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1. Outdoor Wire Free Assistant Station Required

Outdoor Wire Free Assistant Station Required

The battery is powered and wire-free. Leave it there and mount it. You can get up to 6 months of battery life on a single charge. Installation is easy if you don't run wires or look for outlets. Friendly step-by-step guides in the Wyze app make it easy to install a wireless device. You can protect every corner of your home by connecting up to 4 cameras to a single base station. Get notified about movement with a PIR sensor. There should be custom detection zones. Person and package detection can be done with camplus. Even in the toughest conditions, the weather resistance is built to perform. Night Vision: Full HD You can see every detail with Crisp recording/live streaming video and yard-illuminating night vision. Night Vision: Full HD You can see every detail with Crisp recording/live streaming video and yard-illuminating night vision.

Brand: Wyze

👤I like the product. One of them will not charge. After the first initial charge, it won't charge. I have tried to contact customer support but have not received a response. Very disappointed. I am writing this review in hopes of getting someones attention.

👤I like the indoor camera they have, but don't be fooled, it's not a version of the outdoor camera. It isn't. The motion detection is sub-par. When there are headlights, I still detect things at the top of the zone, even though I set the camera to use the defined zone. If you try to use it, the notifications will drive you crazy. I bought 4 of them, but they are not close to the capabilities of Circle View I have. I didn't expect it to be and don't need home integration as these are far less money but the active zone/notification issue is a deal breaker I'm betting for most. The Wyze forums use a hard wired detection system so you can't modify the zone like you can with the indoor camera. The indoor camera uses some technology to determine what is in the frame and where it is. It isn't something they can fix in a software update. If you're willing to open your eyes, you can decide if the notification system is worth the money.

👤There are two dozen Wyze cameras in use. I have a Wyze scale. I am familiar with their products. In the past 2 years, I have not had an issue. The new outdoor cam leaves a lot to be desired. There is no slot for the card on the cam. You can connect up to 4 cameras to a base station according to literature. That would mean 4 cams recording. I would love to help with stretching or massaging you. If you have an idea of a storage subscription, like a yoga mat or a self massager. The plans are not expensive, but I don't like the way they set it up. The base station cannot be more than 60 feet away from the cam. They were put in the barn. The tiny screws that fit the tiny mounting holes in the plastic base are a joke. A bird will fall from the mount if it hits the cam. The cam is held to the mount by a magnet, so it may fall even if you modify the base with larger screws. An outdoor security cam is not secure. It's too easy to steal. Do you think that whole stole it? Think again. The Wyze cams are awesome, but there are a lot of issues to stick with. I put 4 of the indoor v2 cams on my patio and ran the power to the junction box from my Wyze outdoor housings. The system works perfectly with the wire to the hum cams and extra long cables. The cost was small and anyone can do it. I can see beyond the range of the cameras' ir range with the latest addition of an IR floodlight.

2. Wireless Security Rechargeable Surveillance Detection

Wireless Security Rechargeable Surveillance Detection

The ieGeek security camera can work unaffected by rain or the sun. Scan the app to connect your phone and camera. Let ieGeek protect you. The built-in 15000 mah rechargeable 18650 is a longer battery life and multiple users access control. The ieGeek security camera is powered by a battery. Multiple users can access different devices at the same time. Geek outdoor security cameras are equipped with the newest HiSilicon high-end chip and SONY 1/3CMOS. The best clarity and stability is provided by the colour sensor. 4 IR lights automatically sense the ambient light and switch to the night vision mode. The camera has a technology that enhances human-like recognition to reduce false alarms. You can receive real-time motion alert push to mobile phone within 0.2s-5s with built-in Photo-diode. Alert notifications can be sent to you and your users in real-time. The 4dbi dual antennas make the wifi connection more stable and wider. The real-time two-way voice function allows you to talk to someone in front of the camera through the APP. The camera does not need to be connected to the house power cord or network cable to be used, it can be fixed on the wall. There is a free 7-day cloud storage trial.

Brand: Iegeek

👤I put the camera in the corner because one of my old cameras lost the cover lid and water was entering the electronics and I never found the lid again. It's very unlikely that water would ever enter the camera and the lid is secured, so I can't lose it. Since I put it there it's doing a great job and delivering all the footage in the app whenever someone is in this are. During the day, the images and videos are sharp and accurate. The built-in IRLED lights help illuminate everything nicely during the night. It's not immediately starting to record like always with battery operated cameras, but the reaction time is sufficient for my needs and it's not immediately starting to record like always. I'm pretty confident that the batteries will last for a long time because the batterie show is nice to see after a week. The reception is about 75% of the maximum. This is a good value because it is outside of the home and far away from the internet. The connection is very stable after just a few seconds when I connect to a mixed 2.4 and 5g network. The white color helps to keep the temperature down. I love this camera.

