Best Best Office Chair for Long Hours

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1. ERGOUP Ergonomic Armrest Headrest Computer

ERGOUP Ergonomic Armrest Headrest Computer

Their office chair is easy to set up. Installation instructions and video are available. The butterfly office chairs have been tested and certified by three organizations. Each part passed a high quality test. Each chair has tools and user instructions. The box has the chair upper body in it. It will be much easier to put other spare parts together. It is possible to sit for a long time without getting sweaty. The mesh is high strength and resistant to wear. It is suitable for 8 hours or more of sitting. The headrest height and angle meet your requirements. The ERgoup Butterfly Chair has a headrest that can meet your neck curve during lunch. The design concept of people-oriented is what motivates QUICKER PADDLE SHIFT CONTROLERGOUP. The design concept of the top car gear, the simple control of the paddle shift armrest, and the break of the traditional office chairs operation design are some of the things that make the control design of lift armrest different. The chair tilt can be adjusted within 23 degree for different people's height,weight, sitting posture to reach the user's most comfortable position, and this angles can be locked also. The engineers of ERGOUP researched and developed the sync-sliding structure. The safety and comfort of the chair can be ensured when the seat tilts forward and the chair moves forward.

Brand: Ergoup

👤The Herman Miller is too expensive for me. The chair is too small. The chair cannot lift me high enough. The chair arm is too low. I don't recommend the chair for people over 1.8m. The installation is a bit complicated. I don't know if I can put them back. There is a I won't buy this chair if I can try it out first.

👤The chair is built to last. The metal structure is strong. I retired my previous chair because it didn't support me well if I sat for hours. The mesh seat is what I was looking for and I hope it will last a long time. If the budget allows, I will recommend it.

👤The chair was worth the time and patience to look for the right one. This was easy to assemble. It is so comfortable and has all the necessary features like reclining, sliding seat, headrest, mesh comfort and handy controls on the arms. It got up and running after it was delivered. This chair is very good.

👤I've sat in a lot of office chairs over the years, but this one is the best. It supports my neck and back. I'm crazy about its functions. When you lean back, the seat slides. The line angle is up to almost lie down. It feels good. My sister would buy it before Christmas.

👤It has good quality. It's worth buying for your work. Breathable mesh seat. I work over 10 hours a day. So long time sitting. It makes my back comfortable.

2. Hbada Ergonomic Recliner Adjustable Headrest

Hbada Ergonomic Recliner Adjustable Headrest

If you want to lounge back and admire how smart you are, you have to tilt the chair up to 135. The difference it makes to your life is what you can feel when you try the Ergo3D. The ergonomics recliner increases the angle between your torso and thighs for a comfortable sitting position. Once you find your best position, use the tilt lock function to stay in place. BREATHABLE MESH - Contemporary black mesh office chair promotes increased air flow, keeping you feeling cool and comfortable during long sessions. It was designed to provide you with all-day comfort with fully upholstered back, height adjusting seat, and pullout footrest. The office chair slopes slightly downward to help reduce stress on your legs. The built-in support and headrests help protect your neck and waist. The overall dimensions are 26.8"L x 26.8"W x 45.7"D. The seat area is 19.7" by 18.7" The backrest is 22.4" wide. It's recommended that height is under 5'10". The steel frame construction is durable. The 5-star silienced wheeled base allows for quick and easy movement. The weight capacity of the high back chair is tested.

Brand: Hbada

👤Attached is an image of a good review. If the photos were drawn by a 4 year old and some of the screws were labeled wrong, the assembly instructions from Ikea would be very similar. The chair is better than the bar stool I had to use, but it leans to one side and the cushion makes a noise when you stand up. I received a letter in the mail stating that if I wrote a 5 start review they would give me 40 dollars. It's funny. Go clear.

👤Get this chair now! I'm trying to be as concise as possible and not rant about how much I love this chair. I'm going to thoroughly review this marvel of modern engineering. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a 6 foot tall 250 pound military member with previous surgery on L5S1 which has left me with nerve pain every day of my life as well as problems on three other levels of my spine. The chairs aren't designed to seat a person of my stature and won't last very long. I need a chair that's sturdy and easy to use. I was overjoyed when the box arrived, but I was unable to lift it into my apartment. The box's weight was the first thing I noticed. I was reassured that I bought quality. The Hardware was of good quality. The chair needed double the hardware to be assembled. Extra hardware is something I love. The instructions were easy to understand and the chair was built in minutes. The way adjustments were engineered into the chair was something that I really appreciated. You can adjust the arm rests while assembling. The arm rests will only adjust once the bolts are tightened. The chairs construction has an adjustment built into it that keeps the distance from the seat to the back rest. I was happy to see that it is a feature on higher end chairs, and it is usually only a feature on higher end chairs.

