Best Best Office Chairs for Long Hours and Posture

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1. 【DUOREST Gold】 Home Office Chairs

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The rocking motion provided by the Amsterdam helps increase blood flow and energy and helps you relax for long periods of time. The balance and rocking make sitting comfortable for tailbone, coccyx. A dual-backrest design. The Duorest system has maximum support for your spine. This innovative back supports your back and allows your spine to maintain its natural shape. The dual backrests conform to your body and allow freedom of movement while maintaining stability and support. In the office or at home. Whether you want a more comfortable chair for long periods of sitting or you have been experiencing back pain, this chair is an excellent option. The Duorest supports the natural curve of your spine to keep your posture straight, and it helps minimize pressure on the back by more than 44 lbs. The chair is ideal for people who are uncomfortable with other office chairs. Duorest GOLD is the most popular model. Multiple tilt, tilt tension and locking are advanced functions that it has. You can choose the materials and colors that you want. They're Duorest is a good quality and reasonable price. The leader in high-end office chairs has been around for 35 years. Their factory is able to deliver straight to consumers. The savings are passed on to you by taking out the middleman. The gold model passed all the standards. They design their unique and custom options with the customer in mind. Customers trust them. Their satisfaction is important to them. They make sure that their products arrive on time. Contact them immediately if there is anything unexpected with your order. It is valid for 1 to 3 years.

Brand: Duorest

👤I work out of my home so my office chair has to fit me just right and I like to have support in my lower back at all times. The upper head rest and the back support mechanisms give me the right support for my entire body during long conference calls. I have gone through many of the basic office chairs and even after a few weeks, the chairs would feel like they were falling apart. I would recommend it. It's easy for me to assemble, and that says a lot.

👤Customer reviews led to the purchase of this chair. My derriere is different from that of most reviewers. It might be a piece of lumber on cinder blocks for me. I am 73 years old and weigh 220 lbs. My weight is distributed over my frame, no pot, large arms, legs and torso. There is no need for a comfortable seat. My tail bone hurts after a week. The fit and finish looks great with great attention to manufacturing details. The wheels are oversize with 6 instead of the usual 5 and they glide smoothly on the carpet or solid surface. The tilt lock is similar to the typical height lock. There is a Head rest is nice for laying back and sleeping. Arm rests are very noisy and sound like a wooden percussion tone block. My arms are too short, when I recline my arms want to fall off, so I try to sit up straight. It feels like it has a slight forward tilt and I have to grab the arm rests and push myself back into the chair. If I tilt the chair to compensate, the back is too far back for comfort. The seat pan is molded plastic but is very flat, like a lot of other chairs. If you mold a seat to the shape of a human bottom, you are going to ruin it. The foam is not as comfortable as it could be, but there is some form of cushion in it. I believe the foam is on top of a flat surface without tearing into it. The split back does not work for me. They feel like they are pushing into the side of my rib cage rather than supporting my back when I adjust the sides. I have to lean forward for a few seconds as the pressure becomes acute. I think this is the lowest rating I have ever given a product on Amazon and I can not recommend this chair.

👤This is a chair that is going to start a conversation. It is very easy to put together. It's comfortable, but won't make you want to sleep. The components feel strong. There are traps that trap heat! My back was sweating a lot during the summer. The neck rest is a joke. If you're fully laying back, you'll never be able to take advantage of the neck rest. The chair has floor mats. In 3 months, a clear plastic mat has destroyed my carpet. I bought a mat that is stronger, and it's already destroyed another one. I've never had a chair that did this. The price is too high for this chair. I would probably try something else in the future, but it's not a bad chair.

2. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Support Rollerblade

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Support Rollerblade

The customer-centered concept is what HBADA is committed to. If you have any questions after you receive the product, please contact them. You will be given a perfect solution by HBADA. Unlike the office chairs sold by their competitors, which allow you to either fully recline or sit upright, they have a second adjustment lever that allows you to lock in your desired recline angle at any degree. You can be sure of finding the perfect seating position for you. The back of the chair has a mesh back that provides support while keeping your back cool and comfortable. Cool air circulates through the mesh, keeping your back sweat-free and allowing you to sit in the chair for longer periods of time compared to traditional chairs. Have back issues or don't want to develop them? Their office chair has a recline feature that allows you to sit straight or tilt the back. You can find a position that makes your back feel better in a matter of minutes. Simple instructions allow anyone to put this executive chair together. You will be able to adjust the chair to your own needs once built. The pneumatic controls on the chair will let you tilt the chair back or sit straight up. You can find a position that will allow you to work comfortably for long periods of time. The highest quality with a 5-year warranty. The task chair is made to last. It has a weight capacity of 330 lbs and is made from the highest quality materials, including a soft cushion seat, sturdy arm and head rests, and rollerblade caster wheels that allow you to move easily across the office floor. Get a chair that will make you feel better at work. Your purchase will be backed by a guarantee. If you don't like the chair, you can return it.

