Best Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers Mountable

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1. Polk Audio Atrium Outdoor Speakers

Polk Audio Atrium Outdoor Speakers

The speakers can be installed in any open space, from a pool to a patio to a backyard. They will deliver great sound. The wide sound dispersion and powerFUL bass is driven by a 4 1/2 mineral filled Dynamic Balance cone and a 3/4" anodized aluminum dome tweeter with rubber surround. 80W power cuts through loud. The Polk Atrium 4 speakers come with a steeply-angled baffle design that fills open spaces with big full-range sound. The outer profile goes into the corners of the outdoor walls. One-CLICK SPEED-LOCK MOUNTING BRACKET allows you to mount the speakers vertically or horizontally, and deliver the best possible sound in a variety of situations. Simply attach the C-bracket. Polk has earned the all-weather certification for their speakers because of their high environmental endurance and superior quality. It is very humid withSTANDS and heavy rain year after year.

Brand: Polk Audio

👤Awesome speakers. The sound is clear and the bass is great for the size, but they don't have the deep bass of an active sub. .... They are smaller speakers. It's perfect for the patio or deck. It's not too big and bulky but it sounds great. You can't beat the mounting system. It's easy to mount in a variety of positions, and the speaker stays in place so you don't have to worry about attaching the wires. The engineers did a great job. We put them under the house's soffit and wired them into an older Pioneer receiver. It gets 30f. Here. We will be taking them out for winter to be safe. I don't think you will find a better deal at under $100. Highly recommend! Just finished installing two more pairs in the garage. Wow. What a difference these make in the quality of sound. I had a full set of speakers that came with a surround system. I can't say enough about putting these in tonight. What a change! We have a firepit in the back yard. The speakers are still going strong. The first day they were used, they sounded good, but have had hundreds of hours of use. Dust from road work over the summer made it necessary to dust them off last fall. Still would recommend these 100%.

👤These seem to be great. They were easy to install, but you will need to make your own screws. They are installed on my patio. The sound base is perfect for my area. They are connected to my surround sound system. I was looking at reviews for a long time. I was worried that they wouldn't put out enough base. Base is what I need. If you want a hard thumping base or spend at least another 100 bucks, it would not be good for my relationship with my neighbor, as I tend to want to crank it up! If I point them toward the ceiling it increases the base feel, I have found that by mounting them sideways close to the ceiling. I believe in the value of money and that you won't find a better set of speakers.

👤These speakers are the best value you can find. I was in the market for some outdoor speakers to go with a projector screen for my terrace. I've been a Polk Audio user for many years and my home theater is comprised of polk audio tsi's except for the main speakers. I'm a fan of speakers that let you enjoy the sound for longer periods of time without ear fatigue. There is a I decided that a 4 1/2 inch cone would suffice, I'm not trying to start a war with my neighbors here. I pulled the gun on these. I am very happy with my purchase. These speakers are an absolute bargain, and they're also compatible with my old Denon Receiver in Zone 2. The speaker's sound stage is well-defined and provides plenty of detail to make the speakers virtually invisible. I have found the bass response on these to be more than enough considering their size and the acoustic properties of my terrace, which is mounted to a concrete wall. You can clearly define all the highs and lows, and since you can add a sub to the mix, you won't get the earth shattering base that you can achieve. The speakers are loud enough to fill the entire terrace and pool area. I was pleasantly surprised that their performance in movies, voices, music and special effects all shine through at any volume and that they can get very loud if you want to push them. If you're in the market for outdoor speakers, I'll check them out if you have a dedicated amplifier or receiver. Give them a break and enjoy!

2. Outdoor Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Outdoor Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

200 watt power. The speaker system that you need to listen to high-quality audio in your home, backyard, by the pool or patio is the dual outdoor speaker system from Pyle. The speakers include active and passive 3.5” speakers. Bluetooth is a cannabinoid. The loud speaker system has a wireless music streaming option. It works with the latest devices, including the iPad, PC, and iPhone. There is support for subtle devices. The black waterproof marine speaker system has a built-in 3.5mm input jack which allows you to connect external audio sources such as mobile phone, laptop, computer, mp3 and CD player. The speaker system has a 3.5” aluminum injection cones subwoofer with 24 oz magnetic structure, 1.75” wide dispersion cones, 1.0” superior dome tweeters and a bass reflex vent. The speakers are stored in a grill cabinet enclosure. It's designed to be mounted on a wall, corner, or ceiling. There should be a mounting plate, speaker wire, and power transformer.

Brand: Pyle

👤The speakers are smaller than expected. It's more about how they sound. The speaker mounting brackets are made of plastic, they don't last long in an outdoor environment. They give you weird fine thread screws that won't work for attaching the brackets to the surface, so throw those out and find some real screws. There are no instructions in the box to tell you how to use the speakers. That's really hard, just a small paper that shows you how to connect them. I tried to pair them with my phone, but I don't know if the speakers go into pair mode as soon as you turn them on. I can't connect to the "Pyle" speaker on my phone. There is a piece of paper in the box that says "Give us a chance to make everything right by you!" I guess I gave them a chance because the page with the website address of doesn't exist. There is a Support Center link at the bottom of the website. It only goes to a contact. We page. There is no information on how to use their product on their website. I'm not going to wait until tomorrow to call them, they seem not to give a shit about their products, so I'm going back to Amazon.

