Best Best Office Chairs for Long Hours White

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1. ELABEST Office Chair Executive Managerial

ELABEST Office Chair Executive Managerial

The easy assembly of the Office chair can be done by yourself. If you have a question, please contact them, they have a professional customer service team. They are always with you. The computer chair is easy to assemble with clear instructions and tools. All executive chairs come with a one year warranty, so please email them directly, they will offer you satisfactory solutions asap. The total office chair has a size of 27.2"x 26.4"x42.3-46.1" The back of the seat is 20.5"x24.8". The maximum weight is 280 lbs. The office leather chair with a large thick pad and soft upholstery provides good back and neck support. The streamlined back design is perfect for reception rooms, home, dorm room and office. There is a note about this. All the parts are in the chair back. Long time use of the executive chair does not fade. The seat is made of high density foam to support your hips and thighs, so you can sit for a long time. The seat thickness is about 4.3". The armrest is soft. The quiet-rolling casters allow for convenient movement in your office space. The heavy-duty base and 360-degree swivel make a great stable structure. The pneumatic controls tilt the chair for a comfortable rest.

Brand: Elabest

👤I had a problem with the chair when I bought it. I didn't give it five stars because of this. I got an e-mail from Joe after I posted my review. We got the problem fixed after a few emails. This is the best customer service I've experienced in a long time. The seat is too big for me so Joe sent me a pillow. I received a pillow. It has made a huge difference. The chair is more comfortable. Joe went the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied. Thanks to Joe and to Elabest for great customer service.

👤It's easy to put together. It was not hard to put the back of the chair on. I love this chair. I sit for 8 hours a day working from home and my office chair is terrible. The purple cushion didn't help. It's perfect after I added my purple support. The seat is close to the back of my knees. Big butt friendly.

👤I'm pretty impressed. The packaging was strong. There were all the parts. There are parts in the chair's back. The instructions were easy to understand. The chair's instruction manual was printed on heavy card stock and had color photos. It won't affect the performance of the chair, but it will instill a bit of confidence in the product when they go to this effort. I am a woman of moderate strength and I had no problem putting this together myself. They give the tool.

👤I broke my chair. The headrest snapped. I've missed a chair that had an integrated headrest, and based on the reviews I decided to give this chair a try. I broke a rule and bought this based on a small number of reviews. The chair was easy to assemble. The chair is nice. The build quality is poor. The chair is cheap and doesn't last very long, it will look like a piece of junk after a few weeks, and it's styling is great. This chair is not compatible. Years ago, I had to sit on a box full of paper for a few weeks at a client site because they didn't have a desk for me and that hard box of paper was more comfortable. My lower back was killing me after a couple of hours in this chair. It was very tiring. The foam seat is hard to put down, but they claim it's very comfortable. I'm sitting in a broken chair, trying to figure out what to do next.

👤I've had the chair for about two weeks and I'm happy. I was expecting a larger box for the chair, but it was delivered by the US Postal Service. I think the chair is as advertised. It was easy to put together, just like any other chair. The instruction manual was very nice. When ready to assemble, the chair parts were included within the chair back. The chair is comfortable, but I wish the seat had more padding. I like the back of the chair. I like that the chair seat is flat, it doesn't have a ridge across the front edge, which cuts off the circulation in my legs. I would buy it again.

2. Amazon Basics Executive Adjustable 360 Degree

Amazon Basics Executive Adjustable 360 Degree

The executive office chair is comfortable and has silver-finished accents. It's ideal for an office or conference room because of the padded seat and armrests. A modern air-pressurized office chair with height adjustment, tilt-tension knob and smooth rolling casters is easy to use. The dimensions are 29.1 x 25.5 x 41.3-45.0 inches and supports up to 275 pounds. The dimensions are 29.1 x 25.5 x 41.3-45.0 inches and supports up to 275 pounds.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤This is a great deal for the same chair you pay for at a big box office store. There is an issue with the design. The inner infrastructure of the chair is assembled in a way that is not right. The back failed on me after 6 months. The leather and foam were removed to inspect the issue. The wood has brackets attached to it. They have installed the pieces opposite, so this is sufficient to connect them. The nuts are on the back and the L brackets are on the front. When you sit or lean back, the weight holding ability is more dependent on the nuts than on the brackets. I took mine and put it back together. I put the L brackets under the base and nuts on the top side. I put the nuts on the front and the L brackets on the back. The chair 10 fold was more stable thanks to this. The photos show the nut that pulled through the wood and my repair. The chair is still working great after 11 months. The leather material is more durable than the office store chairs. I could make this a 5 star review and a great value for a $100 chair if the manufacturers would switch the process or give me more information on the chair engineering.

