Best Best One Year Old Boy Gift Balls

Gift 8 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Toddler Tricycle Birthday Thanksgiving Christmas

Toddler Tricycle Birthday Thanksgiving Christmas

A great gift idea. A pound ball is a perfect birthday gift. They'll unwrap it at the party. A unique gift to give is to teach your Princess or Knight to push with their feet and maintain their balance while sitting and moving. Gain coordination and confidence at an early age. Enhance leg strength. The design secrets are from XIAPIA Bee Baby Bike. The fully enclosed wheel does not allow pedals to be used. A 135 degree turning and pyramid base design is needed to prevent the baby side from falling down. The baby balance bike is made of carbon steel. The handle bar and wheel are made of EVA. XIAPIA bikes were used in all security effectiveness tests and performed well. They are continuously developing and creating green environmental protection type skin care technologies for you and your babies, so as to achieve your satisfaction and recognition. That will make your baby's face smile. Ages for 10 to 36 months. It takes 2 minutes to assemble. The god will give your kids the greatest gift.

Brand: Xiapia

👤A very cute birthday gift. It was perfect size and he immediately jumped on and began to move around the room. The stick on eyes are the only compliment so far, they are too easy to come off, and would be better if they were painted on eyes. He doesn't care either way. Does hold up to the weight of his big sister, who insists on riding it as well? Hopefully it will last until he is big as she hasn't had it yet, but a couple months. It seems like it is holding up to the abuse that can happen with children.

👤I assembled it within 10 minutes after it arrived. It was fairly easy. My one year old asked to play with it. It only took him a short time to learn how to ride it. He wants to play with it every day. A few mothers in our neighbourhood asked where to get it. A good purchase!

👤I have 2 grandsons. This is great for both of them. There is a lot of room for them in our basement, because we redid it to be "kid and pet friendly". It's very sturdy and easy to assemble. It seems pretty durable for a 1 and 3 year old. It gets a lot of use when they are around. Good product. Very happy with it.

👤The bike is adorable. My 1 year old loves dogs. We love it. The eyes are from the first day. They won't last long because of the part that bubble up. It is going to be a dog bike.

👤A great bike to teach your kids to ride. Although he is a little short, my son can fit on it. It takes a lot of effort to make the bike move. He is usually at the very tip of the seat. It is easy to move around. If you have a crazy ambitious boy like mines, when riding this bike at a fast pace, it can tip over when turning.

👤The quality of the tricycle is not good. When I received it, I thought it was used, so I exchanged it and got another one, and it was the same. I think they don't have a good finish. It is not painted and has a sticker on it. It is better than other tricycles. Others are small. It is good if you can ignore the not perfect finishing.

👤The first one was disappointing because of the seat holes. The exchange was easy and the replacement was great. My grandson is only 8 months old, but he seems to like it, but not as much as his brother. All the way around is a plus.

👤It is cute, great quality, and sturdy. I think my son is too young because he looses his balance and sometimes tips over. That is the whole purpose of this bike. It should be fun for him to teach them balance.

👤I bought this item for my 18 month old granddaughter after an evening of stress and being taken to the hospital. I have never left a negative review in my life, but I will not hesitate after what happened today. This bike is not stable. My granddaughter tipped over the handle bars, and as she faced the floor, she split her lip and lost her teeth. We witnessed it all, with 3 adults watching her, we could not get to her fast enough to prevent the fall, which left her with permanent facial damage. I am thankful that she is not in the hospital with a serious head injury or a broken lip. I wouldn't ever recommend this item. I will be looking at legal advice to take against the manufacturers of this item. Do not buy ours, it is in the bin.

2. Fun Toys Hover Soccer Ball

Fun Toys Hover Soccer Ball

The hover soccer ball can turn a dull day into time well spent with family and friends, perfect for kids, teens, and adults. The soft foam bumpers on the hover balls are to protect against injury. The soccer ball glides on a cushion of air for smooth gliding on hardwood, tile, asphalt, and short carpets. 2 air soccer hover balls with flashing lights are ideal for dark or low-light rooms. Their light up toys will make any birthday party, Christmas celebration, indoor soccer game, or other special event a big deal.