👤The speakers were OK for the money. It's easy to connect to the internet. Not a lot of base. This is expected for a speaker. I had to change my review since the speakers broke. They broke after only two months, and there is no support from Pyle. The speakers worked well for a while, but then they stopped playing sound. They would play for a while, and then quit. I tried to connect to them on my phone, but it didn't work. The speakers were turned off, but they didn't produce the normal startup or connected sound. It seemed like the power supply had issues. If I unplugged the speakers from the power for an hour or so, they would start working again, but then quit. Since they had a twelve month warranty, I contacted them. They replied to my email and said I would have to ship the speakers for evaluation. If they found a problem they would fix it or send it back. There were some issues with this solution. I had to pay for shipping the speakers to them, as well as the return shipping cost, before I could send them back to me. The only way to pay was to give them my credit card number. This was a show stopping event for me because I don't just give my credit card numbers to unknown people. They couldn't give me an idea of how much the return shipping would cost. Who knows, it could have been more than the speakers cost. There was no guarantee that they would fix the speakers. I would still be charged. I have dealt with a lot of warranty claims over the years, and I have never had a company charge me for return shipping or ask me to send my credit card information on paper. I have purchased speakers from a different company that is willing to back up their products after the Pyle speakers were thrown in the trash. If you decide to buy any speakers from Pyle, make sure you pay for the extra warranty coverage. If they break, you will be able to get them replaced for free.

3. Waterproof Atmosphere Rechargeable Batteries Speakers

Waterproof Atmosphere Rechargeable Batteries Speakers

90 days home trial is offered with the full consideration of their valued customers. If you are dissatisfied with the service, most of the time you will have more extended replacement service. This service is exclusive. Feel free to contact them at any time. User manual, 18 months warranty, 24h customer service and email support are available. ANULED wireless outdoor speaker is more than just a speaker, it is also an atmosphere lamp, decoration lantern or night light. Clear music and exciting lighting effects can be brought to your location by the NULED flame atmosphere speakers. There are 60 LEDs in each flame lantern. The warm yellow lights flicker, forming a stunning flame and mimicking natural dancing flames. TheNULED flame bluetooth speakers have audio function and create a special moment for you. Being IPX5 waterproof,NULED outdoor speakers can stand up to splashes, spills, and light rain. It's great for use by the pool or beach. Every speaker has a ground stake,hook, and wall mount kit. It can be mounted on the wall or on the patio, or it can be hung on the tree. The built-in rechargeable battery of theNULED patio speakers allows you to enjoy up to 15 hours of music, great for a party night and the time is up to 60 hours. Home gadgets for men, house warming gift for new home, built-in 5W audio drivers offer full high-definition stereo sound and clear audio with impressive volume. You can pair the TWS speakers for stereo sound. If you want to connect unlimited speakers with higher output of 10W, please check their ASIN: B09PL29QW4 in Amazon. The two speakers should have surround sound. You can play sound from your TV on the flame speakers with the NUNET tansmitter. The portable lantern outdoor speakers are unique gifts for men who have everything. Adding fun illumination,crisp music, and a romantic atmosphere to birthdays, holidays,parties, outdoor activities, Mother's Day, Halloween and Christmas is a great way to add fun.

Brand: Nunet

👤The Nuled speakers were bought in August 2020. I didn't review at that time because I wanted to give a good test and trial time. They worked well until a week ago when one wouldn't connect. I tried everything I could to get it to work, but it didn't. Roy responded to my email after I wrote Nuled customer service. He had me try a few things, but no success. He sent me another one. He gave me the process to pair it with my older one. Both of them are working well. Thanks to the patients of Roy, I am enjoying the sounds again. I will be purchasing a summer get-away cabin soon, and I will also be purchasing another pair at that time. I paid $110 for the pair last year, and now they are priced at $89 dollars, which is a real bargain in my book. Roy, thank you again.

👤The speaker's sound quality is very average when it's used on its own. This slight shortcoming is fixed instantly by putting two of them together for a stereo pair. The flame light is perfect for mood lighting and fits perfectly in almost every scenario. They can be mounted on anything that uses a tripod screw, and the magnetic base makes it even more versatile. It's a good pickup for Christmas Parties.

👤The reviews said two sounded better. They were correct. The speakers are great for my backyard, where I can't turn up. It took me a long time to pair them. I watched the videos and read the reviews to find out how to fix the problem. Here is what I did. I held the power button down for about 4 seconds. They both made a noise. One blinked and the other was solid. I thought they were strong. I turned them off and on again. Same thing with one solid and one blinking. I went to my phone and connected to the one that was on my list. They were both playing and the lights were solid. I had tried to pair them several times over the course of 2 days, assuming that both would show up on my list for them to both play, but they kept changing. I tried this process before, but it didn't work, but for some reason it worked this time. The sound quality is good and the flame lights are cute.

👤Great speakers! They sound good. I was able to get the stereo sound on my phone because I had an option to play dual speakers. After playing with them, I was able to connect them to my phone. It's very versatile because it comes with hanging hooks and wall mounts. I hope they last a long time because they create a great atmosphere in our back yard.

👤Buyers beware! I bought these for my dad as a birthday gift, he wanted an outside entertainment center, and I thought these would be nice. It was past the return date when he set them up. They ruined the tv. I wasn't there for the setup. He said he followed the directions and went step by step, but when he turned them on they made a loud screeching sound. They would only screech when they played the tv sound effects. He couldn't get the tv to have a sound because the tv remote wouldn't work. He said he got the tv to have sound, but it wouldn't play music other than full blast, after a few days of trying to fix it. They couldn't help him when he called support services. He bought a new tv because he couldn't get the volume control to work. They were a gift for my dad, and I was not there for that. It cost him money and time. My Dad is not fond of technical things and they are not user friendly. These are now garbage.