👤1. The handles are peeling off as I sit in a chair with bonded leather. 2. Squeaks have to apply for wd-40 every now and then. 3. There are foam cushion inserts. 4. The screws on the side are covered with a black plastic cover. Get something that doesn't have 'bonded leather' as the material, that and maybe something more reliable.

👤I am disgusted with this "office" chair. The brown chair has a matt gold finish, not a pewter colored one. As we began unpacking the pieces, we noticed that. This was the beginning of our troubles. The screws for assembling the chair were too short. Someone should be doing something else for a living. We can't get the screws to stay tight. We needed three people to help us fit the parts together after assembling it was a nightmare. After two hours of fighting to get the chair assembled, we stood back to look at the finished product and discovered a small tear in the back of the chair that we never noticed when we unpack it. Too late now. The chair's arms loosen up because of the lousy construction design. The chair is uncomfortable because we are afraid to lean back in it or sit against the back of it for fear of it falling apart. The little end caps that are supposed to hide the screw heads are falling off because they weren't manufactured properly. It's too late to get the chair back. The hassle of packing it back up and sending it back is something that nobody wants. I would leave this chair empty-handed. I'm going to contact Amazon to find out what happened with this product. If you want to buy this chair, you need to read all the reviews and watch the videos that upset buyers. I wish I'd been more careful before buying it.

3. ErgoDesign Ergonomic Flip Up Armrest Computer

ErgoDesign Ergonomic Flip Up Armrest Computer

The set-up and warranty are easy to assemble and backed by an AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty. The seat back has a dimensions of 19.5"W x 20"H and a thickness of seat cushion of 4". The weight limit is 300 lbs. The office chair with flip up armrest is convenient to push under the table in order to save space and make the office area cleaner. The degree of the Swivel is adjusted. The height of the fashion mesh chairs can be adjusted from 18 to 22 degrees, which makes it easier for you to communicate with colleagues or use the app to fetch your files. The chair made of 3D mesh and high-density sponge cushion, which make the chair more comfortable and breathable, and the seat back made of 3D mesh and plastic frame. The tilt back 30 degree supports your spine and enhances the curve of the spine, which is good for back pain.

Brand: Ergodesign

👤The first chair I ordered was not big enough between arms. This thing is difficult to roll on my wood floor and wheels don't turn equally with me seated. I have to twist the chair to get it to roll. I have to lift the chair to get the wheels to turn. If I hadn't given the first chair to a friend, I'd only use it in a spare room. I adjusted it to the locked position when I went to sit, but sometimes it sinks from the height. I wouldn't recommend or purchase again. While seated this morning, I heard a ka-chink and looked down on the floor and there was one of the screws that holds the base to the bottom of the chair, I had saved the tool so I was able to screw it in and check all the others.

👤The chair is average. It could be better to have support on your bottom. Arm rest isn't comfortable. The pattern on the arm rest will hurt you if your forearms and elbows are exposed. The chair is loud. The chair makes a loud noise. There is a better option for the same price.

👤I needed a chair that was better for my back. I am 5 feet and 5 inches and with the chair completely low my feet don't touch the floor. It is a new chair for my husband.

👤I love this chair. It is what I needed. It is easy to assemble.

