Best Best Office Chair for Heavy People

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1. Flash Furniture HERCULES Executive Adjustable

Flash Furniture HERCULES Executive Adjustable

A good chair is important when you spend more time in it than in your bed. The Big & Tall executive office chair has a generous padding in the back and arms to cradle you in comfort. Their chair complies with the standards of the American National Standards Institute. A high back design with a built-in headrest and built-in lumbar support reduces pressure on the legs. The back and seat are made of fire retardant foam and embellished with mesh trim. The Big & Tall office chair is a contemporary style. There are product appraisals. The overall size is 30"W x 33"D x 46.25-54"H and the seat is 22"W x 20.5"D x 21.5-24"H. There are product appraisals. The overall size is 30"W x 33"D x 46.25-54"H and the seat is 22"W x 20.5"D x 21.5-24"H.

Brand: Flash Furniture

👤The sucker is heavy duty. I like it. I have a large butt. Losing weight but still need to be comfortable while I work from home. I had a gaming chair that was nice, but this takes the cake. My butt is comfortable, and I don't feel like I'm too tall for this chair. It's amazing. They provide a wrench, but I used a ratchet. It would have been 100x slower with that little rinky thing. It is not going to fall apart like my last office chair if I put some locktite on the bolts. I might buy better wheels so my cords don't get caught in them, but 10/10 would buy again.

👤I sit in this chair for close to eight hours a day at my computer shop, I am over 400 lbs. I might be up at the front counter for 30 minutes max out if I have no complaints. The shock stopped working a while ago. I called flash furniture and they had a new shock in my office. Excellent customer service.

👤This chair is not a car. This is the only car that has been built like this. Maybe a tank. My 330lb dad broke his expensive chair and said that it was built like a chinese built SKS rifle. This is a perfect description, because China has been selling brittle garbage, but all the good solid steel and wood has been going into the SKS and this chair. I put up some pictures of the quality of materials on this beast because I don't expect anyone to know what the SKS is. A quarter isdwarfed by thick metals. The base is made of chrome steel. It doesn't recline, but that is what it was designed for. It was built for someone who was very important and heavy, and who wanted to make sure he didn't end up facing a squad from the SKS.

👤The chair is junk. * The materials are cheap. The cheap leather, mesh, and foam are covered in mold flash and have nicks in them from the factory. * The screws are cheap and do not stay tight. If it wasn't a nightmare to try to return a chair, this piece of junk would be going back. I sat in my last chair for 5 years and I can tell you that it won't last very long and will end up in the dumpster.

👤The back is too reclined. The back doesn't offer any support. I feel like I'm half-reclined if I lean back into the seat. I want the back to be more upright. It doesn't move that way. The seat needs more support. I had to get a small pillow so I could sit upright. The seat is locked upright so that it won't recline, but it still rocks back and forth. It does not lock up tightly. It reclines too far if you recline it. I felt like I was going to die. The chair does not fit me and I like it. I will have to disassemble the chair and try to repack it if I can return it.

2. HON Wave Tall Executive Chair

HON Wave Tall Executive Chair

Easy assembly is required. The chair dimensions are 25.63" D x 30.25" W and 42.88" H. The unit weight is 59 lbs. The support for the back was fixed. The arms are adjusted to fit your body, so give your neck and back a break. This comfortable office chair has a pneumatic height adjustment, a recline, and a lower back support. Pull up to your computer desk, and then take a break with this five-star base and 5 durable wheels.

Brand: Hon

👤I've seen many reviews from the big guy perspective. I bought the chair 3 years ago. I am a big girl with an average height of 5'5" and I am a mental health therapist. The chairs provided by my clinic were not one-size-comfort-for-all, so I started researching chairs. The reviews convinced me to try the chair, even though it was close to $400. My butt was in this chair for 6-7 hours a day, 4-5 days a week, and I only moved every hour to get a new client. This chair has been very good for me. I don't get back pain or leg pain when I sit in it, but I still get pain when I get up. The mesh back keeps me from sweating and the arm height is great for comfort. When I have the chair on the rocking feature it catches and sometimes makes a clunking noise, and this may be normal wear and tear, but only two complaints. The armrests are falling apart. I have to wonder if this is expected after 3 years of constant use. If this chair ever dies, I would buy it again. 2020 people! I am still using this chair. I ordered replacement arm pads and was completely satisfied with the chair.