4. Margaritaville Paradise Bluetooth Light Up Speaker

Margaritaville Paradise Bluetooth Light Up Speaker

We combine a flickering flame with a tiki torch design and powerful stereo sound to bring you decorative indoor and outdoor speakers that will elevate the look of your space while providing clear, crisp sound to set just the right mood. Anyone that wants to add more visual flair to their party can use their tiki torches. It comes with a pole so you can place it outside and it has a clear, crisp sound. The built-in battery and lightweight design of the speaker makes it portable and travel ready, making it ideal for outdoor parties, camping, beach trips, backyard BBQs, and more. Their speakers can provide up to 11 hours of lighting, 22 hours of music, or 7 hours of both. It is suitable for use with most devices and can be used with another torch speaker to amplify the sound. Their outdoor lantern speaker is a unique gift idea. It's the perfect gift for men and women on a variety of occasions.

Brand: Sakar

👤Buyers beware. I ordered another one after using it for five minutes because I was so impressed with the product. We only played it for half an hour the first time. After the first rain, the torch shorted out. We had to put it in the garage because we couldn't turn it off. The return policy is only 30 days, but I was able to try it out in April because I purchased it in December for my husband for a Christmas gift. We got two torches when we re-ordered it for six more dollars. We decided to put quart storage bags over the top of them because they were not in use. The sound and look of the flame are amazing. The reason we remain Prime members is because of Amazon Service.

👤These were a hit. They couldn't wait to get them up in their backyard after they were bought as a thank you gift. They were the talk of the party at our party. Everyone wants to buy them. The package of two is perfect and they play music at the same time, like surround sound. They look like a torch. We didn't attach them to the stands the next night and they looked great sitting on the table. Would definitely recommend this.

👤The sound quality is good. Don't expect a boombox. Hooks up to phones. I had an issue with my phone, but my husband's was much easier to deal with. The lighting is nice.

👤We were very excited about this product, but we are disappointed. We are returning them. The items arrived much sooner than we were told. The ground sticks are very flimsy. The speakers are charging using a cord. The lights looked nice. Only one speaker will pair with the phone at a time. We tried many times. It was very frustrating. There isn't a customer service number to call. I wanted them to work. We are very disappointed. Don't waste your money. It says that they will not issue a refund until 14 days after they get the item back.

👤Absolutely amazing product. The sound is great. It's easy to pair with both speakers. The speakers are good for low volume in the garden or by a hottub. The volume was still high. It sounded great. Not sure on battery life. I will keep you updated. It was well worth the purchase. The light looks really cool farther away.

👤One of our friends got these torches and we really liked them, so we got our own set.

👤These speakers are great. I have a compatible phone. It was very easy to set them up. I got a pair of headphones. I use them in the house and on my patio. They can be moved to different rooms and still get music. It's a good option to put them on the poles. The sound quality is very good. This product is recommended by me.

👤These torches are amazing. They combine my favorite things, music and flame lights. I had to order it after I found them. I love outdoor lighting and am a die hard camper. I have a few solar lights on my campsite. I needed to add these to my collection. These are not made to stay outside. They can't handle the elements such as rain. I didn't know I could connect to more than one device at the same time. It took me a while to figure it out. I was able to connect to both speakers. I put them behind us when we sit by the fire. I love music and how a song can change my whole mood so to be able to have the flame light ambiance and the music is makes for a great night under the stars. The speakers can be set down on any flat surface or you can screw the poles into the bottom and stand them up like traditional torches. I'm considering getting another set to place near the gazebo, I'm very happy with these.

5. Pyle PDWR64BTW Waterproof Bluetooth Outdoor

Pyle PDWR64BTW Waterproof Bluetooth Outdoor

Improve your home. If you want to listen to high-quality audio in your home, backyard, by the pool or patio, you need a speaker system like the 800- watt dual outdoor wall mount speaker system from Pyle. There are active and passive speakers. Bluetooth is a cannabinoid. The loudspeaker system is waterproof. It works with the latest devices, including the iPad, PC, and iPhone. There is support for subtle devices. The white waterproof marine speaker system has a built-in 2 channel amplifier which allows you to connect external audio sources such as a VCR, CD/DVD player, tape deck, or camcorder. There is a sound called the apocalyptic surround. The speaker system has a custom tooled design for high power and deep bass response, and is mountable. The speakers are stored in a grill cabinet enclosure. It can be mounted on a wall, corner or ceiling. The U mounting plate brackets include a spring loaded one.

Brand: Pyle

👤It's a perfect option for our back deck. It's nice to not have to deal with the people who use the phone. There was a lot of power to drown out the conversation. Our patio is a great spot for hang outs. The sound of a popping sound was made within three days of installation. They disconnected the sound from the phone. Seeing how things work out. A lot of the negative reviews are saying that. Adding a video is an example. They make a clicking sound. The same result was tried on multiple devices. They power it in and out. I don't recommend them because of the risk and hassle of returning them to a third party. Slow to no response.

👤After 2 months, speakers stopped working. It is almost a year warranty. If you agree to pay shipping to NY and back, you will be able to find out if the manufacturer will fix the problem for free. The cheapest ground shipping was $30 each way from Alabama. The return process asked for a credit card and prepayment of the repair cost. I would have had to pay $120 to fix the speakers. That is not a warranty. Customer service was very hard to understand and would not budge saying "that's our policy you decide whether it's worth pursuing." The product lacked quality. The speakers sounded great when they were working, but they wouldn't power on for two months. $176 for speakers who have been there for 2 months. No thanks. Not again.

