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1. IHome IHRK 500LTMS PR Rechargeable Wireless Weatherproof

IHome IHRK 500LTMS PR Rechargeable Wireless Weatherproof

Small size and large capacity batteries are used for long battery life. There is a built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery. You can enjoy music from day to night. You can meet your needs throughout the day. You can bring a 24 hour music journey with medium volume when fully charged. Completely wireless: The rock speaker set is wireless. You can stream your music from any device that has a built in microphone. You can transform your garden area with ease. Leave the power of the sun and reuse battery. The speakers can be charged by leaving them outside. The power of solar can change these rock speakers into a fixture. You can charge them with the included Microusb cable for 10 hours of playtime at full volume. There is a weather proof. The all weather garden pool rock speaker is IPX5 weather and splash proof with a UV protective case so you can put them all around you to bring sound to any indoor or outdoor décor. Need more time to play? Multi-Link technology allows you to connect up to 50 rock speakers together to create the ultimate multi room speaker system experience and cover your space with sound, all from the same source. There is no need for daisy chaining them. The big sound package. The iHRK-500LTMS-PR has a huge sound from a small footprint. You will not believe your ears when you hear that you will get the most of the 5” drivers in an outdoor setting. You can find the perfect place for this speaker in your garden or yard.

Brand: Ihome

2. Innovative Technology Outdoor Rock Speaker

Innovative Technology Outdoor Rock Speaker

The portable lantern outdoor speakers are unique gifts for men who have everything. Adding fun illumination,crisp music, and a romantic atmosphere to birthdays, holidays,parties, outdoor activities, Mother's Day, Halloween and Christmas is a great way to add fun. Innovative Technology's 5-Watt True Wireless waterproof outdoor rock speakers are packed with powerful sound and deliver crisp clear audio. They are great for outdoor parties, BBQ or hanging by the pool. These speakers have a rugged exterior that blends well in a garden, patio or backyard. They are hidden and deliver a rich sound. The rock speakers are designed for year-round use. They require minimal maintenance and will work just fine if left out in the rain, snow or sun. Long-RANGE BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY. The built-in is able to pair quickly with a variety of devices. Enjoy unlimited wireless streaming from your favorite streaming apps, internet radio or music stored on any device. The speakers come with a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to 30 hours and 10 hours on maximum volume. There is a MicroUSB port, a charging cable and an accessory. The power source is battery powered. The included components are:

Brand: It.innovative Technology

👤They work well so far. The sound is good. It's easy to start up if you've done it a couple of times.

👤This is the second set of speakers that I bought. I exchanged the first set for a new one after it stopped working. After only one or two uses, the carton stopped working and I tried to charge it. One speaker will not turn on or off when re-paired with our devices. Does anyone else have that problem? I need to return it. I don't have a box anymore, so I'll have to find a carton to ship.

👤The speakers were larger than I anticipated. Sounder was better than I expected. I bought these to play music outside for Halloween and the initial sound quality was not high. I was happy with the sound. They are battery powered and outside rated. They look like a fake rock, but not bad. Very happy with the value.

👤I was thinking about buying them. I am so excited to use them. I will write a review about the water resistant feature once I have some work done outside. I was able to walk away with my iPad because I was very pleased with the sound quality. They look great. It was heavier and stronger than expected. My boss loves them. They were offered as an item at work. I wanted the solar ones but they were too expensive and I focused on the regular ones.

👤Immediately after use, returned item. The rocks were charged for 6 hours. Then I connected them together. One of the rocks turned off after 20 minutes of playing my music. I plugged them in to power and played music. Nope kept shutting off. Returned right away. I really like them even though it isn't working. The sound was good.

👤The speakers are useless after only 7 months of use. They play a busy signal for 20 times before they power off and then stay on for 30 seconds. I had a set of the same speakers that worked for 2 years. The newer model is broken just past their warranty.

👤The speaker died in the fall. I knew I had a warranty. I bought these in June and was told that the manufacture had to replace them under their one year warranty. Good luck finding this company to work out an exchange. I would not have bought them if I hadn't already received them.

👤Excellent quality for the price. Between needing charged the battery seems to last forever. If you have different devices remember them, they are cantankerous. I wanted to pair my phone with my Amazon echo, but I couldn't because the speakers on the phone weren't on. If you only pair them with one dedicated device or remove them from your current device before moving to another device, they will work wonderfully. The sound quality is top notch, great stereo separation, which can be heard in the audio clips above. They've held up well in hot, high desert heat and monsoon rains, but we'll see what winter brings. The sound will break up and receive distortion if the sound is more than 30 feet from the source device. I wasn't expecting great sound quality at this price. I ran them through my selection of favorite songs that I use to judge any new speakers or headphones I buy.

