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1. Bose Speaker Amazon Alexa Built

Bose Speaker Amazon Alexa Built

The speaker needs to be plugged into a wall outlet to function. This smart speaker has built-in Amazon and Google Assistant, so it can be used for hands-free voice control. A noise-rejecting mic system listens for your voice. Pair your device with this home speaker to stream your favorite music and more via a wireless connection. You can control your home speaker with three different ways: your voice, Bose Music app, or 6 one-touch preset on top of the speaker. You can only make or take calls from this smart speaker, Bose products, Amazon products, and anyone in your contacts list. It's free of charge and hands free. The Bose Music app is a good way to setup a Bose music system. Bose smart speakers and soundbars are compatible with this home speaker, which is part of the Bose Smart Family. Bose SimpleSync can be used to pair a member of the Bose Smart Family with a Bose speaker.

Brand: Bose

👤The sound quality is good and it comes in a nice box, so I'm giving it two stars. A required update failed. This made the speaker useless. I spent three hours researching the problem, then I had to download an update, get the correct cable, and try to update the speaker's software. I was able to finish setup of the Bose Home speaker despite my update failing. I don't know what the state of the Home Speaker 300 is or the version of the software that it is currently running, but it is working. I'm able to play music when I'm working. Beware! There are problems with the Bose Home Speaker 300. It might be better to wait and look for other options.

👤I looked through the reviews to see what people had to say about this speaker. I noticed there were issues with the app. I will talk about that aspect. The speaker is well designed. Heavy but small. It was very well constructed. I have a Bose soundlink mini speaker that has been around for many years. I have faith in the brand and the way the devices are made. The soundlink mini is smaller and will need to remain plugged in. You gain a lot in audio quality when you lose in portable. The speaker has a lot of audio. The bass is strong and deep. I prefer the bass level at a lower setting with Bose as I feel it gives you a more natural and balanced audio. It is more of a personal preference. I tested it with full base to get an idea, and it would not be out of place for people who love heavy music. You need to download the Bose app to get the most out of this speaker. I followed the instructions. I wish I could say that it was easy, but there were some issues with the setup and I had to register for the service. This is not a complicated set up for anyone with a little bit of tech knowledge, even if you mess with the app a bit. The update was not available when reviewers had purchased the device. Right away, Pandora worked well. At first, it was a little difficult to link to. You need to add the Bose device to theAlexa app before you can use the voice control. The speaker is one of the best I have tried in this class. The preset stations are my favorite feature of this device, they allow for quick changing of the speaker top. You can have stations #1 and #2 be your favorite stations. You can have several stations from one app. Many other speakers have not adapted with physical buttons for easy control. This product is fairly priced in this speaker class. The audio is great. I wouldn't take away any stars for a software issue that seems to be almost fully resolved at the time I tested the device.

👤Bose systems perform well, I have several of them. This would be fine for voice assistants, but not for Play Music. It produces room filling, but it's not very good. It sounds like an AM radio. My old Bose Soundlink Mini is not as loud as my new one.

2. Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Bose Simplesync technology can be used to pair SoundLink speakers with a member of the Bose smart home family to play in sync. For beach days or camping trips, the bass of the speaker is unparalleled and it plays loud and clear. The built-in mic for the speakerphone is loud enough to take conference calls out loud. The speaker is waterproof from the inside out and has a soft, rugged exterior. You can strap it to your backpack, cooler or handlebars to bring it wherever you go. Up to 6 hours of play time from a battery and wireless. You can easily take calls and access your phone's virtual assistant with the help of a wireless headset. Bose Simplesync technology can be used to pair SoundLink speakers with a member of the Bose smart home family to play in sync.

Brand: Bose

👤I compared the 3 portable speakers and found the best one was the JBL Flip 4 with its amazing quality and high quality sound. Bose SoundLink. The smallest of the three was the Max sound which was at 75% of the sound of the other two. I would pick JBL, it's very similar to Bose Soundlink Mini, but waterproof. Ultimate Ears are for portable use. The Bose Micro had poor sound for the price.

👤I am currently deployed in Afghanistan and this speaker is loud enough with perfect bass for its size and Bose is a water resistant speaker. The quality of the bass is not what I wanted. You get what you pay for with Bose products, but don't think you'll get the sound like the Soundlink Mini, it's a bigger speaker. If you are looking for a speaker that is light weight and durable, this is the one for you. I recommend this product for Bose fans.