👤I have had this chair for over five years and it is still the best chair I have ever owned. A big man of over 500 lbs, 547 right now through intermittent fasting and losing, as a big man of over 600 lbs. I was going to have to put up with broken chairs until I lost all the weight. That is not true. If you're a big person, this chair is for you. I use this chair for multiple hours a day, and it's not the big and tall chairs that I have broken before. I lean back, tilt side to side, reach to the floor, and it doesn't break. Despite how many times I've put my weight on them pushing myself up, and crashing myself down, they still feel as strong as when I first bought it. You have to replace the arm pads every couple years, as the surface tends to crack and break into rubbery chunks after a while, and you can get the pads here. If you don't have a waist as large as mine, they will last longer. If you're like the average big man in the 350-450lb range, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this chair. It's big in all the right places. I bought a big and tall chair with a small butt pad and back that was still sized for the average person, even though it was rated for 1000 lbs. This is not a chair. This is the only one. If it had a headrest, it would be better.

👤The foam rubber padding on the left arm began to crack and fall off in less than 6 months. I called for a replacement and was told it was under warranty and would be replaced within a couple of weeks. That was three months ago. I'm sitting here thinking about how long it will take for the left arm to fall off and how long it will take for the right arm to fall off, because calls and emails are being ignored. It's a pity because the chair is well made, and I gave it 5 stars for support, ease of assembly and ergonomics. I've had other chairs that would tip over if I leaned too much, but this one seems to be much more stable and glides smoothly. The arm pads are made from a bad material and it is worse because of poor warranty support. Hon has yet to respond to replacement arm pads. I would give Hon No Stars if I could. I have to make replacement arm pads out of wood. Come on, get your act together. If you buy one, be sure to cover the arm pads with something to keep them from rotting.

3. BOLISS Ergonomic Computer Adjustable Armrest

BOLISS Ergonomic Computer Adjustable Armrest

The office chair has thick fabric back and is comfortable. 4 inches thick fabric seat and armrest. The lock function and title are 15 degrees. The chair height can be adjusted. It is possible to be rotating. The maximum load is 400 pounds, and it is wearing an office chair. Inside the box is an office chair handbook. The chair has a 36 months warranty. It was passed by the certification. The chair has a dimensions of 25.4"-30.2"D x 28.1"W.

Brand: Boliss

👤I had to use my own allen wrench because the one they include is made of a cheap alloy and can be destroyed easily. The chair is made of sturdy materials. Should be able to stand the test of time. The cushion is not shaped for comfort. The forward lean results in having to scoot back into the seat frequently as well as excessive pressure on the tail bone. The only thing that helps against your butt is the backrest. If you spend more than four hours a day sitting for work, you will experience bad tail bone pain. It could be reduced with a seat rocking mechanism. I don't think this chair is a good one for a sit down job. I had higher expectations for the price I paid, but I got a smaller chair that was made of non recycled materials that provided more comfort than this one.

👤The chairs I bought were not very comfortable. The cushion isn't thick enough. The butt hurts when you sit a few hours. The chair I bought this time has a thicker cushion. It has a cushion shape that is more comfortable. I would like to give five stars. It is worth to buy.

👤I'm a big guy and sitting in this seat is like heaven. It is wide and sturdy. Nothing shakes or squeaks. When I sit down, the Hydraulic doesn't lose air or lose its strength. The support and lendth of the seat is something I love. I don't feel like I'm falling out when I sit and I don't have to change my seat position every few minutes. I spend a lot of time in this chair and it has held up better than other chairs I have bought in the past. This is my new office chair. I'm thinking about buying another room.

👤I researched a chair that was under $200. I don't understand why a chair of that price is worth it. I need good support and comfort while I sit in an office. I don't have to change or shift to get comfortable. The seat is thick and built well, and provides nice comfort and support for my hips and lower back. I have had less neck and back pain. I thought the back was taller than it is, I'm 5'4" and it hits above my shoulder blades. I was concerned. I don't think it has any support behind my head. It's a great chair for sitting for long periods of time, but it doesn't have an adjustability like many others, my only reason for 4 stars.

👤After sitting on a dining room chair for two weeks my back was dying, I was looking for a good office chair and this one is perfect. I built it in 20 minutes. I felt relief in my back. It is only the first day. I can tell my husband. I anticipate buying a second chair soon, I will be fighting over the new chair.

👤I have gone through a few chairs that didn't provide the support I needed. I suffer from back pain from previous car accidents and back support was one of my top priorities. The chair is giving me life. Assembly was easy, but it took me some time because my husband was at work. I was able to pull through despite the fact that I had a 1 year old running around. The chair doesn't sink after a long time. One of my best buys.

4. ZLHECTO Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Conference

ZLHECTO Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Conference

Installation tools and instructions are in a carton and can be installed in 20 minutes. If the chair has quality problems, please contact them, they will give you a 3-year warranty and replace the damaged accessories for free. After 100,000 experiments, the seat surface is durable for 10 years, and the rotation isdurable for 10 years. An extra 4 cm heightened backrest, extra thick cushions and a thickened explosion-proof seat plate give you more comfort and double coverage. The ZLHECTO office chair uses cotton material which responds to your body's unique features. By perfectly supporting your weight, size, and even temperature, it will help you feel more comfortable in jobs that require extended sitting. The chair has a mesh back that allows air to flow. The mesh task chair is built with easy adjustments for tailored comfort. The armrest and back support enhance ergonomics. The computer chair can support up to 300 pounds over eight hours of continuous use. The rolling casters make it easy to move across the floor. It is suitable for any floor. They guarantee their customers 100% satisfaction with their desk chair. If you don't like the chair, you can email them and get a replacement or a full refund. It's better to MzE than MzE. Order it now and it will be free. ADD TO CART Right now!