👤I have changed the rating to 5 star because the camera is not made for cold weather and the battery life issue is because I am using the camera in temperatures that are not made for. I bought the 2 first generation cameras in October 2020 and will be comparing the results of my experience with them. I bought two of the cameras for home use. I was impressed with the first models I bought and expected the same or better performance. Setting up in the app and mounting was very easy. The first cameras were the same. The picture and video are the same. Audio seems to work well, both recording and sending through the feature. Sometimes the audio doesn't match the video, but it doesn't happen often. Motion detection works well, but it isn't consistent. A small cat can cause it. At different distances, an adult human can cause it. I have tried this with different sensitivities and settings. The motion detection works well for most of the time. Make sure your cameras focus on a location not too far away. The FedEx truck doesn't record even on max sensitivity and human detection is turned off. The delivery guy is walking up the steps. The batteries do not seem to work as well as the first cameras I bought. I bought and installed the first cameras. They were mounted at a rental property. They are still working despite the temp being -14F. One has 45% battery life and the other has 23%. The new cameras were installed in November of 2020. Today is Dec 29th 2020. They are not working because of their batteries. The newer cameras get less traffic than my rental property cameras, and the settings are the same in terms of recording length, sensitivity and battery usage. My best guess is that the batteries are draining faster because of using more power to send the wi-fi signal. The app is awkward to use and I wish it had more features like detection zones and being able to access from a computer. I am still satisfied with the cameras. I will hook up solar panels to see if it improves the battery life. IeGeek states that the cameras are not expected to perform well in very cold temperatures. I would purchase the cameras again, but with solar panels.

3. Spotlight Surveillance Detection 2 Way Talk Weatherproof

Spotlight Surveillance Detection 2 Way Talk Weatherproof

A3-pro has all the functions you want, including motion detection, high definition, night vision, Two-way audio, and sharing monitoring with family and friends. PIR Motion Detection & Artificial Intelligence Recognition: The wireless battery security cameras with advanced artificial intelligence technology can distinguish humans, pets, and vehicles based on the monitoring target you set in Vico Home App, and send you notifications that really matter. You don't have to constantly check the app when the PIR sensor sends you real-time alert when motion is detected. It's a wire-free camera that's battery-operated, so you don't need a power cord or network cable. Up to 3-6 months battery life on a single charge is possible with 5200mAh batteries. The camera can be installed almost anywhere, it's just 888-353-1299 A wireless outdoor security camera has a longer life because it is designed to resist harsh weather. You can see up to 65 feet away in the dark with the 1080P HD Live Video and Color Night Vision. Videos can be viewed on any mobile device. The security camera can deliver full-color videos after sundown. You can see more valuable information to identify people, vehicles, and objects. The security camera has a built-in microphone and speaker that supports real-time two-way audio calls. You can use the APP to warn thieves, block visitors to the door, or communicate with family and friends. The wireless security camera can be used to share a phone with others, and the invitee can download the Vico home app and use it. The outdoor security camera has been tested to endure extreme weather conditions. It is daring to use outdoors in rain, hail, storm, snow, and sun. There is a 7-day free trial of the cloud service.

Brand: Hawkray Cam

👤The cameras are great, but they detect bugs flying, leaves blowing, and anything else that moves. I received over 200 notifications and recordings today. I had to spend hours searching through them for anything that was tangible. They don't tell you that you need to purchase a basic plan of $3/month to use the PIR detection and cloud storage. I bought 128 gigabyte storage cards for the cameras to avoid using the plan, but I don't have time to check through 200 recordings a day to find a video of a human on my property. I am going to try the 7 day free trial and see if it works but I don't think I should pay for a monthly plan after I already paid for the cameras and memory cards.

👤The picture quality was great on this camera. Installation was easy and the setup was perfect. We returned the camera and went with a wired version. The battery needs to be charged once a week. We went with the lowest sensitivity setting and still had the same results even though the notifications were turned off. We live in a neighborhood with average traffic and the camera recorded over 300 incidents a day. Without the plan you have no control over the view. It's very difficult to adjust the camera to pick up the property and sidewalk. Another plug in camera with cloud storage and color night vision for less money was found. It's possible that this camera would work in a backyard or on a property with very little street and sidewalk traffic. I was expecting at least a month of use without having to take the camera down and charge it. Can't do it on a weekly basis.

👤The camera claims to run on 5 G. This is a lie. Amazon should be watching these people. I wasted my time looking for a camera with 5G capability. The first page states only 2.4G. Step up Amazon! Make them accountable.

👤Does anyone know how to make the spotlight work in auto detection? I have to turn it on myself. My cell phone battery is being used by the camera. The sensitivity is set to low. Support is not doing a good job. The app is called GARBAGE. I can't add the qr code to other devices. I had a hard time using their app. I tried the qr code and it worked, but the vivo app wouldn't let me uninstall the camera. I'm going to return this trash.