👤I'm torn about writing a review of a speaker. The sound is clear, undistorted, and loud enough to be heard outdoors. It's waterproof and dust-proof, so it's rugged for biking, or a day at the beach, and you can dunk it in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. It's not going to break your carry-on or backpack if it's 10 ounces. You can attach this to your belt, a strap on your backpack, or even a thin bicycle handle with the built-in mounting band. You can get about 6 hours of viewing on a single charge. Bose provides an app that lets you pair multiple SoundLink speakers together for stereo, and it works well if you're using the latest generation Bose devices. It was easy to change devices from two different devices, and it was fast. The SoundLink Micro says that it is connected when you connect it. I would like to have an option to stop the spoken prompt. The Bose Connect app can be used to set language, name the device, and apply updates. The first update took 90 minutes on a fast connection. All this is good. The sound is clear, balanced, and doesn't distort at higher volumes compared to other single-speaker offerings in this size. The SoundLink Mini is my travel workhorse and it's a problem when you compare this to Bose's other offerings. The SoundLink Mini is larger and heavier than the 10 oz version. There is no comparison in sound quality. As a mono speaker, you're giving up sound separation and presence for size and convenience and that is to be expected. The Micro has a "thin" quality that is missing in bass and mid-range. The sound of the SoundLink Micro is clear and balanced, but when you compare it to the Bose SoundLink Mini, it sounds like a Bose with a cold. I tried uploading a video that clearly shows the sound difference but couldn't figure out how to attach it to the review. My recommendation? If you need the size and waterproof form factor of the SoundLink Micro, then go for the SoundLink Mini.

3. Bose Portable Home Speaker Built

Bose Portable Home Speaker Built

Bose's all-in-one is the most versatile smart speaker, with a portable, home, and voice control speaker. You can either take the speaker with you wherever you go or you can move it from room to room around the house. This portable speaker has a waterproof IPX4 rating, a durable design, and a battery life of up to 12 hours. If you want to use a portable speaker outside of a wi-fi range, use it as a portable speaker and control it with your mobile phone or tablets. You can use a smart speaker within the range of the internet to control it with your voice and play music from your favorite streaming services. You can only make or take calls from the portable speaker with the exception of Bose smart products, Amazon echo products, and anyone in your contacts list. It's free of charge to have a phone and a phone free of charge. The Bose Smart Home Family of products includes the speaker and works with other Bose smart speakers and soundbars for a multi-room listening experience.

Brand: Bose

👤I own a home theater system, portable speakers, and hard wired speakers. The portable battery powered Revolve + and the sounddock systems are my favorites. Bose is known for its soundstage. This is a positive when it comes to small portable speakers. I was amazed at how big the sounddock sounded when it first came out. The Bose Soundtouch 10,20,30 series is the one that I have had a few generations of. I own the series 20 and have it in my office. A great speaker. I wanted a portable speaker to go to the beach, pool, my garage, our back porch, yard, etc. The answer was the BoSE Revolve Plus. I was amazed at the sound and bass when I first powered it on. The battery lasts a long time and being splash proof was nice when we went to our friends pool. I was looking to purchase another revolver because I find the one I have disappearing more with our growing family. I waited a few weeks to be aware that the newer version was only slightly bigger, more powerful, deeper bass, and now with the ability to use the app. I received it a week ago and it was very easy to use. Some others have had issues, but not like this. I enjoy being able to run it on the internet at home, but still be able to use it outside. The Bose app is still ok, but I think the Sonos app is better. Been using the app for a while. I set it side by side with the other one to see if it was different enough. I could easily move the sound from one place to another in my app. I've tried different genres of music. The new BoSE portable home speaker has a filling sound. Louder if needed. The Revolver had a great sound, but now it sounds a little flatter next to this one. The bass gets a little bigger with the extra radiator. The new Bose is a hair taller and a tad heavier than the old one, but the size is the same. I have a picture of both of them. The size, weight and portable nature of the Sonos Move made it unsuitable for me. You can't put that speaker in a suitcase or car. It was much bigger and heavier. The speaker and grab handle are large enough to carry with you. You can get a great speaker with the built-in voice assistant. It is a tad pricey. If you're considering the Revolve plus, you should spend the extra $50. You will not be sorry. I am very satisfied with this speaker. Very clear highs, mid-range and decent bass for the size. You can adjust the bass and treble on this one if you want. I own a Sonos Play 5 and use it in my family room. I have a center in the family room with a Sonos Beam. I really like the Sonos app and it's great for that room. I have a theater system in the basement. The Bose is not that far behind the Play 5. It shows you what a great job BOSE can do. If you want a portable speaker that you can take with you to the beach, pool, yard, gym or anywhere, I don't think this speaker will be bad. Well done!

4. Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Portable Waterproof

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Portable Waterproof

SoundLink Flex outdoor speaker is packed with exclusive technologies and a custom engineered transducer for deep, clear, and immersive audio at home or on the go. Proprietary PositionIQ technology automatically determines the position of your portable speaker for optimal sound quality in any orientation or environment. SoundLink Flex is rigorously tested to meet waterproof speaker standards. It is waterproof and perfect for outdoor adventures. The portable speaker is built to resist water, dust, and debris, and is resistant to drops and rust. It is easy to hold and store. The portable speaker has a wireless speaker battery. Up to 12 hours of life per charge is offered by the battery. You can use the portable speaker to make and receive calls. One button can access your phone's voice input. Bose SoundLink Flex is a wireless speaker that can be used with a range of 30 feet. The Bose connect app allows you to change settings, unlock features, and more.