👤I consider myself to be somewhat of an audio engineer. There is a A few years ago I purchased a pair of Polk Audio speakers for my patio. I was not happy with their sound. I built a new patio after moving. I decided on the waterproof and wireless speaker system from Pyle. These are comparable to the Polk Audio speakers I bought, because they include a 1000 watt amplifier. These speakers sound great. Who would want more? They can be very loud. The distortion is very low at normal listening levels. That's why you want the power. I can run them through the app, please play the Southern rock list on the patio speakers. "Alexa is louder". I bought a plug that will turn them off and my lights off. The product is labeled "ohaui" and can be found on the website. This is a great combination. This can be turned off by saying "Hey Google, turn of patio speakers". The real winner here are the speakers from Pyle. The connecting speaker wire is too short and the AC power corn is not good. I had to use an extension cord and a speaker core. I read all the reviews and some of them stopped working. I bought the extended warranty from Amazon.

👤I wanted to move up from a portable speaker to a stereo in my backyard cookout. The area is roughly 50 feet by 30 feet. There are not many options for an outdoor stereo speaker setup. The reviews for these speakers were not as good as other options, but I knew that I wanted a medium sized speaker with a 6.5" bass driver. These were an open box deal and they were almost half the usual price. The speakers were large and heavy when I opened the package. They are attractive and not flashy. The speakers are connected to the brackets using the included thumb screws, and the brackets are mounted using washers that I already had, so no tools are required once the brackets are in place. The speaker wires are quick to connect, which means that the whole setup can be put up or taken down in about 30 seconds. I won't be testing their waterproof-ness because of this. It's easy to take them inside when I'm not using them. The blue light that some users find annoying is not an issue for me, as the range is approximately 60 feet outdoors, which is enough for my needs. Sound quality is the important part. I was surprised by the volume they output when I tried them indoors. The sound is focused on the middle part of the sound, but with good bass fill and good bass extension for their size. The overall sound quality is clear and crisp. These speakers have a good sound quality and are great for movies, music, or games indoors. I tried them outside. The back of my yard is 70 yards from the sdpeakers and the volume was enough to be heard clearly. The bass output is a little bit shy of what I hoped for, but that is just the reality of putting speakers in an outside environment. I don't think it is poor. One can only expect so much from outdoor-rated 6.5" bluetooth speakers with a built in amplifier for under $100, and these really deliver when that is considered. I might try an app to dial in the sound to my environment. I am very satisfied with the speakers. They are cheap, connected to my phone, and sound great. I will update my review if I think these changes are a good idea, but if they don't work I think they are a great deal.

6. Pyle Waterproof Bluetooth Outdoor PDWR62BTBK

Pyle Waterproof Bluetooth Outdoor PDWR62BTBK

300 watt power. The maximum power output of this wall mount loudspeaker system is 300 watt peak power and 30 watt peak power. You can play your favorite tracks with style. 6.25" SubWOOFER: TWEETER. The speaker kit has a high performance dome tweeters with for surround sound reproduction and impressive bass response. The speaker set is compatible with the wireless audio streaming service, and works with a variety of devices. It's ideal for DJ party or personal use. The range is 30' plus Feet. The construction of waterproof buildings. The enclosure of the loudspeaker pair is made of PP Mica and rubber and is waterproof to survive extreme hot/cold temperatures. There are additional connections. The speaker system has a 3.5mm aux input and gold plated binding post speaker plugs so you can connect additional devices to your speaker system.

Brand: Pyle

👤I was excited to use these for a backyard family movie night, but they were a huge disappointment. There is no way to make the sound stronger. I assumed the poor sound quality was because of the thin piece of speaker wire that was included with them. I bought a nice heavy gauge wire and couldn't wait to try it again, but it didn't make a difference. I can't imagine how that could be done from a pair of speakers. They feel very sturdy, even though they're big and heavy. They're overbuilt for the minimal sound they produce. We tried everything to make sure there was no bad connection, but I discovered that they are not 300 watt. They're not much more than 30 watt. That made sense and was consistent with the weak sound. We thought that watching a family movie in the backyard would be a lot of fun. We thought there would be plenty of sound for those of us who were looking forward to the movie, even if some of the kids would rather play with their friends. If the kids were quiet and the family fun night was not enjoyable, we wouldn't hear anything. The price, the size, the weight, even the reviews are all about what you would expect from speakers with a lot more power than 30 measly watt. It's hard to understand all the rave reviews if you don't know what 300 watt sounds like. We eliminated any other sound that we felt was competing for 'earspace' - our AC, the kids playing, any conversation among the adults - after we heard the movie. I have no use for speakers of this caliber, so they're just going to take up space until I find a home for them. I'm not keeping them.

👤There is an update. Customer service is useless. When you finally get a person, there is no help. Thankfully, Amazon took care of the issue and gave us a full refund. We purchased BTP- 650 from OSD. Wow. The sound is clear. The wiring is thicker. There are substantial connections. Save yourself time and money. Buy OSD BTP-650 from Pyle. We chose these speakers because of the brand name. I have been happy with the speakers on my motorcycle. The speakers were installed when the weather started to warm up. The speakers began to distort the sound after about 6 uses. We are outside of the return window. There is a manufacturer's warranty. We are dealing with him. We were told to return the speakers without a return shipping label. They will look for damage to the speakers. And then? We have to uninstall, pack, ship, wait, and hopefully get replacements that we need to install again. With the start of the outdoor living season, we are without speakers on our patio. Terrible customer service!