4. NOUHAUS ErgoTASK Ergonomic Computer Headrest

NOUHAUS ErgoTASK Ergonomic Computer Headrest

Great value, top quality, excellent performance, but costs less than other brands. They are committed to providing the best quality service and have a 30 day money-back guarantee. They will provide a 100% satisfied solution if you have a problem. The mesh task chair used to be pushed to the side of the room or under the desks as the cheapest way to sit for a few hours. After building their Drafting Chair, they discovered that it didn't take much to turn a space saving basic into comfortable all day long seating. Meet the ErgoTASK. The task chair has arms that feel like an office chair. The curved 2D Headrest / Neck Support makes it possible to adjust up and down and tilt your head position. The 135 Degree Synchro 2:1 tilt lets you tilt your High Back Office Chair with your seat in sight. An alternative to a simple dorm chair, student desk chair or basic armless rolling chair. Keeping you on the phone. As you sit back and lean in, you can think while the bag/coat hanger holds things off the floor. Rollerblade Wheels allow you to glide in and out of your desk. It was so satisfying! The seat is soft and comfortable. More resilience too! They all sat in a small desk chair and felt basic. The ErgoTASK has a nylon base with a max capacity of 240lb and hip space of 19.3in. The seat to floor height range is 20 to 24.8 Inches. It is easy to exaggerate. The tools and instructions for the ErgoTASK are easy to find. It is only 33.51 lbs. It is available in Classic Black or Grey, so why not try it?

Brand: Nouhaus

👤I got this chair because my last chair failed on me during a conference call. The frame broke. Since it is COVID-19. I need a comfortable chair to work from home. I looked at several brands and decided on this one. It was the best value. It was full mesh, bottom and back cushion, rollerblade wheels and a 5 year warranty appealed to me. I was able to build it in less than 20 minutes. The instructions were not the best. It would have been better to mark the screws with numbers as it was hard to know which ones were which. The screws were pre-Dipped in a blue thread lock and a tool was included for assembly. The rollerblade wheels make the chair roll nicely. It came with another set of wheels, so you can choose which ones you want. Construction is very good. There is a smell coming from the chair as I sit down. I hope it clears up in a few days. The chair is taller than expected because I am not tall and have rollerblade wheels. At the chair's lowest setting, the tips of my toes barely touch the floor. I would imagine that people with a bigger frame would find the chair too narrow. The wing in the back is odd. I can see why they put it there. It looks odd. You have the option to not put it on. I didn't want to throw it out. The chair is a 4 stars because of the smell and unclear instructions. I recommend this chair, but with a few conditions. I apologize for the pictures being sideways, they uploaded this way, and Amazon has not given me an option to change the pictures. I sat in this chair for a week or so. I use this chair for both work and play because I work from home. The smell is gone and it's good. I had to use the standard wheels after removing the roller blade wheels. That was a big factor in getting this chair. The reason is that the roller blade wheels dig into the plastic chair pad I have down because it's a single wheel versus the dual wheels of the smaller standard wheels. The dual wheels distribute my weight over the larger surface of the chair so it doesn't make big holes that are hard to get out of. The chair is more upright than I have experienced before. I wish it had a recline position. I loosened the spring a lot. When I sit in the chair, my body weight reclines. It's an acceptable substitute, but the intermediate recline position would be beneficial. I found that the foam in the armrests hurt my forearms as the day went on. Amazon sells slip on foam pads for $13 a pair. I'll probably get those for the chair.

👤The chair is great, but the seat is too short. The part that goes from your butt to your knees is too short. I'm 6' tall and the seat stops at my thigh, rather than going to my knees. There is no way to change that part. Otherwise it is a great choice. Everything else is what I needed. It will be perfect if you're shorter.

5. Posture Ergonomic FlipAdjust Armrests Executive

Posture Ergonomic FlipAdjust Armrests Executive

It is easy to exaggerate. The office chair has all the parts you need. You can finish assembling by following the instructions. The video instruction is provided by them. The BossleVEL ERgoNOMICS are. Is it an executive chair or an ergonomics powerhouse? Why should you have to choose? It is all that you decide with its Click5 Lumbar Support, FlipAdjust Armrests, PU-Leather Fabric, and Classic colors. Different moods and different days need different chairs. 5-Stages of Lumbar Support are provided by the +Posture modern ergonomics chair. They call it Click5 because each level clicks into place so that you will feel better every day. You can create a rocking sensation with either TiltRock or TiltLock. You can make a task chair with no arms or somewhere in between with the FlipAdjust Armrests. It is a rolling chair with space saving qualities. Strong construction and curved padded armrests add to the comfort. The chair has a heavy duty nylon wheel base reinforced with ribs and gussets. The Class-4 Gas Lift has a seat-to-floor range of 18.7 to 22.4 inches. The hip space you have is 19.3in. The max capacity is 275 lbs. You can choose between Taupe or Black. It is easy to exaggerate. The +Posture is easy to put together and weighs a strong 40.8 lbs. A chair that moves and looks right. So you can size your workspace.

