, two-way audio, HD day and night video, custom alert, privacy settings, and more. You can see visitors with HD video and talk to them with two-way audio through the free app. You can save and share clips in the cloud with a free 30-day trial of the Blink Subscription Plan or locally with the included sync module 2 andusb drive. It's designed for every home, so you can either wire-free or connect the doorbell wiring to the chime. Set up yourself in minutes with the two included AA batteries and connect to the internet. You can access live view, two-way talk, receive motion and chime alert, arm and disarm your doorbell, and many more with the help of the smart speaker. One Video Doorbell, one outdoor camera, and one sync module 2 are included.

Brand: Blink Home Security

👤I had an issue with the mount and spent an hour trying to get it on. I know how to use technology so this thing shouldn't be as hard as it is to mount the doorbell. I just put my return in and was frustrated. It would take almost a week to get a new one. I decided to take a break. I looked at the backing and mount while sitting down. You have to put a lot of effort into sliding the mount. When you look at how the inserts go in line, you will see how hard it is to slide the doorbell down. It will slide into place. I can see why people are leaving poor reviews, it shouldn't be this hard to put on. Don't give up, trust me on this. So far, it's been so good. The mount is hard to put on because it makes it very sturdy when the doorbell is attached. I would disagree with the review that said this was easy to steal. The door bell needs to be hit with a hammer. The picture quality is really good, the picture I uploaded to this review doesn't compare to the live feed view on my phone. When you don't want to get 100 notifications because of birds flying by your doorbell, you can disarm and arm it, which is convenient. It has been over a month now and there have been no problems. I bought a 128gigabyte flash drive to put into the module and now my recordings are being saved straight to that. It's easier to access and transfer stored clips to a PC with this. The doorbell is still working well. You can't go wrong with this doorbell combo. If you already have a module in your home, I suggest purchasing the combo and not the stand alone doorbell.

👤I was excited a few years ago when BLINK had a doorbell. I committed to a multi-camera setup. I bought a RING doorbell and subscription plan after it became apparent that it wasn't going to be released. I grabbed one when I saw the pre-order. Excited to have everything in one place, the anticipating and re-exclamation from years ago was there. During the waiting period, someone pointed out that you need a sync-2 module to save the footage/rings, which was not listed on the pre-order page. I had a spare, but it could have been annoying. I received it today. It is a slim profile but the mounting brackets are a joke. The device could be ripped out of the wall in 2 seconds. I think that after a year of changing the batteries, some of the small clips/brackets on the plate will snap. The image quality is so bad that it creates a darkness on the face of whoever rings the bell, which is kind of defeats the purpose. The fact that Amazon didn't have the mount was the icing on the cake. The email they sent allowed us to order the corner mount for free, but inside the blink app it states that it should come with a couple different mounting plate options, which it did not. For something in R&D for over 3 years, you definitely dropped the ball on the easiest pieces of the puzzle, especially for a company that owns Ring, which has an excellent mounting package in the box.

3. Outdoor Security Waterproof Service Storage

Outdoor Security Waterproof Service Storage

The wire-free security camera is easy to install. Choose one of the various cloud service plans for recordings and the Micro SD card for storage. The security camera has a microphone and speakers so you can talk directly to your guests. The built-in deterrent alarm is designed to keep people away from your home. You can protect your home and property even if you're not working with the MIPC app. Even in bad weather, such as storms and snow, the professional waterproof design of IP66 can protect your house. In addition, using aluminum alloy shell has a longer service life. Smart Sound. The outdoor cam supports motion/voice/human detection. The sound of a crying child can be detected by it. When it does, it sends you a message, a snapshot and a video. You can enjoy clearer visual and video recording with the1080P HD Night Vision. In the dark, the IR light can record full HD real-time video and provide high-resolution image feedback. Cloud storage and computation. The outdoor camera works with echo show when connected to a WiFi network. You can use a cloud service to store videos or images from the home security camera.