Brand: Let Loose Moose

👤The kids had a blast playing with it, but after a while, the plastic shield on the bottom broke, so they had to use a different ball. This was the first time my kids played with me. It doesn't hold up if it hits the wall. We believe it ran into the quarter round around the edge of the floor. A great idea for a toy. It needs to be made stronger. There is a picture of where it broke. The company wouldn't answer when I asked to return it. We wasted money on this and I wouldn't buy it again.

👤They both broke with normal use. We were very disappointed. We now know that these were junk and that a different brand was ordered to replace them, which is more durable and better. A family member threw the boxes away. We couldn't return them. It's a sad thing.

👤My granddaughter will be 5 in February. She always wants to play ball in the cold weather. I ordered the set for her as a Christmas gift. She absolutely loves it. I told her that she could play with this ball in the house. I think so. She took one of them to our friends house and she had a great time. It goes through batteries pretty quick after I get a gift. I have no problem giving a 5 star review, I am considering purchasing a rechargeable one for her. She loves it so much.

👤The kids went crazy over the gift. Being able to split it up and give it to two kids made it even more special.

👤I thought my husband ordered this for our daughter. Yes, a soccer ball that can be hovered over. It is awesome! It floats like a hockey puck on the air hockey table. My daughter plays with it and chases it around the house. She is 3. My boxer is not impressed with it. I told him to order a few more sets because they are the new gifts for everyone under the age of 10. It doesn't make obnoxious noise and is pretty durable. It is perfect for kids and parents because it does not cost a lot.

👤This was a present for our grandson who is a soccer player. Due to the coronaviruses, he is not able to play, but he loves hovering soccer balls for indoor games. He said that they are easy to use and responsive. His parents like that they have built-in bumpers that are safe to use and work well over both tile and hardwood flooring. We are happy with our purchase and recommend this product.

👤This comes with two hover balls. Double the fun. The kids enjoy it just as much as I anticipated. They are packaged in their own boxes. I gave one to someone as a gift.

👤I bought this hoping to have something to do indoors as it gets colder. I had a chance to check it out because it rained the day I got the balls. The product is a great way to entertain my girls. It's light enough that it doesn't damage furniture. The hover is strong enough to keep it off the floor. The lights were a hit. You get two of them.

3. Winning Stacking Learning Developmental Montessori

Winning Stacking Learning Developmental Montessori

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The toys are painted with multiple layers. They use premium beech from New Zealand to make transparent water-based paint which is safe and won't fade. Their goal is your child's safety and satisfaction. The wooden toy has a 12 month warranty. They will reply to your question within 24 hours. The fine motor promotion. The pound a ball is ideal for hammering practice and promotes dexterity, hand eye coordination, manipulation, arm movement, cause and effect. Kid friendly. The design of hammer and balls is suitable for little hands. Your child will love seeing the ball slide. Easy play. The smooth-sanded balls Drop down after being hammered and then roll down the ramp on the bottom tray. It's helpful to grow up your infant's mind with this particular pounding ball action toy. A great gift idea. A pound ball is a perfect birthday gift. They'll unwrap it at the party.

Brand: Playkidz

👤These balls are too small for this age group, they are not as big as they look in the picture. My 2 year old granddaughter almost died when she got a ball in her mouth. It almost necessitated an ER call. The thing was thrown in the trash.

👤Our grandson plays with this every time he's at our house. He likes to watch the ball and the hole roll down the track. A+ for learning and fun and B- for strength. He loves this toy and it could be made more sturdy, but he does.

👤My toddler and his playmates like this toy. Balls from other toys get stuck in the tubes when my son puts them inside. My son tends to pick the whole thing up and throw it down when this happens. He has been taught to bring it to me when he needs help. It had a fair amount of abuse before that. I put the toy away further away from the other toys so he wouldn't have to play with them again. I still have to fish out balls and other toys that are not fitting, but it's not a big deal and the toy continues to hold up. My son doesn't like the hammer part.

👤When our children were small, we had a toy similar to this, but it was only one level, and I searched hard to find one like it. I tried a cheaper one that was flimsy and not as good. I spent the extra few dollars to get this one and am happy I did. He loves to pound the hammer to make them go through, but sometimes he just pushes them through with his hand. He gets to watch them play down the ramps. It was bright colors that attracted his attention. He has been playing with this toy for the last two months and it still looks new.