Brand: Nouhaus

👤I hunted and searched. I work at home, but I always did. I paint at the other end of my desk. I can log hours in a chair. I wanted comfort and good support, but also a good aesthetic. The last desk chair I bought was beautiful, but turned out to be a torture device. I received it quickly. It arrived a few days after it was ordered. My husband is out of town when it arrives, but I am not a patient person. So my 11 year old. I decided to try and put it together after we brought it in. I was worried because the thing was heavy and many reviewers said assembly was hard. I'm happy to say that for us, it seemed pretty standard issue desk chair assembly, the only issue being that we initially put a part on backwards and had to correct it. That is just my spacey self and my I'm-not-sure-he-has-ears kid trying to work together. We are ready to try her out, it seems all the parts are in their appropriate places. The raising and lowering mechanism works well and the wheels roll on my tile floors. The pop out back support is a technical term. It's perfect at about 2 clicks. I am very happy with this chair.

👤I have been sitting in this chair for two months and would not recommend it. The feature for supporting the back is too low and silly to use. The seat tilts forward and becomes very uncomfortable after an hour or so. My back and legs are sore by the end of the day, because I am constantly adjusting myself. I have always worked a desk job, so this is definitely a chair issue. The instructions for this chair were very vague. Make sure to have a partner with you. The arms and legs are made of cheap painted silver plastic material, but the seat fabric is very comfortable and appears good quality. The arms should be adjusted for this price. They sit very high for me. They sit in a mid rib cage. You can find a nicer chair for $200.

👤1. Shipping is fast with good packaging. 2. Premium, soft, but supportable. 3. Installation is easy and quick. Two people are going to be fast. 4. 5 levels of support, height adjustment, and flip armrests are included. 5. The max weight capacity is 6. You will get a 5 year warranty.

👤I'm large, 6' 0" and 300 lbs. The price, width of seat, and lack of supports under the arms made me pick this chair. I've been working from home for the past year and I've been sitting in this chair a lot since I bought it. Sometimes I wish it had more padding on the seat, but a seat cushion will fix that. I don't have a problem with being too wide for the chair or rubbing my legs on the arms. The strength of the arms is surprising to me. I had a knee replacement just before I bought the chair, so I am dealing with two sore knees. When I get up from the chair, I put my full weight on the chair arms to stand. I've been surprised that I haven't seen the arms give out because of the pressure I put on them. I think about it when I stand up. I don't think they are getting weakened by my abuse.

6. Hbada Ergonomic Executive Adjustable High Back

Hbada Ergonomic Executive Adjustable High Back

The weight capacity is 250 lbs. The double layer of comfort support consists of soft elastic cotton and a sponge that can fit the human spine. You will not feel sore or pain while working at your desk because of the thick headrest and cushion. This high-back executive chair is made of high-quality PU leather. It is possible to make the office chair smooth, premium looking and easy to clean by using synthetic leather resist oil and water. The office chair has a linkage Recliner that can make your elbow and forearm rest on the soft padded seat. The rectractable footrest can be pulled out when you lie on the recliner to find your best position for a break or nap. The pneumatic seat height adjustment will fit your needs. The backrest can be reclined up to 135 degrees and locked in any angle you want. The desk chair is more flexible thanks to the rotation cushion and caster. It is easy to assemble and the detailed instructions and tools are included in the package. They will respond to you in 24 hours if you contact them.

Brand: Hbada

👤It's much better than online.