Brand: Anacci

👤I had a list of features I wanted in a new chair. 1. My previous faux leather chair was brittle and left a mess around my floor. It's harder to find this when you want the arm rests to have it. 2. I like to sit cross-legged in my chair and have room to do so because of the arm rests. I don't want to be pinched on the edges of the seat cushion, so it had plastic on the sides. High back. I like the neck freedom while I sit. 5. The recline can be locked. One of the few that fit all the boxes was the lower back support chair. I contacted the company directly because the chair wasn't listed in black on Amazon. I was able to still purchase through Amazon because of their support. The only complaint I have with this chair is that the armrest padding isn't super thick. If I dig my elbow into it while leaning for a long period of time, it's usually not a sign of this, but the padding is adequate. The features and quality are great in this price range and I would buy again.

👤I love this chair. For a number of reasons. 1. No tools were needed other than the allen wrench that was provided. 2. Sturdy and comfortable! The seat cushion is very comfortable. The support for the back is strong. 3. Excellent customer service. I need some extra support since I'm just a little too short, so I ordered the free pillow. I was offered a credit for the pillows that were out. I could buy one. The purple chair I purchased at Staples a few months ago was not as good as the ZLHECTO ergonomics desk chair. I'm very happy with my purchase, and I highly recommend this seller.

👤The chair is good for my issues. I need to sit upright with good back support. I like the fact that the seat isn't too wide and cumbersome, and that the back support is adjusted to fit my body type. This chair does not make me feel like I'm falling forward because my knees are a little lower than my hips. It was one reason I ordered it, and thanks to the other reviewer who griped about that feature. The flip-up arm rests allow me to pull it up close to the table, but also put them down to watch TV. I can raise my body up off the seat by pressing down on the armrests, which will open up my spine. I needed the seat to raise at least 20 inches, and some other chairs don't. The only complaint I have so far is that crumbs and hair get caught in the seat webbing material. It's wobbly where the seat connects to the post, like most office chairs.

👤The chair is not comfortable. I am tall and the support didn't meet my needs. The support is made of plastic and slides behind the mesh. It's pretty uncomfortable because it isn't cushion. The back of the chair is too far back for my taste and it isn't adjusted. I feel like I am sitting down rather than standing up. They were out when I requested one, but they gave me a booklet with information about their guarantee, which included a free back support pillow for those that need it. I bet I can figure it out. Customer service was great. I returned the chair because they offered to give me an allowance to purchase a different pillow, but I didn't. I will probably donate the chair because they didn't want me to return it. I'm not sure it will work for me.

5. Boss Office Products B991 CP LeatherPlus

Boss Office Products B991 CP LeatherPlus

The material is fabric. Caressoft is a vinyl upholstery that looks and feels like leather, but is far more durable and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The product dimensions are 33.5′′ W x 31” D x 43” H. The max height is 45.5′′ and the back height is 29′′. The Heavy-Duty Spring-Tilt Mechanism allows one to transfer some of the upper body weight to the back of the chair by changing the angle of the seat. Body positioning is important throughout the day. Gas lift. The pneumatic gas lift allows the user to modify their height in relation to their work surface, which leads to an increase in comfort and ergonomics. Fixed padded arms are designed for extreme comfort. The base and Casters are 27 inches wide and have large caster wheels. The base and Casters are 27 inches wide and have large caster wheels.

Brand: Boss Office Products

👤My chair lost its ability to be raised. I'm not near the weight limit. I wrote to the company to see if they would cover the 6 year warranty. Norstar covers 6 years. There are plastic arms and bases. Two years on wood and metal components. Wood bases, arms and frames are included.

👤Notable items are Me. The chair can be a bit cumbersome to put together, and you should put the seat cushion on first. You have something to rest a portion of it on the back. - It's very strong. Very. The seat cushion is thick. Thepillow top is comfortable and gives. I don't think this will flatten out soon. The seat/sitting area is wide from the inside. "23" The seat cushion does not move forward or down. It is completely static. The chair sits higher than any other office chair I've used. It is noticeable when sitting at a high desk. - The pads are not towards the back. The padding is very thin. The "push back" reclining is very tight and requires a lot of effort, even with the under-seat tension/resistance knob turned to its loosest. The chair doesn't have a way to recline or lock the seatback. It's more of a back and forth stance. This is designed to handle the upper body mass of a person up to 400 lbs. - The smell of leather is strong. The smell is still strong after a couple days. Rollers are strong and plastic. I believe this chair is best for a person over 350 lbs. This one requires more weight than I have, so I'm manipulating it as if it's a standard off the shelf office chair.