👤After hours of trying, I was able to get the cam set up. This was different, download the app and make an account. The instructions are in the app. You will need a password. Less than 10 minutes to set up. I don't need to subscribe to the cloud yet, but I'll see if selecting "live" only eliminates recording. I turned off notifications and the Motion Sensor. When I open the app, I touch on the video and it connects to a cam that shows the front yard. I close it when I'm done viewing. I'll use a cable with a charging port out to it, but we'll see how the battery life is. The price is right, buying 2 more. The porch cam is powered by the attached charging cord and theusb tousb cord I bought. New equipment was added to replicate WIFI over 8 acres and put a camera in the garden area away from the house. The battery stayed charged for about a week. It's easy to remove the cam and bring it inside. I'm pretty sure I can add a solar charge there. The next cam will be 400 feet away. It is important to note that the distance depends on the strength of the internet. We are not using the cloud or night vision because we are trying to locate family members. At this point, you could even record it.

4. Security Wireless Surveillance Waterproof Encrypted

Security Wireless Surveillance Waterproof Encrypted

The outdoor security camera has been tested to endure extreme weather conditions. It is daring to use outdoors in rain, hail, storm, snow, and sun. There is a 7-day free trial of the cloud service. The security cameras outdoor wireless can rotate its head 355 horizontally and 120 vertically. You can control the APP on your phone to see all-round monitoring to protect your property. The wireless camera has a 4X digital zoom, 4 IR LEDs, and a 130 viewing angle. The defect of the old 15000 battery has been updated with a newly upgraded battery. The new version of the Zumimall wireless outdoor security camera has a rechargeable battery. It is the best choice for sunless areas. The outdoor security camera can connect to your 2.4G internet quickly with a 4dbi antenna. The battery powered camera does not support 5 GHz. Home security camera using the latest upgraded artificial intelligence and PIR sensor with unique human, pet, and object movement detection functions. Set alarm plan and adjust sensitivity level to minimize false alarms. When the motion detection is triggered, a notification will be sent to your mobile APP and the video or image will be stored in the cloud storage so that users can more accurately capture the content they care about in real-time. Two-way audio and multi- user sharing are supported by a built-in microphone. You can interact online with children, guests, and others. If another user has the same "CloudEdge APP" as you, you can share the QR code with him and watch the wonderful content of the camera together. This outdoor camera for home security can be used to soothe your pet, but also to scare off invaders. IP66 is waterproof and wide applicability. The waterproof and dustproof housing on the wireless cameras for home security ensures they work through any weather. Excellent performance can be seen at the standard operating temperature of -13F to 140F. One app can add cameras. You can put this camera in your home. Such as indoors, outdoors, yard, garage, shop, and other places.

Brand: Zumimall

👤This is one of the better companies I've seen, as their constant upgrades, product support and customer service rivals, or even beats top tier companies like Ring, Nest, and others. It's better than the one I've owned before. I always worried about getting a snoop with legacy software, but Zumimall updates their app more than Apple does. Which is a positive thing. Can't recommend this camera and support this kind of company, help them with their feedback, and watch them implement certain features. I've bought over 10 units from them over the past 5 years and have given them to friends and family because they are affordable. Support companies like this. The engineering team cares about building better products that consumers want and they are the leaders in this market. Thanks to ZumiMall.

👤I will be looking to add more to my home security system after this second zumimall camera. I have a fixed outdoor camera with a solar panel that has no issues after wind, rain, or snow. The camera has the ability to pan and tilt. If you post on a stick with nothing blocking the back side, the camera can see forward and backwards. The images are clear at night and day. The HD runs 120KB/s and the SD runs 20KB/s. Most of the time, the SD is clear for me. After one week of the highest 30 second recording level with motion detection sensor on, my 128 gigabyte Samsung EVO card has only been used up by 1gigabyte. After one week of use, the 5 power bars have only been used by one bar. I don't have the camera on any of the power saving settings because it should last for months without a charge. My other fixed zumimall camera has a solar charge attached and it has been fully charged since last year. The pan and tilt option on this camera is great. I can use it away from home if my home internet is on. The setup was easy, just connect to the internet and use it to take a picture of your cell phone. The app is very easy to use with an optional cloud service, which I did not subscribe to, as the camera and app with SD Card is great on its own. The cloud service is not necessary to record videos and images. The motion detection function will alert my phone with notifications when images and videos are recorded. I will add additional cameras soon because of the app that allows me to view both cameras at the same time. The camera is worth a lot.

👤I wanted a wireless security camera with good signal strength since it is close to my wireless router. The new Zumimall Pan Tilt Security Camera was what I needed. It has a strong signal, is easy to install, and has a clear picture that is easy to adjust on my phone. I'm not expecting any issues because the unit is built to last and it's too soon to test the full battery life. Very pleased!

5. Blink Outdoor Wireless Security Camera 2cam

Blink Outdoor Wireless Security Camera 2cam

You can use the security camera to monitor your home day or night. Two AA batteries are included in the price of Outdoor, which can run for up to two years. The Blink Subscription Plan will allow you to store video clips and photos in the cloud and save them locally to the Blink Sync Module 2. The outdoor is built to help protect your home from the elements. You can set up yourself in minutes. No professional installation is required. You can get motion detection notifications on your phone with the option to change the motion zones in the app so you are only notified when you need to be. You can see, hear, and speak to visitors with live view and two-way audio features on your app.