👤It was better than I expected. The price is great, the quality is great, and the comfort is great. The ergonomics of this chair are very comfortable for my back, and the mesh is keeping me cooler than my previous chair. I lean my head back and am greeted with a soft mesh back when I forget the headrest is there. I love the look of this chair and the metal base is very sturdy. It's perfect for my gaming section. The back of the chair has a slight wobble due to the way it is made, and only time will tell how long it will hold up. I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend this chair to anyone. The chair is starting to rock after a couple months because of the screws coming loose. I have to tighten the screws every month to keep it nice and sturdy. It should be a single default in my chair. I would still recommend this chair to anyone. The chair is still rocks. I am going to apply some screw tape and hope it keeps them in place, but I had to remove a star because I was constantly tightening the screws.

3. Hbada Ergonomic Executive Adjustable High Back

Hbada Ergonomic Executive Adjustable High Back

The weight capacity is 250 lbs. The double layer of comfort support consists of soft elastic cotton and a sponge that can fit the human spine. You will not feel sore or pain while working at your desk because of the thick headrest and cushion. This high-back executive chair is made of high-quality PU leather. It is possible to make the office chair smooth, premium looking and easy to clean by using synthetic leather resist oil and water. The office chair has a linkage Recliner that can make your elbow and forearm rest on the soft padded seat. The rectractable footrest can be pulled out when you lie on the recliner to find your best position for a break or nap. The pneumatic seat height adjustment will fit your needs. The backrest can be reclined up to 135 degrees and locked in any angle you want. The desk chair is more flexible thanks to the rotation cushion and caster. It is easy to assemble and the detailed instructions and tools are included in the package. They will respond to you in 24 hours if you contact them.

Brand: Hbada

👤It's much better than online.

👤I was looking for a new home office chair and spent several days researching various chairs. I think it comes down to your own needs. For my needs, I wanted a chair that was comfortable and had the support I needed. I took the leap because the model appeared to contain both. I think this chair does a great job hitting both of those points, and I think it's really outstanding in either category. The chair is easy to assemble, it is supportive for my back, and I like the various reclining positions it offers. After sitting for several weeks, I started to notice that the bottom cushion in the rear seat area wasn't really cutting it on its' own. I bought a purple brand seat cushion. The chair was taken to a whole new level of comfort after I added that piece. The leg extension feature won't stay in place for long as you might think. The advert picture features a shorter woman. I'm 6'1" and it only extends below the back of my knees. If you want to fully recline in comfort for a quick afternoon snooze, you'll need something for your feet to rest on. The arms become wobbly after a number of getting ups and downs from the chair. I've had to use a power drill to re-tighten the screws. The chair does not have a rocking feature, which I find myself missing from time to time. The job does well for what I was looking for and the price is good. The stars were 4/5.

👤I would give this chair a negative rating. I would. The screws were in a zip lock when I opened the box after ordering the chair. There were no instructions in the box and pieces to the chair were missing. When I got my replacement, it had no wheels in the box, missing screws, and was clearly used. I reached out to Hbaba and it took 2 days for them to respond with "Send Photos", I have yet to hear from the company. It was only right for me to share my experience at this point in time.

👤The product is advertised as having a unified base, but when you get it, all of the instructions are in Chinese and the kit is missing the screws you need to assemble the base. If I have to contact you for critical parts or go to a store to buy them, that is not acceptable. I have a chair that I can't even sit in and I have to unpack it all over my living room. Get it together. I got in touch with the manufacturer through Amazon and explained the situation with the missing screws. Another set of screws was sent by mail, but they were not the ones that were needed to assemble the base. I was provided a set of screws before. Dropoff will take place on Monday for all of the chair parts to be thrown back in the original box.

4. SIHOO Chair Office

SIHOO Chair Office

The heavy duty base has smooth and silenced rolling caster. The ergonomics of this computer chair help you find the most comfortable seating for a long term sitting. The seat has a tilt adjustment and height adjustment. The executive chair has a custom seating experience. Breathable Mesh Back The premium back is made of flexible mesh fabric without pattern, which gives you a cool feeling and comfortable sitting experience, promotes good air flow, eliminates sweating, and keeps you focus and relax at the same time. The front edge of the seat has a waterfall front, which ensures minimum pressure on your legs during seating periods. The cushion is soft and not easily torn. The surface of the arms is made of a flexible plastic. The home office chair has passed the static pressure test. The chair can support up to 150 lbs. The instructions allow anyone to put the chair together. If there are any quality problems, Sihoo Office Chair promises to provide you with zero-profit product accessories within three years.