Brand: Duramont

👤This chair is for sale. I'm trying to be as concise as possible and not rant about how much I love this chair. I'm going to thoroughly review this marvel of modern engineering. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a 6 foot tall 250 pound military member with previous surgery on L5S1 which has left me with nerve pain every day of my life as well as problems on three other levels of my spine. The chairs aren't designed to seat a person of my stature and won't last very long. I need a chair that's sturdy and easy to use. I was overjoyed when the box arrived, but I was unable to lift it into my apartment. The box's weight was the first thing I noticed. I was reassured that I bought quality. The Hardware was of good quality. The chair needed double the hardware to be assembled. Extra hardware is something I love. The instructions were easy to understand and the chair was built in minutes. The way adjustments were engineered into the chair was something that I really appreciated. You can adjust the arm rests while assembling. The arm rests will only adjust once the bolts are tightened. The chairs construction has an adjustment built into it that keeps the distance from the seat to the back rest. I was happy to see that it is a feature on higher end chairs, and it is usually only a feature on higher end chairs. The roller blade wheels are amazing. My apartment has tile floor and my old chair was difficult to move, often getting tiny wheels stuck in the grooves of the tile. It made navigating the chasms of my room very difficult. I can glide from one end of the room to the other with these rollerblade wheels. I love it. The mesh is very comfortable. The support for the back is amazing. I almost fell asleep when I sat in this. The lever that allows the chair to tilt back or sit straight up is the kind of lever that you push down or pull up. This is great because some chairs have a lever that you slide horizontally on. When you sit in your chair, the lever on the bar pops out, and the char sends you backwards. I have ended up on the ground as a result of this at least fifty or sixty times. The seat back lever is designed to prevent this from happening. I needed to write this review as soon as I sat down because the chair was so comfortable. My back feels better and my nerve pain is reduced. I was sitting on a broken chair for over a year and a half until I realized the amount of pain I was in. If the chair fails over time, I will update this review.

👤I recently started working from home 4 days a week and needed a good chair. Being only 5' tall, I'm always nervous about the fit of chairs. For one thing, the headrest. Most of the headrests are too high for me. I was surprised to find that this one fits me perfectly when lowered all the way. It also adjusts higher for those of you who are not vertically challenged. I love that it adjusts up and down, and also adjusts the angle of it, so it fits just right. If you're mostly using this to work, like I am, the headrest may not matter, as I'm usually sitting up straight. It's nice when I want to back off. Lower back issues can be a nightmare if there is no support. It's great, and really extends quite a ways in, also good when you're short and can't sit as deep into a seat. I wish the depth of the seat was adjusted. You can't change that or move it in and out, but you can use the support of the back to help with that. The height of the seat is something I wish could be adjusted a bit more. While sitting all the way back, the balls of my feet rest on the floor, but not my full foot. I'm usually barefoot when I'm at home. It would probably be fine if I had a slight heel on. I wish I could lower the seat by a millimeter. The wheels don't roll very easily on carpet unless they are at the right angle, like a shopping cart has to have its wheels just right, but if I get a protective mat, which I probably should anyway, it would move much more easily. I haven't found it to be a big deal on carpet because it glides across hard floors with no issue. It was easy to put together. I'm very pleased with the price and the chair is great for all heights.

3. NYPOT Premium Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

NYPOT Premium Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

They're confident that you'll be pleased with this posture chair. Contact them if it fails to meet your expectations. The height is adjusted. The work from home chair has a cushion. It will fit your height. Tall or short, the standing chair is comfortable to sit in. The posture chair has a design that supports muscles and relaxes backaches through alignment correction. It's easy to put together and it's made to last. The posture correction chair is made of sturdy wood and thick sponge cushion that won't collapse after sitting for a long time. On the other side of the chair, sit. When you want to change positions, turn the chair around and use it as a stool and rest. Your back will thank you with the NYPOT Work Chair. Keep an upright posture. This posture chair for work has a functional design that gives you the relief of sitting and the benefits of correct posture all in one. The kneeling chair allows you to distribute the weight on your legs. It is versaTILE. The kneeling chair has a rocking ability that will shift the pressure point on your lower back, which will allow you to concentrate longer and prevent you from being stuck in one position. The office chair is modern and perfect for your home or office. The perfect gift was used to open the box with their new chair. An office chair that is perfect for meditation or study. Make the life of your loved ones better by giving them the energy and focus they need to be productive. If you're not happy with your purchase, you can get a 100% refund within 30 days. Purchase now with confidence.

Brand: Nypot

👤The chair works for its purpose. The manufacturer would benefit from redesigning the chair. The chair is supported by the plywood grain, but there is no counter support to prevent it from being sheared. The sides of the kneeling chair are made from wood. I used a vintage kneeling chair for many years and it did not have this issue with the rack because the bent plywood provides multiple angles of support through its design. The chair is comfortable and still functions. If you are using a kneeling chair for carving wood, it may not be the best option because the racking action is annoying.