👤Within a week, the portion died. The whole point was to use a wireless technology. The seller replaced it quickly. The same problem occurred with the replacement. I decided to keep the big speaker and fix it myself because it was a pain to pack it for another replacement. 300 watt output was not advertised. It is difficult with its power supply. 2. It isn't waterproof as claimed. Most people will assume the whole unit is waterproof, even though the plastic is waterproof. Water can pour right in via the bass reflex port if it is mounted with grill-side down. You can see this when the grill is removed. The electronic circuit board is not dry. Don't use a garden hose to wash it. 3. It seems to be acting as a car audio system. Even though it can't make a phone call, it is requesting phone book access. It works with phones, but devices that expect a plain loudspeaker can't handle it. Some devices work but no sound comes out. The module is disabled because even the phone can't see it. There is a possibility that there is a memory corruption that causes failure after some usage. It does not work with non-phones after a while, but if you only use a phone, it may work. I replaced the module with a new one. It works with all of my sources. The speaker's power leads are colorcoded wrong if you go this route. The red wire is not positive.

7. Bluetooth Waterproof Portable Wireless Speakers

Bluetooth Waterproof Portable Wireless Speakers

5.8 GHz technology means multiple wireless pairs and shared audio sync with no delay. You can create left and right channels to enjoy even more surround sound. After a voice PAIRING, music shall be synchronized. The instructions on the user manual for the speaker come with the buttons. About stubbornness. Speaker distance between speaker and cell phone: up to 33ft. signal interference is normal and may shorten the outdoor use distance. It's perfect for home, backyard, patio, lawn, garden, camping, etc. There are 20-piece built-in brightLED lights around the lights for night time use. 10W revolutionary full-bodied stereos boost nice crisp highs from a big sub, advanced digital sound, noise/wind reduction technology, and unique loudspeaker cavity structure to deliver premium acoustic sound. You can enjoy surround sound better than you thought around the summer pool. The large battery can support up to 8 hours of continuous music playing with the included lights on, or 4 hours at full volume, or 20 hours of light. It's ideal as a companion or gift. Pohopa has a worry-free 12-month warranty and friendly pre-sales and post-sales customer service, which make your purchase absolutely risk-free.

Brand: Pohopa

👤I ordered my second speaker before Labor Day. I put one near the pool and the other in a sitting area. This is the first speaker where you can connect two speakers to different areas indoors and out. The Host speaker will be connected to your mobile device and the others will be sub speakers. Keep your mobile device close to the speaker. You can't separate them from the 33ft they mention in the instructions. This speaker will be saved into your mobile device. You can connect to your mobile when you put power to the speaker. The speaker's name is B210D. First, turn your Host speaker on, they will play your music and then sub speakers. I made a video to show you how to connect your speaker and others. I take this speaker to the beach and camping and the light works great in the evening.

👤One year later! One of the speakers we purchased last year stopped working after a charge. I reached out again to the seller. I was hoping for a discount on the cost of the replacement. Guess what? They sent me a new speaker and told me to disarm the one that wasn't working. They replaced it for free and paid for the shipping. The quality of the customer support group is amazing. The speakers are backed up by an amazing team. The original post was written in May 2019. These speakers are the only ones I could find that were wireless and could link together to create a stereo sound in my back yard. In the back yard, we built a beautiful oasis and looked for speakers. Finally, I found these and I love them. We had an issue with the battery life at first, but then it stopped working. We found out we had been charging them too much. The charges should only be for up to 4 hours at a time. We received all new speakers and have been loving them. Take a look at the video.

👤I just bought a second one. These are great. They only have a distance of 30 feet but a clear sound. I was looking for speakers for music in the pool. Good reviews. I gave it a try. This is a great product. It was loud and clear. It is easy to hook up. I don't know how long the charge will last.

👤I like listening to the speakers. I bought a patio that is 14'x30' and thought that I could put one on each end of it and it would stay in-sync. They are about 12 feet apart. I was going to return one because it was faulty, but I relocated them and they stayed in-sync. They are loud, but I wish they could be closer to each other.

👤I reached out to Pohopa to see if there was anything I could do to connect the speakers. They were very responsive to my concerns and have offered to send me a replacement. The one speaker works great, it has a great sound quality, and the lights are a great touch. My husband ordered 2 of these speakers before Christmas and I received them, although my neighbors may not like that. December in Kentucky was not the right time to test them because they were purchased for the sole use around our pool. We used them one time in early May and again on Memorial day, but the extension stopped working by the end of the day. I know the speaker works because it states that it works, but when I tried it again today, it still didn't work. It played the music for a short time while I was looking for something.

8. Outdoor Wall Mount Patio Stereo Speaker

Outdoor Wall Mount Patio Stereo Speaker

There is no need for an exercise. The speaker has one active speaker and one passive speaker. Attach the speaker wire to the active speaker. InDOOR OUTDOOR READY: Rainproof seals keep water out of cable wires. The speaker is protected from stains and waterproof in any season. It's alright and it's strong. It is compact and has a gold plated binding post that makes it look white. 6.5 WOOFER & 3.5 millimeterWIRED INPUT: The theater 2.0 stereo sound system is built to be heard outside. Also, connect any device that isn't a bluetooth device. The wireless cannabis connection is powerful. The speaker is portable and can be used on your phone, PC, iPad, or Tablet with a range of 30 feet.