Brand: Sihoo

👤If you place a 5 star review, the company will give you money back off your order. I like the chair and it is supportive. As a tall person, the head rest needs to be a little bit higher. Sometimes the chair will flop back when in a reclined position. Doesn't do it often. I'm not sure if I just didn't have the lock engaged all the way, but I will be keeping an eye on it. I am happy with this chair and the price.

👤I have been working from home for 6 years and wanted to upgrade my office chair. I decided to purchase this one after reading and researching for over a year. After using this for three weeks, I'm using my old office chair again, but it feels like heaven compared to this new chair. The chair didn't help with my back or sciatic pain. I needed the lower back support to be all the way forward and it was broken once I got that set. The chair is not comfortable and definitely not ergonomics. I'll probably spend another year trying to find an office chair that doesn't cost the same as my mortgage payment. This chair isn't going to cut it when you sit at your desk for 18 hours a day. I put it in my empty guestroom and closed the door so I wouldn't have to look at it for more than a second. It was a very disappointing purchase.

👤I have been using this chair since September 2020. It is very comfortable. I sit in this chair for six hours a day. The seat padding is adequate and the armrests are not too rough. There are a lot of adjustment options. I can lean back while playing games or watching movies while sitting upright. The lock mechanism is easy to use and works well with my wfh setup, but only has 3 set options, which is enough for this price point. The arm rests seem flimsy at times, the adjustability in height is nice, but at the cost of stability. The recline locking mechanism has failed on me after 9 months of use, and will no longer lock in the upright position anymore. Not sure if the part is good or bad. The locks on the rest of the recline are not fully upright. A good chair for money.

👤I take care of what I buy, and I am not a whiner. It's hard to justify spending a couple hundred dollars on a disgrace. I work from home and spend between 5 and 8 hours a day. The five star reviews are not something that I would approve of. I weigh 180 lbs. I'm careful to put things together and learn the changes. I understand that everyone's body is different, but this is the only thing that is thick. There are two more The back mesh of the lumbar support isn't high enough to fit the natural curve of the spine of people over 5'7". Since you can't adjust it far enough back into the mesh to make it go away, you've got a brick jammed into the worst place in the back, where sciatic pain is worse and lower back pain is worse. If you need a lift support for your feet, you need to buy it at the height of your desk because your legs are going to go off the edge. More pressure and more pain. I had to use memory foam pillows on the seat and back to keep my legs from moving. Even when locked forward, the back won't stay locked into a true upright position. It is tightened all the way. Unless you want to star gaze, no help sitting up there. The plastic height adjustment handle is not a feature you can retighten. I've tried every conceivable combination of adjustments, but plastic is plastic, and it will always bend and give. There are five The arm rest coverings began to tear about 4 months ago. At 11 months, the entire front of the right armrest padding tore off after I put leather repair patches on. I am not rough on the chair. There are five Since the pneumatics are already failing, it won't go high enough for my desk to have proper safe typing height. If you are a tiny, short person, it might be more comfortable, but no matter what your size, you will still be uncomfortable. For something as important as your body, bite the bullet for a product that has the strength and support it claims to have and will last more than a year. I have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new chair after a year. My old one lasted a decade.

5. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

It is easy to think that the Ergo3D is from the original. The mesh headrest adjusts up and down while the 4D Arms adjust to fit your body. The seat glides up and down for the ultimate in comfort in the office or in front of your game, while 3D Lumbar Support hugs your back. The soft HD mesh office chair has a Breathable ElastoMesh that provides optimal airflow to avoid sweating and sticking. It is also smooth, like sitting on wire in many of the chairs you will see today. It is good to take regular breaks, but the Ergo3D is so comfortable you will forget you are working. Heavy Duty: Their 5-Point Base with dual castors gives greater stability and strength over common 4-Point, single castor chairs. The heavy-duty office chair is ideal for adults up to 275 lbs. They also give you a set of blade wheels that are smooth as silk. If you want to lounge back and admire how smart you are, you have to tilt up to 135. If you want to lounge back and admire how smart you are, you have to tilt up to 135.

Brand: Nouhaus

👤The chair is very uncomfortable to sit in and it puts a lot of pressure on the underside of your thigh. The backing is too close to the arm rests and they wobble when you move. The customer services and assistance I received when I tried to return the horrible thing was terrible. They are forcing me to either keep the chair or ship it back at my own expense, or I will have to pay a fee for the return. In 20 years, the purchase was made. Don't buy this.