Brand: Bose

👤I like it because it is blue. I got the same color earbuds as you see in the picture. The sound quality is clear and crisp, which is not what you are expecting. The Flex speaker is better than the flip5 and charge 5, but I still like the JBL speaker. We don't have a speaker yet, but as of yesterday, they're in route. I am in total shock with the sound and bass of this speaker. I am blown away. I put my own black clip on it. I am buying a second flex speaker for the extra-ness. You will not regret buying this speaker.

👤This is the best sounding speaker I have ever had as a musician. The bass response is powerful and not muffled, and the highs are crisp. Bose is in a league of its own.

👤You can buy the best speaker for $150. It's good looking, rugged, and sounds great. I take daily meeting on the mic and it works well.

👤We are happy. As I write this, I am listening to a classical song. Bose's ability to pack so much sound, note distinction, audio projection, and capabilities into a small package left me in awe. It works great! When you first turn on the speaker, it will tell you how much battery life is left and what devices are installed, but you should pick up the closest device. Bose always has what I want when I need it.

👤When I get a new audio item, it is a period of adjustment for me, but so far after a few hours, I really like it. The clarity of the mid range is what makes this one stand out. I traded in my soundlink for a new one and this is what I need. I might get a second one. I hope Bose updates so that one can access this from the Bose Music app and use it to do some amplification. The Mint Bose Soundlink was good but the Flex is much louder. I might not need a second one for the space I am in.

👤We wanted a speaker that could amplify our sound waves in the house when we are relaxing or working. This is perfect. You can hear it all over the yard. Two thumbs up.

👤Bose did a good job with this unit. I'm not sure how they did it but the speaker is clear and crisp and the bass is still present even at high levels. The controls are basic, but function well, and the mic is great for taking phone calls. It's pretty easy to connect with the app. There were no complaints here. The build quality is really good and the water rating is pretty good. Good work. Bose.

👤I own most of Bose's speakers, except for the larger PA systems. The Soundlink Flex is my favorite. The sound quality is great, the water and dust proof is great, and the base response is great. You can hang them with the lanyard. I bought two because I wanted to use the Bose App to run them in stereo mode. These speakers are great.

5. Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

For beach days or camping trips, the speaker plays loud and clear with a balanced sound and unparalleled bass. The built-in mic for the speakerphone is loud enough to take conference calls out loud. The speaker is waterproof from the inside out, it has soft, rugged exterior, resists dents, cracks and scratches. It can be portable with a tear resistant strap, strap to your backpack, cooler or handlebars. Up to 6 hours of play time from a battery and wireless. You can easily take calls and access your phone's virtual assistant with the help of a wireless headset. Bose Simplesync technology can be used to pair SoundLink speakers with a Bose Smart Home Family member to play in sync.

Brand: Bose

👤It's ridiculous. It won't let you connect via bluetooth unless you download the app, you can't download the app without putting in a credit card, then after that, what does this amazing app do? The speaker is connected to my phone. I'm giving my data and financial information for nothing. Any of my other devices don't need a special app or access to my money. I wouldn't have bought it if I had read it. I wouldn't have bought it even if it performed well. It could be the best device ever, but I won't buy another Bose product.

👤I bought this speaker to use on my bicycle handebar in hopes that it would be more waterproof than the competition. The audio quality and waterproofness are great, but the strap design is terrible. If a speaker is rolling under the tire of a dump truck, what is the point? The hook piece embedded in the silicone strap failed when it fell off my handlebars, but I was able to retrieve it before it was run over. Bose doesn't stand by their design, so I assumed that the device would be covered under the warranty, but it isn't. I don't want to purchase a Bose speaker again, until they come up with a better design for securing the speaker to your bike.

👤I was indecisive about buying this thing for a month. I already own a Bose Soundlink Revolve so buying another speaker seemed redundant. I bought it for myself for Christmas. I'm glad I did. It's smaller and lighter than the Revolve, which makes it easier to carry around, but its round shape makes it difficult to fit in my bag. When I need a portable speaker, I tend to carry a lot of stuff so the less weight I can carry, the better. The Micro is small and lightweight and it's barely noticeable in a bag or purse. The Micro kicks out more sound than I expected from a small package, but the Revolve is a little more robust. It sounds great and I need it to do. The sound is clear and powerful for a small speaker. The Micro is an amazing shower speaker. Adding the Micro to my morning routine has made a world of difference since I didn't use it in the shower. I'm not going to lie. I am not a morning person. That's a huge understatement. I hate the universe and everyone in it. I like to avoid socializing before noon. It's terrible. My morning rage has decreased since I started listening to music in the shower. I can tolerate social interactions by 9:00 or 10:00. Give me a cup of Earl Gray and I can push it to 8:00. The speaker's back is made of little pieces that are easy to hang in the shower or anywhere else. I come out of the shower refreshed and less sad. It's a Festivus miracle. If you need a small, lightweight speaker that sounds bigger than it is, I highly recommend the Bose Soundlink Micro. It's now my go-to speaker when I need one on the go and my Revolve has taken up residence at my office where it pumps out my favorite tunes keeping me awake and drown out the drudgery of the workday.