Brand: Pyle

👤These won't connect to Amazon's voice assistant. I had the same problem after ordering 2 sets. There was no sound from the speaker. Customer service says to call. It's Amazon's problem if it works with your phone. I'm going to send it back to Amazon. Save yourself from the headaches. Do not buy these speakers if you want to listen to music outside.

👤I wanted to join the 21st technology. I have a lot of conventional stereo equipment, but I usually stick with bigger brands. The item was delivered on time. When I got them to work, they sounded good, and the range was about 20 feet. My phone and laptop were able to pair with the speakers. The speaker had a small piece rattling around in the box. There were smudges and a mark that looked like they had been repacked. The boiler plate was wrinkled and faded. When I got them up and running, I could only use them at half volume. I was told that my connection was most likely from the British Telecom company. It could be that I live in the country. The active speaker can't be hard wired with conventional equipment, so I had no use for them. Quality is lacking compared to my Yamaha speakers. The gold plated posts are poorly positioned. If you try to move the speaker, the mounting bracket will not clear and you will have to snap it off. If you live next to a cell tower, they are adequate for use. It was easy to return them. They're better options for $100 plus.

👤I had low expectations for the speakers. I wanted my speakers to be compatible with the Amazon Dot. I was disappointed when I opened the package and found the speaker wire was small. I couldn't get it under the screws and the ends are very fragile. ... The power supply for the speaker systems was a 12volt x 2amp brick, which is 10x the power supply. Performance:... I was able to connect the Amazon Dot to it easily. I started playing music at a low level. As we just bought the Dot, I figured I'd try the speaker with my phone as a second data point, but the speaker was still very "muddy" and the distortion was worse. ... The speaker belched out some "digital distortion" while listening to the second song on my phone. There were no problems with replaying the song on another device. The distortion on the speakers was the same as it was in the song. I boxed it up and sent it back after opening it because I didn't think it would get any better. There are some good speakers at lower prices. I was willing to pay for the product, but it was disappointing. I need a small, good quality, reasonably priced, bluetooth amplifier that I can pair with some outdoor speakers and I'd be all set.

👤Funcionan, lo tiene un falta cable de corriente, pero quiere poner dentro de un bite de Folgers pequeo. No es comparable con Bose, pero por el precio est ok. No son para ti, ests son para el patio tarde, noche tranquilo.

9. Alpine Corporation QLP952SLR 2 Waterproof Solar Powered

Alpine Corporation QLP952SLR 2 Waterproof Solar Powered

100% SOLAR POWERED. No wires are required for charging. Place the speakers in your yard and let the sun power them. After the sun goes down, the rechargeable battery will deliver power for up to 8 hours. The speakers have a 50 foot range. You can play your favorite tunes up to a 50-foot sound range with this device. There is a dual pairing function. The speakers are 25 feet apart. It is weather-resistant anddurable. The construction is lightweight and weather resistant. It's perfect for taking on the go or leaving in your yard. The size of the rock speaker is ideal for an outdoor space that looks great. There are two speakers included. The speakers come in a set.

Brand: Alpine

👤They are close to the size of a bowling ball, even though they look small on Amazon. Which I think is a good thing. They look and sound great in the backyard, we just hooked them up. I hope the solar component lasts.