👤When the chair arrived, we noticed that the metal was not locked in place, so we let them know. We thought we could glue the 1 in. The rubber cushions were missing. They immediately sent me those. My glue repair didn't work. The chair was wobbly after all the dowels came out. I contacted them again, and Matt was 888-609-. He sent me a new chair quickly and was very nice. The new chair came right away and was installed correctly.

👤Please help! This could be a good chair. I can't tell yet because I can't sit in it. The seat cushion is missing screws on one side, which means I can't put them in it to hold it in place. It is not easy to put together a replacement seat cushion. It is possible to figure it out, but the instructions don't help much. I don't know if I need a replacement for slot C or not, it was not tapered.

👤I can finally sit for hours at my work station without sciatic nerve pain or fatigue. The secure position lock keeps me from having to adjust. I have only used the chair for a few days. I can work on the computer longer. The design helps me with my posture. The wood pieces are not protected enough to prevent damage. I got a stand for my phone. I am hopeful that the company will send me the damage piece. I don't need the chair. The best kneeling chair I have tried so far is this one. I will try to post a review in a couple months to see if I still like it.

👤There is a screw here and the support brackets came out of the cushion. I am sad about the quality of the chair.

👤40 years ago, I had one. Over the years, I have been looking for it. I didn't know how the price has changed over the years. I think that's correct. There is a The components of the seat are of the highest quality. The padding in the knee area is a bit uncomfortable and has already worn down after a few days of use. It will need to be replaced soon. Although the areas have been retightened, they are still wobbly side to side. The wrench was stripped after two bolts. Everyone has extra tools.

4. KERDOM Ergonomic Breathable Computer Adjustable

KERDOM Ergonomic Breathable Computer Adjustable

The heavy duty base has smooth and silenced rolling caster. The chair has appropriate waist support and 3 support points. The height of the seat can be adjusted. Even if lying down will not fall, it has strong stability. The cushion and back are Breathable. A high-quality mesh is used to make it. May you have a pleasant experience. You can put the chair under the desk to save space. The home desk chair can be placed in a small area. It can be placed in your living room, meeting room,study room, office. There is a video in the manual and related video section. You can install it yourself. A professional after-sales service team is ready to provide satisfactory solutions if you have a question.

Brand: Kerdom

👤The desk chair has a flat wood under the foam that makes it more uncomfortable than the seat foam. I found a piece of inch and a half polystyrene foam, traced the seat around for size, and cut it with a saw. I placed the extra cushion over the desk chair seat to make it easier to sit on the chair for extended periods of time. I'm thinking about getting some fabric, removing the seat foam, placing some foam under it, stretching the fabric over it, and then stipulating it to the underside, but haven't done that yet. The interim cure is working so far. The foam I found was black, so it looked almost the same. I think an inch is enough. If you're not familiar with polystyrene foam, it's harder than soft foam found in seat cushions, but the top compress. The thing is, due to the added firmness, you don't sink to the bottom.

👤It was easy to put together. It feels sturdy but not very sturdy. I would go with a more expensive option if you are rough on chairs. I wouldn't buy if you're heavy and lean back a lot. A coworker was 300 lbs and leaned back a lot. She would destroy chairs at work. I don't think this is a good investment for someone like that. This is a good value if you want a chair that will support your back. I lean back in the chair occasionally but am careful not to over use it. The armrests lift up and I like that. The chair can be slid under my desk to be flush against the edge. Sometimes, I lift an arm to pet my dog. It's nice. The chair is easy to sit in. I use a spray for my car's interior to keep it looking good, and I use a Silicone lubricant for moving parts. The seat is easy to clean. The chair cushion will hold up over time. It is fine right now. It is a decent chair.

👤I have seen a lot of good reviews on it. I am a well built male. This chair isn't for you if you describe it the same way. I bought this for a good gaming chair when I have time to play. It was bought on the 9th and came in on the 11th. On the 11th, the building was built and on the 12th, the building was disassembled. So uncomfy. It felt like my back was in a knot when I woke up. When leaning back. The shoulders are too Broad with the arm resting up. Hard foam to sit on.

👤The welding on the bottom of the chair that connects the base portion to the seat completely broke. The chair is useless because the seat is wobbling. You can see how the weld is sunken in the photo. The company replaced our chair for free. Very responsive. My rating was upgraded to reflect good customer service.

👤I spent a long time looking for a chair that would be comfortable for an 8 hour day, but that wouldn't break the bank. The chair is it. It only took me 15 minutes to assemble it on my own after it arrived early. The mesh makes it so your back doesn't heat up, and it also makes it a stylish edition to any home office. It is the right amount of padding that makes it perfect for an 8 hour shift. It allows for you to lean back. The arms can flip up, making it more versatile, no matter your desk size or height. If you are looking for an office chair that won't break the bank, then this is the one for you. This is the chair for you.