6. Bose SoundLink Revolve Portable Bluetooth

Bose SoundLink Revolve Portable Bluetooth

The sound is deep, loud and immersive. The built-in mic for the speakerphone is loud enough to take conference calls out loud. The aluminum body is water resistant. You can enjoy up to 12 hours of playtime from a battery. You can easily take calls and access your phone's virtual assistant with the help of a wireless headset. Bose Simplesync technology can be used to pair SoundLink speakers with a member of the Bose smart home family to play in sync.

Brand: Bose

👤I bought the Bose SoundLink Revolve Speaker because I wanted an improvement over the brick I used for streaming audio from my phone to different places in my home. The primary stereo system is not moving. I picked the Bose Resolve based on name recognition and looks, and it was silver grey or lux gray. Classical music is what I listen to the most. I have used the Bose Revolve to sample other genres such as blue grass, rock, Latin, Jazz, and acoustic guitar. I am impressed with the sound quality, the clarity, and the entire audible spectrum of an older guy. The deep bass tones are impressive to me. A small down-firing single full-range driver/speaker assisted by two passive bass radiators is all this. I found a review on the internet. I use a single Revolve on my desk, or another piece of furniture nearby, at a distance between 4 to 9 feet. I think setting it on a wooden plate enhances the sound. If there is no noise, the perceived sound quality is still very good, and loud. It's best to place it two to three feet from a corner. There is a The Bose app can be used to control the speaker volume from a phone. Some write-ups and ads say it produces a stereo sound. This is not correct. One speaker is mono. I would like to get another Revolve for true two-channel stereo performance. I already have a good stereo system with wired speakers. Either way, you can pair the Bose with the Amazon second generation echo dot system. The battery performance has been good. I was interested in the larger Revolve plus because I thought it had better speaker performance. I wanted to cut off the carrying cord for aesthetic reasons. Bose Technical Support stated that the performance of the Revolve is the same as that of the Revolve plus. The Bose email said that removing the carrying handle would void the warranty for the speaker. The Soundlink Revolve has the same sound power and quality as the Soundlink. The longevity of the playing time once fully charged is a big difference between the two. I hope this review helps.

👤I like this product. The sound of the speaker is amazing. The speaker couldn't be charged after I bought it. Bose was sent back for repairs after I contacted them. I got it back this week and it was working great. Today it won't charge again. It's been five days since I got it back. Maybe this defect is rare. I have a Bose headphones that has been working well for 2 years. Bose products have great design and innovations. I'm returning it because I'm done with it. The Amazon service is helping.

👤A replacement speaker is needed for two weeks. My Bose Soundlink didn't charge or turn on after a few months, like many people who purchased it on Amazon. Bose won't replace this software in spite of it being extremely common, so you have to wait for it to arrive at Bose, and be verified as non functional, before Bose will send a replacement. They will send out a new one. I don't know how long that will take. The Bose rep told me that it wouldn't turn on. He asked if I had updated the software. The speaker wouldn't work and it was difficult to do. Oh well. The replacement will last as long as the cheaper ones I've purchased. Time will tell!

7. Bose Speaker Alexa Control Built

Bose Speaker Alexa Control Built

A single speaker will fill any room with impressive sound. This smart speaker has built-in Amazon and Google Assistant, so it can be used for hands-free voice control. A noise-rejecting mic system listens for your voice. Pair your device with this home speaker to stream your favorite music and more via a wireless connection. You can control your home speaker with 3 different ways: your voice, Bose Music app, or 6 1-touch preset on top of the speaker. You can only make or take calls from this smart speaker, Bose products, Amazon products, and anyone in your contacts list. It's free of charge and hands free. The Bose Music app is a good way to setup a Bose music system. This home speaker is part of the Bose smart family and works with other Bose smart speakers and soundbars for a multi-room listening experience. Bose SimpleSync is a technology that can be used to pair a Bose Smart Family member with a Bose, SoundTouch speaker. Bose SimpleSync is a technology that can be used to pair a Bose Smart Family member with a Bose, SoundTouch speaker.

Brand: Bose

👤The speaker looks great and sounds great. It doesn't work as advertised. It connects to the internet. All Bose speakers do. The speaker has a seamless connection to multiple music services. That capability is not good. I have fast and reliable wireless in my home. The Bose Speaker 500 was difficult to connect to. Setting up the speaker was very difficult. I tried many times to connect to the Bose Music app. I unplugged the device multiple times. I reset to factory settings many times. I had to restart my internet service multiple times. After an hour, it connected. The connection to the device is terrible. I haven't begun to discuss how bad the music service is. It doesn't want to play the satellite radio station. Nothing I do works. I purchased this device because of that, and at this point I have given up trying to connect to Sirius. It won't play music from my Amazon Prime account. No luck for me. Other elements of the voice activated assistant work. I have that going for me because it will tell me the temperature outside. That is not the reason I spent $400. It is a complete waste of money. You can get a good sounding speaker for half the price if you use theBluetooth connection. Do not spend your money on this product.