3. Bluetooth Speakers Waterproof Wireless Pairing

Bluetooth Speakers Waterproof Wireless Pairing

The speakers are protected from the elements with an all weather coating and placed inside an enclosure to preserve sound integrity. TWS function lets you pair two speakers for a powerful 20W true stereo surround sound. The Pohopa EF-B210G speakers deliver rich, room-filling stereo sound, as if your favorite singer was performing in your home. After you turn on both, simple and easy to use, theHOST speaker and SUB speaker will link with each other. Stereo dual-way distance between HOST speaker and SUB speaker: up to 66ft. signal interference is normal and may shorten the outdoor use distance. It's perfect for pool area, backyard, patio, lawn, garden, camping, etc. 20 piece built-in brightLED lights around light up for night time use. 10W(each unit) is a revolutionary full-bodied stereo that gives nice crisp highs from a big subwoofer, advanced digital sound, noise/wind reduction technology, and unique loudspeaker cavity structure to deliver premium acoustic sound. Stereo pairs allow you to enjoy room-filling sound better than you might think. The Large Calibity battery is large. The unit has a built-in high capacity rechargeable battery that can support up to 12 hours of continuous music playing, or 6 hours at full volume, or 20 hours of continuous music playing. It's ideal as a companion or gift. The worry-free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service make your purchase absolutely risk-free.

Brand: Pohopa

👤You can separate the speakers if you want, I like to hear 2 distinct stereo channels. I like the sound and appearance. I attached the plant hangers to my fence to hang the speakers. The company replaced the speakers that I had problems with quickly. They told me I have a warranty. I would recommend them and buy them again if I had to.

👤I was hesitant to fire the gun on these at over $150 a pair. Needed something that was weather proof, had a long battery life, and sounded decent. Yes, the weather is proof. I sit under the patio. They worked well after 2 nights in Oregon marine air. The batteries ran well. We listened for 6 hours straight before low batteries indicated. The volume was at 50%. For a full charge, it takes 3-4 hours. There is a As for sound. If you are like me, you will be disappointed. At first, I used it. There was a distinct crackling and distorted bass at 75% volume. There is an acoustic violin station. The bass is not as deep as my Flip 5. The sound is clean and crisp at 50%. I changed the audio quality on the radio station. It made a difference. If you upgrade to the monthly fee, you can play music at 196kbps. Which should make a difference. The two speaker set has a good sound. I think it met my expectations. When listening to music from my ITunes library, I could change the richness of the treble, mids, and bass by using an EQ app. At higher volumes, it became distorted and difficult to listen to. The speakers were perfect! One button. The connection to my phone was perfect. They are 15 feet apart. I was still connected to my phone even though I was 30 feet away. The patio has lights on it. The model I have has white lights, not colored ones. They are not yellow like our string lights. It's still great to look at. The new design of the speakers looks very nice. It seems cheap when you handle it. Plastic parts would hold up better than wood over time. There is a There are two annoying things. The voice is loud when the speakers arepaired to each other. Her voice is from China. 2nd comes with two charging cables. They are not a wall plug-in. We had a plug in with twousb ports so we didn't have to get two single plug ins. It is a minor annoyance. I wish they used better quality speakers. They thought they would put more into the audio aspect of the boxes. The look is amazing with the lights.

👤I was looking for a sound system for my patio. I didn't want to buy a hard wired system for my house because I was hosting an event. I was looking for a set of speakers. The speakers that kept popping up were the rock speakers, which were unable to pair with another speaker to make a set. These speakers are an amazing find. I only had them for a month, but they have served their purpose. There are a few things I liked about the speakers. I was able to test them out immediately after I got them. Paring them according to the instructions was easy. The sound quality is comparable to my speakers. The sound of the songs was not bad for the speakers. I think the connection issues were more on the device I was using to play music. The speakers are different and unique, and I got some nice comments on them. If you're using them outdoors, I would recommend placing them in a shaded area. The sun and heat in Florida can be brutal. The speakers were very hot after a few minutes.