👤I was looking for a new home office chair and spent several days researching various chairs. I think it comes down to your own needs. For my needs, I wanted a chair that was comfortable and had the support I needed. I took the leap because the model appeared to contain both. I think this chair does a great job hitting both of those points, and I think it's really outstanding in either category. The chair is easy to assemble, it is supportive for my back, and I like the various reclining positions it offers. After sitting for several weeks, I started to notice that the bottom cushion in the rear seat area wasn't really cutting it on its' own. I bought a purple brand seat cushion. The chair was taken to a whole new level of comfort after I added that piece. The leg extension feature won't stay in place for long as you might think. The advert picture features a shorter woman. I'm 6'1" and it only extends below the back of my knees. If you want to fully recline in comfort for a quick afternoon snooze, you'll need something for your feet to rest on. The arms become wobbly after a number of getting ups and downs from the chair. I've had to use a power drill to re-tighten the screws. The chair does not have a rocking feature, which I find myself missing from time to time. The job does well for what I was looking for and the price is good. The stars were 4/5.

👤I would give this chair a negative rating. I would. The screws were in a zip lock when I opened the box after ordering the chair. There were no instructions in the box and pieces to the chair were missing. When I got my replacement, it had no wheels in the box, missing screws, and was clearly used. I reached out to Hbaba and it took 2 days for them to respond with "Send Photos", I have yet to hear from the company. It was only right for me to share my experience at this point in time.

👤The product is advertised as having a unified base, but when you get it, all of the instructions are in Chinese and the kit is missing the screws you need to assemble the base. If I have to contact you for critical parts or go to a store to buy them, that is not acceptable. I have a chair that I can't even sit in and I have to unpack it all over my living room. Get it together. I got in touch with the manufacturer through Amazon and explained the situation with the missing screws. Another set of screws was sent by mail, but they were not the ones that were needed to assemble the base. I was provided a set of screws before. Dropoff will take place on Monday for all of the chair parts to be thrown back in the original box.

7. Amazon Basics Ergonomic Adjustable High Back

Amazon Basics Ergonomic Adjustable High Back

A comfortable desk/office chair with a recline mechanism and padded arm rests. The high-back design with suspension seat made of mesh for added support and extra comfort. Sturdy 5-point base and quality materials make for a durable construction. caster wheels and 360-degree mobility allow for easy moving around a workspace. The set-up and warranty are easy to assemble and backed by an AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty. The set-up and warranty are easy to assemble and backed by an AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The chair is cheap and flimsy, it has no support on the mesh. The build quality is not acceptable at this price point. Look at other options.

👤If you don't like the arms, you can swing them up, but the joint is still in the way. The idea was nice but the execution was off. If you sit in a different way than sitting straight and forward, you'll be in pain. The chair is terrible for sitting in many different positions.

👤The chair is very stiff after having a cushion. I don't enjoy the chair as much as I did my older one. I replaced the wheels with urethane wheels to help it roll better and I'm glad I did that because the included wheels are really poor.

👤The chair is cheap. I am unable to sit up right because the back of the chair does not lock in place. I am unable to disassemble the chair because the chair legs won't come off the seat adjustment mechanism. I can't return it to Amazon and get a refund. Customer support was not able to help me.

👤I bought this after I had a chair that was not comfortable and made me sweat. I use this chair to study from a book on a desk and also use the computer for extended periods of time. I was very comfortable and did not sweat. I thought the arm rests would be uncomfortable because they are plastic, but they have not been an issue. A good price for a chair. Highly recommended.

👤Even if the screws are screwed all the way in, they aren't holding up. Will the connection last until it breaks? The chair is overpriced if it breaks in a year. The chair is comfortable to sit in.

👤It's been difficult to find a good chair at 6'2” and 220 lbs. This does it well.

👤It is easy to assemble. Good support. Well worth the money.

8. AmazonCommercial Ergonomic High Back Rhombus Stitched Executive

AmazonCommercial Ergonomic High Back Rhombus Stitched Executive

The executive office chair has diamond-pattern stitching. The dimensions are 29.5” D x 28” W x 40” H, the seat is 21.25”W x 21.25” D, and the base is 27.16” The seat has a tilt tension and flip-up armrests. There is a head rest and a back support at the office. The waterfall seat edge supports up to 275 pounds. The waterfall seat edge supports up to 275 pounds.

Brand: Amazoncommercial

👤I needed a new chair because I was working from home. I chose this one because I wanted a chair that was comfortable, modern, and had better back support than the one I had. The chair is easy to put together and takes longer to assemble than to get it out of the box. The material and color are great. The chair isn't supportive. The chair does not have high back support. If you want to receive support for your upper and lower back, you have to lean back and be in a reclining position. If you are sitting upright in what should be the proper seating position, the chair doesn't conform to your body at all. I went with the looks and the good reviews instead of the ones that warned about not having back support. I will definitely return it.