👤I was a little disappointed that this chair wouldn't arrive until Thursday next week, but it arrived six days early and I am a Prime member. Superb! It took me about fifteen minutes to assemble alone with nothing but another chair to help with support. I'm 5 feet 10 and under 200 lbs and I'm hoping to get some good use out of it, it's a huge chair, roomy, comfortable and good looking, but the arms still fit under my desk, I'm hoping to get some good long term use When I say big, I mean big, and I have attached a photo of this beast next to a regular office chair. I wanted to fit brackets to the chair to mount a HOTAS, so I attached a couple of pictures of how well it works.

👤The chair arrived one day earlier than expected. The chair has nice armrests and is strong. To assemble is simple. The material is very soft and smooth. The chair is very strong and has proper support. I'm 6'3" I have at least three inches between my hip and armrest bars. I was able to assemble on my own after figuring out one short-cut. If it is reclined just a bit more, never gets past the tipping point, and you can stay in the reclining position, I would like it that way. I would prefer to flop back and be able to stay there, but a little pressure with the feet on the floor solved the issue. If you have never put a chair together before, the directions are not necessary. Attaching the wrap-around armrest bar to the bottom of the chair requires starting a few threads before attaching it to the middle-back of the chair.

6. BYRORAS Ergonomic Desk Chair Adjustable

BYRORAS Ergonomic Desk Chair Adjustable

Few sellers like them provide a warranty period. All customers will be covered for any needed repairs and replacements for free during the 5 year warranty. Including but not limited to missing parts, damaged packages, or failed function. No more questions, no answers! The office chair is made of a high quality mesh material which is Breathable and comfortable to use. The big office chair seat cushion is made of high density memory foam. The S-shaped high back office chair is designed to fit the curve of the human body and provides spine protection for long time sitting. The wide cushion on the headrest makes it easier to relax your neck and head. The built-in support can be adjusted to the most appropriate position. Byroras black desk chair allows you to sit and work at the same time. The Byroras office chair armrest can be adjusted by 6 levels to provide comfortable support for the arms with different sitting postures. The tilt and rocking function allows you to tilt and lock the backrest between 90-120,8 cm up and down for seat height adjustment. The maximum load-bearing capacity of the office chair is 150KG.Smooth, quiet, and scratch-free nylon wheels are suitable for different floors. It's suitable for rest in living rooms, meeting rooms and offices. The best desk chair is a rolling one. The warranty isReliable. The Byroras tall office chair has a two-year warranty. If you have a quality problem, please contact them immediately, they will provide you with a satisfactory solution. The boss office chair comes with a full set of assembly tools and clear instructions. Don't worry, it can be installed by one person.

Brand: Byroras

👤The chair is easy to assemble. The curved mesh back supports the back well in the lower back. The chair is well designed and durable. On hot days, it will keep me cooler. I recommend getting these chairs for anyone looking for a long- lasting chair. The chair looks great and I am very happy with it. The office chair is nice.

👤I will start with the positive. I like the design of the chair. I feel like my bottom is going numb because I am halfway through my work shift. Not very happy. They have amazing customer service that reach out to me regarding my issue with the seat, so I have to spend more money on a seat cushion. They helped with my seat cushion. I will be changing my rating based on that. Customer service is hard to find nowadays. This chair has amazing back support.

👤I use this chair daily. I wanted the arm rests to come up high. I can use them. I am 5'9 with a long torso and my elbows don't touch the arms rests unless I sit down. The rest of the chair is enjoyable and works for me.

👤A lot of putting it together was a lot of guessing because the instructions were not clear. The chair back is too far back so you have to lean back to get support and the support on the back of the neck doesn't stay up at the highest setting.

👤You had to install it after it arrived in a box. It takes a little time to complete the process. The chair is comfortable and you can lay on it. Customer service is also great.

👤This chair is good for supporting the neck and waist. The tilt lock function can be used when you are tired. It is very comfortable for both work and study. It's worth the price. Excellent quality!

👤The chair is very easy to assemble and it only takes a few minutes. The chair is very comfortable, I used to feel back pain when I sat in it, but this chair gives a proper support of my back, makes my back not hurt, and I can sit for a long time without pain. I can lean back and get a good rest when I am tired. I can easily move it on the rug because of the smooth wheels. The quality of the chair is great and I'm thinking to buy it again for my boyfriend, he complains that long time work makes his back and arm hurt. He tried my chair because the height is adjusted.