Brand: Ebitcam

👤We bought three of these to make our house more secure. All the cameras were in good shape after I inspected them. I went through initial setup after installing a 32 gigabyte card in each, so I don't use their cloud service. It was easy to connect to the internet. I mounted the cameras as I had planned and put them in operation after they had been burned-in for three days. Installation was easy because the hardware was complete. The cameras are good for the price. At night, pictures are clear, but they are more blurry in low light. I have had at least one human detection alarm caused by a spider spinning a web in front of the camera because the bugs attractspiders and the IR lights attract bugs. I am happy with the purchase.

👤I would give a negative review if I could. The picture quality was great. The camera requires the use of the MIPC app to connect to the network. The app worked for a week before the last update. It wouldn't connect to the internet after that time. Not connected to network. I know there is a bug in the app that is blocking the access to the internet, so I plug in the ethernet cable. There is no way to get in touch with the developers. I need a 3rd party app that will work with the camera to keep it useful.

👤I wanted an outdoor security camera that would record any activity on a loop without paying a monthly cloud storage fee. It's what I got with this unit. It will record for days if you put it in a microSD card. You can have motion detection set to identify any motion and alert you if it happens to be a human. It's the biggest problem because it's in a location that has a power outlet. I decided the garage would be my only option after watching a few videos. I ran an extension cord to the overhead garage door outlet after drilling a hole through the overhang. If you have access to power, I highly recommend it.

👤This is a nice camera. It was easy to set up. If your phone is on the same network as the camera, then you can take pictures. If you have more than one way to connect devices. We have a device that can connect to the internet. I accidentally set the second camera to it. When looking at a booklet. The directions say to take the cover off the sd card. This is not correct. The rest set button is hanging down. It has a small cap on top to keep water out. Once you locate the button, it's easy to rest the camera.

👤It took me 30 minutes to setup because it was having communication problems. After 7 days the app stopped working and wouldn't log in, and when I finally got in it said my camera was offline and it wasn't. The factory reset wouldn't complete the setup process. Constantly failing. A piece of garbage. Good for a dummy cam. The discounted price was my first red flag.

4. Zmodo Outdoor Wireless Security Compatible

Zmodo Outdoor Wireless Security Compatible

Continuous video recording with a 32GB MicroSD card. The Wyze cam has a base that you can insert the MicroSD into. You can see a crystal clear full-HD picture of your home from anywhere at any time and see up to 65 feet away in the dark with the night vision. This professional security camera is weather resistant for outdoor and can be placed indoors to protect your home from the elements. Works with the speaker. To view a live stream from your camera, you can say "Alexa show me the front door" Zmodo cloud recording with a 1-month free trial will let you see video clips when motion is detected, instead of just pictures.

Brand: Zmodo

👤It has been a while since I submitted my review. The stars have been lowered because the two cameras fight every night to connect. They both go offline when they switch to night vision. They fight to get back together. One camera is connected and the other is not. It is a different camera everyday. My older ones do not have this issue. Zmodo needs serious work to remain competitive. I've had three Zmodo cameras over the past two years, two of which are outdoor and one of which is an indoor camera with two way audio and an alert for watching the dogs while we are away. I added two more cameras recently. I think they are good cameras for the price. One thing that can be a pain for some is mentioned. The cord length for the cameras is short. There is a fix for this. I got a 33 foot microusb wire extension. You will need a power source for this as well. I found a pack of 33ft Microusb cords and a pack of 2 power adapters for less than 30 dollars. If the location of a standard outlet is an issue, fear not. The cameras are easy to set up. The two original exterior cameras that I have had for the last two years have survived the harsh winters in Northern New England. The app does a decent job and is easy to use. The alert system works well. Sometimes I will walk past a camera for the first time and not receive a motion alert, but other times I will. For the price, I can deal with it. The cloud service is my biggest gripe. It is more expensive than other home camera systems that offer it for free or less. The website states that if you purchase the 7 day plan, you will get continuous recording. That is a lie. If there is no motion detected, it records a still shot every minute to two minutes. You can clearly see trees moving in a windy day, if you watch a segment of a previous recording. The video is "skipping" while you replay it. If you can't actually do that, then don't state "continuous recording" on your website. The cameras are good, the setup is easy, and the price is good. The cloud service is a scam and does not work according to the website. I stick with the system because it works for me.

👤I hope this review can be helpful. Sub optimal critiques are what Amazon's al.go.rhythms philter out. So... I highly recommend this product if you're looking for an outdoor security camera that isn't this product. It'll work with the extension cord. I spent a lot of time trying to get it to work. If you've purchased something else and are sad, technical support is responsive.