Brand: Blink Home Security

👤Not interested in paying $120 a year. There are no fees for Xt2's. I bought them because of that.

👤We have some bad actors in the hood, so it was time to catch them. Our Arlos are acting stupid because theXT2 is a little old. I had to give it a try. It was time to upgrade. The possibility of two year battery life is mind-blowing. It's probably a lot less, but my Arlos would last a week with $10 CR123 batteries, so that had to go. It had to be better than the dinosaurs. It was easy to set up. There is no printed instruction manual today. The website popped me up with tons of information, even setup videos, after I scanned the QR code. The setup process starts with the new sync module and ends with the camera. I closed the camera unit and slapped the batteries in when I scanned the code. It's not good. It took less than 15 minutes to setup. There's several weeks of free cloud storage right now, and you have to sign up for a new account so the old one won't get confused. There was a boom. I will put it in a tree from my house. When I put it over my door, my old cameras would flag every car that passed by. I flipped the perspective because I wanted to see the jerk stealing my packages. The camera is at least 30 feet from the sync module and the HD is clean and clear. There is a big plus there. There is a powerful speaker in this unit. I was surprised that it could push for a small speaker. Maybe I'll be able to yell at the perps when this alert me to funny business. They will be gone by the time I see the notification. This feature could be useful in warning your kids not to do silly things when you're not home. The live view was disappointing since you have to keep clicking the app to continue. You can't use this as a baby monitor. It's a shame. The default recording time was 5 seconds. You can't catch much in a few seconds. I adjusted my settings for about 20 seconds. I will sacrifice battery life to catch a bad actor. There is a battery pack you can attach to this unit. I will let you know how the battery is doing in the future. I'm impressed with the new outdoor. I'll let you know how it goes when it rains here in Florida, as well as night shots when available.

👤The pros are 1. The picture is of a quality. It's easy to set up 3. If you're working in the yard, bringing in groceries, you can arm/disarm the camera to save battery life. 4. You can either store your videos in the Cloud for a nominal fee or you can use a sync module for local storage. You still have access to the video if someone is willing to steal the whole camera. 5. If you're getting too many notifications from trees, animals or something, you can reduce the sensitivity level after you install the camera. 6. If you want to change the angle of the camera, it is easy to do. There are pros and cons to this. The issue has been solved. I have not had any issues with receiving notifications or viewing videos for the last 4 days. If you have first day hiccups, hang in there. 2. Sharing access to your live videos is only possible by giving a person your password. The individual can change your email address, password, and videos. They can lock you out of your own security system. If you have teenagers, good luck with that. If you're not home, you don't want them to remove videos of friends who might visit the house when you are. It's a deal breaker. 3. This is not a problem. The camera is small, so if you're looking to deter criminals who are opportunist, they might not even notice it. The presence of a camera can deter people. The battery life was one of the selling points for me. If I encounter other issues, I will update later.

6. Wireless Rechargeable Detection Waterproof Compatible

Wireless Rechargeable Detection Waterproof Compatible

Even in the toughest conditions, the weather resistance is built to perform. The camera has two batteries that can be used for up to 3 months after being fully charged, without the need for continuous charging. The wireless battery-powered outdoor security camera is easy to set up and use. You can put this camera in your home. Such as indoors, outdoors, yard, garage, shop, and other places. They are serious when they say that their cameras are completely wireless. There is no need for wires to be used. Their security camera is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, so you don't have to worry about wires. Only compatible with a 2.4G internet connection. Their wireless security camera has a high definition camera to give you clear and clear recording. You can use the app to watch real-time video. It provides two-way audio calls and maintains a wide viewing angle. When motion is detected, alarms and images can be forwarded to your phone. The external camera security system is designed for weather. Two-way storage has night vision and advanced PIR motion detection. This home security camera system is what you need to protect your home. The security camera can see up to 10 meters in the dark. It's very suitable for daytime use. After detecting the movement, it will start recording to a micro SD card or paid cloud storage.

Brand: Zumimall

👤The camera is wonderful. I was very impressed with the packaging and high quality materials used to make this product when I opened the box. I could see the thought and consideration that was put into the design. The installation was easy. After I downloaded the app and turned on the camera, the app immediately recognized the camera and just a few steps later my camera was ready to work. I was very happy to see that I had a few options for mounting the camera, and I was able to mount the camera without having to drill any permanent holes in the walls. There is an option to hang it via a screw. The ball design of the mount allows you to adjust the camera angle or remove it at any time, even if you don't want to. When there is a motion detection, I get real-time notifications immediately after completing the setup and installation. If I have a stable connection on my phone, I can use the function to speak to someone at my door. The notification function allows me to go back and view the video as well as the screenshots. The quality of the picture and video is very good and the night vision function works very well. I attached a picture to the review of my dogs in a dark room. The waterproof design is nice to have, although it was not a necessity for me now. I have used the camera indoors to check on my dogs, but now use it for the front and rear entry of my house. The battery life is what surprised me the most. I was skeptical of the claims made in the listing but after nearly 6 weeks of daily usage, the battery indicator shows full bars. Well, color me impressed. It is great to be able to see who is at my door, no matter where I am. One thing I would like to add. I hope the seller can see that the instruction manual has a small fonts. I think it's a good idea to enlarge the fonts so that it's easy to read by older people.