5. Sleekform Amsterdam Shoulders Comfortable Circulation

Sleekform Amsterdam Shoulders Comfortable Circulation

Reducue Pina The open hip angle of the Amsterdam encourages an active upright posture. The kneel position is comfortable for bended knees. A chair that improves posture. The Amsterdam has a thick seat and comfy memory foam knee rest cushions, 3 metal cross bars, and is able to last longer. It is easy to keep clean with the faux leather. It has a weight capacity of almost 260 pounds. The cushions are heavy-duty. It's perfect for anyone who is 5'3" to 6'3" and is table height 29” The Amsterdam is a perfect posture corrector for meditation, study, writing, computer work, gaming, a sewing or crafting chair or a posture correcting chair. The rocking motion provided by the Amsterdam helps increase blood flow and energy and helps you relax for long periods of time. The balance and rocking make sitting comfortable for tailbone, coccyx. The rocking motion provided by the Amsterdam helps increase blood flow and energy and helps you relax for long periods of time. The balance and rocking make sitting comfortable for tailbone, coccyx.

Brand: Sleekform

👤I've had a few kneeling chairs, so I knew what to expect. My biggest complaint was that after sitting for long periods of time, my posture starts to slip. The rocker legs on this one have completely changed the situation. The entire experience has improved because I can make small adjustments quickly and easily. I can sit for a long time. The padding on this is exceptional. A lot of other kneeling chairs use less than this one. They're good enough at first, but not long after. This one is going to last a long time, and will be used more often. Everyone in my house has liked it and I had reservations about it not being adjusted. The chair was very different in heights and weights. No changes were needed. I think that will give this chair more longevity since it isn't being switched around a lot and doesn't have all those possible points of failure as some of the different versions do. Great product and company. It is highly recommended to anyone considering it.

👤I have a L4 L5 disc. The back specialist recommended this chair. I bought a non rocking one for work. It doesn't have the right slant when I kneel and it hurts my knees. The rocking chair I bought for home was the older style. I really like that feature. The kneeling chair was famous because of the older style. I watch TV in my living room. It's more comfortable with a disc in the back. The padding on the knees is thick. The rocking allows gravity to tilt you in a certain way so your back is straight. It's better than the one I have at work. My adult children tried to take it with them. I told them to go by themselves.

👤The chair needs to be comfortable for someone much larger than me. I can't perch on the edge with my weight on my knees because my a55 won't reach the seat. The leg supports are so far apart that it feels like a birthing chair. The position this contorts me into is worse than a regular chair for my sciatic nerve. My partner is not a giant at 5'8". The foam, metal tubing, and black material are all of the same quality and look as a piece of cheap exercise equipment.

👤I have lower back pain and have spine issues. I had back and neck pain and had headaches because I was hunching over in a regular chair. It is impossible to hunch over in this chair unless you want to faceplant into the table in front of you. I used it for a few hours last night and it didn't bother me at all.

👤I liked the chair. I was 5 feet 10 and 180 lbs, and it worked for my spina-bifida-related arthritic lower back pain, but after only 2 months one of the metal bars snapped, making the chair unstable. I had never put too much stress on the chair while I was sitting on it. I tried to get in touch with the seller to see if they could offer a replacement part, but I was unable to get in touch with an Amazon employee who said the product was outside of the return window. I guess that's why Amazon asks you to buy insurance on furniture purchases. My review would have been better if I had been able to get service in a timely manner. I tried another kneeling chair, but didn't like it as much. I was able to fix this one with Gorilla Tape, and it works just fine if it's a bit noisy. I would pay more for a style and dimensions that is made with better quality materials and components, but this was cheap, so in the end it was worth it.

6. Serta Ergonomic Executive Technology Leather

Serta Ergonomic Executive Technology Leather

It's convenient and supportive. Lower back support is maximized in the office chair. Back in motion technology tilts the seat forward to promote strength and flexibility in your core. Performance features include: Convenient cable-actuated levers and push-button armrests. It helps keep you comfortable and relaxed when you work or play. TheTILE AND MOBILE: large-diameter rolling caster

Brand: Serta

👤I ordered this chair because I like the Serta brand, and the reviews for the most part were fairly solid. This was a huge mistake. I sat in the chair after I put it together, it was easy to follow instructions and took about 25 minutes. I thought I put it wrong. I tried to remove the support thinking it wasn't supposed to be there. I'm 6'2” and so tall. My thighs weren't even halfway on the chair. Around 1/3 of my legs are supported by the bottom of the chair. I felt like I was going to fall. I was confused. When my girlfriend came over, I had her sit on it. She's 5'5" Her comment was that she was going to fall off. I went back to read reviews and found that a few people had noted this, but not as upset as I was. It was fun to take it apart and get it to fit in the original box. It was close to an hour. I want my time back.