👤Let me explain this to you. I spent 2 hours trying to get the cameras to work. Never worked. Passwords with special characters are not accepted when setting up an account. The flag is red. Their app is barely functioning. Their website wasn't helpful. Couldn't access support via my account or the other guest account. The hold time kept increasing and decreasing as I tried to call support. I was on the phone for 15 minutes. I never got to try the cameras, but given the amount of time and effort I put into trying to get it set up, I cannot recommend this product or company for anything.

5. LaView Security Outdoor Detection Activity

LaView Security Outdoor Detection Activity

Zmodo cloud recording with a 1-month free trial will let you see video clips when motion is detected, instead of just pictures. The La View cameras have a rotation range of 120 vertical and 180 horizontal. The camera can give you a full range view. HD1080P and Night Vision cameras allow you to see all the fine details. It's possible to see your home even in the dark with a night vision up to 30 feet. Motion detection and two-way audio are built into La View security cameras. You can receive message alert on your phone with customizable motion detection. Two-way audio allows you to speak with people. The camera and app are easy to set up and maintain. You can get the app from either store. The customer service team is perfect. If you have any issues, contact them. The best choice for outdoor use is the waterproof and dustproof function. The camera can work in a range of temperatures from 14F to 113F. Cloud storage and card storage in the US. Cloud Storage and Built-in micro SD slot are supported by the outdoor security cameras. The server located in the US can make sure your videos are safe and protected. Store all of your recorded security footage on a Micro SD card. The camera is compatible with the 2.4 GHz network. It is not supported. Cloud storage and card storage in the US. Cloud Storage and Built-in micro SD slot are supported by the outdoor security cameras. The server located in the US can make sure your videos are safe and protected. Store all of your recorded security footage on a Micro SD card. The camera is compatible with the 2.4 GHz network. It is not supported.

Brand: Laview

👤The device doesn't show that it needs to be plugged in. How are you going to use an exterior security camera that a thief can just hack?

👤I bought this for my husband as a gift. He was able to have it linked and installed in 30 minutes. Everything works as advertised after we tested the camera's functions. We are going to get 4 more.

👤I screwed in the antenna at the bottom of the box because I don't read instructions and didn't realize it was there. Sorry for the bad review. I put a camera on my front door in the hopes of catching the people who have been vandalizing my cars and house, but the camera is 30 feet away from my modem and can't keep a signal. On the first day of having it, my neighbors complained about the loud noises I made when I was offline. I can only access it for show until I find a better model. Spending a little more and getting a better brand is what I would recommend. I have two cameras in my house that work well. I think a front door is a cipher to it.

👤I am blown away by the quality of the video, ability to pan and tilt, and digitally zoom. I have a camera at each of my houses. I put a 32 gig chip in each camera and it stores 3 - 4 days of continuously recorded video. I have not used cloud video storage. The night vision is very good and the HD color day vision is excellent. The two-way audio is very good. The internet connection is good. My Arizona camera is close to my wireless network and is used to monitor the back yard and swimming pool. At my summer home in 700 miles north, the camera was mounted on the front porch, where it could be used to see if packages were on the porch or in the mail box. Both can be used to talk with visitors. The app is wonderful as well. Installation of the app and connecting the camera is very easy. You can pan, tilt, and zoom the camera with it. I bought two more cameras, which will be installed soon. This is a must-have security device.

👤I was not sure about the quality but it was outstanding. Eggs were getting pecked at while I was in the chicken house. I wanted to be able to tell which chicken was doing the damage. I connected the camera to the network and downloaded the ap. I was running. The camera had an amazing picture quality. The camera is very clear, unlike some of the other cameras I have had. The camera can detect motion and follow it. I knew it was moving. I thought I had to hold the phone to the camera. This was a pleasant surprise. The blue jay was coming in the open door and playing with the eggs. The night vision shows each chicken clearly. I bought 1 more the next day for my new chick barn, and there was no blurry video. I would recommend this camera to anyone looking for a simple setup with good quality video for a decent price.