👤I wanted to have a camera to keep an eye on my house while I was away, and I was planning on going out of country for a few days. My daughter was able to set up the set up in a few minutes using my phone. I put this in the front porch. It's easy to bring in a magnetic attachment. I didn't want hard installations in the wall. The set up was easy. The location of the device is close to the internet. It came pre charged, so I charged it to 100%. The picture is clear. Night vision is perfect. The camera was 100% charged when I looked at the view from different countries. I was very happy with the purchase. Motion activation is perfect, it sends a message to my phone. I haven't used the card yet.

7. Security Outdoor Wireless 15000mAh Detection

Security Outdoor Wireless 15000mAh Detection

Multiple users access control and waterproof cameras can be shared with friends or family with a simple barcode. Dust and splash water can be prevented with the waterproof design of the IP65. The solar camera security can work in the sun or rain. The operating temperature should be between -13F to 140F. A high-efficiency solar panel and 15000mAh rechargeable battery can bring you non-stop protection. The 4dbi dual antenna ensures that the solar security camera has a stable reception and can connect to 2.4 GHz internet from a longer distance. The installation process only takes a few minutes, no need to install any power cords or cables. Coverage and 4X zoom. The camera supports horizontal and vertical rotation. You can use the CloudEdge app to control the camera on your property. The solar-powered outdoor security camera has a wide-angle and 4X digital zoom that will give you panoramic shots of every corner of your property. 1080P HD & 65-foot Night Vision BOIFUN solar outdoor camera can provide high definition images and videos regardless of the weather condition. When the light becomes weak, the 4 IR lights switch to night vision mode, and objects can be seen clearly. The wireless security camera enhances human-like recognition to reduce false alarms using the upgraded Al algorithm and PIR sensor. The camera will alert you when it sees movement. You can speak to the person in front of the camera through the APP after receiving the alert. The solar security camera can be used to scare off thieves or intruders, as well as being a monitor for your home. You can share the cameras with your family with a code. After the solar security camera is activated, the recorded video will be stored in an SD card or cloud storage for free. It can hold up to 128 gigabytes of data. The waterproof design of the device can prevent splashes of water. The operating temperature should be -13F to 140F.

Brand: Boifun

👤I like to watch the night time activities that happen in my driveway, now that I know about the motion detection alert system. I enjoy those night time visitors, even if I don't want to meet them in person. Since installing the camera, I have been watching nocturnal animals. I didn't know there was a family of four living in the storm drain in front of my house until I watched this video. The driveway is not lit at night. This camera gives me a great view of my driveway, people walking along the street as well as anyone approaching the house, something I am trying to fix. I have been able to identify the parties who used my private driveway as their personal turnaround central and stopped the practice. The solar panel and the ability to adjust the tilt angle is an added bonus, I would recommend this camera, it's also an added bonus that you don't need to climb a ladder to charge the battery.

👤I am very happy with my camera after about a week of owning it. The camera was well packaged and easy to understand. There is a The installation and startup was very easy. The camera is completely wireless and you have to download the cloudedge app to operate it. The cloudedge app works great, but I would prefer the camera to be functional offline or without an app. I was surprised to see how good the video and audio quality was, because this is the first security camera I have owned. The solar panel seems to be charging the unit. The 2 way intercom worked well. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an affordable, high quality wireless security camera. It is a great way to save money.

👤Where should I start? There are pros and cons. It looks nice. The unit was easy to install. It's a bit more difficult to connect it to a wireless network. I have issues no matter what equipment. The video is crisp and bright. The sound from the unit and projected from the speaker is fun. The app that is used to control it is useless. Even though I put a 128 gigabyte memory card in it, it will only record events for one day at a time, and then it starts over. I haven't been able to find a way to change it. The app is not intuitive. It only records for 30 seconds after the motion sensor is triggered, so you would hope that it would record all the time. You can't see the charge on the battery. These are the big ones. If you want to use the cloud with this app/unit, you'll need to spend $160.00 annually for seven days. You can only record a 7 day history with this unit. My phone must be connected to the wireless network in order to record events. One would think that the memory card in the unit would be able to save events and download them to the phone when needed, but that is not the case. You would think that if you put a 128 gigabyte card in, it would just keep filling it until it's full and then you can just use it for the rest. You would think, but no. This item is only recommended as a deterrent and as a way to view an area in real-time. It's not good for anything else. I will update this review if I am using it wrong or learning how to do things I want it to do. Thanks for taking the time to read. I hope this helps you.