👤I went to Office Depot to get a chair. It was cheap. I get lower back pain after sitting on it. This chair provides better lower back support, which is all I need to study long hours in front of my desktop. I would recommend this product to people with chronic lower back pain.

7. Nobofeeling Warranty Adjustable Ergonomic Backrest

Nobofeeling Warranty Adjustable Ergonomic Backrest

The package includes a screwdriver and screws for easy assembly. If you have a problem during installation, please contact their Customer Service. It's too bad that they don't have to tolerate any squeak or wobble, it's excellent craftsmanship. You want to keep it for a longer period of time when you are trying to make a new investment. They offer a 5 year warranty to make sure that any needed repairs and replacements will be covered. Including but not limited to missing parts, damaged packages, or failed function. A healthful standing position is helpful for your body. The Nobofeeling Office chair has a curve in the lower part of the back that is adjusted to match the curve in your spine, so it provides natural balance and total support. A desk chair that is fixed position is not suitable for everyone, so it comes with a range of up and down to meet more peoples' needs and height. If you want to get optimal comfort, you should look for a computer chair with at least four inches of seat height, which will fit your leg length and desk height, to avoid pressure build up and numbness in the butt. The support on the back of the neck should be adjusted to fit the low back, so that it doesn't get stressed out. Between 90-115, the backrest can rock freely. It is more efficient to relax. Soft leather covered on the massive foam cushion, which hits the right balance between firmness and comfort on the office chair seat. The seat evenly distributes the pressure on the buttocks to eliminate the pain on the spine. The mesh back allows air, body heat, and water vapor to pass through the seat and back to help maintain a comfortable skin temperature. Easy to Assembly and Move. They have an Allen wrench and instructions to make the installation as easy as possible and save you time. The importance of silent wheels is not taken into account. All office chairs should have a mechanism to allow easy access to parts of the desk. It can be applied to wood floors, carpets, and other surfaces.

Brand: Nobofeeling

👤I was looking for a chair that was comfortable and cheap to build my new home office. Being spoiled by high quality and expensive office furniture, knowing I will spend the better part of the day sitting in this chair, I was willing to look into more expensive options. I read the reviews and looked at the photos and thought it was worth a try because it looked solid and had all the features I was looking for. I was not disappointed. After sitting on this chair for a month, I'm very happy and pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it is. It is perfect in my small office space. I suffer no back pain at all, that's the most important fact for me. You get a lot of chair for a decent price. This chair is in the price category.

👤I needed a chair for a small desk. I like the way the arms flip up so I can push it up to the desk when I'm not using it. I needed a shorter seat in order to not hurt my legs sitting in it. This chair is perfect for me. The support for the back is not enough for me. I'm going to ask for free pillow support. My 10 year old grandson and I put it together in about an hour and all the parts fit together. I would order it again.

👤I did a lot of research before buying this chair because I work at home and am sitting anywhere from 8 to 12 hours a day. The seat cushion package has an instruction booklet inside. Go from step 1 to the end. All the parts are clearly labeled and I took my time to check them out. You can tell it has good build quality when you assemble it. The chair is very comfortable. The screws and wheels are not heavy. It took about 30 minutes to install. The instructions are easy to understand. The chair is more comfortable than expensive brands. The mesh back is important because of the humid climate. I need to sit straight up for working, but I haven't set it to rock or lean back yet. I probably won't use that feature very often. The arms are raised up to the back of the chair, which is very convenient for me. It's a good chair and well worth the money spent.

👤My wife works from home and I bought this for her. She had the lowest chairs and always had back problems. One day I sat at her office to print something, and the chair hurt me so much I had to sit in it for 30 minutes. She needed a new chair and I knew it was on the way. It is easy to put together fast shipping. She tels me how much she appreciates it.

👤I was very disappointed after assembling the chair and sitting in it for the first time. The support was very strong and very hard. It was something that hurt instantly, not over time. It was very uncomfortable. I'm surprised there aren't more reviews mentioning it, which makes me question the validity of the reviews. The support for the back is terrible. I was not buying the chair for the adjustability of the back, it was just a silly feature added in the manufacturing process. I was able to remove the support completely and it became a great chair. There is not much room to work with but it is possible to remove with the right tools. The bottom seat is very comfortable. There is a lot of cushion. I like the feature of foldable armrests. Even after you throw the "lumbar support" in the trash, it's decent for the price.

8. NOBLEWELL Ergonomic Computer Adjustable Certified

NOBLEWELL Ergonomic Computer Adjustable Certified

ERGONOMIC DESIGN The back of the office chair mimics the shape of the human spine, making it ideal for people with back pain and other back problems. Multi-level height adjustment is supported by the independently adjusted headrest, back support, and armrests. The office chair has a tilt adjustment. BREATHABLE & COMFORTABLE. The mesh design of the chair prevents sweat and heat from building up. The high-density sponge cushion is soft. The chair is sturdy and reliable. The office chair's caster wheel and air roads have passed the highest safety and stability standards. The floor is protected by silent casters. The mesh office chair is easy to assemble. You can assemble in 10 minutes if you refer to the clear instructions. The mesh office chair is easy to assemble. You can assemble in 10 minutes if you refer to the clear instructions.