👤Below is a seven month update. First, some definitions and answers to questions about the chair, like a normal office chair. There is a Yes. There are two more The "back-in-motion" feature is what it is. The seat and support are on a hinge on the base, and you can see it on the product photos. The pivot is weakly spring loaded and the part you sit on is on it. If you push the front of the seat down, the support for the back of the chair will come forward, providing continuous support. It's a bit weird, but also nice. The bad: * The chair is very comfortable and has plenty of padding. Assembly was easy and standard for an office chair. The "back in motion" feature provides continuous and positive support for the back. I've had the chair for a while. The back in motion feature is a bit weird. I need to put my behind in the fold of the chair to get really comfortable with it. The front lip of the seat is pretty high even at the chair's lowest setting. It's not always easy to completely touch the floor when I'm 5'8" and in motion. I don't think it's a big deal, but it is significant to note. The actually bad: The arms are too far out for comfort. It would be nicer if they were slightly inward. * The chair's lowest setting is too high for my taste. The chair is comfortable. If I decide to keep it or send it back, I'll update this review after a few days. There is a seven month update. The chair is nice and I have recommended it to others. There is no change in the stars, and all of the other things are the same. The backrest is weird. I like it. In order to be comfortable, you need to be fully seated in the back of the chair. Ideally, I would want the part where your arms sit to be closer to me. There are some new observations as well. If I lean into the chair without leaning it, it will put me into a slouching / leaning back posture. It's not bad, just noting it. The angle is comfortable. 6) I recently bought a balance board for when I'm standing at my desk, and it makes the perfect footrest when I'm sitting, and I highly recommend the whrily board.

7. DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Adjustable Office

DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Adjustable Office

All tools and user instructions are included, so it's easy to assemble. Please email them directly, they will offer you satisfactory solutions asap, because this office chair has a 2 years warranty. They have your back, and your knees, shins, and behind. The mesh three-inch thick cushion on your kneeling chair will ensure excellent support. It has the same freedom to move as your old office chair. When first using or changing positions throughout the day, it is best to get used to the different muscles in a kneeling chair. There is no need to hunch over your desk for hours on end. The posture chair has a functional design that makes it easier to stand and to sit in one place. It will keep your back at an upright position, distributing your weight evenly throughout your legs and buttocks. The heavy duty kneeling stool has a strong metal base and is constructed to last. The chair supports up to 250 lbs. The new kneeling stool is sleek and all black, it's perfect for your home, office, classroom, or anywhere you need a little extra support. The DRAGONN chair can be adjusted to the size that suits you. You can find the perfect position from 21" to 31" You will wonder why you didn't get this earlier when you sit in their chair.

Brand: Dragonn

👤I bought this chair because of the positive reviews. I feel a warning to anyone looking to replace their current office chair with one of these is justified, based on my painful experience, because my problem with the chair is likely not do to this specific make or model, but I feel a warning to anyone looking to replace their current office chair with I work at a desk job where I sit in front of a computer for 8 hours a day. I was hoping a kneeling chair would help with my posture problems. I used the chair for 3 days after I received it. I noticed a gradual increase in the amount of pain in my knees on Friday. I discovered blisters which did not heal after 6 days. If you spend only an hour or so in the chair with constant breaks, kneeling chairs are fine. I can't imagine why anyone who sits so rarely or little would care, especially if they paid over $100 for a chair, so I can't imagine who these are good for. There is a It was a complete waste of money, so I would recommend you try one of these before buying, and use it for at least 2 days.

👤Back was killing me, I'm 215 lbs. I took a week or so to build up the muscles in my shins in order to get used to the new weight distribution. I'm very happy with this chair, but I'm going to get a nicer one down the road.

👤The chair was reviewed from the perspective of my own. The chair is more comfortable than the bottom. The knees are more comfortable than the old kneeling chair. The eye is the epitome of kneeling-chair design. Kneeling is cool, right? The brain is self-impressed by feats of assembly, about 20 minutes from box opening to kneeling, excludes the week of Procrastination.

👤Better than the Sleekform chairs. This chair has a tilted seat which you need to use in a kneeling style chair. It's highly individualized for people who are short and tall because of its seat height and knee height. Despite being young and healthy, I have chronic hip and lower back pain and this has saved me when I need to sit and work at the computer. I have a standing desk with a balance board, but I can't stand all day, so this chair has been great.

👤I was overwhelmed with research when I was thinking of getting a kneeling chair. There were so many available that they looked the same. I went with this one because of its rating. Many of the chairs were rated for 220, and I am about 220 lbs. The chair was easy to put together. I thought the instructions were missing, but they were inside the bag with one of the cushions. I had to use a mallet to get one of the pins through the hole, but other than that it was fine. The chair is strong. Casters are a standard issue furniture component. I like the thicker pads. I am new to this kneeling chair business, so I am still getting used to the feel, but that is usually alleviated by re-positioning, to find the "sweet spot." I bought this for my office and am thinking about getting another. It is recommended.