👤I'm going to tell you how long I sit in a chair. I usually sit for 12 hours a day. I start the day and end it. I make music throughout the day and usually sit in front of the computer for long periods of time. For anyone that sits for long periods of time, they would know that it comes with pains in the back and buttox. I have always been in the market for new chairs. When you sit for a long time, the chairs are different. A great chair shines here. If you can sit in the chair for longer, you can get more work done with less breaks, and at the end of the day you can relax without any pain from your back or Pelvic region. This chair does it! The chair was easy to build. I thought it would take a while to piece it together but I did it in less than 15 minutes. It's simple! I would recommend this chair to everyone. It is a great chair for people who sit for long periods of time, and it is cheap, so I would recommend purchasing it. I was taking pictures when my dog hopped up on the chair. This chair has been approved.

👤The back of the chair failed today. The back rest is a little over an inch in travel distance. This makes it hard to sit down. I'm unable to get it back to how it was previously. I'm going to check with the seller to see if there is anything we can do to resolve the issue. I'm glad that I spent this kind of money on a chair because I would never do that. The amount of time I sit at my desk is substantial because I am a software developer, artist and streamer. There are a few improvements to the chair that would make it stand out enough for me to order more and to suggest to my friends, family and viewers. I would change a few things. The arm rests have a vertical lock, but the adjustments to the angle of the pads and the placement of the pads away from the body makes it nice to not lock at all. I have found that getting up for a break often requires me to adjust the arm rest. It would have been nice to see some gel or memory foam covers added to the contents of the package to show the company was going above and beyond. The construction of the arm supports is verydurable as of now. The chair is comfortable for someone who is 5'10 and 160 lbs. I wish the chair went down a little bit more vertically as it puts pressure on my pockets. The mesh fabric is a nice change from the solid chairs that I'm used to. I would like to see better access for the controls. To read the labels, you have to lean back and look over the arm rest. The controls should be moved to the front to avoid strain. The base is solid, but the roller blade wheels made me question if I was really happy to see it. How have I been able to live without these on my other chairs? They beat the old caster wheels that would become broken or dirty over time and not work, in my opinion, while they are not worth the cost of the chair. I would really like to see something like a headrest cover with the NOUHAUS logo, arm rest pads, and better placement of the chair controls. This chair is a solid one for the money and it looks great in my home office. I'll pick up another one if I compare this to the DX Racer line.

6. XUER Ergonomics Computer Adjustable Headrests

XUER Ergonomics Computer Adjustable Headrests

It can be assembled with the simple tools that come with packing. You can complete it in about 15 minutes. The warranty is for a year. If you have a problem, please contact them at any time and they will provide you with a solution. The XUER office chair has an S-shaped back that protects your back and shoulders from pain and fatigue from sitting. It is suitable for long-term sedentary work up to 8 hours a day. Their computer chairs are made of high-quality mesh, which is resistant to abrasion and not easily deformed. The mesh backrest keeps the air flowing and comfortable during the summer. Compared to other desk chairs, they are more flexible. A stepless height adjustment, 126 super-angle backrest tilt, and PU lift armrest are included. You can find the most comfortable sitting position. The XUER home office desk chair has passed a test. It can support a weight of up to 330 lbs. Rollerblade wheels help you move and protect your floors. Installation tools and instructions are in a carton and can be installed in 20 minutes. If the chair has quality problems, please contact them, they will give you a 3-year warranty and replace the damaged accessories for free.

Brand: Xuer

👤I bought the Ticova version first because it sounded the same and was $10 less. It was far from it. Even though it was assembled correctly, it tilted to one side. I returned it after a laborious disassemble that couldn't be completed due to locking parts. It had to be sent back to the sender. I used the XUER version's shipping carton to send back the parts that couldn't be disassembled. The bad news is that it's the good news. The chair is great. Even though it cost only $10 more, Far SuperIOR is still worth it. They look the same but they are different. The XUER has a plastic moulding attached to the bottom of the seat cushion that is used to make sure it will assemble correctly, sit level and last a long time. I could go on and on about the parts and construction superiority, but I want to buy this one. You will be happy.

👤The chair has been great so far. I have had it for about a month and it is very comfortable and supportive. Assembly was very easy and did not require any tools. I work from home for about 7 hours a day. The controls are easy to use. The mesh fabric is strong. I sit in this for about 45 hours a week. This is perfect for me, I am 6ft tall. I am not sure how much the headrest can go higher. It has been about 5 months since my initial review and I still agree. I have no issues with this chair because I have been working more hours the last couple of months. I have been standing for about 15-20 hours a week, just trying to be a bit healthier, but it wasn't because of any chair problems. This chair is still recommended by 10/10.