Brand: Noblewell

👤I bought this chair in October of 2020 but have not used it for 6 months. This review is more than a first impressions review. The butt pad is ok and the back mesh isn't terrible. That's all. I will start from the bottom and work my way up here. * The chair is not parallel to the floor because the post is not square to the wheels. The chair feels like it is leaning in a certain direction because of the orientation of the wheels. The butt part of the chair is not very comfortable over time. If the wheels are in the wrong direction, it can make you feel like you are hunched forward with all your weight on the backs of your knees. * The two arms can't be set to the same height because they have different settings on each side. There is a The reclining feature doesn't grab well, so after you adjust it to any position and lean back, it makes a loud pop before grabbing the back and stopping the movement. If I lean back, the post that holds the back will bend because it is just a pipe that is flatted at one end and welded to the back plate so the flatted end just bends easily. A stupid design. 3 of the 4 threaded inserts in the back panel were pulled out after a month or two of sitting in the chair. I spent a lot of money on a chair and it's too late to send it back, so mine is now just appended to the back panel's post. The post is slightly bent or out of line with the base. The back is tilted to the right. Pros: None. Nothing is aligned properly because of the build quality. I didn't recline it at all or notice the weak back post until it was too late to return. I would have returned it before the inserts came out. The reclining function is getting worse but I don't think the bending back post will last. It's the same thing. I would have liked to have spent my money on another chair. From my mistake, learn. The chair is not clean.

👤The head rest is the only thing I don't like about this chair. The headrest is too far back to be useful. It's too far back for normal use and I'll use it for a moment when I lean back and rest. This chair is great. I wish you could move the arm rests sideways, but they're good for most of the time. It has a very comfortable back support. The chair is easy to recline in, but you can lock it with the arm. I locked it up because I wanted it to recline backwards, but I would have to hold myself up for it not to do that. We have a thicker carpet that is easy to roll on. The chair is on the highest setting. I have it a little lower than that because I'm a tall guy. I am happy with the purchase and thinking about buying another one because the wife keeps stealing it. Will update if there are long-term issues. The chair is very comfortable, it has a locking recline position, and the headrest is useless when the chair is at its highest position.

9. Ergonomic Office Chair Tall High

Ergonomic Office Chair Tall High

All components and tools are included in the package. Within 15 minutes, you can assemble this office chair. Adhere to your productIVITY. Their premium office mesh chair is designed to fit your needs, so you can sit in comfort at your desk all day long. You can maximize your performance at your home or office with a large and wide, high back chair. Their easy to follow instructions will help you assemble this chair in a few simple steps. While working, prevent back pain. The average human is sitting down for 18 years. It's no wonder they all have pain. The double S-shape waterfall Dreamer high back chair is the culmination of years of testing, and it provides optimal neck and back support to help the body stand tall and proud. Their S-shaped design mimics the natural curve of the spine to ensure optimal lower back support. Tired of feeling like you are sitting on cement? Take a nap on their big and tall office chair, or even rock back and forth. The chair they designed is made with foam and mesh to increase blood circulation. The mesh back allows air and body heat to pass through, while keeping away the build up of heat. Their state of the art foam padding is the most comfortable seat for your butt. Adaptable ERGONOMIC PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION Some people call them chairs. They call them transformers. Every adjustment was made to cater to all of their customers. All within seconds, you can adjust your chair height, tilt tension, and recline angle. Their grade A base, mechanism and class 4 gas lift make it easy to move across the room, or fly, while their caster wheels make it easy to adjust the height. Their large rolling computer chair is made to last, unlike cheaply-made office mesh chairs that are easily damaged. They only use the best quality nylon base, smooth rolling casters, multi-angle mechanism, and level 4 gas lift to ensure safety and comfort for up to 300 lbs. The Defy Desk products are backed by a 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Brand: Defy Desk

👤My husband likes that this chair is strong. He is 3 in. The weight is 290 pounds. He works from home 8 hours a day.

👤I looked through chairs and reviews before making a decision. Even though I'm only 5'8", I wanted the chair to be high enough to support my head and back. It does not fail to impress. The head rest does what I want it to do, but it is a bit too high for me. I can remove it if I decide it isn't comfortable. It has been great so far. The chair was easy to assemble. The video can help with that. The seat is very comfortable. I like reclining and being able to lock it up. The arm rests are great and it rolls very nicely. I am very happy with my purchase so far.