8. Ergonomic KERDOM Breathable Computer Adjustable

Ergonomic KERDOM Breathable Computer Adjustable

There is a video in the manual and related video section. You can install it yourself. A professional after-sales service team is ready to provide satisfactory solutions if you have a question. The office chair is ergonomics. The office chairs are designed with human-oriented ergonomics to help you keep a relaxed posture while working. It is easier to relieve muscle fatigue. It is comfortable and safe. The mesh back of the computer desk chair has a thick cushion to give you the most comfortable posture. The seat plate is made of thick explosion-proof material. The max capacity is 250 lbs. Storage is convenient. The office chair has a padded arm which can be flipped up or down. It saves space and is easy to store. It's suitable for office, living room, study room, meeting room, etc. Multi Function Pneumatic seat height adjustment, tilt lock function, and solid rolling silencer casters for smooth movement. Installation instructions and video can be found at easy to assemble. It takes about 10 minutes to assemble. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Kerdom

👤The chair has support for the back. It is easy to assemble and beautiful. Able to sit for over 6 hours. It looks cheaper than its price because of the amount of plastic used to build it. There is a My buttock became painful after hours of sitting on the mesh cloth and I don't know why. I have it made of leather instead of mesh and plastic. It is difficult to disassemble. Unable to return. Amazon is willing to give it away for free. The chair is unbalanced. It is not comfortable to sit on the right side. The other chairs are not tilted like this. The chair serves its function.

👤After two years of working from home, I noticed that the dining room chair I had been sitting on was causing pain in my back, hip, and shoulder. Ten years ago, I had a back surgery and should have bought a more supportive desk chair. I had high expectations for this one. I assembled the chair myself in about 20 minutes. The seat cushion is very hard and not much in the way of padding. There is no way to adjust the seat because it's too far away from the front. I can only sit in the chair straight up and not lean back because of the small adjustment to the back of the chair. One would expect and hope for the seat height to be adjusted in just about any chair. The chair is overpriced and not as comfortable as I had hoped. We get what we pay for. Sometimes we don't get what we pay for, we just get a chair that is too difficult to disassemble and return. This chair isn't good for long workdays because it isn't comfortable. The seller offered a gift in exchange for a review. I wouldn't be having to disassemble and return an uncomfortable chair if I hadn't bought the chair. If comfort is what you seek, don't waste your time and money on this product. I reached out to the seller on how to disassemble the legs from the cylinder base, but my email provider rejected my correspondence. Make of it what you will.

👤I am 5 feet 11 inches tall and therefore on the heavy side, but this chair is a pain to use. If you spend an entire day on this chair, your sit bones will be bruised. It tilts forward about a few degrees because it is all plastic, so it is hard to book hours in it. After a month, I added a pad from Amazon so my sit bones don't get bruised at the end of the day, but I still hate sitting in it. I think I will replace this in another month. If you need a chair for work or a conference room, pass on this. It is awful.

👤I bought this chair for my daughter for Christmas. She waited a while to assemble it. We believe the back support was damaged during shipping, and that she found an issue after assembling. I contacted the seller to make sure we didn't have to accept the chair as it was, because I was concerned that we had waited too long to assemble. That wasn't the case at all! They sent us a brand new chair in a matter of days after responding in less than 8 hours. The chair is comfortable and supportive, and the aesthetic is sleek and contemporary. I would buy this chair again.

9. Hbada Ergonomic Computer Support Flip Up

Hbada Ergonomic Computer Support Flip Up

The mid-back desk chair is simple and elegant. Match different styles. Space saving flip-up arms for different situations. You can put it under your desk when it's empty. You can adjust the chair height to fit your sitting position. Push in to lock in an upright position. The heavy duty base has smooth and silenced rolling caster. The heavy duty base has smooth and silenced rolling caster.

Brand: Hbada

👤The arm rest padding is not smooth and the seat is not thin after only a few weeks of use. I'm not doing anything other than sitting in the chair as it creaks when I lean back. The quality and durability of the assembly were not good. You would expect this to last for a couple of years before the materials start to degrade. I will be getting a refund. I received a letter in the mail today from Hbada telling me I would receive a $25 Amazon gift card for writing a 5 star review, which may explain the number of high reviews this chair has gotten. I don't know how common this is on Amazon in general, but it completely defeats the purpose of reviews.