4. Alpine Corporations Revolutionary Bluetooth Charging

Alpine Corporations Revolutionary Bluetooth Charging

The speaker is outdoors. You can play your favorite tunes with this device. The 50-foot sound range fills your space with music. SOLAR POWERED: No wires are required for charging. Place the speaker in the sun. High-fidelity sound lets you enjoy your favorite songs. The battery can be used for up to 12 hours on a full charge. There is a sturdy construction. It is lightweight and weather-resistant, so it can be brought inside for harsher conditions. The ideal size of a rock speaker is 12L x 9W x 11H for a discreet look that fits in any outdoor space. Multiple speakers can't be grouped together.

Brand: Alpine Corporation

👤I like the design and features, but I am really disappointed. It would have been perfect for our pool. I couldn't get it to stay connected even if the source was close to the speaker. The speaker dropped the connection. I connected it to a long range transmitter. I connected the S7 and S9 to my phone. The speaker had three phones next to him. I could not get a stable connection even though I re-synced. I returned it.

👤The speaker is by the pool. We liked the idea of it being powered by the sun. We didn't have to worry about the cord or the charge. We didn't have high expectations for the quality. The solar charging works well too. We tried to bring it in if it was going to rain, but we have gotten lazy and left it out through several major storms, so it keeps going like a champ. Definitely a good purchase.

👤We bought this to use at our pool and hot tub. We have a surround sound system in our home, but it's not loud enough for music to be heard over the sound of the hot tub, so we have to use rear channel speakers. The speaker is a compromise. Pair your phone with music. The sound quality is pretty decent. As you turn the volume up, it seems to compress the audio signal and roll off more and more bass, I'm guessing to favor volume and clarity over audio fidelity. The mids and highs are articulated and clear at normal listening levels, so don't expect deep booming bass or you'll be disappointed. The volume level is good, we had it up loud last night and didn't notice any distortion at a level that was uncomfortably loud. We used it for a few hours after the sun went down, but we haven't used it long enough to run the batteries out, so we decided to wrap it up for the night. It would be great if you could pair more than one of these to the same phone, but this does the job for the purpose of getting music out by the pool.

👤I noticed that the solar panel had smudges and finger marks when I got it. I tried to clean the solar panel but found 888-353-1299 The sealant was messy. There were cracks where water could potentially enter. I was hoping that this would work and that I could apply a better bead to the panel if needed. Attempted to get 2 phones, an iPad, and a TV with audio. The result was terrible and even when it was within inches of the speaker. Audio stutters and crackles when volume is above middle on the device. The middle volume selection is very quiet. The speaker makes crackling and hissing sounds at full volume. I'm returning to get a better quality alternative. The size and color of the pool area is perfect. The price is a bit low. I was worried that this may be poor quality. I would pay 3 times the price for a unit that was solid, works and has the same size and color as the one I'm buying. Cheap doesn't last and I don't think it will last in my case. It took 4 hours to charge and 1 hour to fix it.

5. Innovative Technology Bluetooth Speakers Rechargeable

Innovative Technology Bluetooth Speakers Rechargeable

The instructions for what's in the boxes are from the Goldwood R8G passive rock speakers. It takes about 15 hours in the sun for a full charge of the speakers, but you can use a power cord. On a sunny day, play and charge at the same time, and enjoy music for hours. The speakers blend in with the garden, patio or backyard with their rugged exterior. They are hidden and deliver a rich sound. The rock speakers are designed for year-round use. They require minimal maintenance and will work just fine if left out in the rain, snow or sun. Long-RANGE BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY. The built-in is able to pair quickly with a variety of devices. Enjoy unlimited wireless streaming from your favorite streaming apps, internet radio or music stored on any device. The speakers have a built-in battery that can last up to 50 hours. Includes charging cables.

Brand: It.innovative Technology

👤I have had the speakers for a little over a month and they have been great, the sound is great, the solar panels work, so they don't ever need to be charged, I will update this at the end of the summer. What a great product. I would highly recommend these speakers if you are looking for outside speakers. Very pleased!

👤We use it on our patio. Since it's been outside for almost a month, it hasn't had to be refreshed. I have a few suggestions for improvement. Provide a way to turn on the speakers. It's possible to have a low power connection. If something happens, you don't have to press the side buttons on the speakers. 2. The audio from the Dot to the Speaker can be delayed. Ask the speaker when the audio will be played and there will be a few milliseconds where the audio is missed. I use it with the radio station and have been very pleased with it. It could be perfect if there were a few changes.