👤Since it arrived, this has been one of our little one's favorite toys. The little air holes in the tubes allow the removal of objects that get jammed inside of the toy. This thing has been used as a toy, a ladder, a shot-put, and as a mallet to beat other toys, and shows no signs of wear so far. The top holds all of the balls and still works as new. The only way to improve this would be to make the base tilt a little so that gravity pulls the balls out. Our play room is carpeted and the balls don't usually end up in the tray without adult intervention. It's a small complaint.

👤Everything made in China is over my head. The product looks great. The idea is really good. It is not. It breaks easily. We get the cheap stuff when they get the good stuff from China. Purchase American made goods. This is one of many items I bought in the last few days or weeks where I know it won't last. I remember ordering from Amazon and having to haul the box inside, now it is as light as paper. I will be canceling my Amazon account because of this cheap garbage from China. No one wants to waste their money. This review is for everything in Amazon. I'm done with it. Going to mom and pop shops. If they are open. Doesn't anyone else feel the effect of this?

4. MOONTOY Cars Year Friction Powered

MOONTOY Cars Year Friction Powered

A gift idea for kids. The farm harvest game is a great educational toy for your children. Babies will always notice the bright color of vegetable and fruit. It is a perfect gift for your toddlers. 3 sets of monster trucks include 3 unique wild animals toy car figures model: bull, leopard, and crocodile. There was no battery that needed to be energy-saving. The animal trucks will make children more excited and happy if they open the toy truck button. The toy cars give children infinite joy and imagination space. The toddler truck is a great educational toy that develops kids' curiosity, creativity, and hand-eye coordination. Each truck is attractive to young kids, high quality, and beautiful color boxes are perfect toys for kids. Monster truck is a perfect birthday bag, Christmas gift, and any other celebrating gift for boys/girls/toddlers 1 + years old. The toys cars give parents a chance to engage with their children. MOONTOY baby toy trucks have high quality and durable thick plastic. With soft edges and curves, your baby won't be hurt by a sharp part.

Brand: Moontoy

👤These are wonderful. My son loves them and has thrown them around. He has one in each room that we use.

👤My son was a big fan of the toy monster trucks. They are durable enough to be played with outside. Would purchase again.

👤I like this toy because of its appearance. The opening and closing mouth is a nice feature. Only one vehicle is pulled back. The other two are similar. The other is a toy. The ad makes them all look like they're pulling back and releasing.

👤We got my son these when he was a year old. We absolutely love them. He is still enjoying playing with them in the simplest form, even though he doesn't understand the pull back or friction run function. He likes to smash into each other. They have held up well. These were recommended by me.

👤The toys are not pulled back. Thay aren't powered by friction. I know that they are an Amazon Choice product. There is a They have 1,788 reviews. There is a If you watch some of the first videos under review, you're not the only one who thinks they're worthless. We couldn't send them back after he opened them because they were for our grandson's birthday. There is no internal mechanism that would allow them to be a toy. The manufacturer wants your money.

👤My grandson likes trucks. He holds them up for me to send them off again. Excellent colors and well made.

👤I got my son a pack of cute cars. He has a vivid imagination and the little faces on these made him light up and play.

👤I loved/loved these for 17 months. He does well with his first trucks. He likes to open his mouth. They are easy to grab. He is going through a throwing phase in which he tosses the objects 10 feet and they land on the floor. They pass the test after surviving each time. Who knew that toddlers were strong?

👤I was surprised by the quality of these vehicles. They are fun and well made. My little one loves pushing them around and moving the different parts of the tractor, digger and dumper truck. When you push them, the mechanics are great.

👤The toy we received was an amazing set of toy monster trucks that we could play with and have fun with, lots of bright colors, manual moving parts and fast action movements. Both of our children love it. There are 3 bright colored Monster Trucks with animals including a Hungry Leopard and a Raging Bull. The bright colors and great feel of these toys make them a good choice for toddlers and young children, as they are easy to hold and play with. 10/10!