👤Over the years, I have used many computer chairs. The wheels break when you are trying to roll the chair. The cushion becomes uncomfortable as it compacts. The cheap material makes you sweat. The chair's wheels don't get caught when you roll it. The cushion is supportive and firm. The back is designed to be comfortable. I have a lower back issue where most chairs cause a lot of pain but this chair is supportive in all the right areas. I can sit in it for hours and not feel any pain. Sometimes I fall asleep in this chair because it feels so comfortable and relaxing, when I stay up late at my computer. I used to get up from my desk because of my back pain, but I was ready to quit. I would buy myself a second one to use if I was not sure it would be taken by my coworkers.

👤I paid $200 for this chair and I am very happy with it. The chair's seat pad is very comfortable and well padded, and my bum doesn't get sore from sitting too long, which was a problem with my previous chair that this is replacing. You can easily adjust the chair to fit you perfectly. It's very easy to operate. It took about 20 minutes to assemble. This is one of the easiest chairs I have ever put together. The base of the headrest makes it wobble. There is too much space between the pieces that make up the back of the chair and the plastic rod that the headrest is attached to, so it moves a bit when you rest your head back. The user can't tighten or adjust the part because it's wobbly. I would rate it 4.5 stars, but Amazon only allows ratings in whole stars.

7. ZLHECTO Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Conference

ZLHECTO Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Conference

Installation tools and instructions are in a carton and can be installed in 20 minutes. If the chair has quality problems, please contact them, they will give you a 3-year warranty and replace the damaged accessories for free. After 100,000 experiments, the seat surface is durable for 10 years, and the rotation isdurable for 10 years. An extra 4 cm heightened backrest, extra thick cushions and a thickened explosion-proof seat plate give you more comfort and double coverage. The ZLHECTO office chair uses cotton material which responds to your body's unique features. By perfectly supporting your weight, size, and even temperature, it will help you feel more comfortable in jobs that require extended sitting. The chair has a mesh back that allows air to flow. The mesh task chair is built with easy adjustments for tailored comfort. The armrest and back support enhance ergonomics. The computer chair can support up to 300 pounds over eight hours of continuous use. The rolling casters make it easy to move across the floor. It is suitable for any floor. They guarantee their customers 100% satisfaction with their desk chair. If you don't like the chair, you can email them and get a replacement or a full refund. It's better to MzE than MzE. Order it now and it will be free. ADD TO CART Right now!

Brand: Anacci

👤I had a list of features I wanted in a new chair. 1. My previous faux leather chair was brittle and left a mess around my floor. It's harder to find this when you want the arm rests to have it. 2. I like to sit cross-legged in my chair and have room to do so because of the arm rests. I don't want to be pinched on the edges of the seat cushion, so it had plastic on the sides. High back. I like the neck freedom while I sit. 5. The recline can be locked. One of the few that fit all the boxes was the lower back support chair. I contacted the company directly because the chair wasn't listed in black on Amazon. I was able to still purchase through Amazon because of their support. The only complaint I have with this chair is that the armrest padding isn't super thick. If I dig my elbow into it while leaning for a long period of time, it's usually not a sign of this, but the padding is adequate. The features and quality are great in this price range and I would buy again.

👤I love this chair. For a number of reasons. 1. No tools were needed other than the allen wrench that was provided. 2. Sturdy and comfortable! The seat cushion is very comfortable. The support for the back is strong. 3. Excellent customer service. I need some extra support since I'm just a little too short, so I ordered the free pillow. I was offered a credit for the pillows that were out. I could buy one. The purple chair I purchased at Staples a few months ago was not as good as the ZLHECTO ergonomics desk chair. I'm very happy with my purchase, and I highly recommend this seller.

👤The chair is good for my issues. I need to sit upright with good back support. I like the fact that the seat isn't too wide and cumbersome, and that the back support is adjusted to fit my body type. This chair does not make me feel like I'm falling forward because my knees are a little lower than my hips. It was one reason I ordered it, and thanks to the other reviewer who griped about that feature. The flip-up arm rests allow me to pull it up close to the table, but also put them down to watch TV. I can raise my body up off the seat by pressing down on the armrests, which will open up my spine. I needed the seat to raise at least 20 inches, and some other chairs don't. The only complaint I have so far is that crumbs and hair get caught in the seat webbing material. It's wobbly where the seat connects to the post, like most office chairs.