👤I want to listen to books on my BHS 500. I put it with my device. The Spot is supposed to play my book. Bose is playing it. It was relatively easy to setup. Bose's sound is extraordinary. The box looks good where you put it. I connected it to Amazon Music, where I get most of my music. I have over 8,000 songs stored there. It's easy to connect with other music sources if you have them. I had a major disappointment and a minor disappointment. I was sad when she said she couldn't play Audible books. I hope that will be fixed in a future update. There is a minor disappointment like so many new devices that are compatible with the voice assistant. No other options. This is Bose great, but just waiting for Bose to make it better. I almost gave it a 4, but the sound is so good that I can't. It is recommended.

👤The manual was downloaded. Bose App doesn't correspond to the instructions in the manual, so I tried to follow them. Been working all day.

👤There is a lot to like about this speaker. The design is very attractive and the sound is great. There are enough pieces that work for both the speaker and the piece. Asking it to play music was often told it wasn't authorized until a second attempt led to an interesting argument. I bought an extra echo and echo sub after returning this. The sound quality was improved by this setup. The straight echo setup works better.

👤There are a lot of issues with setting this speaker up. I had to uninstall the Bose Music App after an hour of trying to find the "My Bose" link. I was able to connect and play music through the App even though I still haven't found that particular link. Two hours later, I am still setting it up, and having a hard time getting a support video to play. When I clicked on the "group speakers" button, it said "grouping not available", which made me cringe. I bought this for that. I only have one speaker from the "plus" generation and it should work on a multi-room setup. Stereo pairing, speaker groups, and multi-room music only support music over your wireless network, and do not support 3.5mm AUX in, or TV/video connections, according to the notice on Amazon's page. I don't know if I'm trying to play this over my wireless network. I'm confused. I was going to buy the Echo Sub system with 2 Echo+ for my mini- system but now I don't think that will work as a multi-room system if this one doesn't work. If this ends up being a $400 pricetag like the product, it will be going back. So far, what a disappointment. The only reason it's getting a 3 is the sound. The overall sound is described by Bose as "The widest sound of any smart speaker" and it does not have the bass response I expected. It has a wonderful sound. I wanted it to act more like a sub with all the talk about how great the bass was.

8. Bose SoundLink Portable Long Lasting Bluetooth

Bose SoundLink Portable Long Lasting Bluetooth

Bose Simplesync technology can be used to pair SoundLink speakers with a Bose Smart Home Family member to play in sync. The sound is deep, loud, and jaw dropping. The built-in mic for the speakerphone is loud enough to take conference calls out loud. Flexible fabric handle makes it easy to grab and go, and seamless aluminum body is water resistant. Enjoy up to 16 hours of play time with a long- lasting, rechargeable, Li-ion battery. You can easily take calls and access your phone's virtual assistant with the help of a wireless headset. Bose Simplesync technology can be used to pair two SoundLink speakers with a Bose smart home family member to play in sync.

Brand: Bose

👤Bose issued an update 5 months ago and now the Revolve will turn on with no way to stop it. This thing will randomly announce that it's connected to... It doesn't just auto connect, it has to announce it, and you have to be very careful how you leave your Blue tooth devices. Bose knows about this, but has refused to issue a patch. If you want to know what other users think about the Bose Community for Soundlink-Revolve-Randomly-Turning-On, you should check it out. The Bose 10/6 update is disappointing as the connection is the same on every device and the music stops when you try to play it again. Save your money. Bose produced a POS product, but they didn't stand up and fix all the problems with it. Bose has been a customer and advocate for a long time.

👤The speaker software was updated. The unit turns on randomly after this update. Many people have experienced the same problem and Bose engineers have not solved it. The new software is supposed to help people who use two speakers in tandem. A bug in the software causes one speaker to turn on when the base device is turned on. The sound of my speaker is better than that of this speaker. The previous Soundlink 3 had better sound. I'm going back to using the previous model, which is fine. This speaker was disappointing.

👤I bought this item based on all of the great reviews on quality of sound, and what I found was that it still had crisp sound clarity at any sound level. The Bose speaker sounded better than the music coming out of the Echo Show. Bose doesn't work well with Amazon's voice assistant, so I use my 5 year old Bose Wave Radio 4. I paid $350 for it to not be worth anything. This excuse for a speaker will be replaced by the $299 Sonos 5.