👤The speakers are loud. The charge lasts a long time. We have used them many times and not needed a refill. A little more bass sound is needed.

👤No one can figure out why the series of beeps keep coming. I will throw them in the trash. No matter if it is charged or not, it turns on and off by itself. Not recommended after this experience. I have had this product for over 3 months.

👤Was very excited for this product. Within a year, I was disappointed. You can't put them too far away. Not enough for a surround sound. I bought these less than a year ago. They didn't pay from their devices all the time. I can't turn the speaker off. I've tried to reset it multiple times, but the speaker won't. I've let the batteries die and they don't fix the problems. The 'product support' window is closed. What? I have a product and I can't ask how to fix it. That is crazy. I'm sad. I was very excited for these. The company worked on the issue the first summer I had them. But not now. Very disappointed.

👤After a friend recommended them, I wanted to like them, but they don't perform. You can't put your phone in your pocket or walk 10 steps without it crackling. You can leave them outside and charge them by the sun. These are not worth the money. Leave the boom box outside and charge it as needed. You are better off.

👤I purchased a pair of the Innovative Technology Premium 5-Watt outdoor rock speakers with A/C and built in batteries and solar panels in the charcoal color and have been using them for over a month. It was easy to pair them with my phone. Since I received them, they have been outside and I have used them frequently without any problems. I have placed them about 20 feet apart in front of my pool and patio area in a place that gets a lot of sun.

6. Roaming Light Bluetooth Speaker Single Speakers

Roaming Light Bluetooth Speaker Single Speakers

The box contains 2 Theater Solutions by Goldwood powered rock speakers, a microusb tousb battery charge cables, and an instruction manual. The Speaker is compatible with the wireless protocol. Pairable solar speakers are random and can be used in a pair. The speaker is powered by solar. Wireless charged by the sun. Quick charging for cloudy and snowing days is an option. The Rock Speaker has a battery.

Brand: Roaming Light

👤The sound quality is decent. We have a Bose Soundlink Color that is a little louder than this, but I was satisfied with the sound of these. The manual says 30' between the speakers, but the connecrivity says 50'. I'm hoping the connection will get stronger once they're charged more. We put them on either side of my deck. They were cutting in and out with a music source between them. I'll keep you updated if things change.

👤You can't pair two speakers because you can only switch between one speaker. I have a phone.

👤It's easy to connect to the internet and it's good sound quality, I like that it's solar and doesn't need to be boarded when the weather is bad.

👤I was very happy with the speaker. The blue tooth distance was great. The sound is not very loud but the speaker started vibrating and the sound was not clear after a week. I had to return it.

👤Will pair to the phone quickly but not together. They didn't know what to do after I called support. I feel like I wasted my money.

👤The speakers will not pair up. I received two different sets of speakers and spent several hours trying to pair them together, but was unable to get either set to pair. I am very disappointed with these. It was never possible to judge sound quality.

👤The speaker is not charged by the solar panel. The speaker won't turn on when I have it in direct sunlight. If you use the plug in power source, you can use this. The purpose of the solar panel is completely lost. Wouldn't have bought this if he knew that.

👤The sound was better than I anticipated. The speaker played music all night. I plugged it into the house for the winter.

7. Margaritaville Paradise Bluetooth Light Up Speaker

Margaritaville Paradise Bluetooth Light Up Speaker

We combine a flickering flame with a tiki torch design and powerful stereo sound to bring you decorative indoor and outdoor speakers that will elevate the look of your space while providing clear, crisp sound to set just the right mood. Anyone that wants to add more visual flair to their party can use their tiki torches. It comes with a pole so you can place it outside and it has a clear, crisp sound. The built-in battery and lightweight design of the speaker makes it portable and travel ready, making it ideal for outdoor parties, camping, beach trips, backyard BBQs, and more. Their speakers can provide up to 11 hours of lighting, 22 hours of music, or 7 hours of both. It is suitable for use with most devices and can be used with another torch speaker to amplify the sound. Their outdoor lantern speaker is a unique gift idea. It's the perfect gift for men and women on a variety of occasions.

Brand: Sakar

👤Buyers beware. I ordered another one after using it for five minutes because I was so impressed with the product. We only played it for half an hour the first time. After the first rain, the torch shorted out. We had to put it in the garage because we couldn't turn it off. The return policy is only 30 days, but I was able to try it out in April because I purchased it in December for my husband for a Christmas gift. We got two torches when we re-ordered it for six more dollars. We decided to put quart storage bags over the top of them because they were not in use. The sound and look of the flame are amazing. The reason we remain Prime members is because of Amazon Service.