👤The chair is not comfortable. I am tall and the support didn't meet my needs. The support is made of plastic and slides behind the mesh. It's pretty uncomfortable because it isn't cushion. The back of the chair is too far back for my taste and it isn't adjusted. I feel like I am sitting down rather than standing up. They were out when I requested one, but they gave me a booklet with information about their guarantee, which included a free back support pillow for those that need it. I bet I can figure it out. Customer service was great. I returned the chair because they offered to give me an allowance to purchase a different pillow, but I didn't. I will probably donate the chair because they didn't want me to return it. I'm not sure it will work for me.

8. Office Star FreeFlex Adjustable Multi Function

Office Star FreeFlex Adjustable Multi Function

The ProGrid Back has built-in support. Extra comfort is provided by the arms. Net weight is 50.1 lbs and weight capacity is 250 lbs. The pneumatic seat height adjustment is easy to use. Three levers to modify angle of back relative to seat, control tilt and forward tilt for keyboard intensive activities are part of a multi- function. A tilt is a free float or locking. The control may have back height adjustments. The seat depth adjustment is done on the seat. The chair should be back relative to the seat to reduce the pressure on the buttocks and thighs. It's like a Swivel. The chair rotates in either direction. Every executive and task chair has a standard.

Brand: Office Star

👤I decided on this one after spending a lot of time researching chairs in the sub $200 category. The Alera Elusion High Back chair and the Lorell Executive Mesh High Back chair are both very similar to this chair. This is a review of a sub-$200 chair and will not be compared to the likes of $800-$1000 chairs, which seems some people like to do for some reason. I work from home at least once per week, and I also spend a lot of time on the internet and gaming. I needed a chair that was comfortable for a long time. It was mostly down to a lot of store brand junkers and the Ikea Markus, which gets very favorable reviews across the board. The Proline II was recommended in an article by PC Gamer on May 2, 2015. I bought it and am pleased with it. Overall build construction appears to be good. There are pros and cons to this and we want to do some of them. I don't think it's "plush", but I don't notice it after eight hours. I consider that a win when I consider comfort. The back mesh gives support. There is a good amount of support. Casters are smooth and easy to use. There are a lot of adjustments available (seat front-to-back adjustment, armrest height and width adjustment, seat angle adjustment, backrest angle adjustment, and forward tilt). There aren't many chairs that give these adjustments at this price point. I don't think this will fit the bill for those who need a lot of support. I find that if I stay upright, I get enough support. The tilt tension seems low. The chair back will still move with very little movement even at the most tight tension. I would have liked more resistance. I have the backrest locked most of the time, so this isn't a big problem. There was a tear on the bottom of the cushion. I'm not sure what hit the box, it was undamaged when it arrived. I've asked Office Star to remedy this without returning the entire product. I'm pretty sure it will spread if I can't get it repaired. Arm rests are made of plastic. These aren't super soft, so be aware. They still have some side-to-side movement even after the knobs are tightened. It's not a dealbreaker, but it is notable. I am very pleased with this chair and I spent less than $200 to get it. I think it's a good price for it's amount of features. I don't understand the reviewer who complained about hard-to- understand instructions. The assembly was straight forward. The entire box is made up of the "Mechanism" and the adjustment levers. It's funny that the instructions don't say "The Mechanism", but it's clear that it's exactly what it is. I assembled it in less than 15 minutes and I would assume most other buyers wouldn't have a problem with it. One of the bolts that attach the mechanism to the chair is difficult to get at due to the levers. The supplied allen wrench should be able to tighten it down in less than a minute. If I'm able to sort out the fabric tear, I'd be happy to change this to a five star. Send an email to the company with pictures of the tear and fill out a form requesting a new seat. Within a week of receiving the email, they had shipped me a new seat. Excellent customer service boosted to five stars.

9. LaZBoy CHR10048A Sutherland Manager Chair

LaZBoy CHR10048A Sutherland Manager Chair

The office chair has generous padding on the arms, seat, and back. LUMBAR SUPPORT Adding support during long working sessions is possible with a conjugated cushion. A modern touch is added to the design with diamond-quilted leather upholstery. It's great for any space. A nice complement to any area. The retractable and mobile are convenient. The retractable and mobile are convenient.

Brand: Lazboy

👤I am very happy with my new chair. I had a nicer chair than the cheap one. It is a quality product. My back and butt used to hurt when I worked from home, but now they are not as bad. The padding is very comfortable. It's great to have back support as well. If you want, you can recline it. It is made out of fabric and not leather, which was the main attraction for me, other than the brand name and look of the chair. Assembling it was easy. I don't know how to describe it, but it has a weird smell, I hope it goes away with time. I had it for 4 days and I look forward to work. I can sit in my chair. I have had the chair for about 8 months now and the weird smell I was talking about is gone. On day one, I found my chair to be very comfortable. I still work from home full time and I use it quite a bit. I don't look forward to work anymore.