👤I just gave my nephew these for his 2nd birthday present and he absolutely loved them, they are very strong and beautiful, and are worth the money. We had a few hours of fun playing with them.

👤My 14 month old son was very enjoyable. Pull and go, free wheel, and other types of movement look interesting. There are no small parts that are important for kids under 3. It was worth the money.

5. Hape Pound Bench Slide Xylophone

Hape Pound Bench Slide Xylophone

John Deere product is officially licensed. Musical instruments are multi functional. The kids xylophone can be used in many ways. The kids can play with balls or they can pull out a keyboard and play a solo. The fine motor skills development. Promotes dexterity, hand eye coordination, manipulation, arm movement, cause and effect. Secular musicality. The toys for toddlers encourage musical development and exploration. Child safety: The paint is water-based and has non-toxic finishes. The winner of the Cribsie Award of favorite first musical toy is 12 months to 3 years old.

Brand: Hape

👤The baby was too young when we got her, but now she loves it! The xylophone is replaceable. It's two toys in one. This toy is very good. It's sturdy, safe, and well-made. If you find my review helpful, please mark it. Thank you so much!

👤This toy cost us an expensive visit to the ER and could have a negative effect on our daughter's well-being. My daughter took a sharp toothpick from the splintered toy. We don't know if she vomited it all or if she had abdominal pain. Foreign bodies can cause infections. I am very disappointed in the lack of safety in the products sold by the company. Do not buy!

👤The instrument is colorful and well made, but it is not in tune with the child's musical tastes. This was an oversight. The Hape toys are all 5 star.

👤I played the xylophone and it was like a nice toy. Not in tune. It was very disturbing. I contacted the company to see if there was an isolated incident, but they never replied. A reasonably priced toy can be used to make a xylophone. Fisher Price has been doing it for a long time. There are other nice ones out there too. Beware.

👤I bought this thinking it would grow with him. It's out of tune. I will return it.

👤My daughter loved this toy and it encourages imaginative play with music. I had to take away the balls because my then 18 month old got a ball in her mouth. It was poking out far enough that I was able to pull it out. The answer was that the kid's mouth has to be huge for this to happen, but that's not the case. The base is useless without the balls. I don't like leaving negative reviews. Safety is important.

👤We like this toy. We expected it to be the same. Bright colors and beautiful music. Almost all of the bad reviews stated that it sounded horrible, so I almost didn't buy it. I could have gone by and not bought the toy. I like the idea of having the balls drop and produce sound. I don't want to teach my baby music with this, so let's give it a try. I bought this because it is a wonderful toy. At least ours is not out of tune. The balls were hard to push through the holes. A baby can't do it.

👤My son likes this toy. He doesn't know what a mallet is, but he likes pushing the balls through with his hands. He likes to hold the xylophone. He will get many months of enjoyment from this product. The xylophone should be checked regularly to make sure it is tight. Great purchase. I put a can of snacks next to it for reference.

👤Avete un parente o un amico. vi ha regalato. Avete maledetto infinite. I prodotto per voi per ripagarlo con la stessa moneta. Per scalfire, il giusto state ancora pagando. I bimbi, a farti venire attacchi cardiaci.

6. Hover Soccer Indoor Bumper Inflatable

Hover Soccer Indoor Bumper Inflatable

It's very easy for kids to assemble and put away gifts. The most special football gift for boys is the indoor air soccer, which is a fantastic birthday Christmas gift. The hover soccer toy can glide across any smooth surface, thanks to its powerful built-in motor. You can kick it like a soccer ball. The hover soccer ball indoor is safe for kids and safe for your furniture and walls because of the soft foam bumper and toxic-free materials. You can turn any indoor space into a hover ball field and have fun with your family and friends. The soccer ball with its bright lights can attract kids' attention, and the floating ball toy with an inflatable football and basketball can greatly increase the diversity and fun of the game. Play a soccer game. The soccer ball toy is powered by 4 AA batteries and does not need to be charged frequently, the happy time will not be easily suspended, and the toys come with 2 goals, you can really enjoy the fun of the air soccer game, and the soccer ball toy is powered by 4 AA There are great gift ideas for kids. The indoor ball is a good toy for kids of all ages to play, and is suitable for parties, birthdays, family gatherings, or any other fun activities. They will solve your problem within 24 hours if you have any requirements.