👤These were a hit. They couldn't wait to get them up in their backyard after they were bought as a thank you gift. They were the talk of the party at our party. Everyone wants to buy them. The package of two is perfect and they play music at the same time, like surround sound. They look like a torch. We didn't attach them to the stands the next night and they looked great sitting on the table. Would definitely recommend this.

👤The sound quality is good. Don't expect a boombox. Hooks up to phones. I had an issue with my phone, but my husband's was much easier to deal with. The lighting is nice.

👤We were very excited about this product, but we are disappointed. We are returning them. The items arrived much sooner than we were told. The ground sticks are very flimsy. The speakers are charging using a cord. The lights looked nice. Only one speaker will pair with the phone at a time. We tried many times. It was very frustrating. There isn't a customer service number to call. I wanted them to work. We are very disappointed. Don't waste your money. It says that they will not issue a refund until 14 days after they get the item back.

👤Absolutely amazing product. The sound is great. It's easy to pair with both speakers. The speakers are good for low volume in the garden or by a hottub. The volume was still high. It sounded great. Not sure on battery life. I will keep you updated. It was well worth the purchase. The light looks really cool farther away.

👤One of our friends got these torches and we really liked them, so we got our own set.

👤These speakers are great. I have a compatible phone. It was very easy to set them up. I got a pair of headphones. I use them in the house and on my patio. They can be moved to different rooms and still get music. It's a good option to put them on the poles. The sound quality is very good. This product is recommended by me.

👤These torches are amazing. They combine my favorite things, music and flame lights. I had to order it after I found them. I love outdoor lighting and am a die hard camper. I have a few solar lights on my campsite. I needed to add these to my collection. These are not made to stay outside. They can't handle the elements such as rain. I didn't know I could connect to more than one device at the same time. It took me a while to figure it out. I was able to connect to both speakers. I put them behind us when we sit by the fire. I love music and how a song can change my whole mood so to be able to have the flame light ambiance and the music is makes for a great night under the stars. The speakers can be set down on any flat surface or you can screw the poles into the bottom and stand them up like traditional torches. I'm considering getting another set to place near the gazebo, I'm very happy with these.

8. Portable Bluetooth Speaker High Power Subwoofer

Portable Bluetooth Speaker High Power Subwoofer

The Rock Speaker has a battery. The portable speakers have strong bass, high volume, and all-round sound. The middle and low frequencies are clean and powerful, and the high and low frequencies are transparent and bright. There are other functions. The small and portable speaker can be carried with you, and you can enjoy listening to it wherever you go. Silicone lanyard and nylon wear-resistant fabric technology are strong and durable, suitable for leisure, entertainment, office, indoor, outdoor, hiking, beach, etc. The transmission speed is faster, the anti- interference ability is stronger, and the signal is more stable than before. The speaker is compatible with a variety of devices. You can meet the charging needs when you are out with the solar energy function. The power lamp is increased. It can be used as a light. Small size and large capacity batteries are used for long battery life. There is a built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery. You can enjoy music from day to night. You can meet your needs throughout the day. You can bring a 24 hour music journey with medium volume when fully charged.

Brand: N\a

👤Since I am looking for a solar powered speaker, I wanted to like this item. The sound is so low that I feel like a high quality person. It still sounds like childproof headphones, even on the highest setting. I only paid $20, not the full price.

9. OSD Audio Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

OSD Audio Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

APPEARANCE: The BTR150 is a fun and unique speaker that is designed to integrate into your garden, patio, deck, lawn or other favorite outdoor environment due to its realistic rock appearance. The outdoors. The BTR150 is an outdoor speaker that is perfect for filling large backyard patios or not just with a seamless design to blend in with your home landscape, while offering surround sound. The sound quality is good. The speaker has a cone and soft dome tweeter to give better bass and clear high ends. The best stereo dispersion can be achieved by having the speakers 8 to 12 feet apart. Waterproof: The power supply is waterproof for better outdoors. It is made to survive harsh weather conditions without compromising power. CABLE: The speaker is connected to the master speaker using a 10 foot speaker cable. The speaker has a built in wireless receiver.