👤It's easy to connect to the stereo. The sound is better than expected. The mid-range is solid. The bass is decent. I am a life-long bassist. It's good. The speakers sound great with stereo sound. The bass frequencies are reinforced by being placed on the ground. Exceeded my expectations. The overall sound is impressive. People love it! One speaker is the main speaker. It's easy. Push the big black button to turn on the second speaker. Go to the first speaker. Push a small black button. Yes! Stereo! They couldn't figure out how to set them up so they returned. I was up and running in 20 minutes. The speakers survived 3 days of intense monsoon rain in Arizona. I was worried they didn't make it. They work great. The speakers are loud. It's not deafening, but it's too loud for my front yard where it might be pushing the boundaries of my 10 neighbors on my block. The more I listen to the speakers, the better they sound. There is no distortion even at the max. The sound is very clean. Great range. It's good, but no earthshaking lows, so it's still good. I can hear the hi-hat cymbals, the ride, sizzle, and crash cymbals. It's not as crisp as I would want, but still acceptable. 99% of the average person is not an audio engineer. My neighborhood is very fond of these speakers. Few people have played music on stage for over 50 years. It's worth the money. If they can survive the Arizona heat at 115-129F, that's even better. I appreciate the design more after a week. Well-made. Sturdy. The monsoon is rain-proof. It is heat-proof. The solar panels work well. Simple controls. It's easy to set-up. It's easy to set to stereo. It's worth the money. After setting up the First Speaker and turning on the Second Speaker, go back to the First Speaker and push the small black button twice. You have Stereo now. Forget the expensive Boses! It is party time. The speakers are great. It is a good time for all and the sound is great. Shawn and I both live in Arizona. The speakers have survived the heat. All those heavy monsoon rains? No problem at all. Make sure the plastic plugs that cover the controls are completely flushed with the rock. The speakers had no problems with the rain. Stereo sync problems were never a problem. To get stereo, push the speaker one button. You will hear a loud sound. Now connected to the internet. Go to speaker two. To turn it on, push the big black button. Push the small black button twice when you return to speaker one. Quickly means pushing that small black button in less than a second. Hope this helps. The product is well-made. It works for me. No instructions. I took about 20 minutes to figure it out. No problem. I still love my speakers. These speakers can endure intense heat, 115F; and heavy monsoon rains for 3 weeks. Can you not sync your speakers for stereo? My second speaker didn't work today. Wow! Totally disappointed! Even after all the proper button-pushing, still not working. Okay. It's best to take it to the house. It should be charged with the Arizona sun. Plug it in with the supplied micro-USB cord. The red light is fully charged. I stare at that and think of my next move. I unplugged the charging cord after 2 minutes. To turn it on, push the big black button. It sounds like it! And plays music! It works now. A great set of speakers. The sound is solid. Clean sound at max volume. Environmentally tough. You may be too loud for your neighbors. Well-made. There were no complaints. Highly recommended. A musician on stage for over 50 years. The second speaker wasn't working again. Went through my usual methods. Couldn't get that second speaker to work. The speakers were moved closer to each other as a last resort. SUCCESS! I have a lot of different types of animals in my front yard. They don't block the speakers. The rock speakers are behind bushes. The speakers worked well. Behind the bushes are the rock speakers. The speakers were 14 feet from the inside edge to the outside edge. To solve my problem of speaker #1 talking to speaker #2, I had to reduce the distance to 13 feet 6 inches. Only 6”! The speakers are sitting on the ground. All distances are measured with a straight line. It is disappointing that the speakers don't come close to the specifications of the manufacturer. Great speakers. The sound is very good. I still give you 5 stars if you can live with speaker separation. October 11, 2021. Went through all the steps. The red power lights are on. Good. The blue lights are not on. Remember blue lights are connected to the internet. Bring rock #1 into the house. Plug in a microusb charging cord. The blue light is solid in 3 minutes. Wait 10 minutes. It seems to be fully charged. On speaker #2, repeat. All is good! There is a lot of work to be done to keep these speakers working. Definitely worth it. I have a problem cranking up the speakers too loud. I still love these speakers. October 12, 2021. I can figure it out. Speaker #1 must be brought into the house. A red light. Okay. Ready to leave. The blue light is out. Blue is for something. I use the micro-usb charging cord to charge this rock. The Solid Red Power light turns green. The best power scenario. The blue light turns to flashing. I have never seen that on this rock. Any device that has a blue light on it is connected to the internet. Wow! I use my rocks in the front yard a few times a week. I bring in my rocks 1-2 times a week to fully charge them and see the green power lights and blue lights. The rock speakers are still amazing. The sound is great. Loud. There was no distortion. The sound is clean at max volume. It was extremely tough weather-wise. These rock speakers are still playing. The review should be read in its entirety. The speakers must be fully charged to work great. My yard looks like a theme park. I need the speakers to play music. I only play music a few times a week. There are occasional power problems. Both need to be charged up. I need to charge each rock. Each rock is brought inside. The speaker should have a micro-USB cord. Forget the red power light. Solid green power light is what you want. Oh yes. Forget the blue light. Remember the blue lights. The blue lights are not powered off. You want blue lights! The sign that a device wants to be connected to the internet is always there. Solid Green Power light is optimal. It was fully charged. When fully charged, the light should be a Solid Blue. If you turn on your phone or other device, you have to select the Alpine speakers, and then the rock speakers start flashing blue lights. At this time, I usually test my main rock speaker. It's a good idea to make sure it works before you put them back in the pool, yard, etc. Charge with speaker #2. Follow my posts about how to charge the speakers. The techniques above work. If the speakers are fully charged, you can go 15 to 20 minutes in separation. You have to charge each speaker for a long time. I need to charge them every couple of weeks to make them work. The Solid Green Power Light is for you! You may get a Solid Blue light after that. The big black button needs to be pushed twice. You should see a blue light. Any blue light is good. Keep charging if there are no blue lights. The sound is still great. Environmentally tough. No problem... 115F+ and endless monsoon downpours. Will post later this winter when the temperature drops below freezing. On January 14, 2022, it was two days below freezing. The speakers are doing great. It was only 30 degrees. It gets down to 26F at best. Will update if the temperature gets cold. They took the speakers inside. I was hooking up to a flat screen TV. It was deafening at 10. The sound is clean and no distortion. They should be put in the front yard. It sounds great at 9. It's still too loud for neighbors. At 8. It is the middle of the day. My neighbors like classic rock. It's going to be turned down to 7. The speakers sounded great. The weather was tough. I like these speakers. There are no regrets. Highly recommended.

10. Wall Mount Home Speaker System

Wall Mount Home Speaker System

This wall mount high powered 2 way full range audio projection loudspeaker system has a maximum power output of 240 watt peak power and 20 watt-plus-20 watt RMS so you can play your favorite tracks as loud as you want and with style. 5.25" SubWOOFER: TWEETER. The speaker kit has a high performance dome tweeters and long throw subs with impressive bass response. The speaker set is compatible with the wireless audio streaming service, and works with a variety of devices. It's ideal for personal indoor or outdoor DJ party. The construction of waterproof buildings. The enclosure of the loud speaker pair is waterproof and protects it from extreme hot and cold temperatures. Great by the pool, patio, boat. There are additional connections. The speaker system has a 3.5mm aux input and gold plated binding post speaker plugs so you can connect additional devices to your speaker system.