👤Have had the chair for a week and have used it for 8 hours each day. The chair is not the best, but it is not the worst. I like the chair. Can't complain much at this price point. I was worried that the materials would be cheap, but they are sturdy. If you sit correctly, it is comfortable. The seat cushion is not great unless you sit properly at all times. If you sit on your legs. If you sit near the middle or front end of the chair and you have tailbone pain, you will probably get it with this chair. Within an hour of use, the foam is already damaged and does not fully return to its original form. After a few days, I can feel the seat being hard to sit on. It is definitely permanent now. I bought a seat cushion to help with this issue. I'm 150 lbs, 5'10". The seat cushion is thick and you can feel it. It worked perfectly when I first used it. The nut holding the arm in place can get loose if you move the arm up and down frequently. This happen more with one side than the other. The issue was fixed temporarily when the arm was taken off and the nut tightened. After moving the arm a few times, the nut got loose again and the arm fell down. I have found a fix that worked for me if you are having this issue. You can find a pack of flat washers and locking washers at your local hardware store. The washer should be no bigger than 7 inches. The washer's internal diameter should be at least 1/62”. Remove the arm from the chair. Place a locking washer on top of the existing flat washer to keep it in place. Place the nut on the hand. The order should be Flat Washer, Locking Washer, Flat Washer, and the nut on the arm's through-bolt. I am able to move the arm repeatedly without it getting loose or wobbly. The manufacturer is aware of the issue and is fixing it. If you find that my fix isn't working, please contact them. The arm is solid after my issue was fixed. The plastic used to make the chair limits the mechanism that allows the arm to move. I wouldn't put my entire weight on the arm because the plastic is solid. Maybe it can support it. I do not want to risk it. There isn't much to complain about for me. It is comfortable when you have your back against it. I didn't notice anything that stood out to me. I don't feel the support at the back. This chair might not be the best for you. Within a week of use, I haven't had an issue with it. When you sit on the chair, it will slightly compress, but nothing significant. I know that I won't see an issue until later on. I will try to update this after more use. I contacted Customer Support before fixing the arm and they responded quickly. I was very pleased with the professional way in which he made sure my issue was resolved. If you have an issue with your chair, I will contact them to see how they can help. Is it a good idea to purchase it again at this price point? Yes. The 6 month review has been perfect since the arm was fixed. No issues with it, no wiggle, and not to lose. That was one of the things I was worried about. The chairs I bought ended up wiggling a lot and couldn't hold up anymore. This one has not had this issue yet. The cylinder still works. When reclining back and forth, there is no squeaks. Still happy with this chair! I would still recommend it. The 8 month update shows typical usage. When you rock back and forth, the chair makes a bit of noise. The back mesh is not too loose now. The fluids are still performing as before.

10. Posture Ergonomic FlipAdjust Armrests Executive

Posture Ergonomic FlipAdjust Armrests Executive

It is easy to exaggerate. The office chair has all the parts you need. You can finish assembling by following the instructions. The video instruction is provided by them. The BossleVEL ERgoNOMICS are. Is it an executive chair or an ergonomics powerhouse? Why should you have to choose? It is all that you decide with its Click5 Lumbar Support, FlipAdjust Armrests, PU-Leather Fabric, and Classic colors. Different moods and different days need different chairs. 5-Stages of Lumbar Support are provided by the +Posture modern ergonomics chair. They call it Click5 because each level clicks into place so that you will feel better every day. You can create a rocking sensation with either TiltRock or TiltLock. You can make a task chair with no arms or somewhere in between with the FlipAdjust Armrests. It is a rolling chair with space saving qualities. Strong construction and curved padded armrests add to the comfort. The chair has a heavy duty nylon wheel base reinforced with ribs and gussets. The Class-4 Gas Lift has a seat-to-floor range of 18.7 to 22.4 inches. The hip space you have is 19.3in. The max capacity is 275 lbs. You can choose between Taupe or Black. It is easy to exaggerate. The +Posture is easy to put together and weighs a strong 40.8 lbs. A chair that moves and looks right. So you can size your workspace.

Brand: Nouhaus

👤I hunted and searched. I work at home, but I always did. I paint at the other end of my desk. I can log hours in a chair. I wanted comfort and good support, but also a good aesthetic. The last desk chair I bought was beautiful, but turned out to be a torture device. I received it quickly. It arrived a few days after it was ordered. My husband is out of town when it arrives, but I am not a patient person. So my 11 year old. I decided to try and put it together after we brought it in. I was worried because the thing was heavy and many reviewers said assembly was hard. I'm happy to say that for us, it seemed pretty standard issue desk chair assembly, the only issue being that we initially put a part on backwards and had to correct it. That is just my spacey self and my I'm-not-sure-he-has-ears kid trying to work together. We are ready to try her out, it seems all the parts are in their appropriate places. The raising and lowering mechanism works well and the wheels roll on my tile floors. The pop out back support is a technical term. It's perfect at about 2 clicks. I am very happy with this chair.

👤I have been sitting in this chair for two months and would not recommend it. The feature for supporting the back is too low and silly to use. The seat tilts forward and becomes very uncomfortable after an hour or so. My back and legs are sore by the end of the day, because I am constantly adjusting myself. I have always worked a desk job, so this is definitely a chair issue. The instructions for this chair were very vague. Make sure to have a partner with you. The arms and legs are made of cheap painted silver plastic material, but the seat fabric is very comfortable and appears good quality. The arms should be adjusted for this price. They sit very high for me. They sit in a mid rib cage. You can find a nicer chair for $200.