Brand: Osd Audio

👤Don't buy. They do not last long. The speakers look nice and have a decent amount of weight to them, leading to the perception that they are not of good quality. One of the speakers started crackling one day after the return window opened. The issue was not resolved after I worked with Amazon. Since the return window was closed, I need to work with the manufacturer's warranty. Amazon gave me their number. I've called multiple times and gotten no response. The speaker set up is easy to follow. They have long cords that allow good placement. The power cord is hard to conceal. This system is small and cheap, which means it doesn't have much power and sound will suffer. The system does not go very loud for very low volume. The sound quality is subpar, but okay for casual listening. The speakers are easy to hang with the included brackets. The connection is not strong. To connect to another device, you have to unhook the electrical cord and replug, because there is no button. It takes too long for the connection to be made, leaving you wondering if it will work. Without cut-outs, the distance for the device is not very far. About 20 feet. The sound quality is not good. The stereo separation issue is not solved by small portable speakers. The sound is poor and easily distorted. We tried several genres of music and found that the speakers did not have a sound pattern that was good for them. The company is silent when it comes to customer support or warranty, as the speakers sit in my garage not working. If you are buying a subpar product, be sure to ask for company support. Just threw them out. It would have been better to burn a few hundred dollars. A lot of waste. I would give a star if I could. Very disappointing.

👤The bass portion of the speakers was destroyed by the heavy fog. They tell you to protect them from the elements. They need to be advertised only for use on the patio.

👤The speakers were ordered to place the pool side. They arrived yesterday. I will update my review later. They were easy to connect with. First impressions... Love their appearance. They sound great. I was surprised. A phone and an iPod are connected. I can't move the device away from the master speaker as theBT starts cutting out and the speakers start popping, but I can move it closer to the speaker. The popping only happens when theBT is cutting in and out. All is well if the device providing the tunes stays close to the speakers. The insert that came with the speakers says to keep them out of the direct elements. My speakers are in the middle of the sun, rain and wind. I plan on covering them when it rains, but I wish I didn't have to. I don't want to take that chance with what is written on the insert. I live in a hot and humid area in the summer so I am curious to see how these hold up. The speaker wires connect to each other and that is one of the concerns I have. The blue "waterproof caps" won't work. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we will be able to find something different. If these last a few years, I will be happy but if I only get one season out of them, I will be disappointed. An update in the fall.

10. ION Audio Tahiti Pair Waterproof

ION Audio Tahiti Pair Waterproof

With IPX 5 Water Resistancy, Tahiti is safe to leave in the rain or by the pool, perfect for pool parties, BBQ's, and gatherings. The solar panel will keep it topped up and ready to go, so you don't have to take it indoors. No problem, simply replenish via the internet. You can stream and control your music up to 100 feet through a wireless device. It's ideal for big parties where you need an extra sound boost. It is easy to create the perfect atmosphere with three brightness modes and flicker effect. The ION Sound is used to control audio and lighting. The app can be used on any device.

Brand: Ion

👤This is my second Ion Block Rocker. My first one lasted a long time. It was time for an upgrade after many years of enjoying it. I had to reach out to ION customer service regarding my first Block Rocker, they are fantastic and helped me to become a repeat customer. Today I got a Block Rocker Plus. Blue tooth was easy to connect to my phone. It was almost fully charged out of the box. I have tried it for a few hours in the house. We will use it in the fire pit, in the garage and for parties. The sound is clear. I know it will blast at 100 watt, but I didn't crank it up past 1/2 volume. Without an antenna, the radio works well. I expect it to work better outdoors. I have exceeded my expectations again.

👤The block plus rocker kicks ass. This is the first time we will use it at the wedding. The hit of the party was it. We used the microphone that came with it and played the music all night long. I recommend this for all occasions. Can't wait to do karaoke.

👤I have used a lot of these products. There is a lot of boom and bass in the Block Rocker Plus. I don't care for the bass so much, but if you want to bring the party, this can be a great choice. The product was returned because the battery died in 24 hours. The life is supposed to last 50 hours. The reception on the radio was a star of the review. It is terrible. I live in the middle of the city and can't see any stations. There is no interference from being inside of a building. Ion needs to put an antenna back on their units. The old dead battery lasted about two years before I replaced it with a new battery.

👤It's loud for a party. Can hear a noise. The speaker is not too heavy to lift. Rolls are on wheels. I didn't add bass boost to the 73 decibels I measured. It's easy to connect from a distance. I tried a similar speaker. It is more rugged than that one. It reached 83 decibels. Couldn't take a microphone, but could take one. Ion has a mic. The two speakers have the same sound quality. Depending on your needs, I recommend either.