8. Wireless Rechargeable Surveillance Detection Waterproof

Wireless Rechargeable Surveillance Detection Waterproof

Easy installation of weather resistant. You can install the home security camera system outdoors if the weather is cold or rain. It's easy to set up and install this camera. Geek solar security camera with built-in 15000 mah rechargeable batteries guarantee the wireless camera eternal power. It's not a problem to take off the camera. The camera has a stronger and more stable internet connection than other cameras. You can install the camera anywhere you want. The FHD is1080P and the night vision is 130 wide angle. The ieGeek wireless outdoor camera has a 1/3CMOS color sensor, which provides crystal clear images and video regardless of the weather. The wide-angle allows you to see any corner you want. The built-in Photo-diode allows you to receive real-time motion alert push to mobile phone within 0.2s-1s. The lag of recording and alert was reduced by 50%. You can change the alarm plan. The ieGeek camera has a built-in microphone and speaker system, which provides two-way high-fidelity conversation all the time. You can use the APP to have a real-time video talk with someone in front of the camera. The ieGeek security camera can work unaffected by rain or the sun. Scan the app to connect your phone and camera. Let ieGeek protect you.

Brand: Iegeek

👤I bought this in March. I was not able to set it up until June 2 because of a crazy work schedule. I put the Micro SD card in the slot. The problem is that they didn't put the Micro SD card holder in the unit and the card fell into the camera body. On June 3rd, I sent the customer support an email, but they have not responded. I am out of luck, and the cost of the card is about $120. Unless you want to waste your money, don't buy this piece of junk. This is an update to the original review. I received a reply from the company but missed it as I was traveling. They let me know that they had responded earlier. Quality control was the problem. I removed the cover from the front of the camera and found that the camera assembly wasn't in the camera body. I removed the assemble and the card fell out of the camera. I carefully reassembled the assembly to make sure the slot and card holder were in place. I was able to insert the card correctly at this point. The setup was very simple and appears to be working correctly. I changed this to a 3 star review because I don't think I should have been responsible for fixing their error. I would buy another one if I needed a second camera. It appears that my security settings originally blocked the original response, which was very prompt. It only took me 15 minutes to fix the problem. I am very impressed with the quality of the picture and the ease of use of the camera. It performs as described and I like being able to monitor it from anywhere. I ordered a second on to cover a different part of our property because I was so pleased with it. Before you insert a card, make sure you check the slot for the actual card holder on the inside. The customer support has been great.

👤I bought the IeGeek after looking for a wireless camera. It was very easy to set up. It was easy to connect to home internet after you downloaded the CloudEdge app. There was no need for a separate base unit. It has great coverage because my internet provider is in the middle of my house and the camera is outside. The camera has been in my possession for a week. The battery has been kept at 100% by the solar panel. When motion is detected, I get an alert on my phone, and I get a motion activated recording with the 128GB card installed. A deer was caught in my yard. The camera gives great daytime pictures. You can use the app to share the camera with other family members. If you have a lot of activity going on and don't want to get notifications, motion detection can be turned off through the app. Great camera! This camera is recommended to family by me.

9. Security Rechargeable Surveillance Waterproof Detection

Security Rechargeable Surveillance Waterproof Detection

Cloud storage has the highest protection of the data for privacy. No one could get your information without your permission. The wireless camera comes with a long life battery that will provide up to 6 months of worry free use. The wireless security camera outdoors will give you peace of mind. Before using the battery for the first time, fully charge it. Clear night vision and high definition picture quality. The wireless outdoor security camera has a wide angle and high quality video. When necessary, it will automatically switch to night vision mode with a 32ft visible range. It will provide a clear wide video of any area you want to monitor. The system can be accessed with the included AdorCAM mobile app. In less than five minutes, the wireless cameras for home security can be set up and used. The wireless camera can be installed almost anywhere. The installation of the indoor camera is easy since there is no need for power cords or network cables. It's much safer to install a wire-free and smart motion detection security camera for your home than it is to install a traditional one. The PIR sensor can send notifications to your phone when motion is detected, which will help you screen visitors that may come to your door, as well as prevent thieves. Two-way audio and waterproof. The home security camera has a built-in microphone and speaker that supports two-way audio calls. You can use the mobile Adorcam App to warn off thieves, screen visitors at your door, or communicate directly with your family or friends. The security camera can work in almost any weather, even the -4F to 122F weather.

Brand: Zeeporte Security

👤Triggers at good distances and good quality picture are what I look for in security cameras. There is no monthly fee or privacy for records videos locally. A good phone app can control the cameras and view the videos. 6) The camera checks all of the boxes. I've tried Eufy 2C, Vava, and Blink X2C systems. They are more expensive than the Zeeporte. The system that I've tried so far is inferior to the one that the Zeeporte has. The camera has a decent battery life. I used it a lot over the past few days. I have recorded over 200 motions and it is at 89%. It will last 10 weeks on a charge since I've used it a lot. I used a small amount of the 120 gigabyte card that I bought for you. It will record for 1.5 years before it gets full, and then I'll just reset it. You can transfer clips to your phone storage online. I set the motion detection sensitivity to the highest value when I did my testing. The camera has a low number of false triggering. I get nothing. It records people and cars. It doesn't seem to miss any events. Try different angles because the angle of the camera affects the distance to the triggering. The mount is the only improvement I can see. I've tried several brands now, including Eufy, Vava, and Blink, but it's fine. All of the brands had good mounts, but the one that Zeeporte mounts is not bad. I had to make sure it was tight. The other manufacturers that I listed do not record on the camera itself, but require base stations. The Zeeporte does. If someone takes your camera, they will get your videos. Don't put your camera in reach. The instructions tell you not to mount the camera low. It would be easy to steal a magnetic mount in Zeeporte. You have to screw it off to use the mount. Oh. There is a great feature of the Zeeporte. You can view the events for the day in a mode that shows you a timeline and lets you quickly sweep to each event based on the time. This is nice to have. I recommend it 100%.