👤All of the products I've purchased from Amazon have met or exceeded expectations. I bought this to replace my old chair. This was an upgrade. I have used padding for up to 16 hours a day, and I use my computer for home-related activities after work. I have used this a lot for a long time. This is not an awesome chair, but it is a great pick for the price. If you don't have to sit for 24 hours straight and don't need any chair, you'll be fine with that. The cream color was cheaper than the other one. I thought it looked more premium than black, as the stitching is present. I have not had any staining or discoloration issues so far. When not in use, the arms can be used to put the chair under my desk. The support is provided by the ergonomics design. The most important cushion is not the best but it works for me. All these points take the price into account, so adjustability options are limited. The wheels work well. I have fallen asleep in the high back, but I appreciate it. Assembly was easy with any standard office chair. Considering the price, none, there are pros and cons. If I were to be picky, more options would be nice.

👤Excellent chair. It was very comfortable. I felt like I was sitting on a piece of wood when I sat in expensive chairs. Why I can't give 5 stars. I ordered white. I am gray. I sent it back because they sent the wrong color. They sent another one. I gave up after 2 weeks because I didn't have the color I wanted.

👤The chair is not right. It does not sit at 90 degrees. The holes in the chair need to be farther forward. I was able to make this chair work for anyone who already has it. I need the back of the chair to be more forward so I can be more comfortable. I pushed the chair forward after removing the top screws. The holes were inserted into the arm rest base. The bottom screws were tightened by me. It works for me now. I couldn't find anything better so I kept it. It is now perfect.

9. OFM Essentials Collection SofThread Leather

OFM Essentials Collection SofThread Leather

Premium make and materials. The chair is comfortable and provides superior luxury. The premium thread stitched diamond pattern provides a sophisticated detail that provides additional comfort. Continuation of combat is a condition. The computer chair has a luxurious feel and provides all-day back support with the integrated lumbar cushion. The executive chair has an integrated headrest and arms that are padded for all day comfort and a five-star base that is molded from reinforced resin. There are endocannabinoid features. The tilt tension controls the rate and ease of recline and the center-tilt mechanism rotates the chair seat and back together into a comfortable reclining position. This multi-purpose chair has a 250 lbs weight capacity. You can purchase a chair with confidence. This multi-purpose chair has a 250 lbs weight capacity. You can purchase a chair with confidence.

Brand: Ofm

👤This chair is comfortable. A leather chair that doesn't contain any leather is not a leather chair, it's a crab salad. The IMITATION LEATHER chair is comfortable, sturdy and worth the price, but it will not last as long as the real leather chair that it is replacing. I worked in a leather tannery for 10 years. I know what leather is. Honesty in advertising would be refreshing.

👤The most honest review of a product will probably be as close to the truth as possible. I will try to keep it brief. What do you think about the chair? I love the look. It has a soft leather feel to it. The headrest is soft and plush. The whole back of the chair is fine. The price is great and what you get is not bad. The negatives? The bottom cushion is not very big. Off. It's not bad, but I might have to get used to it. The cushion is a bit weird and it cradles in a weird way, but I can feel the bottom of the cushion from the first time I sit down. The chair would only be used for a year before the cushions are done. This wouldn't be a dealbreaker if that were the only thing. The seat? That's where I didn't think it was. I want to return this. I'm a larger man than the younger one, but fit and big in frame, sitting at just over 6'1 with 220 lbs on me. These are the things that dig into my thighs. If I don't want my legs to cut into me, I have to keep them straight. The large over the top loop makes it hard to get comfortable. It took me about 5 minutes to realize that this isn't going to work. The back of the chair is lost if the armrests cannot come off. I want something nice and comfortable to sit at when I come home from work, because I'm standing about 90 percent of the time. This isn't it. I wouldn't recommend this product if you're a small frame like 5'8 or under. I've seen chairs that make the loop smaller and add an extension to the seat to make it more comfortable. They need to fix this. I don't understand how this got past the design team, but hopefully the next iteration of the chair will incorporate this in mind. For the price, this chair would have been an awesome buy and if it lasted, my daily driver for the next few years would have died after 8 years. The soft leather feels nice, the back and head cushion is nice, and the price is terrible. It's not good for tall people and there are no tilt lock options. It will lock but not at the angle you want. The cushion can be hit or miss.