👤Here's the deal... I got a used one for 135 instead of $179 and it's Brand NEW with stickers still in it. I want to believe that more are like this, it's only one day and it's over. "50 hours!" is what it's said. I doubted that it would be near that. I thought 2 half days at work would hold the charge. 3 hours a day for two days. And it's dead... The 50 watt sound was good, but the Am radio didn't work to listen to my favorite football talk show, so I'm going to try the 50 watt. I can't recommend it unless you plan to use it all the time and don't need AM radio. It would be 4 stars. There is a I will try the Tailgator original. The antenna is for the sound and the battery lasts as long as advertised. The old model of the tailgator will be purchased by me.

11. Alpine Corporation QLP952SLR 2 Waterproof Solar Powered

Alpine Corporation QLP952SLR 2 Waterproof Solar Powered

100% SOLAR POWERED. No wires are required for charging. Place the speakers in your yard and let the sun power them. After the sun goes down, the rechargeable battery will deliver power for up to 8 hours. The speakers have a 50 foot range. You can play your favorite tunes up to a 50-foot sound range with this device. There is a dual pairing function. The speakers are 25 feet apart. It is weather-resistant anddurable. The construction is lightweight and weather resistant. It's perfect for taking on the go or leaving in your yard. The size of the rock speaker is ideal for an outdoor space that looks great. There are two speakers included. The speakers come in a set.

Brand: Alpine

👤They are close to the size of a bowling ball, even though they look small on Amazon. Which I think is a good thing. They look and sound great in the backyard, we just hooked them up. I hope the solar component lasts.