Brand: Pyle

👤If your main purpose is BluetoOth connection, don't purchase. I decided to take a chance and buy these speakers, but to test them extensively before installing, after reading many of the other reviews. They sound great. The build quality is not the most awesome, but they're indoor and outdoor, so I'm not too upset with the plastic feel. They are larger than I expected, so be sure to check the size in the description. The first quarter in. If you use the mini jack as your method of input, you're golden. I'd move on if you intend to use these for bluetooth. I tested multiple devices, and only about 2 or so worked regularly, and those "fought" each other frequently, as in I would unpair from one device in order to pair another, but by the time I'd gotten the settings open on the 2nd device, the first had The device is in "pairing mode" when not connected. There's no button on many of the devices, it's just in the mode of pairing, so if a device wanders into range, it's going to auto connect. These would be great in a hard-wired scenario, but the implementation of theBT makes them not very good wireless. Hope this helps people.

👤I wanted to play music on the patio so I bought the speakers. The speakers were well-constructed and heavy. The plug from the power source does not allow for the speaker to pivot in the provided brackets, which is a serious design flaw. See the photo. I couldn't believe it! The back of the speakers have a plastic coated plug that is attached to the power cord. The back of the provided brace has less clearance than the speaker. The speaker connected to the power source will not pivot in the brace. Someone along the way would have discovered this. The sound quality is ok, but not as good as my portable Bose speakers. The sound is good for the price. If they fixed the design flaw or warned customers that the powered speaker won't pivot, I would have rated this product more than 3 stars. I will update after a while.

👤Two years ago, I bought the outdoor water proof speakers that look like mini boulders. The are still strong and look great in my backyard. They are used for music while we use the sun loungers or fire table. I wanted another set of speakers for my patio hitch, which is 25' x 15' and enclosed on 3 sides. I upgraded the speaker wire to 16 gauge from a previous project. The 16' wire that came with it was more than I needed. I am an audio nerd and wanted the best sound possible. It only took me 5 minutes to setup and test the system after I got the new wire. The iPad is easy to connect to with the 0000 code. The sound is better than expected, but there is no deep base response. Not a surprise. The speakers were very good. I recommend these, so far.

11. Innovative Technology Bluetooth Speakers Rechargeable

Innovative Technology Bluetooth Speakers Rechargeable

The instructions for what's in the boxes are from the Goldwood R8G passive rock speakers. It takes about 15 hours in the sun for a full charge of the speakers, but you can use a power cord. On a sunny day, play and charge at the same time, and enjoy music for hours. The speakers blend in with the garden, patio or backyard with their rugged exterior. They are hidden and deliver a rich sound. The rock speakers are designed for year-round use. They require minimal maintenance and will work just fine if left out in the rain, snow or sun. Long-RANGE BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY. The built-in is able to pair quickly with a variety of devices. Enjoy unlimited wireless streaming from your favorite streaming apps, internet radio or music stored on any device. The speakers have a built-in battery that can last up to 50 hours. Includes charging cables.

Brand: It.innovative Technology

👤I have had the speakers for a little over a month and they have been great, the sound is great, the solar panels work, so they don't ever need to be charged, I will update this at the end of the summer. What a great product. I would highly recommend these speakers if you are looking for outside speakers. Very pleased!

👤We use it on our patio. Since it's been outside for almost a month, it hasn't had to be refreshed. I have a few suggestions for improvement. Provide a way to turn on the speakers. It's possible to have a low power connection. If something happens, you don't have to press the side buttons on the speakers. 2. The audio from the Dot to the Speaker can be delayed. Ask the speaker when the audio will be played and there will be a few milliseconds where the audio is missed. I use it with the radio station and have been very pleased with it. It could be perfect if there were a few changes.

👤The speakers are loud. The charge lasts a long time. We have used them many times and not needed a refill. A little more bass sound is needed.

👤No one can figure out why the series of beeps keep coming. I will throw them in the trash. No matter if it is charged or not, it turns on and off by itself. Not recommended after this experience. I have had this product for over 3 months.

👤Was very excited for this product. Within a year, I was disappointed. You can't put them too far away. Not enough for a surround sound. I bought these less than a year ago. They didn't pay from their devices all the time. I can't turn the speaker off. I've tried to reset it multiple times, but the speaker won't. I've let the batteries die and they don't fix the problems. The 'product support' window is closed. What? I have a product and I can't ask how to fix it. That is crazy. I'm sad. I was very excited for these. The company worked on the issue the first summer I had them. But not now. Very disappointed.

👤After a friend recommended them, I wanted to like them, but they don't perform. You can't put your phone in your pocket or walk 10 steps without it crackling. You can leave them outside and charge them by the sun. These are not worth the money. Leave the boom box outside and charge it as needed. You are better off.

👤I purchased a pair of the Innovative Technology Premium 5-Watt outdoor rock speakers with A/C and built in batteries and solar panels in the charcoal color and have been using them for over a month. It was easy to pair them with my phone. Since I received them, they have been outside and I have used them frequently without any problems. I have placed them about 20 feet apart in front of my pool and patio area in a place that gets a lot of sun.


What is the best product for best outdoor bluetooth speakers mountable?

Best outdoor bluetooth speakers mountable products from Polk Audio. In this article about best outdoor bluetooth speakers mountable you can see why people choose the product. Pyle and Nunet are also good brands to look for when you are finding best outdoor bluetooth speakers mountable.

What are the best brands for best outdoor bluetooth speakers mountable?

Polk Audio, Pyle and Nunet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best outdoor bluetooth speakers mountable. Find the detail in this article. Sakar, Pohopa and Alpine are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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