👤Bose is a great product and it's beside the price. It's a little pricey but they say you get what you pay for. The portable guy is a powerhouse. The quality of the deep base tones, battery life, and handle are what I love the most. It sounds better when hanging. It works great on the boat or by the pool. Also, note: You don't need the base charger. It comes with a charger that works just fine.

👤Today is a momentous day as I just got my Revolve+. Bose released a spiritual successor to the SoundLink Mini / Mini II within 15 seconds of me discovering it. Shame on me for not knowing sooner. I bought the Mini after it was released. I thought that it would be good for me to have something in my pocket. The bass is badly washed out, and it doesn't get super-loud, even at its own maximum volume. It needs to be backed up within a foot of a solid vertical surface. It tries to attack bass frequencies that many speakers 5X its size. It is myfeatherweight champion. The Klipsch KMC-3 is a mid-size portable speaker that walks away with it, and the Beolit 15 is a big-sounding speaker that I bought and kept. Both are masterpieces of listening to music. The sound of the SoundLink Mini can be heard at moderate listening levels and in any environment, making it lovable. Oh... It's attractive. And well-made. Did I say it was tiny? I bought a Mini II shortly after it came out, as a travel buddy on business trips, because I like it so much and my wife expropriated the original Mini to carry all over the house and yard for kid-time and chores and exercise and such. The little guys are back. I've tried many. Not all, but a lot. The SoundLink Mini is an "ultra-portable" speaker form factor that is better than thirty makes and models in the "mini" and "mid-size" portable speaker ranges. I've been complaining about the lack of competent competition for a long time. There was no. Even as recently as last week... I bought the KEF Gravity One, the same form factor as the SoundLink Mini and maybe 50% larger, but in theory, with dominant sound. No. The SoundLink Mini slays a powerful foe. Bose themselves seem to be able to outdo the SoundLink Mini. I had high expectations when I found the SoundLink Revolve speakers. Bose made the mini portable speaker even better. Maybe it's better but not the same. Not just a better win than SoundLink Mini. The Mini won with the bass response. The Mini is inaudible under 45hertz and below 60hertz using a tone generator. It's quieter under 58hertz and disappears at 38hertz with the Revolve+. If only by a hair, you'd think it was a good bass. The Revolve doesn't seem to be able to project those tones, especially around 60-80Hz, as well as the Mini. It's there, but it doesn't balance out with the other cars. The trade-off is sound. The Mini has a laser beam facing the front of the speaker. The Revolve+ doesn't matter which direction it's pointing at, it's just a matter of rotation around the unit's axis. The sound quality is nearly the same no matter where you are vertically, above, below, or with the speaker grille. One thing it does well is filling the space around it with music. The Revolve+ is louder than the Mini, but it's not as good at making bass because of the loudness of the mids and treble. It gets loud. You wouldn't want to have to listen in that way. You don't want it to. The Mini has the same sound as the one at low to moderate volumes. It's a music lantern. There is a music canister. You might not be able to tell if you grabbed the speaker or the lamp if you camped in the dark. It's a nice one, by the way of lanterns. The Mini is a retro shape with modern materials. This isn't much. The feel of the shell is not strong enough to save the looks. There's only so much you can do to have a portable speaker that doesn't look like a can or lantern. I have no bright ideas. This isn't something you'd put on an executives' bookshelf and say, "Look at that." Nice? It is on a picnic table with a plate of hot dogs. The sound quality seems to be the same model. The Mini seems to have been designed to fit in a little tiny package. It has a narrow soundstage, which is dependent on positioning to make the bass sound better. It is designed to be a good listening experience for everyone. Less on making the sound better and more on filling the space around it. This is for parties. The Mini is designed for small spaces. I like the sound of the Mini better than the Revolve+, because I sit right in front of them, playing the same tracks. The Revolve+ is not bad at all. I'll most likely keep the Revolve+. Keeping pace with the Mini puts it in front of everyone. I'll use this outside for parties. Happy listening!

9. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

Bose technology has a speaker that is water resistant. The built-in mic for the speakerphone is loud enough to take conference calls out loud. It's easy to pick up and go with a soft touch silicone exterior. It is easier than ever to pair with a phone with a voice prompt. You can enjoy up to 8 hours of play time with the battery. You can easily take calls and access your phone's virtual assistant with the help of a wireless headset. Bose Simplesync technology can be used to pair SoundLink speakers with a member of the Bose smart home family to play in sync.

Brand: Bose

👤The speaker I bought in March of last year stopped working four months later. The speaker is working again after I reset it. I've always liked the product line. Hold down the play/pause button for 15 seconds after plugging in the soundlink. Before releasing the play/pause button, it is recommended to remove the charge cord from the unit. Plug the unit back into the wall charger after releasing the button. The power button should be pressed.