6. Outdoor Viewing Compatible Assistant MicroSDHC

Outdoor Viewing Compatible Assistant MicroSDHC

Zumimall App protects your privacy and security, wireless camera provides encrypted storage of active videos to local sd card and no subscription is required to enjoy the storage service. You can get a 30 day free return service from Amazon. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will reply you within 24 hours. The night time video is recorded in full, vivid color. The new f/1.6 aperture captures more light and the Starlight Sensor can see full color in environments up to 25x darker than traditional video cameras. Wyze cam v3 is a wired video camera that can be installed in the rain or inside the kids room, and has an immunity rating of 65. Wyze cam records video when motion or sound is detected and sends an alert to your phone. Motion Detection Zones and custom settings allow you to change the sensitivity of detection. Loud two-way audio is used to greet visitors and have a conversation. You can scare off unwanted guests with the Wyze cam's siren button. Continuous video recording with a 32GB MicroSD card. The Wyze cam has a base that you can insert the MicroSD into.

Brand: Wyze

👤This choice is hard to beat for the average consumer at a seemingly low price, but you can expect to spend more money than just that. The good stuff first. Even in the dark, the camera has a very clear image. Plug it into a power outlet and install the app on your phone. You can see what the camera sees through your phone. Whenever it senses motion, it begins recording. The recordings are online in the cloud. The camera on your phone will send a notification whenever it sees motion and recorded something. It can sense motion far away. The quality is hit and miss and usually very quiet, but it can also capture audio. The parts are not clear. The camera's night-vision is only "color" if your definition of "color" is limited to white, black, and grey. If the camera is looking through a window at night, it's IR will reflect off the glass and back into the lens, making it difficult to record. Put the camera outside. It will not work without a signal. Depending on a number of factors, the camera's internet reception can be bad outside. The camera's power cord is rectangular and hard to fit through a drill-hole unless you feel like drilling a hole into your wall that's an inch in diameter. The cord is not long at all. The biggest buggaboo is the security plan, which costs $20 per camera per year. Why? You cannot adjust the criteria for triggering the camera's motion-sensor without a plan. You will get a notification on your phone every single time a fart blows past, but it will only record 30 seconds. It won't record anything after that. The 30 seconds of the thief trying to break into your house is cool, but not the next 5 minutes of him actually doing so and walking away with all your gold-bricks. The security plan allows you to set the camera's recordingtrigger to person, vehicles, package, pet, smoke alarm sounds, and a range of other criteria. It's good at differentiating between these things. You can only have it notify you when it sees people and vehicles. There is an add-on for the SD card. You won't have a physical copy of the footage if you don't have the SD card. The camera can record continuously even without a signal. The card has enough capacity to hold about 4-5 days of continuous footage, and it automatically replaces the oldest footage once it's reached capacity. The card is vulnerable if the camera is damaged or stolen. You should spend a total of $45 for the camera with the upgrade, plus a recurring payment of $20 a year per camera for as long as you use it. The average joe can still get a security camera, even though it can cost hundreds of dollars and have more complicated installation. It's a good choice for home security or a small business. You just have to pay more to avoid obsolescence.

👤I've been using these things all over the place, and I'm a professional. They're cheap. They're able to do many things. They are uncomplicated. The cost point is lower than most of their competitors. You can install four of these if you can afford it. You would rather have more cameras and be able to replace them more easily. A camera needs to be used to monitor the general events of the area. I encourage my clients to sacrifice a cheap camera because the last image uploaded to the cloud was of someone messing with it. They are flexible in their application. If you don't want the cloud, you can use the onboard storage option. These things can be connected to a security recorder that isn't affiliated with Wyze. The default mount can be torn off with a single screw. The mount you can make is based on a small bolt with 20 threads per inch. Their simplicity is a strength. The default options allow for a camera to be mounted without penetrating a wall. Even over a few days, looking through footage from a few cameras is relatively painless. It's easy to set these up from the top of a ladder. With the appropriate.