👤I love it so far, after a week of use. I went to a lot of retail stores and sat on many, I needed a seat with a lot of cushion that didn't feel like I was sliding off. It's fabric isn't faux leather or real leather, there is a slight smell to it, so rubbed fabric sheets on it and it smells great now. The husband put it together in 25 minutes. I was worried that it might have gotten damaged in the delivery process, since it's a heavy chair and one of the legs was sticking out of the box, but I saw the delivery and it was fine. I think he used that corner to carry it. It's large and heavy. I used to only be able to sit for 2 hours. I work from home. I can sit for 8 hours. I am so heavy that this supports me. If the seat cushion starts to cave in, I will update over time.

👤The chair is nice, but not as good as I had expected from the LaZBoy brand. The back rest feels worn and the wheels feel cheap. The look is nice and the seat cushion is supportive. The price of this chair is something I am concerned about. The cloth cream-colored version cost around $240 at the time. The price went up to $340 for the same version after I ordered it. The black leather version of the chair is currently listed at a crazy $699. This chair is barely worth $150.

👤Have you ever wanted to be hugged? Is it really a hug? Maybe it was by a cloud of love and support. Do you want to be reassured and cared for every time you sit down? Are you looking for support that you never received? Well. You can have that with this chair. It's seriously. My mother's chair was sitting sideways when I bought it for her. She wanted me to try it out because she loved it so much. I did not want to get up. I tried to buy myself one, but it was out of stock. If the baby pops up again, buy it. Buy two. Buy them all. Just buy it. Maybe not all of them. I bought myself one. The box was very damaged when it came back with rust. The chair is not ok. Especially when you are paying a lot.

10. TACRONEY Ergonomic Adjustment Function Removable

TACRONEY Ergonomic Adjustment Function Removable

Every office chair you buy comes with a 1-year guaranteed warranty. If you need an assistant, please contact them, and make sure the components are in good shape when you open the package. The back of the office chair is made of plastic. When you lean on it, it provides you with a very comfortable experience. There's a free optional elastic fabric cover for the back. This home office chair is made with a high-performance seat cushion and is perfect for sitting for extended periods of time. The Tacroney home fabric office chair has a 121 tilt tension, pneumatic height can be adjusted from 17.3 inches to 21.3 inches, and the tilt lock lets you find an ideal seating angle. Each arm on this desk chair adjusts its height for ultimate comfort. The chair has three modes, 90 is work, 105 is rest and 121 is sleep. The office chair is comfortable and will allow you to experience the joy of life. The office desk chair has 3 supporting points and proper back and hips support. It's easy to adjust seat height, backrest, and armrests. It's suitable for people of about 5'2" to 6'2". This black office chair with a breathable back is designed to protect your spine health and reduce your spine pressure, which can bring with you a healthy body. Home Office desk chairs have a sleek design and simple adjustment. Match different styles. The chair is used in carpets, wood floors, and tiles without leaving marks on the ground. The chair's caster can hurt the floor. The unique shape of the chair will allow you to switch between the three ground scenes and experience the extra comfort of the task chairs. The Mid-back Office Chair is easy to install and comes with a 5-year warranty. They will give you solutions quickly. The chair is easy to assemble and meets standards. The sturdy five-pointed base and chair frame add durability and stylish appearances, while the heavy-duty base with PA mute wheels roll smoothly.

Brand: Tacroney

👤I never thought a chair would weigh so much on my mind. Over the course of the past year, staple has rolled 6 office chairs into my home and then thrown them out due to lower back pain, pinching, and heavy plastic forcing my body into unnatural sitting positions. I was hesitant to order online, but this chair is the ultimate telecommuting chair. Each piece was of great quality and the instructions were easy to understand. The chair is sturdy and easy to use, it has give in the back without compromising the support of the back, the padding is soft and flexible, and the armrests are adjusted. I'm sitting for 8 hours a day and I'm not experiencing any pain, discomfort, or even a hint of carpal tunnel. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤I always worry about chairs, there are so many negative reviews where the chair fell apart or something. The assembly took about 15 minutes. It was much easier to tighten the screws than it was to damage the channels because they appear to be made of metal. The chair is nice. It's not pillow- soft or anything, so if that's what you like in a chair, this won't be to your liking, but it's supportive and firm enough. I'm a heavy person. I don't feel the whole chair sink under me when I sit in cheaper desk chairs, it just holds me up. The back support is very supportive and feels like the chair is holding you. My partner sat in it and demanded we order another right away so they could have one as well.