Brand: Growsland

👤The cheap snap together goal is made of pvc with cups. The net did not stay on the goal long enough to score a goal. The balls were not damaged. The Hover Ball is cute, but it is not worth the money. * The distributor of this product has been trying to get me to remove this post. I warn buyers to beware, they are trying to remove negative reviews.

👤A birthday gift for a 7 year old. It was a hit.

👤I thought it would just slide on the carpet and floor, but was pleasantly surprised when it had batteries and mini fans to make it glide like an air puck on a table. It's perfect for short shag carpet.

👤I was hoping this would be a great gift for my child. He was so excited when he unwrapped it that he found some of the balls missing. It was a huge disappointment.

👤Kids in Wisconsin. It is safe to play with in the house. They like kicking in the hallway.

👤It should have been returned.

👤We got this for my niece because she is only 15 months old. It has helped us teach her how to kick the ball.

👤The goodwill was given it after it was disassembled.

7. VTech Chomp and Count Dino

VTech Chomp and Count Dino

The handle should be grabbed to encourage motor skill development. As you feed the dinosaur toy, it recognizes eight brightly colored food pieces and provides fun responses. Baby learning toy dinosaur introduces colors, foods, shapes and counting. The early learning center has over 130 songs, sounds and phrases, and kids can answer questions with the correct food pieces. 5 shape buttons teach shapes and numbers, or spin a spinning disc to play sing-along songs, and pull toy interacts as it is pulled or pushed along. The baby toy comes with volume control and auto shut-off and is for toddlers 1 to 3 years old.

Brand: Vtech

👤I bought this because it was cute. It is useless and not entertaining. The coins were stuck in the mouths of my grandsons. Since day one, it has not been touched. VTech sucks you in because it looks cute, but all of their toys are the same. Music, shapes, colors and ABCs are annoying. They are geared for a period of 12 to 36 months. ABCs? What colors? Really? This is not special. If you pay a little more, you can get something that kids want to play with. I will not buy Vtech again. If you have to sell it at a garage sale for $1, it's not economical.

👤I bought this and similar items for my granddaughter. The disks can't be dropped easily into the slot. It is hard to push the whole way in if the child gets it aligned in an awkward angle. Getting the disks out of the trap door is difficult. The sound is not interesting. They also make a coin bank which is sold by Amazon and works great, but has no issues. I think that version is very good. Skip this one.

👤My pastor's grandson is 2 years old. He loves dinosaurs. I bought some small individual dinosaurs that came in a box and they were also by VTECH. I have been completely satisfied with the quality of their toys. The Chomp and Count is very difficult. It does letters. There are different pictures on the chips that represent what you want him to eat. When you pick up a banana chip, he will tell you its nutrition value. The chips are big enough that they are safe and don't hurt when you step on them. You can turn off the volume when you get tired of him singing. I think they should make the string around his neck longer. I would have to be older than this little boy to pull him around as he has little wheels on the bottom. He had trouble holding onto the short string. This toy is good.

👤The toy is great and our daughter loves playing with it, but it keeps making noise for 20 minutes after she's finished. It's the most annoying toy we've ever bought. It's like the thing is in motion. VTech toys do annoying things, but this takes the cake.

👤When you put the orange carrot coin in the Dino's mouth, he will say brown potato. It was more than one time thing. It said the wrong name on the coins. I tried to figure it out. I disconnected the batteries when I changed them out three times. It is a great idea, but it is complete trash. A good review here will most likely not be used by anyone. It doesn't mean it's good just because it turns on. I own a daycare and bought this for my kids. I was glad I didn't give this as a gift as planned and bought one for daycare as well because it was bad first.

8. Talkin Hilariously Interactive Toddlers Move2Play

Talkin Hilariously Interactive Toddlers Move2Play

The toy is small enough to take on the go and big enough to hold a minifigure, but not included. Smart Reactions are intelligent sensors that respond to shots, passes, and kicks. Check out the video. There is music, songs, and a lot of sound. Inspire your future all-star is a program for girls and boys who are 2 years old. Soft Plush soccer balls are softer than nerf foam and can be used indoors and outdoors. A perfect gift is to get kids and toddlers active and away from their screens. Similar to hover soccer balls, it requires 3xAAA batteries and a high/low volume control.