7. SHELIVE Security Rechargeable Waterproof Detection

SHELIVE Security Rechargeable Waterproof Detection

Even in the toughest conditions, the weather resistance is built to perform. Ultra Long Standby Time is powered by a recharged battery. The wireless security camera has a huge capacity battery that can provide long life. It will give you 2 to 6 months of power. Please charge before use. You can see sharper and brighter details even at night with the SHELIVE wireless security camera system. CloudEdge App pushes the most accurate real-time notification, when SHELIVE security camera detect human movements. The smart PIR motion sensor only responds to mammals or above temperature 86F (30C) and will reduce false alarms. Two-way voice real-time calls are supported by the wire-free security camera system. Even in tough weather, guard your house because it can survive rain and temperatures of -4F to 122F. The system can be accessed at any time. The wire-free security camera is easy to install. Choose one of the various cloud service plans for recordings and the Micro SD card for storage.

Brand: Shelive

👤After 4000+ reviews, I can spot fakes and "hitman" type reviews. I already use Cloudedge software for my other 4 cameras and it took all of about 90 seconds to have it out of the box and up and running. I can't speak for what it will do in 3 months, but for the last few days it has worked perfectly and matched up with my network, many problems with security cameras comes down to the operator. I can tell you that my box is perfect and I am still working. I used to have to take the cameras down. I used a trick a friend showed me, which was to use alien tape to hold the power bank in place for 24 hours, if the camera is low. Since I have 4 of them that are battery operated, this trick made it a lot better to operate them without taking them offline for a day or so and charging them in the house. As a Top 10 reviewer, I get requests to write bad reviews for competitors products so beware and this is a good camera. I will reduce my rating if it fails in a short time. Night vision, motion detection and picture quality are all excellent.

👤Only one of them worked after 8 of them were bought. Even after the charge. It was a waste of time to unbox these. Livid is a very bad word.

👤People are on the pourch when the camera starts recording. They said they would get back to me as soon as possible, but it has been two days.

👤The one I received was dead in the box after 4 hours. No lights, no reset, nothing! If the replacement works, I will update this review.

👤They don't catch anything you can walk in front of them and it snaps 3 seconds later, so you can only record one at a time, and the app doesn't work.

👤External storage is available and comes with a wall mount. 10/10

👤You get what you pay for. If you are looking for a similar quality to Ring or Nest camera, this isn't it. It makes it sound better than it is for an affordable price. My battery lasted just 1 month, even though it was advertised to last 3-6 months. The motion detection is all over the place. I didn't get a notification unless I stopped and stood, and got a notice 10 seconds later, on low setting. A baby sparrow landing on my bird feeders is more than 10 feet away from the camera, so I would get notifications for it on high setting. When triggered, it takes photos, not the videos mentioned in the description. I assumed it would record video if someone triggered the camera, but when the description was vague, I should have read it closer. A still photo of a person, not a photo of the person. They usually walk toward the camera and pass by before the camera takes a picture. I can click on the camera at any time to see what is happening in real time, and it was $50. I have had people walk behind my apartment at night. I needed a security system. So probably saved a little more and got a ring or nest.

8. Detection Waterproof Surveillance Boavision HD22M102M

Detection Waterproof Surveillance Boavision HD22M102M

It's easy to set up and wire. Data can be transmitted through both wired and wireless networks. Up to 3 segments can be supported by the wireless signal cascading function. The camera is docked with the NVR when the system uses its own 2.4G wireless wi-fi network. It doesn't need to use the home wireless network. There are motion-Tracking&Alerts. The camera can track objects in motion. The camera will follow the object in motion when it is enabled. Once motion is detected, you will receive notifications on your device from the app. The sound alarm can be set to make a loud noise when the moving object is detected. You can scare away guests, send commands to pets, and say hello to guests with the built-in advanced microphone and speaker. The Pan Tile 4xDigital zoom and1080P night vision camera has a 350 horizontal and 120 vertical lens. Allow you to make your vision experience your own. It supports all platforms and supports 2.4 GHz wi-fi. PC with Mac OS and Windows. This is the most convenient way to watch. 3rd Party software support allows you to connect most famous NVR, ispy, Tinycam, and other video cameras to your home security camera.

Brand: Boavision

👤Our network was compromised immediately after I connected it to my home network. I discovered that certain types of security cameras put networks at risk and can result in financial information being stolen if you use your credit card to make online purchases. After installing this, we had several small charges. We're still working on it. Don't skimp on security with a device that compromises it more than you want.