👤1. Shipping is fast with good packaging. 2. Premium, soft, but supportable. 3. Installation is easy and quick. Two people are going to be fast. 4. 5 levels of support, height adjustment, and flip armrests are included. 5. The max weight capacity is 6. You will get a 5 year warranty.

👤I'm large, 6' 0" and 300 lbs. The price, width of seat, and lack of supports under the arms made me pick this chair. I've been working from home for the past year and I've been sitting in this chair a lot since I bought it. Sometimes I wish it had more padding on the seat, but a seat cushion will fix that. I don't have a problem with being too wide for the chair or rubbing my legs on the arms. The strength of the arms is surprising to me. I had a knee replacement just before I bought the chair, so I am dealing with two sore knees. When I get up from the chair, I put my full weight on the chair arms to stand. I've been surprised that I haven't seen the arms give out because of the pressure I put on them. I think about it when I stand up. I don't think they are getting weakened by my abuse.

11. YOOMEMM Kneeling Ergonomic Adjustable Comfortable

YOOMEMM Kneeling Ergonomic Adjustable Comfortable

E&D FirNITURE office chair has a one-year warranty. If there are any issues on the way, please contact their customer service. As soon as possible, they will give you a satisfactory answer. They have a great after-sales service. The angle and distance between the cushions are adjusted. When sitting on the wheels, they roll smoothly. You can sit on the seat cushion and the knee pad will fit into your calves. Your feet eventually need rest. There is not enough room to sit for bigger people. Good posture is promoted by easing the hips forward and aligning the neck, back and shins in the kneeling chair. The body's weight is distributed across the entire seat to reduce back pain. The thick cushions allow you to sit and work. The Bi-fold knee pad can be used to alleviate the knee pain, as it adjusts at various angles and heights in proportion to the seat height change. There are more features, such as the curved backrest. You can use the tilt feature as a regular chair. If you need more room to sit, the backrest can be removed. The YOOMEMMM chair is perfect for working at a desk job, studying at school, painting in the studio, and other jobs. If you have trouble intalling the chair, they have assemble videos or replacements to help you finish it. You can slide it under a desk because it doesn't take up much space.

Brand: Yoomemm

👤After only 2 weeks of sitting on it, it started to wobble from the stem. The gas cylinder that helps with the up and down movement stopped working. The comfort of the chair was great and I liked the fact that the kneeling pads were individual and changeable. The chair was more mobile because of the roller blade caster wheels. This also had a 5 wheel base. If you slid back, the wood back rest was comfortable but away from your back. I returned the chair because it was faulty and not safe to sit on for a long time. I was on the concrete floor waiting for the wobbling side to side to end up making the seat break off the stem. I was disappointed because it was very comfortable. I would have asked for an exchange but they were out of stock when I initiated the return. Soon, it will be available for about $35 more.

👤I like the fact that it's leather and the back support. You can adjust the angle at which you sit. The knee pads are adjusted as well. The knee pads don't lock in place so it can get a little uncomfortable. I have been using this for two weeks and have noticed a huge improvement in my posture.

👤These things are hard to put together but they didn't send the correct parts for assembly. There were not enough screws to attach the back seat. There are some holes that do not line up and they sent 4 correct caster and one that doesn't fit. The picture of parts missing and the 2 different casters was circled in blue. We haven't been able to complete assembly so I can't comment on comfort, but if they can't send correct parts, we will have to box up and return. Such a hassle.

👤The chair is excellent. It is very sturdy and very comfortable, even though the price was low. The cushions are always at the correct angle for your knees because the knee rests are not fixed in place. The back rest is perfect and the wood grain makes this chair look like a designer fixture. It's better than a standard chair. I no longer have back pains after working long hours with my stand/sit desk.

👤The cover on the back of the backrest was not manufactured correctly and it was impossible to get past the first step. The screw holes were not close together. I had to go back. It was very disappointing. Would not recommend.

👤A chair with a smaller wheel base fits nicely in my home office. I don't have a strong enough hand grip to properly tighten the screws, so I keep the building tools close by. The chair is perfect because of the added cushion, but I would like to have the chair adjust higher, but that issue has been solved.

👤It arrived intact because it had little packaging to protect it. The pieces seem poorly assembled, missing a lot of hardware.


What is the best product for best office chairs for long hours and posture?

Best office chairs for long hours and posture products from Duorest. In this article about best office chairs for long hours and posture you can see why people choose the product. Duramont and Nypot are also good brands to look for when you are finding best office chairs for long hours and posture.

What are the best brands for best office chairs for long hours and posture?

Duorest, Duramont and Nypot are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best office chairs for long hours and posture. Find the detail in this article. Kerdom, Sleekform and Serta are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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