👤The chair is very comfortable. It's easy to put together. I like the look of the chairs, not all of them are weird. I had an issue with that chair, it wouldn't tilt, and forced me to sit straight up. The company got back in touch with me a few days later and linked a video on how to tilt. Pull the height lever and you can recline. It's locked forward if you push it back in. 100% happy with this.

10. Ergonomic Computer Office Midback Chair

Ergonomic Computer Office Midback Chair

It is built for comfort. The chair is made of mesh for long- lasting comfort. The locking mechanism keeps the back upright and relieves the stress and pain of other office chairs. Users have full mobility whether they are working on the computer, or meeting in the office, thanks to the ergonomics design. Their chairs pass all components of the BIFIMA certification and are a reliable option for users weighing up to 250 pounds. Their chair is easy to assemble with all the necessary tools. In about 10 minutes, you will be set up and ready to play, with step-by-step instructions. They want their customers to feel comfortable on the day and that's why they have a customer guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the chair, please contact Best Office customer service.

Brand: Bestoffice

👤I noticed that the chair had a warning underneath it. Why are they allowed to sell this? Wtf.

👤It's not built to last. It has not lasted a year. I weigh only 153 lbs. Look at the photos I posted. The metal cracked.

👤The chair is comfortable. It's easy to assemble with the included allen wrench and spare screws. The chair is very strong once assembled. It rolls and spins. For a more in-depth review, watch the video.

👤There are pros and cons. Easy to assemble CONS: price, shipping, and easy to assemble. I purchased this product over the weekend and it arrived within a few days. Shipping expectations were met. All parts and hardware were clearly labeled when I opened the box. Building a chair is easy. The screws are of different lengths, so be sure to pay attention. I looked at the chair after completing instruction. The chair frame itself was shown to be blemished, faded, and stressed in the photos that accompany the review. There were exposed edges. I was worried that I had missed a step when I first sat in the chair. It was very weak and weak from side to side. I ran through the instructions again and checked all the screws. The chair still feels uneasy to sit in. There is a lot of movement in the seat bolster and you can feel it on the floor. If I sit still and tun my head, the chair tilts to that side. The support for the back is not very good. It seems a bit lacking. The armrests are useless. I stand 6' tall and sitting straight up, my arms are not able to make contact with the arms at all. They are too short for me. If you don't sit with your knees touching, your thighs will push against the fixed arms, causing more pain. If you're looking for a comfortable and supportive chair that you can work in throughout the day, I can't recommend this chair.

👤The armrest broke in half after 1 month. Be careful with this chair. Not as strong as I thought. I heard a loud pop while I was in it.

👤I received a unit that deserved negative stars. I have to give it a 1 star because there is no rating. I never advanced to the next stage of assembly as I could not attach the wheels in any way that they wouldn't fall off when the base was turned right side up. This shows that the manufacturing quality is poor. The chair is not made in the USA according to someone who answered a question. The box is labeled "Made in China". This is not the chair for those who want to avoid Chinese products.

👤If you have never built a chair before, this review might help you out. The little marks are normal and probably from the factory. Pros- The parts came with nothing broken and the screws were not stripped. Each part had packaging on it to make sure it was protected. The instructions were useful in telling you what to do. See the cons. The chair is not as stable as you think, but it has instructions to not stand on it. It was a little too high for me, but it gave you enough height for any type of office desk. I was surprised how light it was. The wooden floor makes it easy to move the wheels around. There is a A lot of support on your back is easy. The instructions for step 2 will make it difficult for any beginner, I recommend putting the armrests on the back first to get rid of any future problems, since the holes are easier to move around. Armrests are very low for someone around 6 feet tall. At least they gave you a tool. This chair is great for the price and has no defects in its design. I feel more support on one side than the other, but it might be my fault. This feels good for a big guy under 250 lbs. The chair did not last 3 months. Cheap materials.