👤I am a tough customer but this camera is outstanding. The picture is clear and sharp. The night vision is amazing, I have a set on color mode. The flood lights are bright and can be turned on or off. I can see all of my property beyond the 4 acres I have, the camera view distance is impressive. I am still learning about the motion detection sensitivity and adjusting to it. Along with the voice communication, the siren is a bonus. They can be turned on or off. This camera exceeded my expectations in every way, so don't pay hundreds of dollars for other cameras. When I have more time, I will add photos and video. I recommend the camera. This is a tough camera. It fell off the mount from the second story of my house.

👤I set the camera up right away. The setup process for many of the cameras I have set up was easy. The part that worked great was when it connected to my network. I can't get it to tilt to the spot I want it to be. It only has 3 tilt positions that it will use with the app. That is terrible! I have tried and failed many times. No change. The first one I got was a Boavision camera. It must be a slightly different model because I can tilt it with the app. Not happy. I know they make good cameras, so I was expecting more from them. The video is blurry and the resolution is not as high as it could be. I might send this back and get something different. Will update. I noticed the lens began to fog up after trying to use the camera for another day. This is one of the reasons I am not happy with this camera. Maybe I got a faulty unit.

👤Before we left for our vacation, we ordered 2 of these cameras so we could watch and talk to our baby while we were gone, as well as a little more security for our son that house sat for us. I was hesitant because they were cheap and didn't think they would work well, but I was pleasantly surprised. They worked. Very well! We were able to talk to our dog and listen to her. We know they work well, so we are going to buy more. Our family and friends have been told how good the cameras are. We give these cameras 5 stars.

👤I can't say enough good things about this camera. Great picture day or night. Digital zoom and lights my way too. I'm tracked from the vehicle to the house. The app is good. It was a good price and I was surprised.

9. Outdoor Station Cameras Wire Free Assistant

Outdoor Station Cameras Wire Free Assistant

Cloud storage and card storage in the US. Cloud Storage and Built-in micro SD slot are supported by the outdoor security cameras. The server located in the US can make sure your videos are safe and protected. Store all of your recorded security footage on a Micro SD card. The camera is compatible with the 2.4 GHz network. It is not supported. The battery is powered and wire-free. Leave it there and mount it. You can get up to 6 months of battery life on a single charge. Installation is easy if you don't run wires or look for outlets. Friendly step-by-step guides in the Wyze app make it easy to install a wireless device. You can protect every corner of your home by connecting up to 4 cameras to a single base station. Get notified about movement with a PIR sensor. There should be custom detection zones. Person and package detection can be done with camplus. Even in the toughest conditions, the weather resistance is built to perform. Even in the toughest conditions, the weather resistance is built to perform.

Brand: Wyze

👤I bought these for the purpose of being battery operated and not having to be near a power outlet. They work great for that and don't need an outlet. Audio: The 2 way audio is terrible. The person by the camera can't read a single word. It is like this on all the cameras. There are notifications. I can walk past all 4 cameras 10 times in a day. I should get around 10 to 40 notifications for each camera. I will only receive 12 total notifications. I had high hopes for these cameras but unfortunately I am very disappointed because the camera didn't record or pickup on any motion.

👤It doesn't do well with cars pulling into my driveway because it captures cars driving by. Night vision isn't very good. I can't make out the images when I walk by it at night. Can't review the card remotely, can only see one camera at a time, and can only get motion detection shots when you are in the app. I have to refresh the events page if it doesn't show me the right video.

👤I'm pretty upset. I have supported the Wyze team. But no more. It's frustrating to see them release new items and not fix the cameras. It states that 5 cameras are the max for the hub, but I don't know. We tried to use 4. This could have been an excellent product and I am very disappointed. The doorbell is malfunctioning. The cameras indoors are better. The camera is wired. These are not good. Customer service isn't helpful. They told me to use only Wyze cords. There is a I am out of state for a week. Before I left, I charged up all the cameras and made sure the hub was ready. There is only one working in the photo.