👤I am very impressed with my first security camera. I needed a battery operated camera and this one is perfect. It was easy to set up and I drilled it to a tree. The night vision is really good, the picture quality is pretty good, and the internet connection is excellent. The picture quality is better on sunny days. You can change the motion detection, watch live, download videos and remove video from the free app that you download. I think this camera is better than I expected, and it's pretty awesome for the price. To download an app, you need a microsd card. Everything else is a piece of cake. This camera is a good one.

👤Even when my yard light is not on, the camera gives great night vision. Motion detection is great. The garbage man waking me up not to miss my trash guy was one of the things it alert me on. Even when it is windy and something is blowing across the street. The picture quality is amazing and clear. My neighbors home is included in the call I make to see them. The voice quality is good. If you asked me if I would recommend this camera to anyone else, I would not hesitate to say yes. I would recommend this to everyone. That is one reason. I gave this camera a 5 star because of it. It will video when you tap on the screen to see what's happening. The installation is easy and you have to pay for how long the instruction says. Since I put it up, I have not charged it. If you live alone and travel, this is a great gift because you can put the away button on your camera. I will tell you that I am getting ready to purchase a second one for my home. I wish they were in a double pack. It gives me a sense of security when I sleep. I would give this camera a 10 out of 10. I recommend this to anyone who wants to buy a camera for their home.

10. IHOUONE Security Wireless Rechargeable Person Detection

IHOUONE Security Wireless Rechargeable Person Detection

Dzees Protect Plan & Truly Risk-free PurchaseDzees Home offer 1-month of Dzees Smart for 30-day cloud recording, advanced object detection, rich notifications, and more. Plans start at $2.99 per month. You can enjoy the cloud storage service without a subscription. This will become your favorite no-risk purchase because of Amazon's 30-day free return. After tens of millions of household surveys and hundreds of top designers scrutinize day and night for 6 months, a visually perfect home camera was born. The larger part to the whole part is equal to the smaller part. The golden ratio is explained. It is a work of art and a camera. Ultra long standby time. The meaning of a wireless battery camera has been redefined by them with the latest artificial intelligence. Fix the problems of fast battery and camera power consumption. False alarms should be reduced. The camera has advanced artificial intelligence, which can reduce false alarms. The camer works faster with this technology. The customer privacy area is constantly upgraded. They have adopted financial-level technology to prevent hacker intrusions. A3-pro has all the functions you want, including motion detection, high definition, night vision, Two-way audio, and sharing monitoring with family and friends.

Brand: Ihouone

👤We have two of these cameras, one older and one newer. I have no complaints. The set up is very easy, you just screw the base onto whatever you're attaching it to and then screw the camera onto the base. There was no wires or anything. The battery life is not bad. We had it up for about 2 months and have only had to charge it once. If you put in an sd card, you can view 10 second video clips of whatever you want, as long as the camera is off. You get photos if you don't put an sd card in. It's not a bad deal. If we decide to add more cameras to our home, I will definitely order this brand. I can't tell you how well they hold up in the weather, but we have had our original camera for a year now and it works just as well as it did when we first got it.

👤I have 5 Zumiwall cameras that are operated through the internet. They've been working for almost two years. I bought the camera to cover my blind spot and to save a few dollars. Don't waste money or time. The camera has a great picture, night or day. It won't let you know of motion or record. All you get is worthless online support, so there's no one to call. I did everything they said I should do. Nothing! You can save money by buying the Zumiwall with app recommendations. I think it would be fine if it had a different app. It won't work with what I already have. Worthless!

👤After trying several other cameras and returning them, this one, at a fraction of the cost, has been the best one, and I was skeptical after some of the reviews. It's the keeper. The connection is not great, it needs to be close to the router. That is the only problem with this camera. My other cameras have better internet connection. The motion sensor is the best. None of the brands or types of cameras I have can detect at distances like this one. The little camera puts my Arlo cameras to shame because of the speed at which it begins to record and send alerts. I'm very impressed with the camera, but not the internet. The battery is showing 100% after 3 days of use in a busy location. There is a I am considering replacing some of my others that are closer to the internet because I'm very impressed. Will continue to use the three of them at further distances. The camera is awesome if you can keep it close to your router.