Brand: Move2play

👤I have a child with special needs. He is 21 years old. It is difficult to find things he can play with. He likes to play music and throw things. This was perfect.

👤My two year old niece loves the soccer ball and she sleeps with her toy hugging it and she carries it around with her everywhere she goes. She dances when the soccer ball sings and when she repeats after it. She uses it like a pillow because it is soft. It makes me happy that she likes it. She shows it to everyone. She says that her aunt gave her it. It is an amazing toy that brings many more smiles to a happy little girl and her family.

👤The stuffed soccer ball I purchased has a sound sensor in it that makes it wobbly. I don't think it's worth the money. The ball should be centered so it can roll.

👤My grandson is almost 2 years old and loves kicking a ball. The first one did not work and was replaced by the company. He and the adults have enjoyed playing with it. He will throw the soccer ball back and forth with you if you direct him to the ball. He likes the sounds, but is a little young to fully understand the concept. A good gift, but a little expensive.

👤This was a great idea, but the battery inside is heavy and bulky. Although it is cute, I wouldn't buy it again or recommend it.

👤I bought this for my nephew who is 18 months old. Even though I saw the photos, this was smaller than I thought it would be. I realized it was perfect after he received it. I don't think this would fit a child in the 6-7 range. He seems to love it because it interacts with him and keeps him occupied. His favorite moment is when it says, "Goal!" If you have a child who loves sports and noise, this is a great toy.

👤I didn't open the ball to see if it could be fixed because the noise stopped over 2 weeks ago. Couldn't. The ball leaked and destroyed the mechanism that made noise. It's a problem because they loved the ball and now they're looking for it. I wouldn't buy another one from the seller who put cheap batteries because they wouldn't honor the toy.

👤I bought this toy for my 3 year old neighbor. He made his own game of throwing the ball into the air to practice his catching skills, laughing out loud when the ball reacted, and entertaining his 9 month old sister in the process, who laughed delightedly throughout his skills demonstration. I am glad I found it and would recommend it to anyone.

👤I really wanted to play with this ball. Unless you kick it's hardware inside, he's fun to hear and kick. It goes where it pleases... My 3 year old son just gives up and goes to get a normal ball for us to play with.

9. Playskool Explore Popper Amazon Exclusive

Playskool Explore Popper Amazon Exclusive

When the kid turns on the switch, the ball will be delayed for 3 seconds to fly to ensure safety, when the toy hits things, it will turn off automatically to avoid damage. The material is non-toxic. It's time to pop, drop, and roll. The 5 colorful balls pop up in the air, roll down the ramps, then through the clear tubes and back up again as kids watch. There are music and sound effects. Kids like to bring the noise. Silly sound effects and bouncy music bring a fun sensory experience to this toddler and baby toy. Push the button. You know you want to. Little hands can practice their motor skills and try to get the fun rollin' all by themselves with a big push button. There is a fun gift for kids 9 months and up. You should be happy this popped up. Poppity poppin' fun is something to keep little ones busy. Easy-PEASY SHIPPING. The packaging is easy to open and open frustration free, so your little bee can get to the play right away. The ball-poppin toy has fun music and comes with five balls.

Brand: Playskool

👤I regret buying this ball popper for all of the reasons my little one loves it. She is fascinated by loud carnival sounding music and balls popping out of a tube, into a tray, and another ball, when she presses the lever. Most of the time, the balls will pop out of the toy into the tray if you only have 3 of them going at once. If you have more than that, they are going to be flying around the living room. The balls are large enough for little ones to choke on them. The opening of the toy is large enough to hold Legos and other things. My little one likes to put her big Legos in this toy in hopes that it will pop up, and it's easy to get the Legos out of the tube by turning the toy over. Nothing else seems to work besides the light balls. The only complaint I have with this toy is that it only has one volume, which is really loud. Many of the toys we've purchased have two volume options so you can put it on the lower volume when you're watching TV or just want some peace of mind. It's so loud that it doesn't have that. Is it loud? We have a lot of loud toys, but only two of them bother me, the Dora microphone and this one. My child really enjoys this and it will keep her occupied for a while. This is definitely a winner if you can stand the noise.