👤I received this chair a couple weeks ago and I was going to return it. This had to be the easiest equipment to put together. The hardware was sorted by step. Genius! If I had the space, I would have been able to put this chair together in 30 minutes. Getting the headrest on was the toughest part of the setup. The chair was very uncomfortable when I sat in it, but it took up to 2 weeks to break. The chair is very comfortable and it only took a few days to get it. The armrest and seat were hard at first, but are now soft. The support for the back is good, but if you are taller then it might not be good for you. The only suggestion I have is to be patient with the chair. By the way, Defy Desk has a warranty. I weigh about 230 lbs and 6'1". I would recommend this chair to a friend. I'll update my review if anything changes.

👤This chair is delightful. There were a few water marks, dust and a small patch of rust on the parts I received, but they didn't affect the experience of assembling and using this chair. It was clear throughout the experience that someone really wants a big fellow like me to have a chair that works. Assembly was a pleasure due to the small touches like crystal clear instructions and sturdy tools and parts packaged in a manner that visually corresponds to the steps of the assembly instructions. The brand logo was easy to remove. I don't like excessive branding.

👤I regretted buying a couple cheaper chairs on Amazon. One of them needed a pad after a while. The other one was a mess because it was flattened out and all the screws that held it together were stripped out. I was poor. I spent some decent cash on a chair after I got some extra cash, because I had to use it for 8 months. I couldn't afford the chairs I was looking at, but this chair hits most of the same marks as those chairs do at a fraction of the price. This chair is comfortable for me, I'm a fat guy. It isn't falling apart and it hasn't gone flat. That is all I need to know to buy it again. I wish it went a little higher still, but the height, depth, and recline are all adjusted by the support, the armrests, and the headrest. You are either a toddler or an elephant if you can't find a comfortable position to sit in. The company replaced most of the reviews where people had gotten a lemon chair at no cost. The chair I had did not have defects. I had a gaming chair that messed up my back so bad that I had to buy a new bed, and when I still had back pain, the only thing left to change was my chair. I'm glad I did. I was feeling better after a day in this chair. It's cheaper than some of the garbage chairs out there, but it's still worth the extra 100 or so bucks to be comfortable.

10. XUER Ergonomics Computer Adjustable Headrests

XUER Ergonomics Computer Adjustable Headrests

It can be assembled with the simple tools that come with packing. You can complete it in about 15 minutes. The warranty is for a year. If you have a problem, please contact them at any time and they will provide you with a solution. The XUER office chair has an S-shaped back that protects your back and shoulders from pain and fatigue from sitting. It is suitable for long-term sedentary work up to 8 hours a day. Their computer chairs are made of high-quality mesh, which is resistant to abrasion and not easily deformed. The mesh backrest keeps the air flowing and comfortable during the summer. Compared to other desk chairs, they are more flexible. A stepless height adjustment, 126 super-angle backrest tilt, and PU lift armrest are included. You can find the most comfortable sitting position. The XUER home office desk chair has passed a test. It can support a weight of up to 330 lbs. Rollerblade wheels help you move and protect your floors. Installation tools and instructions are in a carton and can be installed in 20 minutes. If the chair has quality problems, please contact them, they will give you a 3-year warranty and replace the damaged accessories for free.

Brand: Xuer

👤I bought the Ticova version first because it sounded the same and was $10 less. It was far from it. Even though it was assembled correctly, it tilted to one side. I returned it after a laborious disassemble that couldn't be completed due to locking parts. It had to be sent back to the sender. I used the XUER version's shipping carton to send back the parts that couldn't be disassembled. The bad news is that it's the good news. The chair is great. Even though it cost only $10 more, Far SuperIOR is still worth it. They look the same but they are different. The XUER has a plastic moulding attached to the bottom of the seat cushion that is used to make sure it will assemble correctly, sit level and last a long time. I could go on and on about the parts and construction superiority, but I want to buy this one. You will be happy.

👤The chair has been great so far. I have had it for about a month and it is very comfortable and supportive. Assembly was very easy and did not require any tools. I work from home for about 7 hours a day. The controls are easy to use. The mesh fabric is strong. I sit in this for about 45 hours a week. This is perfect for me, I am 6ft tall. I am not sure how much the headrest can go higher. It has been about 5 months since my initial review and I still agree. I have no issues with this chair because I have been working more hours the last couple of months. I have been standing for about 15-20 hours a week, just trying to be a bit healthier, but it wasn't because of any chair problems. This chair is still recommended by 10/10.

👤Over the years, I have used many computer chairs. The wheels break when you are trying to roll the chair. The cushion becomes uncomfortable as it compacts. The cheap material makes you sweat. The chair's wheels don't get caught when you roll it. The cushion is supportive and firm. The back is designed to be comfortable. I have a lower back issue where most chairs cause a lot of pain but this chair is supportive in all the right areas. I can sit in it for hours and not feel any pain. Sometimes I fall asleep in this chair because it feels so comfortable and relaxing, when I stay up late at my computer. I used to get up from my desk because of my back pain, but I was ready to quit. I would buy myself a second one to use if I was not sure it would be taken by my coworkers.