👤This does more than I expected and it's nice to not have monthly fees. The motion sensor has to be close to the house to connect to the internet. It's easy to charge the battery since it lasts a long time. The picture is clear but can't see what's in the yard. I was warned that my meth-head neighbor was going to start a gasoline fire in my yard and it would be pretty easy to start a fire. There is an option for connection to a solar panel. I don't see how that could work because you have to remove the rubber piece that protects the charge port, power button, and sim card from the weather to charge it. I've gotten more than one set up, it's easy to justify the cost.

11. Wireless Security Dzees Detection Waterproof

Wireless Security Dzees Detection Waterproof

The camera does not need to be connected to the house power cord or network cable to be used, it can be fixed on the wall. There is a free 7-day cloud storage trial. This outdoor security cameras wireless analyzes and distinguishes humans, pets, and vehicles based on the monitoring target you set. Faster decision-making and fewer external errors can be achieved through the use of artificial intelligence. The result is more accurate detection. Response in real time. As soon as motion is detected, the security camera will send a message to your phone, no matter where you are. You can either sound the sirens or talk to someone through the 2-way audio. Share the outdoor camera with your family to protect your home. You can see up to 33 feet away in the dark when you watch your home in true color. Videos can be viewed on any mobile device. You can view up to 6 security cameras outdoors at the same time, without having to switch back and forth. You can protect your entire home by using the Dzees Home App. Set up the outdoor security camera by yourself, no wires or cords are required. The DZEES CG6 battery camera has 90 days of security on a single charge. Dzees cam is tested to use for 3 years. Your property is protected when it rains or shines. Dzees Protect Plan & Truly Risk-free PurchaseDzees Home offer 1-month of Dzees Smart for 30-day cloud recording, advanced object detection, rich notifications, and more. Plans start at $2.99 per month. You can enjoy the cloud storage service without a subscription. This will become your favorite no-risk purchase because of Amazon's 30-day free return.

Brand: Dzees

👤I own a lot of different brands and models of wireless cameras. I took more than two weeks to test this camera, and it is my first camera. The first camera I received had some issues, and wouldn't download to my phone. The camera was determined to be faulty the next day. I replaced it through Amazon. The camera mount is made of plastic and easy to adjust. It has a micro cord but no power brick. There are holes on the bottom and middle of the back that can be used for mounting. The rubber cap is easy to open. This covers the micro-USB charging connection, a reset button, a power button, and a micro SD slot for cards up to 128Gb. There is a well written and easy to follow manual for the Dzees app. I gave the app permission to store videos and connect to my network after I plugged in my email address. I was up and moving quickly. The app is easy to use. Really fast. When I click on a notification, I watch the video in under two seconds. Some of my brands take a long time to play. You can set the camera for either HD orSD images, or choose to use the auto mode. To find that setting, go to Live view and then fullscreen. You can turn off the blue light in settings. You can keep the camera from triggering notifications when motion occurs, or set Activity Zones to wake up when motion occurs. Without a plan, you can't adjust sensitivity. notifications that specify people or pets can be made with a plan. A 20 second video takes about 2MB, which means you could store about 1,000 videos per Gb. All recorded video can be accessed from the App even without a plan. I don't know if the camera will stop when the files are full or if it will just keep on taking pictures. The night vision function works well, and you can adjust the light level to make it work. It's easy to find the strength of the battery and the internet. The camera can be removed from it's mount and the app can be updated without it. Sometimes the mic records really loud. A mouse fart can sound like a trumpet. Birds flying nearby sounded like a dragon landing. Crazy loud is annoying, but sensitive can be good. This could be improved by dzees. You get 7 days of free cloud storage with no plan, but no intelligent notification or activity zone. The video is analyzed by the Dzees server and they will mark your phone's notification as a person, pet, or vehicle. The Activity Zone has the ability to modify it. If you only want to be notified if someone is at your door, you need this service. The camera still records everything, but only if there is movement in the area you outlined. You get 7 days of free storage up to 1Gb with Cloud Recording. Basic gives you 15 days of storage. 30 days of storage up to 5Gb is included. 60 days up to 10Gb is pro. If you want it, the device comes with 30 days of motion awareness. I didn't sign up for anything so hopefully nothing changes at the end of 30 days. This is my favorite camera. I have others with better recordings. For the price, ease of setup, local storage, fast access, and stand-alone design, this is the one to beat. The pros Local storage using a micro card. There is a 7 day free cloud storage plan. Plans allow for up to 20 cameras. There is a correlation. The cameras connect to the internet on their own. There is a correlation. Excellent picture for both days and nights. There is a correlation. A fast connection to video. There is a correlation. Two-way audio and sirens. You can scare visitors. There are pros and cons. The battery can't be swapped out. Magnetic mounts can be removed and replaced for battery charging. Hope this helps.


What is the best product for best outdoor camera battery?

Best outdoor camera battery products from Wyze. In this article about best outdoor camera battery you can see why people choose the product. Iegeek and Hawkray Cam are also good brands to look for when you are finding best outdoor camera battery.

What are the best brands for best outdoor camera battery?

Wyze, Iegeek and Hawkray Cam are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best outdoor camera battery. Find the detail in this article. Zumimall, Blink Home Security and Zumimall are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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