👤Use a different site if you are buying this as a gift. The pieces were shipped in a shipping box. It was in pieces in a brown shipping box. I put it together and all the pieces seem to be there, but I need to find a bag to put it all in. I don't have 4 D batteries to try it out, so I'm not sure if it works. It is fine if you want it for your own child and don't need to give it as a gift.

👤I will change the rating after my grandson plays with it. Initially, I am disappointed. It came with minimal packaging which I normally would approve of, but it would be nice if it was in its original packaging from Playskool. I am not comfortable with his parents thinking I just got a toy because there is no box. I can't understand why those parts weren't pre-assembled when it came in a box with cardboard surrounding them. The booklet was wrinkled and bent. It was difficult to assemble the parts that could have already been on it without taking up a room in the box it came in. It was annoying to find out that it needed four batteries because it didn't come in the box. I have to buy those and remove the back to install them. I like to give toys that I am excited about. I'm not happy at the moment.

10. VTech Sports Center Frustration Packaging

VTech Sports Center Frustration Packaging

Toddler toy Truck has buttons that play phrases and teach tools and colors. The toddler soccer net can be used to score goals or play on a basketball goal. The Scoreboard Count plays animated lights up and the purple lever restarts it. The early learning center has 50 songs, sounds and phrases. The toddler basketball hoop develops motor skills with the sports toy. The educational toy operates on 3 AA batteries.

Brand: Vtech

👤For his birthday, I bought this for him. At the moment, he is enjoying it. I'm sure he will learn not to score goals and play basketball when he does walk.

👤My son loves this toy. We got it for him as a Christmas gift and he plays with it every time he sees it. We wanted something that wouldn't take a lot of space and wouldn't have a million pieces. This accomplishes that! The grooves on the legs of the base keep the balls neatly put away when not in use. You can play and turn on the sound. The sports center, soccer ball, and basket ball are in the box. This is not a toy you can just take apart and put together on demand, so you need to use a screwdriver to fix the score board. It is very small. Most VTech toys snap in place. The sports balls are a good size for little hands, but after a while need some air because they get soft. If your toddler steps on them, they can lose their balance. AA batteries are not included. The sports center can be used in many different ways. We wanted a basketball net that wouldn't fall on the little guy. It has held up despite my rambunctious toddler throwing toys into the net and slam dunking the balls. Not to mention basketball and soccer battles between my husband and I. The ball counts up to ten when you shoot it into the basket. It just cheers when you score. There are also upbeat songs. The gears allow for sitting. When you turn the flip tabs, they make noise. The monkey is my son's favorite. Even if he doesn't play with the rest of the sports center, he will still tug on that thing. I will definitely buy this toy. My son loves to play soccer and it is a win for us.

👤My son is turning two and I got this for him. We played with it for the first time today. It is a very nice size, colorful, lots of buttons, and portable. It really doesn't act as advertised. The purpose of the game is to count dunks so if your little makes a clean basket they don't score. The scoring for the goal doesn't work either. The effects are all random. It will be counting baskets and suddenly sing a song. The buttons make a lot of noise and are not related to the pictures, which is more distraction for my child than useful. This is not a teaching toy, it is just an annoying toy that lights up. It is just okay. My little loves the lights, but gets distracted by the noise. I would pay a max of $20 for this. It makes a lot of noise and doesn't teach anything because it's effects don't match with what the child does, and other than being colorful, it's just another toy we will take the batteries out of and use that way. Purchase something else if you want to save money. I would have sent it back if we had not shown it to him. We won't be buying anymore from this brand because they have gone downhill in their products.