11. Hbada Ergonomic Computer Support Flip Up

Hbada Ergonomic Computer Support Flip Up

The mid-back desk chair is simple and elegant. Match different styles. Space saving flip-up arms for different situations. You can put it under your desk when it's empty. You can adjust the chair height to fit your sitting position. Push in to lock in an upright position. The heavy duty base has smooth and silenced rolling caster. The heavy duty base has smooth and silenced rolling caster.

Brand: Hbada

👤The arm rest padding is not smooth and the seat is not thin after only a few weeks of use. I'm not doing anything other than sitting in the chair as it creaks when I lean back. The quality and durability of the assembly were not good. You would expect this to last for a couple of years before the materials start to degrade. I will be getting a refund. I received a letter in the mail today from Hbada telling me I would receive a $25 Amazon gift card for writing a 5 star review, which may explain the number of high reviews this chair has gotten. I don't know how common this is on Amazon in general, but it completely defeats the purpose of reviews.

👤Have had the chair for a week and have used it for 8 hours each day. The chair is not the best, but it is not the worst. I like the chair. Can't complain much at this price point. I was worried that the materials would be cheap, but they are sturdy. If you sit correctly, it is comfortable. The seat cushion is not great unless you sit properly at all times. If you sit on your legs. If you sit near the middle or front end of the chair and you have tailbone pain, you will probably get it with this chair. Within an hour of use, the foam is already damaged and does not fully return to its original form. After a few days, I can feel the seat being hard to sit on. It is definitely permanent now. I bought a seat cushion to help with this issue. I'm 150 lbs, 5'10". The seat cushion is thick and you can feel it. It worked perfectly when I first used it. The nut holding the arm in place can get loose if you move the arm up and down frequently. This happen more with one side than the other. The issue was fixed temporarily when the arm was taken off and the nut tightened. After moving the arm a few times, the nut got loose again and the arm fell down. I have found a fix that worked for me if you are having this issue. You can find a pack of flat washers and locking washers at your local hardware store. The washer should be no bigger than 7 inches. The washer's internal diameter should be at least 1/62”. Remove the arm from the chair. Place a locking washer on top of the existing flat washer to keep it in place. Place the nut on the hand. The order should be Flat Washer, Locking Washer, Flat Washer, and the nut on the arm's through-bolt. I am able to move the arm repeatedly without it getting loose or wobbly. The manufacturer is aware of the issue and is fixing it. If you find that my fix isn't working, please contact them. The arm is solid after my issue was fixed. The plastic used to make the chair limits the mechanism that allows the arm to move. I wouldn't put my entire weight on the arm because the plastic is solid. Maybe it can support it. I do not want to risk it. There isn't much to complain about for me. It is comfortable when you have your back against it. I didn't notice anything that stood out to me. I don't feel the support at the back. This chair might not be the best for you. Within a week of use, I haven't had an issue with it. When you sit on the chair, it will slightly compress, but nothing significant. I know that I won't see an issue until later on. I will try to update this after more use. I contacted Customer Support before fixing the arm and they responded quickly. I was very pleased with the professional way in which he made sure my issue was resolved. If you have an issue with your chair, I will contact them to see how they can help. Is it a good idea to purchase it again at this price point? Yes. The 6 month review has been perfect since the arm was fixed. No issues with it, no wiggle, and not to lose. That was one of the things I was worried about. The chairs I bought ended up wiggling a lot and couldn't hold up anymore. This one has not had this issue yet. The cylinder still works. When reclining back and forth, there is no squeaks. Still happy with this chair! I would still recommend it. The 8 month update shows typical usage. When you rock back and forth, the chair makes a bit of noise. The back mesh is not too loose now. The fluids are still performing as before.


What is the best product for best office chairs for long hours white?

Best office chairs for long hours white products from Elabest. In this article about best office chairs for long hours white you can see why people choose the product. Amazon Basics and Ergodesign are also good brands to look for when you are finding best office chairs for long hours white.

What are the best brands for best office chairs for long hours white?

Elabest, Amazon Basics and Ergodesign are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best office chairs for long hours white. Find the detail in this article. Nouhaus, Hbada and Amazoncommercial are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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