👤I paid $200 for this chair and I am very happy with it. The chair's seat pad is very comfortable and well padded, and my bum doesn't get sore from sitting too long, which was a problem with my previous chair that this is replacing. You can easily adjust the chair to fit you perfectly. It's very easy to operate. It took about 20 minutes to assemble. This is one of the easiest chairs I have ever put together. The base of the headrest makes it wobble. There is too much space between the pieces that make up the back of the chair and the plastic rod that the headrest is attached to, so it moves a bit when you rest your head back. The user can't tighten or adjust the part because it's wobbly. I would rate it 4.5 stars, but Amazon only allows ratings in whole stars.

11. Serta Layers Blissfully Executive Office

Serta Layers Blissfully Executive Office

The Serta Big and Tall Smart Layers Executive Office Chair is the most comfortable seat in the office. Premium Serta Ultra Smart Layers Foam, Comfort Coils, layers of body pillows, and supple leather are included in the Plush Comfort. There are settings for a comfortable seating position and an elevated headrest to support the neck. Big and Tall supports up to 350 pounds with heavy duty components. It is designed to help alleviate strain. It is easy to move around with multi- surface casters. It is easy to move around with multi- surface casters.

Brand: Serta

👤When you buy an office chair, you don't review it until a week after you get it. I have given this chair six months, and here is my review, I had to remove the coverings because the arm rests became loose within weeks of the difficult build of this chair. We are currently on my fourth tightening job after only a month. I am 6'2" and weigh 200 pounds, which is well within the range of this chair. I don't sit down like a fat man from a six foot platform, I sit down gently. The cylinders that control the up and down were malfunctioning for four months. I will be sitting in the chair and it will suddenly fall to the lowest level. Sit for a while and it will drop again. There are three I contacted the company that sells this chair for Serta and they told me that I was outside of the 30 day warranty and that it would take forever to get the parts to fix it. The chair is a pig with lipstick, but it's intended purpose is to sit at your desk in comfort, without waiting for the floor to drop from under you. I don't leave a lot of reviews, but I feel compelled to warn people not to buy this piece of junk.

👤Between work and gaming, I spend a lot of time at my desk. I have been looking for a chair that is comfortable. I chose this chair because I like the idea of having a big and tall chair and it would be a better fit for me. It is too big for me. When I lean back, I am on my toes. The width between the arm rests is about 1.5 inches wider than the "at your side" arm position. It is the most comfortable chair I have ever used, but the height leaves something to be desired. It doesn't push up under my desk, which is frustrating. The arm rests are level with my desk. I have a nice place to rest my elbow. The build quality of Serta is what I would expect from a desk chair. The arm screws or vice grips need a longer alan wrench to fit on the short end of the one provided. Good buy for the money. If you are over 6'3", it's a great buy. I would go with a regular chair if I were taller.

👤I bought this chair because I needed the support for my teleworking and I am a big dude. I'm not near the maximum allowable weight of 400 pounds because I'm over six foot tall. I went that high on the scale because I wanted to sit on an angel's feathers if it could support 400 pounds. 1. The support for the back is not adjusted and it reminds me of the days when my wife was pregnant with twins and wanted to be the big spoon. I feel like I got a massage from an Amazon Warrior at the end of the day because it pushes my entire lower back in so much. I prefer to sit straight up for my entire work day in fear that my back will be sore from sitting in it. 2. The seat cushion has pictures of all the layers and supports, but it was flattened by the second day and it feels like I am sitting on a prison bed. I put a pillow on the chair seat by the fourth day. 3. The bolts for the arm chairs were not easy to thread in the seat so they were loose, and the bottom of the arms were too small to fit in the extra room. I couldn't get the bolts in at all because the thread area for the seat back was cross threaded. The arms spin around if I move just right. 4. You would expect the chair to be put together well, for almost 300 dollars. The bottom of the seat and the wheel attachment plate is so off center that the entire chair tilts to the right. I am leaning to the left to stay away from the support. This is the most expensive and worst office chair I have ever owned. I'm sorry, but if you're a big dude or dudette, and you're looking for a chair, this isn't it. The search continues.


What is the best product for best office chair for heavy people?

Best office chair for heavy people products from Flash Furniture. In this article about best office chair for heavy people you can see why people choose the product. Hon and Boliss are also good brands to look for when you are finding best office chair for heavy people.

What are the best brands for best office chair for heavy people?

Flash Furniture, Hon and Boliss are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best office chair for heavy people. Find the detail in this article. Anacci, Boss Office Products and Byroras are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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