👤I was surprised by the Sound Link Color II's arrival and its connection. The instructions were so poor that we wondered if we had bought a fake. We wondered why the online manual wasn't included with our speaker. We had a lengthy set of safety precautions in twenty-one, I kid you not, twenty-one different languages. Bose is a great name. Bose products have always exceeded expectations and most of the time left us in awe. The Sound Link Color II would be just as amazing as the Sound Touch 10, my wife and I thought. The Sound Link Color II sound is average. It is a little better than our four year oldPhillips speaker, but it is not as good as our two year oldKardon speaker. The speaker's bass is almost non-existent, and it will not play as loud as either of the two other speakers we compared it with. The Bose was absent. We were very disappointed. Bose says the speaker works best when backed up close to a wall, but not against it. Bose's advertisement of the speaker as an on the go, outside, camping, swimming/party speaker was odd. We tried the guidance and it seemed to add a little more bass. The speaker's sound flaws are not overcome by nearly enough. Some reviewers thought the speaker was a lint/dust trap, but we didn't find it that way. It felt good, provided a solid feel, and seemed consistent with the speaker's water resistant claim. The speaker has an annoying feature when charging. We couldn't turn off the beep in Bose literature. We found this irritant to be very common and can be fixed by using a non-Bose microusb cable. The online fix eliminated the problem. Bose's name is on the flippin' cable, which is not a big deal. You expect better, Bose for Pete's sake. The app was not a factor. Not useful and not a problem. It was easy to connect to the Bose Sound Link Color II and play music from your music library. The app has no features other than it's stereo/party mode where you need two Sound Link Color II speakers. That's going to happen. This was not a good buy. I spent a lot of time on Black Friday and Cyber Monday looking for any kind of deal on the Sound Link Color II. The sound would compensate for a few dollars, I thought. It was a bad call on my part. I bought our Kar Harmondon Onyx a couple of years ago through a Black Friday deal. It costs less than the Sound Link Color II, but it beats the Bose. I don't think the speaker is worth the Bose premium.

10. Bose SoundLink Revolve Portable Bluetooth

Bose SoundLink Revolve Portable Bluetooth

Amazingly loud. This small, portable wireless speaker is designed to deliver a consistent, uniform sound. The SoundLink Revolve speaker has a battery life of up to 13 hours, but a rechargeable battery gives you more playtime. The Micro-B port is easy to use. SoundLink Revolve II is dust and water resistant, so it will stand up to splashes by the pool. You can use the built-in microphone to make calls and access the voice assistant on your device. You can use the speaker to control your music with the Amazon voice assistant, like the Dot Echo. It's easy to connect your device to this speaker. You can pair two devices at the same time and switch between them for complete control of the music. Bose Connect app gives you access to Bose software updates, unlocks features, and allows you to manage your Bose connections. Bose Simplesync technology can be used to pair with a Bose Smart Family member to play music in sync.

Brand: Bose

👤The sound was clear and good, which you would expect from Bose. I don't know if it's a speaker issue or the problem is at the source, but I'm not sure if they have the nerve to not include a wall charger. Good luck finding one! The handbook states that you would not use a 1500 watt power supply. I almost ordered a charging cradle for it, but I found out that it doesn't have a wall plug, so you need to plug the wall charger into it. You don't receive your speaker's phone number, so it's referring you to use the wall charger. I'm sending the speaker back because it's absurd that it's not included with a wall plug to charge it.

👤Few speakers stand out like this one. It has sound quality that fills a room, as if your favorite band was playing. You can see the differences of each instrument. You don't have to face it in any particular direction. The sound of a car is referred to as a "360 sound". The sound is the same. That is what makes this speaker so special. It has a built in mic for calls and can be used with linked devices. The 13 hour battery life is great. This review was honest and helpful.

👤The speaker sounded great, but it stopped charging after 2 weeks of use. I found out that I was not the only one with this issue. It's disappointing to have issues this early, but Amazon will send a replacement.

👤Bose has a good sound quality, but I expect more. You can only control the volume on the unit. You should be able to control it with an app. It has a room filling sound, so you shouldn't have to use it to adjust the volume while you watch a movie or TV.

👤The mistake was buying a cheap one. I just bought another one and it's great for getting together in my backyard and connecting even for a dummy like me.

👤I bought the revolve 2. The $299 version is a better comparison. The highs and lows are not great. It was surprising for a Bose. A childhood friend of mine had a Bose system and it was pure sound. It is not as close to the sound as it could be.