👤I used the chair for a while. It is easy to assemble. Wheels are hard and noisy. They were changed for a better one that was easy to use and silent. I bought two of them. I like to return products that are really bad, but they were good to offer compensation for the wrong color backing and customer service.

👤The quality is very good, sitting on the back feels very comfortable, and the wrapping feels very good.

👤I was nervous to buy this chair online, but I am glad I read the reviews because I would have missed out. I work from home many hours a day. I am very happy with my purchase, I have been using this chair all week. It is easy to assemble, it is comfortable, it is sturdy, and it is quiet. It arrived in two days after purchase.

👤The title says it all. I got an extra $0 coupon off the sale price, because this is a great buy. It takes about 2 hours to assemble, but it is great. My wife likes the look of it. The next level would be at the $300+ price level, and there is nothing that matches it on Amazon.

👤I have only had the chair for a few days, but so far it's very comfortable. It was easy to put together. I don't know what it is, but it came with a roll of fake leather/plastic. So far, very nice chair.

11. Ergonomic Computer Adjustable Support Breathable

Ergonomic Computer Adjustable Support Breathable

Have you ever had back or shoulder pain? SIHOO Office Chair is designed to protect your back and shoulder from the effects of long hours sitiing. The office chair has a back rest of 90-125. The high quality lever, gas lift, base and PU silent casters of the SHIOO desk chair are great. Their home office desk chairs are large. The lever can be turned up or down to adjust the height. Their home office chair is free of noise. The desk chair is made of mesh material. You won't feel numb in a long time sitting because of the padded seat. Their office chair can be used as a work chair, study chair, gaming chair, and releaxing chair. It's a great gift for a family member or friend. The computer chair has passed the testing. Their office chairs are made of heavy duty materials that are not easy to break and will not cause you to hurt yourself. The desk chair only takes 20 minutes to install. It comes with a user manual and a pair of protection gloves. If you have a problem with their big and tall office chair, they will give you a new one.

Brand: Sihoo

👤I was offered 50 dollars to take down the review. The backing of the chair that can't be removed blocks access to the screws, so I have to screw them back in at an awkward angle. The chair is hurting my back because it's only for short people. If you are tall, this chair isn't usable. I am 6 foot 4 inches and the headrest sticks into my shoulder blades. See the attached pic. It's very uncomfortable to sit in straight line. The support for the back can't be adjusted high enough. I tried to use it. I think it is making my lower back worse because I have to adjust my back to avoid getting stabbed in the shoulders. I would return it, but it would be expensive to ship it back and try to repackage it. I would love for the seller to pay for the return since this product is not usable for my height and they did not warn me.

👤I bought this chair for my husband, but he won't like it before he is unlike other chairs. He said that this one was much better when he received it. Ooh. This chair has a very flexible material and I love it.

👤I settled on this chair because it had good back and head support. It's difficult to buy a chair without sitting in it. I jumped on this chair and am very happy about it. It was easy to assemble, but it was even more sturdy than I expected. There is no give in the chair. If you are stuck in your chair for long periods of time, the arm rests and seat must be at a good height and the headrest must be used. I have a $400 chair in my office, but this chair seems just as good.

👤It is very comfortable. This is the most comfortable office chair I have ever used. The seat is wide. The seat cushion is right. Not too firm or soft. You can set the arms to many heights. You can adjust the tension of the back support and lock it to different incline positions. Assembling was not terrible.

👤The chair is comfortable. I was able to assemble the chair in a few minutes. There is an option to adjust the backrest. It helped me adjust according to my height. There is also a head and armrest. When I keep my laptop on the desk, I am able to keep the armrests down, so that it will go inside the desk when needed, which is a pretty cool thing that is attached in the chair. I recommend this chair to everyone.

👤The chair was easy to use. I replaced my old gaming chair with a chair that was more focused on support and not looking cool. The difference is amazing! The cushion is firm to support a long session at the desk. The head rest only moves up or down, but it still helps out. The chair rolls well and does not creak.


What is the best product for best office chair for long hours?

Best office chair for long hours products from Ergoup. In this article about best office chair for long hours you can see why people choose the product. Hbada and Sihoo are also good brands to look for when you are finding best office chair for long hours.

What are the best brands for best office chair for long hours?

Ergoup, Hbada and Sihoo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best office chair for long hours. Find the detail in this article. Nouhaus, Xuer and Anacci are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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