👤It's easy to connect to the stereo. The sound is better than expected. The mid-range is solid. The bass is decent. I am a life-long bassist. It's good. The speakers sound great with stereo sound. The bass frequencies are reinforced by being placed on the ground. Exceeded my expectations. The overall sound is impressive. People love it! One speaker is the main speaker. It's easy. Push the big black button to turn on the second speaker. Go to the first speaker. Push a small black button. Yes! Stereo! They couldn't figure out how to set them up so they returned. I was up and running in 20 minutes. The speakers survived 3 days of intense monsoon rain in Arizona. I was worried they didn't make it. They work great. The speakers are loud. It's not deafening, but it's too loud for my front yard where it might be pushing the boundaries of my 10 neighbors on my block. The more I listen to the speakers, the better they sound. There is no distortion even at the max. The sound is very clean. Great range. It's good, but no earthshaking lows, so it's still good. I can hear the hi-hat cymbals, the ride, sizzle, and crash cymbals. It's not as crisp as I would want, but still acceptable. 99% of the average person is not an audio engineer. My neighborhood is very fond of these speakers. Few people have played music on stage for over 50 years. It's worth the money. If they can survive the Arizona heat at 115-129F, that's even better. I appreciate the design more after a week. Well-made. Sturdy. The monsoon is rain-proof. It is heat-proof. The solar panels work well. Simple controls. It's easy to set-up. It's easy to set to stereo. It's worth the money. After setting up the First Speaker and turning on the Second Speaker, go back to the First Speaker and push the small black button twice. You have Stereo now. Forget the expensive Boses! It is party time. The speakers are great. It is a good time for all and the sound is great. Shawn and I both live in Arizona. The speakers have survived the heat. All those heavy monsoon rains? No problem at all. Make sure the plastic plugs that cover the controls are completely flushed with the rock. The speakers had no problems with the rain. Stereo sync problems were never a problem. To get stereo, push the speaker one button. You will hear a loud sound. Now connected to the internet. Go to speaker two. To turn it on, push the big black button. Push the small black button twice when you return to speaker one. Quickly means pushing that small black button in less than a second. Hope this helps. The product is well-made. It works for me. No instructions. I took about 20 minutes to figure it out. No problem. I still love my speakers. These speakers can endure intense heat, 115F; and heavy monsoon rains for 3 weeks. Can you not sync your speakers for stereo? My second speaker didn't work today. Wow! Totally disappointed! Even after all the proper button-pushing, still not working. Okay. It's best to take it to the house. It should be charged with the Arizona sun. Plug it in with the supplied micro-USB cord. The red light is fully charged. I stare at that and think of my next move. I unplugged the charging cord after 2 minutes. To turn it on, push the big black button. It sounds like it! And plays music! It works now. A great set of speakers. The sound is solid. Clean sound at max volume. Environmentally tough. You may be too loud for your neighbors. Well-made. There were no complaints. Highly recommended. A musician on stage for over 50 years. The second speaker wasn't working again. Went through my usual methods. Couldn't get that second speaker to work. The speakers were moved closer to each other as a last resort. SUCCESS! I have a lot of different types of animals in my front yard. They don't block the speakers. The rock speakers are behind bushes. The speakers worked well. Behind the bushes are the rock speakers. The speakers were 14 feet from the inside edge to the outside edge. To solve my problem of speaker #1 talking to speaker #2, I had to reduce the distance to 13 feet 6 inches. Only 6”! The speakers are sitting on the ground. All distances are measured with a straight line. It is disappointing that the speakers don't come close to the specifications of the manufacturer. Great speakers. The sound is very good. I still give you 5 stars if you can live with speaker separation. October 11, 2021. Went through all the steps. The red power lights are on. Good. The blue lights are not on. Remember blue lights are connected to the internet. Bring rock #1 into the house. Plug in a microusb charging cord. The blue light is solid in 3 minutes. Wait 10 minutes. It seems to be fully charged. On speaker #2, repeat. All is good! There is a lot of work to be done to keep these speakers working. Definitely worth it. I have a problem cranking up the speakers too loud. I still love these speakers. October 12, 2021. I can figure it out. Speaker #1 must be brought into the house. A red light. Okay. Ready to leave. The blue light is out. Blue is for something. I use the micro-usb charging cord to charge this rock. The Solid Red Power light turns green. The best power scenario. The blue light turns to flashing. I have never seen that on this rock. Any device that has a blue light on it is connected to the internet. Wow! I use my rocks in the front yard a few times a week. I bring in my rocks 1-2 times a week to fully charge them and see the green power lights and blue lights. The rock speakers are still amazing. The sound is great. Loud. There was no distortion. The sound is clean at max volume. It was extremely tough weather-wise. These rock speakers are still playing. The review should be read in its entirety. The speakers must be fully charged to work great. My yard looks like a theme park. I need the speakers to play music. I only play music a few times a week. There are occasional power problems. Both need to be charged up. I need to charge each rock. Each rock is brought inside. The speaker should have a micro-USB cord. Forget the red power light. Solid green power light is what you want. Oh yes. Forget the blue light. Remember the blue lights. The blue lights are not powered off. You want blue lights! The sign that a device wants to be connected to the internet is always there. Solid Green Power light is optimal. It was fully charged. When fully charged, the light should be a Solid Blue. If you turn on your phone or other device, you have to select the Alpine speakers, and then the rock speakers start flashing blue lights. At this time, I usually test my main rock speaker. It's a good idea to make sure it works before you put them back in the pool, yard, etc. Charge with speaker #2. Follow my posts about how to charge the speakers. The techniques above work. If the speakers are fully charged, you can go 15 to 20 minutes in separation. You have to charge each speaker for a long time. I need to charge them every couple of weeks to make them work. The Solid Green Power Light is for you! You may get a Solid Blue light after that. The big black button needs to be pushed twice. You should see a blue light. Any blue light is good. Keep charging if there are no blue lights. The sound is still great. Environmentally tough. No problem... 115F+ and endless monsoon downpours. Will post later this winter when the temperature drops below freezing. On January 14, 2022, it was two days below freezing. The speakers are doing great. It was only 30 degrees. It gets down to 26F at best. Will update if the temperature gets cold. They took the speakers inside. I was hooking up to a flat screen TV. It was deafening at 10. The sound is clean and no distortion. They should be put in the front yard. It sounds great at 9. It's still too loud for neighbors. At 8. It is the middle of the day. My neighbors like classic rock. It's going to be turned down to 7. The speakers sounded great. The weather was tough. I like these speakers. There are no regrets. Highly recommended.


What is the best product for best outdoor bluetooth speakers solar?

Best outdoor bluetooth speakers solar products from Ihome. In this article about best outdoor bluetooth speakers solar you can see why people choose the product. It.innovative Technology and Pohopa are also good brands to look for when you are finding best outdoor bluetooth speakers solar.

What are the best brands for best outdoor bluetooth speakers solar?

Ihome, It.innovative Technology and Pohopa are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best outdoor bluetooth speakers solar. Find the detail in this article. Alpine Corporation, It.innovative Technology and Roaming Light are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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