👤I own a computer store. Most of the time, we install our own branded cameras for businesses. It's like comparing a Formula One car to a Camaro. They are both cars, but they have different purposes. I bought them to install on a friend. No wires! I didn't want to go through attics and crawl spaces with my cameras. If you have a signal, you can put these cameras anywhere. There's no need for power because they have batteries. The picture quality is amazing. We would have had everything done in 30 minutes if we hadn't been drinking alcohol. This system is great for homes that need live video and minimal recording. The Wyze camera setup is more flexible than a hard-wired setup. We recommend these systems for home users who don't want to spend a lot on a traditional setup.

👤The cameras have good picture quality. I don't recommend these cameras if you want to see the person breaking in. The battery life is terrible. I had to replenish the battery. Every week. Do not buy.

👤The system is not a good buy. If you don't use the recording or time lapse feature, the camera batteries will last a while. The batteries don't last a full day if you use these features. The base station does not record much when the batteries die, because it cannot accommodate a normal sim card. I tried a lot of different ways to use these and they are useless. It makes sense that you subscribe to their service to record longer events for $20 per camera per year since you can't use them otherwise. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone.

10. Wireless Security Detection Spotlight Waterproof

Wireless Security Detection Spotlight Waterproof

Privacy Protection and 2-Way Storage; Netvue is a security camera that works perfectly when connected to a cable. The front door security camera works with a number of devices. It can provide up to 30 days of cloud storage. It also supports up to 128 gigabyte cards. The wireless battery camera analyzes and distinguishes human, pets and vehicles based on the monitoring target you set in the Vico Home App. The outdoor security camera wireless will only send a notification when it finds the target. The outdoor security camera can be activated automatically and manually with the help of the two-way sound sirens and device sharing. Two-way audio can be used to talk with strangers at your door. The camera can be used with other phones and support device sharing up to 8 users, just let the invitee download the Vicohome App and Scan the QR code. The outdoor security camera wireless transfers more delicate and clear image and video both day and night. It has two modes for night vision. The battery is 100% wireless. It's battery operated, no wires or cords are required during the installation. Only the 2.4 GHz frequencies are supported. The outdoor security camera wireless has a more reliable backup capability up to six months after being fully charged. The outdoor security camera wireless has waterproof protection and can be placed outside. Cloud storage, intelligent notification for people, pets, and vehicles, and custom activity zones monitoring are included in the 30-day trail of cloud service. The customer service team can help you with any questions you may have after receiving the camera.

Brand: Dct

👤We wanted to find a easy set home security system. There were not good detailed instructions after the package was opened. I am tech savvy. It was easy to set up and follow. It was easy to adjust the camera for different needs. The first day was wonderful. The live feed was very good. max 20 seconds at a time Its performance fell off the cliff. The 20 seconds allowed for video captures was not enough for some of them. It would pick up logs. Night vision was a joke. Extra decorative lighting was bought to see if it would help. We couldn't recognize a person if they were less than 5 feet. We had to charge the cameras within 2 weeks because they were supposed to last a few months. We were very disappointed in the result. We posted to return it and replace it with a better system. The spider was picked up by the system in the night time mode. It was better for us to pay more for what we wanted, rather than settle for cheap quality. I received several emails from the company asking me to take my review with a gift card from the company. I have received 5 emails from 10 to 45. This is not professional in my opinion. They sent me a link to my review and a link to remove the gift cards. I have also notified the store of these. Don't be around people. They don't like honest reviews. The recording will begin. I stand by my review and return the poor quality product along with the customer service afterwords. Buy at your own risk.

👤I don't usually write reviews or write short ones, but sometimes there is a product that deserves attention, good or bad. I had no interest in a security cam until my neighbors captured video of some creeps. It can't hurt. I thought it was a dumb idea since I didn't get any notifications of movement from my partner or gardener. There was a notification that came in this morning. I was going to show a video of a tree blowing in the wind, a cat running through the yard, and a guy looking in through a window, but instead he came up onto our porch and looked in through a window. I was scared out of my mind. I didn't turn on the alarm feature for fear it would be easy to set off, but it's going on now! The alarm would have sounded if this guy was in my bedroom, I get chills thinking about it. Everyone commented on the clarity of the video I posted on our community site. Several people have asked for a link to the Amazon listing for the Ring flood light, which they say is better on my cam. I am getting another one for the other side of the house. The video I included is a good example of the night vision that I could only post one of, but after the spotlight came on there is footage of him leaving in full color and very well lit. It turns out that a neighbor called the police after seeing this guy, but they couldn't get any more information. The customer service could not have been nicer or faster, as the first one I received had a defect and I could not link it. There is a It would be great if it could send an alarm during specified hours. I get notifications from various apps, this app is too important.