11. Toddler Tunnels Birthday Present Outdoor

Toddler Tunnels Birthday Present Outdoor

A nice box is not a suitable gift for a 1 year old boy and girl. They want to make every customer happy, toddler's safety and customer's satisfaction is their main concern. They were hit up by PLZ for any reason. There are loads of fun. The pop up ball pit obstacle course is bright and colorful. The TARGET WALL game is fun for the kids and parents, and it has dart balls included. Kids can change the maze options to keep the play set exciting. A must have toy for active children and pets. They recommend 400-600 balls for the ball size. There are loads of fun. The pop up ball pit obstacle course is bright and colorful. The TARGET WALL game is fun for the kids and parents, and it has dart balls included. Kids can change the maze options to keep the play set exciting. A must have toy for active children and pets. They recommend 400-600 balls for the ball size. The perfect gift for babies and toddlers. One year old birthday boy or girl is a good gift. Birthday boy or girl, it's a perfect gift. A perfect gift for a 3 year old. Boys and girls will love it. It's a good idea for Birthday Parties, picnics, carnivals, and sleepovers. The toddler gift toys are recommended for first birthday gifts and Christmas gifts. Easy assembly and storage. The jungle gym toy pops open. The tunnels are closed with easy-locks. The included lightweight carry case can be folded away for convenient storage in the house play cave. It's really easy to take a toy to grandma's home. Use as a backyard, playground, daycare, preschool, nursery, playgroups. The playpen should not be used on concrete or pavement. The play ground is made with the highest quality 190T soft polyester fabric and thick steel wiring, assuring your kids the ultimate SAFE, LONG LASTING, and ENJOYABLE play experience for hours of play! TheRAPEUTIC Plus Enlightenment and imagination are related. It helps develop arm and leg muscles. There is a ball pen for sensory processing disorders. All Hide-n-Side Trademark tents and toys are guaranteed to be durable, safe, and easy to assemble and store. When they guarantee their products, they are serious. Simply contact them if you have an issue.

Brand: Hide N Side

👤My kids never tire of hideouts and tents. I hear my mom say, "Can you build us a tent?" I ordered this set instead of sticking blankets in drawers and hanging them from bookshelves. They love playing in them. This is a great toy. They can sit and play in 3 sections. It's well made and has a lot of extras on it, like a ball catcher and a hole in the side where you could play a game like corn hole. The basketball hoops are not included. It was easy to set up. You attach the tunnels when you open the tenthouses. It has a bag for storage and folds down easy. My kids and I love it.

👤This set is amazing. I received a gift for my daughter's first birthday. My 6 year old loves it. There's enough room for at least 10 kids in it, but he took it over. I have a huge living room that takes up a lot of space, but there are many ways to fit it where you need it. We dumped 300 balls in the other ball pit and they barely made a scratch. I can sit in the ball pit with the baby. My 6 year old can't describe the light in his eyes. This is it. It's like fort heaven for him. I can't think of a kid who wouldn't like this, it's well made and stands up under rough conditions. You can either use the main tent to play ball darts, or just use a few tunnels, or you can do what I do and live in a house with kids and let them enjoy the whole thing put together. I had to put it together in a straight line.

👤My son loves it and I like it. The tube doesn't properly attach, that would make this a 5 star for me. You have strings that are tied together. It is so annoying because it comes apart at will. I end up with more balls on the floor than in this. It should have been at least a few ties. I don't know the buttons. Something more than it has. It would have been nice to have a cover for the entrances you are not using. The tent part only has one configuration which makes it difficult for me to use the 7th piece because it would take a long time. The photo where you can make it into a zig-zag is different. You can't bend it at the square. I bought 1000 balls and I think it's the right amount. If you really want a ball pit, this is not it. I wanted to get 2 in 1, but I like the maze so I'm just going for a little one. The true ball pit is where I put another 1000 balls in an inflatable pool.

👤We bought this for our granddaughter's fourth birthday, and it was the main activity for the party. It was able to accommodate a lot of kids and they had a great time. It was great for the party and I am happy it won't be sitting in my den.


What is the best product for best one year old boy gift balls?

Best one year old boy gift balls products from Xiapia. In this article about best one year old boy gift balls you can see why people choose the product. Let Loose Moose and Playkidz are also good brands to look for when you are finding best one year old boy gift balls.

What are the best brands for best one year old boy gift balls?

Xiapia, Let Loose Moose and Playkidz are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best one year old boy gift balls. Find the detail in this article. Moontoy, Hape and Growsland are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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