👤I have used a Klipsch speaker for over a decade. Why do I own a speaker? I use a service like Apple Music or Spotify to play music to help put the model at ease and bring out a bit of rhythm to help with posing. Body language and facial expressions can be brought about by carefully adjusting the playlist. The sound isn't great but it's very, very good with a prominent midrange and inoffensive treble. It should work well with most any genre of music. Despite being designed and advertised as a sound system that can be heard from a certain angle, the tweeter is clearly front-biased and either a port or passive radiator is rear-biased. Both Caro Emerald's "Deleted Scenes From the Cutting Room Floor" and Duffy's "Rockferry" sound great. This is for a studio portrait or conceptual art shoot. The buttons could be better labeled with the industry standard rather than proprietary choices, but once you figure it out, it's fine. I don't need the water resistance but it's nice knowing it's durable The Triple Black unit's exterior is not flashy. I would expect a charging base to be in the shopping cart if the unit has double the advertised runtime. The lack of quick charging in this version II release is a huge letdown. The inclusion of a standard thread in the base is a huge boon for photographers and it can be mounted on a tripod or light stand for better sound performance. It all comes back to sound. It is better balanced than the Beats Pill and is able to be played at full volume, unlike the Beats, of which the bass heavy tuning causes the full range drivers to rattle and flutter at full blast. The Revolve II is not as bad as speakers like the Beats Pill. I was able to set this up on a tripod in the studio, connect Apple Music, set volume to half and never have to touch it again as the sound was delivered in all directions. It is one of the better portableBT speakers. The Plus version is large enough to accept Bose's signature tuning and does sound better overall, if you need more volume and higher fidelity. The non-plus version is perfect for studio and on-location use and fits perfectly in my camera bag. It is the best collection of compromises for the price point. The sound is clean and mid-focused, so I might buy a second one to use in stereo with my iMac, just plucking one off it's charging base whenever I head out to the studio or location. Unless you are an uncompromising bass head, you would be crazy to buy anything other than the $200 portableBT speaker. If that is the case, buy a Sony and avoid the Beats Pill.

11. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SimpleSync can be used to pair a member of the Bose Smart Family with a Bose speaker. Bose technology has a speaker that is water resistant. It's easy to pick up and go with a soft touch silicone exterior. It is easier than ever to pair with a phone with voice prompts. You can play for up to 8 hours with the ion battery. The range is up to 30 ft. It's built in for using digital assistants, like Apple's Siri or Google Now.

Brand: Bose

👤What can I say? It's a Bose product. The sound quality is great. The speaker was louder than I expected. Bose is always up to date! I was afraid to spend a lot on a speaker, but it was worth it. I was very happy that I did. I've always been impressed with bose. Obviously. . They never blew up! My phone is making a loud noise as if it's blown. I am sad. It's :- I'm embarrassed and surprised that I don't listen to it anymore. It wasn't cheap either. It seems cheap. I've had different bose systems before. Never a problem. It was enjoyable! I wanted that sound. It's :-

👤It's not great for listening to at lower volumes. I would like it to bring out the mids and highs in a different way than just turning up the volume. It is a good little box. It's very portable and easy to connect. There's a lady who tells you which device you're connecting to. I'm not sure if I should feed her or let her out. There was nothing in the instructions.

👤The speaker did not last a month. It stopped holding a charge after a few weeks. When we called customer service, they sent us a label to return the item and get a replacement. The machine they sent back had the same problem. They refused to give us a refund because they said the 30-day warranty period had ended because they started counting from the purchase date. It's the second time we've had a bad experience with Bose, which is supposed to be a nice brand. They've lost a customer. Good customer service is cheaper in the long run. Disappointing.

👤After a few months, the Soundlink 2 stopped charging. I realized it was a common issue when I looked at it. I followed instructions on how to reset the speaker so that it would work again if I did this many times. It stopped working when it was reset. I realized that it was possible to charge it by attaching my laptop to the bose app. It's not worth the pain to charge. I don't use my bose speaker anymore. I am a bose junky and usually swear by all their products but I cannot back this little speaker and would recommend looking elsewhere for a speaker with better charging capabilities.

👤Everything is perfect. I would like to have black. It's all good. The amazing sound this pumps out is all I care about. I also watched the show and it had perfect sound and no lag. You won't be angry with this, but you need to be safe. I'm good with red because it looks like a hot orange pink.

👤Don't buy this speaker. I bought this speaker in the summer of 2020. I noticed that the audio cuts out for a second or two. This happens no matter what device I am using or what app I am using. Bose has me reset the speaker. It still skips. I call again. Bose asked how far away the speaker was from the phone. I say about an inch. I have to send it in for repairs. I get the device back with a statement that it's fine. It still skips. I call again. The rep suggests that it wasn't repaired correctly because I failed to describe the problem adequately. Sometimes it goes a full hour without skipping, but the audio cuts out very briefly, like for a second. The speaker is sent back for repairs. I get the device back with a statement that it is fully repaired and tested. Guess what? Still skipping. I call again. The customer service rep tried to convince me to send it again. I don't want to ask what they plan to do differently this time compared to the last two times I sent it in. They agreed to send me a new speaker. I am very happy. The speaker is here. Can you guess what I play music for? It skips. The speaker would cost $55 to repair. If I were paid my regular hourly wage, I could have purchased a new speaker by now, since I have spent a lot of time trying to address the problem. Bose has a reputation like that so I was expecting more. I will never buy another Bose product unless they address this.


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Best outdoor bluetooth speakers bose products from Bose. In this article about best outdoor bluetooth speakers bose you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding best outdoor bluetooth speakers bose.

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