11. Security Waterproof Wireless Surveillance Detection

Security Waterproof Wireless Surveillance Detection

The rating is for weatherproof. The waterproof design of the solar security camera can resist the rain and dust. It is the best choice for outdoor use. It has a double seal technology to prolong the service life. The metal material is waterproof. The Zinc-Aluminum Alloy material used in the camera is more durable and resistant to extreme heat and cold. You can restore the highest and most realistic images even if the environment is bad. Easy connection in just 3 steps. You can get better HD night vision quality and up to 65ft of night vision distance with the Ultra-sensitive1080P IR night vision function. The signal strength is twice as strong as the ordinary 3Dbi antenna, giving you a more stable connection. A special method is used to protect your privacy. The thief can't read your video if your memory card is stolen. MIBAO outdoor camera has a built-in microphone and speakers, so you can communicate with your family anywhere. You can use the mobile detection to protect your family and property. Set various functions, such as: motion detection, cloud storage, two-way audio, and waterproof and dustproof. Please contact them if you have a product problem.

Brand: Mibao

👤The camera is a decent one with a great picture capture. There has been some vandal activity in the area and we wanted to add a little extra security. The camera was easy to install and set up. Sound capture is clear and crisp. It does a decent job of capturing activity further out, but the picture is closer in for facial features. There are no problems viewing camera footage away from the house. If there is a change in quality, I will update the review. I was happy with this purchase.

👤It is frustrating when an electronic item starts working and then quits after the return period has expired. The camera started recording video to my micro SD card. I was able to view the video on my iPad. It was pretty straight-forward. After a month, it stopped recording. I don't need a live video feed. I need recorded events while I'm asleep or away. This unit is useless and I wish I had bought a different one.

👤The camera is good for the price. The voice microphone option is very strong and the camera quality is great.

👤The camera was easy to install. We bought another one for the back yard and can use my phone to watch them. We can see what's happening.

👤The audio and picture quality are excellent. Very happy! It was easy to set up.

👤The upgrade camera was four years old. After about a month of service, the camera stopped working and the power cord went bad. It was not worth what I paid for. I wouldn't choose again.

👤The camera is great. Love the price and quality.

👤I was surprised at how easy it was to install.

👤Si no quieres leerte toda, Perfectamente su funcin. A ser de las ms caras tiene varias caractersticas. A resumir los puntos fuertes de la cmara. Nocturna permite aprovechar la cmara de vigilancia. Interfaz de conexin. Nos permite conectarnos, pero por su interfaz wi-fi. He had 2 modos, a la perfeccin. Eso s, s vives en urbanizaciones en las. He had a dejar la cmara en la terraza. He visto sigue funcionando. A ser un poco confusa porque presenta muchas opciones, poner alguna pega dira la aplicacin mvil. Ahora, te tienes con ella va a la perfeccin. El comentario tiene una experiencia. Si es as. No dudes en marcarla.

👤Cmara de vigilancia. No, no, no La cmara graba las imgenes. Esto es importante porque, tienes la nube La Alerta de Movimiento activa. La sensibilidad normal in Alta. He tenido a poner a 2.4 Gz. He encontrado la funcin, pero se puede detecta movimiento. Indicarlo para conocer ha sido as. Disfrutarla porque es una gran cmara.

👤I bought two of these cameras and they are fantastic quality and the night vision is very bright. Being able to block out certain areas for motion is the only thing that would be good. The app opens quickly and works well.


What is the best product for best outdoor camera sets?

Best outdoor camera sets products from Wansview. In this article about best outdoor camera sets you can see why people choose the product. Blink Home Security and Ebitcam are also good brands to look for when you are finding best outdoor camera sets.

What are the best brands for best outdoor camera sets?

Wansview, Blink Home Security and Ebitcam are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best outdoor camera sets. Find the detail in this article. Zmodo, Laview and Wyze are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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